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March 5 - 11, 2013

Ono! It's True. Benjamites Behind Ananias
and Joseph's Ephraimites Behind Joseph Caiaphas
Seeking Obama's True Father leads to Taborites in Chad

Now that Jabesh-ites and Benjamites have traced to the same place (Hypsas river) as the "charo" motto term of Josephs, it's time to introduce co-king Joseph of Egypt, a son Jacob, son of Abraham. What other Joseph would Joseph Caiaphas be named after? A Levite, being religious, could consider naming his son after that co-king.

Let's go back to "my" dream, shared again in the last update, where a Masci was being executed, with a rope around the neck, and dropped in the meantime down a deep well shaft. The morning of that dream, I was on a webpage wherein it said that Hippodama hung herself, while Chrysippus, her son-in-law, was thrown into a well. I had not known these things before. But near the end of the last insert, I had a brainstorm. But first, here's one of the quotes from the Chrysippus article:

Hellanikos and Thucydides write that [Chrysippus] was killed out of jealousy by Atreus and Thyestes, his half-brothers, who cast him into a well."

Co-king Joseph did not come to mind until the day after that quote was inserted into the last update. It was when I had traced the Joseph surname so squarely to Chrysippus elements at the Hypsas river that I recalled someone else who had been thrown into a well by his own brothers. Yes, young Joseph, who would go on to become the co-king of Egypt.

That dream/vision thus lives on to form another avenue of investigation and speculation. This time, I'm speculating that the well event of Joseph was a story handed down through the generations until it arrived to Greece, in modified form, carried by the 600 Benjamites and 600 Danites as they developed into Amazons. What connection could there have been between the latter and the line of Joseph?

I need to clarify in case you did not read me earlier: I say that the Meshwesh out of Tanis, from the 15th dynasty to the 22nd or 23rd, had slowly integrated with Canaanites and then Israelites, especially at and around Jerusalem. The 600 "Benjamites," according to my dream, were Meshwesh, and for this reason I identify them as Meshwesh out of Tanis, and integrated into the land of Benjamin, where they seem to have merged with Jabesh-ites / Jebusites of Jerusalem living smack beside the land of Benjamin.

In the Biblical story of the 600 Benjamites, there was a Levite who started the war against the tribe of Benjamin, and he was from the land of Ephraim, beside the land of Benjamin. It just so happens that Ephraim was named after a son of co-king Joseph. How about that. What does it mean?

In Greek mythology, Chrysippus...was a divine hero of Elis in the Peloponnesus, the bastard son of Pelops king of Pisa in the Peloponnesus and the nymph Axioche or Danais. He was kidnapped by the Theban Laius, his tutor, who was escorting him to the Nemean Games, where the boy planned to compete. Instead, Laius ran away with him to Thebes and raped him...

The fact that I was, on the morning of the dream, at the Chrysippus article for the purpose of tracing mythical Laius to "Laish," the Sidonian city conquered by the Danites whom provided the 600 Danites that stole away the god and Levite priest from Micah, is strong corroboration that mythical Danais above can be none other than a mythical depiction of a peoples in Greece stemming from the 600 "Danites." It seems to verify that Chrysippus, as a son of Danais, was a Meshwesh-Tanis peoples removed to the Amazonian land of Elis, where the Olympic games were founded.

Of note here is that I traced the line of Roman general, Scipio, to Agrigento, and then the Scipio surname uses three intertwined rings, Olympic-logo style. I did not know that Chrysippus and Jabesh-ites traced to the Hypsas river (at Agrigento) until the last update, but have known about the Scipio rings, and have been suggesting evidence of a Scipio trace to Agrigento, for some three or four weeks.

The rape and abduction of Chrysippus by Laius spells out the animosity expected between Laish and the Danites. The latter, according to Judges, conquered Laish as merciless vagabonds. Laius was a ruler in Thebes, the city founded / conquered by Cadmus, the mythical Phoenician, but then CadMUS, a Mus entity himself, was named after the Cadusii Armenians at mount Hermon, smack at Laish. The involvement of the Danites at mount Hermon's Sion cult is therefore predicted. It appears, therefore, that when the Danites out of Laish came to Greece and settled in Elis, the Greeks that had been from Laish attacked / persecuted them.

The summit of Hermon was named, Sion, meaning that Sion was the chief god of this cult, suggesting that the cult was an Amoritish / Jebusitish one. When we get to Olympus in Greece, the Hermon picture tends to identify Zeus, living at the summit of Olympus, with Sion at Hermon. In fact, there was one Olympus in the land of Pisidians, and another at Elis in the Peneus-river theater, and then a third mount-Olympus near another Peneus river smacking of "Panias" at or right beside Laish. Quite clearly, Hebrews out of Jerusalem named the chief god of Greece. Possibly, "OLYMpus" was named after "elohim," meaning, "the (pagan) gods."

It can also be established here that the Danites out of Laish were merged with, or at least in contact with, the Pelops Pisidians, founders of Pisa, beside Elis. Yet, as Pelops was cut into pieces by his father, it seems that the 600 Benjamite-Meshwesh brought their concubine story to the Pelops Pisidians. The Biblical story of the Levite from Ephraim is that he cut his raped-and-killed concubine into 12 pieces, and so we can gather that some aspect of Ephraimites and/or the Levites settled amongst the Pelops circle of peoples in Lydia and/or in Pisa.

It's important that Levites are thus traceable to Elis, near Corinth, the latter place being one to which the Laevi Gauls can trace back via their involvement with Bellovesus, whose line can be traced very well to mythical Bellerophon out of Corinth. It just so happens that the French Levi surname was first found in the same place (Paris) as the French LYS surname, suggesting that the Levite-concubine story and/or the Levite (Jonathan) in the story of the 600 Danites traces to the Levi and Lys surnames, the latter being in honor of the old Laish location. One can therefore expect the Laish line at Pisa / Elis / Corinth, and that's where mythical Laius (of Thebes) comes in, who abducted Chrysippus of Elis and raped him.

It's important that while Elis-suspect Scipio's trace to Skiptons, both Skiptons and related Lacys use a purple lion. Lacys can thereby be traced back to the Laish line at Elis, wherefore Elis may have been named after "Laish." To trace Lacy's to Paris is easy to do, starting first with the Lacy write-up telling that the surname was first found in Yorkshire (same goes with Skiptons), co-founded by the Parisii of France. Also, English Lacys share the SIX black roundels of English Foys while French Foys were first found in the same place as Levi's and Lys' the impression that Lacy's and Lys' were identical, especially as Skipton-related Shiptons share an eel (like "Elis") with Irish Foys.

Now from the clear part to the cloudy part. "EPHRaim" smacks of the Heffer / Cafferty / etc. surnames that were traced in the last two updates to the Awraba / Aures tribe of Berbers. I had traced those terms to "Caiaphas," but, the problem is, I also entertained "Jabesh" as the term creating "Caiaphas." I don't think the latter can trace both to "Ephraim" and to "Jabesh." It could be that Heffer and Caffert terms do not trace to "Ephraim." Coincidences in terms must by force occur at times.

It's feasible that Jabesh terms became Heffers and Cafferts from mythical "Capys," a Trojan. After all, Troy was in Mysia, where the 600 Meshwesh (so to speak) should trace, and the Parisii easily trace to Trojans. Besides, I expect the Pharisee-branch Levites to be named after a "Paris" element. In other words, the Levite from Ephraim can trace as a forthgoing branch of pagan Levites to mythical Paris, a Trojan prince, noting that Paris was code for the Mysian city of Parion, the PARIUM alternative of which smacks of "EPHRAIM." How about that.

It suggests that the Paris Trojans were founded after the birth of Ephraim, and then the mythical father of Paris, Priam, has got to be code for "Parium." It's thus tracing Ephraimites = Meshwesh to the Trojans. Or so it seems. It's bringing Perseus at Jabesh-suspect Joppa to mind, the latter location suspect as the makings of "Jupiter," the Roman Zeus.

Plus, across the small waters from Parium sat LYSimachia, which easily identifies the path of Laish's refugees, and 'machia" may even indicate a merger of Laish elements with the Meshwesh that conquered their city.

One idea is to trace Caiaphas blood to Ephraimites while not tracing his name to them. That is, Caiaphas may have been from the Levite community of Ephraim. But its the Trojan Capys character that seems central in this picture, easily traced, suddenly, to "Jabesh."

Ephraimites can trace exactly to the Hypsas river, along with the Chrysippus who was tossed down a well by his brothers. It's a story that Ephraimites would have held dear. It's tracing Chrysippus to the Priam>Paris Trojans, and then the founding of Romans was with mythical Aeneas, a Trojan from the Priam-Paris line. It just so happens that the wife of Aeneas was Creusa, a Chrys-like term. Just like that, we find Chrysippus merged with horse-depicted Trojans, as expected, and it just so happens that Aeneus was from Mysia's DarDANUS location, a term like "Danais," mother of Chrysippus.

It pays to know mythology, and, thankfully, it was not all a waste of my time, but was, apparently, a necessary evil for this cause of God's revelation, which I was called to give you. It's one of the lowest callings of all, so don't envy me. The only consolation is that I was given a strong faith, because I'd be needing it for this job. I was hoping that, maybe, my calling and strong faith was due to my great virtues, but, alas, I don't have any.

Joseph co-ruled Egypt with an un-named pharaoh about 250 years before the Exodus pharaoh, Khyan. He with other Hyksos pharaoh's ruled over 200 years from the 15th to 17th dynasties, which locates Joseph in the 14th dynasty: "[The 14th dynasty] is associated with the Delta region of Egypt, and may have ruled from Xois, though for only little more than 100 years. Its rulers may have been related to the Hyksos, though they [i.e. the 14th] are very frequently identified as being of Semitic origin, owing to the distinct origins of the names of some of their Kings, like Yakobaam or YAQUB-Har." That's Jacob, the name of Joseph's father!

The Biblical account is that Jacob and his family left Canaan to live in Egypt while Joseph was co-ruler. It's one of the sweetest of stories ever. Then, at some unspecified point after Joseph's death, an evil pharaoh arose that mistreated the family of Jacob, and this went on for some 240 years, according to my recollection of the math from Biblical sources, until the Exodus. Let's assume that Yakobaam above was one of the pro-Israeli rulers named after a grandson / granddaughter of Joseph, or something to that effect:

Meruserre Yaqub-Har (Other spellings: Yakubher)...was a pharaoh of Egypt during the 17th or 16th century BC. As an Asiatic ruler during Egypt's fragmented Second Intermediate Period, Yaqub-Har time is difficult to locate chronologically.

While he is occasionally described as a member of the Hyksos based 15th dynasty, the Danish specialist Kim Ryholt has suggested that Yaqub-Har was actually one of the last kings of the 14th Dynasty.

Can that fit the Biblical account? Yes, very well. Yakobaam looks like the last one before the start of mistreatment of Jacob's family at the hands of the Hyksos. Keep in mind that the dating scheme of Egyptologists is expected to be incorrect to a significant degree in this period, due to the faulty notion that Egyptian kingdom (i.e. the first dynasty) began in 3200 BC, some 800 years before Noah's Flood.

I believe that geological evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of a global flood reaching above the mountain tops. If you don't know basic geological facts, don't ridicule the idea of a global flood, for marine fossils, including whale fossils, have been found in abundance on mountain tops. Hello? And, lest you be the fool of the Ice-Ager quacks, you need to know that sea-water erosion -- not ice flows -- best explains the formations of mountain peaks and mountain canyons, when Flood waters receded quickly into the earth at the explosive breaking point of the earth's crust...that ended the Flood and created the so-called "tectonic plates."

There can be imagined more than enough room in the interior of the planetary crust to hold the waters once covering the earth. It can also be imagined that the Flood water originated in cavities within the crust below the ocean floors. An over-heating of the planetary core would force those waters up onto the continents. It's not more complicated than that. But your wicked "wise men" in Rosicrucian-founded science circles have dreamed up an ice age with ice flows to explain what the Flood carved out, and they imagine, in order to explain marine fossils on mountain tops, that sea floors rising over millions of years became the mountain tops, an idea not based on science, but merely an effort to explain away the Flood even before the scientific evidence was in. You never hear "my" idea because they control science and virtually all of public education.

Unfortunately for the haughty evolutionists, everything they say with laughter to discount the Flood model of geology is in vain because rushing waters along the mud that made up the early mountain tops (before it hardened into rock) can explain mountain features perfectly. The mud strata was from the precipitation of debris in the water over the year-long course of the Flood.

None of what you are reading in this update was on my mind in the last update, aside from the coincidence that Joseph's son was founder of the land from which the Levite came who was responsible for creating the 600 Benjamites and their 400 wives from Jabesh. Yes, in the account of Judges, the war between Israel and Benjamites was started by this one Levite, but the story does not ring true, but seems to be myth code. I have no problem with the idea of Inspired Scripture; the question is, what is or what isn't Inspired Scripture. Are we afraid to debate the question?

I did not know that the last king (or one of the last) before the Hyksos started to rule had a Jacob name. I did not know that he and other 14th dynasty rulers ruled out of Xois in the Nile delta, where Tanis was likewise situated. Nor did I know or recall that the other mother of Chrysippus, besides Danais, was Axioche, a term perhaps from "Xois" elements. Consider that I traced the Say surname, years ago, to a Sais location on the Sebennytos branch of the Nile. Now read:

Xois sat upon an island formed by the Sebennytic and Phatnitic branches of the Nile. It belonged to the Sebennytic Nome, and later was the capital of its own nome, the Xoite nome.

In the last update, before I knew the above quote, the Say-Crest bull was traced to the same in the Anchor/Annacker Crest after it was established that the Anchor/Annacker surname was from Anakites at Bethlehem, where the concubine lived who was supposedly cut into pieces. Therefore, I traced both the Say and Anchor/Annacker surnames, along with Chrysippus, to the Hypsas river. I now find that peoples of the Xois location, where roughly the Says and related Seatons/Satans (from mythical Set?) were traced, may have named the mythical mother of Chrysippus.

Admittedly, my trace of Says and Seatons to "Sais" was never hammered down convincingly, though it should be added that I traced "Sais" to Sestus, beside Dardanus, and it just so happens that Dardanus was just discovered above to be the other mother of Chrysippus.

But there is more. Some two or three years ago (i.e. not now for convenience or trickery), I traced "Sebennytos" (I've been spelling it wrongly as "Sebannytos") to the Sabines because Sebennytos has the alternative name, Samannud, smacking of the SAMNite tribe of Sabines. But just weeks ago, it dawned on me that the story of the 600 Benjamites was carried to the myth, "Rape of the Sabine Women," at the founding of the Romans...where Romans took Sabine wives for themselves, just as Benjamites took Jupiter-like Jabesh wives. So, there you have it, the 600 Benjamites and/or 600 Danites had ancestry in the Xois / Sebennytos location too.

"Rape of the Sabines" was simply code for a Roman merger with Sabines in forming the Romans. Clearly, Romans had ancestry in the Rimmon location of the 600 Benjamites, and Jupiter (code for Japodes) was named after their Jabesh "wives." This new information comes to you via a dream that God shared with us. Gods wants us to know now. The historical curtains are being withdrawn. And look, I might get this revelation done before Armageddon after all.

It is very compelling to trace Xois to Axioche, who I'm assuming was a real entity in Elis with Chrysippus. Elis was the location of Achaeans, named after mythical Achaeus, who might just apply to "Xois." Again, the Peneus river of Elis / Achaeus traces to "Panias" at Laish, and it's known that Panias was named after Pan, son of mount Hermon, so to speak, who migrated with Hermes, it is known, to Arcadia, beside Elis and Pisa. The point is, I had recently deduced that mythical PanDAReus was a Pan branch of DARdanus, and it just so happens that the mythical father of Pandareus was a king of Kos, suggesting that "Xois" evolved into "Kos." How about that. It just so happens that Pandareus' daughter, Aedon, was queen of the same place (Thebes) as Laius was the king.

I suppose one can now trace Laius-related Chrysippus and/or his Axioche mother to Kos, which is a very good idea where I identified "Creusa" with "Hros" and therefore with Ares in Rhodes, smack beside Kos. Plus, Helios, the god of Rhodes, mated with the wife of mythical Ethiopian Merops, while mythical Merops of Kos was father to Pandareus. I trace "Helios" to "helix," the coiled serpent of the Galli priests, and so it's conspicuous that "coil" is a Xois-like term.

The Xois article continues: "Champollion (l'Egypte sous les Pharaons, vol. ii. p. 214) identified Xois's remains at modern-day Sakha (Sakkra), which is the Arabic synonym of the Coptic Xeos and of the old Egyptian Skhoo (Niebuhr, Travels, vol. i. p. 75)..." Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lived in Hebron, location of Eschol, a term that could conceivably become "Schoo." The point here is to draw a family unity between Jacob's family in Hebron, and the Xois location on the Nile delta where king Jacob of Egypt lived with other 14th-dynasty rulers.

Hebron also had a Lachish location that I now trace to "Lycia" because Pisidians (i.e. national root of Pelops, king of Pisa) lived in the Lycia theater (Kos is off the Lycia / Pisidian coast). Here is from the Laius article: "In Greek mythology, King Laius, or Laios [can't get much closer to "Laish"] of Thebes was a divine [sick queer nation for whom God has prepared Armageddon] the Theban founding myth. Son of Labdacus [Lapiths?], he was raised by the regent Lycus after the death of his father." Being related to Lycus suggests ancestry in Lachish, a Laish-like term.

It's possible that "Sais" and "Xois" are variations of one another, but what of "Sakkra," the modern name of that place, smacking of Sakkara/Saqqara a short jog south of the Nile delta (see delta map)? It just brought to mind Sychar in Israel. Checking to see where Sychar was located, it turned out to be in the border area between Ephraim and Manasseh, important because Manasseh was the other son of co-king Joseph. It's an additional reason for tracing Jacob's family to Xois/Sakkra. Saqqara pre-dated the Israelites, and was the site of many pyramids...that the Israelite slaves may have built while under Hyksos oppression.

It's interesting that Sychar had the alternative name of SHECHem/SHACHmu, which may just be the root of the Shake surname (MOLEhills) that has been tracing to "Ishaq," the chief of the Awraba Berbers. This would be especially explosive if "Awra" traces to "Ephra(im)." It's now interesting that while Jacques de Molay traced to a city (Moulay Idriss) founded by Idris and his wife from the Awraba tribe, there was good cause to view "Molay" and "Moray" as identical terms, wherefore note "Moreh":

Shechem first appears in the Bible in Genesis 12:6-8, which records how Abraham reached the "great tree of Moreh" at Shechem and offered sacrifice nearby...At Shechem [not an Israelite city originally], Abram "built an altar to the Lord who had appeared to him ... and had given that land to his descendants" (Gen 12:6-7). The Bible states that on this occasion, God confirmed the covenant he had first made with Abraham in Harran...

Another idea coming to mind now is where the Israelite nobles, for example Ephraim and/or Manasseh and/or a sister(s), had married the royals of the 14th dynasty to produce a king/queen or two, in Xois, before the Hyksos got to the throne. If Xois had been related to Sychar, it could easily explain why Sychar got to be smack between the land of Manasseh and Ephraim. The Levite from Ephraim (the one in the Benjamite account) may then have been of Shechem elements to explain the trace of Shake's/Shacks to "Ishaq" and "Ephraim" to "Awr(aba)." I realize what a long shot this is, but then Ishaq himself may not have known that whatever he was named after had been from the carriers of the Shechem name.

The last thing I want to do is play look-alike in order to make European connections to Israeli geography, what British-Israelists are guilty of. There needs to be some powerful reason(s) for making links between two different entities centuries and nations apart. I could play look-alike with the Schere surname in linking it to "Sychar," but, I caution, never do anything like that without some merit, and never assume that the link is direct apart from having undergone some modifications over the centuries.

The fact of the matter is, the Schere's / Share's/Sheers/Shire's and their CRAIG / Carrick kin traced already, both to Agrigento/ACRAGas (i.e. at the Hypsas river) and to the Ishaq-related -- and now "EPHRaim"-suspect -- Caffertys/AFFRYs (in colors reversed to Shake's!) who in-turn traced to chief Ishaq of the Affry-like AWRaba/Aures tribe. What do you think of that? Your head is spinning? If you want to know what a headache means, just talk to me.

It can be added that the Shepherd Shield-and-Chief color combination was traced to the same of the Arms of Agrigento, and then the Shepherd Crest can be the same black cross appearing in the Coats of German Schere's and Share's/Sheers/Shire's.

Reminder: Shake's use molehills and then Overs/Ofers use the bend in colors reversed to the same of Jacques de MOLay, thus tending to verify that Shake's and Ofers are related, expected where Ishaq was a chief of the Awraba tribe. Shake's are shown as "SHAKERly," like "Sakkra." Does it necessarily trace the entire lot to Sychar and Xois = Sakkra? Not in itself, but then I've also noted that COYS use a green COILed snake, symbol of Austrian Schere's (in Mackay colors), and that's compelling. It's like Xois was so important that is warranted its own surname in due time.

Yes, it's a long way from Xois to Coys (white pheons), yet I would view Coys as MacKays/MacCOYs whom I've already traced to the Meshwesh side of the 600 Benjamites and 600 Danites. Mackesys also use a coiled green snake. It's not that hard, therefore, to trace Coys to Xois. And so there you have it, the Meshwesh-Jabesh alliance was on Kos with Chrysippus and his mother, one Kos line going to Laius at Thebes, the other to Laish-suspect Elis.

So, what are we tracing here? Blessed Israelite lines, cursed Israelite lines, Israelite-mix with Nile-Egyptian lines, or what? All indicators in the last two updates point to the kingdoms of satan. The snake in the Coys Crest looks identical at it's top section with the Save/Seibe/Saibe snake, and then Sauers (use the Aur/Aures lion) are said to have been named after the Sau/Sava river, which is the main river into which the rivers of the Japodes and Maezaei poured.

It's all very compelling for an origin in Jacobites of the royal Joseph bloodline merged with noble Nile Egyptians out of Xois and into Sychar / Shechem, and moreover to: 1) the Amazon-suspect mother of mythical Chrysippus; 2) the Amazons of Hippodama's Pisa, and; 3) dragonline Romans. This has got to be what God meant when he told Abraham concerning his children in nations as numerous as the stars. Safe to say, these lines to the anti-Christ empire are not rooted in Jacob's religious ideology, but rather in the Egyptian side of the Jacob-Nile merger. Set comes to mind.

Although the 400 wives for the 600 Benjamites were from Jabesh-Gilead, they obtained the wives near Shechem: "...there is a yearly feast of the Lord in Shiloh, which is north of Bethel, on the east side of the highway that goes up from Bethel to Shechem, and south of Lebonah. Go, lie in wait in the vineyards, and watch; and just when the daughters of Shiloh come out to perform their dances, then come out from the vineyards, and every man [i.e. every one of the 600 Benjamites] catch a wife for himself from the daughters of Shiloh..." Why are they called "daughters of Shiloh," and yet we read that the Israelites murdered the men of Jabesh-Gilead to take their 400 virgins (I don't think it happened; it's a mythical digest if what really took place)?

