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April 21 - 27, 2020

Mind-Altering Heraldic Pointers to Whistle-Blowers Heckenlively and Mikovits
Heraldic Pointers to Fort Detrick and Galveston Labs as Origins of COVID-19
CDC May Have Been Involved with Brazil's Chloroquine Test
The Freezer Dream This Week and Fort Detrick's Shark Teeth (don't miss this)
Fauci in Charge of Virginia Test Giving Thumbs-Down on Chloroquine

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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Before reading this update, see this U.S. government attack on a Christian doctor, frame-job included, to keep her mouth shut about what, in a worst-case scenario (I don't know anything about this), could be a government program to make people sick or even dead using HIV-virus weaponry. To skip the medical intro, start at 4 minutes:

I would like to look deeper into that story, and you might too, to see what can be gleaned as per the reasons for her persecution. The video above was found, and is being presented here, on Saturday night, late this week, after my heraldry work landed on the Fort Detrick virus lab in Frederick, Maryland. China accuses that lab for putting out the coronavirus this year, and my specialized heraldic work has convinced me that the accusation has merit. And here, after I started this paragraph, I discovered at the doctor's Wikipedia article that: "After graduation [Dr. Judy Mikovits] went to the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland where she developed purification methods for Interferon alpha." It hit me like a ton of bricks.

The reason I was looking into this woman is due to the short video below (out this week) in which she reportedly accuses Dr. Fauci of corruption. I wanted to verify that report if possible and if true, and found her interview of a few days ago. I'd start the 2.5-hour "video" below (Thomas Paine radio show) about 6-12 minutes in, or even 16 minutes. The interview with Dr. Mikovits starts after a good/important piece (don't miss this terrible / demonic portrayal of Fauci) starting at about 28 minutes. If you have lots of evening time, you might not want to miss anything because the caption reads:

Ep. 19 -- EXCLUSIVE: TOP Scientist & HIV/AIDS Research Pioneer Dr. Judy Mikovits Blows Whistle on Dr. Fauci & Corrupt DC Medical Cartel; DISTURBING Details of Threats; Intimidation; Research Theft; Tainted Vaccines; Fraud; Pay to Play; GREED & the FBI

If that website isn't available, try
this one.

She says she went to Fredrick's Cancer center in 1980, fresh out of college. Fauci got elevated in that year in the organization he still works for today. She says she never worked for Fauci. She mentions the Fort Detrick lab in the 43rd minute (and 1 hr, 8 minutes), and then starts to reveal a bad side of Dr. Fauci. She's kind with Fauci at this point, by blaming him only of wasting precious time trying to get credit / rights to a discovery not his own, when the truth may be that Fauci and company wasted time because they wanted the virus-tainted blood to circulate nationwide / worldwide (there's a lot of money in sickness).

She says that she's released a book as co-author this month, "Plague of Corruption."

At 1 hr, 13 min, she says that she mocks that she pull off any illness off of a nose swab, so to speak (exaggerating to make a point), saying that doing a nose swab for COVID testing amounts to 80-percent false positives.

Her persecution took place under Obama's Eric Holder and James Comey. The entire story sounds packed with dirt and destruction, to be expected under Obama. Will parts of her story make it to Fox, or will Fox side with Fauci? We shall see. I honestly don't understand all of her points, as there is a lot to digest to begin with (it's 1:39 am and she's still talking), with a picture missing many pieces to boot. The interviewer did well not to ask too many questions, but eventually, it would help to have an interviewer ask her questions to clarify the points with more context. She's claiming that vaccine material cultivated on mouse brains (this is sick) has caused cancers and other diseases, and that Fauci was complicit with some aspects of this destruction, especially by withholding drugs that could produce cures.

There were some red flags in her thinking that might prevent Fox from helping out her story. She says that Sara Carter might help her onto Fox. She sounds like she knows her medical stuff, however, and so regardless of her radical theories on certain situations, I'm not discrediting anything on her medical-establishment stories until proven false. She says we have cures for HIV but that the government is withholding it. You won't hear it on Fox, but it could be true. Others believe that claim too, but they don't have her medical background in virus manipulation. That was her job, to work with viruses. She seems to think that 5G radiation can adversely affect viruses. Some people are suggesting that the harsh, stay-at-home policy is for allowing the authorities to rig cell towers for 5G purposes with the least number of people spotting them. Good luck.

Wow, at 2hrs, 13 min, she says that COVID-19 comes from Fort Detrick through Wuhan, which is my claim later in this update, written just days before this section on her. That is amazing timing.

Mr. Paine (interviewer) was an FBI man at one time. Late in the program, he mentions throwing cold water on a "bad tooth," and soon after mentions sharks, two themes in this update to describe the deep state, the bad-tooth theme going to James Comey. I'm just wondering whether God planted those words in his mouth to indicate to me that Mikovits is important to His work on the deep state.

I've just found that her court case against her medical-establishment foes was tossed out of court (for no good reasons that I see) on February 10, 2016, the day after John Podesta (deep state stooge) wrote to Mr. Elmendorf (Hillary supporter) to quip that he has an alternative meaning for "wet-works" = murder (the alternative meaning involved Bernie Sander's victory). A week earlier, Elmendorf emailed Podesta to say that he was going to try to talk "bedwetters" off of a ledge, and after that he would be raising some money, which sounds like he may be raising money because the bedwetters refused to cooperate unless they have more kill supreme-court judge, Antonin Scalia? He was murdered February 13, later that week, and he was found dead in his BED so that "bedwetters" looks like it means the murderers who committed a wetwork in a bed. The point is. Mr. Paine used the theme of walking off of a ledge three times, I think, in this podcast, though he was indicating suicide that the deep state drives people to consider.

So, MAYBE, Scalia was in favor of Mikovits' law suit, and the Fauci team was worried that her case might reach the supreme court. It didn't go anywhere, but by the time a judge threw out her case, the goons had already planned the murder; that's the theory here...because I'm attentive to clues that God may be giving in "coincidences" like the one I'm on here. There is the coincidence also that while the Podesta surname looks like the Puddester variation of Poindexters, John B. Poindexter admitted that he invited Scalia to go hunting on his ranch the week-end of his murder. Plus, as Poindexters share the Shoe star in both colors (SLOCKs have it in one color), God may be indicating that Poindexter is part of the crime ring that includes crocodile-shoe ZLOCHevsy. I'm attentive to coincidences such as this because God has been using pointers in my life just like that. It's my job to report such things to make the best-possible revelations / stories / predictions. (Make reading easier, load all surnames from the Poindexter link above, to follow better.)

[After almost finishing this section, I recalled the "BAD tooth" and gave a shot to see if there's a Bat-like Bad surname. It turns out that Bads/BADERS share the Slock Coat! Zikers, it evokes leftist-monster, supreme-court judge, Ms. Baden Ginsburg.]

Fauci is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton, and her Democrat circle likely wanted Scalia dead in order to liberalize (tilt left) the supreme court once again. Trump came along and spoiled that plan. Fauci's current job is to get Trump ruined [especially as he'll be replacing Baden Ginsburg soon].

Fauchs use thistles while Thistle's were first found in the Channel Islands with Poindexters. Poindexters even use the Fist/FAUST fist in case they had been a Fauch branch. The Poindexter Shield is split in half into the colors of the FAST / Falstaff quadrants. The old POINGdexter variation, and the sharing of the white helmet between the Poindexter Crest and Payen/Pagan-branch Panters, suggests that Poindexters were once of the Pong variation of Paganells (Poindexter colors). This is the PAINE/Payne line, amazingly enough. The Ping variation of Pongs/Paganells, in conjunction with the latter's label being in the Chief of Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's BALOGNA), is a super pointer to Comet Ping Pong's pizzagate pedophilia, and they say John Podesta was into exactly into that sinful thing. Comet Ping Pong pizzeria (Washington) was owned by suspected satanist, James AleFANTIS, and the Fantis surname (BALOGNA), you see, showing what look like boy heads, has the Pane/Panico/Panetta Chief.

I wonder whether Fort Detrick was under the charge of Leon Panetta (Obama's defence minister and CIA boss). Dr. Mikovits says that at least some of her troubles were in the summer of 2011 (if I recall correctly), which is exactly when Obama made Leon Panetta his defence Chief (from July 1, 2011 – February 26, 2013). I'll keep this in mind. The acting CIA chief, when Panetta left the post to go to Defence, was Michael Morell, but only until September 6 (2011).

Eventually, John OWEN Brennan got the top-dog CIA job, and I'm attentive to Keons/McCains/McOWENs using an Owen-lion version of the Coat of Shark-related Neils (same place as Sharks). In a 1979 dream, one year before Fauci became anything, and the year that Dr. Mikovits was at or near Fort Detrick, there was a shark in a Kidney-shaped pool, and Kidneys/GEDneys can be gleaned with the Geds who in turn share the Keon/McOwen / Neil fish. This is important, for while I address the Kidneys/Gedneys later in this update, I wasn't able to link their fish-in-saltire to the saltire, in the same colors, of German Neils/Nails/Nagle's. Therefore, God provided the kidney-shaped pool to prove that he was the author of the dream (He can't give us a dream without such evidence spelled out clearly in heraldic links), but likely for other reasons pertaining to the deep-state shark. Leon Panetta had been Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff.

As you will see, the Detrick surname will lead us immediately to horseshoe bats, and so I should add here that the eight-pointed stars in the Keon/McOwen Chief are also those of BATTi's/Botto's. The latter were first found in Cremona with the Raymundo's sharing the Shield of Atha's (and FISCs), and then Baths, who share the cross of horseshoe-bat Randolphs, are said to be from "Atha." Amazingly, I will show below (written before finding Dr. Mikovits) how Detricks apply to the Atha bloodline (be attentive to such things, for God could be pointing to the diabolical criminals He intends to fry in Hell). Baths were first found in Somerset with Battins/BATTANTs, and Keons/McOwens, Neils, Comeys and Brennans all use lions comBATTANT.

Look below at how Dr. Mikovits went as far as launching a law suit against goons in her field. We might glean that she became afraid to continue, therefore allowing the case to be dropped, but that's just my premature guess:

Plaintiff Judy Anne Mikovits (“Plaintiff” or “Mikovits”) is a well-known molecular virologist. According to her second amended complaint (“SAC”), she was the subject of a conspiracy by a number of defendants in Nevada to cover up her discovery of a dishonest scheme to falsify research findings. But, perhaps because of the convoluted nature [keep your personal ideas out of this, judge] of the alleged conspiracy, Plaintiff has failed to articulate a short and plain statement of her claim, establish jurisdiction over out-of-state defendants, or comply with the Court’s orders despite several opportunities to do so.

She was probably seeking a sympathetic, GOOD judge, but maybe realized she got a shark. Perhaps her version of this event is in her book (sold out after 10 days or less since the 14th). It's co-author is Mr. HeckenLIVELY, and one Lively surname is also, HIVely, which is a "coincidence" I can see God arranging to put His signature on this book. WOW, these two writers are whistle-blowers, wow-ow, and so by what coincidence do both the Whistle's/Wissels (probably the Bath and Paine lion!!) share a string of bendwise lozenges on a red Shield with Livelys/Hivelys!!!? Incredible. Plus, Blows/Blowers share three goat heads (same Coat exactly aside from colors) with HECKENs/Hacks; his name is Kent HECKENlively!!!! Believe it.

Plus, the Blow/Blower goat heads are used in the same colors by Moline's, first found in Devon with Hykes'/Hacks, the latter being in Hecken/Hack colors and sharing the quadrants of the Chives' who in turn share the black moline cross with Moline's. Mr. Heckenlively could not have arranged this further "coincidence." There is no term in his surname that should link to Blows/Blowers, yet his Hecken term links to Blows/Blowers by two methods, by the Heckens/Hacks and by Hykes'/Hacks to assure that their link to Blows/Blowers is not coincidental (there was a blood connection). Chives' (once said to be first found in Devon with Hykes' and Moline's), were first found in Tarves while Travis/Travers share the scallops of Hykes'/Hacks. Note the same Placket/Blacket scallops and the latter's "TRAVaillerous" motto term

[Insert May 1 -- MIND-BLOWING. I looked up Vits' as per "MikoVITS, and found a large crescent in the colors of the Chapman/Chepman crescent. The solid chevron of Chapmans is suspect in the News/Nuces Crest because both surnames were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) while News'/Nuces' use CHAPlets. I was hoping to find evidence of News' in the Vits write-up, and saw: "The surname Vits was first found in the territory of NEUmark east of the Electorate of Brandenburg...", and so I naturally checked for a Newmark/NewMARSH surname, when all that came up were gold-on-red lozenges in the colors of the Lively lozenges; both Coats use nothing but their string of lozenges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't know my writings on News'/Nuces', see later in this update as to why they are God's part of Galveston. It appears that News'/Nuces' were the namers of Newmarks/Newmarch's and Neumark.

For what it could be worth, Livelys share the Coat of MARSHalls, traceable by the Keith/Mascal kin (near MUSSELburgh) to Musso's/MUSSOLini's (another string of lozenges). Nimo's, first found in Stirlingshire with CHAPPEs"s/CHEAPs, are Newmarsh's too, and they likewise share the red crescent with Chapmans/Chepmans and Vits'. Nimo's are NewMOCKs/NewMOKE's too while Mocks/Moke's have another red crescent while sharing "Cura" in their motto with Denhams. The News'/Nuces' will later show you why Victoria's apply, and even Victoria NUland, and so note the "victoriam" motto term of Dunham-like Denhams (big topic last update, and again this update). The Vits' have a lone and giant crescent in the colors of the lone and giant annulet of Vito's/Vita's. End insert]

This whistle-blower curiosity could explain the rash of pigeons around my septic tank (God's code for stool pigeons) over the past couple of weeks. The first pigeon I've seen here, since the stool pigeons a year or two ago, is recorded in the 2nd update of this month as being on Friday the 10th. Her book started to sell on the 14th. I'm not suggesting that God affirms all her works, beliefs, and philosophies, but it does seem that she may have gotten a green light from God to get this book out now, when badly needed.

The below (directly related to the court proceedings above) is of note, an arrest and persecution of the doctor starting immediately after Trump's election win on November 8:

After police in Ventura County, California, arrested and jailed Judy Mikovits on 18 November (2016), they gave few details about the felony charges levied against the well-known chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) researcher.

...Mikovits's former employer, the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) for Neuro-Immune Disease in Reno, also filed court documents yesterday that further shed light on the arrest.

NOTE RENO, for the Panico's mentioned above were on the Setta tributary of a Reno river. It could be a Pointer to the Panetta variation of Panico's i.e. to Leon Panetta. OH WOW, her law suit is filed against "Adam Garcia et al," and Italian Garcia's (Lucca) have a near-copy of the Panico/Panetta Coat!!! WOW. The Reno flows through the land of the Veneti, and while Ventura's/Turins look part-Veneti, they almost having the three Ping/Pong/Paganell bends. Dr. Mikovits lived in Ventura at the time of this court case. Portuguese Garcia's probably use the Lucca cat, and cat-using Chives' were at Chivasso, near Turin.

The Ventura police were after her work, which they and her former people claimed she stole. She was threatening to release information, and got persecuted for it. It's the same-old same-old from the deep state that controls EVERYTHING in the United States, as far as it can swing it, with scare tactics. It constantly spies-out the entire landscape for dangerous-to-itself material and people, you see, and Trump reinforced these spy powers for this shark. IDIOT! He's either naive or wishes to join them in a partnership, which do you think fits him best?

This shark needs to be killed without mercy, or the United States will be the world's laughing stock for allowing it to prosper and grow. The country that insulted the dictators of the world is the biggest dictator-fool of all, and they will laugh at the "best" country in the world. The American people keep the shark fed and fat because it protects them from the dictators of the world --- LAUGHABLE and SICK all at once.

Also pertinent to this update is this from our enemies: "Mikovits has also been involved in the 'Fire Fauci' campaign, claiming he sabotaged her research into a purported mouse virus that she says is the true cause of cancer." She'll be under pressure to serve evidence for that claim, but, the point is, Mikovits-like Micks/Mikes' (Polish) have a Coat version of the mouse-like Moise's, and Meise's/Misls have the only heraldic mouse I know of (for a surname). The three fesses of Micks and Moise's are in the colors of the three fessewise TRUMPets of Calls. The same three fesses are used by poison-like Pussins/Pussys who share the cat design of Garcia's. Mikovits strongly opposes Fauci's move to use vaccines (may think they are deliberately poisoned), and her book will make many people vehemently opposed to risking such a vaccine. She may therefore be a God-send, and she will damn our enemies further when they oppose her tooth and nail on behalf of using any tactic possible to rule over us with their iron fist.

OH WOW. Later in this update, I got to the GoDOLPHIN surname with a "call" motto term that brought up the Call trumpets in the first place, or I wouldn't have mentioned the Calls here with the Mick/Mikes Coat. Amazingly, there is a POISSON surname with a white DOLPHIN in both Godolphin colors!!! That's incredible. Heckenlively and Mikovits are claiming that the world is being POISONED by vaccines!!! Will Trump support the forced-vaccination program? There is even a white dolphin in the Godolphin Crest. Here's how Godolphins came to topic (in this update):

An amazing thing just happened. It was noted that "Mundays were succeeded by Sir Francis Godolphin" (in Mandy write-up), and when loading Godolphins, there was a "call" motto term, recalling the three trumpets of Calls (Wiltshire). Just as I was wondering whether the drawings of the coronavirus use trumpet-like suckers / suction cups in secret honor of Trump because he's actually part of the corona conspiracy (he's gotten a lot of money from this), a song over my speakers sang the word, "call." It was bang-on while I was thinking that thought while viewing the Call Coat. The song is, "GOOD CHRISTIAN MEN Rejoice," and the Mens' with Mandys/Mundays are probably from king Maccus of Man (CHRISTIAN/Christine's were first found on Man!), as are Mackays who share a "manu" motto term with Calls. Make of it what you wish, and it's Saturday as I write this insert, the day I often get songline miracles just like this one. Perhaps the Call trumpets do not relate to Trump, but only to the trumpet-like thingies they draw on the virus.

...It just so happens that the double-headed eagle of Godolphins is colors reversed from the same of JOICE's, the latter looked up as per, "Good Christians Men ReJOICE."

God is with us. There is hope, no matter what they do. Don't take their poisons.

The article above has this pert of her story that suits this update:

Mikovits stepped into an international spotlight in October 2009 when she headed a team that published a study in Science about a possibly groundbreaking discovery related to CFS [chronic fatigue syndrome]. Mikovits and colleagues reported that 67% of CFS patients they tested harbored a recently discovered mouse retrovirus dubbed XMRV. Other labs [maybe just a few] soon reported that they had difficulty confirming the finding, which led the CFS community to split [the enemy would have us believe 50-50 or better] into different camps. WPI staunchly stood by Mikovits's work [very-important point for substantiating her findings], even after one of the labs she collaborated with in the Science study retracted its contribution to the paper because contamination [could be false accusation] had tainted data it supplied. The falling-out between WPI and Mikovits came about after a second Science paper that she co-authored reported that nine labs — including WPI's — could not reliably find XMRV or related viruses in blinded patient samples.

The next section was written before finding Dr. Judy Mikovits. I'll probably come back to her after finding more details oh her stories. The timing of her book in the middle of the corona scare was not likely deliberate, for her book was likely in the works from before the scare. Yes, I've heard that it was due in November, but that things held it up to April. I heard from Mr. Paine that the first printing has sold out. I wonder whether Trump will welcome or shun her news? What will Fauci say?

Globalist Americans Planted Coronavirus!

Mary Nigro was a part of the last update's discussion on Galveston's National Laboratory suspect in spreading the coronavirus to China for to frame China as the culprit. I assume tentatively that fiends related to the Galveston lab also spread it in the United States as a plot against Trump. I added the following to the last update on Thursday of this week when finding a Breitbart article on that day:

Insert -- I didn't realize the potential meaning of MARY Nigro until a few days after this insert was uploaded to the Internet, when I read: "The alleged scientist, Shi Yi, claimed that American officials had 'not given any public response' on the issue...that a U.S. Army laboratory in MARYland was the origin of the virus...Yet the newspaper itself linked Shi’s press statements to 'circulating reports alleging that the Fort DETRICK laboratory, which handles high-level disease-causing materials such as Ebola, in Fredrick, Maryland, may be the origin of the deadly novel coronavirus.'" DETRICK is like HATRICK, and while "FrEDRICK" is like the Ettrick variation of Hatricks, Edricks share the Hatrick/Etrrick / Mary / Galves lion! I wouldn't have known about Edricks if not for "Fredrick"! It seems that God is confirming, with Mary Nigro and the hat trick, that the Americans spread the virus to China!

