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December 25 - 31, 2018

The Medallion Starts to Point to Trump but With Dick Cheney
Jack Sava Looks Guilty for the Murder of Seth Rich -- Lots Here
MUST READ - New Sleeping-Bag Discovery: Scalia's Killer was Hillary Clinton

My apologies in the last update for spelling Mouline's as "Mauline." There is no Mauline Coat. It's been corrected.

Late in the last update, I introduced an event where a woman took me to the site of the Oklahoma bombing supposedly by Timothy McVeigh. It was the only day I had ever been to a Hooter's restaurant, and so I got to dove-tailing the McVeigh event with the medallion found on my hood, for Hoods are Hoots too. This latter part is going to be repeated below because I feel it should be at the top of an update instead of late in the last. I realize that this is not conventional dialogue:

Does this topic belong here? Was our going to Hooters justification for adding this event here? How could Hooters apply? I was wondering whether it connects to the St. Petersburg medallion I found on my HOOD. As Hoods are suspect with Hiedlers/Hitlers (use this page to load all your Coats), was the bombing done by the CIA's Nazi elements? The deep state is trying to frame Trump for things he did in St. Petersburg, but the truth may be that the Hillary / Mueller / Obama circle had illegal activities in that place with Russian mobsters. The medallion has FIVE LINKs of a neck CHAIN left on it, perhaps code for Loretta LYNCH and/or Dick Cheney.

If I had been saying four links in the past, sorry, I had that wrong. It's five (photo below).

I've just checked Saints (share the Chain cross!) and then Peters as per the medallion's inscription (Saint-Petersburg RUSSIA). Peters turned out to have three mascles in Chief in the colors of the three Cheney/Chainie martlets, and both use a "major" motto term. The Hoods happen to share the white anchor with Majors. Hoods share the crescents of Bauds while Bauds have the quadrants of Medals. It looks like we have a story.

The Peter mascles are probably the gold ones of Petts/Perts, and the latter's are in the colors of the similar lozenges of Major-beloved Anchors. The Major Chief is a version of the Anchor Chief. And Petts/Perts use a stork in bulRUSH's, like "Russia"! Rush's, who come up as Rushens, share "Dieu" with Peters.

If the medallion is only about surname connections, that's a bummer. It could be that the circle of Dick Cheney in particular started the dirty dossier (with Washington Free Beacon) against Trump, which included some of his activities -- or false charges thereof -- in Saint Petersburg. As per "PetersBURG," Burgs were loaded to find the French Burgs sharing the bend of two Peter surnames, and one of the two shares scallops at the two corners with Petts/Perts. The "sans" motto term of the Peters could be a Saint/Sun/Sinclair branch, and this surname's motto term, "COMMIT," is in honor of the son of John de BURGo of Conteville. There is a COMET in the Reines/RHINer Coat while the Peters motto is, "Sans Dieu RIEN". The same Peters share a blue lion with Reines'/Rhiners.

Miss Hicks, who was at a hood in a dream that connected to the first-anniversary memorial of 9-11, has a middle name, Rena. While German Hoods are Hope's too, Trump once had a Communications director, Hope Charlotte Hicks. Miss Hicks in the dream is Charlotte Rena Hicks. I feel that God used symbolism on the evening of the 9-11 memorial (where she and I attended) that promises to catch the insider crooks. I had been half convinced that Hope Charlotte Hicks was a spy inside the White House. She quit when her lover was fired by Trump, but then he may have been a spy too, working with her, and, maybe, they were not lovers at all, but pretending to be in order to justify spending much time together.

Here's a photo of the medallion. There are four links of the chain, but a fifth one connecting the chain to the medallion. The FIVE links of this Cheney-suspect chain can be code for the Fife's, a branch of Five's/Fifys (Bush/Bosch lion?) sharing the Veigh/VIVian chevron while Fife's share the Veigh/Vivian Chief-Shield colors, how about that. Was the Oklahoma bombing by the same people as conducted 9-11 under Dick Cheney? Interesting.

The chain links can then point to Obama's attorney general, Loretta Lynch, as part of the Democrat effort to frame Trump with the same dossier, after it was purchased by Hillary Clinton.

I was floored by the Rush's coming up with Peter kin, really, because there's no Russia surname for God to use to verify that the medallion was chosen for his wanting a code within it for Peters. God wanted the Peters, from Peter Pollock, a Rothschild ancestor, and the reason for wanting Peters is, apparently, because their Chief and motto can together point to the Cheneys/Chaine's (BULL's scalp"), but only if He includes a piece of chain with the medallion, otherwise I would not have linked the Peter Chief to Cheneys, not in a million years. I would never have done so just because Peters share the Cheney motto term, for others use that motto term. But with the chain being a part of the medallion, I ventured to make the link, tentatively, and then found more evidence of a Set-up (by God) in the Major Coat, a link to Hoods with their sharing a white anchor. It clicked, otherwise, I wouldn't have tried to stretch nonsense into something claimed as God's handiwork.

[Update Jan 1, 2019: I neglected to check the Dick surname to see whether God may have had a pointer therein. Belgian and German Dicks have the same lion as Dutch Bos'/Boschs/Bush's while Belgian Dyke's share the giant fleur of German Bush's/Buschs! Dutch Dyke's have a red squirrel surrounded by FIVE annulets in the colors of the Bull annulets, and these Bulls are the ones expected in the Pert/Pett bulrushes because Rush's have annulets too.]

I didn't know until later in this update that the Link/Lynke surname, first found in Austria with Heidlers who share the white Hood anchor, share the lion of Heidlers. Amazing. The Link/Lynke lion holds a besant, the Hope symbol, and this Hope surname has a Coat in the colors and format of the Lynch Coat. That's a wow. Was Hope Hicks in secret cahoots with Loretta Lynch?

Adding to the weight of evidence for a Set-up is that SAINTs/Sinclairs share the Chain cross, for that takes care of two words on the medallion, tending to verify that the piece of chain was there by Design. This is how I'm reading it. He may have had to arrange, if even in the distant past, that both surnames should have the same cross, and in the meantime the Chain's were used to verify that Cheneys are being pointed to.

If this is about 9-11, I can understand why God might manipulate some heraldry to make this medallion click. Another example could be that he arranged a Medal surname unexpectedly listed with Dougals, and he may have caused them to use a lion as per "medalLION." Or, he may have arranged Dougals to share the Baud quadrants while Bauds shared the Hood crescents as extra evidence that he did indeed arrange the medallion on a hood, which is what the Major anchor trended to verify.

He could have put the medallion elsewhere for me to find rather than on a hood, but this question as to why upon a hood is what I think connects to my Hooter restaurant visit. That visit came to mind only due to the Hoots and Hooters being topics in the last couple of weeks. When I took the medallion out of the drawer while writing the quote above in the last update, I noted FIVE links for the first time, and it was noticed immediately after writing on the Veighs/Veys, whom I have been linking to Five's and Fife's for years. God had already taught me, in that regard, what was needed to know so that the medallion links to the Oklahoma bombing even as Hooters link to the medallion on the hood.

And it seems that there is a reason for my finding the medallion immediately after leaving off an update topic on Charlotte Hicks' being at the hood of a car. HOPE Charlotte Hicks can be verified to be included with the medallion event just because the German Hope's are also Hoods while sharing an anchor with Hoods/Hoots. Just look at that alone, yet there was also this Charlotte Hicks at her hood to clinch the involvement of Hope Charlotte Hicks. But why? That's a mystery to me, but, for one thing, it tends to link the medallion to Trump, and perhaps this is the only purpose of Charlotte Hicks at the hood: to assure that Trump's doings in Saint Petersburg apply to God's message with the medallion. "Trump attempted to create a reality show in St. Petersburg, starring a Russian athlete. However, this was not successful."

The following quote has flattened me. "But it is still unclear whether the committee asked Schiller about other blackmailable episodes that the dossier alleges happened in St. Petersburg." Trump threatened to harm people if they spilled some beans on something taking place in Saint Petersburg??? Really? Why has nothing of that nature come to light from Democrats, the FBI, Mueller, or Republican enemies of Trump, after all this time? Yet CNN continues to push the dossier respectable, or that what it says hasn't been proven to be untrue. That's a cheap trick for the willful-blind CNN knows its Democrat groupies to be. How does even Trump himself prove that bribes and blackmail didn't happen when they simply didn't happen? Instead, CNN, if you want to be respectable, show your groupies the evidence that the blackmail took place, rather than quoting Steele where he echoes someone's mere allegation.

Yet, after writing that, I loaded the Schiller surname, which has a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same in the GROCE/Groch Coat! This is the surname I've mentioned in relation to the medallion being found at the parking lot of my GROCEry store. Groce's were first found in the same area of Germany as Schillers. The chance of Groce's having roughly the same Shield as Schillers, based only on the news story above, is very low, but there's more, because I know without looking that Maple's use these same split colors (vertically-split Shield), and I have just arrived to the following quote just as soon as I googled "keith schiller": "In 1999, Schiller saw Marla MAPLES, Donald Trump's then-wife..." That is amazing, and I still don't know, as I write, who Schiller is, even though the quote above is from his Wikipedia article. Let me go see who he is...

Keith Schiller (born c. 1959) is a former Deputy Assistant to U.S. President Donald Trump who concurrently served as Director of Oval Office Operations. Prior to his appointment in the Trump administration, Schiller served as the Director of Security for The Trump Organization; in this capacity, he was the personal bodyguard to Trump. He has been described as "one of Trump's most loyal and trusted aides" and "a constant presence at Trump's side for nearly two decades."

Well, that has really grabbed my attention, and it comes on a sunny, Christmas day. It was a sunny, Christmas day in 1994 when I first saw Miss Hicks in church, in a sexy, black dress (Maples married Trump in 1993). It was sexy only because she was sexy, model-like. Was Trump at a sex party over some Christmas holidays? Why Christmas?

Miss Hicks, in my dream of 1979, was cast as an actress, which is the Maples type of person (actress, won beauty contests, her mother was a model). While in the dream, it was indicated to me that Miss Hicks was actress like.

While there is no Dress surname, Dressers use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Shield of Links, and both throw in a white-on-red lion. The medalLION had LINKs left upon it. Below, I return to some giant lions in a piece that brings me to lion-line Pierleoni, which has me wondering whether Links and Lynch's were (Pier)LEONi liners. These lions enter the discussion with a party offered to Trump with hookers.

Miss Hicks moved from my area of Texas to the greater-Dallas area, and so I'm a little impressed at how Marla Maples, in the Dallas episode below, reflects looks similar to Miss Hicks. They both have thin lips, similar hair if not identical style, similar builds and even attitudes as Marla plays here:

Schiller was brought into Trump's White House. "Schiller left his White House position on September 20, 2017, reportedly after White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly told him he needed permission to speak to the president and to provide written reports of those conversations." That sure makes Kelly look like an activist / spy against Trump, and Kelly was in cahoots with Hope Charlotte Hicks. Why didn't Trump save Schiller from Kelly's persecution? Was Trump, at the time, forced to accept Kelly by some underhanded, backdrop threat against him? I don't think it was Kelly who silenced the White-House leaks, but rather it was Kelly's supporters who silenced the leaks they themselves were responsible for, so long as Trump kept Kelly in charge of the White House. To me, that conclusion seems like a no-brainer.

So, God could have chosen another place besides the grocery store to have someone drop a Saint Petersburg medallion on my hood. And the grocery store quickly led to Schiller. New York Times: "President Trumpís longtime bodyguard [Schiller] told congressional investigators [Nov. 2017] that someone offered to send five women to Mr. Trumpís hotel room during a 2013 trip to Moscow for the annual Miss Universe pageant. But the bodyguard, Keith Schiller, said he quickly rejected the offer, and testified that he was not aware of Mr. Trump participating in any compromising activity on the trip, according to two people familiar with his testimony." FIVE women? There are five links on the medallion's chain, and there was a Link link above, though not a hard link, to Dressers and therefore possibly to the black dress.

It makes it appear that people were trying to set Trump up, either for some bad press, or something they could blackmail him with, and it could have been the Republicans, not Democrats. Why would Democrats need to give Trump bad press in 2013? On the other hand, Republicans may have caught wind that Trump planned to run for 2016? If Democrats caught wind too, they likely wouldn't have believed at the time that he would defeat other Republican candidates. Have some lusty event to hang over husband-Trump's head could be considered an insurance policy by those who feared he could cause an electoral upset or bad stirring of the pot. Dick CHENEY is coming to mind with the five women because the links were of a CHAIN. Read on.

The following is not as strong as I'd like to see things for making links, but I'll jot it down anyway. It begins with this quote from the Times article above: "The offer for [five] women came at a morning business meeting at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow to discuss the pageant, which was being produced by a company owned by Mr. Trump." I checked the Ritz's to find a giant trefoil owned by Rockefeller liners, and to this I could add the while Fellers share the LYNCH Coat (almost), Hope's are in Lynch / Feller colors and format. But that's not strong enough to make me think that God has arranged these connections.

Checking the Carl(e)tons, their Welsh branch shares the FIVE / Bush/Bosch lion. Five women were offered to Trump at the Ritz/Carlton!! I am not necessarily viewing this as evidence that Trump accepted the offer, but rather lean toward God's pointer at the Bush-Cheney circle for trying to frame Trump.

English Carletons (with the 'e') share mascles on a bend with Petts/Perts (bulRUSH's). It's interesting, but I need added verification that God arranged for this similarity. The Carlot/Carlo lion can be that of French Petit's because English Petits share a giant lion (different colors) with them (Petits) while being first found in Kent with Petts/Perts. Note how Carletons are of the family of Charles names that include Charlotte's, now bringing to mind HOPE Charlotte Hicks (model, knew Trump before he was president).

I had already checked Carlots before loading Charlotte's (French, martlets for Charles Martel) to find them as Charlots too, and Carlots are horizontally split in half the colors of the same of Schillers. Now that's very interesting in multiple ways. I can see Design behind this. And the Carlot split is colors reversed from that of Lago's! "The TV interview had been suggested by a visitor to the Trump box, Larry Russo ["like "Rush"]. He had hidden Marla [Maples] for a week in his Southampton beach house when the news broke last winter that Trumpís much-chronicled marriage to Ivana was breaking up after twelve years and three children and that Trump had a twenty-six-year-old model-actress girlfriend whose name was Marla Maples. 'Now he calls his beach house "Marla Lago,"' Maples whispered delightedly. It was such a cute joke, playing on Mar-a-Lago, the famous Palm Beach mansion..."

Both symbols of Lago's can be with the Malcolms/Columns, who have a "petit" motto term. Lago's were first found in Sardinia, which I trace to "Sardis," which was in-turn also called, Heid, where I now trace Hoods! The Link write-up has "HERMAN LynkFUSS of SORAU in 1381," and Sardis was on the HERMus river. FUSSen is on the Leck river toward Munich, where Hiedlers/Hitlers were first found, and the Leck is linkable to the Legro river, otherwise called the SOAR. Biondi's/Bundys, first found in Sardinia, look to share the three Lago stars, but these are the Hiedler/Hitler stars too! Bingety-bang boom-boom, as mobsters would say.

What do we make of that? We took the Ritz-Carlton as a potential pointer of God, and linked with the Maples sex-doll that Trump married whose surname came up with the Schiller Coat while Keith Schiller is the one who spoke on the Ritz-Carlton accusations against Trump. What are the chances that heraldry could play this way along with Lago's, who are Logu's too. And Logue's, who have a Leck-like Leech variation, share the giant trefoil of Ritz's! Now that is all compelling enough to convince me that Design created the links.

After writing the above, I went back to article where the quote above was taken, and read this: "But Trump employees had a right to be concerned. Trumpís empire is perilously close to ruin, and Ivana is suing to invalidate the revised prenuptial contract she signed with her husband on Christmas Eve of 1987, giving her only about $25 million in the event of divorce." Is this why I'm writing these things on Christmas day, or is there more to it?

Carlots use a version of the Bono/Debon Coat (both first found in Milan), and Hicks use a "bon" motto term. It again points to Hope Charlotte Hicks. Was she with Trump in Russia? Was she part of the Bush circle trying to frame Trump, since she got her political start with Bush Jr.?

And wow, it appears that the Carlot lion is that of Irish Carys, for the English Carleton bend-with-mascles is remarkably reflective of the Dent bend-with-lozenges (same colors), and this bend is probably a version of the bend-with-items of the Carys of the Leavells, linking Leavells to the Pierleoni-Jew liners: the Bennets and Benedicts having a "De bon" motto phrase suspect with Bono's/Debons. Ask the lion of the Roys, in the Bennet / Benedict motto, about the Bono/Debon lion. As this picture has linked to Rita's (see them last update), I'll bet that Ritz's were Rita's.

The Kent Petits share a giant, red, upright lion with Welsh Carltons, and because the latter's is in both colors of the Five and Fife lion, it reminds that Perts can be so named as per something in Perthshire (near Fife), where Scottish Bennets and Lions/Lyons (giant lion) were first found. The Lyon lion is colors reversed from the giant Morgan lion, and that surname created mythical Morgan le Fay, the Vey/VIVian/VEIGH bloodline that shares Five / Five heraldry. Morgans and Careltons are both Welsh, and English Carletons were first found beside Wales.

Medals/Dougals even share the Bono/Debon / Rita lion, and to this it should be added that Sharks have the Ritz trefoil too while Pools share the Rita lion. The Hicks dream started with a shark in a residential swimming pool, though I have no indication that this pertains to medallion issues aside from the Medals/Dougals sharing the Pool lion. The Pierleoni are expected to use lions, and the Leo's, who are behind Pierleoni, use a lion in Rita / Pool-lion colors too, but then look at "medalLION."

After writing all the above, the following was added top the last update:

The Bolton chevron, and the Bolt/Balt griffin head, are with the Lyon-possible Line/LYNE surname, the latter surrounding the chevron with Rozala-suspect roses in the colors of the Lancastrian rose. I now think I understand the War of the Roses between the Lancastrian and Yorkshire roses, both from Rozala liners. Scottish Line's/Lynns look linkable to Scoots / Scotts / Skits/Skeets, and, in connection with the German-Line horse, to Rush's.

The Rush and Line lions are in the colors of the Link/Lynke lion, and the medalLION with links has "Russia" upon it. The Rush's share the Scottish-Line annulets, a big deal suddenly, for this is a clue that Line's are to be linked to the medallion, wherefore just watch at what happens here as a good pointer to Loretta Lynch. Line's were looked up to see if they might link somehow to Lyons, but I didn't realize at first that Lynns are like "Lynch / Lynke," and it turns out that Line's are a Ling branch (expected to be of Lyncestis liners, if you know about that family of surnames). Lings, in Feller colors and format, have a version of the Lynch Coat, and while Scottish Line's share crossed spears with German Lings/Lingfelters, German Line's share the tree of German Lingers/LINDERS/LINDENs...which now brings me to the Landers/Landens that were represented by the LAUNDRy LINE upon which, at age nine, I touched a bra hanging upon it, in what I have claimed to be an act of God for the purpose of pointing to criminality in high places. Unfortunately, Loretts, first found in Suffolk with Rush's, are not showing a Coat.

I can grasp that Rush's were close Rothschild kin, and that Scottish Line's, in Rush colors, are close kin of Rockefeller-related Lings. These Line's were first found in Ayrshire with Aldo's while the Florence Aldo's not only share the Rush fesse, but have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of German Lings/LingFELTers (possible Feller branch). It recalls that Bouillons, with the FELT cross in colors reversed, share the cross of Florence's Taddei's (both colors) who in turn have a Chief linkable to that of the Florence Alda's. Amazingly, Aldo's share the LETTER griffins while I include letter-using Langs and Linkletters in with Lyncestis elements. Langs and Linkletter seem obvious Alan/Aleng liners, and Stewarts even share a "virescit" motto term with Scottish Line's.

German Langs were first found in Luneburg, which was paired with Brunswick (suspect from the Florence Bruno's), and the latter location is where Rothschilds/RODDENsteins (kin of Hillary Rodham Clinton, we can gather) were first found. Now lookie: the Knobs (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothchilds, Hiedlers/Hitlers, Heids, and the proto-Rothschild Bauers sharing the Hiedler/Hitler stars), suspect with the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow (very possibly the HEID arrow), use gold, crossed arrows with white points while Lings/Lingfelters have gold, crossed spears with white tips, looking like a match. It just so happens that the Ling/Lingfelter surname "was first found in Lingenfeld, a small town located south of HEIDELberg".

This is the place to add that Hyde's are in Lynch colors and format, for if the Hoods/Hoots are a Hyde branch, the medallion on the hood can point to Loretta Lynch aside from the links on the medallion's chain, just by the discovery that Rush's were Ling kin; the rest falls into place as was just shown.

The bra eventually pointed to Donna Brazile (descended from girdle-using Braswells), who can be expected to be in the secret-know concerning Obama's / Hillary's sins along with Loretta Lynch. The bra at first proved instantly to be a code for Bra of Cuneo, and to prove this, I was standing over a rabbit cage, with at least one white rabbit within it, when touching the bra, and this was God's code for Conys / Conns having white CONEY rabbits. It happened at the home of a Peterson residence while Peter Peterson, former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (which Hillary served when she was the secretary of state), married Mrs. COONEY. That's the evidence that the bra event was a God-inspired one.

This picture gets connectable to the time I first saw Miss Hicks at Christmas, because Christmas' use white rabbits too, and meanwhile Christmas'/Christmans and the other Christmans share the swan of Spanish, Loretta-like Laredo's. I instantly know what I've got to say about Laredo's.

God gave me a bird-screeching event that I think proved to be for the time when Donna Brazile betrayed Hillary. I was thinking about the possible link of Donna Brazile to Bra's, just when I heard a bird screech, then go silent. It was in the middle of the night, like a 3-am moment. It sounded as though a varmint climbed, or flew into, a tree and took a bird to mouth while sleeping. It was all over for the bird fast, and this is what I think Donna Brazile did to Hillary shortly after the screeching event. Hillary never recovered from that blow; Democrats looked elsewhere for their next president, many telling her to just go away, which is what I think Donna intended.