There seems to have been a fundamental link of Jabesh to Shiloh and to certain Benjamites at Rimmon. Shiloh was in the land of Ephraim. Plus, Shiloh acted as the Israeli capital from Joshua's era until the capital was transferred to Jerusalem. Did this situation not have to do with the royal line of Joseph that left Egypt with Moses? Yes, but then some Jacobites may have stayed behind at Xois to melt in with Egyptians, coming later as a larger family to Ephraim and Benjamin.

I've just noticed, while asking why the latter group was given the 600 code, and thinking of "hex," that "Xois" may have been a form of "hexois" or "Hyksos." If correct, it doesn't mean that Israelites were Hyksos, but rather that Jacob came to live in the city / land of Hyksos, whom later, when they acquired the throne, became afraid of Jacobites and therefore turned them into slaves (so goes the Biblical account). In fact, the mounting of the Egyptian throne by Hyksos can thereby be credited to the line of Joseph upon that throne. The Hyksos kings didn't have names common to the early Israelite patriarchs / ancestors. "Khyan" is said to have been from an Amorite name.

Another thought is that "Xois" became the Gois surname using a swan, the Joseph symbol. From this, one can entertain a Xois trace to "Guis / Gace / Goz" and a few other possibilities.

I know exactly what you're thinking, if you've been reading along through the last update(s), that the Joseph surname does not trace to Joseph Caiaphas, but rather to king Joseph. After all, it looks as though I have been wrong with a trace of Caffertys / Overs/Ofers / Heffers to "Caiaphas." It looks like those terms should trace to "Ephraim" instead. If we're even half convinced that Ephraimites became the Paris Trojans, arguing against the latter point may not be wise, especially as Caffertys use a white horse, a Trojan symbol. But then, "Paris" and "Pharisee" are so close. Perhaps it's correct to trace "Caiaphas" to Cafferty terms but not correct to trace the name to "Jabesh."

It seems undeniable that the royal Joseph line has to do with the make-up of Romans from Trojans, and with the dwellers at the Hypsas river who were related to Montechiaro, where I assumed the "charo" motto term of Josephs traces. Yet, there's been a mountain or two of evidence to suggest that both Joseph surnames link to Caiaphas elements, and to the Placentia / Bologna / Modena theater, where I see the birth of Israel's chief priests from military-minded Romans.

There was no tribe of Joseph in the Bible. I don't know of any peoples named, Josephites. I don't think one can trace "Joseph Caiaphas" to any Josephite peoples. But I do think it's possible that those who knew their origins in co-king Joseph would have passed it on generation to generation for quite some time. Besides, the "daughters of Shiloh" can be identified as Jabesh-ites merged with Ephraimites, and that traces to co-king Joseph so that Joseph>Ephraim liners and Jabesh liners became one.

It should indeed mean that Joseph Caiaphas descended from the "daughters of Shiloh," and the gleaning above that Jabesh was in an alliance with the Israeli capital of Shiloh can explain why Jebusites were permitted by Israelites to rule Jerusalem for some three centuries...before the Israeli capital went to Jerusalem at the conquering of the Jebusites by king David. I guess God was claiming, "No, not Jebusites and Shiloh with Joseph, but Judah my Branch for Zion forever."

I think a distinction can be made, that while the Benjamite merger with Jabesh-ites went to Romans and Sabines, the 600 Danites went with the Danais > Chrysippus line to Agrigento. Yet, I feel sure that Jabesh-ites named the Hypsas, so that it needs to be found where the 600 Danites had merged with the 600 Benjamites before reaching Agrigento together. I'm pretty sure it has to do with Aeneas-of-DarDANUS and Creusa as they flirted with Carthaginians. Agrigento is just a short cruise from Carthage. But what named the Hypsas that this Aeneus / Creusa line lived on?

You should always try a capital 'C' on a mystery 'H' term. Recall the Cheps/Jepp/Jabach surname (Roman eagle) that I traced to the Joseph surname, and it would appear that Jabesh-ites named the river.

I kid you not, that when Aeneas and Creusa were traced (last update) to the Hypsas river, when that river's modern name, "Sant'Anna," was suggested as code for "Aeneas/Aeneus" or "Annette" (mythical wife of Aeneus) elements, I had not yet visited the Creusa article. In fact, I just went to it now, after writing the above, to find this: "According to Pindar's 9th Pythian Ode, Creusa was a Naiad and daughter of Gaia who bore HYPSEUS, future King of the Lapiths, to the river god Peneus. Through Hypseus she was grandmother of Cyrene, one of the best known lovers of Apollo."

I'm not lying. It was recalled this moment only that the above was quoted in the 2nd update of February; it had been forgotten it by the last update...because the one before it was so long (over 400,000 bytes, html codes included) that it crammed my memory. There you have it, that a mythical Hypseus entity was part of the Creusa / Chrysippus bloodline to the Hypsas river, meaning that the Jabesh-ites trace to the Lapiths too, to whom Ixion and Nephele belonged. Perfect, for Nephele was already traced (last update) to the nebuly symbol of the Hipps and Favara surnames (Favara is a location beside the Hypsas).

Creusa was a daughter of king Creon of Corinth, a couple of miles from Sicyon (off the east side of Elis), a place that I trace to the Sicanians, who ruled the part of Sicily where Agrigento is found. The Creuse/Crewes surname uses a "Sequor" motto term that, like "Sicyon / Sicani," may ultimately have been from developments of "SHECHem." Just a thought.

One of the things absolutely certain in the last update was the Beatle/Bedwell trace to Anaki in Bethlehem, and a trace of Beatle's/Bedwells to the Hypsas with the Anchors/Annackers. The trace had every appearance of a relationship to the Levite's concubine in Bethlehem, which I'll take as code for an Ephraim relationship with Anaki "giants" in Bethlehem, not forgetting that "Nephele" is likely code for a pseudo-Nephilim cult of giants. This is being repeated because I've just looked up the Cruise surname to find it in Beatle/Bedwell and Anchor/Annacker colors, and first found in the same place, BEDfordshire, as Beatle's/Bedwells. That can't be a coincidence.

The colors of the black roundels in the Lacy and Foy Coats are found also in the Bede/Bedel Coat. And the Beads/Beadle's use the scallop colors of the Capes (Joplin lion?) and Happs/Apps surnames that, surely, trace to the namers of the Hypsas. It's suggesting that mythical Hypseus was of mythical Capys Trojans.

It bears repeating that the lozenges of the Happs/Apps Coat are in the colors of the Schole lozengy, and that the Hebron surname (in Happs / Capes colors) is also "HEPburn," thus tracing the entire Hypsas lot to Eschol in Hebron, home of the Anaki and Amorites, and in the meantime implying that Eschol's giants were merged with Jabesh-ites / Jebusites. The Anchors/Annackers even use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Arms of Agrigento, and colors reversed from the same of the Capes Coat. While the white part of the Anchor/Annacker Shield is ermined, ditto for the white Chief of Capes'. Even if you happen to be a dumb Cyclops with one eye, you can still see here what was happening in the development of history to the present world rulers.

The article says that Agrigento was colonized by a group of Gela peoples to the east who had been Rhodians initially. Perfect. I did not know this when tracing the 600 to Kos and Helios. The black eagle in the Arms of Gela could suggest the Julian/Gillian bloodline.

As soon as I saw "Gela" and a feasible trace to Julius Caesar, I recalled that I wanted to investigate a trace of "Shiloh" to "Julius." In order to do this, it's necessary to find what "Shiloh" may have morphed into in Greece. The first attempt to investigate this just now was with a Chill/Child surname (identified with the CHILLingham location of Hebrons/Hepburns), which I noted to use the same-colored chevron as the Crows, the latter being looked up not long beforehand as per "Crew." The idea here is that the Creusa entity became honored in the Creuse/Crew(es) surname.

The second attempt in seeking Shiloh elements was with "Shill," and there popped up another Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Arms of Agrigento. Even the white symbols in the Shill/Sillitoe Chief matches the white symbols in the Agrigento Chief. It just so happens that Crows and Shills/Sillitoe's share white-on-red roosters. I don't see the Jonathan rooster design very often, but there it is in the Shill/Sillitoe Chief. (It could be noted that Templars could have chosen surnames according to what they thought, rightly or wrongly, they could trace to.)

This is now very interesting where the Chill/Child chevron is also the SELLer chevron that I traced to Silures of south Wales because Tudors use the same chevron again. Sellers are the one's using grail cups...and the Joseph swan exactly!!! It's as though Josephs are tracing with Sellers and Silure's to "Shiloh" in Ephraim. Don't we expect Josephs to trace to Ephraim? Therefore, whoever coined the Joseph surname may have know that he traced to Ephraim.

All four Coats above with a white-on-red chevron use three white-on-red symbols surrounding their respective chevrons. German Sellers and German Shills/Schilers share gold rings, and then there's a gold ring in the corner of the Schole Coat!

Admittedly, amid the excitement in tracing seemingly to "Shiloh," I now see that "Schiler" can be a term from "Eschol." Then, the Scofields/SCHOLEfields use the familiar color scheme above, albeit this may be indication of an expected Schole merger with Shiloh elements. The Scofield Crest has a red bull head, symbol of the Anchors/Annackers.

Amazingly, after it started as merely a theory that Julians can trace to Shiloh, I find that the Schole Crest is the cross type, in the same black color, of the Julian/Gillian Coat. Adding it all up, it looks like the Anaki Aryans migrated to the Hypsas river, where there sits the Agrigento location known to be founded by Julian-line Gela's (Nazi-suspects). As the proto-Roman Benjamites from a Jabesh-Shiloh-Bethlehem alliance were there too, couldn't Julius Caesar (= the Biblical dragon line to the seven heads of the beast) have had ancestry at Agrigento?

Wikipedia's article on the swastika shows an ancient bracelet with a perfect swastika from the land of the Gels/Gileki (Caspian sea area), and then the Julian/Gillian cross looks like the makings of the Nazi swastika. The Gela's in Agrigento were there well in time for the birth of Julius Caesar.

The Anaki Possibility of Ananias

At this point, I was very concerned about finding the evidence needed in linking these lines to the Israeli chief priests. I prayed for it at that moment. It is important now because doubts have crept in as per whether Joseph Caiaphas links to Agrigento's Joseph-surname elements. In spending 10 minutes more after writing the above, it was learned that heraldry leaves tell-tale signs that these same lines to Agrigento do involve the Israeli chief priest, Ananias. You decide.

First, "Crux" was entered to find two white-on-black patee crosses, but I didn't have anything to say about it. Next, "Annette" was loaded to check for signs of connections with Aeneas-Creusa lines to Agrigento, which I assume included mythical Annette. I recalled that Annette's use a version of the SHERwood Coat, important where Schere's and Craig-related Share's/Sheer's had traced (tentatively) from "Sychar."

Annette's then reminded of the Annas Coat using a giant lone star in the colors of the lone Agrigento star, as well as the colors of Beatle's/Bedwells, Cruise's, and Anchors/Annackers. Hmm, not bad, especially as the high priest who had Jesus killed was known as "Ananus" and "Annas." What about that?

The point here is the potential link of the Annas Coat above to Agrigento, for I had read that "Hanan" is what Hebrews called, Annas / Ananus. Then, so stunning, the Hanan Coat, seen many times, was re-loaded to re-find what I had forgotten: three patee crosses in the very colors and shape of the two from the Crux Coat!!!

The Crux surname surely traces with the Creuse and Cruise surnames to Agrigento. I have checked the patee crosses in both the Crux and Hanan Coats; they are identical, and both appear on black bars, one a bend, the other a pale. The crosses are the type that nearly form squares (described here in case they change or disappear). The Crux eagle design is used by Garebite-suspect Greves'/Graves' [whom will be linked late in this update to Grey-Anchor elements). The Crux eagle is also shown in the same white color in the Happs/Apps Crest, for yet another Ananias trace to the Hypsas as well as to the Capes scallops! I couldn't have asked for more than this. The Crux' are the crux of the matter linking Ananias and Caiaphas together at the Hypsas.

The Crux surname happens to show a Crycks variation, very much like the Craig surname that was traced to "ACRAGas," the other name of Agrigento, and, besides, the Craigs use yet another three white symbols (crescents) on yet another black bar (a fesse this time)!!! So, there you have the one, whose daughter married Joseph Caiaphas, tracing to Agrigento.

The "Vive" motto term of Craigs suggests the Veys/Vivians who happen to use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Annas' in colors reversed!!! I had no idea until now that the Veys/Vivians were a line from Ananias, for it makes Fes' / Feys / Fays / Foys / Fife's / Five's / Foix's / Foss' / Faucets and many others suspect for the same. Didn't Foys just trace above to a merger with Lacys from Laish?

The Eure/Ever/Iver Coat is identical to the Hanan Coat except that it leaves out the patee crosses on the black bend. The surname smacks of "Aur(es)" and "AWRaba," and uses a "Numquam" motto term that could be part code for Numidia, the country that overlaps with Aures territory. Irish Evers are the Heffers now suspect with both Awraba and "EPHRaim." The Evers/Heffers are also "Hever" and then SADDOCks were from HEVERsham. Annas/Hanan was a SADDUCee.

The Saddock Shield-on-Shield color combination is used by BEDfords too, BUT ZOWIE, I just took the time, after writing that, to check the Patty surname as per the patee crosses of Hanans, and there was the same Shield-on-Shield color combination! The sneaky Masonic cowards, too afraid to let the world know what they honor, have been revealed. It's like removing the old floor boards, one creaky nail at a time, and finding a rat nest filled with agitated rodents who don't like to see the light of day. And the rats then do what they do best, scurry off into the darkness.

Note that the smaller shields above are white, the color of the Placentia square. As Scotts traced to Placentia with Scute's / Skits, note that Scotts (and related Talbots) use a Shield-on-Shield color combination (white-on-red) of the Placentia square.

I've just noted that Talbots are yet another surname using the two different red lions of Aurs/Aures', important because the Awraba tribe lived in the general area of the Botri tribe with "TalBOT" may indicate that tribe. The red lion head of the Aur Crest is definitely from the fork-tailed lion in the Talbot Crest.

The "Aver" term gets a third red-and-gold quartered Shield (in Avery/Avera/Every colors), this time of the Vere's, from Normandy, where there is a Eure location that apparently links with the Eure's/Evers using the Aver/Vere Shield. The Aver/Vere star is in the colors of the large Annas star, important if I'm correct in identifying "Vere" with "Pharisee." It explains why Hanans and Evers/Eure's share the red-and-gold quartered Shield with Avers/Vere's. But the Maccabee-liner Masseys use it too.

I trace Vere's to Abreu's with the Drakes from the Hypsas river, but I identified Abreu's/Abruzzo's with "APHRODite," an EPHRaim-like term, albeit I hate to make an Aphrodite link to "Ephraim" in case it appears that Ephraim was the origin of Aphrodite, which I don't think was the case. However, it is quite shocking that Aphrodite was the wife of Hephaestus whom I identified years ago, i.e. without any thought of Ephraim and the current discussion, as Jebusites from Jabesh Gilead. If it therefore seems that metal smiths should be at Agrigento, consider the Favara location at Agrigento, a term like "faber" that can denote a metal fabricator or "wright." Portuguese Abreu's use horse shoes, a common symbol of metal fabricators.

[Ahh, a day after writing here, relief. It was re-learned that Bethlehem had the alternative name of Ephrath/Ephratah, and to that term I would trace the Aphrodite cult without a problem, especially to Hebron's Babylonian Hebrews in Bethlehem. In all these years, I've never thought to identify Aphrodite with Ephrath. Rachel died in Ephrath when giving birth to Benjamin, which can underscore why some Benjamites may have chosen to live in Bethlehem. Therefore, the Heffer / Caffer terms may all trace with the line of 600 Benjamites to the old name of Bethlehem. Compare "CAFFERTy" to "EPHRATh."]

"Cafferty"-possible HAVERans/Hearne's use play-on-word herons in the colors of the Favaran Coat and the Cafferty horse and rider, and Haverans show a HEFFRon variation. Although there seems to be something of a good trace to "Ephraim" in all this, yet I traced Haverans/Heffrons some years back to Eleazar AVARAN Maccabee because the chief priest, Annas/Hanan, named one of his sons, Eleazar. That is, with Hanans and Evers sharing Coats, it seems that Evers, and therefore Haverans, should trace to Eleazar Avaran Maccabee.

Of some interest where Hanan-related Craigs show the Cafferty horse and rider, as well as using the Alexander (and Mott) crescent, is that Ananias named his first son, Jonathan, the name of the Maccabee who was allied to Alexander Balas.

An important thing just happened while asking whether "Senussi" was an S-fronted form of "Annas." The question arose because, like Craigs (Carrick ancestors), Senussi's use a white-on-black crescent. "Shannon" (in familiar colors) was therefore entered to find the Carrick black talbot (!), and then Shannons were first found in the same small place (Kintyre) as Alexanders!!! Clearly, Craigs use the Alexander crescent, a very big deal if Alexanders were named by Alexander Balas, for it then tends to trace Craigs and their Hanan kin to the first chief priests of Israel leading into the era of Jesus.

The Shannon colors are used in the Shield-on-Shield of Cannons/Cannans, which happen to be the Shield-on-Shield colors of Scottish Hains (first found in the same place as ANNANdale!!!), who moreover appear to use the Avery fesse, tending to equate Hains hard with "Hanan" and, in the meantime, trace Hanans (and their Crux/Cryck kin) to Annan(dale)s. [Later in this update, for the first time, I stress some Biblical locations of the land of Benjamin, which include Ananiah, also called Chanina, suggesting that Annan / Shannon / Cannon topic right here.]

See also the Gannans/Gannons using the Julian/Gillian and Schole cross, not forgetting that Julians/Gillians are now suspect at the Gela founders of Agrigento. "[Agrigento's] establishment took place around 582-580 BC and is attributed to Greek colonists from Gela, who named it Akragas." I wonder why they named it with that term? There was one hill in old Jerusalem named, Acra. [It was apparently not more than three miles from Ananiah and Anathoth.]

Then, with no coincidence involved, "Sanes" was entered to find the Swan/Swayne surname that also comes up as "Sion," and to my amazement, the talbot dog design in the Irish Shannon Coat appeared in the Sanes/Sion/Swan Coat! It means that Craigs use both the Alexander and Senussi crescent, a big deal for tracing Senussi elements to Alexander Balas. PLUS, the full "Fidelitas" motto of Sanes'/Sions/Swans is used nearly as the entire motto of the Spinks who likewise show the Scottish Shannon black talbot, as well as the Sans eagle, as well as the five mascles that I tend to link to the nine mascles of the SENESchals/Senegals.

Reminder: English Hains were first found in the same place as Hannitys using the blue leopard face of Jabesh-rooted JEFFERsons.

As the Hains surely trace to "Hainaut," while the county of Hainaut uses the three black-on-gold chevrons of the Levi's that were first found in the same place as Chappes', it's very obvious now, apparently undeniable, that the Hypsas-river clans were also the lines of the killers of Christ as they themselves linked to the proto-antichrist line of Seleucids. But there is the additional point that Shains/Sheyne's are also "Cheyne," potential lines from the exodus pharaoh, Khyan. The Sheyne's/Cheyne's use the same fat cross, in the same colors, as the Senes/Sun/Sinclair Coat, the surname that was at first "Claro," part of the Charo/Claro bloodline honored in the Joseph motto and tracing to Montechiaro, just a few paddle's of pirate oars from Agrigento.

As I know that the "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs is for the Conte/Comites surname, it's likely that the "work" motto term of Sinclairs is code for Works/Werks, which gets the Washington bars in black-on-white (Sinclair colors), a topic of two updates ago when on the Janszoon-pirate investigation. It was found at that time that the Palmer/Parmers, first found in the same place as Palms/Parms, use the Washington bars in black-on-white, and it was concluded that this bloodline was from Parma, beside Placenta, the location of the Ananes Gauls who predated Ananias by centuries i.e. so that they are suspect at the root of the one who had Jesus killed. Spanish Palmers even use the split-Shield color combination of the Arms of Placentia. Parma, we read, was established at the same time as neighboring Modena, at about the time that the first-known Hasmoneans/Maccabee's appeared in Modi-in of Israel.

Clicking over to the Italian Palmer Coat, there was the third instance of the Shield-on-Shield colors of Hanan-suspect Cannons and HAINs!!! The evidence is pouring, not dripping. The Palmer fesse is even in the colors of the Cannon bend.

To this it can be added that the feather from a helmet, a Herod symbol used by Craigs and Caffertys, are called a "plume," a term like the Palm surname. To first prove that Palms/PARMs and Plummers were one line, they both use the palm branch in Crest (the Plummers using it a "dexter claw"), and English Plume's and Palms share "vair fur." German Palms/Palmures' (in Favara colors) were first found in the same place (Bavaria) as where Favara elements are expected, and moreover, as nebuly-using Favara's are expected to be a metal-working bloodline along with Fabers (Bavaria again), Plummers use what should be the Ferrari / Sforza lion. Yes, the Pharisee line. The Sforza's are important in this topic, not only because they received title's from Chappes-related Visconti's, and not only because I trace VISconti's to Wassa-suspect WISharts/Guiscards, but because they use a "quince" now tracing to Syria's Qinnasrin location (where Ixion and nebuly-depicted Nephele traced), while Palms/PALMURES' and kin trace to "Palmyra," an old Amorite city in Syria.

Having said that, it just so happens that German Plume's (Bavaria again) use Zionists stars, one of which is in the colors of the same used by proto-Washingtons (Wassa's/GACE's). Recalling that the Wassa star is being traced to the lone Agrigento star (in the same colors) along with GUIScards of Sicily, and that the Guiscards were a Sinclair bloodline expected at Montechiaro's Charo/Clare line, it just so happens that English Plume's were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as English Clare's...and English Fabers/Favre's.

What came first, Shannons and Cannans, or Annans and Hanans? Regardless, it very much appears that the Senussi's are a part of it, important where Obama turns out to be a Senussi on his true father's side. One theory that has not gotten any traction online except from me, is that Obama's true grandfather is Lewis Stevenson, who I tried to link in a recent update to Idris Senussi of Libya in order to explain Obama's excursion into Libyan affairs, his murder of his own Libyan ambassador with Stevens surname, and why Obama looks a little like Idris Senussi in a photo at Idris' Wikipedia article. The interest here is where the Stevenson Coat is a bend in the colors of the Cannan bend. The root of Stevensons is not easy to identify, but I have tentatively traced them with Stewarts to king Stephen of Hungary. You may have caught on that the Plum / Faber topic above involved Stewarts along with Wrights. The latter are not a minor blip on the Obama radar. Wrights are important to Obama's Dunham line, and it's therefore not coincidental that Obama attended the large and influential church of Jeremiah Wright.

"Some of the earliest records include Ralph Wright, burgess of Stirling, and Thomas Wright of Blakenhall in Lanarkshire..." Stirling is where Wisharts/Guiscards were first found; it means that Wrights, said to be from Fabers, probably trace to Guiscard elements at Favara. The Blakenhall location can be attributed to Blackwoods of Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, relatives, I had found, of Carricks who trace with Craigs to the Favara area. In my opinion, Nicholas de Vere helped me understand that Blackwoods were in the Carrick line to the first earls of Moray, the Randolphs in Obama's Dunham line. Thomas Randolph (the first earl) used three lozenges in colors reversed to the three Anchor/Annacker lozenges.

