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Cayce predicted that a "Hall of Records" would be found under the Great Sphinx. Supposedly,the Records are a library of critical information having origins in legendary Atlantis some 12,500 years ago. Christians like myself who hold literally to the Creation of man some 6,000 years ago, and to a Global Flood some 4,350 years ago, having no confidence in the pseudo-scientific dating methods of conniving evolutionists, know that there was not in existence a civilization in 10,500 BC, and that virtually all pre-Flood human traces, including written records, were lost when buried under hundreds/thousands of feet of underwater volcanic debris originating predominantly in what are now vast mid-ocean ridges. There are exceptions where the pre-Flood world may act as ground level to this day (e.g. Canadian Shield), but Giza is not one of them.

(Because the scientific integrity of Creationists is questioned when comments like these are made, allow me to answer what I feel is a sound view of basic geological formations. Below the present ocean floors to great subterranean depths, there must be cavities/voids filled with sufficient sea water that, with an increase of heat in the Earth's interior, can be forced upward so as to cover mountains worldwide. There's simply no other means by which a global flood can occur aside from calling up those waters below the seas. That the planet's interior temperatures did increase significantly, to begin the Flood, is evidenced by the mere existence of mid-ocean ridges, for these are many chains of volcanoes hundreds/thousands of miles long, found on every ocean floor to this day. These volcanoes created the ocean floors in the first place; that is, ocean floors were not such until the magma that caused volcanic eruptions also caused certain portions of the crust to drop to levels much lower than the stable (non-dropping) portions i.e. the continents. As the portions of the crust on both sides of volcanic chains melted and thinned from the bottom up, out, they cracked, under their weight, away from the solid crust and sank one, two, or even three miles deep into the magma below. At the crack-away locations, cliff faces were left behind, acting as the continental edges; as the sea floors sank, molten material ejected profusely through the cracks, and onto the sea floors. Flood waters on the continents naturally poured over the cliffs into the void created by the sinking floors, mixing with the magma in explosive events. The rush of water carved out mountain peaks, continental as well as marine canyons, and what would later become river-lined valleys (not to mention that Noah's ark was carried toward the Mediterranean so that he landed on the north-east face of Ararat...after hearing a huge wind that day due to the speed at which he was moving. Sedimentary mud from atop the continents was washed over the cliffs so as to cover them and form the so-called "continental slopes," which today decline gently toward the sea floors, although the continental cliffs can yet be seen in some places. Salt seas were left behind in pockets of the world wherein waters do not escape except by evaporation. There was no Ice Age; it's a fantasy created by evolutionists to explain the geological features of the continents that the Flood much-more easily explains.)

The involvement at the Great Sphinx project of one or more sectors of the Stanford Research Institute in California makes the organization suspect for having a special relationship with the Cayce people, especially as Stanford has entertained studies into occult themes. For example, one of Stanford's top psychics, Ingo Swann, who was heavily involved in Stanford's remote-viewing exercises, was also at Giza during those years, remote viewing the sphinx for Cayce's Hall of Records. But the Stanford people have never publicly confessed that their purpose at Giza was the discovery of the Hall of Records...exactly what we would expect if they had planted a revision of the Records (under the sphinx).

We note that the center of this hoax, the Freemason, Edgar Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet," received his prophecies while in deep trances, wherefore he was clearly practicing remote viewing with zeal. He made his living in this way, and for that reason prophesied, as do all diviners, many loads of cow patties that he knew to be cow patties. But the prophecies concerning the Great Sphinx seem to me as more than hokum craft, but as a calculated plot engineered by Aquarian/Rosicrucian leaders.

The Edgar Cayce Foundation had been formed while Edgar was still alive (died 1945), and we would expect such an organization to linger until this day if there had been a hoax to fulfill. That is not to say that the Hall of Records are unreal; they were real...except that they existed as a hoax, devised in modern times to appear authentically ancient. We can know that they existed because Cayce prophesied the precise location of their existence, and for no other reason, obviously, than to have a fellow Freemason discover them at the appropriate time. Whether or not the visible leaders of the Cayce Foundation were/are privy to the hoax, I do not know, for it is possible that even Edgar's sons were not made privy. But the invisible plotters may have contributed some of their abilities to steer the Foundation toward the fulfillment of the hoax. It is one of my theories that the invisible plotters gathered at Stanford at some point.

