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March 7 - 13, 2017

The Avaran Mystery Just Around the Trump Corner
Sadducees from Schimatari / Tanagra has me Urinating in my Boets
The Mouse Line of the King-Longarus Dardanians

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes. Ever since I decided to use apostrophes only after surnames ending in vowels, I started to catch myself using apostrophes before the 's' of pluralized words, making it appear that I need to return to primary grammar school.

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail you to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again. We'll need to wait and see whether Yahoo changes its policy.

They want to hear you from your own television: the malware and exploits the [CIA] amassed to hack smartphones and turn some televisions into covert microphones.

...the documents show, for example, what capabilities exist to bypass antivirus software, with a different entry for each antivirus company....

...“These documents, which appear to be authentic, show that the intelligence community has deliberately maintained vulnerabilities in the most common devices used by hundreds of millions of people,” Ben Wizner, the director of the Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project at the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement.

In other words, when the CIA intrudes past the anti-spy systems people have in place, it doesn't tell the company to fix it, but keeps it vulnerable / weak so that the CIA can intrude again and again into the files of anyone using that spy-protection system. The CIA aim is to intrude into every anti-spy package in existence, meaning that it's the government versus the people, a true war. That's what the Snowdens of the world are trying to warn about. Excuse me, whoever you are, you are given no right to intrude into my computer, and if you do, you're a lousy rat, and will become human scum the more you do it. The Law is, if you act like a rat, a rat you will become. A spy has no respect for the one being spied on, and disrespect amongst humans is the opposite of what God has commanded. When the people start clamping down on the CIA spies, a rash of "terror acts" take place to justify spying. We are not naive.

"...The attacks can place Samsung smart TVs in a fake off mode, so the owner believes the television is switched off, while in reality it is functioning as a bug and recording conversations in the room, WikiLeaks said." But why is there a mic in a television that sends audio from within the house to an outside source? Why do televisions come prepared with this spy-potential system? Not for the benefit of the homeowner. If the television is off, no one should be able to use it from the outside. Next, instead of little cameras on your computer, bigger cameras in your TV, increasing the area of your personal life that can be watched. This is where the CIA is taking us, great shame. The world would be a better place without the CIA's of the nations. They are the ones who keep the nations from respecting one another. All leaders of all countries want to spy on the others, great shame. But the CIA is busy watching young ladies undress in their bedrooms, be assured. And the Sodomites are happier.

Snowden on the Wikileaks documents: "...first public evidence USG [government] secretly paying to keep US software unsafe."

"I think the president is absolutely right. His phone calls, everything he did electronically, was being monitored," Bill Binney, a 36-year veteran of the National Security Agency who resigned in protest from the organization in 2001, told Fox Business on Monday. Everyone's conversations are being monitored and stored, Binney said.

...Binney resigned from NSA shortly after the U.S. approach to intelligence changed following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Now there's a good man who understands that it's foolish to go down the drain of the cesspool. Away with the CIA. No one's going to attack the United States, but the CIA wants everyone to think so. Live in fear, because that's what makes the CIA thrive. The truth must be that the CIA has arranged various anti-spyware to be sold on the market, or given away for free online, which they know in advance how to utilize for spy purposes, and which provides for them all that we type and say as soon as they enter our computer to make a small tweak to the program or to send the command. For Christians of the end times with whom they may one day do outright war, this stinks. All of the minorities in the country who vote liberal are helping them to spy on Christian organizations using government tools. Instead of applying to a court for each individual, criminal suspect, they want the leisure to spy on anyone they so please without court-assigned warrants. If it were not true, they wouldn't be trying to hack through spy-protection programs. There can be no doubt that they have asked certain spy-protection providers whether they could have the free right to bypass their wares for catching terrorists. Bunk.

Do you know that Matt Drudge is a pig if he has any say on the headlines at his website? There is no end to sick headlines at the Drudge Report. Here's one this week: "Teen posts 'snuff movie' showing him stabbing boy to death..." We should be reminded every day of such things. It really makes us feel good to go to that article for the juicy story, and maybe we might get the movie too. On the same day: "SHOCK: Teen walks out of home holding mother's head!" Perfect. This is Drudge at his disgusting best with condemnation both of himself and the world rulers for letting the world slip to this. Christians warned the world, and now the fruits are showing demonic. What next Drudge?

There was a follow-up story on the above the next day, along with another headline, "NYC man decapitates self on subway tracks..." We all love to hear about things like this when we go to the news to find something inspiring. Drudge has headlines that pit one group on another, the bread-and-butter of his website 24/7/365. He clearly thinks that the money is where activists fight dog-on-dog against one another, and so this is what he feeds the people. He boasts that the Drudge Report gets more hits than any other Internet news page, but it may not be a wonder because the page automatically re-loads every couple of minutes. This Drudge has become nasty, the perfect word for him. He may not be a political liberal, but he's clearly become a demon-inspired dope whatever his political affiliation. He constantly feeds the people transgender / homo-faggotry news, as if anyone cares. We need to be reminded daily that queers activate amongst us, if we want to find a headline we're interested in, at Drudge. I've looked for a Drudge-alternative page (i.e. with a high number of headlines), but they are usually from the activist liberals trying to fight Drudge's conservative leanings. The entire blasted world has gone berserk. A couple of days later, another feel-good Drudge headline: "SUIT: Underage Teen Forced To Have Sex With 1,000 Men..." What a lovely thought for the day, thank you much, Matt, you sadist!

Hey, wait a minute. I thought that when we Christians pointed out global conspiracies seeking to run the world, that we are deemed nut-crackers. But lookie here:

No one in their right mind would start an organization with the word "global" in its title today, he said. "That's so 2005, it feels so dated," he said. To illustrate the point, Thiel took aim at the annual Davos World Economic Forum.

"A decade ago, this was a group of people who were running the world," he said. "And now, it's just a group of people who messed up the world."

My sentiments exactly. And it's been the Christian prediction forever. My young cousin was taking political science at college, and when I told her, back in about 1990, that the Europeans were becoming an empire again, she was on the verge of mocking, saying it'll never happen. That's how things were at that time. And here we are some 25 years later facing a globalist spy machine that hopes to force globalism upon us more efficiently by keeping lists of all globalist enemies, for the purpose of dealing with them, in whatever ways are deemed necessary, including the crashing / spoiling of their computers. It's a no brainer. Once they hack in, they can ruin all our files by forcing the computer to not boot up again. Over and over again.

One may as well commit their lives to taming a crocodile. It's always going to bite back at every opportunity. Ask anti-globalist Muslims. But what are Muslims in comparison to the power of God? He's their worst Activist enemy, make no mistake about it.

While some media are reporting that the Syrian Kurds have handed Assad some villages on Manbij's west side in a Russia-brokered deal, it seems that the Kurds have changed their minds, just as soon as the American military rushed into Manbij:

"As the Manbij Military Council, we have already pointed out that the defense duty of Manbij city and its surroundings is carried out by our troops and international coalition forces. We do not allow any passage of forces into the area," the council said in a reference to Syrian government forces.

..."The agreement made between Russia and us, the Manbij Military Council, only comprises of the border line of the Arima region and Euphrates Shield," said the General Command of Manbij Military Council.

That is to be translated as a warning to Assad not to approach Manbij. The Americans convinced them of this tack just after the Russians convinced them to use Assad to their benefit. That's what it looks like. Apparently, the Russian deal was minimized to a handful of small locations, meaningless. The Kurd commander is speaking as though the Kurds with the international coalition are the chiefs in protecting Manbij. But wait, dummy. Manbij has already been liberated from ISIS, shouldn't you move on to another front? I know, the West is trying to set the Kurds against Assad, otherwise, what good are the Kurds to the West? That's why the Kurd commander of Manbij is a dope, for doing the American will: more war in Syria. Instead of coming to friendship with Assad for securing some autonomy in Syria, the Kurds are, at this time, prepared to snub Assad. Doesn't that spell more war upon all the other wars? That's what it looks like.

So, in order to keep Assad out of Manbij, the Kurds need to keep fighters there, and less will be done elsewhere by the Kurds against ISIS. Just what the West would like to see. But, the Kurds should wizen up soon.

Turkey's vow to attack Manbij? Maybe not: "'Without coordination with the US and Russia in Manbij, there is no point in continuing operations,' [Turkey] said on Monday, adding that Russian and US flags are flying over Manbij at the moment...Previously, the Turkish PM said he didn't mind a Syrian regime presence in Manbij, as long as the YPG is not in the area." One can see that there was is Turkey-Russia understanding in that sentiment. The Americans and the Russians both want Manbij as their adopted child, and this is another war in the making on top of all the other Syrian wars. One can easily sense that the Americans are still seeking ther ouster of Assad, otherwise they would give Manbij to him. So, the Americans want the Kurds holed up in Manbij, and the Russians will cry foul. Whose going to attack Raqqa in this scenario?

The other Syrian Kurds seem to be eye-to-eye with the Russian plan for Syria: "The representative of the Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), the party that dominates northern Kurdish regions of Syria, to Russia stated that Kurds and the PYD are not against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and have not made any attempt to oust him and they will make a deal with Damascus in a near future." So, you see, there is a tug-of-war for the hearts of the Kurds between Russia and the Americans, and the Russians have the majority, apparently. It's not easy to keep track of the Kurd groups, especially as war maps don't differentiate between them. In the past month, a large area north of Raqqa has been taken from ISIS by the Kurds, but I don't know whether they are the Russian-backed or American-backed Kurds.

The article below says that Raqqa's ISIS has been isolated by movements of American-backed Kurds: ""Our forces [SDF] today made a remarkable advance against Daesh terrorists and cut off the Raqqa-Deir ez-Zor route."...After losing the key supply route, ISIS will most likely be unable to bring any more military reinforcements into Raqqa city."

The possibility is that the U.S. military (regardless of Trump's position) sees the Kurds far mightier than the Syrian rebels, and, as a last resort, is prepared to cater to all Kurds possible by promising them some autonomy in Syria if they oust Assad. But if it ever starts to take place, Turkey will see the threat of Syria going to a New Kurdistan all along the Turkish border. This is what's preventing the Americans from turning the Kurds against Assad. But if they don't do it, and if the Kurds continue to wipe ISIS out, what other choice do the Americans have? Pull out of Syria?

The Mosul invasion is going well because the Iraqi government is working with the Kurds of Irbil. Judging from the words of the Iraqi prime minister (Haider Al Abadi), there is a love fest between the Iraqi and Kurdish governments, but Abadi is expected to exaggerate. The Mosul headquarters of ISIS were just taken away this week. It appears that Mosul will be re-taken sooner than the Americans predicted. What next? Well, Trump has invited the Iraqis to Washington. What for? Maybe he wants to give the Iraqi's some porn magazines. What else is Trump good for? His entire soul caters to porn. When he leaves Washington for another country, he's eyeing the ladies, what else? Watch your harems, Iraq. Build a wall around them.

The U.S. President Donald Trump has stressed on the partnership and cooperation with the Kurdistan Region in a letter to Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani.
My guess, this has to do with the New Iraq once ISIS has been set back. It predicts that the continuing U.S. presence in northern Iraq will be a topic.

I didn't see the March-1 story by Sputnik in the Western news. It alleges that the ISIS leader called for an ISIS withdrawal from Iraq, into the mountains, as he could see that Mosul was almost completely surrounded. But this story of fleeing into the mountains doesn't sound right. What will they eat? They have no choice but to band together, invade villages and their foods. Like rats, they can thus be followed from village to village, and killed. It makes better sense that the prime fighting groups had already escaped, possibly to Raqqa, leaving the dregs behind to their end. This explains why Iraq easily took both the airport and the ISIS headquarters in the span of about a week. Of course, the ISIS leader wouldn't divulge that there was an escape to Raqqa. If correct, it moves a host of fighters closer to Israel. Upon the Kurd invasion of Raqqa, the ISIS fighters will need to escape somewhere, and that's where they might end up near Israel. They might make a deal with the invading Kurds to allow safe passage southward, away from Kurdistan.

Although Turkey has relented for the moment in its promise to attack Kurds in Manbij, the Turk-Kurd war has by no means ended. The Kurds are not going to give Turkey an inch within Syria, if they can help it. Assad needs to bend to the Kurds at this point, or face a Turkish enemy in northern Syria. The Kurds, at least, have previously been Syrian citizens.

I don't know with any certainty that the claim by Britannica, that Kurds are the ancient Medes, is correct, but if it is, it's noteworthy to read that Medes, in Isaiah 13:17, attack the end-time "king of Babylon," whom in that text definitely appears to be the anti-Christ, where he also called an Assyrian in Isaiah 14:25. As Nahum 1:11 seems to be an end-time prophecy identifying the anti-Christ in Nineveh, the ancient Assyrian capital, it's notable that, at this time, the Kurds appear to be "content" not to have full control of Mosul, one part of which was old Nineveh. This prophetic picture seems to predict that the Kurds will attack the leader of Mosul as well as the rest of his domains in the Syria-Iraq region, but not before the anti-Christ has ravaged Israel.

The opening of Isaiah 13 seems to be the "kings of the east" in Revelation 16. God calls this his own special army, coming from far-away lands. I have a huge problem with the kings of the east coming to Iraq at anytime soon if Revelation is correct in numbering them at 200 million, unless they include the angels that we see in Revelation 19. Could be. The curiosity is that, after speaking on the invasion of His army into Babylon over the first half of Isaiah 13, verse 17 identifies the Medes alone as the attackers. That's not to say that the text claims Medes alone as the attackers, but that no other peoples are mentioned. It reads as though the Medes will be commanded by God to be the first attackers. They appear to be attacking in Iraq, yet when we get to Isaiah 14:25, the anti-Christ is cut down in the mountains of Israel, the same theme as Armageddon in late Revelation, and the same theme as in Ezekiel 38-39.

Just as I finished the paragraph above, a strong wing came in and caused some branches to hit the house's front door area. I had been praying just a few days ago, "Lord, please take that tree down." Yes, I meant by the wind, and I meant only the top part of it, for even the top 10-15 feet would be enough. It wasn't the first time I asked him. It's a dead tree on the front lawn, and I've been afraid of cutting it down for three years because it's tall enough to get near the windows, and would likely hit the garage roof. The only way to avoid it is to get up on a tall ladder and cut it about 12 feet up, dangerous. It leans toward the garage, and trying to make it fall the other way risks having it fall to the front where windows could be broken. This wind just blew twigs against my front door, and when I saw and heard them, it confused me, because I don't see how twigs could be on the roof above the door. But when I looked out, there on the ground, and pointing straight to the front door, was half the dead tree! I'm telling you, the trunk on the ground points about 7 inches to one side of dead-center of the front door, and therefore straight at me. No windows were damaged. No damage at all. There are twigs on the front porch, and, I kid you not, Twitch's have a Twig variation! He arranged for these twigs to "knock" at my front door, otherwise the tree could have fallen without me knowing about it at this moment. Most of the wind-blown twigs are gathered within two feet of the door. It seems He made this take place deliberately while I was writing on end-time, anti-Christ prophecy.

This part of the update is being written on Wednesday, after spending the morning, deeper in this update, on the Twitch bloodline. I sensed overnight that I was to enlarge on the Twitch bloodline, and so I concentrated on its lake-Tatta beginnings, and while doing so, a host of new links came out in the process. The last thing I wrote this morning, before coming to the day's Middle-East news, was where the Proctor nails link to the Logan and Camulodunum/Colchester nails, but this was immediately after the treatment on Twitch liners, which included the Porch's. You will see it for yourself if you read far enough. At one point, just before getting to Proctor and Gamble, I was on PROCulus, and wrote: "Compare "PROC" with "PORCH."" Now I have twigs all over the porch. It doesn't matter whether anyone believes me with this tree-down story; it's verification for me that my twitches were for a reason, and that I am hearing correctly from God Almighty. He has a funny way of communicating, I'll just never understand why He doesn't just speak English. This tree-down event is not for me only, but for you. I've noted that it's cut exactly in HALF, at a KNOT, and lying on the DRIVEway, which items may or may not apply.

The fact that the TRUNK is pointing right through my body suggests that the anti-Christ will be a Massey liner. I have been sharing this prediction for years, and it was first shared as the mouse line to the anti-Christ (because that's what i sensed was God's message to me) before I came across the Goplo mouse tower. I verified that the mouse tower was a Massey-liner entity in several ways, and this tree-down event will lead exactly to Mieszko I, the first-known Piast ruler from the mouse tower.

Why would God waste a perfect opportunity like this by not providing the event with codes for surnames? I looked up the Doors because the twigs hit the front door. Two Door surnames together indicate the Gate Coat, and the third Door Coat shares the Wright leopard heads while Piasts were WheelWRIGHTs. I realized that the split-Gate and Door Shields were in the colors of the Trunk quadrants, and Trunks share the white bull heads of the Cheshire Buckleys and Haughts/Haughtons, the latter from Sigrid the Haughty, daughter of Mieszko I, and mother of Cnut, father of the Knots. Perfect. The tree was split in half at a knot, and the trunk came down.