Jeremiah's mother was a Henderson surname, and then the Hendersons/Kendricks (A cubit arm) use what appears to be a version of the flag of king Stephen (of Hungary), using pile-like design in the colors of the Guiscard piles. It may be coincidental that Obama Sr. was from a KENDU Bay area of Kenya, but the Kendrick variation of Hendersons can trace well to Kenza, the name of the Berber wife of Idris of Morocco. Long before coming to the Idris topic, I traced the Hungarian Arpads (founded near the Arad area of the Hungarian border) to Arpad/Arados (or "Arvad"), and it was only recently that I discovered Idris of Morocco from a Massyas location of coastal Lebanon, an area that included, very apparently, the Tartak and the related Arpad/Arados location. Massyas was also MARSyas, very likely from the Amurru/Amorite empire of Syria. Note that Wrights use a "Meritez" motto while Arad is on the Mures near where the Murat-named Khazars lived.

Hendersons must be the same as ANDERsons, from king Anders/Andrew of Hungary. Hendersons and Andersons use crescents in colors reversed to one another, and moreover the Anderson crescent is in the colors of the Blackwood crescent. With Hendersons now tracing very likely to Hungarians/Magyars and/or their Khazar allies, the Henderson stars are likely those of the Eugene's/Ewens using Scotland's "Andrew's Cross."

The white-on-blue scallops of the same Swedish Andersons must be those of Irish Pattersons/CUSSane's, for their Scottish branch was first found in Ross-shire. The Ross clan is traced by it's write-up s to an Andrew, as are Andersons, and I know that this Andrew was king Andrew of Hungary no matter how the first Scotts sought to disguise this, ashamed and proud of it all at once.

The "Stand sure" motto of Andersons reflects the Stands/Stains (Stevenson garland and cloud tracing to Favara) using the Wassa bars in black-on-white i.e. the colors used by Palmers/Parmers. It's likely that the Plummer motto term, "audacter," links with the "audaciter" of Eugene's, and then the Plummer lions are in the colors of the same design used by Augers with a Eugene-like "agendo" motto term. For me, this was the Ugrian ancestry of the Magyar side of Hungarians.

The "sure" motto term links with the same of Kilpatricks, first found in the same place as Annandale, and then Andersons (Clan-Chattan liners) use an engrailed saltire in the colors of the Annandale saltire. It's a small world, isn't it? The Ross lions are in the colors of the Mare/Marr lions (in Damory/Amori colors) that are in-turn identical to the two Strange lions, and the latter surname was the proto-Alan line to Dol that I say included the Pharisees escaping out of Jerusalem in relation to 70 AD. I say the Mare's/Marrs were from Maurice/Marot Drummond, a grandson of king Andrew (of Hungary), and son of a George who seems to trace, via George surname(s), to the same place (Agrigento) as Craigs.

In the Arpad/Arados article: "(Arados was also a Greek name for Muharraq near Bahrain." Then, the flag of Bahrain is quite similar to the flag of Stephen and of the Henderson Coat (similar to the Franconian Rake in the Arms of Bavaria). When first learning of this coincidence, it made me think that globalist corporations / Illuminatists of the Franconian-Bavaria kind, with a Hungarian/Magyar backdrop, built up Bahrain with some special deal granted to the rulers of Bahrain.

There gold garb in the Stevenson Crest as appears in the Joseph Crest probably due to the "mago" motto term of Josephs relating to Magyars. The Joseph-Chief garbs belong to Cheshire, I am certain, where Obama's mother's side traces without doubt. Moreover, as Senussi's and SINGLEtarys are suspect as Sinclairs/SINGULars/Senes' out of Montechiaro, where the Joseph motto leads, it's not likely coincidental that the Joseph-Chief garbs are used by Comyns while Sinclair-honoring Conte's/Comites (that is, the Conteville's) ruled at a Comyn location. Why are Magyars tracing to Agrigento? King Stephen married GISela of Bavaria (not many years before the Guiscards of Sicily), but thus far I don't know how the Bavaria term links to "Favara." The implication is that Stephen's line with Bavaria was at Joseph-related Montechiaro.

The Mosca's at Montechiaro had traced to the Mouse Tower at Goplo, and so it's likely that the "cupid" term of Stephen-related Hendersons is for the Goplo line to Cupids/Cobbetts using the cloud symbol in Crest. It's feasible that Cupids trace to the namers of the Hypsas.

Italian Palmers were first found in Nephele-like Naples, which provides the opportunity to speak of mythical Capys, the reported founder of Capua (near Naples). The Capua surname was first found in Naples too. The father of mythical Capys was made AsSaracus, a term that seems to have a "Saracus" imbedded that looks like the makings of "Acragas" because that location is at the Hypsas river that is itself a Capys-line suspect. Recalling that Acragas was supposedly named by the peoples of Gela, it's notable that the Arms of Gela is an eagle in the black-on-white colors of the crowned lion in the Capua Coat. These are the colors of the Jewish Levi/Levin(e) lion.

ZOWIE! After writing all that, to my amazement, and thanks to taking the time to load the Levin surnames, white-on-black footless martins, the colors of the same in the Gannon/Gannan Coat, were found in the English Levin Coat, important because the Ananias-suspect Gannons/Gannans use the black-on-white Julian/Gillian cross!!! It's tracing Julius Caesar to Gela and Agrigento, isn't it, even to the Hanan- and Hain-suspect Cannons/Cannans. A similar or same-colored cross is used by Sheyne's/Cheyne's, and then Cheneys use footless martins!

Usually, these martins are called, martlets, this being code for the Martins and Martels, both first found in Gascony. I reported many times that the Martel crown design was previously identical to the Spanish Capet/Cepeda crown, important because Capets are suspect with the Caputo variation of Capua's. Since reporting it, the covered-type crown designs of both Capets and Martels have changed, and yet they both changed to the same design yet again. Of capital interest here is that Capets were first found in Aragon, and then Aragon named Aragano at Agrigento! Just like that, Capets and mythical Capys are tracing better than ever to the naming of the Hypsas river, meaning that the Capetian dynasty of Franks, which took over after the Carolingian dynasty started by Charles Martel, was a Jabesh-ite one! Reminder: the Montechiaro's traced to Boso, an ally of the Carolingian, Charlemagne.

The Capets above can be traced to Placentia by their split Shield in the gold and green colors of the split Belgian Fleck Shield (version of the Pollock saltire), the colors also of the split Fulke/Folk Shield. It just so happens while these terms alone trace to the namers of Placentia, English Flecks/Flacks (first found in the same place, Norfolk, as Fulke's/Folks/Volks and Dunhams) use a version of the Palmer/Parmer Coat, thus tracing the namers of Placentia to neighboring Parma too. For further thought, compare the Belgian Flacks with Spanish Baez'/Pelaiz' who smack of the Place/Plaiz surname (Norfolk again) that I trace to the namers of Placentia/Piacenza. German Volks use the split-Shield colors of the Place/Plaiz Coat.

I suppose the possibility is that the evolution of terms was something like Khyan > Shyan > Shannon > Hanan > Annan, or Yanassi > Ianassi > Anassi > Annas (Yanassi was the name of Khyan's firstborn that may have ended up as the name of a close family member). As I identify "Khyan" with "Ixion," note that his wife, Nephele, smacks of "Naples." Regardless of what they say, that the origin was in "Neopolis," it may not have been so originally. In the last update, Nephele traced solidly to the "nebuly" symbol of the Hipps and Favara's, two entities of the Hypsas river.

The Nobels share the blue lion with Cupids, a blue lion suspect as the Caiaphas lion. Hendersons, who use a "cubit arm," show a "NOBILitat" motto term. We get it. Cubits/Cobbetts were a Caiaphas line, weren't they? And their Cobbert variation is like "Covert/Coffert." Why do Hendersons use "three silver piles coming from the SINISter side"? [Later in the update, when the Benjamin locations are listed, note Nob, for in the same list there is an Ananiah = Chanina location.]

Compare "Favara" to "Avaran," for the Haveran/Heffron Coat (the Lang pelican) is in the green and white of the Favara nebuly, and moreover the Favara greyhound design is of the Flack-related Palmers/Parmers too, while Fabers/Favarins were first found in Modena, along the mountainside road from Bologna to Parma and Placentia, where I could expect the origin of the middle name of Eleazar Avaran Maccabee. It's predicting that the Favara's were at Modena, where I expect the origin of the Maccabee line that birthed Caiaphas and/or Ananias (I'll keep using that spelling as I've been using it for over a year).

The MacAbee/MacCABE surname, first found beside Kintyre (home of Alexanders), and now suspect from the Capys bloodline at the Hypsas, uses white-on-green, the Avaran/Heffron colors. The Cable's/Cabbels are likely a MacCabe branch because they use white-on-green lattice, but be sure to contemplate this lattice or "fretty," used by Modena-suspect Modens who in-turn use their lattice (with mascle-like look) in the colors of the SENESchal mascles.

The old Mutina term for Modena can link to Motts, using the Craig / Alexander / Senussi crescent. This recalls when the Motts/Morte's led from the Parma area, by way of Mortons, to Wiltshire, beside Somerset's Bath (some 20 miles from the city of Bristol), and then Cable's/Cabbels were first found in Somerset. It may be more than mere detail to add that English Sommers use the Cable and MacCabe white-on-green, but do note that the Idris gang from Fes traced (as per the Fos' of Somerset) to the Bristol channel at Somerset and Monmouthshire, the latter location suspect with the naming of Hasmoneans, and related to the Mott-like Mauds using a version of the Monmouth Coat, and having a Magor location suspect with the anchor-using Majors/Magors.

The "Impavido" motto term of the Somerset Cable's/Cabbels suggests the Pavitts/Pafeys/Paviers (footless martins) because they were likewise first found in Somerset. The Pavier variation is betraying a root in "Favara," and then Pfiefers/PFAYfers use another green Shield (in the colors of the Morgan lion that was part of Morgan le Fay), and share the anchor symbol with Magors and Fabers. It just so happens that GlaMORGAN/Morgannwg is smack beside Monmouthshire. As it can't be another coincidence that the gold Pfiefer anchor is used by FAYERs/Fairs/Phaire's (Pharisee elements?), we have just found mythical Morgan le Fay in Favara elements. It's a big deal, not just for tracing Pharisee lines from the Hypsas, but for tracing them to Bavarians.

Nebuly-suspect Knobels (with a 'k') were first found in Bavaria. It's hard to make out, but the Knobel arrow design may be that of the Bosons who were part of the Montechiaro-related Boso's, called Bosonids. Now read: "[Favara] possesses a Castle of the 11th to 15th century noble Chiaramonte family, erected in 1280." The cloud in the Arms of Favara may not be coincidental as the Favara Coat uses "nebuly," and so it appears that Caiaphas-line Nobels and Knobels are tracing to Favara and Montechiaro, as expected.,_Sicily

If that's the Montechiaro castle in the Arms of Favara, it's evoking the McLeods/McCLOUDs, using a castle in the colors of the Favara cloud. In fact, what a breakthrough, for the McLeod Crest is a bull with banners!!! While a bull is used by Charo's/Claro's, the same bull design holding a banner is used by Boso's!!! That's huge in many regards not yet realized, but, for one, where McLeod septs include the Herods/Hurls in the colors of the Favara-suspect Pfiefers.

On her mother's Burgundy side, Gisela of Bavaria goes back to the Rudolph, of Burgundy (where Bosonids ruled), brother of the woman who married the Bosonid, Richard the Justiciar, duke of Burgundy. Rudolph's daughter married Boso of Tuscany. Therefore, Stephen of Hungary married a Boso liner, even if loosely speaking. I'm assuming that Boso liners came first, then Montechiaro's of Sicily, explaining again why Hungarians of the Stephen kind are tracing to the Hypsas theater.

As McLeods lived on Skye and Lewis, it should explain why the Lewis Crest is the white sitting griffin of the Jefferson Crest! Yes, this is verifying that Jeffersons (Hannity kin) are indeed the Jabesh-ites through the Hypsas river. Didn't Jeffersons trace to Monmouthshire and Glamorgan? Yes, and they traced to Glamorgan because Lewis' were first found there. This is some more corroboration that Favara was root to the witchy circles of Morgan le Fay. As Craigs were definitely from Agrigento, let's repeat from above: "The "Vive" motto term of Craigs suggests the Veys/Vivians who happen to use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Annas' in colors reversed!!! I had no idea until now that the Veys/Vivians were a line from Ananias, for it makes Fes' / Feys / Fays / Foys / Fife's / Five's / Foix's / Foss' / Faucets and many others suspect for the same." As we can glean, Pfiefers trace to Fife's.

It's not a coincidence that the McLeod castle design, in the same colors, is now showing in the Coat of Martel-related Martins. As these are the French Martins first found in Gascony (i.e. where I trace Wass'a//Gace's/Gassons), it's not likely coincidental that English Martins use the Washington bars. But the new learning is that Martins and McLeods are likely using the Montechiaro castle at Favara, just five miles from Agrigento, and less as the bird flies. Reminder: the Hipps surname not only shares nebuly with Favara's, but uses martins/martlets.

Note for the Luo topic to come below, which includes Lewis lines in my opinion, that the Hipps martins are in the colors of the same of Singletarys, for the latter were discovered as SENESchal/Senegals while the sphinx in the Hipps Crest suggests the Seneschal-related Spinks (lest you've forgotten, and I don't blame you, the Spink eagle is also the Sans and Dunn eagle).

Then, the Blackwoods, who had linked to the Wrights that were themselves tracing to Favara's metal-smith theme, use one mascle in the colors of the Spink mascles. This Favara discussion is about to return to the proposed true grandfather of Obama, Lewis Stevenson, suspect with a Luo-liner from the Senussi Libyans.

As the Faber / Fayer / Pfiefer anchors are expected to link to the lozenge-using Anchors/Annackers (probably the proto-Ananias Anaki line at the Hypsas), expect lozenges as we go on, because I have found some important ones, in the colors of the lozengy of Favara-like Bavaria, in the English Pavier/Paver Coat (said to be named after a paving company, har-har). It's strongly suggesting that Bavaria was rooted in Favara / Faber elements as they moreover linked to Pavers, which gets more enlightening where it's said that the Bai founders of Bavaria were Boii, who were also (as with Fabers) in the Modena theater.

The Bavarians trace to early lines (6th century) in Garibald and Tassilo. It just so happens that the Tassel Coat (Bedfordshire) is a version of the Craig Coat. It suddenly allows a trace of Bavarians of the Tassilo kind to Agrigento, perfect for tracing Bavarians to neighboring Favara.

Tassilo's were perhaps named after the tassels worm by Israel's chief priests. Waddaya think? The line of the chief priests in Bavaria? Does that spell "Illuminati"? Garibald and Tassilo were from the Agilolfings, now smacking of the Gela peoples (proto-Guelphs?) who had founded Agrigento some 1,000 years earlier. It just so happens that Garibald II, son of Tassilo I, married a gal named, Geila (zowie), whose father's side was Lombardy. Lombards may trace to Lom on the Ister river, a location also known as Almus, smacking of Olmos, the quasi-mythical father of Arpad, founder of Hungarians.

Garibald I and Tassilo I (may have been father and son) had relationship with Lombards, the namers of white-and-green (i.e. Favara colors) of Lombardy. I trace the Bavarian lozengy Shield to Garibald because Grimaldi's, who use a lozengy Shield too, should be from Grimoald of Bavaria (716 AD) , and then a lozengy Shield is used also by the Scottish Lombard surname.

This brings me back to the Gris/Griim Coat using a giant star (in Grimaldi colors) like the giant Annas star (the two stars are even in colors reversed). Waddaya think? Ananias lines to Grimoald of Bavaria, right?

Geila's brothers were Tasso and Kakko of Friuli. There is a Tasso/Tassino/Tassone surname (like "Taksony") first found in Bologna. The Tasso/Tassone Coat uses a bear, a Bavaria-surname symbol at times.

I can no longer doubt that the lines of Israel's chief priests were at the Hypsas. They trace back to French royalty easily now, and so when Stephen married the Boso line of Gisela of Bavaria, all linking by way of the Stephen flag to Franconia's Frankish lines (the Salians, if I'm not mistaken), it could have been one conglomeration of Caiaphas-Ananias groupers in the middle of Europe (Holy Roman Empire turf) like an incurable migraine headache in the middle of a soul taking its final breaths. And in the accompanying fever, the Bavarian Illuminati was formed, as when a sick man in desperation doesn't know what he's doing. And calling darkness light, the world is now well into the realm of insanity, as the Frankenstein beast lingers alive. And the world laughs when it should weep, and celebrates when it should fear. It moves "forward" in the same direction toward a fatal insanity, delirious and thinking that it's evolving toward the light, but it's just the light from a pinched nerve in the brain swelling against the skull from the migraine.

The Pharisee possibility in Fayers/Fairs/Phaire's is a good one. Then, Pavitts/Pafeys/Paviers and Paviers/Pavers can suggest a trace of Favara elements to the naming of Pavia, on the Tessen river than may be named after Tassilo elements. After all, Pavia is in Lombardy. It just so happens that Laevi co-founded Pavia as Ticinum, and then the Hipps Shield is split horizontally in colors reversed to the Shield of squirrel-using Decks/Deckers that I have traced for over a year to "Ticino" along with Annan-suspect Tecks/Tess'/Tease's, first found in the same place (Switzerland) as a Ticino canton...leading down to Italy's Ticino river. Don't Tecks smack of Thecks/Thicks from the Sithech ancestry of Shaws?

The Tease/Tyes/Tigh surname is interesting for using the Belgian Tassel/TASSIN Shield (it's the Alan Shield too), and stars in Annas-star colors, as well as some red stars, the color of the Gris/Griim star.

Many months before finding this trace just now, of the Bavarians of the Paver kind to Pavia and the Ticino river, I claimed the unthinkable, that the Hungarians Magyars, known to be from the Khazaria theater way over yonder outside of Europe, had ancestry at Pavia and the Ticino river. As one piece of evidence amongst much, there was Taksony of Hungary (son of Arpad), but also Levente, brother of king Andrew of Hungary. It seemed that Levente was named after the Laevi of the Ticino. Andrew and Levente was grandsons of a daughter/sister of Mieszko I. The Tease'/Tyes' above were first found in Nottinghamshire, named after the son (Cnut) of Mieszko's daughter, Sigrid.

Levi's use a lion in the colors of the Capua/Caputo lion. Plus, the martins of Pavitts/Pafeys/Paviers trace to hammer-using Martel, kin of Capets. The Pavitts, by the way, look like a branch of COVERTS/Cofferts, important where king-Stephen-related Hendersons honor Cupids/COBBERTS. The Drake's, who trace to the Hypsas river easily, use a "CAPTat muscas" motto phrase that should be in honor of these Capet / Capys lines between the Drago river and Montechiaro.

Let's Chat Obama and Libya

When seeing the three blue-on-white lozenges of the Paviers/Pavers, the lozenges were searched for in a surname featured in recent update, and found in the Fell and French Loy/Louis'. That's where the Luo and Stevenson topic hit me in the face. I know there's a lot for you to remember in all this, but it's my job to do the bulk of remembering. What seems very important now is that Loys/Eloys/Gloys/Gleys (Bavaria) use the colors of the Gels/Jells; it has the great potential to trace Loys to Agrigento's Gela peoples. There is a Julian-Caiaphas and/or Julian-Ananias bloodline suspect from Agrigento, and if Luo liners were a part of it, what does it mean?

If you read the Lewis Stevenson parts in the 3rd update of February, you may recall that Jesse Fell was ancestral to these Stevensons. Here's one thing said in that update:

The Fells use blue-on-white lozenges, the colors of the Loy/Louis/Luyie[/Lews too] lozenges. What do you make of that? For how long have Rockefellers been merged with Luo elements? The Luy terms can suggest Lug terms, and so note that Lugers/Lewgars were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams. German Lugers use the black Cabrera goat...

Cabrera's, part of the Montechiaro family, were first found at Aragona, about 15 miles north of Favara, and moreover, while having a Cabe / Cable look to them, CABRera's smack of the Cabeiri/Kabeiri cult from Hephaestus and Aphrodite, a cult having a homosexual priesthood called, Galli, now suspect at Gela. As Hephaestus was the god of Lemnos, where Sintians lived, note the SINDER location at Dunham Masci, where the Mosca kin at Montechiaro trace according to our fly Sign (it was not a sign to me only):

"Dunham Massey is a civil parish in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. The parish includes Sinderland Green..."...The article goes on: "The George Harry Grey, 7th Earl of Stamford and 3rd Earl of Warrington...Roger Grey, 10th Earl of Stamford...The deer park at Dunham Massey is the only medieval park in Trafford to survive to the present."

That was from the last update. It taught me that Dunham Masci was controlled by the Greys...Joplin kin using the anchor theme on behalf of Anchors/Annackers who trace back from Agrigento to the 600 Benjamites. If that was also the line to Caiaphas, note the GREYhound in the Gell/Jell Crest (Hounds look related to Thicks/Thecks and Shaws). Entering "Trafford" gets an upright griffin in the colors of the upright Drake wyvern.

Why did God want us to know that Obama traces to Drake-related Musca's at Agrigento? This entire revelation would not have happened if not for three basic things: 1) the fly Sign; 2) the execution Dream; and, 3) YS emailing on the Cabrera's. I would still have been banging my head against the wall otherwise, but these three things were a fast-track to the origins of the Caiaphas and Ananias bloodlines, at Agrigento, to grant the keys for making many others pertinent insights. But why would God want this revelation to take place?

I suppose now is the time to talk a bit on an email from GD, where she found the daughter of Lewis Stevenson married to an ambassador to Turkey. At that time, I reflected on the report from Wikipedia that Idris I Senussi, king of Libya, fled Gaddafi to Turkey with his wife, Fatima. Why Turkey? Did it have to do with Lewis Stevenson mating with a sister of Idris so that president Obama is from that sister, explaining why I see some of Obama's features in the photo (or is it a portrait?) of Idris? Here's the article that GD was taking from:

Elizabeth Davis Stevenson ("Buffie") Ives, author, historic preservationist, sister of Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson II (1949-1952), was born on July 16, 1897, at the Bloomington, Illinois, home of her maternal grandfather, William Osborne (W.O.) Davis [surname of Frank Marshall Davis, journalist, suspect by many as Obama's true father], co-founder and editor of the Daily Pantagraph, a Bloomington newspaper. Elizabeth and her brother Adlai were the children of Lewis Green [Doun/Down stag design] and Helen Davis Stevenson...She continued her education at the Lake Shore Drive School for Girls in Chicago [Obama stomping grounds, as well as of Frank Marshall Davis] (1914), at Miss Wright's school [surname of Obama's Chicago pastor for some 20 years]...and in private study with psychologist Carl Jung [stag in Doun/Down stag colors] in Switzerland (1920). Her education was enhanced by frequently family trips in Europe and the United States.