Why did Edgar Cayce and his fellows create the Records? Well, when discovered, the books are to reveal, among other things, the true pre-history of civilized man...i.e. that there really was an Atlantis. The purpose in this is to have recourse to building a New Atlantis i.e. the counterfeit Millennium. "New Atlantis" is an old Rosicrucian phrase, suggesting that Cayce was a Rosicrucian. But I suspect much more to this hoax, especially a changing in the way the world thinks on certain matters spiritual and Biblical...all to better serve the Illuminati agenda. These people have both the money and the political power to accomplish this stunt, but they lack wisdom and, obviously, are a "little" low on integrity.

When is the right time to reveal the Hall? Cayce "predicted" the date: between 1996 and 1998. But why would anyone involved in a hoax, and who prophesied concerning it between the 1920s and 40s, predict a grand discovery for 1996-1998, well after his own death? Understand that Illuminatists have sacrificed their lives for centuries to bring about their world rule for a time well beyond their own deaths, and this drawn-out conquest can be explained as an inspired plot of Satan himself aiming for 2000. It is amazing that Satanic people associated with the Ghost Society and the Rothschild Illuminati, including Henry Sidgewick, had "predicted" the return of Christ for 2000, even though they lived in the 1800s!

As Creationists know, there is Biblical basis for plotting the true Millennium 2,000 years after Christ, as this would be roughly 6,000 years (i.e. six millenniums) after Adam. In this way, the seventh millennium after Creation becomes a sort of seventh Day, known Biblically as the Day of God's Rest. Thus, Satanists, some of them taking on a Christian appearance, have likewise predicted their "golden age" at/near the year an obvious challenge to the true Biblical Millennium. As in that year the vernal equinox takes place in the constellation of Aquarius, this New Age has been called the "Age of Aquarius" (but goes by secular names as well).

The great difficulty before the Cayce Foundation was in getting a man or two at Giza in order to poke around prior to 1996-98. For, as technology grew in leaps, the plotters eventually had to find opportunity to get into the Hall to plant a better and revised version of the Records...and who knows what more? It wouldn't have been difficult deep into the latter half of the 20th century to deduce a fake set of old books/tablets/pots/etc. created early in the century.

The Egyptians had the natural inclination of rejecting any investigations by the Cayce people, but as it turned out, two women got a foothold at Giza in the 1950s and reportedly did some drilling at the sphinx before reporting back to the Cayce Foundation that things looked "promising" for discovering the Hall of Records (this information from Robert Bauval).

In order for my suspicion to be true, that plotters did get into the Hall to first plant and then exchange the Records, there must at least be a way into the Hall that they knew of, but that was kept concealed from the Egyptian Antiquities authorities, as well as other Giza-project teams not privy to the hoax. Such a secret entry was discovered recently, but before getting to that, I will concentrate on the person(s) possibly responsible for the re-planting. Finding this person is important because it will identify the organization involved, which then becomes suspect as a leading player in the upcoming New-Age manipulations expected to drastically alter our world system so as to produce Armageddon.

The Great Sphinx was more than half covered in desert sand in 1923, when Edgar Cayce gave his first prophecy concerning chambers under the sphinx (according to Robert Bauval, it was Edgar's own son, Hugh, who mentioned the 1923 date when he was speaking before a film camera at the 1978 Sphinx Project). Following this prophecy, there had been a massive excavation project at Giza, beginning in 1925 and lasting until 1936...ample time to secretly plant the Records in a "secret" chamber...if they hadn't already been planted prior to the excavations.

The Cayce prophecy of 1933 told that the buried Hall of Records was located somewhere between the sphinx and the Nile river (i.e. directly forward from the front paws), and that the Hall could be accessed from chambers below the right paw.