While still in bed, I resolved to look at the Don surname in the morning, and while doing so, it led to Doners, which led (for good reason) to my telling of tiling the store floor of a previous owner of my Nissan, Mr. Doner. I'm repeating this because, when tiling the floor (with Mexican-clay tiles) of my Texas cottage, I purchased the tiles in Laredo (Mexican side); I drove down myself (this was either in 2002 of 2005) to pick them up, and passed through CRYSTal City, where Miss Hicks was likely going to church on the Sunday morning I awoke there, in 1994. In other words, I'm proposing that God was pointing to Loretta Lynch and Donna Brazile together with my floor tiles. That was said before checking the Clay surname, which happens to have the Lynch Coat in someone else's colors! I installed CLAY tiles at my place. Every new clue welcome.

Crystal City had worked into God's pointers by the 1994 event (the day after my mugging; see last update) in which I slept the night in a motel there, hearing cockroach noises behind the loose wallpaper all night long. Lousy sleeping environment. In the morning, the Nissan had black smoke, and, decades later, when checking the Smoke surname, it was listed with Roach-like Rauch's (Jewish-Rothchild bend), perhaps even a Rush branch because Rush's share the white horse with the Rodham/Rodden-related Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'). The latter's is upright, as is the one of Reuters, first found in Austria with Christmans/Christmas'. It appears that God chose Crystal City for both my roach event and for Miss Hick's church in order to make links to whatever we think this all links to. I tell the story and give my views, and you can have yours if you wish to tackle the riddles. Crystal City is suspect as code for the anti-Trumper, Bill Kristol, who worked for the Washington Free Beacon, that being the Republicans who started the dirty dossier that Mr. Steele later adopted.

God used the white horse (real horse) of CHRISTine Peare (which I rode) for another pointer, and Reuters use a "PER mare" motto, and Clays use "Per orBEM," and Beams/Beamish's share trefoils with Clays. For those of you who know why I trace Abbeville to MacAbbe's/McCABE's, note this: "The surname Beam was first found in Normandy where the family was formerly Beaumis, Beaumeys, or Beametz and are from Beaumetz, near Abbeville." Suddenly, we have a pointer of the FBI's twisted Andrew McCabe; Lisa Page was his lawyer. Lookie: while McCabe's share the salmon of English Hams, German Hams share the giant annulet of Vito's, and the latter's are colors reversed from the two annulets of Tile's!!! It's verification that God arranged the floor in clay tiles, and that I should get my own in Laredo (saved a bundle with this Mexican purchase).

I'm going to freak you out here, partly because God showed me that Bruce and Nelly Ohr are represented by the Ore/Orr surname (share's red roundels with Nellys). The Tile annulets have a white arrow between them, in both colors of the Don arrow, and Dons use a "dona" motto term. Like I said, my tile work at Mr. Doner's store, and the tiles from Laredo point to both Loretta Lynch and Donna Brazile. The "OMNia" motto term of Dons is shared by Ore's/Orrs, and was resolved with the OMEN that God gave me the day before I slept in Crystal City with the roaches. I was telling readers about this omen long before I discovered that Donna Brazile's middle name is, Lease.

The omen took place while having crossed the Louisiana border into Texas, when I didn't know Brazile, let alone that she was from New Orleans, Louisiana. Red roundels are shared between Orrs/Ore's, Nellys (Austria, same as Tile's) and Orleans'. The omen was a small cloud, the only cloud in a blue sky, completely covering the sun. It's just that the cloud was so small, about the width of the sun, and maybe three or four solar diameters long. I got an eerie feeling, and was mugged that night in my Nissan. The omen looked like the Crest of one Jeffrey surname, and then, later, I found a near match in the Lease Coat. So, you see, Dons with an "omnia and "dona" motto term point to Donna Lease Brazile, which is why I believe God gave me that screeching-bird sound while I was first wonder whether Donna Brazile applies to things pointed to by the bra, to verify that I was indeed to check the Don surname for good reason(s). I'm not yet where I'm going to freak you out.

My Clay Tiles Nab Loretta Lynch

To be more precise, Donna Brazile came to mind after Joel appeared at my place four days after the purchase of a Volkswagen. He took me for a drive, which is when I started to tell him that some White Rabbit account (Twitter, I think it was) had made about 28,000 Hillary emails available online, and I told him about the white-rabbit event with the bra too, that it predicted, in my mind, the downfall of deep-state actors. The bra event had come to mind not long before I discovered White Rabbit. And Joel then piped up and asked me, "Do you know what model car this is? It's a rabbit." Yup, and it was white, I kid thee not. And on that drive, he told me he was headed to Europe, the following week, with a Brazilian (sports writer, to cover European soccer championships).

It was this Brazilian that brought Donna Brazile to mind, and no sooner had that happened that God pushed me to the Don surname. Now Joel worked, at the time, and still does, for the son of an old partner I had for a short time in a new fence post I had invented. In fact, the partner had a partner in business, and they both became my partners. They were the financiers, and so I took the post to an international trade show, all alone, in New Orleans, yup, that's right, where Donna Brazile was born / grew up. The other partner I have already mentioned, Mr. Klees. You now need to understand that I have never before told the clay-tile story until now. Freak-out time: Klees' are listed with Clays! Bingo. That's why I was in New Orleans, to make the reader more sure that God is pointing to Brazile. Perhaps God arranged the trade show to be in that city at that time, I have no idea how he set this up, but I was there.

The Klees/Clay motto: "Per ORbem." Hee-hee. Again, it's "Per orBEM," and Beams are from near ABBEville while MacAbbe's are McCabe's too. Ha-ha-ha. To trace Abbeville to McAbbe's, see the Hiram/Iron write-up where the surname is said to be from Airaines, not far from Abbeville, for AIRAINES is like ARRAN, where MacAbbe's were first found.

You may have heard that Nelly Ohr, exactly at the time when she was hired by Fusion GPS, was taking HAM-radio lessons for to get her license. Some think she needed to speak with fellow conspirators in opposition to Trump by ham radio, to keep conversations more secretive than by phone or email. That seems like a great theory, and because Hams share the McCabe salmon (both colors), it could be that God is revealing here that she and her husband were communicating with McCabe. For God to arrange Hams and McCabe's to use the same symbol, he just causes two people with those surnames to get married, allowing them legally to share symbols.

If you don't know, Fusion GPS was hired by Hillary's legal firm, Perkins Coie, to in-turn purchase Christopher Steele and his dossier. In the meantime, Nelly was working at Fusion to undermine Trump in other ways yet to be exposed. Her husband was the 4th-ranking guy in Obama's department of justice, and was McCabe's boss. It was revealed that Mr. Ohr allowed Steele to communicate secretly with McCabe's FBI when it was not supposed to be taking place. The Republican Congress has been hiding massive revelations from the people while pretending to want to expose everything to the people. The reason they come on the news is to pretend that they are really getting things done, for this is needed for re-election purposes.

So, you see, these villains got caught, and we may give credit to God for it all, and what's yet to come. I still may not understand fully why I was mugged as part of the omen that point via the Ohr and Don mottoes to Donna Brazile. My theory is that it caused a change of plans, because I wanted to buy cheap property inside Mexico, to become a snow bird annually, as they call it; that's why I was driving through southern Texas at the time. But the mugging frightened me so much that I opted not to go to Mexico, where such a thing could happen worse due to my foreign vehicle plates. And it was for this change of plans that I first drove up toward Leakey to see a property, then down to Crystal City, where God ended the trip due to the worsening of the black smoke out the tailpipe (it cleared up on the drive back home).

His Plan B was to have me return in six months to get me to purchase 10 minutes from the home of Miss Hicks, whom he had shown me back in 1979.

Back to the cockroaches at Crystal City. Roach's happen to use three fish in the colors of the three Barry fish heads, very interesting where Lynch-branch Lings use fish head themselves. Remember, Lynch's use a version of the Feller Coat, and Roach's use the rock as code for Rockefellers. Did God arrange for Barrys to share fish heads with a Lynch branch? While Loretta Lynch was Obama's attorney general, he was also, Barry Sotero. Read on.

This goes to the Obama dream of February, 2016, before anyone knew of the FISA scandal involving Lisa Page. I was taking a shot in Obama's billiard hall, where I sewered a page after turning it into a paper plane. The very next scene had Obama dancing in his SUIT. The Sewers happen to be listed with Suits/SUTERs, like "Sotero." There's no mistake, God was pointing to Obama with that page, and it was code for Lisa Page...and/or Carter Page, the one at the heart of the FISA scandal. The page appeared on the pool table as the cue ball, but as I could not shoot a page, I turned it into a paper plane. Lisa was McCabe's FBI-sponsored lawyer.

When I awoke from the Obama dream, the first thing coming to mind with the paper plane was Loretta Lynch in the news, having met Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport to which she had just flown. Bill's purpose must have been to ask her to cover for Hillary, for Bill wanted to become the next quasi-president de mobster along with her. Moreover, the dream revealed to me that Obama had a partner, yet the only indication I have for identifying that partner is the L-shape that all the billiard tables were arranged in, when I saw them all from a ceiling view, looking down upon them. Loretta Lynch came to mind for having two 'L's. All the tables were covered in a black sheet, which gives the impression of a cover-up for a dark plot(s), and God can talk and chew gum at the same time: Sheets are listed with Skate's while I saw Obama on a skateboard, still with his dark suit on, immediately after his dance.

The CUE was understood, though only after the dream, as code for Perkins COIE, the lawyer's outfit that Hillary used to own the Steele dossier. It helped to clinch that view where Coys share pheons, in colors reversed, with Page's. It helps further where Page's use Lambert colors and format while Page's speak on a Lambert Page while French Lamberts share a version of the Billiard/Billet / Billiard/HILLARD Coat. Just look at the Bill-and-Hillary implications, asking also whether God arranged for Clintons to share the six fitchees of Hillarys.

French Lamberts lead to another story. They were at ROCHElambert, and Roach's are Roche's too. Isn't that amazing? Lisa Page, so to speak, just led us to Rockefellers. For years, French Page's/LePage's (Ile-de-France) were said to be first found in Dauphine, where French Lamberts and Page-related Payens/Pagans were first found. These Lamberts were at a Page-like Pouget location. There's a French Roche surname sharing the moline of Mathis' (Burgundy), who can be gleaned from the Mathis river (now the Mat), home of the Cavii who named Chives', for the latter share the Mathis moline too. Chives' are suspect with Chappes', first found in Ile-de-France with French Lamberts. Just like that, Rockefellers are suspect with Caiaphas liners.

[Insert -- Just keep those Rockefellers in mind until I finish this insert. I'm sticking this here because the shark is coming to topic immediately after the insert. The day after writing here, I came upon the Seals' as per the "Zealous" motto of Hoods, and the Seals' happen to use wolf heads in the colors of the Hood crescents. These crescents are in the colors of the Saracen crescents, can we believe it, and Seals' have the same fesse as the Arms of Saraca! Wow. Just look at the importance of that for verifying the dream with shark and hood as one from God. The Saracen Crest is even a black wolf.

The Sailor Coat makes sailors look like a Seals branch, and it just so happens that while the medallion event proved to me that Hoods share the Baud crescent as well, Bauds must be sharing the ship of French Durants because English Durants share the Sales/SAIL fleur, tending to prove that Seals' and Sailers were Salyes Ligures from the Durant-like Durance river. Scottish Durants share a version of the Burn Coat while Burns were first found in Cumberland with Saracens, and with their Bernice branch who share the Seal / Saraca fesse. The Bernice / Burn Coat is a version of the Sailer Coat. Burns are said to have had a location in Renfrewshire, and the Baud ship is in both colors of the Renfrew ship. English and Scottish Durants were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs, suspect with the Scarfs (Yorkshire, same as Sailors) who share a white wolf head with the Seals Crest.

I've already added a mouthful, but Italian Durants have what could be a version of the Lago/Logu Coat, I wonder what that might mean.

I've got to go on because I see Cheneys by following the Quade's and Queens who share the black Seal / Sailor wolf heads. The "faithful" motto term of Queens, that is, which must be for Faiths/Faithfuls/FATHE's, is like the "fato" motto term of Cheneys (Vance's/Vaux's with the Salome Coat, have a "faithful" motto term too). But there is a German Faith/Feit surname that can link to the Cheney-like Chaine's/Chenays, which brings the medallion's chain to the fore. The armored arm of Mieske's in on a split Shield facing sinister, as is the armored arm of Faiths/Feits. The Chaine's/Chenays substitute with the white wing of sinister-bend Masci's that has a hand, holding a sword, same as the Mieske and Faith/Feit hand. In this Brazile-studded update, it would be good to add that Brace's/Braz's/Bras' use more armored arms, the one in Crest holding a sword too.

As I expect Mieszko's to put out the false prophet, leader of the 666, I'm wondering whether God arranged for the following from the Chaine/Chenay write-up: "Pierre Duchesne...married Catherine RIVEST on 7th January 1666..." It's not a big coincidence or anything like that, but it's from the 666 bloodline, in my opinion, and while the dukes of Masovia i.e. the Mieszko's included used the red Drake wyvern dragon, Rivests use a giant wyvern of their own. Rivest variations, and the colors of the Rivest dragon, partly in the colors of the lion of RedVERE's/Revere's, lead to the latter's branch of Rivers, first found in Buckinghamshire, same as Cheneys.

We then go to the Chanuts/Chenu's (inVERTed chevron in Rivers/RAVERS colors): "The family goes back to Louis Chenu in 1481. A branch of this family was established in the sixteenth century and goes back to...the French region of Berry and part of RAVIERES, Nuits-sous-Ravieres, and Villiers-les-Haut in 1533." "Nuits" sure evokes Cnut/Canute. English Cnuts happen to use a chevron in Chanut/Chenu colors, and Danish Cnuts have a version of the Shark Coat. Why should that be? King Cnut was a grandson of Mieszko I. It appears that Cheneys were Cnut liners, or perhaps Cnut ancestors.

There's a couple of interesting things yet. The Faithfuls/Fathe's and Fate's/Feets are like the Fothes'/FITTes'/Fette's who share the cornucopia with Ore's/Orrs, and the latter's chief has the red-on-gold FITchees of Darlene's/Darlings. The latter, first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts, share their drops and colors. This recalls the acciDENT symbol that I say God gave to Darlene Ray, a teen girlfriend of mine, while Dents share "InDUSTRia" with Fothes'/Fittes'/Fette's and the Arms of Rothschild. In the meantime, Dusters have more armored arms. Later, I'll show why proto-Danes can trace to ORbelas, Dunax, and Sword-liner Serdica (Cnut was a Dane king).

Rays share the escarbuncle with Hangers, and Danish Cnut's use "pot hangers." Hangers were first found in Hampshire (same as Mieszko-related Drake's), where Cnut attacked England. However, there is no reason here that Darlene's / Darlingtons should necessarily link to Cnuts, yet God gave me Darlene Ray to tell this little story. There's got to be more to it. When I see Hangers with a reflection of the Shark Coat, and the Darlene's / Darlingtons and Chanut-linkable Rivers/Ravers' sharing the Arms-of-Saraka fesse, I want to know more. Why was the shark so mean and nasty in that dream?

The Wake's who share the red roundels in Chief with Orrs/Ore's use a "wake KNOT" in Crest, and Cnuts are Knots too. I believe that God showed me in the Hicks-shark dream that Wake's are to link to those who conducted 9-11, which took place under Dick Cheney's nose. End insert]

Now that there is an inkling that the shark in the residential pool can link to the Ritz-Carlton by way of Ritz's sharing the Rockefeller trefoil with Sharks, and because Pools share the lion of Ritz-like Rita's, one can add that the shark-depicted Saraca's probably have their fish in the Coat of Verona's who likewise have the Feller / Lynch Coat, and then the colors of the Saraca fish are used by the fish heads of Lings/Lyngs, you see. In the dream, a bulldog FELL into the pool, and got half swallowed by the shark. The fish-head Barrys in no way have to do with Obama, except, perhaps, as a pointer of God to him in league with Loretta Lynch. Loretta had to take over the criminal enterprise that Obama and Holder were carrying out, you see, and so Obama was apt, or even sure, to choose a replacement for Holder who would finish the job.

[Insert -- I kid you not, I missed a mind-blower in the paragraph above when first writing it. This insert comes two minutes after ending the insert above. As soon as I re-read, "got half SWALLOWed by the shark," Swallows were loaded, followed by the Arundels that share their swallows (I've read the Arundel description, they are swallows), and then I spotted this in the Arundel write-up: "LINCHmere {in Sussex} was held as of the honour of Arundel, by William de Perci, at an early period, and afterwards became the property of the family of Fitzalan." You see, I'm not crazy. God did give that shark dream for heraldic discoveries. I only wish there were a Linchmere surname. Linkletters probably use an Alan-line Coat.

After writing the paragraph above, another bombshell. The Arundel write-up: "...traced by Dugdale to 'Rogerius Arundel,' mentioned in Domesday." It doesn't necessarily mean that Dugdale's apply as kin to Arundels, but while Saracens are Sarasins too, the Brittany Sarasins use a giant moline in colors reversed from the same of Dugdale's, and this could be a Dog/Doag / Medal/Dougal branch.

After marrying Alice of Sales- / Seals-suspect Saluzzo, the FitzAlans married Percys, which is why you saw them in a quote above. Wikipedia's article on Percys has them with the Louvain lion, shared by Redvere's/Revere's, the latter first found in Devon with the Hoods who share the Saracen crescents. This about nails tight the theory that while Saracens are in the Hicks-hood dream, they should also apply to the medallion-on-hood event. But why? What in the world of the deep state do Saracens / Saraca's have to do?

The Arundel write-up has them in Cornwall's St. Michael while Michaels were first found in Surrey while Surreys are also SARKs. The Seals write-up: "The Seal history begins in Cornwall...The Seal family originally lived in the parish of Seal which had various locations in England including the counties of Northumberland, Leicester [Ligurians], SURREY and Kent." The Arundel swallows are in the colors and format of the six Eagle lions while I see Eagle-suspect German Hagels (near Zurich) with the Arms of KYburg, beside ZURICH, like the Surrich variation of Surreys, and then the Arms of Surrey has KEYS principally, as possible code for Kyburg. In other words, Saracens / Saraca's may have named Zurich. English Hagels share the single pile of Wings/Winks, first found in Perthshire with Cluns.

As per the mention of Shropshire below this insert, FitzAlans of Arundel were from Clun of Shropshire, and Cluns (Saluzzo Coat) were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags. Saluzzo's must be the Swallow-like Sallows (Shropshire), we get it: Arundels use swallows as code for their Saluzzo partner. Remember: the bullDOG got half SWALLOWed by the shark. Isn't that amazing? It looks like Sarks/Surreys apply. Sallow like Slows share the unicorn in Crest with Cheney-suspect Cnuts while "Cheney" is suspect from Cuneo, location of Saluzzo and Busca. Slows, first found in the same place as Cheneys, happen to use the Chain cross in colors reversed. That's pretty huge for understanding the medallion's chain with Linchmere-suspect links.

The Slow Coat is much like the Scottish PETERson Coat (near Rothes castle), and Lago's/Logu's have three hexagrams in the colors and pattern used for them by Swedish Petersons. Isn't that looking like verification that Trump's Mar-a-Lago is to be applied to the Saint Petersburg medallion?

Cluns may have been Clintons, for the latter have a Saluzzo / Clun Shield, as do Snipe's suspect in the Meuller "pair of snips". There's a couple of sharks right there whose teeth have about fallen out. Their only hope is with a no-bite Trump, and so far they have had their wish. End Insert]

The French-Roche write-up: "The house of des Roches de Chassay was cited since 1275." The Chassay surname was at Mamers, in Maine, where Billiards/Billets were first found who use a version of the French-Lambert Coat. Obama's, ah, er, Barry's billiard hall could be about this very picture. Mamers is about 10 miles from Belleme, and the Beams/Beems we saw from the Clay/Klees motto term, "ORbem," are said to be from "Richard de Belmiz, Viscount of Salop (Shropshire)". Belleme's/Bellamy were first found in Shropshire.

French Roche's: "The county of BIGORRE, in Burgundy, was the cradle of the house de la Roche-Fontenille..." Biggars/Bigors were first found in Lanarkshire with Chasey-like Caseys/Casseys, which was the surname of the husband of Miss Hick's aunt. Mr. Casey listed my house and the house of Miss Hicks at the same time; she ended up moving to greater Dallas, and the Biggars/Bigors share the Dallas Coat. I don't know why this is being found, but it's here in case needed. She moved to Forney, and Forneys were first found in Languedoc with Font-de-Ville's/Ville's (Beam lion?), in case they were a Fontenille branch.

I don't see many white-on-green fesses, but they are shared between McCabe's and Fontenille's, and, can we believe it, the latter use three of them, in colors reversed from the three fesses of Orleans' (share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's, Orrels and Nellys). Fontenille's were first found in Savoy, near the Arve river to which I trace the Bellamy kin of Harveys and Garveys (Perche chevrons), Belleme and Mamers (i.e. Roche's of Mamers) are at the steps of the Perche mountains.

My Clay Tiles and Vaud Heraldry

It's interesting here that French Lamberts, who took us to French Roche's, had a location of Christophe in Vaud, on the opposite side of lake Geneva from the mouth of the Arve, and near Sion. Sions/Swans were likewise first found in Lanarkshire, with Biggars, now suspect with Roche's of Bigorre, and with Caseys. Miss Hicks has a daughter, Geneva.

I've just added the following to the last update: "After this update was out, I came across a Bex location in Vaud canton, which shares the upright ram of Vaud-like Bauds/Bode's. There is a Bottens location in Vaud that looks to share the David / Davis Coat. Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Botters/Bodins/Bode's"...who happen to have an eagle standing on a "perch"! Excellent.

Vaud also has a Les Clees location (wood gate), and it happens to be near an orbem-like Orbe location (dolphins, can be from Dauphine, as with Lamberts who just brought us to Vaud). In case you've forgotten, Clays/Clees' use the "orbem" motto term. The Les Clees gate is excellent for tracing Gates' with fish-head Geddes to "Cetis" because I trace Kids, with another "orbem" motto term, to "CITis" (version of "Cetis"), location of Orba/Olba! Zinger. My fence-post invention, with Mr. Klees as a partner, was for wood fences and wood gates. This recalls my insisting that the Vibius line of Vibia, mother of Laevillus of Cetis, traces to Vaud's Vevey.