As was suggested, the Twitch's/Twigs and their Tweed / Tweet branches were the reason for Sweets/Sweits, from Sigrid's alternative name, SWEIToslawa. The twigs from the falling trunk hit my door. They are not large enough to be classed as branches; there is only one thicker than about a millimeter. The Twigs were first found in the same place as Cnuts! When God does something, it's perfect. I don't think I need to add to this simple picture, but will add that Twitch's seem most linkable to Thwaite's/Twaits'/Tweats'/THREATs, and then there are Treats/Treetons who may have formed from Tree's (share bendlets with Twitch's), whom I identify as a Herod line. It appears that God is verifying that the false Prophet / anti-Christ will be a mouse-tower liner, a Massey of some sort. Later in this update, the ARMaTHWAITE location comes up, recalling that the twitch went into my arm the night before I was on Armors, who share the squire's helmet with Twitch's. Skeltons of Armathwaite castle branched to BRANthwaite while Brans/Brains share white leopard faces with Doors / Wrights! The Eden river of the Skeltons makes it plain that they were Scylla liners. Skeltons likely use the fleur of Messina-related Masci's.

This reminds me of the first Sign I had in 2010, which may have to do with president Trump. I was having a dream, with my mother in it. The part with my mother is very foggy, but the dream became vivid when a bear was indoors, around some tables, walking past people, including a young girl of about six or seven, and while I feared for her as its nose was near her hand, the bear just walked by. He was a nice bear, it turned out, but then suddenly lunged at two stags, taking one down by the neck i.e. with his jaws to the neck. At that time, roughly, with that picture on my mind, I felt a mouse run on my leg, and swatted it, then got up immediately, turned on the computer, and came to the news on Russia's invasion of Georgia. The headline that morning read, "Russian Bear Goes for West's Jugular." Although I didn't understand why two stags / deers should be God's choice for representing the two break-away regions that Russia took from Georgia at that time (these areas included old Alania area), I assumed that the deer did represent those items.

I never did find the mouse. There was no mouse, for the trailer was on an 18-footer, and the mouse could not hide anywhere once off the bed. There was no way out the trailer so long as the kitchen and bathroom cupboards were closed. I had to believe that God created a mouse-on-my-LEG sensation to wake me up with that dream vivid on my mind, for I normally forget all dreams, unless they are near to when I awake. Whether I knew it then or not, I can't recall, but I have been linking the LEGH lion to that of Ranulph le Meschin for many years, and as I am a Meschin liner, ther mouse on my leg spoke to me what other Signs would speak, that ther False Prophet and/or anti-Christ would be a mouse-Meschin liner. At the time, I had cause to view the bear as Moscow, which, I think, was named by the Meshech, who by the way were in Georgia at one time. I have seen a stag used by the household of Hamon de Massey, and Hamons do use "the attires [antlers] of a stag." Why was my mother in this dream? Apparently, because she's a Massey liner on her mother's side.

As I said, I would go on to discover the Mieszko mouse tower, and in the meantime, there were plenty of mouse incidents at my place that I kept a close and intuitive watch on, because it became apparent that God wanted to communicate to me in this way, without speaking English, and having me report the events to readers that make me look a little crazy or mislead by my imagination. But one day, a friend all the way from Texas, who was reading these mouse claims at that time, wrote to say that there was a mouse on the news, on the steps in front of Obama's podium, just as he was about to come out to speak to the nation. The Drudge Report carried that mouse photo. And Obama was being considered, in his initial years, for the False Prophet, and, besides, I trace his mother's Dunham surname to Dunham-Massey / Dunham-Masci, where Hamon-de-Massey ruled. And so there we have verification from God, I think, that Obama was / is part of the anti-Christ system.

But this friend from Texas was Miss Deeter, and Deeters are in Trump / Dol colors, and first found in the same place as Dols / Trumps, and so I'm wondering whether the Trump stag was in the dream, lunged at by the Russian bear. Might that dream have a Part Two with a Russian lunge at Trump's forces in the Middle East? After all, Putin has indeed been a nice bear, yet the Americans have been atrociously rude toward him, and, I think, if Trump disappoints Putin (very good chance as I see things progressing), he might just attack the Americans in Syria, if need be.

A real problem arises in my mind as I try to connect the bear dream to the fallen tree. While the latter seems to be about Mieszko liners -- and while Obama's Dunham lines descends from Singletarys who share the Wheelwright antelope design, and while I had an Obama dream some weeks ago that was definitely from God (with many surname links), and while Douns/Downs share the Trump stag, apparently -- I don't know how to couple it with a Russian bear. If the bear dream with mouse-on-leg incident was Meant to indicate a Russian anti-Christ from a Meschin liner, how do we then include Mieszko liners to Obama and/or Trump? It confuses me completely. A Mieszko liner to a Russian anti-Christ I can understand, but why include Obama? Or, is it merely presumptuous to assume that the bear in the dream was the anti-Christ?

There has never been any other word for it: the imaginary mouse on my leg was given a SWAT, a term like SWIEToslawa. Just compare the Singletary Coat to that of Sweets/Sweats, both in Wheelwright colors, and the latter shares the same-type dancette as Dunhams (Jonathan Singletary, Obama's ancestor, changed his surname to, Dunham), first found in the same place as Thwaite's/Twaits / Tute's/Toots / Tute's/Tuits, likely a branch of Tottens/Todenhams that use dancetty bars in the same colors, one bar of which is in the Twitch/Twigg Chief. And my twitches led to the Armor surname (share's squire helmet with Twitch's) that was a surname married by the Dunhams in Omaba's ancestry (his mother's father was Stanley Armour Dunham). The Singletary antelope has plate's upon it which were resolved as the plates of Mussels/Muscels, and moreover the Singletary antelope has a BROKEn spear while Broke-related Broccuffs/ProkCOPPs/PROCKs use a version of the Twitch/Twig Coat.

The tree fell (DOWN?) on my DRIVEway. There was a chance that it could fall on the lawn apart from touching the driveway. The Mosca's/Muscas', an apt surname for depicting Moscow, share the leopard in the Chives Crest while the Chives quadrants are those of Drive's, shown properly as Drove's. In the Kepke dream, he walked with a stag along the driveway (headed for my house), and Kepke's father was Ukranian while Moscow was co-founded by Varangians of Kiev i.e. in the Ukraine. A bearded man followed behind Kepke and the stag, who was identified as Paul Smith, and Smiths (heron head guttee) happen to share the red-on-white fleur-de-lys of Thwaite's/Twaits'/Tweats'. "Guttee" is a term for blood DROPS, used by Drops that have a Drove-like Trope variation.

One day as I was collecting news, an image of Obama's head began to appear, yet the page wouldn't fully load. It started to load from the top, and came down only midway through the forehead, and exactly midway through this black, mystery spot on his forehead. The half-spot looked like a bullet hole in his head. But as the image continued to load, the spot turned out to be a fly. It's interesting that Drive's/Drove's were first found in the same place as Drake's that use a fly, or "muscas," in their motto, a variation of the Mosca's. And as Mosca's were first found in Pisa, it can suggest a Mieszko-Piast line, if Piasts were named after Pisa elements.

About the time that the fly was seen on Obama's head, a large fly was flying in my room, directly above me, in the dark. Perhaps you've never noticed, but house flies don't fly in the dark. And so this fly refused to fly fast, and instead hovered, more or less, for fear of not being able to see where it was going, and it reminded me of a SWAT-team helicopter. That fly, along with the fly on Obama's head, gave me the impression / idea that Obama was involved with those black UN helicopters that are in the news from time to time, the ones expected by some when martial law is put in place by UN stooges. As Trump seems opposed to that UN scheme, perhaps Obama is working secretly right now with it. At this time, the UN is largely opposed to Israel, and would welcome an Obama circle in its midst. Obama, they say, was in Pakistan secretly in his college years. He's never admitted to it, and his past is largely a secret filled with bogus claims by himself. Obama thinks he's getting away with much of his wickedness, but the FlySWATter of Heaven has his number. Let's hope it doesn't have any 6's in it. The Drake tail looks like it has three 6's. Why do Drake's use a "capTAT" motto term?

Well, as it turns out, there is an online article on the dukes of Masovia -- Poland, where the Mieszko's ruled -- that used a red-on-white wyvern dragon, the Drake symbol. And it can be gleaned that the Drakenberg Vere's, who loved Melusine, were in the Masovia capital, Warsaw, the Arms of which uses Melusine holding a sword...likely for Siward of NorthUMBERland, and his Sword bloodline, for I traced him to kinship with Swietoslawa. And the Mosca leopard is in the Seward Coat (likely a branch of Sewers), which itself shares two chevrons in the colors of the two of Sweets/Sweits/Sweats, and the three of Singletarys.

But there is more, and please do yourself a favor and read this entire paragraph. In the years when Russia was attacking Georgia, the chief of the entire military, or a branch of it, had a surname like the Italian Massars. Whether he was related to Massars, I don't know, but Massars/Massai's apparently named MASSARosa, smack beside Pisa. And so I have the inclination of tracing "Pisa" to "Bistue," beside the Massai-like Maezaei, and where I trace "Piast." Shortly north of Massarosa is Lucca, where Massars/Massai's were first found, and then Massa-Carrara and ancient Luni come next while Luna's use a version of the Mieszko-related Lambert Coat. English Lamberts are with a version of the Sweet Coat. The historical Arms of Massa-Carrara share white-and-blue checks (both filling the Shield) with Massi'/Mattis', and while ther leader of the U.S. military at this time is Mr. Mattis, and while Mathis' share the black moline cross of Drive-suspect Chives' that have the Mosca leopard, the bigger point here is the Masse's/Masseys, who share the Luna / Lambert crescent, are now using a "tree without leaves"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Previously, Masse's/Masseys showed the Trip boots, and Trips use the Windsor / Gore/Core crosslets. I have a feeling that the Windsors might know their trace to Masseys. In royalty and nobility, the rulers didn't use their surnames at times.

The tree that fell on my driveway was dead, without leaves, and it pointed right at me as I was sitting on my chair typing away on the anti-Christ prophecy in Isaiah 13-14. I had finished the entire paragraph as you see it. I was not midway through it. I had not yet put down one letter of the next paragraph, when the wind came and took that trunk down. Some of the twigs had to hit the windows on either side of the door, which reminds that Windsors (Wends / Vandals) and Windows were Fien/Fane liners i.e. Veneti. The Piast eagle is probably the Este eagle, and Este is in the land of the Veneti.

The only think missing in the tree-down event was a cat getting squashed under the trunk. Lucca's use a cat, and while Massars/Massai's were first found in Lucca, Chives call their Crest leopard a cat. In the Chives Coat, more cats. But maybe the event was not so much about Chives' and Mosca's as about the Savoy Masse's/Masseys (Masci / Massena colors). It could appear that God had planned to use the tree for years as a symbol of that surname especially. It's a hardwood tree dead only about three years; the wind speed needed to break the trunk in half where it's about eight inches wide must have been enormous, for without leaves, the wind can only push the trunk and branches, and the trunk gets thinner with height (i.e. less wind pressure). The Pisa-surname lion looks like it can be a version of the Freie and Mason lions.

The Doors use gold bees instead of the gold Gate lions. The first-mentioned mythical character at the mouse tower was king Popiel, possibly code for the Popley bloodline. Popleys use a version of the bee-using Bessin Coat, and this makes sense for a Meschin link to the mouse tower. But, be it a coincidence or not, there is a PUTIN/Padyn surname using a version of the same Coats. The tower in the Putin Coat could be the mouse tower. The Bessin Crest uses the armed arm with sword of Mieske's/Mesechs, but the latter throws on a bull head, as do Popells. Both the Popells and Mieske's share a vertically-split Shield with bee-using Doors. The Popell Crest uses "A bush between two elephant TRUNKs," we get it (Trunks use bull heads too). The trunks are in the two Shield colors of the Doors. I've not known the Popells before, and it appears that Popiel of the mouse tower wildly applies.

Popell variations: Popp/Poppen/Bopp/Bopf/Boppel/Popkema. The write-up traces to Poppo Babenberg and counts of Henneberg. French Hennebergs/Henners (Artois) use the same stars as Lamberts / Billiards, and are therefore suspect with Lambert of HAINaut. The Popell surname was first found in Westphalia, at/near the founder of Nassau's, and then while Billiards share billets with Nassau's, Irish Doors and Gate's use the same lion as Nassau's. English Doors are said to be from FitzHarold of EWyas, a funny term, but it just so happens that the Nassau lion, with billet background, was used by counts of EU. Nassau's are Dutch while Dutch Bush's, suspect in the Popell bush, use billets.

English Henners/Henns (same place as leopard-face Coverts and Coopers, and Lamberts) happen to be in Harold colors, but see Fitch's too (all three in Pollock colors) with an "ESPERance" motto term while Scottish Doors, who share leopard faces with Fitch's, use a SPEAR, as do Tracks/Tricks and Drigs that in-turn use a reflection of the Henner/Henn Coat. Spears (same place as Pollocks) and Spree's use the crescents linkable to those of Lamberts, etc. Now that I've found the Rance river near Dol, where proto-Pollocks were, re-read "espeRANCE" like so. The Rance's (same place as Randolph-related Dunhams), listed with Randolph-possible Rynds/Rands (same lion as broken-spear Leghs), use the triple chevrons of broken-spear Singletarys. These chevrons are suspect with the Lambert / Sweit chevrons, right? Gold leopards are used by Force's in the Legh motto. The imaginary mouse ran up my leg while I was having the bear-stag dream, and while the headline was, "Russian Bear goes for JUGular," Jugon is about 10 miles from the Rance river. This is in Cotes-d'Armor, and the Leghs use an "ARM holding a broken spear." Leghs were first found in the same place as Randolph (the rare time, RANDolph) le Meschin.

Later in the update: "...Sandwich's (Kent) share the Santon/Sinton Shield (neither use symbols) in colors reversed!!! Excellent corroboration all-around. It corroborates the Chands/SHANDs (listed with Schims) with Santon liners. While two Singletary symbols [broken spear, plate's] are in the Chief of SANDers, the Dunham-related Randolphs share the symbol-less Sandwich Shield, the only difference being the number of jags in their respective dancettes."

I can't prove that the Sandicke variation of Sandwich's is evidence of a Sand-Dicke or Sand-Icke merger, but there are two Icke surnames, and one is listed with Hicks (same place as the Randolphs that share the Sandwich Coat!) that happen to use a fesse in colors reversed from the Sand fesse. The Obama dream took place just as I was almost finished interpreting the Miss Hicks dream of 38 years ago. It was my first-ever attempt at checking out (not too-many weeks ago) whether the Hicks-dream symbols were code for surnames, and I was not disappointed. Miss Hicks was in a CAR hovering over the SEATs while the car was on the SAND of a beach. Carrs, Seats/Cedes' and Sands were first found in the same place, and while the Singletarys linked to Sanders, here we find that Dunham-related Sandwich's looks very much like a Sand-Hick merger. The other Icke's (Rostock, Trump theater) are in Wich colors.

Scottish Dicke's share the stag head with Icke's/Hicks. It's interesting that Belgian and German Dicke's/Dichenhausens use a Chief at the bottom of the Shield, same as Lambert-related Luna's. The Dice's/Diss', part of the Arms-of-Waterford entity that has the Trump stag, were first found in the same place as the Spear- / Rance-suspect Fitch's.

My MUSCLE twitch started about the time that I was on the Obama dream, and they didn't stop for some four or five weeks afterward, when I realized that God was sending us a message concerning Obama's MUSSEL/MUSCEL bloodline, with Twitch's linking to Armours, and moreover the Twitch's use the Totten dancette while Hicks use the motto phrase, "Tout en." The Obama dream has the Sewers/Suters at heart, and while I left the bathing SUIT of Miss Hick until last because I wasn't sure whether that was Intended as code for a surname, the Obama dream took place the night before I would tackle the bathing suit. In the dream, Obama was dancing in his formal suit, and, as it turned out, the Suits bring up the Sewers/Suters that the dream had led to by another method. On top of that, Hicks are suggested from a Sauteby entity while there are three Saut surnames, one using a broken chevron, and another including Suters/Sauters. As Singletarys loved the Broke's/Brocks, note that the latter use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Twitch's/Twigs.