Of course, if my suspicions are true, Lambert Dolphin and/or other plotters working at the sphinx had been given copies of the blueprints of the sphinx basement, which had been in the possession of the original plotters and then handed down to the next generation of the same. The Rosicrucian Press had published diagrams of the underground chambers in the 1930s, which were possibly drawn during the excavation period by eye-witnesses but then credited to other sources to hide the fact that the artists had been in the chambers. For example, it has been claimed that the diagrams were "seen" through psychic readings, or drawn by oriental sources long ago.

But what do you think was found when the modern plotters slipped secretly into the Hall for the first time? A ridiculous stash, something that fools living in 1925ish had hoped to use to pull the wool over the eyes of all mankind (who but a fool would even attempt such a thing?).

How is it that Stanford Research Institute is among the most technological organization in the world and therefore most capable of re-creating such a hoax? And Stanford has links to another high-tech organization, NASA. Somewhere within these organizations there were Illuminatists that could produce a new set of Records and go to their graves not telling of it. High on the list of priorities would have been the creation of Atlantean "ink" and "paper," perhaps some golden plates...perhaps "proof" that the Atlanteans had been on Mars.

Lambert Dolphin claims to have become a Christian in 1962, and yet 14 years later was found at the site of the Great Sphinx with equipment devised for seeking voids in the ground. Was he the one attempting to change and/or add to the Records of the Hall? If not he or any other Stanford agent, might it have been a Cayce agent working alongside Dolphin? For the Cayce Foundation did work alongside the Dolphin-Stanford team. Dolphin claims that his working with the Cayce Foundation was completely coincidental, not part of a conniving or conspiratorial relationship. This would be easier to believe if Stanford itself were not an empire known to have connections with Illuminatists.

His explanation for being at Giza at all is that, while testing ground-penetrating detectors on behalf of the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Edgar Cayce Foundation approached his employer, Stanford, with the request of performing the same work under the Great Sphinx. It seems obvious that since a desperate Cayce Foundation could not easily gain access to the sphinx on its own merits/abilities, it was going to use Stanford...and Stanford was not so naive that it didn't realize its being used in this way. But the question is, did the Stanford people involved agree to be used exactly due to their being a fundamental part of the hoax? The low-key attitude of Stanford in working alongside the Cayce people can be interpreted either as: 1) ashamed of the partnership, or, 2) keeping secrecy to hide a wrongdoing.

In 1971, James Hurtak of NASA affiliation suggested that the Mariner 9 spaceship had taken photos of alien-built pyramids at Mars. Hurtac was also affiliated with Stanford Research Institute, by the way. In fact, remember this name, James Hurtak, for he crops up in many places, and was reportedly one of the so-called "Council of Nine," a white-supremacist group of alien-touting New Ager who, by their scientific backgrounds, want to control our minds and run our world. Dolphin in his own words said that he was a long-time friend of Hurtak.

Hurtak wrote that, in 1973, while praying to the Father, the Biblical Enoch appeared to him in bright light, as an alien from outer space, and that he, Hurtak, was then transported to another solar system. Drew Hempel writes, "Many new age gurus have been linked to the CIA and to these theosophist think tanks, included Drunvalo Melchizadek, James Hurtak, and Jose Arguelles who is the main promoter of Dr. Reiser's views...Both Puharich and Reiser called for the creation for a new techno-spirituality global religion" (

Puharich is the number one man in the Council of Nine.

NASA called on Stanford in 1973 to conduct investigations into remote viewing. And 1973 was the first year that we see Stanford Research Institute at Giza! But Dolphin says that he was drawn into the Giza projects with a 1973 telephone call from Luis Alverez, a member of the Illuminatist organization, the Bohemian Club, and well acquainted with top military and CIA bosses. It may be telling that Dolphin's interest in the Jerusalem Temple rebuilding program began in the following year, precisely in relation to his presence in Egypt on behalf of the Stanford Institute. Stanford would later be found supporting that rebuilding project.

As Dolphin and the Stanford Institute were planning their Giza project in that year, Hugh Cayce sends Mark Lehner to Cairo University, with money from the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE), an organization that obviously can't help but advertise its Illumination pride. There are other reasons to suspect its involvement with Rosicrucianism: its dedication to Cayce lore, for one, and its being run by the Cayce family itself.