In 1926, after a brief career as a professional actress, Elizabeth accompanied her mother and brother on a tour of Europe [socialite?]. Here she met Ernest Linwood Ives (1887-1972), who at the time was serving as First Secretary of the American Embassy in Constantinople, Turkey. After a brief courtship, they were married in Naples, Italy, on February 5, 1927. On April 9, 1928, they returned to Chicago, where their son, Timothy Read Ives, was born. In the following years...Ernest served as Consul General in several of these [European] cities. In Algiers and Stockholm, the Ives' participated in archaeological excavations.

Why Algiers, the Algerian capital, a country next to Libya, and a city beside the Aures-Berber theater? Can we imagine Lewis Stevenson having access to a sister of Idris in this picture? Here's what I wrote back to GD:

Just found the photo [below] of Fatima Senussi with the wife of a Libyan ambassador with Tappin surname that uses the same chevron colors as Stevensons [keep in mind that while Hillary Rodham was closely involved in the murder of Obama's Libyan ambassador with Stevens surname, the English Stevensons and Roddens/Rodhams share the same-colored bend]. Note how TAPPIN and STEPHEN are similar. The Tappin ambassador was in the 1950s, meaning that Steven liners may have been Libyan ambassadors going back a few presidencies to the time of Adlai Stephenson [actually, there doesn't appear to have been ambassadors or something near-equivalent to Libya until king Idris I].

In another article: "In 1949 The UN General Assembly had passed a resolution stating that Libya should become independent before January 1, 1952 (Resolution 289). On December 24, 1951, Libya declared its independence under King Idris."

So, Tappin gets the job from 1954-58...If you recall, Adlai Stevenson's ancestry included the Fells, and here we find that the very first man appointed to Libya in 1951 (on December 24) was a Lynch surname using a version of the Fallis and Feller/Felmen/Felltrager Coats (in Stevenson / Tappin colors), In other words, the freeing of Libya to king Idris was [a project assigned] to Rockefellers, and Obama's mother's worked for them, so I have read.

Next up in Libya after Lynch was a VILLARd surname, a term like "FELLER...

[Not until proof reading here was the Linwood surname checked as per the middle name of Elizabeth's husband. It turns out to be the Linwood/LYNGwood surname, in Lynch colors. Suddenly, Elizabeth's husband looks like a bloodline-lust choice, with her husband having blood links to the first Libyan representative over the Idris throne. Lyncidence? I don't think so. It really looks like Obama was a grandson of Lewis Stevenson with a Senussi gal, and if that explains Obama's expenditure's of the American tax-payers on the Libyan front, to prop up his own family in Libya, that's conflict of interest worthy of impeachment. But if Obama allowed his own Libyan ambassador to die in order not to ruffle the feathers of the Senussi will in Libya, that's worthy of prison.]

Adlai Stevenson married a Ewing, and then Ewings/Eugene's, like Tappins and Stevensons, use a blue-on-white chevron.

The Tappin-Coat description at this time is: "...a blue chevron between three vine leaves." Yet the coat is showing the oak leaves used also by Alans, and because Stevens are a branch of Stewarts, it seems clear that the Tappin vines are code for the Levine's, first found in Brittany, and using the Dole(e) grape vines. Therefore, modern royal Libya was also a Stewart effort, wasn't it, when the UN globalists launched their schemes on that country. The Tappin Crest description: " A [white] shield on a vine stem on a mount."

The Levins, who could be a branch of LeVine's (Brittany), are interesting for using what could be a Singletary-Dunham combination: 1) the Dunham-style dancetty between Shield and Chief, and, 2) the white footless martins of Singletarys.

Tappin variations include: Tamblyn, Taplin, Tomblyn, Tomline. It just so happens that the green-on-white leopard faces of English Stevensons are in the colors of the greyhounds used by Tomlinsons. The same colors are used by Favara's, with the same greyhound design appearing in the Favara Chief. I did not know this part when tracing Obama earlier to Favara's. This paragraph was conceived after pasting the quote above here from the email box. Amazing coincidence, or else I'm on the right track with Obama roots at the Hypsas. The Obama ancestors, the Wolfleys (Cheshire), likewise use green and white.

Recall the Singletary martins/martlets as they just linked to the same of the Favara-related Hipps'. Now see the two spears erect with a martin between them in the Dunham Crest. There are two erect spears in the Tom Crest!!! You have just seen evidence that Obama's Dunham mother linked to the Stevenson-related Tappins/Tomlins put in a high place in Libya by Rockefellers seeking to achieve corporate possibilities, like people who won't leave opportunities for others if possible, like beasts always seeking any pool of profit whatsoever to capitalize before someone else gets it. Gods forbid that someone who really needs the opportunity should find it first. The Tomlinson description: "A savage holding a spear."

The Sommer dancette, a symbol used also by Dunhams, is in the same shape as that in the Tom Coat, and the Sommer dancette is in green-on-white. Here's a repeat from above: "It may be more than mere detail to add that English Sommers use the Cable and MacCabe white-on-green, but do note that the Idris gang from Fes traced (as per the Fos' of Somerset) to the Bristol channel at Somerset and Monmouthshire..." It was the "Impavido" motto term of the Cable's/Cabbels (erect sword, always traced, as of a few updates ago, to Cyrene, location of Senussi's and Benghazi) that brought up the Pavitts in the first place, soon-after discovered to be a branch of Favara's.

Thus, Obama is again tracing to the Mosca - Montechiaro theater only a few weeks after the fly = Mosca Sign. But why is Obama seemingly looking like an Idris liner in the meantime? Does this revelation have to do with God wanting us to find the smoking gun for the Obama crime in Benghazi? I sure hope so.

Aha! One English Thomas surname shares the nebuly design with Hipps' and Favara's! The other English Thomas' use a black talbot (Carrick symbol) and Carrick colors, suggesting strongly now that Thomas' trace with Carricks and their Craig ancestors to Agrigento (compare with black greyhound and colors of Gells/Jells, adding to the evidence that Gells/Jells trace to Gela elements at Agrigento). The Carricks even use a dancette of their own, now showing in the shape and black color of the same of Toms. German Thomas' (a duck) were first found in Favara-suspect Bavaria. See also what should be the Stevenson bend in the Czech Tomas Coat.

[I did not know here that this update, while seeking a sister of Idris of Libya, would lead to the African nation of Chad for much of the remaining update. Late in the update, while investigating Obama's social security number, the Kellys come up big who use the enfield griffin. Therefore, see the enfield griffins of Welsh Thomas' upon a split Shield like the Chad Shield (surname first found in the same place as Dunhams). It just so happens that Lewis Stevenson was involved with a Chicago governor of a Dunne surname who married a Kelly. More later.]

Recall that I traced the Elis Olympics to Scipio's at Agrigento, and that the mythical-Chrysippus line to the Hypsas was given an Olympics symbol anciently, for the latter English Thomas' use the El(l)is Coat. The Mosca surname, where Obama traces without doubt, was first found in Pisa of Italy, a colony, surely, of Pisa at Elis. Chrysippus was a product of Elis.

Therefore, the namers of the Hypsas are expected in Tuscany, wherefore let's not forget Boso of Tuscany, son of a Bosonid ruler of Arles in the Bouches-du-Rhone area that also has Auriol/Auriou, two locations that might just be from the Aures Berbers. Auriol is also in gold on green, the colors of Roquefeuil, and moreover Auriol is in Roquevaire that may itself be using the red Gris/Griim star because, while the Dumas write-up traces to "Le Mas in the arrondissement of d'Auriol," Le Mas is near Grasse, itself near Monaco, where Grimaldi's had/have holdings.

I don't know for sure what people group the Thomas' and related Toms are from (the nebuly-using Timms/Timms were traced to "Timna" of Seir), but clearly the Tappins who were chosen to be Rockefeller puppets in the Idris royal Libya are linking hard to them as they trace to the Hypsas with Obama lines. The Tappins were first found in Breconshire, where the Welsh Thomas' were first found who use the Toms ravens. Brecon-suspect Bricks use a string of lozenges as do Musso(lino)'s that I think trace to Mussomeli on the north side of Favara / Aragano. As God's concern with these lines are their ancestry in the 600 Benjamites, it needs to be kept in mind that Benjamites may have named Benghazi.

The Musso(lino)'s use the colors of the Bugs and Bavarian Bogens, the colors also of Bavaria-suspect Gells/Jells. I know that the Bogens were at a deeper root in owning the Bavarian lozenges than the Wittelsbachs. While Bavarian lozenges are now tracing to the same-colored lozenges of Favara- and Bavaria-like Paviers/Pavers, it just so happens that "water bougets," a symbol of the Bugs Coat, are found in the Tape Coat, important as per the Tappins/Tomlins/Taplins. The Tape the Shield-and-Chief color combination is even in the colors of the same of the Arms of Agrigento.

The Tape Chief uses what I'm guessing are the Seller grail cups (they show identical at this time, colors included), important because the Seller Crest is exactly the white swan used by Montechiaro-honoring Josephs. Can we thus claim that the Caiaphas line was placed in charge of Libya by the UN? Do the Senussi's trace to Caiaphas too? I know the Senussi's trace to Obama's Singletary > Dunham line, but that was discovered having nothing to do with the Tappin / Stevenson discussion here. Right now, the Seller / Tape grails are in the design of the Shaw grails.

By what coincidence do Hounds, brought up as per the Favara greyhound suspect with Joseph Caiaphas, use three lozenges in the positions of the three Pavier/Paver lozenges, and moreover showing ermined-white lozenges, the lozenges also of Shaw-related Thicks/Thecks, in colors reversed to the ermined lozenges of English Shaws? As Shaws are said to be from "SiTHECH," a Saddock-like term, by what further coincidence is the Hound Shield-on-Shield in colors reversed from the Saddock Shield-on-Shield? [Later, when the father of Idris Senussi leads us to Chad, it's discovered that the Chadwicks use a version of the Saddock/Sedwick Coat, suggesting that Chad was named by Sadducee elements.]

Whose white footless martlets are in the Saddock Coat? Those of Singletarys and Hipps', right? The Hipps' were even first found in the same place as Dunhams. Earlier, it was said:

...the Hipps Shield is split horizontally in colors reversed to the Shield of squirrel-using Decks/Deckers that I have traced for over a year to "Ticino" along with Annan-suspect Tecks/Tess', first found in the same place (Switzerland) as a Ticino canton...leading down to Italy's Ticino river. Don't Tecks smack of Thecks/Thicks from the Sithech ancestry of Shaws?

The Dykes use the Deck/Decker squirrel that traces with Annans (i.e. Annandales) to Placentia's Ananes Gauls, who are suspect in a relationship with the Laevi Gauls on the Ticino for obvious reason. But then the Dickensons are suspect with Dykes (and Shaws), and it just so happens that six white footless martins are used by one Dickenson Coat, which must link to the same-colored six footless martins of the Apple's and Applebys, important because the martins of all three Coats are on a blue Shield, meaning it has to do with the "blue apple" riddle out of Rennes-le-Chateau, where Caiaphas traces with the da-Vinci-code satanists. These martins are in the colors of the Vincent QUATrefoils, code for Rennes-le-CHATeau elements merged with neighboring RoqueFEUIL. French Vincents use a Shield-on-Shield in colors reversed to the same in the Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau.

[In the Chad investigation, the Chats are included because, as with Chads, they were likewise first found in the same place as Dunhams, but the point here is that the Chats may be using the black cat of quatrefoil-using Croms. In this picture, it looks like Chad was named by Rennes-le-Chateau elements, which explains why Rockefeller elements could be involved (France is the country that colonized Chad). Seeking what it was that named Lake Chad, there was found a rumor that it was named after a Chad Lowe, which for me is very interesting where I'm seeing Luo elements in the McCloy/Lowe surname to be emphasized below. A John McCloy was reportedly part of the cover-up on Obama's true father.]

I've repeated many times that the quatrefoils of the Croms also trace to Rennes-le-Chateau along with the Crom-Crest CAT, but eventually it turned out that Croms and similar others, including green-and-white Crombie's, traced to "CREMona," beside Placentia. It's been a while since the Vincent Coat has been re-loaded, and I learn only now that its "dabITUR" motto may be a sign of Vincent linkage to the Idris Itureans.

...This symbolism hits you immediately when you walk in the door of the church at Rennes-le Chateau and see those opposing statues of the demon Asmodeus and Jesus Christ staring at the same black and white chequered floor, which itself symbolizes the balance of good and evil."

Speak for yourself as to what the checks symbolize, but for me they are heraldic checks of a certain bloodline, likely including the Spanish Major/Majordomo surname. English Majors are anchor- and greyhound-users that must therefore trace to the Bethlehem Anaki / Jebusites / Benjamites. It's clear that Majors trace to the Favara / Hypsas theater, and while the Hypsas was re-named Drago, note that the Major / Fayer/Fair / Pfiefer/PFAYfer anchors have tips like the tip of a wyvern dragon. The very definition of a wyvern is one having such a pointed tail (as well as only two legs).

"ASMODeus" looks like a cross between "Asmon" and "Modena" elements. Wikipedia's Asmodeus article says that Kabala view the demon as a half-human creature from the Biblical king David, if that shows you how twisted and moronic Kabalists are. Doesn't it suggest code for the Israelites or even the David line merged with the Jebusites he conquered in Zion? The article also says that JJ Tolkien used the Asmodeus character in love with a Sarah, which has got to be the same as Tolkien's Sauron character (lord of the rings that should trace to Chrysippus in Elis) now identified with the Sauro/Saura surname, first found in Sicily due north of Agrigento. The Sauro dragon/griffin is the design of the one in the Vince/Vinch Coat.

But let's go back to Elizabeth Stevenson, daughter of Lewis, suspect as the grandfather of president Obama. We saw that Rockefellers in the UN decided to take Libya as their own, using Idris I, with a declaration in 1949 "that Libya should become independent before January 1, 1952 (Resolution 289)." They pulled it off, easily, I assume, on December 24, 1951. But as this Stevenson family was related to Jesse Fells, couldn't these very Stevensons have been a part of the Rockefeller efforts in Libya? After all, Adlai Stevenson II, Lewis' son, was the Illinois governor between 1949 and 1952. What a coincidence? And Chicago is in Illinois.

Could it mean that Lewis was himself involved in Libya in earlier years, while Idris' sister (or cousin) was young enough to bear Frank Marshall Davis. Jesse Fells was a grandfather of Lewis' wife, and that's what could have gotten the Stevensons involved in Rockefeller Libya.

Suppose that Lewis' daughter, Elizabeth, had married a surname that traces to Libya [when writing here, I didn't know that she married someone who middle name (Linwood) links to Feller-related Lynch's], or at least to Agrigento. Would that help? Elizabeth married a to-and-fro, world-running diplomat, something we could expect in globalism-building. Where did Elizabeth get her "Buffy/Buffie" nickname, if that's what it was? By what coincidence do the Beouf, Boeff and Beaufort surnames trace to the Boofima cult (where we should expect Asmodeus) while the Beaufort-related Roets use a "Quaerere" motto term, like the "quarere" motto term of Buffys/Boughe's??? Don't the latter smack of Bogens / Bugs?

The Angle's/Angels who use the Nagle/Angulo lozenges had traced to Agrigento, and then the Buffy Crest is "An angel praying between two laurel branches." The Angle and Nagle lozenges are blue on gold. The last time that lozenges were emphasized, they were blue on white and linking to Bavaria and Favara.

The Angle's/Angels are the ones using a "super" motto term that connects to the global scam, "Super Committee for the Fiscal Cliff," a scam that Obama is quite-apparently part of, a scam to mimic the financial collapse of the world so that people not in their right minds can "fix" it "for us," and in the meantime reach their grubby hands deep into the cookie bowl to take unto themselves. The Supers (pirate flag) use a version of the "engrailed" cross of "Commit"-using and Senussi-related Senes'/Sinclairs. And Cliffs (in Super and Sinclair colors), who trace to the same Glaphyra Archelaus as the Aures / Idris Berbers, use a version of the Fisk Coat. I didn't know until now that Fisks use an "itur" motto term. Fisks were first found in the same place as Clare's.

Both Fisks and Cliffs use gold stars on black bars, though in place of one of three stars, Cliffs ("cruce" motto term traces to Chrysippus / Creusa elements on the Hypsas) use a trefoil, a Rockefeller symbol going way back. It's the Rockefeller-Rhodian merger that created Cecil-Rhodes Illuminatists the feet of whom Obama kisses unashamedly. The Cliff and Fisk stars are used as "mullets" by Seleucid-suspect Sellicks, first found in the same place (Herefordshire) as Cliffs.

The nine billets of the Supers are code for the Bilderberg bloodline. The Billets were first found in the same place (Maine) as swan-using Josephs. The Billets use what I now call the Caiaphas star. English Billets, first found in the same place (Devon) as Supers, use the Bellows Coat who in-turn share a black wolf head with Cliffs. The Skipton-related Shiptons use three bellows, and then while Scipio traced to Agrigento, the Bellows / Billets use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Arms of Agrigento. The Shipton Crest eel is suspect with Elis elements to which the Scipio rings trace along with the Olympian, Chrysippus.

Isn't Sicily where the Mafia called home? There is a Mafia brotherhood, Fratellanza_di_Favara, from Favara in Sicily.

Who else uses a green dragon aside from Seatons/Satans? The Sauro's, first found in Palermo, use their green dragon on what appears to be a rock. The webpage below tells that there was a Palermo family of Mafia allied to the Favara Mafia that had initiation ceremonies almost identical to those in American Mafia circles i.e. showing coordination. Chicago-Mafia circles are mentioned at the end of the page. I've had inclinations to view Obama involved with Mafia.

The Palermo Coat (unicorn) uses two Zionist stars that I figure go to the same of Bavarian Weis' that I see at the root of the Bavarian Illuminati. Remember, Obama and his circle provided the May-1 hoax of the killing of Osama bin Laden, and May 1, the high holy day of Bel, the chief satanic holiday, is the day that Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati. This is important where "Favara" is now tracing to the same that named "Bavaria," the Pavers who share blue lozenges with Buffy-related Angels.

So, was Elizabeth Buffy Stevenson a friend of Chicago-land Mafia? She married an Ives surname, and then the Ives Coat is identical to the Coat of Orells, a branch of Orrs who were from the Aures Berbers, and in cahoots with the Guiscards of Sicily, pirates never satisfied with their lot. Wasn't the Buffy angel "praying"? The Pray/Dupres Coat uses the bend colors of the same of Botters who trace to Botri Berbers.

Didn't we just see the "itur" motto term of Mafia-suspect Fisks? Don't Itureans trace to Massyas in Lebanon, who in turn trace to Messina? By what coincidence does the Messina surname use Zionists stars in the colors of the same of the Palermo and Weis surnames??? Don't Angle's share the pegasus with Masseys? Couldn't that have become the Palermo unicorn? Palermo's and Messina's share the same four colors.

Why do Fisks use a pale bar? Are Pale's related to Palermo? I see that the Pale's, in the colors of the IDDERs/Beaters (!), use a bend in colors reversed to the Weis bend, and the latter's bend is in the colors of the bend used by Jacques de Molay (i.e. an Idris Iturean), while the Arms of the latter incorporate the patee cross in colors reversed to the same of Messina's. There is clearly a Mafia link to the Bavarian Illuminati at some point in Sicily's history, and Obama appears to be parked right up beside it. In fact, the tenets of the Bavarian Illuminati were Mafia-like strategies to infiltrate governments for the purpose of pillaging by having their hands on governmental controls. Isn't that the very definition of Obama's presidency? Everything he says is an angelic cover for his demonic purposes.

The Maffia surname is listed with the Massi/Mattis surname. Moreover, as we saw that Fey / Fife / Pfiefer lines traced exactly, via Bavaria-related Pavers, to Favara, by what coincidence do we find Maffie variations in the Scottish Fey Coat? I wrote that before seeing the Fey/Maffie Coat again, and had forgotten that it uses the nebuly symbol used also by Favara's and Hipps'!!! It's suggesting that the Mafia was named after the Massi bloodline, an outcrop of corporate piracy on the seas that ended up at Bute, for one. Dutch Veys and Masseys share a boot as code for Morgan le Fay in Bute.

It's interesting that while Hipps use a gold sphinx (code for Janson-related Spinks), the Fisks (Illuminati checks in Vair- / Jansen- / Hohen-check colors) use a gold pyramid. It could be that the sphinx is the only code of the two symbols for a surname, while the pyramid is simply code for Hipps relations, in which case this alone traces Fisks to the Hypsas. However, I've just re-learned that Fisks call their pyramid a "triangle," code quite obviously for the Angle's. The Masonic pyramid may thus be code for the Fisk bloodline alone rather than tracing to Egyptian pyramids.

The Gillie Coat compares well enough to the Fey/Maffie Coat to trace to the Gela entity that founded Agrigento.

I wonder what general Mattis is gearing his plots toward in the world of global misconduct? Last I heard, he wanted to invade Syria with arms, but Obama denied him. Last I heard this past week, Obama has sent (or is sending) some 60 million dollars to the Syrian rebels so that they can arm themselves without the appearance of American intervention, as if this will fool the Russians, eh? So, this week saw news that Russia has conducted a large nuclear-weapons drill, the largest in 20 years. Obama wants to make it appear that the aid is for medical purposes and so forth, but what's the difference if for every so-many bandages granted, there's money saved by the rebels to buy a bullet?

Here's from the proposed grandfather of president Obama:

Lewis [Stevenson] followed in his father's footsteps as a Democratic Party leader. He served as his father's private secretary while his father was Vice President of the United States from 1893 to 1897. Later, Lewis served as chairman of the Illinois State Board of Pardons, president of the Illinois Centennial Commission, and as Secretary of State under Governor Edward Dunne.

What? Stevenson served under a Dunne surname? You're kidding? And he served his father who was the U.S. vice-president? I can see how this family could work to elevate Obama to power. Dunne had been a mayor of Chicago. He married a Kelly surname using the same white-on-blue lion as the Falls. The lions are in the colors of the Doun stag, as well as the Stevenson and Tappin Coats.

We can also ask why Lewis' wife has a Louise middle name. Assuming its her mother's surname, we can ask if there was Luo blood there too? It just so happens that a Lois(e) surname uses an ostrich in the colors of all three Coats above. Moreover, I'm about to trace Dunhams to Chad below, where I think I'm seeing Traby elements, which the Lois ostrich may represent. Chad and the Luo tribe of Kenya are quite distant, yet Chad comes into the picture only because the father of Idris I saw his Senussi family scatter to lake Chad. What I found at Chad geography over 20 minutes was astonishing. The point here is that I traced the Loy/Lews/Louis Coat -- the one with blue-on-white lozenges like the Pavers/Paviers -- to the Luo tribe, as a suggestion, anyway, which may mean that Adlai Stevenson married a Luo liner, which can explain why Obama Sr. got into the picture of Ann Dunham.

Chad: where no Heraldry Hunter has Gone Before.

The last time I proposed that Obama's grandfather mated with a Senussi to give birth to the Negro communist, Frank Marshall Davis, the theory was looking dim, and was overwhelmed by other topics, anyway. As I found myself back on that difficult topic now, it required going back to the article on the father of Idris Senussi, seeking a sister of Idris that may have had Negro genes. Unfortunately, the daughters of Idris' father, al Mahdi, are not listed in the article. However, lookie here:

Under the leadership of Al-Mahdi, the Senussi order arrived at the height of their influence and spread, building their Zaouias where water and pasture were available, and spreading south to the Ouaddai Region and Lake Chad. The Oasis of Kufra became the center of commerce for the desert regions...

