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July 12 - 18, 2022

Richard Branson's Ocean Elders

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

One of my sons, this past week, woke up having seizures, and is now in a hospital with a burst blood vessel in his brain. They are keeping him unconsciously sedated because he continues to have seizures when conscious. He's on a respirator. If this is vaccine-related, and it sure sounds as though it is, someone needs to pay the price for this in canada. Someone in Heaven needs to repay those responsible, all of them, and the faster the better, in and outside of this country.

Two or three months ago, I had a vision of this son, about a second long. He was talking with me, but he was mentally debilitated, and as soon as I had this vision, I said to the effect, "No Lord, not that." This son has been rebellious. When I asked him a year or more ago whether he and his wife were pro-abortion, he would not answer. He sacrificed a relationship with me in order to keep his twisted / liberal Christianity. Earlier, about three years ago, this son shocked me by saying to me, "I'm a feminist." He's married to a feminist activist who apparently wants to bring feminism into the churches. I said to him that he needs to rebuke his wife. This is serious, but instead he chose not to talk to me anymore. Ironically, they say that COVID "vaccines" have aborted fetal cells, the reason that many Christians are objecting, on religious grounds, to taking these diabolical, fake vaccines.

Two and three months ago, I was sending material by email week after week warning he and others not to take vaccines, until the day came that this son told me to stop sending them. He was annoyed by them, and so was another son who married, reportedly, a pro-Clinton / pro-Biden Christian. Ask me how I feel about this? I feel so sorry for this son; he has no idea that he sleeps with a snake everynight, and every night he becomes more like a snake with her. How can a Christian be pro-Biden and not be a snake? What better definition is there, than this, for a Christian snake?

A couple of hours before I was informed that my son was in the hospital, I heard a "loud" voice. It wasn't trumpet-loud, but very hear-able, saying, "chin-up." I had no idea what it meant if this was from the Holy Spirit. But, now, I can add that I've seen Chins/Chings as a pointer to China, and so perhaps God is saying that my son's seizures are from the "China virus" passed along through vaccine shedding. In fact, wow, the "HERmit" in the Shed/SHEDDEN Crest is related to Hers/Herrs because the latter share the gold border of Hermits, and the Hers (along with English Here's/Hears) share the blue wings with the surname of my son's wife!!!! That is incredible.

(Load Her/Herr link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

The Coat of Sheds/Sheddens can be gleaned as related to both Bert surnames, and the Italian Berts share the gold-on-blue border of Hermits, Hers and Justine's, a border owned by the line of Justine of PICENum. My son descends partly from a family in PICENZE (not far from Picenum), and Justine's/Justins thus look like a pointer to JUSTIN trudeau, the diabolical vaccine trafficker who is to blame for all vaccine injuries in Canada. English Sheds/Scheds and Chads (Norfolk, same as Sheets/Skeets) share the patee cross of Peks while the PICENSii people are shown on this dark map at the Pek river (latter not shown) of Masci-line Moesia. Le Mose is a district in PIACENZa, and Mose's/Moss' have the patee cross of Scottish Deans who in turn share the Justine sword and SIBAL cross. Vinkovci is also CIBALae, and Justine of Picenum married an emperor from VINKovci, explaining why Wings/WINKs were first found in Perthshire with Justine's. Thus, the Her-line wings we are seeing are Vinkovci elements.

The "scythes" of Hers must be for the Scythe variation of English Sheets/Skeets because they share the potent cross of English Sheds/Scheds. Thus, this seems to be verifying that vaccine shedding is a thing to beware of, especially from people slept with. Scottish Sheds/Sheddens were first found in AYRshire with Skits/Skeets, and English Eyers/AYERs were first found in Derbyshire with blue-wing Here's/Heyers, confirming all the more that Sheds were related to Hers.

The HERzogs/HARTzogs (possibly related to the Sheet/Skeet heart) who share the blue-wing Her Crest exactly add a bend-with-stars in the colors of the bend-with-scallops of Varns, the latter first found in Ayrshire too. These bends-with-items are in the colors and format of Sarah's. The Sauers are said to be from the Sava river, which flows near Vinkovci. Justine's husband was Valentinian, and Valentins were first found in Vicenza.

Recently, Jean-Yves DUCLOS, trudeau's minister of health, has implied/promised that canadians will be forced to take a vaccine every nine months. Ironically, the DuClos surname lists a Clot variation. My son could very well have a blood clot(s) in his brain due partly to after-effects of the vaccine(s) he received. In his moment of need, this son may not have God to help him due to rebellion against Him. Or, he may have partial help only. It's always a risk to rebel against the commands of God.

The Close surname (gold crown), with the Macey/Mace Shield, shares the Britny / Bright / Bride stars, and so see how my Sleeping Beauty dream pointed to BRITnie Turner and the Epstein ring in the last update. That dream started with a shark in a kidney-shaped pool, the kidney shape now pointing to Trump's military cure for COVID, Remdesivir, for it primarily causes kidney failures and blood clots. The Shark surname uses cranes, heraldic code for Corona-line Ceraunii Illyrians. The Corona's and Corons/Coroners (Cheshire, same as Brights and Maceys/mace's) use a gold, Ceraunii-like crown.

The other symbol of Sharks is the trefoil, symbol of Rockefeller lines such as Rocks, Rods, Fellers, and Falls/Fallis'. They say that Rockefellers own the COVID scams. As I've said, the BRITish bulldog, Trump, came walking past my leg at the outset of the dream, and walked right into the pool with shark, like a partner with the shark, but then got half swallowed by the shark. As it simply walked and continued to walk, one can say that it went for a FALL into the POOL because Falls'/Fallis' share the Pool lion. Or, one can say that the dog jumped into the pool because Trumps share the Jump stag head. The Trump stag head is almost the LEGG stag head, and while the dog walked past my leg, Walks were first found in Dumfries with Leggs and Close's.

The Bride-like Breads/Bradds were once said to be first found in Midlothian with Falls/Fallis, and it checks out because the giant Bread/BRADD lion head is in the colors of the Falls/Fallis lion. Besides, the British surname is listed with BRADDocks. Breads/Bradds are now said to be first found in Cheshire with Brights, Corons/Coroners and Maceys/Mace's. The latter are the namers of king Maccus, whose grandfather, Sitric CAECH, I trace to Cake's/CakeBREADs.

Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled in real life by Mrs. Kilpatrick, and so it seems to be by God's design that the Chief of Irish Kilpatricks is that also of Faux's/Fage's, first found in Perigord with Fauci-like Fauchys. Fauci's boss was Mr. COLLINS while Faux's/Fage's are listed with CHOLLENS'. Scottish Kilpatricks ("make" motto term) had a castle at CLOSEburn (Dumfries, same as Walks and Leggs), how can we not see the obvious pointer? Scottish Kilpatricks (Dumfries) share the "dagger" with Make-like Maceys/Mackays. Sleeping Beauty's husband, Dr. HAMILTON Kilpatrick, points nicely to the Hamiltons of Arran, rulers at BRODICK castle, because the British bulldog points to British's/Braddocks/Brodicks (share wreaths with Maceys/Mackays). MacBRIDE's, sharing the BRIGG cinquefoil, almost the Hamilton cinquefoil, were first found on Arran.

NEW. The Faux's/Fage's are also CHAULNes' because they were first found in Perigord with Saunier's/SAULNier's, and the Swallows are said to have been "originally Saulun"!!! This tends to prove that Fauci swallowed Trump. Trumpets alone show for the Chaulnes-like Calls'. From the last update: "...Trump's ancestral family is from KALLStadt" (near Frankfurt), interesting where the Calls surnames shows nothing but three trumpets. The German Calls'/Kalls' share the griffin of Box's, first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls'. The horizontally-split Shield of German Calls'/Kalls (compares with the same of Groce's/Greggs) is not only shared by the Arms of Kallstatdt, but is in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Dutch Tromps."

The Close's share the Weight hunting horns, and then while there are so-called "weights" in the Dexter Crest, Dexters share the Tyrone/Tyrell Coat while Sharks were first found in Tyrone. Irish Kilpatricks use a "dexter paw" of a black lion, the color of Quint lion paw, and the Quint chevron happens to be the Clot/DuCLOS chevron. Quints happen to share the vair fur of Weight-connectable White's and Weights/White's (another gold crown), and the "Loyal" motto term of Weights/White's is like the "Loyalite" of Mackesys/Margesons, which term is in the last update's discussion on Britnie Turner as a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express. Mackesys/Margesons share the gold, blank Chief with Rods (from Hugh of Rodez, husband of Miss Roquefeuil = proto-Rockefellers) and BRIGdens. In the last update, the Brigden Crest looked like the rose-on-stem of Margeson-like Margarets, first found in Languedoc with Rodez's and Brigden-connectable Cotta's/Cottons.

The bulldog walked past my leg, and Leghs (Cheshire again) list the Lie's in the "lie" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons. The giant Legh/Lie lion is colors reversed from the same of Rodez's and Deans/Deins (Sussex, same as Mackesys/Margesons). I've said many times that Deans/Deins share the full motto of Irish Dene's whose crocodile in turn points to the crocodile-leather shoes and boots of Mr. Zlochevsky, UKRAINians owner of Burisma energy. Igor Kolomoisky, said to own a shark tank, is/was on the Burisma's board of directors along with Hunter Biden. The Ukrainian crime ring swallowed Trump, didn't it?

New: the Leghs/Lie's are said to be of Poulton while Poultons/PULLtons have the stars of Palins and POLESdons/PULESdons (Cheshire, same as Poultons/Pulltons and Leghs/Lie's) in colors reversed!!! The Pools, which happen to share the Kilpatrick / Faux/Fage fleur-de-lys, were not only first found in Dorset with Palins, but are also Pole's/Pulls! I get it: the bulldog walking past my leg points also to Leghs of Poulton as evidence that God supplied the dream's shark pool. I can show that Palins use the Quint and Kilpatrick lion paw.

Trump was visiting Sarah Palin this past weekend, and she had gotten involved in Haiti during the quake relief, which made me suspicious of her for more reason than that. She's in Alaska, and Miss Covert, who had married and divorced Jeffrey DEIN, suddenly stopped emailing me, later saying it was due to her long stay in rural Alaska without Internet connection. It was not long after the Haiti quake. Miss Covert (once a witch, then proclaimed to be a Christian) was involved in Haiti relief (I donated to her relief program) as per the helicopter pilot in Haiti mentioned in the last update, Mr. Maness, whom Miss Covert claimed to be her husband at the time. Miss Covert's former husband, Jeffrey Dein, was a pointer to neo-Nazi's in the United States, which suddenly begs whether they are connected to Ukraine' Nazis.

Mr. Maness enters the discussion the day after I saw the OMEN in Texas. Between the omen and my driving past a Texas address of Mr. Maness, I was mugged in Galveston as a pointer to James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab that was intimately involved in setting up part of the Wuhan lab. The omen was a small cloud over the sun, symbol of a Jeffrey surname that happens to share the Poulton/Pullton stars! I'm not pulling your leg. And it just so happens that welsh Jeffreys share the giant Palin lion. Then, the Omens, in Swallow colors and format, are in the colors and format of Poultons/Pulltons, and Omens even have a different-colors Coat version of the Coverts. Omens share the martlets of Mens-connectable Glenns and Glennys, making Omens look like a branch of Maness-branch Men's, first found in Midlothian with Falls/Fallis', beside the first-known Faucets/Fawcetts.

It's interesting that abortion-like Bortons have an Omen-like "Omne" motto term while Omens were first found in Suffolk with Babe's. It appears important and relevant to child abduction that the swallow-using Arundels have a bird in Crest, assumed to be a swallow, matching the design of the bird of Childrens, the latter first found in Kent with Arundel-branch Rundels/Roundels. The Childs (share eagle of Rodez-like Roads) were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's (Vinkovci elements) who are in turn in Swallow / Omen colors and format. Arundels ("hirunDINE") were first found in Sussex, where DINE's/Diens were once said to be first found, and where Deans/Deins, Coverts and Courts/Coverts are still said to be first found. Sussex is also where "LOYALite"-using Mackesys/Margesons were first found while Children have one of the double Loyal bends.

Finch-branch Finchems and Finns/Feins look like Hotten kin while Hoods/Hoots share the Borton crescents. HODleys, with the same bird design as Children and Arundels, and first found in Sussex with Arundels, have the quadrants of Pettys (Warwickshire, same as Bortons) in colors reversed. The Patria's in the Hodley motto, I kid you not, share the Trump / Jump stag head. German Feins have a BLUE WING in Crest, which brings us back to the chin-up set of heraldry that led to my son's wife (both are pro-abortion hypocrites), and so we can add here that while Babe's (once said to be first found in Dorset with Beaks and Beautys) were kin of Beaks who share the triple fesses of Finchems / Fins/Feins, the Beckers, with almost the Coat of Beach's/Bechs (Hertfordshire, same as Childs and Finch's), share the vaired Shield of Chins/Chings. The Sleeping Beauty dream was, in my opinion, on the beach of Jeffrey Epstein's island. Trump was possibly there.

I saw the shark's teeth ringed around the bulldog's BELLY while half-swallowed down its throat. The Sallows have the six pale bars of Italian Belli's in colors reversed, and Scottish Bellys have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star as well as the chevron of Dutch Beckers/Bakers, and even the roses of Trump-connectable Jumps. The Swallow-beloved Tree's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire with Bortons. Tree's use a knight while Knights/Nights almost have the pale bars of Sallows (share tree with Swallows), and Scottish Nights are in Borton colors and format. Nights/Naughts are suspect with Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries) at the Nith river, location of CLOSEburn (Dumfries).

It strikes me here that "Knight" is from "Kenite" because the Night/Naught lion heads are in colors reversed from the giant lion of LaFINs (Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys) in the "la fin" motto phrase of Kenite-like Kennedys. The "Omne" motto term of Bortons (in the colors of the Babe leopard face) is a match with the "omnia" of Lafins. The entire Lafin motto is even "VINCit omnia veritas" while Vince's are Finn-connectable Finch's too. "Veritas" is shared by HODleys who in turn share the quadrants of Scottish Bauds who in turn have the Borton crescents (colors reversed from Hood/Hoot crescents).

The bulldog walked past my KNEE and went for a FALL into the pool, and Scottish Falls/Fails, sharing the Court/Covert and Tromp eagle, were first found in Inverness-shire with the CROWN-using Grands suspect in the motto of Courts/Coverts who in turn look like Tromp kin by their colors. Tromps use the acorn while Acorns (gold crown), first found in Sussex with Downs, share the stag head of Knee's, first found in County DOWN. Downs have a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, both black like the Fall/Fail stag head. "Labore" is a motto term of Courts/Coverts. It's more proof that Trump fell into the pool as a pointer to being trapped by Rockefellers in the COVID conspiracy, especially as Fells have the eight-pointed LeDuc star in colors reversed.

