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February 18 - 24, 2020

God Points to Clinton-Lynch Meeting in Phoenix, but Makes No Arrests
Smollet Edomites Take us Bacchus to Phrygians
Follow the Bouncing Ball to Alexander Balas
The Taff Toilet Flushes Out the Letushites of Abraham

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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So Trump practically feigned the choosing of John Ratcliffe for top Intelligence chief, and now poses a faggot instead, who should be viewed as our arch enemy just in case he is: "Grenell would become the first openly gay Cabinet member in history upon his selection by the president." That's right, faggots despise Christians, and this unashamed sicko is now the spy chief of the United States. Do you understand how sick a faggot is? Do you? Or have you been lulled to close your mind to it by the modern speak? "Openly gay" are the activists, the unrepentant.

He's what could be expected from the anti-Christs in the last days, our enemies at the top of the spy systems. While Trump feigns to be our friend, he picks the enemy every time to run the country. Will the BCP's and Bongino's of alternative media criticize Trump for this, or is their main goal to glorify Trump in every way possible to create the best chances of winning 2020? Here's how Fox news spins the story as a "heartening" move: "President Trump announced Wednesday that Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Germany, will become acting director of national intelligence, in a move that has heartened conservatives eager for new leadership as a series of scandals have plagued the intelligence community." How could it hearten conservatives if they haven't known about it until now? It's Fox's spin to make you accept this slime as a good thing. A faggot is a slime, the lowest of the low. Men of God made sure that we understood it: queers will end up in Hell without mercy. That's how bad it is to do what they do. Don't let modern-speak make you think otherwise. The lowest of the low will rule the planet in end-time Sodom, and here we are. It's well known that Intelligence is the backbone of the deep state. All credit for this goes to Trump the adulterer / womanizer. Don't let BCP's of the alternative news make you think that Trump is "our beloved president." He's a fake. He's on satan's side.

My understanding thus far is that a certain chief of elections integrity, under the authority of the acting Intelligence chief, Mr. Maguire, reported to congress that Intelligence discovered a Russian plot to assist Trump's re-election. Roughly or exactly on that day, Trump called Maguire to explain, and was fired, then replaced with the queer.

First of all, Maguire may not be responsible for the Intelligence report. The president should discover this Intelligence report and reveal it so that everyone can see it for what it is, if indeed its an Intelligence hoax, for it then amounts to just one more count of Intelligence criminality in the ongoing coup attempt. That's the right way to go about it, but installing a queer box instead of someone from amongst decent people to chose from, that's what Trump is made of. He's a headache. He never ceases to cause trouble by the people he picks to run the country. He's a complete loser.

Trump said that no one briefed him concerning this new report, and that's probably true, suggesting that it's a staged plot. It would have been Maguire's responsibility to tell the president before telling lawmakers representing Trump's enemies. So, Trump is now responsible to find the culprits, and to get them jailed. That's Barr's job, but if Barr doesn't want to look into it, then Trump can. He needs only snap his fingers, demand the Intelligence reports, and then investigate those reports. If Trump doesn't do this, what's wrong? And what's wrong with him? Does he never want to go against Intelligence? Then it will never be fixed. It will be the everlasting headache and his headache.

It's been my prediction that it will go just like it is with Trump, with the False Prophet: lousy and traitorous-to-Jesus Christians in support of him, and doing his will. The time to apply loyalty to Jesus is NOW. Stand-back from Trump, or Jesus will mark you down as a world-loving hypocrite. Once you're marked, you could get deceiving spirits in your household to carry you further away.

There is a no-brainer thing in politics: giving mere appearances of doing what the voters want. Expect this trick. Don't view it as a possibility, but as a likelihood. Don't celebrate Trump just because he says the things the voters want to hear. That's exactly how false Christian prophets operate. Judge Trump for what he does, which is NOTHING for removing satanic, anti-Christian elements from power structures. What we Christians need is exactly that, not a booming economy. We need our enemies out of the Intelligence apparatus, NOW.

Do you know that "minorities" in the West are making themselves hated? Westerners who are not racist resent the minorities entering the land who vote liberal for the financial hand-outs. But these are not hand-outs at all. It is one thing if Westerners give freely to newcomers entering the citizenship rolls of the country, but when newcomers want this money by force of liberal government hand-outs, that's complicity with the government's literal theft of tax money. If the liberal government decides to grant gifts to immigrants of all types in order to secure their liberal votes, that's theft of a high-crime type. It's the taking of the peoples' money for purposes to which they have not consented, and this is how liberalism wants to work in every way, to dictate what it does with peoples' money in order to fashion an anti-Christ society.

So, while I don't resent people of other nations, I do start to resent them if they are in favor of these liberal-government hand-outs. They thus create a racist-looking situation in me/you when in fact its not racist. And they support the anti-Christ movement that is a retardation backward to other sick societies, not a progress forward to new things at all. If "progress" means building a bigger liberal thing, I rest my case: THEFT. They are building with the money of people who have not all given consent to liberal projects. The building went on quietly, insidiously. No one a few decades ago noticed it unless they became committed Christians with a sound understanding of Jesus' words. It wasn't until I became a committed Christian that I began to notice the anti-Christ spirit. To typical non-Christians, it's not recognized as such, unless perhaps they are the activists spreading it.

So, with minorities joining the anti-Christ movement because they themselves are anything but Bible-based Christians, it empowers the anti-Christ. This is where we are headed, and the anti-Christs, bank on it, will spread severe hatred for us, more than we now see. On the other hand, we are seeing such lawlessness in American liberals that I think the severe hatred is upon us even now to a massive degree. I think my message of preparing a plan to retreat into wilderness areas is a good one. I have always felt nervous about sending the message that we all must retreat NOW, and have refrained from it. The timing needs to be right.

I suggest that we think about retreating from society, and literally plan how we would undergo such a mission. For those who have the spare money for country purchases, it's probably a good idea to go for it. How much money should be spent in preparing the land for self-sufficient living is not a question I can answer for you. I decided to purchase in the country. Thanks to creating my own wood heat for about ten years straight, my home (on large tract) now has most of about four acres cleared. I've left plenty of trees up because I don't want a full, bald patch of land. I can do a full clearing of these four acres in few weeks if the tribulation should arrive.

I was lucky to have a mini-excavator that allowed me to pull up roots and bury them deep. I just want to say that while I bought the machine for $31,000, it sold for $30,000 about a decade later and after putting on 600 hours. I learned that I could easily have gotten $35-40,000 had I known (I sold it to roughly the first person who came looking). In other words, if you have money to spare when you get your country property, a few hundred hours only from an excavator is priceless, and it might cost you nothing or very little. Mine was a 35D model, not too small. I saved about $8,000 building my own septic system with that machine. I created my own 400-foot driveway too. I saved mega-dollars with it, and this thing is like a man's second wife when you have your hands on the controls. Talk about doing work. I carried whole trunks with it to the wood-chopping area, think of the work saved. It could push small trees down, roots and all, better than an elephant.

The mistake I made was to move a lot of dirt around, and to flip the dirt over repeatedly, which only brought up deep weed seeds that I didn't know could survive that deep. They do. My advice: just leave the soil alone as much as possible when clearing trees. Move the machine on dried out soil to keep the tracks from digging deep. Get your place all done, then re-sell the machine. Mine had a cab with heater, and so I used it also as a snow plow because it comes with a straight blade as well as the shovel. Saved about $800 per year on snow shoveling. Backhoes do not compare. An excavator swivels 360 degrees, more fun than dancing.

I have yet to prepare the soil, etc. I have a solar-powered electricity system all set-up and working. I have decent shallow-well water and a beaver pond about 200 feet away that grows wild rice. I don't ever want to go back to a boxed neighborhood in high-density population, especially as neighbors don't even talk to one another. I love the open country out here. I could start on chickens at any time; I could start growing foods as early as next year to test the soil, to see how much of the food is taken by birds, insects, rodents, and deer. This lifestyle is highly recommended for retired people.

Or, if you have a mind to, and if you are tough enough, you can build your own house in the country while living in an on-site trailer, or maybe in the garage that you build first of all. You then sell it for your means of making an income. If the tribulation arrives while you're in the midst of building a place, you might just want to stay there for the tribulation. You should always pick a property that can keep you self-sufficient; most properties can, one way or another, if they have plenty of trees.

I would not like living here, especially alone, if I didn't have an Internet project. I'd go depressed with too-little to do in the long hours in winter and on rainy days. Most areas have satellite Internet; you don't need a local transmission tower (near you). I had no idea when first building here that God had arranged for me to do a unique work, yet this work could have been done just as well in a boxed neighborhood. So why am I on this country tract of land? Are we almost there, within my lifetime? Or is this tract going to one of my children?

The queer box, Jussie Smollet is in the news this week, whom the liberals have been using to divide the country. Smollet conducted a "false flag" hoax on Trump voters, to make them appear anti-faggot (I hope they are), and in the meantime anti-Black. Sodom in our faces from all the leftist media; they are trying to make us believe that faggots are normal, and that anti-faggot thinkers are a serious problem. Not just a problem, but a serious one, you see. They are setting us up for persecution just as soon as their liberal machine regains power. The problem with Fox and too many others is that they are semi-conflated with the liberal machine, and do not confess that faggots are the serious problem, the ruin of the nation, and so these half-way chicken hearts are helping liberals while standing up for us like weak reeds.

As Obama's "wife" was involved in helping to cover Smollet's crime, it dawned on me that Obama was behind it, for Obama is himself a faggot. This is what liberal America gave the country, a faggot president bent on fighting the more-normal half of the country, though even that half is becoming cancerous, for cancer, when it spreads as deep as the law chiefs, the courts and the military, it's going to infect the entire body. It's gotten to the point that it's infected the minds of people like Bongino and BCP, who never stop telling their fellow Americans how great their country is, when in fact, it's infected with cancer to the bone.

It's just not the time to call it a great country. It's not for them to celebrate greatness when they themselves cry out against the cancerous situation, and see it in-action with no sign of its defeat because even doctor Barr, the last hope in Trump's first four years, is a cancer-causing agent. Bongino argued on Monday that Barr will deliver, just have patience. Bongino argued that Barr didn't arrest McCabe because the leftist, Washington court system / jury wouldn't convict, anyway. It's Trump's job to discover and reveal the reasons that Barr has for not convicting. This is serious, a crisis, not to be brushed-off. If Barr has been threatened, then it's another sign as to how bad the cancer has worked in. It is a crime on Barr's part, but Bongino and BCP are unwilling to admit it because they rather risk giving Barr more time to deliver.

Fix the cancer, make the body well again, and then celebrate. To outsiders, these men look like they have mental debilitation when they call America great while it's the sin capital of the world. It's our job as Christians to call out sins and those who spread sinful lifestyles as the norm, but we should also warn against the half-way mud-holes who will cause you to trip and fall into a ditch. Instead of shining the Light of Jesus, they shine the torch of "lady liberty," a fantasy. The very immigrants they allow into the country are now the ropes around their bodies, for they join the liberal party as they enter, and the liberals gang them up on the traditional citizens. Teaching freedom as an idealistic tenet while liberalism (freedom to sin) is in this powerful condition is face-first into a mud hole.

The king of England is long gone; no need to cry freedom from the king any longer. The dictator now is the liberal machine inside the country, and Barr has been facilitating it in every way rather than tearing it down. You don't hear a peep from military leaders on this deep-state cancer, because, obviously, it's part of the cancer, yet Bongino and others continue to celebrate the military as their friend. This is how sick the nation is, how lacking the wisdom to fix things, and Bongino is thus a part of the problem. He's revealing to his viewers part of the cancer while urging them to lick other parts of the cancer. That's what I mean by a half-way mud-hole. A nation is not great just because it's big and prosperous. Americans are NOT the only freedom-loving people, for EVERYONE wants to be free of abusive government / monarchical powers. America is NOT the shining example for the world to copy, but is crawling with dangerous citizens precisely because the half-way mud-holes have allowed liberal sin to fester, over the past 50 years, in the name of freedom. To this day, Bongino tells his viewers that the media has a right to lie in the name of free speech.

His Christianity is, at best, Jesus mixed with lady liberty, yet he really doesn't mention the things from the Word of God at all so that his show is not a Christian one. He wants Christians to follow his show, however. This is an example of becoming overly political until it chokes-out / replaces the Faith. Jesus preached making sacrifices as the ideal, not liberties. If what I do bothers you, I relinquish my freedoms for your sake. That's not the American freedom at all. Bongino can't find it within his heart to sacrifice one single minute of air time, EVER, to Joe his producer. Bongino cuts Joe off every time lest Joe wants to say "too much." Bongino has no time limit on his shows so that he has no excuse. We could say that Bongino is protective of his own teachings and viewpoints, like one who wants to indoctrinate viewers. Indoctrination can be good or bad, depending on what's said and attempted, but if he's so-much for the free exchange of opinions, why doesn't he give Joe some time for his opinions?

I've just loaded the Smollets to find that they have a version of the Smell Coat. "In 2005 Obama purchased a new home in the Kenwood District of Chicago for $1.65 million (which was $300,000 below the asking price but represented the highest offer on the property) on the same day that Rezko's wife, Rita Rezko, purchased the adjoining empty lot from the same sellers for the full asking price." I'm not sure what Obama and REZCO were up to, but it seems that God is pointing to Rezco and/or Obama, as per the "viRESCO" motto term of Smollets. It just seems that God is revealing Smollet's crime as a political crime in Obama's lap.

The Oullette Owl Finds Slick Willie Guilty

Smollets were first found in Lennox (Stirlingshire) while the Lennox/LevenAX Coat looks like a version of the Curry/Corry Coat. There could be more to this than I now realize. Currys/Corrys share the Tease/Tess saltire, because Levenax's could be from Laevi, especially as Stirlingshire is where Caiaphas-like Chappes' were first found. Moreover, Levi's love the Ade's/Aids in their motto while Smollets have an "ADhuc" motto term. Scottish Currys/Corry share the red rooster with Bibo's, and were first found in Midlothian with the Sinclairs who in turn share a gold rooster in Crest with Irish Currys/Corrys. English Tease's are also Thys', and "thy" is a motto term of Sinclairs. (Use the Smollet link above to load other surnames, to follow much better).

Currys/Corrys were first found in Waterford with Correns, and the latter show only eSCUTcheons in their Shield as code for Skudra-Phrygian elements. The Corren Crest shares the parrot with Phrygian-suspect Froggits. Waterford is also where Whelans were first found who share the Coat of Briges-like Bricks (Briges of Skudra were proto-Phrygians), whose lozenges are colors reversed from those of Brix's/Brests and CORsons/Carsons. It appears that Phrygian liners were in Waterford. I misspelled, "Forggits," in this paragraph, which brought metal forging to mind. Were Phrygians named after a forging term of old? Metal makers were in Phrygia, and Midas' gold symbol probably represented gold SMELting. SEMELE was mother to mythical Dionysus of Phrygia and Lemnos (home of chief metal maker). There is a Smelt surname using white-on-blue fish (no doubt smelts). Mr. bocci ball, who led to Brogitarus of Phrygia (see last update), owned a metal-works shop.

I link Foggs to Medleys and therefore to Medlicott's Motleys having a "CURa" motto term. I wonder whether Horites of Edom developed a Core-like tribe. There were such terms in myth. If you read the last update, you might know that Froggs/Frocks have a version of the Fogg and Figg Coats. I now find that German Brix's/Brickers share the pierced stars of Methleys / Medleys, in colors reversed from the pierced stars of Foggs / Figgs. These latter four surnames trace to the Lesbos part of Greece, the namers of lesbians. German Brix's/Brickers were first found in Silesia with SCHITners/Sitlers and Brox's/Brocuffs, and the latter's potent cross is used by Skudra-line Skits/Skeets/Skeochs, Skate's/Sheets, and Scheds. Phrygians.

In the last update, I had a dream where I was walking around without my pants in public. I hope that you too have been traumatized by such a dream. All I had on was a shirt to cover most, but not all, of my butt, and there were people all around. The dream ended with my talking to a Miss FROGGIT, a girl I knew of way back in grade eight. She represents the bloodline from BROGITarus, ancestor of Lupus LAEVIllus' wife. A box-with-QUADRant event with Froggit and I, at school, pointed to that wife, QUADRAtilla, all explained in the last update. [Later in this update, I realize that "Brogitarus" is itself an ass liner, can you spot how? Did you read about Thrace's Arsus/Assus in the last update? It exactly the area to which I had trace Quadratilla's family years ago. I'll show you later how it works.]

Some parts of the last update showed that the Brogitarus Galatians could be from the LAEVI Gauls on the Tease-line Tessin/Ticino river. But it wasn't until late in the update, which was this Monday morning as I write here (on Monday evening) that an extremely-important part was added; my shirt in the dream was a T-shirt, otherwise called a tee-shirt. Here's what was said:

Good morning late this week on Monday. I ended last night above, and while in bed realized that the shirt I was wearing in the Froggit dream was not the collared kind. I saw the shirt, a T-shirt type. The Tee surname is listed with the Tease's from the Tessin/Ticino river, where Tiss'/Teece's are expected who are in the Shirt/Shard motto ["HosTIS"], for Tiss' share the Shirt/Shard chevron. It's just another clue from God as to where surnames trace. Tee's/Tease's are said to be from Mousehole, also called, Port Enys, smacking of the Annas' (Nottinghamshire, same as Tee's/Tease's) expected in the Tee/Tease star. It could suggest that Annas of Israel [killer of Jesus] was from Brogitarus because I was talking to Froggit in this dream.

The point for repeating this is that, very apparently, God wants to link the Laevi Gauls (came from France with military invasion to live on the Ticino river) to the Brogitarus Galatians (known to be from Gauls), and then also to Mr. Laevillus. We could say that Brogitarus' line married the line of Laevillus because they were both from the same Laevi source. Laevillus' mother, VIBia, is suspect to the Bibo surname mentioned above with the Curry/Corry rooster, the one that linked to the rooster of "thy"-using Sinclairs. Currys/Currys are the ones sharing the Tease/Tess saltire (has LEAVES).

Before coming to the Sinclairs in this update, I noted that SmOLLETs can be named after the Ollett variation of Oullette's. That is, Smollets were a Smell/Smile merger with some variation of the Oullette's. This realization came after seeing the OWLs of Hucks and Huckers, for Smollets have an "adHUC" motto term. It recalls a dream of recent times (probably not more than a year) where I was in Joe Oullette's vehicle, and when he needed something, I walked across the street, up the walk of a home, and while picking up an item near the house, there was a man sitting in a lawn chair wearing big-round glasses, like the kind worn by John Lennon, for example. I think it was this dream which hinted that OULlette's were named partly after Owls/Howls (i.e. the big-round glasses were God's hint to the big eyes of owls). It recalls that Joe himself wore those big-round sunglasses!!! We've all seen them. And oh-wow, Suns are listed with Sinclairs.

The Oullette's are even said to be named after "oeil = eye,' though that's not likely correct (just because a surname sounds like a dictionary word doesn't necessarily mean it derives in it, let's not be simpleton). Probably, the owl was named after a oeil-like term for its big eyes.

By the way, Lennox-like Lennons were just looked up to find a resco-like term in their "Prisco" motto term, and there is a Risco surname listed with Rosco's/Rusco's, a branch of Rush's/Rish's first found in Suffolk with Eye. Hmmm. Coincidence or not, Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk, and the Eye location could be to the Eyes/Eyer/Ayer surname, first found in Derbyshire with Froggits, and using QUATRefoils! Zinger. In fact, Eyers/Ayers can be linked well to Here's/Heyers (Derbyshire) sharing blue wings with Here's/Herrs and Herzogs, and these can be expected as branches of Harcourt-related Hairs (AYRshire, same as Scottish Ayers) while Shirts/Shards can be gleaned as Harcourt kin.

Oh wow, Ayrshire is where Aures-related, Curry- / Hair-like Hurrys/Urie's were first found who share a "Sans tache" motto with PEERless'/Napers, the latter highly suspect as a Pierro/Pero line from the Ticino [later, Peare's link hard to Erie's/Airys as part of a Seleucid investigation.]

The "STIRpe" motto term of Lennons could reveal that they were a Lennox branch due to the STIRling location of the latter. Lennons were even first found in GALway (gallincidence?) with Lennox-like Lynch's, hmm, that's new. The Galway surname even uses a Briges-like bridge. Lynch's have a version of the Feller Coat, and Oullette's were at Falaise. I wouldn't be here had John Lennon not come to mind with the round glasses of the Oullette dream. Galway is where Teague's/Teegers were first found who use a "diem" motto term while Diems use a STRIPEless Teeger-like tiger, and, zowie, that might be code for whatever stripe-like "Stirpe" is code for. I always trace the "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers to OpGALLI, wife of tiger-like TIGRanes VI, king of Armenia under Roman oversight. Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Owls, what's going on?