I'm not ready to trace Cafferty / Heffer terms to "Kufra," but it is interesting where the term is said by Wikipedia to mean "to cover," as when a seed is covered by dirt. However, COVERts/Cofferts are in the colors of Covers. An additional point is that "EPHRath," the other name of Bethlehem, is said to mean, "doubly fruitful," and "kafir" is supposedly from the idea of covering a seed with dirt. However, note that "cover" is similar enough to "kafir" to place the latter in the Indo-European language group, and for me, this may indicate the covens of witchcraft.

I got my atlas out and started looking at the lake Chad area when reading that the lake was partly in Cameroon. Cameroon was recently mentioned when learning that Obama had a Punch surname for his great-grandfather to the 11th generation. The article claimed that a Bunch branch of Punch's had representation in Cameroon, and that's when I learned that Camerons and Punch's both share red and gold horizontal bars. It reminded me that many locations and Coats of Arms in Africa need to be viewed as per British and French colonies in Africa, especially from the Rothschilds and Rhodes', who were part of the Fabian socialists of Britain, and, possibly, Frank Marshall Davis', American communist, had a father who was part of Fabian circles.

In a chapter of the post-trib book, I stressed Stanford University and it's affiliate, Stanford Research Institute, as a product of the British Illuminati, but it's interesting that it was only in the last article that the Stamfords (= a variation of the Stanford surname) and Greys were found to rule Dunham Masci, where Obama traces. The Greys had traced by their anchors exactly to Anaki of Bethlehem, and the Greys have been suspect with the Graeae Amazons of Boofima.

Stanfords/STANDfords (Staffordshire) use goats in that familiar white on green used by Favara liners, and Stamfords/STAINfords (Staffordshire) use gold-on-red lions in the colors of the leopard faces of Stems/Steins (first found in the same place as Dunhams). There is obvious potential there for Boofima elements, and it should be added that while Coverts use a gold leopard face too, Coverts entered my writings due to a Covert who was once a witch, or into witchcraft, anyway, who I think was sent into my email life for the reason of God's purposes in what I'm doing.

Stands/Stains, who I see in the Arthur motto, use double bars in black-on-white, as do Palmers/Parmers, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Stands/Stains. The Flecks/Flacks, first found in the same place as Dunhams, use the same bars again. Above, it was said: "...the Favara greyhound design is of the Flack-related Palmers/Parmers too."

Majors use the same greyhound design as well as an anchor tracing to the Anaki liners from Bethlehem, and moreover Majors were first found in the same place (Guernsey) as the Footes location that I'm tracing to Put/Phut in Libya. The Gernons with "CyFOETH" motto term are traced to "Guernsey," and then de-Gernon was a son of le-Meschin who had rule over Dunham Masci.

Why are Dunhams playing into this concert of surnames that trace to Africa in various ways from elements of Dunham Masci??? The Meshwesh Berbers, right, who formed the Mafia at Favara, right?

I think we should pose the question above to the cloud in the Stand/Stain Crest, for the cloud is the "nebuly" used by the Favara surname, and then it was discovered above, just in time for seeking Luo > Lewis elements in Chad / Cameroon, that the McLeods/Clouds were a branch of the cloud line at Favara. McLeods lived at Skye and LEWIS. What a coincidence where Lewis Stevenson may have been named after a Lewis surname in Stevenson ancestry. What does the hand from the cloud hold in the Stand/Stain Crest? It's a garland, a symbol of the Scottish Stevens Crest, and, in fact, a hand from a cloud holds the Stevenson garland too! What a doubly fruitful coincidence, especially as I identified Nephele with Ephrath-suspect Aphrodite.

I named this section after Star Trek for a reason, and included William Shatner's television show, "Weird or What," for another reason. I'll get to the reasons soon, but here I'd like to point out again that English Stevensons use the same bend as Roddens/Rodhams while both surnames were first found in the same place (Northumberland). Star Trek was founded by Gene RODDENbury. Moreover, the Covers use that bend, and the Covert person who came into my email box had an additional surname, Maness, likewise first found in Northumberland. Coverts and English Stevensons share the leopard face, but the Stevensons use them in green, a color that I've typically traced to green-colored Libya.

The Stevenson / Rodden / Cover bend is in the colors of the same of French Fayers/Fers'/VAIRs, important for; 1) the Morgan-le-Fay witch line; 2) the trace earlier of Scottish Fayers/Fairs/Phaire's to Paver > Favara lines; 3) the "vair fur" used in the Stamford Coat, which Coat, if stripped of that fur, has a white-on-red saltire, the colors of the bends under discussion.

I'll give it to you straight now, that William Shatner came to mind with "Chad," for Shatners are also "CHADbolts." There is probably much to say here in regards to the Bolts / Balts and similar surnames, but I must stay on track. The Amore's, suspect with the Amorites and Garebites, use nebuly in the same way (horizontal bars) as Favara's. The gold garb in the English Stevenson Crest is suspect with Joseph Caiaphas, but garbs trace to Garebites while I found the Biblical hill, Nephtoah, that could have named Nephele, right beside mount Gareb some 1.5 miles west of Old Jerusalem. In the land of Benjamin, there was Neballat location: "Neballat definition. wickedness in secret, (Neh. 11:34), probably the village of Beit Nebala, about 4 miles north of Lydda." It carries the idea of witchcraft "cover." One can also find the following online: "Two and a half English miles northeast of Mizpeh is a village called Bir-Nabala (i. e. the pit of wickedness)..."

The article above was found the morning after my interest in the Chari river at Chad. This section was born when finding a Bousso location on the Chari river, for the Charo/Claro and Boso surnames share the same bull exactly. How about that. Then, the Bolt-suspect Bullets/Bullheds use what appears to be the so-called "bulls scalp" of Cheneys, making it very suspect that Shatners/CHADbolts trace to "Chad." As Garebites linked to Amorites have been identified (my be) as the Hyksos from pharaoh Khyan, and because I identified these Hyksos with Ixion and Nephele, it's starting to speak loudly here of their trace to Chad's Chari river. Note the Cheney-like Chanina term in the quote below that is said to be the alternative name of Ananiah. The article above adds:

The sons of Benjamin were at -- Ananiah, Chazor, Ramah, Gitthaim, CHADid, Zeboim, NEBALLat, Lod, and Ono, (in) the valley of CHARAshim." (Neh. 11:32, 35.) Ananiah is probably the village Beth-Chanina, situated 3 English miles north of Jerusalem on the road to Mizpeh."

I don't know where to start commenting after viewing that quote. Due to what I know already, I'll assume a trace of Chad to "Chadid." By what coincidences did the Hypsas-river clans, which included the Charo's at Montechiaro, trace to the Caiaphas and Ananias lines as well as back to the 600 Benjamites??? It's making Ananias suspect from the Cheney-suspect Ananiah / Chanina location min the land of Benjamin. It can also explain why the chief priests of Israel traced to the Khyan Hyksos. It's important that the Amore Coat (shares the Favara nebuly bars) shows a black bend, used by the Evers and related Hanans; the latter surname uses the symbols of the Crux's that trace to the Chrysippus Benjamites on the Hypsas.

Earlier, I was thinking of showing the Gond/Gand surname as per the "Quondam" motto term of Stevenson-related Tappins. I decided not to show it at first, until making a link of the Tappin vine symbol to the Levin Coat using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Gonds/Gands in colors reversed. I didn't even realize at the time that the green hair on the man in the Gond/Gand Crest should be a symbol of vines. It reminds me of the so-called "green man" carved into the Rosslyn Chapel who has vines growing out of his mouth and all over his head and face. Isn't that evocative of the snakes used for Gorgon heads?

The Gond/Gand Crest is officially called, "A man's bust." The Bust/Boast surname (Buckinghamshire) is the Bois/Boys surname that I've viewed from the Bush's of Bosca (in Khyan-suspect Cuneo), and routinely equated with the Coat of Cheneys (Buckinghamshire). The Bois surname is very close to the Boso(n) surname so that Bosca can be traced to Bousso on the Chari river. By what coincidences is the Boso-related Charo/Chari surname also "Claro" while Rosslyn Chapel was built by the Norman Claro's who Anglicized their name to "Sinclair"?

Reminder: the Boso surname was part of the Bosonids who link to the Boson/BOYZon/Bouzan surname using the Bolt arrows (almost), which is another very good reason for tracing Shatner's/CHADbolts to the Chari river's Bousso location.

There is another Bust surname showing a "demi-woman" much like the "man's bust" of the Bust/Boast/Bois Coat. It floored me to come across this other Bust Coat using a vertically split Shield (with dancette) in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of the Chad surname, first found in the same place as Dunhams. I had loaded the Chad Coat only minutes before seeing the Bust Coat, thus tending to prove that Bosca at Cuneo traces to Chad's Bousso location. The Boson/BOUZAN arrows are in the colors of the Dunhams, and Bosons were first found in the same place as Dunhams.

Why are Dunhams tracing to Chad with Tappins and Stevensons? Does it have to do with Dunham links to the Luo tribe of the Obama family?

I don't yet have an opinion on whether "Bousso" should link to "BOOFima," but I can add that there's a goat both in the Bush Crest and in the Arms of Chad, and that the Arms is an obvious European creation. Note that the Arms of Chad uses dancetty bars in the colors of the Dunham dancette. The Boofima goat is expected to trace to the Cuneo goat at the Stura / Argentera valley near the Boves location, and so let's remind here that the Boofima cult had traced back to satyr suspects in the line of Abraham and Keturah. Keturah traced to Thebes and to Hephaestus suspect with the Jebusites / Jabesh-ites so that her lines are expected in exactly this discussion. Let me remind of the Ketur-like CHAZOR location in the Charashim valley of Benjamin.

As I can't conceive of a Woman-like surname, the "demi-woman" in the Chad-related Bust Coat should be code for the Demy/LeMay/DuMay surname, which I now find using no symbols aside from a chevron in the colors of the chevron of the symbol-less IDDER/Beater Coat! This is huge for the suspected links of the Chad Coat to Beatle's/Bedwells...and therefore the Bethlehem. See shortly below for that topic. But first, see the Chenu/Chanut/Cheynue Coat without symbols aside from a chevron in colors reversed to the two chevrons above. There's much evidence for tracing Cheneys to Chad.

I haven't seen many upside-down chevrons, and can think of only two at the moment, in the Chenu/Chanut Coat, and in the Loy/Eloys/Gloys' Coat (leopard faces). Could this be indication that Cheneys and the Ananias line were Luo tribers? Later, I'll explain how Luo liners can trace to the land of Benjamin, not forgetting that "chevron" traces to "Hebron."

Here's from someone asked why inverted chevrons exist: "per chevron inverted is an uncommon field division. I don't think I've seen more than a couple of examples in the armorials in my possession...Craig Levin." Notice his surname, which I've linked to the Tappins. The Chenu/Chanut chevron is in the colors of the English Cnut/Canute/Knot chevron, suggesting that Cheneys led to royal Danes. Danish Cnut's use "pot hangers" and "banners," and then the Hangers/Angers use a griffin split in the two colors of the Cnut/Canute/Knot Coat, and meanwhile the griffin is partly in the gold color of the McCloy/Lowe griffin. McCloys/Lowe's are a focal topic below where Obama's birth as a Stevenson liner was disguised with a fake father with the help of a high-level McCloy/Lowe surname (a globalist). The Hanger/Anger griffin is in the colors of the Angle/Angel lozenges.

Demy-suspect Mays use a leopard similar to the Mosca leopard, important for the Mosca marriage to Montechiaro.

Aside from the Chad Coat using the patee crosses in the colors of the same of Messina/MASSINa and Jacques de Molay, there is another story to be had in that the Chad cross is a distinct variation of the "potent" crosses used by Skits/Skeochs and Scheds/Sheds. Scheds/Sheds were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Palmers/Parmer's who traced to Parma, bedrock of the Israeli chief priests. Scheds/Sheds share patee crosses in both colors of the Chad patee crosses, and so we are talking Scythians now, expected in the Gorgonic / Graeae cult of Medusa, and moreover the Skits and Scheds traced to the Setta valley, the location expected of the proto-Sadducees. If you recall, the Sched-related Scotts use a bend in colors reversed to the de-Molay bend. It just so happens that Scheds/Sheds were first found in the same place as Capes-related Bead/Beadle's who definitely traced with Beatle's to the Hypsas.

BEHOLD! Scheds use a split-Shield, not only as per the Chad Coat, but as per the Bust Coat with demi-woman. The Skits are the ones using their potent cross with the hourglass that had linked to the Guis/Guido hourglass suspect with Guido's in the Setta valley. But Guido Guerra ruled at BEDOLEte, smacking of the Bodele area of Chad! On my atlas, "Bodele" is spelled with accents over the 'e's, suggesting the French.

The Chari river passes very close to the neighboring MASSENya river, and then to the north side of the Massenya there is a large Bodele desert area (still in Chad) while the German Bodel Coat shows a gold version of the white wing of Messina-related Masci's. The Chaine/Chenay surname showed a white Masci wing until recently, but what's even more suspicious is that, while French Gobels showed the Masci wing in gold until recently, English Gobels are shown properly with "bolt/bold" endings and show what should be the Bolt / Boson arrow or "bird bolt."

Prior to the English Bush Coat now showing, it used to show a fleur-de-lys either on red-on-gold fesse, or a fleur o a gold-on-red fesse, but I have taken the position of gold fleur on red fesse for quite some time, as my memory best recalls, which are the colors of the fleur-de-lys on the Bird fesse. It is probably important that while the Bird fesse is in the colors of the Beard bull, the Beard/Baert/Bear (Brittany) bull is in the colors of the Charo/Claro bull! It's tracing Birds to the Chari / Bousso area, where Boson-related Bolts and Cheney-suspect Bullets are tracing.

Here's on Barack Obama Sr.: "While still living near Kendu Bay [Kenya], Obama attended Gendia Primary School...From 1950 to 1953, he studied at Maseno National School..." Hmm, might his Luo tribe have been in the Bousso / Massenya theater? The Massenya flows about ten miles from the Chari near Bousso. We saw that the "man's bust" of Gonds/Gands (first found in the same place as Chenu's/Chanuts) should trace with Busts/Bois' (and Tappins) to the Bousso river, and here we find Obama Sr. at a Gendia location. I don't yet know whether Gendia relates, but Belgian Gends use a white-on-green (Libya possibility) moline cross, and then there is a moline cross on the breast of Jacques de Molay at his Wikipedia article, meaning that Gends can trace to the Chads and related Scheds.

Lets go back to the Bodels, and consider that the Dunham Coat shows like both BUTLer Coats. German Butlers were first found in the same place (Prussia) as German Bodels. Therefore, Dunhams are tracing to Chads Bodel area smack beside the Massenya river tracing to Masci's of Dunham Masci, right? But then, Randolphs, from the earls of Moray, use the Dunham Coat exactly while the German Bodels show three stars in the colors of the three Moray (and Stevenson) stars!

As the fly Sign told us that president Obama must trace to the Mosca's at Montechiaro, isn't it shocking that the Chari river is beside the Massenya that is beside the Bodele area where both Dunhams and Massina-related Masci's are now tracing? Again, Messina's/Massina's use the Chad-Coat patee crosses.

If you have a telescope, please study the leopard in the Bottle/Bootle/Butill Crest to see if it's the Mosca leopard, then report back to me. Thank you. But even if they are not the same design, the Mosca link to Bodele is safe to make, I think. Bottle's/Bootle's were first found in the same place (Lancashire) that the Beatle's band came out of, and so keep Ringo Starr in mind until I get to the Star Trek topic below as it traces to Chad...where Captain Kirk of Star Trek has already traced.

The Poitou entity in the Bottle/Bootle write-up suggests that Bodele was a region named after Poitou elements, which recalls the trace of the Boofima-suspect PetitBOIS entity to Poitou. As was found from YS, "Petitbois" was related to the Metis natives of America, and then a mythical Metis was trace-able to "Medusa," the basis of the Boofima/BaphoMET cult. The Petits were traced to the Smalls, and here I find that one Small Coat is a Shield split in the two colors of the split Chad Shield. German Smalls (in Smell colors) share the saltire of Messeys/Messier's, first found in the same place (Burgundy) as same-colored Chenu's/Chanuts and bust-using Gonds/Gands.

Between Bodele and the area of Libya that was home to the father of Idris Senussi there is a Faya location, perhaps related to Morgan le Fay in Bute, for Bute is of the family of names to which Bodele can trace, for example the Butlers and Butils.

Weird or What is a television show narrated by William Shatner. For all you youngsters, Shatner played Captain Kirk on Star Trek, where the driver of his Starship Enterprise was named, Scotty, a term that can trace to the Scott-related Skits and Scheds using a version the Chad cross and Coat. Plus, Shatners are the ones with CHADbolt variation. Weird or what?

I looked up the Weird/Weerd/Wardz surname, with the first thing entering my head being the eagle of the English Botter Coat. It is perhaps not by chance that the Botter eagle changed last week or even this week as I write, for it's now in red on gold, the colors of the Beard/Beart bull which was emphasized above for being in the colors of the Bird fesse so as to trace Beards/Bearts to Chad with Birds and Bolts. Have you noticed how Weirds/Weerds could be a Beard branch, in other words? The Botters above even show as "Bods/Bodin" so as to be (likely) part of the namers of Chad's Bodele.

The arrow design of the Bolt surname is used by Enders/Henter, the surname that I had traced (many months ago) to the code, "Starship ENTERprise." Both the Enders/Henters and Bosons use their three arrows on blue Shields.

I would not for the moment assume that all clans now tracing to Chad had origins there. It's more likely that we are seeing European clans stemming into Africa with French and British colonization. However, I do think that some entities in north Africa, such as the Meshwesh and Benjamites, are ancestral to Templars and Masons. I have a strong sense that the 600 Benjamites/Meshwesh from Benjamin's Charashim valley settled the Chari river, along with Cheney-related proto-Ananias lines. Perhaps this is the reason that I now find myself on the Chari river as a result of seeking the president's lines in the Senussi. The fly Sign caused me to emphasize the Mosca-Chiaro marriage, but immediately after finding that marriage, I launched into a major investigation on Obama links to Benghazi and the Senussi Cyrenians, and it's the father of Idris Senussi that now has me down in Chad, where Dunhams lines are tracing strongly.

The red eagle was the symbol of the counts of Wurttemberg, including Zahringers, who gave the eagle to Hohens. I mention this because the Weird/Weerd surname (a falcon) shows also as "Weertenberg."

A Weird-or-What thing just happened, like when a comet falls out of the sky through my roof. It was last night that the What Coat was loaded immediately after viewing the Weird/Weerd Coat. But it was moments ago when the Potell Coat was found seeking P-version Bodele elements. By this time, I had forgotten what the What Coat looked like, but moving on from the Weird page, I scrolled to the next Coat, which was the What Coat having the same-colored (white-on-green) chevron of the Potelle Coat!!!

This is not just a piece of asteroid through my roof, but the whole comet, because the Star Coat uses the same colored chevron. I knew this last night, and it of course has to do with William Shatner's Star Trek, a code-studded show that sought to lead the people forward in so-called "progress," away from Biblical principles, away from the Garden of Eden," into the technological future. Illuminati satanism, that is.

The Star Crest is a "cat-a-mountain...with a paw resting on a gold estoile," which for me is a 666 code (I view lion paws as 666 liners from the Boofima cult). As you can see, there is a human eye in the Star Crest. One of the first clans that I traced to 666 was the Trabys (married rulers of Vilnius), followed shortly afterward by the Astika's in Vilnius. I'm not going into the details again, but suffice it to say that the "Unitas" motto term in the Arms of Vilnius was found in slightly-different form by clans related to Vilnius. I now find that the motto in the Arms of Chad is: "Unite, TRAVail, Progres." It looks so Traby-Vilnius. Above the motto is a Masonic cross and a gold-on-blue Zionist star, the color of the Weis / Messina Zionist star.

"Progres" may be alternatively a code for the Gris / Grey entity amongst African Amazons. Anchor-honoring Greys would be right on the Anaki-of-Bethlehem track to Bodele, if that's a correct trace. Yes, don't Anchors/Annackers use the Beatle/Bedwell lozenges? Yes, and a Beatle trace to "Bodele" has much merit as per the arguments made above. "Bedwell" is expected from a Bedell variation, but look at the Beatle write-up: "...Bidwell was said to be a picturesque hamlet lying to the north-west of Houghton village. There is an early record of a Stephen de BEDEWEllin in Essex in the Calendar of the Close Rolls, in 1229." It just so happens that, in Wikipedia's article on Moroe/Merowe (Sudan), the city was also "Bedewe," and for the moment we can entertain that the Amorites who named Merowe were from Jerusalem, just four miles north of Bethlehem. Amorites also lived with Abraham in Hebron, where the Anaki also lived.

The Hebrons in CHILLingham traced to "CHILderic," the first MEROVingian king. Yes, I traced mythical Merovi to "Merowe/Bedewe." I also traced Merovingians to "PADOVA" in their ancestral land of the Veneti, and claimed that Padova named the BATAVI at the mouth of the Rhine (Netherlands), where Merovingians had their Salian-Frank ancestry. Therefore, it can be expected that the namers of Bedewe in Sudan were at Bodele, or at least in the Beatle surname, first found in Bedfordshire. The Bedford surname uses lions paws, possibly on the Saddock/Sedwick Shield-on-Shield, and an "ANINum" motto term perhaps in honor of lines from Ananiah, three miles north of Jerusalem at Nob / Neballat, the proto-Nephele suspect.

It's a new idea that I'm producing now on an old idea. The old idea is Aphrodite named after the "EUPHRATes" river, and bring along Hebrews to name Hebron after the Khabur/Habur tributary of the Euphrates. The new idea is that she (didn't exist) -- that is, her cult/priesthood/nation -- named Ephrath, the proto-Bethlehem, after her. Then, I gleaned that queen NEFERTITI was named after "Aphrodite," and from this I assumed that Nefer elements named mythical Nephele, who was really a branch of the Aphrodite cult at Nephtoah, three miles north of Jerusalem, where the quote way above locates Ananias and the valley of Charashim. I did not know until now that "Charashim" is defined after craftsmen/fabricators, which smacks of Aphrodite's husband.

From I Chronicles 4:14: "Joab, the father of Ge Harashim. It was called this because its people were craftsmen." This Ge Harashim is "Charashim" in the King James bible. Strong's Concordance has the word at #2798, said to be plural of "charash," and the latter (#2796) is defined as "a fabricator." However, the entry at 2796 traces to #2790, another "charash," defined as "to scratch," which for me starts to bring tattoo-making to my intuitive senses. The latter "charash" has further definition: "to devise (in a bad sense); hence (from the idea of secrecy), to be silent...conceal...graven..." Then, the next word (at 2791), "cherish," is defined as "magical craft; also silence: -- cunning, secretly." It's bringing to mind that cover / coven idea that is in the KAFIR term that is itself a little like "APHRodite."