"Orbe is first mentioned about 280 as Urba. In 1179, it was mentioned as versus Orbam". One might contend that "orbem" is not code for two surnames, but merely for Orbam. Yet if "bam" was in "orbam" due to an Orr merger with Beams = Belleme's, if can explain why Bellamy kin were at lake Geneva. Garveys use the double chevrons of Perche's, Bellamys were at Perche, and it just so happens that three chevrons in the same colors are in the Orbe/Orby/ORReby Coat. The latter surname was first found in Lincolnshire with Clays/Clees'! Wow. Bruce Ohr's boss was Loretta Lynch, and I bought the clay tiles in Laredo.

[Swallows were first found in Lincolnshire too, and Sallows (same place as Bellamys) have a Coat a little like the Orrs/Ore's. Swallow-related Arundels (LINCHmere) were related to Cluns, first found in Perthshire.]

It's a little interesting that Rollo's, first found in Perthshire, share the black boar with French Laredo's/Lorets/Loriets/Lore's, but I would like something to link Laredo's/Lorets much better to Loretta Lynch. Laredo's/Lorets were first found in Picardy with Abbeville, but not close enough to get me excited on a Lynch-McCabe connection. Laredo's/Lorets were first found in Aisne, and Aisne's show nothing but hearts while heart-suspect Hardys (Lanarkshire) show black boars too (why are heart-using Lanarks LURnacks too?). As Logans/Duck have a heart pierced with nails, the Hardy cross looks like the saltire of Nagle's/Nails/Neils (same place as Ducks), and while I trace Oneglia elements to Perigord, Laurier's, who have a slew of variations like those of Laredo's/Lorets, were first found in Perigord. Lowrys are said to have been possibly close to Irish Neils, first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and sharing the Saraca fish.

Wow some more. French Harveys, with a black boar head, and in the colors and format of Verona's, were first found in Ile-de-France with Verona's, and while the latter is suspect with the white Saraca fish, Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Garveys [I didn't know while writing here that Brazile's were first found in Tyrone too; see below]. Clays/Clees' share trefoils with Sharks, Verona's, and Rocks, all suspect as kin round-about of white-fish Roche's/Roach's. There's even a Roche location in Vaud, with Arms showing what looks like a pine tree, and, if correct, by what coincidence do Pine's share the pineapple with Christophe's. The Vaud page was loaded to find the Christophe location said (in the Lambert write-up) to be in Vaud, but it's not on the list.

There's an Apples location in Vaud near Morges, which can explain the pineapples, but this gives the impression that a Pinnes entity of the Ardiaei (there may have been more than one Pinnes) was at Vaud, which recalls that Bauds are from the Bautica river of the Arduinici. Also, king Arthur was made to die on Avalon, which is Baud-like Bute, part of Rothschild ancestry, from the line of Vespasia Polla through to Peter Pollock of Rothes castle, smack beside the Rozala-suspect and Rothchild-beloved Rose's.

It now appears that Vaud was named after a Baud element, explaining that white ram of Vaud's Bex location. Morges has been suspect with mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon, which some say was named after an apple orchard, but me thinks it's got to do with Apples in Vaud. Vaud has a Fey location, and a Vevey location (beside Roche) suspect with Veys/Vivians. French Fays/Fes' were first found in Auvergne with Bauds. Roet elements trace to Oneglia, and Irish Fays ("ESPERance") share the Roet boar head, but as these Fays throw in a spear, it's got to be the Speer boar head too. It's got VesPASia Polla of Rieti all of it. Rollo's use this boar head in colors reversed, and throw in a "passe" motto term while Pasi's share crossed spears with Speers...and Line's and Lings/Lingfelters.

Good morning, on the 26th. By the way, I abandoned celebrating Christmas long ago, don't get offended if I don't wish you a merry Christmas. It has all become corrupted by our spiritual enemies, who are more-rudely speaking against God than ever. The churches should know enough to celebrate Christ's birth at another time, in March, when our enemies won't disrupt us, for that's really when Jesus was born, or perhaps April. We should disconnect from Christmas trees, and buying cheap / unnecessary things for one another, a waste of billions of dollars across the world map that should go to feeding the starving instead. Our children get mixed up as they grow up with a Jesus-Santa mix.

One can expect the Bottens location of Vaud to be of the bottony cross, which I've just found in the Arms of Armagh along with a lyre, symbol of the Brittany Davis' who share a form of the Arms of Bottens. I happened to load the Brazile's/Brassels at this time (has only PASSant lion I know of with all fours on the ground), first found in Armagh (on lake Neage), which is part of Tyrone, where Sharks were first found, whom God placed into a POOL.

For the first time, I can see why the bulldog came walking right by my leg, then FELL into the pool, for it was a British Bulldog, KNEE high across my leg, and Knee's have lately become suspect with the Kness variation of Neage's/Nage's, who are almost in FELLer colors and format. This recalls that Donna Brazile is to be linked to Loretta Lynch while Lynch's were kin of the Fellers. The dog fell into the pool with the Sharks on lake Neage! Perfect. And Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with Neage's/Nage's! Wow, it only took me a few years to figure it out, but could not be done without the clay tiles that linked Loretta Lynch to Donna Brazile.

Dogs/Doags of Perthshire were first found near the first Pollock, who was commissioned by the king to build Rothes castle, at Rothes. But the first Pollock had earlier lived in Renfrewshire, beside Lanarkshire, and it just so happens that the Lanark Coat is a version of the Dog/Doag Coat, making the dog in the pool look like it's making a suggestion: Lanarks are Pool > Pollock kin along with Dogs/Doags (both in the colors of Jewish Pollocks). Dogs/Doags share the thistle with Paisleys/Pasleys (Renfrewshire), which is from the Pasi's suspect in the motto of the Perthshire Rollo's, themselves suspect with the Rolphs, beside Rothes castle.

But there's more, for when the dog was head-first into the shark's mouth, there was a nasty ring of teeth around its belly, and Bellys were first found in Moray, location of Rothes castle. I JUMPed into the pool to save the dog, and Jumps share the rose of Paisleys and Bellys/Belli's. That is astounding, even though I don't yet know how Tooths / Teets may apply to enlarge upon what seems to be at topic. It must be added that while Bellys are Belli's too, German Belli's use the beacon while Beacons are Bacons while French Bacons share the Dog/Doag cinquefoils while this picture is suspect with the Washington Free BEACON, the Republican starters of the dossier.

One wonders whether the bulldog can somehow apply to poor Trump while the shark represents the authors of the dossier. I had best record, before I forget, that Calls use trumpets. The only thing coming to mind with a Call link to Trump is call-girls, but I mean that more as a joke. The medallion at the grocery store is now back to topic because German Belli's use the split-Shield colors of Groce's.

German Belli's have Baily-like variations, and Baileys share the Moray stars. DOUGlas' share them too, and were first found in Moray with Bellys/Belli's, and then Medals are with DOUGals. It looks like this Beacon-linkable topic has to do with the DOG, especially as Bacons share the Dog cinquefoils. It's as though the medallion-on-hood is once again connecting to the Hicks dream, where I exited the shark-dog scene to find Miss Hicks at the hood of a souped-up, classic car of a 1950's model (I don't know why the car was of that style). I had no shirt on as I saw her there, and Shirts have more red roundels, as do Balas-like Bullis' and OrBELAS-suspect Orrs/Ore's. Shirts were traced to Sardinia, location of Sulcis (Sant-Antioco), very traceable to the Seleucids of Antioch, and Alexander Balas was a Seleucid king.

My Clay Tyles and Orbelas

It's going to get important that Northumberland is where Bailys and their Baliol branch were first found. Much of the explosive material below was written before adding some of these things up here. The Bailey motto, along with the Newman motto, has been traced to MacAbbe's/McCabe's. Truly. Keep your eye out for "OrBELAS," because this entity may have named king Alexander Balas, whom I trace to Bailys and Baliols (share the Sword / Dog/Dog sword). Alexanders were first found in Kintyre, beside McCabe's of Arran.

Orrs/Ore's (share "omnia" with Dons) were first found in Renfrewshire too. But does the shark part of the dream really point to Bruce or Nelly Ohr just because it points heavily to Renfrewshire's Pollocks? Vespasia Polla was mother to one of the seven heads of the Revelation dragon, and Daniel 8 and 11 reveals that the 8th head of Revelation 17 will be connected back to the Seleucid kings.

How complicated must heraldic connections become before they cease to qualify as God's pointers to people or issues? Watch how the "complications" below pan out beautifully. As the shark's teeth have yet to be adequately explained, note the DENTheletae peoples beside the Orbelas mountains (map below).

Nelly is the one with the Ham RADIo, and Hams share the McCabe fish in Radi/Radice colors. And Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with Scottish Rolphs, and it just so happens that English Rolphs use a raven version of the Shark Coat! Wow. We saw that Nelly-like Neils were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. One can add that the three water bougets of Scottish Rolphs are in the colors of the three ravens of Verona-like Verone's, while Verona's are the ones with the Feller Coat and Saraca / Neil fish. The water bougets are part-code for Waters (Essex, same as Tyrone's), who share the three chevrons of Clay/Klees-related Orbe's Orrebys! That's pretty amazing.

It has been resolved by a systematic and respectable trace that Radi's/Radice's named Sub Radice, smack beside TYLE!!! This never would have been found without the ham RADIo. It's telling me that Laredo Lynch, so to speak, was acting with Nelly Ohr and Andrew McCabe to illegally spoil a presidential candidate. Why does God care about this? It has got to be for more crimes than the attack on Trump alone.

See the light map below for Sub Radice and Tyle at the upper Hebros watershed, with Tyle on the Tonzus river with Cabyle (Cable's almost use the Radi/Radice Coat). Then, look at the north side of Sub Radice and Tyle for HAEMus!!! Did God arrange to name that mountain range centuries ago just to connect my tiles to Nelly Ore's ham radio? How else can we explain this?

I tiled the store floor (and stairs) of Mr. Doner, an event very linkable to Donna Brazile, born of New Orleans, while Orleans' share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's. The Doners are in Radi/Radice colors, and use wolves, symbol of Lupus Laevillus, husband of QuadraTILLa Bassus, daughter of QuadRATUS Bassus. That's why I trace the father and daughter to Sub Radice, Tyle and Cabyle. Bassus' trace to the Bessin, location of Tilly of English Tile's (Drake kin), and also of Caens ("citis" term buried in motto) who share the fretty Shield with Cable's, both throwing in a red fesse, symbol of Scottish Leavells. That tells me pretty well why God had me purchase a Nissan owned new by Mr. Doner, and why I tiled his floor. Nissans use the double-Don fesses in colors reversed, and Dons share "omnia" with Orrs/Ore's while using the arrow of Tile's.

You can't argue with the implied facts. Acknowledge and worship God everyone. Let's all be one in the only Creator, the one who somehow had no beginning. God simply is, and always will be. Let's stop fighting and become one together with His Son. It's a great Plan. Let's fly. Stop being bogged down by cheap materialism. Let your spirit fly. Get out of your rut, be happy in Jesus, don't let the devil fool you into a depression. Be all that you can be, all that God allows you to be. Whatever you do, do it with all your might in Jesus' power. Remain in the Vine, don't betray, do this forever, not just a few years. Don't be a firecracker, making some noise and then going forever silent, burnt out. God has given you a ham radio to his Private Room. Use it, man. Use it, woman. Talk to Him. Just talk to Him, until He answers, then judge for yourself whether he did talk in some way, or whether you are imagining things. Just try it first, or you have no business telling the world that he doesn't exist.

Look to the south-west of Sub Radice, at the Dunax mountain, which traces very well to Duncans, who share the Dog/Doag cinquefoils (share the Sword sword!). The Donkey branch of Duncans are even virtually in Dog/Doag colors and format, and were first found in Northumberland with Siward of Northumberland, who is to the Sword surname (!), from the Serdi that you see between Dunax and the Haemus mountains. Mount Dunax is at the northern end of the ORBElas mountain range, a term that can become the Orrs or Orbe's/Orrebys.

Siward of Northumberland defeated MacBeth, who had killed king Duncan. The latter birthed Malcolm, and Malcolms/Columns share "ardua" with TYLors/Tillers, wherefore see the Arda river to the near-east of the Orbelas range. Repeat: "Both symbols of Lago's can be with the Malcolms/Columns, who have a "petit" motto term."

Waters on the Orbelas range flow down in to the STRYmon river of the SATRae Thracians which, I now think, can be suspect with Peter STRzok, the FBI officer in charge of the Trump attack and the Hillary cover-up, and directly under Andrew McCabe. As Lisa Page was reportedly having an affair with Strzok (though I saw no evidence whatsoever of this thing), note that while her surname is a Payen/Pagan/Paion branch, they are from the Paioni peoples smack next to or on the Strymon river.

As I sewered the PAGE "cue ball" on Obama's billiard table, it occurred to me that, since there is no STRZok surname for God to point to in an event, the next-best thing is to use Sewers/SUTERs/Suits, and to verify that God wanted us to emphasize that surname, the very next scene was Obama dancing in his dark Suit. Go ahead and check to see whether French Page's/Lepage's share four bars (fesses) with Italian Dance's (pale bars), in the same gold-on-blue colors. Compare Sewers with "Siward," or the Seward surname.

Now that Strzoks can trace to Strymon / Orbelas elements note that the Seward fesse is in the colors of the Nelly fesse while Nellys share red roundel with Orrs/Ore's. The Seward fesse is in the colors of the Chief-Shield of Orrs/Ore's, and the three piles in the Orr/Ore Shield are in Seward-chevron colors. It seems that the two Seward chevrons are colors reversed from the three of Orbe's/Orbys for the Serdica ties to Orbelas elements. This area is smack beside the RHODope mountains, and German Rhodes/Rhods/Rode's share red roundels in both colors of the Nelly roundels.

The English Rhodes' were, for years past, said to be first found in Lincolnshire, where Clays/Clees'/Klees' and Orbe's/Orreby were first found. The clay tiles are tracing to Tyle near the northern end of the Rhodope mountains. The Wake's, likewise first found in Lincolnshire, share the Orr/Ore Chief and throw in an "ora" motto term. The Wake fesses are colors reversed from the Nelly fesse.

There's a question as to why Wakefields, with the same garbs as Cue's/Kews, are vertically-split in colors reversed from the same of the Maples' (share tower with Lago's) who did point well to Marla Maples. Did peoples around Perkins Coie recruit Marla for information against Trump? Why does the Coat of Wake-like Wax's (Vice cross) reflect that of Perkins, and why do the latter use "vigilum" while Wake's use "Vigila"? Or, by what coincidence do Perkins use a "Simplex" motto term while Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's? Or, why do Lago's/Logu's share a white tower with Spanish Vigils? Or, why were Logue's (Ritz trefoil) first found in Galway with Lynch's? Why does the Logue write-up trace to a character in Wexford while Wax's are also Wex's? Heraldic crowns, shared by Logue's, are often code for Ceraunii, as are the cranes of Sharks who likewise share the Loque trefoil.

Why have we not crossed the Bruce's in all of this, since Bruce Ohr was himself an accomplice to the crimes. Hold on because Bruce's (Yorkshire) are from the Eburovices/Ebroicum who named York as Eboracum, and Eburovices named Evreux, a line of Abreu's/Abruzzo's who in turn may have the Orbe/Orreby lion. The latter place their lion in a canton square, as do Scottish Bruce's. It's maybe a long shot, but the Orbe/Orreby lion may be the BRAZile lion, especially if Brazile's and Braswells are a Bruce branch. Brazile's were first found in Tyrone while TYRone's (Troy liners?) use the double Braswells chevrons in colors reversed. Neither Shield uses anything else but their double chevrons. I don't know how Bruce Ohr got that first name, but don't reject the possibility that God named him for a good reason(s) yet to be discovered.

Braswells (said to be at Brogden) were first found in Yorkshire with Bruce's/Brus' and Brogdens/Brigdens (Cotta fretty). Brays/Brae's use a "flax breaker" while Breakers/Brechs look like a Brogden/Brigden/Brokeden branch, and Brights even share the Girdle Coat (almost) while Braswells use a girdle in Crest. It's now amazing that while Wikipedia tells that Donna Brazile's ancestors were Braswells, Brechens/Brichens share three piles to a point with Orrs/Ore's!!! Seek and you shall find. Brigantium is very near the Cottian capital, explaining why the Brogden fretty is that of Cotta's.

We thus have good reason to believe that God set this up to make a Bruce-Ohr connection to Donna Brazile. But why she of all people? Who chose her to head the DNC two weeks after Seth Rich's murder, at the very time (July 2016) that the dossier crooks were creating the false narrative that Russia (Guccifer 2.0) hacked the DNC, while WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed on Hannity that it was Seth Rich who stole the emails...and had them transferred to WikiLeaks. July of that year was roughly or exactly when Page and Strzok began to engage McCabe for dirty deeds. Brazile echoed the Guccifer narrative to protect the murderer(s) of Seth Rich. White Rabbit at Twitter dumped some 28,000 Hillary-related emails exactly one year after Rich's murder, but not one person I know of ever commented on those emails, quite a mystery. The White-Rabbit link to the dump was removed within days, but why?

If Trump were smart, he'd get to the truth of this very issue, and spill the beans, as soon as possible. But Trump has been a deep-state dope thus far. His acidic tweets against the deep state don't fool me. Is Trump allowing the DNC to murder people? Yup, exactly, this is the fool, Trump, the victim Trump, the fool Trump. Being a victim, he should be first in line to expose the criminals, yet he's the last to do it. He's been a fraud and a disappointment. He wants to shift attention to the wall and other things, bragging, even while he's a dismal failure on the most-important, deep-state issue. He talks about Mexican crooks while he permits deep-state crooks to go free. Fraud! Shout it from the rooftops.

I've been tracing Abruzzo liners to mythical Aphrodite because the Abruzzo capital was Aprutium. Aphrodite was the mate of Ares, suspect with the ARSus location off the Hebros, and thus Aphrodite looks like a branch of the namers of the Hebros. The Aphrodite-Ares relationship morphed into the Roman Venus-Mars relationship, which can be framed with the Marsi of Abruzzo in a trace to "Maritsa," the other name of the Hebros. Mount Velino of the Marsi was either part of, or fundamental with, mythical Avalon, which was Bute, which used the Bruce lion as the Rory lion when Rory MacDonald ruled in Bute.

Rorys were first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and the shark in the pool was with a BULLdog resolved with Bullis, in Epirus (it named the Aprutium-like Epirotes), where I trace proto-Abruzzo. Bullis'/Bulliards have more red roundels. Bullis is between the APSus river and Avalon-liner Aulon/Avlona. Tyrone's (Rory colors) share the Coat of Dexters, from the Dexaroi on the APSus river, and Apps'/ABBs', a branch of Abbe's, who are definitely from the Apsus river, look linkable to MacAbbe's/McCabe's. On my atlas, there is a Bulle location near the Vaud border, and the Vaud list above has a Bullet location smack beside Orbe! Clickety-click, like Design at work.

Is the Arms of Bullet a rock??? It could be a mountain because French Mountains share the Bull/Bule bull, I gather. English Mountains may have the Apple / Appleby martlets. The split colors in that Shield are those also of Feltmans/Veldmans, who are perhaps in the Lingfelter variation of German Lings (the other Lings are in Feller colors and format). The Feltmans/Veldmans share the Shield of Swiss Kaplans/Kaplins, but the write-up doesn't tell whether they were from Aude.

Bullets/Bullheads use a giant bull's scalp, and the Cheney Crest is actually called a bull's scalp. The Bullets/Bullheads add the ears of the bull, however. I have some material from the dossier's attempts to reveal Trump sins in Saint Petersburg, which I'll give you soon, below, but first, a few comments while Orbelas and Bullis suspects are fresh on your mind.

Mythical Belas/Belus, father of Danaus, was code for PELUSium at Tanis, origin of the Greek Danaans. They were first on Rhodes before being in Argos, and from this we can trace them to "OrBELAS" just because it's a mountain range beside the RHODope mountains. That makes "Orbelas" suspect, at its origins, irrespective of what variations later cropped up, with some Or-like entity. I opt for the Horites, who are Biblically the Horim, "im" being merely the plural suffix. Horites lived in both Nuzi and Edom, and Nuzi traces to DioNYSus and his Nike entity, and so see NICOpolis on the NESTus river, between the Orbelas and Rhodope mountains. The ancients traced Danaus elements out of Tanis to the mythical Phoenicians, Cadmus, for one, who was made the grandfather of Dionysus. That works, especially as Nests are listed with Nice's/Ness'. But there's more.

Down on the Strymon river, to the other side of the Orbelas range from the Nestus, there is marked an ODOManti people group smacking of "Edom" because the latter had the Horites of Seir while the Odomanti are marked at SIRRhae. Plus, to the south side of Sirrhae are the Edom-like Edoni/Edones. Some say that "Seir" means shaggy, hairy, as per a goat, and this may be why the Bible gives Esau, king of Edom, hairy arms like a goat. We can thus make the connection to the historical Satrae, obviously the mythical Satyr goats, who are marked between the Strymon and the Nestus.

All I begin with is an inkling as to how the Dentheletae on the upper Strymon might relate to proto-Saraca's, but I see nothing on the map to indicate a Saraca-like peoples. Amazingly, the "letae" ending on that term may bring us to the Letters (Leto colors), who share the griffins of Tooths, the latter said to be from Hugh de dentibus, itself having a "bus" ending like "Astibus" over on the Axius river (one major river west of the Strymon). The Mygdones tribe of Edones are marked on the Axius, for which reason we can trace Edomites to that river...going through downtown Paeonia. "Astibus," near Stobi, looks like a vowel-fronted Stobi, and to this one can add that Stops/Stubbs (same place as Pepin-branch Pipes) use a version of the Pipe / Pepin Coat while Lets/Late's, can we believe it, use organ pipes. We thereby have a good reason for linking the teeth of the shark to the Dentheletae, and for that reason the ring of teeth around the BULLdog's belly can trace better to the Belas cult (probably the Baal bull) suspect at Orbelas.