Some information on this topic comes from a book authored by two Freemasons, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, both convinced of the Mars-Egypt connection. In the fifth chapter of the book, "The Message of the Sphinx," we have the following phrase: "Dr. Mark Lehner of the Edgar Cayce Foundation".

I mention that so that there is no doubt in your mind as to Lehner's background. His parents were Cayce devotees, and Lehner developed quite the strange ideas accordingly. He spent much time in 1972-73 on his fable-like, pro-Cayce book, "The Egyptian Heritage," published by ARE in 1974. In that year, for the first time, Lehner met Zawi Hawass in Egypt, an up-and-coming employee of the Egyptian Antiquities Organization. Lehner told him about the sphinx-related Cayce prophecies. Hawass' impression, according to himself, is that it was a lunatic theory. Yet the two became good friends, which would be expected if Lehner was a part of the plot to poke around at the sphinx. But Lehner was learning fast that, in order to be on good terms with Hawass, he needed to hush up on his Atlantean views.

Dolphin was at Giza in that year claiming that his equipment was not at all capable of penetrating Giza soil, although the same detection method worked well in other places, as for example in Dolphin's Israeli projects (1983). Mark this: the Dolphin team made public their work report for the 1974 season.

In April of 1974, an article appeared in the Chicago Daily News, concerning a bone with Chinese hieroglyphics reportedly translated by Tung Tso Pin of Hong Kong University, and James J. Hurtak, then director of the Academy for Future Science in Los Gatos, California. Their translation, which turned out to be a hoax, was as follows:

"A man and woman (1) are shown to be on the third planet (2) from the sun (3) A higher being (4) arrives on the planet by reversing an energy field (5), and flying like a bird (6), displaying qualities of lightning (7). The being can take on the appearance of earthmen (8); can combine the qualities of man and bird (9), and fly like a bird (10). The 'instrument of means' (11) by which he returns to a distant star system (12) is a rocket-propelled (13) vehicle (14)."


Concerning another Hurtak hoax, one that is very important to the story here, Graham Hancock wrote:

"In 1975, a year before the Viking pictures of Cydonia, [James Hurtak] predicted that further finds of similar structures, including a Sphinx-like monument, would be made on Mars and that they would all prove to be connected, in a great cosmic blueprint, to the Giza monuments in Egypt."


Hancock and Bauval state that Hurtak was "an acquaintance of Mark Lehner."

Also in 1975, Hugh Cayce arrived to Giza, and he told Hawass that the Edgar Cayce prophecy was probably untrue, but that he, Cayce, had to go through with the investigation because "he was under pressure from the Cayce Foundation."

But that statement must have been a lie for the purpose of instigating a key friendship with Hawass. It's doubtful that Hawass swallowed Hugh's act, for long anyway, because 300 Cayce devotees had soon met in the Great Pyramid to do homage to the prophecies. There is good evidence to show that Lambert Dolphin contributed to Hugh's act, as we shall see, suggesting that Dolphin was actively seeking to pave a Cayce path into Giza.

Indeed, concerning the Cayce Foundation's great difficulty in placing a man at Giza, Robert Bauval writes: "On his return to Cairo in 1976, Lehner met an American scientist, Dr. Lambert Dolphin. It was Dolphin who was to finally catapult the ARE on its archaeological quest to find the Hall of Records at Giza."

Dolphin claimed that his team found at least five promising "anomalies" in the area of the sphinx in 1976. These findings were soon announced by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Mark this: Dolphin's team provided a public/online report for the 1976 field season at Giza.

In that year, NASA received images from Mars. Take a look at the face on Mars (1976) and tell if it doesn't appear to you as a fabrication created by an artist here on earth. I'm not suggesting that the mound does not exist, but that someone added some black markings to create a perfect nose line upon a brow line, and symmetrical eye and mouth (later pictures of the mound do not reveal a face at all). The face is said by some to have been a sphinx. Therefore, knowing now that James Hurtak predicted just this sort of picture the year before images were to arrive from Mars, doesn't this suggest that, not only Hurtak, but NASA itself is taking us for fools?