The "shadow government" phase concerning Obama is still out in the news. It's being reported by Republicans as a coup attempt against Trump. If Obama doesn't watch it, the housefly on his forehead could turn into a bullet. More than anything else, Obama wants to assure that the Trump team doesn't discover his illegal methods of procuring dark agendas while president, and for this cause, Obama needs to spy on the Trump team. But Trump has the cards well in hand to spy on the Obama team, though I don't know whether Trump will play his cards right to get maximum potential. In this new president-bashing-president sport, which Obama himself is inventing as we speak, he allows himself to be fueled by the praise he gets from his fellow instigators, and damned-be the insults he gets from all the others for being a cheap, low-class, political warrior. I hope he doesn't stop, because it will force Trump's team to seek more exposure of 0's past. There can be no doubt that Obama has people in the Intelligence community willing to spy on the Trump team illegally. No doubt. That's what's going on. Thanks for this situation goes to George Bush. One political team spying on the other, ruined governments, calamity, chaos. Obama, the lousy president with golf balls for brains, is now The Pest in a Hole. And his team is bound to be co-led by Roaches. Michael Moore, a good example of the latter, the Armageddon time-bomb, ticking, ticking...*

Did you notice in Isaiah 13 that the anti-Christ's kingdom's fall is likened to Sodom and Gomorrah? Why would that be? One can't help but notice how pitiless God is toward end-time Babylon? Why? Because, by that time, the Babylonians will celebrate Israel's catastrophic fall to death and misery.

The Longarus Bloodline Wasn't Dardanian Only

Well, as often happens, the best revelations come buried deep within an update. The last update expanded Trumps to Maccabee-liner Acorns from the area of Italy's Brescia, and then found what I thought there was no hope in finding, a trace of mythical Athamas to the Atha variation of Baths, and to the Ardiaei line of king Arthur. It was all-so neat and tidy, undeniable.

I have a little to add in expanding on the Bath topic. Let's start with this: "Monunius [II] attested first in 176 BC was the son of Longarus, a Dardanian king who caused much trouble to Macedonia from 230 BC onwards. He succeeded his brother Bato to the Dardanian throne...Etuta the daughter of Monunius married the Ardiaean King Gentius in 169 BC." This Bato character might just have linked with the Atha entity (Pindus mountains) that named the mythical character. Keep in mind that while Ardiaei were at the Neretva river, Athamas was a son of Neretva-suspect Enarete. Perfect. Athamas' father was Alan-line Aeolus, son of Hellen, and as Aeolus was in Thessaly with Athamas, which is directly across the Pindus range from Aulon/Avlona, it stands to logic that an aspect of Hellen was at Aulon, and another at the nine Aeolian islands, both entities being of Muse liners to Avalon = Bute. I really do get this, and while they say "Avalon" means an APPLE orchard, English Pine's (colors and format of Irish Arthurs) use pineAPPLEs.

But there was also the Gla entity of the Aeolians, which traced convincingly to the Massey liner, king Gala, and from him to the Glass', first found in Buteshire. Glass' and Massins share Melusine with Babels, and this discussion will turn rapidly to they link to St. Malo, which entity was linked hard to Meschins and Masseys along with Malis', suspect from a Malis area at the area where Athamas lived.

The idea was to look at Longars (Babon colors) to see whether they could be from Longarus. Longers are listed with Longfords/Langfords, reminding that Langs are Alan liners. The Longer pale bars number six, in the positions of the six Babel pale bars, though Longers use them in Arthur / Alan colors. The write-up includes a Langford BUDville in Somerset, where Baths/Atha's and Badons/Battins were first found, any of which could be from Bato above. Budville might relate to Bude, however, and Bute. Longars are in Bedwell colors, and Bedwells (like "Budville") were first found in the same place, BEDfordshire, as Longars. Recall here that pale-bar Babcocks are also Badcocks.

German Babels (the ones with the Mermaid) were first found in Baden. The Babel mermaid is now showing with two tails, where it was not doing so some years ago. A two-tailed mermaid is used by Wallis-canton Walsers, and Wallis' were Glass liners that can now trace to Gla, which was in Boiotia, suspect with the namers of Buteshire. That works. English Babels share the gold gate with the Arms of St. Malo, and meanwhile two pale bars in the colors of the Babel pale bars are in the Arms of Ile-de-Vilaine, the Brittany province that had Dol and its Alans. Dol is just a spit into the wind from St. Malo. On the St. Malo gate there is an ermine wearing a scarf, and while the Dols were merged with Hugh Lupus, uncle of Ranulph le Meschin, Hugh's wolf head is in the colors of the same of Scarfs.

I'm seeing a king-Longarus trace to the Babel bars, and from the Babcock/Badcock relationship, I see it coming through Babon, uncle of Badon, and while Babon was son of MumMOLin, he's suspect with Mole's (share boar head with Babons), first found in Roxburghshire while Roxburghs use a pale bar in the colors of the Babel / Vilaine pale bars. I have some hard evidence for a Dardanian trace to Battins/Badons in a nutshell: Monans/Moonans, possibly from Monunius II, son of Longarus, use "...two red lions comBATANT supporting a sword," and Batants are listed with Battins/Badons, and while Maxwells were first found in Roxburgh, Longdens (Derbyshire) use their double-headed eagle in the same colors, and this is the Spanish-ROS eagle while I claim that the Roxolani namers of Roxburgh were Ros-branch / Ros-merged Alan Huns. That claim looks good here.

I have not had the following evidence before for my claim that Pepin of Landen and/or his Metz wife was from queen Bebba. As Pepins use the same bend-with-fleur as German Rasmussens while the latter have the bend rising in the sinister direction, note not only the sinister bend of Langden-like Landens, in the white color of the Longar bend, but that the six Landen PALE (heraldic name for vertical) bars are a version of the same of Longars!!! Excellent (Pale's share the camel with Pepins). Landens even use rooster heads in the colors of the Kopple roosters (which I've known before). There is a Langden/Landon surname., It seems certain that mouse-liner Popiel was a Pepin element because Kopple's were Goplo liners, but the Landen location of Pepins was an Alan one, and it just so happens that I trace Kopple's to Koplik (east side of lake Scodra), within easy / natural reach of Dardanians! I can't tell you enough on how important that is.

Next, we assume that Longarus liners named the Longs, but just so that we know how this can involve a line from Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee, let's add that Langs, in Long colors, show ACORNs: " base three green oak sprigs, acorned gold." Alans use oak leaves. The "in BASE" is important where Base's are using the double-pale Brunswick lions (Pale's use the camel suspect with Gamala's Maccabees) because German Langs were first found in Luneburg, the latter having been politically united with Brunswick, this latter being the line to/from Bryneich, as goes my claim, country of Bebba's Bernicians.

In the last update, when multiple Adam surnames traced with Carricks to Brescia, I arrived to Adam-like ATHAMas, and wondered about a connection. The Comyn surname of Adam Kilconquhar had named Kuman in Fier county, on the Apsus river, one major river north of the Aoos, both rivers having sources at the Pindus mountains, later home of Athamas. I can add here that one of the German Langs share the upright arrow with Scottish Adams, and the top half of the horizontally-split Lang Shield is in both colors of the same of Brescia's. These traces to Brescia are new to me, and come just as I discover Trompia at Brescia, and moreover they corroborate that the Bruce lion traces to the same in the Arms of Brescia (because Marjory Carrick married the Bruce's of Annandale after her husband, Adam Kilconquhar, died). The Brescia Coat is split in blue and gold, same as the vertically-split Shield of Dutch Tromps.

English Adams, first found in Annandale, uses the Bath/Atha cross in colors reversed, suggesting that the Adam line can trace to the Ananes Gauls at Placentia, not far from Brescia. But ther Adam cross is in the colors of the Annandale saltire, now suggesting that Athamas liners were at the Ananes Gauls.

The Comyn-like Como's use the arrow too, as well as a horizontally-split Shield with blue at the top half, same as the split-Brescia Shield. Como (Lombardy, same as Milan and Val Trompia) is a city north of Milan, the latter being where VISconti's ruled while there is evidence that the Ardiaei around king Pinnes had been in Vis/Issa (Teuta is said to have attacked the island). See how the two Como bends look like wood saws, a little like one of two engrailed bends of Levers, for the Trumpet in the Lever Crest can indicate a Trompia liner.

Athamas' wife, THEMISto, was suggested for the Thames surname, which happens to use three mascles (hollow lozenges) in the colors of the three lozenges in the Arms of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, and son of Adam and Marjory. By what coincidence does the Coat of the Moray Randolphs use the Bath/Atha cross...along with some bats to assure that it's the Bath/Atha cross? Is that not amazing, what the big mouth of heraldry can convey? Brix's/Brests (in Launay) and Bricks use lozenges too, as do the Aulon-suspect Launays.

[The lozenges of Thomas Randolph were found, a day or two after writing here, with Dutch Goyers/Gayers, who were looked up seeking a Choice/Joice branch. It was noted that French Goyers, in Voir/Voyer colors, are Joice-like Gouyais'/Goyais', but Dutch Goyers also show a Garda-suspect "Guyard." It's not necessary for "Goy" to be fundamentally from "Garda," but a Goy / Gay merger with Garda liners may have taken place to/from Thomas Randolph. Gays were first found in Savoy while Randolphs share the Savoy cross. Goyce's use billets that can link to the Choice motto. Goyce's are said to be from Gouy upon the Seine river, and this location is smack beside Rouen while Rouens use mascles (hollow lozenges) in the colors of the Thomas-Randolph lozenges! See on the map at the Gouy link above that Gouy is on the west side of Lyons-la-FORET, for billet-using Besancons/Bassets were first found in FOREZ. You'll see Goyce's below.

? Thomas Randolph was added to the last update midweek this week, where he was traced solidly to Panico's at Bologna and its Reno river. "Reno" compares well with "Rouen." Bologna isn't far from Brescia, and Bologna is where Bello-loving Bouillons trace, and Belli's / Bellini's were first known in Verona, about 20 miles from Garda at lake Garda.]

The last update showed why Metz traces to Athamas: "The Metz location in Muse-suspect Moselle is interesting for using what I perceive as NINE besants. Then, lookie here: "P. Sustal says that, according to John Tzetzes (12th century Byzantine writer), the Pindos range was called METZovon at the time" (Wikipedia)." Now compare the top of the Metz Coat to the top of the Brescia Coat. Don't include the besant in the patee cross, as that's someone else's symbol. Just count eight plus the one giant one. If you read the last update or two, you may have crossed the Lane's/Lano's, first found in Brescia, tracing to the naming of Launay (Brittany) just because it holds a Brest location with Brests/Brix's share lozenges with Launay, but here it can be added that Lano's/Lane's use nothing but a giant besant, a Metz symbol too. Probably, Lane's and Langs were Alan liners together.

So, with Langs and some Pindus elements tracing to/from Brescia/Brixia, I can recall the trace of Luneburg (where German Langs were first found) to the Luni area around MASSA-Carrara, and then tell that Luna's and Masse's/Masseys use the Pinto/Pino crescents in colors reversed. And Masse's/Masseys were first found in Savoy, where the same cross as Baths is rampant. Masse's are suspect with a branch of AthaMAS, and between OenoMAUS at Grecian Pisa and Massa-Carrara, and therefore with the Masa Sea Peoples of Caria, no doubt linked in ancient times with the Daphne-line Taphian pirates at Calydon/Aetolia, where Oeneus was a mythical entity that named OENOmaus. So, there you have it, the Pisa Amazons from HIPPOdamia, a horse-depicted peoples, linked to MelanIPPI = Arne, a horse-depicted people of the Aeolians, and while Masseys use a pegasus, the line of Bellerophon and Pegasus (at the Caria theater) works perfectly into it because Bellerophon was of the Aeolus>Sisyphus line in Corinth. In fact, Bellerophon and his Pegasus warred against the Khimera/Chimera dragon (from Kamiros of Rhodes) while the map below shows a Chimaera location on the Epirus coast, at the southern side of the Corinth-like Ceraunii mountains.

It's Tromp-interesting that (H)Achorani Maccabee has a name like "Ceraunii." and, moreover, Aetolia has an ACARNania region.

Where was I? Oh yes, the Longs are in the colors of acorn-using Langs. The latter call them oak sprigs while Spriggs share two blue pale bars with the Arms of Vilaine, home of the Dol Alans that married the royal Bruce's (king Bruce I) after Marjory married one. Longs share the white lion with Baths/Atha's as well as the white cross, though Longs use them both on black. The "preux" motto term of Longs gets the Preux's, first found in Brittany, and using a griffin head in both colors of the German-Lang griffin found on a Brescia-top half of the (Lang) Shield. The Lang griffin is said to hold a snake. The other German Langs share the pelican with the Scottish Stewarts i.e. the Dol Alans that married Bruce I. It looks like Longs are Alans, doesn't it? Was king Longarus an Alan, therefore? Looks like. It looks like the Alan-Ardiaei merger that I see in Avalon = Bute from the Avlona version of "Aulon." No sooner did the Dol Alans ascend the Scottish throne with Bruce II that the so-called Stewarts seized Bute. And ther Bute lion, belonging to Rory MacDonald, for one, was the Bruce / Brescia lion too.

The last update had an incredible verification that my accidentally urinating in the mouth of Pino (4 or 5 years of age), when I was 4 or 5, was to open up some Pindus-mountain revelations. Part of that discussion found that Porch's share the white cinquefoil with French Pine's, who in turn use the Pinto crescents in colors reversed. Porch's were looked up because Pino came walking around the CORNER of my front porch (Corners/Garners share the acorn with Langs), while I stood on the railing leaning against the corner post, and urinating down to the walkway...where Pino came along. As he looked up to see where the water was coming from that hit him on the top of the head, you guessed it, bulls-eye into his open mouth. I don't think I ever saw him again, the kid next door. The point is, the acorn-using Langs use white cinquefoils too. Is this hint that Ceraunii liners were to the Acorns/Alcorns?

There was a way to link the Trump stag head to the Acorn stag head via the Pinnes line at Vis, itself suspect with the Vise surname sharing a black-on-white stag head with Acorns. The URINation became suspect with an Orraon (Cronus?) location smack on the Pindus range between the river to Thessaly (home of Aeolians) and the Aoos river to Aulon/Avlona. The golden shower of Zeus, in birthing Perseus, became suspect in my urination event, and while Perseus married the daughter of mythical Cassiopieia, there is a Cassiopeia, and a Cassope, location in Epirus on the map below. Zeus had a temple in nearby Dordona (shown).

The Gardone Val Trompia location got me to find Gartons, and they happen to share the Cornish chough with Urins. The Garten-Crest wyvern dragon has a fireball, the symbol of one Ball surname while French Balls (giant ermine spots) were first found in Brittany. So, the urination event has surnames involved that can link to the Tromp topic.

When recalling that Cronus castrated Uranus, I went to Google to see whether Cronus had a urination symbol of the golden-shower kind. After all, his son, Zeus, was given one. I don't ever recall the following from Wikipedia: "The most probable etymology traces the [Uranus] name to a Proto-Greek form *worsanos enlarged from *uorso- (also found in Greek oureo 'to urinate', Sanskrit varsa 'rain'..." I doubt very much that this was the true derivation, or the real item that the original myth writer (who coined "Uranos") had in mind. However, myth writers worked off of sound-alike terms to create clever themes (or, at least, they thought they were being clever) for their characters. So, Uranus got the urination symbol. Everything I've written to this point was aside from this discovery. If I had read this from Wikipedia before, it didn't stick on my mind. I came from the urination event to Epirus without consciously knowing that Wikipedia quote. I think it works, and I think God wants this aspect of history known. I think the end-time Zeus factor will be God's mortal enemy, and that it includes the sodomites pushing porn and faggotry upon us all, as well as child porn and bestiality. Cronus was given a cannibal symbol, same as Pelops, husband of Oenomaus' daughter.

My findings are that Cronus' wife and Zeus' mother were symbol for Ray/Rhagae in Uranus-suspect Iran, which was Eran in those days too. The Iranian scythians, that is, the probable Gog, which I lump in with the Cimmerians (Gamir) of Lake Van that likely named the Khimera dragon at Kamiros. It was of the Helios sun god from the area of Caucasia's Rhodopolis, at Circasia (named mythical Circe). It included the golden-fleece dragon of Rus-line Ares, whose son, Erotes, with the "love" goddess, Aphrodite, as mother, was likely the Rhodian element of the Rus, yet Ares/Eros thus became the word, erotica, because Ares' cult was a boy-sex one, men way out of sexual control, fiends, just Obama and Trump, and their kind. I had traced king Arthur to a Redones-Rus peoples years ago, even while not understanding it fully. And I suggested Slavic Rus even before knowing of the Ardiaei of Slavic regions. French Pine's were first found in Limousin, from the Lemovices in Lemnos, the island of Hephaestus, official husband of Aphrodite. Pines are using a version of the Lord/Laud Coat ("dexter arm" in Crest), and Lord's/Lauds (Dexter colors) are in the GLASgow motto.

