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February 13 - 19, 2018

New Evidence for Ticino / Laevi Liners, on the Axe River
Surprise: Miss Hicks Knee-Leak Sign Pointing to John Brennan and Christopher Steele

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Wow. SonofNewo came out with another Charlottesville-hoax video, where he tells that he's personally launched two law suits, one against the city of Charlottesville. This is exciting:

SonofNewo only wants to see the videos that belong to the public, but Charlottesville won't let him see them. The world needs more men like this who object to police corruption to the point of using the courts. But this hoax goes well higher than merely the local police. Newo is becoming a hero, with high marks just for trying to this point (see his comments section, in the above, for glad citizens). It doesn't appear as though he's going to stop, unless he's silenced by police threats. What respect can we give the American government for permitting hoaxes like this to take place on the American populace?

In the comments section, at least one person talks about the driver getting out of the maroon van before the "crash" arrives. There was also a scene shown with a piece of timber under one of its tires. It seems logical that she left the van in neutral so that it could roll forward when gently hit by the car crasher. The velocity was likely 10 mph or less (video was then sped up to make it appear faster), for no airbags deployed (requires a slow speed of impact) in any of the three vehicles. In the video showing the crash from the driver's-side sidewalk, the rims are not correct.

If you haven't seen SonofNewo's work on the Charlottesville car crash, this is a good digest of his work:

SonofNewo says that several major media saw videos, in court against the accused (James Fields), of the crash car approaching the crash, yet these videos are being denied the public. Clearly, Newo makes an excellent case for a hoax, yet he rarely claims that the crash was a hoax. I sure do, and he implies it, obviously. This is just one of many reasons that you can be sure that the liberal media is in bed with a shadow, government organization conducting hoaxes throughout the United States in cahoots with, or central to, the FBI. People, ask why Congress is only concerned about issues touching on Trump, but not Scalia, Scalise, Seth Rich or the faked car crash...all of which are obviously from a Democrat-FBI alliance. Isn't that important?

A little after the 20-minute mark, Newo enters what's new to me, the black van that he thinks can be a government vehicle parked near the crash, and nearer to a street camera in possession of the FBI, but apparently not released, by the FBI, to anyone. In my opinion, and Newo knows it, he needs to be careful for what the darkness decides to do to stop him from speaking further on this issue. Newo goes on to say that he's offered private citizens money in return to see their videos on that day, but they have refused him, suggesting that they were threatened into silence by the police / FBI, and commanded not to let their videos out.

The last half of the video above is a real wow, especially in the 28th minute. He then shows a video from a sky drone that has the maroon van arriving to its parking spot a little more than five minutes before it would be hit in the crash, yet the drone company has fixed its video to make it appear that it arrives more like a minute before the crash, which has the purpose of negating the hard-to-explain reality that the van arrived about 5.5 minutes before the crash, at which point it just sat at the intersection all that time, as would be expected from some driver involved in the hoax.

The video below convinces me that 1/3 the speed of the crash is more realistic than the speed released as real. I suggest muting the video, concentrating on the visual alone (screams were possibly added). You can't tell by looking at the car what the true video speed is. You need to judge by the steps taken by the people. The 1/3 speed looks more real than full speed. Ask why the owner of the video, an employee of the state department (Mr. Gilmore), released the crash so terribly blurry. Was there material added to this video prior to release? It wouldn't be surprising. Did the people on the street know that he was coming? So far as we can make out, they all successfully get out of the way. No one can be seen run over. Does that seem real? Not at full speed, that would be impossible. By the time the debris can be seen in the air, not one person lies on the road behind the car, as expected of a hoax.

Let's call the above, video 1. When you see it with the picture doubled in size, note that there is no one in the center of the road taking a picture of the back of the car, for you will see at the 1:40 point of video 2 that someone did take a picture of the car from directly behind it. Yet, the only man in the center of the road in video 1 can be seen with both arms down along his side, hands to his hips, i.e. not holding a camera. There appears to be two different trips of the car toward the crash site.

At 16 seconds of video 2 below, a still-photo by Ryan Kelly, with the brake lights on that we can't make out above. Why are the brake lights on? It's no illusion, the brake lights are definitely on. The driver can see that the woman is having a hard time getting out of the way, as planned, so he slows down. If he were going as fast as he seems to be in the video above, there's no way all those people could get out of the way, yet not one person was seen run over. In other videos we saw a couple of people going for flips up high, but such things can be added to the video.

At 16 seconds of video 1, note one of the five black posts to the right side of the car. That's where the car was when the lady is trying to get out of his way to the car's left. But then stop the video at 27/28 seconds, because the car (in a video taken by Brennan Gilmore) has reached that same point, with the black posts to the car's right, yet the woman is not there. There is a clear shot to the front and left of the car; there is no woman, no man, at that spot. Look at how many people are in front and left side of the car in the still-shot, yet they cannot be seen in Gilmore's video. During the 28th second, all five posts are visible. The car has reached the fifth one, but the woman and the others are not where they are supposed to be according to the Gilmore's video.

I therefore reason that the still-shot is the car approaching the first time, perhaps doing the first take of the crash, banging things up a bit so that the driver didn't get hurt, and he then backed up, and rammed in a second time, to create more damage. It's a theory.

At 34 seconds, another still-shot with brake lights a different color; they are now off. At 57 seconds, you can see a crisp picture of the last couple of black posts. You can verify here that the black posts are not all the way down the road. That is, the first still-shot with woman trying to get out of the way was in fact while the car was yet beside these five posts.

In the same video, the owned estimates the car speed at about 22 mph. he then shows a view of the crash site where no even a leg gets run over. If the car was doing 40 percent the 22 mph, that's only 9 mph, wherefore the stunts that we see, with people hanging off the back end, for example, would be relatively easy to do. The video is then sped up to make it appear unfeigned.

The video below is from an insider claiming to be at the site, and saying the car was going fast, a lie. The injury victim shown must have been a late development, because the people commissioned to take video never once showed a victim with blood. Not a blood stain could be seen on the road, or on the cars, aside from a few drops that were planted, obviously. Therefore, the blood you see is fake, and the one speaking is a liar. Trust me. Note that one lady feigns pouring water on her head, for there is no water flowing down on her face. Besides, the lady pouring water has no cloth to wipe, so why would she pour water down her face? The white top of the victim shows no dark stain from being wet. This is an after-the-fact (published a month after the hoax) propaganda presentation, revealing how the program goes out of its way to make the masses believe that a hoax was real.

The video below is disturbing. It shows that two supreme court justices, David Souter and Ruth Ginsburg, voted against legislation to hamper child sex. Ginsburg actually wants to drop the legal age for sex to 12.

The biggest reason that Trump is supported is to keep liberals like Ginsburg from ruining society more than it has already been. These people murdered justice Scalia to get an edge on the supreme court. Much of the society-spoiling principles were thanks to a Democrat-leaning supreme court. Republicans can now use the supreme court to challenge any in-your-face changes made by states. Are Republicans using the supreme court as much as they should be? The supreme court this week agreed to speed up the president's case against lower courts forbidding his mission against the "dreamers." It's a good sign that the supreme court is taking-on this issue.

Two lower courts are taking the opinion that since the Mexicans were permitted under Obama to plan their futures in the United States, that Trump cannot now come in to upset their lives. But what Obama did was illegal. Does this not hold any weight in a court? Nope, no longer. Judges have become corrupt like never before under the influence of liberal dope. Judges are sniffing liberal glue. Obama paved the way for illegals to have citizenship, even while pretending to be against illegal immigration (see him in video below). Any child can see that this is wrong, but certain judges are mentally-challenged on this one. Here's a right-on exposure from Mark Dice:

The supreme court is on the edge, only 5-4 in favor of traditional values, but not always, at times being only 4-5 for those values. We have seen what the world would look like under a full-scale Democrat legal system. The demons are fighting ever-so hard to make logical an illogical society. Trump is not the best man to fight this thing. He's too compromised by his own demonic influences. We would be naive to think that chief demons are not all over his White House seeking plots. Demons long ago moved into the White House for to make it their ordinary homes. This is what goes on there, demonic impulses entering the minds of presidents and their staffs.

The Republican party is where the traditional moralists have gravitated, yet their is a Godless camp in this party desirous of capitalizing on the Christian side. This is how I view Trump, as one offering lip service to the moralists but snuggling up to worldly men and women.

The structural Internet is controlled by far by the liberals, and as such demonic values are spreading into souls. The only fight that matters is the spread of ideas into souls of men. This is what the Light of God is, to cut through the "logic" of demons for to set things right. The only way this fight can be a close battle is where Christians pick up their torches and shine the Light into the liberal-run Internet. The wicked at Google, Facebook, Twitter and youtube can subdue our comments, but they can't subdue our numbers. The more they subdue our comments, the more numbers we need. You don't need to have a degree in theology to get online and start fighting by presenting the simple Light. Start by pointing out the hypocrisy of those who carry the torch for demonic values. Shame, Catholics, for voting Democrat, great shame. You will pay the price in the Judgment. Shame Mexican Catholics, for giving strength to the liberals in return for participating in the "American dream."

There is a bonding agent between people in a society. A society is not a society unless people are bonded. The purpose of nationalism / patriotism (it's a cult) is to act as the bonding agent, but God wants people bonding in Jesus. A world so bonded needs no borders, no nations. If anything merely human is the bonding agent, then the world will become as you see it now. Demons slip in and spoil with crimes against humanity. We are now to the point where demonic liberals wish to legislate crimes against humanity. Ask Ginsburg and Obama about that.

In my opinion, a father whose 12-year old daughter is being chased by an internet pervert should have the legal right to pretend to be the daughter, set up a meeting with the man, and, with the evidence on his computer as to what that man's intentions were, personally beat the daylights out of that man until he is near death, or better yet, dead. This was Old-Testament justice for a wise reason, to curb wicked activity. Molesters will soon learn that the girl they think they are talking to could be the father preparing the crow bar for his head. Today's police and courts have become spineless, wishy-washy, and now even supportive of the child chaser. It's often fruitless to depend on the police or the courts, and we are seeing this breakdown with the FBI, and with the spineless Trump whose good only for tweeting while he sees his own justice department looking more and more like a salamander. Chop Session in half, feed him to the crows, and put a man in there with a solid bone down his back.

In the news right now is a man who set up a meeting with a man wanting sex with his girl. When he got with the man, the father merely punched him in the face, leaving him to live. The man had the computer evidence against the pervert, but police refused to arrest him, and even the court took this attitude: "Rodriguez told local media he was upset Acosta was not detained for his crimes despite him showing proof of the messages. 'I made my statement before a judge. I told them everything, how it happened, I showed them the screenshots, what he had been sending to my little girl,' Rodríguez said. 'I don’t understand why they let him go. A person like this doesn’t deserve to be free.'" I kid you not, but if someone violates a court order, off with his head because the judge's self-respect is merely offended.

In the News

"The latest twist in the tangled tale of what happened between President Trump and an adult film star more than a decade ago has taken a new turn Tuesday, with Trump’s longtime personal lawyer claiming that he paid the porn star $130,000 out of his own pocket." This story is round-the-world news. Trump's lawyer betrayed him because the 130,000 was as per a contract to not disclose anything, and here the lawyer himself had made the admission. The porn witch is now saying that she's ready to talk. I say trump needs to resign, hand power over to Mike Pence. If Clinton should have resigned for adultery, Trump should resign faster for adultery with a disgusting porn witch. Woe is me if I call her a "star," as even Fox does...because Fox is a world animal, not of God. Christians need to make these distinctions, or else suffer a downcast look from Jesus. Is it wise for Christians to support a president who pays to sleep with porn demons? He has his own wife for to satisfy himself, the dirty dog. I have no idea why Melania is still with him. Do the right thing and leave him. Who's going to come to Trump's aid now, after he refused to go help Roy Moore? And that rush-to-judgment daughter, Ivanka, who openly trounced Moore, will she now trounce her father openly too? Why not?

Democrats: who cares if Clinton was an adulterer, so long as he's a good president? Is that how the Republican hypocrites will now treat Trump? If he cheats on his wife, he'll cheat on his voters too.

Unless Trump's lawyer (Michael Cohen) was acting purely to betray his client, logic dictates that the lawyer was forced to come out with this statement. The NY Times broke the story on Valentine's day, but, so far, I haven't read from anyone as to how the lawyer was made to reveal this information. Cohen was allowed to pose the release in a way that makes him appear to be helping Trump. But, obviously, this is a betrayal. The FBI, or Mueller, appears to have forced the statement out of Cohen, and I hope very much that he was caught due to illegal FBI spy powers, because Trump just signed a bill to reinforce spy powers, even while he knew that the spies were abusing their powers to spy on him. Trump therefore deserves to be spied on and ruined. He saw the abuse, and signed on for more abuse, the fool.

I assume the Times was leaked this information from the FBI. The Times has, I believe, not disclosed where it received Cohen's statement. Normally, a media discloses something, but in this case the Times must think it's fooling us by not mentioning a thing about where the statement was passed along from. I suppose that Trump is caught in a trap.

Here is Testing Time, Christians. The wicked Democrats are watching to see whether you will still support Trump. They will ridicule you if you do. And God will see it too. Make your choice, and make it the right one. Call for Trump to step down, and to hand power to Mr. Pence. There is such a thing as repentance, even for Trump. A man who repents shows bright signs of it. Trump has not shown it. Mr. Moore wanted Trump to look into a re-count possibility, but Trump chose friendship with the anti-Moore establishment for to pass the tax cuts for his own corporations. Do you think he took the great trouble to become the president to give you tax cuts?

