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November 2006

The same day that I was writing on the evolution of the Lazica Caucasians into mythical Laodike, an email correspondent shared an article on the fact that "Laus Deo" is written atop the Washington Monument. Knowing that the monument is a Hermes temple, I know that the phrase does not mean "praise God" as claimed, but rather has a double meaning, probably: "Laus is God." The Lasonii? The Laz? The god of Laodiceans? Ladon? I think so.

Do you see how Illuminatists give their secrets away, unable to restrain themselves from leaving hints all over the place, that their own kind might revel in what they consider craftiness? Thus far my theory has been that the Washington Monument glorifies ("shames" would be a better term) not only the Laodiceans, but the Leda code depicting them, wherefore note the code given to the husband of Leda's daughter, Helen: "Menelaus." Indeed, knowing that "Mene" refers to Manes, the "Laus" portion of the term refers to an entity all its own.

Menelaus, king of Sparta, was made son of Atreus, he being the one taking under his care two related peoples depicted as two lambs...themselves depicting the golden fleece bloodline of Hermes. Therefore, Atreus and Menelaus were of the golden fleece bloodline. Atreus then depicted the same peoples as his "father" Pelops, son of Tantalus. Pelops was king of Pisa and therefore a Pisidian peoples. To so trace the builders of the Washington Monument to Pisidians matches their tracing (in a previous chapter) further back yet to the Abzu-branch Anakites = Poseidon.

When Zeus was made to come onto to Leda as a swan, he may have been a clever alternative of Menelaus, meaning that Menelaus was the swan line (a Rukhs peoples from Lake Sevan, Armenia). Follow along as I write and I'll show how the peoples and places mentioned tie to Menelaus, via Castor, one of Leda's swan sons.

Can we begin to see "Castor" in "Ashara"? This is the modern name of a Semite city just south of the Habur river mouth (not far from Khana). Castor is evoked all the more when identifying Ashara as Ishtar. As Ashara was anciently the Amorite city of Terqa/Tirqa (30-40 miles north of Mari), we can see how the combination of Ashara and Terqa may have furnished "Ishtar." Yet Ishtar depicted the entire Amorite kingdom in Akkadia, of that there can be no doubt, for she was made the Great Mother. The Great Mother of what? The Bible says "abominations," but in other words, she was mother of the dragon cult's many tribes, wherefore she covers many cities spread throughout the planet, including cities that became empires.

As my findings thus far tie the George-Washington bloodline to the Mittani city of Khana, see that "Terqa was the leading city of the Khana kingdom, apparently a successor state to Mari after it fell to Babylon (c. 1760 B.C.)." Also, the website above says: "...a number of 'Amorite' kinglets, among whom those of Khana on the Euphrates, near the mouth of the Khabur..."

If Ishtar was indeed Terqa, then connection with Tarchon Etruscans (founders of Rome) and therefore Tarsus ("Tarshish" in the Bible) is likely. Knowing from previous deductions that the Washington surname traces even further back to Susa/Shush Anakites, might "Tarsus/Tarshish" be understood as Tar-Susa / Tar-Shush? Knowing furthermore that Kadou and Kai Delymites of Cadusia moved to become the Cati and Que/Kahu of the Tarsus region, I can begin to see that Ishtar in Mesopotamia was the Agade holy grail that moved northward to Cadusia before reaching Syria and Cilicia as the Cati. Never before had I understood/considered that the Cati were Ishtar herself.

This would be the place to suggest that "Ish" was short form for Kish = Kissians = Kassites so that "Castor" looks like a Kassite-honoring term. Note that Kish was mythically "Kishar," similar to "Ashara."

As I now know Ishtar's Amorite ethnicity, I figure that she founded Ebla along the way to Cilicia, which becomes important when we see that Jerusalem was called "Abele" by certain Kabala Hebrews, especially as the Bible reveals Amorites ruling Jerusalem in Joshua's day.

It can be realized that Cilicia was of the Gileki-branch Delymites, wherefore Ishtar (from Dilmun/Tylos, remember) depicted the same. That is, Washington's founders were from Helios/Galli/Colchi Gorgons...the planet's darkest sorcerers. And as I've tied the hexagram to these very peoples, note that the Colchian goddess was Hecate! As she was the frog goddess, might we include America as one of the three frogs of Revelation 16, the three frogs who go collect many kings of the earth to Armageddon, to go fight against the Kings of the East as they approach Israel? Note that the Egyptian frog god, Nun, evokes Anakites, but also Ishtar's Sumerian name, Inana.