OH WOOOOWIE! Detricks were at Babington while Babingtons use a bat in Crest!!! It's black like the bat in the Crest of HORSESHOE-using Randolphs!!!

(Load the Edrick link and then load other surnames, or you won't be able to follow the discussion very well. It can be enjoyable that way.)

That is incredible. The virus is being said to be from China's horseshoe bats, and Obama-related Randolphs use both horseshoes and a bat. For Detricks to link to this thing, it just proves to me that God is snitching on the real culprits.

The red roundels of BABINgtons, and their Bavent-like Little Bavington location, give away that they had linked to the line of Bullis'/BULLIARDs (red roundels), once said to be first found in Suffolk with BABENs/Bavents. The interesting thing about Bulliards is that the ten, red roundels of Babingtons are arranged in the way one racks up BILLIARD balls, and God did give us a dream in Obama's billiard hall that pointed to Obama's FBI crimes. I don't minimize little, potential clues or tips like this. French Babins have a good reflection of the Billiard Coats.

Marys share the Galves and Hatrick/Ettrick lion, and, as was said in the last update, I scored a hat trick (organized hockey) when Mary (old friend) was watching the game. I remember talking to her there before or after the game...why do I remember this? Hatricks entered the discussion only as per that hat trick. The similarity between "Detrick" and "Hatrick/Ettrick" is so close that I'm viewing this as a God-driven discussion to finger the CIA, or something similar. As I said, I was mugged on Galveston by a Negro, suspect as a pointer to Obama, and Negro's are listed with Nigro's. Mary Nigro. I went out with Mary several times as a friend only. Now I know why.

The new Edricks sharing the Mary lion were Mercians, from a Marsi people to which a Mary surname would come naturally. As I said, the third goal was scored on a deke, and here I find that Deeks/Dyke's share three, black cinquefoils with Mercys. Dutch Dyke's share the Edrick lion, and might just be using the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Fredricks in colors reversed. As was said in the last update, after the deke and goal, I went into the boards, and here's its interesting that the Board motto and colors suggest that they were kin of English FORTs, first found in Lancashire with Banisters and Kitchens sharing the black-on-white bougets with Detricks, thus suggesting a pointer to FORT Detrick. It's interesting that Banisters have four of the six fleur-de-lys of Hatrick-like Atridge's/Etridge's.

In fact, Detricks were first found in Derbyshire, which borders on Greater Manchester (Lancashire) while I think the Fort bee is in the Arms of Manchester.

[INSERT -- I originally misspelled "deke" as "deek," but when learning at the spell-check in this update that it's "deke," it was discovered that Deke's are listed with the Decans/Deekins (see Decons too) with the Bath Coat in colors reversed! That's the line pointing to the coronavirus-bat theory. Deke's/Decans (Norfolk, same as Marys) even share the Galves / Mary / Hatrick lion, perfect.]

I'd like to say that, after the mugging attempt in Galveston (while sleeping in the pick-up), I checked into a motel, and the next day, a coffee and newspaper in Victoria seemed to be an act of God (see reasons last update) in pointing to the Motel surname, first found in Taranto, for the Coffee's/Coffers ("victoria" motto term) share the Arms of Taranto (different colors). Well, Motels are a branch of Mota's, and then Motts/Morte's were put into myth terms in the story, "Le MORTE d'Arthur." This was obvious secret play (though readers wouldn't have known) on the fact that Motts/Morte's share the crescent of Deaths/Darths. It's colors reversed from the crescent of Mata's/Matos', which means, crazy." The points are: 1) Deaths smack of the Deathick variation of Detricks; 2) Death's are said to be from "d'Ath, and then the Baths who are in the Randolph bat and cross are said be of "Atha.' It all just looks arranged by God to point again to Fort Detrick, but why would He point there unless its people / officials were guilty of spreading either the COVID-19 virus, or whatever it is that's being mistaken for this new strain?

"Le Morte d'Arthur (originally spelled Le Morte DARTHur [caps mine], Middle French for "The Death of Arthur") is a Middle English reworking by Sir Thomas Malory of existing tales about the legendary King Arthur, Guinevere [Vire-river Vere suspect], Lancelot [PenARTH, Cornwall], Merlin [Marsi snake goddess?] and the Knights of the Round Table." Table's/Tapleys share the blue roundel with Arthurs. Rounds share the annulets of Brills, and Brills place the Mott/Morte crescent within their annulets. The Round motto term, "videri," has the Dere's/Res' likely, because the latter use lances. French Lance's have a giant Rose while Daro's/Ros' look like a Dere/Res branch. Is God promising a death bell here to the Illuminati Round Table? Watch what I found the second after asking that question.

I had been wondering, when viewing the Scottish Ros'/Ross'/Roos' (Mauritano lion?) whether their "sucCESSus" motto term was part code for the Cessel variation of Corren-related Cecils ("COR UNum via UNA" motto point to coronavirus), and the question above concerns the Cecil-Rhodes illuminati / globalists which, for example, includes Bill Clinton (Rhodes Scholar). Amazingly, the Rhodes surname (share GALVES / Mary / Hatrick lion) has a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat, which is the surname in the Randolph bat. Randolphs, first found in Rhodes'-like Rothes, were first found smack beside the Ros'/Ross'/Roos', tending to support the identification of the latter's motto with Cecils/Cessels, especially as the latter's Crest has two lions (one probably the Rothes lion) in different colors but almost in the two colors of the two lion heads in the Crest of Peters (share Rothes raven/crow), from Peter Pollock, builder of the castle at Rothes.

So far so good for keeping on-topic with Fort Detrick and the Galveston National lab, but I haven't yet gotten to the goods we can take to the bank, and they are: Cecils share five blue-on-white fesses with German Ducks (the ones who trace with Velins and Velens to to Ceraunii-related Alauna, near Valognes). The head of the Galveston is James LeDUC!!!!! We got to him by first following Detricks/DEATHicks to and Darths/Deaths and Le-Morte-d'-Arthur round table, and from that we got naturally to the Rhodian Round table that God wishes to destroy because it set up a globalism He abhors. And from Ceraunii-related Cecils we are being pointed to James LeDuc.

Deaths/Darth's are also D'Ath's, and Baths are said to be of "Atha" probably because they married a line of Deaths. BEHOLD, for I am so glad the Atha's/Attys were loaded a few minutes after reading the April-23 article below (I'm writing this on the 23rd) on Mr. LeDuc, for the Atha/Atty motto has "Duci"!!!!!! It OBVIOUS arrangement by God. I didn't know James LeDuc until loading that article.

The giant Russell lion is that also of GALVES'. It's therefore important that the Ross/Roos lions almost the Rodez lion) are colors reversed from the giant one of Russells, from Roussillon (share bars of Aragon), near Rodez and Aubin. Aubin is important because English Aubins/Albins (BarnSTAPLE) can be connected by the Barnstaple (and Rod) trefoils to Italian Albino's, the latter first found in Mottin-like MODENa with Marano's/MAURITANo's who share the Ross/Roos lion (Motts/Morte's are also Mottins). And then the tower of Castile's (Galicia, same as Galves' and Corona's) is in the colors of the Galves castle (Castile's can be depicted by a castle), and colors reversed from the tower of Murena'/MORATINs. One Morton Coat (Wiltshire, beside Russells) shares the goat with Russells, first found in Dorset with bat-using Bugs who in turn share the water bouget with Scottish Rose's. You just saw a pointer to horseshoe bats using Russells.

We thus have reason to connect the Spanish Galves bloodline to Ross', Russells and Rose's at Rothes castle. And by the way, Spanish Lope's/Lopez's were first found in Castile while Portuguese Lope's/Lupus' share the Galves castle (both colors). Might the Singletary anteLOPE apply to this line (from Hugh Lupus, friend if Hamon de Masci of Dunham-Masci)?

The Alan Huns of Alauna (MANCHE) were even in Castile-MANCHA in the 5th century. But there's more reason to make the Spanish connection in the Arms of Roussillon sharing the bars in the Arms of Aragon while Aragon is beside Castile. The latter has a Burgos location, and the Spanish Burgos surname (Castile) shares the annulet of Rounds (in "Round Table"), and with the Brills having the Mott/Morte / Death/D'Arth crescent. I wouldn't have scored the hat trick had not Mr. BRILLinger asked me to join his hockey team mid-season. Roussillon is in Languedoc, where Bats/Labats were first found who share the giant, gold tower with Castile's, the latter using it in both colors of the the giant ROSton rower. That makes the Castile lions look close to the Russell lions.

The last update had the lightning BOLT on our chimney scattering bricks on the Single-like SHINGles. From the Shings/Fox's (same lion as Galves'), I went to China-like Chings/Shins/Chine's, and there is even a Chinese Ching surname at I didn't know or remember while writing here that Chimney-like Chime's are listed Chings/Shins/Chine's (I've just updated the last update to reflect it). The chimney got suspect as a pointer to coronavirus due to a chimney flue and chimney STACK. I said:

The Chimney antelope was once showing in black, same as the Shin-like SINgle/Singletary antelope! The China flu is pointing to Obama. SHINGs/SHINnocks/Shiners/SHUNNys share the Galves lion, in case this applies. CHINGs are listed with Chime's/Shins/Chine's! Chains/Shains share the cross of SINclairs/SUNs [lived at Russell-line Roslin] having a Single-like-Singular variation. The horseSHOE bats of Wuhan are expected in the bat and horseshoes of Obama-Line Randolphs who share the Bath cross for obvious bat reasons, and then the Staks/Stacks: "They were recruited from their seat at Bath to join the Earl of Pembroke's [Mr. Clare] invasion of Ireland." Staks/Stacks are thus suspect with the Bath lion, and Stocks are said to be from "Stock, near Caen," explaining the stalks in the Arms of Valognes, by the looks of it. It clearly appears that the chimney (and John Bolton?) is pointing to China's role in the coronavirus.

Valognes and Ceraunii lines therein have become a pointer to coronavirus. I can now link the Boltons (use the Bolt arrow), who were expected in the last update with the Chimney chevron, to the chevron-with-star of the Cheshire Mortons (in the colors of the chevron-with-lions of Boltons), for the Wiltshire Mortons share the Tute/Tuit quadrants while "virTUTE" is a Bolton motto term. The Tute's/Toots were first found in Yorkshire with Chimneys. Serving to prove that Mortons were Mauritano's, the BROWN Bolton stag head is in Bolton- / Bruno-lion colors in the Coat of Deerings who just came up as Dearens, which I checked as per "Bolton upon Dearne in Yorkshire." The Deerings/Dearens are said to have married Morinis', and the latter were first found in Modena with Marano (location) and it's Marano's/Mauritano's. Deerings evoke the Dere's/Res suspect in the Round motto.

At this point, since Saraca liners have traced to Valognes, I'd like to repeat that Morano's, first found in Modena, share the Moor head with the Arms of Morano, a location on Italy's SyBARIS river along with Saracena. While there is a Saracen/Sarasin surname, French Sarasins were first found in Brittany with LeDucs/Ducs (eight-pointed stars in Dol Duc colors). I'm wondering whether "SARASin" is a pointer to the SARS virus, which fits so well with Mr. LeDuc. The shark in the dream is in fact being lumped in centrally with the leaders of this corona crisis, and Sharks do use a Ceraunii-line crane (and a TREFoil in honor of shoe-using Treffs/Trips). The "VIRtute" motto term of Boltons suggests the Vires'/Verona's sharing the Coat of lynx-using Lynch's, and the Arms of Valognes (Vire river) has a lynx, as well as the ears of wheat of Negro's/Nigro's. I got mugged in Galveston; the story is all over my updates for ten years or more.

As I've said many times, the lightning struck our home beside Bruno, my father's fellow real-estate agent (they bought two new homes side-by-side In Sherwood Forest estates linkable to the bat-using Bugs of Nottinghamshire), and it just so happens that the Bolton lions are the BRUNswick lions while it's known that Barrs of Brunswick named Bar-le-DUC in Lorraine!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

John Bolton hates China. Was his circle of diplomatic globalists behind the Fort-Detrick / Galveston trick on China? The "Vi" motto term of Boltons is suspect with the Vye variation of Veys/Vivians (Cornwall, same as "vie"-using CORNells/Cornwalls), part of the King-Arthur cult's AVALON elements...from Aulon/AVLONA beside the CERAUNii mountains (Epirus). Avlona traces to Alan-related Velins/Velens, first found in Westphalia with the Ducks at issue here with the Round Table Illuminati, and with James LeDuc. As Lorraine's grass stain pointed to Pansys/Pantzers (Westphalia) while the Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses the pansy, and because Lorraine connected with the grass stain and other factors to George Bush, has the coronavirus crisis been manufactured by the Bush-Bolton circle of CIA goons?

In a biocontainment laboratory, there’s always a risk of something going wrong, Dr. James LeDUC, director of the Galveston National Laboratory said.

...But as a theory about a Chinese lab being the original source of the global coronavirus pandemic circulates at the highest level of the U.S. government, LeDuc was cautious about placing blame on the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

...LeDuc wasn’t just speculating about the safety of the Wuhan lab. The Galveston National Lab at the University of Texas Medical Branch has a years-long relationship with the facility and its researchers.

LeDuc, who visited the Wuhan lab while it was under construction in 2017, said it is comparable in quality and safety to biosafety labs in the United State and Europe.

...While the Wuhan lab was under construction, the National Lab provided 'short-term training experiences' to the staff, LeDuc said. The Galveston lab also hosted two Chinese post-doctoral students, who were trained to work safely in BSL-4 laboratories and who returned to China to work in the Wuhan lab, LeDuc said. Those students started a biosafety and biocontainment training program for the Wuhan lab, LeDuc said.

Note the name of that media, galvenews.

Over in Maryland: "'The Fort Detrick laboratory that handles high-level disease-causing material, such as Ebola, in FREDRICK, Maryland was shut after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a cease and desist order to the organization in July, 2019 according to local media,' the Global Times noted." That was six months before coronavirus became a news item, and this army-fort medical center was not re-opened until the last week in March, just a few weeks ago as I write here. I checked the two Fredrick surnames to find that both their symbols could be together in the Perkins Coat...a possible pointer to Perkins Coie, a central part of the attack-Trump team.

Such a long shut-down at Detrick cannot be explained by a string of safety violations by employees, nor by some needed construction repairs. What was going on? Why did CDC refuse to give a reason for the shut-down, and why did the place itself give a bogus reason? Did they shut it down over the period in which COVID-19 was released so that no one could blame that lab when in fact it was responsible? Were they afraid that some authority might check the lab for a COVID critter lingering on some piece of lab apparatus? Did Detrick pass the virus football to Galveston for to kick it to China?

LeDuc doesn't want to finger the Wuhan lab, but he does land the football in the Wuhan meat market, near the lab. From there, Pompeo can take the ball, accusing the lab. Or, the story will be made to die in confusion, anything, as long as the American truth doesn't get out. I pray God ruins them openly. I reject the story out now on the State Department's warning (a year or two ago) that the Wuhan lab wasn't practising proper safety; I view that accusation as a precursor for framing China for this "accident." How did Iranian military officials get infected so soon after the known outbreak? Can people be infected by letters / packages in the mail?

If Galveston initiated the following report > theory, then it could appear that Galveston was laying the groundwork to blame China's horseshoe bats (they don't live in the United States, convenient for the conspirators): "'If you look at the genetic sequence of the virus, it’s closely related to a bat virus, about 96 percent the same,' Jim LeDuc...told Vox." He was blaming the meat market.

I was fresh out of high school when Mary Nigro suggested I get a job where she worked, at Knob Hill Farms, where I became a STOCKboy. The Arms of Valognes shares the Negro/Nigro ears of wheat, but calls them "STALKs." That looks like extra evidence that God used Mary for this pointer today. After I got the job, I suggested to Mr. Kepke (a friend) to apply for a job there, and he got one too as a stockboy. Stocks share a giant and white, two-tailed lion with MontFORTs, and the latter's is in the colors of the giant Stak/Stack lion. I know for a fact that the Montfort lion is that of Marano's/Mauritano's for a related reason, and here we can go to the Montferrat (like "Montfort") theater, where we find a Monforte location in Cuneo, that province being the line of Conys whose coney rabbit holds a so-called pansy...bringing us right back to the pansy of Bar-le-Duc. Mary Nigro pointed with her surname to the Galveston Negro, and LeDuc works the Galveston lab, and Marys share the Galves lion. Mary's first name thus points better, now, to Maryland's lab.

By the way, the three Mary lions are colors reversed from the same-positioned, three lions of Ross'/Roos', and the latter's are in the colors of the Marr lions. Wow, and, believe it or not, the Marrs and Brunswicks have the same Coats exactly aside from lion colors. Ross'/Roos' and Marrs were first found in Yorkshire with the Rhodes' sharing the Shield of Deke's/Decans/Deekins (Russell lion, colors reversed from the Ross/Roos lion).

Kepke's father is Ukrainian, and so I think he points to the Biden relationship with Ukrainians, namely with Mr. Zlochevsky, for Mary lived in BUTTONville while Buttons are listed with Bidens. Almost immediately after Kepke and I stopped working at Knob Hill Farms, we both became SHOE salesmen in the same mall but at different stores. That looks like a set-up for pointing to Zlochevsky's CROCodile-leather shoe store in Ukraine (on the Dnieper river from Kepke-like Kiev). Valognes is where CROCiatonum was. Crocincidence? "DNieper" looks like it's a form of some Den-like term, and the only heraldic crocodile I know of is with Deans/Dene's. Valognes is at/ear the Vire river while Vires'/VERONA's share the Coat of Lynch's which shares the lynx with the Arms of Valognes, and then the Ceraunii were represented by crows by Greeks, which are used by VERONE's.

When I threw a party for employees at Knob Hill Farms, Mary slept alone in my basement with Kepke. What could that mean? A Ukrainian aspect to the Galveston lab? I never saw the two together again.

Oh wow. As I've said many times, we sold shoes at the Scarborough Town Center (Toronto), and the Scarborough towers are in the colors of the Murena/Moratin towers! Scarboroughs, with towers in colors reversed from the "walls" of Muriels/Muro's (Aragon), have a lion in a mural crown, code for Ceraunii liners, and the Scarborough chevron might even be the Chimney chevron because both surnames were first found in Yorkshire...with Keppochs. I'm guessing that there's a Saracen head (for Saracena-Morano elements) at the tip of a lance in the Scarborough Crest. The lance is shared by Dere's/Res', and Dere-like Deerings married Morinis' (same place as Morano's and Mauritano's). Perfect. Crane-with-rose Scute's use "deer."

Ah, the Scarborough Crest is recorded in my 5th update of December, 2017, as: "A gold demi-lion rampant EMERGING from a red MURAL crown with a Saracen's head on the TIP of a lance." Tipps' (antelope in a crown) are suspect in the Pendragon motto, and "EMERGINg" is suspect with Mergins/Bergins (share gold lion with the Scarborough crown) but also with the Mergen variation of Morgans (aka Morgan le Fay), a branch of Moore's likely of the Morano Moor head.

After discovering (last week) that the lab in Galveston (Texas) was involved with the Wuhan lab under the Obama administration, I took readers to my mugging event in Galveston for a host of compelling and interesting finds lending themselves to several Obama-camp pointers. A highlight arrived when writing the following off of a crocodile-related discussion:

...but Staks/Stacks use an item in a CROWN that usually stands as code for the corona-like Ceraunii people group. I am really floored by this insert for tending to verify that the Galveston mugging links to Zlochevsky's shoes.

Chimney stacks and chimney FLUE's come to mind to match the coronavirus flu...Three red fesses are used by China-like (!) Shins/CHINE's/CHINNs and Kemmis'/Kenys' (same Coat exactly between the two), who look linkable to CHIMNeys. Tis the China flue! The Kemmis'/Kenys were even first found in Gloucestershire with Staks/Stacks.

The Chimney antelope was once showing in black, same as the Shin-like SINgle/Singletary antelope [this surname is in Obama's ancestry]! The China flu is pointing to Obama. SHINGs/SHINnocks/Shiners/SHUNNys share the Galves lion, in case this applies. CHINGs are listed with Shins/Chine's! Chains/Shains share the cross of SINclairs/SUNs having a Single-like-Singular variation. The horseSHOE bats of Wuhan are expected in the bat and horseshoes of Obama-Line Randolphs who share the Bath cross for obvious bat reasons, and then the Staks/Stacks: "They were recruited from their seat at Bath to join the Earl of Pembroke's [Mr. Clare] invasion of Ireland." Staks/Stacks are thus suspect with the Bath lion, and Stocks are said to be from "Stock, near Caen," explaining the stalks in the Arms of Valognes, by the looks of it.