For the word, "Charashim," Strongs defines as "mechanics, the name of a valley in Jerus[alem]". I can't find anyone else locating it at Jerusalem, but the cities of Benjamin (not far from Jerusalem) listed in Nehemiah 12:32-35 has them in the "valley of the craftsmen" which, according to Strongs, uses the plural of 2796 = "charash." However, my Hebrew interlinear (Jay P Green) claims that "valley of the craftsmen" uses #2791 = "cheresh," the word for magical craft.

I don't know which of the Benjamite cities were in the valley of the craftsmen, but here is a word-for-word translation from my interlinear: "...Anathoth, Nob, Ananias, Hazor, Ramah, Gittaim, Chadid, Zeboim, NEBALLat, Lud, and Ono, the valley of craftsman." Is it just Ono that it's that valley, or the entire string of cities, or is the valley of craftsmen a location separate from all the rest? Regardless, I say that mythical Nephele (portrayed as a cloud in Greece) was at Neballat, a nebula-like term, and that she was a branch of Aphrodite, wife in Greece of the craftsman god, Hephaestus, part of the line of Abraham and Keturah.

If correct to identify the leader of the Kabeiri, Hephaestus, with Jabesh-ites / Jebusites, then suddenly the proto-Roman Jabesh-ites can trace to this valley of craftsmen, explaining why the 600 Benjamites had been made merged with 400 Jabesh-ite virgins. The Roman Hephaestus was Vulcan, typically traced to mount Etna, perhaps not coincidental with the fact that Etna is in the Messina theater. That is, by what coincidence have I been identifying the Jabesh-ites with Meshwesh to Messina, and here we find Hephaestus in the Messina theater? As Hephaestus was paired with Athena, chances are good that Athenians named Etna.

BUT LOOK, for Vulcan was made a son on Juno, identical with Ino of the Etruscans, and then I trace both chief goddesses to the Una river, where Maezaei lived, and these goddesses smack of ONO (!!!), the last location mentioned in the Nehemiah-11 list before the mention of the valley of craftsmen! WOW. Ono is the root of mythical Aeneas, founder of the Romans, for the Una is also "Oeneus." As "Oeneus" was made into a wine theme in Greece/Anatolia, consider that I trace Dionysus (the wine god) to the Maeander river flowing through Caria, for "Charash(im)" may now trace to the Carians, and from that view, the Charo/Chari surname (and the Chari river) can be formed.

We can now be confident that what has been suggested to this point is historical reality, albeit its predictable that I've got some unknown mistakes in there. The next proposition, if you're willing to buy into it, is a trace of the Loys//Eloys/Gloys' or Loys/Lews/Louis' -- Luo tribe suspects that should include Lewis' -- to Lud, beside Ono. Here is the end of the list from Nehemiah: "...Neballat, Lud, and Ono, the valley of craftsman." Lydia was also "Lud," and Ezekiel lumps Phut in with Lud, albeit there must be more than one Lud besides the Lydians. The latter were an outcrop of more-ancient Luwians who I say produced the Luo tribe in Africa, probably from the Leto > Apollo line of Myso-Lydians to the Cyrenians.

Didn't we see a trace of Cheneys to Chad without doubt? Recall the Chanina location thought to be that of Ananiah: "Ananiah is probably the village Beth-Chanina, situated 3 English miles north of Jerusalem on the road to Mizpeh." Then, I said that the only two upside-down chevrons that I can think of are in the Chenue/Chanut and Loy/Eloy/Gloy Coats. How many hundreds of Coats have I seen? Doesn't Ezekiel suggest that there could be a Lud branch in the Phut area of Libya?

Can we find other evidence tracing Luo suspects to Lud? Did you read me when I traced the name of the Luo god to "(Dio)Nysus," the wine god now tracing to Ono??? The sheer magnitude of this find is shocking. The Obama's, suspect from Seleucids of the queen-Apama king, are tracing to Nob, and the Dunhams are tracing to Luo suspects in Africa.

Lydia is beside Mysia, where the Meshwesh from the land of Benjamin ended up. Romans and Etrsucans both trace to mythical Lydus, Tarchon and Tyrrhenus, three brothers all part of the Lydian nation. In this trace of Romans (historians say the first Romans were Etruscans) to Lydians, doesn't it make sense, as per the above, that Lydians trace to Lud smack beside Ono?

This is a great find, for in myth, the golden apples protected by Ladon belonged to Aphrodite, meaning that the proto-Ladon dragon was at Lud, right? Yes, for the Lud / Ono area is that of Nob, and in Isaiah 10, the anti-Christ, who is depicted elsewhere with the seven heads of Roman Ladon, is prophesied to shake his fist at walled Jerusalem from Nob, at the time in which he draws up successful plans to cause its desolation of abomination. In the Isaiah-10 passage, the route of the anti-Christ starts at Ai, which is at the Benjamin border, as if God is concerned only for his trek through Benjamite territory. Why?

We find the Abomination going through Anathoth before coming to rest at Nob, which today is controlled by Palestinians. The only thing standing in his way between Nob and Jerusalem will be the French and Scopus hills, and the University of Jerusalem that I say was a Rothschild product to secularize the population. The God of Israel has a beef with the secularization at Zion, and with globalists wishing to purchase their global security by giving Jerusalem to the Arabs...who replaced His Messiah with a false prophet whose twisted product today are heartless human butchers who blow their own children up as though good-deed sacrifices.

After Hephaestus' passage through Athens (albeit he didn't exist), the Hephaestus cult of Meshwesh back at Ono, settled as Mysians around the Amazon city of Ephesus, beside Caria. This aspect of Hephaestus was part of the Keturah line to mythical queen Aedon of Thebes (her father was from Ephesus), whom I traced to the god, Atun, the new and short-lived god of queen Nefertiti. But Aedon's father was a son of Merops at Kos (an island off-shore of Caria), whom I traced to the Ethiopian king Merops, mythical code for Merowe = Bedewe, the latter being a term found in the Beatle/Bedwell write-up, and now tracing suggestively to Bodele not far from the Chari river. The Carians were pirates.

Let's go back to the Bidwell location in the Beatle/Bedwell write-up, said to be at Houghton. The Haughts/Houghton are the ones using three horizontal bars in colors reversed to the same of the Arms of TREBizond empire, and then the motto term, "travail," in the Arms of Chad, was suspect with Trabys. There is a Travail/Travel surname using the bend in the colors of the Stevenson bend.

Let's go to the "proGRES" motto term in the Arms of Chad, and take a look at the Gris surnames suspect with the Grey liners from Bethlehem's Anaki. Did you catch the Anathoth location of the Benjamites, less than three miles north of Jerusalem? The place was later Anata, smacking of mythical Anat (a goddess) whom I traced to the "Heneti" (ruled by Pelops, father of Chrysippus), and later, I realized, though having nothing to do with Anathoth, that Aphrodite was the Heneti line to Venus, wife of Vulcan. The only evidence I have that Aphrodite was an entity amongst the Heneti peoples is the good idea that "Venus" was code for the Veneti, whom were previously the Heneti. Just like that, the Aphrodite cult at the valley of the craftsman -- a very new idea as per this update -- is proving true thanks to Anathoth.

I had traced "Anat" to "Antu," wife of Anu, code for Anaki in Sumeria. Therefore, its works excellent to trace Aphrodite to a merger with Anaki in Hebron, and therefore to the proto-Anchors/Annackers of Ephrath = Bethlehem. Now look at the Gris write-up: "First found in Hamburg..." That's where the TRIPs/Treffs and Drummonds were first found both of whom trace back to Trabzon/Trebizond / Thermodon Amazons. But the Griim variation of the Gris surname tells a little tale for linking to the Beatle's, because the Gris/Griim star is in GRIMaldi colors while Grimaldi's use a Shield of lozengy in red and white, while Beatle's use lozengy in red and gold. Therefore, the Arms of Chad have such potential to trace to Beatle's, as expected in the Bodele location of Chad.

To help prove that "progres" is code for the Gris bloodline, the French Gris' (from Motte in Brittany!) use a version of the Bodel Coat, something I did not realize while connecting Beatle's above to German Gris above! In case any of the two Coats change, let me say that Bodels and Gris both use white-on-blue stars (three stars versus two), and a single gold symbol under the stars, nothing more. Heraldry always lengthens my discussions grossly. I have no choice but to jot down the new things come across. This time, the Biddels (red tiger) were loaded as per the Bidwell location, to find so-called "double brackets" that suggest the Double/Doble surname using the white Down/Doun stag, and first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams. How many times have Dunhams traced to Chad lines thus far? Remember, I was seeking president Obama's Senussi grandmother in a Negroid person that mated with a Senussi in the line of Idris Senussi, and was bounced down to Chad by the article on Idris' father, never dreaming that Obama's mother would trace to Chad this many ways.

The Brackets (in Down/Doun colors) use the talbot-dog design of dancette-suspect Dansers (first found in BEDFORDshire), partners with the Janszoon pirates that were part of the Brackley circle of bloodliners.

The Weird or What code should transcend into the Wheats using a green Shield, as with Stars and related Whats. Don't ask me who's on third, because I don't know. I do know that Wheats were first found in the same place as dancette-using Dunhams. The Stars and Whats (shown properly as Whadcocks) share the same chevron in the colors of the Sommer dancette, which is a dancette using in the Wheat Coat. I have maintained that the Wheats are Caiaphas liners of the Coffer kind, but then Heffers use the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's (SOMERset) while that white on green appears again in the Coffer/Coffey Coat.

The Fly Clue and Mr. McCloy

I didn't think to check the Fly surname until this update, not expecting it to link to Obama lines, but wouldn't you know it, it's a chevron in the colors of the upside-down chevron of Loys/Eloys/Gloys'. Moreover, it uses the colors of Leaders and Ladons/Ladds, and even shows pellets (black roundels), the Leader symbol too.

Safe to say, the Ladon cult in north Africa was of Baal, lord of the flies. But what family would want to use "Fly" in honor of Baal"? Ask the Bellamys > Maceys, I suppose, for the fly Sign told that Obama was a Mosca liner at the Hypsas river where Chrysippus traced, son of Pelops ("ops" is a suffix) suspect with the Baal > Bel transition. Pellets may be black roundels for the color of Negroes.

Pellets are used also by the Potells who were looked up as per "Bodele" in Chad, and the latter are the ones using the chevron in the white-on-green of the same used by Stars and Whats. If this can trace Lud of Benjamin to the Leaders / Ladds in the Chad theater, I wouldn't be surprised, especially as the latter two surnames use a Meschin Coat variation.

Potells use ravens, appropriate for the Leto > Apollo line to Libya, and were first found in Somerset, where Leto-suspect Ladd/Ladons were first found, and then Potells are in the colors of the Sommer Coat. So, you see, it appears we can learn a new thing here, that Lud of Benjamin (not necessarily Benjamites) traces to a huge sector of the dragon cult, to the very heart at the Lydians, and it includes the Luo tribe with its various branches...that did not necessarily end up in Kenya where it is today.

Pellets use a chevron in the colors of the upside-down Chenue/Chanut chevron, and Flys (the ones with pellets and suspect with Ladon liners) look to be from FLOYers/Flyers (in FLAG/Fleck/Flack colors) so as to be a branch of Loys/Eloys/Gloys, explaining why the two use the same-colored chevrons. Suddenly, Flys are looking like Luo liners, which can explain the fly Sign better than before. I'm even beginning to suspect that black roundels are to be nearly equated with the Negroid elements from the Fly / Ladon / Baal bloodline.

How much sense does it make that Lewis Stevenson mated with a part-Negroid Senussi of the Luo tribe, thus explaining why Obama Sr. would be asked to pose as the father? In such a picture, Obama Sr. was related to the part-Negroid Senussi. [Don't discount this theory until you get to my examination of the McCloy fellow who reportedly assisted in covering up Obama's birth secret.]

Fly's are said to be from 'Flageum,' a French village named for Flavius...This village eventually became known as 'Flagi' (pronounced 'flah-hee')". Flys are therefore easily linked to Flags/Flecks/Flacks...who I lump in with the Aflaq surname that co-founded Baathists of the Middle East expected to join the anti-Christ empire. Was the importance of giving us the Fly Sign mean that Obama has been engaging certain Baathists, or that Obama is seeking to empower Baathists from his own Fly bloodline in Syria?

Flys were first found in Hampshire, and, according to its Flythe variation, can be regarded as a branch of Fletchers, who also use pellets, and from the Fletcher write-up it can be established that Plantagenet-related Fleche's are also part of the Fly bloodline. Therefore, Flys are a Fulk / Massi/Mattis entity, and traceable to the namers of Placentia. Flags/Flecks/Flacks were first found in the same place as Fulke's/Folks, Chads, and Dunhams.

Lake Chad is also on the shores of Nigeria and neighboring Niger. Perhaps its coincidental, but a Potiskum location in Nigeria, and near lake Chad, caused me to look up the Potis surname, especially as the Chad Coat uses a potent cross. Remember here that the potent cross is used also by Skits and Scheds whom have already traced exactly to the Scute's at Placentia. The Potis page had the peculiarity of showing no Potis-like surnames, showing instead "Pineiro, Pini, Pinelli, Penna, Pennino, Pani, and Panello." The pineapples in the Potis/Penna/Panello Coat was the first clue that this was the Payen > Panico line near Placentia, which line was found merged exactly with Skits and Scheds, and their fellow-hourglass line of Guido.

The other surname using pineapples are the Pyne's/Pine's, suggesting now that it was correct to identify them with "Payens / Payne." For, the Panello variation of the Potis/Panna surname suggests the Panel/Pagan/Pagnell surname, said to be from "Payne." The latter is the surname using the gold-and-blue diagonal bars of the Guerra Coat, and, yes, Guido Guerra ruled at Bedolete (!!!), beside Setta of the Panico's. By what coincidence, therefore, does the Potiskum location appear to be merged with the Bodele area of Chad?

The Pennino variation suggests the Appennino mountains. Along its foothills in a straight line are the locations of Bologna, Modena, Parma and Placentia.

Immediately after viewing the Panel/Pagan/Pagnell Coat, I entered "Niger" to find the Nigel surname (Cheshire) using lozenges in the colors of the Beatle lozengy! Astounding coincidence, suggesting again that Potiskum was related to whatever named Bodele. In the Nigel Crest, an oak tree, symbol of Panico's/Panetta's, first found at Bologna. The Panico's share a "label" with the Plantagenets who traced both to Placentia's namers and to Agrigento with the Nagle's/Angulo's, suggesting now that Nagle's are from "Niger / Nigeria," as with the Niger/Nigel surname.

This recalls my investigation of Flight 93, part of the 911 hoax that had a plane go down in PENNsylvania. I traced the perpetrators of that crime to Pendragons of Pennsylvania, and to Nagle-related Weirs/Vere's north of Philadelphia, near the road to Newark where the plane took off...that never crashed. Instead, the crash was faked at a remote site smack beside a scrap yard (that supplied scattered metal junk to mimic a plane crash) owned by a Rollock Inc., having a website online with just one employee shown, a Chris Nagle. There are some big rats who need to answer for things, and Dick Cheney is one of them. And you can bet your acorns that Leon Panetta knows exactly what happened in the Benghazi affair.

The Niger/Nigel write-up can suggest the Loy/ELOY/Gloy bloodline: "Another early mention is of Nigel (d. 1169,) who was an Anglo-Norman bishop of ELY, and Lord High Treasurer for both Henry I and Henry II of England. His son Richard FitzNigel, (d. 1198) was Bishop of London (1189-98) and treasurer of England (c.1158-98)." The Ely Coat can be traced to Cravens and therefore to Skiptons of Craven, and therefore to eel-using Shiptons, all suspect with Scipio-liner Romans out of Placentia and Cremona, the origin, according to my investigations, of the Israeli chief priests.

The Potiskum location is in the vicinity of MAIDuguri (still closer to lake Chad), which is conspicuous where the Maid/Maud surname uses a version of the Monmouth Coat. This potential Maiduguri link to Maccabee elements is important where the Potis surname itself linked to the suspects in the formation of the Israeli chief priests starting with Maccabee's. It is to be completely expected by now that the Ananiah location of Benjamin is the line to Ananias, but the Fly bloodline appears to be part of the Benjamin migration from Lud of Benjamin, and then to the south of Maiduguri there is a Benue river that can apply. The Benue has a source near the Benoue river flowing down neighboring Cameroon, and it just so happens that Camerons, using the bunched Rothschild arrows, use red-and-gold horizontal bars, a symbol also of Panico-related Punch's that Wikipedia traces to the Bunch surname of Cameroon.

Therefore, the suspected Negroid woman that was a Senussi who birthed Frank MARSHALL Davis (a Negro) is suspect from Punch / Bunch elements out of the Cameroon / Nigeria area. This is especially interesting where Obama is himself a Punch on his mother's side, which should explain why Dunhams are tracing to Chad too. Always keep the British Illuminatists in mind as the capitalists of Africa, which is their pet project that the rest of the Western world funds from dollars pirated, in one way or the other, by the Illuminatists.

I recognized the string of five lozenges of Nigers/Nigels as those of MARSHALLS!!! Here's more from the Niger/Nigel write-up: "Hence, conjecturally [houseofnames routinely uses "conjecturally"], the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of the Baron William FitzNigel...He was preceded by Nigel of Cotentin (c.1070-1080,) who was the hereditary Constable of Chester." Cotentin is the part of Normandy to which the Motts/Morte's (said to be from Cote du Nord in Normandy) had been traced, out of the Modena / Parma / Placentia theater, as the Maccabee liners to Normandy.

The Motts/Morte's were then traced as Mortons to Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol and Monmouth. You can read it in a recent update, just look for "Wiltshire" in the 4th update of February, and you will find this:

The Marshalls use their string of lozenges in Fink / Beatle/Bedwell lozenge colors, and Beatle's/Bedwells traced exactly to "Bedolete" of the Panico's! Marshalls were first found in Wiltshire [!!!], where the Motts/Morte's (= Seleucid-Maccabees) ended up as per their Morton branch (Walsh's above were Mortons). Wiltshire was also a station for Agrigento elements, not far from the Mosca family that married MonteChiaro...

I had traced the Mott Maccabees from their Fouquet location to Fawcetts at Musselburgh. It just so happens that Marshalls are a branch of Keiths in the Musselburgh area. Here's from the 4th update of February: "The day after writing the insert below, I found the elusive Mott location of the Motts/Morte's as Motte-Fouquet (in Orne at Alencon). The location is not on my atlas, but judging from Wikipedia's map, it's smack at Ferte-Mace!!! ASTOUNDING CORROBORATION that Maceys were Maccabees."

Somewhere, eating from the intestinal residue of a fat bull with "Charo" etched upon it's forehead, there is a black fly that God would like to stomp upon. This black fly is Ladon-ite.

Marshalls are suspect with the Marsh/Nimo surname using the "boast" motto term in honor of the Bois/Boast/BUST surname that had linked earlier to the Tappins. If you've forgotten, Tappins (Stevenson kin) were placed in charge of a Rockefeller pet-project, Libya, starting with Idris Senussi. Below, it turns out that McCloys/Lowe's are SENESchal kin, wherefore note the ending of the Marescal variation of Marshalls. The Nimo/Marsh crescents are in the colors of the same of Seatons/Satans (why would the family allow/tolerate a Satan surname?), important where they too were of Lothian. The Nimo/Marsh saltire is suspect from the Annan(dale)s / Bruces, wherefore, even as Annans can trace to Ananiah of Benjamin, it's possible that Lothian was itself from the Lud > Ladon line of Benjamite territory.

I am fairly sure that the rooster in the LUDwick Crest is the one in the Heath/Hethe Crest, wherefore let me remind that I see Heaths as a Maccabee-based branch of Keiths/KEATHs. This in a nutshell can trace the Lud of Benjamin to the namers of Lothian. German Ludwigs are in Heath / Fly / Loy/Eloy/Gloy colors. What comes shortly below should be added here: "The Fly gauntlet is said to be holding a "gold hawk's lure stringed red," and then the Strings, in Fly / Bug colors, were first found in Nottinghamshire. Strings look like a branch of Heaths/Hethe's."

Julie must be beside herself as Benjamin is stressed in these updates, because she always pushed me to emphasize Benjamites as key to Masonry, when I refused. But caution, because I am not so sure at all that Benjamites proper are the main constituents in these traces to the land of Benjamin.

One might think that the elephant in the Arms of Chad is pure symbol for the elephants of Africa, but then the Oliphants are traced by me to "Eliphas," son of Esau who married Timna, sister of Lotan, whom I have been claiming to be the root of the Ladon dragon (because Lotan was a Seir-ian while Syria had a seven-headed dragon called, Lotan). The book of Enoch tells that a black boar, used by Bush's (i.e. suspect with the Bois/Boast/Bust surname), was a symbol of Edom, the nation ruled by Esau after he subdued the community of Seir. I therefore traced the Bush's/Buschs and related Boschs to "Bozrah," Esau's Edomite capital, and to BOSCAth/Bozcath in Hebron. It's feasible here that Lud in Benjamin was related to whatever named Lotan in Seir.

Geoffrey of Monmouth had within his myth codes a mythical Lud, founder of London, and we just read in the Niger/Nigel write-up concerning a Nigel (d. 1169,), Anglo-Norman bishop of ELY, whose son was Richard FitzNigel, a London bishop and treasurer (a nasty mix) of England. Not only was the Ely surname (uses six symbol) traced to the Scipio Romans, where the 600 Benjamites can trace, but "Ely" was suspect with the Fly-suspect Loys/Eloys/Gloys that are apparently a branch of McCloys/Lowe's. This is important where the Loys/Eloys are suspect as Luo liners tracing back to Lud.

As the 600 Benjamites were proto-Romans while Rome uses a two-headed eagle, consider that such an eagle is in the Lot(h) Coat along with the brown talbot dog in the Lothian/Loudons Coat. Lothian is not far from Annandale.

As the Lud chevron is in the colors of the Chill/Child chevron, it's possible that "CHILDerick," and the Chlode-like variations of his son (Clovis), were from "Hlud/Hlod." I traced "Clovis" to the Clovse variation of the Close surname, and then Closeburn is near Annandale. The McCLOUDs/Louds had traced to Favara, beside the 600-Benjamite line at the Hypsas. Klaus' were first found in Favara-suspect Bavaria. Favara's and Hipps' both use nebuly now tracing to "Neballat" of Benjamin. Clauds are in Class colors and use the same-colored chevron as Chenu's/Chanuts now tracing to Chanina = Ananiah.

It was the Danish Cnuts who were seen with banners above, as well as with "POT hangers" that may now trace to Potiskum, but in any case, McLeods share banners with Cnuts while it has been emphasized that Chenue's/Chanuts and Loys/Eloys/Gloys are the only two surnames I can think of using inverted chevrons. The latter may trace to the 600 Benjamites via the revelation below wherein McCloys are discovered apparently with the Greys/Croys/Groys of Dunham Masci, and by now you know that Greys trace to Anaki at Bethlehem, though suspect as the namers of Bodele of Chad.