Why have Western governments failed to eradicate porn from the Internet, where it is available for sale to any boy / girl that simply promises to be of age? If you think this is a small thing, then you don't know the reason for Armageddon. Sodom taught us the reason. Donald Trump holds up his own wife like an Aphrodite tramp (stylish these days), and the media are feeding her modeling pictures daily to all in order that we might fantasize on her. Donald Trump doesn't seem to mind. There are some articles suggesting that Trump's been having sex with his daughter, and while I'm not convinced easily because his political enemies will say anything, yet I'm open to the charge if sound evidence arises.

I've just checked for a rail / railing surname because I was standing on the porch railing at 10 Rose--- Drive. No such surnames come up, but then Banisters (WATER bougets) were checked, to find that the first-known Banister estate passed to LANGtons (share the triple chevrons of WATERS), what a langincidence. Banisters are even in the Meschin write-up (as barons of Cheshire), and I as the urinator am a Meschin liner. The heiress (Alesia) of Robert Banastre is the wife of a John Byrun in the Langton write-up, and Byruns (compare with Bruno-related Barone's) are said to be from West Derby, same as Shechemite suspects that you'll see below. See Berone-related Byrams with a Coat like that of Langdons, while Longdens were first found in Derbyshire.

Why do Langtons use a "square"? We could ask the Paris squirrels, while comparing the Hectors to the Byruns, all suggesting the Parez Crispins at the Bar-le-Duc area of the Brunswick Bars.

PINDERs (why crowned lions?) were first found in le-Meschin's Cheshire, and suspect with the Macey chevron and/or a version of the Mackay Coat. Note how the old word "uorso = urinate" is like "urso = bear", for king Arthur has been given a bear symbol (probably from Bernicia), and Mackays are likely using the Bernician bear. Langdens/Langdons (CORNwall) use bears. Were Bernicians named after a bear symbol from Uranus liners? Certainly, Meshech rate with Gog liners. The Pinders use "lions heads guttee de poix," not ermines.

The Egremonts use a crowned lion too (red, like the Egerton lion and crowned Gartone lion!), as well as what should be the Massin lion and the Masci fleur. The Meschin write-up says that William de Meschin built Egremont castle (Cumberland, where Burns and Bernice's were first found). This name goes to the Cheshire Egertons and Eggs/Edge's, suspect with such others as Augers/Etches'/Eagers/ELGARs (Egremont lion in colors reversed) and thus suspect from the lake-Garda area. WORSleys (and Masseys / Tatton) are in the Egerton write-up, and, perhaps, "Worsley" was named after some later, more-respectable aspect of "worsanos enlarged from uorso [urine]" Pepins and Poppins are Mens kin, and Worsleys use the Mens Shield, I've assumed. Tattons share the same crescents as Italian Pinto's. The Elgar variation of Augers is like that of Algore's/Algers (same eagle as Tromps and Ardunici-related Doria's, we gather) and the Alcorn variation of Acorns (Vise stag head).

To the west side of Val Trompia is BERGamo, where John de Burgo traces well who birthed Herluin de Contville, the grandfather of Ranulph le Meschin's mother. Her father was Richard Goz, a possible Choice/Joice liner, for the latter are said to be of Josse's and Goce's, but I'll show why Gosse's can apply, one of which lists the Goz's (same chevron as Maceys / Pine's). Bergamo is about midway between Val Trompia and Como while John de Burgo ruled a Comyns entity. It was likely the Comines location in Artois, beside Poix-related PicARDy (recalls the "poix" term in the Pine description). While the Ardiaei are expected at Vis, the Vise stag shares the black cross between its antlers with the Eustace's (same cross as Irish Burghs and water-bouget liner Morencys) of Artois. And Tattons were likely of the Taddei's (share triple-red chevrons with Langtons) that share the Bouillon cross. Perfect. It's tracing Pinnes-related Ardiaei to the first Templar kings of Jerusalem, and I think the end-time members of that cult are about to be urinated upon by God's end-time burning coals, dead-center into their mouths. Fearful lightning bolts, and a shaking planet, no remedy until Jesus returns to put an end to it. Calm. The destroyers gone or tamed.

Langtons share the green, spread eagle with Alan-related Henrys. Brittany-branch Henrys were first found at the Meu river between Vilaine and Cotes-d'Armor. The latter was alternatively Cotes-du-Nord, where Morte's were first found. explaining the "morte" motto term of Langtons (same place as Rhodes'). Thus, Lang liners figure as Alans once again. With Langleys, I'm seeing the Cassander line of royal Macedonia (beside Dardanians) touching upon the Aulon entity. In fact, the Stewart pelican traces to Pelagonia of Macedonia, and the Langs with LINKletters (explains the Lang letters), along with a lynx I had found (and lost) for the Alauna Alans, were resolved from neighboring LYNCestis, both on the light map below:

As I trace Henrys to Henry VI Rodez/RODES (married ROQUEfeuil), note that his line was to the Rods and Rocks who share the green trefoil, while Rocks (Worsley-possible Worcestershire, same as Water-suspect Watts) use it in both colors as the trefoil upon the Langton eagle (double-headed). I trace Henrys to Henry Joseph, the first known Hampshire Joseph...same place as Poppens and Cassane's/Cassandra's, the latter sharing the triple Langton chevrons. Josephs share the Comyn garbs and can thus trace to the Cumo-Bergamo stretch. It strikes me here that English Caplans share the griffin head (same colors) of German Langs, and it recalls that German Caplans, along with Capes', are using GARDner symbols! Excellent. Gards share the martlet with French Josephs, and the Gard-related Pullys share the Champagne bend while Avisons (Comyn Coat) were merged with rulers of Champagne as per the latter's marital links to Avesnes (Artois, near Comines). That's why Avezzano's share the potent-crutch pattern of Champagne's.

Josephs (same place as Caplans) and Chaplains share the double-gold fesses of Orraon-suspect Orins. And this brings me to mythical Orion (suspect in the Urin write-up), who was a Boiotian entity, same as Athamas that was later at the Pindus mountains, location of Orraon! Excellent. But look-see at this:

...the gods Zeus, Hermes and Poseidon come to visit Hyrieus of Tanagra [Boiotia], who roasts a whole bull for them. When they offer him a favor, he asks for the birth of sons. The gods take the bull's hide and ejaculate or urinate into it and bury it in the earth, then tell him to dig it up ten months later. When he does, he finds Orion... (Wikipedia on Orion)

Orion must have been a Uranus entity in Boiotia. Incidentally, at Tanagra is Schimatari, like the heraldic scimitar. Assuming that the Schim surname was in honor of someone's Schimatari roots, we can bring up the "duce" motto term of Schims and recall that Duce's use the coat of Abraham-suspect Bramtons. I expect the line of Abraham and Keturah in the Attica / Boiotia area (it was explained in the last update).

I've just recalled the swans of Guests/Jests, whom were proposed in years gone by as a branch of Josephs. Click over to English Guests (same fleur as Morinis'), sharing the black swan with French Josephs and Chaplets, to see that they share a vertically-split Shield with Waltons. At one time, French Chaplains showed only one fesse, making it impossible to link strongly to the two Joseph fesses in the same colors, even though English Caplans/Chaplains were first found in the same place as Josephs. And German Caplans (Switzerland) have a split Shield in the colors of the same of English Guests. Therefore, I propose that the Welsh Guests/Jests are using the Chaplain / Joseph chevron. I trace Caplans with Capelli's to ancient Cabyle, in the land of Sale-suspect Selletai. With a Cutter trace to Satrae liners, there is a good argument in viewing the English Caplans with the Shield-and-Chief colors of Cutters in colors reversed. This compelling link between Guests and Josephs comes while stressing Garda liners, and here it can be repeated that Gardners use the German-Caplan Shield and Capes scallop. Moreover, Waltons come up only from the GARTon write-up.

Josephs were proposed in short-form with Josse's/Gosse's, though I don't know whether I knew, at the time, the Goce's existed, who were first found in the same place as Josephs, yet the Goce's bring up the Jeckylls, suggesting a Joseph-Jeckyll merger. Goce's/Jeckylls use a black stag in the colors of French Josephs, and while "Goce" is suggested in the Choice/Joice write-up as the surname's derivation, Taste's/Taets use the same trefoil as Rocks. While the Jake's (Goce/Jeckyll colors) share the black, spread eagle of acorn-wielding Tromps, Acorns share the black stag with Goce's/Jeckylls. Moreover, Jake's were first found in the same place (Essex) as Quints while the latter share the Taste/Taet chevron. This is making Taster's Choice coffee suspect with Joseph Caiaphas, with Choice's beginning to look like Shechemite-related Cicones liners. The Cicones were identified (by me) as the Zeus swan that mated with Leda. Giests/Gaiss' use a "swan on a mound," and were first found in Switzerland, stronly suggesting Guest linkage to the Swans/Sions.

The Caiaphas line was suspect with that of Syphax, whom I had traced to Spicks, and the latter happen to use the Choice/Joyce eagle. Spicers use the colors and format of Capone's, as well as the black-ermined, gold chevron of English Guests. Syphax was a Getuli-branch Numidian, and it just so happens that Getuli-like Gettels are listed with Gardsons. French Guests bring up Gays that have Goyer-like variations, but I do not sense that Gays are Joseph liners. Gays are from the Numidian, king Gaia.

Joselyns/Gocelyns use a giant "wreath," but perhaps it was initially a CHAPlet. The "deVOIR" motto term of Joselyns jibes with the "Voy" of Josys (eye) as per the Voirs/Voyers. Joselyns are said to descend from Bohons, and the latter are the Bone's, suspect from Boii of Bononia, while Voyers may have been Boii...all the way from Boiotia? Irish Bohons/Bohannons/Bougans/Bowens (Stick Coat) share three gold garbs with Josephs.

I was going to add that the Porch's share the eight bars of English Crispins while "CRISpin" was resolved with "Grazio," for Grazio's share the pomegranate with French Crispins (cross type of Vise's), the latter Crispins first found in Parez (Lorraine), while Grazio's -- suspect with a Garda > Grat > Grasse line -- were first found in PERUSia...also called, PERUGia, like "Bergamo." I now find that pomegranates are shared by French Gosse's/Gosselins, and while German Gosse's/Goz' use a version of the Pine Coat, Pinnes was in PHARia. That's where Pinnes' guardian, Demetrius, ruled! I think that this is great, for Pharisee-suspect Perusia is where Chappes-related Ottone's were first found, and Ottone VIS-CONTI can thus trace to Vis (beside Pharia) as well as to the CONTEville's. WIScards were first found in the same place as Scottish Chappes'. It's got Joseph Caiaphas and the Pharisees all over it, aside from the Acorn-liner Maccabees.

This revelation (requires the Gosse's from the Choice write-up) would not have happened if the Taster's Choice coffee did not become an item pointed out by God about a week ago. I have not had twitches again since the first night after going off Taster's Choice. This Pharia line to Parez can be traced to mythical Paris at Parion, the Gorgon-Muse haunt that likely named Parnassus in Aeolian Thessaly. Note that Crispins share a white bend with the Thessalie-based Doris'/Orris'. As French Pine's share a blue fesse with French Paris' (same place as Crispins), the pineAPPLE of English Pine's suggests the apple on the Paris fesse.

Choice's share the double-headed eagle in the colors of the same of Specks/Spicks/Spocks who themselves share eight horizontal bars with Crispins (bars, when in even numbers and therefore not fesses, are called, barry, code for Bars / Barrys, at Bar-le-Duc, for example, same Lorraine area as Crispins). While the Acorn-suspect Augers/Algers use "SPECTemur" in the motto, likely for Speccots, the Specks can be a Speccot branch. The PORCupine in the Speck Crest must be for the Porch's, but that then leaves porcuPINE!!! I was on my porch when urinating on Pino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God never ceases to amaze with these things. This paragraph was not started for how it ended. I just fell upon it.

The "rege" motto term of barry-using Porch's appears matched with the "regi" of German Barrys, who in-turn share fish heads on red with Geddes'. Scottish Barrys love the Fiddle's/Fidelows, and use "regi" too, but ZOWIE, their Fidelow location was also VIS-de-Lou / VIS-de-Loop, and we just saw why Crispins, who share the eight Porch bars in the same colors, trace to Vis! Amazing, and the crown-using Scottish Barrys ("FIDELis", same wolf as Fiddle's) use six of the eight Porch / Crispin bars. Moreover, Crispins and Grazio's (suspect from Pinnes' family / friends in Pharia) were at Parez and Perusia...suspect with mythical Paris elements, right? And so Bars with Barrys become traceable to "PARis / PARion / Parnassus." The black talbot and the "bien" motto term of French Barrys links to Carricks on those two counts, and Carricks were of the Charax name of Proculus. Compare "PROC" with "PORCH." Amaising. As Biens use bees, they look to be from the Bie variation of Boys, potential Boiotians, but the Bieini peoples of ancient Lake Van come to mind.

Cetis is beside Pamphylia, where there was a Bilis river, though this is hard to find online now. On the map below, there is a Byllis location near Aulon, and a similar-named peoples. The Choice/Joice motto shows "honoraBILIS vita." The Choice's are the ones sharing the red and double-headed eagle of Specks who in-turn have the porcupine as part-code for Porch's and part-code for Pine's / Pino's. I already went over the fact that French Gosse's share pomegranates with Gardia-possible Crispins and Grazio's, but here it can be added that Goose's/Gooch's/Googe's are said to be from BILLESley (Warwickshire), while Billesleys/Billings are using a combination of the Bath/Atha and Tint Coats, and Tints use the Bath lion COUCHant, clearly showing that Couch's (and likely Kitchens/Kutchyns) are a Goose/Gooch branch.

The Billesley Crest: "An arm embowed BESTed holding a covered cup." No one uses "bested" unless it's code. Dutch Bests/Beest (Beastons?) use what could be a fesse version of the Crispin / Porch/Portis Coats, and the four Best/Beest fesses are colors reversed from the four Totten/Todenham fesses. Although I think the giant, white Porch/PORTIS cinquefoil is that of Potters, the Bus' use one too while English Bests (almost the Potter cinquefoil) show a "legiBUS" motto term, and moreover are in Godfrey / Mead colors while sharing "Libertas" with Godfreys. Therefore, the Bests are linkable to the Meads (share the Godfrey pelicans) who married Arthurs of Clapton = PORTIShead.

"LEGIbus" is obvious code for the situation in which the Bus cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester = LEGro river, but as the TOSNi-related Toeni's have their sleeve in the same Arms, note how the Tuits/Tute's/TODENI's (Thwaite branch) and Taddei's can fit into a Todeni picture with the Tottens/TODENhams (suspect as Best kin), for Godfreys can be of Godfrey de Bouillon, whose surname shares the Taddei cross. Moreover, the "bello" motto term of Bouillons can be of the Billesleys/Billings (green sleeve in Crest), who share the fitchee with English Bests. You see, my twitch is all about the false-Christian Templars at Jerusalem.

German Bus', I have only-now noted, share a vertically-split Shield with Tromps, and both use the same spread eagle. It recalls that Corners/Garners (said to be of GARDners) use both the acorn and the Bush/Busch / Bosch fleur-de-lys. If the Bush boar is from the Porcia boar, then that can make a Bus-cinquefoil link to the same of Porch's/Porchers/Portis'. It recalls that German Corners share the black boar with Porcia's and Bush's. In turn, it all indicates that I urinated on Pino from the corner of a porch that's code for the line of Porcius Cato, whose line went to Cato, a half brother of Servilia Caepio, the latter from CINQUE-suspect Quintus Caepio. Italian Capone's were first found in the same place as Candida's that share the German-Bus / Doria / Acorn eagle. The Liebers, feasibly in the "LIBERtas" motto term of Bests, share the "oak branch" with Corners/Garners, and the similar Leibers use a log like the tree stump of Italian Bosco's. Scottish Bosco's are the ones with the tufts of GRASS, while Grasse liners can now trace well to Gards / Grate's / Grazio's, and Tufts are the kin of Branch's in the "oak branches" above, we may assume.

As English Bests/Beests use a white ostrich in Crest while Cetis-liner Caens use white ostrich feathers in Crest, it appears that Bests/Beests were a branch of Bessins/Beestons, for Caen is in the Bessin. Bessins/Beestons named Beaston in Cheshire, where they were first found first found, and Cheshire was ruled by the Malahule line to le Meschin, but it's online that Malahule also provided the Toeni / Tosni's. There must have been much Caen-related blood in Meschin's Cheshire, and that must have been from the Bassianus line through Cetis' Bassus'. The proto-Bassus line (or it may have been the Bassus line itself) is known to have conquered Derbe via Amyntes the Galatian. And while Derbe was near lake Tatta, one Billinge township is said to have been in West Derbe. Derbyshire is beside Cheshire, and Twitch's were first found in Derbyshire. There is a good chance that Bilis-river Pamphylians apply here.