Stalk-like Stocks/Stoke's (share giant white lion with Stacks) were first found in Pembrokeshire, and the line of Muriel de Pollock is in the Muriel surname with "Muriella de Stokes." It explains why Stocks/Stoke's (share double-tailed lion with Wells) share the white-on-black Rothes lion. Muriel was a (grand)daughter of Peter Pollock, brother of Robert, husband of a daughter of Eschyna de Molle, and she was wife to Robert CROC, a line from Crociatonum, which is a location said to be at Valognes. Peter Pollock may have lived in Shropshire with his father, Fulbert, a vassal of the Dol Alans.

It's been my experience that God arranged certain (and lots of) heraldry to point to powers and events in the news these days as we may be near the final seven years. That all looks to me like a pointer to this news story of last week: "The [U.S. diplomatic] cable argued that the United States should give Chinese researchers at the Wuhan lab more support because its research on bat coronaviruses was important and dangerous. The lab had already been receiving assistance from the GALVESTON National Laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch."

I'm actually glad that the Chimney antelope has been changed from black to BROWN, for the Boltons have a brown stag head in Crest while almost using the Chimney Shield. The only difference is that Boltons add the lions of BRUNswicks, that being a Brown / Brun line. The Bolton stag head probably has the Bolt arrow. I'm on this topic because God struck the chimney of our home (my age 11) with a lightning BOLT, and scattered chimney brick all over the SHINGLE roof. It seems as though that angry bolt is now about this coronavirus hoax, which, for the sole purpose of ruining Trump, are harming hundreds of millions of workers.

As you saw above that the Shins/Chine's were likely Sinclairs, known to be named after Claro' Normans, note the CHLORoquine-like Clore's are listed with Clairs/Clare's, who happen to have another brown stag head in Crest (as with Boltons), and share the red chevron with Boltons and Chimney. Clore's/Clare's share triple-red chevrons with neighboring Muscats, and the latter have the black antelope of Single's/Singletarys in Crest! It appears that God arranged Clore's to point to chloroQUINE...the ending looking like the Chine variation of Shins that points to CHINA. There might be more to this at a later time.

The BRICKs were scattered on the ROOF, and Roofs/Rolphs are most excellent here, first because they are likely of king Rolph/Rollo, who secured Normandy from the French king with a treaty named after Saint Clairs = Sinclairs. It's as though God arranged the heraldry to link the lightning-on-chimney to last update's Chine-Chimney topic on the coronavirus. The Bricks are from Ranulph de BRIQUESsart/BRICHESsart (he's in the English Randolph write-up), the line to Randolphs, can you believe it. Not only do Scottish Randolphs point to China's horseshoe bats, and not only is Obama's Dunham line descended from both Singletarys and Randolphs, but English Randolphs share the Dunham Coat.

Ranulph de Briquessart was descended from Malahule of More, nephew of Rollo/Rolph of More, the king above. That More location is suspect in naming Moray, where Scottish Randolphs were first found. BRICHES'/Brews' are a Bruce branch, and royal Bruce's were descended directly from Marjory Carrick, mother with another man (Adam Kilconquhar) of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray. Adam Kilconquhar's mother was a Miss Comyn(s), and since the last update, while writing above, I've found Chimney-like Kimmens listed with Comyns/Comine's. The Kim Crest has a stag head in the brown color of the Chimney-Crest antelope.

Brix is a location in the canton of Valognes. From Wikipedia's Brix article: "Brix is known primarily as being the assumed origin of the Bruce family..." So, trace Brixia/Brescia elements to Valognes with the Alauna-like Lane's/Lano's (Launay branch), first found in Brixia. Launay is near Brest, and Brests are listed with Brix's (Brick lozenges in colors reversed). Trace Abruzzo elements to Brescia [I didn't realize until later in this update that Abruzzo's Picenze, like the Piacenza variation of Placentia (near Brescia), would show an amazing link to the Arms of Valognes, which jibes with a "Valognes" trace to the namers of Abruzzo's mont Velino. I spent the summer in Picenze the summer before the lightning bolt].

But there is more, for the bricks on the roof take us from Roofs/Rolphs to through English Ralphs (share the Roofs/Rolph Coat) to the Scottish Ralphs (probably the Rothes lion), first found in Nairn with the Rose's (beside/at Moray and Rothes) who together share the "water BOUGet." But Bugs, with a bat in Crest, share the water bouget too, and three ravens (Rothes symbol) are shared between Roofs/Ralphs, Ralphs and German Bugs (colors and format of the Ralph bougets). And so I'd like to show you another highlight from the last update, when I did not yet know that Detricks (Derbyshire, beside Bugs of Nottinghamshire) share bougets with Bugs (as per Fort Detrick, suspect with spreading the corona bug):

Whatever this coronavirus is, we can call it a bug, and Bugs happen to use a bat. It just so happens that Birks/Burghs are from John de Burgos of Comyns/Comines, the line suspect to Cuomo's...

Bugs are excellent. No longer said to be first found in Nottinghamshire, they are now said to have been in SHERborne of Dorset a little earlier. SHERwood forest is in Nottinghamshire with Robin Hood, and the latter appears to be in the Crest of German Bogens (Bug colors). English Bugs: "This same source notes that 'we learn from Deering's "Nottingham," that in the reign of Mary I., the Bugges, as Merchants of the Staple..." It's the Staple's who are excellent for pointing to the AIDS programs of Deborah Birx...[I'll skip this part here].

Staple's (share Peter motto) are of Peter Pollock of Rothes castle, and German Bugs (Bogen colors) share the raven with Peters (Devon, same as BarnSTAPLE) and Rothes'. Peter's Rothes castle is at Moray, smack beside the Rose's sharing the "water bouget" with English Bugs (Scottish Peter colors). The bat-using Randolphs were first found in Moray, and they even have horseshoes, is that not quite a find??? Bugs just led us to horseshoe bats in Obama's cave.

Staple's were first found at DOWNHAMford (Kent), no guff at all [Downhams are listed with Dunhams, surname of Obama's mother]. And while Dens/Dene's were at Ormond [big-important topic last update], we even read: "...Walter de Stapel in 1275, and OSMUND atte Staple was listed in Place Names of Surrey in 1279." Osmunds are listed with Omans/Ormonds. NO GUFF. Is my Galveston-related omen pointing to this? "Staple-Fitzpaine is a parish..." Obama's grandmother, Miss Payne. Payne Roet was from the ESTAPLES area (Picardy), and English Payne's [share the lion of Randolph-related and bat-depicted Baths] were first found in Somerset with Roets (beside Bugs of Dorset). The Wheelwright kin of Roets share the Singletary antler design. Wheelwrights were first found in Yorkshire with antelope-liner Chimneys; I'm seeing a chimney FLU smokin.

Some say Obama's "wife" was Michael, and it just so happens that Michaels/Michells share the mascles of Peters, and even have the fesse of Sherborne's Bugs in colors reversed. Uh-oh, Michaels and Sherborn-like Shere's (German Bug colors and format) were first found in Surrey (beside Staple's) with the father of Ada of Warenne/Varenne [Aid/Ade line], and Varenne's happen to share the three ravens (identical Coats) of German Bugs! Surprise. Stay away from this Obama bugger. Last I heard today (still Saturday), Michelle was talking to Joe Biden, maybe asking to be his vice-president. I would hate that dastardly picture. But, hopefully, it will land Obama in jail.

It's pretty amazing, because, as I've said many times, the lightning bolt hit our home in Sherwood Forest Estates (Markham, Ontario), and our home was near the Sherwood Forest there. If that's not enough, Nations/Nathans (Bug fesse!) were first found in Nottinghamshire with Sherwood Forest, and there is a black arrow through a heart in the Nation/Nathan Crest, the color of the Bolt and Bolton arrow!!! Amazing. The lightning bolt is pointing to globalist Rothschilds (Nathan kin). The current chief of NATO is Jens Stoltenberg, and Stoltenbergs use (I've red their description not showing at this time) the Nation/Nathan figures, a family affair in the globalist order.

Nations/Nathans share compasses with German Bole's. I assume that Bolts descended from Boltons while the latter were a Bole line of some sort that named Bolto(w)n. I'm going to go with the German Bole's having comPASSes because Rollo's, who share the black boar with English Bole's (might have the Bolt arrow in the boar), use a "passe" motto term. Rollo's have the boar heads of Passy/Pasi-related Speers. Nations/Nathans are suspect as a Natt/Nathan branch, and the latter's Coat looks like a version of the Boling/Bowling Coat.

Belgian Bole's/Bolla's (like "ebola") share the ears of wheat (same colors) of Negro's/Nigro's. The Chimney's possibly of China-like Chine's (not necessarily meaning that the Chinese government is at fault) is now perhaps pointing to ebola via the apparent Bole-Bolt relationship. I'll add that Italian Bolla's are listed with Valognes-like Ballone's (share double fesses of crocodile Deans/Dene's) while the same ears of wheat (same colors) are in the Arms of Valognes (link below).

The line from Rollo's uncle (Malahule) went to Ranulph le Meschin, husband of LUCY BOLingbroke, and Lucys/Luce's were at Passy. She and Bolinbroke's were first found in Lincolnshire with Bole's, and with the Blacks said to derive in chimney soot and chimney sweeps (looks like the writer's code knowing of a Black relationship with Chimney / Bolton liners). Bolings/Bowlings were first found in Lancashire with Bolts and Boltons. That's all pretty amazing, but I can add that Michael WitherSPOON (from Michigan, does this mean anything?) was a childhood friend of mine whose house backed up on Sherwood Forest. Spoons share the white-on-blue boar heads inside the cups of English Bole's.

To prove further that the lightning bolt relates via the bricks on the roof to the family of king Rollo, Bolts are said to have named a Bodelton location while German Bodels share the three Moray stars in the same pattern. Amazingly, we moved into this new home of Sherwood forest before many of the homes were finished, and I recall stacking up cases of empty beer BOTTLES (for cash) found at the construction sights. Bodel-like Bottle's/BOOTELs, were first found in Lancashire with Bolts and Boltons! Botels are listed with Bothwells while Boths/Booths (Yorkshire, same as Bush's) share the black boar with Bole's and Rollo's. The lightning bolt was probably in the first couple of months of our moving in (April)...about the same time that I collected bottles.

Bus- / Bos-line Bush's seemed to have married Bolings/Bowlings (Bowel/Boswell colors) in forming the Bowel variation of Boswells (Yorkshire, same as Bush's and Boths/Booths). The Bowel/Boswell Coat (looks like the Bus cinquefoil) is probably the Bush fesse minus the latter's three black boars, the color of the Bole boar. Why am I here from that lightning bolt?

The white Bottle/Bootel crown is in the Staple Crest with what I think if the Rothes lion head. Staple's and Rothes were first found in Kent with Paths/Petts/Perts using a stork in bulRUSHes, and Rush's, sharing "Dieu" with Staple's, look to be sharing the annulets round-about of Bole-like Bule's/Bulls i.e. suspect in the BULrushes. The Staple lion head is inside the crown as likely code for Crane/Craun liners from the Ceraunii mountains near Bullis. As Currys/Corrys and their Corren branch look like Ceraunii liners, any of which might point to an aspect of coronavirus crimes now under way, and as Corrys/Currys look like they are RIDGE kin, note that Courage's/CourRIDGE's (in the Comyn/Comine/KIMMEN motto), share the Staple fleur-de-lys. Corons/Corona's share the crown with Crane-like Grands/Grants.

While on the topic of the beer-bottle collecting, I found from an old file that English Beers a "black bird standing on a garb". This recalls that English Allisons use a "black bird too," though in the form of the "Cornish chough" of Hoods/Hoots, the latter first found in Devon with Beers. It recalls (told this story many times) that I was sitting on the hood of my car with Mr. KEPKe when spotting my girlfriend, Allison Bauer (Beer-like surname), getting into the car of a fellow worker; she wouldn't come out, and she left me that day for him. I've said: Scottish Allisons are said to be from a MacDonald's branch that turn out to be the Kepke-like Keppochs. I now find Bauer-like Beers/Bears of Beer-Alston sharing the Allison black bird. Plus, the Alstons/Allestons have estoiles in the colors of the Bauer stars. German Beers/Bears share the Coat of Bayers said to be from Bayerns = Bavaria, where Bauers were first found.

A raven call a "rook" is used by Rooks, and it's standing on a gold garb, as is the raven (black bird) of Beers. Rooks use a Cornish-like motto term. Beers were at Allison-like Alston, and so Allistons were loaded as well as the Birds expected in "black bird," and this is where I realized (for the first time) that one Bird Crest is an eagle head in a crown (hard to see), the Alliston symbol too. As Scottish Allisons are said to have been MacDonalds, the MacDonald eagle is likely the Alliston eagle in colors reversed. Allistons look like Fulke kin. They didn't call it a black bird for nothing, and so note that Blake's use a FRET while the MacDonald eagle is that of Ferte's.

As Alstons use a motto, "Immotus." like the "Immota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, it seems that the Alliston / Bird eagle head is that of L'Aquila. In fact, the Aquila surname shares the Este eagle, and Alstons use (ten) ESToiles in the colors of the same of Este-related Bute's/Butts. These estoiles are in the colors of the TOUS stars, which can explain "ImmoTUS." The Alston Crest with estoile shares a white crescent with Motts, and the eight-pointed Mott-Crest estoile can go with the eight-pointed Tous stars. "ImMOTus." The Aquila / Este eagle is used in the Arms of Picenze, place of my mother's birth, and, zowie, the Picenze eagle holds ears of wheat in the colors of the same in the Arms of Valognes!!!

I don't know what the following could mean, yet anyway, but as God's heraldic connections were pointing in the last update to my mugging in Galveston, let me repeat that, due to the mugging, I put off my trip to Mexico to look for cheap snow-bird land for to build a winter retreat. That's why I was in Galveston at all. The morning after the mugging, I stopped in Victoria to buy a newspaper to check the want-ads for property costs in southern Texas instead, and I bought a coffee too. I did nothing else in Victoria, and drove off to look at some properties (tracts, not lots) when finding three decently-priced locations (about $10,000 each) during the drinking of the coffee. As I said, i think God created that morning's event because Coffee's/Coffers use a "victoria motto term," and because I ended up buying a Nueces-river property while News' are also Nuces'.

That's being repeated for a few reasons. First, the newspaper-like object in a hand of the News/Nuces Crest is the same object in the hand in the ALDER/Elder Crest, and the latter were just loaded because Alstons have an ALDERSton term in their write-up. plus, the Alders/Elders could have the Coffee/Coffer Shield because both share a dolphin. The latter's dolphin is ridden by a naked man, same as the Arms of Taranto, and Taranto is where Motels were first found, a branch of Mota's (Coffee/Coffer and Coffer/Coffare colors) expected in the "Immota" motto term of L'Aquila. Well, it's the Alstons/ALLESTONs who use "Immotus," and Allestons have an eagle on a Shield in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer fesse. It just all looks connectable, including a comparison of the roses of Italian Mota's to the estoiles of Alstons/Allestons.

What do I conclude with all of this, on top of my mother's birth seven miles from L'Aquila? I was in her home town for the entire summer (visited L'Aquila) the year before the lightning bolt to the chimney. The latter topic involved the line of Rollo Sinclair, and Sinclairs were at Roslin, six miles from Edinburgh, and the latter is where Alders/Elders were first found while suns, likely code for the Sun variation of Sinclairs, are used by Alderstons/Alders'. Alsons/Aldenstons are said to have been in Edinburgh early (1296). I am descended from Taddei's (great-grandparent) of PICENze, kin of Alda's/ALDERotti's, and it just so happens that Scottish Alda's were first found in Ayrshire with PICKENS'. What is going on? Tattons of Massey have quadrants connectable to the same of Tute's/Tuits, and the "VirTUTE" motto term of Scottish Alda's look like part-code for the Vire river at Valognes. "John Alde was listed as servitor of the Earl of Carrick." Scottish Alda's share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens', and the latter were in Midlothian with the Roslin of Sinclairs. It's got the Roofs all over it.

Carrick-like CRICHtons (Bruce lion) were first found in Midlothian, making Marjory/Margaret Carrick look like she's named after queen Margaret Atheling, whose cup-bearer was Henry Sinclair of Roslin. Margaret's husband was Malcolm III, and while Malcolms share the saltire of Greats/GREETs (and Unelli-line Nails/Neils), Crichtons are also CREETons.

The Coffee/Coffer cups and the Mota fleur are in the colors of the stags of Rotherhams (West Yorkshire, same as Dents), and Dinnings/Denintons (share Alston estoile, I assume) of Dinningham were in a Rotherham location. I got here because the Alston write-up traces Mr. Alleston to a Dennington location (Suffolk). RUTHERfords were first found in the area of the first-known Denhams, but also near the first-known Arthurs whose "OBstantia" motto is suspect partly with Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs). I can therefore glean that Denhams have a crane-version of the Irish Arthur Coat because Denhams were beside HAWICK while hawks are used by Hobs/Habs. Hawicks look linkable to Dents. DENINtons just caused a find of the Denins/DuNOONs/Dennings, wherefore I added the following to the last update:

This update is the first to propose that Miss Hicks' car involves Carricks, and the day after this update was uploaded, I came across Denins/Dunnoons showing nothing but a dancette-fesse, as with the Denims, though in different colors. It just so happens that the Denin/Dunoons dancette-fesse is that of Carricks, tending to verify that my being at the car in jeans alone was Intended by God to point to Denims and Denins/Dunoon. See Denninghams in the next update for how I got here.

The Irish Noons, taken from DunNOONs, are not only in Mota / Coffee/Coffer colors, but they have a green, spread eagle in Crest, which is what the Alliston eagle could in be colors reversed. And when we get to English Noons (Norfolk, same as Dunhams), we find a Mota-like "modo" motto term. Moto's are listed with Motts. Denin-like Denhams use a "victoriam" motto term like the "victoria" of Coffee's/Coffers. I rarely say anything about Victoria's, but can now add that they have a single black pale bar, ditto with Dinnings/DENINtons. It's just more evidence in a long list pointing my mugging event, by a Negro, to Obama.

In fact, the Negro had his hands around my NECK at first, while Nuse's/Nuce's/Newes' have two pale bars in the colors of the one of German Neckers, and the latter's is colors reversed from the one pale bar of Dinnings/Denintons, Victoria's, German Walls, and Eschyna-like Eskins (same place as Pollocks). The coffee in Victoria came with a NEWSpaper, and Papers/PapWALLs/Pepperwals (carNATIONs), first found in Gloucestershire with Walls, can be a branch of Peppers who are in turn in the colors and format of Denhams. Gloucestershire is also where Halps/Helps/Halfs were first found who share an hourglass shape (different colors) with News'/Nuces'. I'll show below how Walls were merged with Dinning-like DingWALLs. English Walls have a red-mascle version of the Whaley/WALLey Coat.

The Dinning/Deninton write-up: "...the lands of Dinnington, occupied by Roger le Bully..." He's in the write-up of Jumps, and Jumps share the roses of Italian Mota's (it's the Yorkshire rose, and Abruzzo liners named Eboracum = old York). Jumps, with possibly the stag of Downs/Douns (expected of the Downham/Dounham variations of Dunhams), when paired with Mr. de Bully, recalls that the bulldog jumped into the pool with the shark (this was in the dream with Miss Hicks' car). Jumps were first found in West Yorkshire with the stag-using Rotherhams, and the Dinnings/Denintons were at a Rotherham location (though said to be in South Yorkshire).

(Just for my records, may be off-topic. In the Dinning/Deninton write-up, Roger de Bully is said to be under William of Warenne, and while Warrens share the Shield of Agincourts/Aincourts, Jumps say: "The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de Bully and Walter d'Aincourt at the time of the Domesday Book." The Agincourt write-up has Walter and Roger DEINcourt, and Deins are listed with Deans/Dene's, a major crocodile-shoe topic of the last update.)

The Denning variation of Denins (Ross=shire) seems to have named the Ross-shire capital, DINGwall. Dingwalls (share brown stag in Crest with Downings) share the gold border with neighboring Justine's, the line to Justine of Picenum, suspect in naming Picenze, my mother's town of birth (in Abruzzo). It just so happens that Downs/Douns (stag in Jump-stag colors) were at ROOSdown while Roos' are listed with Ross', first found in Yorkshire with Jumps and Mars (earls of Mar were in the Ross-shire area and expected to have mixed), suspect from the Marsi of Abruzzo, especially at the mont-Velino area that links to Justine's husband, all from the Aulon/Avlona line to Alauna, beside Crociatonum.