The modern name of Terqa (Ashara) hasn't escaped me as a version of "Asaru," the "best known of the Anunnaki," and behold that "Asaru" was another name for the Amorite god, Marduk. Suddenly, the mysteries are going to fall into place, in my lap, for I know the meaning of these things. As the website below will verify, Asaru was Asura and therefore its alternative, Ahura, wherefore we're dealing with the Osiris-Horus peoples (from Hormuz)...honored on the Great Seal of the United States. What deceivers were the founding fathers to separate from Britain and yet carry Egyptian gods with them into Independence, in the name of Christ yet. What disgraceful masks their sons wear to this day.

I now wonder if the Biblical Telmai and Sheshai, two Anakite men in the time of Joshua (Numbers 13:22) living south of Jerusalem (Anakites were predominantly in the Negev in Joshua's time), were recorded in the Bible for to show their roots in the Delymite-Telmun-Susa family of peoples. That is, did YHWH record these men because they represented Zeus moving to pre-Israel? Zeus, depicted early with a snake's tail and a third eye, was Dagon in the Israelite seaside, and had stemmed from the Daktyloi of Troy, for which reason I will now conclude hard that the Daktyloi were a Dagon-Tylos mix (for new readers, Tylos/Dilmun is now Bahrain).

The Israeli Zeus can be connected to Lydia (and therefore to the Solymi Pisidians) by the Leto-Zeus alliance that produced Apollo and Artemis on Delos (i.e. a version of "Tylos," apparently). But one may conclude that this alliance was also the Zeus-Leda affair producing Helen, you see, who married the Manes-Laus peoples honored by the builders of the Washington Monument. Therefore, the monument is the penis of Ladon the dragon, if you don't mind me putting it in those raw terms, for Illuminatists view it just that way: the penis of Satan. That is their god. The Nephilim were, after all, said to be fallen angels mating with human women. Washington as a whole is a beloved monument to the serpent of Eden, and woe to it on the day of its Judgment.

I think that the Biblical report in Genesis on the Nephilim is not factual (i.e. demons did not mate with women), but was merely a report of what others believed/propagated. It was clearly an idea invented by the Eden cult of Sumeria, to show just how anti-Creator they were that they would view themselves as sons of the Eden serpent.

I don't yet know which came from which, Asshur versus Ashara, but I have learned that the connection is well made as per the Assyrian goddess, Semiramis, being identified (by others) as a version of Astarte (Syrian version of "Ishtar"). Ishtar is hereby revealed as the fish bloodline, for Semiramis was, according to Diodorus Siculus, the daughter of "the fish-goddess Derketo of Ascalon in Syria." The migratory path of the Ishtar bloodline in the Semiramis myth is from Ascalon of Syria to Asshur of Assyria, not the other way around.

The Ascalon of the myth was either Ashkelon in the Avvite region around Gath, meaning that this region was considered a part of Syria at one time, or else there was a second city of the same name in Syria. Remember that St. George's lance was called "Ascalon," and that Britain names its very flag "St. George" (i.e. English rulers knew their roots in Ascalon). A lance of course is also know. Isn't it curious that the English flag was a copy of the Genoan flag, and that the latter evokes "Khana" (not to mention "gene")? What do I make of the so-called "Doges of Genoa" ("doge" = "duke"), while the Conn-terms of Ireland (to which I trace the Illuminati) were also depicted as dogs/hounds? Should I trace them to dog-line Togarmites = Dagon? Probably, yes, and to Afghanastan's Aryans.

Diodorus' myth had Semiramis brought back from Ascalon to Assyria by an Assyrian king "Onnes" (mythical term), afterwhich a war-mongering "Ninus" character (said to depict Nineveh) had him killed so as to marry Semiramis himself. It's hard to ignore the Onnes / Ninus similarities, wherefore it sounds like a Ninevite civil war wherein the victor married Ishtar of Ascalon...yet Onnes/Ninus may themselves have been from Inana, the Sumerian Ishtar. The website where I am taking this story says: "The legendary king Ninus, a name perhaps derived from the Assyrian nunu, meaning "fish", was the son of Belus..."