New: the Acorn stag head is in the colors of the COLLINGwood stag heads, and Collings are listed with Collins'. The Collingwood Coat is almost the English Roger Coat while French Rogers (roses) share the Knee bend. The English Roger Coat is a different-colors version of the Trudeau Coat, which reminds that the only time I went skiing was at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, and that justin trudeau's brother died in a ski event (avalanche). I was skiing with Miss Simson at the time, and Simsons are in the colors and format of Welsh Rogers/Rosers. This paragraph seems to be a trudeau link to Francis Collins, chief of the NIH until his recent resignation.

On one of the two occasions that Miss Simson was visiting me (from Texas), my friend died, and we attended his funeral. I can't remember whether it was on the occasion that she and I went to Collingwood. I was asked to help place his coffin on the grave, which could be meaningful here. He died of MS and/or the treatments he received for them. This disease had caused him to get any job possible (early 20s) before he became too debilitated, and so he went to a ski resort, Whistler mountain in British Columbia, clear across the country, to work the entire winter. trudeau's brother was buried by snow in British Columbia. When Albert secured his last job in Whistler, he asked me to move into his apartment to keep it for him until he returned. I did. I'm not sure whether this paragraph should be here. Is God blaming trudeau for injuring my son? Will God punish trudeau, and his many helpers, for their many murders-by-vaccines?

But wait. I was lamenting that there's nothing about the Whistler surname that could point to trudeau, until I checked the Crafts due to the Whistlecraft variation, and lo and behold, the six Craft pale bars are in colors reversed with the TRUDE's/Trots! The Craft-like Graffs/GRAFFENs have been a pointer to GRAPHENE-oxide in vaccines. Grafts/Graffs were first found in Switzerland with Berne, and with the Berne's (Trude/Trot colors) who share a bear with Berne's. Some family is Basel, Switzerland, may have named Basil Craft in the Craft write-up. The Graff pointer to graphene-oxide included the Keeps who not only have a bend colors reversed from the Berne bend, and not only share a white canton with Trude's/Trots, but Keeps were from a Varangian-of-Kiev line to Veringers, the latter having been kin of Zahringers who founded Berne! Beauty. It appears that trudeau is being fingered by God with complicity with graphene-oxide conspirators. Kiev is the Ukraine capital, and Keeps (from Maria of Kiev) were part of the pointer because the Ukrainian, Mr. Kepke, was part of the pointer. Mr. Kepke had pointed hard in multiple ways to the owner of Burisma Holdings and the Bidens (listed with Buttons/Budins looking like Budini of Kiev).

Note that while the line of Maria of Kiev goes to Lorraine's, CLOTs/DuCLOS's, in the colors of the Keep / Lorraine / Casimir bend, were first found in Lorraine. Plus, the Close's, who share a green lion with Lorraine's, share the three stars of German Weavers while Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle." Plus, English Weavers share a "fidelis" motto term with Close's. God showed me that Lorraine's have the Child eagle. While Irish Kilpatricks are also Sheera's, and while Maria of Kiev married Casimir, the son of Mieszko II Lambert, Sheers/Shere's and Lamberts (Child colors and format) were both first found in Surrey with the Fiddle's/Fidelows suspect in "fidelis." French Lamberts have a Coat like that of Close's, but with a version of the DUC/LeDuc Coat instead of the Weaver Coat, which can explain the FOOTless DUCKs in the Chief of German Lamberts. FIDElows thus look like they are from the Fido variation of Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's.

Keeps (Alan colors) were first found in Sussex with Arun of the Arundels. The full Arundel motto is, "DE hirundine," and then the Weights/White's and Rodez's can be sharing the Dee lion because Weights/White's were first found near the Dee river of Yorkshire (where HICKs and Labors were first found), and moreover there is a Dee river in Cheshire too. Dee's use the motto, "Hic labor," and "Labore" is a motto term of Scottish White's (share black eagle with "labore"-using Courts/Coverts). Dee-like Deans/Diens share the Dee lion, and the Massey/Masse Chief in colors reversed. I see Hicks as kin of Alans and/or Rundels/Roundels, and Arundel had the FitzAlans.

Why did John McCain choose Sarah Palin? Was/is there a Ukraine connection of the McCain-circle war hawks? Why are McCains listed with Neal-connectable Keens/CLOSkeys? Neals/Neils (Tyrone, same as Sharks) and McCains/Keens/Closkeys share the fish in this Arms of Shark-like Saraca. Austrian Turners share the vertically-split Shield of English Neals (Wiltshire, beside Poole of Dorset) who in turn look like kin of Pools / Falls/Fallis', and use an omen-like "Nomen" motto term. The "FACTis" motto term of English Neals has been resolved as a pointer to Fauci-connectable Faucets/Fawcetts because Farrah Fawcett was essentially married to Ryan O'Neal. Farrah's use horseshoes as a pointer to horseshoe bats. There's more to this Fawcett picture not to be repeated here.

"Nomen" can be at least part-code for the Noms/Nons because they apparently share the symbol in the Neal Crest. Noms/Nons (Kness colors) are in the motto of Knee/Knees-like Kness' (share Nom/Non crescent), and the British bulldog (about knee height) WALKed past my knee, apparently explaining why the Kness Coat is similar to the Walk and Close Coats, which can then explain why Neal-connectable McCains are also CLOSkeys. Kness' were first found in Perthshire with the Lyons who share the green lion with the Close Crest. Maness-connectable Mens' were at GLENlyon of the Lyons, and, zikers, the Knesset-like Kness' share both the stars and crescent of Haiti-like Haits/Hague's!!! It recalls the Glenn / Glenny martlets shared by Omens, and Mr. Maness' Texas address in BAY City was part of my omen event, especially as English Bays share the double-Maness fesses. BUT ZOWZERS, the French Bays even share the crescent of Haits/Hague's!!! The latter share a white rock with Roque's/Rocks (Languedoc, same as Roquefeuil and Paula's). English Bays share the Paul crosslets, perhaps a pointer to Sarah Palin's activities in Haiti. As she's a Christian, was she part of the missionaries who were abducting children there?

By midweek, after several days of sedation, they began to wake my son up. No more seizures up until Sunday, as I write here. It took until Saturday for him to be able to raise an arm to scratch his face. He can't eat yet. He can use head motions to say yes or no when asked questions. Is this normal for coming out of multi-day sedation, to take more than four days to be normal again? Seems disturbing to me. The doctor says there's no brain injury, but the way he is right now is how I saw him in the vision, not fully mentally capable. Did he have a stroke? We'll know better in two more days. I do not trust any doctor's report. He could make up some diagnosis to deflect from the possibility that this is a vaccine side-effect. I hear that this is what doctors are doing everywhere because they know they will be punished if they give a vaccine side-effect as their official diagnosis. This is how it's going to go unless God does something to stop it.

New on Richard Branson

The last update shows how the neck can point to Jeffrey Epstein in multiple ways, including the mugger's hands around my neck. Now, thanks to Polly, the neck is pointing to the Necker island of Richard Branson, the man grooming Britnie Turner. BRANsons took us to Brans/Brains and Britny-connectable Brians, and it just so happens that Irish Brians share a "laidir" motto term with Scottish Kilpatricks (Dumfries) who in turn share the Masci fleur-de-lys. Macey-branch Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Turner-like Turin. Necker island is in the Virgin Islands with Epstein's island, and also another island now owned by Britny Turner.

The Kilpatrick lion is said to have a paw on the "head" of a green dragon, the colors of the Seaton dragon, and Seatons are suspect from the Setantii BRIGantians, from the namers of Brigantium = BRIANcon, we may assume. French Masseys/Masse's were first found in Savoy with Brigantium and French Bride's sharing the Macey/Mace stars. The Oddeys/Aude's (Savoy) look like kin of Pool-beloved Pollets/Paulets while Palins are also Pauleys/PAWleys. The black Kilpatrick (and Patterson) lion is thus expected to link closely (by marriage(s)) to the Palin lion. English Oddeys/Hodleys share the pelican with Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire, same as Oddie's and their Odin branch). Oddeys/Hodleys share the quadrants of Scottish Bauds while French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with the Odin-beloved Crozier's. Baud-related Medals/Dougals share the Pool lion.

The Ceraunii-like Crauns/Crane's (Suffolk, same as Omans) use a crown around a neck, as does the black lion in the Mackesy/Margeson Crest. The Kilpatrick lion is likewise black, as is the Levi lion, and Levins have a Chief-with-items in the colors and format of the same of Palins, Plains/Platters, and also of Scottish White's suspect with the eagle of Kilpatrick-beloved Maxwells/MAKESwells. Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's partner in crime. The Branson Coat uses Ceraunii-like "GYRONNy" suspect by me with the Meschin-GERNON family. The son of Ranulph le Meschin, Ranulph de Gernon, that is, and it just so happens that while Gernons were of Montfichet, Montfichets/Muschats (Essex, same as Waters) share the Water and Epstein Coat!

This week, Polly lobbed out another video on Branson's ties as exposed by some of her readers. She also indicated that somebody in the Epstein / Branson circle was assaulting her system's ability to upload last week's video on Branson. One of her readers discovered that Branson may be linked to COVID "vaccines" as per a Virgin Healthcare (don't know if this is related to Virgin Islands). Branson owns Virgin Atlantic airlines. Then, in the 14th minute, Branson is said to be partnered with an Mission BLUE or Ocean Elders, She shows a news clip proving that Ted Turner and Richard Branson teamed up as partners in Ocean Elders, and she claims that Ted Turner has set up Mission Blue. She doesn't give a mention on whether Britnie Turner might be related to Ted. Ted Turner is a global beast, part of the disinformation empire seeking to deceive the world.

I have mentioned many times that, in the 1979 dream, I was transported from the shark in the pool to a body of BLUE WATER. I then walked onto a sandy beach from being about waist deep in this water. This second half of the dream could have started with me on the beach, but I think it had me start in the BLUE WATER as a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein's island, in the Virgin Islands, because Waters share the Epstein Coat, and moreover blue water indicates an ocean, not a lake. I now arrive to Mission BLUE and OCEAN Elders in the update immediately after the update having Richard Branson of the Virgin Islands.

There is even an Ocean surname listed with Kane-branch Cains/Keans. It just so happens that both Keens and Keons/Owens/McCAINs share the fish of Neils/O'Nails (share Virgin lion), the latter first found in Tyrone with Sharks!!!! INCREDIBLE. That fish is in the Arms of Shark-like Saraca shown shortly above!!! It means that I went from the shark pool to the blue ocean water as part of a pointer to Ocean Elders and Mission Blue. The amazing thing is that the Blue/Gorm surname was first found on Arran with the McCabe's/McAbee's ("salmon") who have fish in the colors of the fish of one of the Irish Kane Coats!!! It appears that God arranged this heraldry too. The other Irish Kane's, in a Crest that looks like a borrowing of the Irish Brian Crest, share the red estoile with Neils/O'Nails.

The Ocean/Cain write-up: "The O'CATHains, now O'Kanes, were of the race of Eoghan, who was son of Niall of the Nine Hostages..." It explains why Cathers/Catters, I assume, use fish, and Cathers/Catters are in not only in the colors and format of the Fish surname, but the latter essentially have the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The Moses' (Shropshire, same as Vychans/Vaughns) have this in their write-up: "The name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to Vychan, Lord of Mostyn." The Mustons/Mussens (Moses colors) come up as Missens, which I looked up as per "Blue MISSION." Unbelievably, here's more from the Muston/Missen write-up: "...the large village of the taking of the Domesday Book in 1068 to be held by Gilbert de Ghent (Flanders) from the King." The Arms of Ghent is the one with the "virgin"!!! Virgins were first found in Kent with the Misson-like Masons/Massins who in turn share the full Branson motto.

Plus, Branson-like Brains/Brans happen to share the single pale bar of Moses', which begs whether I was at Branson's island instead of, or as well as, Epstein's island. Mustons/Missons are in the colors and format of Shirts/Shards (Cheshire, same as Ranulph de Gernon), which can partly explain why I saw myself without a shirt when walking on the beach, after I was in the blue water. Beach's (share white lion in Crest with Cannings/Canings) were first found in Hertfordshire with the Cain-like Cannings/Canings, and as the latter almost have the Morano Coat, we can trace this picture to Morano (uses a Moor head) on the Sybaris river with SARACena!!!! INCREDIBLE. Caens/Canns were first found in Dorset with Beach-like Beaks. Ahhh, English Becks (Berkshire, same as fish-using Cathers/Catters) share the giant moline with French Sarasins (SARACens are likewise Sarasins)!!!

Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with Bride-branch Brights, all connectable to Branson-connectable Briancon. Oceans/Cains are also Cane's, and Spanish Cane's/Cano's have the Coat of English Pasleys in colors reversed, the latter with found in Berkshire with Cathers/Satters. Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Pollocks while Jewish Pollocks share the Coat of German Bakers who in turn almost have the Ocean/Cain bend. Dutch Bakers are Beckers too while English Beckers can be gleaned (by their Coat) as a Beach branch. Paisleys share the anchor of Packs, the latter first found in Sussex with the Hams who share the McCabe/McAbee "salmon," and the Kane's may have that salmon too.

As the FBI's Andrew McCabe was involved in brutal political conspiracy with Christopher Steele, let's add that German Beckers share the checkered bend of English Steele's (Cheshire) while German Steels are linkable in two ways to Tullia of Lyon, the line to Tulls/Tullia's who happen to share the pale bar of Moses' and German Steels. Tulls/Tollets share the pyramid with BattiSTELLI's and FISCs, and while Moses' were lord of Vychan, Fisc-like Fish's almost have the Vychan/Vaughn Coat. Plus, Andrew McCabe (as Obama's deputy director of the FBI) signed off on sicking the FISA court, called FISC, to frame Carter Page.

I'm incredibly impressed with all of this heraldry taken from Polly's video on Mission Blue and Ocean Elders. She shows that Ted Turner and Richard Branson teamed up with Sylvia Earle to form Mission Blue, and here we can add that the Earle/Urle surname could be a branch of Aurs/Aures / Ure's/Orreys, both of which have red lions in both Shield and Crest, as do Virgins. But even if that's not correct, it's incredible that Earle's/Urle's, sharing the Coat of English Daggers/Dackers ("loyalte"!), were first found in Somerset with Dacker-like Ducks who happen to have red lion heads in the colors of the Duce/Doocy lions, and zowsers, there's a "duce" motto term with the Elder surname!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ocean Elders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! German Ducks are Dockers too while English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers! Sylvia Earle got us here.