The Unelli Shark

Another gold border is used by Spanish Valens'/Valentini's (Castile), and yet another by the Greats from Gratian, father of Valentinian I, husband of Justine of Picenum. The Greats are most excellent here because they share the saltire of Nails/Neils/Nagle's (same place as Velins and Velens), who were discovered in the last update to be from the Unelli peoples at Valen-like Valognes, and that's where Moreville's are said to be from, I have just discovered, from Moreville in Valognes, which was the ancient CROCiatonum (land of proto-Stewarts), where CROCodile Deans/Dene's were traced loosely in the last update. The Ross/Roos write-up: "the first reference of the name was Godfrey de Ross, a vassal of the de the lands of STEWARTon in Cuningham." Moreville's probably use the Ross/Roos lion in Moray colors, and so note that French Mars are also More's.

The last update showed how Galves'/Galego's of GALICia, poised as a pointer to Galveston's Wuhan connection, are connectable to Castile's, which involved GALway's crocodile Deans/Dene's and Galway-related Birks/BURGHs. Repeat from last update: "The Birk/Burgh cross is shared by CHAteau's/Castels/CaSTELLI's, which should explian the Birk/Burgh cat. It's the cross too of Irons/Orions/Hirams (PicARDY, beside Chateau's of Artois), and Irons are said to be from Rennes-like Airaines. Rennes-le Chateau. The Arrows/ARRAS' of Artois can be proven to use the tower of Spanish Murena's/Moratins (married Cilnius Maecenas of Arettium/ARREZo), which happens to be in the colors of the Castile tower." Here I can add that Burgos', first found in Castile, look like they have a version of the Mott Coat.

The Galves lion was paired with the Hatrick lion, from a hat trick I scored at age 16 that connected to Obama in multiple ways. At age 16, I entered the hockey league midway into the season by an invitation from a friend, Mr. Brillinger, and here it's interesting that Brills have three annulets in the colors of the giant Burgos annulet, yet the Brill annulets add crescent moons inside their annulets, in the colors of the Mott crescent. It looks verification of a couple of things, one: that Burgos' and Galves' do apply to the hat trick.

As I always link the Mott crescent to the Alexander crescent, Alexander DOWNer might be a proper topic here, for Downs/Douns are also Douners. Mr. Downer was probably working for Andrew McCabe (at least loosely) when seeking to ruin Trump, and McCabe's, sharing the Coffee/Coffer fesse, were first found beside the first-known Alexanders (Kintyre). McCabe's share the salmon of Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns/Douners.

It became certain (last update) that Irish Neils were from the Unelli, especially as Neils can be linked to the Sharks while the Shark crane can be identified with Ceraunii liners expected at Crociatonum. As Presleys/PRIESTly share two items of Abruzzo's/Abreu's, note that three red estoiles are shared in Chief between Priests and Irish Neils (share lions combatant with Abruzzo's/Abreu's. Bill Priestap of the FBI, we learn late in the Solomon video below, was in London at the time when Alexander Downer was setting up (framing) George PAPADOPOULos to commit Russian collusion for election-interference purposes. I've just realized that Presleys/Priestlys have a version of the Pepper/Peppard Coat (colors and format of crane-using Denhams) which itself might just have the gold lion of Pape/PAPADOPOLI's.

I've just found another gold border, owned by the line of Valentinian I, born in CIBALae, the line to Sibals known to have been merged with Londons / Lundys. The new-found gold border is with Swedish Lunds/Lundens/Lundvalls (giant horseshoe).

Pepper is a spice, and Presleys/Priestlys have the Spice's (gold tower) in their motto, I figure. I have it recorded that the Spice Crest is a "FIRE ball," symbol of English Balls/Ballons. French Balls/Ballons were first found in Brittany with the Alans of Alauna, and "Ballon" suddenly look like a branch of the namers of Valognes (pronounced, "Valona," I figure), with the FIRE's (giant UNIcorn) being of the VIRE river at Valognes. Did peoples of Valognes name Walloon?

Why do Walloon-like Vallons/Valletta's (may have named Malta's capital) share the moline (fish-tail ends?) of Brittany's Shark-liner Sarasins, and Valiants have a shark. Mont Velino is off the Salto river in Abruzzo. Salt and pepper. Peppers share the Abruzzo/Abreu lion. Abreu's named Evreux in Eure, and the Eure/Ever quadrants, in the colors of the same of Alania's (near Valognes) Vere's, are colors reversed from the quadrants of French Vallons, and of the Says of Shropshire (home of Brittany's Alans). Pepoli's (Valognes-like Bologna) share the checks of Halpers, and the Halper branch of Helps have been traced back to mont Velino via Avezzano's. Priestap, Downer and Halper were working together.

Good morning. I was talking to Jesus last night while laying myself down to sleep, when I "heard" a distinct thought, "En la [slight pause] Unelli." Wow, it rhymed. I knew that the "En la" was from a motto phrase, "En la rose," and at first I could not recall which surname it was from, but within a minute I recalled that it's from the Mose's/Moss', who share a gold tower with Scute's having a rose in the mouth of a crane, the symbol of Ceraunii at Crociatonum, home of Masseys from the Maezaei Illyrians (beside Ceraunii) at the UNA/Oeneus river, where I now trace En-la-like "UNelli." The Spice's have a gold tower too.

The Mose/Moss rose is in the colors of the German Roos/Rose roses, and it just so happens that English Yonge's/Youngs share their Coat. Amazingly, Scottish Yonge's/Youngs use a Priestap-like "praestat" motto term while Priestly use "ReSPICE." Priests are the ones sharing the red estoiles of Neils, who in turn share the Coat roughly of Keons/McCains, likely from the namers of Caen beside Crociatonum, which is also called, CRONCiaconnum, the line to crane-using Cronkite's. I'm seeing the Hyksos from king Khyan, at Caen, for I resolved that he was a Mus liner whose daughter named Moses.

Mose's/Moss' have a blue patee cross in the colors of the wolf in the Arms of Placentia, and that place has a Le Mose area, which is on this page showing the Arms of Placentia with a black wolf. Placentia is also Piacenza, like Picenze of Abruzzo. I gather that this is why I heard those words this morning from the Mose/Moss motto. Wikipedia's Province-of-Piacenza article removed the blue wolf from its Arms (absolutely no reason for it) maybe because Wikipedia removes many things I stress. The blue-on-white Placentia wolf traces excellently to the white-on-blue wolf head of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches (Meschin relative), shared also by the Scarfs, and while a so-called "scarf" is in the Traby/Sadowsky Coat, Placentia is at the Trebia river. So, Wikipedia's anti-Christian types, "experts," maybe removed the blue wolf to keep this secret. But why? Wikipedia's writers don't like my heraldic work, because I prove the heraldry teachers to be liars thousands of times over. They say such things as: wolves are found in Coat of Arms out of someone's fancy / love for a wolf. But that's just the beginning of the heraldic cover-up by those who know where it really leads back.

The Roos/Ross write-up speaks of one character, Farquhar, earl of Ross, descended from the founder of the Neils. While Dingwall was once the capital of Ross-shire, Dingwalls have John Yonger / John Yong in their write-up. FarQUHAR evokes Adam KilconQUHAR, husband of Marjory Carrick of Ayrshire, where Caen-suspect Cunninghams (UNIcorn = Una-river liners mixed with CERAUNii) were first found along with the Forkers/Farquhars (version of Neil Coat) in their motto, "Over fork over." Cunninghams use a "SHAKEfork," and while Shake's (MOLE hills) trace to Biblical SHECHEMites at Greece's SCHIMatari (Schims/Schiens/Shands share the MOLE boar head), I kid you not, a SCIMITAR is in the Crest of Irish Walls who in turn use a "nihil" motto term for the Nihill variation of Unelli-line Neils. Both Irish Walls and English Walls, smacking of VALognes," are in the colors of DingWALLs. Shoe's/Schugs use a "wall." The Schim-branch Skene's share the wolf head of Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus, the line of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches.

Quhar-like Quare's/Carre's are in the last update linkable to "Carrick," but I'd like to add here that Presleys/Priestlys once showed the same symbol as Kerricks for an Abruzzo line to Marjory Carrick, who married secondly the Abruzzo-line Bruce's.

English Walls look like they have the Zeal wolf head IN A CROWN for a trace to Ceraunii. Zeals (share black wolf with Saracens/Sarasins) are suspect in the motto of Hoods/Hoots whose crescents are colors reversed from the same of Saracens/Sarasins and Tonbridge's. The latter were first found in Kent with the Masters having a reflection of the English Wall Coat (share fleur-de-lys with Massena-branch Masci's).

Dingwalls use a gold fleece, and the mythical golden fleece belonged to Jason, whose Argo ship was filled with Boeotians (especially from Cork-like Orcomenos). Schimatari is in Boeotia with neighboring Tanagra, the latter being the home of mythical Orion, the lone to the Orne river that has Caen i.e. beside Crociatonum. The upper Orne (great place to trace the RasMUSSEN uniHORN, so to speak) has Ferte-Mace, home of Maezaei-line Masseys, who share the quadrants of Vere's (known to be from Manche = location of Crociatonum) who in turn have another "nihil" motto term. I trace "Tanagra" to Tankerville,s a branch of Tancreds who birthed the Guiscards, who made pacts with Sicilian Saracens to defeat the enemy Saracens (Muslims). In this picture, the Massena-line Masci's of Sicily may have named Mosca's after Muslim mosques.

Consider that "horn" and "corn" (note CORNucopia of Orion-like Ore's) meant the same thing, then ask if mythical Orion was the Coronis / Cronus entity, for Orion-like Uranus (shared urine symbol with Orion) was father of Cronus. Then, what do we suppose the ending on the "victORIAM" motto term (of Denhams) is for? There is an Orion/HIRAM/Iron surname at Airaines (near ABBEville) that was a branch of the namers Arran (near Boeotia-line Bute), where the first-known McCabe/McABBE's (Heron colors) were first found who share the fish of Caen-like Kane's. Herons (almost share crane with Denhams) use a green-Shielded version of the Orne/HORN herons). The Orion/Hiram/Iron cross is half that of the Berks/Bergs who link to the Galway cross, and the latter's cross has the stars of Salome's, from SALOME Boethus (family of Israel's Sadducees), a surname suspect from Boeotia, location of mythical Orion. Hams, sharing the McCabe SALMON (that's right, it's what it's called) were first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks. Hiram was made a mythical character by the Freemasons.

Tanagra is to Tankerville's, whose Chamberlain kin share the Salome stars too, on what looks like the Chaddock / Chadwick Shield (different-colored version of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat). These Chamberlains use a "nihil" motto term for Unelli-liner Neils/Nihills. Both Chamberlain surnames use donkeys for the DUNcan-branch Donkeys (HUNTING HORN) who trace back via king Duncan to the Chads, the latter first found in Norfolk, same as DUNhams, the Orions suspect in Denham motto, and the Skate's/Sheets sharing the Chad potent cross. St. Chad (of Litchfield), or his line after him, owned the crutch symbol that became the potent cross. Denhams look connectable to the Duncan / Donkey Coats. The crutch is code for the Croce- and Crick/Crack-branch Crutch's/Crooch's (share German-Wall pale bar), that's right, because Croce's/Cross' have a potent cross. The pale bar can be suspect for Pale's, who use a CAMEL while Colchester had earlier been, Camulodunum.

Wikipedia says that the god, Camulos, was associated with the god, Mars, but I think it's better to identify Camulos with the Mars/More's -- from the Marsi who named Mercians -- sharing the scallops of camel-using Pattersons/Cassane's.

It's known that Colchians were in the area of the COLapis/KUPA and neighboring Una/Oeneus rivers, and the Kupa is where Cups/Cope's/Colps (same place as the Skene branch of Schims, from Schimatari, home of mythical Orion) trace who are likely in the CORNuCOPia with the Ceraunii. Jason stole the gold fleece (ding-ding, I hear a bell) from king of Colchians. COLchesters share the Neil estoiles, you see, and the nails in the Arms of Colchester are for Nails/Neils. The latter share the saltire of Malcolm/Columns, and king Duncan was the father of Malcolm III.

Nails/Neils share the saltire also of Greats, and "greatest" is in the motto of Zeal-branch Sailers along with the Mosts who share this Arms of John Yonge, perhaps from the John Yong in the Roos/Ross write-up (dingWALL-dingWALL, there goes that bell again); it makes sense, especially as English Walls have a version of the MOSTer/Master Coat which has a uniCORN (yup, that's right) in a crown (yup, the Ceraunii symbol). Compare with the Archer / Larcher Crests, all three using "mural" crowns, sometimes called "CORONal" crowns, and then Spanish Muriels/Muro's use "walls"...that look like the gold towers (both colors) of Castile's. It should explain why English Muriels have the fleur-de-lys of the Walls using a mural crown. I assume that Muriels formed a Muro = wall variation when they married Walls, for Muriel Pollock was at Rothes castle in Muro-like Moray.

The white wolf head in the crown of the Wall Crest may be wearing a scarf because Scarfs share white wolf heads. While Deborah Birx wears a scarf at almost every task-force news conference, it's pretty amazing that the fleur-de-lys in the base of this Wall Coat (Lancashire, same as Muriels and Birch's!) is also the fleur-de-lys of Birch's. The latter had a Birches location in Cheshire, same place as the Wolfs/Lupus' and Hugh Lupus D'Avranches who himself used a wolf head in Scarf wolf-head colors. Wikipedia once showed Hugh's white-on-blue wolf head, then removed it for some years, then had it back, and now don't show it again. The Internet is either running out of room, of someone doesn't like what I say about his wolf head. His son's article still shows his white-on-red wolf head, which is surrounded likely by the crosslets of Gore's (white wolf in Crest).

While Saracen-line Sharks use the crane, the Arms of Saraca shares the fish of Neils / Keons/McCains, and fish are used also by Kane's and Cains/Kayne's (another red estoile), while John McCain had the Steele dossier delivered to the FBI while Bill Preistap was the chief FBI lawyer i.e. the one who would decide how the FBI should best handle the dissemination of the dossier for keeping out of legal trouble.

As Mose's/Moss (with "Mosce" in their write-up) use a "fleurie" motto term likely for their Florence elements, they were likely a branch of Mosca's of Pisa, though Mosca's were also in the province of Agrigento with Scute-like Sciacca, and as Sciacca's share the column likely of Malta's (share Roos/Ross lion), we are now at Valletta, the Maltese capital, the Sarasin-related line to Valletta's/Vallons smacking of "Valognes" i.e. at or beside CrociaTONum. TONbridge's share the crescents of Saracens/Sarasins. Wikipedia suggests that Sicilians from Gela (beside Messina), smack in the Saracen area of the island, founded Agrigento, and Gela liners should have been from king Gala of the Numidians on the coast of Africa facing Malta. Gala was also GAIA (father of king Massena), and so I trace his line to French Galli's sharing the Sciacca Chief, and the giant rooster of GAYs (Savoy, same as Massa's/Masseys expected from Massa-Carrara with Mosca's).

There is a Putin surname listed with Patients who have another gold tower (as with Mose's/Moss, Scute's, Spicers and Castile's), and the black Putin/Patient crescents could be those of Saracens/Sarasins. This could be suggesting a pointer to Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor who was part of U.S. Intelligence in framing Trump with collusion with Putin.

This Gala-Numidian line can be suspect with the naming of Galloway and the related Galway in Ireland, the latter being where crocoDILE Deans/Dene's were first found. English Deans/Dene's (same lion as DILE's/Dills) have a Chief colors reversed from the Massa/Massey Chief, and the latter are the ones who once showed the three boots (same colors) of Trips/Treffs though the latter now show three shoes instead i.e. pointing to the crocodile-leather shoes sold by ZLOCHevsy, chief of Burisma gas. The SLOCKs share a bridge in Crest with Galways, though Slocks use a triple-arched bridge, as do English Dockers, and here we can now add that German Dockers are listed with Ducks, an apparent pointer to James LeDuc at Galveston National Laboratory.

[Insert days after the Valery section below was written -- The Shoe surname shares the stars of Millians/Millens/Milans, and Sergei Millian ("Person 1" in Horowitz's report) was one of Steele's sub-sources for the dossier. The Misers/Massars/Messers, who look to be in the Millian/Millen/Milan motto term, "Miseris," have a Valery-like "valeureux" motto term, and this can identify Valerys / Valois'/Valours with the Vallibus/Vaux surname because it shares the Shield in the Arms of Meulan/MELLENT while Millians/Millens come up as "Mellent" too. French Massers/Masse's/Masseys were from Julia Maesa Bassianus, wife of Julius AVITus, and the latter's Vito/Vita line shares the annulet of the Cherrys in the cherries of the Miser/Masser/Messer Coat. As I've read that Wells were of the Vallibus', it's notable that the Wells are showing a giant, two-tailed lion (linkable with Meulan's line of descent to Simon Montfort) in the colors of the giant Millian/Millen/Mellent lion. In fact, Wells were first found in Lincolnshire with Messers/Messier's and TAILbois'.

Devin Nunes is not sure whether Millian (now in hiding) was in cahoots, or not, with the FBI, but can't find him to ask. I've not realized until now that the Millian stars are the Shoe stars, both blue like the Slock star. End insert]

The Shoe surname is also "Schuch/Schug," like the Skugal surname that comes up as Scute-like "Scoot." It's all making sense, and the fish of Kane's/Kayne's (same place as Cains/Kayne's) are in the colors of the McCabe salmon. As McCabe's share the salmon of Hams while Unelli-like Nelly Ohr was getting her ham-radio licence just as she was working for, or about to work for, Fusion GPS, I suspected that she was working in cahoots with Andrew McCabe, the FBI's deputy director during the attack on Trump. Ham-radio communication is far better for keeping dirty-work secrets than email.

So, here in this update I've shown Shark-line Saracens tracing to the crocodile line of Crociatonum on the one hand, and to Obama and the crocodile-shoe man in Ukraine on the other, friend/partner of the shark-tank man, at the very time that Trump is about to be swallowed by a shark, so to speak, that is this manufactured coronavirus crisis...which is the only method Trump's enemies have to up-end him in the election i.e. they are going to push it as hard as they can no matter how many laws they break, no matter how many sins they commit, no matter how bad they look to voters: this is their Hell-or-bust lunacy exposed for all to see. Their policy: smash now and pick up the pieces later.

Crociatonum was on or near the virus-like Vire river, and Vires'/Verona's share the Saraca fish in base along with Neils, and, apart from the fish, the Vires/Verona Coat is that of Lynch's who share the lynx with the Arms of Valognes. Then, recalling how the bat-using Bugs amazed us, Verona-like Verone's/Varenne's share the Coat of German Bugs, which show only three ravens/crows, and it just so happens that the mythical Greek crow was CORONis, sister of Ixion (chariot-wheel symbol), the latter suspect from Khyan, king of Hyksos (brought chariots into Africa), traceable to the Neil-related Keons/McCains and their fish-using branches. (If Wikipedia removes the Arms from the page above, see Arms-of-Valognes link earlier on this page.

Ray Had One Huck of a Freezer

This morning I had a disturbing dream. I can't recall much of it except that I was at the home of the Luffs, old friends of mine, when the wife, Valery, opened her mouth, and her tongue was a very long, moving, wavy, green snake. If you could imagine the highs of a S-like wave becoming the lows while the lows become the highs repeatedly, the tongue was waggling like that. I can't remember anything before that scene, but I do remember getting up to leave, but when I opened the door, I was looking into a pure white room like a walk-in freezer or something, like maybe where they put lunatics. I don't know what the meaning is, but Valognes just reminded me that Valerys use a so-called "wave" in Chief.

Valerys have a chevron in the colors of the same of raven-connectable Rollo's, and colors reversed from the same of Valois'/Valais'/VALOURs (roses). Rollo married Pappa of Valois. Scottish Ralphs/Rolphs (same place as Rose's) share the water bouget with Bugs and Rose's, while English Ralphs/Rolphs use three ravens and a trefoil looking connectable to the Shark Coat. Ahh, it just dawned on me: Coronis' son, Asclepios, was the mythical doctor of medicine, and his symbol is a coiled snake!