Another article confirms both the fish nature of Ninus and identification with Nineveh: "In Babylonia the fish goddess was Nina...Nina was the goddess who gave her name to Nineveh."

Onnes and Ninus evoke the Egyptian sea god, Nun, for Belus became an "Egyptian" god on the Mediterranean. However, Belus was not a Hamite Egyptian, but the son of Poseidon (the fish god), wherefore I view him as Pisidians (of Asia Minor) removed to Egypt, and therefore the Solymi. Indeed, for a certain "Ninlil" was from Dilmun, the origin of the Solymi, wherefore I would suggest that Ninlil evolved into Ninus (i.e. the latter was the "Nin" of "Ninlil"). This conflicts with a common Ninus=Nimrod equation, and makes Ninus an Aryan peoples instead. Indeed, for Nun was depicted with a ship held over his head, wherefore he evokes Argonauts of Egypt (Pisidians were Argives). In short, Nin/Nun/Nan terms refer to the Aryan side of Ishtar, the same that were the Anunnaki gods.

While the Bible implies that Nimrod (often equated with Ninus) founded Asshur, the Semiramis myth suggests that an Ascalon-Ninus mix had afterward conquered it (i.e. chased Hamites out). I trace Ascalon back to the Biblical man, Eshcol, an Amorite, wherefore I paint Semiramis, and the Assyrian kingdom from her, with Amorite colors. The Ishtar-Delymite root of post-Nimrod Assyria is supported where the kingdom was later ruled by worshipers of Adar, and kings styled "Shalmaneser," evoking the Solymi.

The "Derketo" term in the Semiramis myth (i.e. her mother) seems conspicuous as a Tar/Dar term and no doubt derived from "Terqa." While Terqa may have been formed as Tar-Kai, I will identify Derketo as code for Tar-Cati = the Kai and Cati Elamites of Tarsus. A variation of "Derketo" was "Atargatis," where the "Atar" portion would seem to be Adar and/or Ashara, but then also the Adana region otherwise known as Tarsus...thus proving that Derketo/Semiramis were a stem from Mesopotamian Ishtar.

It's made clear that Adana was at least settled by the Kahu/Kai Delymites, also called "Quwe": "The editors of The Helsinki Atlas tentatively identify Adana as QuwÍ..."

Now behold Castor, for Derketo was married to "Caystrus" when giving birth to Semiramis. Recall that Ishtar in Greek myth was made the Titan, Hestia, a term that also evokes Castor. Hestia was in Cadusia with her sister Demeter (Ishtar's spouse, Dumuzi), and so I take it that they became the Cati of Cilicia before becoming Castor of the Spartans...telling that Ishtar was (or at least included) the Sepharvite peoples, though not the people as a whole (who may have included some fine citizens), but of the Sepharvite dragon cult i.e. the rulers of the people and the scum of the earth. With Castor stemming from the Cati and Ishtar, he is identified as the grail line in Greece.

If Castor was the city of Ashara, then who was his twin, Pollux? Perhaps the Balikh river, a Euphrates tributary leading straight north to Haran...the center of "Nahor strip" and part of Mittani-kingdom central having Washukanni=Washington as its capital. As I am seeking a Laodicean peoples to act as builders of the Washington Monument, is it a coincidence that the Greek version of Pollux is "Polydeuces," what could be code for Po-Laodicea? As I'm tracing part of this bloodline to the Nassau gold lion on blue field that became symbol of modern Jerusalem (see Jerusalem Arms), and while I have interpreted "Pollux" as Bologne (Italy), see the Arms of Bologne.

Recall that I had traced the Veres (who claim to be from the Mittani) to the beaver symbol because Veres were Earls of Oxford, while the Oxford Arms uses a vicious-looking green beaver (not to mention a blue lion). Now read what I've only discovered recently, that "kastor is Greek for 'beaver'"!!