And, by the way, the van in the dream with Mr. Oullette could be God's pointer to Lake Van in Armenia, because Phrygians were from Armenia. Kings named, Rusa, ruled Lake Van, and we just bumped into Rush liners with a Laevi-line suspect (the Lennox's), and with the SmOLLET motto. Currys/Corrys have ROSES, and while they trace to the ROXolani Rus at the BUZau river, Risco's/Rosco's have the Bus cinquefoil in colors reversed. It's begging me to remention the Galatia-like Galati location (Siret river) near the mouth of the Buzau. It's begging me to remention that Roxolani lived in Muntenia, and then the Smollet / Smile Coats look like a version of the Mountain Coat. The Fellers mentioned above are part of the ROCKefellers.

The "Sans" motto term of Peerless'/Napers is highly suspect with the Sensii scythians at the Naper-like Naparis river. It's shown on the light map beside the Buzau (not marked), with the Sensii shown beside the Buzau. The Naparis was, I think, the southern boundary of Muntenia. The Siret is shown as the HierASUS...which gets interesting if Ass liners were from Esau, king of Edom at Buzau-like Bozrah.

What do you see when you see the Sire/SIRET surname and Buzau terms together? I see the owl god, Kos, of Edom, land of SEIR. By what coincidence is the SIRE/Siret tower top in the colors of the full towers of Owl-like Howells? Sire's/Sirets use "panels" on their tower top, and Panels are listed with Pings/Pungs/Paganells, who share bendy with the Kos/Kosinsky surname, though not in the same colors.

Well, this owl topic gets very interesting as per the Fogg / Figg / Frogg parts of the last update, but first let me say that the Oullette Coat is a version of the Work/Werg Coat while Sinclairs have a "work" motto term. I see Sinclairs from the line of Rollo, which included WILLiam the Conqueror, and the latter was the grandson of FULbert "the tanner" of Falaise. Oullette's/WILLe's are said to have named "Ouilly-le-Basset in the arrondissement and canton of Falaise in Calvados." Fellers share the trefoil with Falaise-like Fallis'/Falls'.

OH WOOOOWWW! I had deleted the last sentence because I didn't see how Fellers were relative to this particular part of the discussion. But then I asked how Loretta Lynch could apply to the discussion, for Lynch's use a gold-form of the Feller Coat. I then remembered that Joe's father, Mr. Oullette, showed me his real, bona fide AIRPLANE that he was building in his basement, piece by piece, rivet by rivet (wings were separate, to be added outdoors, of course). But I laughed to myself when it came to mind that this could somehow point to Bill Clinton's meeting (fat chance) on a plane with Loretta Lynch, a crime that has made it back to the news this very week with the author of a book by a Mr. Sign.

However, just as I was laughing, I noted the Willi variation of Oullette's and remembered that Clinton is called, "slick Willie." So, just for fun, Slicks were find three owls, and so I'm now laughing a lot harder!!! What do you make of this? Loretts were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howells. What's going on?

From the Slick/Sleigh write-up, we have an Ass-like term while I always link Ass' to Sire's/Sirets: "The hamlet of Ash in Derbyshire was an ancient family seat at one time. 'The place was the property of the Sleigh family, from whom it came to the Chethams, and subsequently to the Cottons.'" I know that Cottons use "HANK of cotton," and Hanks happen to have six bends in colors reversed from the six of Sire-beloved Panels/Pings/Pungs/Paganells, and both share an ermined-white Chief to boot. In the Sire/Siret Coat, the panels are said to be on their tower top, in the colors of the Howell towers. So, Slicks are linkable to Owls/Howls for sure. Cotta's/Cottons are expected from the Cotesii on the Buzau river.

It just so happens that I trace Pagan liners to Paeonians, and suspect them to be from Panias of Phoenicia. In fact, I think I make a good case for identifying mythical PHOENIX, king of Phoenicia, with the real location of "PANIAS." Clinton met Lynch on a plane in the Phoenix airport. It's starting to appear that God timed this discussion to show that he's been watching the Clinton crime ring.

I think that Panias (also called, Banias) and its god, Pan the goat, was from the Biaini of Lake Van, and we just saw the owl-like glasses from the dream with Oullette in a van (he didn't own one in real life). Plus, I've just checked for a Phoenix surname, and found one listed with FENwicks while Fane's/Vans (Phoenix-like Phone variation!) were first found in Monmouthshire with their kin, the Howells!!! Amazing. I didn't know what the red stuff was under the eagle in the Phoenix Crest because the surname came up as something other than, "Phoenix," but we now know that it's red flames as per the rising of a Phoenix in its ASHes from flames [Knee-line Needhams (in the Halper write-up), I discovered in the next update, have exactly the same bird with flames]. We just saw Ash as the home of owl-using Slicks! I'm not laughing anymore. God has just pointed to Slick Willie at his Phoenix-airport crime. But why is God pointing there? To get the readers' attention? To humiliate and slay the Clintons? Slicks are also Slays.

Bill Clintons biological father was Mr. Blythe, and so see the Phoenix/Fenwick write-up, as though it had eyes for crime a lot better than Bill Barr the sham: "Over in Blagdon, another branch of the family was found and held estates for some time. 'This place, which lies on the south side of the BLYTH, was formerly called Blakedene..." Blagtons share the Falaise / Feller trefoil, and Fellers are the ones with a white-trefoil version of the gold-trefoil Lynch Coat, HOW ABOUT THAT! Blagtons are listed with BlackDEANs/BlackDENE's. Phoenix's/Fenwicks have a version of the Hips Coat. Hips' have figured rather large and may be able to enlarge upon this it may come to mind.

BLAGojevich, a corrupt Illinois governor of the Obama camp, was pardoned by Trump this week, like maybe the president wants to do everybody favors, faggots included, in order to purchase their votes with gifts. That will make the Republican party like a mud hole filled with alligators on top of the RINO's now in command.

Slicks/Slays have one chevron in the colors of the three chevrons of German Ash's/Aschs and Obama-related Singletarys. It's notable that Epsteins have triple chevrons in colors reversed, while Slick-Willie was on Jeffrey Epsteins plane some 26 times, they say, according to records of that plane's flights. Plus, German Ash's have a "duce" motto term that can be linked to Bar-le-DUC because Barrs of that place were in Brunswick while the Brunswick Coat is a colors reversed version of the Duce Coat. This now reminds that Bill Barr's father was the principle of a school when Jeffrey Epstein was hired there...with lots of kids for him to exploit.

I'm going to propose that my bare-ASH event, so to speak, with Miss Froggit, is God's pointer to pedophilia, for I knew her when she was just 13. This Ash-link to Barrs and Epstein's together is causing me to wonder whether Barr protected the Epstein-prison crime on behalf of Bill Clinton, for he's the chief suspect in that crime. The last update had a compelling argument to link the BARE-ass event to Bare's/Barrs, you see. It's shocking me here.

I'll go over some of the Oullette dream later, but here I need to quote just one thing (from the 5th of August, 2019): "In this dream, I was in a van with Joe Oullette and his wife Diane. He said that he needed a container..." Diane's are listed with DEANs, you see, and Vans are Phoenix-like Phone's too while the Phoenix/Fenwick write-up had BlackDEANs/ BlackDENE's. It seems like more verification that God was using that dream to point to Slick Willie's agreement with Lynch and Obama, I'm impressed. There's bound to be more evidence.

Blake's/Caddells share the giant fret with Cattle's/Cattels whom I trace to Cattolica, beside Fano, and "fano" is in the Phone/Fane/Van motto. This ought to explain why Phoenix's/Fenwicks lived at BLAKEdene, yet the Blythe's, sharing the Dean crescents, came along an renamed it. That is one mean link between Bill Blythe-Clinton and the Phoenix airport, is it not?

As Irish DEANS/DENE's use the crocodile, can we ask whether Hillary, as head of the state department, was involved with crocodile-shoe Zlochevsky of Burisma gas (he is online as the seller of crocodile-skin shoes and boots)? It's all-too possible.

WOW-WOW. I'll repeat now that Joe's brother, Michael Oullette, was the one responsible for the Babe symbol of Lorraine roughly or exactly where I last saw Kim Thomson at a PHONE BOOTH...though Lorraine's do not show a Loretta-like variation. However, Boths/Booths can easily be a branch of Bothwells who use the Lynch Coat EXACTLY!!!! Plus, Kims were first found on BUTE, and I read that Bothwells were Bute elements! That's why God used Kim Thomson (old girlfriend) at that phone booth. Bute and Booths bring Zlochevsky's crocodile boots to mind. Why do Thomsons have a M'COMIE variation?

[Insert -- As I expect the anti-Christ from Russia, consider that "ZLOCH" is a "Seleucus" like term, for Seleucid elements in Shirt-suspect Sardinia become a topic later.

Comie's/Comeys have the only toothed cat I know of while Tooths have been resolved as a branch of Bumps/Bumpuss' (Gloucestershire, beside Fane's/Vans/Phone's and Howells of Monmouthshire). Letts/Late's (Gloucestershire) are partly why "OulLETTE" was recognized as an Owl/Howl merger with Lett liners, and Lette's/Lito's have a good reflection of the Tooth and Lauder/LETTER griffin. Yes, Tooths share the griffin of Lauders/Letters, and SNOWdens are said to have been at Lauder! Is this not wild? In the dream, Joe cleared snow off of the bumper! Were Clintons and others after Edward Snowden as he hid out in Russia??? Put bug eyes on this: BlackDENs/Deans/Dene's (Phoenix write-up) were at Blyth, and Snowdens were first found in Berwickshire with Blythe's and Lauders, and so consider "SnowDEN, for Diane was in the in with us in th snow dream.

Later in this update, thanks to a new toilet dream this week having the Taffs, I come to Teresa Taff, daughter of Letizia whose first name fits right into the Lette line. Teresa and her husband sold pizza, and so I seek a reason as to why they should point to Comet Ping Pong pizza, home of boy faggotry, they say. Sire's/Sirets got us to the Panels/PINGs/PONGs (kin of Pinks/Pincs, appropriate name for faggots). The latter share the label of Pinc-branch Panico's having a Panel-like Pane variation (not to mention, "Panetta"), and Panico's/Pane's can be gleaned as kin of boy-using Fantis' (Bologna, same as Panico's/Pane's) while Comet Ping Pong pizza was owned by the reported sicko, James AleFANTIS. It looks as though God is pointing to this horrible thing because he wants to destroy the men responsible. Hallalujah.

If "ALEfantis" was a name partly from Fantes', is it a coincidence that Ali's are listed with Alitto-like Aliotta's having the giant Tooth / Bump / Lauder griffin?

I'm still hoping to realize all of why the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed on the opposite half of a comet in the Reines/Reign Coat, but thus far I have traced this surname to the Reno river, and the Reno surname (shares red lozenges with Pinks/Pinks and Bunch's), because Panico's were on the Setta valley draining into the Reno river. It appears that God set that heraldry up, centuries ago, to point to Comet Ping Pong.

I have found the update (5th of August, 2019) in which I tell of the Oullette dream. Here's a snippet:

Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells while Owls/Howls have owls in the colors of the Joseph martlet. The man sitting, watching me put back the container, had big-round eyes like an owl, as though he had round glasses on, and this now looks like it can reveal OULlette's as a branch of Owls / Howells. Oullette's even share the triple double-bars of Monmouths. Amazingly, the Bump griffin is also the giant Aliotta griffin, in the colors of giant Lette/Lito crane, suggesting that OulLETTE's were an Owl-Lette / Owl-Aliotta merger. It's just an excellent way to explain the bumper snow on a van.

The Letushites were a topic in the last update. Teresa's mother is Leticia/Letizia, as Letushite as one can get in a name. Their family is from Hebrew-suspect Abruzzo, and Abraham of HEBRon was the patriarch of Letushites. Letizia's are listed with Lette's/Lito's, which has a crane "drinking" while Drinks share the lion of Dreux's, the latter naming Dreux in Abruzzo-line Eure. The Hurrys/Urie's above probably apply, for they were first found in Northumberland with Drinks, and both surnames have lions in the same colors.

Dreux's put ears of wheat into the mouth of its bull head, and ears (or sheaves) of wheat link to Sheaves'/Chiava's of L'Aquila (Abruzzo capital), where I trace the motto of Dreux-like Drake's. The latter use the axe while Dreux's were first found in Wiltshire, location of one Axe river. Axes are used by the neighboring Battins/Badons (Somerset) who in turn have an eye while Eyes' are listed with Urie-like Eyers/Ayers to which I trace heraldic "ears." As you will see, the Taffs lived on Erie street, and Erie's are Airie's too. The Shawia of Numidia were in Aures, and English Shaws are also Sheaves'. Letizia is a Masci in one of her parents, and Masci's are from Numidians. End Insert]

The Oullette write-up again: "Of this family Robert D'Ouilli, the son of FOQUE D'Aulnay, who was descended from D'Alnay, the first Duke of the Normans of Loire 895-905, joined Duke William [the Conqueror]...He is referred to by Wace, the chronicler of the Battle of Hastings, as 'E cil d'Ouillie...'" The reason for that quote was to bring out FOQUE, for the last update showed why Foggs and their Figg branch link to Medleys and Methleys...and the latter has triple fesses in the colors of the triple twin-set of fesses of Oullette's, while Medleys have a double twin-set of fesses in the same colors. [This is thus tracing OulLETTE's to Foca, of Lydia, where I expect mythical Leto/Latona, the dragonline suspect from Letushites. It can give the impression that Letushites were a branch of the namers of Lotan of Seir, or even descended from Lotan. Keturah, matriarch of Letushites, had Medley-like sons such as Medan and Midian.]

The last update discovered that Methleys, who trace excellently to Methymna of Lesbos, was from Esau-line Edomites, and Edom had the Kos god said to have been an owl cult. Here's how that discovery went:

OH WOW, I had ventured a trace of LesBOS to "Bozrah, but didn't notice "MeTHYMNA" [city on Lesbos] until now, like "Timna," wife of Eliphas, son of Esau, king of Edom (black boar symbol) at Bozrah his capital!!! ZIKERS. It can explain why Methleys were first found in Yorkshire with black-boar Bush's (and Boths/Booths). Bush's (Fogg / Figg colors and format) even share the fesse of Foggs, Figgs and Frocks/Froggs. The latter were first found in Shropshire with Motleys of MedliCOTT. Cotts are expected from the Cotesii on the BUZau river!

When things cascade like that, I get excited. Medleys were even at BUXsted.

I'd like to go back to the Oullette dream, repeated below; note the SQUARE container because DANNYs/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with BOX's, and they both have gold-on-blue griffins. You will see Danny Snow in this quote, you see. Also, Edwards and Snows share the same stars, as if to point to Edward Snowden, and Edwards were likewise first found in Wiltshire, and Box-like Books were first found in Berwickshire with Snowdens. Impressive. The Edward and Snow stars are also in the Chiefs of Clintons and CONTANs. Can the square CONTAINer point to the same things as Froggit in the square box?

For what it could be worth, Snowden variations are like the Sneeds/Snyde's (who come up as Sniffs), but Snyders may apply too. If the Sneeds/Snyde's have the GRIM reaper's sickle, then it's notable that a book could be in the Reaper/Rape Crest while Grimaldi's were in Genova with BOCCi's/Brocato's.

OH-WOW, I don't think I've seen this before from the Contan write-up: "He may have been called of Coutances as he was sprung from the house of Corineus, the fabulous Trojan immigrant into Cornwall. He was clerk to Henry II and his eldest son, and is styled chaplain of BLYTHE." That just can't be a coincidence. The square container is pointing to Bill Clinton. CORINeus evokes the Corrins and their Corry/Curry branch.

Is it stretch thus far to suggest that she points to Clinton- / Epstein-related pedophilia? Well, look at this. Square's love the Tiens' who in turn have a different-colored version of the Contan Chief, and we later find that the box game she and I played is called, Square. Follow the bouncing ball. Contans were first found in Languedoc with their relatives, Conte's and Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's while Fantis' are also Fants. In fact, Fantis' are also Fantons while FENtons look like they could be a branch of FENwicks/Phoenix's. Unbelievably, Scottish Fentons essentially share the Coat of Italian Deans/Diano's (!), both sharing the crescents of English Deans/Dene's (and Blythe's). And Belgian Dentons/Wendens/Vante's happen to share the double fesses of crocodile Deans/Dene's...unbelievable finds suddenly that apparently link to the BlackDENE = Blyth location of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Therefore, the square container, and the Square game possibly, just led us to Phoenix liners, and zowie, I almost missed it, crocodile Deans/Dene's were first found in Galway with Lynch's!

The Blyth / Dean crescents are shared with Blacks, no surprise, and then the Blythe write-up has a Blacklache surname said to be also, BlackLEDGE, which suddenly points to the so-called "black ledger" that was allegedly a fabricated plot for tarring Trump via an attack on Paul Manafort by his Ukraine enemies! The plot looks undeniably from the Clinton camp. The Blyth write-up also has: "Further south in England, Blythe, Lancashire has an interesting history. It was originally held by Geoffrey Travers...", which can explain why Clintons and Hillarys both share the six fitchees of Traver-like Tarves' (Travers are also Travis').

Reminder: the van in the Oullette dream is expected from the ancient Phoenix line out of Lake Van and, from the Biaini peoples of that place, into Phoenicia's Banias/Panias, a couple of miles from the Dean-like Danites at Laish. Deans, Diens/Dine's, Dane's and Dans were all first found in Sussex. Danier's/Daniels, first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons, have a "TIMeo" motto term while Timms/Time's are well-traceable to Timna of Edom. The Biblical Samson was tied to a wife in Timnah, and "Timnah" was the same of a Saracen leader who, along with Samsam, betrayed their fellow Saracens by going over to the Guiscards of Sicily. As I write this paragraph, it's the morning after returning from the home of Daniel, and I happened to wear my LEATHER coat there which I purchased from Danier leathers. Leathers are listed with Letters/Lauders!

Also, Scottish Deans, once said to be first found in Sussex, are now said to be first found in Aberdeenshire with Lesbos-possible Leslie's sharing the Fen/Venn griffin head, and Scottish Deans look like they could be using the FENDer sword. There definitely seemed to be a Fen-line merger with Dean/Dene elements looking like a PANias-Danite partnership all the way to Britain. Just ask the Pane's and Panels/Pings/Pongs/PAGANels if they know anything about it, for Payens/Pagans and Page's/Lepage's were first found in Dauphine while Daphne (Dafna) was, and still is, a location beside Dan (Laish). Note that Page's/Lepage's have four fesses in the colors of the four pale bars of Italian Dance's/Dana's/Danais'. If you enter "Lepage" instead of "Page," you will get the same surname, only first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes, which tends to explain why Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes'. English Page's look connectable by their chevron-with-PHEONs to Lettice's/Lattice's, potential Laish liners to Leto/Latona and Ladon elements. Ladds/Ladons were first found in Somerset with Paine's/Payne's. Note Laish-like LISa Page, for she is expected to have celebrated with her boss, Andrew McCabe, Lynch's decision not to prosecute and expose Hillary's crimes.

Before providing this quote, I'd like to remind that Froggs and Foggs (share Danier/Daniel unicorn head) share similar Coats while I see Foggs from Foca, facing out to Edomite-liner Lesbos, for owls are expected from Edomites. I'm asking why I used "foggy" three times in this quote. Note Danny Snow, for I'm not very familiar with the Box-related Dannys/Dance's (share Lepage lion) who happen to have a green dragon head like the green griffin head of Fens/Venns and Leslie's...but also of the Patty-like Patents whose lozengy is in the colors of the Danier/Daniel lozenges:

In this dream, I was in a van with Joe Oullette and his wife Diane. He said that he needed a container, so I walked up a snow-cleared path of a home, and lookie there, an empty, square (not a pail or bucket) container near the door. I took it, and the owner of the house saw me. The details of what Joe did with this bucket are foggy, until he started to shovel snow into it from his rear bumper. I dumped the snow out. This scene was clear, but what happened to the bucket after that was foggy again. All the while I was feeling guilty for taking this container, and so I decided to bring it back, and there was the owner [the one with owl eyes) sitting on a chair watching me bring it back. I apologized, and walked back to the van, but it was gone. So I started to look for Joe in a MALL. I didn't find him, and the events in the mall are foggy.

So, as the snow stuck out, I checked the Snow surname, finding antelopes. I realized right away that this pointed to Mall-like Malahule, for his descendants included the Toeni's / Tosni's of Les ANDELys, a term to which I trace "ANTELope." Plus, as I've said at least twice before, many years ago, I remember Patty Rice's boyfriend, Danny SNOW...