Virgins have a red lion head in Crest, as do MurDOCHs/MurDOCKs!!! Ted Turner was a media baron, as is Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox news. As per the "loyalte" motto term of Daggers, we must now repeat from the last update:

I've suggested that the "loyaulte" motto term of Pollets/Paulets [taken from Pool motto] is a pointer to Epstein's plane, dubbed the Lolita Express, because Lolita's are listed with Loyola's. The "Loyalite" motto term of Mackesys/MARGesons very-much looks like code for Lolita's/Loyola's because the latter share the black wolf with Irish Mackeys while Mackeys are listed with MARGys (Ayrshire, same as Murdochs and Garda-traceable Carricks) who in turn share the Murdoch Coat while Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox news, has become suspect with the Epstein circle along with Alan Dershowitz, Epstein's former lawyer. British's/BradDOCKs use a fox.

Murdochs were first found in Ayrshire with red-lion Ure's/Orreys, and with the Barrs who share the red lion head in Crest with Murdochs, a perfect pointer because Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher in a Dalton school while Bill Barr's father was the principal there. Bill Barr covering up the criminal events surrounding Epstein's reported hanging by the neck in prison. Murdochs are said to have a ravens "hanging" on an ARROW, and the arrow happens to pass by the necks of the ravens so that they hang by the neck.

I think the red tower in the ARROW/ARRAS Crest is the Murena tower. The two black Murdoch ravens face in opposite directions from one another, not very common in heraldry, but the black eagles of Murena's (evokes Morano's) do likewise. Ardons/ARTOIS' use the giant eagle. Terentia Murena married Cilnius Maecenas of Arretium, now Arezzo, and Arras was the Artois capital. Thus, the Murdock arrow can link to Galveston.

Yes, for the Murena's have a castle-like tower in the colors of the GALVES/Gallego castle, and the latter even share the red Virgin / Ure lion in both colors. As I've said, my OMEN while headed to GALVESton pointed to Jeffrey Epstein, and yet my mugging in Galveston hours later pointed to James LeDUC, and we just crossed the Duce's in the Elder motto. There is an "OMINE" motto term with Murdochs, and Rupert Murdock will not dish out news opposing vaccines because he's making much money on vaccine trafficking in multiple ways. For one, Biden has bribed news media (with tax dollars) to push no bad press against vaccines. Murdoch is a mass-murderer.

The Earle-like Orrels are said to have been at a Dalton location, and Irish Daltons have a Coat much like that of Pools. Andrew McCabe was involved in a conspiracy against Trump along with Bruce and Nelly Ohr, and Neil-like Nellys share the red roundel with Ure-connectable Ore's/Orrs and Orrels. This makes something at the Dalton school appears as though its part of the shark. Perhaps Epstein, knowing that Trump knew much of what he was doing, sought to ruin Trump. Perhaps Epstein was at the tip of the spear against Trump. Eppsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau, and Dutch Nassau's have a Coat much like the Pool Coat. Nassau's substitute the Pool backdrop with billets, and while French Billets are listed with Billiards while the pool hall was also a billiard hall, English Billets share the Bellow Coat that itself has a FOX head in Crest.

Again, the Daggers/Dackers share the Earle/Urle Coat, but we can add here that Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland (ruled by Meschins) with Shark-like Saracens (black wolf) who in turn share the crescents of TONbridge's/Tunbridge's. That's said because Tunnels/Tunno's (beside Cumberland) share the vertically-split colors of Galves'/Gallego's. Meschins married Clare's of Tunbridge, and Sinclairs/SAINTs were first found in Midlothian with LeDuc-connectable Elders and Fallis'/Falls. The latter were part of the BRITISH bulldog falling into the shark pool, and British's were first found in Kent with Tunbridge. French Clare's were first found in Limousin with the Seconds/Segurs suspect in the "Omine secunda" motto of Murdochs. English Clare's almost have the Epstein Coat, and the other French Clare's were first found in Brittany with Sarasins and Ducs/LeDucs. The latter's eight-pointed star is in colors reversed with Fall-like Fells. This underscores Polly's inadvertent discovery that Richard Branson owns Virgin Healthcare, or Virgin Care.

"Virgin CARE" could possible explain why the first thing I saw, when stepping onto Epstein's beach, was Sleeping Beauty at a CAR. English Care's/Carre's can be gleaned as a Cary branch while Castle Cary (Somerset, same as Earle's/Urle's) was home to Leavells/LEVELs while Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL in the car. The car doubled as an auto as a pointer to two Otto surnames, and here we can mention the "aut" motto term of Earle's/Urle's! [I didn't know until several paragraphs below that "aut" is a Virgin motto term to!!!] All of a sudden, the car is pointing to Dr. Sylvia Earle. Auto's/Otto's share the black bull with Leavell-related Walerans, the latter first found in Devon with the "aut"-using Vita-loving Saffers/Savarys who in turn are in SYLVIA colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Savers (share Vita annulet) were first found in Somerset with Earle's/Urle's!

Sylvia's are listed with English Silver(stein)s while German Silvers were first found in Hesse with Eppsteins!

"Aut MOIS" is a Saffer/Savary motto phrase. Recall how the Moses', who come up as "MOYS," were lords of Vychan while Vychans share the Fish Coat, for the Fish's use a rare, wavy chevron in the colors of the same of Pierce's (Somerset again) who in turn share gold unicorn heads with Saffers/Savarys. Pierce's can be gleaned as a branch of Percivals (Somerset) expected with Gouel de Percival de Leavell. Percivals are even in the Leavell/Level write-up. Gouel, or his son, Waleran (I forget which), married Miss Beaumont, and while Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with Beautys, we can add that Earle-like Aurels share the Beaumont lion, feasibly the lion of Irish Carys.

I must now repeat (sorry) that while Sleeping Beauty HOVERed in the car immediately after I saw her at the HOOD of the car, HOOVERs share the giant eagle leg of HOOTers while Hoods are also Hoots. The "Cornish chough" of Hoods/Hoots is in the design of the Care/Carre bird, and as Care's have entered this picture as per Branson's Virgin HEALTHCare, I repeat that while Miss Hicks was the original Sleeping Beauty, the crossed eagle legs of HICKsons are shared by health-like Helds/HELTs who came to topic originally as per Fauci's vaccine-scheming assistant, EcoHEALTH, for the Ice/ECCO surname is also, Icke, and Hicks come up as "Icke" too. The "heure" motto term of Hicks/Icke's is suspect with Eure's/URE's i.e. perhaps an Ure/Orrey branch.

I now think God moved one of Polly's viewers to relay to her the information that Branson owns Virgin Care. This looks like a major element missing from the Sleeping Beauty dream until now, and it, along with the other factors now under discussion, deflects focus from upon Epstein's dastardly corruption to Branson. What is the latter up to?

Auto's/Otto's share the black bull with Beautys, the latter first found in Dorset with Paw-connectable Palins/Pawleys and Caens/canns. If the paw in the Earle/Urle Crest holds some king of fork, we can take this to the "shakefork" of Canning-like Cunninghams ("fork" motto term), first found in Ayrshire with Ure's/Orreys and Forkers.

Branson's Virgin Atlantic airlines has a head office in Crawley, and the three birds of Crawleys (look like Charlie branch), because they hold something in their feet, could be the heraldic crane because it often comes with a rock in the foot. I've read the Cronkite description in the past, described as a crane with a rock in the foot. Foots and Fothes'/Fette's/Fittes' are linkable to Fitchets/Fitts and Montfichets, and the latter are the ones with the water and Eppstein Coats. The Cronkite bird-with-rock design is identical to the one in the Crawley Shield. The point is: Neil-connectable Sharks use three cranes, and Neil-connectable Oceans/Cains have a Coat much like that of English Platters (Suffolk, same as Plains/Platters) while PLAINs/Platters were pointed to by a paper plane I made in a dream having a POOL hall owned by Obama. The shark was in a pool, and Palins were first found in Dorset with Pools/Pollys. Might that paper plane point to Virgin Atlantic now? I'll keep it in mind and dwell on it.

The Plain variation of Platters must be due to a Palin marriage to Platter liners because Palins have a Coat similar to the Plain/Platter Coat, and this works where Palins were first found in Dorset with Cain-like Caens/Canns, and with the Russells (share Meschin / Flag / Samson scallops) who not only have a Chief in the colors and format of the Palin / Plain/Platter Chiefs, but the Virgin lion too. The Arms of Ghent have the virgin with flag/banner (I don't know which), and Ghents were first found beside Dorset. The Arms of Ghent has a lion with the virgin in colors reversed from the black Palin lion. In this Arms of Ghent, the virgin holds a flag/banner with the black lion of Flanders, and the Flander surname (shares Caen/Cann / Button/Biden fesse) has the Palin Chief in colors reversed.

Ahhh, while Crawleys are in CHARlie colors and format, Charlie's were first found in Lancashire with Care-like Cars. Craw-like Crows were first found in Norfolk with the Platters almost having the Ocean/Cain Coat. Craws share the gold, blank Chief with Rock-related Rods. The Craw write-up (explains the crane with rock) even links to Cronkite elements: "The surname Craw was first found in Lancashire at CRANshaw (Cronkshaw) in the parish of ROCHdale or Bury." Bury of Salford is where Holds/Holts were first found, and so let's repeat from the last update:

The Branson Crest is the Holder Crest, and Holders were first found in Gloucestershire with Brans/Brains. The latter's motto is suspect with the Engain variation of Gains because the latter share a gold dancetty-fesse with Holders. The Holds/Holts were first found in Lancashire's old Salford district with Ratcliffs, and while the latter share the bull head of Tipps'/Tippins (Lancashire), the Tipps/Tippin Chief is in the colors and format of the Ghent Chief. Gaunt today is called, Ghent, and Gaunts have fessewise bars in the colors of the Hold/Holt fesses. Amazingly, the Hold/Holt Coat is nearly that of Stouts/Stows, whom I trace to Stuttgart of the NECKAR river!!! One of Mr. Branson's two islands in the Virgin Islands is the Necker!!! This heraldry appears arranged by God to point to him. We might even point things here to Eric Holder as a suspect with the Epstein circle of spies.

I've talked much about the ice-cream girl, Darlene, at Knob Hill Farms grocers. She's part of why Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's became a topic, and they are now part of the Held/Helt set of heraldry i.e. like the Hold/Holt surname. Might Holds have been a Hood/Hoot branch? Immediately after dating Darlene a few times, I found myself dating Allison Bauer, a cashier at Knob Hill Farms. My last event with Allison was when Kepke and I were sitting on the HOOD of my MUSTANG, a possible pointer to the Mustan variation of Mustons/Missons already under discussion above. English Allisons have a "blackbird" in the design of the "Cornish chough" of Hoods, both birds being black. The point in repeating this is that Darlingtons, with almost the Darlene Coat, have all of the Branson motto. The Darlington crosslets are colors reversed from the same as Engains who are in turn suspect in the "Enghien" motto of Brains/Brans (same place as Holders). The latter, though in different colors, share leopard faces with Darlingtons. The Brain/Bran Crest is also the Hover Crest, and I showed how the car hood points to Hoovers and Hooters, then to Hicksons and Helds/Helts.

The Darlene Crest is a "female figure" with a book, and she may be "HOLDing" the book because the double Hold/Holt fesses are in the colors of the one of Darlene's, Darlingtons, and Holders. The double Hold/Holt fesses are shared by Maness'/Manners who in turn share the Crest of English Allisons. Heldens/Hildens look like they share the squirrel with Holds/Holts, and the Helden/Hilden bull heads are probably the one of Hottens/Houghtons. Heldans/Hildens were first found in Buckinghamshire while Buckleys share the Helden/Hilden bull head too. Buckleys have a "Nec" motto term while Holds/Holts look like STOUT kin while STUTTgart is on the Neckar river while Branson has a Necker island. Heldens/Hildens list HILLSdons, and look like they borrow the Hill Coat so as to possibly make Knob HILL Farms a pointer to this situation. Hilden-like Hiltons share the double fesses of Parrs, the latter first found in Lancashire with double-fesse Holds/Holts.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I think I get this. I was scratching my head, thinking, okay, so what, to the Allison-Darlene topic. It wasn't making a big splash at all. Then I realized that "Held" might be related to Elders, and so Helders/Healds (share Helden/Hilden chevron) were loaded to find a "crux" motto term, shared by Blacks in the Allison blackbird, and moreover the only difference between the Branson and Darlington mottoes is that Darlingtons add Crux-like "Cruce"! So, we now have a pointer of those girls (teens at the time) to Richard Branson / Ocean Elders! Helders/Healds were first found in Kent with Crux's/Crucks, and with the Masons/Massins sharing the full Branson motto. The Darlene's love the Books while Book-branch Box's share the black-roundel-with-flames with Helders/Healds (black, blank Chief) who in turn share the Flame besants (roundels) while Flame's share the gold, blank Chief with Craws and Rods (Devon, same as Darlene's and Saffers/Savarys). Saffers/Savarys ("mois") almost have the "gloria" motto term of Helders/Healds. This is all amazing. The Box Crest shares the demi-gold griffin with the Crest of Duce-like Duke's (Devon, same as Darlene's) while Elders are the ones with the "duce" motto term!

The Ocean Elders must be a gangster-crime ring amongst the remote Atlantic islands.

MORE NEW: The Darlene book must be related to Bookings/Bokings because the latter share the red Darlington crosslet. But Bookings/Bokings were not only first found in Essex with Eppstein-connectable Waters and Muschats, but are in the colors and near-format of Muscats/Musts!!! Bookings/Bokings are in both, the colors and format, of Muscat-related Ely's. It's an obvious pointer to my standing in the water off of Epstein's island, especially as Muscats/Musts share the red lion head of Virgins! Bingo. Darlene was pointing to this thing all along, but I couldn't put it together without Branson and company in the picture.

I didn't realize above that my sitting on the MUSTang's hood can also be a pointer to Eppsteins in this way. We were in the parking lot of KNOB Hill Farms, and while Farmers share the Muschat/Must lion head, Parkings/Perkins were first found in Leicestershire with the Rothely temple of the Knights Templar to which Roger Mushett is said (Muscat write-up) to have granted some land. Knobs can be gleaned as a Rothchild/Roddenstein relative, especially as Allison was a Jewish Bauer by surname (= proto-Rothschilds). I trace Parkings/Perkins to Perga, beside ANTALya, and I trace the latter to ANTELopes, one being in the Muscat/Must Crest.

[I didn't know until later in the day that: "British billionaire Branson -- who made news in July for his space trip on his Virgin Galactic rocket plane -- on Friday formally opens MOSKITo Island, his second private-island getaway in the BVI [= British Virgin Islands]." Did God arrange this so that Branson could connect with Epstein via Muschats? Looks like.]