Once we are at the Axius river, after having shown secure proof that Horite-liner Dionysus was at the Edones theater, we can contemplate the AXEs of the Dennis' said to derive in "Dionysus." And with that I can repeat that, when I first took Katrina Hanson on a date, Dennis, my friend, loaned me his parents' Valiant, and Valiants use a shark, the only heraldic shark I know of. Okay, but where are the proto-Saraca's on the Axius river. I see nothing. I see Belas-like BylazORA on the upper Axius.

French Dennis (Stafford colors) share the Alan fesse while Alan Huns were from the Tanais area, where I trace "Tanis." Aegyptus, the mythical brother of Danaus, was Lynceus, code for the entity naming Lyncestis to the south-west side of Stobi. These can be revealed as Alans (i.e. Aegyptus was an Alan-Hun entity) to such things as Langs / Lings / Lynch's, which can explain why Lynch's look like they have a version of the Payen/Pagan Coat (same place as early Page's/Lepage's). Here's from the last update that tends to reveal a Paeoni-Dentheletae merger in Templar times:

The Stura-Demonte is in the TRIdent by way of Demonte's sharing the Troy unicorn. In the Payens write-up, Hugh de Payens "is believed to have been born in Troyes, France..."

It just so happens that I trace the Satrae to the Stura-Demonte river, and Astibus can then trace to nearby Asti, beside Bra.

Tyle-like Tylors/Tillers are a branch of Tails/Tailors from the Tilurius/Cetina river. Can we find other clues that trace things around Tyle to the Tilurius? First of all, we saw why Malcolms/Columns should be from the Dunax and/or Arda area of Thrace, and they share the Nagle/NAIL saltire while Tylors/Tillers have a fesse-with-crescents in the colors of the NELLy fesse-with-roundels. I am not familiar with NEILson, but they were brought to mind with a Nelly variation. Neilsons help to establish some good theories.

Nellys were first found in Austria, part of which is at the upper-most Sava river. This river has a Servitium location, shown on the light map, smack between the URBanus (like "Orbe/Orreby") and Oeneus rivers. And Orrs/Ore's share the Nelly/Nelleson roundels, code for the Arundels and Rundels/Roundels that we saw with swallows, which came up when the shark had half-swallowed the bulldog. What are the chances that Neilsons / Nellys/Nellesons bring us to the brink of Saraca's, and if they do, why why why are Saraca's important? Is the "regi" motto term, shared by Neilsons, code for Ragusa liners?

Neilsons use a "servitium" motto term, suggesting that they themselves were from Servitium all alone, or by marriage to the family that was. Gore's use a motto term that I see for Servitium, but Gore's also share the fesse of Nellys/Nellesons. The GORski area of Croatia may extend to the Sava, I have forgotten the limits. The Rundels use the Alan fesse, to no surprise, and Gore's are Alan kin, explaining why the Gore fesse is colors reversed from the Alan fesse. Gore's use a version of the Craun Coat, and Crauns, from Ceraunii, use annulets fessewise in colors reversed from the same of Bulls/Bule's for what seems like an obvious connection to the dream's shark, and an obvious trace of Bullis elements (near the Ceraunii mountains) to the Servitium area, home of the Ceraunii Illyrians.

Crauns are almost in Arthur colors and format, Arthurs using blue ROUNDELs instead of the blue annulets of Crauns. The Arduinici Illyrians are thus dragged into the Ceraunii picture along with the Hicks (Craun colors and format) whom Arthurs married at Clapton, explaining why the Clapton patee is the Craun patee too. Charlotte Hicks was in the shark dream, suspect there as code for Hope Charlotte Hicks.

Alans at the Ceraunii theater are explained where proto-Alans of Aulon/AVLONa were at the Ceraunii mountains, and Nagle's/Nails were first found in Westphalia with Avalon- / Velino-suspect Velins and Velens (both use French-Alan symbols, reflected by French Gore's). The Alan / Alencon relationship with Belleme / Bellamys may explain why Velins are looking like "Bellino," the latter first found in Verona with Belli's. The latter's six pale bars (six pale bars are a Pepinid symbol) are colors reversed from those of Belli-loving Carpenters ("belli"), and Hope's ("broken globe") share the globe in Crest with Carpenters. This picture seems very linkable to the shark where Belli's can be at the bulldog's belly, where the shark's teeth were ringed when the dog was half SWALLOWed, code for FitzAlans of Arundel.

That view of the shark and dog makes sense with Aulon elements in merger with a Saraca-Ceraunii merger that seems evident in the Shark crane, and with the shark of Velin-like Valiants. French Alans once showed ducks, the Velin symbol, and so note the Docks below. An Alan inclusion in the shark-dog scene makes sense where it was a BRITISH bulldog while the British surname can be from the Brittany Alans. The British's/BradDOCKs (Dogs are Docks too!) were first found in Kent with Rundels (share both the fesse and acorn / oak theme with Alans). Or, the British-like Brites'/Brights can be with the stars of French Alans / French Gore's.

The Carpenters were first found in Suffolk with Bullis'/Bulliards and the Rush's whose annulets on a fesse are blue, as with the Bull/Bule annulets. The Rush Crest shares the white wolf with Gore's and Gowers/Gore's, and the latter shares the black flory cross with Nelsons!!! That really nails a Nelly trace to Servitium while assuring that the Gore (and Cole) motto is indeed for that place. The gold crosslets on the Carpenter fesse are used by Gore's too. God gave me a dream where I purchased carpenter glue as grease for the wheel bearings of my car (heh-heh), as well as, I think, two events involving Lepage's carpenter glue. I don't think that dream has been satisfactorily interpreted, maybe for another time.

As Malcolm's share "ardua" with Tylors/Tillers, it can appear that Thracians from Arda and Tyle were at the Tilurius river, which has a mouth in the land of the Arden-like Arduinici, and very near the Ragusa location of shark-likely Saraca's. Let's put it this way: the Ceraunii on the Urbanus are in the crane of the Shark Coat, and Sharks were first found in the same place as Neils (same fish as Saraca's). There we have the Saraca-Neil / Saraca-Nail / Saraca-Nelly link in a squirrel's nut, and Neilsons were first found in Ayrshire with Nagle-beloved Nons/Nevins, very near the first-known Orrs/Ore's sharing the roundels of Nellys/Nellesons. The Arms of Ayrshire has a Sava-like "Shaw" motto term, and the Perthshire Shaws use CUPs.

Between the Servitium (apparently loved by Neilsons) and Austria's Nellys were the COLAPis-river liners, and because that river was the Kupa too, it's notable that the COOPer/Copper saltire is the Malcolm/Column saltire too. The CUPs/Cope's/COLPs and Copps look to be sharing the Carpenter fesse-with-items. This makes the royal MalCOLMs look like COLapis liner.

Ice-Cream Girls and Brasiers

Aha! The Ardiaei king, Gentius, married a daughter of the Dardanian king, MONUNius, and Monans not only share the black Gower/Gore / Nellson flory, but the Gower/Gore motto, which includes "non" (!), the Nagle / Neage/Kness motto term. Neils and Sharks were first found at/near the Neage lake of Tyrone. Monans were first found at ORIEL, and Orrels share the Orr/Orr roundels. Oriel overlapped Tyrone, and Monan-like Monaghan.

Some historians / Masons / nobles may have known that Monaghan was named after Monunius liners, but they won't tell. Moons were first found in Devon with Darts/Dards, evidence of DARDanians, and so wee here from Wikipedia;s County-Monaghan article: "The county was subdivided into five baronies: Farney, Cremorne, DARTrey, Monaghan and Truagh..." The Moline's, with a black moline almost the black Monan/Moonan flory, were at Devon's Dartington. Plus, the top of a moline is suspect, along with the tops of rooks, with a fish tail secretly.

Rush's, who made it to the medallion-on-hood, are in the BULrushes of Perts/Petts (ARDENs"), the latter first found in Kent with their Petit branch, and Petits share the lion of SAUers, first found in Austria with Nellys, and said to be from the Sau/Sava river. The Ardens happen to use three items on a fesse in the colors of the same of Crauns, stressing a logical Ceraunii-Arduinici merger once again (some myth writer knew to make king Arthur die in Avalon). The Petits are in the motto of Malcolms/Columns ("ardua") sharing the Nagle/NAIL saltire. Look at all of these "coincidences," so many that I can't help but make for a complicated storyline. Moline's are said to be related to Falaise, suspect with the Feller-branch Fallers/Fallis'.

Hmm, Mouline's share drops on a blue Shield with Dartington-like Darlingtons and Darlene's/Darlings. Darlene RAY was the ice-CREAM girl at Knob Hill FARMs, and so note the CREMorne and FARNey locations of Monaghan, as well as DartREY, for French Reys are also Rays while Scottish Rays share the white-on-green (Radi/Radice colors) stag with Farneys. Rays were at Gill while Gill was the manager at Knob Hill Farms when Darlene and I both worked there, and it just so happens that Gills (Yorkshire, same as Farneys) have a Coat looking very linkable to those of Radi's/Radice's and Cabyle-liner Cable's. We happen to be on the Tyle bloodline, I believe, with Tylors/Tillers.

I can make better sense of things where Farneys share the green bend with the Were's/WEARs, first found in Devon with Dartington, and Were's/Wears share the crosslets of Darlingtons, the latter first found in Durham, location of the WEAR river. The Darlington fesse-with-items is a familiar one again, like that of Ardens, for example. The Darlington write-up: "[Darlington] is of Saxon derivation, is of considerable antiquity, and towards the close of the tenth century was, with its dependencies, granted by Seir, son of Ulphus." When I see those two terms together, Eliphas, husband of Timna of Seir, comes to mind, whom I trace to the Elaphiti islands, smack beside the Ragusa location of Sharks! We can't get away from Saraca's. WHY WHY WHY? Were they from Seir Edomites? Should we expect them at Sirrhae on the Strymon, with the Odomanti and the Edones? Saracens were in or beside Messina while Darlingtons share the Massin/Mason motto, and, besides, Saracens were at Gill-like Gela.

This new pointer for Darlene Ray to the Cremorne-Farney-Monaghan area is the best sense I've ever made of her as one of God's pointers. Cremona is very near PLACentia, and while the latter is suspect the Place's, the latter have a good reflection of the FARN Coat with possibly the red Farmer lion head. Cremona is near Bruce-line Brescia, and while Brazile's got suspect with Bruce's, the Place lion is much like the lion of Brazile's, first found in Armagh (Tyrone district), which was overlapped by ORIEL. Donna Brazile was born in New ORLeans while Orleans' share red roundels with Orrels, and Orrs/Ore's happen to share "omnia" with Rays. As Were's/Wears (with Farney bend) share the Bruce motto, is this all a pointer to Donna Brazile in cahoots with Bruce Ohr, or is this too complicated -- not tidy enough -- to make that stretch?

It now appears that Darlene Ray was code for some Dardanian kin at Dartington, but let's add that Darlene's share a version of the Cnut Coat while Rays/Reys share the escarbuncle with Hangers and Nagle- / Angle-related Angers while Danish Cnuts use pot hangers, Amazingly, a year before I first asked Darlene out while she handed me an ice cream, I asked the Dane, Katrina Hanson, out for the first time while she handed me an ice cream, and my first date with Katrina was in a Valiant while Valiants use the shark! Plus, Hansons share a lozengy Shield with Gills.

Saracens were at Gill-like Gela, and Wikipedia says that Sicilians at Gela founded Agrigento, the Arms of which I trace to Anchors/Annackers, who share a version of the Anger Chief. Gells/Jells (Yorkshire, same as Varns and Firmans) share a version of the VARN Coat, and Ice's were first found at Rostock, smack on the river of the Varni! Bingo. That's why Gill worked at Knob Hill Farms with Darlene and I. FIRMans share the Farmer lion head and throw in anchors, the Forman symbol too. The Forman anchor is colors reversed from the Hood/Hope anchor, and, as I've said a dozen or more times, God gave us a hood event at Knob Hill Farms, which involved my second girlfriend, likewise a Knob Hill Farms employee, Allison Bauer, and here I can say that Allisons share the white dog of Farneys, as if to nail Farn liners with Farms / Farmers. Firmens even share the red fitchee of Darlene's. I'll come back to Allisons.

Lookie: "Hopton {in Derbyshire} was the property and residence of Sir John Gell," and then while Hope's were first found in Derbyshire, here's from the Farney write-up: "Alternatively, the name could have originated in Derbyshire at Fernilee, a township, in the parish of Hope..." Hope's/Hoods and the Devon Hoods use the ANCHOR (traces to Gela elements), and Hoptons, who mention a John Gell, military leader, are said to have been "Hotune" too while Hottens are like the Hoot variation of the Devon Hoods, the latter sharing the Saracen crescents.

Allisons are said to descend from the Donnel-branch MacDonalds, of Keppoch, and it was my fellow employee, Mr. KEPKa, who sat on my hood with me when Allison was leaving me for Mr. Denardo. We watched her get into his car; she never came back to me. Allisons use a black birds in the design of the Hood choughs as further verification that God created the event. MacDonalds share the red fitchee with Darlene's too, and Irish Donnels, in Don colors, who share the Neil / Saraca fish, happen to share the Baud ship while Bauds share the Hood crescents with Saracens! Clickety-click, we just can't get away from Saracens. Allisons were first found at Lanarkshire, beside Renfrew, and the Renfrews share the giant Donnel ship. I rarely see a "His" motto term (can't remember even one before today), but Donnels share one with Neilsons. The Donnel fish is clearly the Neil fish. Perhaps that motto term is for Ardiaei on the island of Issa.

With Allisons first found in Lanarkshire, I'd like to repeat from above after mentioning the Chassay location of Roche's. This gets complicated due to the bulk of material:

French Roche's: "The county of BIGORRE, in Burgundy, was the cradle of the house de la Roche-Fontenille..." Biggars/Bigors were first found in Lanarkshire with Chasey-like Caseys/Casseys, which was the surname of the husband of Miss Hick's aunt. Mr. Casey listed my house and the house of Miss Hicks at the same time; she ended up moving to greater Dallas, and the Biggars/Bigors share the Dallas Coat. I don't know why this is being found, but it's here in case needed. She moved to Forney...

"Forney" is a term that seems to fit right into Farney things, and Farneys have stag heads in the colors of the Ray stags while Rays use "omnia," a term I regard with the omen I had while driving toward Miss Hicks' Baytown city. It's just that this omen connects to the middle name of Donna Brazile, who was born in New Orleans while Farney is at Oriel while the Orleans Coat shares three fesses with, and colors reversed from, those of Fontenille's (term in the quote above). These fesses are in the green-white colors shared by Radi's/Radice's and Cable's for a trace back to Orbelas elements, not due to these colors alone, but by other factors which work into this.

Forneys were first found in Languedoc with Fontenille-like Font-de-Ville's, and so the latter's lion can be that of Monans, first found in Oriel, suspect as Orbelas liners. Monaghans, who named a location by that name in Oriel, almost use the Girtle Coat, recalling the girdle of Brazile-branch Braswells. Bra is in the Langhe part of Cuneo, where Langleys and Landers/Landens trace, who both use the same green-and-white pale bars. We now want to know why Monaghans are in the colors and format of Lynch's, for the latter are connectable to Langs. Besides, LINKletters use a rare mix of green-and-black checks, yet the Radi/Radice Coat is filled with green-and-white checks. These are the colors of Hams, who share the SALMON of McCabe's, and so we are treading on God's pointers to Nelly's ham radio. Girtle's, who have a near copy of the Monaghan Coat, were first found in Rhineland with Salmon-like Salome's, and the latter's stars are above the columns of Pelosi's/Pillati's, first found smack beside Bra.

At age nine, God gave me an event where I touched a bra on a Lander-like laundry line, and Line's turned out to be Ling liners. Dingaling, I hear a bell, and it's the Porters a-coming.

Nancy Pelosi, hopefully, will shipwreck the deep state in the coming two years, because she's fast loosing her mental faculties. She can be expected in many Democrat plots, and she will definitely be involved in covering up Democrat crimes. Yet, there is a chance that she will backfire and actually reveal a crime or two.

In the dream, Miss Hicks pointed to Rhizon and the nearby Selepitanoi, both in the southern area of the Ardiaei, and the latter married a daughter of Monaghan-liner Monunius II. I'd like you to keep in mind that Miss Hicks had one son, COURTland, suspect with Girtle variations. If anything, this proposed Brazile link to Miss Hicks is a Brazile link to Hope Charlotte Hicks, assuming that she was a spy in Trump's White House (I have no evidence).

It just so happens that Moons -- not only first found in Devon with Darts/Dards who share the ermined fesse with the Selepitanoi-line Sleeps, but using the PINE crescents in colors reversed -- use a version of the CETIN/Cattan Coat, which I trace to the Cetina/Tilurius river at the northern end of the Ardiaei kingdom. King PINNES of the Ardiaei had regents on His-like Issa. The "Cautes" motto term of Cetins/Cattans (Saracen heads, just can't get away from sharks) is listed with Cotta's, and the royal Cottians were near the ARC river while Miss Hicks has a second son, Cody. The Cody/Cotys surname is curiously listed with ARCHdickens. The other son, COURTland, can now go to Courts having six pale bars in the colors of the pale four bars of Cottian-liner Dance's/DONNA's/Donnus'.

One could get the impression that Saraca-related Cetins/Cattans at the Cetina/Tilurius were in the veins of the royal Cottians, and so lets mention that the latter were at the border of Sava-like Savoy. Or put it this way, Modane and Brigantium are in Savoy, while Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Sava-like Shaws/Sheaves'. Plus, Fontenille's, with three fesses looking very connectable to Langleys out of the Bra area, were first found in Savoy. Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in SAVIGliano (beside Bra), suspect with Savage's/SAVA's, and Jack Sava is suspect as a killer of Seth Rich, whom I think Donna Brazile was hired to protect.

The white rabbit in relation to bra was in my storyline months before seeing this video by White Rabbit News (August 9, 2018) claiming that Donna Brazile (wrote a book on Seth Rich to fool the masses) was at Jack's hospital on the early morning that Rich died there. Jack was the chief surgeon. The video above has a couple of red flags, yet the main claim sounds reasonable. Matt Couch sounds a little, or a lot, like a cop, but I see no justifiable reason as to why deep-state forces would put this video out for any of their purposes. Of all the youtube stations that could have put this out, by what coincidence is it by White Rabbit News?

The Seth surname is listed with two Shaw surnames, which can possibly be a pointer of God to verify that Jack Sava oversaw Seth's murder by some sort of injection at the hospital. Jack Sava's woman, Lisa Kountoupes, was/is a lobbyist for Uranium One, the very organization involved with Clinton-Foundation crimes.

I'm not finished with CourtLAND, for Lands are listed with Landers/Landens, who have six pale bars too. We saw the Landen/Lander pale bars in colors traceable to Sub Radice. Courtland was born to Mr. Kilpatrick, and, perhaps by God's design to clinch his name as a pointer, Patricks (share the Kilpatrick saltire) are said to be from "La Lande near Caen". Tilly of the Tile's is said to be near Caen too, and Caens use another fretty Shield. Patricks, can we believe it, use an "Ora" motto term, as do Wake's who share the Orrs/Ore roundel. In the dream, when God pointed to Rhizon and the Selepitanoi, he said to me, "What are you waiting for, WAKE her up." Can you believe that while the Selepitanoi were at lake SCODra, the Patricks share the red border and white Shield with Scotts and Scoots?

Recall that the Cotta fretty is with Brogdens/Brigdens/BROKdens, likely from Brigantium, about 25 miles from the Arc river's Modane location, and then Modens/Modeys use a fretty Shield too, as do Cable from Cabyle, near Tyle, suspect with Tilurius liners. And the Girtle's share the Coat of Brigantium-likely BRITES'/Brights, who may point to the BRITISH bulldog in shark's throat. The Arc surname, first found in Berkshire with Modens/Modeys, may just be sharing an arch version of the arched gates of the three gates of French Blonds/Biondi's.

Speaking of gates, let's go to Rob Porter, the reported boyfriend in the White House of Hope Charlotte Hicks, for Porters (bells) share portcullis gates with Snipe's, the latter suspect with the "pair of snips" of Mueller-like Meullers. Could this possibly be an indication that Porter was working with Mueller, to gather information against Trump? Why are Snipe's using a form of the Clinton Chief while both were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire)? It's where Couch's were first found. The six fitchees of Clintons and of Hillarys, identical, are in the colors and format of the six lions of Sava's/Savage's. Was this by Design of God? The Clintons sure did NOT have anything to do with it. Mueller's not even a Democrat.

If you look into Matt Couch's story, bouncing off of the White-Rabbit video above, you'll find that Muriel Bowser is involved, the DC mayor. I've just loaded the Bowser surname seeking clues that God may have pointers here, and, wow. Recall that Joel came up with his white Volkswagen rabbit, for a while later, I had a dream in which his brother was standing in a mall parking lot with his white Volkswagen BEETLE. He doesn't own a Volkswagen in real life. It's as though God is connecting this dream to Joel's white Rabbit. Read on.

As I've reported many times, there was a bucket in the back seat of the Beetle. I don't recall anything inside the bucket, wherefore the Bucket surname should be in view. According to the original story back in the 2nd update of last April, I personally put the bucket into the back seat' I'm often code for a Meschin in my dreams, and Meschins share a version of the Coney and Michael Coats. I have checked the Bucket/Buchard surname with various of its branches, such as Bouchier's. The Beetle surname has lozengy in the colors of the similar checks of Bouchier's. The latter even use water BOUGETs, which are said to be water containers, wherefore they look like play on water buckets. However, I've never stressed the Bowser variation of these Bouchier's! Wow, it appears that God could have been pointing to the DC mayor in relation to MATT Couch's story. The mayor is Muriel Bowser, and Muriels even have what could be construed as a red-on-gold pale bar, the colors of the two Couch pale bars. It recalls that Joel's white Rabbit has a rabbit logo on its floor MAT. I saw it.