The point I need to make is that I failed to realize the full meaning of the container, but I did get half of it. Here's from that same 2019 update, in light of Oullette's being from Falaise:

Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise was the grandfather of the Conqueror. That is, Fulbert was the father of Herleva, and she re-married Herluin de Conteville (not the Conqueror's father). French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with CONTANs/Constance's (tree), and both share the same crescent. That has got to be why God included a CONTAINer in this dream. In fact, I had to walk along the cleared walkway to get to the container, and Walks (Dumfries) share in their Chief the two stars on the Contans/Constance Chief. I kid you not, "I NEED You" (song, "Lord I Need You") just sang on my speakers, and I'm sure Oullette said "I NEED a container"! I'm more sure now, especially as Walks share the Snow fesse.

The Contan / Walk stars are those also of Edwards and Snows, and the latter have a fesse in Walk-fesse colors. The snow-cleared walkway. Plus, The Walk and Contan Chiefs each share two, same-colored stars with the Clinton Chief. That's quite remarkable seeing that Oullette's were pointing to the Clintons from another part(9) of the Oullette dream. The original point was: the "conTAINER" is part-code for pine-tree Contans (Languedoc, same as Conte's) and partly for pine-cone TANNERs, how did I miss it? It tends to prove better that God is author of the dream, and that Conte's (Languedoc, same as Ville's/Font de Ville's) formed the Conteville's. English Conte's share the ANTLers of Cone's, and we saw the Snow ANTELope and Tanner pine cones. Pine cones are used by Maschi's, first found beside Fano, named by Fane's/Vans/Phone's ("fano" motto term).

Note the, "LORD, I Need You," for Lords/LAUDs (compare with Amptons), with a reflection of the Fen/Venn fesse-with-items, are connectable to Ladys/Laudymans, first found in NorthAMPTONshire, where Spinks were first found suspect with the sphinx of Hips' who in turn have a version of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat.

Lookie: Letts/Late's, expected as part of "OulLETTE's," share the Contan Chief in different colors, and use their stars in the colors of the Tiens stars while SQUARE's use a "Tiens" motto term!!! The square container!!! Plus, the Lett/Late write-up suggests acceptably that the surname is from Lettice's and Letizia's/Lette's/Lito's. Samsons (same place as Letts/Late's) use a "letho" motto term, and so perhaps this picture is a pointer to Samuel Alitto of the U.S. supreme court (Clinton target?).

Ahh, the Lettice/Lattice surname has little more than a chevron in colors reversed from the nothing-but-chevron of Tiss'/TICE's/Teece's, suggesting that LetTICE's/Lattice's can be from a Lett/Late-line merger with the Tice surname. Recall that lattice / fretty traces to Sub Radice on the upper TONZus. The Tiss' (Shirt/Shard chevron) are expected with the Shirts/Shards, and so let's repeat from an aspect of the Oullette dream: "So, as the snow stuck out, I checked the Snow surname, finding antelopes. I realized right away that this pointed to Mall-like Malahule, for his descendants included the Toeni's / Tosni's of Les ANDELys..." Tosni-like Tosini's/TONSO's use a man wearing a shirt and buttons, and Tiss'/Tice's were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens. The mall in the sleeping-bag dream was used by God to point to Hillary Clinton, Perkins Coie, and Platte River Networks, I do believe, as well as to the murder of supreme-court judge, Antonin (Tony) Scalia (has Sam Alitto been looking into that murder?).

The mall in the sleeping-bag dream pointed to Malbanks out of the Mall write-up, and Malbanks are obvious kin of Rodhams...both first found in Northumberland with the Sword-liner Siward, with expected descent from the Serdi (Shirt suspects) beside Sub Radice.

As Snape's look like kin of Clintons, both first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens' and their Peare's kin, note the Pero-like term in the Malbank write-up: "However, some of the family were found at early times in the township of Snape in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Snape Castle was held by many families but "Thorpe Perrow, the seat of Mr. {Mark} Milbank Esq., is a handsome mansion here..." Miss Peare was in the mall in the sleeping-bag dream, upon a platform that got suspect with Platter River networks. I had walked through the PARKING lot of this mall before entering its front door. Parkings are listed with Perkins. I had crossed a RODham-like road before entering the parking lot. I had climbed a hill before crossing the road, and Hillary-like Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the Lute's suspect in the Malbank motto, and that motto even has a "firm" motto term linkable to the "Tiens ferme" motto of Square's, likewise first found in Worcestershire. It's also where the Clent Hills are found, and Clints/Clents happen to share the garbs of Blythe's, the surname to which Bill Clinton was born (his mother re-married a Clinton).

One last thing from what was said above: "I kid you not, 'I NEED You' (song, 'Lord I Need You') just sang on my speakers, and I'm sure Oullette said 'I NEED a container'!" The Needs/Name's look connectable to the Name's/Neme's having a version of the Lute Coat. I have no idea what this could mean even if Lute's are in the Malbank motto. The Need/Name chevron looks linkable to Westrys while Oswestry of Shropshire is where the Dol Alans lived, a branch of Swallow-related FitzAlans, and even Sallows were first found in Shropshire. It's therefore mentionable that Snows share the nebuly fesse, in Dol-fesse colors, of Swallow-like Swale's. I don't have time to contemplate on this now, and I don't think I've realized at all why he said, "I need."

Bouncing Bocci Balls to Alexander Balas

I'd like to go back to some points made in the last update as per the chalk box that God placed me in with Froggit. Where was my head? I don't recall seeing the similarity between the Bocci surname and Box's in the last update! Wow. Here's how it went in the last update:

I forgot to re-mention this when I was on Mr. bocci ball two updates ago. I lived in Mr bocci ball's home for two months straight when in Picenze with my mother. He took me to his bocci-ball game, probably in L'Aquila [Arms has a "manet" motto term], but was taking so long that I asked him repeatedly if we could leave. Each time, he responded, "in a minute, in a minute" (in Italian, it's something like "minuto"). By the time that I told this story for the first time, I had been tracing the Manet-like Minute/Mynett surname to "Amyntes," and so I was floored to load the Bocci surname, in case God set up that bocci-ball event, to find it listed with BROCATo's. Amyntas was the son of BROGITarus!!! I always become amazed when repeating this story.

(I've just learned that Google's not bringing his name up as "Amyntes," but only as "Amyntas," wherefore I'll start using that spelling now.)

So, I now realize that the box game with Froggit applies to Bocci's/Brocato's, is that not wild? FROGGIT , BROCATo , BROGITarus. Is that not stunning? Oh-wow, Bocci's/Brocato's show only "EARS of wheat," and that's got to be part-code for Eyers/Ayers (QUATRefoils!), first found in Derbyshire with Froggits! It's extra evidence that God set up that little event. I've tried to add up the many things God has done to bring these revelations to you, but I can't fathom it all. It took Him a lot of work. As I trace "Amyntas" to Mynetts/Minute's, by what coincidence were they first found in Kent with Mynett-like Munds/Munts and Hamon(d)s (ignore the "Ha") while the latter almost have the full BOOK Coat? Hamons ("Per") likely named Hamon de Masci, and Mr. bocci ball married Miss Masci.

I was told by someone that he thinks Mr. bocci ball is/was Mr. Manilla, and I confirmed this with my own eyes a couple of days ago at my mother's place. I saw the gravestone of his wife as Joseppina Manilla. I think her Joseph-like first name is God's pointer to Joseph Caiaphas because Manelli's happen to share the double chevrons of Josephs and Chaplains. English Caplans, first found in Hampshire with Josephs, share the Box griffins, is that not more wild for assuring that God used the box to link to Mr. bocci ball??? If that's not enough to convince you, Manells were first found in Derbyshire with Froggits!!! Smasher! Remember, Bocci's/Brocato's have EARS of wheat connectable to Eyers, first found in Derbyshire.

The twin fesses of Manells are in the colors of the double fesses of Manners/MANESS' and the double chevrons of Minelli's/Manno's/MANNESchi's are said to descend from Venice, where Caplan-like Capelli's were first found...where Deans/Diano's are said to have had beginnings, bringing to mind Diane Oullette in the VAN with JOSEPH Oullette, the pointers to the Clinton/Lynch meeting in Phoenix.

OH-WOW, unbelievable: Oullette's were at Falaise while Italian Fallis' were first found in Venice, while Scottish Fallis (same Coat as Italian Fallis" were first found in Midlothian with Mens'/Mame's/MEMS!!! This realization comes minutes after finding that Manells, with their "MEMoriam" motto term, and their sharing a man's head with Mens'/Mame's//MEM's, definitely look like kin of Mens/Mame's and Manners'/Maness'!!! Mr. bocci balls is pointing to the Clinton-Lynch meeting.

By the way, Minelli's/Manno's were first found in CreMONA with Batti's/Batto's (share eight-pointed star with Stelli's), and share the eight-pointed Stelli (and Teeger) star in both colors. Cremona is right beside Placentia, where Deans/Diano's were first found, and Placentia is also called, Piacenza, like "Picenze, home of Mr. Manilla.

Oh wow, the "huMILUIM" motto term of Manells must be code for the Millions listed with Mannins/Mennons, and they were conspicuously first found in Galway with Lynch's!!! Incredible. Galway is where Teague's/Teegers were first found while German Teegers share the giant Stelli star now suspect in the Minelli/Manno Coat. I've been predicting for a long time that Teague ancestry was from king Tigranes VI, who was somehow related to Caiaphas. Tigranes descended from Herods, and from the Maccabees using the Alexander name very likely originating from when Jonathan Maccabee made a pact with Alexander Balas. It's therefore interesting that the bocci-ball line had married Tigranes' line when the latter married Quadratus Bassus. Was God trying to say, "Balas," with bocci BALL? The Galatian ancestors of Brogitarus were in the Galatia theater from about the very time of king Antiochus of Syria, Balas' ancestor.

The discussion on the Clinton-Lynch meeting in Phoenix touched upon the crescents of crocodile Deans, Blythe's and Blacks (see also CHAPmans), and while the latter two can be traced to Bled, beside EMONa (upper Sava, on light map), the three Million/Mannin/Mennon crescents are colors reversed from the same of Deans/Diano's and Blythe's (BLACKdene was also called, Blyth). ChapMANs might just have been merged with the Mans (dragon) because they have a version of the Dragon/Drainer Coat while the latter, first found in Kent with Mynetts/Minute's, have the Mynett/Minute helmets in colors reversed.

Mr. bocci BALL said several times to me, "in a minute, in a minute." Balls (Cheshire, same as Shirts/Shards and Hamon de Masci's Dunham-Masci location) share the fireball with Bocci-like Box's while Books almost have the Coat of Hamon(d)s, first found in Kent with Mynetts and Munds; the latter share the Shirt/Shard and Manner/Maness peacock. German Mans/Manners (savage, likely for Cheshire's Sava's/Savage's) share the Massey quadrants, underscoring the Manilla surname of Mr. bocci ball and it's likely connection of Manells/Manno's/Manneschi's. Shirts/Shards are important in this section, once I get past Mr. bocci ball, for sharing red roundels with Bullis'.

A Box-Bocci link can actually point again to the Clinton-Lynch meeting where we bring in the Brocato variation of Bocci's, and then go to Brox's/Brocuffs sharing the gold sphinx with the Hips' who in-turn have a version of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat. It's notable that Bocci-like Bacci's/Baci's have a blue version of the Scottish Vaux Coat (I can see Vaux's as Baux's). I stumbled on Bacci's only now to see that they have a brown lion head linkable to the brown lions of Ramps/Rumps (Cumberland, same as English Vaux's!). Ramps/Rumps were in the ramp upon which Obama was skateboarding in the scene immediately before he was upset with his employee whose BACK was stressed!

I think I have thus found, finally, the best, heraldic meaning of his back with Bacci's/Baci's. Previously, that back was pointed to by Jim Backus, yet he came to topic via an event with Miss Hicks wherein she reminded me of Luvey HOWELL (played the wife of Jim Backus on Gilligan's Island). Backus pointed to Jim Baker's crimes with Stefan Halper (google "Baker Lovinger"), and Halpers happen to share a Shield of black-and-white checks with Partridge's. I was bare-assed with my shirt in the Froggit dream, but in the 1979 dream with CHARlotte Hicks, I had no shirt as an indicator of the Shirts, who have a Shard variation like the Chard variation of CHARs/Charts who in turn share the partridge with the Saxe's ("Sit" probably for SEATons/Sittens) while Saxons (Lancashire, same as Seats/Cedes') share the chaplet with Hicks'. Seat-like SHETland is where ASSI's were first found, and the Skate's, part of Obama's skateboarding-up-ramp scene, are also SHEETs. That works super.

Note the "FIRMum" motto term of Saxe's, for "ferme" is in the motto of Square's/Squire's expected as a branch of Assi-connectable Sire's (probably HOWELL tower), and thus, Saxe's look like Sakarya-river liners along with Square's and some Assi kin such as Segni's/Segurana's. Assi-like Azzo was the founder of Este, and the Este eagle is in the Chief of Segni's/Segurana's.

In her 1979 dream, I was to KISS Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) awake at the scene in which she pointed to Walerans and Beautys/Bowoods, and "baci" means "kiss" in Italian. The Kiss'/Cush's link to the Kilpatrick and Bibo cushions, and I see Bibo's from Vibia, mother of Waleran-liner Laevillus of Cetis. That all looks very meaningful, especially as Laevillus married the Brogitarus line to Bocci's/Brocato's. I was bare-assed with Brocato-linkable Miss Froggit while I feel sure that Hayasa-AZZI were Hicks-line Hyksos. We could say that an ass is a built-in seat cushion, and, besides, Miss Hicks was hovering (asleep) over the seats of a car in the 1979 dream while Seats are Cetis-like Cedes' too.

"BrogitARUS" can truly be named partly after Assus/Arsus for reasons explained later, but here I'd like to say that Arsus-like Arezzo is where Bacci's/Boci's were first found. His son is expected to the Mynetts using "OPEN helmets" while Openheimers can apply because Heims/Heimers share the Voss wolf/fox. Amyntas conquered a wolf-line area at Derbe of in Lycaonia. Mr. bocci ball lived beside a quiet tavern, the only nightspot in the village. His kids brought me there and taught me to play FoosBALL (table soccer). Foos' are listed with Voss', and they share the horizontally-split Shield of Capelli's (means "hair"). There are all sorts of trails I could bring you down in this discussion (you might be able to pick them out), but it's going to be longish and complicated even with out them.

Foos'/Voss' (another fox) have got to be pertinent to the Waleran motto term, "vos". Besides, Miss Hicks had the beautiful head of HAIR, though it was a wig that connected to the Buttons/Bidens (share the Capelli chapeau). Hicks' use a Capelli-like CHAPLet while Chaplets show swans in the colors of the same once shown by French Josephs/JOSEPHINE's. Mr. bocci ball married Joseppina = Josephine. Caiaphas was born not many years off of Amyntas' death in 25 BC.

Waleran de Leavell is from Lupus Laevillus, the line of Bibo's, kin of Hahns, both first found in Pomerania / Mecklenburg with German Voss' (and Ice's pointed to by Miss Hanson while Vaux's/Voss'/Faux's share the Hanson mascle; this is one of those trails). Waleran de Leavell married the Bom-like BEAUMonts (share lion of Bunns and Bone's, probably of Bum/Boms = another trail) of Meulan while the Arms of Meulan share the Coat of English Vaux's. As Waleran de Leavell (wolf liner) links to Vaux's, it's pretty much a no-brainer that the Foos/Voss fox links to Faucets of Foxside, where Scottish Vaux's were first found, right beside the Mens'/MAME's/Mems to which Manells link.

FoosBALL got us here already, and then German Voss' share the Thigh/Thy Coat (could be a wolf or fox) while God gave MAMie a thigh symbol at her garden. BAUMgardens / Baumgartners. Both Gardners can be linked to German Caplans and Capes', Caiaphas suspects. Reminder, Manelli's/Manno's (probably bocci ball's bloodline) share the double fesses of Chaplains and English Josephs. The latter were first found in Hampshire with Capelli-related Buttons/Bidens, branch of BUTTs/BOETS (Salome colors), and then Salome de BOETHus is suspect to Salome's essentially having the Coat of Scottish Vaux's. That Foosball game looks Caiaphas-important.

As Blacks (share Mens'/Mame Chief) share the saltire of Blaze's/Blazers (look linkable to the Bles variation of Shirt-connectable Bleds), this recalls that CHARlotte Hicks did a curtsey toward me on the only day I wore a certain blazer to church in which God set up two events for pointer purposes. One Cursty/CHARTsey surname looks connectable to Box's, and the other Curtseys (both first found in Surrey) who come up as "CHERE" were looked up because the man / homeowner in the Oullette dream was sitting on a CHAIR while wearing his owl-eye GLASSes. He had to be sitting on a chair for a reason. He could have been standing; he could have been looking out the window; but he was sitting on a chair in winter. No Chair surname comes up so that Chere's are a prime candidate for that scene, as could be CHARs/CHARTs, you see.

Well it just so happens that while the owl theme pointed to the Kos owl cult of Edom, Dutch Foss' almost use the KOS/Kosinski Coat. Foosball, with the sons of Mr bocci ball, at our service. Chars/Charts were first found in Somerset with Foos'/Voss'. Car liners are expected from Carians, and the island of Kos was stacked with Carians. I'll show you later how Horite-suspect Hortons trace to the Ephesus parts of Caria (Lydia border, land of Maeonians), Kos important because mythical Merops of Kos had a son, ruler in Ephesus.

The Crest of Box-like Books has an hourGLASS, and I returned the SQUARE container when Mr. round glasses was sitting on his chair. I had to walk up the snow-cleared walkway in order to return it, and Walks, first found in Dumfries with the Kilpatricks whom Miss Hicks married, share the garb of the both Josephs and Chars/Charts. The latter happen to share the striped hunting horns (Orion of Boethus, another trail) of Close's, who share a green Crest with Kilpatricks of CLOSEburn. It's the hunting horn also of Lothians, who share the brown dog of Lots/LOTTE's, and thus, if Lothians were from Lotan of Edom, a HORite, note that God may have named CharLOTTE Hicks to indicate that Hyksos (Hebrews, not Israelites) were in fact in Edom, in which case the "heure" motto term of Hicks' looks like a Horite element. I see Eure's from Hebrews of Abruzzo's/Abreu's.

Ass-like Esau was almost an Israelite Hebrew, but he lost his birth right to being Israel's patriarch for a bowl of stew. FoxSIDE is in Lothian, and is suspect from the Seaton-branch Side's (probably share the Faucet / Suty/Sidey lion). In the 1979 dream, Miss Hicks pointed to Rhizon when I woke her up, very traceable to Rize and Ardahan, the land of Hayasa-Azzi. "HazARD," suggesting Azzi-Ardahan elements together, is a motto term of Seatons/Sittens and Sutys/Sideys, and then the "yet" motto term of Seatons/Sittens is suspect with the Yates (think Sally Yates) who own the portcullis gate along with Porters. It means that Yates' were a branch of Cetis- / Cedes-like Gates', and I'll argue later that FrogGATTs are from the Gatt variation of Gates', very traceable to/from the Gediz river of Foca-region Lydia.

Rize was at the Pontus, ruled by Pharnaces, the line to Parrs and Furness' who both share the black border with Sedans, and the latter having the cinquefoils of Horite-like Horts/Hurts in colors reversed. Ardahan-liner Arthurs use blue roundels called, hurts, as do Tubal-like Table's expected in the "round table" symbol of king Arthur. Tubal was an empire between Cetis and Rize. I'm reminded that while ACCiDENTs can be an Assi-Dent relationship, TIM Horton died in a car accident while Timms/Time's are from Timna, Esau's daughter-in-law. I can see Hortons from Horite's (rooted in "Hor") and Horts from Hortons, keeping in mind that Horts are linkable to Sedans of Sedbergh, home of Dents (West Yorkshire, same as Hortons). While mythical DioNYSus was code for elements at Nuzi, home of Horites too, Hortons have one "Dionisia de Horton."

[Insert -- The Bradshaws (Kay/Key kin), with a location in West Yorkshire (location of Dents), have motto with what could reveal a Dent-Assi relationship: "Qui vit conTENT tient assez". It looks like code for Tints (Somerset, same as Axe rivers) and royal-tent Tintons. "Qui" can be gleaned with the "qui" of English Shaws, for Kays/Keys share the BradSHAW bendlets, and we even find keys in the Ashford Coat while Tintons (one of the double Ash/Asch and Ashford chevrons) were at an Ashford location (Kent). Mamie sat with her ass on my lap on the night we slept in her tent. To show that "accident" is a term used by God for this purpose, Ash's/Aschs ("sed" for the Sedbergh of Dents) were first found in Devon with most of an Axe river. I get the impression that Tints and Tintons were a Dent / Denet branch. Ash's/Aschs speak on an Ash location in Derbyshire, and Bradshaws tell of a Bradshaw location in Derbyshire.