Recall that Whaleys/Walleys share the canton-with-mascle of Walls, for Valery-like Whalers/Wheelers use another item in a mural/coronal crown (compares well with Wall Crest), and it happens to be a white griffin head (used by several Pollock liners), same as in the Crest of Merits/Morets, probably a branch of the Murat variation of Spanish Muro's/Muriels. The latter's arrows are probably for the Arrows/Arras', the Crest of which has been resolved with the tower of Murena's/Moreno's/Moratins...very likely from Morano (old Murunum) on the Sybaris river along with SARACENa! Bingo, the snake-tongue dream led to the Shark line. The Murena towers are colors reversed from the walls (look like tower tops) of Muro's/Muriels.

Terentius Varro Murena was a Roman general who conquered the Salassi of Aosta, beside the VALAIS canton of Switzerland. He re-settled the land of the Salassi with Romans. Varro may have named the Vere's of Manche. I think it was his brother (Lucius Murena) who joined a Fannius Caepio in a failed coup attempt against Augustus Caesar. I wonder whether this Caepio was of the line to Joseph Caiaphas (I can see that surname as "Caeapa" to Romans).

Fannius-like Fanns are listed with the Vaux's/VALLibus'/VANCE's (descended from Lupus Laevillus) sharing the bend-with-star of Salome's, the latter suspect from Salome de Boethus of the Sadducees in Jesus' day. Caiaphas was a Sadducee, who married the daughter of the Sadducee high priest, Annas/ANANus. The Annas star is half in the colors of the stars above on the bend that is half the saltire of ANANS'/Annandale's. The Annan saltire as a cross is used by Adams, and that cross has the same stars, linkable to the Galway cross-with-stars. The Anans'/Annandale's are said to have been in Galway-related Galloway. Galloways share the Bruce lion while Bruce's went to live in Annandale.

Scottish Pike's/PICKENs (Ayrshire, same as Marjory Carrick, mother of royal Bruce's of Annandale), have the Annandale saltire in the colors used for it by Scottish Bruce's, and around the Pike/PICKEN saltire are those same stars shared between Fanns/Vaux's, Salome's, and Adams, but the Salome's and PICKENs use them pierced while Pierce's are a branch of Percivals (Somerset, same as Pierce's and Leavells) while Valour- / Valery-like WALERan de Percival was a ruler of Laevillus-line Leavell. Finally, PICKENs must be from PICENze, my mother's home town, for I feel sure that I've been able to trace the line of Caiaphas to that place. It's got to be named after Piacenza, for the proto-Anans'/Annandale's were from the Ananes Gauls at Piacenza.

I now know why I opened a freezer door in this morning's dream with Valery waggling her snake tongue. The Freys/PHREEZE's/Freeze's must be from "Pharisee." Frasers, with a "prest" motto term traceable to Abruzzo, share the Coat of Kims, first found on Bute, and then Bute's/Butts/BOETs have been resolved with the Sadducee house of Boethus, kin of Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia with Laevi Gauls, the line, I feel sure, to Lupus Laevillus. The Priestly-beloved Spice's love the Fine's/Fiens/Finis' in their motto, who are in turn in the colors and format of the Fiens/Fanes'/Vans.

Fannius Caepio may have been of Fano, at the northern end of PICENum. Fiens/Fanes'/Vans ("fano" motto term) use gloves, and Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Justine's and Wings/Winks, both from Justine of Picenum. Modena, location of Fanano, is where Marano's/Mauritano's were first found who are like the Moratin variation of Murena's, and so this is great evidence that Fannius Caepio is at the root, for he joined the Murena's in his coup (could have been related to each other). It is my established fact that Marano's/Mauritano's use the MontFORT lion, which belonged to Simon de Montfort, who took over the titles of the Beaumonts of Leicester and Meulan, and it was Beaumonts of Meulan who married Waleran de Percival. The Arms of Meulan (VEXin) shares the Coat of English Vaux's/Vallibus', recalling that the Scottish branch lists "Fann." Beaumonts share the lion both of Montforts and of Fine's/Fiens/Finis' ("FORTem").

I think I now understand why Fiens/Fanes'/Vans/PHONE's have a "Ne" motto term, for the Nee's/Knee's share the phoenix in Crest with PHOENix's/FENwicks!!! It was here that I loaded the Picenze article at Wikipedia to see that the eagle in the Arms of Picenze holds ears of wheat in the colors of the same in the Arms of Valognes (big surprise), and the LYNX in these Arms is even in the colors of the Picenze eagle...but the original point was that Loretta LYNCH met Bill Clinton for a criminal huddle at the Phoenix airport! Why did I load the Picenze article at this time?

This crossing of the Phone's and Phoenix's reminds of the story I've told a few times, that I WAVED at KIM Thomson (high-school girlfriend) the last time I saw her, as I drove by her going into a PHONE BOOTH on YONGE Street. We saw the Kims above with the Fraser Coat, when Frasers looked like the Freeze's/Phreeze's, as per the dream's freezer at the home of the Luffs (dream), where they had tongues waggling like WAVES (Valerys use a "wave"). Thomsons use a version of a Welsh Thomas Shield while the latter share the cinquefoils of Kims too. Kim Thomson. Kims were first found on Bute, origin of BOTHwells (Booth are Boths too) who have the Coat of lynx-using Lynch's!!! How can this be, that an old event in my early 20s should point to the Lynch's plane in Phoenix? The Clintons were even resolved with the Chief-Shield of Saluzzo's, Thomas', and Thomsons, from Thomas of Saluzzo.

I don't think I've ever seen a wavy saltire before until loading Bads. German Bads (Beders/Badenius' of the last update) share the Slock Coat exactly, but French Bads (Brittany) have a wavy saltire in Valery-wave and Valois/Valour-chevron colors, as well as a single crescent in the colors of the Valois/Valour crescent. It could mean that the dream this morning intends to touch upon Zlochevsky's circle. Note that while Hunter BIDEN was on Zlochevsky's board, Bads are also BADENius', for the Buttons/Bidens are said to have been in Bath and Wells, of Somerset, where Battins/BADENs and Baths were first found. Likewise on the same board was Mr. Archer while Archers share the Bad / Valois/Valour crescent.

Luffs are also Love's, apparently a branch of the Lovell variation of Leavells (share the triple piles of Yonge's)...if you catch the drift, it's the Levi-line PHARISees. LUFkins even share a version of the English Capone Coat while Italian Capone's (like the Caepionis surname of Caepio's) share a black lion wearing a gold CROWN with Jewish Levi's! The white room didn't necessarily look like a freezer, but I instinctively saw it as a walk-in freezer during the dream! Now I get it.

PERCiVALs (Valery Luff was also, Val) have a version of the Bellows Coat, who are in the "bellows" FANs of Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Luffs/Love's). Capote's/Chapus' (Caiaphas-like) have a rose-version of the Wray Coat, and here I can add that the freezer could double as a COAT closet because, after I opened the door to look in, I had to find the door out of the place, and it was beside this door to an empty white room. As "Capote" is the French / Italian word for "coat," perhaps this is pointing to a Christopher Wray partnership with Dan Coats, former anti-Trump chief of U.S. Intelligence. The Chief-Shield combination of Capote's/Chapus' is even in colors reversed from the same of Valerys, and even a version of the Valois/Valour Coat (FALC crescents, looks linkable to Fauchs/Falchs).

[Insert June 12 -- In the 2nd update on June, I discover that "Ray" is the middle name of Dan Coats. I apologize for neglecting to tell, to this point in this update, that Valery's husband was Ray. I do mention it below, and I had it above in the title to this section, "Ray Had One Huck of a Freezer". It tends to clinch the freezer as a Coat closet in pointing to Mr. Coats the deep-state lunatic. I wrote: "I've just checked the Marsh's because Dan Coats was married to Marsha, and they share the Chief-Shield colors of Valerys."]

[Insert May 1 -- DO NOT MISS Obama in a mouse trap late in the next update, where I find that Pepe's/Peppards (RAYmond fleur-de-lys) have a "VALORE" motto term as well as the three WRAY marlets!!!]

As the Wray Chief-Shield colors are those of Valiants (shark), it could seem that "VaLOIS" was a Valiant branch married to Lois', for the latter share the ostrich with the Ray Crest. It just so happens that while Dol Alans (of Arundel) married the daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo, she was a daughter of Lois-like Luis of Ceva. It's where I trace the Cavii, the line also to Chives' of Tarves, a location apparently from Tarvisium/TREVISo, and the motto of Freeze-like Forez's is, "Tout TRAVERs" (Travis' are also Travers). Fauchs/Faulchs were first found in Forez. It looks like a pointer to Fauci whether it's a freezer or coat closet. Reminder: Valery's snaky tongue led us to the CORONis > Asclepios line, at a time when the coronavirus is central news. You may have forgotten that a falcon holds an asclepios rod in the Crest of Huckabee's, whose Chief-Shield colors are those of Valerys. Instead of the wave, Huckabee's substitute wavy snakes.

AHA! her tongue was wavy, and because Webbers (gold border) use wavy bars, I figured that heraldic waves are code for Weavers. Can we believe it? Close's/Clovse's share a "fidelis" motto term and the same garb with English Weavers, as well as the stars of German Weavers/Webbers! So, it appears that it was indeed a closet too. As Weavers are kin of HAZels, note that a modern Has location in Albania is near the Close-like Clausula river.

I now see that Table's/Tapleys (Knutsford of Cheshire) apply, for we were sitting at a table when she opened her mouth to show her wavy snake. The Table's/Tapleys look like they share the fesse-with-fesselets of Weavers (Cheshire) because Webbers share the blue roundel (though call it a disc) with Table's/Tapleys...and with Irish Arthurs (the reason for king Arthur's round table). Tongue's lick while Licks/Lucks (share pelican with langue-like Langs) have a version of the Knutsford fesse. Licks/Lucks (from lake LYCHnidus that flows out through the land of the PENEStae) even share the black greyhound with Pendragon-related Pennys/PENES' (another lynx), and the latter's is courant (all fours off the ground), as is the black greyhound in the Valois/Valour Crest. It doesn't look coincidental. King Arthur (died on Avlona-like Avalon) was made the son of Pendragon and the wife (Ceraunii-like Igraine) of GorLOIS (ruler of Ceraunii line Cornwall).

(This paragraph is an aside. Gorlois' daughter, Elaine, thus looks like code for the Aulon/Avlona line to Alauna. Gorlois' other daughter, Morgan le Fay (code for the line of Vivians/VEYs, first found in Cornwall with Pendragons), was the chief witch of Avalon. Igraine-like Grains/Gransons (colors of the Ground/Cranny Chief) look like a branch of Grounds/Crannys with the crane. The latter's "proXIMi" motto term look like code for Kims of Bute = Avalon, and a boot is used by Dutch Veys while boots once showed with Trips/Treffs while English Trips share the crosses of Gorlois-related Gore's.

German Weavers use a "segni UNs" (Unelli liners?) motto term, and Segne's/SEGURana's have the Seager/Sugar moline in colors reversed while Seagars/Sugars have two coiled snakes around some sort of rod/staff, akin to the asclepios rod. Walks/Wauchs look linkable to the Wise Coat while the Wies' and Weis' share the Weaver Crest, all having wings like those in the Seagar/Sugar Crest...and, just realized, the latter are now said to have been first found in Devon, same as asclepios-rod Huckabee's! The wavy tongue speaks by getting us to Weavers who brought us back to Asclepios.

The Walker-related Scherfs/Schere's should be a branch of Austrian Schere's who use a green snake coiled around a "stick," and so "Scher" looks like a SEAGER branch. Why do English Walkers ("magna") have the Falcon crescents in colors reversed? Scottish Walkers, with the Chief-Shield colors of Walker-like Valerys, do have the Falcon crescent. Walker-like Falkers are listed with German Fulks (more wings). Austrian Schere's have ears of wheat," and they are again in the colors of the same in the Arms of Valognes / Arms of Picenze.

Italian Capote's use a mule while Mule's have two of the triple Luff/Love fesses. In fact, the Mule's have the Walk-like WAKE Coat but for one color. The WALK-in freezer / closet. The Walks/Wauchs were first found in Dumfries with closet-like Closeburn, and Close's/Clovse's look linkable to Walks/Wauchs. Close's/Clovse's share an item in a crown = Coronis > Ceraunii line with White's. It was a white walk-in room. Closeburn is on the Nith river, likely a line to Nitts/NAUGHTs (Dumfries, same as walks/Wauchs, and Wake's/Wachs use a "wake KNOT." NAUGHTens are in Fulke/Volk / Fleck colors, and therefore apparently use falcons (same bird as English Falcons). French Falcons were first found in LANGUEdoc with Coats-like Cotts/Cautes', which reminds that "langue = tongue."

Oh wow, Capote's/Chapus' were first found in Forez with Fauchs/Faulchs, who suddenly look like the Wauch variation of Walks/Wachs. What is this telling us about Dr. Fauci? That he's a lunatic in need of a white room to suppress his dangerous nuttiness? I'll bet it's telling that he's from the line of Joseph Caiaphas. While there is an online email with Fauci loving Hillary Clinton, Fox news refuses to address this to make it central to its reporting on him. Fauci is a snake trying to keep the lockdown going as long as possible. DANGEROUS NUT. Again, the freezer room was at Valery's place, and Valois'/Valours share the Falc/Falcon crescents. Fauchs/Falchs love the Thistle's, first found in the English Straight with the Majors sharing the Capote Chief. Spanish Majors share the checks of Spanish Falcons.

Walks/Wachs share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins (same lion as Levi's), the line to Fulks of Angers/Anjou, and this fleur is colors reversed from the same of Fulke's/Volks. Fulkers/Fuche's have roundels that would be red in colors reversed, the color of the same of Wake's (Lincolnshire, same as Fulkers/Fuche's). This is amazing. Mr. Luff was Ray, and French Rays share the escarbuncle with Hangers and Angers. Hangers are in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts (flags for Fulk-liners of the Fleck/Flag kind), and the "wake knot" of Wake's has got to be for the Knot variation of Cnuts.

OH WOW, Darlene Ray (my first girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms) was the second ice-cream girl, and I bought an ice-cream from her which came out of a freezer!!! God is thus linking the Ray-Luff dream to Darlene Ray (or "Wray), and it just so happens that the Shield with drops of Darlene's is shared by Cnuts/Knots!

OH wow, I almost missed it. English Rays have a stag / roebuck version of the Frey/Phreeze/Freeze Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. Ray Luff was in the freezer dream, and his tongue too was a snake. It scared me so much I got up to leave, but when I opened the door, there was the white walk-in freezer, and so I went to another door and got out of the place. End of dream.

[Long insert -- Darlene's share the Shield of Cnuts, the latter first found in Derbyshire with Darleys/DearLOVE's, wow. That is amazing because Darlene didn't name herself, yet it appears that a Darlene branch married a Love/Luff branch, tending to verify that the Ray Luff freezer does link for as-yet unknown (to me) reasons to the Darlene ice-cream theme. Richard DEARLOVE was the boss of Christopher Steele, and Steele's were first found in Cheshire with the Mare's in the Darley/Dearlove motto, and with the Masseys who probably share the Darley/Dearlove horse and fleur-de-lys. Masons/Massins (share LOVain/Louvain Coat!) have a motto fully within the Darlington motto.

Ray Luff died in a car accident, and, as I've said several times, Darlene Ray was in a car accident when we were together (about two months or less). She didn't get hurt, but, apparently, God caused her accident to tie her ice-cream theme to Ray Luff.

Darleys/Dearlove's were at BAKEwell, and Bakewells/Backwells/BAGwells (Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire), who may have named Bag-colored Bagleys (beside Derbyshire), share the three ravens/crows, I think, of German Bugs. King Cnut named Nottinghamshire, where English Bugs were early. The Bakewell/Bagwell bird is expected to be that of Errols, according to the Erle location to which Darleys/Dearlove's are traced. The Erle's have this: "Later, a branch of the family was found at Axmouth in Devon. 'The manor {of Axmouth} formerly belonged to the abbey of Sion, in Middlesex..." This is new and important for proving that Sitten/Sion in Switzerland was named partly by Seatons/Sittens, for their is a Seaton location at Axmouth (mouth of an Axe river). Darlene's were first found in Devon.

The Erle Crest could have a dart for Devon's Darts and Dartington. I did maintain that her ACCident was part-code for Axe-river liners and that it's part code also for Dents of SEDbergh, where I trace Seaton-like Sedans ("sed sino"). Erle's have a Dent-like "Tentes" motto term (Tints were first found in Somerset with Erle's). I did find that her ice-cream symbol could incorporate the Ise variation of Assi's (AXE head). Aha, "gel" means "freeze, and Tints named "TintaGEL" (Cornwall, same as Gale's) when they merged with Gale's (share blue unicorn with Tints). OH wow, Gale's are also Gails while Gail is the name of the wife of Don Frey!!!! WOW! Freys are Freeze's!!! Amazing. They were friends of mine.

BEHOLD THE REASON FOR THE HUCKABY FALCON (I conjecture). Hicks (same place as Hucks) use a BUCK's head. Miss Hicks appeared in a dream that began with my looking at a residential, kidney-shaped swimming pool. I rarely mentioned the kidney shape, but did mention it in my early tellings of this dream. I didn't realize that the Kidney/GEDney surname could apply until recently, for it has two fish in saltire, colors reversed from the Arms of Saraca fish. The Ged surname does have the Saraca fish in both colors, and Geds were proto-Geddes on the Nith river, according to a Geddes-family article online. Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith river (!), another glaring piece of proof that I correctly identified the woman in the shark dream as she. There is even a question on whether GedNEYs were named partly after Nee's/Knee's.

THE POINT IS, there is a bird on a brown tree stump in the Kidney/Gedney Crest, and the Huckaby falcons has a DEXTER claw on an asclepios ROD. Kilpatricks have a "dexter paw" said to be on the head of a dragon, and Dexters share the double chevrons of Hucks, indicating a Hick-line merger with Kilpatricks. THE POINT IS, if that's a falcon on the brown tree stump, it looks like the same of RODhams/Roddens, and then there is that asclepios ROD!!!! So, if Kidneys use a falcon on the Rodham stump, the dream with kidney-shaped pool looks God-arranged to indicate a Fauci conspiracy with the Clinton circle to swallow Trump alive.

The Gibbney variation of Kidneys/Gedneys could indicate a Gidney merger with English Gibbs, for the latter have a "Gibbe de HUCKenhale" of 1179 in Northamptonshire, where English Kidds/Kidmans (Ged colors) were found early. These Gibbs share the scallops of Lincolnshire's Tailbois' while Kidneys/Gedneys were first found on Lincolnshire. The design of the Ged fish has been changed to what look like pikes, the known Geddes' symbol. The Clapper Crest has a pike. Geds were first found in Fife, right beside the first-known Scottish Kidds of Dundee.

As there is a Cupar location (about 10 miles from Dundee) in Fifeshire, where Scottish Coppers were first found, it's notable that the saltire of English Coppers (Court/Covert colors) is blue, the colors of the fish-in-saltire of Kidneys/Gedneys/Gibbneys. The Saltire's/Salters were first found in Shropshire with Cuppars. Having said that, the latter's full motto, "Virtute," is a motto term of Pools. The kidney-shaped pool. It could reveal, if you trust the dream, that the black Cuppar saltire is the Kilpatrick saltire, and then both Kilpatrick Chiefs are in the colors of the same of English Coppers (Sussex, same as COVERts/Cofferts).

Kids of DUNdee were sandwiched between Cupar and Forfarshire (near the Dee river), and the DUNcans, first found in Forfarshire, would have a near copy of the Dog Coat if they used the chevron of their Donkey branch. Donkeys (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) look linkable to Rodhams. The bullDOG (knee height) fell/JUMPed into the kidney-shaped pool after it WALKed past my knee, as I stood on the pool's PATIo, and "pati" is a motto term of Duncans and Dundee's. Knee's were first found in County Down while Downs/Douns (Sussex, same as Coppers) have a stag in the colors of the Jump / Trump stag head. The Pattys/Patys happen to have a good reflection of the Nitt/Naught Coat, the latter first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, home of earliest-known Geds, BULLYs and KilPATricks. The BRITISH BULLdog jumped was in the pool, and Roger de Bully is in the Jump write-up.

Dogs share the thistle with Paisleys, and Paisleys share the Jump rose, and Pool-line Pollocks were at Paisley, in Renfrewshire with the first-known Hamiltons who share the Dog cinquefoil. Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick, and 15 years after this dream, I purchased a British Bulldog (giant, fiberglass) in Hamilton, Ontario. So, even if the British surname can't be included in all of these heraldry connections, we might reason that God provided a British bulldog in the dream (unmistakable species) to help prove that Mrs. Kilpatrick was the women in the dream. It's apparently very important for this revelation that she be identified.