In fact, the Sheltons, Tute's/Tuits and Thwaite's were all first found in Norfolk with the Sawyers that share the checks of Bils'. As Seagars/SAGERs were likewise first found in Norfolk, Sawyers may have been a SAKARya-river branch, for Severus Bassus and his fellow Galatians were at the Sakarya area. SIGRid had been suspect with SAGERs, for while the latter are also Sugars, it can explain the Sweet variation of what otherwise may have been Thwaite's/Tweats' / Tweets. The snake of Seagars/Sugars makes a good case for tracing ti the Basque snake god, Sugaar, whose wife, Mari, can then trace to Marsyas, a mythical goat of Phrygia. The Seagars snake is the ancient symbol of the Hermes caduceus, or of the ASCLepios rod, and while Asclepios was a son of Coronis, I trace the duo to Skala and Chora of Patmos respectively, and view "AscLEPIOS" as part-code for a branch of Lapiths. English Lapps use the Melusine mermaid, though she was first known with a snake tail.

[In the next update, the Hearn variation of Haverans prompted a check for Herns/Hurns, who happen to use the same checks as Bils', as well as "three red bars-GEMEL" (three pairs.]

It can be gleaned that Pamphylians trace to queen Bebba of Bamburgh castle, and as she was at the Tweed-river area, we once again find hint that Pamphylians were connected to Tatta. In fact, mythical Mopsus in known to have been Pamphylian, and while he got a Muksus variation, that must have been after Mokissos, a location on the north side of lake Tatta. Bebba was a Bebbanburg while Babenbergs of Germany were founded by Poppo I of Pamphylia-suspect Bamberg (Bavaria). And Babels use the Melusine mermaid too, while English Babels can trace to "Cetis" with their gold GATE.

The last time that Goose's/Gooch's were mentioned, it was at the Actons / Auchtans, wherefore note that the fitchees of Billesleys are those of Acton-loving Cravens. However, I don't view Goose's/Gooch's/GOPHS (Mole kind) as a Gosse / Josse branch, at least not if they were Josephs. On the other hand, Gosse's/Josse's share the stars of French Goughs/Gouts while Welsh Goughs (RADnorshire) use the boars of Goose's/Gooch's/Gophs, and this recalls that while Byllis is "Bullis" on other maps, Bullis' use stars in colors reversed. That works, so let's remind that Gosse's come to topic with Taster's Choice, where "bilis" is a term buried in the Choice/Joice motto, and then a Shield filled with billets is used by Joice-like Goyce's/Goys, and Goyse's even throw in the Bullis stars. Goyce's are said to have included Robert le Gois. The write-up insists that they named Gouy at the SEINE river. Goyers/GOUYers (Picardy, location of another Gouy) are said to be of SENNEcourt. The Phrygians at the Sakarya river were founders of Lydians, according to the simplistic, mythical view (not necessarily wrong), and the Lydians started with a king GUGU/Gyges.

As Billesleys/Billings share the same cross as Randolphs, let's me quote an insert above in full where Thomas Randolph was being traced to Brescia / Garda:

The lozenges of Thomas Randolph were found, a day or two after writing here, with Dutch Goyers/Gayers, who were looked up seeking a Choice/Joice branch. It was noted that French Goyers, in Voir/Voyer colors, are Joice-like Gouyais'/Goyais', but Dutch Goyers also show a Garda-suspect "Guyard." It's not necessary for "Goy" to be fundamentally from "Garda," but a Goy / Gay merger with Garda liners may have taken place to/from Thomas Randolph. Gays were first found in Savoy while Randolphs share the Savoy cross. Goyce's use billets that can link to the Choice motto. Goyce's are said to be from Gouy upon the Seine river, and this location is smack beside Rouen while Rouens use mascles (hollow lozenges) in colors reversed from the Thomas-Randolph lozenges! Randolph died in mascle-related Musselburgh, in the land of the Mascals/Keiths who share the stag head with the Crest of Thomas Randolph. See on the map at the Gouy link above that Gouy is on the west side of Lyons-la-FORET, for billet-using Besancons/Bassets were first found in FOREZ.

The Gore's/GOWERS (almost the eight Crispin / Porch bars) are said to be from Gouy, and as they share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's, bingo, it traces Choice's to mythical Gorlois at Tintagel (Gore's are suspect with a gold version of the Tint crosslets). The Gore crosslets are in the colors of the same of Trips, and Trips use a SCALing ladder that recalls the SKELmersdale location of Choice-suspect Billesleys/Billings (suspect in sharing a combination of the Tint and Bath Coats). And CORE's were suspect at Chora of Patmos, beside Skala. Rather than identifying Choice's as fundamental Gore's, I prefer a Gore-Goyer merger to produce "Gower."

I see all sorts of brand names (of products), movie titles, or cartoon characters named after surname relationships. It's possible, therefore, that the namers of Taster's Choice chose two terms both related to Coffee's/Coffers. Note PROCtor and Gamble.

I suppose that, if Gosse / Goose liners were not Josephs, they may have been Gog-Rosh liners, for Goose's/Gooch's were first found in Roxburghshire. The Roxburghs share the small saltires, in the same colors, with the Gale's that share the blue unicorn in Crest with Tints. As Gale's and Tints (English Pine's first found between the two) together made up Tintagel, king Arthur's birthplace, it is very notable that the Gale Coat is in the colors and format of French Pine's, and that Gale's share lion heads on blue with Pinders/Penders (white lion heads). The Gale's use the lion heads in gold, but there's one in the Pinder Crest.

For the record, the "gutee" blood drops of Pinders could be either for Gute's or Gutys. The latter are said to be of Gose-like Gode's, and share the Bath/Atha (and Ross) lion in the same, upright position. Gutee was suspect with Gothelo, grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, and that can suggest the Goth/Gothel star in the Coat of Dutch Langers/Langs, especially as Godfreys share the pelican with German Langers/Langs. Suddenly, we stumble across a Dardanian-Alan ancestry in the line furnishing the first Templar-Jerusalem king. But what do Dardanians or Alans have to do with old Jerusalem? The answer is now within grasp.

Tatta was not far from the Pamphylian border, or may have been part of Pamphylia at one time. Lake-Tatta lines not only link well to Twitch's, but as evidence rolled in to link Twitch's to Taster's Choice coffee, by what coincidence are Taste's also Tate-like "Taets??? On top of that, Coffee's/Coffers (CUPS) and Coffers/Coffare's can now be shown to be part of the picture above, where we have "COVERED cup" in the Billesley/Billing Crest while COVERTS/COFFER, in Billesley colors, were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Heytons/Heightons. Heyton is in the Billesley write-up, and Billesleys of SKELmersdale (Lancashire) are in the Heyton write-up as "Huytons of Billinge." It seems obvious by their bull heads that Heytons are a branch of Cheshire's Haughts/Haughtons (fesse bars), and kin of Cheshire's Buckleys (branch of Buckle's, probably of Bucklow in the write-up of Cheshire's Egertons). The Chee's of Cheshire use the dancette in the Twitch Crest, and it's in the Totten/Todenham Coat too. Undeniable links, and Haughts were from the Mieszko's, feasible from the Mieszko line at Bars of Bar-le-Duc, home possibly of the Lorraine Crispins. The Heights (Derbe-based Derbyshire) happen to use the black cross of Vise's that is also between the antlers of the Eustace's. Perfect.

When we look at SKELtons in case they were in Skelmersdale, we find them at ArmaTHWAITE castle (Cumberland), which can explain the arm in the Billesley/Billing Crest. Skeltons later branched to BranTHWAITE (looks like a BERNicia-Tweed element). I trace CUMBERland to UMBRIA, not only where the Grazio's were first found, but Guy of Spoleto...who is in the buckle's of Guys and Meschin-based Spoltons/Spauldings. That makes the Skelton fleur suspect with the Masci fleur, and moreover the gold rooster in the Skelton Crest should be a Gay / Guy liner, wherefore let's remind that gold-rooster Gays were first found in the same place as Masse's/Masseys that have the Tute/Toot / Tattons crescents. Skeltons can be of Skala of Patmos through Scylla of Messina, and their presence with castle in Cumberland, where Burns and Bernice's were first found, reminds of the Burnum location at the end of the Titius river, with Maezaei at the source of that river (why not also along the river?). As the Titius is near the Una/Oeneus river of Juno, it's notable that the June fleur is in the Height Coat along with the Vise / Eustace cross.

As Julia MAESA Bassianus is suspect in marrying a Maezaei, lets add that besants, a Bassus / Bassianus symbol, use used by Thwaite's/Tweats', a possible branch of Sweets/Sweats from Swietoslawa, same Mieszko-liner person as Sigrid the Haughty to the Haught/Haughton Coat. The Skelton-like Sheltons, in Skelton colors, had some of their titles go to Mr. Houghton, and Houghtons are listed with the Haughts/Haughtons.

Here's a few more Toot entities from the write-up of Tuttle's/Toothills, who share the crescents of Spanish Pinto's. And the pine tree was a symbol of Attis, explaining why the Maenads had a pine cone at the end of their thyrsus rods (named after "Tyre?). The Lord looked to find a hint of new-found wisdom and goodness from the Sodomites, but they continually gave way to their devices, and they partied as though there were no God, as though He had no feelings, or didn't cringe at their open rebellion. They egged one another on in deliberate blasphemy, and, in the end, they will prop up a wicked one who speaks war against God openly, at which time the Lord will no longer have patience, and there will be a repeat of Korah's fate when the earth opens it mouth to devour cities.

You know, while the Bieini peoples ('ini" is a suffix, leaving "Bie") are said to have named Lake Van, or at least to have been from it, that was the area of Mus too so that Bassianus liners to Bessins (share the bee with Bie's / Biens) can be expected with Mus liners, and that can explain why Meschins were from the Bessin. Moreover, Mackays are said to have had both the Fane's/Vans an Beans/Bains as septs. Ranulph le Meschin married the Talbot family while Carricks use the talbot and a "Garde Bien" motto, and so it speaks to the Bassus line to Charax Proculus. Why do PROCtors (Cambridgeshire) use three giant nails in Carrick / Levi colors? Did Laevillus ancestry produce Caiaphas, responsible for the three nails in Jesus? Are the Proctor nails their symbol of sinister triumph over God?

Note Proctor and Gamble, for Gamble's are suspect to Camulodunum, which later got the three nails in the Arms of Colchester (probably the fessy cross). If we remove the heart from Logans/Lohans, the three nails are in the colors of the Proctor nails. "Geddes" is of "Cetis" while Geddes love the Majors along with the "majorum" motto term of Logans/Lohans. The latter share "Hoc" with Fessys, from the Fieschi of Genoa, where Doria's were first found that married Arduinici in Nagle-related Oneglia, and so German Nagle's may have arranged a Nail variation for their marital link to Proctors. There are other explanations, however, for the sharing of these nails.

Lemnites of Ciconia

The Schims are the ones sharing the Molle boar, which can indicate SCHIM-like SHECHEMites at Schimatari. It was not many updates ago, before seeing that similarity, that Molle's were lumped in with Shechemites. It looks like we have a compelling Shechemite trace to Schimatari, and while I identified "scimiTAR with the Tarrs, I also claimed that God have me a hockey event telling that Tarrs can link to McGee's, and the latter happen to share the white boar head with Schims and Molle's. How impressive. Let me repeat from the last update:

Recall the Ducal Coronet in the Arms of Colchester. The Duce's use the double BRAMton lions (same as in the Brock Chief), and I think the Abraham-Keturah line applies strongly to Aeolus-Enarete liners. In fact, Brocks and Schooners share the Shield-and-Chief colors of KETURah-like Cutters, the latter using dragons, the symbol of Media. Her chariot was pulled from CORINth to Athens by 12 dragons, Santa-CLAUS style, which recalls my not-bad trace of that dope to the Clausula river, location of Koplik/Cupionich, and it just so happens that the latter was lumped at times to a discussion of the DECANi area to its east, where I traced Decans / Deacons. Claus' use a lion in the colors of the Duce lions, and it's Acorn-interesting that Clausula-like Clausels are listed with acorn-using Clauds. This became suspect with same-colored Klassens/Claase's/Clas' (why do they use Lady Fortune holding a banner?), which may have been a Gla/Glas line.

Note the Cutters above, for they use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Schims, how interesting. Schims/Schiens have been resolved as a Skin / Skene branch that merged with a Chand/Shand bloodline. As you can see that Klassens use Lady Fortune, note that "fortuna" is a motto term of Schims. The Chands can be suspect with CANTons because the latter use the Washington Coat in colors reversed while Washingtons share the Schim/Chand Chief. The Cantii namers of Kent may have been the Kenite partners of Shechemites. I've just found Santons/Sintone's (Sintians of Lemnos?), first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Molle's (Roxburgh-suspect Tate's can be of Taste variations). Lemnos was the island of a Cretan branch of DioNYSUS while Washingtons use the double Ness / Nice / NEST bars. Again, the Molle boar head is shared by Marone's while Maronia is near the mouth of the NESTus river. Perfect. The Cretan branch of Dionysus was related in myth to Theseus, an Athenian character and thus feasibly of Schimatari.

German Molle's may be using the Morinis fleur, but those Molle's also use the fleur in the colors of the Holland fleur while Hills are said to have named Hillend. Hills should not be left out of the Shechemite picture because Shake's didn't need to use moleHILLs if all they wanted was an honoring of Molle's. There is a Dutch Molle Coat with a mole on a "mound," and one Mound Coat has a heath-COCK in Crest (faces sinister, rare for a Crest animal) while Cocks have been suspect between the Cicones (in the land of Maronia) and the swan king of Liguria, CYCNus.

I can definitely see how Lemnites can be to Maronia, since nearby Lemnos had the city of Myrina. Dionysus at Lemnos was suspect with its Sintians, but that was more a hunch than provable. While Italian Santone's are listed with Santo's, Spanish Santo's share the three, wavy Spanish Marina bars! Excellent, thank you, very important for clinching Santo's with Sintians to the French Santone's. Portuguese Santo's are the only ones I recall sharing purple on red with Polish Sobeks/Sobieski's, and while I am aware of a Sobek family in Switzerland, Wallis-canton Waltons share the buckle with Sobeks. If one compare's Santons/Sintons to Fontana's, and Fountains to Italian Santone's/Santo's, the Sintian relationship with Fountain liners becomes apparent. Note the Nestor-like "NOSTRa" motto term of Fountains. For the record, Sobeks can be suspect with the Swiss Landens of Koplik elements, suggesting the possibility that "Sob" was a Cob / Cop line, for Kopple's/Coppels share the gold Shield with Cobbels, and both put birds upon it. Both Sobeks and Goplo are Polish elements, right?

Aside from PaterNOSTERs (Patrick line), I have not had a good idea of what that motto term stands as code for, but suddenly Nestor-of-Pylos and/or Nestus-river liners may apply. As Paternosters share a red-on-white (Ness / Nest colors) with Cousins, said to include Mr. Cusyn of Hampshire, note Cosyntus to the near-east of the Nestus. The Tiss' (same chevron as Mounds), the possible reason for the Taste variation of what otherwise look like Tate's, use the same chevron (red, as with the Taste chevron), while being first found in Hampshire. That is amazing because Choice's start to look like Cicones, stamped (on the light map) smack beside Cosyntus. Between Maronia and Cosyntus is DICaea while Dice's/Diss' use a chevron in colors reversed from the Taste/Taet chevron (Sand colors). Dutch Sanders share the illegal colors of Cousins (and Tweets).

The Nests/Ness'/Nestors have a dove-using branch while dove-using and Choice-suspect Goyers (olive branch) share the same chevron as Marone's. Now that we have clinched the trace of some of these things, lets bring up the old tentative trace of "KETURah" to "SATRae," for these Thracians lived at the Nestus river. I thought I had gone off topic when going to Schimatari, but Maronia is at the KIKons/Cicones (bottom-right of map below) that can indicate the Googe's/Gophs (and Goughs/Goffs) that happen to use the same boars as Molle's / Schims! It's amazing timing, for, shortly below, the Googe's come up as "Goose" when seeking Gosse branches! As Goughs evoke the Coughs, note that the latter use the Sale bend, for Sale is on the dark map to the near-east of Maronia. AMAZINGLY, the Toppers, looked up as per Topira along the lower Nestus, use a gold version of the Googe/Goph boars!!! DORIScus, to the east of Sale, is interesting, and as AYNOSdale and Aeneus come up later, in the same Walton surname (SHAKEspeare spear), note Aenos to the east of Doriscus. Here's the light map:

Aha! One branch of Toppers are said to have been in SANDwich (Massachusetts), and Sandwich's/SanDICKE's (Kent) share the Santon/Sinton Shield (neither use symbols) in colors reversed!!! Excellent corroboration all-around. It corroborates the Chands/SHANDs (listed with Schims) with Santon liners. While two Singletary symbols are in the Chief of SANDers, the Dunham-related Randolphs share the symbol-less Sandwich Shield, the only difference being the number of jags in their respective dancettes.