It appears to me that the royal tents of Tintons use banners while Banners, I feel sure, were from Bohemians. Mamie sat on my lap before we slept in the tent, and while Laps almost share the Babel/BABE mermaid, Laps were first found in Wiltshire, beside the Babe's and George's of Dorset, and these George's are from George of Hungary, husband of a woman from PodeBRADY (Bohemia), thus tending to explain BRADshaws as those Bohemian liners. The Shaw-like Sava river is near the proto-Bohemian Boii of Pannonia = Hungary. Boii are on the light map at Savaria, and Saffers love the Vito's expected in the "vit" motto term of Bradshaws. The Arrabo river through the land of Savaria ends near ArraBONA, explaining the Bononia location of the Boii, and the mouth of the Arrabo is near Brocato-like Brigetio. Note how "Arrabo" is like the "SpeRABO" motto term of Annans, for the latter share the saltire of German Franks, first found in Bohemia. SAVARys/Savards share the Hope Coat. End insert]

If the only reason for the chair is to flip us to this Charlotte RENA Hicks, I am reminded of Hope Charlotte Hicks (dated Mr. Porter), who went from the Trump team to FOX news, and is now back with Trump's White House after being suspect at Fox with Paul RYAN the RINO. What can we make of this, in conjunction with the fact that the Oullette dream pointed hard to the Clinton-Lynch meeting? We can contemplate on the fact that Hope's were first found in Derbyshire with Froggits (and Manells) using CHERRies, suspect with Cary castle of Leavells (Somerset, same as Chars/Charts). It really messes with my human-limited head (too many symbols to work with) to combine an aspect of the Oullette dream with things-Hicks and things-Froggit. Cherrys are the ones very linkable to Chart-like Shirts/Shards thanks partly to the tee-shirt in the Froggit dream.

Another candidate for the chair scene is the Care's/Carre's/Kare's with leopard FACES. Segni's/Segurana's are in the "SIGNo" motto term of Fessys/Face's, and this week, a book is in the news, with Mr. SIGN as the author, on the Clinton-Lynch meeting in Phoenix. That view of the chair not only stays on the Oullette dream, but this is the dream that pointed hard to the Clinton/Lynch meeting. Mr. owl eyes was SITTING on a chair while Seatons/Sittins were at Sion/Sittin while Sions/Swans are also Sign-like Sine's. Sion/Sitten is, however, right beside a Saxon location, and Saxe's share the partridge with Chars/Charts i.e. making it seem that the chair can include Char/Chart / Curtsey elements, for Walks share the fesse of Curtseys/Chartseys while I was walking up a walkway to Mr. round glasses on his chair.

Care's/Carre's were first found in Yorkshire with the SEDbergh location of Dents (in Care/Carre's colors and format), and "sed" is a motto term of both Cars/Kerrs and Seaton-linkable Sedans ("sino"). That works.

Hope Charlotte Hicks had a relationship with White-House man, Rob Porter, while Porter-branch Ports, sharing the Char/Chart chevron, are said to have had an early branch in Derbyshire. As Ports and Porters were first found in Hampshire with Josephs, that's why the Char/Chart garb can be the Joseph garb. We wouldn't have been able to clinch this had not Hicks dated Porter.

The Crest of Box-like Books has an hourGLASS, and Hicks (a BUCK with chaplet) have an hour-like "heure" motto term, what could this mean? Miss Hicks was from BAYtown, beside Houston, and Houstons of GLASgow have the hourglass too while Bays share the double Manner/Maness fesses. That's Bocci/Brocato kin, and Brogitarus could easily have been related to Maeander-river elements. Does all of this mean that Hyksos were of that area. I'm sure they were. Houstons share the martlet of Josephs.

French Bays (Dauphine, same as PEANs/Payens/Pagans) share the Shield-with-crescents of Labels/Bells while Chere's/Curtseys, with the PEAN ermine (black-on-gold ermines are called, pean) of Hamon(d)s in colors reversed, have a label in Chief, as do Pings/Pongs/Paganells. The latter link to Reno-river liners that recalls the comet of Reigns', while Miss Hick was born, CHARlotte RENA Hicks.

Dauphine is where the dolphin of Hortons traces. We saw how Dionysus liners appear to be in the Horton write-up, and then Dionysus' Maenads were Amazons on the Maeander river. Amazons trace to Masons/Massins, who love the Speers even as the Horton spear does that comes with the Horton dolphin. Masons/Massins were first found in Kent with Timna-line Timms/Time's who are in an Edom-suspect motto, of Morays, "DEUM time." Masons/Massins share the Moray mermaid. We can expect Edom's Kos cult to the island of Kos, and mythical Merops of Kos gave birth to PANdareus of Ephesus, near the Maeander theater. Ephesus was anciently Apasa, and Pasi's/Pascels have spears and do link hard to Speers in the area of PAISley. So, Hortons can thus link to Ephesus elements, as could be expected of Horites from Timna the Horite.

The "heure" motto term of Hicks' looked like a Horite element, and then the hourGLASS symbol traces with Houstons to Glasgow, the Paisley area.

You can realize that Pandareus was from the Pan cult of Panias, beside the Laish Sidonians who were conquered by the Danites, though I see them as pseudo-Danite Hyksos booted out of the Hyksos city of Tanis (at the fall of Hyksos under Apepi). I see the Levite liners of Laish at Calydon, home of Daphne-line Taphians. As Daphne was the granddaughter of Avaris-depicting Everes, I suggest that Horites were connected to the Avaris Hyksos (Egypt), even as I think that Horites were in mythical Horus of the Egyptians, while I think that Horus-related OSIRis was of "Seir," a perfect match with the Sire's/Sirons descending from the Seir-suspect Siren Amazons of the TAPHian theater.

Plus, the Osiris cult had Esau-suspect Isis, and the upper Thames, if I recall correctly, was the Isis river while Horts/Hurts were first found in Oxfordshire, along the Thames. The Pascals/Passe's, looking linkable to Pasi's/Pascels, look like they use a version of the Deacon and Decan Coats, and there is a Decani region in the White Drin theater of KOSovo. Again, mythical Merops of Kos (likely an Amorite entity) was father of PANdareus on Pasi-suspect Ephesus.

"PanDAREUS" suggests that Dareus-line Medes were in Ephesus at that time, and it's more possible than you may think for Medes to descend from Keturah's son, Medan, for she with Medan trace to Kodros of Athens, father of Medon, and at least one myth writer made Medon's brother the founder of Ephesus. Owl-liner Oullette's look, by their Coat, to be Medley / Methley liners on Edomite-suspect Lesbos.

There is a Passa/Pasi I've not been familiar with that had a home in Lotan-like LODi (between Milan and Piacenza). Lodi is near Crema upon the Serio river...flowing near to Mantova, said to be named after Manto, Daphne's sister and likewise a daughter of Everes. It's begging whether Amyntas (conquered DERBE in Galatia) was a Manto liner. Mandys/Mondays, first found in DERBYshire, share purple with English Pace's. Mandys/Mondays share the wolf with LODE's/Lodders, and Derbe was in ancient Lycaonia while mythical Lycaon was a wolf. Lupus Laevillus ruled Cetis not far from Derbe. Derbe was not far from Perta on lake Tatta, and Perts/Petts were first found in Kent with Mynetts and Munds.

Passa'/Pasi's have a bull or steer in the colors of the same of Backs/Bachs; I trace the latter to the Apachnas Hyksos. It's notable that Passa's/Pasi's share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards, and that the latter share the star of Annas' while Lodi is expected in the Ananes-Gaul theater. The only places I've read to be home to Ananes is the Taro and Trebia river around Piacenza, and Lode's/Lodders were first found in Somerset with Tarrs and Ladds/Ladons.

We may be able to begin discovering that Lycaon was named after the Lasonii people group where Licons (two clouds over a sun) are listed with Lisons, an obvious branch of Lease surname (cloud over sun, same Chief-Shield colors). The sun can be readily recognized as code for the Sun variation of Sinclairs (Claro's), for Lease's use a "Clarior" motto term while Clare's have three chevrons in the colors of the two Lease/Lise chevrons. This is going to trace to Clarus, smack at the Ephesus area of Maeonians, and we can then go to the Sinclairs of Midlothian, where Manner-branch Mens'/Mame's/Mems were first found. Manders link to Rhodes' while Rhodes is beside Kos. Sinclair-liner Rollo's have a "passe par" motto phrase that can link to the Parr-related Manners/Maness' (share peacock with Munds). Amyntas looks Maeonian.

Bocci's/Brocato's were first found in Genova with Segni's/Segurana's, Sakarya-river liners, and while Brogitarus was at the Sakarya area, Segni's/Segurana's share the Aquila eagle. Mr. bocci ball lived seven miles fro L'Aquila, and probably played bocci balls there when I was waiting on him (it was the nearest town capable of having a bocci-ball arena).

Plus, Segurana-branch Seagers share wings with Eyer-like Here's/Heyers, first found in Derbyshire with Eyers (and Froggits, you see). I have resolved that Seagars use both wings of Masci's, and Mr. bocci ball was married to Miss Masci (her father was a Masci). It's becoming clear that the Brogitarus > Amyntas line was in L'Aquila. Why should God make this such a big deal through me?

Seagars are definitely part of the Justine-of-PICENum line, suggesting what can't be too surprising, that his village of Picenze was a Picenum line. This line included the WINGs/Winks as code for Vinkovci (Cabyle-like Cibalae), birthplace of Justine's husband, Valentinian. Valentins have squirrels in Cable/Cabel colors, and Cybele was at the Sakarya river while Cibalae-liner Sibals share the Segni/Segurana moline. It appears we have just found the line of the great whore in the namer(s) of CIBALAE. Squirrels are also Sakarya-like Square's, and the Brogitarus-box, as we can call the Froggit box, was also a square. Brogitarus was the chief priest of CYBELE, lookie at all of that secret fodder falling at our feet.

Here's/Heyers use two "dexter" wings, and Dexters/DECKsters were first found in Leicestershire with the Legro river that I see in heraldic legs, such as the leg in the Eyer/Heyer Crest. That works. And blue-wing German Here's (scythes or sickles) happen to share the gold border with Justine-of-Picenum lines such as Justine's and Greats/Greeps (Gratian, her father-in-law). It must be code for Borders sharing the crossed swords of Tax's/DACKs.

Let's not forget that my mother, born in Picenze, is a Grimaldi from her father while Grimaldi's were heavy in Genova too. Grimaldi's are the ones with a monk having a sword under a "FROCK," and Frocks are listed with Froggs. God has crossed every T.

The Brogitarus-box drawn with chalk was for playing a BALL-bouncing game, and Balls, first found in Cheshire with Shirts/Shards, happen to share the ball in flames in the Box Crest, a good piece of work to prove that God is in this, and that we may connect anything in that box to my bare-ass dream. As was said, Balls call it a "fireball," but it's very similar to heraldic bombs. The latter are used obviously by Boms, but I neglected to realize, in the last update, that Boms might come up as Bums, and blow-me-down, they do! You see, God has a sense of humor. Boms/Bums (Dutch) look like a Bohemian liner. Booms/Boems are likewise Dutch.

There's a question as to whether Balls were from Alexander Balas, for Balas'/BayLISS'/BaYLIFFs share large ermines with the Brittany Balls. Naturally, as comes naturally with simpleton stupids or cover-uppers, this surname is said to be from a "bailiff." But as Liffs are listed with Leave's/Leafs/LEVE's while Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/LISE's, I think it's obvious that "bailiff' is not the derivation. Large ermines are expected with Ermine's (large ermine) who share the Annan Coat. I can see why the stupids would want to cover that up. Balas'/Bayliffs were first found in Glamorgan with LlEWYLYN-liner Lewis' and TILLers, and that looks like Lupus Laevillus and QuadraTILLa his wife, to me.

Oh wow, we BOUNCED the ball in the box, and Bouns' are listed with the Bone's/BOHUNs (Box colors), obvious Bohemian liners from Bononia! Hee-hee! Dutch Bone's/Bons come up as Bouns' too, perhaps a branch of Boms/Bums / Booms/Boems. Looks like. Is that not amazing work? English Banners share the Box lion. Ahhhh, German Banners (Silesia) share the Jewish BAUMgartner fleur-de-lys, and the latter share the parrot with Froggits! How could my bare-bum dream have eyes to see this? Compare "Bouns" with the "BUNCH of cherries" in the beak of the Froggit parrot. Bunch's are also BUNSche's. Bums are also "buns." God knows slang. Buns/Bonns have a version of the English Bone/Bouns Coat, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons and GARDNERs, the latter sharing gold griffin heads with Box's. BaumGARDNERs share the parrot with Froggits! And, zowie, Baumgartners/BaumGARDENs use a FENCE, suspect with the Fens'/Venns who bring back to mind the Fane's/Vans/Phone's and Phoenix's/FENwicks! The bare-ass dream and the square/box game can thereby point to Slick Willie's meeting with Lynch.

I'd like to repeat that, the day after Mamie sat on my lap, with her BUM, God gave her a thigh symbol at her GARDEN. Baumgarden. The Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Box's! She sat on my lap with her hips, and Phoenix's/Fenwicks have a version of the Hips Coat! We saw that Slick Willie was pointed to by Joe Oullette,and I was living at his brothers, Paul Oullette's, when Mamie sat on my lap (she wasn't my girlfriend until that event). She was a pointer to Mens'/MAME's, first found in Midlothian with Fallis'/Falls while Oullette's were at Falaise. The only thing I remember after she sat on my lap was our sleeping together in her tent (no sex), and Tints with Tintons (royal tents) trace to the Atintanes at Bullis/Byllis (Epirus), a location highly suspect in naming Alexander Balas, and thus looking traceable to the Balls'.

The Byllis version of "Bullis" is expected to trace to such things as Blyth, which we saw in the Phoenix/Fenwick write-up, and to Billets/Billiards and Billiards/HILLARds (Yorkshire, same as Clints/Clents), because Bullis' are also Bulliards. It appears that Mamie on my lap, and in the tent, is pointing to the Clintons as well as to Seleucids (Balas was a Seleucid king). Clintons borrowed the Shield of Seleucus-like Saluzzo's. One can add that Seleucus-like Sellicks were first found beside the Clent Hills while Clints/Clents share the Blythe garbs. Who arranged that? Clints/Clents are in Diss/Dice colors and format while the latter's eagle can be in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest. Diss is in Norfolk, where Hips' were first found. Fenwick is in both Yorkshire and Northumberland, the latter being where Rodhams were first found.

The sun of Dutch Bone's/Bouns' looks connectable to the Brady sun because that surname is from Bohemia's PodeBRADY, where George of Hungary (son of Andrew I) got his wife. As I insist that the Scottish flag, called, Andrew's Cross, is secretly from this king Andrew (grandfather of the first Scottish Drummond), it explains why Andrew's Cross is in the Coat of Scottish Banners ("Pro patria"), thus identifying Banners, and the Panaro river I trace them to, as Bohemians. The Panaro happens to be in Modena, a city that proto-Bohemian Boii of neighboring Bononia invaded...during HANNibal's attack (218 BC) on Romans at the Trebia river of the Annan-line Ananes Gauls.

The Banner write-up: "...traditionally the [Bannerman] family claim that their progenitor was Standard Bearer to Malcolm Canmore in Scotland about the year 1070." There is/was an online historical document telling that George of Hungary was in Scotland in 1055, two years before Malcolm III became king. This Malcolm gave his sister in marriage to the Drummonds, and this same George was the father of the first Drummond. The claim that George married PodeBrady's Bohemians thus seems correct. English George's were first found in Dorset (beside Box's) with the Babe's who share a finger pointing at the sun with Bradys. I wonder what Froggits might have to do with this picture, to which we arrived with the bouncing ball in the box (Box's use a bomb-like symbol).

Marano is a location on the Panaro river, near FANANo of Modena, and as Montforts owned the gonFANNON banner (used by Scottish Banners in Montfort colors), I was able to realize that the Montfort lion is the Marano lion, yet the Montforts give it two tails, as has the same-colored lion in the Arms of Bohemia.

The first stroke that got us onto Bohemians came from the mention of Balas'/BayLISS'/BaYLIFFs. The Froggit Coat is a version of the Cottar Coat (lizards) that in-turn loves the Lizarts/SARDE's who connect to my shirt in the Froggit dream. From here we go to the Lizart-related Lists and LISS' (compare also with English Babels because German Babels are also Babe's), that's right. And this is most excellent, because I can now go from the Shard variation of Shirts (same place as Balas-suspect Balls) to SARDinia's SULCIS location, HIGHLY IDENTIFIABLE with SELEUCids!!! Alexander Balas was a Seleucid king!!!

Wikipedia once told, then removed it (why, is the Internet running out of room?), that the royal Seleucids were descended from Epirus, in some league there with Thesprotians. Epirus happens to have a Balas-like Bullis/Byllis location, and the Bullis surname -- hee-haw -- shares red roundels with Shirts/Shards!!! Plus, Epirus is right beside a BOIus people group (see light map at the sources of the Apsus river), and we just saw why Boii-line Bohemians should be connected to the Balas surname. Excellent. But in order to discover these things, the Froggit-Coat leap to Cottars was required! Leap frog. And Leaps/Laps (share mermaid with Babels/Babe's) were first found in Wiltshire with Box's.

I am so impressed by this piece of work from the One and Only. Cottars were first found in Oxfordshire with LISle's/Lille's who share the cross of Balas'/BayLISS'/Bayliffs. If the Lisle/Lille Crest is a dove, Liffs/Leafs/Leve's (and George's) use it too.

Repeat: "Oh wow, we BOUNCED the ball in the box, and Bouns' are listed with the Bone's/BOHUNs (Box colors), obvious Bohemian liners from Bononia! Hee-hee!" It gives me the impression that Seleucids were to the Boii, and expects that other parts of the bouncing-ball game could describe aspects of end-time Seleucids to the anti-Christ. Seleucids became Syrians predominantly, and may have merged with Edomite-of-Seir liners, therefore, whom I trace to the Squire's/SQUARE's. That makes sense.

Schers share EARS of wheat with Box-like Bocci's, traceable to Eyers/Ayers (Derbyshire, same as Froggits). The vertically-split Scher Shield is shared by Tarves, and while Chives' were first found at Tarves, Chivasso is on the BAUTica river, the line to Bauts/Baux's/BOCHs! This must be the Box / Bocci line too. Schers even use a stick linkable to the Astikas kin of Sire's/Sirets (share green snake with the Schere stick). Astikas' married Tarves-like Traby, and the Arms of Traby appear to have three 6's in the strings to their hunting horns. I've known this for years, but I've never realized this potential Seleucid aspect to this thing.

Oh wow, I almost forgot my trace of "MaccaBAEUS to the Boii of Modena because the latter location smacks of the Maccabaeus home, Modi'in, in Israel. That is amazing. It seems that Maccabees and Seleucids were both from Boii liners, which can actually explain why Seleucids attacked Israel: in competition with their Maccabee cousins. Bouillons/Bouills look like Boii liners, and they were first found in Auvergne with Bauts/Baux's/Bochs. While Boii were at Bologna, the father of Godfrey de Bouillon was a ruler at Boulogne, the Arms of which shares red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards and Shirts/Shards! The "bello" motto term of Bouillons can therefore reveal that Bello / Belli liners are Balas liners too. All four Bello surnames come up as "Bellos." Oh wow, Italian Bellos'/Belli's are a branch of Bellino's sharing the bear paw with Square's/Squire's, yet the Bellino paw is colors reversed from the same (though called a "gamb") of Boius-like Powys'!

I'd like to record, "Parta tueri," the Powys motto, for there is a "tueri" motto term with Masters (Kent, same as PERTs/Petts), and moreover a Tueri/Tesa/Tusi surname has a banner, by the looks of it, on a pole, while Pole's share the Tueri/Tesa lion. Parts are listed with Parrots, making "Tesa" look like a Tessin/Ticino liner as per the Pierro's/Pero's of the Ticino. The Part/Parrot Coat is now realized to be the Chief-Shield of Lease's and Licons/Lisons, the ones suspect from Lycaonians, and then ancient PERTa (lake Tatta) is a location either in or beside Lycaonia! That's a good find, but can I remember it? "Lease" is the middle name of Donna BRAzille while Donna's are listed with Dance's/Donnas' sharing the pale bar of Pero's/Perino's, first found in Piedmont with BRA and Dance's/Donna's/Donnas'. Beside Bra, the first-known Pelosi's/Pilati's share a column with one German-Frank surname (Bohemia).

Oh wow, here's from the 2nd of December, 2013: "The Powys Crest is a bear's gamb. The bear's gamb holds a 'scepter,'..." That's what I thought it was, and then the scepter is used by Godfreys too! That looks like a Bouis link to Godfrey de Bouillon. Powys-like Bowys'/Bowie's (book in Crest?) were first found in Kintyre with Alexanders! Zinger. The McCabe's/MACABEE's were first found in neighboring Arran, and their salmon is in the Bowys/Bowie Coat. Look: Erie's/AIRys, sharing the six pale bars of Italian Bellos'/Belli's, have a "TIENdrai" motto term like the "Tiens" of Square's/Squire's, and while Peare's share the chevron-with-stars of Tiens'/Thames', the namers of Arran cane be gleaned with "AIRaines" because it's near ABBEville. It just so happens that Belly-like Bailys with Baliols are said to be from "Bailleul-En-Vimeu which is about six miles south of ABBEYville" (same as Abbeville).