We can even link the shark's teeth to this by way of Tooths sharing the giant griffin of Bumps/BumPUSS'/BumPASE's while Pussys/Puseys have the triple chevrons of Pasleys in colors reversed while Paisleys (Pasi/Pace branch) are Pasleys too. On top of this, the Hamilton cinquefoil is that also of Pus-like Bus'. Pussys had an early Pusey Wiltshire, where Bullis'/Bulliards and TUTE-related Mortons were first found. As has been said, the Tooth motto has the Tyne river, and that's from the area of Lauderdale, and the Lauders/Letters from that place have the giant Tooth griffin too, and were first found in Berwickshire with teeth-like Teets/Tate's (Annandale Coat). The Kidneys have a brown tree stump with two sprouting branches, and Rodhams together with Scottish Lauders/Letters (near early Rodhams) have the same stump but with three sprouts each. Is this connecting Hillary Rodham Clinton to the sharks teeth?

BEHOLD how Fort Detrick becomes the shark's teeth. Peter DITHers of the Teeter/DETRe/Deter write-up is just excellent because Diths are listed with Deaths/D'Aths while DETRicks are also DEATHicks!!! The shark's teeth are pointing to Fort Detrick as part of the manufactured corona crisis. English Tate's even share the Paisley/Pasley roses while the latter share the thistle with Fauchs. AHHH, the Deaths/D'Aths share the griffin of Griffins (we may assume)!

While the crows of two Tate Coats could point to the coronavirus, Teeters/DETERs might just be a pointer to Fort DETRick. The grapes of Teeters/Deters can be explained by the following in their write-up: "The five sons Peter Deterde (also spelt DITHers) were granted the feudal property of GRAPow by the Duke Bolislav in 1514." Grape's/GRIPPs/Grabbens are highly suspect with the House of GRIFFin in Pomerania, and Teeters/Deters were first found in Pomerania. The Arms of Pomerania, can we believe it, uses a red griffin, the symbol of Tooth-related Bumps/Bumpuss' and the Tooth Crest. The Tooth-related Lauders/Letters could have the Late's/Lets in their motto, for the latter were first found in Gloucestershire with Bumps/Bumpus', and have the Teet/Tate Chief-and-saltire in colors reversed.

The best I could do to find duke Bolislav in 1514 (married Piast Poland) is duke BOGislaw X of Pomerania, who is shown at his Wikipedia article with the same red-silver lozengy (on his sleeves) as Bog-like BAGs. The Detricks/Deathicks (share BOUGets with BUGs) were at Babington while Babingtons share the bat with Bugs, though in the black color of the bat of horseshoe-line Randolphs. Bogislaw was of the house of Griffin.

This insert seems to have brought us back to Huckabee liners that Ray's waggling tongue took us to. Ambers/Lamberts have the double chevrons of Hucks (Yorkshire, same as Wheelwrights and Hicks) in colors reversed, and Huckabee's were first found in Devon with Raymonds (Hicks fleur in colors reversed) and Hykes'/Hacks. French Raymonds look like they use a version of the CREMer Coat because Raymundo's (share Fisc and Atha Shields) were first found in CREMona in Lambert-like Lombardy. That's the ice-cream line...related to a freezer, right? Rayburns use a roeBUCK, and Hicks use a buck's head.

The Piast Poles (produced Mieszko's) produced king Cnut, grandson of Mieszko I of Poland, and Cnuts/Knots were first found in Derbyshire with Detricks/Deathicks. We read: "...Dethick, AMBER Valley, Derbyshire." I know by heart that Ambers are listed with French Lamberts, from Mieszko II Lambert. As I've said many times, I met and became close to Mandy Simpson (Texas), who was divorced from Mr. Deeter, and here I can add that Detricks were first found in Derbyshire with Mandys. Derbys share the red antelope in Crest with Wheelwrights, and Mieszko's descended from mythical Piast the Wheelwright (code for the surname).

Those who are following my proposed mystery concerning Hope Charlotte Hicks (back in Trump's White House now) and Rob Porter, since Miss Hicks (of the dream) was born, Charlotte Hicks, note that Hope's, first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Knots and sharing a similar Coat with them, share the Notting besants while Nottings share the French Porter bend. Mandys (Derbyshire) share the bird leg with Joslyns who in-turn have hawk's BELLS on their chaplet-like wreath. English Porters use bells. While Hicks use a chaplet with their buck's head, Hixons/Hicksons have legs of some bird that in colors reversed would be gold, the colors of the Joslyn leg. The Fairs in the Joslyn motto have the anchor of German HOPE's/Hoods in colors reversed, and Hoods/HOOTs, first found in Devon with Huckabee's and Hykes'/Hacks, look connectable to the Hooters and hover-like Hoovers, for the latter share the giant bird leg of Hooters. So, the hovering scene of Miss Hicks, coming after she was at the car's hood, appears to point to Hope Charlotte Hicks and Rob Porter.

[Politico April 27: "As one of the few aides Trump implicitly trusts, [Hope Hicks] urged the president to act as a frontman for the coronavirus crisis — a leader who could offer calming messages, critical health information and important updates on the progress of the White House’s response efforts, instead of delegating those responsibilities to health officials or the vice president." That sounds as though she's sincerely on Trump's side. I like that better than if she's a spy for the shark, if the 1979 dream is pointing to her in an important role.

Hicks is not a scheduler, although she now works from the scheduler’s office in the West Wing, and she’s not a communications director, even though that was her old job. Now her responsibilities straddle both the management of the president’s daily calendar and the crafting of messaging based on news of the day, although it is quick to change. But most important, she has been a key figure in encouraging Trump to be front and center at briefings and events during the coronavirus response, viewing him as the voice that could break through and capture the most attention.

It appears I had her pegged wrong as a potential spy with Porter. She may now be the anti-shark factor to get him out of the shark's mouth.

Oh wow, the same article had "...Hogan GIDLEY, the White House principal deputy press secretary." The shark was in a kidney-shaped pool while Kidneys are also GIDNEYs!!! It looks like confirmation that the woman of the dream was acting as Hope Hicks, though the latter has dark hair that does not match at all. To explain this, there would need to be a very compelling reason as to why the woman in the dream wears blonde hair, though in real life it became suspect as a wig. Hmm, okay, I see that French Blonds show only gates, and while Porters use gates, this could be a pointer to Bill GATES, especially as Kidney-related Geds are the proto-GEDDES'. Maybe that's why the dream lady had blond hair, to support a pointer to Hicks and Porter by this route. End insert]

This is a good place to repeat from above: "...Galway in Ireland, the latter being where crocoDILE Deans/Dene's were first found...pointing to the crocodile-leather shoes sold by ZLOCHevsy, chief of Burisma gas. The SLOCKs share a bridge in Crest with Galways, though Slocks use a triple-arched bridge, as do English Dockers, and here we can now add that German Dockers are listed with Ducks, an apparent pointer to James LeDuc at Galveston National Laboratory." One Bridge surname, with the Tooth griffin = Pomerania griffin in colors reversed, has a "gardeRAY" motto term, and the other Bridge's have Grapow- / Grabben-like crabs. Zlochevsky is said to be a silent partner with Kolomoisky, owner of a shark tank. Doesn't it appear that the shark's teeth, in relation to the Detrick and Galveston labs, are pointing also to these Ukrainian factors?

An amazing thing just happened. It was noted that "Mundays were succeeded by Sir Francis Godolphin" (in Mandy write-up), and when loading Godolphins, there was a "call" motto term, recalling the three trumpets of Calls (Wiltshire). Just as I was wondering whether the drawings of the coronavirus use trumpet-like suckers / suction cups in secret honor of Trump because he's actually part of the corona conspiracy (he's gotten a lot of money from this), a song over my speakers sang the word, "call." It was bang-on while I was thinking that thought while viewing the Call Coat. The song is, "GOOD CHRISTIAN MEN Rejoice," and the Mens' with Mandys/Mundays are probably from king Maccus of Man (CHRISTIAN/Christine's were first found on Man!), as are Mackays who share a "manu" motto term with Calls. Make of it what you wish, and it's Saturday as I write this insert, the day I often get songline miracles just like this one. Perhaps the Call trumpets do not relate to Trump, but only to the trumpet-like thingies they draw on the virus.

It recalls that CHRISTINE Peare was given symbolism pointing to Goods/Guts and Goths/Gothelo's, and then there is GODolphin looking like a Good-line merger with Dolphins/Dolfins (Goth/Gothel colors). It just so happens that the double-headed eagle of Godolphins is colors reversed from the same of JOICE's, the latter looked up as per, "Good Christians Men ReJOICE." That's one heck of a miracle job. Joice's probably use the Ferte eagle because Maccus was probably from Ferte-Mace.

Plus, the Goth/Gothel hexagram is on the double-headed eagle of Jeepma's/Cheps, which is in the colors of the double-headed eagle of Belly-like Belows (Pomerania)! Christine Peare's pointer to Goods/GUTs was from her belly symbol (a gut is a belly)!!! WOW, that symbolism pointed to the shark's teeth wrapped around the belly of the bulldog, and that dog is Trump!!! We could say that Trump's head was in the shark's gut, for the dog was halfway into the shark's mouth when that scene ended.

I've already been over the Below link to Calls/CALLES', for English Belows use a Calles-like chalice, while Bellows (Men's Shield?) were at CALLouville of Pas de CALAIS. The latter was home to Eustace II whose wife's (GODA) grandfather was GOTHELO (Goth/Gothel line). Eustace II was father to GODfrey of Bouillon, and Bouillons use a "BELLO CHRISTI" motto term, you see. That's why Miss Peare was given a belly symbol, though by that time she left me for Ukrainian Kepke. We met her when Kepke and I both sold shoes as a pointer to Zlochevsky's crocodile shoes. Bellows share "vita" with Joice's (same place as Tillers).

When I ended the last paragraph, within seconds, "Ill Fly Away" came over the speakers, and that gives me confidence to say what I was prepared to say anyway. When Miss Hicks hovered over the seats of the car, I woke her up, at which time we rose into the sky embraced, like in the rapture at the 7th TRUMPET. As this dream started with Trump in the shark's mouth, I'm wondering whether there will be victory over Christians at this time due to president Trump. We sure hope so. In other words, whatever God meant be, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up," it should amount to our God-provided victory over the iron-fisted, deep-state shark.

Also, it's online that a Hicks family married Arthurs of Clapton when the two surnames came to share CLARion trumpets (Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Tigers). The trumpet-using Calls/Calles' were first found in Wiltshire, near Clapton (Somerset, same as Meads/Meats), and then these same Arthurs of Clapton are online marrying the Meads/Meats (share pelican with Arthurs) whose Coat in turn is essentially a Godfrey Coat. The Prets in the Mead/Meat motto share the triple stars of Rions suspect in "ClaRION." "TOUT pret" is the motto of Morays, and Bellys (share Paisley/Pasley stars) were first found in Moray; English Belows (chalice) use Tooth-like "Tout" too (as do trumpet-line Hicks, first found in Yorkshire with Belows). There is a Chalice/Challes surname, by the way, from Pas de Calais, but, as an English surname, they were first found in Hertfordshire (London's northern outskirts) near the first-known Pussys, and the Tooths of London.

Medleys and Methleys can be connected to Purys (Oxfordshire, same as bellow-using Shiptons) suspect in the motto of Bellows (CALLouville), and it just so happens that the three fesses formed by the triple Call/Calles trumpets are in the colors of the triple fesses of Oxfordshire's Pussys (see also Moise's). The Arthur motto is suspect with the Hobs/Habs whose fesse and tiger makes them look like a branch of MEDleys (tiger) and Methleys; the latter were a Mead/Meat branch. It's really making the trumpet of this discussion a mystery. Is Trump a good guy or bad? Is he in, or going in, the shark's throat because he's part-participant in this corona crisis? That's what the news looks like to me.

Remember: Pussys and Pasleys (versions of one another's Coats) are of the Bumps/BumPUSS'/BumPASE's who share the griffin both in the Tooth Shield and Crest. God led me to Bumps via a bump on my GUM that issued a little PUSS, at a bad MOLAR, and Gumms/Coms (near London), with variations like those of tooth-using Comey, look related to Bellows. Mollers are listed with Muellers. It looks like I was permitted to get this bad tooth as a pointer to the Comey-Mueller team at the FBI, stacked to the skies in sins. The dentist sabotaged the molar and caused it to develop rot, and Jewish ROTENs with Jewish REITmans share the Molar hexagram, looking like a pointer to Rothschilds and also to Rodhams/RODDENs. You can't make this stuff up. Miss Peare worked at Reitmans clothing when I met her, when I was selling shoes.

I kid you not, that less than five minutes after I thought this insert was finished, I changed the song playlist, and went to the news. The first song on the playlist is Flawless (MercyMe), with the line, "no matter the BUMPS." End long insert]

As Rays and Phreeze's/Freeze's are in the colors and format of the Heron herons (probably play on the crane line of the Orne-river area), note that the latter's Haveran variation is like the Avaran name of a MACCABEE of Israel while Sadducees and Pharisees popped up out of the midst of the Maccabee king-priests. Then let's add that the McCabe's are also MacAbee's. Now, let's repeat:

Then, what do we suppose the ending on the "victORIAM" motto term (of [crane-using] Denhams) is for? There is an Orion/HIRAM/Iron surname at Airaines (near ABBEville) that was a branch of the namers Arran (near Boeotia-line Bute), where the first-known McCabe/McABBE's (Heron colors) were first found who share the fish of Caen-like Kane's. Herons use a green-Shielded version of the Orne/HORN herons). The Orion/Hiram/Iron cross is half that of the Berks/Bergs who link to the Galway cross, and the latter's cross has the stars of Salome's, from SALOME Boethus (family of Israel's Sadducees), a surname suspect from Boeotia, location of mythical Orion. Hams, sharing the McCabe SALMON (that's right, it's what it's called) were first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks. Hiram was made a mythical character by the Freemasons.

It dawned on me that "FREEmason" was itself a Freemasonic code for the marriage of Freie's/Freys and Masons, for they share giant lions. As McCabe-related Hams and Hammers were both first found in the same place while being in the same colors, it's notable that German Hammers/Hemmers have nearly the Freie/Frey Coat. They say that "Maccabee" means "hammer/mace," and so naturally a Maccabee line (Maceys/Mace's from Ferte-Mace off of the Orne use a mace) would be drawn to forming a Hammer surname from a Ham-family line. There was also a CURTUS Maccabee, and while Curtis' are in the colors of Courts/Coverts, the latter were first found in Sussex with Hams, Hammers, and Saddocks.

[Update May 1 -- The Freie/Frey Coat is like the Cal/Kall Coat yet the latter uses the split-colored Hanger griffin while Hangers and Angers share the escarbuncle of French Rays. This looks like verification that the dream is from God, and that Freeze's/Freys are the intended object.]

OH WOW, I think I know why there were two doors in the dream: to make me study the Doors. This was the best time to load them because Irish Doors, first found in Galway with croc Deans/Dene's (other Deans/Dene's = Sussex with Hams / Hammers), have the same lion as Hammers/Hemmers (Austria, same as Dorrs), essentially, and then German Dorrs have a "glORIAM" motto term with the same ending of the "victORIAM" of DENhams, the term that got me onto the Orions/HIRAMs/Irons in the first place. IRONside's even have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of English Doors/Dorrs.

OH WOW, it just so happens that Hammers/Hemmers and Dorrs (same place) share an "ad" motto term that points to Aids/Ade's because Dorrs have a "majOREM" motto term that I can glean with the Orme variation of Orne's, and therefore with the Orms surname. French Orms' were first found in Forez with Fauci-like Fauchs, you see, and he works for AIDS programs. Fauchs love Thistle's, first found in the Channel Islands (off of Manche) with the Majors (Anchor kin) in "majorem." "Saint-Fulgent-des-ORMES is a commune in the Orne department..." English Orms' have a dolphin (with the Dunham spear?) while Dolphins/Dolfins (dolphins in Arms-of-Saraca and Neil/Nihill colors) have another "nihil" motto term. As I'm claiming that the Dol Alans were at Alauna, note that DOlfins have dolphins in the colors of the Dol whale.

Recall that Fauch-like Wauchs variation of Walks/Wachs, for it was a WALK-in freezer. The Wake's were in the hovering scene -- at the DOOR of a Denham-related car -- of Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Walks/Wauchs (Fulk-linkable) are connectable to Kilpatricks while the Hovers/Hoffers are the first ones to point to Fauci's AIDS programs. The hovering scene became connectable to Kaufmans/Kaufers very lately, and they use the anchor as code for Anjou liners. Jewish Kaufmans, I've just learned, share the crescent of Wacks (new surname). The freezer room looked to me like a place where they put straight-jacket WACKos! Anyone who advances this stay-home lock-out just to tarnish Trump politically is a bona fide, snake-tongued lunatic.

Perkins (share Walk/Wauch fleur) are from Perga, and from the family of Tertullus, husband of PLANCia Magna, the line to Plants/Planque's (Plantagenet Fulks), Walkers "(Magna"), and to mythical TERTULLus, roughly the great-grandfather of the Anjou Fulks. It just so happens that Toothills (share Falc/Falcon crescents) have a TURTLE variation, and look connectable by their Coat to Valerys and Valours. The Turtle/Toothill/Toutehill Crest looks like a leopard version of the Levi / Perkin lion. TOUThills/Toothills are connectable to the "Tout" motto term of Forez's. The Perkin fleur is that also of Courage's in a Falcon motto.

Without going over it all again, I trace the pagan Levite, Jonathan of Laish (book of Judges) to mythical Oeneus, a king of Calydon in Greece. It's just that the Unelli are very traceable to the Una naming of the Oeneus, which named the chief Roman goddess, Juno. She was married to Jupiter, which was code (my personal discovery) for the Japodes on the neighboring Kupa river. I trace Junia Caepio to these rivers, and expect the pagan-Levite line there too. The sharing of black piles between Una-river Youngs/Youngs and Leavells of ROXburghshire plays well to this picture, for tracing Lupus Laevillus to these rivers, for the rock and double-headed eagle in the Arms of Rijeka go to Maxwells of Roxburghshire, and Rijeka is on the north side of the Japodes. It's interesting that Japodes-like Capote's/Chapus' are linkable to the mule of Italian Capote's/Capone's while Mule's have a white-Shield Coat version of Wake's, kin of the Ore's/Orr with a cornuCOPia and three piles colors reversed from the same of Tancred-(Tanagra)liner Guiscards.

With the freezer doubling as a coat closet, it recalls the mouse story of a couple of years ago: "The mouse that represented Dan Coats, which came up to my floor though the coat closet, was first spotted under the fridge. It then went back through the hole in the coat closet to a mouse trap in the loft, and got killed in that trap sitting right beside a RAT trap suspect as a pointer to John Ratcliffe" (1st update in August, 2019). Note the Luff-like LOFT. The reason that this event seemed like a pointer of God is that a DAN was over (he comes over once per year or less), yet on this occasion he asked me what the thing was hanging on the wall in the COAT closet. It's the tankless water heater, and its gas pipe goes through the floor at the hole where the mouse got in. It was under the freezer-like fridge when I first spotted it. John Ratcliffe has been nominated by trump to replace Dan Coats.

Actually, there are twin holes in the floor, both touching the other, one for the gas pipe, and the other for the overflow HOSE I haven't yet installed to the tank (the latter is the one the mouse came in by chewing away the tissue paper I had stuffed it with). The Hose's are HUSEBYs/Husabie's too, like the Huckabys/Huckabee's to which Valery's tongue pointed, and while the dexter claw of the Huckabee falcon holds an asclepios rod, Dexters (Huck chevrons) were first found in Leicestershire with Hose's/ though God arranged a connection between that coat-closet and the freezer/coat closet in the dream with Valery.

Back to Phoenix's and Phone's. The "Ne vile" motto phrase of Fane's/Phone's can be for the Neville's having the Anans/Annandale saltire in colors reversed. If you care to find things on this map of L'Aquila, go down highway 17 past Picenze until you get to Neville-like Navelli, and then go a little further on the same highway to Popoli, for Popoli's were first found in Naple's with founders of Picenze, and with the Capone's. Yonge's are Una-river liners (i.e. expected to be kin of Unelli at Valognes), as are the Jeune's and June's that Yonge's love in their motto, both first found in Cambridgeshire with English Capone's (share Yonge lion), and suspect from one or the other, Junia Caepionis. She descended from Quintus Caepio, and Quints were first found in Essex with Yonge's and Valognes-area Vere's, but also and with Gore's sharing the fesse of Unelli-like Nellys. Aquila's were first found near Naple's at Benevento.