Darlene's surname is either Ray or Wray, and here we can go to the "escarBUNCLE" of French Rays because Buncle's/Bunkle's use buckles while Buckle's were a Buckley branch, and the latter have "Bokkeley" in their write-up. Beauty. French Rays just took us to the Darlene book. Plus, the Darlene Coat is a version of the English Cnuts while the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts take us to Hangers who in turn share the escarbuncle with Rays and Angers. The Hanger Crest even shares the demi-gold griffin of the neighboring Box's. Darlene Ray didn't create this batch of heraldry to connect to both her names. Buncle's/Bunkle's were first found in Berwickshire with Books.

Ahh, the Honors/Honans in the "honorabit" motto term of Hangers not only share the Buckley motto in full, but essentially have the ROBE/Robb Coat while the "female figure" of Darlene's is said to be wearing a "robe." Buckle's (Buckley colors and format) were first found in Suffolk with the Artes'/Artois'/Ardons in the "Artes honorabit" motto of Hangers. As the Honors/Honans use "Nec," the hanging by his neck of Jeffrey Epstein is apparently at topic...though I don't think he was necessarily hung to death at all even while God may be pointing to the event (i.e. as a faked event). They say he tied on end of the "rope" to the BUNK bed, and so BUNCle's can be the pointer to that thing. Bunks/Bunkers were first found in Suffolk too.

Roets (Somerset) use a "book," and they also have the boar heads of GORDs/Gordans (Berwickshire, same as Books) as per Gordano in Somerset, at CLAPton. The Beach's share the Clapper Shield! Plus, lookie: "Necker Island is a 30-hectare island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin GORDa[!]. The island is entirely owned by Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group..." Gords share the boar heads of Spire's/Speers/SPEYers in the Branson motto, believe it or not. The Spey river in Moray has a BUCKie location, and the Masons/Massins who share the Branson motto, "Dum SPIRo SPERo," share the Moray Crest.

Ahh, while Darlene-connectable Sands were once said to be first found in Lancashire, James' and Clappers were first found in Surrey with Sands. The sandy beach at Little Saint James (Epstein's island) at your service. The "PARvo" motto term of Little's can go to the Parr-SUNDERland relationship that seems obvious enough. Sunderlands/Sundelands were at a Bolton location, and Boltons with Bolts were first found in Lancashire with Parrs and Holds/Holts. I see Parrs in the motto of Maness'/Manners (Northumberland, same as Little's) who in turn share the double fesses of Holds/Holts. Gords / Speers have the boar heads of Rollo's in colors reversed, and Rollo's have a "par" motto term.

Rollo's share the black boar with Sunters/Sumpters who in turn look related to Cathers/Catters (Berkshire, same as Sunters/Sumpters) via the black-cat Keats and black-cat Croms (once said to be first found in Berkshire). Glove's (crossBOW, connectable to Roets and Books), who are in the motto of Clan Cattan, and first found in Perthshire with Rollo's, are in Cather/Catter colors and format.

The Hiltons we crossed above were at Sunderland while Sunderlands/SUNDELands were first found in Yorkshire with SANDALs. I've got to come back to Sandals for a knee-jerk reason. The Hiltons came to topic from the Heldens/Hildens/HILLSdons, and Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Sandys/Sundays.

Ahh, the Booking/Boking write-up gets us back to topic: "The surname Booking was first found in Essex, at Bocking, a parish, in the union of BRAINtree..." This tends to prove that Engains are in the Brain/Bran motto because Engains have a version of the Booking/Boking Coat. Engains were first found in Huntingdonshire with Hood-connectable Otters/Others and Fenders (otter), and Sleeping Beauty was first seen walking from her auto's fender to the hood.

Ahh, it ahh-time again already because the Darlene fitchees are shared by Sands and Sandys/Sundays while the beach in the dream was pure sand. To help show that this Darlene-Sand link is not a coincidence, the Sandy/Sunday Crest has a griffin split in two colors, same as the Hanger griffin, both gold in the top half. The dancetty fesse of Sandys/Sunday is the Engaine / Hayden dancetty-fesse in colors reversed. German Sanders essentially share the bottom part of the Buckley Coat. Sandins, mainly unfamiliar to me, with another wavy chevron, happen to have a red-Shield version of the Buckley Coat, reinforcing Darlene Ray as a pointer to things Sleeping Beauty. The Sandins (see wavy color of Bullock-like Pollocks) share the Bullock Coat while Buckleys (bull heads) are also BULkellys, and it just so happens that Bullocks share the full motto of Irish Sanders.

The "VirTUTE" motto term of Elders takes one lickety-fast to Tute's/Tuits and their Hayden / Hades/Hat kin, the latter first found in Dorset with the Beautys whose black bull is in the one Hayden Crest. The other English Haydens (both first found in Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits) -- with the Hades/Hat quadrants, in colors reversed from the Tute/Tuit quadrants -- share the white dog of Scottish Allisons, and then Hayden-like Haddens use a Saffer-like "Suffer" motto. Plus, as we got here from the Elder motto, let's add that Elders were first found in Midlothian, because HADDINGton. Haddingtons share the Hades/Hat cross, but the latter also have the cross of Mea's/My's in the "mea" motto term of Helders/Healds! Crux's/Crucks are an obvious branch of Cricks/Cracks, the latter sharing the white lion in Crest with Haydens. Hadden branch Haldans ("Suffer") were once said to be first found in east Lothian with Haddington, but are now said to be first found in Renfrewshire with the ESKINs/Erskins who share the black pale bar with Crux's/Crucks, Cricks/Cracks and Blake's.

KNOB HILL FARMs may be a pointer to Nobs because they almost have the Coat of gyronny-like Grenons. It recalls that Grenon-like Gernons took us fast to Epsteins, but here we point out the gyronny of Bransons. Hills are said to have been Hulls too while Scottish Allisons and Hollys have a dog in the colors of the Hull / Hall dog head. Farmers have the familiar lion head shared by Muscats/Musts, Barrs and Virgins.

The Nobs and Grenons use giant crosses in colors reversed from the same of English SANDals, and so let's return to the Darlene-Sand link we saw above because my first kiss with her was with me sitting on her COUCH, and she lying down on the couch with her head on my KNEE. She was in the same position, flat on her back, as when God told me to WAKE Sleeping Beauty while she hovered in the car. Wake's use two fesses in the colors of the two COUCH pale bars, and Wake's use a "fret-knot" while English Cnuts are also Knots.

As I went to kiss Beauty, my hand grazed her KNEE, and she awoke at that instant before the kiss took place. English Sandals were of the WAKEfield domains, and Scottish Sandals share the Knee and Needham bend. The red Knee phoenix is gold in the Needham Crest, and it's the gold eagle in the Crest of Scottish Sandals. Needhams were first found in Derbyshire with Darlene-related Cnuts/Knots (from Danish pirates)! There we go. Scottish Sandals share "spero" with Bransons and Darlingtons. Does Branson's island have a sandy beach? Yes, it does.

Without re-explaining it all, the Kiss'/Cush's and Bibo's are very linkable to the ice-cream that Darlene handed me (from the snack bar at Knob Hill Farms) when I asker her for our first date. This ice-cream pointed hard and in multiple ways to poison vaccines, and so the Epstein / Branson circle of companies must be into these vaccines somehow, but especially suspect now is Branson's Virgin Care.

UNBELIEVABLE. Immediately after ending the paragraph above, I looked at the Needham Coat again and spotted their motto, the full Virgin motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe it? The Needham and Virgin motto is shared by Vince's/Finch's while "VINCo" is a motto term of Wakefields who in turn share the green wyvern dragon (two legs only) of the Wilkins who in turn share the split-Shield colors of Scherfs/SCHIRE's suspect in the "conSCIRE" motto term of Needhams and Virgins. Suddenly, the mysterious knee that God stressed is taking us to the Virgin Islands. I wonder what more the Trump-connectable Knee's can reveal?

The Rude's suspect in the Wakefield motto ("Arudua vinco") were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and Draytons (they come up below), and she was SLEEPing Beauty for reasons, including connection to the line of Risings from Rhizon (land of SELEPItanoi), beside SARACa's of Kotor. This reminds me of Rising-branch RESTons...who share the Darlington leopard faces, more evidence that Darlene on her back relates to Sleeping Beauty on her back. Restons are expected in the "rests" of Arthurs from Arudua-like Ardiaei Illyrian pirates of Rhizon theater. Rhizon was the land of Daorsi too, explaining why the Reston leopard faces are partly those of Scottish Doors.

Needs are listed with Name's/Neams, sharing the green griffin head with buckle-using Leslie's, and with Fens'/Venns to go with the Needham-beloved Phoenix's/FENwicks. Restons were first found in Lincolnshire with Needs/Name's/Neams and Name's/Neams...and also the Kiss-branch Custs expected in the motto of Cremers to which Darlene's ice-CREAM points. The latter almost have the Coat of Lutts/Lute's, both sharing the quadrants of the Fasts in the "HOLD fast" motto of McLeods/LUTTs (share Sander / Buckley bull head). The eagle leg of Helds/Helts is gold in colors reversed, the color of the eagle leg of Hooters / Hoovers / Draytons (share Hales Shield). Draytons (look like Gates kin) named a location in Hales while Lutts/Lute's (share Drayton / Gates lion) were at Hales-Owen, and then Owens share the lion of Keons/McCAINs/Owens, bringing us back to Oceans/Cains. The Ocean Elders...possibly seasoned robbers and abusers of young teens over the high seas.

I've just put almonds into the coffee grinder, and put a little almond powder in the coffee (after the coffee came through the filter), and it tastes not bad, could maybe use more almond power. Will try more power soon.

The first ice-cream girl, who pointed hard as 90-below rock-cream to poison vaccines, was KATRina Hanson. About a year before the Darlene ice-cream, I asked Katrina for our first date while she handed me an ice-cream at another snack bar that pointed to Wrays. It wasn't until recent that I realized that her first name was set up by God, I think, as a pointer to Kate's/KATTERbechs/KATTENdyke's/Katz's (look Jewish). They share the Hagar hexagram, and while Hagar was Abraham's concubine, Abraham's second wife, KETURah, must be a line to Kate variations.

Katrina's surname pointed to multiple Fauci liners, and Hahns too, the latter first found in Mechlenburg with Trumps and Kate's above, all three in the same colors with Katz's/Katch's and Catch's (Cattan kin). The KatterBECHs are perfect with English Becks because the latter share the Sarasin and Vallan moline while Valiants use a shark. As I've said a million times, my first date with Katrina was with a Valiant car, and Valiants (Yorkshire, same as RHODes') not only share the Kate/Katterbech Chief-Shield colors, but both have yet another gold, blank do Rods while Rads share the Kate hexagram. Is that not amazing?

Having said that, let's repeat; "The Ocean/Cain write-up: "The O'CATHains, now O'Kanes, were of the race of Eoghan, who was son of Niall of the Nine Hostages..." It explains why Cathers/Catters, I assume, use fish, and Cathers/Catters are in not only in the colors and format of the Fish surname, but the latter essentially have the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns." The Cathains may have been of the Kate's, for Sharks can be gleaned as kin of Ocean-related Irish Neils/O'Nails, and here we can go to German Neils/Nails, first found in Westphalia with Velins and Velens/Valance's to go with Scottish Valance's/VALLANs (Duck/Docker kin). Velens/Valance's once showed ducks along with Velins, but now show the same martlets as Wrays who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Shark-loving Valiants and Kate's.

Having said that, wow, the Wray / Velen martlets are those also of Gormleys, and Katrina sold me the ice-cream in Gormley. I've told that before, but the new point now is that GORMs are listed with Blue's, and that goes to Mission Blue, and the blue-ocean water in the Virgin Islands. Blue's/Gorms were first found beside Bute, which was the mythical Avalon, named after Velen / Vallan/Vallon liners. The latter's "quieSCIT" motto term reveals that they share the cross-and-Shield modified from Skits/Skeets and Skate's/Sheets, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Tute's/Tuits who share the Vallan/Vallon quadrants, and with the PilGRIMs. Gormleys are also GRIMES'.

The Gormley Coat is almost the Redfield/Redfern Coat, and Robert Redfield was Trump's CDC director. He was a corrupt actor at the beginning of the faked pandemic, and thus pushed the faked pandemic from the very top levels of the medical establishment.

Ahh. As I've said many times, that while I was dating Katrina, I scored a HAT trick, though she wasn't at the game. Instead, Mary Nigro of Buttonville was there. That's how I learned that Marys, Hatricks/Ettricks and Edrichs share the same lion, but I can now add that Edrichs share both the Virgin Shield and Crest. Marys were first found in Norfolk with the Tute's/Tuits and related Haydens, and then the Hades'/HATs (Dorset, beside Edrichs) share the Hayden quadrants, colors reversed from the Tute/Tuit / Vallan/Vallon quadrants. The latter surname has a variation like a city on Malta, and the giant Malta lion is colors reversed from the Mary / Hatrick/Ettrick / Edrich lion. An ice MALT is an ice-cream.

I think I have it. As Hades'/Hats were first found in Dorset with Palins who traced earlier to the virgin in the Arms of Ghent, WOW, the Palin lion, and the white-on-black lion in the Arms of Ghent, are both in the Coat of Powells who in turn use an "EDRYCH" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the Edrichs who have the Virgin Shield and Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWIE! My hat-trick night led to this, and so let's add that the English Hansons have the Powell lion in both color schemes! Katrina Hanson at our service. Edrichs were first found in Wiltshire, beside the first-known Ghents.

Ahh, the mascle of English Hansons is shared in giant form by English Faux's, first found in Essex with the Rains/Raines' who not only share the lions in the English Hanson Chief, but share "aut" with Virgins! She handed me the ice-cream at Sam's Restaurant, and Sams were first found in Essex too. German Hansons have three ways to link to OTTONE Visconti, and Ottone's are OTTO's too, like the AUTo/Otto surname. Sardinia's Visconti's used the rooster. Nordic Hansons share the FUGGer Coat, and French Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (PeriGORD, same as Fauchys) almost have the Irish Cremer Coat (shares the Hann / Bibo-of-Hahn / rooster). That's why her ice-CREAM pointed to Tony Fauci, Francis COLLINs, and Stephen Hahn, the three little pigs disguised as humans. German Cremers (Sam / Hann colors) use a ram's head while Rams were first found in Essex with Ram-like Rains/Raines'. German Hansons share the lozengy of Scottish Lombards, first found in Raines-related Renfrewshire. French Lombards (Provence, same as Sardinia-like Sarde's) have a Coat much like that of Irish Cremers / Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'.

German Hansons are suspect with the Sforza snake and Sforza lion because Sforza's were Visconti kin. The Sforza lion holds a "quince" while Saer de Quincy built the Fauxside castle of Faux-related Faucets/Fawcetts (share Sam lion). It explains why French Lombards share the chevron of Quincy-branch and Palin-connectable Quints.