As the mouth area of the Nestus was linked in earlier years to Seaton-suspect Sithonia (Chalcidice), it's notable that Seatons/Sittens share the Bellamy crescents while the Bellamy Coat reflects the Topper Coat. Waltons are Sion/Swan liners while Sion was also, Sitten. Sithonia was traced to STHENelus, mythical father of the Ligurian swan, Cycnus, and this makes a Sithonia link to Cicones, very apparently.

If we ask how Seatons can link both to Sithonia and Cetis, the Herods of Chalcidice-like Chalcis (Syria) may be able to answer it. Or, the trace I make of Vespasia's mother to Tertullus, husband of Plancia Magna (a Herod), may also know about this. Topps can be with a version of the Tute/Toot Coat, and that links to Tatta, roughly the area of Glaphyra Archelaus, ancestor (grandmother I think) of Plancia Magna (her Perga location is of Perkins while Perkens use a version of the TOOTH Coat). I suspected Plancia liners at Derbe, while the Shield-and-Chief colors of Cutters / Schims is that also of Twitch's/Twiggs (Derbyshire), and while the latter use rare triple BENDlets, the Pierleoni-suspect Bends (share besant with Bennets) use a Shield reflecting that of Bellamys and Toppers. The Twitch-suspect Thwaite's/Tweats'/Twaits' are also THREATs while Treats/Treeton share the green-on-gold trefoils with Taste's/TAETs while Tree's/True's use bendlets without a bend.

While I can't think of any Font-like entity in the Cicones theater, though they trace to Santon elements thereabouts, it should be added that Spanish Fontana's (baskets) share red scallops with Toppers...and Sabine's/Savona's (share red bull with German Sanders/Senters), important where I see the Ligurian swan at Savona. Italian Fontana's were first found in Bologna, location of a Savena river. No guff. And these things were from lake Sevan, location of GOGarene/Gugar. See old map:

The Topper motto can be for Poire's that share the Molle stars while Poors share the Schim/Chand/Shand stars. Poors are said to be of Powers, and the latter share the Shield-and-Chief colors of PALINS and Sabine's/Savona's, very important because the latter are of the Pullys/PULLENS, from Vespasia Polla, wife of Sabinus, while the Palin Chief share the Sabine/Savona-Chief stars. It appears that Vespasian and Titus can now trace to Topira, or to Topira liners, a new mystery / challenge for me. On the light map, Topira has the SAPaets. Topps use no Shield symbols aside from the GAUNTlet hand within their CANTon, and while Gaunts and Cantons are Gant liners, the related Ghents use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Sabine's, etc. In myth, Centaurs were related to Satyr goats, but that's not generally explained by those making the claim, yet here we have Centaur suspects near the Satrae Thracians.

If we say that Chands are Cantii liners while Shands are Santon liners, is that a contradiction? But while Santons are tracing to the Cicones theater, I identified "Ixion" with Cicones, and he was father to Centaurs. Besides, I had suggested (from other considerations) that Sintians were Centaur liners. I had also suggested that "IXION" was chosen (by the myth writer) as code for ancient SION.

The SENNEcourt location of Goyers is interesting because Waltons are Sion/SINE liners while the Gouy location of Goyers is on the SEINE river. Shechemite-suspect Shakespeare's use a sand-like "sanz" motto term, and if the Shakespeare motto term, "droict," is code for Droits, they could be using the fleur of Thwaite's/Tweats' (needs the 'e' to come up), first found in same place as Sabine's/Savona's that share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Setters/SatterTHWAITE's and Playne's/Platers, the latter sharing the fleur-delys of Kenite-liner Conans, first found in the same place (Tipperary) as Font- / Avezzano-loving, Kenetide-suspect Kennedys. Scottish Kennedys were first found in the same place as Kenite-liner Cunninghams (a SHAKEfork) and Cetis-liner Carricks. The latter are from Craigs that share the same fesse as Conans and Shechemite-suspect Hills. The "Antiquum" motto term of Shake's (green chevron) may be for AnTICKs (green Shield), possibly related to TickHILLs. The AnteKNAP and similar variations can be evidence of a merger with Knapps, one of which use the same lion as Side's/Sudys (Seaton / Suty branch), and the other sharing the quadrants of Levite-suspect Aarons. Kenites had married Moses, and thus there was Kenite potential with Jonathan Levi of Laish.

Orion the Sky Gog and his Horny son, Cronus

The Porch's/Portis' were found not many weeks ago when learning that Clapton (where the Arthurs married Hicks', Meads and Tewksburys) was at Portishead. As Meads use the Godfrey pelicans in the same colors, it makes sense to identify Godfreys with de-Bouillon because his father was in Artois. If you ask me why Eustace's son was made the first ruler of Jerusalem, I can't tell you the answer. I can theorize that the initial quest to take Jerusalem came from his family circle if not from his very family. Why did Hugh de Payens get chosen as the first grand master of that scheme? Why were there NINE original Templars. Isn't it AMUSing how NINE cropped up so many times in the last update? And the nine besants of Metz's traced to the Pindus mountains, home of the nine MUSE's. I hear God laughing with his feet upon the footstool. Nine was the number of the Zeus Cretans, who founded the Trojans of MYSia. I get it. Zeus as an infant on Crete was part of the Nine CURETes (when Cronus wanted to swallow him up). A Maccabee of concern lately was surnamed, CURTus (Josephus' ancestor according to himself), but there was an earlier one by the name of Avaran that connected to Orion-like Orne's/Horns, and Orne is a river down to the Bessin, home of Meschins.

[Insert -- In the last update, while on Correns and Currys if Waterford, the following was added because I neglected to see that Haverans had a branch in Waterford: ""Corren" is like "Orne/Horn" while the latter share the heron with Haverans that in-turn had a branch at Waterford.

" It suggests that Correns and Currys were from Avaran Maccabee, if Haverans were. The end of the following quote was also added in the last update that tends to prove absolutely that Acorns and Horns were from Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee:

The driveway had been suggested for Drive's, and here I find that Drive's were first found in the same place as Rotherfields. Kepke's were suspect with Keeps, first found in the same place as Acorns, and suspect with the Whale bend [see stag-using Nissans], for Dols use a whale...The sickly stag was resolved with the Sich/Sykes / Dike/Deise link to the Arms of Waterford. The Acorn like Horns are a branch of Haverans, and while the latter are said to have had a branch in Waterford, there was an Avaran Maccabee!

It's so full-proof, yet I almost missed it because I didn't read the Haveran/Hearne/Heffron write-up until doing this section. It stresses the importance of knowing the Arms of Waterford in the first place, but then while Dutch Tromps use acorns, the Arms of Waterford use the Trump/Tromp stag! It's undeniable proof of a link. Thanks to the pelican on NEST in the Haveran Crest, it being shared similarly by Scottish Pattersons, the DalCASSIAN clan from which Haverans are said to stem must be of the Cassane variation of Irish Pattersons, and that's the king-Cassander line to his descendant, queen NYSA of Cappadocia (beside Tatta). The pelican is shared by Billesley-like Billes' along with a "PATRia" motto term while Pellicans were first found in the same place as Billiards/Billets. Evidence is shortly below that Billesleys were from the Bilis river to the southwest side of Cappadocia. The way that Wikipedia has Cappadocia on a map, it's west side is at lake Tatta.

Why are Heffron-like Heffers use three of the Brunswick lions in pale, as well as a "MON droit" motto phrase? Aren't Mon elements part of HasMONean make-up? Irish Heffers share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, the latter first found in the same place (County Clare) as Haverans/Heffrons. It appears that Coffee liners were from Avaran Maccabee, and while Twaits are expected as a Taste/Taet branch, I'll repeat that Droits share the red-on-white fleur of Twaits...not to mention a chevron in colors reversed from the Sweet chevrons. Compare the Arms of Waterford with the Arms of Haifa (Israel), suggesting a "Haifa" like to Heffrons, and note that the cross between the antlers of the Waterford stag head is used by Vise's too. End insert]

The Curetes were identical to the DioNYSus stupids in their frenzied dance, and so trace that thing from Dionysus-Ariadne of Crete to Lemnos, and you get to where I was at in the section above. Dionysus' bull cult, Bacchus, was obviously of the Minoan bull, the Zeus taurus. In myth, Dionysus was a Zeus blockhead, the god of human idiots. If they had golden showers in those days, we could find it most-likely amongst the Dionysus warlocks. Zeus owed his sky symbol to Uranus, and with Cronus being framed by myth writers as a bully, he was mainly ignored in myth. Yet he was big enough as something in the real world to birth Zeus. We saw Dionysus linking to Sintian suspects such as Santons/Sintons, and Cheshire's Macclesfield had a motto with "deSUNT" while Mokissos-suspect Moke's ("Cura") use "Diis Sunt." possibly in honor of old Deus = Zeus. "Gog" was a term equivalent to "blue / sky," I have read.

I read that Hicks' of Clapton used the clarion TRUMPet, and it's probably not coincidental that the Ceraunii-based Crauns/Crane's (crown, same as Pine lion) share the Clapton patee in the same colors, and moreover the Craun Coat is in the colors and format of the Hicks. Are not the Ceraunii the Uranus > Cronus line? The Craun/Crane Coat compares with Neretva-liner Davers, first found in the same place as Crauns. What possibly could those Hicks have been?

Zeus' symbol was the lightning bolt, and God struck the chimney of my house when I was 11 years old. I awoke repeating, "no I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in you..." when, that very second, the bolt struck and scattered BRICKs (Brescia line, right?) on the roof of a Massey liner. Bricks and Crone's share the Massey fleur-de-lys, but Crone's (MURal crown, can speak to "SpecteMUR") throw in the ermined chevron of the Cheshire Pine's, in the pine cones of Maschi's. Masseys were at Ferte-Mace, and Speccots (same double-headed eagle as Choice's) use a fret, and Ferte's share the red eagle with Specks/Spocks. Zeus, a Meshech / Amazon / Mysian entity? Could be. Maschi's were kin of Hamons who-in-turn share Payen-beloved "pean" (gold-on-black ermines) with Moke's, the latter suspect from the false-prophet (i.e. Mopsus) line at Mokissos at Lake Tatta. God has been pointing to Tatta, and He is expected to reveal why, soon [the insert above came to my knowledge after writing here, and it certainly exposes the importance]. Mural-suspect Muriels (peaCOCK, potential Cicones liners), suspect with ancient Muriel Pollock from the family at Rothes Castle (Moray), share the same fleur as Moray-suspect Morinis', whom can be from Maronia at the Cicones theater. Cicones suspect Choice's use a "Mors" motto term, and Maronia is suspect from Myrina of Lemnos.

It's very interesting that while Nahum 1:11 seems to be speaking of the anti-Christ at Mosul, ancient Mosul was MEPSila, like "Mopsus." There is a Mopps surname, first found in Cheshire (i.e. same as Macclesfield), and sharing the double Ness/Nest/Nessen / Nice bars, the latter tracing to the Nestus theater with the Santons/Sintons, the whole suspect with DioNYSus and his mate Ariadne in Lemnos, though she and he had arrived to Lemnos after being in Crete as part of the Zeus-birthed, Tyrian Minoans there. Dionysus was made born from Zeus' thigh, if I recall correctly, which was then turned into the lame / crippled symbol for both Dionysus and Hephaestus. Recall that Orion had either a urination or ejaculation symbol, for Hephaestus (son of Zeus) ejaculated on Athena's thigh. Pure symbolism, and we wonder what the thigh was code for.

Plus, Smiths use the heron, shared by Orne's/Horns and Haverans while the Kepke dream had a LAME Paul Smith on crutches! Lame Hephaestus was a metal SMITH. As Paul followed a sickly-looking stag while Choice's use "HONORabilis," it's interesting that Hun-suspect Honors/Honans use nearly the Down/Doun stag, and that Honans could have been of the antler-using Cone's. Huns were also Kuns, and Orion was a hunter suspect with the Hunter surname. As Conans were identified confidently with Shechemite-associated Kenites, it's interesting that while Kikon, symbol of Kikons/Cicones, was made a brother of Hebros while "SHECH" and "CIC" are similar. Shake's are also Shicks, and they share the rabbit design of Conns / Conys. Aha! Shake's/Shicks are said to be from Lancashire's borough of Wigan, same as the Billesleys of West Derby!

The Mopps Chief shows a Santon-like CANTon (assures linkage to the double Washington / Canton bars) in the colors of the Tute/Toot / Wassa canton, but the Mopps put within it a fitchee in both colors of the BILLESley/Billing fitchee, perfect, because the Bilis river was in Pamphylia, where Wikipedia has Mopsus. Earlier, Billesleys (West DERBY, from Derbe near Tatta) were mentioned as per the "bilis" term buried in the motto of Cicones-suspect Choice's, whom can be suspect with kinship with Tatta-like Taste's/Taets. Macclesfield is near the Lancashire border, while Billesleys, sharing the Macclesfield cross, were first found in Lancashire. We now have excellent evidence that Billesleys were Bilis-river Pamphylians in connection to Tatta's Mopsus cult, and that Macclesfields along with Moke's were from the Muksus version of "Mopsus," named after Mokissos, we can well assume. It truly is stunning as to what a little heraldic symbolism can reveal. And while the bricks were from my chimney, the Chimneys use the same antelope design of Derbys, and moreover Chimneys and Tiss'/Teese's/Tyce's use nothing but the same chevron in their Shields, while Tiss'/Teese's are expected as a branch of Taste's / Tease's branch in merger with Taets. The Swiss Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (Curry saltire?) are probably using a form of the Macclesfield / Mea/Meigh cross.

By the way, Pamphylia was earlier, Tarhuntassa, possibly from Tarun at Lake Van. The Billes' were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Tarrs and Trents/Trans', at least one of those surnames suspect with "scimiTAR." There is a scimitar is the Crest of Scottish Mochs (version of the Washington and Mopps Coats combined).

Tease's/Tighs/Tye's/Tyes' were suspect from queen Tiye, the grandmother, if I recall correctly, of king TUT, and this Tut line was suggested at lake Tatta. That now looks to be provable thanks for the entry of Taster's Choice coffee into my hunts. If fact, while Choice's are shaping up with the Cicones/Kikons and mythical CYGnus, I traced "Yuya, Tiye's father, to "Gugu/GYGes" of Lydia. That's starting to look excellent whereas I could only claim it theoretically before Taster's Choice entered. The father of Tut, and son of Tiye, worshipped the new Egyptian god, Atun, whom traces to mythical Aedon of Boiotia (beside Athens), land of Orion. Atun also named Athena, whom myth gave the ejaculation symbol. Perfect.

Yuya and Tiye were from Chemmis/Kemmis, and CHIMneys were first found in the same place as TYsons/Tessons, who can be read as TYSons too; the latter have three lions in the colors of the three Haveran herons, and can thus be queen-Tiye liners. Kemmis/Kemeys share the English Shin/Chinne Coat while Skins/Skene's ("VirTUTis") are a branch of Schiens/SCHIMs/Chands ("VirTUTE"). Schimatari was at Boeotia's Tanagra, which came to topic with Hyrieus of Tanagra, father of Orion. The Maccabees led to Sadducees whom had a House of Boetus suspect with Boeotians! Perfect. Maccabees are thus doubly-clinched with urination-depicted Orion liners. You can take that to the porch's corner, noting that Tanagra-like TANKERville's share the Porch cinquefoil so far as it's the Bus cinquefoil! I know it's hard to believe that God would have me urinate in Pino's mouth from the porch corner, but look at what it has wrought!

Try to make a Tanagra link to "Tanker" by any other method, and no one would likely take it seriously. But I have God's handiwork to convince me that Tankervilles were from the urination cult of Tanagra. No one could possibly believe that I concocted the urination-on-Pino story in order to make it lead to Tanagra, as it has. It's a true story, and as I've been waiting to discover why there was a number TEN on the porch, to indicate the house number, suddenly the Tyne's/Thens, using ten bars, might just be revealed as TANagra liners.

Tankerville's (version of the Chaddock / Chadwick / Chamberlain Coats) were Danes, as was Cnut, while Danish Cnuts use "POT hangers" while Hangers were first found in the same place as Potters that are very-likely using the Porch cinquefoil. Chemmis' were first found at Gloucestershire, which has a border at Portishead, likely of the Portis variation of Porch's. Tancreds (red scallops) are said to be Tankerville branch, and here we find that the Tancred chevron is that also of Chimeys (Yorkshire, same place as Tancreds). See the cinquefoils and chevron of the Hauteville-suspect Hawthorns.