[I didn't realize while writing here that while Buckets (Lincolnshire, same as Coneys) have holly in Crest, Scottish Jacks show only holly, and were first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's who in turn share three piles with same Buckets!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that's huge, but I didn't yet realize that Hollys share the red roundel with Orrs/Ore's. And look, a piece of uranium in the Holly Crest! Kidding. It's actually Jack's killer scalpel. If God wanted to point to Jack Sava in this dream. if it indeed involved the White-Rabbit-News story, couldn't we expect the Jack surname to work into the dream?

I always link Hollys to Plunketts, the line of Plancia Magna of PERGa (married the ancestor of Fulke's/VOLKS), who was related to Mr. Simplex, which is why I see her Perga line with PARKINGs/Perkins ("Simplex"), which, in this picture, can be a pointer to both Perkins Coie and the parking lot that had the Volkswagen Beetle. That's where the bucket was. Simple's were first found in the same place as Jacks and Orrs/Ore's, fantastic. The Vigils (Pollock bend?) suspect in the Parking/Perkin motto use a version of the Fulk-related Fleck/Flacks/Flick Coat, while the Plocks, whose write-up can be gleaned with Plunketts, share the martlets of Josephs, and Flys of FLAGi/Flavius, while Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks.

Another surname with holly is that of Irvings, and the arm holding an object in one Irving Crest is the Jack-Crest arm with Jack's scalpel in hand. This is amazing because Irvings share the Poindexter motto in full, one term of which is, "Nemo," while Parkings/Perkins use "ANIMO." Nimo's are listed with Nemo's. The "esquire" helmet of Poindexters/Puddesters may be -- or is naturally expected to be -- code for white-rabbit Esquers. It is so fortuitous to bump into Poindexters/PUDDESTERs here, because the white rabbit is online as a pedophilia symbol with the Podesta's. If not mistaken, the white-rabbit logo of Q-Anon is a symbol of Trump's predicted hammering of pedophiles. Don't hold your breath. Some think that Podesta ordered the murder of Seth Rich to make an example of leakers. It's time for Someone to piddle on Podesta.

Just realized that the Poindexter Shield is split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Groce's suspect with the medallion found in a grocery store's parking lot. End insert]

The first Muriel Pollock (Rothes castle) was related by marriage to a daughter of Eschyna de Molle, and Molle's share the boar head of Couch-like Gouch's; the latter almost use a Pollock motto term. Amazingly, French Buckets share the Gang/GEGG cinquefoils while Dutch Gouch's are also GECHs! That's an amazing, fat-chance "coincidence." Gouch's are a branch of Welsh Goughs. The Gangs/Geghs can be gleaned with the cinquefoils of Bags, and the latter use lozengy in half the colors of the Beetle lozengy. In both the Volkswagen-Beetle dream and the Sleeping-bag dream, there were mall parking lots, and malls into which I entered.

[Insert -- When coming back to Couch's below, due to the COUCHant lion of Tints (Somerset, same as Courcys), I read that "King Richard Coeur de Lion...granted to [Mr. Tint de Arundel, so to speak] the arms of a lion surrounded by six crosses." That's the Coat showing with the so-called couchant lion. I thought I had read that Coeurs (French-Courcy colors) were Courcys too, but can't find evidence at the moment, but it seems relevant that French Courcys share the Bucket / Gang/Gegg cinquefoil. In the write-up of Irish Courcys, the second-born Mr. Courcy is RICHARD, same name as king Richard I Coeur.]

German Bowsers are with the Hilliard/Billiard Coat. The Beetle in the PARKING lot can be code for Hillary's Perkins Coie partners in crime (probably conducted the crime as legally as possible). Beetle's were, for years, said to be first found in Bedfordshire, but are now said to be first in nearby Berkshire, beside Oxfordshire.

Q-Anon has been given a white-rabbit symbol. I don't trust Q, however. He claims that Trump is about to ambush the deep state with a massive "storm," but this to me is like the people promising a financial collapse at any time, when it never comes. Some of Q's people are now promising martial law under Trump for the purpose of abolishing the Federal Reserve, giving the Rothchilds a kick in the teeth, etc. I'll rejoice when I see it. Until then, I've decided that Trump is a fraud.

That's not to say that he won't change his game, because, as he gets desperate, he might just start attacking the deep state, well before the 2020 elections. If ever he should fear assassination, it's now that he's upset Mattis, because Mattis is not alone in his globalist goals. Trump needs a team if he wants to go after the deep state, yet Trump has become more a loner. He knows he can get instant team players the moment he finally commits to some real action. He's hoping he won't need it, but I'm hoping he'll need it.

Here's a news story on Q. I would foremost believe that Q is part of the deep state rather than someone pretending to know some of the plans that Trump has for attacking the deep state, for no leader would reveal anything if the plan is to ambush the enemy. I would rather believe that Q is conditioning anti-deep-staters into certain mindsets that play well for deep staters. I would rather believe that Trump has been protecting the deep state to assure less chaos in his own presidency, but it could be far worse than that. Yes, it's possible that while he takes such a tack, he can also plan quietly to knock out a couple of deep state teeth, here and there, but this storm promised by Q seems to be a fantasy or a trick, and I'll chose the latter option first of all at this time.

Some of Q's followers are now advertising that we are now in stage 5 of 5 for the plan storm, and some are saying that martial law under Trump's orders is about to take place. Doesn't that seem like a perfect setting for a trick? Wouldn't they give this martial law a fake face? Instead of rounding up deep-staters as the face claims, they will round up all the anti-deep-staters who have followed Q. Scary thought, for he claims to be a Christian, i.e. has a lot of Christian followers. Caution is the word if something starts to take place if it isn't transparent.

By following the Beetle's, it leads to Quade's/Quoids/Wade's, first found in Monaghan, the place now suspect with the ice-cream girls (Darlene, for one), the place with CREMorne. This term caused another look at the Cremer/Cramer surnames. For this discussion, I've got to add first that Darlene's share the book (the "female figure" in crest has a book) with Rieti liners, Reeds and Roets. The Darlene fitchee is used by MacDonalds, who for years were said to be first found in Argyllshire, same as Scottish Crone's/McCrons who share the red-and-gold Beetle lozengy. GRIMaldi's, who can be CREM liners, use the lozengy in red-and-white. , but now said to be first on KinTYRE, same as Alexanders. Houseofnames now has an alternative

The Crone/McCron write-up mentions its origins in Dal RIATA's Argyllshire. I can't remember once elsewhere where Argyllshire was lumped into Dal Riata, but here it could be due to someone knowing that the surname has Rieti links, for a few reasons, firstly the fish in the Crest, used in the Arms of Rieti. Houseofnames has an alternative McDonald Coat showing, with the McCabe / Ham salmon, I gather, for McCabe's were first found beside Kintyre.

I'll come back to Cramers, but first this. My girlfriend immediately before Darlene was Allison, given to me by God to make pointers. I am not familiar with the alternative MacDonald Coat, it could be new, but as Allisons are MacDonald kin, it's very notable that the alternative MacDonald Coat has a "My HOPE" motto phrase, for God knows I know that Hoods are also Hope's, while the only pointer I've discovered with Allison is when I first saw her getting into her new boyfriend's car while I sat on the hood of my car. This event might not point to Hope Charlotte Hicks unless the other Charlotte Hicks was at the hood of a car herself. The implication for this link of Hope Hicks to the alternative MacDonalds seems to be her link to Andrew McCabe. I've never seen this MacDonald Coat since becoming very familiar with the McCabe surname, or I would have spotted the McCabe / Ham salmon in that Coat. This single fish is to be viewed as the ham radio between McCabe and the Ohrs.

At this point it seems my job is to repeat that Hood-related Bauds (MacDonald ship, probably, round-about) are also Beeds while Beetle's are also Bedwells. Does the Volkswagen-Beetle dream point to the deep state? Yes, it does, and I will show you how it points to Joe Biden. But right now, I have no choice but get off-track of the Cremer topic, but maybe not. The Bauds are suspect with the Bode's/Boets, with a fish of their own, you see, and the salmon is suspect with Salome Boethus. It's as though God is revealing simultaneously that Herods are behind this discussion, wherefore note that Herods/Heraults were first found in Argyllshire with Cremers/Cramers.

English Crone's/CROOMs, with the Massey fleur, can explain why Cremers/Cramers share the Masci fleur, and while German Cremers use the giant ram head, Rams have this: "Richard de Ariete (Ram)..." It appears that a Rieti liner became part of the Ram surname, which is in the colors of the Mar/More scallops while Mars/More's are said to be derived in "ram", which seems wrong to me. Several websites are repeating one another on old French "marre = ram." It seems to me that someone knew the Mars to be from a Ram family, which can be explained where the Marsi center was in close proximity to Rieti. It makes the Rieti fish suspect with Salome Boethus, who married a Herod, and then the Herod, Berenice Agrippa, was engaged to be married to emperor Titus of Rieti (the Romans forbade the marriage, but they may have had at least one child to carry on the line).

The giant ram of German Cremers wears a collar while Collar(d)s (Essex, same as Rams) use MOOR heads, making Mars/More's look like Morano / Morinis liners. The Morinis fleur is shared by Danish Hansons (ice-cream entity) while green-snake German Hansons (Lombard lozengy) connect well to VISconti's (had a green snake originally) in Milan, where MAURels/MAURINI's were first found, and it just so happens that Rams use a "VIS" motto term while Mars/More's are also MAURE's. That works. And the Lombards who share the Hanson lozengy were first found in Renfrewshire while Renfrews have a giant version of the Baud/Beed ship.

Plus, incredibly, the Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire) share the GUIScard piles in colors reversed, while Guiscards are also VIS-like WISharts, which can be read as Herod-suspect "WisHART," and they were first found in Stirlingshire with the Bauds/Beeds and Chappes'/Cheaps. It's got the Boethus-Herod line all over it in conjunction with the line of Joseph Caiaphas, very suspect to Joseph Biden. I always trace Ottone Visconti of Milan with the Ottone Coat to the similar Coat of French Chappes', who happen to use more Moore heads.

At this point I've got to mention the Guis'/Guido's because they share the hourglass shape with Beetle's. That's not enough to make a firm link, but Guido's (said to be possible Woods) were first found in Bologna with Panetta's/Panico's who share the Cremer/Cramer Chief, and throw in a "green tree," symbol of the Woods while Rieti-line Rita's use "pieces of wood." The alternative MacDonald Coat has a tree with the eagle of Lutons and Grieves', the latter suspect with Agrippa's, and, moreover, Luton is in Bedfordshire, where Beatle's were once said to be first found. The Tree's/True's have a Crest that can be traced to Herod Archelaus along with Lannoys and Lyons, and Lannoys share the Cremer/Cramer / Panetta/Panico fleur.

Before going on, let's note how VISconti's and Guis' can be from "VESpasian," father of Titus, for "VesPASIa" traces to Pasi's, not only first found in Bologna, but tracing to at least four elements (Pollocks, Speers, Paisleys) in Renfrewshire, including the Orr/Ore piles. The Rieti imperials trace to Pullens and Sabine's both using scallops in colors reversed from the Bead/Beadle scallops, and we saw the Renfrew ship with Bauds/Beeds. Beads/Beads were first found in Yorkshire with Scottish Mars/Marrs. Marsi-suspect Mars/More's use what should be a red version of the Bead/Beadle Coat, and the latter shares the CAPES scallops. Chappesincidence?

It seems important that Crone's/Crooms use the colors and format of Beads/Beadles just because Beetle's share the Crone/McCron lozengy. The latter were in Argyll and BUTE. The Maurels/Maurini's, suspect with Ram- / Ariete-related Mars/More's/Maure's, use a version of the Bute/Butt Coat.

Capes' were first found in London with Dent-possible Tooths, and Bauds/Beeds use a "triDENT," suspect also with Tyr/Troys (Agrippa-suspect griffins), which evokes KinTYRE. This is where Treys/TRAYlors can come in, who, aside from their mascles, have the beginnings of a version of the Mar/More Coat, itself in Mackay colors and format. The Trey motto has "DisCRIMINe," a term virtually in the motto of Masci-line Hamons, and CRIMMOns/Rimmons (looks like the Coat of the Cheshire Birtle's) sure do look like possible Crooms / Cramers / Croms. This is the place to add that while Cremers/Cramers were from Desmond, Desmonds use a "Crom aboo" motto, partly suspect with MacAbbe's/McCabe's. The Desmond MONKey might just be for GRIMaldi's of MONACo. Croms/Crums are in Crone/Croom colors and format.

The Crums/CROMBys (branch of Aberdeen Crombys) are excellent for sharing the bottony cross with Rich's. Seth Rich worked into the Volkswagen-Beetle dream for the first time in this update, and I'll show now how the BUTTONs/Bidens work into that dream, but not before mentioning the red buttons I found in my TRAILER when tearing it apart, red buttons that did not belong to me, but came with the trailer, yet I didn't know they were in there until I tore the thing apart. That event brought the Treys/Trails/Traylors to topic. Why? I'll tell you momentarily.

Recall that the Beetle lozengy is linking to the BOWSER/Bouchier checks. It's not an heraldic link, to be sure, just for that reason, but it seems implied by the Volkswagen-Beetle dream, where Muriel Bowser was supposedly at the hospital scene where, we can assume, the deep-state was questioning Seth Rich before they decided to finish him off. It seems to me that he was either not shot on the street, or was shot only to wound him because they planned on questioning him at the hospital, where they wanted to know details of his DNC-files theft before letting him pass on. That's brutal murder for the purpose of covering up crimes.

Bowsers/Bouchier's share water bougets with Kitchens, and the red buttons were first seen in the trailer's kitchen SINK when I was demolishing the kitchen cupboards (story first appears in the 3rd update of April, 2017). Therefore, there seems to be a pointer in this to Buttons/Bidens, Treys/Traylors and Kitchens. But why? And why RED buttons? The two shirt buttons were still in their original BAG, with some spare thread. It recalls the dream (2nd update January 2017) where my dentist was LAUGHing at the red buttons on my shirt, and Laughs share piles with Buckets while the other Buckets are linkable to the Bag kin of Gangs/Geggs. There's a grand mystery here that I've got to fully unravel, and hopefully it points to deep staters. I'll tackle this in the next section. The dream can connect with the trailer because Sinks have a version of the Dent Coat. (For heraldic value, the Rumillys of Skipton were first found in Cambridgeshire with Sinks while Kitchen-related Banisters (share the Kitchen bouget) were of Skipton elements, according to the Meschin write-up.)

But first: the Rich surname has bottony crosses while Buttons/BIDENs were in BATH. After I put the bouget-depicting bucket into the back seat of Michael's Volkswagen, I had to go pee, and went into the mall to find a BATHroom (this was a boring dream). Did God include the bathroom for to point to Joe Biden? I'm very familiar with the Coats of all three surnames, Baths, Rich's and Bidens, without having to load them. I've been saying for years that Buttons/Bidens tell of their clergy in Bath and Wells of Somerset, where Baths were first found, and bottony-cross Rich's were first found in neighboring Hampshire, where Buttons/Bidens were first found. You see? And Baths share the cross of bat-using Scottish Randolphs, the ancestry in Obama's genealogy. As though to assure that this is a correct track to take, a bat is used along with water bougets by Bugs/Buggys. It interesting that Volkswagen does make a Buggy model. But that's not all, for bats are used also by Button-like Batons/Bastons (Botton colors). Does the dream look like a Set-up? Not yet?

When I was trying to find the bathroom in the dream, I had two halls to choose from, when I saw a sign with a BROKEN arrow pointing to the far hall, then to turn down that one. That's why the arrow was bent in two directions. The dream ended right there, suggesting that this sign is the only other factor to be considered. It was already linked to Broke's/Brocks because the dream was about PROCOPia, wife of Michael Rangabe, and related to Fulke's/Volks, and yet God can chew gum and talk at the same time, i.e. adding other meanings to the same items in the same events. Michael in the dream was proven to be code for Michael Rangabe by other methods, and so the broken arrow can apply to Brooks too, first found in Essex with Broke's/Brocks (branch of Brocuffs/PROCOPs) and sharing the Michael scallops.

The Broken surname is listed with Brogans, whom I'm not very familiar with, but I'm not even sure that I've seen Brogdens before until this update. Just look at the similarity between Brogen and Brogden, for while Donna Brazile's ancestors were Braswells, they are from Brogden. You see, she was reportedly at the hospital with Bowser. But to explain why God may have pointed to Brokens/Brogdens, they happen to share the trefoils of Lynch's. Does the dream yet look like a Set-up?

Brae's/Brays, by the way, use a FLAX BREAKER, part-code for Fulke-branch Flacks/FLACKs, which picture points to Mr. AFLAQ, co-founder of the Middle-East BAATHists. The other co-founder was Mr. Bitar, and there is a Bitar/Butter surname sharing the same cross style, in the same colors, with Arrows/Arras'. The broken arrow pointed to the BAATHroom, so to speak. You see, God can chew gum, talk, and blow an Armageddon bubble at the same time. Joe Biden was placed in charge of Iraq by Obama, where he may have engaged the Baathists there, and Bidens/Buttons were first found in the same place as Butter-like Botters/Budins.

The "DiriGET" motto term of Bitars/Buttars (Fife) must be for a branch of Geds, first found in Fife and Perthshire. The "DURat" motto term of Geds looks like part-code for Dure's, first found in Perthshire with the Cluns whose Coat they share exactly, which is the Coat of Saluzzo's exactly. Saluzzo is beside Bush-liner Busca, and Bosco-loving Rose's were first found in the same place as Rats/Raiths (near Geddes location) expected in "DuRAT." Raiths (share anchor with Geddes-beloved Majors) look linkable to Wraths/Rothes'. Majors love the Rose's, and the Anchor-like Angers have a version of the Anchor Coat but on the Saluzzo / Clun / Dure Shield.

This recalls my one rat trap by which I caught 16 squirrels in the attic lickety-split, using peanut BUTTER as the bait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not that I did not start to write that sentence planning to link to Bitars/Butters, but there you have it. I think God provided the rat trap to point partially to Traps/Trappers, who share the bustard with Bush-liner Bustards. The 16/17 squirrels then got suspect with Muellers 16/17 lawyers, which Trump calls the 17. There were 16 at first. Mueller was placed in charge of the FBI six days before 9-11, which means that Bush hired Mueller to take part in that giant scam, which God knows all about. Meullers use snips while Snipe's use GATEs on the Saluzzo / Clinton Shield, amazing. I see dirty rats. The year previous, I caught all three squirrels in the attic with a homemade CAGE, and I even noted back then that Cage's share the split Shield of Gate's! Just look at that.

The 17th and last squirrel, I think, got away, and ever since, there has been only one squirrel around my house. I started to feed it daily, starting with pop-corn, about a week ago. I'm wondering what story this little guy may yet tell. I feel sure that it's the one that bounced off my breast twice, both times while it was at its nest, once in my roof and once in the trailer's BATHroom ceiling. I kid you not. After it jumped out, and bounced off my breast, it ran scared across the kitchen counter (trailer) to the sink at the end, then flew over the bed, and out the hole it had chewed through the screen.

Corns and Cornish's (same chevron) look like they love Rose's, and Pops/Pape's share the scallop of fish-using Cabots suspect in the Geddes motto along with Majors. Cheneys love the Majors. I foresee trouble, as when God makes a spectacle of them, for these old boys. After giving it pop-corn for a few days, I gave it one pretzel, and, the next day, I happened to flip my toaster upside down, letting all the crumbs fall out. They were scooped into the empty can of HAM I was using as a squirrel dish, and the squirrel ate them all. Q-Anon calls the lines in his tweets, "crumbs." Hmm. The rat trap was also suspect with Trabys because they married the Astikas branch of RADziwills. Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped scarf. Hmm. Crumbs are with the bottony cross, but the Berkshire Croms also come up as "Crumb." Hams use more fish. Squirrels are with Squire's, expected as a branch of whatever the esquire's helmet of Poindexters/Puddesters (same place as Cabots) represents. The Ham / McCabe / Salmon salmon are suspect with Salome de Boethus while Salome's share the stars of Pretzel-like Prets' (suspect in the motto of the fish-using Arms of Rieti).

I can understand why God would choose a WHITE Volkswagen Rabbit for Joel, in point to the white-rabbit that He himself is concerned with. There are several white-rabbit entities that seem to apply, but in this case under discussion, it's White Rabbit News, which brought us the Bowser-Brazile story. However, why did the dream have a WHITE Volkswagen Beetle? I checked the White surnames, and there are two fast points: 1) Scottish Whites share quatrefoils with Brasers/Braziers, the latter first found in Somerset with Baths, yet Baths were also first found in Gloucestershire with English White's/WEIGHTs. The Dexters with "weights" in their Crest share the Coat of Tyrone's while Brazile's were first found in Tyrone, and then the Tyrone and Dexter Coats are the Braswell Coat in colors reversed.

Although that exercise didn't include an illusion to Seth Rich, it can because Irish Seths/Shaws share the chevron of Ayers and Eyers, and while the Seths/Shaws put trefoils upon them, Ayers and Eyers out quatrefoils upon them in the same colors, which are the colors of the Braser/Brasier quatrefoils. I touched a brassier while standing on a cage with white rabbits within; I fed one or two myself.

[Insert -- Hmm, the brassier was hanging at the home of the Petersons while Petersons could have a black version of the Bath Coat (Rhodes Coat in colors reversed), and then this Peterson family of my childhood pointed to Peter Peterson, former Chair (1985-2007, long stint) of the Council of Foreign Relations, which might just have set the Baathists up in power to begin with (he was preceded by David Rockefeller). Recall that their was a SIGN with arrow pointing to the BATHroom, for Petersons (swan) use a "SINE" motto term (for Sine's/Sions/Swans). Wow, this is the first time that Peter Peterson makes sense for anything. He was succeeded by Frederick Dent, in case this applies to the dentist dream. I did check the Piddle surname, and I (in the dream) was seeking the bathroom to take a piddle, and here I can add that Piddle's share the Dent lozenges! Zowie. (I looked Piddle's up while writing below as per the Bidwell variation of Bedwell//BADwells, just checking for a connection.)