I've just found that, not just Chads, but Chats, were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams. The Chat black cats are the same, though in a different position, as the black cat in the Crom Crest. Croms were closely related to Annandales via the Desmonds. The Crom Coat shares a chevron in the colors of the same of Ludwicks, Chills/Childs, Hebrons, Sellers, and Tudors...and, I now realize, German Ludwicks use a version of the TREVor-Tudor Coat.

Therefore, let's not forget that while Tudors and Trabys share ostrich feathers (meaning that Trevors were Trabys), the Arms of Chad use a "travail" motto code for Traby elements. And, the Lothians/Loudons use the 666-suspect Traby bugle that should apply to the Ladon-dragon line. Have I got that right? Didn't Trabys merge with Vilnius of wolf-line Lithuania that had a goddess, Lada??? English Louds/Luds use a wolf in Fly / Loy/Eloy/Cloy / Ladon / Leader / Traby-bugle colors, and then McCloys/Lowe's use wolves in colors reversed. We should keep in mind that these black-on-gold colors are of the Benjamins, first found in the same place as Chads, Chats, and Dunhams. These colors are used also by English Bodele's/Botele's (Oxfordshire).

The POTent cross of the Chad Coat may be for the Potten/Potinger Coat using the white-on-green of Potells. PATTERsons/Pattesons are interesting now for sharing the pelican-on-nest design with Pottens/Potingers. The Langs use the same pelican design, and they were the Allieni from the Bug river, wherefore note how this discussion gets to the Bug bloodline shortly below. The Allieni were from Trypillians (Traby liners that had an hourglass goddess) that included hourglass-using Skits sharing the potent cross with Chads.

The potent cross may be code for the Puttents/Puttens/Puttocks with Potisk-possible Pottick variation.

Butlers use a pelican of their own, as well as the grail design of Irish Butlers who trace to Bodele, and who moreover show a version of the Dunham dancette, in the colors of the familiar Holder dancette. I've seen many pelican designs, but in this case, the Butler design is that also of the Stevens Coat. That is one close link between Dunhams and Stevens, hum?

In the meantime, let me remind that the other Lewis surname shares the griffin design with Holders (Vince griffins), while Obama is on a mafiosa rampage upon the United States with Eric Holder as his loyal screw-you. We're more than tracing Dunham lines to Chad; we're tracing the entire gamut of mafiosa Illuminatists. It's the anti-Christ enterprise, beasts with bottomless stomachs to be Awarded the bottomless pit, where they can conspire in secret for ever. How many trillions exactly do they want from us to build their universe? The best thing is for the Illuminati to resign, maybe say that it was only joking around.

Don't miss the five white ostrich feathers in the Irish Butler Crest, for as Trabys use them too, it tends to prove that Butlers trace to Bodele. King Canute/Cnut was a son of Sigrid the Haughty, represented in the Haught/Houghton surname using bars in colors reversed to the Trebizond bars. It was the hourglass-using Beatle's/Bedwells that are said to be from a Houghton location. It's to be expected that Trabzon elements be in north Africa with Amazons there.

We could expect a green dragon out of Libya, and the green dragon of Welsh Lewis'/Lews' might be one. But the Potiskum location looked to trace well to Guido Guerra, another hourglass liner, and then another green dragon is in the Guerra Coat. Reminder: a Welsh Louis surname (three Favara-important lozenges used also by Fells) is also "Loy" so that the Loys/Lews/Eloys/Gloys should connect. Why does the Lewis/Lews dragon have an armless hand in its mouth?

Or, why do the Topps use an armless hand held by a gauntlet glove in their Crest? What should Topps and Lewis' have in common besides the Beatle-related Hand surname? The Topps were looked up because Tappins/Tapleys suggested the Tape's who are shown properly as Toops/Toupe's/Tupe's. What's going on here?

I'm looking for Obama's true grandfather in the circle of people around the Tappin surname, and wondering why Obama Sr. from the Luo tribe was involved with these people, and here I find that Tappins may have been Luo liners.

When "Tapper" was entered to find a bend in the colors of the Dober/Tober bend, suddenly I recalled the TOBRuk location on coastal Cyrene, the part of Libya that also has Benghazi. It can explain why Tappin was tapped for the Libya job. The Dober/Tober griffins are in the gold color of the McCloy/Lowe griffin. Hello? The Taupfer/Teupfer variation of Dobers/Tobers means "pot" in German. By the time of writing this paragraph, I already knew that the McCloy globalist under discussion married a Senussi-like surname that reflected "Zinzendorf," but I was reluctant to make a Zinzendorf link to Senussi's without evidence. And here in this paragraph is the evidence, for Zinzendorf, founder of the Moravian Church, was born in Dresdan, an area in/beside Silesia, where the Tabor/Tebor surname (looks like the Communist / Rothschild fist between the wings) was first found.

In my Zinzendorf investigation (many months ago, more than a year), his bloodline / church linked well with Tabors because his church people were also called, Taborites, named after the Czech city of Tabor (gold-on-red grail cup, colors of the Butler grails; could be important because Butlers and Stevens share pelican designs while garland-theme Stevens and Garlands share the same bars while Garlands use a an upright lion in the colors of the same in the Arms of Tabor).

Moreover, Tabers (with an 'e'), from griffin-suspect Greifswald, use grape vines while Tappins use a vine theme. Later below, I find that Tapps look related to the McCloy globalist. English Greifs use the gold Sans-style eagle, but German Greif(in)s use the gold griffin in the Dober/Tabor surname. From the 4th update of February: "Graves surname using what could be a gold-on-green version of the Sans eagle." That's important because, before this paragraph was written, the McCloy globalist was traced to Groby, and from that the Groves were included. The point is, this Zinzendorf theme is linking to Senussi-suspect Sans', and in the McCloy section below, he is discovered to be a SENESchal bloodliner.

If the woman in the Taber Coat is a version of the woman in the Bust Crest, then suddenly it's very important that Busts were first found in Saxony, the location of Dresdan, for Busts are the ones using the split Shield of Chads. The Traby-suspect globalists who seem to be all over Chad are now tracing to the Moravian church. What does that mean? Are Zinzendorfs really a Senussi bloodline? Here is the Zinzan/Sinsen surname using a "falcon standing on a rock." Fulks and Rockefellers there too?

The doubled headed black eagle on a rock in the Arms of Rijeka is important for the neighboring Losing region, where all lozenges should trace, including the Fell lozenges and Fell the eight-pointed stars that should trace to Ishtar, the goddess who likely named Istria at Rijeka.

In the article of the McCloy feller who married a Zinsser, we read: "He was also a member of the Draper Committee [William Draper, co-founder, was another banker], formed in 1958 by Eisenhower." Drapers ("Vincit" motto term) use what looks like a version of the Craven (and Ely Coat, important not just because McCloys are suspect as Loys/ELOYS/Gloys, but where Cravens trace to KRVati=Croatians, for Rijeka is in Croatia.

The Draper grails are in the colors of the Butler grails, meaning that they are also in the colors of the grail in the Arms of Tabor. What a coincidence, that McCloy married what appears to be a Taborite-related Zinzendorf line, and meanwhile the namer of his Draper society traces apparently to Tabor...along with Dunham bloodliners of the Butler kind. It's not coincidental that the Draper grails are in the colors of the Butler grails because the Draper-Crest red stag head is identical to the red stag head in the Bead/BEADLE Crest. As Davidsons use the same stag head design, can we begin to see that Mr. McCloy was close by blood to the surname that named Frank Marshall Davis?

BEHOLD BLOODLINE LUST: "(Eisen)Hower" can link to "AWRaba / Aures" quite likely with the HOURglass of How-related Houstons. The How's, treated in the 4th update of February, just happen to use the wolf heads (same design), in the colors reversed, from the McCloy/Lowe Coat!!! Ahaha, the trolls formed their respectable world-caring (spit!) organizations based on heraldic-family linkage! Imagine how much better this world would be had they not have taken power. The Howie's in How colors, use footless martins in the colors of the same of Houstons/Cuistons, and in colors reversed from the same of Flys. [Not far below, Eisenhowers turn out to be Chads.]

From "Draper/Drapper," it seemed appropriate to look at the Trapper surname seeking Traby hints, and indeed Trappers are in the colors of the Sadowski 'Q' that comes up when entering "Traby." Trappers use stork-like birds called "BUSTards," what a coincidence, since we just saw Busts (in Bustard colors) using the Taber woman, all linking to Tappers. The, to prove that Trappers are Drapers, entering "Bustard" gets the Bustards (likewise using bustards) with a fesse in the colors of the Draper fesse. The Bustard black roundels are curiously called, "ogresses," perhaps in honor of the Grese/Grass surname (Provence, where the Grasse location sits, next to Draguignan and Imperia).

I've thought about why Taborites (or Hussians as they are also called) should be tracing to the Rockefeller pet project down in Chad, and my only answer at this point is that Taborites derive in the Libyan city of Tobruk, yet it should also be noted that Tobers/Dobers use the bend in the colors of Chattans / Chatans while Chad-suspect Chats use cats, a Chattan symbol. The "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan traces to Botters using the same-colored bend again, and that's now a surname tracing to Botri Berbers. So, it appears that Taborites link to Chad elements as part of the Illuminati reach into Africa. These are the peoples who pat themselves on their backs for fixing the "third world," and then of course seize the lion's share of potential industry. Ask any diamond-mine worker struggling to put food on his wife's table.

It can be ascertained that Clan Chattan ("TOUCH" motto term) includes the Gomerians/Cimmerians and Togarmite-branch Gomerians seen in a list of MacinTOCH septs, and some Clan-Chattan members even use a "targe" motto term. The likeliness is that Cimmerian parts of this north-African picture were a fundamental part of the Amazonian Meshech and the Gogi-related Gorgons, but the point is, Cimmerians trace to Kamiros on Rhodes, and we can expect the Cecil-Rhodes globalists to be down in Chad too. The American Democrats work for the Rhodian-globalist causes.

Rhodians were socialists, and their Rothschild allies founded Communist Russia not likely apart from Rhodian blood. One can clearly see the bond between Roths, Rhodes and Rus. The point is that Russia came to use a sickle symbol, which we see in Bustard colors (yes, red like Russia) in the Pep(p)er Coat, important because Drapers use both a bustard and a "pepercit" motto term. With McCloys thus linked to socialists, it begs the question of why he is pegged by others as the person involved in covering up the son (i.e. Obama) of American communist, Frank Marshall Davis?

!! Irish Davis' even uses the trefoils of the Rods (mentioned before, no surprise here) who are themselves a formation of the Roquefeuil-Rodes marriage almost 1,000 years ago. Welsh Davis' use a bend in Stevenson-bend colors (mentioned before). French Davies share a lily with the DUNdee's (totally new), and it just so happens that the Fells were first found in Dundee, IMPORTANT because Jesse Fell was the grandfather of Helen DAVIS, wife of Lewis Stevenson!!! This is a new point for me, and it's a great one because it even appears to include the Dunham bloodline !!

I can scarcely believe! After writing the paragraph above, which was written after the paragraph below, "Chadwick" (in Chad colors) entered my head, and it not only uses a perfect version (aside from colors) of the Saddock/Sedwick Coat, but it uses the Dundee lily in Crest!!!! What timing. The Chadwick Coat and its eight martins are in the colors of the Singletary chevrons and its martins! Somewhere below, I am sure that a Coat with two white lilies in the Chief was presented, but I have lost/forgotten which surname it was. Suddenly, the namers of Chad (the country) may have been Sadducee elements, but I'm not forgetting the Chadid area of Benjamin that was at or near the priests of ancient Nob.

I was just about to leave the topic above when thinking to check the Eisen Coat as per Eisenhower's Draper Commission, and what do you know: the "Jewish" Eisen Coat is a colors-reversed version of the split Chad Coat even including the four patee crosses in the same colors!!! German Eisens use the bend colors of Chattans / Dobers/Tobers / etc. "Eisen," regardless that it looks like the Germanic tern for "iron," could be related to "Hussian."

Nicholas Zinzendorf was from a noble family in Austria, in POTTENDorf. I get it now. The location relates to the "POTENT" cross of Chads!! The falcon on a rock in the Zinzan Coat links to the eagle on a rock at Rijeka/Reka by way of the MAXwell-eagle trace to the Rijeka eagle, for: "Among the Zinzendorf ancestors was the Emperor Maximilian I. Zinzendorf's great grandfather was made an Imperial Count. His son Erasmus Maximilian von Zinzendorf..."

Aha! The Draper stag design is used by the Davidson branch of Clan Chattan (it's the Plantagenet stag), and then the Davidson motto term, "sincere," smacks of McCloy's wife, Ellen Zinsser. In other words, McCloy looks like he got to be a part of the Draper Commission due to his wife's bloodline connecting with Drapers. Davidsons can of course be a branch of Davis'. My best shot at tracing Frank's Marshall bloodline (said by at least one website to be that of his mother's but I can't find info on that) in the Chad area is at Potiskum, for the Potis' and Marshalls use the same string of lozenges. Chadwicks use a motto translated as, "There is honour in SINCERity."

This branch of Davidsons were first found in Perth, where Pontius Pilate's mother is said to have lived, and Davidsons use the Pilate symbol, the pheon. The MacPHERSon branch of Clan Chatan can then be suggested as a Pharisee liner. The Davidson stag laying looks like the same in the Maxwell Crest, thus reinforcing Zinzendorf involvement with this circle of surnames around John McCloy. The common denominator between Maxwells / Maximilians would be the Maezaei near Rijeka, expected to be from the Mazyes/Maxyes = Meshwesh of the Libya area that appear in many ways to be at the root of Zinzendorf-suspect Senussi's.

Recall that the motto (Quondam) of vine-theme Tappins was linked to Levin-suspect Gonds/Gants, for the latter are surely implied in the gauntlet symbol of Tape's/Topps, thus assuring that one of the first Libyan ambassadors to Libya, with Tappin surname, was a water-bouget bloodliner as per the water bougets in the Tape/Toop Coat. What does this mean? Aren't bougets a symbol of the Bavarian Bogens who gave Bavaria its lozenges that are used by the Fells too, the Fells that became ancestral to Helen LOUISE Davis, wife of Lewis Stevenson? Why were Fells first found in DUNdee?

The two Bug surname's happen to be in the colors of the Loy/Eloy/Gloy Coat (in Fly colors too), but it's the German Bugs that are of particular interest for the moment, for they use footless martins in the colors of the footless martins in the Fly Coat, and the Fly Crest has yet another gauntlet glove. Wow. There's more than meets the eye here. I can feel it.

As gauntlets are used by Macey-related Vains/Vans/Phone's and even Maceys themselves, I suppose that Flys trace to Massey liners even as Obama has traced to Massey lines from years before we saw the fly Sign telling that Obama was a Mosca liner linked to the Charo/Chari bloodline. Flys, who are Flag/Flack/Fleck (i.e. Fulk) liners partly at Placentia, must therefore trace to the Caiaphas / Ananias suspects at the Chari river of Chad, where even Dunhams are tracing, and so recall that footless martins are a symbol, not just of Flys, but of Senussi-suspect Singletarys. Note that the Macey Coat looks like a version of the Bodel Coat using the Masci wing in gold.

Although there are multiple heraldic methods to link all the Libyan characters suspect in the circles of Obama's real father and grandfather, the only thing I haven't yet found is a bed symbol with Lewis Stevenson and his Senussi affair lying in it.

Below, be on the watch for a Gobel-like surname linking to Flys and Bodele, for the Bodels / Maceys use a version of the French Gobel(in) Coat, and then English Gobels/GoodBOLTS use bows, suspect thereby with Bug-related Bogens.

The other Bug surname (water bougets) was first found in Nottinghamshire, said to be named after Cnut/CANUTE, and then the other surname using an upside-down chevron, aside from the Loys/Eloys/Gloys, is the Chenue/CHANUT surname. Danish pirates, right? Organized Danish mafia, who taught their sons the enterprise. The Fly gauntlet is said to be holding a "gold hawk's lure stringed red," and then the Strings, in Fly / Bug colors, were first found in Nottinghamshire.

Strings are said to be from "strong," code likely for the Strongs who use the Sans / Dunn / Spink gold eagle on a red Shield. The last time we came across this gold eagle, it was partly on a red Shield in the Graves Coat. Be on the look-out for any Grobys that might jump out at you having resemblance to Garebites. The Arms of Thomas Grey, 7th baron Ferrers of Groby, uses the horizontal blue-and-white bars of the French Graves/Greve Coat. These horizontal bars belong also to the Arms of Lusignan (home of mythical Melusine), wherefore I think we have found the Melusine line of Vere's in the Ferrers of Groby.

Strings look like a branch of Heaths/Hethe's, and the latter use the Coppel rooster in colors reversed. Flys have just traced to Mieszko-land Goplo, location of the Mouse Tower.

The "cubit" term in the Fly description suggests the Cubits/Cobbets/COBBELs using the hand theme again (third hand theme) and with a Bodele-like term: Two hands issuing from clouds, BATTLing with scimitars. There's a cloud just as we're talking about Fells using the Bavaria / Paver/Pavier lozenges that traced to nebuly-liner Favara's. I'm just speak off the hip here.

Is there a way to trace Cubits, and therefore Cubit-honoring Flys, to Bodele apart from the "battling" code? Yes, through the Irish Hand/LAVIN/Glavin surname using lozenges in the colors of the Beatle lozengy. Recall that the Tappin vines led to the Lavin-like Levins using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Gonds/Gands in colors reversed.

Cubits/Cobbels, who strike me now as the representation of the "copia" motto term of Macclesfields, use a blue-on-white lion (color of the Macclesfield lion) and are in the colors of the English Hands, first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Macclesfield and Dunham Masci. The Hand/Lavin lozenges are in the colors of the same in the Arms of Thomas Randolph, and perhaps you noticed that the bat in the Bug Crest is a symbol of Scottish Randolphs, yet another Obama line.

The "Battling" term of Flys should be code for the Battle's uses the gold griffin in the McCloy/Lowe Coat, and this is where it gets interesting. You may have read my treatment on a McCloy involved with faking Obama's birth as the son of Obama Sr. when in fact McCloy knew the real father to be Frank Davis, a son of Lewis Stevenson. That's the report online that I repeated and commented on in the 3rd update of last month. The McCLOYs/Lowe's happen to be in the colors of the Loys/Eloys/GLOYs, Bugs and Flys...

...and the CLUE's use another blue lion.

These Clue's/Clow's/Clufs (three mascles in the colors of the five Spinks mascles) are excellent for proving that Senussi-suspect and Singletary-related SENESchals/Senegals (nine mascles) are a branch of Spinks, for the Clue motto, "Sine Macula," is used by the Seneschals above. PLUS, along with a blue lion in the Clue Crest, "macula" smacks of blue-lion MACCLEsfield (I've consistently linked the Macclesfield cross to that of Scottish Randolphs). Excellent. It's suggesting that Clue's are a branch of Cloys, Loys/Gloys, and even kin to Cubit-honoring Flys.

INCREDIBLE that Flys have now proven to link to Masci's and to the Mouse Tower, where God traced Obama by a mouse Sign. Why does God hate Obama this much? What is he guilty of?

Repeat from above after mentioning that the inverted Chenu/Chanut chevron is in the colors of the Cnut/Canute chevron: "...meanwhile the [Hanger/Anger] griffin is partly in the gold color of the McCloy griffin." Hangers were accessed from the Danish Cnut symbol, "pot hanger." What's cooking with this? I know. It's Angers at Anjou, and the trace of Fulk ancestors -- which includes the Flag-based Flys -- to the Danish mafia, when Danes wed Mieszko's daughter, Sigrid the Haughty (mother of Cnut), whose surname is written on Obama's forehead.

To suddenly have Senussi liners of the Singletary kind involved with McCloys is quite dramatic, as it can explain why the man with McCloy surname tried to hide the true identity of Obama's birth as a Senussi liner. The other Anger (likewise use a white-ermined Shield) use the Nagle lozenges suggesting the line of Nigers/Nigels using the MARSHALL lozengy. Like I said, heraldry is revealing everything accept Stevensons shoes under the bed.

PLUS, we came across white-on-blue talbot dogs before, and now see one in the Clue Coat. Repeat:

Biddels (red tiger) were loaded as per the Bidwell location [of Beatle's], to find so-called "double brackets" that suggest the Double/Doble surname using the white Down/Doun stag, and first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams. How many times have Dunhams traced to Chad lines thus far? Remember, I was seeking president Obama's Senussi grandmother in a Negroid person that mated with a Senussi in the line of Idris Senussi, and was bounced down to Chad by the article on Idris' father, never dreaming that Obama's mother would trace to Chad this many ways.

It then turned out that Brackets use talbot dogs in the design of the Spinks talbot, and in the colors of the Spink-related Clue's.

The person being referred to is John Jay McCloy, a member of Council on Foreign Relations. I've never been to McCloys article until now (i.e. after most of the above was written), where I learned that his wife was Ellen Zinsser, with a Senussi-like surname. Amazing. The reason that I checked up on McCloy was that he his surname was dominating the topic to the point that I wondered whether he might be Obama's grandfather. But then he doesn't have sticky-out ears. Idris Senussi has sticky-out ears. Lewis Stevenson doesn't.

McCloy was "Assistant Secretary of War during World War II, president of the World Bank and U.S. High Commissioner for Germany...From 1954 to 1970, he was chairman of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations in New York, to be succeeded by David Rockefeller, who had worked closely with him at the Chase Bank. McCloy had a long association with the Rockefeller family, going back to his early Harvard days when he taught the young Rockefeller brothers how to sail."

The online report, which could of course be false, is that John McCloy helped Obama to secure his Connecticut social insurance number. It came out only recently that Obama's number was from Connecticut. Obama has yet to explain how he acquired such a number, as it's impossible if he was born in Hawaii. The judges of America are obviously too afraid to touch this crime, or any other crime of Obama. I kid you not, I did not know the following when writing on Ludwicks and Lud above. I did not find the following until this point in the update:

An investigation has revealed the identity of the man whose Social Security number (SSN) has been illegally used by Obama: Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in France in 1890, emigrated to the United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425 in or about March, 1977. Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut. His SSN begins with the digits 042, which are among those reserved for Connecticut residents. Obama never lived or worked in that state, so there is no reason for his SSN to start with the digits 042.

Now comes the best part. Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii, where he died. Conveniently, Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked part-time in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse, and therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals. The Social Security Administration was never informed of Ludwig's death, and because he never received Social Security benefits there were no benefits to stop and no questions were raised. The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a U.S. citizen -- either because he was born in Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro -- merely scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not receiving Social Security benefits, and "selected" that SSN for Obama.

The webpage above seeks to debunk this claim, but we would expect some Obama groupies to stand up for him with smoke and mirrors. Note that the image of the supposed real social security form of Ludwig isn't a photo-copy, and so why would snopes go through the trouble of creating a fake form unless it was thinking to fool the naive and fellow Obama groupies...who walk around with eyes shut, anyway, or, with eyes in fantasia. The person rebutting does not argue against the statement that Obama's grandmother had access to social security records. That in itself is a red flag even if the Ludwig theory was a deliberate falsehood. I've read that the grandmother was even a vice-president of a bank, and anything that touches on Obama and banks together smells of Illuminatists to me, use any alternative word you wish.