You might not love Trump so much after seeing this short report, by Napolitano, on Trump's budget:

It sounds sickening for Trump to sign that budget, just as if he were an imposter all along. He wants to accomplish things, wonderful, with other peoples' money that they can't afford. And he's giving the banks a super-interest gift for a long time to come. Is this the new and great America? Napolitano says that Trump's budget will borrow six trillion dollars over the next few years (Napolitano says three years). Every trillion dollars is roughly $5,000 per American worker, plus interest. So, where are those tax breaks he promised? Gone like the wind to borrowed money. Trump's borrowing is no better than that of Obama. Much of the problem here is the military's desire to defeat Russia and control the world. If it sounds like lunacy, it probably is a duck.

What happens when the country can't pay its interest and debt bills? What banks take over the country at that time? I do not believe that most of the debt is from foreign countries. They would be nuts to lend this country more money in the state that it's in. We are being lied to as per who it is that supplies these monies. It could even be that the money is printed by the Federal Reserve (mafia bank house) so that the people pay back money unlawfully. If it's printed, the people should pay nothing, but if they collect taxes to pay for the printed money, out the window go the fewer tax breaks that Trump hopes to get re-elected on. This is a wicked fool. He has just revealed himself a wicked fool.

There are many who will tell us that the purpose of congress is to run the country deliberately aground financially so that a debtor, the Federal Reserve, can step in an control the country. That's where I would place George Bush and the CIA. But why has Trump just served their will? I suppose that the creditors might be too afraid to take the reigns of power openly, for fear of a massive rebellion, and for this they need greater spy powers, to control the rebellion. Congress has supplied them with greater spy powers, making Trump's CIA chief (war-hawk globalist) very happy, which was the mission of George Bush to begin with. We wonder whether the owners of the Reserve are integral to the shadow government. Some say, absolutely. Can the Reserve seize peoples' properties to pay back the debt? If it tries, there will be a rebellion. But we saw under Bush's banking scandal that there was a seizure of sorts of peoples' properties. And the large high-low swings in market / property prices serve these gamblers. Isn't Trump a lover of gambling? Trump's infrastructure money will probably go elsewhere. Obama did the same trick.

I am suspicious that some "Christian" Trump lovers in social media are fakes themselves, the purpose of which is to urge Christians to support him. It is unlike Christians to support Trump in all he does, but this is exactly how these social-media players act.

On Mike Pompeo (Trump's CIA chief): "In February 2017, Pompeo traveled to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. He met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss policy on Syria and ISIL. Pompeo honored the then-Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Nayef with the CIA's 'George Tenet' Medal". Question: since when does the CIA get involved in international policy? Of course it does, by it's not supposed to. That's the job of the state department. The CIA's job is to protect the country from foreign invasions. But here we see a glaring example of Trump allowing the CIA to visit the Middle East as though it were a diplomat or an ambassador. Trump thus supports the globalist, shadow government. From all that I can see of Pompeo, he's just like George Bush. Wouldn't we all like to know what Pompeo is up to, and who he's listening to when creating his foreign policy. What? The CIA's job is not to make foreign policy. But that's the shadow government ever since George Bush Sr. ran the CIA.

A Russian tank was hit by Americans recently, and there is a pipeline war now between the Americans and the Russia-Syria coalition. Is this the new CIA effort under Trump, a sign of things to come? Syria is targeting the rebel Syrians trying to control Syria's pipelines, and the US pipes up, saying, leave me alone, or else. The Americans have wormed their way into someone else's nation to seize pipeline dreams at the cost of world instability. This is still the Bush CIA, the self-willed, selfish intruder, heartless destroyer that no Christian can tolerate while remaining true to Jesus. Yet Pompeo attends a Presbyterian church, says his Wikipedia article, and even teaches Sunday-school class. It is altogether likely that Pompeo's task is to take ex-ISIS fighters, and re-can them into anti-Assad fighters specifically. Prior to the Bush invasion, the Middle East was quiet, and no threat to Israel. Now the world is edging close to the Armageddon cliff with the United States some 20 trillion dollars more in debt than when Bush became the president. Does all this seem to you like God's program?

The best foreign policy would have been to leave Russia alone. Let it have gas sales to Europe, and let it have pipelines through Syria. Respect it as a nation, and cease the cold-war rhetoric. The U.S. doesn't need to have a love affair with Russia, but simply needs to tolerate its existence. The CIA wants to topple the nation. Does that seem like a sane policy? Pompeo is a powder keg with a short fuse, and a harsher whip than Trump. The world is becoming frightened.

By all appearances, Putin relished a friendship with Trump, but the CIA sabotaged it, probably by feeding Trump anti-Russian propaganda in his daily briefings. Pompeo seems to be of that sort of persuasion. Imagine the difference in world climate now if Trump and Putin were working together against ISIS, and healing the rift in Syria. Instead, Trump promises MORE military spending, more debt, like a lunatic promising to end the reign of the previous lunatic.

Here's a scary thing out this week that looks cooked by the CIA and poured into Trumps' brain as though it were an empty bowl:

The White House called out the Russian government on Thursday claiming that they were responsible for a very destructive cyber-attack last year.

“In June 2017, the Russian military launched the most destructive and costly cyber-attack in history,” the White House said in a statement. “The attack, dubbed NotPetya, quickly spread worldwide, causing billions of dollars in damage across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.”

The attack was part of the Kremlin’s ongoing effort to destabilize Ukraine. The Trump administration believes that the NotPetya attack demonstrates Russias involvement in the ongoing conflict.

In response to the attack, the White House says that Russia will face “international consequences” but provided no additional guidance on what those might be.

Is this a joke? No, the CIA is serious. It's wanting all-out war with Russia.

The civil war in the Ukraine was created in the Western move to take away Putin's pipeline to Europe. Putin was only hoping that Trump would see the malady in that sort of strategy. The anti-Russians are very ugly people. It's fine to not trust ex-Soviet Russia until it can prove itself trustworthy, but the anti-Russians are completely mad. Trump was sane enough, before the election, to give Putin a chance, but the CIA and Mueller together have turned Trump into a quasi-madman. This president pulled the trigger on 60 missiles, wow, what fun. No use having all those beautiful missiles if you can't use them. "Look at me, I'm amazing; I shot 60 missiles at big, bad Assad." Ah, er, he means teensy-weensy Assad.

You had best talk to Jesus about those 60 missiles, Mr. Trump. This is not the way that men behave themselves if they want to enter Heaven, y'hear, Mr. Pompeo? You are trespassing on someone else's nation. You may demonize Assad all you want, but it's his nation, and his army thinks he's good enough to fight for. The Americans are making a stench of themselves in the Middle East, and now want to talk dirty against Russia. Way to go, you boys are brilliant.

"Russia denied responsibility for the NotPetya attack calling it part of a “Russophobic” western effort. NotPetya is estimated to have cost companies more than $1.2bn." The American military costs more than that every single day, more than half of the American tax dollars. This should be the dictionary definition of "madness." Make peace, and put the money to better use, and enjoy being sane in the meantime. If you boys are feeling uneasy, it's because you are mentally destabilized by your quest for globalism. When you break God's law, there is an inner uneasiness that is supposed to make you alter course. But you guys seem to like stepping foot into unbearable traps.

Had the West not picked a fight against Russia, we wouldn't be seeing this headline this week in Russia Today: "Washington no more: Palestine turns to Moscow for future Israel talks." It sounds as though Russia is celebrating this. We are now back 40 years, but with much-bigger nuclear weapons, and a trigger-happy American leader who's eager to show himself as the I'm-not-chicken president. The short of this looks like a Russia ready to openly turn against Israel on behalf of weakening American influence in the Middle East. The Americans expected Russia to roll over and play dead. Just because Russia is siding with Palestinians isn't cause to justify the United States, just because it favors Israel over Palestinians. Israel itself is directly under the Punishment Cloud as we speak.

The way to avoid Armageddon is by having respect for other nations. The Palestinians need to learn this lesson the hard way. Jerusalem belongs to Jesus. Israel does not belong to the Rothschilds or the CIA. Russia keep out. The Palestinians are free to migrate to another of the many Arab nations if they don't like Israel. This is the only acceptable way to fix the problem, a problem manufactured by Palestinians long ago. It's not our fault if Palestinians don't accept the God of Israel. We can't change the realities just because they are ignorant of them.

Respect Russia, allow it to sell its gas to Europe, and ignore Russian intrusions into Israel's business. Get out of Syria, allow Assad his country, but do not let him invade Israel. It's easier and cheaper to do it this way. The Russian people elected Putin three times, and Putin doesn't rule for American interests. You can't hate him just because he doesn't agree with American foreign policy. We need to be bigger than that. All this talk about America being better than Assad because America is a democracy is now exposed as a farce. The same that are the war hawks have seen that American politics is controlled much by dictators more demonic and dangerous than Assad. The demonism in the CIA is evident in the liberal media; they shine the same black light because they are of one black cloth.

I'm touching a little on different issues because I've been heavy on the dossier for a while. I'm ignoring the school shooting this week, on Valentine's day. I did see a Washington-Post video where a girl in a classroom sat, without moving, on the floor, with several gun shots through her shirt. It looked fake, because she shouldn't be motionless with all the pain expected from those bullet holes.

I'm not a supremacist, and I don't think "dreamers" should be allowed to remain in the United States, even if they were born in the country due to no fault of their own. If their mother had not violated the immigration laws, they would have been born in Mexico. Therefore, to send them back to Mexico at any time, as a child or an adult, is not a merciless, cruel act. It's just putting them back where they belong. If it's cruel to send them back to Mexico, it doesn't speak much for Mexico. Isn't the Mexican president offended by such talk from Democrats? If Trump speaks down on third-world countries for being poor, it's the devil speaking, but when Democrats argue that it's cruel to send a dreamer to Mexico, they want to be taken for saints.

Obama came out recently to attack Trump. There are two ways to look at it, and I choose the first option: 1) it's because there have been no arrests that Obama feels confident enough to lash out; 2) Obama fears so much about the fall of the DNC while Trump rises in the polls that he risked coming out to make public comments on behalf of DNC's fight against Trump. I don't think there is any risk, at the moment anyway. If they just let the criminals stay free, this fight will never end until the dragon has swallowed the country whole. They need to be made to believe that if they act corruptly, they will be jailed by Republicans. This will assure Republican victories, besides. So what is the problem, the hang-up? Are Republicans just fools?

One problem is the Bush Republicans, fools. Bush himself came out to lash against Trump last week, simultaneous with Obama. Bush lashed out against conspiracy theorists. I can readily see his concern, because these "cranks" (as Bush would us us see them) are wanting to have him exposed and jailed too. So, Obama and Bush together have become so concerned with the Nunes victory that they came out to take masked but obvious shots at Trump. To Trump's credit, he at least shows public support for congress' exposure. But why should Bush be concerned about that? Because Obama's foreign policy was in some partnership with the CIA's use of ISIS...for the Middle-East take-over started by Bush. Obama wanted to use ISIS to strengthen anti-Israeli forces, however, whereas the CIA wants to seize Middle-East wealth.

Look, this week:

Six intelligence officials, including the heads of the CIA, FBI, and NSA, have told the Senate Intelligence Committee that they would not recommend that U.S. citizens use smartphones from the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, reports CNBC. As FBI director Chris Wray told the committee:

Don't be fooled. Likely, the spies don't want you to use Chinese phones because they want you to use American phones that make it more effective for them to spy on you.

The longer that Trump leaves Chris Wray and Jeff Sessions installed, the more the dossier scandal starts to make Trump look bad. If he thinks that by tweeting and commenting on the dossier's criminality his full responsibility has been satisfied, he's like an imposter. Those who have broken laws in this matter cannot be arrested by city police forces. It is up to the FBI to make the arrests, and if the FBI will not, then there is only one person to appeal to, the FBI's boss, Donald Trump. It is his responsibility at this time to arrest the criminals, and the only way to do it is to fire Sessions and to get a new man who will make the arrests in spite of Wray's rebellion. Best thing, fire Wray too and install a new boss who sincerely wants to make the arrests. It doesn't matter if it costs the people 20 billion dollars to prosecute all the crimes because nothing is more important at this time than to send shivers up the upper levels of corrupt government.

Guaranteed, the longer Trump leaves Wray and Sessions in place, the more his own voters will start to view him as the chief criminal. I have seen his loyal supporters enraged against this president already. A president who harbors high-level criminals is a high-level criminal himself. Words are cheap, Mr. President. Start acting, or you're going to be loathed by your own voters.

Sessions this week was forced by the magnitude of the Florida shooting to start a probe against Wray's FBI. When will we hear the results of this probe, one day after the election? It could appear as though the FBI is so concerned with its political activism that it's not doing its job well against typical criminality.

As the shooting was in Broward county, it recalls the federal prosecutor (Beranton J. Whisenant) washed up dead at the ocean shore. The death was suspect by many as a murder from Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Here's a line from this week: "U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) released the following statement on the Broward County school shooting: 'As a Broward County resident for nearly 30 years and an elected official for most of that time..." The shooting may have been real, but we can expect faked photos and faked storylines from the deep state, if the deep state did this. On Whisenant: "'The investigation is still very preliminary,' Hollywood Police Department spokeswoman Miranda Grossman said, adding that detectives and the Broward medical examiner are 'still looking at it.'" That's why the murder is suspect with Wasserman. The latter's DNC paid for about half of the Steele dossier, and she was probably responsible for letting the money out.

