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Start Date: March 22, 2009

Hi John,

I know you're busy and I've sent you way too many emails. But you need to read this article and scroll down to the bottom to see the states actively doing something to thwart a federal invasion. My state is included and is not only concerned with the 9th and 10th amendments but also the 1st and 2nd. There is a bill on the floor as I type.

Perhaps this will give those of us who are Christians the ability to have our retreats and to be somewhat protected. At least in the most pro-active Christian states.

sis CC

Sis, I'll let you know when you're writing too many too fast. You've only been perdie close. I don't mind reading, but I can't always muster concentrated responses. I'm only made of meat.

Hello. I can't find much info on the net. How can I find a local group? I'm in Texas.


A local trib group? Good question. But most trib groups are not advertising, as you can imagine. This needs to be a low key process. I personally don't keep a list of post-tribbers, let alone a list of addresses and contact numbers. You can search your community for post-tribbers. They ARE there, everywhere. Sometimes they don't know they're post-tribbers until someone tells them the post-trib arguments.

Hoping you find a way. Try.


This article gets more prophetic every year it is up, and gets more popular all the time. But on your website it will get more readers than it does on mine. It is already on several websites. The mother of all conspiracies.


Ken, I very much appreciate the spirit by which you write your concern, but I have a policy, not to give readers the jitters unnecessarily.

I know that there are people who wish to murder Christians; if they could get away with it, they would have done so by now. The question you need to ask is whether they will get away with all that they conspire to do? Not all political leaders will support them. What they wish to do is political suicide, and they will realize it as soon as they try to implement their plans.

Take Obama lately. He realizes, as must his invisible bosses, that the stimulus rip-off is destroying them politically. So, they are now putting the brakes on their recession talk.

If they can manipulate a depression successfully at will, they would have done it years ago.

So, I tell my readers that these conspiracies exist, but that God and other factors also have a say in whether they succeed.

In short, I don't want articles on my website that speak on financial crashes as certainties of the last days...until it becomes clear that a depression is being orchestrated successfully...

Wisdom in Him


Hi John, after reading your book online, I expected a total conspiracy loon, but your research is pretty sound. I came out of a pentecostal and latter rain background after my conversion, although I believed dispensational thought as a young teen for a while after seeing some cheesy movies in an Alliance church. After leaving the enthusiasts I became a Baptist and there spent a brief time in a Darbyite church until they couldn't handle what they called my 'covenantal' position regarding Israel and persecuted me for it. I arrived at similar conclusions to yours after spending many years studying the works of Charles Finney, the early Fathers and Church history to supplement my Bible reading. I have lots of unpublished papers and a book filled with my research that few will ever see. At some point I will post some of the key things on video on youtube, where I at least for now have an account. I am from Canada...

...I researched the roots of dispensationalism and saw how it split the second coming into two stages (Christ first, Jesus second) and how this brought about dispensational evangelicalism and latter rain secret doctrine. (Both can be found in Watchtower publications from way back.) (Also George Warnock's Feast of Tabernacles)

I am amazed that your educated foresight was so close. I am almost convinced that it might be time for my wife and I to make some preparations for survival.

The economic collapse and the new leadership makes what you wrote seem closer to reality. Peace and grace, Doug

Doug, nice to know I'm at least half sane.

You come off as an excellent writer and thinker. I urge you to publish your papers. The annual cost of a website is minimal.

My "educated foresight" is mere common sense, though I was lucky to be converted, not by a church, but by the Spirit all alone in my room. I had no pre-conceived ideas in my head so that common sense prevailed. I read the Bible, and no pre-trib rapture was there. We couldn't buy or sell under the Mark, therefore we need to provide beforehand a means to survive.

Welcome aboard,


If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, you can burn coal in it just as you do wood. It is cheaper, less labor to collect, and you can stock pile it without it degrading like many fuels.


I'm not very fearful by nature. I've always been a post-tribber. I just watched "CHRISTIAN LAND OWNERS! WATCH!!!" on you tube.

