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July 2006.
Reading previous chapters makes this one better understood.

The material in this chapter fills one with sad reflection. It is necessary to include this material here because it shows that Saturn and Molech are one and the same, and because I am tracing the Rosicrucian dragon line to the founders of the Molech cult.

I use Wikipedia quite a bit because I find that it often has longer treatments on subjects than other online encyclopedia, though I realize that the organization was founded, as the name would imply, by Wicca-branch witches and/or the like. This shows in a nutshell how our spiritual opponents are in the game of educating the world their way, not God's way. It's what makes us the true Light of the world, if we expose their errors. I wonder if witches are told about the origins of witchcraft in cults like Molech. The writer of the Molech article I am about to quote from shows a typical anti-Bible position when it says: "...just Jewish legends which raised reasonable doubt about what was said about Moloch." The Bible is being referred to in the phrase, "Jewish legends."

I owe the Zeus-Molech connection to Greenway7, for she emailed me the following link:

"The 12th century rabbi Rashi, commenting on Jeremiah 7.31 stated:
"'Tophet is Moloch, which was made of brass; and they heated him from his lower parts; and his hands being stretched out, and made hot, they put the child between his hands, and it was burnt; when it vehemently cried out; but the priests beat a drum, that the father might not hear the voice of his son, and his heart might not be moved.'"

As soon as I read this, I recognized that the myth writers had been portraying the infant Zeus as Molech himself when they wrote that Curetes banged their metal weapons on shields, etc., to keep Zeus' father, Cronus, from hearing the infant weep. I can't tell you how it pains me to think that these myth writers knew exactly what they were proudly covering up with this story: that the Zeus peoples on Crete were initiated into the Molech cult with infant sacrifices.

Let no one say that YHWH is anything comparable to these demonic people; let anyone who wishes to connect YHWH to the dragon bloodline of Abraham, Nahor, Laban, etc., think hard on this fact, that YHWH is vehemently opposed to Molech. For example, in the Jeremiah-7 passage cited above:

"[The sons of Judah] have built the high places of Topheth in the valley of the son of Hinnom to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire...Therefore behold the days will come, says YHWH...the bodies of this people will be food for the birds of the sky, and for the beasts of the land..."

Praise YHWH that a good God rules our universe; there is hope for all witches, if they recognize that have been led down a demented path by their spiritual guides, whom YHWH will destroy as He destroys all who snub their noses at the abundance of time that He gives the wicked to repent. In Isaiah 30:30-33, YHWH uses "Tophteh" as a descriptive term for His fire on the coming (end-time) Day of the LORD that destroys "Assyria," that latter term being His codeword (in v 31) for the anti-Christ dragon that I am tracing to ancient days.

The Wikipedia article above on Milcom/Molech continues to say that the Phoenician city of Carthage (North Africa) was a chief Molech-worshiping center:

"Cleitarchus, Diodorus Siculus and Plutarch all mention burning of children as an offering to Cronus or Saturn, that is to Ba‘al Hammon, the chief god of Carthage...Paul G. Mosca in his thesis (described below) translates Cleitarchus' paraphrase of a scholia to Plato's Republic as:
"'There stands in their midst a bronze statue of Kronos, its hands extended over a bronze brazier, the flames of which engulf the child. When the flames fall upon the body, the limbs contract and the open mouth seems almost to be laughing until the contracted body slips quietly into the brazier. Thus it is that the 'grin' is known as 'sardonic laughter,' since they die laughing...'"

If you need a minute to swallow this, I understand. I don't need to tell you that only a demented soul would consider the infant's reaction, to the searing heat, laughter. But who were these demons with human faces? Look at the abundance of terms that we have for tracing them: Topheth, Molech. Milcom, Cronus, Saturn, Ba'al Hammon. The latter "Hammon" designation was of primary importance to Carthage, but is the same Baal of Phoenicia. I never knew until now, 27 years after being introduced to Baal (from reading the Bible), that various terms tacked onto "Baal" simply refer to various branches of the Molech cult.

It is much accepted that Saturn and Cronus were one and the same, and so I would point to the Satyr Thracians as a certainty for identifying the roots of that cult, but also to the Carians as merely my tentative identification of "Cronus." But there is a deeper root than both the Satyrs and the Carians, and I wish to lift the skirts of the Mesopotamian Kabala, that all may see the filth kept hidden for centuries clinging to these mentally-ill Semites. Now, in the so-called "age of reason," perhaps there is hope for those yet stained by this deceptive organization.