Canada comes to mind as it's national symbol is the beaver, which may explain why the beaver in the Oxford Arms reminds me of Pierre Trudeau, the liberal/Satanic Prime Minister of Canada for some 11 or more years (president of the Humanist Association of Canada at one time, who provided the Supreme Court with Liberals so that another president of the Humanist Association, the abortionist "doctor" Henry Morgantaller, successfully downed all anti-abortion laws when taking his case to the Supreme Court). Trudeau also took down laws against homosexuals, but while he's gone to his grave, the Canadian political wheels have since been no-less Satanic, having recently legalized adoption of children by any deviant male-to-male "lovers" whatsoever (what are the chances that those children will grow up to be psychologically damaged, and raped by their parents in the process?).

I don't think it's stretching it to assume that these sorts of globalist fiends (Trudeau was with the Club of Rome) stem from the child-killing Molech cult, I really don't. Anyone honoring the Illuminati agenda will be filled with demons naturally seeking to resurrect the old infant-killing machinery in any way possible.

Ashara (i.e. Castor) was just south of the Habur-river mouth while Khana was at the Habur-river mouth. I note that "Canada" looks like it could be rooted in "Khana" i.e. what "Khana" modified to in Britain, probably "Gwynedd" (Wales), for Pelops was king of the Eneti=Heneti > Veneti > Venodotia > Gwynedd. This makes perfect sense because the red triple-chevron flag of the Welsh dragon was an early design on the eagle's breast in the Great Seal of the United States. Hence, if Freemasons of the United States were from that Gwynedd/Welsh bloodline, why not also Canadian Freemasons?

Whatever is said about the "true" origin of "Canada" can probably be placed under in the cow-patty file. If I'm coming across logical concerning Khana>Canada, it adds some punch to my Washukanni>Washington connection (there is no relationship between "kanni" and "ington").

Note the red rose and the blue helmet on the Crest at the above link, evoking the red rose and blue lion in the Oxford Arms. The red bull in the Oxford Arms surely corresponds to the red heifer sought by Kabalist "Jews" as the essence of their renewed sacrificial system...once they with the help of Freemasons can successfully rebuilt the Temple, that is. Why are Christians paying money to see this Satanic temple re-built? Because Freemasons have entered church leadership positions to persuade Christians, not only to give money toward that agenda, but to give money for everything else that the Illuminati wishes to use it for. The Illuminati has set up many "humanitarian" foundations (e.g. Red Cross, Magen David, Shriners, Hospitallers) akin to the Muslim "charities" funnelling donations to political/terrorist concerns. Are Christians exempt from being the targets of such schemes? Nay, but as the biggest givers in the world, Christians are the prime targets.

The Veres were earls of Oxford from 1141-1703. The Oxford Arms uses an elephant opposite the green beaver, both of which may have depicted Bavaria as well as the Bauers (it is known that Rothschilds were actually Bauers). The elephant is suspected by me to have been Babar, a French elephant wearing a green suit, and I suspect "beaver" to depict a Babar/Bavar-like peoples/surnames (details in previous chapters). But I also found that "Babbar" was a term substituting anciently for Enki.

Now that I've discovered that flag of Bahrain and the Emblem of Bahrain use the Franconian Rake (a symbol of Bavaria), or at least what looks exactly like it, I see that Bahrain too may rate as a beaver-like term. In fact, it evokes "Bauer" pretty darn well! Remember, conspiracy theorists have been saying for a long time that Rothschilds had much to do with the Bavarian Illuminati. Behold that the Qatar flag uses a darker version of the Bahrain design (Qatar, ancient Bazu, is where I've rooted the Wassu/Washington and Abzu bloodline).

As Pierre Trudeau's mother was an Elliott, see that the Elliot Crest uses the head of an elephant, while the Elliott Coat uses the blue waves seen also in the Oxford Arms. See in the article that Elliott's were a pre-Conqueror Pictish family in Britain, reflecting the fact that Veres were rulers of the Picts.

It's interesting that in one historical painting of 1470, the dragon killed by St. George is a green wyvern species, the very color and species chosen by the Veres to depict themselves (see Vere dragon). As "worm" meant "serpent/dragon" while the Worm-family Coat is a green wyvern but with front legs, the wyvern dragon may have derived from Werner of Worms, the progenitor of the Salian dynasty that is defined as four successive Roman emperors from Franconia, relatives of the Hohenzollerns (i.e. Hohens of Zollern). I recall writing in a previous chapter (taken from an online article) that the five-pointed Vere star was originally a six-pointed star...the same "trick" used by the Washington (anciently "Wassa") family to disguise their hexagram symbol (see Wassa Coat versus the later Washington Coat).

