I'm Not a Prophet
but God has treated me a little like one

This book was hard to finish. The more that I engaged, the larger the field that developed yet to be covered. I had to abandon the book for lack of time when starting on the Iraq Updates, wherein I watched for prophetic signs during Obama's term. I continued the dragon hunt throughout the Iraq Updates, using the mythology premise in this book, coupled with an increasing heraldic knowledge, to get to the point where it all led to the very killers of Jesus as the basis for Templarism and Rosicrucianism. If ever you would like to see where I went after getting to the bottom this book, a good place to start is roughly in the first Iraq Update of 2017. Perhaps one of the most-important updates shortly after that is in the 2nd of March, 2017 (scroll down after my news reports to find heraldic discussions). In short, taking the time, even if it takes you six months, to study over three months from January to March, will teach you much of the message of God through me. I was amazed by the things He did to convey His messages concerning lines through the killers of Jesus.