Bellys share the stars of both Billiard surnames, which are the Moray stars, while Bellys were first found in Moray with the Innes' (green snake) that have both Billiard stars in colors reversed, and it just so happens that the Innis stars are those of Seleucus-like Slocks/Slaks/Slags (like "ZLOCHevsky"). All of that looks arranged to assure us that Seleucid liners are involved. Christine Peare, who pointed heavily to the Bouillon family, was given a belly symbol, and Bailys use a "patria" motto term while Patria's are PEARtree's too.

Airaines is in the Iron write-up, and half the Iron cross is in the colors of the Balas/Bailiff cross. Miss Peare was given a belly symbol when I slept between she and Louise (no sex), and Louis' ("Patriae") with Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire (old MORGANnwg) with Balas'/Bailiffs. With me sleeping in the middle, it seems to be predicting that the anti-Christ will be a Masci / Grimaldi liner. I was selling shoes at the time, suspect as a pointer to the shoe sales of Zlochevsky. It may be indicating that the anti-Christ will be a Ukrainian from the corrupt circles in deep-state news. Will a new Democrat white house fulfill the role of False Prophet?

As Daniel prophecy urges us to see the end-time anti-Christ as a return of the Seleucids in at least a geographical way, note that Revelation 16 has suicidal frogs coming out of the spirits / mouths of the end-time anti-Christ rulers. It's as though the world rulers, having worked so hard and so long, and having become so proud, to achieve the modern world of high technology, tall skyscrapers and unfettered liberal ideology, simply will not give up the world to Jesus, when they realize that prophecy is in their faces (as the sun and moon go dark), but will rather get out their biggest bombs to fight against the prophetic predictions. There is no dictionary word sufficient to describe rulers so daft as to think that God might be defeatable. They are the horned demons in human form, and they will deal with us for resisting them.

The reason that Sulcis can be identified as a Seleucid location is that it's at Sant'Antioco. The stupids / cover-uppers would have us think that a saint from Syria's Antioch named the place (saints are often invented to do such cover-ups). The first Seleucid king, Seleucus, had a son, Antiochus, who named Antioch, capital of their Syrian domain. Seleucus had ruled Babel-like Babylon before conquering Syria. Thus, I expect the end-time anti-Christ to take Iraq and Syria too, then come down into Israel. But prophecy is sure not to identify the nationality of the anti-Christ with anything close to certainty, for the person fulfilling the prophecies must not realize it. Iraq and Syria have already been razed, and it remains a stage for further razing. Any ruler could topple the whole without much trouble, if it had the United States in support, which is what I predict: the False Prophet will be an American who loves to bomb with fire from the sky.

Croms/Crums are now said to be first found in Herefordshire (previously BERKSHIRE), for English Balls/Balls' use a "FulCRUM" motto term while Seleucid-suspect Sellicks were first found in Herefordshire. Plus, I've just checked for a Balls-like Balch surname (Balas / Lisle colors), and it was first found in Oxfordshire (near Berkshire) with Cottars and the LISle's/Lille's (share the cross of Balas'/BayLISS'/Bayliffs). CATHERine Froggit and I bounced the ball in the QUADRants of the box, and Croms/Crums (cat), with a Coat looking linkable to that of Cottar-like Catters/Cators/CATHERs (BERKSHIRE!!), use QUADRants. Like I said, quite a piece of work.

Another thing is that while Shirts/Shards may be more-directly from Sardinians (probably from the Shardana Sea Peoples) than Sardis, their format is in colors reversed with Croms/Crums, i.e. the latter first found in the same place as Sulcis-like Sellicks/Selliocks. There's a Selk/Silk/Sylcock surname (gold-on-silver saltire), interesting for being first found in Derbyshire with Froggits, but I see no sign of connection between the two. AHHH, but I have just found what looks like a giant parrot with Antioch-like Anticks, and while Froggits use the parrot too, Sulcis is at Sant'Antioco. It really makes us understand why Froggit was in that box, and does now make it seem that she points to the Revelation frogs...if it is a parrot in the Antick Coat, and if Anticks were Antioch / Antiochus liners.

Anticks have plenty of "nap" endings on their variations that could be from Peerless'/Napers because parrots trace to Pierro's/Pero's / Peare's/Pears. The latter were first found in Oxfordshire with the Balchs who in turn share the triple fesses of Changers in the "Sans changer" motto of Stanleys. "Sans tache" is the Peerless/Naper motto too, as well as that of Hurrys/Urie's. Balch-like Ballicks (bull heads) are listed with Bullocks/Bollocks.

The Boius are right near the Antipatria location to which I trace Israel's Herods, and the Apsus river of the Boius is beside Bullis on the one hand, and beside the Genusus river in the other direction which in turn has an Arnissa location (shown on dark map), like the Arniss variation of Annas'. North a small ways of the Genusus is the Mathis river suspect with elements in the naming Mattathias the Hasmonean (father of the first Maccabee brothers). North of the Mathis is the Drilon with a modern HAS location the ancient elements of which became suspect in the makings of "HASmonean." North of Has (northern-most part of the Drilon) was MONunius I (300 BC), a Dardanian king whose line was suspect with "HasMONean." Let's not forget the HaliacMON river at Pieria. The acmon / Akmonia-like Assman surname was first found in Has-like Hesse, and Hesse-branch Hazels have a fesse in the colors of the triple fesses of Balchs and Changers.

Oh wow, I think I get this. I think the following is verification that Hazel / Assman elements apply as stated. Hazels were first found in Cheshire with Shirts and Maccabee-liner Masseys, and I, a Masci liner, was bare-assed under my shirt. English ASSmans/Ashmans (hee-hee!) share the Massey fleur-de-lys, and were first found in Wiltshire with Box's. German Assmans are with the RasMUSSENs, who share a sinister-rising bend with Masci's and Massena's. It all seems like a perfect expectation for the shirt scene. And lookie: Box's share the FIREball of Balls' (Cheshire) while Fire's share the giant unicorn of Assmans/Rasmussens in both colors!!! That was needed to assure that Box's (Master griffin heads) are part of this light from God for shining into dark places.

I started with seven frog ponds out in the yard, dug with the excavator, but there are only three left after filling the others. They were dug specifically for frogs, to eat pests in the area planned for a vegetable garden, but even with three ponds, there are too many frogs. I still maintain that Massey liners will provide the False Prophet, and these frog pictures could be evidence for it. My butt is pointing to a lot of things, and now it looks to be pointing to the anti-Christ. I actually have 3 1/2 ponds, because one of them is roughly half full, of big rocks only (meaning there?). That's a Daniel-prophecy number.

Here's a way to help prove that Anticks are from Sardinia's Sant'Antioco. We could star with the "Nil" motto term of Shard-like Chards, expecting it code for the Irish Neils sharing the Colchester estoiles. The Arms of Colchester has nails in its cross while German Neils are also Nagle's/Nails. Then, Nagels/Angels, with the Anger and Nagle lozenges in colors reversed, have an "ANTIQuas" motto term while the Arms of Colchester has an "ANTIQUE crown." It appears that Seleucids were in Colchester and with Nagle / Angel liners, and to this we can add that Mire's/MIREUX's were first found in Angers while Syria-connectable Sire's/Sirets (anchor), sharing the Nagel/Angel Coat, use a MIRROR with their Melusine-suspect snake. Finally, Oneglia is on the Ligurian coast facing Sardinia.

I don't have a handle of Seleucus-expected symbols, but now that I think they may have been from the Boius, it's interesting that the cinquefoils of Bosco-related Boies/Bois'/Boasts are in Sellick-star colors and Bush-eagle colors. The trick is find who the Boius got related with on the Apsus river, or in parts of Macedonia. Recall the fireball of Balas-like Balls', for FIER county is on the Apsus while Fier's/Fere's, a branch of Vere's, were first found in Middlesex with APPS'. It's a good bet that Balls' were Alexander-Balas liners.

Haemus Thracians in Cetis

The first mention of Froggit was in 5th update of December, 2016:

...Her name has been forever imprinted upon my mind, yet I don't even recall speaking to her. How can this be? I would suggest that it was for this revelation, for I had never met another Froggit before. The only reason that I know of the Froggit surname link to Brogitarus is because of her. Did God have my parents move for this reason alone? [bad wording on "alone," but the gist seems correct]. How important is this revelation?...How important is a Brogitarus trace to Derbyshire?

[Next paragraph] Froggs/Frocks were first found in the same place (Shropshire) as Tine's. Froggs share black-on-white annulets with Emps'/Amis'/Heymes'...

I can find no mention of the Square game in that 2016 update. That game's QUADRants proved (this week) to be probably the most-important feature. Look at the mention of Amis' above, for they use QUATRefoils. What are the chances of that along with Amis' sharing the Fogg / Figg / Frogg/Frock annulets? Amis are a branch of Bessins/Beastons / Bistone's, by the looks of it, and I happen to trace Bessins to Quadratilla Bassus. We just saw Ouilly-le-Basset of the Oullette's.

Again, Oullette's are Olletts too while SmOLLETTs look like they love the Hucks having owls. Foque of the Oullette's can thus trace to Foca, on-shore from Lesbos. I know exactly why God has set things up like this, to get me over to Miss Hicks, for Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with the Hicks. The latter use a buck's head, and Bucks are listed with BUX's. The father of Miss Hicks was a pastor, and so the giant red Bux/Buch lion could be the giant one of Bos'/Bush's/Bosco's and Pastors, for they both have roughly the same Coat. I'll come back to Miss Hicks.

One thing I neglected to say in the last update is that while Foca is off the GEDIZ, the Gates' have a good reflection of the Motley Coat. Plus, I don't know that her name is spelled, Froggit. It could have been the FrogGATT variation, for Gatts happen to be listed with Gates'! I like that very much in how it works so well. The Froggs of Frocks married the Gatt variation of Gates, apparently. To help prove it, Gatters are listed with Catters/CATHERs while her first name is, Catherine. Catters/Cathars share fish with Geddes' and Geds, making the pikes of Geddes' (near the Justine's) look applicable to Justine of PICenum thanks to the square box with Froggatt. Cottars (lizards for the Lizards/SARDE's) have a version of the Froggatt Coat that applies to the Shard variation of Shirts, and Cotts (suspect at Medlicott of Motleys) are also Cottards.

We can glean that the owl cult of Edom was taken up by a family who developed the Owl surname (possibly from Howells) in honor of it. Things have a way of doing this because most of the Norman "Christians" secretly retained their pagan past. Heraldry was probably rooted in Normans. Watch this, you will be amazed. "Ascalaphus" is an old term meaning, owl, and then there was mythical Asclepius who was given the Asclepius rod as his symbol, which is used by HUCKabys, that's right. Huckabys even share blue chevrons with Hucks and Huckers. Asclepius was a Lapith, and Lapiths were on Lesbos, is that not wild! I can see the myth writer's "Lapith" code in "AscLEPIUS." Huckers were first found in Somerset with two AXE rivers, named by Paeonians on the Axius/Azius river.

Okay, so peoples on Lesbos migrated to the far West, and those who honored their pagan Edomite past worked their old owl into their heraldry, and even developed an Owl surname, by the looks of the Methley-related Oullette's. ASclepios may even have been named after a tribe from "Esau." There was much emphasis on the Ass bloodline in the last update, especially the Assi/Ass' that I always link to SIRE/Sirets. Can you believe it? Timnah was a Horite from SEIR.

The anchor was a topic in the last update as it traced to Ankara, and/or Ancore near ASTACUS. I've always traced the Sire's/Sirets (anchor) to the ASTIKAs' (Vilnius), even before knowing of Astacus or Astakos. The latter is in the Achelous land of the mythical Sirens (killers, pirates), and Sire's even have a Siron variation. It begs whether "ACHeloos" was an As(h) term at one time. Sire's/Sirets and Assi's/Ass' share the scales of justice with the Arms of Vilnius, in honor of Justus of Picenum, father of Justine, explaining why Justus'/Justine's share the scale as well as the Assi/Ass sword.

Or,"Asclepios" may have been developed from "Achelous" as play on the owl of Edom. It looks correct to suggest it (new to me here). Myth writers would take a geographical term, or place name, or people-group name, and then adjust a few letters to create a clever trick in word-play, such as the suggestion above. A myth writer who knew that Achelous had Seir-ians from Edom saw opportunity in "ascalaphus" to give them an owl symbol.

The sword is code for the sword-using Swords, whom I trace for good reason to the Serdi of Serdica, at the upper Hebros river near Assus (or Arsus). I totally missed the similarity between "Shirt/Shard" and "Serdi" in the last update, shame! God must have been pointing to a Serdi merger with Assus liners (both on the upper Hebros).

Serdica is near mount DunAX (shown on light map), the line to king Duncan of the early Scotts. The last update showed that Scotts derive from Scydra of the proto-Phrygians, and then king Midas of the Phrygians was given donkey ears while Duncans can be gleaned as a branch of Donkeys. The Phrygians were the reason that Miss Froggit was in my bare-ass dream, suggesting that Esau-line Edomites were amongst Phrygians.

I saw the lower end of my bare ass because the t-shirt did not make it far down enough to hide it all. The ass was a part of the dream, absolutely.

Now watch the following and be amazed, but let me first say that a contributor to my work several years ago, TIM, was the one to urge me to seek Edomites in heraldry / mythology. I essentially declined to do so because it gets into the sensational to get into topics like that. But, with the seed planted in my head, I kept eyes out for Edomite clues, and found them galore. I'm going to amaze you with the Timm/Time surname, from Timnah of Edom. Tim had no idea. Tim's surname, Rolph, is a raven line, and ravens are crows while the mythical crow, Coronis, was mother to Asclepios, is that not wild? God knows how to pick them. But that's not the amazing part I was referring to.

After finding Hucks, I loaded Hooks, and they happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Timms/Time's, though I didn't know it yet while on Hooks. Next, Hookers were loaded to possibly find the double Levi lions, and in the Hooker Crest I noted a dear or hind, for it has no antlers. I then noted that while MALLETs use a deer, Huck-loving Smollets are also SMALLETs. It's amazing because I trace Mallets to Melita, an island right beside the ELAPHiti island. Timna married ELIPHAS!!! But that's still not the amazing part I was referring to; it's just a bonus. It seems that Smells/Smile's married Mallets, you see, as well as Oullette's (lions in the colors of the Hooker lions).

The amazing part was when loading the Timms/Time's, by which time Hokers were loaded, to find that they have an excellent reflection of one another's Coats. It tends to clinch that Hucks and Huckers have owls for the Kos cult of Edom. Hokers could have the Smell/Smile lion. HYKsos are suspect at Hayasa-AZZI, and thus the Assi / Azzi could have been from a tribe named after Esau initially. In the book of Enoch (thanks to Tim for this tip), Edom is symbolized by a black boar, and then black-boar Bush's/Buschs share the white goat head in Crest with Timms/Time's. Esau, in Genesis, is said to have arm hair like that of a goat.

The same goat head (white) is in the Crest of the Whittingtons, first found in Derbyshire with Froggatts. The Whittington Coat looks like that of Brigian-suspect Bridge's / Bride's. Scottish White's ("Labore") use QUATRefoils in the colors of the same of Amis' (share Frogg/Frock annulets) quatrefoils.

ANOTHER AMAZING FIND: the Elaphiti islands are beside Ragusa, suspect to the Raggs', and the latter have a version of the Smollet/Smallet and Smell/Smile Coats!!! Astounding, because the "VIRESco" motto term of Smollets suggests the Vires'/Verona's (Ile-de-France, same as Levi's / Chappes') whose fish is the fish in the Arms of Saraca. Ragusa was home to Saraca's. Smells/Smile's share the BUCKle with French Mallets (and Roslins from Midlothian). Vires'/Verona's have a version of the Feller Coat while Fellers share the trefoil with Fallis'/Falls' (Midlothian), the latter smacking of the Falaise location in the Oullette write-up. Fallis/Falls' share the Smollet lion while Smollets and Smells have a version of the Raggs Coat, which supports the Vires/Verona fish as that of Saraca's.

The two brackets above suggest that Roslins were of the Roxolani line of Rockefellers. Repeat: "Roxolani lived in Muntenia, and then the Smollet / Smile Coats look like a version of the Mountain Coat." Did Roxolani name whatever Ragusa was named after?

Without going over all the reasons, the blue-on-white fleur-de-lys (looks like a fish center) was traced to the Saraca fish, and the first surnames I presented with those fleur were the German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs, only to find much latter that Raggs' had them too. Ragusa was also called, Laus, and this was a good reason to see that the fleur-de-LYS should develop from the carriers of the Laus name. "Laus Deo" is a motto term of ArBUTHnotts that can be linked to BOTHwells and to Elaphiti-like Oliphants. Boths/Booths have black boars, and Bothwells have a virtual copy of the Vires/Verona Coat.

"Laus Deo" is used also my Manders from the Maeander river (Lydia border) of Dionysus' mythical Maenads. This river goes down to empty near the island of Kos. The mother of Dionysus was: Smell-like Semele. How about that. The Maeander passed through Phrygia. The Phrygian sun god (Attis) had a pine symbol, and the Maenads carried THYRSus (Thrace code?) rods each with a pine cone at the end. Dionysus sacred island, Naxos, is very suspect from the Biblical Anak of Hebron. Semele was a Tyrian, from TYRUS. Her father's brother (Cilix) was the symbol of Cilicia, location of Tyre-related Tarsus.

By the way, heraldic hinds could have developed from merger with Bucks/Bux's, for the Hinds were first found in Buckinghamshire. The idea is that a surname that wasn't yet, "Hind," but close to it, formed a Hind surname when marrying a Buck liner. Hinds share the lozenges of Brigian-like Brix's (Brigians were proto-Phrygians).

When with Froggit in the dream, the shirt was HIDing my butt because Hind-like Hyde was an ancient name of SARDis (Lydian capital, beside Phrygia) while Shirts are also SHARDs. It's things like this that convince me to insist that the dream came from Intelligent Design. The Hide/Hyde surname, with nearly the Hind Coat but with gold lozenges, has a "haec" motto term. Repeat: "Foque of the Oullette's can thus trace to Foca, on-shore from Lesbos." Foca is down the Hermus river from Sardis.

One day, God arranged Miss Hicks to come to me in church, to take both my Hind-like hands, and to pray for me. Hands use the stag, as do Hanna's/Hannans, though either one of them may have been called, bucks, the Hick symbol. While she was praying, I SMELLed her HAIR, because she was that close. My nose was inches away, but rather than smelling the fragrance of shampoo, it was old-dusty like, a wig, I realized. Wiggins have a version of the Annas Coat. You see, it looks like Intelligent design, especially as Joe Biden is mocked in youtube videos for smelling the hair of ladies young and old. Bidens share the chapeau with Capelli's, and the latter term is Italian for hair. The chapeau is used also by Holms while they share the Capelli-like chaplet with the Hicks.

The Great Hooker of Babylon

The following was already shared, it's not new here. Smells/Smile's have an "InDUSTRia" motto term that I traced to DUSTers years before remembering that I smelled her dusty hair.

Another thing that looks like Intelligent Design compliments from the one, true God, is that Dionysus (fake piece-of-garbage god of the utterly stupid) was also called, Bacchus. It just so happens that the actor, Jim Backus, played Thurston HOWELL, with a surname like the Howl variation of Owls. This is quite amazing, because DioNYSus was from Nuzi, at the Zagros mountains of Iran, because he was also called, Zagreus, can you believe it? Well it just so happens that Nuzi was home to Horites, and Timna was a Horite of Seir!!! Bing-bing-bing. The Smell line is from Edom too, even as Smollets traced there from the very start of this investigation with their "AdHUC" motto term. Backus'/Baccus' share the snake with the asclepios rod.

Owl-using Hucks share the double chevrons of Dexters/DECKsters while Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Sire-like Squire's/Squirrels. English Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with Backus'/Baccus'. Dexters were first found in Leicestershire with Hose's having a Huckaby-like Huseby variation. The BakeHOUSE variation of Backus' may apply to Hose's.

One day at church, Miss Hicks reminded me of LUVEY Howell, Thurston's spoiled wife. It led to MR. LOVinger, the whistle-blower turned in by a Jim Baker, almost Jim Backus, you see. Jim Baker got suspect with the BACK of Obama's employee, in my Obama dream (see "Eggleston" last update) who looked like a whistle-blower on Obama. The scene before seeing the back of this employee was Obama gleeful on a skateboard, and going up a ramp, which I took to mean that Obama would "skate" for his crimes until the employee turned him in. I looked up the Ramps but had nothing to say to help decipher that scene, though Ramps were first found in Cumberland with Backus'/Baccus'. However, I now see that Ramps are also Rumps, perhaps arranged that way by God to indicate Ass kin line back to Esau.