I'm a Christian land owner. I had plans of converting my 2 properties in Texas to sanctuary. Then life intervened. This is a project I would still like to pursue. I'm open to interested parties that will help. Most of the others I recruited fell away but they weren't Christians as my family and my brothers family are. There are other points of interest also. The property pictured below is close to a small town, elevation is ~500', good water is 600' down in a large aquifer, there are creeks and ponds, good soil, mostly forested.

Feel free to contact me in whatever manner you please.

In his next email: I'm going to be up front. I have sacrificed a $100K/year career to prepare for what we all know is coming.

SN also told that he has some heavy equipment. I imagine post-tribbers having the same determination for preparation but with thousands of acres in Texas. I knew of many like this when I lived there. Conspiracy writers tell that the UN wants to control large parts of Texas, using the Mexican-border issue as an excuse to move in. Militia groups in Texas can't wait for a chance to sniper UN agents dead. I hear that Obama has moved to bring troops to the Mexican border. I caution all trib-preppers: don't fight with guns. You'll be the first to lose your rights to your lands, and the first to be persecuted. And you'll disobey Revelation 13:10, thus forfeiting some or all of Christ's special protection. Revelation 13:10 does not necessarily prohibit use of guns to protect your family against thieves or other harmful trespassers, but you must not fight the official, governmental anti-Christ system with the weapons of this world.

Don't remember if I mentioned this to you already, but another good site to plug in with your favorites is Family Security Matters (info@familysecuritymatters.org). Interesting conservative commentaries, and they're not afraid to speak the truth like WorldNetDaily.

Hi John,

Did you see this one? An outline of what is going to happen here in America. Thank you for the hyper-link that gave me "Cops for Christ"...I've been spending this day there and I'm awe-struck. It would scare me to death if I weren't a grounded (mature) Christian. Take a look and browse around. God bless you,

Praise Jesus who is our protector,

Cops 4 Christ is where I found the 9-11 videos that convinced me that the twin towers were taken down by an inside job i.e. by Americans. I used to think the accusation was way over the top.

I saw your confession on gardening with fresh manure. Oopsie daisies! Fresh manure is too 'hot' & burns roots. You're supposed to dig in the manure at season's end, in the fall, and let it over-winter & cool down and/or 'compost'. Unless you've bought composted manure, in which case you haven't bought fresh manure. Composted manure can be worked in at spring tilling.

Speaking of trib time ingenuity...A friend of mine out in Pennsylvania just emailed me something you might be interested in. I'll wing it on up to ya. It's a PDF file, a book published in 1909 if memory serves, about all sorts of homesteading/farm tools & things you can make yourself. Do note that the 'Convenient House' cost only $4000 to build ~ and had no bathroom.


Okay, I get it, let the stuff dry out. I get it. I just hadn't come across that bit of info being a city slicker before that.

I had a half-dozen cows stay around my place for two weeks as a favor to a neighbor during a drought, so as my end of the bargain I got the manure...and the dead garden. Live and learn.

It's an important point to make for trib survivors because if they do it, they won't eat. I had better put that in a chapter right now.

Ciao, J

By the way, LG, send along the URL and I'll put it up here.

LG had already sent the URL, but I didn't see it. It's at

HandyFarmDevicesAndHowToMakeThem.pdf (8049KB)

It takes about an hour to download if you're on dial-up like me. I haven't seen the book yet. Could be great for all you tinkerers, make-shifters, and craftsmen...ah, er, craftspeople.

Hi John, I watched President Obama a little tonight while he was giving his second televised press conference. He almost seemed to be having a religious experience. I think he is going to have a religious experience and it's going to change everything...

Think of it, a President of the US really having a deep religious experience and not ashamed to speak of it. Not a Martin Luther King...but now having a real vision of humanity and demeanor of a lamb, but with horns of authority. Backed by all those various world elders, who will honor him as the prophet of God, in approval.

...John I think the religious element is crucial for the false prophet, is acting as prophet of God. False prophets are not always fakes, but true believers, who merely prophesy things from the imagination of their own hearts, or from false spirits...


Fred, thank you for this. You just may be right that "False Prophet" refers to a genuine false belief, not a faked faith. You just may be right that Obama will turn on a religious fervor.