This is making sense. AND, Mr. Peterson of my youth was Fred! I just remembered his name, though I could not before. He was indeed Fred, a Polish Jew. It's pointing now to Fred Dent as surely as Fred kept rabbits in his backyard that points to Peter Peterson's wife (founder of Sesame Street). Plus, I'm sure I see a red FLAG in the Piddle Crest while Flacks/Flecks come up as Flags! Incredible, that's really pointing to Baathists. God gave me need for a pee for what Piddle's can reveal. (Piddle's share the motto of Nage's/Neage's/Kness'.)

BEHOLD. I'm not familiar with Cooneys. I probably thought they were listed with Coneys. Peter Peterson of CFR married Mrs. Cooney, and Cooneys were first found in Tyrone with Brazile's!!! Look at the timing here, in the middle of a Donna-Brazile emphasis. Tyrone fronts up to lake Neage! I put the Neage's in brackets above because I didn't think they were relevant, but then this paragraph was not yet conceived.

The Kness variation of Neage's may yet link to the Knee symbol that God used for a promise of punishing / revealing some deep-state actors. Knees were first found in County Down, beside Tyrone, and Down has a small piece on lake Neage. The Arms of Down share a fish on a fretty background with the Arms of Rieti, and the green snake I see as code for the Marsi snake cult is in the Down Crest. Downs (Trump stag?) were first found in Sussex with fish-using Hams and Hammers; German Hammers (sinister-rising split) use a "labores" motto term while the Arms of Down (sinister-rising crozier) uses a "Labore Nihil" phrase (part-code for fish-using Neils/Nihills). Cooneys (probably the lion in the Arms of Tyrone, the Neil lion) are said to be from Neil territory, and Nage's/Neage's recently became suspect with Neil-suspect Nagle's.

A sinister-pointing crozier is with BRACEbridge's, suspect with the Bracewell and BROGden locations of Braswells. "BraceBRIDGE" thus looks like a Brigantium liner, especially as the Braswell girdle is suspect with Girtle's sharing the Bright stars. It's then interesting that Bridge's (traced in the write-up to an old Brugg surname) use a "GARDEray" motto term, like the "Garde" of Rich's, first found in Somerset with Rich's and Baths. There could be a bat in the Crest of Bath-colored Bridge's. For the record, French Bride's have a form of the Bright Coat while the latter, first found in Angus beside the Perthshire Seths/Shaws, share the black griffin in Crest with Scottish Bride's. It recalls the SETANtii BRIGantians, very likely under discussion with the Seth-possible SEDANs, the latter with cinquefoils in the colors of the Seth/Shaw trefoils, and sharing the Scottish Dyke/Dike Coat while the latter were at BRIDEkirk. Scottish Bride's must be with the Glenn and Glenny martlets, whom I trace to Perthshire's GlenLYON, home of Lyons. Glenlyon is in the write-up of the Mens', first found beside the SEATONs. End Insert]

Recall that Hope's were first found in Derbyshire, for the first known Eyre surname was at Derbyshire's Hope. By what coincidence do Hope's use a BROKEN globe? Is God once again pulling Hope Hicks into the picture, this time into the Brazile-Bowser picture? I really don't want to go into all the reasons, which are very compelling, as to why Miss Hicks (not Hope), Prophets/ProFetts, Hose's and Leaks, along with the Arms of Fussen/FOETes, are pointers to the dossier against Trump; suffice it to say that Miss Hicks (considers herself a prophetess) was involved while the leg bent at the knee are all involved with those other four things, and here we see another leg bent at the knee with Eyers/Eyre's. Or, let me add that Fussen is a pointer to Fusion GPS (purchased an author of the DOSSIER), and that Hose's are expected as a branch of, or a pointer to, the D'Hosier variation of Dossier's.

To reinforce the pointer to Seth Rich's killers, or the winkers-in-crime, by way of quatrefoils, the Croms/Crumbs have them too, and they were first found in Berkshire with English Shaws. And the Crums/Crombys share a bottony cross with Rich's. This tends to verify that the white Beetle was used in order to get me to emphasize the quatrefoils of White's until they led to this paragraph too. English Shaws ("patITUR") use a "Vincit" motto while Vincents ("dabITUR") share the Crom/Crumb Coat on blue and trace to St. Vincent-de-CRAMenil and Roger Vincent in Berkshire. As I said, the Beetle's were said, for years, to be first found in Bedfordshire, until sometime this year, maybe as late as last month for all I know, but are now said to have been first found in BERKSHIRE!

Actually, houseofnames has split the surname up, for Beatle's once showed a Bedwell variation no longer showing. When one asks for the Bedwell page, the same Coat as Beetle's comes up, only Bedwells are said to be first found in Bedfordshire. The two write-ups do not agree on the derivation of this same branch of surnames, a good reason to treat write-ups lightly, especially if they look off-the-cuff, too easy, or corny. It's usually irresponsible and air-headed to say that Bats were named after bats, for example.

I've just found another new thing. I repeat: when Joel came up with his white Rabbit, we went for a country drive, and ended up in PARRY Sound. While getting out of the vehicle at a Harveys restaurant, I noticed the vehicle's logo, a white rabbit, on the floor MAT. This had become suspect as a pointer to Matt Couch. The point here is that, when checking the Hinds due to the hind in the Seth/Shaw Crest, it was the Parry Coat in colors reversed, thus linking Seth Rich to the White-Rabbit-News video about him because the Brazile's and Braswells were suspect with Bruce's, whom I see as a branch of Brests/Brix's, who share the Hind lozenges! Wow. That is neat and powerful. The lozenges are even in Braswell colors. And while Brests/Brix's are also Brisets, the Brasets/Braseau's/Brasiers share a blue fesse with Parrys.

After writing the paragraph above, I went up to add the insert with the explosive Piddle revelation, which tended to point to the Council on Foreign Relations. I checked a couple of other surnames with the Piddle lozenges, aside from the Dents that worked excellently into the insert as a pointed to Fred Dent, the successor to Peter Peterson. These are white lozenges, by the way, the color of the Brest/Brix and Hind lozenges. The Giffords use them in both colors of the Piddle lozenges, while Astons, suspect in the "ASTutia" motto term of Piddle's, use them in colors reversed, which are not the lozenges of Seth-related Shaws/Sheaves. My wanting to go piddle in the dream's bathroom was about Seth Rich, was it not? Read on.

The Gifford motto term, "FOEDari" has always suggested Foetes elements, but I don't think I've proven that. The Giffords share the motto of Paine's, and the Paine lion can be connected to that of Wissels, Tints and Baths because all four surnames were first found in Somerset...with the Braziers. And the Paine's use a BROKEN spear to help us see their lion as the Bath lion, wunderbar, but only because I saw a broken arrow (looked much like the Paine symbol) while on the way to piddle. Now we know where "puddle" derives in days before toilets. It's too bad that God didn't give the Beetle tinted windows because Tints use a "COUCHant" lion. That would have nailed things to Matt Couch's claims.

Buttons and Jackets

For the task here, let me repeat a few things from a paragraph above:

Bowsers/Bouchier's share water bougets with Kitchens, and the red buttons were first seen in the trailer's kitchen SINK when I was demolishing the kitchen cupBOARDS...The two shirt buttons were still in their original BAG, with some spare thread. It recalls the dream where my dentist was LAUGHing at the red buttons on my shirt, and Laughs share piles with Buckets while the other Buckets are linkable to the Bag kin of Gangs/Geggs...The dream can connect with the trailer because Sinks have a version of the Dent Coat.

Miss BolingBROKE was married by the first Meschin, and the latter are often represented by me when I appear in dreams. She was, by marriage to another, Mrs. Taillebois. I've now got to enter the sleeping-BAG dream, for David Morley circled the sleeping bag on his motorcycle, and this was code for Morleys/Mauls, because I walked into a mall parking lot as he rode away (parking lots galore). Morleys/Mauls share the Tailbois scallops on a version of the Chaddock / Chadwick / Saddock Coat, and Bolingbroke's can be suspect with Bolings, who likewise use a version of the Chaddock / Chadwick / Saddock Coat, but then so do the Boards suspect in "cupboard," where the red buttons in a BAG were all along while I used the trailer.

Hang on to your handle bars, because God must have named David, for lookie at what was first found in this update for the first time: "There is a Bottens location in Vaud that looks to share the David / Davis Coat." All I need to do now is show that Morleys/Mauls link to the buttons in the SINK, who have a version of the Marley Coat while Marleys (Cheshire, same as first Meschin and Malls) are said to be from Morley-like Morlaix. Both Sinks and Marleys share dolphins, the symbol of Scottish Kennedys who have a "La fin" motto term for the LAFINs/La Fonts, first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys. That just linked to the dentist lafin at me pretty buttons. Kenndys/Kendals (not "Kennedy") have more dolphins, now colors reversed from the Sink dolphins, tending to nail the linkage of the dentist's dream to the trailer's buttons.

Bolings were first found in Lancashire with Kitchens, both in the same colors. Boards were first found in Sussex with the Bottons/Buttons (I'm not familiar with these) and the Mascals expected in the Trey/Trail/Traylor mascles. That's pretty intriguing. Meschins are MASCULine's too. The Keith Catti are listed as Mascals, and Kitchen-like Catch's/Ketchers (share white scallops with Meschins and Tailbois') use a cat. Ketch's/Kedge's (Cheshire) share the black border with Parrs and Furness', both first found in Lancashire (beside Cheshire). Parrs use two of the Parry fesses, and it's colors reversed from the Bolingbroke fesse. This is all super because three fesses in the colors of the Parr fesses are used by English Treys/Treis' (Cornwall), suspect with the Cornwall Tristans/TRISTRAMs. The Boling write-up: "The surname Boling was first found in Lancashire and Yorkshire [same as Morleys/Mauls]...census records are relatively late for this name as the first found was TRISTRAM Bollyng of Bradford c. 1580."

Fens'/Venns have a fesse in the colors of the Parry fesse, and in colors reversed it's in the Arms of Fanano, where I trace Fiens/Fane's/Vans, suspect with Fens'/Venns. Bolingbroke's were at a Fen location in Lincolnshire, and they share the lion of Fiens/Finis'. The Fens/Venns are linkable to SODANs (Devon, same as Fens'/Venns), whose Coat is linkable to that of Cassandra's/CASSANO's, first found in Modena, location of Fanano. The Catch's/Ketchers share the scallops of Pattersons/CASSANE's, the latter said to descend from Sodhans, suspect with Sodans because the latter's scallops are colors reversed from those of Pattersons/Cassane's. Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, home of MacHETHs, suspect in the Atha term to which Baths (share Ross ,lion) can trace, for Ross-shire is beside Moray while Baths share the Cross of the Moray Randolphs (BAT).

Having said all that, let's tell again that David Morley road in to circle the sleeping bag from a road, which I crossed afterward, as he rode away. The Bath Coat is the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed. It seems that God is telling us that globalists Rhodians / Rhodes Scholars are surrounding the sleeping bag, or the button bag. Jewish Feins share the Jewish Rothchild Shield, with the Rodden/Rodham fesse, likely. Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found in Moray in what looks like a Rodham merger with Randolph counts of Moray. The so-called "orle" border of Rodham-branch RUTHERfords (shared by Rutlands likely in the Meschin write-up with Kitchen-related Banisters) looks to be in the Coat of French Feins/Fins, who can be suspect with Lafins/La Fonts/La Fins, yup.

Rodhams were first found in Northumberland with Hebrons who share both the white horse and a rose suspect with Jewish Rothchilds. The Hebrons use a "Trist" motto term while Trists share "Nec" with Rodhams and Rutherfords, and do have the same rose as Jewish Rothchilds. Trists were first found in Cornwall with Tristans, and with mythical Tristan and mythical Gorlois, which has to do with TINTagel (part of the Tint surname).

Wow, lookie here. Recall the lozenges of Piddle's (version of the Dent and Sink Coats!), for my wanting to go pee in the mall (dream) got suspect in this update with Piddle's (to piddle is to urinate). Those lozenges were linked to the Shaw/Shaves lozenges, which pointed to Seth Rich in a dream that had other pointers to him. I now load the Broads (Somerset again) as per the cupBOARDs, to find both the Piddle and Shaw lozenges, and with a savage in Crest!!!!!! That is huge, for Savage's (Cheshire) are also Sava's, and, I kid you not, a small while after the red buttons were first found in the trailer, I found new buttons (brown), still in the bag, in the inner pocket of my JACKet. This story is in the 1st week/update in May, 2017, and the red buttons were first found in 3rd week/update of April, 2017.

I did not have the MacHeths in mind at all when introducing the brown buttons of the jacket, but in the May update I write that Jackets/Jaycocks are said to be from Heath while Heaths are also Heths. That's not in the Jacket/Joycock write-up now, but it's very important because there are reasons, as told above, for example, to trace the Atha term in the Bath write-up to MacHeths at the Ross / Moray / Rothes theater. It opens the possibility that the Jacket is code for Jack Sava just because his involvement with Rich has become suspect in the dream with bucket and bathroom, or because Buttons, sharing a red fesse with Jacks, were at Bath. (The Jack fesse has scallops in the colors of the Butt/Boet fish on the same fesse.)

It's not evidence admissible in a court of law, but there's a building case here. As another example, the Jacks show only holly while Hollys have the Sink dolphin as well as red roundels (look like buttons) that might just the reason for those red buttons in a bag, for Hollys were first found in Norfolk with Bags.

The Buckets share the Gegg cinquefoils, and Geggs were first found in Norfolk with GAYwoods, and the Bags of Gaywood, while Bags have the Gegg cinquefoils in colors reversed. Therefore, it seems, Geggs were from some Gay-like Geigh variation, and the buttons came with a BAG in a jacket that gets the Gay-like JAYcocks, the latter first found in Suffolk, beside Norfolk, and in the same place as jay-using Davers. In this picture, the Jackets/Jaycocks, who may have been proto-Jacks, look exactly like a Gay branch that married savage-using Woods. That's pretty compelling for pointing to Jack Sava.

Moreover, the Cocks suspect in "Jaycock" share the Bag Shield, which tends to support the bag of buttons in linkage to Jackets/Jaycocks. Why would God want to point to Jackets and Buttons at the same time?

Cockers/Cockets (may have a savage head, which would be important here if they do) were likewise first found in Norfolk, beside Jackets/Jaycocks. I've just found it recorded in an update that Cockers/Cockets have a "man's head," yet they share what looks like the Coat of Sales', first found in Cheshire with Savage's/Sava's. Sometimes, the names of symbols change in honor of new kin, wherefore the Cocker man may have been a savage but latter changed to honor a Cocker marriage to Mens' / Mans, and it just so happens that German Mans/Manners use a savage!! I think that's huge even if there's only an indirect Sava link to Jaycocks. It appears that the buttons in the jacket are a definite pointer to Jack Sava, though we should ask why buttons are involved, as they may be for more than merely emphasizing the Hollys.

[That latter sentence was written a day before remembering that the Tous'/Tosini's have a "man" with shirt and buttons! Zowie. My dentist's surname, which I won't reveal here, has a reflection of the Shirt Coat, and places two cinquefoils in Chief in colors reversed from the two in the Duncan Chief, and moreover has the Donkey chevron so as to trace with Duncans to mount Dunax, not far from the Tonzus river, where I trace the Tonso variation of Tous'/Tosini's.]

The Holly dog is in the colors of the Hall dogs, and the bucket dream had two hallways to chose from when I was going to the bathroom. Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with Buckets! The Hall Coat is in the colors and format of Piddle's. Moreover, I've just checked Eagle's for knowing that they use the Savage Coat in colors reversed (both surnames use lion paws), and Eagle's too were first found in Lincolnshire, which is where Tailbois' were from what share the scallops of Mauls.

The Aberdeenshire Mans share pellets with Bottens/Buttons while the bottony-cross Crums/Crumbs use a Coat version of the Aberdeenshire Crombys. The Bath lion, being suspect with the Ross lion, is a colors-reversed version of the Russell lion, and while Mens', a Manner branch, were first found smack beside ROSLin, the Mans share the Russell goat. Compare Manders to Rhodes', for Baths have the Rhodes Shield in colors reversed. The "Manu forti" motto of Mackays (some think they were MacHeths, but not me) is suspect with Isle-of-Man liners at Morays Fortriu.

I almost missed it: two Foy surnames, found in the Rich motto, share pellets with Bottons/Buttons. And, zikers, English Foys, first found in Suffolk with Jackets/Jaycocks, use six pellets in the colors and format of the six lions of Savage's/SAVA'S!! That looks like a clincher for what the jacket's buttons (almost black like pellets) refer to, but to have this clincher from the Rich motto means that I'm not crazy at all to being going down this road.

Heath in Derbyshire was given by Ferrers' to the Vatican, but, says its Wikipedia article, it passed to THOMAS MANNER afterward. Why do Manners/Mans use the savage and the quadrants of Malls (Cheshire, same as Savage's) as used by Hanans? Ferrers share the horse with the Randolphs that use the bath cross, and those Randolphs descend from THOMAS Randolph, first earl of Moray, son of Marjory Carrick (share talbot / dog with Halls and Hulls). It just so happens that Carricks share the Rich motto term, "Garde." It's Mall- / Malcolm-important that these qudarants are those of Masseys too, for Meschins of Skipton married a son of Duncan, the latter being the father of Malcolm III. Meschins are online descending from Hull-suspect MALaHULE.

Irish Foys share the eel with Skipton-like Shiptons while Skiptons share the gold lion with Irish Lacys while English Lacys share the six pellets (same Coat exactly) of Foys. There's an ell-suspect Ely location at Suffolk's Forest Heath, and Elys happen to have a version of the Craven (and RICK) Coat while Skipton is in Craven. Jackets/Jaycocks were once said (though not now) to have been at Heath, which I have recorded in an earlier update (from time to time, houseofnames removed things). There's a LakenHEATH and Forest Heath (beside Cambridge) in Suffolk, where Jaycocks were first found.

Jackets/Jaycocks were first found in Suffolk with jay-using Davers, and the latter's Daves variation could be of the Davies variation of Welsh Davids/Davis'. The latter's Cheshire branch, the Davids (could even be with the Savage lion), are also Dewi's while Deweys were at "near Lille" while French Davis'/Davids use lilies. Am I saying that king David was named after a branch of Daorsi? I don't think anyone knows why his parent(s) named him, David, so I'm open to wherever heraldry leads. Deweys happen to have the Potter cinquefoils in colors reversed while Potters, first found in Hampshire with Buttons and Botters/Budins, can be from Poitou, where jay-sporting Poitvins were first found whose Coat can be gleaned with Gay-branch Galli's, both sharing the gold rooster with Heaths/Heths. I therefore wish that Heaths/Heths could be proven to be kin of Baths, but I can only provide good circumstantial evidence.

MacHeths are suspect by some with MacBeths/BEETons, and it just so happens (I just dropped onto this unplanned) that MacBeths/Beetons share the Anger lozenges, colors reversed from the lozenges of Angle's whose baton brought us to Baths!!! MacBeth ruled at Moray, the MacHeth theater. The MacBeth/Beeton Coat is even an otter, the symbol of Fenders (Huntingdonshire, where Davids trace) suspect in the Wood motto, "Defend."

The Mauls/Morleys are said to have received lands in Lothian by DAVID of Huntingdonshire (descended from king David), and this plays to ADA of Warenne (Huntingdon), for Mauls/Morleys are from the Maule entity of MORLands, the latter sharing the MORLey symbol that's in the Aid/ADE Crest. I am now amazed by what I had missed in the Maule/Morley motto, the "recte" term suspect with Reckits/Rickets who in-turn use a "decens" motto term while Decans and Deacons use the Bath Coat in colors reversed. The bucket dream had a mall and a bathroom! It verifies that Mauls/Morleys, who were in the sleeping-bag dream with DAVID Morley, is what God is concerned with in the bucket dream. The sleeping-bag dream was suspect with the hunters of the order of Saint Hubertus, and here the Davids are of Huntingdonshire, perhaps the reason that the dream used a David, especially as the Morleys/Mauls are said to have been aligned with David II of Huntingdon. In fact, we read that David II was supported by the family of Guarin de Maule whose first name is a version of "Warren."

The Rickets are in colors reversed from the Rich's (beside Baths and Ricks), and the latter's bottony crosses are capable of linking to vatican tools in Bath. The Ricket write-up might be a pointer to James Comey: "The surname Reckit was first found in Kent where this Huguenot family, originally Ricquart or Ricard, migrated to the west and settled at Combe in the county of Hereford". Both Comey surnames list "Comb." Spanish Ricardo's have a couple of wolves in the colors of the wolf heads of QUIDs/Quade's (Monaghan) in the Ricket motto. d

There is a Decani area at the White Drin, roughly between the Dardanians and the Daorsi/DAVERsi, and Davers (Arthur colors and format) were first found in Suffolk with Deacons. The latter use a motto term that's the full Sword motto while Reckits/Rickets share the Sword sword. Siward of the Swords defeated Bath-like MacBeth, what a bathincidence.

There's even a question as to whether God is revealing a Boethus line to Baths and MacBeths. While the columns of Pelosi's (SAVIGliano, recalls that Davids share a black lion with Savage's) have the Salome stars (gold, as with Malcolm stars) on their tops, why are Columns also MALcolms and Salome-like Calome's? Were Malcolms a Maul entity? Malcolm III, father of king David, killed MacBeth three years after Siward defeated MacBeth in 1054. I read, from an historical document, that George, son of king Andrew I (Hungary), was in Scotland in 1055; as George was father to the first Drummond, by what geggincidence do Drummonds use a "Gang" motto term listed with Geggs? I trace king Andrew (was in exile with king David's mother) to the Andrew said to be the progenitor of the Ross clan, which shares the Bath lion.

Davids were first found in Cheshire with Malls (and Savage's), another indication that Malcolms (same Coat as Callams) may have been a Mall / Maul merger with Columns / Callams / Hallams. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with Mauls, and can therefore be of the Halls expected with the talbot dog as code for Tailbois' whose scallops Mauls share. There were two halls in the mall. Swedish Halls almost use the split Shield of Mauls. German Halls use the split colors of Swedish Halls, and were first found in Baden while Badens/Battins were first found in Somerset with Baths. The bend that is the Arms of Baden is shared by Callam-like Callans/Collens, much like the variations of Irish Hollys/Collens.