Solid Pointer to Britnie Turner

I'd like to go back to Sunderlands, at Scrope in Bolton, explaining why Sunderlands share the Scrope/Scope Coat. The Sunderland / Scrope/Scope bend is that also of Britnys: "The Britny family lived in Essex". That's where Mountains were first found who are not only in Britny colors and format, but almost have the Coat of Tongue's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Sunderlands and Scrope. Tongue's were at Manningham while Manninghams and Manners/Maness' share the peacock while Peacocks were first found in Essex too. Britnys share the Bride stars while McBride's (Arran, same as Blue's/Gorms) share the cinquefoil of Mannings (share the eagle head in Crest with Scottish Bride's) who in turn share the martlets of Mens-related Glenns and Glennys. The Isle of MAN was ruled by the son of Sitric CAECH, and this works great where CAKE's are CakeBREADs too, for Breads/Braids (Cheshire, same as Britny-branch Brights) can thus be gleaned in the KilBraid variation of McBride's. Sitric's grandson, Maccus, is to/from Mackays, first found in Sunderland-like Sutherland.

German Manners share the quadrants of Eure's/Ure's to go with the "uro" motto term of Mountain-loving MacKenzie's (share a rock with Tongue's but call it a "mountain in flames."). We are on the apophis asteroid here, and as it returns in the constellation of Cancer the crab, I repeat that "crabs" are used by Bride-like Bridge's, and then Crabs/CRAILs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's/Cakebreads while Scottish Bride's were first found in Angus with the CRAIL location of Balcons/Balcombs. The point in repeating this is as per the Crall/Craley variations of Crawleys (crane with rock in foot), and because Crawley is where the head office of Virgin Atlantic. Is God aiming the asteroid at the Virgin Islands? Apophis-line Poppins (Hampshire, same as Virgin-connectable Ghents and Chase's) were kin of Mens' shortly above. Chase's share the patonce cross of Cancer-like Chance's/Chaunceur's (Essex, same as Mountains). French Chance's were first found in Savoy with French Bride's. Making sense?

Chance variations look like the Shaun of Schims/Schiens, and the latter's motto, "Virtute duce comite FORTUNa" remind that "Virtute duce" is the entire Elder motto. Ocean Elders! The Bransons were resolved with the Fortune gyronny in half its colors!!! Beauty.

I wrote the above before loading Balcons/Balcombs again, whom I haven't loaded in weeks. They share the Branson motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then loaded Crabs too to check out their Crest, and it's the Shaun/Schim/Schien Crest exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are le chances? I am only now reminded that Scheins/Shine's (not "Schien") almost have the Cake/Cakebread Coat. Amazing. They both share the giant fleur-de-lys of German Banners while Scottish Banners were first found in Aberdeenshire with Turner-like Turins and Shauns/Schims/Schiens. The latter share the boar head of Marone's while I trace Banners to Marano (Modena).

Polly says that the founders of Mission Blue are also founding Ocean Elders. Same people.

Ahh, I have only just found a way to point to Britnie Turner using her surname. She owns a company Aerial, and so i found an Errol/Arrol surname using what looks like a raven / crow. It was only first found beside Turins, but I wasn't happy enough with that. I needed a break-through, and so reached out in frustration to the Lord, at which time I re-loaded Turners and saw the "mill rind" of English Turners. There was hope here because I knew without checking that Rinds were first found in Perthshire i.e. with Errols/Arrols. And then I saw it, the "diuTURNitate" motto term of Rinds! Thus, Turners and/or Turner kin were close to an Aerial-like surname(s). Rinds use a scallop-version of the Leslie Coat, and while Leslie's were earls of Rothes, German Rothes share the giant and black raven with Errols/Arrols. Rinds share the scallops of English Mallets while French Mallets/MALO's share gold buckles with Leslie's. St. Malo is on the Rance river while the Rant variation of Rance's/Rhynds is in the Rind motto. St. Malo is in Brittany, and Britnys are listed with Brittanys! We have an Arranged pointer to Britnie Turner! beware Aerial. It's got to be infested with pirates.

Ahh, English Mallets share only three gold scallops in the format of the three gold scallops of Errol-like Earle's!!! One now wonders whether Aerial was named after Sylvia Earle.

The Earle write-up includes an historical quote: "'The manor {of Axmouth} formerly belonged to the abbey of Sion, in Middlesex...'" I didn't know of this abbey of Sion until this update, but I have known that Seatons/SITTENs named Seaton at the mouth of the Axe river i.e. Axmouth in the quote, and I have known that Sion in Switzerland is also, Sitten. This explains why Earle's are in the colors and format of the Seatons/Sittens. The SETANTii BRIGANTians were likely Britny liners! Bingo.

[Insert -- "Non" is a motto term of Yarborough's who happen to be in Neal colors and format, suggesting that the latter's "Nomen" is partly for Noms/Nons, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Neilsons/Nealsons and Este-related Barrs. Yarborough's ("este") came to topic where the Staine variation of STANDs are said to have married Yarborough's. I was STANDing (not walking) in the blue ocean immediately after being in the shark pool, and while Sharks were kin round-about of Neals, English Neals and Yarborough's (Lincolnshire, same as Nail-connectable Kidneys/Gedneys) share the vertically-split Shield of Austrian Turners. It makes it possible that my standing in the water is a pointer to both Epstein and Britnie Turner, for Stains/Stands are now said to be first found in Middlesex with Apps/EPPS!!! But as we just saw the priory of Sion in Middlesex, by what coincidence is "sine" in the Yarborough motto while Sine's are listed with Sions? If that's not enough, PLAYERs were first found in Middlesex too while PLAYTERs/Platters almost have the Coat of Neal-connectable Oceans/Cains.

Plus, English Neals --- who share the Sine/Sion lion -- have a "FACTis" motto term while Faucets/Fawcetts were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens and Branson-connectable Fortune's. Playters/Platters were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's expected in the "clarior" motto term of Players. Fortuna's/Fortune's are linkable to Hungate's, Huns/Hundts, Hungars, and Greys, and therefore to the greyHOUNDs of English Neals. German Hungars were first found in Hesse with Epsteins while the "His" motto term of Neilsons/Nealson (share red hand with Neils/Neals/O'Nails) can be for the Hiss variation of Hesse's.

I've been tracing a Gore motto term to Servitium (Sava river) for years, and here I find that while "servitium" is a Neilsons/Nealson motto term, Nelsons share the black flory cross of Gore-branch Gowers/Gore's. The latter were first found in Inverness-shire with GRATE's/CRETE's (and Grants/Grand) while GRETElinton is where English Neals were first found. It just so happens that Grete/Greats (Northumberland, same as Greys) share the Neil/Nail and Kidney/Gedney saltire!!! Beauty outcome. Was Al Gore -- global-warming jester -- on Epstein's island? Ahh, just loaded Grate-like Grants/Grands to see their "Stand" motto term!!! Stands share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks suspect in a Gower/Gore motto term. Servitium was on the Sava in the area of the Ceraunii, the line to heraldic crowns shown by Grants/Grands. The latter have the Fasts in their motto who look like Lorraine kin, and Lorraine the babe had pointed to Stains.

The Lorraine bend-with-eagles is shared by GORsuch's (Lancashire, same as Such's), and it's similar to the STEIN bend-with-faces. In her video now under discussion, Polly focuses on fetal STEM cells i.e. of babes, and while Lorraine had a babe symbol on Yonge street, the Steins above (Stevenson branch) come up as Stems. The STANfords share the goat (different colors) with German Steins, and while Lorraine pointed to Stans/Stains by her grass stain, it pointed to PenderGRASS' because the stain was on her pants while PENDERgrass' could be of the Panters or Pantzers (Stanford colors and format). The Pendergrass Coat has a feature similar to the STAMford/Stainforth Coat. The last I saw of Lorraine, she was carrying an infant in the city of Vaughn. The Pansy variation of Pantzers pointed to Bar-le-DUC (uses the pansy in its Arms), and to German Ducks (same place as Pansys/Pantzers), and here we can add that Dice's/Doocys were first found in Staffordshire with Stamfords and Stanfords.

Gowers had been pointed to at the Ged-like Get'n Go corner store, where Mrs. Kilpatrick got a knee symbol to go with my touching her knee in the Sleeping Beauty dream. While Grants/Grands are in Earle colors and format, the Nee variation of Knee's can be in the "Ne" motto term of Earle's/Urle's. Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Miss Hicks, and Hicks are in Gore colors and format; both surnames were Alan kin along with French Gore's/Jore's. The latter are split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Neal Shield, and while both use greyhound heads, Gore's/Jore's use them in red, as do Geddes-beloved Majors. Shark-like Sarks have a red greyhound!!! Shortly below, you will see how Sarks can link to Kilpatrick kin. The Alans were of Brittany, and Gore's/Jore's share the Britny stars.

The Geddes-like Gettes' (Anjou, same as Miss LOCHES, wife of Fulk I) use a blue saltire that could be close to the Kidney/Gedney / Neil/Nail saltire. "GET'N Go" can point to Gethings/Gettings/Giddens because they might just have the lion in the Arms of Ghent that sometimes comes with a virgin. It just so happens that while "Get'n GO" pointed to Gows/McGoo's, they were not only first found in Inverness-shire with GOWers/Gore's and Grands, but they share the cinquefoils of Loches'/DeLOGES', first found in Burgundy with French Grands, and with the Loges' who share the Gettes Coat!!! Perfect.

Oh wow: the Gows/McGoo's even share the lion of Virgins while Gore's were first found in Kent with Virgins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Hicks at the Get'n Go (Camp Wood, Texas) is pointing to the Virgin Islands!!! I've got to go do the spell check now, too late to dwell more on this now.

But wait, there is also the fact that Gaunts were first found in Kent too who share the bend of Belgian Gone/GUENETs, and Ghent is in Belgium. The Scottish Gone's are listed with Gows/McGoo's, amazing. End insert]

The Setantii (between Dublin and Lancashire) have been suspect with king Sitric (out of Dublin), and so let's repeat: "The Isle of MAN was ruled by the son of Sitric CAECH, and this works great where CAKE's are CakeBREADs too, for Breads/Braids (Cheshire, same as Britny-branch Brights) can thus be gleaned in the KilBraid variation of McBride's. Sitric's grandson, Maccus, is to/from Mackays, first found in Sunderland-like Sutherland." Sutherlands are in Earle colors and format, and the Isle of Man uses a raven for its Arms, the symbol suspect in the Errol/Arrol Coat. Caw-caw, a Mackay variation, it all looks like caca, not cake, because Shitts/Shute's can be found to be a Souther/Suter/Sewer branch, and the latter surname (Angus, same as Crail) has a Coat like that of Briggs. The Fortune's in the SHITT/Shute motto were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/SITTens. Seeth thou anything stinky? Briggers/Briegs were first found in Silesia with SCHITners/Sitlers.

New realization: Bread-like Beards/Bards ("fecit"), first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans and Brigger-like Biggars, share the Turin boar! It's got Britnie Turner all over it. French Beards/Bearts (BRITTANY) share the red bull with Mackay-beloved Daggers/Dackers, and with Braggs (Somerset, same as Bridge's). The latter were first found in Cumberland with Browns/Bruns, definitely a branch of Bruno's who in turn share the Sunderland Coat (share's the Britny bend).

Middlesex is where Apps'/EPPS' were first found who almost have the three Earle scallops. Coat. English Mallets use "haut" while Earle's use "aut." Aude's were first found in Savoy with Brigantium. BRIGham is said to be in DICKERing, and while Daggers/Dackers share the Earle Coat, Dickers/Deekers share the raven with Errols/Arrols. Dickers/Deekers are in Kennedy colors and format, bringing us to the Kennati priests of AJAX, and then JACKs (Yorkshire, same as Brighams and Brigdens) share the Earle / Dagger scallops. Briggs were early in Yorkshire's Wakefield while Wakefields share the garbs of dagger-using Comyns/Comings, from Kuman on/off the Apsus river of Fier county, where I trace Fiers, the latter first found in Middlesex with APSus-line Apps'/Epps' above. It explains why Comyns/Comings have a blue-Shield version of the Dagger and Earle Coat.

Wikipedia has not much to say about Ocean Elders: "Ocean Elders is a worldwide group of activists dedicated to protecting the ocean, wildlife..." Hey Branson, dope, why don't you spend your money and too-much-time-on-your-hands on people instead of great-white sharks? Is it because you're a big dope? Looks like. Looks like you're just having fun and games in the Atlantic. Soon: time to meet your Maker. Make peace with Him before it's too late. Serve the better side of humanity, not sharks.

There are many humanitarian organizations / foundations set up as fronts for crime. The richest of the rich do these things. Masters of intrigue. At Ocean Elders website, we find that the Chair is Ms. Brisson. Brissons are listed with Brigg-like Brix's/Brests whom I see as using the fesse of whale-using Dols because Dol is in Brittany along with Brest. Scottish Brissons share the gold hunting horn with Brecks (Shropshire, same as Dol's Alans) while Brissons/Brix's are a Brick branch. As one of the stars of Bruce-branch Bryce's/Brise's is also the Duck star, I suggest that the Bryce/Brise lion is the one of Duce's/Doocys in the "duce" motto term of Elders.

The page above also shows LONNIE AUTry, and while Launays are Brix/Brest kin because Italian Lane's were first found in Brixia/Brescia, and because Launay is near Brest, it just so happens that Scottish Autrys have a fesse of six lozenges in the colors of the fesse by three lozenges of Brix's/Brests. Lonnie's were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. Lone's/Lane's/Lawns (Staffordshire, same as Duce's/Doocys) have the Bryce/Brise / Duce lion in colors reversed, and the "Garde motto term of Lone's/Lane's/Lawns goes to lake Garda at Brescia.

The Autrys recall the "aut" motto terms, for example of Virgins, Earle's and Saffers. Sylvia Earle is a key part of Ocean Blue's advertising program (she advertises herself), and Saffers were kin of Sylvia's/Silvers who happen to share the Lone/Lane/Lawn lion. ALL IN the Allin family. Irish Lone's/Lane's/lawns have the Hicks fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and a bend in the colors of the Allin/Alan fesse, and while Hicks have the Alan fesse in colors reversed, they have an "All in" motto phrase (English translation of "Tout en"). English Autrys look like they have a version of the GIGG/GANG Coat while Ms. Brisson's first name is shown as, Gigi. English Autrys look like kin of Rinds (trackable to St. Malo very near Dol), first found in Perthshire with the Justine's who can in turn be gleaned as Bryce/Brise kin. Moreover, Perthshire is where Drummonds were first found who have a "gang" motto term. Drummonds were from Hungary along with Leslie's who are in turn in Autry / Rind colors and format. The Leslie-related Case's were first found in Norfolk with Giggs/Gangs and the latter's Bag kin. Bagleys (Shropshire) are in Blue/Gorm colors and format. Scottish Casseys (crow head) were first found in Lanarkshire with Roys in the Lone/LAINE/Lawn motto. GhisLAINE Maxwell.