The theory was that the man found dead was checking into the visas of the Pakistani's hired by Wasserman to work in congress, and they stole congressional secrets and even whole computer hard drives. Why have we heard nothing more on this? Is Sessions not appointing anyone to the task of discovery? Does he feel that this was a small crime? Does he not want to make waves for fear of being exposed for something on himself? This will tarnish Trump's legacy badly. Spies in congress hired by the DNC, a small crime? Obama, the anti-American goon bent on America's destruction, selling secrets to Pakistan? A small crime?

It's clear that Wray doesn't intend to charge anyone in the FBI. This Wray actually demanded from Trump and congress that the names in the Nunes memo be redacted (hidden), before the memo came out. It makes Wray a fellow criminal with those guilty in the memo. Sessions has no intention to remove Wray. Therefore, the responsibility to act is at Session's boss, the CEO of the government, Donald Trump. Will Trump be content with merely firing the law breakers? Then Trump is no man of justice, not serious about curing this cancer. The law breakers were snubbing their noses at the law, and if all they get is a loss of a job, these types will never cease breaking the laws. Why should we assume that the other Intelligence agencies don't have exactly the same law breakers? Those with powers to spy have extraordinary power over the nation, a disgusting criminal racket. What will this imposter-president do about it? Apparently, ZERO.

If Sessions is being manipulated, what makes us think that Horowitz hasn't been manipulated? If they have a second special council to look at the Nunes-discovered crimes, can't that be manipulated too? The better way is to have the FBI lay criminal charges in multiple cases, and to expose fully to the people, through those cases, what the facts are. Nothing can salvage some of the crippled democracy better, and in the meantime take some vast spy powers away from the spies. But we saw that Republicans voted for extra spy powers (spit!) just in-time before the Nunes memo was released. It looks hopeless.

At around the 2nd minute of the Hannity video below, there is an old scene with Gowdy asking John Brennan whether the dossier played any role in court proceedings. This was before anyone outside of congress knew the truth. You can tell that Gowdy knew the truth that Brennan was hiding. The point is, you can watch Brennan flat-out lying. Just look, and assume that Intelligence bosses do this routinely. Lying to congress is a crime, and Wray needs to charge him with a crime. The FBI cannot charge Trump people for lying to the FBI and then not charge FBI people for lying to congress. Wray, a disgusting hypocrite, will pay the price for not running the FBI properly. Ask: why does Hannity support Trump who's responsible for Wray? Establishment Republicans don't want Pence as president, do they?

The FBI man charged Flynn for lying to the FBI, but his lie (if it was a lie at all) pales in comparison to FBI chiefs lying to congress about the use of the dossier to deceive a FISA judge. And Wray pretends nothing wrong. And Trump so far has not acted as he should. It's almost clear, under these conditions, that Wray (or his backers) has forced into the open Trump's porn-witch scandal to make Trump think twice about so much as pointing an evil finger at Wray. In other words, Wray is using police power to play politics of his own, to leverage / influence the American president with something that looks like blackmail in progress. If Trump is so great, how did he manage to get that clown to sit as the FBI head?

Word has it that the second Nunes memo will include material on John Brennan, which drags the upper levels of the CIA into the dossier affair. Nunes will want to question Brennan on his perjury before Gowdy. We have yet to see whether Trump's choice for a new CIA director is another imposter, acting respectable but being in reality a supporter of the corrupt / lawless.

Here's something this week:

Justice Department official Bruce Ohr did not disclose Fusion GPS was paying his wife

...Willfully falsifying government ethics documents can result in jail time

Details are in the article. The story here is that Ohr was expected to dutifully claim a potential conflict-of-interest setting for himself. But apparently, he tried to hide it from the records, which trends to reveal that he knew he was doing wrong when taking the dossier from his wife to the FBI. What better things has Wray to prosecute than high-level crimes against the one who gave him his FBI job?

It seems blatant that Fusion GPS, the owners of the Steele dossier, hired Ohr's wife with the specific task of passing the dossier to the FBI through Mr. Ohr, a high-level DoJ man. Does that even remotely look like an criminal offense to Wray, especially when it's coupled with the FISA scandal before him? Why did Fusion need Mr. Ohr in order to pass the dossier to the FBI? Doesn't Fusion know how to use the phone, or mail a letter, all its lonesome? Yes, but a dossier sent to the FBI by Fusion not only carries little weight for to make the FBI take it seriously, it sits on criminal grounds because Hillary paid Fusion to produce the dossier. So, the long and the short of it must be that Obama's chief of the DoJ must have been the one behind Ohr in order to make the FBI take the dossier seriously. At the time, Obama's DoJ was Loretta Lynch.

The dossier still sat on criminal grounds with Lynch acting on its behalf, but the FBI can be trusted not to charge Lynch with a crime. Right? Right. And what was the crime? The crime involved the presidential candidate using the government to upset the opposing presidential candidate. Can smug Wray not see this? Go ahead, Mr. Wray, make the people laugh at you, clown.

Some say that Ohr acted on his own, without Lynch. Okay, but that uncertainty is all the more reason for Wray to investigate, in case Lynch was involved with the crime. And if Wray doesn't investigate, attorney generals in the future will feel more free, than under Eric Holder, to act corruptly, to use their positions to effect political change. The government in power then gets a free ticket to destroy the opposing party / candidate using all the tools available to government. A new name is needed for the Democrat party. That name is a deception.

Isn't Loretta Lynch the one who used the 5th to keep from answering questions from the oversight committees? Doesn't clown Wray know that anyone who takes that tack is guilty of something? How can Wray justify being the FBI boss if he goes after the thieves and drug dealers while leaving high-level corruption to infest government more than it's already infested? What kind of a police boss is that? Trump says, don't worry, the FBI is mainly good, it's just a few bad apples at the top...but look: Trump installed one of the clowns himself. Trump's responsible for two clowns that we know of, and so the continued infestation is his fault directly. He has the power to fix his mistakes, but does he have the character? Unless he acts, this will come round to bite his donkey, at which time I will be happy about it. I would be happier if he acts to cleanse, but if he doesn't, I will be happy to see him go under the water line with all the trolls seeking his demise.

The job of a clown is to entertain people. Wray is entertaining the entrenched insiders, making them feel very good so long as he's the boss. How did Wray become an imposter so soon? Ahh, he must have been one to begin with. Did Trump know it?

I can't tell you how it pains me to see "porn star." This is exactly the reason for Armageddon. You think not? You think I'm overboard? What news media uses "porn star" unless they respect such people? When the world respects porn witches, that's the Last Day. There is more wrong with a society that uses "porn star" than the porn witches. The entire society has gone demonic by the time that it uses "porn star," for this term urges the youth to strip naked before drunken sailors, exactly what end-timers will want to see, worse and worse. "Porn star" is equivalent to the raising of Sodomites to respect levels.

Mr. Priestap, the current boss at Counter Intelligence at the FBI, and the man directly over Peter Strzok, has reportedly betrayed the FBI over the FISA scandal. But so far, I don't know whether Priestap is a Democrat or Republican in the first place. The fact is, when Strzok started the Russian investigation, Priestap was his boss. The question is, therefore, whether Priestap was a leader in the quest to tarnish a presidential candidate. Otherwise, how did Strzok think he could get away with his program, and all of those anti-Trump texts? Didn't Priestap need to wink, or worse, with Strzok's program? And when Strzok was in McCabe's office talking about an insurance policy, where was Priestap physically (present?), and what was his thinking on the issue?

Did Priestap demote Strzok? Did Mueller get the credit for the demotion when it belongs to Priestap? Mueller doesn't have jurisdiction over Strzok's FBI job. Mueller had jurisdiction only over Strzok's participation in his special council on Trump-Russia collusion. Why hasn't Priestap appeared in the news in this FBI exposure? Why has he been in the dark shade all along? The rumor is that Priestap is talking with the Republicans to save his own skin. His Wikipedia puts it this way: "In the Nunes memo, released in February 2018, Priestap suggests the Trump–Russia dossier had not been completely investigated prior to their application for a FISA warrant to surveil U.S. citizen Carter Page." Uh-oh, the liberal media won't want to talk about him now. But what was his position initially on the dossier?

From Rieti Heraldry to CIA Director Tenet
, or
From Abruzzo to CIA Director John Brennan

In all my meandering over what I claim are God's signals for the exposure at hand, I have had no clue concerning a Priestap-like surname. There is even talk that his wife, Sabina Menschel, works for MOSAD (Israeli Intelligence). If her name is indication that she's from the imperial Flavians, see the Fly surname, from a Flavian location, and my fly-spider dream of last week, in the last update (link at top of page). Flavians were from Rieti (Lazio, land of the Ladon dragon, from Laish), and the Arms of Rieti uses a "pratus" motto term as well as fish in the colors of the Prude/Pride fish (lampreys). It's possible that Priests/Press' (Prude/Pride colors) were a Pratt / Prude branch. Rieti is near Abruzzo, and the Abreu's/Abruzzo's (Pritt/Pretty lion?) use two symbols of Presleys/Priestlys.

The Pratts (use this link to load all other Coats you want to see) and Flys share black rounds with footless martlets within! It's great verification now that Pratts are indeed in the motto of the Rieti Arms. Whenever you seen black roundels filled with items, the surname could be from the imperial Flavians. Fletchers/FLEGers use them too, and Flys are said to be from FLAGI, and alternative name of a Flavian location. The Pratts are useful for clinching the trace of this small Flavian location to emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. The Pratt mascles are evidence that the imperial line had merged with Masci liners, especially the Mussels/Muscels that use roundels in colors reversed. Pratts share the trefoil with Prude's/Prats/Praps ("spes"), and the latter's fesse is colors reversed from the same of Mussels/Muscels and Meschins/MASCULine's.

So, it may not be coincidental that Mr. Priestap married Sabina. Vespasian's father was Flavius Sabinus, and Rieti is at the Sabina mountains. The Sabine's who definitely trace to these Flavians were first found in Norfolk with Irish Pratts.

I see that Wikipedia has changed the Arms of Rieti to one with a blue background behind the fish, where once it was black or dark grey. Had I not seen the black background of this Arms, the revelation you just read on a Pratt trace to Rieti may not have been found, for the Prude fish had convinced me that the Arm's motto was for Pratts. Had I not been convinced, I probably would not have loaded Pratts in this update, to find them using the Fly pellets. It's timely because it was only in the last update that I noticed the Flavian location of Flys; if I had seen this before, I didn't make much of it at the time.

If that's a woman holding a banner, see Lady Fortune in the last update.

The color of the fretty is now that of Caens and Cave's. As Flavius Josephus was from a priestly family of Israel, while he betrayed his country to go over to Vespasian when the latter was attacking Israel in the run-up to 70 AD, it's likely that he wasn't alone amongst the priests that did so, for Israeli priests were the political rulers of the time. Rather than suffer death, the hypocritical priests could be expected to cut a money deal with Vespasian. The Cave's are thus suspect with the family of Joseph Caiaphas, the killer of Jesus.

The Fretty is code for Ferte-Mace, home of Masseys/Maceys / Masci's, who were from Laish. The "PeriMUS" motto term of Caens is expected for a Massey branch because Caen is in the Bessin, where Masci-liner Meschins were from. "PERimus" can be partly for Peare's because they share gold-on-red leopard faces with Caens. The "mural CORONet" of Caens is from mythical Coronis of PatMOS, in a line to the Ceraunii Illyrians, beside the Maezaei.

The "LICitis" motto term of Caens should be for leopard-face Lice's/Lees' (Pratt colors and format), a possible Laish liner from Lissus, home of the Cave-like Cavii Illyrians, whom I think named Caiaphas. Cave's share the greyhound with Lise's/Lys', and the other Lise's (Caen / Cave colors) were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs and Flys. Cavii are expected through Ceva, where Luis of Ceva was mother to Alice of Saluzzo (see her discussion in the last update as per my miraculous tomato-sauce jars that touched upon Lady Fortune). Lois' use the white ostrich, and Caens use five, white ostrich feathers, as do Scale's that share the CAPES scallops. These scallops are the Meschin / Tailbois scallops, likely, but in the colors of the MAUL scallops. Mauls and Malls are suspect with (not necessarily from) Malahule of More, the ancestor of the Bessin's rulers, including the first-known Meschin.

"LiCITIS" must also be for "Citis/Cetis," where Bassus' ruled who were also Bassianus', and they apparently named the Bessin. Julius Bassianus was the father of Julia Maesa (like "MAEAZAEi"), and she married Julius AVITus, suspect in such motto term as "videt," used by Cave's. Quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis, was wife to Laevillus, suspect from the Laish Levites.

The Mauls use their scallops also in red-on-white, the colors of the Sabine and Pully/Pullen scallops. Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire, same as Mauls), with the footless martlets of both French Josephs and Flys, were from Vespasia Polla, wife of Flavius Sabinus and mother of emperor Vespasian. You can't argue with the facts. Caracalla, son of the sister of Julius Bassianus (stationed in Dalmatia, home of Saraca's), became the Roman emperor when his father died (early 3rd century) in Yorkshire, where he himself was stationed in war against some Picts. I assume he had at least one woman in York by which to bear children and produce surnames. The Cracks/Cricks and Crags (share the Carrick talbot / dog) were first found in Yorkshire, can you believe it?