As Cronus was Zeus' father, it would make the peoples depicted by Zeus a major part of the Molech cult. Of course. And yet I am learning of this only now. Has anyone ever connected Zeus to Molech? Why not? How have we been so duped? How do myth experts possibly evade this reality during their learnings, and when they find it, why don't they announce it to us? Why is Zeus portrayed as a good god, akin to YHWH? Do myth experts enjoy deceiving even themselves? What sort of people do this, to deny the obvious realities and instead pass off fantasies? The myths were not fantasies, for they speak clearly of a wicked peoples, always the same peoples, wanderers yet rulers by bloodshed and spoil, destroyers of their own kin for the sake of power and wealth.

Myth writers used symbolism that tied Zeus to Molech, the most obvious one in portraying Zeus as a bull, a depiction of the bronze (sometimes iron) statue of Molech having a bull's head. But Molech was depicted with other animals in other places: "... the demon Baal was in grimoire tradition said to appear in the forms of a man, cat, toad, or combinations thereof."

The particular Cretan peoples that Zeus depicted were chief carriers of the cult. How should we react when Republican elites (including Presidents) gather annually for a drunken bash at the Bohemian Grove in California where this Molech cult is celebrated? This is not a political shot on my part because I oppose the Democrats (for their anti-Christian positions). But, the question is, just how much are Republicans letting Christianity down, and how much have they themselves taken on the nature of the False Prophet?

Ba'al Hammon was specific to mount Hazi/Casi in Syria, which I suspect was the homeland of the Cati/Cutha prior to their move to Khassi of Cilicia. This was the Ba'al of the Bible that YHWH vehemently opposed, and yet there persist to be enemies of YHWH who write thus: "Hadad was the son of El, who had once been the primary god of the Canaanite pantheon, and whose name was also used interchangeably with that of the Hebrew god, Yahweh."

YHWH is not to be connected to Baal simply because YHWH was called "el" at times, for that term simply meant "god" and did not necessarily specify any particular deity, least of all the El of the dragon bloodline. It is moreover understandable that YHWH should, at times, refer to Himself by some terms used by the dragon bloodline, as when He claims to be the "true god," or the "only god." The dragon cult was, after all, a counterfeit-YHWH cult. Therefore, when the dragon cult dressed itself with qualities/virtues that rightly belonged to YHWH, YHWH would in turn re-claim those qualities. Did the dragon cult claim to be the messiah of the human race, and did "messiah" derive from "mushus" (= dragon/serpent) as I read on one website? Strong's Concordance says that "messiah" is rooted in "mashach (#4886)," and this is interesting as per my suspicion that "mushus" was rooted in "Meshech." It doesn't matter what the origin of the word is, YHWH would in any case charge that He is the true Messiah...but do we then say that for this reason He was an extension of the dragon cult and/or the Aryan Meshech? Never did He depict himself as a dragon/serpent; never did he connect Himself with a human bloodline/cult.

Mount Hazi has been identified as the Biblical mount Zephon, but very likely the founders of this city (by that name) were from Zaphon, which, as seen in Zondervan's Bible Atlas (8th printing ), was on the east side of the Jordan in what was the land of Ammon...the very nation (from the blood of Lot and his unknown wife) that the Bible says was the chief carrier of Molech! This map refers to a pre-Israelite era, for it's map #7 entitled, "Land of Canaan," whereas it's not until Map #9 that we find the title, "Coming of the Israelites." This permits the city's people to have been non-Israelite Hebrews. Strong's defines "Zaphon" (#6828) as "hidden, dark." I define it as perverted, unworthy to rule, traitorous, mere weeds among the wheat.

The Wikipedia article goes on to say that, in some cases, Molech's "tapering hands reached down to the ground; three black stones bordered by yellow circles represented three eyeballs on his brow." Zeus was also depicted with a third eye. And how does it make Americans feel that this third eye of Molech appears on the dollar bill? Isn't it time to remove it by the will of the majority? Isn't it time for Americans to reject and force underground this third-eye cult that so brazenly rules much of America? Too late. They have the power structures in their hands. You have one hope alone: tie yourself to God and wait for Jesus to come burn them alive during his loud noises in the sky, and sing for joy as they burn, for look here at who we are dealing with:

"This Moloch finds particular pleasure in making mothers weep; for he specialists in stealing their children...It is likely that the motif of stealing children was inspired by the traditional understanding that babies were sacrificed to Moloch."