The Ocean Elder page above says that Sarah Trauner, president of California's SWT Consulting, is on the board of directors, yet google finds no website for that company. Bogus company? One directory says it was incorporated in 2002, but it looks like a one-woman operation. There is a TRAUN/Train surname, and the alps around Turin are called, TAURINaei. It's where Cottians ruled whom I see in the heraldic feature, "cotis." The Ocean/Cain Coat has a cotised bend. The cotised feature is the two bendlets.

There is a Cotis surname listed with Curtis'/Courtis' ("farmer"), in Court/Covert colors, and while Cortis'/Curtis' use a dancetty-fesse, I trace Italian Dance's/Donnus' (Piedmont, same as Cottian capital) to king Donnus of the Cottians. I can't recall the Cote-like variations listed with Courts/Coverts, but their six pale bars are in the colors of the Dance/Donnas pale bars, and half in the colors of the six Coates pale bars. I was WAIST-deep in a blue ocean, and WAISTELs look like they are from "Vestalis," Donnus' grandson. Then, there is the Roman VESTAL VIRGIN, by some coincidence or not. It can explain why I was waist deep, in order to point to Blue Elders / Mission Blue of Virgin-Island groups. But why, if all they be are environmentalists? English Dance's share the red lion head, in the colors of the Virgin lion, with Curtis=beloved Farmers (Irish), no coincidence, apparently. The Gaunts (Kent, same as Virgins) have fessewise bars in the colors of the Dance/Donnus / Court/Covert pale bars.

The Cottian capital is now Susa, and while Susans use a giant lily, that flower is symbol for Lille off the Lys river that flows to Ghent. Coincidence? It could appear that Vestalis, the line to Wests and Dove's, was named after Vestal virgins, and then a Virgin surname appeared to which Ghent was related.

I can't recall the exact wording but the Cotis/Curtis description includes a "farmer" with a "plowshare/ploughshare" over his "shoulder." It can explain why Shouldhams were first found in Norfolk with Comyns/Comings, in Shouldham, Cotis/Curtis, Plow, and Over colors. The giant Shouldham bird appears in brown in the Crest of Celt-related Couts'/Coots. The latter share the giant red stag head of Necks, and the Neck antler has a gold crown, the color of the Cotis/Curtis crowns. Red stag heads are shared by English Farmers and Malcolms/COLUMNs while a "column" is used by German Share's suspect in "plowshare." I know as a fact that the blue pheon of Couts'/Coots and Celts is that of Pontius Pilate, explaining why the pheon is colors reversed from the Pilate/Pilotte pheon, but that Plow-like Pillows are listed with English Pilotte's.

English Farmers (colors and near-format of English Dance's) share the hunting horns of Brecks, whom I trace to Brigantium over the Cottian Alps from Susa. It can explain why the Malcolm/Column saltire has the Bright / Bride / Britny stars. We saw the Brissons sharing the gold hunting horn with Brecks, and, I kid you not, MontBRISON is smack beside mont Pilat! Surprise. FIRMINy is about ten miles from Montbrison, and Firmins share the Farmer lion heads, we get it.

The Malcolm/Column saltire is interesting in being in the colors of the saltire-by-fish of KIDNEYs/Gedneys, who are definitely a Shark-related line pointed to be the kidney-shaped pool that had the shark. I DOVE into that pool, and Waistells love the dancetty-fesse Dove's. Dive's use a dancetty-fesse too. I was standing on the pool DECK before diving in, and Decks are listed with Daggers. The Dive's have the three Dagger/Dacker / Earle scallops in half their colors. Decks/Daggers share the red Square squirrel, and Square's/Squire's may have been a branch of Share's/Shire's/Shere's expected in the Curtis "plowSHARE." This is very Bush-Nazi important.

The Seaman-branch Sea's (Kent) share the blue fish of Kidneys/Gedneys. Brigantium is near Orange, and the Orange surname has the Breck hunting horn in colors reversed. As I've said many times, the Kidney/Gedney saltire is that also of German Neils/Nails while Irish Neils/O'Nails (share Ged fish) were Shark kin. Proto-Geddes Geds were on the Nith river (from at least 400 AD) with Kilpatrick castle at CLOSEburn, and so we ask why Irish Kilpatricks list SHEERa's too. Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with the same-colored Patiens'/Patients in the Dive motto, and as soon as I went for a dive into the shark pool, I was transported to a new setting having Mrs. Kilpatrick (wife of Dr. H.W. Kilpatrick i.e. had patients) as Sleeping Beauty. Is this a pointer to Dr. Sylvia Earle? Earle's share the Coat of Kilpatrick-beloved Daggers/Dackers.

I first appeared in the sea in that new setting, at the SHORE, and while English Shore's share the Caen motto, Patricks (share Kilpatrick / Maxwell saltire) are said to be from La Lande near Caen. Close's not only share the Waistell / Comyn garb while Comyns share the dagger with Kilpatricks, but Close's share the spur with Nith-like Knights/Nights, and with Scottish Brissons who in turn have the GosPATRICK saltire. Comyns were first found in Norfolk with Patricks and Shore- / Maxwell-beloved Hollys. Patricks were also first found in Suffolk, and this parallels the Platters (Suffolk and Norfolk) and PLAINs/Platters (Suffolk), for the latter's Chief is in the colors and near-format of the Patrick Chief, and Dr. H.W. Kilpatrick says he was an airplane PILOT in his obituary. The Plains/Platters were pointed to by my paper plane, and Platters almost have the Ocean/Cain Coat. This paper plane is still a mystery to me, for I have only theories, but as it appeared on a pool table, it apparently has to do with planes pertaining to the shark pool.

The Eye location at the Norfolk-Suffolk border becomes suspect in the "I" motto term of Kilpatricks.

The Kidney/Gedney Crest has the brown bird in the Couts'/Coot Crest. Scottish Drummonds have a brown bird in Crest while German Drummonds (Hamburg, same as Share's) share the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's. THE AMAZING THING is that German Share's are also Shorrs/Schore's while I was on the sea shore upon leaving the shark pool!!! English Shore's/SURE's, in the "I MAKE sure" motto of Maxwell-beloved Kilpatricks, use holly while Maxwells have a "holly BUSH"" while Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's partner while Bush-branch Bosco's have "pillars" in the colors of the Share/Shorr column while Busca is in Piedmont with Susa / Turin while Pillars (share Palin lion) are listed with Pilots while Pillers are listed with Pillows/Pilotte's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Kidneys/Gedneys.

English Share's/Shire's/Sheers were first found in Sure-like Surrey, and while I don't know whether the Shark-like Sark variation of Surreys was a Saracen line, in this picture it sure looks like Sarks relate to the shark in the pool. Share's and Square's are looking like Saracen liners. As the shark herein seems to be touching upon Kilpatricks, I've got to conclude that it's a pointer to Geds on the Nith river. But why? The "Durat" motto term of Geds has got to be partly for Rats/Raids (Nairnshire, same as Geddes') who have a cross in the colors of the fitchee crosses of Share's/Shire's/Sheers. Surreys/Sarks share the red greyhound in Crest with English Majors expected in the "majora" motto term of Geddes'. French Majors (Provence, near Mont Pilat), I've only just realized, show as kin of Firmins from Firminy at mont Pilat! Note that the two Major lion heads face in opposite directions.

Geds and Geddes' both use pike fish, and, zikers, just realized: Scottish Pike's/PICKENs have a reflection of the Bryce/Brise Coat (share scales of justice with Justine's) which in turn has a "justitia" motto term for Justine of PICENum! Bruce-branch Bryce's/Brise's were first found in Moray while Billiards/Billets and Billiards/Hillards (Yorkshire, same as Firmins and Formans) have the three Moray stars. The Fyots suspect in the Bryce/Brise motto were first found in Burgundy with Pilate's, and thus Montbrison (near Firminy) was probably named by Bruce's of the Brise kind. The Sire's (Burgundy too) have another "justitia" motto term, another scale of justice, and three lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Fyots. The Fyots look like their lozenges are kin of Pagans/Payens because Sire's use a "panel" on their tower while Panels are listed with Scottish Pagans/Pings/Pongs (Yorkshire with Firmins). Justine's share the border of English Pagans who look like they have a dagger in Crest. It's identical to the known dagger in the Crest of Scottish Shaws (Perthshire, same as Justine's) who in turn are in Pagan/Payen and Fyot colors and format, but, moreover, Scottish Shaws share the Pillow/Pilotte and Pellet Coat. Pellets were first found in Sussex with the Packs expected in the "Pax copia" motto of Reds/Reeds, part-code for the Cups/Cope's in the Shaw / Pilote / Pellet Coats. They are at times called COVERED cups, and Sussex is where Courts/COVERTs and Coverts/Cofferts were first found.

In my dream where Obama owned a pool hall, I was with pool cue in hand, and preparing to shoot the cue ball, but it appeared as a flat piece of paper on the table. It was resolved as a page, and so I made it into a paper plane so that I could shoot it. I aimed for a red ball sitting beside, and at a small angle from, the left-corner pocket, but the plane rifled straight into the pocket without striking a ball, indicating a SEWER. As Scottish Sewers are listed with Suters, and as Platters are said to have had a Mr. Playter of SOTTERley, that's why I point the paper plane to Plains/Platters. If this plane relates to the Virgin Islands, I see no evidence for it in Pockets, Sewers/Suters, or anything else that I was using for the sewer-shot event. Obama was once, Barry SOETORo, and thus the sewer shot / paper plane pertains to his crimes. The page pointed to Lisa Page, the FBI-appointed lawyer of Andrew McCabe, and we saw McCabe's sharing the fish of Ocean-branch Kane's. That's interesting.

But wait. I can add that English Page's share three white doves with Waistell-beloved Dove's while French Page's and LePage's have four fesses in the colors of the four pale bars of Waistell-connectable Dance's/Donnas. I dove into the pool, and I took the shot on a pool table, and the giant lion of French Page's and LePage's is possibly the Pool lion. The Waistells are listed with Wessels while Whistle's/Wissels, first found in Somerset with Payne's, share the Payne lion!!! BEAUTY, for Obama's mother was Miss Payne, and Pagans/Payens were first found in Dauphine with French Page's! Beauty piece of work. English Payne's and Whistle's/Wissels are in the colors of the neighboring English Page's. Immediately after my pool shot on Obama's table, he was DANCING. English Pagans/Pings/Pongs (Dance/Donnas and Lepage colors) have pointed well to Comet Ping Pong pizza and its owner.

I claim that God used a song by Francesca Battistelli, with a songline, "I'm an empty page," to indicate that the cue ball was a page for the Page surname. Battistelli's happen to use billets, and perhaps God arranged their pyramid to point to Masonic buffoons. It seems that God pointed to Christopher Steele with BattiSTELLI's, because Fiscs use a pyramid too, or what looks like a pyramid, and Steele was part of the operation against Trump that included a FISC application against Carter PAGE. But what does all that have to do with Epstein? Maybe more than we know.

"I'M an empty page" can indicate the I'm/Imms/Imeson surname that has a reflection of the Rome/Rim Shield and Crest. The latter surname are said to have been relatives of Kilpatrick-related Johnsons. The Rome/Rim motto even uses "PUNGit" while Pagans/Pings/Pongs come up as Pungs too. That's amazing because the Battistelli songline pointed to Pagan-branch Page's. The Bryce/Brise and I'm/Imms Chief both have lions in the same colors, perfect because the Bryce/Brise lion is also of Placentia-like Place's/Plaise's while Placentia, near Bruce-line Brescia/Brixia, is also Picenum-like Piacenza. While we saw Bryce's/Brise's as kin of Justine of Picenum, she was the daughter-in-law of GRATian, which is why Greats share the gold border with Justine's and English Pagans (share Kilpatrick fleur and dagger). The Rome/Rim write-up: "Seated at GRETna, they early became friends and allies of the great Clan Johnston..." Brixia elements could have named BRIGantium, and the Battistelli stars are those also of Brights, Bride's, Britnys and Close's (Yorkshire, same as Pagans/Ping/Pungs).

The Grate's/Wreath's (not "Great") even have a not-bad reflection of the Rome/Rim Coat. While Picenum is in the Geddes and Ged pike, the Greats even have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/Gidneys, begging what "PunGIT" might be code for aside from the Pungs. English Johnsons were first found in Lincolnshire with Kidneys/Gedneys. English Johnsons (Pagan colors) share pheons (different colors) with English Page's, a symbol I trace to the Paeoni/Paioni, explaining the Paion variation of Pagans/Payens.

Now that the pool-table shot is applying to the shark pool just a little, we can add that Cue's, first found in Norfolk with dagger-beloved Comyns/Comings and sharing their garbs, happen to share the Waistell garbs. These garbs are the Arms of Cheshire, and Maxwell-connectable Macclesfield, in Cheshire, used this Arms of Macclesfield that has the Cue lion holding a garb all in colors reversed.

I was aiming for a red ball; it could have been any of the six colored balls, but then the Reds/Reeds use gold garbs too, and plus they have that brown bird in Crest shared by Kidneys/Gedneys and Couts'/Coots. Browns were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Waistells. This bird is in gold with Cotis/Curtis-connectable Shouldhams. Reds/Reeds look related to Bryce's/Brise's, and while MontBRISON is at mont Pilat while Couts'/Coots and Celts were Pilate kin, it just so happens that the Celt stag head is used by neighboring Scottish Reeds, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's in the Red/Reed motto, and in the cups of Pillows/Pilotte's and Pellets.

After spending the entire Saturday on this section, and some of Sunday, I hope that Ocean Elders is not on the up-and-up, because I've suggested heraldic evidence for some sinister endeavors. Or, at least, it has appeared to me that God set up my 1979 dream to point to it and Mission Blue. Maybe they're on standby to chop the trans-Atlantic communications cable at the bottom of the sea. Joking. Ocean Blue looks like a fund-raising, do-nothing-but-smile-for-the-camera organization. But what will it do with the money it gets from poor-sop environmentalist suckers?

Are there dead girls, with weights tied to what's left of their ankle bones, at the botton of the sea all around the Virgin Islands? What do the Epstein-circle spies do with the girls after abducting and abusing them? Some need to be raped when they resist the customers. Horrible. Maybe these environmentalists will find some of these bodies. They are like the save-the-seals movements, and the Zeal variation of Seals is i the Hood/Hoot motto. I first saw Sleeping Beauty at her hood. Hmm. Are Ocean Elders maybe the good guys that God wants to use to undo the Epstein-circle of creepers? I'm open either way.