I always trace "Caracalla" to "Saraca," and here's the Saraca fish, now in both colors of the Rieti fish. I trace his name to Carricks, said to be from Craigs ("Vive"), and the latter almost use the "Vivo' motto term of Riggs. Whether Riggs are in the Maul motto or not, they are interesting for sharing the annulets of Ladys, suspect with Lady Fortune, whom I always trace to the Clausula river, location of Koplik, the line to Kopple's that share the black rooster with Riggs. The Kopple rooster (in the colors of the Jonathan roosters) always gives me the impression of the Joseph bird (use both a swan and a martlet).

Here's your secret weapon for tracing Laevi to "Laevillus." The Laevi Gauls founded Pavia, suspect with Pavers because they share the checks of Louviere's, and with the Arms of Maul-like Meulan. A daughter of a Beaumont, ruler of Meulan, married Gouel de Perceval of Leavell, and so we can see that Leavells/Lovells (same fesse as Caens) are a branch of Louviere's. There is a La Louviere location at Mons, the Hainaut capital, and the counts of Hainaut are the only ones I know of (after more than a decade of heraldry experience) who share the three Levi chevrons. You already have a whack of goods, but then the Louviere's use the wolf while it is thought that "Leavell" comes from a lupus- / lupellus-like wolf term, which it does not, but it just so happens that "Lupus" is one of the names of Mr. Laevillus.

Hainaut is in Flanders, home of Flemings, and they use the same checks too, while their German branch uses the wolf. Flanders is also the location of Lovell-like Louvains, who share the Mason lion. Pavers share the lozenges of Bricks (Massey / Lise/Lys fleur), they being from Ranulph de Briquessart, a ruler of the Bessin, a descendant of Malahule, and the father of the first-known Meschin. There you have that Laevi-Masci link again. At Wikipedia's article for Ranulph le Meschin (Briquessart's son), his lion is (or was) shown in the red-on-gold colors of the same of Mons'/Monts. Le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois, and the Tailbois' share the Maul scallops. Malls (same place as where le-Meschin ruled use the Massey quadrants in colors reversed, and these quadrants look like a giant form of the checks we say above with Laevi liners. Le Meschin's uncle, ruler of Chester, used the wolf head.

As Pavia was also Papia, there's a good chance that Pepin of Landen, in Flanders, was a Pavia liner. The Pepin and RasMUSSEN fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from the same of Banks while Mall are said to have developed into MalBANCs (at MOTTram). The Banks happen to use a version (though in Meschin colors) of the Petro Coat, and I feel satisfied that Petro's (compare with Rieti-line Reeds), though Spanish, were from Flavius Petro of Rieti. Parots are a branch of Peters, and parrots are used by Pavia-suspect Peeble's and Peter-possible Pettys (Fast quadrants, trace to Piedmont's Vasto's). It was only a few months ago that I stumbled on Pierro's, first found in Pavia. Note how English Perrots (pears, can be code for Peare's/Pears) have a Coat reflecting the Louviere Coat.

William Meschin, brother of le Meschin, married Skiptons of Craven (Yorkshire), explaining why Banks were in Craven. Julius Bassianus was stationed in Dalmatia by Caracalla, and, again, the latter became the emperor in Yorkshire. Did he birth Cravens? Or were Cravens closely related to him from the beginning? It just so happens that Dalmatia touches upon modern Croatia, and Croatians are called, KRVati, like "CRAVen." Why does the Yorkshire surname use a besant?

As you can read at the bank page, the Bank manor at Craven went to the Holme's ("vide" motto term, no guff) by marriage, and the annulet-like wreath in the Holmes canton is in both colors of the giant annulet of Vito's, from Julius Avitus, the husband of Julia Maesa Bassianus. The full Holme motto is that of the Nichols, first found in Cheshire with Malls and Masseys/Maceys. And the "sed" motto term of Holme's has traced well to Yorkshire's Sedburgh, named by a potential branch of Seatons. The full Holme motto is that also of Beaumonts/BELLmonts (Mason kin), and Leavells share the red-on-white fesse with Buttons who in-turn share the chapeau (cap, owned by Capelli's) with Holme's. So, expect Beaumonts at Meulan to have been Avitus / Bassianus liners.

Now the Wreath surname is listed with Cree's/Crae's, who always give me the impression of being from Crete. This is where the Cricks/Cracks can come in, who, though forming a Caracalla-like variation, also have a variation like the Crichtons/CREIGHTons. One or two Cree surnames show Crete- / Creight-like variations too. Crichtons/Creightons are suspect with Irish-Scot Cruithne/Cruithen, potential Curetes from Crete. The Italian Sabines had a Quirites cult.

It just so happens that Mauls share the green dragon with Crichtons/Creightons and Seatons/Sittens, the latter two both first found in Lotan-like Lothian. Hang on to your chair. The Minoan Cretans, and possibly others such as Curetes, were from Tyre, on the northern edge of Israel, and very near Laish (Phoenicia, due east of Tyre). Myth had a Tyro, wife of Cretheus, we get it. But Sidon was also part of that mythology, and Sittens are suspect with Sidonians. Laish was a Sidonian city. Therefore, if Seatons trace through Crete while sharing a green dragon with Cretheus-like Creightons, what might Mauls have been when going through Crete?

Zeus was birthed by Rhea of Crete, and Cree's even use a Rae variation. Zeus was looked after, as an infant on Crete, by AMALthea (honey and goat-horn symbols). Could that be the line to Mauls and Malls? I've been identifying Amalthea for years with the nasty AMALekites of Israel. And they were birthed by Amalek, son of Esau's son with Timna, the sister of Lothian-like Lotan. Therefore, as Seatons and Creightons were first found in Lothian while sharing the green dragon with Mauls, it stands to reason that Mauls were from Amalekites.

The AMORites at Jerusalem likely named mount Moriah, and Mauls come up as "MORley." It could appear to be an Amorite-Amalekite merger. Malls are also MARLYbone's, and they were first found in the same place as Marleys, yet they are said to be from Morley-like Morlaix. Laish was beside ancient Daphne, and mythical Daphne was at the Lotan-like Ladon river, and she had a dolphin symbol that went to Dauphine, and to the Marleys. The Pans/Payens, from the Panias location beside Laish and Daphne, were first found in Dauphine. Their Pagan variation went to Yorkshire's Paganells. And the Paine's/Payne were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds whose Coat looks much like a Meschin merger.

David Morley appeared in my dream from God (trust me), riding down a hill on his motorbike. Many months later, I realized that this hill could also be code for the Banks, as in an embankment = a hill / slope. It just so happens that while Morleys share the symbol of Morlands, and with the Aids in the Levi motto, Morlands use their fleur-de-lys- in both colors of the Bank fleur. Morlands are said to have had a MAULey branch. It says that the Mauleys claimed UGthorpe of Yorkshire as their ancient home, and then the Biblical king OG ruled the Rephaites, who named a Rephaite valley in Jerusalem. Rephaites are highly suspect with Ralphs/Ruffs (and heraldic ravens), a Norman name of the Rollo / Malahule people group.

It appears that the Edomite descendants of Amalek had joined the Sidonians / Levites / proto-Danaans of Laish. But hang on to your bull, because I'm not done. The Mauley estate suspect from Og passed to the Bigods by marriage, and then to Ratcliffs. The latter share a black bull with Walerans, from Waleran de Leavell, son of Gouel de Percival met above. Sharing black bulls is not all, for we find that Ratcliffs were at the manor of Whalley, and Whalleys use three whales in both colors of the three Waleran bull heads, and in the colors of the three wolf heads of Quade's, the latter from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Laevillus. You can't argue with the facts. Note how the gold crown around the neck of the Ratcliff bull head is like the gold collar and chain around the Quade wolf head.

Beaumonts (probably the Montfort lion as per Simon de Montfort) use a bull head in Crest, assurance that Walerans were from Waleran de Leavell.

The question then is, who passed the white-on-black mascle to Whalleys? That's the symbol of the Rieti-line Pratts, which can help to clinch the Bank Coat with the Petro Coat. If you check the CLAVERs (Meschin colors and format), you will see the PLUNKETT tower...because GLAPHYRa Archelaus was the gr-gr-grandmother of PLANCia Magna. Another line from Glaphyra married Quadratilla's father, bringing us to Laevillus again. Well, Clavers are Cleevers, and Cleve's are Cliffs (share the Quade wolf heads), making RatCLIFFs suspect from a line of Glaphyra. Wasn't that fun? I've never known the Perro's (two 'r's) before, and they use the Quade wolf heads!!! That traces Quadratilla to the Pero's / Pierro's at Paver-suspect Pavia! Bingo.

Ratcliffs were first found in Lancashire with LIVERpool and Levers/Livers, the latter sharing the double-black bends of Ratcliffs. It makes Levers suspect as yet another Laevillus line. Of interest here is that the Rat cross is a colors-reversed version of the Bank cross, making Rats look like Rieti liners. Rieti was also Reate. Amazing. Rats were first found in Nairnshire with Rose's, and Avezzano's, from Avezzano up-river from Rieti, use the rose, and trace to Avesnes (without doubt), near Hainaut. The rat cross is in the colors of the Moline/Moulins cross.

The Avezzano-line Avisons are in the Kennedy motto, and Kennedys were from Cetis' Kennati priests (of Ajax), suspect from the Biblical Kenites that Moses married. We should expect the pagan Levites of Laish with the Kenites, for Moses was a Levite. So, we could expect the Levite line to accompany the Kenites to Cetis, and that's where Lupus Laevillus ruled with Quadratilla. The Kennedy motto is "Avise la fin," part-code for Lafins/La Fonts, first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys (helmet, symbol of Holme-like Helms). La Fonts share the lion of both Conte's and Millers/Mellents, and Meulan was also, Mellent. French Conte's were first found in the same place as Fonda's/Font-de-Ville's (flag = Flavian line to Flagi of the Flys), and it just so happens that the Whalleys (suspect with the Pratt mascle for a trace to the Rieti motto term, "Pratus") use a "proFUNDis" motto term. "PROfundis" can be suspect with the Pero's (comet-like "flaming stars"), first found in Piedmont with Pierro's, the latter first found in Pavia. Perfect. I've never really known what the heraldic "pro" is code for. It's used lots.

Note how "Parrot" is much like "Pratt." Parrots are said to be from Thorp Perrot Hall, recalling the UGthorp location of Mauleys (Morlands). The Mauls are the ones sharing the Sabine / Pully scallops. Thorp Parrot is at a village of Snape, and Snape's are listed with Snipe's (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's/PEARs), suspect with the "PAIR of snips" of Meullers/MEULANs, can we believe it? It looks like Mauls were Meulan liners. As Millers/Mellents are also Milans, Amalekites may have named Italy's Milan. English Millens/Mullens use crescents in colors reversed from those of Oliphants, suspect with "Eliphas," Amalek's Edomite father. The Elaphiti islands are smack beside the Ragusa location of Saraca's, which location was also, Laus(a), probably a Laish line. Millens/Mullens may be using the crescents of green-dragon Seatons, and Millers (same place as green-dragon KilPatricks) share the moline cross with Moline's/Moulins'. All Amalekite suspects.

LADy Fortune became suspect with Ladon liners at the end of the last update, thanks to Classico tomato sauce. It's a long story. Fortune's share gyronny with Titus', and can be a branch of Sforza's. The latter took the titles of the Milan VisCONTI's, and Conti's share the Millen/Mellent/MILAN lion. VISconti's are suspect from Vis, an island near Pharisee-suspect Pharia, and Sforza's may have been Pharia liners. Sforza's almost use the lion of Rieti-line Rita's (Rome, LAZio, home of LATINs, same place as Sforza's). The Sforza lion holds a quince, and Ladys/Laudymans were first found in Northampton with Quince's. You can't argue with the facts. Lady Fortune of the Class'/Klassens was a Sforza liner. German Fortuna's share the Sforza lion, and it too holds an item, a club, code for Clubs (probably the Saraca fish), a Glaphyra suspect. In colors reversed, the Lady annulets are red, the color of the Vito annulet. Why were Vito's first found in Treviso? Ottone's use annulets too.

In the last update, I talked about the two jars I sleep with, one Classico tomato sauce, and the other President's Choice tomato sauce. It turned out that this was to be understood as spaghetti sauce for the spaghetti-like Speccot/Spacott surname (same place as Spice's/Spicers), very clever of God to have set that up, for Specks/Spocks/Spicks share the giant and double-headed eagle of Choice's/Joyce's. The Classico jar had "Atlas" engraved upon it, and that was the Pisidian liner to Pisa, location of the Ladon river. Thus, Lady Fortune in the Class/Klassen Coat is part of Ladons-dragon liners. The Olympics, which use rings for a logo, should link to the Lady annulets (rings), for the original Olympics were at Elis of Pisa.

There was more to this jar miracle. As there is no President surname coming up, where God could have arranged one if he wanted it, it may be that the PRESident's Choice sauce was code for a president, perhaps Trump due to Sean Spicer having been his previous PRESS secretary, or Obama due to his having been on the board of the Joyce Foundation. The Speccots share the Keep bend, and Jeepma's/Cheps share a double-headed eagle with Specks/Spocks/Spicks, the latter using it in red, the color of the giant FERTE eagle, a surname likely in the Frets of Speccots/Spacotts.