John, I have been reading your updates and info the past several months, maybe close to a year...I wish I could say that my family's retreat is planned, but my husband is of the mind that since we live in a small town here in texas that we are going to be OK. Maybe the future will change his mind. I was reading about an idea for a post trib retreat house. I strongly would like to suggest an underground structure. With the right planning, an underground structure could provide and indoor garden as well as protection from the natural elements. With a little effort the outside of the structure could be camouflaged to blend into the surrounding area, making it easier to hide. This structure could also be made for more than one family, whereas the individual houses surround a courtyard/garden area. Underground structures are efficent when heating and cooling, depending on where you live, making it easier to get off the grid. As of this date I do not have any plans, drawn up. But this concept has been on my mind as one of the best. I also like your idea about a private campsite. Thank you reading my email, Cynthia.
Hello Cynthia, thank you for writing in...after a year, wow. I too had designed an underground house, in my mind only. It was for insulation purposes, but now that you mention it, yes, it could escape detection a lot better. Some post-tribbers have detection as a main concern, and so perhaps we should come up with an ideal underground house.

The good news is that in the trib, especially in Texas, people won't be spending too much time indoors. The bad news is, in the far north, people may feel like living in a prison all winter long.

I got my idea when I was in Texas. It would be so nice and cool 15 feet deep. Two stories I was thinking. The deeper level for sleeping without heat needed in winter; stays cool in the summer. The top floor with a ceiling at ground level would be used for other purposes. Maybe a couple of hidden "sky lights" that deer won't come stepping on.

There is the problem of water-proofing a deep hole. Cost is the problem when doing the conventional block/concrete method of basement building. But what if the building is made of standard 2 x 4 studding all the way down, with a gap of maybe two feet between walls and dirt? That way, walls won't be next to wet dirt continually, and rain water runs down the dirt to the bottom of the hole.

To remove the water at the bottom level, just have standard drainage pipes bring it all around the building to one corner of the hole. From there it's pumped out. A water pump uses little electricity per barrel of water so that a small dedicated solar panel with a single battery should do.

Would love to hear your thoughts. One good thing about sharing this openly is that, even if some of our foes know about underground buildings, it doesn't give them a clue as to where they will be located. One could have an underground place as well as an aboveground. That would be smart if one wants to take the time. The underground place can double as a root cellar. Ten men can dig a good hole in one day with a shovel. I once dug a six-foot square well about nine feet deep in a day plus some. In other words, if one has the shovels in the trib, one could dig their own holes at will, anywhere. But frogs and mosquitoes like holes too. So much to think about. Care to do an article on the topic???

Morning John,

I can have the info together for you soon if you would like, but we (meaning my family and two other families) have created a communal garden that we have all worked on together. We have used the horse manure (dried of course, ;-)- to prep the garden sites, soil has been tilled under several times, and we're waiting for the weather to warm up enough to plant. MAKE SURE people understand that they need to buy heirloom seeds and plants as many these days are genetically altered and do not produce fertile seed for replanting the following year. By having a communal garden(s), we're able to share the labor (and the pride) and it is quite rewarding. The ladies and I will be discovering the adventures of canning and freezing this summer.

The best source of meat, quite frankly, on the hoof/leg. We are raising meat goats, will be raising meat rabbits, and have a sizable chicken coop. The goats we will breed and sell (youngstock) until that is not possible. A young goat can feed many people but are not so large that it's impossible to store such a quantity of meat. They are also quite economical to feed and to keep (needing only small acreage). Goat milk is nutritious and can be used to produce cheese. Meat rabbits can be bred and sold for pets/fryers now, and will certainly be a fantastic source of protein later. A single doe can produce between 6-10 babies every 31 days (babies are good fryers at 6-8 weeks). Again, very economical to keep and needing only a small space. Also, the meat that is taken is a relative small portion so all would be consumed quickly. This way, wouldn't have to worry about spoilage. Rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat out there. Rabbit dropping make EXCELLENT fertilizer as it does not have to be composted; it can be used on a garden area immediately.

Chickens naturally produce eggs, and well, can be fried/baked/roasted chicken as well! And of course, they produce excellent nitrogen rich fertilizer.

