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From: "Todd A. Farmerie" <>
Subject: Re: Magyar kings to Attila the Hun
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 17:44:29 -0400

Carol Collins wrote:
> Malcolm, 2nd Seneschall and Coronator of Lennox (Pict) and Maurice, sons of:
> Mauritz, friend and companion of Malcolm, accompanied QWueen Margaret on
> return to England from Hungary, killed with
> King at Alnwick, son of:
> George, m. Agatha, dau. Gundolph Podiebradius, Grandduke of Bohemia;
> Solomon, d. 1087, m. Sophia, dau. Emporer Henry III; Adelheid, m.
> Wratyxlaus, King of Bohemia and David, children of:

I know of no other source which provides Andrew with a son George, and
grandson Mauritz. While it could be true, it smells of invention.

> Andrew I, King of Hungary, killed by brother Bela 1058, m. 1) Anastasia of
> Russia (mother of George, above), 2) Agmunda; also Bela I, Leventa,
> children of:
> Ladislaus Calvus and Magul, sons of:

More recent work has Andrew and Bela as nephews of Ladislaw, not sons.

> Michael; Griza, m. Ascolta, dau. of Guila, Price Transilvania; agnes, m.
> Arnolph Malus, Duke of Bavarioa; Beatrice, m. Elderhard, Duke of
> Carenthia; children of:
> Toxus, d. 990, reihned 90 years, ast pagan King.
> Here Drummond says that several generations are lost: then:
> Zolton, King of Hungary, Charlemagne marched against him in 805.
> Arpadius, King of Hungary, d. 748
> Almas, brought 215,999 Huns from Scythia to Hungary 744;

I am not sure any generations are lost above. Most accounts I have seen
place Almos, Arpad and Zolton later in history, and Zoltan is made
father of "Toxus" (elsewhere Taksony).


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