His own grandmother had access to social security numbers in her own bank's records. How easy would it have been to slip Obama a number on a piece of paper, and say, "here, use that at Baskin Robbins." Eventually came the time for getting a number officially registered in his name, and for this, the snopes comment is well taken that a zip code in Connecticut, 06814, versus a similar zip code in Honolulu, 96814, may be the reason that Obama was issued a Connecticut number, by accident of a clerical error. Moreover, one would at first think that Obama's grandmother would have obtained a false number from a Hawaii resident. Fine, but, after she did so, the clerical error could have been made by someone else, without her knowledge and control. Or, the grandmother had nothing to do with anything of the sort, and John McCloy did.

But wait. How does one apply to get Obama a number that's already been issued? The same number will not be issued twice, meaning that, if Obama's number is a fraud, no one applied for a number. It means that one or more people had the information changed on someone else's file so that the new official owner of the number was wee-wee Obama, a teen ready for some pocket money. And, yes, these conspirators would have chosen the number of a dead person with a low-key file:

The engine that could just keeps keepin' on! That mighty engine is Attorney Orly Taitz. Against all odds, and multiple roadblocks, she moves ahead in her quest for truth and exposure of Obama's ineligibility. Orly received a page of hard to read information instead of a legible numident from her FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] request regarding Thomas Louis Wood whose social security number is one less than Obama's

. Thomas died at age 19 and the information was available to the public, yet it has taken over a year for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to release the information. Why did they stonewall her request? Orly had to file a lawsuit to have the information released. Finally, the original application arrived along with a letter from the SSA. She has posted these to her site...

From these forms, she states they can pinpoint the date when the SS-5 was filled out for Obama's CONNECTICUT Social Security Number 042-68-4425 that he started using around 1980...The application date for Obama would be between March - April, 1977.

Little Obama was just 16 years old at that time, or less. We don't really know his birth date for sure. The point is, if someone registered for Obama, whether he himself or his mother, when he was about 16, it's a logical picture for that age. It signals the possibility that there was an actual attempt to obtain for him an official number that had never belonged to anyone else. In this picture, snopes may be correct that a Honolulu zip code was mistakenly copied down with a one-digit error so that the social security number issued to Obama included the 042 code for Connecticut. Fine.

Or, we need to ask why McCloy lived and died in Connecticut. Assuming that Obama had no valid documents to prove citizenship, he either had to have a false citizenship paper, or someone in a high-level position to arrange a number in spite of not having citizenship. McCloy was way up there amongst the government-control jockeys, and may have been keeping in touch, and may have been on more than speaking terms with the grandmother, especially in this case of obtaining false documentation. I can see a little team work happening between Hawaii, where Frank Marshall Davis was also living, and Connecticut. Here's the online statement, the McCloy part based perhaps merely on logical speculation: "...the fact that Obama Sr. was not his real father obligated McCloy to secure a social security number for him. He accomplished this in Connecticut where McCloy was a resident. McCloy lived in Cos Cob, a suburb of Stamford. He was next door neighbors with Frederick Warburg, the head of the Warburg family who shared ownership of a bank with the Rockefellers."

I don't see that these banker fellers would have any problem obtaining false documentation even for the whom I'll assume they had sold their souls.

There entered my mind a question of whether the applicant immediately before Obama, Thomas Louis Wood, was himself an Illuminati wannabe, or something of that nature. That is, perhaps the ones who fixed a number for Obama fixed a number for a fellow operator at the same time. From the page above, you can click to this page showing that the mother of Thomas (who filled out and signed the Thomas' application in the first place) has a Geane maiden name. Being suspicious, I checked the Geane Coat to find that it's the Keveney/Gaine surname using the Kelly Coat. Both surnames use an enfield griffin in Crest, the symbol of the Hiedler/Hitler Crest. Then, let me repeat from above:

[Lewis] Stevenson served under a Dunne surname? You're kidding?...Dunne had been a mayor of Chicago. He married a Kelly surname using the same white-on-blue lion as the Falls.

So we have Lewis Stevenson, the proposed grandfather of president Obama married a Fell liner, serving a Dunham-suspect bloodliner married to the same bloodline as this mother who registered for a social security number immediately before the number that Obama possesses. To boot, the whole of it involves the Hitler bloodline, perhaps for a Nazi-spy reason. Note that the mother (or whoever she was in relation to Thomas, whoever he was) writes a telephone number starting with 666. It's like the evil-spy movies with plots as thick as a groupie's skull.

In the Benghazi murder, there was a Woods surname that died along with Stevens because he tried to save Stevens. No one really knows how Tyrone Woods got killed i.e. it may have been "friendly fire" deliberately from the O-boys punishing him at the orders of the O-men.

John McCloy had not only been the High Commissioner in Germany, but a New York banker, perhaps important where Hitler's nephew with a Hitler surname (he re-named himself with a Stuart-Houston surname) settled in Long Island. Let me repeat from above where we met the Houston surname just after the mention of John McCloy's membership in Eisenhower's Draper society (for military analysis):

BEHOLD BLOODLINE LUST: "(Eisen)Hower" can link to "AWRaba / Aures" quite likely with the HOURglass of How-related Houstons. The How's, treated in the 4th update of February, just happen to use the wolf heads (same design), in the colors reversed, from the McCloy/Lowe Coat!!! Ahaha, the trolls formed their respectable world-caring (spit!) organizations based on heraldic-family linkage!...The Howie's in How colors, use footless martins in the colors of the same of Houstons/Cuistons, and in colors reversed from the same of Flys.

Recall that Tappins linked well to Taborites (also called Hussians after a Huss surname) while John McCloy linked to Zinzendorfs via his wife. When "Huss" is entered, a sun comes up that's also in the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, and moreover the Hess variation of "Hesler" looks like a Hitler version. Was Hitler and his fellow screw-you's from an aberration of Hussians? On the webpage above (or below, same one) where this is being accessed, you can see that there are two official prepared slips for Thomas, 18 days apart. Very very fishy. His death is registered in his 19th year in July of 1981, and the death (was he murdered?) had to have been before the 15th of July, and then the death of Ludwig, whom some say is the original owner of the number carried by Obama, is said to have been in June of 1981. What was going on???

WND reported that even more suspicious is that the databases that the investigators used showed "the date 1890 indicating the year of birth of the number holder, along with Obama's birth date of 08/04/1961. A third date listed is 04/08/1961, which appears to be a transposition of Obama's birth date in an international format, with the day before the month." How can this be if the Social Security Administration never reissues social security numbers? Why would there be different information in different databases, unless someone was scrubbing and changing it? Who had access to the databases?

I had already insisted, on other grounds, that president Roosevelt (Dutch ancestry), a WW2 president, was a Nazi sympathizer who helped Adolph Hitler escape into Idaho (at Hayden Lake where the Aryan Nations formed). Eisenhower was the president starting in 1953 not long after Roosevelt. Eisenhower was "1st Governor of the American Zone of Occupied Germany," which recalls McCloy as High Commissioner in Germany. Eisenhower ran against Adlai Stevenson. As Chief of Staff of the Army, Eisenhower was preceded in that position by George MARSHALL. While Frank Marshall Davis was born (1905) in Kansas, "The Eisenhower family settled in York, Pennsylvania, in 1730, and in the 1880s they moved to Kansas."

Why did John McCloy decide not to bomb the Nazi transfer points for concentration-camp victims:

The U.S. War Department was petitioned throughout late 1944 to help save Nazi prisoners by ordering the bombing of the railroad lines leading to Auschwitz. McCloy responded that only heavy bombers would be able to reach the sites from England, and that those bombers would be too vulnerable and were needed elsewhere [sounds like an off-the-wall excuse, the sort given by Obama when he refuses to do the right thing when asked by some of his own people. Take the lack of security at Benghazi as just one example].

McCloy claimed that the final decision on the selection of bombing targets, including those attacked by American planes, lay with the British alone. This was an incorrect claim. According to Michael Beschloss, in an interview three years before the latter's death (in 1986) with Henry Morgenthau, III, McCloy claimed that the decision not to bomb Auschwitz was President Roosevelt's and that he was merely fronting for him...

These and other pro-German actions by McCloy resulted in significant protests much later...

At his direction, a campaign of wholesale pardoning and commutation of sentences of Nazi criminals took place, including those of the prominent industrialists Friedrich Flick [a Fly/Flag liner?] and Alfried Krupp [a Groby liner?]...

Like Roosevelt, Eisenhower was of some Dutch blood, apparently. Eisenhower's mother ("Jewish" but joined with Jehovah's Witnesses who were predicting the end of the world for the start of WW1) had for a mother, Elizabeth Ida Judah Link. Stovers were probably a Stevens bloodline of the German HohenStaufen kind (Hohens share red-and-white checks with "Jewish" Marx's). As Stover's mother was a Link, it's important that a Rockefeller-related Lynch surname was that of the first UN tool to represent the new Libya (in 1952) under king Idris. THEN, LINKletters (ship) use the Meek mallard duck, suggesting the Meknes location of Idris of Morocco, but in any case, the Link and Linkletter Coats together are a near-match with the German and "Jewish" Marx coats, important because communism is the theme of this Frank-Marshal-Davis / Lewis-Stevenson hunt.

Why doesn't Wikipedia give the names of Frank's parents or step-father who raised him??? The Wikipedia article below tells that Frank married a Boyd surname, and it just so happens that Boyds have the same Shield as "Jewish" Marx's!! It looks like Frank married communism of the Bavarian-Illuminati kind. The Boyds share a hand pointing with two fingers with the Punch-suspect Point(er)s. The Bunch's were in Cameroon, smack beside Nigeria's Potiskum location.

Moreover, Frank attended university in Manhattan, Kansas, just 25 miles (approx) from Abilene (Kansas) where president Eisenhower was at home in his first many years. Could there be something to do this? Eisenhower was 15 when Frank was born. In 1920, Eisenhower, served under general George Marshall, the Army Chief of Staff under Roosevelt, the office that Eisenhower would take immediately after Marshall. Could this general Marshall (born 25 years before Frank) have anything to do with Frank Marshall Davis? According to his article, the George was in Kansas as early as the year after Frank's birth on the last day of 1905: "[George Marshall] was schooled and trained in modern warfare. His pre-war service included a tour at Fort Leavenworth, KS from 1906 to 1910 as both a student and an instructor." Might Frank Marshall Davis have been raised by a Marshall surname related to George? The latter's second wife was a Tupper surname (Saxony, same place as Dresdan) showing Topper and Toppfer variations, connectable, therefore, to Tobruk, where the Taborites / Zinzendorfs have been tracing, in the general Libyan area of the Senussi's proper. How about that.

According to his article, Marshall seems to have acted Obama-style in allowing the Pearl Harbor attack to take place. "As Secretary of State [starting 1947], Marshall strongly opposed recognizing the state of Israel. Marshall felt that if the state of Israel was declared that a war would break out in the Middle East." Sound just like an Obama excuse not to do the right thing, or something expected from a Nazi sympathizer.

It's conspicuous that while Manhattan (Kansas) is called, "little apple," nearby Abilene is an apple-like term, and then, while Abilene is in Dickinson county, the Dutch Dickenson surname (in Dickinson colors) uses the six footless martins of the Apple's and Applebys. God gave us a squirrel Sign that was for linking hard to Placentia for a reason, and the only reason I can think of, as part of His business, is to highlight the Levi and Ananias lines in Placentia, and here we are on a Jewish line of Eisenhowers and kin. Then, it just so happens that while Decks and Dutch Dykes both use squirrels, German Dykes/Dickenhausens use a slightly-modified version of the Link Coat, quite apparently, the surname of the grandmother of president Eisenhower!

Reminder!: Decks, Dyke's and Dickensons trace to the Ticino river, home not only of the Laevi Gauls, but of the Marici co-founders of Pavia that I traced to the Mark / Marx surnames!!! Oh that was a happy time to write that, because I didn't know it while writing on the Link link to Marx's above. LEAVENworth is not far from Dickinson. The Leaven surname (elephants) is also "Lewin."

As I think "Hower" traces to the Awraba tribe of Idris of Morocco, recall that Idriss elements from Moulay Idriss (near Meknes) were traced to the Bristol channel, for when Eisenhower as a youth decided to get into military circles, he "requested consideration for either Annapolis or West Point with his U.S. Senator, Joseph L. Bristow."

The York and neighboring Lancaster area of Pennsylvania, where Eisenhowers had lived at first, was part of the area touched upon when I investigated the perpetrators of 911. There is no way that what happened on 911, a fully-inside job, could have taken place without a good number of high-level people / groups conspiring, working, nodding, and winking together. The neo-Nazis of the Bush kind were highly suspect in that criminal act, resulting in the pillaging of the American pocketbook on behalf of commercial interests in the Middle East, the effect of which was to cause the dismal economic downturn faced by Obama, who, regardless, took, in one swell swoop, more money than Bush had taken for his Iraq war.

McCloy died in Stamford, Connecticut, and so recall that the earls of Stamford, with Grey surnames, had Dunham Masci as their home. It's where the Fly / Mosca line traces, right? And Flys were just seen to be kin of Clue's and Spinks, right? Well, earls of Stamford go back to the Ferrers of Groby, the Ferrers being related to the earls of Cheshire and possibly in cahoots with Dunham Masci, therefore. The Groby term is a Croy/Groy possibility because Croys/Groys are listed with Greys. Greys/Groys/Croys were first found in the same place as Stevensons. How about that. Then, Grove's use nearly the black talbot of the Clue-related Spinks!! It means that John McCloy can be related to Senussi's if his death in Stamford of Connecticut has to do with his blood links to the Groby > Stamford earls.

Grove's were first found in the same place, ESSEX, as Ferrer-suspect Vere's. Then, here's another Essex: "Earl of Stamford...created in 1628 for Henry Grey, 2nd Baron Grey of Groby. This Grey family descended through Lord John Grey, of Pirgo, ESSEX, younger son of Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquess of DORSET," It just so happens that the Tapp surname, with greyhound in Crest, was first found in Dorset, suggesting that ambassador Tappin and John McCloy could have been related.

As with the Steven Crest, the Grover Crest is yet another hand out of a cloud and holding a garland. What a coincidence. Gravs/Grafs/Groffs use the anchor, a Grey theme, but held by a lion like the Ferrari lion. The Graf anchor is no small matter after all, for as the Grey-honoring Anchors/Annackers had traced to the Hypsas, so now it turns out that the Dutch Graf Coat is a single black bar in nebuly style, the design used by Hipps and Favara's (Favara ia a location at the Hypsas). English Amore's (Hanan suspects) use the Ixion-Nephele-based nebuly too.

Italian Amore's were first found in Sicily and use Messina / Masci colors to indicate their links to Mosca's of neighboring Montechiaro (although Mosca's are also suspect on the Hypsas as per the "muscas" motto term of Drakes). The white-on-red stars in the Amore Coat can now be part of the lone star in the Arms of Agrigento.

It just so happens that Grubs/Groubs, who use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Arms of Agrigento, were first found in the same (Berkshire) place as Zinzans/Sinsons sand Sunnys/Sonnings. It first of tends to reveal Groby as a Garebite location as per my routine claim that Amorites out of Jerusalem (i.e. including the Amore's now found at Agrigento) migrated in alliance with Garebites to Europe. To have Groby as ancestral to Dunham Masci makes sense where I've claimed these Gareb-Amorites to be in alliance with Khyan-branch Hyksos of a proto-Massey household.

The following exercise took a lot of time, up to a half hour, and started with the Sins surname. It seems to be tracing Ixion from Qinnasrin in Syria, near the Garebite location of Harbiye, to Sion/Sitten through the Kikons who I say evolved into the Ligurian swan, Cycnus, father of STHENelaus, namer of Sitten. I have always traced Garebites to Sionism, so that they should be expected at Sion/Sitten.

The Sins surname is shown properly as "Cino." As it was first found in the same place (Pisa) as the Mosca surname, the blue-on-red of the Sins/Cino Coat can be deemed to be using Masci / Messina / Massey colors for a reason. Even the Mosca's use a red Shield like all surnames in this paragraph. The first thing that the Cinetti / Cinotti variations brought to mind was Cento at the Reno river, and then the Panico's use yet another red Shield with what can be the Masci fleur in Chief. At this time, Ixion had not yet come to mind even though he was the father of CENTaurs.

After looking at a few Cino-branch possibilities, I came to "Kenneth," and indeed Kenneths not only use a stag in the colors of the Sins/Cino's/Cinetti's besants, and not only do they use a "Lucco" motto term for Lucca smack beside Pisa, but Kenneths traces quite hard to the Panico entity. I recall the "uro" motto term of Kenneths was for Orrs, first found in Renfrewshire, named after Reno elements. Suddenly, we have a good idea that the Sins/Cino's/Cinetti's were from Centi on the Reno, and then Panico's were from Setta, a Reno tributary, but more importantly, "Seta" should trace to "Sitten."

We are now in the throes of discovering that mythical STHENelus was code for the namers of the Setta valley (it probably had different versions of that name) that ended up at Sitten. If I can trace the Sins/Cino/Cinetti surname to Kikons, then, a trace to the Sthenelus > CYCNus line is more assured. But even the fact that "Sins" is registered with the surname begins to suggest the Sine/Sion/Swan surname, and then Cycnus/Cygnus was the Ligurian swan of ancient myth.

Entering "Sines" (another red Shield) gets swans in Coat and Crest, with the surname shown properly as a Senussi-possible "Sinnot/Sinnet," reflecting "Cinotti/Cinetti." The Sine/Sion/Swan surname (swans) has the same motto (almost) as mascle-using Spinks, meaning that the Sins/Cinetti surname can link to SENESchals using a version of the Spink mascles. The Spinks had been found to be Spings/Spine's, important now. But before getting to that, let's view the Cicco Coat because the Sins/Cino/Cinetti write-up traces to the Cicco surname. The Cicco page has many variations, but I'm banking on it having the Ciconi variation as one of the first, from the Kikons/Cicons of the Hebros-river area, right beside the Edone's who had Ligur-like Lycurgas as their mythical king.

Mythical Dryas, who was made the father/son of Lycurgus, can reveal the reason for the name, Idris, in the line to Senussi's. Idris of Morocco had led exactly to Auvergne, where swan-depicted Godfrey of Bouillon can trace to.

The Cicco's/Ciconi's/Cicero's/Cicala's, first found in Piedmont (= interior Liguria), use "plants," suggesting the Plante's/Plantagenets using a so-called label, a symbol of Piedmont and of Panico's.

German Kicks/Kechs/Kechlers and Dutch Kicks/Kecks/Gecks use the same blue bend with gold symbols, the colors of the Sins/Cino/Cinetti chevron and its symbols. That's pretty good for a Kick/Keck trace to the Cicco kin of Sins/Cinetti's, suggesting that Kikons (probably Caucasians from lake Sevan) really can be traced to the Kicks/Kecks. But the two Kick/Keck Coats happen to use crescents as symbol, in the very colors of the Sping/Spine crescents, so excellent for connecting with the Meshech-suspect Spinks and Seneschals, but also to the Espaines/SPINetos/LesPAGNnol, a branch, in my opinion, of Panico's / Payens / Pine's, etc. The latter are all Pendragon bunches, and then the Odrysians, who I say were given the Dryas code, lived at Arda, what was made "king Arthur, son of Pendragon. The Kikons are expected on the very river where Arda and Odrysians lived, and we can understand that "Idris" is an Odrysian-honoring term.

Spings/Spine's were first found in the same place as Spoons and Watts, and then Witherspoons/Wotherspoons, probably a version of "Watt / White" somewhere along their paths, were first found in Renfrewshire, a good thing for connecting to Reno-river elements. The lozenge at the center of the Witherspoon cross caused me to think of WINchesters, and the QUINcys of that place, that I traced to "QINNasrin," which made sense in a few ways, including the multiple mascles (seven) used by Quincys, a reflection of the Spinks / Seneschal mascles.

In this picture, the Seneca / SENEGAL variations of Seneschals can be part of the trunk that created "Quince / Quincy," and while we're at it, "Sins / Sine / Sion / Sines" and related terms can also connect with "Quince." But then SINGLEtons/Singletarys can apply to "Qinnasrin" too, and by these arguments it can be gleaned that Zion's Jebusites and/or Amorites actually named Qinnasrin as a distant variation of "Sion." It appears that "IXION" was a Sion/Zion-suggesting code, and then it's easy to see "Ixion" being a QINNasrin code too.

When on the Qinnasrin topic briefly (4th update February), I sensed that "KENNETH" was a QINNASrin term, and here I find that the Sins/Cino/Cinetti investigation led to Kenneths before it came to Witherspoons and the thought of Winchester. While on the Qinnasrin discussion, it was notable that the location was near Aleppo, the place to which I trace "Lapith," the mythical nationality of Ixion...whom I identify as a code for Kikons/Cicons now tracing to Sins/Cino's/Cinetti's and related Cicco's/Ciconi's. So, you see, the Cinetti surname really does look like Ixion's CENTaur line while the Cicco's/Ciconi's really do look like the Qinnasrin > Ixion > Kikon > Cycnus line to Sion/Sitten. At this statement, the fact that Seatons/Sittens use crescents in the colors of Witherspoons seems relevant.

It's now important that an historical IDRimi character had royal family in Aleppo. Idrimi was a Meshech bloodline in alliance with pre-Israelite Hebrews, meaning that he was likely what the writers mythicized as the Dryas line to Odrysians on the Hebros river, where writers made mythical Kikon a brother of mythical Hebros, the river, later re-named, Maritsa, likely for the Mari-toting Amorites of Zion. So, you see, Idrimi and his Hebrews were part of the Lapiths at Aleppo who included a mythical Phlegyas, like "Peleg," an historical son of the patriarch of pre-Israeli Hebrews.

Again, Sins/Cino's/Cinetti's were first found in Pisa, and that trace's back to Pisa of Greece, the location of the Pelops > Hippodama line, and the latter was a Meshwesh house named after horses, as was Chrysippus in neighboring Elis. But OENOmaus, the father of Hippodama, symbolized by a chariot wheel (Ixion had the chariot wheel as his symbol), is now tracing with Oeneus and the Una river to "Ono" in the land of Benjamin. It's suggesting that Ono was a land of the Khyan Hyksos, later visited by the Meshwesh out of Tanis that were the 600 "Benjamites," which is to say the Meshwesh settled amongst Benjamites who flew the YHWH coup to dragon-infested Greece for love of the world and what could be obtained by pillaging and wild abandonment.

Entering "Sines" gets English Simons (in Samson colors), begging the question of whether Simons had originally been a Qinnasrin > Sion line. Of interest here is that Italian Simons, first found in far-western Sicily facing the Aures / Awraba theater of Berbers, uses a red lion in both Coat and Crest, as does the Aur/Aures surname. The Kenneth motto term, "uro," remember, should trace to this tribe, and the "Lucco" motto term of Kenneths is indicative of the Botters of Lucca, likely from the Botri-branch Berbers. It all seems to mean that the Ixion = Khyan Hyksos migrated from the Aleppo area to Cento on the Reno, and from there they were the proto-Kenneths that, I am sure, were in Kenneth MacAlpin. From this outline, a much-larger picture can be had; many clues are scattered throughout my writings. It is the picture of the anti-Christ beast from inception to destruction.


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