As I showed that the Arms of Franconia (the Rake) consisted of what could be taken for a version the Grimaldi diamonds, so now see that "It was only the Bavarian King Louis I, who made the rake a symbol for entire Franconia by adding it to the royal coat of arms in 1835."

That date was just after the official formation of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776, but I have no idea how entrenched that cult was in the affairs of Louis I. It brings us to the modern era, so close to the period wherein Bahrain (1971) and Qatar (1971) were formed into countries that it seems irresistible to tie the Bavarian Illuminati to their Rake-like designs. Bahrain may have been seized by Rosicrucian elements in Britain, because "In the late eighteenth century...the Emirate [of Qatar] entered into a treaty relationship with the United Kingdom and [Bahrain] became a British protectorate." The article goes on to say that Britain hardened its grip on Bahrain into the 20th century, not letting go officially until 1971. However, by that time the money bags of the two islands may have become so heavily tilted toward Illuminati agents that the "independent" rulers were merely puppets.

King Louis was from the House of Wittelsbach, which uses blue and silver diamonds seemingly related to the Grimaldi diamonds (the Wittelsbach Coat may be seen also at website below). One may then suspect that while the Grimaldis were of a Hohen branch, the Bavarians that formed the House of Wittelsbach were of the Cohens and/or Stewarts proper. "The Wittelsbach family was the ruling dynasty of the German territories of Bavaria from 1180 to 1918."

One may ask why the diamonds are called "lozenges," a term that may be used to remind the heraldry masters that the symbol pertains to the Lazica/Ladon peoples. As dragons are associated with caves and protoecting gold within them, perhaps the lozenges depict mining families, as for example Rothschild and Rhodes families owning huge diamond/gold-mining companies.

Now behold the 1000-year old Hungarian flag of king Stephen, how it reflects the Franconian Rake. Then recall that Bahrain was alternatively Dilmun, and re-read a quote shared earlier: "Sumerian texts repeatedly refer to three important centers with which they traded: Magan, Dilmun, and Meluhha." It's the Magan term that I want to stress, because it must surely be denoting the Magyars, who are known to have become the first Hungarians...including king Stephen!

I'm not sure how to explain this situation. I'll guess that the Hohen creators of the red and white diamonds were from Magan elements, and that when Magyars came to Pannonia to found Hungary proper (10th century AD), they merged with these Hohens and adopted their Rake design (Stephen married Gisela, daughter of Henry Wrangler of Bavaria, of Saxon royal blood). Later, the same red-and-white Hohen bloodline in Britain sought to control the Bahrain-to-Magan domain. Perhaps the Illuminati has been working toward conquest of the Middle East for a long time. Perhaps it includes utopian dreams, and a false Biblical Millennium, for Bahrain was in ancient times considered a Utopia, and some have connected it to Eden. No surprise.

As Hungarians claim to descend from Huns, the question arises as to whether the Huns=Kuns were from Khana. Genesis 15:18-19 gives a list of peoples living between the Nile and the Euphrates, in this order: "Kenites, Kenizzites, Cadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites, and Jebusites." I've noted that all in this list are distinguished from the Canaanites.

Kenites = Khana-ites? The similar-sounding Kenizzites smack of the "Heneti." Perhaps now that I have begun to trace Gwynedds to American Freemasons, my suggestive connection of the presidential Kennedy family to the Gwynedds may come with more punch.

I've noted the Cadmonites as what may have become the Cadmus Cati. The Hittites here could prove to have been the Gittites of Gath (proto-Cati?), and Kition in Aphrodite's island, Cyprus. The Perizzites may prove to have been the Pari (Gorgons) of Parion (in Mysia), and/or the founders of Paros in the Cyclade island group, and/or mythical Paris, and/or the namers of Epirus; all are of Aphrodite in my opinion, what in western Europe became the Bruce/Brusi blue lion on gold background, the very design of the modern Jerusalem Arms. Is it a coincidence that Crusaders used a "blue lion on gold their shields"(see quote here)? More on this in coming chapters.