The abduction of infants/children by Satanic cults goes on to this day. These are not people to be feared. Have no fear for they are like animals about to be trapped, they walk about not knowing the destruction hanging over them. They exploit society for their own gain. Apostates of the worst kind, they have lost connection with the Head, and have turned to become the most demonic kinds of spiritualists. Never being straight/true, they lead into false ideas otherwise know as insanity. While on that road myself, I found that with YHWH there is a sound mind and a wholesome life. His mercy knows no bounds, and any demonic soul whatsoever, if he/she repents, will find His support toward that much better road (unless they have committed the unpardonable sin).

"In 1921 Otto Eissfeldt, excavating in Carthage...uncovered was a sanctuary to the goddess Tanit comprising a cemetery with thousands of burned bodies of animal and of human infants, dating from the 8th century BC down to the destruction of Carthage in 146 BC. Eissfeldt identified the site as a tophet, using a Hebrew word of previously unknown meaning connected to the burning in some Biblical passages. Most of the children's bodies appeared to be those of newborns, but some were older, up to about six years of age."

Tanit was the wife (i.e. the ally) of Baal Hammon (I've yet to identify her as an historical peoples; perhaps the Danaan). The Bible uses "Topheth" for a location within a mile of Jerusalem, in the valley of Hinnom. How could such insane religious observances be conducted so closely to His city; why did YHWH permit them there? Does it indicate a test for Israelites wherein God allowed the Kabala cult to creep in and practice its deprivations within eye-shot of His city? Or was it YHWH's way of showing the Israelites most-graphically the demonic direction that His pagan adversaries had taken? Let it be a lesson for all, that giving your mind and life to spirits will take you to exactly that place, and worse. The Jews gave in and failed the test. Somehow, they were convinced that burning infants could net them grace and charities from a dumb statue of a bull-god that didn't exist except as Satan and his torment-enducing spirits.

Strong's Concordance says that "Topheth" (38612) derives from the primary root, "taphaph" (38608)," meaning, "to drum." It's now obvious to me why that term came to signify Molech, for this definition evokes the loud drummings made by Curetes/Kabeiri during their wild bashes. In other words, there was more going on than a lot of wine drinking and orgiastic perversions; human sacrifices were a typical part of those bashes. That's what the myths didn't reveal openly, but what the myth writers knew. This now ties the Curetes to Cronus/Saturn, but as yet it doesn't tell us where Cronus originated first of all.

You might wish to ponder why modern astronomy has chosen Saturn to depict the most beautiful planet, the one with the halo/crown? Will you believe me when I say that modern astronomy was founded and controlled by an extension of ancient astrology...Rosicrucians married to European power structures and thereby securing for themselves a sure vehicle to pollute the mind of society by such fantasies as cosmic and biological evolution. I have wondered whether the red spot on so-called "Jupiter" isn't a depiction, made by YHWH, to represent the spear wound in His Son. It is my opinion that everything created by God, especially the cosmic bodies, depict Jesus Christ and His plan for humanity. The stars depict the true Israelites, not, as the Kabala would have it, their non-Israelite, part-Aryan bloodlines.

According to another website, "The sacrifice of children, as we have seen, had its origin among the Canaanites and the Phoenicians" (website below). It is an error, in my opinion, to root Molech/Baal in the Canaanites. Rather, the above quote smacks of the Cutha Kabala in Gath, Gaza, Ashkelon, and other parts of Canaan -- the Avvites, that is, and the Sepharvites -- who then evolved into the Cadmus Phoenicians and the Cati all around the northern Levant (the Levant is the Mediterranean coast from Egypt to Greece). I suspect that the Cohen surname grew out of the Cati peoples; it doesn't matter that Levites are called "cohens (= priests) in the Bible, for this in itself doesn't prove that Levites ever started to give themselves the "Cohen" surname. What a shock for those Hebrews today who go by this surname, if what I suspect turns out to be true, that it derives from priests of Molech rather than from Levites. It of course doesn't matter when one is converted to Jesus the true Savior, for blood is only blood, and a surname is only a surname.

My suspicions are that Molech ("mlk" in ancient records) tied to the Amalekites. As I conjectured that "Amalek/Molech" derives from the Greek "meli" = honey, or better yet, from the Greek "meilikhios" = molasses, so now I want to say what occurred to me only yesterday, that "koning," the old version of "king," evokes "hunig," the Old English term for "honey." It's as if a king was named after a bee and we don't know it. This is important because the very word "mlk/molech" was the same as for "king."