My position is that God was not simply so angry with an 11-year old child (for not believing in Him) that he would let out a lightning bolt toward me. Instead, the event was one of many to assist in the revelation to which He has called me. The porch was at 10 Rose--- street, and Rose's were first found in the same plasce as Scottish Rolphs while English Rolphs are Roofs. The lightning struck the chimney and scattered Massey-related bricks on the roof of Miss Masci. Both Rolphs and Rose's use WATER bougets while Waters use three chevrons in the colors of the Chimney chevrons, and, besides, the three of Waters are used by Haveran-related (round-about) Cassane's/Cassandra's, first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Tiss'/Teese's and sharing the Chimney / Tancred chevron. The English BUGs, sharing the water BOUGet, were first found in Cnut-related Nottinghamshire, where Tease's/Tighs/Tye's were first found. German Bugs are now showing the same three ravens as Roofs (Norfolk, same as Bus'), though in both colors of the Rolph water bougets. Having said that, by what coincidence was I standing on the railing / banister while urinating while Banisters (in the Meschin write-up as Yorkshire elements) use the water bouget too?

Technically, a banister is the railing of a staircase, while the porch railing was not such a thing, but I think a banister can apply, by the looks of it. But look at what happens when we look at the Rallings/Rawlings, who share "Disce pati" with Duncans and Donkeys, while Donkeys (Tancred-like Coat in colors reversed) share the Tankerville / Bus cinquefoils. Rallings thus trace to the urination cult of Tanagra! Can you believe it? As the only think I recall at Pino's place is a man showing me a rifle, which I assume is for the hunting symbol of Orion, I looked up Rifle-like surnames to find Rife's as Riffels, which, for the record, use a goat in Ralling colors. "Rifel" is somewhat like "Rawl," and of course Rephaite liners could have become Rife's. See also the three white swords of Chadwick-suspect Shute's/Chute's.

Now, read the write-up of donkey-using Chamberlains ("proDESSE" looks linkable to "Disce"), saying that they were Tankerville descendants, and compare the Tankerville Coat to that of French Chamberlains. As Siward of Northumberland was linked to the royal Duncans, whom married Meschins of Yorkshire, by the way, it explains the swords of Rallings/Rawlings. I am not familiar with the latter, but, thanks to the porch railing, they were found, and they link exactly to the Porch cinquefoil. Tysons and Donkeys were both first found in Northumberland. The three upright Rallings swords give the impression of the same of Skins/Skene's, branch of Schims/Schiens from Schimatari in Tanagra!!! Is that not beyond anyone's wildest imaginings? Look at what a bit of urine can dredge up coupled with God's genius.

Note the Cygnus-like "COGNosce" motto term of Rallings, but then see their "CogNOSE teipsum" motto phrase with Pendragons and Shaws. The Rawlings variation can even be a Rolph/Ralph branch, and while I trace Ralphs to Rephaites, they were on the south-west side of Jerusalem, smack beside mount Zion! Cog-like Og was a Rephaite king. You see, the ancients who devised heraldry probably knew these traces, or they would not have thought to attack Jerusalem. Rallings are said to be of "Ralf" and Rollands, but don't you find it staggering that Rallings should use the Pendragon motto while Pino's linked to king Pinnes of Pendragon ancestry?

While the Brittany Rolands use "magnus," like the "magna" motto term of one Walker surname, another Walker surname uses the triple pale bars of another Roland surname. As Magna's are suspect from PLANCia Magna, it's not coincidence that PLUNKETTs were first found in Brittany. The Brittany Rolands also use "virTUTE major." The Roland lion is ARMed red while Cotes-d'Armor is in Brittany.

Yuya was a Mitanni, and the Mitanni capital was WASSukanni, explaining why Wassa's and their Washington branch play to this discussion. The Tease/Tye stars are those of Washington-related Cantons, now suspect with Santons/Sintons = Sintians (and/or Centaur liners) of Lemnos. While Ixion was father to centaurs, Ixion- / Aedon-suspect Aeson was the Minoan- / Cretan-line father of Jason, whose Argo-ship crew visited Lemnos and mated with its Amazons at Myrina. Aeson was of Thessaly, same as Ixion and the Aeolians. Therefore, Sion-like Ixion, as an entity through Lemnos, can be suspect with a SION > SINtian line, no small revelation. It makes me suspect that the thigh was code for something in relation to Mount Sion (Laish) and/or Zion at Amorite Jerusalem . Note how "thigh" is like "Tiye." For the record, there is a Dutch Thigh/Tye surname with giant wolf. Aeson was a son of Cretheus and Tyro, we get it, and so elements at Mount Sion were of the Europa-Zeus Tyrians to Crete, but Aeson is now heavily suspect with Zion's Amorites.

Zeus was raised in Crete by AMALthea, while AMALekites lived in the land of Kenites (Israeli theater). Add it up. One of the Kenites was Heber, looking a lot like the Hebros river, and I see "EUR(opa)" as "EBRopa." As Mitanni may have been birthed by Midian or Medan, two sons of Keturah with Abraham, note: "Heber the Kenite was, according to the Book of Judges in the Bible, a descendant of Reuel [like Ralph / Rowell variations] the Midianite, the father-in-law of Moses." Heber may have been named by the Hebron area that was likely Keturah's homeland, at least after she had married Abraham. Note the Caeni near the Hebros river. The article adds: "He had separated himself and his wife Yael from the other Kenites and pitched their tent in the plain of Zaanaim, which is near Kedesh in the tribal territory of Naphtali." Kedesh, named of the Cadusii at mount Sion, right? Kenites are supposed / assumed to have been metal smiths, but even if this idea is incorrect due to incorrectly defining the root of "Kenite," the metal-smith idea may have developed in ancient times to give myth writers the fodder for the metal-smith symbol of Hephaestus (he of course never lived). Hephaestus was given an ugly symbol, which I interpret as code for Gorgons, and of the Gargarian partners of Amazons.

I should like to add that Wikipedia's writers on the Kenites and Heber are quite rude in planting the idea that the Biblical accounts are a farce. And they do this without evidence. Plus, what right do such writers have in writing on this topic if they take the position that the Biblical account is a farce? Ahh, Wikipedia apparently has no rules / little restriction forbidding anti-Christian slime even in articles about Jesus, etc. Therefore, slime from God upon Wikipedia. How does the Wikipedia writer know that the God of Israel was the fake god of the Midianites / Kenites? There needs to be a true Creator somewhere, stupid. And last I heard, the god of Midianites never had lasting prophets nor lasting Scripture nor perfect evidence that Jesus really was the son of the Creator.

Wigan reminds me that I've traced the black Wigton fitchee to Davenports at Macclesfield, and that another Arms of Macclesfield showed that black fitchee. Then, the Dunbars speak on a MOCHRum location at Wigton that is like the variations of Mokissos-suspect Mochs, and moreover Moch variations look linkable to those of Mousquette's who in-turn share the double bars of Mopps' / Ness'. When we load Wigans, I've got to assume that they use the Bullis stars (!), found above to be the stars also of Joice-like Goyce's/Goys, but these stars, suspect with the Washingtons / Cantons too, are in the Chief of Schimatari-suspect Schims/SHANDs/CHANDs (same boar heads as Maronia-like Marone's and the Molle's suspect with the Shake/Shick mole hills. We have definitely fallen upon the apostate Levites out of Israel that did spiritual war with Moses. Can Wigtans/Wiggentons be using the Capone stars? Ask the Wigans, first found in the same place as Capone's. Are not Capone's the line to Caiaphas, son in law of Annas/Ananus (Israeli high priest that killed Jesus)?

"Eleazar" was a name used by the family of Annas/Ananus, but it was the first name also of Avaran Hachorani Maccabee. Compare the Wigan Coat to that of Annas', the latter first found in the same place as Tease's/Tighs that share the same stars. Tease's are like the Taste variation of Taets...while I excpect that Taster's Choice (owned by NEScafe) was named by someone who knew bloodline connections to Coffee's/Coffers, the latter in Shake/Shick colors. The Annas' (Orne/Horn colors) show "ARNiss," and the all-important Haverans come up as ARNer, suggesting some Maccabee connection with the ancient Arnissa location near the south side of the Mathis river, and it just so happens that I traced Maccabee formation from Mathis-river elements. Arnissa is to the near-south of the Parthini Illyrians:

As Rephaites were suspect with Arrapha/Arrapachitis, now Kirkuk, note that Mopsus is suspect from neighboring Mosul. By what coincidence do French Mochs share the upright, white sword with Rallings, for as Mochs are from Mokissos and the Mopsus cult thereof, and can therefore be from Mepsila = Mosul, Rallings/Rawlings could have been proto-Rephaites out of Kirkuk and into Mosul...then across to Tatta. I even traced Pinnes' TEUTA circle (see Toots below) to the family of the Amyntes Galatians that conquered Derbe. And Mokissos is on the Halys river of mythical Attis that had a PINE tree / pine cone symbol. Pine-cone Maschi's from Mosul? There are various Moscul-like variations that link to Maschi liners. Besides, Pamphylia was a Hittite nation, but when historians mention these Hittites, they mean the Hatti of Hattusa on the Halys river. Amyntes was father to ARTEMidoros while Banburys/BAMburgs (PAMphylia possibility) use a version of the Artem/Aiton / Billesleys Coat. Aitons are now traceable to Eytons/Eitons that happen to share the Coat of TOOThills.

Pamphylian-suspect Billes' use "WOOD bills" but then tell that they are a form of battle-axes. As Billes were first found in Somerset, they easily link with the battle-axes of Battins/Badons to the Axe river. But Battins/Badens use the eye, and Eye is beside Diss/Deise's while Woods use "TUTus in unDIS." The Avaran line of Maccabees was at Deise of Waterford, but here one can trace the Diss-related Davers to the Daorsi on the Neretva, and link to Pinnes / Teuta by that method. ArtemiDOROS is suspect with Daorsi. Billes' and Battins were first found in the same place as Baths/Atha's (same cross as Billesleys), from Athamas at Boiotia, I now reckon, and Billes' are the ones with the Patterson pelicans, I can glean, who trace from the Antipater > Cassander > Nysa line at Cappadocia. Billes' share a Chief in the colors of the Patterson/Cassane Chief, and the Sodan kin of the Pattersons/Cassane's were at Devon, where the mouth of the Axe is located. We have excellent cause to link the pelican-using, DalCASSIAN-based Haverans to Cassane's, and so note how the AKMONia location of Severus Bassus, grandson of Artemidoros, smacks of HASMON. The first Maccabees were birthed by Mattathias the Hasmonean, and Avaran Hachorani Maccabee was one of his sons. As Mattathias was in Israel's MODI'In, by what coincidence were Casano's/Cassandra's (version of the Sodan Coat) first found in MODENA? If you need to pee your pants at this, I understand.

TYsons/Tessons (beside the first-known Egremonts) use half the Conner lion, recalling the "HONORabilis" motto term of Choice's, the latter now suspect with the Heber-line Kenites, brothers of the Cicones. I assume Tysons to be with the lion of Tooth- and Tree-loving, neighboring Hume's/HOME's. I'm asking why Honor-possible HONE's (Irish) are listed with KEEN-related Keons that share the Conner arm-and-sword. The Keon estoiles, and their Owen variation, can suggest the Ewins/Eugene's that I trace to "Euganeo," beside Este, and not far off the Adige river, to which I trace Eggs/Edge's and Eggers. The latter split their Shield diagonally, as do German Hone's/Hains, and the latter throw in the Egerton lion, apparently, a red lion, just like the one in the Egremont Crest. This paragraph thus far can suggest that Kenites formed an Owen > Ewin bloodline that later named Euganeo, or, on the other hand, Keen liners married Owens (MontGOMERyshire). As Kenites are highly suspect with Jonathan of Laish while I trace him to "Oen(eus), compare with "Owen." It looks good.

Too bad that anti-Christian historians won't touch these traces for fear of making the world appear descended from the Biblical Table of Nations. Shudder, the dopes would rather believe in the apeman view of history. The Owen lion is ARMed with red claws, perhaps a sign of linkage to a red lion that was also part of the Nahor > Aram line.

Are Trumps of the urination bloodline? I say, absolutely, the same line to Hachorani Maccabee, whose proto-Acorn line may have been from his wife, or his mother, for all I know. It's wildly expected from the Orion cult of Boeotia to the Sadducees. Is that not wild? I hope to meet Pino in heaven one day, give him a grand hug and tell him this story. If you're not laughing as these things curtaining down upon us, I'm more than making it up for you. yet, while I find it comical, it's about the killers of Jesus, and that's why the urine and chimney-crashing events took place. Orion, the sky god, the sky Gog, whose hunting symbol became that of the Meshech > Amazons, depicted in myth as all-women hunters.

The Cheshire Meschins built Egremont castle, while Egremonts share the red, CROWNed lion with Gartone's, whom were looked up in the first place as per Gardone Val Trompia. It's the Hachorani-Maccabee bloodline, and the Meschin scallops are shared with Hykes'/HACKs, first found at/near the Axe river. The Scottish Hykes'/Hake's use the colors and format of Tancreds, highly suspect with the Tanagra-urine line. As the Tancreds were closely related to the Rollo Sinclairs, let's remind that Mopsus was a false-prophet cult in Clarus, at the Artemis-hunter theater (i.e. Ephesus). And Sinclairs come up as "Saint," from the Santones, perfect for linking to Sintians of Lemnos because "HEPHAEStus" looks like play on "EPHASUS."

I'm reading that the Garton titles passed from Matthew (a nice Hasmonean name) de Garston's daughter, AlBRERA (see BREREtons in Egerton write-up), to her husband, Henry of Walton, and it just so happens that Waltons ("MURus" motto term) use the colors and format of Pinders, while the Garton fesse is that also of French Pine's. Over and over again, Pinnes elements trace to Trompia / Brescia. Gartons are the ones sharing the Cornish choughs with Urins, and Coughs share the dancette with Waltons.

Walkers were found sharing Plancia Magna with Ralling kin, and as Walkers are Walch branch, Walkers and Waltons were cousins too. walkers and Rolands were found sharing the same pale bars, owned also by GARlands. Garlands opted to call their wreath a CHAPlet, and Chaplets share swans with Waltons. Recall the Crispin-GRAZion duo, and that Garda liners could be Grat-like, for Chaplets were first found in the same place as pomegranate Crispins. The Chaplet swans are in the colors of the French Grasse/Graze lion (Provence), first found where GARin/Guerin de Provence ran his rulership. The Gar pale bars could easily be a red version of the black Athol pale bars (both first found in Perthshire), and the Athol bars are in the colors of the fesse bars of Italian Garins/Guerino's (Bologna).

Waltons (dancette) even share the Malis / Tott swan (Totts are in the motto of Massey-liner Hamons, and Tottens have their dancette, probably the Chee dancette, in the Twitch Chief). It's easy to prove that Waltons were Walsers / Wallace's / Wallis-canton liners linked to Swan using Sions/Swans. The Walsh / Wallace liners in the Egerton write-up apply. The Trents use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Wallis (canton), and Trento is at the northern tip of lake Garda i.e. not far from Trompia. It's enlightening for Trento to come up with Waltons, the latter in the Garton write-up.

The Gartson manor was in Mersey, and it just so happens that Merseys/Maisys use the cinquefoils of French Pine's in colors reversed. German Meise's are the only ones I know of with an heraldic mouse, and as they are Misls too, they are definitely the stuff of the mythical mouse tower at Goplo, for the myth had one SiemoMYSL character. The Piasts at the mouse tower were from Bistue, on the Urbanus river of the Ceraunii, and the Piast eagle is likely in use with the Eggs/Edge's, and definitely in the Lorraine Coat / Arms of Lorraine. Compare Merseys/Maisys with Tuit-suspect Duits/Deweys, for Tuits are the Tute's sharing the Tatton quadrants while Tattons of Massey use the same crescents as Tute's and Masse's. From the last update:

Plus, Schoeneus was one of Athamas' sons with Themisto, and Scottish Scone's (Stirlingshire, Allan-river area [same as Chappes' and WISharts]) share the giant tower (both colors) of the Aeolus- / Helle-possible Aules'...smacking of Aulon/Avlona. The Scone tower is also with MAIS'/Mays, a possible AthaMAS line. And Maise's/Maze's use a "Garde" motto term, and in fact use "Garde ta bien," like the "Garde bien" of Carricks.