There was an Israeli Prime Minister and Foreign Minister recently, Shimon Perez, who signed a peace deal with Palestinians (the reader should know that the Zionist-branch Illuminati favors a peace deal with certain Israel-friendly Palestinians). The Perez Coat uses the three-fingered cross design (fleur-de-lis-like fingers), which is not only the cross used in the Taddei Coat, but also in the cross of the Bouillon Coat (I'm insinuating Godfrey de Bouillon, the first Crusader king of Jerusalem). "Perez" is of Spanish origin, but I would suggest of Sephardic "Jews." Recall that I had tentatively tied the red triple chevron to the Illuminati, based only on a finding or two that it was a symbol of Socialist/Fabian groups; know therefore that Shimon Perez was leader of Israel's socialist/labor party.

The Girgashites, previously viewed by myself as Canaanites due to my misunderstanding of Genesis 10:15-17, can now be placed, like the others in the list, under the umbrella of Canaanized dragon bloodline (i.e. not originally of Canaanite blood). They may have been the Circe Gorgons behind the myth-code, "Kerkaphos," who collectively symbolized a Helios bloodline developing into three Rhodian cities (Ialysos, Gamiros, and Lindos) that laid the foundation of the Welsh dragon.

It's as though YHWH left record of these tidbits to enable us to reveal them as Zeus, and factions of his dragon cult. These snakes were those whom YHWH sought to destroy using Israel under Joshua, the same that YHWH will destroy at Armageddon under the second Joshua. They pose and think of themselves as Israelites from Judah and Benjamin, but they are not; they merely lived in what later became the realm of Judah and Benjamin (for those are the two realms surrounding Jerusalem). This is why the Lord moved me to write, starting in May of this year (2006), on the mythical bee symbol, that I might reveal its non-Israelite blood. I was sloth to connect the bee symbol to Amorites at that time, even though I read that YHWH depicted Amorites as bees: "Amorites...chased you out, as do Hormah" (Deuteronomy 1:44). It wasn't until I realized that Amorites were of Semite blood, and that they were central in the Mesopotamian dragon cult, that I finally understood.

In Isaiah 5, YHWH says that he will "whistle" for nations, which he describes as "lions," to come against end-time Zionism. While Isaiah 7:18 may not be referring to an end-time invasion, yet we see that He whistles again, this time for the "bees of Assyria, " suggesting that the Assyrians in that day had been Amorites, exactly the conclusion I receive from the Semiramis myth. The Biblical word for "bee" is "deborah."

Was George Washington from the remnants of the bee cult, the remnants that didn't wish to forget their abominations, the remnants that loved their abominations (long before Washington, Rosicrucians had learned to feign Christianity)? It seems relevant now, having found that the pre-Washington Wassa family was from Cornwall, that mythical Daphne traced to Devonshire of Cornwall...while Dubai -- between Qatar and Oman -- evokes both the elusive Daphne and Devon. I say "elusive Daphne" because until now I had no idea where her origins were in an Akkadian people group of roughly the same name.

As Daphne depicted the Danann founders of Devonshire, couldn't "Mittani" be broken down to Mit-Dani? After all, the brother of mythical Danaus, Aigyptus, moved from Egypt to Modon/Methoni (Greece). Let me spell it out for you, that George Washington and his cult of schemers were from the Mandaean Avars depicted by Daphne's father, Tiresias. The latter had the sight of a third eye, you see, while Mandaean Avars were gnostics. Gnosticism is the third-eye wisdom derived from evil spirits rather than from God's Spirit; one knows his wisdom if from Holy Spirit when he/she drinks up the Word of God and learns to resist evil suggestions, urgings, and temptations. Note that Wikipedia places the hexagram under the cosmic "Mandala" umbrella of symbols, evoking the "manda" term naming the Mandaean Avars.

When Greenway7 reminded me just last night that "chevre" and "capri" are French and Latin for a goat, it evoked the Avars. As the first Hungarian rulers now seem to have become integrated with the Illuminati, while the original make-up of Hungary was seven tribes of Magyars and three of Kabars, perhaps the chevron symbol is code for the Kabars (who I think were Avars). In this light, the chevron refers to Apiru in particular, among all the other Semites that formed the Kabala. The question then becomes: how Hebrew was the Tiresias>Daphne bloodline if Tiresias depicted Avars? As the Wassa Coat included a Magen David, could the four red stripes of the same Coat have had origin in the red triple chevron since that design was turned down for this vertical-stripe design instead?