Bagleys have lozenges in the colors of the Bag cinquefoils, and these lozenges are those also of Angle's, Pizzo's (pizzagate pointers), while Angers have them in colors reversed. Angle's use a Button-like baton (it wasn't always cane-shaped) which gets us to the black bat of Scottish Randolphs sharing the Bath cross. English Randolphs have a version of the BUTler Coat. The blue Shield of English Randolphs is empty, as is the blue Shield of French Batons/Bastons. It assures that Scottish Randolphs share the bat of English Batons/Bastons. French Batons/Bastons, who share the roses of Jays (of De Gai), happen to share a blue Shield with jay-using Poitvins (Poitou). It seems important here that Obama chose Joe Biden for his vice-president while Randolphs share the Coat of Dunhams (Norfolk, same as Bags / Gaywoods), the surname of Obama's mother.

There is a serious question here as to whether Boet-suspect Buttons named Poitvins, which recalls the Boet-like Boits with a Poitou-like Boitou variation. Boits/Boitou's even share the Anger lozenges (colors reversed from the Angle / Bagley lozenges). Pizzo's, who use those lozenges in both those colors schemes, share the Panetta/Panico Chief, which includes the Chief of Cramers/Cremers while German Cremers share the ram with Bagleys. All-in-all, it looks like bags and buttons go together. For what it could be worth, Boits/Boitou's almost have the Hind Coat (Shaws/Seths use the hind while Shaws/Sheaves were first found in Berkshire with Croms/Crumbs).

The sleeping bag is expected to be a pointer to pizzagate monsters, and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Bagleys. There is online / youtube that Joe Biden is a child molester. Bagleys named Bagley WOOD in Berkshire, where Button-connectable Crumb liners were first found, and Q-Anon's crumbs are much about pizzagate monsters. The Panetta/Panico tree is suspect as the Wood tree, and Woods use another savage. Woods were first found in Leicester with Dexters, the latter sharing the Coat of Bagets, who were looked up as per "bucket / bouget." French Buckets share the cinquefoil of Geggs, first found in Norfolk with Bags of GayWOOD.

I searched "bat wings" in my files to find them with Usks/Oscs, who may be short for the Cuskers/Eskers/Oscars having the Gegg / Bucket cinquefoils in colors reversed. This gets good, for German Aschers/Aschs use the Water Coat in colors reversed while Waters are expected with the water bouget = bucket. Recall the water-bouget Bugs/Buggys with bat in Crest. The Waters' (with the 's') are in the colors of English Aschers/Ascheys, who are in-turn in Esker/Oscar colors. But this gets better because while the Esker/Oscar cinquefoils are in the Bag Chief, Aschers/Ascheys were first found in Staffordshire with Blore Heath, Bagets/Bagots, COLtons and SOLways, the latter two sharing the same saltire, colors reversed from the Bouchers saltire. We just landed on the Bucket/Buchard bloodline by following what looks like Bag kin. The Bouchers' above were at Chaumont, which is why Coltons were loaded, for Chaumonts "descended from the tenant of the lands of Colton..."

The great thing is, I started out wondering whether the red Bouchers eagles were those of Courcys, because French Courcys share the Bucket cinquefoils too. However, the Boucher eagle is not in both colors of the Courcy eagle, but the Chaumont eagles are. Plus, Chaumonts, first found in West Yorkshire with Dents, share a Coat version of the Dent-like Dance's, likewise first found in Yorkshire. The Sedons (cinquefoils in Bouchers-saltire colors), suspect from the Sedbergh location of Dents, use a "None" motto term while None's/Noons (Norfolk, same as Geggs and Buckers) share the Colton and Solway saltire. Sedons share a black border with Bavarian Buckers/BUCHENs (Bavarian Bogans are in Bug-Buggy colors). Coltons share a white boar in Crest with Beacons/Bacons.

It seems that Dent liners were fairly close to, or fundamental with, Bucket / Bag elements. Yet the dentist was not in the bucket dream, though both dreams had a back seat as code for Back/Bach liners, and the Back/Bach bull might just be the giant one of COLton-like Cole's. Buckets were even first found in Lincolnshire with Bucks while German Bucks may be with the red lion of the Norfolk Buckers, but the latter's lion looks to be that of the Norfolk Beckets whose Crest in turn shares the raven with German Bugs/Buggys.

Here's the first mention of the brown buttons:

Good morning. I went away yesterday, and wore a blue jacket I don't wear much. It's 12 years old roughly. I told three people about the bed-wetting event, it was a lot of fun. When getting home, I ran my hand on my jacket, and felt something. There was something small in the inside pocket. Reaching in, there was a small plastic BAG (!), and it felt like the bag with the red buttons. Pulling it out, I was amazed to find two dark-brown buttons (almost black) in the sealed bag (no thread). These had eluded me for 12 years, and look at the timing.

Surely, God is pointing hard to the Button / Botten surname, but why? The Arms of Botten was seen with the David Coat, and this surname (Cheshire) traces to king David I, who built a Haly Rod (Holyrood) House for his mother. They gave it a false reason for that name, claiming it had to do with a piece of Christ's cross, a royal farce. The David bend with lion is a version of the Rodham Coat, but also of the Aid/Ade Coat, which surname has got to be from Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry HUNTingdon, the grandson, I think he was, of David I. It suggests that David's mother was a Rodden liner, which can explain why Irish Davis'/Divis' (Chester was also, Diva) share the Rod / Rock trefoil. The mother of his mother was Agatha, but no one seems to know for sure what Agatha's ancestry was. She's now looking like a descendant of Henry Rodez IV, husband of Miss Roquefeuil.

In passing, it's notable that while Davids have a Dewey-like variation, Daver-like Dovers share the Dewey cinquefoil. It could indicate that David's mother named him for being of the Daorsi line to Davers, especially if the latter had formed a David branch by then. Dovers show a hunting horn essentially colors reversed from the Hunter hunting horn.

Davers use the jay in Crest while Jays (Herefordshire, same as rook-using Bedinghams/BODEhams) share the same bend as Davids / Roddens/Rodhams, and the Jay bend is the Rothchild (no 's') bend with roses while German Rothchilds/Rothes' are of the Stout vikings while Stouts were at Bedingham. The David lion can be linked to English Rothes', though I don't know how this interesting topic related to jack Sava, unless the David lion is the Savage/Sava lion, a distinct possibility.

But even so, how does this David topic relate to the red or brown buttons, Seth Rich, Muriel Bowser or Donna Brazile? Muriel Pollock of Rothes castle comes to mind. Spanish Muriels use "walls" (play on "mur = wall") that are the three-pronged tower tops (usually come with five prongs) in the Crest of Dovers. Spanish MURena's have a three-pronged tower (perhaps called a turret) on top of their five-pronged one, and the red Murena tower is expected in the Crest of Arrows/Arras' while Spanish Muriels throw in arrows. Morinis' share the Muriel fleur.

Zowie, Agatha-like Gaths/Graths/Graws share the blue fitchee (same style) of Albins/AUBINs while there is an Aubin location to the near north-west of Rodez. Albino's (near Fanano and the Marano's/Mauritano's, Morinis' and Morano's) use more trefoils in the colors of the Rod trefoils, and while Albins/Aubins were at Barnstaple, Barnstaple's (compare with Stevensons, same place as Rodhams/Roddens) use the Rod trefoils on the same bend as Rodhams/Roddans (same cinquefoils as Dovers / Deweys!). French Davis'/Davids (Brittany, same as Dure's sharing the Warren Coat) share lilies with Cetis'/SESTie's, possible Cetina/TILURius liners. Albino's were first found at SESTola. My guess is that Graths are of the Wrath variation of English Rothes', who have a version of the Dent / Sink bend but with the same lions as Tailors / Tillers. It could be that Gath's were so-named because an Agatha line was married to some variation of Rothes'/Wraths. Is that the David / Davis lion in the Chief of Crete's/Craits/Cressents (have variations like those of Craths/Craiths).

[Insert -- At some point, we've got to ask why Joel's white Volkswagen Rabbit was used. English Joels/Jewels (same place as Mauritano-like Mortons) share lilies with Davis'/Davids, but German Joels may be applicable to Holyrood because they share the hexagrams of Jewish Rotens (and Jewish REITmans), which are almost the three hexagrams of Davers. Jewish and German Rothchilds / Rothes' come up as "Rot." Rotens happen to be in the colors and format of the lilies of Lilys, first found in Worcestershire, beside the English Joels/Jewels (Wiltshire), and in the same place as the Squirrels/Squire's that God put together with the rat trap. I even recall finding the Rotens in the Austria area near to Trappenburg, where Traps/Trappers were first found.

I've now got to deviate a little more (temporarily) from the interesting king-David topic. The bucket in the Volkswagen beetle was in the BACK SEAT, as was I in the car of my dentist when he laughed at my buttons. I wouldn't have understood the back seat in the Volkswagen dream had not the dentist been driving / STEERing at the time he laughed, for it suggests the Steers, for Backs/Bachs not only use a steer, but Steers have a "cede" motto term suspect with the Cedes variation of Seats. That looks like a correct interpretation, but what for? So what? Well, in the past short while, I've bumped into two surnames from Styria, the Mans/Manners, and now the Traps/Trappers. And Joel's/Jewels were at the Stur river while Sturs -- Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens, etc. -- are Styre's too. You see, God had a plot with the Buttons in mind.

The Seats/Cedes' have a BLUE "demi COCK" in Crest, as well as sharing the Jay roses, and so this cock looks linkable to Jaycocks, first found in Suffolk with the BLUE jay in the Crest of Davers. Something is telling me that Davers are in Rich colors and format for a reason. The Seat/Cede Crest is that also of Batons/Bastons. The demi cock is suspect with Demys/Mais' whose variations look linkable to Maisys, the latter sharing the Dewey cinquefoils (both surnames have dragon heads). As Deweys have their cinquefoils on a fesse, as do Potters in colors reversed to the Dewey cinquefoils, we now trace Potters to jay-using Poitvins who have perhaps a version of the Baton/Baston Coat. The Poitvin Chief has stars in the colors of the Daver stars, and the latter's are gold Zionist stars, as with Massena's, from Massena, son of Gaia/Gala, the line to Galli's that have a version of the Poitvin Coat, explaining why Maisys (same fesse as Potters) should apply in this picture.

Why was the dentist steering the car? Why was he laughing while in a car if the only important thing was the laughing and the red buttons? Clearly, God seems to be emphasizing the Steer-Back relationship with this dentist. It could have to do with DENTons/DodingTONE's sharing the Dewey cinquefoils. Dodingtons/DUDONs (hunting horns in Piddle colors and format) share the red flag (with lion) with Piddle's who in turn share the Dent lozenges! A purple flag is held by a lion with Font de Ville's/Fonda's, suspect with LAFINs/La Fonts. Dents were at Sedbergh, likely the home of "sed"-using Sedons (share black cinquefoils with Dentons!), looking like a Seat/Seed/Cedes branch, and, besides, the Cars share a "sed" motto term. It looks like this is the correct reason for the dentist steering his car with the red buttons in the back seat. Sedans (Scottish Dyke Coat) even use a "dono" motto term while Dons ("MEI dona," compare with Seat/Cede motto) are said to be of Duddon.

If you know my stuff on Dons, this is pointing to Donna Brazile in the midst of pointing to Jack Sava. Muriel Bowser is expected in the bucket dream, which had a SIGN for my need to piddle, while Sedons use a "sine" motto term (making them highly suspect with the alternative Sitten name of Sion). The Dexters of Leicestershire use the Braswell Coat in colors reversed, and Braswells were first found in West Yorkshire with Dentdale of Sedbergh! The White-Rabbit-News video is all connecting at the dentist.

I don't know whether Tone's apply to DodingTONE's, but Tone's/Toeni's, descended from Malahule, were of Leicestershire with Steer-beloved Seats/Cedes'. Why do Steers use a Tone-suspect "TU NE cedes ME" motto." Tune's are listed with Towns, suspect with Tenants (West Lothian, same as Scottish Towns) sharing the MEE/MEIgh boar head, but the latter, looking linkable to May variation of Demys/Mais', share the Bath cross, which is more reason to see the bathroom in the mall as a pointer to Baths. Mee's/Meighs were first found in Nottinghamshire with MANSfields (Town colors and format) who share the maunch with Tone's/Toeni's. Manner-branch Mens' were first found at Edinburgh, and: "...Duddingston is a former village in the east of Edinburgh, Scotland. It was first recorded in lands granted to the Abbot of Kelso Abbey by David I of Scotland between 1136-1147. Duddingston Loch is a loch located in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland, below Arthur's Seat." I didn't know that Holyrood was in Edinburgh, but as that term got suspect with Rhodes liners, from Rodez, let's repeat that the Rhodes Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat.

Actually, I may not be deviating from king David, for Steers might just have the David lion in colors reversed, for Steers were first found in Surrey with the father of Ada of Warenne...not to mention the Michaels. Michael was in the dream once only, standing on the parking lot while I placed the bucket on the seat. The Steers use a lion colors reversed from the Parking/Perkin lion. Plancia Magna (ancestor of Fulke's/VOLKs) of Perga is to the Plunketts (in the colors of the Steer lion), first found in Vilaine, and the Arms of Vilaine happen to share the two pale bars in Seats/Cedes'. Vilaine has been traced to the Astikas' of VILNius, who married the Trap-suspect Trabys. As these Astikas' (see Wikipedia's Traby article) were related to RADziwills, by what coincidence do German Michaels share the Rad/Radl/Rader hexagram?

If the Trap/Trapper bustard has a saddle upon it, let's add that Saddle's (same place as Joels/Jewels) are said to have been related to the Fulk-Plantagenets; the latter have a Plancia-line Planque branch (with cabbages), yet there is an English Planque surname first found in Wiltshire with Saddle's. The Wiltshire Planque's share the upright Steer lion, in the colors of the passant Cabbage lion. As I finished the last sentence, I knew I should mention that Joel and I went for a drive with the Rabbit to a Shakle road, but I decided not to mention it, yet just as I was resisting (maybe lazy, maybe something else,) a song was playing, at that very second, "the whole earth SHAKES," a line from Selah's song, "Hosanna." I don't think the bustard wears a saddle, however.

Okay, so the Shakle's use buckle-lozenges in the colors of the lozenges of Quints, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's, and that's the original reason I was contemplating on telling of that drive. I also knew that the Shakle fesse looks connectable to the Butts/Boet fesse, but the Shakle fesse reflects that of the Yorkshire Jacks, beside the Shakle's of Northumberland. Shakle's are suspect with Shakespeare's in the Fulke/Volk Crest, and this is the line of Shechemite BOEOTians that trace to Boets, I reckon, suspect with Buttons who likewise share the Boet / Jack fesse.

I always worry that I'm making things too complicated to readers by adding things not necessary. It's not always clear what exactly I should stress, or what direction I should go in at any given time. It's all very hard to follow to begin with, I have no idea who can read these volumes of heraldic updates. I repeatedly complain to God about this problem. This writing job makes my other life stressed out, and I lose patience, but only when doing other things besides writing. This writing job has constant rewards, and keeps me feeling fine. My humanity gets worried repeatedly that I'm going to run out of money and be in a crisis, such is my lack of faith at times. But who's reading? I have no idea. I haven't checked the tracker in a year or more.

The BUCKet was placed into the BACK seat. French Buckets have the cinquefoils of BAGs in colors reversed. I'm going to link this to the pocket of my blue jacket, where I found the bag of brown buttons, but not until I let you read the rest of the king-David material. I'd like to say, though, that Joel gave me some old clothes he was wanting to give away, and I used a brown pair of pants for work, the brown button of which fell off while I was at the toilet. Leaving the button on the floor for a while, in front of the toilet, I eventually came to talk about it here in the updates. The brown button fell off in the BATHroom. I assume that the button came off while I was piddling.

I kid you not, this is not a lie. Joel also gave me a blue jacket which I washed yesterday in the kitchen sink!!! That is unbelievable, I didn't think of it until now. I hung it on the shower bar yesterday to drip dry, and today draped it over a chair in front of the wood stove. The shower bar is at the BATHtub, and Jackets/Jaycocks were said to be at Heath, while Heaths/Heths are suspect as kin of Baths / MacBeths. This hunk of material added between two parts of the king-David topic ends right here before the mention of Sinks below as you finish with the David material written earlier. End insert]

It's interesting that the Piddle / Gifford / Dent lozenges are also those of HOUNDs, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with the Sinks having a version of the Dent Coat, which is what connects the trailer's red buttons to the red buttons in the dentist dream. Huntingdon-Cambridge is where Taylards (Tailer / Tiller colors) were first found whose quadrants are in the colors of the same upon the lion in the Crest of Welsh Davis'. That Crest lion is half in the colors of the Tiller lion, and the latter's has pellets upon it, the only Botten/Button symbol showing. The Tailors have a single pale bar with the Tiller lions upon it, and this may be the single pale bar of Broads, which itself has the same lozenge as Hounds.

Cambridgeshire (near the first-known Tooths) is where Toothills/TOUTHills (a little like the Dent bend) were said to be first found who use the David bend on blue, but see also the Eitons (Shropshire, same as Wraths/Rothes' and Hunts) because AITons were first found in Berwickshire with David-related AIDs/Ade's. The EGHTon variation of Eitons looks like "AGATHa." Aitons (roses, Rhodes-like Shield), first found in the same place as Edgars/Egers (could be the Wrath/Rothes lion easily), have king Edgar in the write-up, who I think, offhand, was the grandfather of king David's mother (queen Margaret).

Now would be a good time to ask why I was golfing with this dentist before he laughed at at my buttons. The best I can do is the Guelph bloodline, or the Welfs/Wolfs, first found in Cheshire and part of the earls of Chester to which the first Meschin was related. But is that the only reason for the golf game? I think not. I think there's more to it. When Joel took me out on the drive with the Rabbit, God provided a sea gull in a parking lot, walking lock-step to the flashing of Joel's blinkers (when he was pulled over to check the map). I recognized it as a miracle, and when getting home realized that the Jewel variation of Joels looks like the Julians, especially as Julians are easily gleaned as a branch of Gulls and Gullys. That is really wild, but it just so happens that German GOLFins/Golls use the gull, tending to verify that the golf game was code for Guelphs, for Joel spent four or five years living in Guelph.

As I've said many times, Kepke and I collected golf balls from a river flowing through three golf courses, at the age of 12. We'd sell the balls back to the golfers on the fairways. We brought only typical plastic BAGS. Keppocks share the Button fesse, and Keeps were first found in Sussex with Bottons/Buttons, and, moreover, Keeps are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Rodham-related Hebrons. Kepke had a WHITE pet rat, and Rats were first found in the same place as Rothchild- / Hebron-beloved Rose's (water bouget), who share the lyre with French Davids/Davis'.

Buckets/Buchards are also Pocket-like Boketts, and the Poucher variation of Pockets tends to nail it with a Boucher variation...meaning that I was probably wrong to think that Pockets are of the Polk variation of Pollocks. Could it be that the brown buttons in the pocket of the jacket, suspect as a pointer to Jack Sava, are connectable to the bucket in the back seat? Muriel Bowser already got suspect with the Bouchier's/Bowsers, but here we can add that Pockets were first found in Lincolnshire with Buckets/Boketts and Boucher's. I have told several times that I kissed the would-be girlfriend of Michael Boucher in a kitchen. Kitchens share water bougets with Bouchier's/Bowsers, and a bag of red buttons was found in a kitchen sink, which I was telling you while soaking a blue jacket in my kitchen sink yesterday, starting from the night before that. I feel that God's trying to get me to disclose something.

The Pockets/Pouchers share the giant cinquefoil, in colors reversed, of Poucher-like Porch's/Porchers (Norfolk again, same as Bus' who share their cinquefoil). Porch's were the Intention (of God) when I accidentally pee'd on little Pino, at about age five, while standing on the porch railing. There we have another piddle linking to Bucket suspects. This is excellent because Pino' was code for king Pinnes of the Ardiaei, the line to Arthurs of Clapton, at PORTIShead, while Porch's come up as "Portis." I pee'd on Pino's HEAD, a pointer to PortisHEAD. The point here is, French Pine's share the crescents of Jackets/Jaycocks!!!! That's incredible. I don't know whether the porch railing can be considered a banister, but Banisters share the Kitchen water bougets.

I've got to assume that the soaking of the blue jacket this week in the kitchen sink is a pointer to Jack Sava. What else? It's a blue-plaid lumber jacket, and Lumbers/Lambe's happen to share the cinquefoils of Potters while Porters/PAWTERs are in Potter colors, both found in Hampshire, near PORTIShead, and moreover JAYcocks can link to jay-using Poitvins, first found in Poitou/Poitiers. It recalls the dead squirrel curled up in the pocket of my black shorts. What a mystery. It was one of the 16 squirrels that I caught with the rat trap, the only one to get away.

The Lumbers/Lamb's have cinquefoils in colors reversed from those of DENTons (Northumberland). Lumbers/Lambe's, Lambs/Lams (West DENTON, Northumberland) and Lambs/Loans are a Lambert branch, and the latter are very connectable to Sewards, who came up as Showers after I told you that the jacket was hung on the shower bar. The Lambe's/Lams have their cinquefoils in the colors of the Porch/Portis cinquefoil. As Portishead is near the source of the Stur, the Stur fesses can be in the Porch/Portis Crest, which recalls that the dentist dream traced the back seat to Steers, suspect with the Sturs/Styre's. The dentist laughing is now looking like a symbol of Dentons (first found the first-known Dents), yet the Sinks have a version of the Dent Coat.

The jacket has been in front of the wood stove all day today, and Stove's are listed with Stevensons, first found in Northumberland with Siward of Northumberland, and the Stove's/Stevensons look like they can have a version of the French Lambert Coat. Mieszko II Lambert married Richesa, whom I see in the Richess variation of Rich's'! It appears that we got to Seth Rich by following this second blue jacket. It appears that God is verifying that Jack Sava contributed to the murder of Seth Rich.