Trump's advisor and perhaps sex target, Hope Charlotte Hicks, was a major investigation in the last update, and while "spes" (Hope motto term) means "hope," the Speccots come up as "Space"...which recalls the Illuminati-suspect Star Trek, which featured "doctor Spock," who in one Star-Trek movie killed God. Spock was played by Leonard Nimoy , and that surname is with Nemo's (Speccot colors) in the Poindexter motto. Poindexter's use the Fist/FAUST fist, and the Speccot frets therefore traced to MontFERRAT, who put out the Faust-suspect VASTo's and probably the comet-using Reines'. German Hope's (anchor) are also Hoods, and the English Hoods (anchor, same place as fret-using Speccots) got suspect with the HODnets that share the FAST quadrants while Fasts share a bend with symbols looking like the same of Speccots.

In an ancient dream of mine, Charlotte Hicks with RENA middle name stood at the hood of a car, but when I arrived to the car, she was asleep within it, for a voice behind me said, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Hodnets, and "HodNET" got suspect with Nitts/Naughts / Natts/Nathans, from the Nith river, where her husband's surname (KilPatrick) had a castle. The Nitts/Naughts are suspect with the lions of Rena-like Raines', and Hodnets therefore look like a Hood-KilPatrick merger, explaining why Miss Hicks was at the hood. Something in the dream is suspect with Hope Charlotte Hicks. I'll let you know when that something happens or comes to mind.

The sauce has been suggested as code for the Saws/Shaws (share dagger with Comyns/Commings and Kilpatricks), who look like a branch of the Schaw variation of Shows (Oliphant crescents) in the "show" motto term of Nemo's/Nimoys. The Shaw write-up says that the Comyns/Cummings leased their lands at ROTHIEmurchus, and the three Comyn/Comming symbols are in the colors of the three of Shaws and Comets. Keep Pero's on the brain, as well as Reines' suspect with Renier/Rainier of Montferrat, in Piedmont along with the first-known Pero's that use the Reines comet as "flaming stars," very likely code for the Stars in the code, "Star Trek." A Terek river in Caucasia was home to early Khazars (traces to the Glass / Moray mermaid), and is the location of STEPHANtsminda, while Stephensons were first found in the same place as Rothschild-liner RODDENs/Rodhams, and they share the same bend along with Smoke's/Rauch's and Griners (see significance of the latter two in the last update). Star Trek was created by Gene RODDENbury.

ROTHIEmurchus is suspect with Rothes castle in Moray, and with Rothesay, the island of Bute / Avalon where the mermaid was, according to Nicholas de Vere, an Illuminatist-like character. Glass' were first found in Buteshire, and Avalon's witch cult was mythicized as Morgan le Fay. In the meantime, Irish Duffs share the Morgan / Moor lion, colors reversed from the same of Terek-like Tracks/Tricks and the Lorraine's that share a bend-with-symbols in the colors of the same of Speccots and Fasts. Peter Pollock built Rothes castle, and his first name is from the line of Flavius Petro, and therefore can go to the Pero's / Pierro's at Pavia. Proto-Rothschild Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire with the PERRot/Parrot-line Peeble's. Trace "Pavia" to "Peeble's, and find the Peeble's sharing green parrots with Pettys, who share the quadrants of Fasts, HodNETs and the Arms of Rothschild. The Pettys also use the compass NEEDle while Nations/Nathans use compass. Rothschilds were kin to DEUSters/Dusters, and "Deus" is used by the Perthshire Duffs, in the same place as Shaws, and beside Rothes castle, while the Shaw write-up says that they descended from Duffs...suspect with Daphne of the Ladon river.

Nations/Nathan are in the carnations of Papers/Papperwalls that were in God's code for the cockroaches behind the wallpaper in Crystal City, where my Nissan developed black smoke as code for Smoke's/Rauch's, who not only share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'), suspect with the Duster Coat, but share the use of a bend-only with Griners. Crystal Griner was the police officer supposedly shot trying to protect Steve Scalise when he was shot in ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, about two months from the faked car crash in CHARLOTTESville, Virginia. Keep those capitalized terms in mind.

On an April afternoon a few hours after crossing a border, headed to Galveston though Baytown, I had an omen, a bad sense of impending doom, when seeing a tiny cloud covering the sun. That night (1 am) I was mugged in Galveston, and suffered severe fear. By a miracle in which the their couldn't start the vehicle, I got away unscathed. I was at Crystal City later that same day (after the mugging). I had passed the home of Charlotte Rena Hicks at Baytown, and she was going to church in Crystal City, yet I had never seen nor known her. I first saw her on Christmas day later that year. Christmas' use the white rabbit, as do Esquers suspect in the Poindexter Crest. I believe that my trip to Crystal City, not very far from where judge Scalia was murdered, on a ranch of John B Poindexter, was commissioned by God to make this revelation. Scalia's are listed with Scalise's.

Steve Scalise is a Louisiana politician, and I had crossed from Louisiana into Texas after driving down the road through ALEXANDRIA (Louisiana). On a ferry crossing the Mississippi, in Mississippi, I had asked someone where the best place to see the Gulf of Mexico was, and he/she suggested Galveston. That's why I was headed there. Steve Scalise was shot in Alexandria, Virginia. I had the omen soon after crossing from Louisiana into Texas. The question had been whether the omen took place at Alexandria, but this was before I knew that Scalise was shot in another Alexandria. In the past, I got the timing wrong because I was not looking at a map correctly; I now say that the omen happened in the Beaumont area, some two or three hours after passing Alexandria, and some two or three hours from Galveston.

Scalise was born in New Orleans with Donna Brazile (interim boss at the DNC). The omen looked just like a Jeffrey Crest (Peebles-shire), and this was found in the Lease Coat while "Lease" is the middle name of Donna Brazile. I once rented a booth at an international fencing trade show, in New Orleans, with a new fence-post idea I wanted to test for marketing. The BAUMgartners use a fence, and Baums with Beaumonts/BAUMeaux's were first found in the same place (Dauphine). This is so important that I'm going to give details on where the omen took place. The name of the fence post was, "Pillar Post," and Pillars are listed with Pilots while Mont Pilat is probably in old Dauphine. According to the obituary of Miss Hick's husband at Baytown, he was a pilot.

The 1st update of last November had the Pillar Post material:

...More amazing is that Scottish Jeffreys, who use a small cloud over a sun (exactly the omen), use a "Post" motto term, as well as sharing six pale bars with Klees'/Clays! I didn't expect this to work out so well so soon, with a fence-POST connection to the Texas trip's omen...And the post was called, Pillar Post, while Pillars/Pilots share the Coat of Welsh Jeffreys!!! Wow.

The Klees were important because a Mr. Klees was the Pillar Post's corporate partner at the time of my trade show. So, God even had me invent a fence-post product for this revelation. I spent clear over $20,000, and others spent over $10,000, with no success. But I may yet try to market it in the near future with a new angle of marketing approach.

I knew that I had freshly entered Texas when the cloud covered the sun. The sun was to my front, but out the driver's side window too. It was late afternoon, the sun getting low, a couple of hours from sunset (it was mid-to-late April). Had I been moving south-west on the road through Alexandria, the sun would have been in my front windshield. But it was not; instead it was out the driver's side windshield, which puts me on a western direction on the road through Beaumont to Baytown. Beaumont is less than 50 miles after the Louisiana border, about an hour.

It was dark when entering Galveston. I recall being nervous, while dark on the approach. I saw the seashore in Galveston, but it was dark, no good. The waves looked menacing. From Beaumont to the entry into Galveston, it's about 100 miles through less-then-freeway conditions, or about three hours. That seems about perfect for entering Galveston after sunset where the Omen was with the sun more than half way to the horizon. That morning I was on a Mississippi-river ferry (with the truck), probably at Greenville, and that's about 450 miles from Galveston, or about seven hours without breaks. The road from Greenville to Beaumont does go through Alexandria, and there is a ferry at Greenville for bringing vehicles across.

So, there you have it, the omen occurring at or near Beaumont while French Beaumonts are BAUM liners while Baumgartners use a fence (with posts). The Dauphine Baums use a dancette in the colors of the pale bars of the Dance/DONNA/Donnas surname (Piedmont). God woke me up with a Sign one night to say that I should look at Donna Brazile in the Don surname (double Nissan fesses in colors reversed), which not only uses a "dona" motto term, but an omen-like "OMNia" term. There's more, for the Lease's with a picture of the omen use a possible version of the Louviere Coat while Louviere's are a Leavell branch while a daughter of the Beaumonts married either Gouel de Perceval of Leavell, or his son, Waleran o Leavell (I forget which).

The Perrots who use a reflection of the Louviere Coat share the Pillar/Pilot and Jeffrey lion while the other Jeffreys share the omen with Lease's. The Hampshire Lise's share six pale bars with the omen-using Jeffreys, and a red fesse with Leavells, as though God may want to point to Laish liners with DONNA Brazile. Laish was called, Dan, after the pagan Levite moved into the city.

I can't recall the surname using a "teneBRAS" motto term, but Brazile's use "tenebris" and "Clarior," while Scottish Lise's share the Claren / Clare chevrons. "Bris" may be for Brisons (probably share the Pilate pheon), a branch of Brix's, for Mont Pilat is neat MontBRISON. It's just that Brazile's ancestry is in the BRASwells.

Aha! The Bris/Brix Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Paver Shield while the latter share the Louviere checks! It looks like God set the omen up at Beaumont to finger Donna Brazile for something, perhaps in relation to the shooting of Steve Scalise. She was succeeded at the DNC by Tom Perez, with a surname listed with Petro's. The French Vaux's/BelliVaux's use Pilate-suspect billets, and were first found in Burgundy with Pilate's.

The Saws/Shaws we saw, who come up as Seth, share the Pellet / Pilotte cups (recalls that Flavian liners use pellets). SETH Rich was murdered about two weeks before Donna Brazile took over from the disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz. God showed me that Joel, owner of a white Rabbit Volkswagen, applied to Donna Brazile, and "Joel" is like "Gouel." Jeffreys are using the pale bars of German Julians, and Joels have figured solidly as Julian liners.

I drove the Nissan when the omen took place, and while Parrs share the double fesses of Nissans for to indicate PHARnaces of Pontus (and PONTIUS Pilate) and his wife, Nysa, my patent agent on the fence post was Mrs. Parson. Parsons share the leopard faces of Peare's/Pears/Pearl's, and Christine Peare was in a dream where I pulled her from the waist as established code for Waistells/Wessels, suspect from Vestalis, grandson of king Donnus (Piedmont), suspect with the Dance/Donna/Donnas surname (Piedmont). Miss Peare was in a MALL at that time, resolved definitely with Mauls. Assume Peare's and Parsons from the Piedmont Pero's / Pierro's.

I've not had reason to see Beaumonts as Baum liners before. If Baums were from Bamberg, that's where Poppo I was the founder of Babenbergs, and as such Papia/Pavia may apply to Baums / Beaumonts. Banburys come up as Bamburgs, and were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

After writing the section above, a couple of days went by where I did the news at the top of this update. I then found myself at the Wikipedia article for John Brennan, and clicked from there to the article on former CIA director, George Tenet, wondering whether Tenets are listed with Tenants. Tenants were in the last update with some details or clues from a tenant of mine that briefly brought the topic to a Valentine's-day theme, and here on Valentine's day it seems that Intelligence people leaked a nasty scandal against Trump, on the same day as the mass-shooting in Florida.

TENETS are listed with Denets with a "PRO DEI proviDENTium" motto, suggesting a branch of Dents / Dance's, and so the "Pro" part looks very connectable between Italian Dance's/Donnas' and Pero's. We read that one of the earliest of this bunch was Mr. Dynot of Oxfordshire, where Peare's were first found, and Christine Peare is code for Waistells, suspect from the line of king Donnus.

I have always had trouble with the "PROVIDentiam" motto term, because there is no Prove surname, but, this time, I tried for Provits and got the Prophets/ProFETTs (same place as Fothes'/Fette's), suspect with Foetes/Fussen / Foot / Fothes'/Fette liners, not to mention the Cheney-beloved Feets/Fate's. This was interesting because the Prophet leg (in the Arms of Fussen) is in the Leak/Leakey Crest so as to bring us back to Miss Hicks Knee-Leak theme on the 2002 memorial for 9-11. George Tenet was the CIA director on September 11, 2001.

Plus, Miss Hicks considered herself a prophet. When she spoke a message of God in the first person, as though God were speaking the very words through her, I walked out of church in the middle of it, and didn't return for a month, as a protest. She tried it a second time shortly afterward, but bombed, and never did it again. So, she thought herself to be a special prophet. I am therefore convinced already that the Sign of her knee on the Leakey road was meant to include George Tenet's criminal activities at 9-11.

Her son married a Miss Carleton, and English Carletons happen to use a bend with three white mascles, virtually the Dent bend with three white lozenges. Is this verification that George Tenet is the object? Welsh Carletons can be with the Legh/Lee Coat. The Charlotte-like Charltons (Whitton of Shropshire) are in a Carleton write-up. The water bouget of Whittons is called a "water CARRier," probably code for Carys, a potential Charles branch. In fact, Carys use a bend-with-roses in the colors of the bend-with-mascles of Carletons.