Ghislaine Maxwell has already been punished, and perhaps Epstein too. The Maxwell-beloved Hollys love the Dolphins/DOLfins who are in the colors of the whale-using Dols. Save the whales. The Shore's love the Hollys too while Share's/Shire's/Sheers were first found in Surrey, where dolphin-using James' were first found, and where Dolphins/DolFINs were once said to be first found. The triple-black fitchees of Share's/Shire's/Sheers are shared by Scottish Kennedys while Irish Kennedys use a "la FIN" motto phrase for Lafins/La Fonts, and as Scottish Kennedys use a dolphin too, it seems that Dolfins were a Dol merger with the namers of La Fins / Finns/Feins. The Kennedy fitchees-with-chevron is almost the davenport Coat, and the Arms of Macclesfield above has the black Davenport fitchees because Davenports were first found in the Macclesfield area. Thus, we have some evidence here that Macclesfield, anciently Makeslesfield, was named by Maxwell elements in relation to Shore liners who morphed into Share's/Shire's/Shere's, and as Maxwells use the Scottish Kilpatrick saltire, it explains the Sheera variation of Irish Kilpatricks.

We are on Ghislaine Maxwell here at my being at the shore of Little Saint JAMES, and we saw the dolphin-using James' above, yet the other English James' (also first found in Surrey) share the pool lion. We can also appeal to Little's because they have the saltire of Irish Kilpatricks, and moreover the Little write-up traces a branch to about 20 miles east of Dumfries' Annandale. Little-branch Liddle's (Roxburghshire, same as Maxwells), share the spur with Close's and Knights/Nights. The latter were first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters, Platters, and early Patricks. The Knightons/Nightons (share green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks) have fessewise bars in the colors of the bendwise bars of Platters. Spurrs were first found in Devon with the Spurr-like Supers who not only have billets on their saltire, but it's the Maxwell / Patrick saltire. SAINTs/Sinclairs have this saltire as a normal cross, and English Clare's, with almost the Epstein Coat, were first found in Suffolk too.

We may conclude that God has punished Ghislaine.

When I was aiming with the paper plane at the red BALL beside the corner POCKET, it could be a pointer to Balls, first found in Cheshire with Bellows/Ballots who in turn share the English Billet Coat, both of whom have the Pocket cinquefoil in colors reversed. French Billets are listed with Billiards, and while mont Pilat is at St. Etienne, Etienne's show only billets in Pilate colors. Pockets were first found in Lincolnshire with Pillows/Pilotte's who in turn love the Cope's along with Reds/Reeds. Scottish Reds share the stag head of Pilate-related Celts and Couts', and thus the Billiards/Billets (Pilate colors) may have been a direct line from Pontius Pilate.

Post-Tribulation Rapture

I don't talk much about evidence for a post-tribulation rapture in the updates because that's all in Part 1 of my book accessible from this page. But here we go, let's do a little because pre-tribbers are going to be part of end-time deception, and we really need to wonder how Bible-solid Christians can end up this way, deceiving their own brethren in something so important as whether we starve to death or not, or whether we succumb to the mark of satan. It's numbing.

Some avid pre-tribulation teachers, in their desperation to churn out a pre-trib rapture that doesn't exist in the Bible, will even find a way to make 2 Thessalonians 2 look like it's pre-trib when in fact it's part of the best evidence for a post-trib rapture. When we see such callousness, we can get the impression that such pre-tribbers are fake Christians altogether. In this part of Paul's writings, we find that he learned from someone(s) that Jesus will not return for the Church until AFTER the anti-Christ appears and condemns himself to Wrath. How can that be a pre-trib text? Paul doesn't say that Jesus comes after the "appearance" of the anti-Christ but that, no worries, there's an earlier coming of Jesus to rapture the Church BEFORE the anti-Christ appears. So, when a person teaches that 2 Thessalonians 2 favors a pre-trib rapture, he's openly denying the black-and-white, and is thus a falsifier of Paul's words. How does this make such a man a Christian? How can a man lose the handle that Paul's sharing and yet become such a big knob unless he so-easily ignores what Jesus says?

In Matthew 24:29-31, we learn that Jesus himself taught a post-trib rapture, and so we are not surprised that all the apostles understood this, and thus this message got to Paul too. First comes the "abomination of desolation" in Daniel, says Jesus, and then some rough times for Israel, and only after her tribulation will Jesus appear to collect His saints from the sky. The Matthew text is black-and-white, yet rejected as such by ALL the avid pre-trib teachers. All of them have become stand-out knobs as if mentally debilitated. I wish they were merely mentally retarded because there would be hope for them in being forgiven, but as they claim to be the chief teachers of the Word, yet invent a secret Coming of Jesus that does not exist in Scripture, it appears that they are brazen liars. Why? Who are they from, really? There are all sorts of Bible-scholarly Christians who add all sorts of heresy to their teachings, it's nothing new.

Why was there such a massive push in the churches to turn pastors and elders into pre-tribulationists? Why did such a movement succeed to a large degree? Why are many post-tribulationists today out of pre-trib camps? How easy is it to deceive Christians when pastors preach falsifications? EASY.

I either took it upon myself to stress tribulation preparation, or God moved me to do it. I have sensed nothing in my life to move me away from that task. I am therefore keenly aware of the teachings that detract from proper, well-timed preparation. For example, even post-tribbers teach that the Return cannot come until a new Temple building is in Jerusalem. In that case, nobody's about to start preparing now if that's what they believe because the chances of such a building project to begin are zero at present. My chapter, A New Jerusalem Temple Not Needed, deals with this topic. In a nutshell, it tackles Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2 saying that the anti-Christ will proclaim himself to be God in "the temple of God." However, there is a good chance that Paul got that idea from Daniel's prophecies, yet Daniel does not mention a temple building, but only a "sanctuary." I wouldn't be trying to make an issue out of temple-versus-sanctuary had not Daniel said that the abomination of desolation will profane "an extremity of the sanctuary." The Western Wall in Jerusalem, still standing to this day, is exactly an extremity of the temple site. The Jews who worship at the sanctuary today do not do so in the Dome of the Rock, but at the Western wall.

The term, "extremity," used by Daniel 9 is both subtle and conspicuous. One assumes nothing out-of-the-ordinary, only that God would go out of his way to point out that the abomination will be centered at one end of the temple. But why bother? What could it matter to end-timers whether it's at one end versus another end of the temple building? Ahh, but if it's at the Western Wall, then we see the absolute need of God's pointing it out, lest we believe that a new temple needs to be rebuilt. In the least, we should all teach this as a possibility, let readers entertain the idea because it makes sense.

Certainly, this view wouldn't have occurred to Paul, prior to 70 AD, if all he had to go by was a reading of Daniel 9's final words. However, after 70 AD, with nothing of the temple remaining intact but the Western Wall, there's a good chance that some Daniel-familiar Christian(s) put two-and-two together. Paul assumed that it would be in the temple building, and nobody's going to fault him for that.

The phrase, "abomination that causes desolation," or "abomination of desolation," is in Daniel multiple times. In the last verse of chapter 9, we tend to see that the desolation is one thing, and the abomination another. The abominations are set up at the extremity of the sanctuary (a sanctuary is not necessarily a building), and they lead to the desolation of Israel. People flee Jerusalem, anyway, to start with, and this may include some Palestinians. In Matthew 24, Jesus warned Christians to flee into the wilderness as soon as they see this lawless one approaching Jerusalem, and Revelation 12 has the Church escaping to the wilderness too, though I do not necessarily see Revelation 12 as pertaining to the Israeli theater only.

I can't make out whether Revelation 12 is about Christians local-to-Israel or global. But it is playing on Daniel's 1260 days in his last chapter, 12, and that chapter's opening versus mentions the resurrection of the Church after chapter 11's treatment on the anti-Christ. It's a post-tribulation rapture. The Church is global in Daniel 12. The tribulation of Israel is in 11:32-35, immediately after the abomination of desolation in Jerusalem (verse 31). In 11:36, the anti-Christ is exalting himself as God. That's where Paul got his information, we may assume, as per 2 Thessalonians. It makes sense that the 1260 days above is concurrent with the enforced mark of this beast, and so God has not let us down because we have Daniel 11:21-31 to indicate what the anti-Christ will do shortly before he arrives to Jerusalem. That is, if we are watching, we will not be taken by surprise by him only after he's on the brink of Jerusalem.

But pre-tribulationists do much more damage to prophecy than the great sin of a pre-tribulation rapture (it is a GREAT sin due to the ramifications). For example, they teach that Daniel 11:21-31 pertains to an ancient king who's only a copy of the end-time anti-Christ, even though the text does not make such an indication. That is, although the king in verse 21 is an extension of ancient, Seleucid kings, there's nothing said after 21 to indicate he's not the final king, the anti-Christ. Pre-tribbers start the end-time anti-Christ at verse 36, one verse after the persecution of God's people, it figures. They lie. The king in verse 36 is the king in verse 21. Pre-tribbers would have no beef with this view except that they see persecution of saints in 32-35, and thus they refuse to label the king of verses 21-31 as the same person in verse 36. Their rapture-timing error has dictated how they teach on this particular prophecy, and that is a great sin toward the final generation of Christians.

In Daniel 11, God is comparing the Seleucid empire's attack on Egypt to introduce the end-time anti-Christ due to commonalities between them that can teach us a couple of things on what to look out for: both an invasion on Israel and Egypt from the north. That's it in a nutshell, and it's huge because we thus know that we do not need to abandon regular life, for self-sufficient survival in the wilderness, until after the beast invades Egypt successfully. You don't need to bite your fingers to the bone wondering whether the 666 purchasing system can arrive in a year or two...if there's not even a semblance of an invasion on Egypt by a boastful lunatic who despises Christians and Israel together. One can suspect that Obama is working with Middle-East elements as well as anti-Israeli elements in the West to perform this Egyptian invasion...because we saw president Obama topple an Israel-tolerating Egypt back in his first term. Egypt is now once again tolerating Israel.

If the toppling of Egypt by a military invasion does not occur by 2027, I won't be suggesting anymore that the apophis asteroid of 2029 could be the one of Revelation's second Trumpet. If we slowly store foods for the next five years to last our families for three years without a grocery store, it won't go to waste if we arrange its shelf life ten years or more. We can start to eat it in 2026, for example, and we can, at that time, store more food in whatever volume we eat away from the old batch. It's just a smart way forward. Storing this slowly won't put a dent into the food supply. Farmers and grocery stores need the extra business at this time, nobody's going to complain but the global control-freaks, elite lunatics, arrogant sinners, woeful traitors to humanity. Store your ground beef before they start mixing crickets into it without informing us.

Someone check the ground meats in a lab to assure that it's pure. Where are all the crickets in Ontario going to be shipped? To meat-processing plants? Someone in London keep tabs on where the cricket delivery trucks are going daily. Follow them once in a while, report back to us. Whose trucks are at the loading ramps of the cricket factory? Will they use unmarked trucks? Follow them as they drive away. Paint, "Cricket Tracking Service" on your car, and put a red light on the roof. This operation must not be allowed to operate in secret. Put the factory out of business. Throw social-media slime at all meat-processing plants that mix crickets into our meats. Put them out of business too. Nobody's going to willingly buy crickets in meat unless they are brainwashed Schwabite lunatics.

The difference between brainwashing and training is subtle. When someone receives proper training, they add to their knowledge. But brainwashing includes untraining in one area to make room for a new training. Brainwashing makes the trainee despise one set of principles in order that they might better receive an opposing set. And that's the anti-Christ generation, despising Jesus and latching to satanic principles. And they will accuse us of seeking to brainwash our children into Christianity by making them despise modernist principles (what principles?). The lawless principle is here, worthy of being despised. If your family member latches to it and you become like him/her, you are not worthy of Jesus. This is where we are to "hate" our own family members if they become enemies of Jesus. You need to show Jesus that you stand for him in while family members seek to file away at your stand for Him. Enemies of Jesus plot to ruin your Faith, especially family members.

They would rather see the entire family faithless so that they will feel more comfortable with family. Ditto for the workplace, ditto for all associations; anti-Christs wish to feel that they are in the driver's seats of them all. But we are the adopted children of the King, we call the shots because he is The Leader. We call out sinners in front of people to make them ashamed. Jesus did this at the table of his enemies, and we can too, gently if need be. We have the Light, not they. Shine the Light on them, and they faint. If they shine the darkness on us, we laugh. It affects us nothing, for we are strong in the faith, no devil can convince us to betray the Righteous One, and when a human tries to do it, we see him is a puny rinky-dink. It doesn't challenge us, unless we have been skiing on the slippery hill of apostasy too long and enjoying it. In that case, we are the rinky-dink zeroes, waterless clouds.

If the account of Jesus before Pilate and the Sadducees were wholly fabricated by the apostles, the Romans wouldn't have allowed the apostles to seed their empire with Christianity. But that's what Paul did even while he appeared before the courts of the empire. He appeared before judges where the charges against him were from Jews, but we read ZERO on anyone's accusation that Jesus-condemned-by-Pilate was a complete fabrication. Therefore, Jesus was indeed crucified by Pilate.

If the apostles fabricated the Resurrection of Jesus, then they had money-making at the root, what else? But we never read an historical document saying that the apostles were secretly living lavish lives, or stealing church donations. Besides, if you carefully read Isaiah 53, you will see a man dying for the sins of Israel by the will of God, and then being resurrected again to become the chief king of the planet. What are we going to believe, that Jesus plotted to become that prophesied man by arranging his own death on Passover, and that he had power in himself, without God, to rise from the dead? That's crazy. The plain fact is that Jesus was crucified on Passover by the chief priest in order that Abraham's children might receive forgiveness of past rebellion, in order that God might have His own family and nation that, in accordance with respecting the words of Jesus, become fit to be children and friends of God. There is something more important than our knowing God: God knowing us. When God knows us, it means He wants to know us. That is the highest blessing. Not our blessing only, but we bless God. To bless someone is to make them feel good in acceptance. If we are going to be persecuted just because we accept Jesus and bless God, then know that dangerous lunatics are before us.

The safety freaks are extremely dangerous, whitewashed tombs that people fall into. The walking dead who pretend to want gramma safe and happy will lead her to a bed in Hell. They don't understand how dangerous they are because they have no Faith, and those who have Faith make them feel uncomfortable. They first of all attacked our Biblical principles to the point of fronting a sexual perversity, followed by abortion "rights," and because we oppose such things, they hate us with a mortal hatred. We cannot co-exist. One of us needs to be moved aside, out of the way, and woe to how God plans to move them aside. This is not going to be pretty. But first, they will challenge our Faith by ringing the bell of persecution against us, and all the zombies will know how to treat us when that bell sounds, when the loathsome one with strong-bold face calls out for war against us.