Zorostrianism used the demonic term, "deva," which in Asia Minor was "deywos" and therefore (says the article below), the god, TÓwaz. It appears that the "deva" term belonged to eastward Mandaean Avars, while "Tiwaz" was of westward Mandaean Avars, but in each case it referred back to the Daphne Avars of Cadusia/Caucasia. Therefore, Daphne morphed into Tiwaz before becoming Dewey/Douai (in Normandy) and Devonshire. This demonic picture now fits well with the fact that the founders of Devonshire included the historical Dumnoni = "demon" (probably the Lace-daemonian Illuminati). Plus, the Dumnoni>Domnann (i.e. MacDonnell = MacDonald clan) were ancestral to the blue-lion Rorys at Bute/Avalon.

When's the last time your pre-tribulation (i.e. pro-Zionist) pastor told you that modern Jerusalem is rooted in a demonic cult from Daphne the Ladon/Biblical dragon? Indeed, if Daphne was Tiwaz, then we can expect her to have passed into the Litani river region of Tyre, for I have traced Tiwaz (whose alternative name to the Herminone Germanics was "Zio") to mount Hermon/Sion, a chain of mountains running parallel with the Litani. This is fine with me, since it supports my claim that the Ladon dragon named the Litani river.

Now behold, for as Daphne of the caduceus bloodline must have depicted Pan, son of Hermes, especially as her father was also made "Penius," note that the city of Panias/Banias is at the foot of mount Hermon (!) and is known to be named after Pan!! See website below for proof. Are you with me? All three fathers of Daphne -- Ladon, Penius, and Tiresias -- were one and the same region, the Litani river, Panias, and Tyre/Tyrus. To support this further, my Zondervan maps include one of Canaan having a town of Kadesh (i.e. Cadusia-like) just south of the Hermon range...just south of an Ebla-like town called "Abel."

My next question is whether Ishtar's dove symbol connects with the demonic devas? Was Daphne made the dove bloodline because her name sounds like "dove"? It is known that the dove symbol of Ishtar derives from her Semiramis role, and while Daphne was a "dryad" = tree goddess, so after Semiramis' death, "she was worshipped as a dove goddess like 'Our Lady of Trees and Doves' in Cyprus." This simply means that she lost a war and retreated from her Assyrian empire to Cyprus, the Hebrew island. Daphne and Aphrodite were related to the extent that Aphrodite (goddess of Cyprus) depicted the same Hebrew bloodline as Daphne's Avars. But because Semiramis is seen retreating to Cyprus, she is suspect as the same Hebrew peoples, so that she and Daphne may both have been the Lady of Trees and Doves.

What interests me very much is that "according to ancient Armenian tradition [Semiramis] was the founder of Van, which was formerly called 'Shamiramagerd'" (website below). I am reminded of my theory that Lake Van was founded by Nahorites: the ancient Nairi that lived there. I then ask whether lake Sevan, and the Soducena nation there, were an extension of those Nahorites, for I trace the Soducena to Sadducees. How interesting. For I have just learned that Sadducees in Jesus' time were related to the Boethus clan, while in previous chapters I felt compelled to identify the Bia founders/namers of Lake Van as the Bute/Bias/Boeotian bloodline. I'm a long way from proving a Boethus relationship to the Boeotians, but the fact that both groups seem to trace to the Arak river is worthy of an open mind. The dove depicted a peoples sounding like "Sammu/Summatt/Simmas," as per the following quote: "Semiramis was similarly deserted at birth by her Celestial mother [Derketo]. She was protected by doves, and her Assyrian name, Sammu-rammat, is believed to be derived from 'Summatt'--'dove'...Simmas, the chief of royal shepherds, found the child..." (website above). The Greek island of Samos comes to mind (an island of Hera worship and therefore settled by Rus/Rukhs). The Samos-founded island of Samo-Thrace, in the region of Evros/Hebros, was the origin of the Kabeiri Trojans and the place where their secret cult was perpetuated.