This drags in the AXE-using Danners, for Scottish Daniels are Danners too. The Axe river is partially in Somerset, while Carys (Somerset) are of the Cary river there (home of Leavells). It's just that Miss Carleton is Danielle. As I trace the Axe river to the Axius river of Paionians, note that Paionian-liner Paine's are in this Wikipedia quote: "The River Cary has its source at Park Pond in Castle Cary, and then flows southwest...Cary FitzPAINE. It then flows northwest through CHARLTON MACKRELL to the north of Somerton..." Mackrells ("pro") look like Cary / Kerrel liners.

A Paine-Cary merger is evident in that quote, and Miss Hicks was with a CAR in my dream. Paine's were first found in Somerset, and share white lozenges with Dents. When I was in Texas, a male friend, Cary, flew in from Hawaii to visit. Why Hawaii? Was this to point to Obama?

The interesting thing here is that while Obama's father-in-law (Mr. Dunham) married Madelyn Lee Payne, the Irish Carys (MASCHI lion?) can be using the Dunham / Singletary spear (Dunhams named Dunham-MASCI). Singletarys then use the three Water chevrons in colors reversed while Waters are expected in a merger with Carys as per the water carrier of Whittons, suspect with the Whitton location of Carletons. The Carleton lion can even be the Rand lion, the latter having the three Singletary chevrons on its shoulder, for Jonathan Singletary renamed himself with a Dunham surname, which in-turn shares the English RANDolph Coat. Jonathan's line went to Obama while including a marriage with Randolphs (genealogy online). Scottish Randolphs are suspect with the Somerset Baths, and while Bidens are said to have been at Somerset's Bath and Wells, Obama chose Joseph Biden for his president. An Axe river in Somerset starts at Wells.

You can verify online that Danielle Carleton is listed as a relative of Charlotte Kilpatrick (i.e. Miss Hicks). I find it amazing here that Carletons share the white unicorn head in Crest with Scottish Daniels/Danners while the latter has lozenges in colors reversed from the Dent lozenges and the similar Carleton mascles. I didn't name Danielle Carleton or her father, Daniel, and I didn't cause her to marry a son of Miss Hicks. The Hicks were at Somerset's Clapton, on the border of Gloucestershire, and the latter is where the Scottish Daniels were first found.

By the way, whatever we thought of Dams/Damanns (Dancette), as to their origins, they use the pierced stars of French Daniels/Danets. Daniel liners look like a hit on Tenets/Denets and Dents / Dance's. With Damanns, the Dumnonii founders of Somerset and Devon are coming to mind. DUNhams use the dancette too.

I would not have known who Daniel and Danielle were but for standing beside Mr. Carleton at church one day. I didn't know his name until then, or who is daughter was. He was friendly to me that day. After church, he introduced me to the most-beautiful girl (his words), his daughter, fiancee of Miss Hicks' son. I recall that his name was Daniel, I feel sure, and he was the contractor for the building of Miss Hicks home. It seems that that day was set up by God for what you are reading here. I've not known this Carleton link to Dents before today, and it's because, last night, I found Daniel Carleton (in his 60s), listed as a relative of Danielle Carleton in her 30s, having the same home as Miss Hicks, which assumes that they are now married.

It bothers me greatly that the Hicks dream gave the impression that she would become my wife. I am contorted by this, I simply cannot fathom it. The dream was so long ago, and there is so much evidence that she would become my wife. It gives me the creeps to think that a dream this powerful can be a false message more from demons than from God. How can demons know the future? It bothers me further that I do not want a false-prophet as a wife. It bothers me further that we are now in our 60s and still no fulfillment. Therefore, when she rose into my arms the second my hand grazed her knee, it must have been intended as something other than a promise of our marriage. A voice behind me directed me to go wake her up because it's me she loves. There can be no other message besides marriage, yet if that part never comes to pass, how can I think that the dream is filled with surname codes, and messages toward the end-time deep state? I'm more than perplexed. I'm worried that I may be way off on the merits of this dream.

Miss Hicks was hovering in a car when my right hand (Hand symbol) grazed her knee, and cars use a motto suspect with Sere's, Seers and Zerrs/Zehrers (AXE), the latter suspect with Zahringers of Baden while Battens/Badens (hand), first found in Somerset, share the axe (same colors, Hand colors) with Danners, first found in Baden. I can go one further where Danielle Carleton married Cody while Codys are listed with ArchDeacons/Archdickens while more axes are used by Deacons and Decans. It's not easy or expected to get so many surname links as mere coincidences.

There are two Axe rivers in Somerset, one flowing to neighboring Devon and its Seaton location. This Seaton location is therefore suspect with the "sed" motto term of Cars, but its also suspect with Sedburgh of the Dents. The other Axe river, the one starting at Wells, has a source more specifically at Wookey, and Wookey-surname variations look like they can be a branch of Buckets, interesting where the water carrier of Carleton-suspect kin is usually called a "water bouget," suspect with Buckets. Wikipedia can suggest that Seaton was a Fly / Flag/Flack line of the Fleet kind: "In Saxon times Seaton was known as Fluta or Fleet, the Saxon word for creek." I beg to differ with historians who think that roughly half of all place names are derived in some form of geographical term.

Roses use water bougets while Pierro's use roses while Pero's, suspect in "pro" motto terms shared by Mackrells, were first found in the same place as Pierro's. This is extremely telling because Pierro's were first found on the Ticino river with Laevi Gauls while Leavells (kin of and Pierce's/Piers and Percivals) are said to have been of Cary Castle while the latter's Cary river flows through Charlton Mackrell.

Aha! The Mackrell/MacKERREL description uses "march," for the Marici co-founders of Pavia along with the Laevi! It's clear. Nemo's/NewMARCH's were first found in the same place as Caiaphas-suspect Chappes'.

Miss Hicks was asleep in the CAR, code for the sleeping theme of the Carian moon goddess. The Karens/Kerns and Roets share the sleeping moon, underscoring the importance of KERRELs sharing the Coat, possibly, of Irish Kerns. Cars are also Kerrs. The Carns/Karns use the Well pelican in gold! It's dragging Pellican liners to the Cary river at Wells, recalling my insistence that Pellicans were at Somerset's Clapton, near Wells. The Hicks married the pelican-using Arthurs of Clapton. Pellicans are a branch of Pullys/Pullens, and there is a Pully location on the shore of lake Geneva.

The Ginsburgs/Ganzburg/GENTSchbergs, by the way, use buckets, and you may want to remember this surname when George Tenet leads to John Brennan below, and he to the Gain surname. The Ghents use the Chief of Seaton-liner Side's. Please read on until Ruth GINsburg comes up in this same discussion with GENeva, Miss Hicks' daughter. Ginsburgs use buckets while Hicks' use the buck.

So, George Tenet can be suspect with God's codes surrounding Miss Hicks, especially since Tenet suspects came up with the family married by Miss Hicks' son. His name is in the Cody/Archdeacon surname that shares three black chevrons with Levi's, first found in the same place as French Chappes'. As I went on investigating Tenets, I came across the Dee's irrespective of the "Dei" motto term of Tenets, and Dee's use a "Hic labor" motto! Excellent. "Labor" is in the motto of Ticino-line Mackrells.

Here's how the Dee's came to topic. I first loaded Provence's as per the Tenet motto, and wondered how they could link to Carrick liners due to the Provits/Prophets being suspect with Adam Kilconquhar. I was able to glean that the Prophet Coat (one upright arrow in Crest) is a leg version of the Adam arrow, and I trace Adams to Adam Kilconquhar, husband of Marjory Carrick. The Craigie's (branch of Craigs, root of Carricks), first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, share the Provence chevron, and so I went one further, loading the Dalmens as per Craigie's being at Dalmeny, which happens to be at Linlithgow, where Tenants (not Tenets) and Towns were first found. This can suggest that Tenants were so-named from a similar term for having married a Tenet line.

Dalmens and Dailys/Dayleys ("Deo"), possible Days/Dea's, both use a Coat that can be the Dee Coat, and Scottish Dee's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Provits/Prophets and Fothes'/Fette's. It's not a strong Craigie link to Dee's, but Tenets do use a "Dei" motto term as well as one that looks like it's for Provits/Prophets, important for linking Tenets to Miss Hicks, for her surname is beloved in the Dee motto.

Leaks (Hick fleur), Dents and Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and the Crags who in-turn share the Knee bend (not to mention a good reflection of the entire Knee Coat) and the black Carrick talbot dog. Carricks use a DANCEtte. Caracalla was in Yorkshire when becoming the emperor. The leaves on the Crag bend, in the colors and design of the Leaf/Leve leaves, suggest the Laevi in the area of the first-known Pero's, and The Foot / Fothes/Fette chevron is in the colors of the Levi chevron.

The Leafs/Leve's (same place as Townsins/Townsends) are almost in the colors and format of Townsins/Townsends. Tonsings/Tons'/Tonie's use "a green branch with one LEAF" and a candelabras akin to the candlesticks of Kyle's, first found in Ayrshire with Carricks.

Again, Leafs/Leve's (same place as Risings) are with the Crag leaves and bend, and the Leaf/Leve Coat is: "A dove RISING with the dexter CLAW on a staff tree leaf." The Risings share the cross of the Annandale Adams, and Rhizon/Risinium is very near the Clausula river to which I would trace the CLAWS'/Clasons. Kyle's were at Cumnock, beside Glasgow, the latter where Clausula liners such as Lady Fortune traces. "CUMNock" looks like a Comyns liner, and the mother of Adam Kilconquhar was Miss Comyn(s).

And, by the way, WikiLeaks leaked some emails of George Tenet, which I am not familiar with. Perhaps WikiLeaks has more of his emails, yet to be released. WikiLeaks has not been releasing much lately (surprising because I expect it to be receiving much at this time from good snitches) probably because he wanted to be on his best behavior for finding freedom. The British court rejected his freedom this past week, which may see WikiLeaks getting back to what it was intended for.

The Tenet motto term, "providenTIAM" can also be code for Tiens/Thames', first found in the same place as Peare's and sharing their chevron-with-stars. "Tiens" is a motto term of SQUARE's/Squirrels (beloved in the Valentin Coat) while the Tenet canton is called a "a small ermine SQUARE at the top left". Bingo. It begs whether Tenets were a Tien branch.

There is a Tiem surname using a "blade." Blade's, in Provit/Prophet colors, were first found in Yorkshire with Crags while sharing the black Crag dog. That's extra evidence that Prophets are using a version of the Adam Coat, and makes a good case for the Tenet motto term to be code for both Tiems and Prophets, which can clinch "Pro' with "Pero." It doesn't appear coincidental that while Square's/Squirrels use "Tiens Ferme," Italian Adams were first found at Fermo.

Tien-like Tiems use three small shields in the colors of the square in the Arms of Placentia, and the other Adams, likewise from Annandale, are suspect with a cross version of the Annandale saltire, because Adam's wife (Marjory Carrick) later married Bruce's of Annandale (the latter married the line of Eschyna de Molle). The Annandale's were from the Ananes Gauls at Placentia, whom I always link to Laevi Gauls on the Ticino. And the Annandale saltire is suspect in colors reversed with the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks from the Ticino/Tessin river. The Tease/Tess saltire has leaves, and is white, as is the Blade saltire.

The Mackeys/MARGys share the arrow with Adams while being first found in the same place as MARJory Carrick, making this a Mackay-Marjory suspect, because Adams show a Caw variation that is a Mackay variation. The Irish Mackays (from the Isle of Man, same as Christine's) share the Quade Coat for a trace to Laevillus. The Isle of Man shares the Arms of Fussen, the latter location (Leak-like Leck river) possibly from Piedmont's Fossano.

Mackays were first found in Sutherland while the Adam/Caw cross has the Sutherland stars. The Adam-like Dams/Damanns sound like the Demaine's/Du Maine's (same colors) that share the Leak / Hicks fleur, and I had the Hicks dream while living on Demaine crescent. Dams/Damanns share a version of the Sutherland stars, I assume, in the style used by Carricks. Sutherlands are said to be the Moray stars, shared by Maine's Billiards/Billets, and by Provence's and French Masons, the latter having a version of the Mackay Coat, and first found in Provence. Mackays were up at the Moray theater, and English Masons share the Moray-Crest mermaid. French Masons share the roses of German Adams (Paisley roses?) that use a "Crux" motto term linkable to Cricks/Cracks (same place as Crags) because Crux's (same place as English Masons) share a black pale bar with Cricks/Cracks. Irish Adams use "Cruce." This is probably the line of Eschyna de Molle and Robert Croc.

Recall the Dalmens and the Dalmeny location of Craigie's, for while Dalmens use the same lion as Abreu's, they may be a Demaine/Du Maine branch. "Delman" gets the same lion as Dailys, and perhaps the Dalman lion in colors reversed.

English Dams (same place as Sabine's) use three "fishes" in the pale (vertical) direction, in the colors of the three, pale lamPREYs of Prude's/Pride's, and Prays (Pratt wolf head?) are also Praters i.e. of the "pratus" motto term in the Arms of Rieti. My first girlfriend as a Christian lived on Demaine when I did, and her Pascal / Pascel surname (Pray lion?) traces to VesPASia Polla of Rieti. Pascals (same eagle as Reeds), first found in Essex with Pratts, share the Adam cross. Maine's Pellicans come to mind who share the white-on-red tower with Abreu's/Abruzzo's and Priestlys/PRESleys (once showed the same symbol as Kerricks). Belgian Pratts share the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's of Annandale, and Bruce's were named from Abruzzo to the near-south of Rieti. The Essex Pratts (same chevron as Towns) are said to be from Normandy's Pratum, or Pre, near the Toeni's / Tosni's of Les Andelys, a potential branch of Tonsings/Tons'/Tonie's. Tenets were from Abreu-line Eure (location of Evreux) that I think is in the Hicks motto term, "Heure." The Ebroicum (same as Eburovices) of Evreux named Eboracum = York, where Hicks, Bruce's and Presleys were first found.

