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In the Google box, always enter your search phrase in quotation marks, such as " "find this" ", and always add "tribwatch" outside the quotation marks, and without the quotation marks. Google will only bring up a few tribwatch pages in any search, even if the phrase is found in 20 of my files, and even if there is a page or less of total results. To get all my files, if Google can be trusted, one needs to click the bottom of the Google page after doing the initial search, where it directs one to repeat the search showing all relevant pages.

Google hides some tribwatch pages entirely. Moreover, my computer's find feature (Microsoft) seems incapable of finding certain terms that I know I recorded. For example, the search feature (at the START button, lower left of screen) will not bring up the page where I wrote on Mucia, Mucius, Mucianus, Scaevola, left hand, and Lars Porsena. All of those terms were used, but it's as though they are no longer in my computer, where they should be.

In a Google search for " tribwatch mucia, " no results are found. When searching " tribwatch mucianus, " just one page comes up, the 4th update of October, 2015, where I said, "The George/Gurganus bends are, first of all, in the sinister direction, a feature now highly suspect with the Mucianus bloodline." Backing up to the 3rd update in October, it says: "In the last update, while on the newly-discovered Mucius / Mucianus bloodline of Romans, I claimed that they led to the last two NATO chiefs, and gleaned that the first of the two, Anders Fogh RasMUSSEN, was a MUCIANus liner." That can explain why Google refuses to bring this topic up. The friends of these world rulers must have complained to Google, and Google wiped these pages from its search feature.

[Update December 2016 -- Google has allowed all mention of Mucianus from tribwatch after this page was put online.] "Mucianus" is on the 3rd update 12 times, yet Google acts as though it can't find one instance of that term. There are 18 instances of "Mucianus" in the 2nd update of October, and one is even in the sub-title, yet Google has directed its computer to ignore this page too. There are nine instances of "Scaevola" on the 2nd update of October, and while a Google search for "tribwatch scaevola" brings up two January updates with that term, the October one does not come up. The Google computer can't make such mistakes. The 2nd update has this under the title, "October 6 - 12, 2015," but when searching " tribwatch "October 6 - 12, 2015" ", Google brings up 116 results, mostly unrelated to my website, and does not bring up the part in quotation marks immediately upon its first-page results, as though my webpage does not exist. How many other tribwatch pages have been canceled by Google, without informing me?

It seems that Microsoft Explorer is able to exercise power in my computer, to make me unable to find "mucianus" in my own files, as though the pages blacklisted by Google are also blacklisted by Microsoft Explorer. I'd email them to inquire on this, but Google makes it impossible for anyone to email / contact them for such questioning. What do you think of these things? Is it the right way for Google and Microsoft to operate? What else are they doing to hide things that people write on world rulers? Is there something wrong with the NATO leaders tracing to the Mucianus bloodline, or am I so correct that they want to hide it?

I had predicted, four or five years before these October updates, that the False Prophet / Anti-Christ would be a mouse liner, and identified them as Meschins and Masseys. Later, I discovered that Masci's, Massena's and RasMUSSENs all use "sinister" bends, meaning that they rise in the rare direction, from the left side of the Shield to the right. I concluded that "sinister" (left hand side) was code for the Massey bloodline, and then, in the October updates, discovered that a mythical Mucianus, code for the real Mucianus surname of the Romans, had an ancient left-hand symbol. No kidding.

And earlier, some three years ago, a quasi-mythical mouse tower was found (with mythical characters that I traced to the Great Seal of the United States), origin of the Mieszko-named Polish leaders, while the European-Union boss at this time is the former Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, honored in the elephant tusk pointed out in the description of the Rothschild-related Pettys. I even found cause for linking Tusk to Donald Trump. Here is the 2nd update of October if you wish to read the Mucianus parts:

Below is the 1st update in November, 2015, immediately following the Mucianus discovery, that kicks off my latest investigations into the meanings of the symbols in the Great Seal of the United States:

For my treatment on Donald Tusk:

I have "heraldry codes" as a phrase in over 30 files, all online, but Google brings up only one when searching that phrase. Why is Google robbing me of my voice?

Use your browser's word-search feature in any of the pages above to get directly to topic. Please report to me if this page is made unavailable, or where else Google has black-listed any of my pages, at

While my search feature brings up 2016 files with "Henry," it will not bring up 2016 files with "fowler," even though Henry Fowler is mentioned several times in the 4th update of March, 2016. Is Microsoft messing with my search feature? In the same way, Google will not bring up the 4th update of March when searching " tribwatch 'henry fowler' ", even though "Henry Fowler" is in the update several times.

Google is blacklisting several of my pages on proving NASA a fraud; if you are a Google investigator, see the 4th update in November, 2016, for details.

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