Was the employee Smollet? Have I had it all wrong with all of the other candidates I proposed? Or can't God make one scene point to multiple men who will rat-out Obama?

Oh wow. Iranians from ZAGRos must have named the SAKARya river of Phrygia. Where did we see a green snake above, for Seagars/Sakars have two green snakes coiled around what could be an asclepios rod. Ah, we saw it in the Backus/Baccus Crest!!! The Backus'/Baccus' even have a saltire in the colors of the Seagar/Sakar cross to prove that the latter are from the Bacchus-Dionysus cult of the Sakarya. Dionysus was the chief priest of Cybele's Kabeiri cult, and Cybele was the chief Phrygian goddess, the hooker of Revelation 17! Dionysus (bad thigh, had a limp) was placed on Lemnos with lame HephAEStus, and while I saw the latter's kin with Aix terms, Dennis', said to be from Dionysus, use axes.

Compare "Seagar" to the Square variation of Seir-suspect Squire's, for Dionysus elements were with the Horites of Seir, right? Yes, and Sire's/Sirets have a green snake (looking at itself in a mirror).

Now look. I told of a box game in the last update, with quadrants, which is the only time that I was near Miss Froggatt. I don't remember how I got into the box with her, but it happened. I have just found the name of that game, which I did not know in the last update. It's called:


4 Square is extremely popular in many schoolyards at recess. Draw your own 4 Square court with chalk, mark a number from 1 to 4 in each square, and use a bouncy ball to play this fun game. Each player stands in each of the squares, and the player in square 4 starts by bouncing the ball in their square and then hitting it towards one of the other squares. The receiving player then hits the ball to any other player. The ball must bounce in the receiving playerís square once and they must hit it to another player before it bounces a second time....

That was the game we were playing. It suggests that Froggatt was an Edomite from Seir. The Horites to the Sakarya river. Timna's brother, Lotan, is thus suspect to mythical Lotan, the seven-headed dragon of SYRia, and Revelation 17 must be alluding to that Edomite dragon, I totally get it, that went through Rome via the Lydian formation of Latins. The Pelops Lydians (ruled from a Phrygian center of Eneti) who married Pisa can be gleaned with the naming of the Ladon river (Pisa), which was itself made an Atlantean dragon.

I twice found a Plover-like surname to go with the plover in the Mander Crest, but cannot refind it. "PLOVer" smacks of "Pelops." The reason that I'm confident of a Mander trace to the Maeander is that it has a mouth near Kos, itself beside Rhodes, and while Edom was a red = rhodes entity, the Rhodes' have a version of the Mander Coat. The Kos'/Kosinskys use red. I have it recorded:

The Mander plover came to mind when reading that Philippopolis (beside ASSus) was eventually named, PLOVdiv (the suffix is for "deva," said to mean, city). It can be argued, as Wikipedia does, that "Plov" is a variation of "Philip" over multiple changes by the Thracian locals.

The Mander crest description: "A plover (bird) proper with a green SLIP of oak with gold acorns in its mouth." HAZels use "hazel SLIPs" as code for their Islip/HASlip branch, looking like another Assus liner. Hazels look like HOCKey/Hockley kin.

Ah, found Plovier's/Ploufs (Brittany) with what look like plover birds in Dol colors. Plows (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans), with a "HOC" motto term, share the Dole fleur-de-lys. With the Hokers and Huckers of this discussion, mixed in with Miss Hicks, one could get the impression that Bacchus was named after the pharaoh-Apachnas Hyksos. The Backs/Bachs use a bull, though once shown as a gold calf, and the latter was a symbol of Egypt that the Israelites tried to appease the Egyptian king with. I had read that Bacchus was bull cult, and "vacca = cow" in Italian. Lydians were proto-Italians. Bacchus was the Zeus cult of Tyrians > Cretans, fairly obviously

Some of you may be wondering whether demons are at work in my dreams and in my heraldic links. That thought crossed my mind years ago, but I concluded that demons are incapable of setting events up in my life to match heraldic linkage. For example, how could demons cause my parents to move in the nick of time (April) so that I would go to a new school (two months only) and find myself in a box for a game called, Square, with Catherine Froggatt, and then cause me to become well-trained in heraldry for more than a decade until realizing that my being in the box with Froggatt was for the purpose of revealing that the Phrygio-Galatian line of Brogitarus to Quadratus Bassus was one of the reasons for my being in the quadrants of Square? The demons would also need to name the game because "Square" itself points to SAKARya, home generally of Brogitarus and descendants.

In fact, Squire's/Square's/Squirrels are to the VALENTIN surname because they use squirrels, which is yet another reason for my knowing that Sire's are a line from Justine of Picenum, for she married emperor Valentinian I. I've already shown why Seagars/SAKARs apply via Sibals to Cibalae, birthplace of Valentinian I, and I'll now show again (for maybe the 10th time) why Segni's/Segurana's, with the Seagar/Sakar moline in colors reversed, apply to Squire's/Square's, for the latter use a "Tiens FERME" motto term while Fermo, which may have touched upon Picenum, was home to Assi-like Azzo, founder of Este, and the Este eagle is in the Chief of Segni's/Segurana's.

My being in the square was the only event I partook with that got me near Froggatt, and I even recall her name. I don't recall the names of other girls at that school, aside from Christine Masters. Seriously, I was there two months only. But there have been numerous dreams and events in my life that do the same as the Froggatt dream and event in making a heraldic story filled with links to teach me people-group linkage. And it almost always involves the unknown lines of the killers of Jesus. The only logical Reason that God has for this project is because their descendants will be on the world throne, generally, in the end times, with that murderous slut of Revelation 17. I doubt very much that demons taught me Biblical prophecy to warn God's people as best I can of what's to come. Demons are morons, anyway, or they wouldn't be demons. They know only to destroy, confuse and rot, and they are very strong against people who do not know the Word of God. They are practically useless, a mere nuisance, to we who know they exist and act in our midst.

The Latin for cow / bull is, bos. Bozrah may have been given the bull symbol once Edomites reached Lydia, and Lotan the Horite Edomite may be the ancestor of all Lydians > Latins to boot. Bacchus thus looks like it was merged with a Lotan line through mythical Attis and Lydians. Attis was code for the Hatti on the Halys, and I can now show that the HaliACMON river was named after Halys elements. This amazes me, because, when I saw the HALiacmon in the last update, I felt compelled to identify it as the reason for my sitting exposed on a toilet in a large HALL (as in a banquet hall) filled with people. this was a dream of perhaps two months ago that I had rejected as a dream from God. There were no bathroom walls; everyone in the hall could see me sitting either naked, or with my pants down, on this toilet. I hope you can have this "wonderful' experience yourself in a dream near you.

As was said, "HaliACMON" looks like "Akmonia," the home -- near the Sakarya, and therefore near the neighboring Halys -- of Severus, grandfather of Quadratus Bassus, and roughly or exactly the great-grandson of Brogitarus. this is the line to which my nakedness with Froggatt pointed, and here the toilet-in-hall dream is apparently pointable to the very same line. It is just astounding that the toilet has been resolved as a pointer of God to Tollets/Toole's, who can be proven to be (see last update's evidence) from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, daughter of Gallia!!! The priests of Attis and Cybele, the cult officiated by Brogitarus', were called, Galli!!! Incredible.

I had found that the Galli used the symbol of coiled snakes around either the Asclepios rod or the Hermes caduceus. The latter has two snakes, as does the Seagar/Sakar Crest. The caduceus was a symbol of the Cadusii Armenians (my personal discovery because historians are daft or negligent or both at making these discoveries) because "Hermes" was an Armenian entity, same as the Hyksos-suspect Haik/Hayk. Thus, the Gediz river, being the Hermus in ancient times, indicates that Armenians were in downtown Lydia, and to prove it, myth writers made Attis the father of Lydians for a reason, because Hatti migrated into the Hermus river. It can be gleaned that Cadusii named Hattusa, the Hatti capital on the Halys river. The two snakes of the caduceus is probably for two different entities in partnership, and the Asclepios Edomites / Seir-ians are suspect as at least a part of one or both. Asclepios was a Lapith, suspect with the naming of "Aleppo" in SYRia.

Mount Hermus in Phoenicia, part of the Lotan-dragon bloodline, was near Cadusii-like Kadesh. There was a Kadesh Barnea near a Timna location in the Sinai peninsula. Lotan of Seir > Syria is expected to have evolved into Lydians on the Hermus, and they into the namers of the Ladon river, where a myth writer(s) placed mythical Daphne, from a Daphne location at mount Hermon. This is how you play this game, identify and then follow the myth symbols, but historians seem to have an aversion to playing this game, at least openly, for fear of looking unprofessional, or perhaps to cover for the paganism they know to exist under the Christian facade of history. The worms of the world have always seized the positions of power, because that's what demons are prone to doing...precisely why liberty for all should never be the holy cow for any democracy, for worms always outnumber the good.

Holy liberty and democracy is a recipe for demonism. The holy cow / constitution for a democracy should be more like: restrain yourselves from evil. Restraining is the opposite of all-out liberty. If not for God's restraining powers on demons, the United States would have been as sick as it is today 100 or more years ago. We are all born equally sinful; the founding fathers left out the sinful part. We progress in life either feeding our sinfulness, or restraining and correcting it. Libertarians without Jesus are a reckless bunch of destroyers. Without a police force, Europeans were always at war, vagabond on vagabond, biggest bull takes all the spoils. But in the United States now, police forces are run by demonics and mobsters. Bongino is woefully coming up short to convince us that police people are generally good. Not true, for the worms always seek positions of power. The founding fathers of Christianity realized that the government sword was necessary to keep order, to put down the wicked.

But, alas, the Roman empire was ruled by dictatorial and demented worms, power grubbers, and the United States is nothing less than the Roman empire of the last days. If you are going to call it "great," you might be a totally-fried Christian imposter seeking to make your followers twice the sons of hell as you're becoming. I'm serious. Stop stroking the United States of today as though it is a model for the world, or God will likely spit you out of His mouth.

Trace Daphne to Dauphine, for Daphne got herself a dolphin symbol in (Delphi), as has the Arms of Dauphine. I'm mentioning this because the Sink/Sinker surname has dolphins, while Singers/Sangers are expected from the Sangarius = Sakarya river and it's ANKARA theater (Tollets/Tolle's use the ANCHOR). This little bit came out in the last update when telling that I replaced the sink and TOILET of one Jimmy character, and so we see in that event that Tullia, and Toulouse's Galatians, migrated to the Sakarya = Galatia. It's a neat little package. Singers/Sangers even share the garbs of Sticks and Stichs, the Astikas line to Astacus, on the light map beside Ankara-like Ancore, other wise known as NICaea, like mythical Nike of the Dionysus cult.

Stichs were first found in Cheshire with the Shirts/Shards now suspect from Sardis, and the Sithech-line Shaws/Seths are in the colors and near-format of Hide's/Hyde's, while Sardis was also called, Hyde. While Scottish Shaws/Seths are in the colors and format of the deer-using Mallets, the Irish Shaws/Seths use the Mallet deer as a Hide-like hind.

Someone might say, c'mon John, lots a people replace sinks and toilets, it's not necessarily an act of God for pointing to Tullia's Gaul / Galatian line. However, I was replacing the sink and toilet when I first saw Lorraine at her bus stop, and God would soon-after cause me to approach her cold, ask her out, and receive a yes. I have proven beyond doubt that God set me up with Lorraine for teaching a treasure-trove of unknown things.

Did you notice that when I showed the similarity between "Akmonia" and "HASmonean," I neglected to suggest that it was an Ass entity? On the light map, the Haliacmon goes through Pieria, now suspect to the Pierleoni Jews at the steps of the vatican. Or, Pieria looks like the making of the Pierro's/Pero's, first found at Pavia, a city co-founded by the Laevi, and by the MARICi that are pointed to by MARK II school in Markham (Ontario), the school where I was in the quadrants with Froggatt. It's clear by now that God is using Froggatt to make a Laevi link to the Brogitarus > Quadratus line, and from this we can realize that Marici were probably from whatever named mythical goat of Phrygia, Marsyas. He was placed in a myth where Midas got donkey ears, and Midas is said to have had ancestry at mount Bermius, smack beside Pieria and the Haliacmon.

Now just look at that, for I've been predicting for years that the Laevi made up the Levi blood in the veins of the Sadducees, and the latter came out of the Hasmonean line in Israel's Modi'in. Thus, it seems that the Hasmoneans were indeed from Akmonia, and that's how to explain a Laevi trace to Israel's Sadducee-branch Levites. It lends support to a Pieria trace to Pavia along with Hasmonean or proto-Hasmonean elements from the HaliACMON. It's a perfect for creating the necessary requirements to put that picture together. There are still many missing pieces that could make the picture manifest more solidly, and these pieces may yet come to us from God's project, not yet done, through me. Hopefully, I'll have clothes on in the next dream.

I trace Bassus' to the Base's using hunting horns as code, whether the family knew it or not, for Orion the hunter of Boeotia. "ORION' was given a URINE symbol with play on words, and Galli priests had a castration symbol, same as urine-like Uranus. The latter had a urine symbol as per the rain being depicted as the urine of the sky god. PESSinos, home of Brogitarus and the Galli priests, looks like it has connotations to pissing. However, I was sitting on the toilet, not standing and taking a leak. The toilet I was sitting on can point to that picture, regardless, for Gallia was mother to Tullia, indicating that Gallia descended from the Galli cult of Cybele. Now hold on to your bippy, because I've realized why I was on a toilet, and why I walked around bare-assed, in PUBLIC.

I remembered that a character with a public-like name was involved with Brogitarus. Here it is:

Cicero claims that BrogiTARUS [my caps] obtained his elevation to the kingship of Galatia alongside DeioTARUS by bribing P. Clodius Pulcher, who was then tribune of the plebs at Rome. Brogitarus also became high priest of the Great Mother at Pessinus after the incumbent was removed through a law introduced by Clodius Pulcher. Cicero impugns not only this procedure but also Brogitarus' character, claiming that the priesthood "was sold for a large sum to Brogitarus, a profligate man, and unworthy of any such sacred character, especially as he had desired it not for the purpose of doing honour to the goddess, but only of profaning her temple." Deiotarus subsequently intervened to remove Brogitarus as high priest on the grounds that the latter had "polluted" its sacred ceremonies.

Clicking over to the Wikipedia article on P. Clodius Pulcher, his first name is, PUBLIUS!!! Cool, I get it. I was on a really-public toilet. I'm not going to give the link to the article above because, after providing the next quote, I will have shared the entire article:

Brogitarus was king of Galatia in Asia Minor between 63 BC and 50 BC, reigning concurrently with his father-in-law Deiotarus Philoromaeus, who was also tetrarch of the Tolistobogii. By Deiotarus' daughter Adobogiona, Brogitarus was the father of Amyntas, tetrarch of the Trocmi and king of Galatia.

Alright, so what we have in the TOLIStobogii branch of Galatians is evidence that the Galatians descended at least partly from Gauls of TOULOUSE, where Quintus Caepio the Elder, a Roman general, stole a massive treasure in gold and silver bars. The Romans took him to court, but never did recover the treasure. It is suspect in going partly to Julius Caesar (born 100 BC), allowing him to become the Roman dictator, and thus setting up the Roman empire under his heir, Augustus. Julius Caesar had an affair with Caepio's great-granddaughter, you see, and she likely got him some of the treasure. I suspect that Joseph Caiaphas (Sadducee, killer of Jesus) was named as a Caepio but under a slightly-different spelling.

The lion in the Tollet/Tolle Chief is also the Tool lion, and thus the Gallia > Tullia line must have been from Gauls from Toulouse. It's amazing what a toilet in a public hall can reveal. Herod Antipas was banished from Israel by Augustus, and, I suspect, Herod CHOSE to go to Comminges because it was directly across the rover from Toulouse. Let's not be naive, the Herods must have discovered the Caepio treasure by bumping into one of its "treasurers." Caiaphas may have gotten the daughter of the high priest (Annas) due to his much-money situation, though he may not have told where he got his much-money, or Annas' family wouldn't have been selling doves at the temple for some extra cash.

No matter what they tell you for the derivation of Comminges, it looks like the Commings variation of Comine's, and they are in the colors and format of Shaws/Seths that are said to have bumped into them. The two surnames share the dagger, and so recall how the Shaws/Seths made it to the discussion above on Sardis/Hyde, for the dagger is used also by Kilpatrick because they are from the AntiPATRIa location of the DEXARoii, and that's on the Apsus river along with Kuman, the proto Comine's. Once we arrive to Kilpatricks on the Nith, we can cite the Geds that were on the Nith, and then go to their descendants, the GEDDES', for Sardis is on the GEDIZ river.

I happen to trace Antipater, father of the first Herod, to Antipatria, also called, Antipater. It just so happens that the Nitts/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, share the checkered Shield of Tollets/Tolle's, from Gaulish elements of Toulouse, beside Comminges. The way to trace Antipatria elements to Herods is to know that the brother of Herod Antipas (of Comminges) married Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia, where Nysa had been the queen who was descended from king Antipater of Macedon, near Antipatria on the Apsus. Antipas-like Antibes is near Nike-like Nice and Pieria-like Imperia. PIERia is roughly the origin of king MIDas, suspect in the PYRamid of Tollets/Toole's.

Back to Midas' donkey ears, a myth involving Apollo, son of Lydian-suspect Leto, possibly from the Letushites of Keturah and Abraham. There was a donkey god, Tartak, suspect as code for Tartus/Tartous (possibly an AshTART entity). It's at Arwad (Syria), what the Greeks called, Arados, much like the Ardos name for mount Sion at the top of mount Hermon. While Panias was at Hermon, later called Banias, there is: "Baniyas is a city in Tartous Governorate, northwestern Syria.." It expects Ardos Syrians at the Hermus river of Syria, right? I can't recall the spelling of an Ard like empire in the Lydian theater. Yet Ard elements go to the Arduinici of Oneglia, the old name of Imperia. Note how "ASHtart" can be a jack-ass, so to speak. "TARTarus and "ARADos" are said to be related terms, except that one was fronted with a 'T.' The Hayasa-AZZI of Ardahan can thus be the origin of "ASHtart."

The Ardiaei king, Gentius, married a Dardanian princess, and one can exploit heraldry to trace Dardanians reliably to Darts/Tards/TARTs, first found in Devon with the mouth of an Axe river.

Ardos (if I have the spelling correct) is in the book of Enoch (not Inspired by God, not written by Enoch) as the haven of the Nephilim, which pseudo-cult (not the real Nephilim, just named after them) is suspect in mythical Nephele, wife of Ixion, a Lapith, brother of Coronis, mother of ASClepios. Sions/Swans are also Sine's while the MeluSINE mermaid is in the Coat of Lapith-like Laps.

Oh wow, I've been telling for over a year that God set Mamie to sit on my LAP, and she did so with her ass (forgive), while Sion was called Sitten while Seaton is at the mouth of the Axe above while Seatons are also Sittens. The Laps were first found in Wiltshire, at least near the source of this Axe river. The other Axe river through Mendip Hills does run partially through Wiltshire. Amazingly, MENdip may have been named by the Mens'/MAME's/Mems. It looks right. She sat on my lap at a PICnic table, and Pike's were first found in Devon who are suspect with the trefoils of IXion-possible Ice's/Icks/Ickys.

I now recall that my first kiss with ICE-cream girl, Darlene Ray, was when she was lying down on her couch, with her head on my LAP as I sat on the couch. The Somerset TINTs use a "COUCHant" lion, and I slept in Mamie's TENT the night she sat on my lap while the neighboring TINTons use tents!!! I slept in her SLEEPing bag, and Sleeps are connectable to Darts/Tarts. Zowie, it never ends, layer upon layer of revelations and links to every event that God gives. Darlene was the ACCident girl who pointed to the Axe rivers! I gave her a hug the first time I saw her after her car acciDENT, and Hugo's have the mermaid. Tooths are said to be the Hugo DENTibus!!! Tintons were at ASHford, which is clearly related to Ash's/ASCHs, in case they named themselves after Asclepios liners.

Melusine originally had a snake's tail below the hips, suggesting that ASClepios-line Lapiths were at the Axe river. There's a Chew river in the Mendip area, and Chews/Jews, because they use the Catherine wheels of the Roets (Somerset, location of both Axe rivers), could very well be from the Pierleoni Jews of Rome, where Roet-connectable Rita's were first found along with the Sforza's whose lion is shared by Avons, suspect in naming the Avon river at the Chew-valley theater. Chews/Jews look very linkable to Box's, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Laps.