How could NASA, in 1976, perpetuate such a hoax without the employees discovering it? It couldn't. Some employees had discovered it, but without evidence to prove it. I'm no high-tech wizard, but I do understand that all space images funneled to the computer screens of all employees can first be screened, and therefore altered, without their knowing about it...especially in 1976. If anyone so much as voiced one suspicion of foul play, they would be scorned by the officials who perpetuated the hoax, and moreover reprimanded by those employees who couldn't believe that NASA officials would do such a thing. How many officials were in on the hoax? Perhaps it only took one or two. Only one picture was needed to reach the public; after that, NASA could feign opposition to the artificiality of the face, but allow wild imaginations to take over and fuel the hoax. NASA would count on such men, and Hoagland seems to have been one of them.

In 1977, when Zahi Hawass had become the Chief Inspector of Antiquities of the Giza pyramids, Mark Lehner and ARE finally became involved with a sphinx project. We could say that the befriending of Hawass by Lehner and Hugh Cayce was paying off, as it was Hawass, said Hawass, who gave ARE special permission to hunt for the Hall of Records at that time. Also according to Hawass, Lehner had toned down by that year, telling him that he no longer believed in the Cayce dates but instead agreed with the age of Egypt as per Hawass' belief and that of the Egyptian Antiquities organization. Hawass hadn't minded giving ARE permission to seek the Hall of Records, but he loathed the Cayce people when they attempted to re-date his precious Egypt.

And so, with such a green light, Lehner requested Lambert Dolphin's assistance at the sphinx. Then, in late 1977, Dolphin presented himself at the headquarters of the Association of Research and Enlightenment. Bauval states that, according to an ARE record keeper, Dolphin "negotiated the terms and agreements of a contract whereby the SRI would undertake to help the ARE to search for the Hall of Records. The ARE would fund the entire project with a initial budget of about 100,000 dollars."

Remember, we're talking about the-follower-of-Jesus-Christ Dolphin here. Or, put it this way, would you as a Christian enter the offices of an occult organization and contribute to fulfilling its New Age prophecy with pay through money raised from occult followers of the Cayces??? And why has Dolphin never admitted to seeking the Hall of Records? Could it be more than his being ashamed?

Stanford with Dolphin as leader soon returned to Giza, in/about February of 1978. Dolphin wrote, "Patti Burns and John Tanzi of the SRI team did the 1978 resistivity work, however none of us has been able to locate our logs and print outs."

Could that statement be taken as Dolphin hiding something that Stanford doesn't want known? At the beginning of the document, Dolphin wrote, "An even more extensive and ambitious project [than 1974 and 1976] was undertaken in the spring of 1978 but no formal report was ever written." Strange. According to ARE, the entire $100,000 was spent, and we'd moreover expect a report in the most ambitious--not to mention exciting--project, wouldn't we? Yet no public report of what happened had been offered, until 1999, after arm twisting by Robert Bauval and others. But Bauval criticized that report as being scant and subjective. In my opinion, Dolphin was dim, not taking any great pains to be enlightening.

In the report, Dolphin speaks of Hugh Cayce, leader of ARE at the time (1978), and present at the project, as one almost resigned to not finding the Hall of Records, and yet Hugh through ARE was funding the project with $100,000! I could view this hum-drum portrayal as Dolphin attempting to quell our interest in the findings of that year. In fact, Dolphin continues the hum-drum in his technical report by writing that the 1978 project was "uninteresting." And yet Bauval, having some inside information, reports that a dispute between the parties involved sent Stanford packing for home before the project was complete. Dolphin's report not only attempted to skim over the events and particulars surrounding that dispute, but, while revealing that he himself, although funded by ARE, hijacked the entire project, failed to give the reason for hijacking it.