I almost missed it. The Abreu Coat is a version of the Irish Brennan Coat. Brennans were Abruzzo liners, explaining why English Brennans share the upright Bruce lion.

Having said that, I went online to search for some info on the WikiLeaks release of Tenet's emails, not knowing until writing all the above that the hacker who released John Brennan's emails has a Carrick-like handle: "A group calling itself only 'Crackas With Attitude' claimed responsibility for the [Tenet] hack, which it allegedly carried out as a form of protest against US foreign policy. But while little is known about the hackers, a lot was revealed about Brennan" (RT). Hmm. The CIA lashed out at WikiLeaks for this release, but I think WikiLeaks believes rightly that CIA chiefs deserve, by their own spy abuses and the things they use their spy powers for, to have their filthy underwear hung out on a laundry line for all to see. In other words, WikiLeaks is just feeding CIA bosses a little of what they deserve for spying on people they have no right to spy on.

I can't find any Tenet-email releases. Perhaps I had read wrong that they had been released. Perhaps someone confused him with Brennan.

Repeat: "I almost missed it. The Abreu Coat is a version of the Irish Brennan Coat! Brennans were Abruzzo liners, explaining why English Brennans share the upright Bruce lion." When finding that Brennans use the combatant lions of Brennans, Brans were looked up to find the Brains, and I recalled that the Bran motto, "Enghien," is probably code for a branch of Gains/Engaine's/Enghams (dancette colors reversed from the same of Dams/Damanns. I can link this to Kellys, but first let me say that my second girlfriend as a Christian, while still living at Demaine street, was Kelly, whose surname I cannot recall so that, if God set her up for an heraldic purpose, should point to John Kelly, Trump's white-house lieutenant (so to speak). It's not unthinkable that the CIA has infiltrators ready on the arm to be utilized in infiltrating a White House.

The Gains/Engaine's are in Vere colors probably due to early Engaine's marrying the daughter of Alberic de Vere of Oxford. Vere's can be Abreu / Eure liners, definitely, and this is where the "Heure" motto term of Hicks' comes in, for Demaine's use the Hicks fleur. About three weeks after I sat with Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial, on the night her knees impressed me (never impressed me before, and she usually wore dresses), I left Texas and went directly to the home of Miss Abreu to rent a room in her home (because my home was rented to tenants). Miss Abreu was my employee in a business having a huge fiberglass British bulldog that was part of the Hicks dream.

Look at all the coincidences to follow. Gains/Engaine's look to be a branch of Cavans/Keavens, Kevens/Kewins and Keaveneys/GAINE's/Gaineys, and the latter share the Kelly Coat, which is a white version of the Abreu Coat, both sharing two, combatant lions and a white tower. These combatant lions are in different colors with the O'Reillys of Cavan, and with the CAROLs. Kelly became my girlfriend because she was a friend of Carol, my friend's wife. Carols should be a branch of Charlotte's/Charles'.

Get'n Go Points to Steele Dossier

On the night of the 9-11 memorial, I was impressed with Miss Hick's beautiful knees on the Leakey Road, at a corner store, the Get'n GO. The Gows (Hicks fleur?), can we believe it, are Kewin-like Gavins/Gowens. These Gows/Gavins use a "deCORi" motto term while Gore's/CORE's (branch as GOWers) share the crosslets of Gaine's/Engaine's in both colors. There's no mistake. It can be gleaned that Youngs/Yonge's, in the "JUNGta" motto term of Gows/Gavins, were the heraldic kin of Gore's/Core's. German Jungs/June's/Youngs have a stag in both colors of the Trump stag head, and both the Hicks and the Jung/Young stag is called a buck.

At the map here, the Ranch Rd (on which the Get'n Go is located) is called the Leakey road by locals because it goes to Leakey.

The way I can now read the coincidences, which includes Knees and Leaks/Leakeys, is where there will be a leak to expose the culprits of 9-11, and with the Engaine's involved here who are in the Bran motto, the finger points John Brennan, the director of Homeland Security under Obama. Under Bush, Brennan was the first chief of Bush's baby, the National Counterterrorism Center, perfect for advancing and protecting the 9-11 hoax. Wikipedia: "Part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the group brings together specialists from other federal agencies, including the CIA, the FBI, and the Department of Defense." You can't get much more shadow-government than that. This past December, Trump replaced Obama's pick (Mr. Rasmussen) for this organization with Russell Travers, we wonder why the change.

Let's take this now to Obama's billiard hall in my dream of about a year ago, for the cue I used to shoot a paper plane into the sewer became suspect with certain things, and here I inadvertently find that Scottish Kevens/KEWins are using the blue garb in the Cue/KEW Crest. Moreover, the Keven/Kewin lion is colors reversed from the one in this Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire), and while the Cue's/Kews use the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, the Cue/Kew Crest is a version of the Macclesfield lion holding the Cheshire garb.

If that's not enough, behold that Kevens/Kewins are also Ewens while "Owen" John Brennan's middle name. Owens are so much like the Gowen variation of Gows that, indeed, God may have arranged her beautiful knees at the Get'n Go as code for John Brennan, or his CIA as a whole. In fact, the Keven/Kewin lion is that of Brenns/Brine's. And Owens (share the Keon/Owen/Kewan lion) happen to use a lion in colors reversed from the same giant lion of the Cheshire Gettings/Giddins, suspect for the moment with "GET'N go."

The split colors of the Kevens/Kewins are those of Maple's while Gettings/Giddins are said to have been at Malpas (Cheshire). The Getting/Giddin lion is in the colors of the pheon of the Cheshire Nichols/Nickle's, who use a motto term suspect with Cue's, and moreover share the pheon of Coys suspect with Perkins Coie, the agency that hired Fusion GPS for to put together the dirty dossier. The Keons/Owens/Kewans use more combatant lions! It's as though God arranged the heraldry to point at dirty John Owen Brennan, and while I first theorized that the Leakey road was God's message that WikiLeaks would leak something, it did in fact already leak Brennan's emails. More hands are in the Coat of Puckells, like the Pokluda surname of Brennan's wife.

There is a question on whether "COMbatant" is part-code for Comeys (another hand), and the latter happen to use the combatant lions of the Cavan O'Reillys, can thouest believeth this? The "PRUDentia" motto term of Coneys links well to Rieti liners of the Pratt kind, to Dents, which had been discussed above in the Providentia motto term of Tenets.

"PruDENTia" recalls the Dent link to Miss Hicks. It's a motto term shared by Tulls/Tullia's while the other Tulls share a version of the Bran Coat. The latter use leopard faces in the colors of the Tull/Tullia / Tool lion. Tulls/Tullia's use an "ADversis" motto term, suspect with Ada of Varenne/Warenne, and Warrens share a Shield of checks half in the colors of the same of Tulls/Tullia's. Then, while Ada of Varenne was wife to Henry of Huntingdon, we find that Gains/Engaine's (in the Bran motto) were first found in Huntingdonshire. Tulls/Tullia's share the pyramid with Face-related Fisks ("ad" motto term, Shield full of the Vair checks) and with the Battistelli's that were all over my cue shot into the sewer (corner pocket) as code for Mr. Steele, the author, or acting author, of the Fusion dossier. Face's are also Fusion-like Fessys, and the Leak leg is suspect with the legs in the Arms of Fussen. Note what looks like a pyramid at the center of those Arms, and it's gold, the color of the Fisk pyramid. The Dossier surname is also, D'Hoser, and Hose's, can we believe it, use the same bent legs.

Fisks love star liners. Battistelli's, an apparent branch of Batti's/Botta's and Stelli's (both use eight-pointed stars), became suspect with Battins/Badens, who come up as "Batant," suspect with "combatant." Batants share the eye with Stars, and Eye is in Suffolk, where Fisks were first found.

So, this predicts that Nunes' second memo, or an exposure shortly thereafter, will reveal some nasty things about John Brennan that lead to more nasty things until his part in the 9-11 global-intrusion movement is discovered. WikiLeaks may have been holding back new releases to give Assange a better shot at freedom, but being denied that freedom this week, he may now turn to Trump for to reveal some things to him that the president can use to his own advantage. This will work best if Trump becomes desperate in his fight against the deep state. Things are looking less desperate now, like a big relief of pressure along the frontal nerve. But we're not even at half-time yet. The enemy is in a huddle as we speak, and I don't think they're ready to punt the ball away yet.

Back to the Gows that came up as per the Get'n Go. Gows come up as "Gone/Gonne," as do the Belgian Ghenets/Kohns, which recalls the buckets of Gain-like Ginsburgs/Ganzburgs/GENTSchbergs (share the red bend with Gaunts). As I said, Miss Hick's daughter became suspect as God's code for child molestation, and the supreme-court judge, RUTH BADEN Ginsburg, is for child sex while Joseph Biden is said (with proof) by some online to be a child molester while Obama is thought to have posed in marriage with a transgender named, Michael / Michelle. Earlier in this update, a video was presented showing the evidence that Ginsburg voted with supreme-court judge, David Souter, on legislation tolerating child sex. Souters are listed with Sewers/Suters, which now places the liberal side of the supreme court in the sewer upon Obama's billiard table. Drain the sewer, Mr. Nunes.

The Kohn variation of Gonne's/Guenets is the birth surname of John Kerry, what a caryncidence!! Water buckets are suspect with the Cary-suspect water carriers of Carletons. John Kerry followed Hillary in Obama's state department. And the Gows even share the cinquefoils of Kerrels (porcupine), suspect as a branch of Mackrells/MacKERRELs, whom came to topic with the Charlton-Mackrell location through which the Cary river flows. As John of Gaunt married Catherine Roet, let's repeat that Rhodes-suspect Roets (same place as the Cary river) are kin of Carian-suspect Karens / Kerns while Irish Kerns may have a version of the Kerrel Coat.

Did God name RUTH Baden Ginsburg for this revelation? While Scottish Randolphs (BAT) use the Coat of the Somerset Baths, Baden-like Bidens were at Wells and Bath while the Axe river starts at Bucket-suspect Wookey at the edge of Wells (Wookeys are also VOCKETs while Buckets are also Bockets). And Baths were first found in the same place as Badens. Ruths/Rothers are listed as Randolphs, can we believe it, and the Ruth/Randolph Coat is suspect with the Rodham Coat. The Bugs that use and likely own the water bouget use a BAT, and share a black fesse with Wookeys/Vockets. The Bug bouget is in both colors of the Whitton carrier, perfect, for it's the Carletons on the Cary river through Wookey that were at a Whitton location.

Might Vockets be a branch of Pockets/Pouchers, suspect in-turn with Portis'/Porchers from the Clapton area of the Hicks family? On Obama's billiard table, I sewered into the corner POCKET. The giant Pocket cinquefoil is colors reversed from that of Bug-like Bus' and Portis'/Porch's.

Jewish Cohens, likely a branch of German Cohens/Kohns, are highly suspect with the Moray stars, and both the Scottish Randolphs and the Ruths/Randolphs were first found in Moray. The "Dulcis" motto term of Mackrells might be for a branch of Moray's Dulles'/Dallas'. Plus, the Mackrells, though naming a location on the Axe, share three lozenges in the colors of the same in the Arms of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray. This Thomas is thought to have been a son of Marjory Carrick with Adam Kilconquhar, and Mackrells were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks...and with the Nons/Nevins in the "Non" motto term of Nagle's. Nagle's are evident in the write-up of Italian Romans (Gore / Gower wolf?), and in the Mackrell Coat, and it just so happens that Mackrells put a "Roman soldier on his march" in their Crest (does the soldier hold a flag or banner? It doesn't say). Rome's/Rooms were of Annandale along with Adams. March's, sharing the Seaton crescents with Nimo's/NewMarch's, use another axe, suggesting contact with Charlton Mackrell.

Jewish Kohns share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild and the Hodnets in the Steele write-up. The HodNETs became suspect (last update) with Rothschild-liner Nations/Nathans and Natts/Nathans / Nitts/Naughts, but also with the Hoods.

The following is staggering. Miss Hick's daughter, GENeva, was suspect in the Leak motto, but can now be entertained with a variation of both the Ginsburgs/Ganzburgs/Gentschbergs and the Gains/Engaine's. The latter use a dancette in colors reversed from the same of Dams/Damanns, and the latter share the pierced stars of Daniels/Danets while the latter shares the lion of Geneva's. Zowie, it lends evidence that God's codes applied to Miss Hicks points to the pedophilia of Ruth Ginsburg and David Souter, even as the Daniel/Danet stars are in the colors of the SUTHERland stars (but see also the pierced stars of Clintons, or compare Rodhams to Suthers).