Repeat from the last update: "The emphasis was on my butt, because it was partially showing. And Froggit tried to convince me that it's okay to walk around like that in public, which was the last scene I remember. There were lots of people around in what I think were street scenes (daytime). You think this is funny, but note too that Butts/Boets have a Coat like that of Pierro's/Pero's." The Streets/Strete's (Devon, beside Roets) share the Catherine wheel, and she is Catherine Froggatt.

Darlene's share drops with Jews/Chews, and Drops/Trope's share the Tollet/Tolle Chief, for what its worth in linking Tullia to Pierleoni. The toilet in the hall is now pointing to the Haliacmon at PIERia. Aha, the three Chew/Jew symbols form a pale bar in the colors of the Pero/Perino pale bar!

I can add the Pierre's have a near-copy of the Smell Coat while the Pierre motto phrase, "POUR LE ROI," looks like code for Purys (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's Perle's) and the Perle variation of Peare's. Smells with Smollets had already traced to Edomites to kick off this update's heraldic discussions. What kind of Jews were the Pierleoni, anyway? Roys, suspect in the Pierre motto, share the Rita lion. Tintons use "ROYal tents."

The Peare-related ABOTTs share pears with Parrots, and the Peeble's/Peoples' use parrots. It zings on me here that my being in a public hall (filled with people) upon the toilet, as it points to PUBLius Pulcher, could also point to PEEBLe's/Peoples'. It makes sense, and then the Mens-loving Pepins (white horse heads), suspect with a line naming Papia = Pavia, come up as the People surname. You can see that this picture will get Tollets/Tolle's (PYRamid) to Pavia elements. Mens'/Mame's are a branch of Manners/Maness' who in turn have a "Pour y parVENir" motto expected for Purys, but note also the "inVENio" motto term of Parts/Parrots (highly suspect with Perta of lake Tatta).

Bassets (Popoli colors), with a Pero-like "Pro" motto term, and fesses in the colors of the Pierro/Pero fesse, and with a white unicorn head looking linkable to the Pepins and Pipe's (Staffordshire, same as Bassets), have a "populo" motto term...but, nope, no toilet, though "POPulo" sure looks like "poop." Does God's vocabulary include, "poop"?

Who else uses a parrot? Um, hmm, oh ya, the Froggatt Crest! Snuck it up on ya. I was walking in public, amongst people, with no pants, just a shirt to hide my butt, and so lookie at what was found a few minutes after quoting from the 2016 update above (the update that first mentioned Froggatt). On the second mention of her, in the 2nd update of May, 2017, the description of the Froggatt Crest was recorded: "A parrot FEEDing on a bunch of cherries"... No Feed surname comes up, but Feets, with a version of the Bunch fesse-with-items, share the Pavia Coat exactly. Excellent find. Immediately after that quoted sentence of 2017, here's what was said with a gigantic point (I'll put it in italics) escaping my notice in the last update:

...the Bunch's use lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi / Reno lozenges suspect with Rainier Grimaldi, but the Cherry's (Derbyshire), I've only-now noticed, use the Vito/Vido annulet! The Cherry Coat is a reflection of that one used by neighboring Shirts, and the latter use "inVIDia." The Grimaldi write-up has a "frock" term that can be code for annulet-using Frocks/Froggs...

Incredible. I was with only a shirt in the dream with Froggatt, and even the Cherrys in the Froggatt Crest were the kin of Shirts. I'm sure the Cherry's (beside Shirts/Shards) were loaded in the last update, but I just didn't notice that they have a red-annulet version of the Shirt Coat's red roundels. Both have the same chevron to boot, expected as the Tiss/Teece chevron, making CHERRY's more suspect from the CARY castle of Leavells (beside Tiss'/Teece's).

I'd like to go back to the important, QUATRefioil-using Amis' with a Ham-like HAMES variation. They share the Frogg/Frock annulets. This is quite good, for I traced the name of QuadRATUS Bassus partially to Sub RADICE (shown on light map) at the southern side of the HAEMUS mountains. Likewise on those southern slopes is CABYLE while McCABE's, in Cable/CABEL and RADICE/Radix colors, share the Ham salmon. That is wild, because Sub Radice is proposed on the light map to be near the Shirt-like Serdi, the line to Swords, first found in Northumberland with Amis'/Hames'! Bingo-bingo-bingo. If that's not enough, Hams and Hammers were first found in Sussex with Diens/DINE's while Radice's/Radix's were first found in UDINE. I trust it didn't slip by you that "Cabyle" is like the Cybele cult officiated over by Brogitarus.

It's suggesting that the Froggatt- / BrogiTARUS-line Phrygians were in that Haemus area of tarus-like Thrace. Or, if he is to be understood as, BrogitARUS, that sure looks like the ARSus/ASSus location roughly between Sub Radice and Cabyle!!! My naked ass in the Froggatt dream came with a shirt!!! Zikers. I think I will now need to see Brogitarus as a Brigian-line out of Arsus.

The reason QuadRATUS was traced (by me) to "Radice" is that it's stamped near TYLE while Quadratus' daughter was named, QuadraTILLa. It works. Plus, Cabyle is on the Tonzus river while Tonso's use a "man" said to be wearing a shirt. Perfect. Sub Radice is stamped in the land of the Trausi, and I had no trousers on. Quadratilla was queen of Cetis while the Cetis/Sestie surname uses a Lillae-like lily. Lillae is smack-near Sub Radice while Lillus was home to Caiaphas-like Cavii, namers of Chivasso near Susa of the Cottians, and while Susans use the lily too, Cottians descended, I think, from the Cetis-like Cotys cult of Thrace that named kings of Thrace by that name. Sestie-like Sestus was a city at the Hellespont / Trojan area of Thrace: "Sestos is first mentioned in Homer's Iliad [myth] as a Thracian settlement, and was allied with Troy during the Trojan War. The city was settled [not mere myth] by colonists from Lesbos in c. 600 BC...In 365, an attack on Sestos by Cotys I [Odrysian king at/near the mouth of the Tonzus], King of Thrace, was repelled..." Other Thracian rulers of that name came later, into the period of Caiaphas.

Behold this new thing, I think. I have heard my mother calling a metal lathe something like, "radicia." The lathe I'm referring to has diamond shapes just like heraldic "fretty," which happens to be used by Cable's with a look like the Radice/Radix Coat. It's possible that fretty started out as "lattice" for the Lettice/Lattice surname, but was then changed to fretty when lines from such things as Ferte's / Ferrats married Lattice liners. The point is that Abraham and Keturah gave birth to a son who in turn birthed the Lettice-like LETUSHites, and meanwhile a tribe by some version of "KETURah" could have named, QUADRatus. Or, Miss Froggatt was CATHERine, and she was in the box with QUADRants with me. It could appear that Quadratus was named after Catters/Cather liners, who use fish, the symbol of KODRos of Athens, the one highly suspect from a tribe named after Keturah. Fish-using Saraca's were at Kotor. Froggatts have a version of the Cottar Coat.

While FrogGATTS are now suspect with the GATES'/Gatts, Quadratilla was queen of Geddes-like Cetis/Citis, which is in the motto of fretty-using Caens/Cans (in the Bassus-line Bessin), suspect from the Caeni Thracians near the mouth of the Tonzus. Geddes' use the fish of Butts/Boets (Button branch) while Tonso's use a man wearing a shirt with buttons. Fish in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca and Ged fish are in the Arms of Rieti, a location also called, REATE, and then the Caeni are on the light map right beside RHAEDestus, which has the alternative named of Bisanthe, which can be the proto-Bessin / proto-Bassus, though the Bessi priests at Serdica can also be candidates, for Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with Bessins/Beastons.

As per the bunch of cherries, and if the Bunch's were Benjamites, what about the Benni shown at the junction of the Hebros with the Tonzus river? Why do Binningtons share the three garbs of Derbys while Froggatts and Bunch's were first found in Derbyshire? Brogitarus' son conquered Derbe over in Asia Minor.

Earlier, we saw the Froggatt-beloved Cherrys with the Vito annulet. It just so happens (very huge point) that Julius AVITus was the husband of Julia Maesa Bassianus, likely the descendant of Quadratilla Bassus, for I have seen a Bassus called alternatively, Bassianus (Bassus-Annas combo?). As my mother is a Masci, very traceable to the Maezaei, it appears that I was in those quadrants with Froggatt because we were both of the Julia-Maesa line. If I recall correctly, she was the grandmother of emperor Heliogabalus, who loved El-Gabal, the sun god of Maesa-like Emesa...which is beside a Lebanese region of Massyas, also called, Marsyas, the name of the Phrygian goat. Massyas (so-called in about 100 BC) could have named Maccabees, for the five Maccabee brothers were sons of Mattathias the Hasmonean, and "Hasmon" is like Phrygia's Akmonia.

"Mattathias" is like the old Mathis river, near GABULeum on the neighboring Drilon river of the Caiaphas-like Cavii. Cabe-like Cave's share the Caen/can fretty / lattice. Why are Ham-related McCabe's also Maccabee-like MacAbbe's?

I do not believe, as claimed, that "maccabee" means, "hammer," though they could easily have gotten a hammer symbol for being like the Jewish word for it, and thus a Maccabee line could have created the Mace/Macey branch of Masseys, who do use a mace = hammer. I am confident (for good reason) that proto-Masseys developed alongside the Roman name, Mucianus / Mucius. Note that Masci's, Mucianus-like Massena's, and Mucianus-like RasMUSSENs, all have a bend rising toward the left (viewer's right) side of the Shield, for a mythical Mucius lost his right hand, leaving only the left. Do I detect an ARS-Mussen behind Rasmussens? Looks like.

The Hooker of Gaul

I rarely remember dreams. I remember them only if they occur when I awake. This morning, I had a dream soon enough before waking to remember that my relative moved the toilet. We were in the same house for the night. He moved it into his bedroom, and just put it there in the middle of the room, unattached to any piping. As his father was Pepin, while Pepins use the Pipe coat, it makes sense because Pepins are a regular topic, expected from the Apepi Hyksos to the Paphlagonian Heneti, right in the Phrygian theater. Moreover, Aphrodite, expected from the Heneti > Veneti = Venus line, was made born in Paphos, on Cyprus along with a Lapithos location named by Lapiths who were also at Lesbos (named lesbians for a reason) with the Edomites at the top of this update.

Gallia', Tullia's mother, helps to trace this toilet line to the Galli transvestites who likely gave the Amazons their all-female symbol i.e. the Galli were Amazon-branch Meshech, whom I think named Mus at Lake Van (near/amongst the Cadusii snakes), and therefore represent the Mus household of a Hyksos pharaoh that named Moses. If you believe that Hyksos could not have named Moses because they were about a century before Moses, you don't yet realize that our expert Egyptologists have been fed by liars stretching human history too far back, before the Flood.

Pepin Taff has been a topic several times. I grew up to the age of five in his home. His wife is a Masci, can you believe it, a Meshech liner. Her first name was probably by design of God, Letizia/Leticia, looking like the Lettice/Lattice surname suspect with the Abraham > Letushite line to mythical Leto, mother of the Amazon goddess, Artemis, and her twin brother Apollo, the one who gave Phrygian Midas his donkey ears. Remember, Midas was descended from the PIERia area (Haliacmon river expected from the Galli-suspect Halys in the Galatia theater) of the mythical Muses, while Pepin / Poppin liners are expected at the naming of Papia/Pavia, home of PIERRo's/Pero's. Muses were given a music symbol, all-female singers, and Mary Poppins was a musical. "Midas" is expected in the Tollet/Tolle PYRaMID along with Pieria elements.

Artemis was especially in Ephesus, an Amazon-founded city near the mythical, all-female Maenads of the Maeander, this being the line to the Mens' in the mottoes of Pepins and Poppins/Pophams, the poop-line as I now call it, PERFECT!!! The toilet was placed into a bedroom by Fred, the son of Pepin, which recalls my watching Mary Poppins at his place and then wondering whether I should jump off his porch roof with an umbrella. I was seriously contemplating it (I was perhaps three or four years of age), and now I know why. It seems that the toilet line to Tullia was of the Poppin bloodline, and Tollets/Toole's do share a red chief with Mens' and Poppins/Pophams. I was on his porch roof lots because our kitchen window opened up to it; just step out onto that roof.

Recall my discussion of heraldic lattice turning into fretty (my theory), for while Leticia smacks of Lettice's, her son, Fred, is a fretty-like name, as if to corroborate the theory that Keturah's Letushites were to Ferte-Mace, the entity suspect with fretty. Ferte's share the eagle of ship-loving MacDonalds, and while his surname, Taff, is expected with the Taphian pirates, it could be that MacDonalds and other sea-farers in Argyllshire were from those Taphians. You just need to be astonished here because Taffs (Fessy / Mea kin) use fretty in colors reversed from the same of trash-can Caens/Cans having a "PERimus" motto term looking like a Pieria-Muses combo.

I trace Caens, thanks to their sharing five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby, to the Ceno tributary of the TARO, simply amazing. Fred's sister, Teresa, can be a pointer to Terres/Taress'/Tarrs' (Thracian suspects), you see, and the Ceno is near the Trebia. It gets better, because the Astikas' of Vilnius married Traby (see Wikipedia's article on the Traby Coat of Arms), and I trace them to Astakos smack in the land of the TAPHian (and mythical Siren) pirates. My entire life has been a book of God to reveal these things by the people, and events I can remember, in my life. The Sirens (killers) were given a musical symbol to indicate that they were from/of the Muses.

Astikas' were, I believe, of the Sticks and Stichs/Styche's, and the latter are in the Cliff write-up as their partners in marriage. The Taffs lived at RoseCLIFFe avenue, which ends at DUFFerin, a Daphne-like term. Duffers/Duffys/Duffs are very linkable to Morgan le Fay of Avalon, yet Nicholas de Vere revealed that Morgan was equivalent to Melusine of Avalon, whose son was a count of Angers, and Ancore is right next to Astikas-like Astacus. Ancore-like Ankara is near the Sangarius, and then Sticks with Stichs share the Sanger/Singer garbs. Broc is in Anjou, and Brocks were first found in Essex with the Brooks who likewise share the Stick / Stich Coat. It's feasible, from this picture, that Roxolani-branch Trypillians formed Traby in order to explain why Mr. Taff lived on ROScliffe. The Cliffs look like kin of Bush's while Bosco's were Rose kin.

Terres'/Tarrs' are in MacDonald colors, and first found in Somerset (with Axe rivers, important momentarily), which area was founded by the Dumnonii, who smack of the Irish Damnonns and therefore of old versions of the MacDonald surname, excellent. The Terras' in the MacDonald motto share the Coat of Scotts from the Skudra nation of Thraco-Macedonian proto-Phrygians (Briges) around Scydra, near Pieria. Note the Phryg-like Perich variation of Pierro's/Pero's and Pero's/Perino's.

I suppose it's possible that some Pieria element evolved as Prigs into Phrigs, but as Pierro's were at the Laevi theater, might "Pharisee" have been a Pieria element? Pharisees and Sadducees came forth amongst the Maccabee priest-kings, and Maccabees may have been from the Massyas/Marsyas area of northern Lebanon, within easy political reach of Israel, since Israel's affairs came to be governed by Syria under Julius Caesar. Maccabees could have had a mother from Massyas elements while their father was from Akmonia elements (mythical-Marsyas / Midas area), they being linkable, by the looks of it, to "HaliACMON, smack at Pieria. That works very well.

It can make you head spin, but it's worth repeating here in this Taff section. I trace the Pagan Levite priest, Jonathan, in the book of Judges, from his Laish home to mythical Oeneus of Calydon. Not only was Calydon at the home of Taphians, you see, but it was politically close to Elis, location of the Peneus and Ladon rivers (at Pisa) of the OENomaus Amazons. One can see that the myth writer named Oenomaus as play on "Oeneus," and so this is why I trace "Laish" to the Lasonii people group, fellow tribe with Cabelees and the Pisidian namers of Pisa. The Lasonii are expected with the Leto-line Lydians that named the Ladon river of mythical, Taphian-like Daphne, who was chased by Apollo, son of Leto, while Daphne swan in the Ladon (the myth writer's intension or backdrop is obvious).

I now recall telling readers this before: Teresa Taff married Benny, and they owned a Pisa-like pizza operation! That really floors me. God must have set them up in that business. They then went into CATERing, in case Caters/Catters/Cathers are relevant. Aha, the Benny-like Beans/Bene's are MacDonald liners of Clan Chattan!

Teresa has a sister, Paula, the name of Dan BONGINo's wife, and Bongino's with Bennys can be from Benjamites. The ROXolani lived with Benjamites of the Rimna area (of the Siret river), and Rush-branch Risco's/ROSco's share the cinquefoil of Bennys. Paula's (beside Galli's) use a giant rooster, often the symbol of Galli liners. Pizza is a symbol of pedophilia from Comet Ping Pong pizza.

Daphne, Laish, and Peneus-like Panias were all-three within a couple of miles from one another in proto-Lebanon Phoenicia. What named this Levi-like Lebanon, anyway? Why do Akmonia-like Akmans (Aiken branch) share oak branches with LEAVES with Lieb/Liebers? Clearly, Daphne of Phoenicia was the line to Taphians in the theater of mythical Oeneus, and while the latter was a myth writer's play on "oen = wine" for linkage to Dionysus, "Oeneus" also smacks of "Jonathan." Do the Aikens (oak tree) indicate that Akmonia elements named Aachen?

We now take this to the real city of Methoni/MODON, which was mythicized as the daughter of Oeneus of Calydon, what a grand coincidence, for MODI'IN, home of Jonathan Maccabee, existed in the time of Moses and Joshua, and thus non-Israelites from that place are expected in the naming of Modon. The implication is not hard to grasp, though difficult to verify with historical documents, and, besides, anti-Christ historians don't want to touch anything that involves Israeli history.

The implication: the Levite seed of Jonathan of Laish, the priest of the 600 Danites of Laish, appears to have come back to Modi'in as the Hasmoneans. They may have been planted in Israel by the Romans in an effort to fight the Seleucid presence in Israel, for the Maccabee brothers did war against the Seleucids (beat them up good), except that Jonathan Maccabee, afterward, made a pact with Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king thought to be related to king Antiochus IV, the conqueror of Jerusalem. Does that pact not smell to high Heaven? Why JONATHAN Maccabee, you see? Did God set that up for us to get the link to Jonathan the pagan Levite? it? Antiochus IV is in Daniel's prophecies as the backdrop to the end-time anti-Christ.

Oh wow, another surname sharing the five (why five?) white ostrich feathers of Caens is the Irish Clare's, and Tullia married DeciMUS Rusticus of CLERmont-Ferrand. OSTrich feathers are suspect with Osts/Hosts and their Rich neighbors because the latter use bottony crosses while being first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, very linkable to Pierro's/Pero's by way of Sadducee-suspect Butts/Boets, the urine line (goes with toilets) from Orion the hunter, for Buttons/Bidens use simply, "horns." Caen is in the Horn-related Orne river. Hampshire is where Tiss' were first found expected in the "HOSTis" motto term of Shirts/Shards (goes with my bare BUTT), and Osts/Hosts were first found in Somerset with Terres/Tarrs and two Axe rivers suspect with Ass liners. Tiss' take us right back to the Ticino's Pavia. Caens share the leopard FACES of Peare's, and Face's/Fessys can be gleaned in the Taff motto and cross.

The Taff cross is shared by Chapelle's, and it just so happens that while Akmans share "robore" with Aikens, the city of Aachen is also called, Aix, or Aix-le-Chapelle. Chapele's (one 'l') share the green lion with Lyons, for one, but also with Touch's/Tuffs, like "Taff." And we just saw a toilet in the bedroom of Fred Taff, while Tollets/Toole's are from Tullia of Lyon. Stick with me here, for Wikipedia's brainstormer historians (usually wrong when guessing) think that Aachen too, like a million other places that have a water-like term, is derived in acqua = water. Simpletons.

Chapelle's can strike us as Capelli liners, who trace well to Cabyle. Cable's/Cabels use fretty lattice, yup, in the colors of the Chapele's (one 'l'). The latter use a CHAPLet, and symbols ending with "let" can be Leto liners from Lettice-like Letushites. It doesn't all look coincidental, and pours cold water on the simpleton historians who always manage to screw with our brains with off-the-wall nonsense. Aachen had water, therefore it was named after water. You can't get more simpleton than that. Fred's father suggests the Apepi Hyksos, and Hicks use the chaplet too.

It seems that AKmonia was an Aix line, and I did see mythical relatives of HephAEStus (can't refind them) fronted with "Aix," which is supported in that Jason of the Arg ship, son of AESon, visited Hephaestus' island of Lemnos, where his crew mated with its Amazons. It just so happens that Aeson lived at Iolcus in the land of the Muses (Amazon Mysians) at or near Pieria. Muses were at PARNassus, to be read also as ParnASSUS, you see, and I trace that term to Parion of Mysia, known home of Muses (and Gorgons). It's now a matter of finding evidence that Aeson's line named Akmonia, begging what the "Mon" is from.