Now as per Popoli being near Navelli, let's go to Nivelles in Belgium, right beside La Louviere, and only about 35 miles from Landen, home of Pepin. One Louvier Coat shares the Vaux and Arms-of-Meulan checks, indicating connection to Leavells/Lovells, and English Louvier's are listed with LouVAINs/Lovaine's (named Louvain in Belgium), looking like they were connected to the Vain variation of Fane's/Phone's i.e. the ones with the "Ne vile" motto phrase looking like it's code for Nivelles, for La Louviere is smack beside Mons while Fane's/Phone's were first found on MONmouthshire. I'm wondering if mythical Popiel of the Goplo mouse tower was of Popoli elements. Poppa of Valois is coming back to mind.

I had taken a look at Tongs/Tongue's as per Valery's snake-tongue, but I had nothing to say, aside from heraldry being filled with tongues. However, I've just spotted Tongeren near LANDEN. Valery lived on LONDON Rd. when I knew her. Landons (with an 'o') share the black bear head with PerciVALs. It dawns on me here that since Louvains and Brabants are two Belgian elements first found in Kent with Masters, the latter may be from MASTRicht, beside Tongeren. TONbridge and GREENs were from Kent who together can form, Tongreens. If this is not the correct derivation of "TONGERen," then perhaps from TANAGRa > Tankerville's / Tancreds/Tanks / Tacks liners. I do see Sadducees from the Tanagra area. It's at least close to the Caiaphas-like Cephissus river.

Ahh, I have it. Tongs/Tongue's have nearly the Coat of English MOUNtains/MountNAYs (Essex, same as Nays/Neys) while Mons' are listed with Mounts/Mounds. The Nays/Neys look like they might be kin of Feins, but in any case they share the Babe Coat (six bars) while Babenbergs were founded by Poppa-like Poppo I. Valerys are like the Valours of Valois'/Valais', and Poppa was of Valois. It fits Valery's tongue. Poppa's daughter, Crispina, reported married a GRIMaldi, and Greens are also Greme's/Greems ("VIRidis").

Oh wow, I've only just loaded the Huckabee's because I know they use Asclepios rods (see the wavy snakes, the exact shape of her tongue). I should have done this the last time Asclepios was mentioned, in the paragraph with Valerys and Valois'. The Huckabee Chief-Shield colors are those of Valerys, and Huckabee's use five of the one Valery chevrons i.e. same colors!!! BANGO, proof that the dream was Inspired. I have record of the Huckabee Crest: "A falcon holding in the dexter claw a rod of Aesculapius all proper.'" Dexters show the double chevrons of Hucks (Yorkshire, same as Hicks)! It's the Hyksos, from Ixion's nephew, Asclepios (son of Apple-like Apollo). Apple's and Applebys share the Tong/Tongue martlets. The English Falcons in the Huckabee Crest share the Valery chevron, and French Falcons share the Valois/Valais/Valour crescent.

Huckabys were at a BUCKland and Hicks use a buck. The Luffs/Love's have three lion heads in the colors of the three lions of Bucklands (probably a buck in Crest) and the giant lion of German Bucks. The earliest Luffs/Love's are said to include "Love del HOK" in Oxfordshire, near the first-known Buchlands in Buckinghamshire. Nearby is Berkshire, and Berkshire's use the fret in the Buckland canton. So, Valery Luff took us to Huckabys, and Huckabys to what could be the Luff/Love lions in the Bucks suspect with the Hyksos king, Apachnas. The Buckland Coat is almost the Mary Coat, and Marys were first found in Norfolk with English Bucks, who look very connectable to Falcon-related Conte's. Conteville's were from John de Burgo, the line to Berkshire-like Berks/Burghs. The latter are connectable to the cross of Galways, and Galways can, I think, be connected to Galves' who share the Buck / Buckham / Mary / Hatrick lion. In fact, it's also the Sauer lion while Sauers are said to be from Mr. Galleri while Gallerys are listed with Galloways.


The more I hear John Solomon, the more I see that he's been too cautious, and therefore slow to understand what the FBI was doing against Trump. But it's worse than that, because he's not seeing things properly, even though he knows so much of the pertinent documents. In this Bongino interview below, Solomon gives his theory that when Russian Intelligence got wind that Steele was involved in gathering election mud, Russians fed Steele mud both for Trump and for Hillary. I don't know if Solomon is playing here to get some FBI people off, such as Mueller, but he says a thing in the video that makes me think he's a Barr boy, seeking to make Mueller look, not guilty of first-degree crimes and obstructions, but merely duped by the Clintonites who ruled his brain. SOLOMON, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? Snap out of it.

The Russian government was not feeding Steele anything at an official level, because the Putin team wanted Trump to win (this longing was all over Russian-state media before the election)...because the Obama administration had outed Ukraine's pro-Russia president, and was making things hard for Russia on many fronts. Putin was hoping the hope of hopes that Trump could change some of those things, for he campaigned as a friend of Russia. Therefore, Mr. Solomon, it's ridiculous to claim that Putin was feeding mud on both Trump and Hillary through Steele. Rather, some free-wheeling Russian Intelligence people, and likely others in Putin's government, were secretly -- apart from Putin -- feeding dirt to Steele on Trump, none on Hillary, because these had been engaged, or wanted in the future to be engaged, with the Obamaites in corruption schemes, and so they wanted Hillary to win.

Steele probably knew exactly who to go to for the dirt. It is wrong, Mr. Solomon, to say that Russians volunteered the mud all on their own initiative, and that Steele simply relayed their "grants" to the FBI, thus making Steele and the FBI appear duped but not guilty of sedition. This idea is what some FBI notes may lead the reader to believe, but that's just an FBI safeguard / measure to appear duped by the Russians. In reality, judging from all that's been made known thus far, it's obvious that Steele was paid to go get the dirt, and naturally, since Hillary was paying Steele to get it, her team would arrange the dirt givers for a meet-up with Steele one way or another. It wasn't the Russians seeking to find Steele, but Steele's "boss" seeking to find the Russians. This was not the first time the FBI conducted an abusive program of a political-hit type; it was good at it, experienced. Such programs had been on smaller scales (less than presidents), but FBI chiefs did it routinely in the political sphere, we can be sure, especially Mueller on behalf of the Bush's agenda. Mueller is an abusive, heartless snake, not a poor schmuck duped by Weissmann. Here's the interview:

As Trump didn't challenge the death numbers, his enemies will use them against him when the go-back-to-work process continues to see deaths, and the enemy may increase the death numbers falsely through hot months to make Trump's fortunes go lower still. Trump is almost poised to feed his voters to the sharks, because he schmoozes with the enemy rather than preventing their attacks. He's learning to prevent the attacks, but not doing enough. The enemy is saying that corona killed more in a month than all other flus combined kill in a year. Trump's team had best expose the hoax in those corona numbers. Opening the economy with a headline like that is going to come back to bite him.

Here's the numbers for midnight on the 19th: 738,913 reported, 39,015 deaths, 68,285 recovered. It's a lie. Many more than that number have recovered since early March, and there is no way that the numbers could be the following two days later, 11 pm, on the 21st: 819,164 reported, 45,340 deaths, 82,973 recovered. That's now over 3,000 deaths per day, absolutely not possible under the lock-down situation. These death numbers are not curving down, but still going up sharply. The numbers are being inflated to keep Trump from opening the economy, meaning that we can make an easy prediction; the numbers should go up a lot more as states open their economies. This crisis is going to drag on, a very horrible situation: Democrats responsible should be shot by a firing squad on prime-time TV. On Ingraham's Tuesday show (see 42nd minute of video below), a medical speaker tells that the general consensus globally now (though not confirmed by peer review) is that coronavirus has a fatality rate less than a typical flu. If peer review will be controlled by activist Democrats, out the window this finding might go. The world cannot abide in good mental health under liars who lie about everything for political gain on top of their lies concerning reality itself, the purpose of life, etc.:

The speaker says that most don't even know they have the virus, while others suffer a harsh sentence, but I suggest that these are different virus'. I still hold to Kaufman's view that coronavirus does not exist. Instead, the testing for COVID-19 tests positive for multiple flus, maybe all flus, some harsh, some not. That's my current prediction. Guaranteed, if Democrats win the election, corona will go away. Democrats are threatening another lockdown next win if the people elect Trump; the more painful they can make this lock-down, the more they think they can get people to elect a Democrat.

Bottom line: the consensus amongst normal experts is that the deaths with people over 70, meaning that people should be allowed to get back out. Just don't take people over 60 with you to gatherings, and stay away from them after you do gather. Give the aged chloroquine in low doses hoping they get the virus on a mild basis to get over it. There is no other way. People need to eat. People will become armed thieves lest they starve at the rate we are going with this shut-down. But this is maybe what Democrats want, a complete break down that they arise to control.

On the same Ingraham show, there is an accusation that China is spying more on the United States now than before, but why does Fox take this accusation for gospel truth? Where does it come from? Can we not fathom a global-political motive behind it?

Headline this week: "Pompeo blasts 'wildly soft' Obama-Biden coddling of Beijing: 'Allowed China to walk all over us'" No, China did not walk all over the United States; it just supplied products that Obama allowed it to supply. Why attack China, Pompeo, if you're admitting that it was Obama's fault? Are you mad? Lost your sense of right and wrong? If someone wants to buy your peanuts up for sale, are you evil for selling them? Get you head on straight. Are you trying to turn the people on to war against China? Are you nuts?

Steele told a court recently that he wiped clean his computer files on the dossier and communications to Fusion GPS. It's an admission of guilt against himself and Fusion. There have got to be laws against doing things like that:

Here's Devin Nunes very ticked off about unnecessary redactions to FISA documents, still straining at the oars because Trump won't declassify things. Note in the video's "footnote" how the Republican-led Senate is supporting interpretations helpful to the deep state:

Here's Bongino's call to both the police and to Trump to do the right things, in the second half of the video:

Chloroquine news has been phased out even by Dr. Oz, while the leftists and the "experts" continue to claim that it's got dangerous side-effects, a horrible attitude deserving of Hell, for it amounts to murder. Those experts know it works, exactly why they don't want it prescribed, for they know it's not dangerous. There is no other explanation for the continued news that it cannot be used until proven to be safe in clinical trials. This is murder. I saw a video at Rebel News telling that old people who had corona were permitted back into their nursing homes in what seems to be deliberate murder. They are killing old people, I feel sure, and blaming it on this virus. People who die of all sorts of things are being lumped in with the official corona-count victims. The devil is in control, and Trump is losing this battle because he dancing with the devil's servants.

He can't afford a serious blow at this time, and there are multiple ways for his enemies to deliver such blows. He needs to reveal that the numbers of deaths have been faked too high, but he's claiming that the numbers are higher than the reported numbers because he wants to make people very cautious as they go back to work, or it will ruin his election chances further if the numbers start to climb. But by playing to the acute dangers of this virus, as his enemies are, he's stabbing himself. They can make sure the numbers go up. They don't control everything outright, but they play a heavy hand in anything. Just look at how they are forcing Trump to play their game.

Is the Brazil Study an American Trick?

I suggest you skip the mainly-garbage in the Oz video below until the doctor at 8 minutes, who says he got COVID. He was not-bad the first week, then fell very ill in the second week, entering the hospital, and he says, "I had to take chloroquine," and suddenly he was better. Why didn't he take it sooner? Who on Trump's political team (forget the task-force team) is doing the research to discover how many of the dead were given chloroquine??? I find this to be a stupendous crime if nobody puts the feet to the fire of doctors everywhere who are letting patients go to respirators without this drug. It's usually too late for chloroquine by then. People have testified that they recover instantly if they take it before going to respirators. Why is Trump dancing with that murderous BASTARD (I'm angry), Fauci, who downplays chloroquine? Do not be surprised if Trump suffers further, worse, as he deserves, for dancing with his enemies.

Anti-Trump media cherry-pick their stories, For example, the Gaurdian: "Researchers [in Brazil] planned to assess their outcomes after 28 days. But after 13 days, six of 40 patients in the low-dose group had died, compared with 16 of 41 patients in the high-dose group. Furthermore, five patients in the high-dose group had underlying heart disease, three of whom died." That's all it says. NO DETAILS. Why did they die? Were they far-along to begin with? What was the low-dose amount? What were the successes of the study? All other studies show successes, but you don't get this from the Guardian, because this article has a murderous political agenda.

Same article: "...a New York City doctor described 84 Covid-19 patients’ reaction to a five-day, twice-daily regimen of the drugs. The patients were monitored on electrocardiogram. Both drugs have independently been shown to increase patients’ risk of 'drug-induced sudden cardiac death'." GARBAGE. Nobody with lupus on a steady diet of chloroquine suffers heart problems. This is disinformation, and the author of this article is a murderous BASTARD. "Among the 84 patients, nine showed signs of potentially severe heart 'malignant arrhythmia' which could increase risk of cardiac arrest, although none had heart attacks." GARBAGE, the sentence is phrased as a trick, to give the impression of real danger. "POTENTIALLY severe" is the author's trick so that he can say, if questioned: "I didn't say those 11 cases were severe. I just said they had signs of something that could become severe." DECEIVER. If one person per 100,000 gets severe heart problems on chloroquine, then this author feels justified is using the language he used. This is how leftist magicians work, with slight of the word.

Same article: "At the end of the study, four patients had died of multi-organ failure..." Yes, but were they included in the trial because they begged to be, because they were on-track for dying anyway? What are the details? We don't get the details, we just get what the author feeds us, framed as a fatal chloroquine failure.

When we click from the article to details of the Brazilian study (written by another murderous BASTARD), we find that even the "low-dose" patients were given too much: "They compared a high dose of chloroquine, 600 mg twice daily for 10 days (total dosage, 12.0 g), with a lower-dose regimen, initially 450 mg twice daily on the first day, tapering to 450 mg once daily for 4 days (total dosage, 2.7 g)." American doctors are suggesting 200 mg daily after the first day at 500, and so that "low-dose" in the Brazil test a high side already...perhaps due to the patients being close to critical, or already critical. The GUARDIAN's author was deceptive in not mentioning this HIGH dose.

The article (below) then claims that only 75 percent of the patients tested positive for COVID, and so maybe the author should tell us how many of those who died DID NOT have COVID, don't you thinkie rinkie-dinkie?

The article goes on to deny that the doses were too high, and concludes that chloroquine is therefore a killer in too many cases, and this claim is made without stating the causes of death of those who died. It's not good enough to indicate what failures in particular the patients had who died, and then to make the reader believe that chloroquine may have been responsible for those failures. If they died of those failures, it wasn't necessarily chloroquine that killed them, but there you have the leftist's deception who is a VERY WILLING BASTARD to let people die if it means ruining Trump.

Therefore, when we read the following late this week, don't we expect a trick from American doctors who've sold their souls to the devil to destroy Trump: "But according to the latest, albeit not peer reviewed, US research, the malaria drug is largely ineffective in combating the coronavirus." A sentence like that is to be expected after weeks of bright chloroquine reviews. It's the come-back punch. The very next sentence: "Not only that, but in a direct comparison, the mortality rate after treatment with hydroxychloroquine is significantly higher at 28 percent." WHAT? People died more often with chloroquine treatment, in contradiction to what doctors were saying weeks earlier? YES, BUT OF COURSE we should read this as part of the leftist come-back punch.

Now look at the trick in the very next sentence that makes the author feel legally . morally safe in writing what he's writing: "In COVID-19 patients who were treated without the malaria drug, the mortality rate was eleven percent." The BASTARD then goes on to the Brazilian study, and of course the latter' mortality rate was higher than 11 percent. BUT STUPID, the mortality rate depends on how sick the test patients are in the first place. You can't pick a study out of your hat to compare with the Brazilian study. The patients in both groups need to be as close as possibly to one another in several respects.

The same article goes on to reveal, I think, that the CDC (USA) suggested the dosage for the Brazilian test, and so it appears that the CDC set the Brazil study up to fail, and moreover this makes the CDC guilty of murder:

The CDC recommended an initial dose of 600 mg plus another 300 mg after 12 hours, followed by 300 mg twice a day on days two to five (total dose 3.3 grams).

The physicians in Brazil [gave a dosage 1200 mg daily] noticed arrhythmia (significant extension of the so-called QT interval) within two to three days in patients receiving the high dose. On the sixth day of the trial, 11 patients died and the phase II trial was stopped immediately.

If the CDC was involved with the Brazilian study, shouldn't it have warned the Brazilians not to use such a high dose? Did the CDC secretly give the nod for such a high dose so that it could spread the terrible results throughout the United States in order to demonize chloroquine and thus kill tens of thousands more people???

Reuters: "When asked to elaborate on the study’s findings, the doctor involved said, 'All fatalities were on the average of the overall fatality in critically-ill patients, not higher. Patients died because of COVID-19...We still have no data on the efficacy of chloroquine for severe patients with COVID-19', he added.'" But who was this doctor, an anti-Trump American? Where is his name? No-name doctor, shame Reuters, great shame. How exactly was he involved?

Google stacks the first results page on the Brazilian study with leftist media, how can the world become sane ever again like this? Leftists are going to lie until Armageddon, there is just no stopping them now. Everything they say is to obtain powers over us, horrible. And Trump's administration has NOTHING done but make fun of leftist powers with his mouth. Why aren't they running away in fear?

Also this week as part of the return punch, this time by James Rogers at Fox news: "Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine showed no benefit in a large [Virginia] study of its use at U.S. veterans hospitals, researchers say...The study, which was paid for by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the University of Virginia, has not been peer-reviewed." Sometimes, the people who pay for scientific tests have already determined the outcome before testing takes place. National Institutes of Health is directed (controlled) by Tony Fauci, that's right, the MURDEROUS BASTARD without a Father in Heaven. We could have expected this study and it's nothing-results. The Washington Post was quick to tell this story, as we can imagine, giddy.

AP has a story: "About 28% who were given hydroxychloroquine plus usual care died, versus 11% of those getting routine care alone." Okay, but if this was rigged, they would give chloroquine to the sickest patients. Note that all test patients were military / veterans, and I think I can see why factions of the military would want the COVID crisis to continue. The article is a nothing-burger, just propaganda for the Fauci side, and adds the Brazil story for to clobber chloroquine all the more. And all the liberals applaud and shout for joy because the drug doesn't work, because it makes Trump look bad. Yup, they are all happy about it. Giddy. ABC put out the AP story but put up a disclaimer: AP is solely responsible for the case it helps to kill people, don't blame ABC. The LA Times says chloroquine is dead, but this can't be the end of the story...unless the deep state can assure that other REAL tests aren't done. It might be able to thwart tests in the U.S., but not in the rest of the world.

The left is mocking Fox now for having a dry period on chloroquine news. It's amazing how the left played-down the studies showing the drug to be effective because there was not yet sufficient testing done, and then with just this Virginia test, suddenly it's all the testing we need, game over. Let's celebrate, we won, the leftists are giddy. Those bad Republicans wanted to give chloroquine to people to save them, how stupid. HELL's FIRE's just got hotter in anticipation for media bosses who play this "game" this way. We expect Fox news to be the leader of this issue, to go find the details of the Virginia study, and report back the tricks. if not Fox, then who? Trump? He's too busy doing the one-step-forward-two-steps-back dance with the enemy. And Fauci just stepped painful on his big toe. There seems to be hope:

Following the [Virginia] study’s release, the [Fox] network’s overall tone has shifted. Many of the drug’s most vocal supporters have fallen decidedly quiet...Fox News did publish a web article on the study, but some of its chief proponents—including Ingraham and Tucker Carlson—failed to discuss it on their Tuesday programs. As for Trump, he last publicly mentioned hydroxychloroquine last week, telling a group of coronavirus patients who had recovered about it on April 14 and mentioning it during a White House task force briefing the previous day.

Hannity, however, is sticking to his guns. 'Notice the mob and media, you know going with this V.A. study, it’s even in the write-ups of it by the A.P. they’re acknowledging it’s flawed,' he said on his Wednesday radio show. 'And not a rigorous experiment.' Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, who has also promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine to combat the coronavirus, wrote off the study on Wednesday, calling it 'the latest example of the left-wing national media using a headline that doesn’t match the story'(Vanity Fair).

It's hard to comment on the reliability of the test since AP and others haven't given details, so far as I can find. How were the participants chosen? Who chose the participants? Was Fauci the decision maker? As Hannity and other Fox people have respected Fauci, shame, for they are now bit in the pants by him. Time to call Fauci out as an imposter, a murderous political animal. But Fox bosses may refuse to do so until he makes a fatal mistake before the public. The Washington Post has a headline: "[Yay] Chloroquine is no miracle cure for coronavirus -"

If Fox bosses want respect for Fauci, then those who have money-making contracts on Fox can serve to show how a good guy becomes a bad guy for a little money. It's not as though Oz needs Fox's paychecks to put food on the table, but, still, "On Fox & Friends, Dr. Oz reverses course on hydroxychloroquine, backs Dr. Fauci's call for randomized trials". That's a mediamatters yay-yay headline, and it may be phrased wrongly. I do believe that Fox the "good guy" will let the nation sink to the Iron Fist in order to keep lines of communications open for juicy news, achem, in order to keep the money rolling in.

