Messianic -- Hill Country Mix
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The downloads come without the commercials, thankfully. Choose mp3 for audio (no video) downloads only, and mp4 for video downloads. Audio should go direct / automatically to your download folder; video may go direct to your video package. Lyrics are available from Google for many of the songs.

I wire the laptop to a typical amplifier that feeds the speakers. It's just lousy by comparison straight from the laptop's speakers. You can justify the cost of some large / decent speakers since youtube allows you to save money on music; you won't regret great speakers if you love Godly music. An amplifier may not be needed (though it may sound better, I wouldn't know); maybe just the appropriate cord between speakers and computer.

The sequence I have here works well; I spent hours on it:
In Elohim Itanu

Victory in Jesus -- Selah

Hashivenu Elecha

It's Already Done

Vivaldi by Southern Raised

Hine Go'alieni Chai

WWJD Baggy Bottom Boys

No More Will I Run

Mary Did You Know

Yeshua Hamashiach

Odecha BeKahal Rav

Rock of Ages

Mighty One of Irseal

Grace Will Lead me Home

Not By Might

Wayfaring Stranger


Stomping Grounds

Ain't No Grave

Bind Us Together

By the Riverside

Adonai Adoneinu

Farther Along

Elohim Lanu Machaseh Va'os

Jesus I am Resting


Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai

Holy Name of Yeshua

Rock of Ages -- Guy Penrod

Lechu Nerannena LeAdonai

Sweet By and By

King's Banquet Instrumental

Coming Back to You

Where No One Stands Alone

I am Weary Let me Rest

Great is the Lord

What Child is This?

Adon Olam

I can't even walk without You Holding my Hand

Hine Keinei Avadim

Shimcha Kadosh

Good Christian Men rejoice

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