Waltons ("Aeneus" motto term) are said to be from Walton-in-Gordano, Somerset's PORTbury, which can be related to Somerset's Portishead. It's also interesting that Gordana is said to be in BEDminster, for Scottish Crone's use the BEDwell lozenges, while Bedwells were first found in BEDfordshire, where Means/Minns/Mings were first found that are apparently using a dancette very linkable to the Walton dancette. The Mean/Minn/Mings dancette is of the style used by Carricks i.e. who trace to Garda with the Maise/Maze motto. I fully expect the Maise liners to be of Adam Kilconquhar's Garda / Brescia lines, and indeed the Adams show the Caw variation of Mackays. The "I MEAN well" motto of Shaws reminds that while Carricks (from the Charax term of Proculus, son of Laevillus) were first found in Ayrshire, where they ruled as earls, Shaws are in the motto of the Arms of Ayrshire, and moreover the Arms of Ayrshire uses the Annandale Coat in the gold background used for it by Bruce's. Irish Means are listed with terms like the Meigh variation of Mea's (Mean colors).

"PROCULUS" was traced (by me) to the PORTCULLIS gate of PORTers/PAWTERS, first found in the same place as POTTERS that use the cinquefoil in colors reversed from that of Pine's and Merseys/Maisys. That doesn't look coincidental, especially as Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle, i.e. in Ayrshire. So, the PORTbury location of Trompia-line Waltons, which is beside where Porters/Pawters were first found, looks to apply to a line from Proculus to the Carricks and Kennedys. This gets Cetis-excellent because Kennedys were from the Kennati priests of Olba/Orba at Cetis, and they officiated over a mythical-Ajax cult (you can't get more stupid than that), while that god was related to mythical Actor, so far as I can recall. I passed by Actor in the last update like so:

In Greek mythology, Deioneus or Deion is a name attributed to the following individuals:
Son of Aeolus, king of Phocis, and father of Cephalus, ACTOR, AENETus, Phylacus and Asterodia.

Father of Dia and father-in-law-to-be of Ixion...Also known as Eioneus.

Unfortunately, after reading that mythical Aeneus (not exactly "Aeneas", founder of Rome) had one Annette-like term for a wife, I could never find her again, easily, anyway, but above we have Actor and Aenetus, brothers, while Waltons (buckles) use an "aeneus" motto term. Aeneus was code for Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros river (Thrace), and Aeneas probably applies to part of the Aeneus line. There is an Osbertus of AYNOSdale in the Walton write-up, wherefore the "Aeneus" motto term of Waltons clinches their marriage with Aynosdale liners. Aynosdale is also, Annosdale, perhaps of the Annas'. The Aynosdale's birthed the Blundells (same place as Gartens) from Adam Aynosdale, and Blundels are using "Unus" in ther motto as code for Aynos liners. The ten billets of Blundels can be the ten of Saltire's/Salters, and then a Sale location was beside ancient Aenos/Aenus (see lower-right of dark map). The Blundel billets are in the colors of the Etienne / Besancon/Basset billets, which recalls that Bassets used the porcupine, a symbol now tracing hard to Pinnes liners (there could have been more Pinnes' than one amongst the Ardiaei and Dardanians). As French Blundels use the Piast eagle, possibly, Bassets may have been from Bistue (Ceraunii center).

One of the earliest Blundels is said to have lived in Lancashire's Aughton, a form of "Acton." Actons share the same fesse as Dardanian Darts. In the Acton write-up, a family of that name was in LONGnor, Shropshire (same place as Salters), signaling another Long / Longarus branch of Alans (Pollocks, from Shropshire, called their arrow a dart alternatively). Aughtons share the Stick (and Bohon/Bowden) Coat, and while there is good reason to trace Sticks to Astakos along to Akheloos river (faces the Odysseus pirates at Ithaca), there is an Astika area (near SalmtDESSUS) to the immediate south of the Salter-suspect Selletai peoples (dark map), themselves near Odessus. I suppose that Actons could have been the Actor entity, perhaps the namers of Acte in ancient Attica and Boiotia. OGYGes of Acte is suspect with Gyges/Gugu of Lydia, and the Goose's/Gooch's/Googe's might apply.

It's Kenite-interesting that while the SHAKEspeare griffin is in the Walton Crest, the Molle's suspect with the mole hills of Shechemite-liner Shake's use the boars of Goose's/Gooch's (same place as Molle's). While Eschyna de Molle married Robert CROC(E), the Molle's share the boar head with Gardens/Gardane's/Jardens who in-turn use a "CRUCiata CRUCE" motto phrase. Gardens use someone's white flory cross in Crest.

Aeneas was for a time in Epirus, and while the Roman myth writer paired him with Dido of Carthage, Dodona of Epirus may apply to her. Wikipedia lists 14 mythical Actors at this time, the first one not being the one above, but an Aeolian just the same, and king of Phthia, part of Phthiotis that was ruled by Athamas. The eighth-listed Actor if Urin-interesting: "Actor, one of the companions of the exiled Aeneas. He is probably the same who in another passage is called an AURUNcan..." When a myth writer(s) used a name for a character that was already in existence, chances are that the later writer(s) was speaking on the same entity but in a different place / time. Was Auruncan an Orion entity in Boiotia?

Now is the time to say that, although Pino lived next door, I recall very little of being at his home. I do not recall being inside his home. I recall just one thing, being at the garage at the rear of the home, with garage door open, and me standing there looking at the rifle that the man (his father, I assume) was showing me. I don't recall Pino being there. The rifle was likely a hunting weapon, and it just so happens that Orion is the mythical hunter. Believe it or not, that's my story.

It appears that Orion liners arranged a Hunter surname, for Hunters use Orion-like horns, and Horns (share heron with Haverans) list "Orne." This bloodline includes Haverans and is therefore connectable to Acorns, as per AVARAN HACHORANi Maccabee, the fourth Maccabee brother. I can thus understand why God put Pino into my life like that. And the house my parents rented at that time was shared with a Taff family while Taphian pirates were at the Akheloos river, which you can see below with a means to connect Orion to it. The greyHOUND of Hunters suggests the Hounds that happen to use lozenges in the colors of the same of Orins. See Grey-related Graeae below, and recall that the Grey-based Roets are from Africa's Boofima cult.

Ajax of the Kennati was a cousin of Achilles (human-sacrifice symbol expected in connection with Epirus' Ambracia/Arta location), and Achilles was, in Homer's mythology, the killer of Actor-like Hector. Why did Homer choose Achilles to kill king Hector? There must have been a relationship between what the two entities depicted (not real men). Achilles was made (by Homer) the leader of the Myrmidon tribe (mythical) of Thessaly i.e. very connectable to Aeolians / Athamas there. Then see Myrmidon with Wikipedia's first-listed Actor: "Actor, a king of Phthia, was said to be the son of King Myrmidon and Peisidice, daughter of Aeolus." Clicking to Myrmidon's article: "He was the son of Zeus and EuryMEDUSA, daughter of Cleitor (Cletor) of Arcadia or of the river god Achelous." Arcadia is where Hermes was born, at Achilles-possible Cyllene. What connection do you see between the Akheloos and Arcadia? The Gorgon Medusa, right? The all-women Amazon cult to the Sirens, right? Yes, but the Gorgon Medusa and the Amazons hags (Graeae) were also in Mediterranean Africa.

So, Myrmidon was a son of Zeus with the Medusa-Gorgon line, and Gorgons minted coins, with Gorgon heads upon them, in Parion/Parium, where I trace Priam, father of Paris and Hector (Troy). Therefore, all Actors should be of the Hecate > Hector line from Keturah's son, Medan, which can explain "MyrMIDON," for I trace Medan to Kodros>Medon of Athens. Note that Eugene's with "AudACITER" motto share the sun with Hectors/Ectors (same place as Gardens).

Back to the portcullis GATE, for Gate's can be "Cetis" elements, and St. Malo uses a gate while expected from Malis at Phthiotis. The ORBA version of "Olba" was traced well to "URBanus," home of the Orion- / Aurun-suspect Ceraunii, as well as to the so-called "orb" used by Metz's that now trace to an ancient version of the Pindus mountains. It looks like the Kennati were tagged somehow to Orion liners. The Kennati are suspect with the "Kenetides" version, used by Josephus, for the ancient Kenites that Moses married. I expect the Kenites with Jonathan the pagan Levite priest in Laish, and therefore I expect Kenites at the Ladon- / Peneus-river Daphne liners, and at the Taphians of Calydon's Akheloos river. Heraldic eagle's could be code for that river. It was home to the musical (Muse-related) mythical Sirens.

I've been tracing "Jonathan" of Laish to "Oeneus" for quite some time, and haven't had cause to deny it. Oeneus was a mythical king of Calydon and therefore expected along the Akheloos. Orion was given as a mate one Merope, daughter of a wine man, Oenopion, of Chios. Mythology gave Oenopion an Athenian origin, with migration through Crete to Lemnos, island of the wine god, Dionysus, to which Oenopion was related. Merope in this case looks like the same as Merops of Kos (proto-Merovingians), whose granddaughter was queen Aedon of Boiotia. Okay, I get it, Oenopion was a Kos entity, or at least connected to it, and after it passed through Artemis' Ephesus and ugly-Hephaestus' Lemnos, it joined Orion in Boiotia / Attica, location of a Kabeiri cult. From Boiotia, ATTica-possible ATHAmas takes that Grecian cult of absolute idiots to the Pindus mountains, and for this story, poor little Pino suffered a taste of my urine. One wonders whether "OenoPION" wasn't OenoPINO at one time. In any case, it looks like the wicked line of Jonathan, who rebelled against Moses, and that rebellion formed a crisis under the leadership of Korah, whose family may have gone on to name Chora on Patmos, the island where God wrote the Revelation, promising to rain a fiery golden shower of coals down into the mouths of end-time Sodomites. Orion was linked to the mythical scorpion, and to the Scorpio constellation, but then Apollo is in Revelation 9 with some scorpions of his own by which to torment the end-time Sodomites. Apollo appears to be the owner of an atomic bomb.

There are several references to Hyrieus as the father of Orion that connect him to various places in Boeotia, including Hyria; this may well be the original story (although not the first attested), since Hyrieus is presumably the eponym of Hyria. He is also called Oeneus, although he is not the Calydonian Oeneus.

There had to be a reason that Orion was tagged to Oeneus, and also a reason that this Oeneus got the "pion" ending to distinguish him from the Calydonian Oeneus. Still, it's the same line, for as Orion was made a son of Poseidon, so Oenomaus was king of Poseidon-related Pisa, smack at the Ladon-Peneus theater of mythical Daphne, from Laish, itself smack beside the real places of Panias and Daphne.

I think that when we take Attica back to mythical Attis, code for the real-people Hatti, they had brought the proto-Twitch line to Attica. The Kabeiri were ruled by the Sodomite cult of Dionysus, whose female members, the Amazons or Muses, had a frenzied, satanic dancing symbol. Basically, humanoids of demons, given to lusts and punished by God. And so we find a dancette in the Twitch Chief, which is multiple times in the Tooten/Todenham Coat, and I've been convinced that Toot liners were from lake Tatta, high up on the Halys river, the river of the Hatti, whose capital was Hattusa, same term as the Cadusii Armenians depicted by Cadmus (included Dionysus his grandson, from Nuzi Horites), the Tyrian / Bacchus bull cult, birthed from Phoenician Poseidon, that ended up at Boiotia. And we can imagine Uranus elements coming along in waves, drinking from their human-skull cups, a beastly peoples serving self, and into this filth Jonathan had implanted himself, and likely taught his Levite sons to obey his cult rules, if they wanted part in his wealth and "honor."

Not far east, on the coast from Perga, is Alanya while the Aks/Oaks share oak leaves with Alans. However, Alanya, Wikipedia says, was named after a Muslim character, where the location's name was originally, Alaiye. Hmm, when going to the three Alley/Cawley surnames, the Scottish one shares the checkered fesse of Alan-related Boyds, in the colors of the Simple checks. Plunketts were first found in the same place as Dol. St. Malo is beside Dol, and Malo's/Mallets share three buckles with the same Alleys, in the same colors (except that the Alley buckles face sinister). The Arms of St. Malo shares the scarf with Trabys/Sadowski's, and Dol's Vilaine province is named from the same as Vilnius, home of Astikas'

Italian Fulks use the same checks as Scottish Stewarts (share pelican with Billes'), and Plancia's husband, Tertullus of Perga, traces very well to mythical Tertullus, ancestor of Ingelger, father of the Anjou Fulks. That looks good. But how could Alans have renamed Alaiye? Irish Alleys/Cawleys share the lion of English Stewarts. Alley-like Hollys use a reflection of the Plunkett Coat.

Plancia Magna was at Perga, where the AKSu river flows, anciently the Cestrus and similar names. "Aks" was loaded to find the Oaks showing acorns, at least upon oak branches. This may the first hint of an Aksu trace through Trompia to the Axe river of Somerset. Amazingly, I was seeking the Bilis river when coming upon the Aksu, and Billes' happen to share a "patria" motto term with Aks/Oaks. Oakleys (another scimitar, last seen with Mochs) share a red fesse with Alans, and were first found in Shropshire. Hmm. The Perga-line Perkins use a "Simplex" motto term for a Mr. Simplex, kin of Plancia, and Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire, where the Dol Alans of Shropshire removed to. Simples: "a chevron checkered red and silver between three hunting-horns."

Perga (on the western edge of Pamphylia) is beside the ancient Duden river (now the Catarrhactes) , and while two Duden surnames are in Plancia colors, one using hunting horns, and first found in Somerset i.e. location of the Axe river. These horns are suspect now with a fundamental line from Avaran Maccabee. The horn-using Dudens/Doddingtons have a flag in Crest while Flags/Flecks were first found in the same place as related Fulke's. I'm convinced already that English Dudens/Doddingtons trace to the Duden river.

Plus, Dudo was the name of a founder of the house of Nassau, and as there are billets behind the Nassau lion, trace to "Bilis." Perfect. In colors reversed, the Nassau lion is that of Dudleys. The three Duden roses and the three hunting horns are in the colors of the three Strick scallops, and all three surnames put nothing else on the Shield. The Stricks were loaded as per the "Strike" motto term of Aksu-suspect Hawks, for Hawkeswells/Haukeswells use axes (for Axe-river liners, I assume), and, besides, these scallops are used both by Flags/Flecks and Meschins while Cheshire's use a hawk's lure. The Cheshire garb is in the Crest of the Cheshire Dodds, who share "copia" with the Arms of Macclesfield. It appears that we have nearly clinched an Aksu-river trace to the Axe of Somerset/Devon. Hawks and Pilgrims use pilgrim's staves while Pilgrims use a scimitar in Crest. Should we expect Shechemites at Pamphylia?

Ahh, PILGrims were first found in the same place as FLAGs, or compare "Pilg" with the Plunkett-related Plocks/PLUCKnets. That can work. German Grimms were first found in the general area (Prussia) of German Dudens, and English Grimms in Cheshire. The latter share a green martlet with Gards. Cheshire and Shropshire are beside Derbyshire while Derbys use an antelope as code for Antalya, smack beside Perga.

There's a Dody surname with pomegranate's. Recall that Choice's should link to some aspect of Tatta liners of the Taste/Taet kind, for French Gosse's use pomegranates too. Choice's, with the "honoraBILIS" term, were first found in the same place as Stave-like Stevens.

Perga's elements were traced to Perkunas, a god of Lithuania, and therefore to the Astikas-Traby marriage, and here we find that, while Traby is in Poland, the other two Duden surnames, one of which is Polish, share "green STALKS and leaves." As there is no Stalk surname coming up, the Stocks can apply, whom I see with "Astikas." The Duden hunting horns, in colors reversed, are black, the color of the horns in the Arms of Traby.

Next, rivers at Antalya were checked, finding the KURSUNla, and the first surname popping to mind, Cursons (popinjays), were first found in Derbyshire. As Cursons, with half the black Halden saltire use a "helde" motto term while Helde's (Silesia, in Poland) use legs in a black saltire, it reminds that Dudens were first found in East Prussia, same as Mieske's (Helde colors) while Mieszko was married to Oda of Haldensleben. The latter got suspect with Sleeps (Shropshire) who happen to share the white-ermined-on-red fesse with Choice's.

We will go from Oda in the paragraph above to DOBRawa in this one, Mieszko's other wife. Cursons also use "Holde" while Holdens (allerion eagles) are kin to Allers ("virTUTIS UMBRA") who in-turn share the gyronny of TITUS'. The Umbers/Humbers share the fesses of Beaks while the allerion eagle has no beak. Umbria is the location of the first-known Grazio's (pomegranates), where Guy of Spoleto ruled whose buckles trace to the same in Cheshire, and we saw the Alley / Malo buckles in this Pamphylia discussion. Allers may therefore have been from Alanya/Alaiye along with Alleys. Umbers/Humbers (same place as Fullers) use the DOBERman griffin head, used in gold by both Dobers and Haldans. Beaks should be using a Traby-related ostrich. Ther Beak / Humber bars can be gleaned with the ones of Haughts, kin of the Buckle-related Buckleys. We are on the anti-Christ bloodline here, in my opinion. Ask my fallen tree.


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