Last week, I saw someone use "gimmegramt" as play on "immigrant," and I thought it was clever. Gimme-grant. But the following of this week takes the cake: super-callous-fascist-risky-experimental-doses. Later in the week, "Communism, you masked for it."

Even the New York supreme court struck down a COVID-quarantine act passed earlier by a lefto-wacko New York ruler. Things are looking up. The court insinuated that COVID didn't justify such a brutal measure because COVID proved not to be a serious health risk. DUH. Lefto-wackos wish to be back at their game it starting now, to make this coming fall look seriously grim in FEAR of another virus. You need watch only the first four or five minutes to understand the coming, dark conspiracies in the works for all western nations subscribing to Schwabism. Here's the manufactured, Dutch-farmer crisis from a Sri-Lanka perspective:

The goofballs are trying to make cows appear dangerous to the climate, and they actually think people are going to believe it. Our enemies will "believe" them in lip service. We have already seen them commit themselves to a lip-service climate crisis. Nobody believes there is a climate crisis. It's an invention, but people are willing to go along with it who have decided to join goof-politics. This is a war between normal people and very rich goofballs. Schwab is a goof. trudeau is a goof. Biden and Obama are goofs. Everything they say is fakery, fuel for their global take-over attempt. Don't let a goof drive you crazy. Don't let the goofs dictate how we should secure our food. Ruin their political puppets. Ruin the entire political party that supports Schawbism. A bad reputation for a political party is Kryptonite to Schwabism. Shake your fists against the political party that supports the lunatics. Stomp your feet, make some noise, raise your voices, be angry, expose and destroy the liberals. Don't let their voices overpower yours as they provide the many opportunities for the normal people to cut them down to size. You take control. You be the masters because they be less than the big fat zero. You be the leaders. You eat beef, and shove the bugs down their throats.

Now for the reality behind the farmer crisis. If you had any doubts that Bill Gates wants to get into the food-supply industry -- which can explain his massive farmland purchases -- see this about his stake in Picnic along with corrupt actors in government:

As the video claims that a company, Boni, owns part of Gates-beloved Picnic, let me repeat what I've said many times, off of the Hicks motto term, "bon," that Bono's/Bone's, who are also Boni's, almost have the Gates Coat. Gates' share the lion of English Bone's. Picnic is owned by Bill and MELINda Gates' Foundation, and Bono's/Boni's were first found in MILAN, where Visconti's ruled who had a branch in Sardinia, and the latter is where BONdi's/Blondi's were first found. MELLANson-branch Milans/MELLINDs are from Milan, and Mellansons use a Bondy-like "bundle of rods." Bundle's were first found in Bedfordshire with English Bonnets/Bonnie's...and Beetle-branch Bedwells. Milans/Mellinds are also Mellents, and the Beaumonts of Mellent share the lion of English Bone's. Believe it or not, the Arms of Mellent (or Meulan) shares the checks of Beetle's, Bedwells, and Vaux's of VALLibus. Boni is owned by the VanderVALs. Dutch Vals are also Falls.

The video above, by Rebel News, claims that Holland's nitrogen minister is married to the owner (or part-owner) of Boni foods. Thus, it explains why the Dutch farmers are being denied nitrogen for their soils i.e. so that Boni can make more money through Picnic's plots to produce artificial foods / meats. What a stink this is, what a shameless hooligan Bill Gates has turned out to be. He wants to sell mass-produced artificial meats, using beetle guts if he can get away with it. But the conflict-of-interest in Holland gets worse, when you get to the 4th minute of David Knight:

ZOWIE, folks, Picnic is owned by the brother of the Schwabite prime minister of Holland, whose surname looks Rothchilian to boot. These people have just sunk themselves as badly as trudeau where the latter owns $$$-interest in vaccines. They make policies for entire nations based on how they can profit, but of course that's what Schwabite-corporate global leadership as ALL about, we guessed it from the start. Rich hooligans, pirates, they never have enough of your money. In one hour, Babylon the Great shall FALL. Do not let these goons control the food supply. Too late.

Picnic is a food-delivery service, which has as much chance as succeeding as hydrogen gas. However, if gas prices can be forced to increase, hydrogen becomes viable. Or, if food shopping becomes a hassle with masks, communist-pig nannies all over the grocery stores, and vaccine passes on top, more people will order their food to be delivered. I get it. They control the politics to control the future, and the future, they say, belongs to them.

Suddenly, it seems that the long-range goal of impoverishing farmers is, not to starve the masses, but to change what they eat and who they buy food from. Yet, this plot has as much chance of succeeding as electric cars. Only stupids will buy electric cars, and only stupids will buy Gates meats. This looks like a win-win for normal people. But wait. I think we could be on the verge of seeing stupids become the majority. Oh-no. It looks like it's going to be forced vaccines to make us stupid, and then forced beetle-meat because we've been stupid-ified. All the more reason not to vaccinate. For one, once a person is vaccinated, they have crossed a threshold into compliance. There's no word that rhymes with "stupid," but even if there was, you won't find it in poetry. Stupid can never be beautiful or meaningful. This is why Schwab is an ugly man.

His advisor, Bozo, has warned him not to expose his unsightliness in public, but Schwab is complaining that politicians are no longer passionately pushing vaccines, and so he's got to get mean himself with the ugly message. He thinks that, maybe, before he dies, he might become Mr. Personality when the leftists give him a big round of thumbs up. That's what his going public looks like to me, his gamble that, maybe, he'll make a big splash with the public. Dying with a big ego or little profits nothing, and, Mr. Schwab, you aren't going anywhere but to your death promptly carrying a lot of guilt for which you will not be forgiven. You steal from the poor to give to the rich, and in the meantime you maim and kill the poor. You gather with all the ultra-rich of the nations, and plot with them. You are the cup-bearer of the unsightly whore. God has a one-hour appointment with all of the industrialists you keep company with. He's bringing His wrecking ball.

Forget about electing Trump, elect Biden again. It's well worth high prices to us to see the leftists weaken and blow away. If it costs us an extra thousand dollars or two annually to pay bills, in return for the political and social destruction of these wackos, it's the bargain of a lifetime. With Biden in power, the U.S. supreme court is horrified with liberals, and it's therefore for the normal people; with Trump in the White House, the supreme court goes liberal because a couple of the Republican judges don't want a reputation as a Trump pet. Biden has done a lot more damage to the deep state than the wee-wee that two-faced Trump amounted to. The supreme court even struck down Biden's mandates, a huge win for normality. Otherwise, the Schwab clamp would be firmly fixed to the necks of Americans by now, and trudeau would be extra-greasing his clamp-making machinery. Lately, the best he's been able to do is wax away. Schwabites are, and will continue to pay, a high price for raising our prices high. The people see that they are not our friends, as they pretend to be. Who is the fool who thinks that gatherings of the ultra-rich is all about the good of the average bloke?

The CBC state media won't cover any of the protests going on anywhere in the world, but it will cover: "World's largest cricket farm finishes construction in London, Ontario" You don't want to know anymore. Who's responsible for this? It has got to be a Schwabite psychopath. Shove the crickets down his throat. You grow chickens instead. Consider anyone who pushes cricket meat to be a hater of humanity, one who sees humans as trash. CBC = TRASH. trudeau pays the CBC to be his workhorse, which is a crime...for the CBC to take a bribe from the prime minister, and for the prime minister to bribe a state media to push his agendas. This is naked Schwabism, the ugly.

Why is canada home to the largest cricket farm in the world? Because, canadians are the trashiest people on earth. Whatever the anti-Christ government wants of them, they do. canada has long been a nicey-nicey globalist pet, and canadians have willingly destroyed themselves thereby. They commit suicide, and are proud of getting along, such nice guys. They don't want to stir up any trouble, so they destroy the country even for their own family and friends, even for themselves. What a bunch of swell, walking trash. I'm ashamed to be called a canadian. They betrayed normality, and even the churches have become the modern canadian in order to get along. I don't want to get along with satan. canada has become satan. The churches need to proclaim that canada is satan. The Christian people must put a concrete wall between themselves and satan. Where are the social-media platforms of the churches crying out against canada the satanic witch?

On Saturday night, bitchute was offering, at the very top of its selections, a video on Calgary firefighters drawing up a law suit against their government, but five minutes later, it was gone. I didn't get a chance to see it. Bitchute has been caught, by me, removing videos at the top many times. What they must do is to hire inspectors who are trained to judge and/or remove certain videos at the request of governments. It must have been this story, dated July 13: "Calgary firefighters launch $38 million lawsuit against city and fire department over COVID jab mandates."

I think law suits like this should abound. Governments must be stern to social-media outlets, demanding not to let such actions spread around in the news. If everyone who was force-vaccinated joins a legal challenge against governments, we will not have mandates and lockdowns this coming winter. Where's the pastors when we need them??? Better to award tax money to sensible, working tax-payers than to slip it under the table to globalist trolls and worms. The law suit is for $2M each for 19 firehall workers. They should get whatever they lost in wages, plus-some for the belittling and anxieties they were forced to endure.

Look at Schwab openly giving away his game, coming out to do the dirty work of pushing vaccines because they have become woefully unpopular. Let the invisibles come out into the open, and let them expose themselves for what they are, traffickers of fear for the purpose of systematic population reduction:

On Thursday, the pro-globalist prime minister of Italy resigned under the pressures of the anti-global revolution. So far, so good for Italy. Keep going public, Schwab, it really is good for the world.

Here's some as-yet confusing exposure on election fraud that's new:

This video below is interesting, perhaps suggesting that Musk's "purchase" of twitter was a ruse from the start. Pause the relevant pages and read them. Think about them, and why do they seem to focus on high gas prices? It's good for selling electric cars, right? Musk's electric car company just went up in stock price at the instant he announced he's pulling out of the twitter purchase, and apparently he had this timed for 7-11. Trump and Musk seem to be a team here, yet Trump, this past weekend, became offended by Musk:

CNN headline on 7-11: "Trump's SPAC [Digital World Acquisition Corp] surges after Elon Musk tries to get out of Twitter deal". Everything Musk has done to date on this fly-by-night purchase has served to ruin twitter, to Trump's joy. Trump predicted that Musk would never buy twitter even after Musk announced he wanted to. How did Trump know? Then again, the twitter-purchase saga is not necessarily over yet. I'm reading from some that the dispute is going to court.

One video says that Musk thinks up to 90-percent of Twitter's messaging is from "bots," which has led me to finding an amazing thing where German Bots/BUTE's/Boets (share gold fish with Tweets) have a Coat much like that of Musks. Pressing further, I wondered whether the Twitt-branch Touts/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Haydens and Twitts/Thwaits) could apply to that heraldry, and remembered that they have the quadrants of one English Hayden Coat (and Hades'/Hats) while the other English Haydens use a dancette. Then I remembered that English Dance's share the Musk lion heads and Bot/Bute/Boet fesse, you see, and to top it off, the black horse head in the Dance Crest is exactly the one in the Crest of English Bute's/Butts! The latter even share the gold estoile with Tweets.

Trump is now upset with Musk because the latter endorsed Ron DeSantis for president in 2024, and while the DeSantis' were first found in Piedmont with Italian Dance's, the DeSantis Coat is a lot like that of the Dutch Tromps. Then, trumpet-using Calls' were first found in Wiltshire with the Dannys/Dance's.

Plus, wow, Dannys came to topic in the first place because of Danny DeFILIPpis, the brother of DOMINic DeFilippis, my high-school friend upon whose FARM I worked the summer at that time, who pointed to DOMINion's vote FLIPPing that cheated the election from Trump to Biden, and Bidens/Buttons share the Bot/Bute/Boet fesse! Farms not only look like Dance kin by their Coat, but farmers share the Dance / Musk lion head. More: as I said, Nancy is the mother of the DeFilippis brothers, and Nancys happen to share the gold estoile with Tweets, and the black cross of Twitts/Thwaits. Plus, this black cross is that also of SAINTs/Sinclairs to go with the DeSANTis surname. Plus, Domino's were first found in Piedmont with DeSantis'! If that's not enough, DeFilippis' share the now-illegal gold-on-silver fesse with Tweets! The DeFilippis crescents are even those of Deans/DENES'!!! Incredible coincidences, if this is all they are.

The double fesses of Irish Deans/Dene's (crocodile) are shared by Musks, and the wings of the other Irish Deans/Dene's are in the Coat of English Saints (Yorkshire, same as Dance's)!!! The Dean/Dene crocoDILE is part-code for Dile's (share Dean/Denes lion), and part-code for the family that named Crockets and Crickets, both of which share the Dean/Denes crescent.

The Deans/Denes' were first found in Sussex with the Courts/Coverts and Danes'. The Courts/Coverts have a Coat like that of DeSantis' while the Court/Covert PALE bars are in the colors of the pale bars of Italian Dance's/Danes' (Saint colors). The now-illegal fesse of Tweets and DeFilippis' is shared by CAMILLe's while a camel is used by Pale's/Palys. The latter, in the colors of Italian Dance's/Danes', share the red lion with English Dance's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Pauls, Pale's/Palys...and with the Pullys/Pulits (point to election fraud as per Jovan Pulitzer) who share the pelican with the Camille Crest. Pullys/Pulits are from Vespasia Polla of Reiti, and Rita's (share Pool / Danny/Dance lion) were first found in Rome with the Camille's. Pools were first found in Dorset with the Hades'/Hats, beside Camels and Dannys/Dance's. The Dean/Denes lion must be that of French Danes'/Danys because the latter have the pierced stars of Salome's, suspect from Salome BOETHus, a Sadducee, the line to Bots/Butts/Boets. Deans/Danes' were first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks.

It's interesting that while Pale's are also Place-/Plaise-like Pales', they share the Place/Plais lion, apparently, because Italian Deans, sharing the crescents of English Deans'/Denes', were first found in PLACentia...which has a Le Mose district while Mose's/moss' share the patee cross of Scottish Deans. In this picture, Dance's were connected to Placentia elements, and here we can go to Justine of PICENum, for Placentia is also, PIACENza. Justine's were first found in Perthshire with Dene-beloved Wings/Winks because Justine married a man from VINKovci, also called, CIBALae, and Sibals happen to share the moline of Scottish Deans who in turn share the erect sword of Justine's and Mose-like Mochs (French). Scottish Mochs (SCIMitar) look related to "PLACit"-using Rome's, to Irish Deans/Dene's, to English Dance's, and to Schims/Schiens (Aberdeenshire, same as Deans) and Skins/Scans/Skene's. The Moch scimiTAR can suggest that Tarrs (Somerset, same as Camels) are using the PALE bars of Italian Dance's (Pale's use the camel). The Taro river flows into the Trebia at the Placentia theater.

If you have not much to do and want to listen to AnOmaly repeat himself part-humorously with very-good points:

Another liberal false-flag event:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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