All these are easily kept on smaller acreage and would certainly provide a variety. I love to cook so I need to be well stocked...lol!

Another point; don't underestimate the power of bartering. These foodstuffs may not be easily had in these times so someone might have something you need in exchange for fresh meat/produce.

When it comes to hunting, I would suggest people not only look into the gun department, but look at crossbows. They are silent, efficient, and powerful. If guns/ammo were outlawed, this would come much in handy, I'm sure.

Lots of things to suggest, just let me know what you need.

I like the suggestion about having a list of people with 'facilities' that could house extra people. I'm a little concerned about it, though. We need to think of a way to set something like that up. Maybe have people heading up regions of N.A. (to be contacted) and I guess people in other parts of the world would have to do the same. Some of us will probably be in safer zones than others, so some people might want to travel to certain regions.

This was from CC. Note how she couldn't resist pointing out my manure ignorance, and she wasn't the only one. I knew about rabbits, though. And chickens are high on my priority list. But I don't like butchering animals. I'm gonna persuade a butcher on to my trib retreat, give him/her a free room just to do the dirty deeds...when I'm not looking. You butcher types out there, you hold a high card if you can't afford your own property. Learn all you can on the topic of livestock, and you might get two rooms in return for your services.

I've been around goats, they're quite the characters. They make good sense for their perfect size; there's not so much meat per animal that it needs to be preserved to keep it from going to waste. They'll eat the camouflage around your house, though. Anything growing off of a branch will be gone.

CC is obviously learned on the topic of self-sufficiency, and wanting to learn more. Such an excellent example for us all. Let's have a democratic vote. All in favor of CC writing an article on goats, rabbits, and chickens, raise your hands.

They voted you to do it, CC. They all want it. Are you gonna let them down?

By the way, all food-related emails will disappear from this page and re-appear in a food-related email page; link will appear at the top of this page. That way, one can save the entire page and have lots of food tips on hand when needed. There's not much more important than food in physical prep.

Hi ya John!

...I have no one with which to pool resources, nor resources to pool, but I got an answer online:

"There are essentially three categories of freeze dryers: rotary evaporators, manifold freeze dryers, and tray freeze dryers.

So you would have to purchase a very large and expensive piece of equipment in order to freeze dry your own foods. Freeze dried foods can last from 10 to 20 years.

As far as Dehydrated foods they have a little moisture in them, so they will only last 5 to 8 years.

XBob once made hamburger jerky in a food dehydrator & it was pretty good. I know freeze-dried & MREs are The Best, but, surely, regular dehydrated ones, stored in vacuum-sealed containers, with a shelf life of a minimum of 5 years is sufficient and more within the grasp of the meek who shall inherit the earth? The purchase of either the dehydrator or vacuum-sealer would raise a lot less flags than a freeze-drier & take a 'trusted person' off the untrusted's radar screen:

...That's all for today. I think. Well, for now anyway.


LG is letting me off the hook easy on this one, a short email, but, as you can see, she was thinking to add a dump truck to it when, lucky for me, I got a breather "for now anyway." I don't use those :) smilies much so I hope you know without them when I'm having some fun.

I love you LG. You bring me sunshine when you get funny.

This topic of freeze drying, or de-hydrating by other means, needs some serious expounding. It's one thing to freeze dry now that there's plenty of electricity, but what about in the trib? Is it feasible in most situations?

I just love the idea of de-hydrating foods in the trib, and having a vacuum machine to store them all-the-better in a plastic container. Info on these methods are online for the sheer taking. Plan A: you grow lots of food in growing season; do lots of hunting in hunting season, and then dry and vacuum pack. Is that do-able without need for a Plan B, or what?


I met Farah last year at a conference in Chino Hills , CA , and gave him (and a few other speakers) a copy of your book. Would love to know if he ever read it. Think I'll send him an email, and will let you know if he responds. He, and all the other good-ol'-boys connected to the Calvary Chapel Church (nationwide) have always been staunch Pre-Tribbers, and I've been trying for years to break through to just one of them, hoping that one crack would lead to other cracks. Even though they are all intelligent and knowledgeable men, they seem almost fearful of considering anything other than Pre-Trib Rapture, because if they do they will be shunned by the 'group'. (This is my theory as to why they are so stubborn.) I started years ago sending them copies of Robert Van Kampen's book on Pre-Wrath Rapture, and more recently your Post-Trib book. It's too bad, because these men have a huge following, and they're leading many people astray in this regard. The email sharing page is very cool. Maranatha !!