The dispute possibly explains why the project had drilled only five holes when, according to Dolphin, the Egyptians had at first consented to unlimited numbers...providing that Dolphin could give them the technical data to justify more holes. Thus, ARE wanted Dolphin at the site to justify the drilling operations. It is my view that the ones involved in the hoax did not wish to drill any holes because they did not wish to "discover" the Hall of Records so soon prior to 1996-98. Judging from Hugh Cayce's words spoken on an on-site film, he wanted dearly to drill as many holes as were necessary to discover the Hall, especially under the right paw...and, in stark contradiction to Dolphin's portrayal, Hugh was confident and excited about making the discovery at that very time. This suggests to me that Hugh Cayce was not privy to the hoax, unbelievably enough, contrary to what I had at first believed. My conclusion now: find the person(s) not keen on drilling the holes, and we will find the agent(s) of the hoax.

From Bauval's inside information, we learn further that the drilling team was a bogus company ("Recovery Systems International") formed purely for the Giza operations!! Bauval discovered that the man "behind" RSI, Joseph Jahoda, told him that "a sort of fortune-hunter came along, and he put up the money for the drill. It was a hundred thousand bucks." (

Although Jehoda wished not to reveal who the "fortune-hunter" was, the $100,000 payment obviously equates to the funds put up by Hugh Cayce and ARE. Jehoda was a member of ARE. Note the name of the make-shift company: "RECOVERY Systems International" in the recovery of the Atlantean Records.

It may not have been a part of Stanford's intention to drill holes in 1978, as Stanford was in on the hoax and didn't want to find the Hall. According to Dolphin's report for the 1978 season, ARE had hired Stanford, not to perform the drilling operation, but for "special studies" in resistivity and seismic soundings. As the Stanford people didn't have the authority to voice opposition to the drilling, they would have sought any means available to drill as few holes as possible. Indeed, it seems amazing that, "toward the end of the season," only five holes had been drilled, and just one at the right paw. Who was responsible for so few holes?

Dolphin held the power to choose where the drilling would take place, since holes would be drilled only where Dolphin's equipment indicated anomalies. Thus, he could arrange to mislead Cayce and his drilling team by ignoring the true anomalies while providing them with false anomalies...but only if he "lost" the "logs and print outs" of the sounding that no one could prove that he had been misleading!

Starting a dispute and packing for home may have been the means which Stanford employed to keep from drilling any more than five holes. Or, it may be that by the time of the fifth bore, the Stanford team had secretly planted the revised Records in the Hall and therefore created any excuse possible to dash away. The Cayce Foundation had this to say in one of their reports: "toward the end of the season, serious problems began to develop between the SRI team and...the party heading the drilling operations."

According to a Mark Lehner conversation with Bauval, the drilling team was making payments to Stanford (I think that we can trust this statement to be true because Lehner knew that Bauval was likely to report it to the public). Thus, it wasn't Stanford that hired the RSI drilling team, but the other way around. Apparently, RSI, having obtained from the Antiquities Organization its own license to work at Giza, was then placed in charge of the Sphinx Project by the Cayce people, who couldn't obtain that license, and part of RSI's contractual obligations was to use some of the $100,000 to pay Stanford for its role in "special studies."

Edgar Cayce had predicted that the Hall of Records was somewhere between the sphinx and the Nile river, which is a large area to cover frontward from the front paws. The five four-inch diameter holes that the SRI team managed to bore didn't find any chambers, but five holes is hardly conclusive. Hugh seemed sorely disappointed...especially as five holes were hardly worth his $100,000 expenditure.

In Dolphin's report, he at first pegs the blame on Hawass and Lehner: "In theory we had permission to drill holes wherever we wished and the five hole drilled were on the largest seismic and resistivity anomalies. We could have drilled to depths of 100 feet if we had chosen to, but in cooperation with Zahi Hawass and Mark Lehner we agreed that we should not drill more holes than we really needed to..." Strange, is it not? Here is a man of the Cayce people, finally finding himself in the throws of discovering the chambers of Edgar's prophecies, and yet we are to believe that Lehner lacked the passion to discover the chambers. Red Flag!! Either Dolphin has been lying to throw us off of his trail, or he was telling the truth and Lehner was therefore a part of the hoax (along with Dolphin/Stanford).