I wouldn't say that Oz reversed course on Fox and Friends, but he did show what could be construed as respect for Fauci, though Oz may have been bucking against Fauci by saying, in effect, never mind this Virginia test (in which Fauci's organization was king): His words: "We are better off waiting for the randomized trials Dr. Fauci's been asking for." It seems like his frustration speaking because he's horrified by the nature of the Virginia study (but doesn't want to say on air so as to offend Fauci's org), and wants something which case Oz is not respecting Fauci. I have noticed in his own videos, however, that Oz has gone colder on chloroquine, and hotter toward the scare-the-world side.

Oz clarified what we could expect of tricksters: "The VA study looked [not tested] at older and quite-a-bit sicker patients."" Oz adds that the ones conducting the tests "looked back" at the data of people who had already died (i.e. not testing patients in real time), meaning (he didn't say it but I will) they could choose their test subjects to suit their desired outcome: chloroquine failure.

On Tucker's Friday show, a new antibody study, this time in Miami-Dade, suggests that the fatality rate is 1 per 1000, and that six percent of the population has the virus. If that figure is extrapolated nationwide, then about 20 million Americans have had it. However, as Florida is currently in 8th place for COVID-19, the 20 million figure should be lower.

Tucker throws a bomb to the left field in this video, saying that the left made chloroquine "the medical equivalent of Vladimir Putin." Good one, Tucker, so bang-on true. Tucker then goes on to show that the yay-yay at Washington Post includes its correspondent, Philip BUMP, interesting for me because the Bump/Bumpuss surname (version of Tooth Coat) was a part of God's indicator for the shark's teeth that had Trump firmly in its grip (my 1979 dream). I realize it sounds mad, but that's what I've written. Let's see if Mr. Bump becomes somewhat of a ring-leader for the assault on Trump.

There's a clip on Tucker's show leading me to believe that, in the Virginia "test" patients, chloroquine was administered only when they were at or near death's door, and so the obvious question: why doesn't Fox go discover why the doctors / hospitals were not administering the drug sooner, since it seems to work in the earlier stages? Are they using it in the later stages only so as not to be sued for not using it at all? That's not going to be a good excuse. The more the left chomps down on Trump on this matter, the more there will be people asking these questions, and finding some answers.

I surf with ads turned off because I'm limited on downloadable data where I live, and so I can't get videos at Fox news, in case you wonder why I always share Fox shows from youtube.

It could be that vitamin C denies COVID it's most lethal effects: "The FBI raided a medical office in Michigan [April 23] evening over their offerings of a 'questionable' coronavirus treatment. According to WXYZ, officials at Allure Medical in Shelby Township recently promoted that they are treating COVID-10 patients who were not hospitalized using intravenous vitamin c therapy." Why would the FBI get involved unless the vitamin works? This could be evidence that the deep state wants the crisis to grow.

Ingraham's Friday show was a chloroquine-packed show, with more good news from abroad. She said that a Turkish person was shocked at the American chloroquine situation since nobody in that country regards it as dangerous. However, the FDA (drug administration) on Friday continued with its unacceptable guidance on chloroquine, wanting to restrict it to hospitals and experiments i.e. do the New York thing nationwide. Why? Due to, you guessed it, heart threats. Yup, no sooner does the Brazil study "prove" that the drug is dangerous to the heart that the FDA and all the media blowhorns step in to limit the chloro-success story. When I say "chloroquine," it's short for hydroxychloroquine, the mild form. I didn't check whether they were using this mild form in the Brazil study.

Translation of FDA statement: only to the sickest of patients, not to people who visit family doctors in the early stages, or who want to get tested and then see a family / clinical doctor to get the drug. FDA = MURDERER, there is no other explanation. THERE IS NO OTHER way to see it. THE FDA IS COMPLICIT with a scheme to kill people, and to have them get infected in large numbers, thus risking peoples' well-being, and keeping the world closed longer. How Trump can dance with these people, it just goes to show how the wicked powers control even presidents. The leftist media must be banned or leashed, or Western civilization is hell on earth. It's not an over-statement.

With the states starting to re-open for all people, the onus is on the FDA to get chloroquine to people either before, or shortly after, they get the disease. Otherwise, the FDA is guilty of killing people according to its own knowledge of things. The FDA knows that chloroquine may not work well enough to undue a late-stage illness. The onus is on the FDA to get the drug to people as soon as they are tested positive. This is what Trump should tell the FDA chief while on a news conference before the nation.

However, I still think that only a portion of positive tests have the "novel" virus. I think it's a good bet that Kaufman and company are correct: the experts are merely finding exosomes (natural flu fighters) when declaring people positive with the novel "Wuhan" virus, but the fact is, not everyone with exosomes has the Wuhan flu i.e. they have other flus too. In that case, people testing positive, as well as those dying from a flu, are not all COVID-19 patients. Therefore, COVID-19 is even less lethal than 1 person per 1,000 in Miami-Dade, because this number comes from dividing the number of people tested with antibodies by the number of reported deaths. If the former is a correct assessment, the fatality rate goes down where the latter number is higher than the reality.

How can we explain that a flu with a low fatality rate is being said by doctors to be a monster killer? Three explanations: 1) democrat-loyalist doctors are lying for the get-Trump agenda; 2) very few have the COVID-19 amongst the reported cases; 3) there is an unknown strain besides COVID-19 that does the killing. It seems to be an established fact that those with antibodies didn't even know they had COVID-19. In this case, we can imagine that the people who put out the dangerous strain to cause the crisis are wanting to lump the mild versions (someone said there's 30 strains of COVID-19) in with the dangerous version as a tactic to close the economy. That makes a lot of sense. They are simply inflating the death numbers by counting deaths of other flus as well as deaths of other things not due to the flu. Plus, they could be killing the aged deliberately by a certain policy enforced on all hospitals in the method of engaging the respirator process. We live in a wicked age where human life is not important to those who want iron-fist power over us, don't you doubt it for a second. A mafia has ruled the United States for a few decades, and it has dug in deep.

A new form of testing is being popularized where the person sends in a swab my mail, but this can be part of the mafia program because they can manipulate the numbers of positives if they have their own people controlling the testing. But if the tests are done fully at home, then they cannot control the outcome of a test. The 10-minute test is going to ruin the conspirators by indicating the high numbers of positives to where the fatality rate goes way down. This is why they are have hyped the death numbers through all of April to this point.

The total deaths reported by worldometers is the number used in news reports, yet when worldometers had New York deaths at 20,000, news media were saying it was only 15,000, a huge difference. This page is reporting 16,162 deaths for New York state at 9:30 am, April 25, and yet worldometers has 21,291 at the same time. If you multiply 16,162 by 1.33 (1/3 increase), you get 21,496, almost smack-on the 21,291, suggesting that they could be "justifying" the inflating of the real numbers, for dissemination purposes, by a FAT figure based on some off-the-wall reasoning. The page above has 5,617 deaths for New Jersey at the same time (9:30 am), and worldometers has 5,617 for the same time, suggesting that they want to provide false numbers for New York especially, the "monster" that they want to super-impose on all states to keep the shut-down going. Likewise, both pages have 3,085 deaths for Michigan at 9:30 am.

One can easily glean that the numbers for New York are hyped, for even with Cuomo's antibodies announcement suggesting that 2.5 million people in New York state have had the virus, that's still a fatality rate of 1 per 100 positive cases, 10 times as much as Miami-Dade. Why should the same flu in New York kill 10 times the people? I'd say they are faking the number of people showing antibodies. We can't trust New York in this crisis because it's supposed to be the leader in the destroy-Trump campaign.

Dr. Kaufman claims: "COVID-19 has never been purified and visualized" and "Only visualized from one patient inside a human cell." They take a cell and slice it to see a cross-section of the virus, which is a 2-dimensional view, not the three-dimensional view we see in drawings everywhere. Kaufman then shows similarity of the virus' cross-section with that of exosomes, and the exosomes he shows are indeed similar to the virus i.e. the virus may not be a virus at all. If he's correct, then somebody may be guilty of foisting an elaborate trick on the world. But how could the entire world of doctors be fooled by this thing? Why hasn't the story made it to Fox if only to discredit it? Is it too outlandish a theory? Or too empty? How can it be empty if the exosomes look just like the proposed virus?

I suggest that the 3-D drawings they've released are intentionally made different than exosomes to fool doctors. In the drawings, the virus has too-long trumpet-shaped suction cups, too long as compared to the 2-dimensional photos that one can get in places. Kaufman's video shows the 2-dimensional (cross-section) photo at 19 minutes; he calls the structures around the periphery "globular densities or little dots," and they indeed are globular, not trumpet-shaped at all. What's going on? This video is at youtube too.

In case we are not convinced that the exosome-versus-virus comparison at 19 minutes isn't reliable, go to 20:40 to see a better comparison. This time, the thing claimed as the COVID virus has nothing around the perimeter, but instead has black dots WITHIN it that someone could misrepresent as OUTER formations. This is a photo of a cross section, and if you don't know what a cross section is, find out, because it proves that the black dots on this "virus" are INSIDE of it, not on its outer shell. It could mean that, when we see the dots on the perimeter, the "virus" (it probably is an exosome) has the dots captured (stuck to a glue, we might say) in its early stages of attack upon them, but, later, the dots get eaten up, explaining why they are then on the inside. There's no suction-cup, horn-like extremities showing in either photo. What's going on? Why are the masses being deceived like this?

In a sliced-out cross section, one can never see the full diameter of a spherical item unless it were sliced to its midway section. Whether or not we are seeing full diameters, in the electron "photos," what we are seeing is their inners, without doubt, and what Kaufman calls the exosomes are showing essentially identical with what the media reports tell us is a COVID virus. Both the exosome and virus photo shows a sucking in of external dots / globules, as though they are magnetically attracted to the interior. It turns out that these dots are the literal exosomes while the larger spherical item that Kaufman shows is an endosome. The latter contains exosomes.

Kaufman then quotes James Hildreth MD of Johns Hopkins and Meharry Medical college, saying the COVID is an exosome. The video below says that Hildreth is on the COVID-19 task force. He speaks as though COVID-19 is dangerous, so this is difficult to understand as to how he rectifies that position with his statement that the virus has been mistaken for an exosome(s). On the other hand, maybe the only thing he's saying is that the photos of the COVID-19 virus are misrepresentations (because they are endosomes with exosomes), not necessarily meaning that there isn't a serious flu out there. Hildreth is shown here pushing the "new normal," with no going back to normal until vaccines are used. That's the Fauci position.

Kaufman's video showing Hildreth's statement was on April 6, and the video above on April 16. I've just found someone accusing Kaufman of misinterpreting Hildreth, and with that I've found Hildreth's statement in context. The statement of concern is: "Hildreth now proposes that 'the virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word.'" He's not even talking about COVID-19, but HIV. Kaufman really blunders here, though the rest of his video looks sound. The statement is from a 2003 article. Perhaps Kaufman read the quote, not from this 2003 article, and therefore didn't know the context. It's doubtful that Kaufman read the article only to deliberately misrepresent Hildreth, as that's a sure-fire way of going down in infamy in the medical establishment.

Hildreth apparently means is that an HIV virus acts just like an exosome...perhaps (I'm guessing) by entering in, or piggybacking on, the endosome, or perhaps as a vector, defined as a "bridge" allowing / causing a (toxic) material to go from one biological thing to another. Here's the context of the statement in question:

Hildreth was looking at human proteins that HIV acquires during its biogenesis...

In uninfected cells, this endosomal compartment invaginates to form small, internal vesicles. The bag of vesicles, or multivesicular body, can fuse with the plasma membrane to disgorge these vesicles, named exosomes, which then travel to other cells to transmit messages. In the immune system, exosomes transfer peptide-laden MHC proteins to noninfected cells, and also act as miniature versions of antigen-presenting cells.

Hildreth now proposes that “the virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word.” Others have found that HIV particles contain MHC, but by the exosome hypothesis they may also contain proteins that exosomes use to fuse with target cells and to avoid attack by complement. As Gould points out, an exosome makes a perfect vector for HIV, because an exosome “is not just proteins in a vesicle, it's something that is meant to traffic.”

If an exosome is a vector for allowing an HIV virus to move about, how can Hildreth say that they are identical? Is an HIV virus a vector too? I dunno, I'm dumb to this field of study.

The bottom line is that the pictures they show us of the trumpet-surrounded COVID-19 virus is an endosome of someone's imagination. I see no-such trumpet shapes on the cross sections. If the public photos of the COVID-19 virus is an endosome filled with virus "dots" instead of filled with body-natural exosomes (dots), then either endosome could look identical. In that case, we the public haven't seen evidence that what they report as a COVID-19 endosome is anything other than a body-natural endosome filled with non-viral exosomes.

The trumpet shapes make me suspect that we are being monkeyed around, and hi-jacked to half our doom on behalf of multiple, conspiratorial agendas. The trumpet shapes do not factor in or highlight -- or clue us in on -- the all-important bitties / dots inside the endosome. We are led to believe that this virus uses its trumpet-like suction cups to latch onto cells for to do them damage. Perhaps nobody wants to reveal to us that the virus consists of the inner and peripheral dots of the endosome because they don't want us properly educated in case we ask: how do you know those dots are the virus instead of body-manufactured exosomes? What if they are simply misdiagnosing (testing for) COVID-19 by a method they know to be erroneous from the get-go for the sheer purpose of manufacturing a crisis? I wouldn't be asking, but those trumpets, and the obvious drive of Trump's enemies to expand and elongate the crisis, tells me it's a good question.

Kaufman not only said that this virus has never been viewed outside of a cell, but that it's been viewed from the cell(s) of one patient only. It doesn't sound very reliable. To put it another way, the virus has been seen only in/on an endosome(s) itself imbedded inside of a cell. In other words, no one has seen the virus bitties floating around in blood samples perhaps / probably because there are no bitties there! But how can the entire medical establishment be duped like that? Perhaps it's not wholly duped. Perhaps anyone who starts to speak out with logical questions is silenced by the question: "what are you saying, doctor, that this is a hoax? Are you out of your mind, doctor? Do you want to be reported?"

No whistle-blower is going to get air time on a leftist media very easily, that's for sure, and Fox won't give it the light of day, at least not right now while the trophy for the corona-media war is still up for grabs. No one wants to lose credibility by questioning the hugely-surging official storyline. That's how the deep state succeeds, by flooding media with a huge storyline that then becomes fact in a few weeks before anyone knows the falsification game being played. That's how the deep state played its false-flag operations. Where are all those al-Qaeda sleeper cells? Where are all those ISIS sleeper cells? They are phantom-figments created by the diabolical CIA to keep the people in fear and in "need" of intrusive CIA / FBI spy programs.

Here's some electron images. In the top photo, it's claimed as a bunch of COVID-19 bitties; there's no trumpets at all, no-nothing on the outer perimeters of these bitties. Can we be sure this is COVID-19? Who's responsible for the dissemination of this photo?

Then, in the photo with red viral bitties (it's not even said to be COVID-19), the caption reads: "...but you can see the spikes on the surface of the virus (which gives the coronavirus its name, meaning 'crown')." NO, I CANNOT SEE SPIKES, and I'm not blind. THERE ARE NO SPIKES, especially not suction cups. The same caption then reads: "If these look a little familiar, it's because most coronaviruses – such as SARS and MERS - look similar on the outside, sharing the bump-covered spherical appearance." NO, I SEE NO BUMPS on the outside, and I'm not blind. What I see look more like fur or hair or fog or maybe burrs. I'm being lied to. WHY?

Here's the origin of the photos where a few more appear, but as nothing is said about any of the pictures, we don't know whether some are mere drawings or computer-enhanced falsifications. No picture shows suction cups:

Now look at this website (that Google gave me up front (3rd from the top of page 1) when asking for COVID-19 photos). We see a slew of fakes, mere creations by artists, and NOT ONE TRUE ELECTRON IMAGE. Look at the outlandish designs for this COVID virus, it's laughable:

That's it, that's all folks, google's not providing anything else when I ask for "COVID-19 photos." It's not me who's nuts for accusing the United States of orchestrating a conspiracy. There's either not one webpage with a nice explanation of this virus in photos, or google doesn't want us to see one page. The electron photos above, if that's what they really are, are borrowed from the webpage of Fauci's organization here:

The first two minutes of the video below has nothing good to say against China, but it's hardly the China-bashing seen on Fox. I'm at the point where I might view Western reports of China's government murdering its own people as CIA falsification (propaganda). I have not followed Chinese politics to know one way or the other.

There are better explanations for how China has acted with this Wuhan issue than China-bashing Americans would have us believe. Perhaps China simply doesn't want Americans in the lab because Americans have a one-tracked mind: to blame China no matter what they find in the lab. Perhaps China is angry with the United States for blaming it wrongly, and is simply giving it the silent treatment; it's not evidence of guilt necessarily. Perhaps China demolished the meat market, not to hide evidence, but because it's the right thing to do in case the virus did originate in some of those animals, or, in any case, it's the politically-right thing to do.

Did China put out a story on the nature of COVID-19, and then retract it? Okay, so what? Is this necessarily evidence that it's hiding something, or did it retract the story because, on second thought, it thought it had gotten it wrong? What if it put out a story blaming the meat market, but then discovered that the fault lies with Galveston? That's a good reason to retract a story? That's a good reason to give Pompeo the silent treatment. What if China knew the people at Wuhan to be Galveston-related persons who admitted openly that the virus was from the Wuhan lab? What if those whistle-blowers were paid off by the American government to make such statements? Well of course the Chinese would want them silenced, and maybe even arrested.

At the 1:40 point of this video, we find that China blocked France from having any further part in the Wuhan lab. What if Galveston convinced the Chinese not to include the French, to make it less complicated to frame China? There are alternative explanations:

The young man in the second minute could be a CIA tool, and his video could be faked. I view the CIA employing a fake-news "studio" with the most-technological advances possible. It can fake Chinese news, and you would never know it. It can fake a Chinese setting in the studio, and you'd never know it. It can employ Chinese Americans who feign being Chinese citizens, and you would never know it. That's how I view the CIA. I'd say the FBI has its similar operation. They create stories out of thin air. They create larger and larger stories to do larger projects, what's to be surprised about? They are in a war that they feel is justified, and they are demonic fools with your money, your sense of peace, your security. If they were not demons, they would not have treated Trump the way they did, lawlessly, as though they ruled the nation above the people who elect officials. The CIA is 10 times (make-a-point figure) more substantial than the Chinese.

The video is just like CNN versus Trump: it never has one good thing to say about China. That's how you know it's a propaganda piece. It never gives China's side of the story (to the 8th minute, when I stopped watching).

Trump is a corporate animal: "President Donald Trump on Friday threatened to block federal aid for the U.S. Postal Service unless it raises shipping rates for online companies like" is this who you voted for, the man who increases all your prices first with taxes on China (intended to force buyers to buy more-expensive American products), and now by trying to ruin online sales to protect sales of other corporations who don't sell my mail? Stick it, Mr. Goof, you have no right to intervene on that basis. High-priced shipping costs will be horrible. "'I will never let our Post Office fail,' he tweeted. 'The people that work there are great, and we’re going to keep them happy, healthy, and well!'" STICK IT!

In the same way, he wants people to pay higher gas prices on behalf of his oil friends. Stick it, Mr. Goof, you have been a total failure for the common man. Low oil makes all products more affordable, raising the buying power of the poor. But Trump cares about corporate assistance at election time. SPIT! One wonders where the $3T is all going. Inflation here it comes, higher prices for the common man for the next three or four years. Start begging again for annual raises. He gives the common worker $1,000 in tax savings only to increase prices to take it all away.

The Drudge Report is suicidal, not for itself, but for the world. It never ceases to flow the scare-stories of leftist media. The sky is falling, but Matt Drudge loves it; he's rolling in more dough. This fool can't be more than 15-20 years before he "awakes" to the Outer Darkness. Get back to work, world, before these fools destroy the system completely. Just go to work even if they threaten jail. Trump won't help you if the enemy brings on the second wave of this virus. He'll be a good little puppy and call workers back home. We are now at the threshold of this part of the game. This can be serious.


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