Angels are everywhere on earth without their wings, yet.

I'd have to agree with JM on the reason that post-tribulationism doesn't stick to leading Christians as much as pre-trib. I don't think it's a valid excuse, though. I didn't know that Joseph Farah of World Net Daily was connected to Calvary Chapel, and I do wonder how many secret post-tribbers are in that pre-trib church. If I know God, he infiltrates where needs be. He is the Grand Master Illuminatist, working invisibly, secretly, using the mouths of his people even when they don't realize it. He has a plan for the fall of pre-tribulationism. As yet, I don't know why it has been allowed to spread to so many believers.

Robert Van Kampen equates Gog with the anti-Christ. I wonder what he's doing to identify Gog at present. For those who don't know, the pre-wrath position is a mix between pre-trib and post-trib, having a two-stage coming of Jesus as does pre-trib, with the first stage at a time that is nearly post-trib. It's a compromise with the purpose of keeping some key pre-trib views but coupled with the obvious Biblical fact that Christians are present on earth during the anti-Christ's rule.


My name is Gary. I am an elder in a small home church here in rural Virginia. We have about 30 members with 20 to 25 attending every Sunday. The pastor and elders (2 others beside myself) have been called by the Holy Spirit to refute the pre-trib rapture theory in our community and surrounding area. We are convicted by God's Word in Titus 1:10&11-- "...there are many vain talkers and deceivers...whose mouths must be stopped, they corrupt whole households teaching things they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake." This section of rural Virginia is predominately Southern Baptist with their pastors' using their Scofield Reference bibles spewing pre-trib heresy from their pulpits. I found your web site Tribwatch after doing a search for origins of the rapture theory. What a blessing it was to read someone that is so like minded! I actually had chills at times as I read through your material. Please keep it coming. We use only the Word of God when we show pre-tribbers the error of their ways, but your work reinforces His Word and gives us excellent insight into the deeper meanings. We know that you are cautious with your publicity, but, we would like to know, if possible, do you have other works such as commentaries or sermons available on the web? We would certainly be willing to purchase material and/or donate to your ministry. Thank you for your time, John. May God bless you and your outstanding work.

In Christ, our Savior,


Gary, if I haven't responded to this yet, please forgive. It doesn't appear that I have.

I like the way you style yourself plain "Gary" instead of "Reverend Gary." I hope that when your church is 200 strong, it'll still be Gary. I think that there should be many post-tribbers who would like to come to your church. I don't know how many in Virginia are reading here as I don't keep track, but if I get a request from someone who wants to know your location, should I ask you for it and pass it on?

I have had those chills you speak of. They accompanied my salvation and were very strong at first. Virtually everytime I spoke to God with something he liked, on came the chills, for lack of a better word. Some call them goose bumps. I'm fairly sure that my own body was not manufacturing those sensations. I'm pretty sure that a Spirit was living inside me bringing them on. I still have the sensations, just enough to keep my faith healthy, it seems. I would suggest that God has verified to you that post-trib is the way to go. But teaching the theory is not enough. We have work to do.

Your servant in the Wonderful Council of Jesus,


If I'm not mistaken, the emailer above Gary's, JM, also shared with me that when she first read my post-trib writings, she had sensations of the same sort, indicating that the book was special to her. Yes, I remember now, she then pleaded with me to join me on my trib retreat. That's how strong the sensations were. The point is, I didn't plan to have Gary's email come right after JM's, so I now figure that this message about sensations is to be disclosed in case other readers got it. Maybe, I'm thinking just now, God is giving the same sensations to those who are supposed to be part of this work, for JM has asked to become a part of it already. This is pretty cool.

I have just one nightmare: that God will not be a part of my post-trib project. Isn't that your nightmare too???