But at the virtual end of the report Dolphin confessed, "I was the one who made the final decision to not drill more holes." (

In a public statement via sci.arcaeology newsgroup, he denied locating any chambers at any time, and has made the same denial to this day (Jan. 2004). But, again, perhaps it was the purpose of Stanford to not find any chambers in 1978, because that part of the plot belonged to others at a significantly later date. Dolphin claims that he was no longer involved in the sphinx project after 1978, although, while not giving the reasons, he says he did visit Egypt repeatedly. In the phrase, "NASA's Lambert T. Dolphin," found on page 313 of The Message of the Sphinx, the authors suggest his working for NASA in 1977, giving some hint at some of what he was up to in coming years.

Hugh Cayce was eager to get back to it. With Stanford gone from Giza, he strengthened his ties with Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass. Lehner went to the American Research Center (ARC or ARCE) because he was not yet able to work at Giza on his own scientific merits. Under ARC, he was made the Field Director officially in charge of the next Sphinx Project beginning in January of 1979. ARC was a secondary, even insignificant player, for Lehner was paid directly by ARE into the early 80s and perhaps beyond. In Lehner's online Preliminary Report, page 17, we read: "The American Research Center gratefully acknowledges the support of the Edgar Cayce Foundation for the work of the Sphinx Project."

Lehner's organization applied for mapping and investigating the sphinx and its surrounding rock structures, but was also steered beneficently (to please the Egyptians) toward preservation of the sphinx...everything and anything but Lehner's deepest desire, surely: to find the Hall of Records. ARC's guise was "preliminary" activity/observations, and soon enough one of its recommendations under the guise of preserving the sphinx was to map the water table and, according to Lehner, "to lower the water table in the immediate region of the sphinx" (page 6). Bauval wrote: "as Lehner put it with refreshing honesty, [the Sphinx Project] was nothing less than 'a direct shot at finding the Hall of Records.' In other words, the whole exercise was not, as some would have it later, a 'scientific' expedition or works focused on 'restoration', but rather an attempt, pure and simple, of vindicating the prophecies of Edgar Cayce."

But are we short-sighted by believing Lehner's "refreshing honesty," his claim that he was seeking the Hall of Records? If I'm wrong about Dolphin/Stanford as the plant agents of the revised Records, then perhaps Lehner, meaning that he didn't want to find the Hall in the 1978 drilling operation...after all, he, too, frowned on drilling too many holes. Or why not all of the above, Lehner, Dolphin and Stanford together in a conspiracy, with Hawass, if he wasn't already on board, soon to be recruited?

Excavation projects were naturally a part of the hidden agenda, and I note that Hawass was in full support as project leader in 1979 and 1980. Almost immediately (June 1979), excavation under the front-left paw commenced, to be followed by excavations closer to the right paw. It was at some point in this period, according to Bauval, that Hawass drilled until, some 55 feet down, he hit some red rock that is not natural to Giza and was therefore suspected as being man-made block. He notified the Cayce people. But for official reasons that I don't yet have substantial knowledge of, excavation down to the red granite was forbidden, the very opposite situation that we would expect...unless the hoaxers demanded it.

Obtained from France by Lehner's team were field notes and 200 photographs from the 1925-36 excavation project, which was essentially the removal of wind-blown sand covering much of the sphinx. It was in relation to the excavation that, I believe, Rosicrucians planted the Records. In one of the photographs, dated 1926, there is "a man standing at the entrance to this passage. The passage was sealed with new blocks but restorers at the time never recorded what, if anything, had been found. Priority for examining this tunnel [now] appears to be low."

The tunnel, located in the mid-section or rib area, leads into the heart/basement of the sphinx. Who ordered the blocking during the excavation project, and why??? Could the Hall of Records have been somewhere down this tunnel by the time of that 1926 photograph? Remember, Hugh Cayce had said that Edgar had prophesied in 1923 concerning a secret sphinx chamber, and Hawass would soon confess on American television that the above-mentioned tunnel entrance was blocked up in 1922!!