[Update September 2006 -- Lorri, an email correspondent helping me in this project, emailed me the following:

The Honaker Family
By Charles Ray Harper

In the Aargan Canton [Switzerland] there is a Honegger family of the old Swablan Nobility named Von Hoheneck...Honegger is German extract, meaning - sweet as honey.

Point one: the Cohen/Hohen name may shorten to "Con/Hon" so that "koning" (king) may be a "cohen" derivative (i.e. the latter being the oldest term). Our "queen" derives from the old-English, "cwen." Point two: The "Swabian Nobility" being inferred were the Hohens. Point three: "cohen," not the surname but the ancient Semite term meaning "priest," somehow provided Aryan terms for "honey," suggesting that the Semite priests were from a honey/bee cult; I would not hesitate to point the finger at the Molech cult of the Sepharvites.

The English Connick Coat may be a Hohen branch in that it uses the red and silver Hohen colors, with red griffins/phoenix galore. The Brandenburg Arms uses a red phoenix (Hohens ruled Brandenburg). The English Honick Coat uses a black phoenix, as does the Hohenstaufen Coat.

In October, Lorri emailed the Dutch version of "honey" = "honing," even closer to "koning" than "honig." End Updates]

Recall that all ten forces of the Kabala tree are called "sephirot(h)," a term that is almost-certainly a codeword for the Molech-worshiping Sepharvites, and recall also that the tenth force (the grand result of all nine) is called "Malkut." How insane are these Kabalists to promote secretly their Molech cult without notifying it membership of the fact, for isn't it obvious that Malkut is Molech," perhaps even the "Melqart" variation? Melkart was the Molech branch of Tyre.

The article (link below) goes on to show that the "qart" portion was also rendered, "car," which may signify the Carians, who certainly appear qualified to have named "Carthage." It's clear from the term alone that Melkart was the Molech of Carthage. In fact, I'm prepared to view the origin of "mlk" (in describing the cult) in the term "Melkart." When used in the Levant, the "kart" portion was left out (for obvious reason in that it specified Carthage) so as to shrink into "mlk."

I would suggest that Melkart was understood as Meli-Kart, the Honey of Carthage. Perhaps the Kartvelians/Kartli of ancient Georgia were the origin of the Carians, for connections (some historical) between Carians and Colchis are to be found. There may also be a connection to Haran in that it's Latin name is "Carrhae," though I've yet to find how old that term is, whether it's old enough to furnish Car of Greek myth. In any case, Haran was also "Charran," and then there's this:

"Harran is famous for its traditional 'beehive' adobe houses, constructed entirely without wood. The design of these is thought to have been unchanged for at least 3,000 years."

Organized Kabala (of the modern era) didn't want to use the exact version, "Melkart," for obvious reason in revealing a clear connection to this hideous god, and instead used "Malkut" so as to have recourse in denying the connection. But in their zeal to deceive their membership while laughing behind their backs, they went too far by using that term in conjunction with "sephirot."

Letchworth Garden City (England) was a Socialistic experiment that failed. No one could own property, everything was rented, and the government was the father-provider of the peoples. The root of this Fabian-like and/or Fabian connected movement was in Marxism, and before that in Adam Weishaupt (from whom Marx copied and advanced). Weishaupt was the visible founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, and so reports of Rothschild involvement in the British socialist movements, or the report that "Jews" were at their root, is logical.

The Arms of Letchworth Urban District Counsel uses an owl on the Crest, which is so conspicuously the symbol of the Illuminati-like Bohemian Grove (California) that I did some (minor) investigation. At the Grove, Molech sacrifices are conducted (to this day), where Molech is a giant owl. I already knew that a founder of the Grove was Joseph Redding, and that the Redding Coat uses three black boar heads. I've already come to believe that the boar symbol refers to Hebrews, but then I found a visible founder of the Fabian Society, Edith Nesbit, that the Nesbit Coat uses three black boar heads. This may or may not be a coincidence.

The "Jewish" Marx Coat uses red and silver checks, which may be the Hohen checks. William Morris was a leader in the Socialistic movements of Britain, and so I've noted that the Irish Morris Coat uses a black lion on gold background, the symbol of the Hohen(staufen)s. Is it a coincidence that the Welsh Morris Coat uses a gold lion on red background, the very symbol on the German and English Marx Coats?


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