Thanks for the response and words of encouragement! My name will never be anything but Gary to everyone. I hate it when pastors and elders insist on being called "Reverend" There is no one Reverent but God. Even our pastor, Jim, insists his title is just Jim. We would be more than grateful for any referrals that are in our area and are like-minded. My personal number is 434-566-4860.
The church number is 434-263-5566

Address is

SonLife Community Church
464 Old Roberts Mountain Lane
Faber, Va. 22938

Tomorrow, Jim and I are going to Liberty college in Lynchburg, the stronghold of the enemy. I'm sure you know Lahaye and Ice are both professors there. Mike Huckabee is conducting a seminar for pastors on issues dealing with the Church in Crisis. I'm sure he will tell everyone that the Church has nothing to worry about because it soon won't be here. Allow me just a bit of sarcasm.

Actually, we are not going to listen to Huckabee. We have created a pamphlet that refutes a pre-trib rapture or pre-trib anything. We use only scripture to prove that Jesus is only going to come once and that coming is after the tribulation. We do mention the names of Lehaye, Ice, and Lindsey and also the Scofield reference bible and where they error. We thought that going to the seminar would be a good way to confront many church leaders at one time.

Pray for us! We will not interrupt the seminar but will wait until afterwards. Liberty is an open campus so we are hoping persecution will be light, but we are ready for whatever comes. Hopefully, we won't have to send for lawyers, guns, and money! There are some pastors in these rural churches that are actually post-trib, but will never admit it. Their congregations would run them out if they did. We are hopeful the Holy Spirit will touch one or two of them.

Thanks again, John. You and your mission are in our prayers.

How can I help support your ministry?

In Christ,


Your determination, dedication, and courage speaks for itself, O Great and Awesome Gary!

I have not seen anything like this, aside perhaps from Dave MacPherson, who travels about speaking on the post-trib position. I mean, zowie, passing out flyers trying to convert pre-tribbers. A few believers might really be able to sink their teeth in something like that. I'm posting your email, contact info and all, on the email page (www.tribwatch.com/emailPage.htm). Let me know if you don't want your contact info on that page.

...do you think we will be ok? We are trying as quickly as we can to move. Texas has warmer weather but an enormous population. Upper WA or Idaho was what we were thinking.


I just wrote in today's update that I'm no expert on choosing locations. There are many variables to consider, that each person/group has to decide. I mentioned a few considerations, but the best thing to do is sit down with others and open formal discussions on matters that are important to you.

Washington may be liberal, and therefore dangerous. I don't know the politics of Idaho. But the politics of a region may or may not matter. It's all up in the air at this time. I regret that the Bible gives no indications aside from wilderness regions, but maybe it won't matter where we are so long as we own the land and can take care of our needs in legal ways.

This is definitely a job for special discernment. I once thought that Texas was a good place, but not in the populated regions. West of Interstate 35 seems best. Lots of deer, unwanted boar, and some wild foods. Too far west in Texas is too dry, in my opinion.

Hoping the best for you. Don't be hasty or rash. Move only when you feel good about it.


This is great to hear from you. I am well familiar with Texas, having travelled much the length and breadth of the state from Elpaso to Brownsville, Laredo to Del Rio. Abilene and North has been an idea of mine but the population demographics of Texas are enormous, and Abilene is church of Christ territory, all a-millennial or premillennial Baptists [I think he means pre-trib] country...

For $15.00 a bush I can grow a dozen original Michigan blue berry bushes (they will ship by mail and produce quite a crop in the Northern climes.

One acre alone will sustain a bountiful crop of Jeweled Artichoke which will yield 5000 gallons of 190 proof alcohol which will sustain any electrical generator, cook stove, lawn mower and Mantis tiller and even provide fuel for my silverado and my wife's van. All at a cost of less than .30 per gallon. One would not consume over 1500 gallons a year for a car and truck so what is left over will run a generator etc. and even allow for a reserve.