In 1982, Lambert Dolphin was gearing up for two Stanford-sponsored projects: 1) the Jerusalem-Temple investigation project, the story of which is large enough to warrant its own chapter, and, 2) the Mars Investigation Project. Dolphin became involved in the latter project with fellow Stanford employee and former NASA consultant, Richard Hoagland. Because Stanford was doing the funding, it could suggest that Stanford was at Giza, not only to fulfill the Cayce hoax, but to promote the Mars-Egypt connection that complimented the Cayce hoax. For it is well established that the world is to be devoted to the related Freemasonic culture that Cayce belonged to. As we shall see, Edgar Cayce predicted just this. But if you are waiting for that culture to be implemented, look again and see that it has already been impinged upon us: the glorification of liberated sex, adultery, pornography, drugs, sorcery, murder, evolution, pluralism, secularism, the occult, amoralism, female ambition and abandonment of the family, and all Biblical truth thrown to the ground.

Also in 1982, ARE funded the sphinx project again, at which time Mark Lehner claimed to discover a tunnel at the rear of the sphinx, and a chamber at the front, as follows:

"But, at my prompting, they put [the acoustic sounder] on the bedrock floor inside the box - and it was dead in three places where they put it down, as though there is some kind of opening or empty space underneath that was blocking the signal..."

(Message of the Sphinx, page 93).

Mark Lehner is the one speaking the words above. In the phrase, "at my prompting," it sounds as though he knew just where to look!

In 1984, after ARC's initial Sphinx Project came to an end, Lehner decided to go on his own, and in 1985, as its President, incorporated "Ancient Egypt Research Associates" (AERA) for the purpose of supporting further work at Giza. Carbon-14 dating was one of the tasks at hand, and while outwardly it seems that Lehner was dating the monuments in line with traditional dates, it is certainly possible that inwardly he was seeking dates in line with Cayce's prophecies. At some point in the 80s, however, he appeared to betray Atlantis lore, but, theoretically speaking, this may have been a necessary act to permit the hoax maximum keep him from being suspect as a/the plant-man of the Atlantean Records.

In 1987, Dolphin was no longer employed at Stanford. He was to join Chuck Missler in a Jerusalem-Temple scheme assisting British-Illuminati agents and Israeli Kabalists.

In 1988, the tunnel at the rear of the sphinx, and the chamber at the front, were spotted by the instruments of an apparently unbiased/independent Japanese group. In this year, Lehner had hooked up with Yale University to form the Giza Mapping Project (Yale is home to Skull and Bones, an Illuminatist recruitment center). The Mapping Project carried Lehner further and further away from the sphinx, however, to exciting excavations of the surrounding Giza plateau. But in the meantime (1990-91), astrology-loving and Rosicrucian-like John West came to Giza, whose attitude was quite to Lehner's opposite. That is, West's perspectives of the sphinx rock were used shamelessly to modify the sphinx's traditional age closer to the age predicted by Edgar Cayce, 10,500 BC.

As a stepping stone to the 10,500-BC date, the West team, namely, Robert Schoch (having a Ph.D in geology from Yale), managed to extend the traditional date of 2,500 BC to a maximum of 7,000 BC. Lambert Dolphin has an online letter written to Schoch privately, advising him not to publicize his dates as it only infuriates the Egyptians. Schoch disregarded the advice. Mark Lehner became one of Schoch's most-avid rivals on this very subject...and so we must look to other personalities for the 1990s continuation of the Cayce hoax. Schoch, on his website, claims that he has no sympathies for Atlantean lore, but he does write that "Dr. Zahi Hawass was also in part supported and patronized by members of the A.R.E."

In my Bible I learn that's it's not good to accuse an innocent man falsely, but distinguish here between "accusation" for the purpose of doing damage and "raising a suspicion" to undo damage. To be fair, let me say that Lehner has written much in opposition to Atlantean pre-history, and for all I know it could be true that he has abandoned such ideas...which may explain why the Cayce plotters sent others to Giza i.e. to replace him, namely Joseph Schor and Joseph Jahoda. Remember Jahoda? He was the ARE member "behind" the bogus drilling team. The remainder of this story, I think, justifies the long and detailed approach that I have taken here.


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