It's interesting that Parion is "Parium" on the light map, like the "PeriMUS" motto term of Caens/Cans. As Troy is in Mysia, it's a no-brainer that mythical Paris, prince of Troy and son of Parium-like Priam (king of Troy), was named after Parion elements. Just look at how "Priam" is like "Abram," suggesting that Letushites were in Troy. Paris abducted the Spartan, Helen, wife of MeneLAUS, code for Laas/Las on the Mani peninsula of Sparta. This could be a Laish line, right? Yes, for Sparta was beside Argos, the latter being ruled by Danaans highly suspect from the Danites of Laish (modern Dan).

Where did we see "Argo" before? Oh, yes, the ship of Jason, son of Aeson. They lived in Iolcus, which was founded by Boeotians, that's right. I wonder what kind of Boeotians they were. Were they the ones to the Sadducee house of Boethus? Hmm.

Iolcus was founded by Cretheus, Aeson's father, and we can therefore glean that it was founded by Europa-line Boeotians, for Cadmus went in search of his sister, Europa, when the Zeus bull abducted her (abduction and rape were symbols for certain bloodlines). Cadmus didn't know where she was taken, but the myth writers told us she went to Cretheus-like Crete. The myth writer had Cadmus following a bull to find her (what bull was that, duh), and the bull led him to Boeotia, this is so easy to figure. So, the Zeus-Europa Tyrians ended up at Boeotia, after passing through Crete Minoans, and then, after the Curetes of Crete founded Troy, they went to Iolcus, land of the Muses, it's so easy to figure, why have historians kept us in the dark? CadMUS. Hello? The myth writers were handing us these migrational paths on a silver platter. They even made Aeson's mother, Tyro.

When the Argo ship left Lemnos, it went to Iolcus-like Colchis', up the Glaucus river to the land of Attis-line Aeetes, to a city that is now Kutaisi, a term obviously related to Hattusa, the capital of the Attis-depicted Hatti. Yes, these were the Cadusii Armenians, depicted by mythical CADmus, which was a Mus-of-Armenia combo with Cadusii. Cadmus was a Phoenician expected at the Armenian settlement of mount Hermon i.e. location of Laish and Daphne. We therefore need to ask whether Jonathan's Levite line was in the Cadmus migration to Boeotia. It sure seems reasonable to me that the Levite line should form the Sadducee house of BOETHus via Boeotians. Boeotia is right beside king Kodros of Athens, in Attis-like Attica.

In Boeotia, Cadmus killed a dragon of Ares, and in the meantime Cadmus married Ares' daughter, Armenia-like Harmonia. The dragon's teeth became the "Sparti," this is so easy to figure as Spartans related to Armenians in Boeotia. This same dragon of Ares (Arse-like Aras river of Armenia) was protecting the golden fleece in Kutaisi, which is the thing that Jason went to fetch with his Argo crew. So, Ass-like Aeson is a Boeotian element, and the dragon of arse-like Ares is in Boeotia too. It's not a wonder that God has been showing by rump lately in dreams. The Aras originates at the Moschi mountains of the Hayasa-Azzi, not very far from Mus.

Jason takes Aeetes' daughter for his own wife, and her name, Medea, looks traceable to sons of Keturah with Abraham. Medea worshiped Hecate, and it just so happens that Abram-like Priam, king of Troy above, had another son (beside Paris), Hecate-like HECTor. I wonder, were Pharisees from a Paris / Parion line through Pieria? Were Pharisees from Abraham and Keturah? Can't we take Pieria elements from the HaliACMON to Akmonia, and then to Hasmoneans? Iolcus was not in Pieria, but within reach. Doesn't it seem that the Muses in "Cadmus" were exactly at Iolcus? On the dark map, there is a Europus location (downtown Macedonia) between the Axius/Azius and AStracus rivers. It's interesting that "Astracus" is like Mysia's "Astacus" or Calydon's "Astakos."

Wow, I didn't notice until now the Methone location (dark map) smack at the Pieria area of the Haliacmon river! Methoni/Modon looks related. It could appear as though the line of mythical Oeneus laid this Methone egg smack where it's needed in Pieria. It can get the Jonathan-line Levites to the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia! Zinger. I suggest that God arranged Methone at that place to give us a way to prove these migrational paths to those who killed Jesus.

"Sadducee" can be from "Soducena" of Armenia, at the arse-like Aras river, and Soducena can be from the Sittaceni of lake Maeotis, which was also called the AZov sea. Sittaceni may have named Sithonia, shown on the dark map as the central peninsula of Chalcidice. At the head of that peninsula, there is an Assa location while Seatons/Sittons, who named Seaton at Axmouth (mouth of the Axe), have a "HAZard" motto term. This is all amazing because CHALCidice brings the Square game to mind, drawn in chalk, which I played with Froggatt, and God put me bare-assed in a dream with her a few days ago, wearing only a tee-shirt that traces to the Tessin/Ticino river with the "HosTIS" motto term of shirts, and with the chevron of shirts, and then, wow, Shirts use red roundels called, torteaux, suspect with the Toreatae scythians from Azov!

The tee-shirt. Tee's/Tease's (highly suspect with Annas of Israel) share the fesse of Alans and Rundels/ROUNDEls. FitzAlans ruled Arundel to prove that Roundels were Alan kin. Alan Huns lived at the Azov area, and Alans lived in Shropshire, right beside the roundel-using Shirts. The latter's Shard variation was pointed to Sardis/Hyde by the tee-shirt's hiding of my butt, and Butts/Boets are from the Sadducees, right? Can you grasp this? Sardis was on the Armenian Hermus river, and we just saw Cadusii- / Hatti-related Armenians in Boeotia.

By the looks of it, my butt was a symbol also for Azov, and while the Hayasa-Azzi were at ARDahan, Sittens use "hazARD." Shirts and Boet-related BUTTons are loved by Tonso's from the Tonzus river having a mouth at Arda. The Caeni across from Arda may even have had something to do with "SittaCENI."

Let's go to the Sidicini: "The ancient Teanum Sidicinum was the capital of the Oscan tribe of the Sidicini, which drove the AURUNci from Roccamonfina." Just compare that capitalized term to Arun, the location in Sussex that named Arundels! It looks like we can connect the Sidicini to SITTACeni. Sussex is where Sadducee-like SADDOCKs/Sedgewicks were first found. Sidicini were at Teano, and Peare-related Tiens/Teans can applied here to find Sidicini elements at Pavia.

It just so happens that the Taffs moved from their home (where I wanted to do the Mary-Poppins umbrella flight) to Erie street, and Erie's/Airie's (Ares liners?) share the star of Salome's (expected from Salome Boethus) and throw in a "tienDRAI" motto term that looks like it could be part-code for Tiens / Teano elements and partly for things-Odrysia at Arda. Odrysians got suspect with mythical Dryas and the king-Lycurgus Edones. Strabo said that Edones were a tribe with Sithones, can we believe it? Why did the Taffs get us to Sithones? Sittens were first found beside EDINburgh, and Edins are also Edons (Sitten colors) with a "SIT" motto term.

There is a Drai surname with ducks looking linkable to French Saffers, and it just so happens that Saffers were a topic earlier in this update with the Savaria location of the Pannonia Boii. The other Saffers love the Vito's, which reminds me of Vito, son of Savaria (friends I once knew).

Edins/Edons (Suffolk, beside Diss) are in the colors and format of Tiss-like Diss's/Dice's (red roundels = torteaux!), an entity that may have been from the namers of ChalciDICE. That makes a lot of sense, suggesting even that the TICino/Tessin was named after the namers of Chalcidice. Froggatt was in the chalk SQUARE with me, and Square's use a "Tiens" motto term, can we believe it? It's as though God placed me in there to indicate Sadducee liners to the Ticino, and then put me with her in a TEE-shirt now linking the Shirt torteau to the same of Diss'/Dice's. Near Diss is Eye, and while Eyes' are listed with Ayers, they sure smack of Erie's/Airie's with the "TIENdrai" motto term.

Square's share the red squirrel with Decks/daggers. Erie's/Aireys -- Cumberland, same as Daggers/Dackers -- have six pale bars, a symbol that I've identified with Pepin-of-Landen lines. Landen is right beside TIENen, can you believe this? Pepin Taff moved to Erie street. My parents had to move out of his home, and they went to Jay street (Toronto), about a mile away as the crow flies. Erie's/Airie's have a "Je" motto term suspect with Jays. Landen is about 40 miles from Aachen.

I've just checked for an Aachen/Aken surname (Westphalia), finding one, and it shares the crescent of Motts/Mottins, suspect ultimately from Modi'in. It's amazing because we just saw Methone at Pieria's HaliACMON, and Akmans are a branch of Aikens!!! WOW, that is heavy-duty toward proving that Akmonia / Hasmoneans relate to Akman / Aachen liners. To make the Aachen link harder to Motts/Mottins, the latter come up as Morte's while the myth, "Le Morte d'Arthur" (The Death of Arthur) is evidence that Morte's share the Death/Darth crescent, yet the latter use three of them, same as Aachens.

Mr. Taff's wife is the sister of the lady at who's home I stayed for two months in Picenze, just seven miles from L'Aquila, and the Arms of L'Aquila has an ImMOTA" motto term. When things work out this well, they were probably Arranged to. This sister was wife to Mr. bocci ball of the last update, the one who pointed with Bocci's/Brocato's to Brogitarus without question. Bocci's/Brocato's use "EARs of wheat," suspect with the Eyers variation of Eyes'. Erie's are thus suspect with the namers of Eye.

I'm wondering whether Aachens/Akens were fronted with a 'D' to become Westphalia's Ducks/Duckers, for example. English Duckers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Erie's/Airie's. Dackens/DAIKENs/DAKENs/Decans (axe), previously said to be first found in Rutland, are now said to be first found in Norfolk with Diss and Diss'/Dice's. Their Deacon (axe) branch were first found in neighboring Suffolk, location of Eye. It's making Decker-like terms look like Akmonia branches rather than named after Ticino elements. German Duckers have fesses in the colors of the wavy fesses of Tuckers/Tokers (axe).

It doesn't seem like a coincidence that we saw all those axes while Aachen is also AIX-la-Chapelle. The Chapelle's even have the fat cross of Daikens/Dakens and Deacons in colors reversed, and it's the fat saltire of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland, same as Ticino canton), we can assume. It really appears as though D-fronted Aachen / Aiken liners were made so for being Ticino liners too.

I've always been stumped by two Pepin motto terms, one being "QUISque." I now find that, to Italians, Aachen is, AQUISgrana. Two terms in both the Pepin and Deacon mottoes end in "que."

I was led to the urine symbol of Orion of Boeotia just because I pee'd on a neighbor (about my age) accidentally from Taff's porch railing. I pee'd on him from above, like the sky-god symbol of rain, right onto his head. I don't remember being in the habit of taking leaks outdoors at age 4 and 5, and this event seems to have been set up by God for linking Uranus / Orion to Taphians. Cronus castrated his father, Uranus, as apparent symbol of the Galli, who likewise had a castration symbol. How can this link squarely to a Daphne > Taphian line? For one, take Dionysus the wine god, leader of the Galli, to Oeneus of Calydon, and we are at the home of Taphians. Mr. Taff lived at Rosecliffe avenue, and Cliffs married Styche's i.e. expected from Astakos of the Calydon theater.

Isn't it remarkable that while the tool of choice for the myth writer's castration of Uranus was a sickle, it's called a "drepanon" in Greek while Traby-like Trapani (also, Drepana) in sickle-like Sicily was supposedly named after a sickle-shaped area. Perhaps not. Perhaps Trapani was a Trypillian settlement, and all else was simply code for the Sicel namers of Sicily. In one myth, mythical Butes of Athens jumps ship, and swims to his sure death to the beautiful singing voices of the killer Sirens. Yup, the Sirens were at the Astakos area. So, Trypillians at the Sangarius river makes sense, especially if proto-English speakers (Scythians were proto-English) were there with their "singer" term for the singing symbol of Sirens. I read that Trypillia was south of Kiev, and that BUDini were south of Kiev, which can explain mythical BUTES of Athens. As Butes was a priest of Poseidon, what sort of cult was he presiding over? Did Butes elements name the Sadducee house of Boethus? Was the Butes cult stacked with Seir-ian Edomites? Did Butes elements name the Budini?

Butes, an Argonaut, son of Teleon and Zeuxippe (daughter of Eridanus). In some accounts, his father was called Aeneus [symbol of Aenos at the Hebros]. When the Argonauts were sailing past the Sirens, he was the only one who was unable resist the charm of their singing, swimming off to them. But Aphrodite [Heneti element, fundamental part of the Galli cult] saved Butes by transferring him to Lilybaeum in Sicily, where he became her lover...He was the father of Eryx by Aphrodite, and also of PolyCAON.

Eryx is a place beside Trapani, and is expected to be an offshoot of "Ares," Aphrodite's adulterous partner; they had a son, Eros, perhaps code for Eryx. Butes was thus some aspect of the Ares cult. Together, Ares and Butes must be the arse = butt thing, and I'm sure this linked to the poop thing in the Paphlagonian Heneti, what I see as the Pepin line. I now recall that Daphne was the granddaughter of Everes (shepherd seer), definite code for Avaris, the Hyksos capital in Egypt. It's perfect for identifying her with pharaoh Apepi/APOPhis. The poop line. Pepin Taff at our service. I had a dream this morning of a toilet in the bedroom of Fred Taff. Why the bedroom?

It is hard to believe that God would set up a situation like my urine event at age 4 or 5. Maybe we just don't know Him well enough if we think He wouldn't do it. Pino looked up at me as he felt the "water" on his head, and with mouth open as he looked up, it went straight into his mouth, I kid you not, which is why I have never forgotten the event. I'm sure there are meanings behind this "golden shower," perhaps a pointer to faggot cults of the past, such as the Galli, or even Zeus. Pino's name can be God's pointer to the pine symbol of Attis, the sun god of the Galli cult.

Okay, I had a dream this morning of a toilet, and the discussion turned out to be all over the Galli, who pre-dated the Gauls of France. We found ourselves in Calydon especially with this dream, and this entity can be traced well to Artemis elements of the Calydon-like Khaldi at the Trabzon area, that's right. For Artemis' boar was made to ravage Calydon. Historians conflate Khaldi with the (C)Halybes metal-inventors that I see on the Halys river with or even as the Galli. Hence, the Khaldi named the Celts (says lonely me) whom historians conflate with Gauls.

Iron was apparently named after the Chalybes, but then Hephaestus, leader of the Galli-infested Kabeiri, was the mythical metal smith, tending to prove that Galli were at least fundamental with Halybes...who, by the way, smack of "Eliphas" or even "Lapith." I haven't mentioned for a long time this theory that Eliphas, who married Timna of Seir, could have had a tribe naming Syria's Aleppo (anciently, Halybes-like Halab), and from Aleppo the Lapiths evolved.

Okay, so we go from the Galli to the Gauls of France, who lived around Toulouse, and thus the meaning of the toilet in this morning's dream seems to be that Galli did in fact become the Gauls, because toilet-liner Tullia was a daughter of Gallia. The Romans called the Gauls, Gali. Thus, Europe was infested by the most-stupid pagans of all, and dangerous too, because they were advanced in metal weaponry. Being stupid "adulterers" who abandoned the true God for The Slut, they never stopped to invade and butcher one another.

Europa was a sick tramp, the mother of the hooker of Revelation 17, for in that chapter, she rides the back of a dragon, no doubt the dragonline from Lotan of Seir. She's then raped by the dragon. In her myth, Europa was taken away upon the back of the Zeus bull, and raped. It's as though God wanted to connect the two. It suggests that the Europa Tyrians developed into the Cybele Phrygians. We know that one so-called Great Mother was Rhea, Zeus' mother, and then Revelation 17 has an allusion of its slut being a "great mother of abominations." The one in Revelation sits on Rome's imperial throne, which can be gleaned with Jupiter's cult due to its identification / connection with Zeus.


They have found a real cure for roughly all cancers, but it's not yet legal for use except for people with no other options, after failing with all other treatments. And it's being administered only for a couple of cancer types at this time. And, it's not cheap. Will they exploit this cure to make more money than most can afford? It's called the CAR T treatment. Here's a couple of videos:

Here's a good explanation for the mechanics behind the cure:

Did the creators of this "living drug" conspire to maximize profits? We are, after all, in a capitalist society with people conditioned to always maximize profits. It's the cancer of the spiritual condition. They might hold multiple families of the cancer patient hostage, so to speak, for $100,000 or more. They will apply pressure on family and friends to come up with the money, or be partially responsible for the death of the cancer patient.

Near the end of the long video above, the speaker, who seems genuine until then, starts to get wishy-washy on the potential of CAR-T therapy on solid tumors (not blood cancers). Right away, I think that there are wicked forces in the world making a lot of money on other cancer-cure methods that are threatened by this new form, and so there may be a push to prolong or even wholly sabotage CAR-T for many types of cancer, or, at least, to keep CAR-T so expensive (and not government-funded) that the patient will opt first to undergo the current methods before trying CAR-T. Anything is possible in this wicked generation, and we will be lied to as to what's really going on.

The speaker admits that CAR-T can work on any cancer, and then downplays the celebration for various reasons, but the truth may be that the FDA people who regulate what can and cannot be administered are simply trying to protect the bankbooks of current cancer-treating industries. It is an industry, you realize. I found it wishy-washy when he said, what's the use in destroying just one third the solid tumor?

But wait. What's wrong with one third today, and other third tomorrow? I'll take it. Unless you want mega-bucks. Ahh, so, they might be arranging a system in which people need to keep taking the "living drugs" many times on an ongoing basis rather than administering a one-time, full-kill shot. There's much more money in that, but to make it a successful method, they need an excuse as to why they can't do a one-time full-kill shot.

Here's on the Clinton-Lynch meeting on a Phoenix-airport plane (yes, right on the plane) from Mr. Sign this week:

Here is a related story from Sekulow Jr., where you can glean that Barr has just been dropped a prime criminal case upon his plate, if only Barr wants it. But I say that Barr is a festering piece of rot in the DoJ, or he would have investigated this by now. This issue should have been one of the first arrests he should have made, for Lynch even pled the 5th to keep from incriminating herself, and for protecting Bill Clinton's crime. He conducted a crime of requesting from the attorney general (Lynch) her crime: to cover-up Hillary's crime. Crime upon crime, but Barr sees no need to make arrests, and Bongino, after writing books on such criminality, and spending hours daily hoping to change the situation, loves Barr to this day. He trusts Barr to have good reasons for not yet making one arrest of this batch of snakes.

Barr is now a first-hand witness that this very batch of vipers is trying to impeach / destroy him merely for doing his job as a prosecutor, and yet he can't find cause to war against it. He's a cake eater, not a fighter. He shouldn't have taken this job if all he wanted to do was to scold the guilty and sternly say, "don't do that again." I hate to break it to you, Mr. Barr, you're not their dad, and even if you were, they would despise your scoldings. You can't fix these monsters like that. These monsters will punish the innocent to save themselves from their guilt; we are seeing it. They are not normal people. In a case like this, the attorney general's job should go to a man without a family, a man willing to risk death to destroy the snakes. There are men with zeal like that. Jesus is such a man.

Lindsey Graham comes to Fox news this week to talk about his opening the FISA-abuse investigations. He sounds as excited to roll as a stubborn mule, and then admits he wants to have his people talk privately to Comey, etc., FIRST, before he calls them to the Senate to testify before the people. Sounds to me that they are going to find out in private what the Comey-et-al game plan is so that they can orchestrate the public hearings, assure that the public gets NOTHING, as usual, that's explosive or criminally liable. That's why these hearings never lead to arrests, because the people running the show allow the testimonies to leave out incriminating parts. In the end, the people running the hearings can lie: we tried our best. Yup, they shoot them down is all they ever do, like mamma scolding them. Nobody in the comments section respects Graham as a man of his word, and that's why he's finally going to do the hearings, not because he wants to. He was hoping the voters would forget about this.

One of the comments: "Ití a great idea to alert Comey, McCabe et al in advance of what he is going to ask!" You see, the people don't buy Lindsey's charade. It's due to the obvious guilt of Obama's FBI and CIA that the people are seeing clearly the farce that the lawmakers are, along with the DoJ under Republicans. My wonder is what it will take to finally make the people realize that Trump is at the head of this charade. Fox shows (including Hannity) have decreased / removed anti-deep-state guest appearances and have added regular appearances from Graham instead.

I noticed a new thing on a Lou Dobbs segment at youtube when he had Giuliani on this week. The comments section was filled with anti-Giuliani comments of the type that are obviously from paid workers of the deep state whose job is to go out and malign the enemy in all sorts of public forums. It means that they see Giuliani as enough of a threat to pay people to make it appear that half the people watching Dobbs thinks that Giuliani is nuts. We saw this type of thing when they were trying to contain the explosion of 9-11 truthers.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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