PW, it sounds too good to be true. Grow an acre of artichokes, and one has "gasoline" for years. Please, please, explain. What are the pros and cons? What difficulties are there in producing the alcohol? Does one put the artichokes in a press, squeeze them like grapes, and then let the juices ferment? How long to ferment? Does the alcohol have shelf life? What climates grow jeweled artichokes? If this is doable, someone needs to write a chapter on all the details, and if you can't, I will...if I can get the information. I'd be very happy to have 1,000 gallons. Very happy.


You slam democracy, but what alternative do you offer?

Democracy is not the system of God. A Theocracy is. Which would you prefer? I prefer a Theocracy, where government agents do their best to follow God's laws.

...Democracy is now killing the world, in other words, and I don't think Christians should be respecting it. I think putting an issue to a vote is fine where a group of people can't decide what God's law is in certain grey areas, but when democracy is used to put black and white up for a vote, with the purpose of giving black the supremacy, it can't be called good.

Just wanted you to know I got the same "sensation" while reading your book. There will be alot of people not knowing what to do in the near future. When Putin first came on the 'scene' I had a chill run down my back, I do not know if he is the anti-christ or not, but he sure is evil, I could see it in his eyes. They say you can see a person's soul through their eyes. I could not see his. (It being no light in them at all.) Same for Obama. May the LORD bless you in many ways for helping so many people. It will be a terrible day for millions of people that have been led astray by so many 'preachers' of the day. I pray the message gets out to them in time.

Your sister in CHIRST, BB.

Hi BB Thanks for writing that. I'm not sure if I should mention it in the email page because it might look like I'm tooting the tribwatch horn, but I'll take the chance since you took the trouble to mention it.

Actually, it shows that God is working from the inside, and that he does have his own Illuminati, if you don't mind me using that term. The Church is the invisible Body, but the members know they are His by the living waters that well up inside them.

Perhaps Satan has a counterfeit inner experience, but from what I've seen, it looks a lot different than what I experience. My sensations are wonderful, comforting, assuring me that I'm saved, reminding me that He's with me. But the other side bark like dogs, or scream like lunatics, or laugh for no reason, or wiggle on floors, and that sort of thing.

Shalom, sister. Pools of living waters to you.

Morning John,

Love reading the emails! I am part of a really good group of Christians through your site.

I was surprised about the 'chills' mentioned. I never really thought to say anything about it but I get them when I'm in communion with God, when He gives me an answer, when he is flooding me with His Spirit in overcoming something I struggle with, when He reveals something to me I need to do or something hidden I need to understand.

Didn't know other people felt them, too. Very interesting. :-)

...I realize, that like Noah, I have been called to prepare for something, and people do scoff at me to some extent. I also feel sometimes, what if I put all this work and effort into this preparation and the FED simply comes in and takes everyone away, or it is destroyed by human violence? But, this is what it means to step out in faith, to move forward without knowing the future. I believe that if we are walking closely with God, He will let us know if we're heading off down the wrong rabbit trail. He led me to your site.

When I first started reading your site, I knew that I was reading the truth. Your words resonated inside of me and gave me chills. I was actually depressed because at the time, I wanted to have that great life here on earth, then be whisked away by Jesus before the cr@p hit the fan. Who the heck wouldn't want that? Looking back on it now, though, Jesus might not have taken me even if He had come pre-trib because I was much behaving as the servant with one buried talent. There would not have been any 'Well done, good and faithful servant' comments for me if I had been allowed to stay in that mentality. Thank God for His intervention! Thank God for your website and that He forced me to face the truth about my life, my spiritual walk, my denial of His Will over my life.

The thing that I most fear about everything now is that I might die before He returns...I have so begged Him to let me be alive to see that glorious day! I want to be alive, in the darkness before the dawn, and see with my own eyes and trembling heart the Son of God returning, the True King, FINALLY...

This is CC, at her best. What she shows is that the post-trib message is able to turn a life around from pre-trib limbo. The post-trib message resonates with true believers, who only want the truth. The truth is a lamp unto our feet. I've read the above message again and again, but I still don't quite grasp the high level appreciation shown toward the sudden finding of the post-trib doctrine...because I've never been a pre-tribber for a long period only to bump into the post-trib view suddenly.