The Denton cinquefoils are those of Stevenson-related Rodhams too, the latter first found in Northumberland with Dentons. Wasn't Seth Rich murdered when he tried to ruin Hillary Rodham Clinton while he was in favor of Bernie Sanders? Yes.

To the best of my ability to decipher things, a pointer to Julian ASSANGe is expected with Sangs/SINGers, a potential clue that Sinks are God's code for Assange. In fact, while halfway through writing the last sentence, there was a song playing that my ear started to listen to at the word, "ring," expecting a Sign, and within about 10 seconds, the singer sang the next line, "all the earth will bow and SING." The song is, "In a Moment," by Rebecca St. James. Can you believe it, the James' (Surrey) share the dolphin with Sinks!!! I've no had a dull moment today. Hallelujah. Are the buttons in the sink telling us that Assange has evidence against Joe Biden? Is Joel's jacket in the sink on Assange's "goods" on Jack Sava?

Or, as Joel was used whose name was traced by a gull to Julians, was that somehow for Julian Assange? Julian has yet to release the evidence that Seth Rich hacked the DNC, and the deep state has him in a hard place so that he can't bring himself to revealing it, lest they throw him in jail. His best defence, he must be thinking, is to keep the evidence in his hand for playing only after they toss him in jail. That's where we are with this right now.

Scalia in the Sleeping-Bag Dream?

I've got a new find, the Kellings sharing the ladder with Scalia's/Scalise's. The Kellings were found as per a Kelling location in Norfolk, where Bags were first found, and the amazing thing is that, while wondering whether the killing-like Kelling surname was clue to supreme-court judge Scalia's murder, the sleeping bag was highly suspect with that murder. I then saw that Kellings were first found in Worcestershire, with Hills, and that warranted a new section for a launch into a new investigation.

In the dream, I saw a sleeping BAG on a HILL, and picked it up. The morning of the dream, I found Poindexter's International Order of Saint Hubertus in a group photo with black robes, though each robe had a red stripe down the right side, as does my black sleeping bag which I slept under that night (in real life). This gave me a theory on how he was killed, for he died in a tidy bed (sheets still crisp) facing up, after complaining at dinner of feeling lousy. Poindexter, the host of the dinner and the hunting party (more than 30 from Saint Hubertus), himself said that Scalia sat beside him for dinner, but left early to bed, saying he was feeling well. They put something in his food, right? He then got in bed and passed out. They then put a bag over his head (tight to not let oxygen in) to make him die while passed out on some dope. That's what the sleeping bag can indicate, for he was proclaimed to die in his SLEEP. The sleeping bag. They drove his dead body to El-Paso, i.e. maybe God arranged this to indicate that he had passed out.

David Morley rode his motorbike down the hill to circle the spot where I picked up the sleeping bag, and I was crossing the road in the meantime into a mall PARKING lot, which is the only thing assuring me that the rider was indeed Morley, for Mauls are also Morleys. The reason for repeating this is that Parkings/Perkins are considered by me to be kin, or even a branch, of Plunketts, and when I checked Killins, as per "killing," there was the Plunkett Coat used by Killins. That was very compelling for proof that Kellings do apply here. To nail this thing, Killin-like Hills share the Killin / Plunkett tower. It appears that God wants us to know that someone killed Scalia in his sleep.

So, what was the purpose of David Morley if not to reveal the killer? Why did he come on a motorbike? Why was it necessary to have him ride down the road (toward the direction from which he arrived) after circling the sleeping bag? I was walking across the road as he drove up onto the road, behind me. And away he went. He looked more like a WW2 Nazi when he arrived, definitely not with modern helmet and bike. The parking lot is suspect with Perkins Coie, Hillary's lawyer-in-crime. Perhaps the road can be code for Roddens/Rodhams. The killer was sent by HILLary.

The best I could do with the BIKE is the Biks/Bicks, who have a reflection of the Vance/Vaux Coat, the latter suspect in the Hill motto, "Avancez." In this picture, the hill can be verification that Hillary Rodham is the murder's author.

For years I told readers that the Hill Crest is a crescent, but lookie, just look at this, behold, what I wrote in the 2nd update of last June: "Excuse me, I goofed. I've been saying that the Hill Crest has a crescent. It's a "garland of laurel." I learned this just now when the ArcHILL Crest looked like it had the Hill "crescent, and, checking, the Archills use a "garland of laurel" too [the descriptions website was still active then]. The Archills were loaded as per the Archill character (Saxon) to which some Simsons trace themselves. The same write-up has Symon, son of Mr. Clynt, as a Simson ancestor, and the Clent hills are near the first-known Hills." Is this not the wildest thing? God seems to care about this, no surprise.

[Update January 21 -- this January-21 video, entitled, "Scalia, Garland, Brazile, and Pence," talks about Obama's supreme-court pick to replace Scalia. This pick was Merrick GARLAND, wow, and he reportedly visited the White House on the day (February 12, 2016) that Scalia was murdered. I've yet to watch the full video or look deeper into its claims, and am doing a story on this in the 3rd update of January.]

The Clints/Clents even use the garb of Blythe's. Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. Who arranged for Clents/Clints to use the Blythe symbol? The Jacks, not far from where Blythe's were first found, use a similar Coat, and then the other Jacks use holly while Hollys use a Coat like that of Plunketts / Killins. The Clent Hills are in Worcestershire with the first-known Hills and Kellings. The garland of laurel might just be fashioned as a crescent because Keele's/Kills use one, that surname in Hill / Killin colors. (Skene's use this type of garland, by the looks of it).

Wow. Keele's are said to have had an old Kiel variation, and there is a killer-like Kiel/Kieler surname with the same griffin as ladder-suspect Lauders/Letters! Zikers, it was very recent when the ladder was gleaned as code for that surname. It was suspect from "LOTHERingia," which is now Lorraine, and Lorraine's use laurel too. What are the chances that Lorraine's share the Road eagle? Sam Alito is still on the supreme court; if you check the Ali's/Aliotta's and Leto's/Alitto's, you'll see why they're branches of Letters/Lauders.

To be sure that Letters/Lauders are Lorraine elements, load "Lauder," and go to the Scottish branch, and see that Lauders share the Laurie motto ('RepulluLAT") and Crest symbol, for Laurie's have laurel in their cup. And then be amazed, because the Laurie / Lauder symbol is in the Rodham Crest!!! That is astounding. At this time, all three Crests have identical tree stumps, each with three sprouts, and in the same brown color (houseofnames might like to change these things hoping to void the importance of this paragraph). I don't know whether they are called stumps versus trunks, however.

Lauders/Letters share a white griffin with the Archills; the latter's is holding the Hill garland.

Huberts use crescents in colors reversed from the Keele/Kill crescent, and Huberts put them on a bend in colors reversed from the Killin / Plunkett bend. If the Hill laurel substitutes as a crescent, it now points to the Saint-Hubertus cult as the physical killers. A garland is a circular, crown-like item, but the Hill and Archill symbol is not a crown. Plunketts use a "lente" motto term, and Huberts use "coLENDo." Lents can be with a version of the Holly Coat.

I didn't know until now that Archills/ARTills were first found in Berwickshire with Letters/Lauders (and Arthurs). The Archill/Artill Coat is a near-copy of the Dutch Puttens; both use the embattled border while Battle's were likewise first found in Berwickshire, with almost the giant Letter/Lauder griffin. That tends to clinch Hills with "ArcHILL." Scottish Putins/Puttins/Padyns share a tower in Crest with Hills, which may point to Hillary's crimes with Putin's nods, such as with the Uranium One scandal. Jack Sava had a possible means (via his lady) to be privy to this scandal. The Putins/Padyns even have a good reflection of the Hubert Coat.

Back to the Kielers for more amazement. They use the Letter/Lauder griffin comBATTANT with a lion in the colors of the Bennet lions, of the particular Bennets with two scaling ladders!!! These things just floor me. I haven't been at this section for more than two hours, and just look at all of the things falling into our laps. I have put pizza out on the stove during the past 20 minutes, and I'm going to go cook it now, which can be a further Sign of pizzagate. In case it applies, the Kieler Crest looks to have the Brack-Crest horns, and Bracks share the brown dog with Lots and Lothians (not sure if Lots apply here to the mall parking lot).

It doesn't matter whether the Bennet lion is connected or not to the Kieler lion; it's enough that God arranged the scaling ladders in a surname sharing the Kieler lion, to verify the things gleaned above. Plus, scaling ladders are expected with Scale's and/or Schole's/Scayle's, and Scale's share the Maul/Morley scallops while the latter's split Shield has become suspect with that of Dossier's. Scale's share the five white ostrich feathers in the Crest of the Arms of Traby, and the latter's Shield share's gold-striped black horns with Lothians. Bracks and Kieler both use black-and-gold horns. Schole's/Scayle's share the lozengy Shield of one Patent Coat while the other Patents are the Putins/Padyns again.

Now be amazed some more, for Poindexter claimed that Scalia initially turned down his offer to go hunting at his ranch, but that a Mr. Foster, standing there, convinced Scalia to go. Foster flew down to Texas with Scalia. What are the chances that Scottish Fosters share gold-striped, black horns with Traby and Lothians? Yup, that's right. The chances for having this string of several links by pure coincidences is astronomically unlikely. I just finished the pizza, and man I want more. Tomorrow eve (31st) marks the one-year anniversary of Assange's Paper Plane tweet.

Fosters ("Hunter blow thy horn") are also Forrests, and the sleeping bag that I say depicted the hunting group, Saint Hubertus, was on a hill in a forest. I'm recalling the "suicide" of Vince Foster, thought by some to have been murdered by Bill Clinton.

The Perkins/Parkings can be a branch of Perkens, and the latter share the three feathers of Tooths who in-turn share the Letter/Lauder griffin. The Perken feathers are in the colors and format of the lions of the Bennets (Lancashire, same as Perkens!) with SCALing ladders. Just look at that fat-chance staring us in the face. Tooths (same place as Capes' with the Scale scallops) love Palmans (Hertfordshire, same as Scale's) who in turn share swans with Feathers (feathers in the colors of the Tooth / Perken feathers).

Waters' use nothing but a single pale bar in the colors of palewise ladder of Scalia's (nothing else in that Coat too). I wasn't going to mention it, especially as the water bougets are in another dream, not the sleeping-bag dream. But then I came across the Gelders, first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs, while the latter's English branch uses a scaling ladder. The Gelders share the bend of Hamburgs (same Coat exactly), and the Trips with the ladder share the crosslets of English Hamburgs. The Gelder / Hamburg bend is blue, in the color of the Scalia ladder, but, a problem is, the bend is not in both colors of the ladder.

It took me a while to realize that "Gelder" could be a Walter variation, which recalled that Watters are listed with English Walters. The only thing to do is try for a Gelder-like Walder surname, and they brought up another blue bend, this time in both colors of the Scalia ladder. Walders, first found in Roxburghshire, share "fidelis" with Roxburghs, and the latter's single pale bar is blue, the color of the Waters pale bar, tending to assure that Walders apply to Walters.

The Walder bend is shared by Thistle's while Thistleton is a location of Walters/Watters, and the great thing is, Thistle's were first found in the Channel islands along with Poindexters. The latter were on my mind when mentioning Trips/Treffs, for the latter use shoes while the single Poindexter star is one a routinely mention with the same of Shoe's. Plus, Shoe's use a "knight issuing at the KNEE's" while Gelders share the Knee bend. That's pretty amazing, because Gelders started this part of the discussion, who led to both Scalia's and Poindexters, by the looks of it. The SCIColone / SCICCHitone variations of Scalia's, for example, look like the Schuck/Schug variations of Shoe's, and the latter's star is in Scalia-ladder colors. Who arranged that? The Scoots/SCHUGals share white-striped, black hunting horns with English Fosters.

Here's what was said above, shortly before coming to the sleeping-bag dream: "The Waters' (with the 's') are in the colors of English Aschers/Ascheys..." The Waters' are the ones suspect here with the Scalia "pale bar," and ASCHERs smack of the "ESQUIRE's helmet in the Poindexter Crest. Aschers/Ascheys show an unexpected Passer variation, by the way, which recalls El-Paso and the theory that Poindexter's accomplices got Scalia to pass out. And Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex with English Waters whose triple chevrons are in colors reversed with German Aschers. It looks like a massive set-up to connect Scalia to Poindexter.

I usually think that the Poindexter Crest is for white-rabbit Esquers, yet Askers happen to have a Coat version of white-rabbit Coneys so that, indeed, Aschers can apply to the Poindexter esquire helmet. Askers substitute donkeys for the white rabbits. Chamberlains (Diss/Dice colors and format) use donkeys too, and this surname happens to have a "ProDESSE" motto term while Dess' are said to be from, D'Assche, which tends to check out where the Dess fesse is the blue-on-gold one of Aschers/Ascheys. The Dice's can be Dyke's and Decks/Daggers because the latter two share the red squirrel with Squirrels/SQUIRE's/SQUARE's, suspect in squire's helmets. Perfect.

Chamberlains (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) are in Peare colors and format, and Chamberlains then look like Pero/Perino kin with their "PROdesse" term. Pierro's/Pero's are said to have been first found at the Ticino, the river to which I've traced Decks/Daggers and Dyke's. This is super, because Christine Peare traced to Scalia's! Wow. It happened like this. Miss Peare and I were sitting at a table in the La PALOMA bar, and she was more or less Kepke's date (they hadn't yet connected romantically, however), but when he left the table, I asked Miss Peare outside for some kissing, which was our first kiss. We rushed up the stairs, suspect with scala = Scalia, for Spanish Paloma's use two pale bars in colors reversed from the Scalia pale bar, and meanwhile the Pero's have one pale bar in Paloma-pale-bar colors. I think that worked great even aside from the apparent Chamberlain link to Peare's here.

Note how Gelder / Walder liners sound like the CAULDRons of Spanish Paloma's, suspect with Calders. The latter, because they look to be with the stag head of Gelt-like Colts/Celts and Coute's/Coots, are likely of the Culdares location (Perthshire) of the Mens' (probably have a Saracen's head but as a MAN's head). The latter were first found beside the Keiths whose Catti tribe has been resolved with Cetins/Cattans (Saracen's head), for one. The latter's "Cautes" motto term thus looks like a branch of, or merger with, Colts/Celts, because Cautes'/Cotta's come up as "Coute" too. The Coote's/Cootes' (ducks), with the two-term Keith motto in reverse, are in Shaw colors and format, with English Shaws sharing "VINCit" with that motto. Christine Peare's waist was symbol of the Cottian line to Waistells (share dove with Paloma's), and Christine's (Isle of MAN) share the Coat of the Perthshire Shaws (same place as WINKs).

The "veriTAS" motto term of Keiths / Cootes' looks like code for Tass,' who, though they look like they are from the Tessin version of the Ticino, are said to be from "asche." Keiths are said to have married Cheynes' as Ascher-like AXKERgille, and Cheneys/Cheynes' (from "near COUTances" and Caen) share gold MARTLets with Pavia's, code for the Carolingian line of Charles MARTEL, which makes sense where his grandson, Charlemagne, conquered the Lombards at Pavia. This is how the "Fato" motto term of Cheneys can be reckoned as code for Fate's/Feets, who share the Pavia Coat. Tass' share the scallop of Vardys/Vertys. There's an online coin of Lothar I in Pavia.

Globe-using Welders/Welters (Thuringia, same as Talls) even have the same stars as Pero's/Perini's (and Talls). The Perrins of Lorraine are in Waters' colors. Note that Welders/Welters are in Comet colors and format, for the Pero/Perino star, though called a "flaming star," can be the Reines comet, a surname that points to pizzagate. While Italian Paloma's share the dove with Walders, the latter share gold leopard faces with Peare's. Walders came to topic with Gelders, and Gelderland is where Teems were first found, suspect with the Peare kin of Thames'/Temes', the latter sharing the Pavia martlets while Pierro's/Pero's first found in Pavia. We rushed up the stairs, and the Stair surname (Kent) is even the Capone Coat, having stars in colors reversed from the Peare / Thames stars. Compare Gelder-like Glads/Glets to Pierro's/Pero's. Here's from Wikipedia on the Bavarian order of Saint Hubert:

The establishment of the Order occurred during a long-term, intermittent territorial dispute, initially between the Dukes of Julich and the Dukes of GUELDERs, who were descended from a female line of the House of Julich. The dispute began in the 1430s, when Arnold, Duke of GELDERLAND claimed the duchy of Julich and the county of Ravensburg, and was resolved in the 1614 Treaty of Xanten, which established the United Duchies of Julich-Cleves-Berg of the counties of Ravensburg and Mark with the duchies of Cleves, Julich and Berg.

That can perhaps explain why Poindexters arose with the Gelder discussion.

The sleeping bag dream ended with Christine Peare (this was some 35 years after I last saw her) on a platform with me (inside the mall). I was pulling her toward me by the waist, and it felt so good, just like an event in my 18th year with her. I'm not going to re-tell that story here; suffice to say that the phrase I've always used, "it FELT so good" (the Felts and Good kin), worked beautifully into the event at 18. The PLATform we were on in the dream got suspect with Hillary's private server, Platte River Network, in Denver along with an office of Perkins Coie. The Felts: "...first recorded in Gelderland, (Guelders) an ancient province surrounding the town of Gelder."

I'm out of time for this week.

This is the true Jesus, a scary Person, really:

Here's something to send a chill up the spine of the American, if this FBI guy is for real:

You might like this, which I decided to share once I saw Trump as the only one in the crowd without his hand on his heart. At 13 minutes, I don't agree with the video speaker that Bush hands Laura a card, for I can see his hand still on his chest as she looks down to read. It's very disrespectful to read inside the program while the casket is passing her husband; it's not making sense; it could be a staged performance, for Jeb reacts too soon after seeing the whatever-it-was, like an actor with bad timing.

Here's perhaps the reason that Trump is choosing catholics for the supreme court, very frightening if the implication at the White House scene is as the speaker states it is. How many Trump-supporting Christians on the Web are catholics in disguise, urging protestants to support Trump? However, the speaker gives no evidence that the clerics standing behind Trump are his "advisors," his word. Nor does he tell us why the clergy are standing behind Trump, what event it was, or the date. It may have been a one-time event.

The top of this update had the Saint Petersburg medallion, and so I wanted to show that the dossier does emphasize Trump with that city. "But the dossier also alleges, in a different section, that Trump had 'paid bribes and engaged in sexual activities' in St. Petersburg but that 'key witnesses were silenced and evidence {was} hard to obtain.'" There we go. Steele himself admits that he's quoting mere allegations. We don't need Russians for such allegations because CNN has them daily, either outright or implied. So what? Allegations from CNN's anonymous sources are empty. But even if Trump purchased his way to securing benefits for a project, how is that any worse than Hillary purchasing Mr. Steele to tarnish candidate Trump with unsubstantiated allegations, and then to sick the FBI with utilization of this dossier happily, willingly, on her political behalf. CNN? Where are you? Head between your tail? How can you stand the smell of that dirty place? A news organization shouldn't be crapping on its viewers, but CNN makes it a point to do so daily, and never wipes its arse afterward. Why bother, since more crap is already scheduled as soon as every load comes out.

"Speaking to a trusted compatriot in September 2016, two well-placed sources based in St. Petersburg, one in the political/business elite and the other involved in the local services and tourist industry, commented on Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump's prior activities in the city," the dossier says.

It continues: "Both knew Trump had visited St. Petersburg on several occasions in the past and had been interested in doing business deals there involving real estate ... The local services industry source reported that Trump had participated in sex parties in the city too, but that all direct witnesses to this recently had been 'silenced,' i.e. bribed or coerced to disappear."

Surely, if these sex charges are true, someone in Russia would have come out by now to grasp some fame. In the United States, people act as false witnesses for a little limelight, or for political advantage of their favorite political candidate, yet so far as I've heard, now Russia has even done that much for Hillary's sake. Nor have I heard of one Russian in the news claiming that she /he was witness to Trump's sex parties. But, says CNN, no one has disproved that they didn't happen, wherefore CNN justifies crapping on its viewers with dossier respectability. This is the same CNN which made Hillary a presidential candidate to begin with. That's how much power CNN has, which it should not have.

Someone needs to disinfect CNN with some heavy-duty court cases, making for Fox-news spectacles of its filth. If CNN is filled with fake news, Mr. Trump, you can take it to court. You have the money to do it. Your supporters will make a spectacle of CNN for as long as the court cases continue, and CNN will wipe up its own act in the meantime. But, as we have seen to date, Trump is all mouth, no action. Republican voters accuse certain congressmen of being such, but never accuse Trump for being the leader of all-talk no-action. Not only did he renege, when threatened, on revealing the FISA applications that Nunes was begging for, but the president swept the Rosenstein-bugging scandal under the rug, totally silenced his media on that treasonous issue. That's worse than all-talk no-action. That's obstruction of justice even when the justice favors himself. There has got to be some evil that he's been responsible for, that someone(s) has hung over his head as blackmail, making him a lame duck as per cleaning swamp. This evil probably has nothing to do with Russian collusion, but instead touches upon mobster-like "qualities."

The dossier added more stress on Saint Petersburg: "It further alleges that Aras Agalarov, Trump's former business partner who helped bring Trump's Miss Universe pageant to Moscow in 2013, 'had been closely involved with Trump in Russia and would know most of the details of what the Republican presidential candidate had got up to' in St. Petersburg." That can be said about anyone's partner. Any partner would know most of the things his partner was up to in any given city, but how is that touching upon Trump's Russian-government / Russian-media collusion to help him win the election? How is that touching upon anything illegal? Why have Trump's enemies not substantiated this charge after all this time?

Below is the government crime ring in the days of Vince Foster, but the video below that reveals some startling information on Brett Kavanaugh's part in the Foster investigation that was not emphasized by media in Kavanaugh's nomination process:

I didn't know until now that Kavanaugh was over-seeing the Foster investigation, and that he was part of covering up the murder.

My latest opinion of the Middle East? There's nothing to say, except that these updates have the wrong title. It doesn't appear that anything's happening this year in the Middle East.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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