But now behold, for in south-western Armenia there was a province called Sophene, whose founder and king was Sames, the founder also of Samosata on the Armenian Euphrates. As the Sabina (Italy) were "Safina," they evoke Sophene. As the Sabina had the major tribe, Samnian, they evoke whatever "Sames" may be rooted in, which ought to be Shamash/Samas, the Akkadian sun god.

An article on modern Samosata says: "Archaeological research on the hill of Sehremuz in Samsat..." My italics convinces me that Samosata was "Semiramis." But look, if we include the "h" in the underlined part, we get SeHremuz, which is surely "Hormuz" because, when we add an "A" to "Sehremuz," Hormuz' alternative, "Asura-Maz(da)," turns up. Therefore, Samsat was the bloodline of Horus, Osiris, Hermes, Harmonia, Cadmus, etc., and leads to modern Freemasonry (the Illuminati leadership, that is, not their "mut" pawns).

"Good" devas are called "the Sanskrit asura" which term was found at the beginning of this chapter on the discussion of Ashara/Terqa = Ishtar, and a term evoking AsuraMazda = Hormuz.

Is Samsat/Samos/Semo the reason that the United States is called, Uncle Sam? It's apparently pertinent that Salem, Ohio, was founded by Quakers, who I think were a sect of "Inner Light" Rosicrucians. It's interesting because Columbus (= dove) is the Ohio-state capital, while the Ohio flag appears to be a pyramid with the eye of Horus (reflecting the symbolism on Great Seal of the United States). This is supported by the striations emanating from the sun in the Seal of Ohio. Note the bunch of arrows in that Seal (reflecting the bunch of arrows in the Great Seal of the United States).

I will identify Semiramis as Sames' Armenian ancestors evolving into the Phrygian Kabeiri cult at Samo-Thrace and then the Leda Spartans who moved to Italy as the Sabina and Savona (i.e. swan-line) Ligurians, who then furnished the Suebi and their Hohen dynasty in Swabia. In Italy, the god of the Samnians was Semo. See on this map of the Armenian empire how close Samosata was to Amoritic Syria.

It wasn't until two days after writing the above paragraph that I realized Daphne's depiction of Sophene itself, for just as there was a "T" to "S" switch from "Tilmun/Delymite to "Solymi," so it appears that the same ocurred in Daphne/Dauphine = Sophene! That's huge in my eyes, for I had never before been able to tie Daphne to an historical peoples that were associated with Cadusia. In France, the region of Dauphine was smack next to Savona. This realization led me to see that Daphne depicted the Safina!! If that's not enough, I realized that the Samnian-branch of Safina were the Dumnoni/Domnann. Apparently, Suebi/Swabians are of the Daphne bloodline in Germanic Europe, wherefore one can consider tying the Scandinavian god, Tyr, to her "father."

[Update January 2007 -- A myth writer known as pseudo-Berossus, from whom Geoffrey of Monmouth borrowed, wrote that a "Samothes, also known as Dis [was] fourth son of Japheth, son of Noah." In support of my belief that this bloodline reached Britain, the article continues to say that Samothes was "First king of Celtica, 200 years after the Flood. Britain is named Samothea after him." Ignoring the dating and the direct link to Japheth, one must ask why this writer used the term "Samothes" (i.e. root = Samo) and then made "Magus" his son. Scottish Alba, or more specifically, "Albion, son of Neptune," is from this Samethes bloodline (according to pseudo-Berossus), which shows that, in his mind, the Alba entity of Britain was an extention of Atlas himself, for as Neptune was Poseidon, but also because pseudo-Berossus has Hercules killing Albion, it is certainly true that Albion was the same as Atlas in his mind. End Update

Daphne's connection to Ishtar is in Daphne=Typhon, for Typhon was made Ishtar's (i.e. Echidna's) mate. As Typhon and Echidna gave birth to Ladon, once again we see that Daphne and Ladon are one peoples. The question is, shall we view Ladon in Avalon as Akkado-Babylonians, or Sabina Italians? Do you understand what I just implied? The Babylonian Harlot, and the red Biblical dragon, passed through Italy as the Sabina.


It's Starting to Semele of Ethiopia
This opens up a new theory on the roots of Dionysus
in ancient Somalians (now on the horn of Africa),
while postulating their identity in Lydia.

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