Another thing is, why would anyone want the post-trib view, or say that God led them to it, unless they believed it to be the truth? If we had the choice, we would all choose a pre-trib rapture from a golf course rather than a post-trib rapture from the base of a guillotine (so to speak to make the contrast).

The post-trib message helps us to disengage with the world. That, my friends, is the first step to Godliness. It's not in itself the cure, but it's the first step. Disengage. Be not of the world. Greet all, even your moral enemies, and be disposed to them in conversation, but know to be different than they. Disengagement will set you free...to be a child of God. That is the question: do we want to be different than the world?

I saw CC's stallion. It...is...a...beauty, no lie.

Hi John, I know this is perhaps going outside your area of expertise but many over here in Iraq are buying up Dinars. Can currently buy about 1 million Dinars for 1 thousand dollars. f war breaks out this fall the Dinar might crash again. Do you see Gog destroying the country again and also the currency or do you think (I know it's only a guess) buying their currency is somewhat safe?

Your Brother, John

John, you're asking me to give you advice on Iraqi money??? Not wise. You work hard for your money, so the last thing you want to do is see it shrink from a wrong opinion from way outside Iraq. I wouldn't know where to start answering the question.

But I would say that all Christians should get out of Iraq now. You could lead others out with you. Do you know how much longer you'll be there? Do you have any choice?

...It is not a secret John that I have a problem with the Myths and Genealogy teachings from you...

...There are other scriptures that warn of a focus on Myth and Genealogy and I'm concerned about that focus in your writings... God Bless You!

Kathy, thank you. I should put your point up on the email page for others who have the same problem.

I know that Paul tells not to have get involved in genealogies, but it's not me that does. This is the accusation made against the Illuminati and Aryans who consider bloodlines sacred. I don't. I could care less what bloodline mine is. My purpose in delving into myth was not to honor it, but to find the Biblical dragon's identity, past nature, its tracks, and if possible, the tracks to modern leaders and Rosicrucian cultists. I am very very happy with my work in linking mythical terms to people groups. I care nothing for mythology itself, nor the religion held by myth writers, etc.

Revelation 2:22 is the most definitive passage in the scripture documenting the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and giving description of that 'escape' (Luke 21:36) being conditional leading to a partial 'catching up' of the church.

Revelation 2:22

Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.


If this is the best you have to prove the pre-trib rapture, then for sure I know that the pre-trib rapture is not in the Bible.

Also, I have gardened for years, and have a large greenhouse attached to my home. (It actually helps heat the house on sunny days in the winter). Please know that bugs are more of a problem in a greenhouse, than outside. The aphids seem to thrive and can kill your plants, but the ladybugs can't get in to kill them and eat them. I recommend diatomaceous earth. I also like rotenone, made from the roots of a South American plant, but it can be mildly toxic to humans while being applied...

...Also, have you ever tried square foot gardening, with a heavy mulch? This eliminates all tilling, and cuts watering drastically. A hay mulch rots slowly, feeding the plants, and keeps heat in the ground, nurturing the roots. I can grow enough veggies for my family in about one quarter of the space of a traditional garden, and the weeding is almost non-existent once the plants are established...


...I'm choosing to start a Post Trib Fellowship in the Tacoma area for like minded believers.

...I believe more strongly each year that the Post Trib teaching needs to be put out to the Church as there is the potential for weak Christians when Daniel's 70th week comes upon us.

I feel so strong about it that I'm willing to put myself on the front lines if myself or my name is damaged in the cause.

We just acquired some mountain recreation land and will spend most weekends and all the month of July up there preparing it for winter. Big and deep fresh water lake within a mile and saltwater within 4 miles. It's the prettiest place on earth... ...I'm praying on opening a website with message board for Post Trib Fellowship besides a meeting place in Tacoma. I think I'll start a group on Yahoo for like-minded fellowship also.

Think about it. Everything we're planning to do all recorded in Yahoo's data banks (who owns Yahoo, anyway, the son of devil, perhaps?), all open to the world, good and bad people alike, email addresses all recorded, etc. Is this wise? I'm not saying whether it's right or wrong in God's eyes, but there are some concerns here. Why not just urge your readers into making trib preparations, and share some tips on the how-tos. They can find their own fellowship offline.