Did God arrange Ginns' to use a good reflection of the German Suter Coat? Or did God arrange for Ginsburg and Souter to both sit on the supreme court for the pedophilic purposes at hand? German Suters latter share's the June / Jeune fleur, and it just so happens that Jeune's are said to be of Gennes' / GEENes'. Ginns' use a hand holding a dagger, and French Jeune's use a dagger of their own, as do the Kilpatricks whom Miss Hicks married. In the Hicks dream, I walked out of a body of water with no shirt, but with JEANs on, and Jeans share the scallops of Pullys/Pullens, who named Pully on the shore of lake GENeva. The Jeune's are in a Yonge motto while the other Yonge motto includes "pruDENTia PRAESTat," almost the Priestap surname now about to make the scandalous news. Yonge's share the three Leavell piles. Why do Jeans share the blue lion of Brennans, both Coats using red symbols besides? Didn't we see that Miss Hicks points to John Brennan?

As the paragraph below is read, keep in mind that "COMbatant" seems easily resolved with Comeys (combatant lions), who share "prudentia" with Yonge's.

The Priestlys/Presleys are a branch of Abreu's/Abruzzo's (lions combatant) to which Brennans (same lions combatant) traced hard. The Priests/Press' share the red estoile with Colchesters, and while the Arms of Colchester uses nails while German Nails are Neils, the Irish Neils (lions combatant) share the red Colchester estoile in both colors of the Priest/Press estoile. Colchesters were from the Colapis river, beside the Una/Oeneus river to which June's and Yonge's trace. And while John Brennan's middle name is "Owen," the Keons/Owens/Kewans (lions combatant) use a version of the Neil Coat, substituting the red estoiles with red eight-pointed stars.

The timing of this update with a new slant on Brennan and Tenet predicts that the next exposures under this presidential term will be on the CIA's past. Although I have little confidence in Mike Pompeo, he may yet be forced to deliver lest he go down in shame like the others so far who have tried to stonewall and lie. These men are not holy; they should be jailed mercilessly for obstruction. They were given the job of powerful agents under the banner of national trust, but they behaved like mafia members in organized crime. People are now saying that the ghost of John F Kennedy has risen from the grave, the irony being that his Democrat offspring are now opposed to punishing / exposing the deep state that Kennedy wanted to put away.

I predict that the CIA will send media signals out such that they garner the support of the foolish sector of liberals, in just the way the FBI did.

I'd now like to go back to the Medallion found on the hood of my vehicle when going to town immediately after leaving off writing about Miss Hicks standing at the hood of her car. She had a BATHING SUIT on at the time, suspect with Bath / Battin/BATTING/Batant bloodline as well as the Suit variation of Sewers/Souters. I've written about the bathing suit many times before. The point here is that the Russian-collusion scandal / fake news involves Saint Petersburg while someone left a medallion on my hood with "SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA" engraved upon it in both English and Russian.

If God provided this tip about that Russian city, why did he do it with a MEDALlion? The Medals, looked up on the day that the medallion showed up, are curiously listed with Dougals/Dowells, who happen to use the HODnet quadrants in colors reversed. The medallion was found months ago, but Hodnets were not found until the last update, and they were found in the Steel write-up while Christopher Steele included in his dossier that Trump was having sex parties and Russian ties in Saint Petersburg. This looks like a hit on the meaning of the medallion.

I can now add extra evidence toward the Steele dossier. The medallion was found in the parking lot of a grocery store, as I was returning to the vehicle with my groceries. The Groce surname was looked up, and it was first found in Baden while we just saw Battins/Battings/Badens as per the bathing suit at the hood of a car in the Hicks dream. But I have just loaded the Scottish Steels to see that Hodnet location was held by Mr. COURSEulles. Loading the Course's finds grocer-like Coursers/Courcier's, in Crocer/Crozier / Groce / Courcy colors. Is that verification that God was pointing to Mr. Steele with this medallion?

Likewise first found in Baden were Dillers, and Medals are also McDILLs. Dillons share roughly the Kevin/Cavanagh Coat. Keven liners are suspect with Varangians of Kiev, and Baden had the Veringers. Irish Dallens/Delaneys share the red and eight-pointed stars with Keons/Owens/Kewans (and Batti's/Botta's), suggesting that Dillons and Dallens were branches. Who were they by other names?

Dillons (Mason motto) and Kevens/Kewins share the crescents of Pino's while German Dallens once showed double-pine trees; their description still says: "...displaying two green pine trees side by side on a dark brown mound.". Dallens/Delaneys (suspect as D'Allens) share the fesse of French Pine's and a crescent colors reversed from the Pine crescents; it could be the Dol fesse, and the Stewart lion could be in use too, with Dallens/Delaneys. Dells (share cloud with Arens/Aarons) show two reasons for being merged with the FitzAlans of ARUNdels, and both German Arens and Jewish Arens/Aarons almost use the Hodnet / Medal/Dowell quadrants. Where some or all of these Dill-like surnames are the Dol Alans, note that Dowells, a branch of Medals/Dougals/Dowells (Galloway, Galloway lion in colors reversed), are also Douls.

It was my impression that Alans had been on Rothesay/Bute as the raven vikings, and so note that the Budge's (Bute / Rory lion) appear to be in the Medal/Dowell motto. Ravens are used by German Dells, and while I traced proto-Alans of Dol to Brunswick, where raven-liner Rothschilds/Roddensteins were first found, the BROWN mound of Dallens/Delaneys probably applies to Brunswick elements, even as the red crescents of Dillons trace to ancient Luni (see Luna's), and to Luneburg, two proto-Alan terms in my opinion.

The Alans of Dol with the FitzAlans lived in Shropshire with the first-known HODnets. Repeat: "The Medals, looked up on the day that the medallion showed up, are curiously listed with Dougals/Dowells, who happen to use the HODnet quadrants in colors reversed." Hoods were first found in Devon with the first-known English Stewarts and Pine's. The Scottish-alternative Stewarts share ships on quadrants with Medals/Dowells. It appears that God used the medallion to point Trump's Russia woes to indicate the involvement of Alan-Stewarts, whom I've said control the American military for their own ends. The FitzAlan marriage to Saluzzo promptly married Percys, and while Percys share the lozenges of Launays/Delauneys/De Lune's, from Launay in Brittany, the Dallens/DeLANEys must be a Lano > Launay line. Lano's were fist found in blue-lion Brescia (same lion as Budge's) while Brest is near Launay.

As the Aren weight scale (see Shetland motto below) is in the colors of the Hood crescents, and while Hoods share the anchor with Justine's and the Arms of Vilnius, it seems that the Arens were linked to that Vilnius entity, which I say is related to the Vilaine are of Brittany, where Dol is found. The Vilains and Hoods both share black Chiefs. The Assi's (share fasces with Arms of Vilnius) of Shetland are Justine-Vilnius liners, and were probably in cahoots with the Yells of Vilnius who share the Stick garbs. Yells use an "EAR of wheat" while EYERs are a branch of Ayers while Kyle's of AYRshire use candleSTICKs. Stewarts were also STIGweards as evidence of their link to Astikas-of-Vilnius elements. The fasces is highly suspect with Genova's Fieschi because the Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's of Genova use the Este eagle while Assi's trace well to Azzo, founder of Este. Arundel-related Swale's and Pepins love the Este's in their motto.

The Stewart Crest shares the white unicorn with the Arms of Shetland. The Arms-of-Shetland motto includes "SKAL-Land," and Justine's with the Arms of Vilnius share the SCALES of justice. The Shetland motto term above can also be code for Lands/Landens/Launders who share the Coat of Langleys, from the Alans who named Langhe (Cuneo). Stewarts share the pelican of Langs, first found in Luneburg.

The Shetland islands have a DELting area, location of Flett.

Was "Steel" a corruption from "SHETLand"? I had read that the black-and-white checks on police caps in Britain were taken from an Arms of Stewart, and Steels use those checks, as do Pepoli's suspect with Pepin-of-Landen liners. Pepoli's are likely of mythical Popiel (created by GALLUS Anonymous) of Goplo's mouse-tower Piasts, while the Kopple / Gallus rooster is in both colors of the Land/Landen/Lander rooster. Gumms (suspect as Gomerians / Cimmerians) share the black rooster with them, and the Arms-of-Shetland motto includes "LoGUM." The Kopple / Gallus rooster is in both colors in the German Brenn Coat (calipers) while English Brenns share the Medal/Dowell lion.

With the Hope globe now deciphered as code for Goplo liners, I can add that HOPkins are Goplo liners too due to their pistols, for PISTols (part-code for Tolls/Dols or Tolle's?) and their variations must be for the Piasts (derived from Goplo). Hopkins love the Primo's in their motto, and the Primo quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Arens/Aarons. It seems important here that Tolle's/Tulls were first found in Staffordshire while Stafford share the PisTOL chevron. Tolle's/Tulls share the pyramid with Fieschi-line Fisks, the latter suspect with a version of the Cliff Coat.

Hopkins were at SWALcliffe (Oxfordshire), and Arundels share SWALlows with Swallows while Sallows (Shropshire) look like they named Salop (= Shropshire), where Cliffs were first found suspect in "SwalCLIFFE." The Cliffs are said to be from Sticks, a great way to help prove that the Dol Alans were connected to Astikas'. Sallows can be with a red version of the Landen/Lander / Langley pale bars, especially as Saluzzo is near Langhe. Swale's can therefore be gleaned with the Dol fesse. Swallows, who share the tree with Sallows, use swallows "in FLIGHT," suspect with Flett / Fleet liners from Flavians. Swale's were in South STAINley while Stains/Stands share the double fesses of Fleets and Flecks.

Fletts and Fleets are in the same colors, yet family historians trace them to different geographical terms. Family historians would do themselves a favor by looking to similar people-group terms for derivations. There is a Flet location in the Orkneys and a similar one in the neighboring Shetlands. The derivation of Arundels is laughable.

We saw that Steels were in the Hodnet area under Mr. Courseulles. It should be added that while the Steel "furisons" look like three crowns, three crowns in the same colors are used by Courcy-possibly Curtis'. And Irish Curtis' share the black-and-white checks of the English Steels. Curtis' have a farmer in Crest while Farmers share the Steel lion head.

I reported that the medallion was found in a PARKING lot months ago, and here I can add that the Parking surname is also the Perkin surname while PERKINS Coie (hired Christopher Steele round-about) was suspect with Cue's/Kews who are very-apparently a branch of Kevens/KEWins. The latter use the split Shield of Groce's in colors reversed! Very impressive. By the way. Kevens/Kewins are from an Otter and Fyne location, suggesting the Windsor-Fien relationship that I see.

The same Scottish Steels (Cheshire, however) are said to have been at GIDDY Hall in SANDbach, and Miss Hicks was on a SAND beach while standing in front of the hood. There is a Sandbach surname (REINdeer head) sharing the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs with Cue's/Kews, can we believe it? After she stood at the hood, I walked to the car, and stood by the side (passenger) door looking in through the glass, to find her now hovering over the seats, and that's when I grazed her knee with my hand. In the dream, all I saw was her knee, not the rest of her, at that point. The knee just flashed to scene as I grazed it. Her knees then impressed me in real life, at the front door, looking through the glass of the door, at Get'n Go, suspect with the Kews because Gows are also Gowins, like the Kewin variation, and then the "Get'n" part can be for Giddy Hall, or the Gettings/Giddons (same place as English Steels). Giddys/Geddys/Gideons could be a branch of Geddys/Gettys/Geddes'. The latter had a Gedding location.

The SandBACHs are incredible here because she hovered over the SEATs, and while Seats, Cars and Sands were all first found in Lancashire, the Seats/Cedes' are expected in the "cede" motto term of the Steers while German BACHs/Backs use the steer. That works to prove not-badly that the dream intended to point to the Steel dossier. And German BECKers use the Steel checks too, while English Beckers have a blue version of the Beach Coat, but see also the Welsh Bachs! It's a hit.

Reminder: the Get'n Go is on Ranch Rd., called the Leakey road by locals, and while Dossier's are D'Hosers, the Hose's share the bend leg with the Leak/Leakey Crest which itself uses the engrailed bend of Knee's. The "CABossed" Knee stag head could be part-code for McCABE's, or for a branch of Cabots (share fish with Geddes') suspect in the Geddes motto term, "Capta." If "cabossed" is partly for Boss', they use a split Shield colors reversed from the same of Kevens/Kewins, and in the colors of the split-Shield of Groce's. Mr. Kepke and I both worked at the Knob Hill Farms GROCEery store.

The medallion was found on the hood of my Jeep, and while Jeepma's/Cheps are suspect as a branch of Keeps / Keppocks, Mr. Kepke's father was Ukrainian as evidence of descent from "Kiev," a term like the Kevens/Kewins (share the garb with Keppocks). It's a RED Jeep while Lawrence's (Kepke's first name) use a "Ready" motto term, and Kevens/Kewins use a motto term suspect with the River branch of REDvere's/Revere's. When we left that grocery store at roughly the same time, we both sold shoes (different shoe stores) at the Scarborough Town Center on McGOWAN Rd.

At this point, with the medallion pointing to the Steele dossier's fictitious accounts of Trump's impeachable offenses, we can add that while German Steels use two pale bars in the colors of the one of Brans, Brenns share the lion of Medals/Dowells, which is the Brennan lion in colors reversed. The Medals are also MacDILLs while Dills share the lion of the other Brennans.

Like all people, Miss Hicks has her hang-ups, with a sinful past she herself didn't mind sharing with entire churches. I do not point out her false-prophet leanings to malign her character. This came to topic as per the Provit/Prophet surname that shares the bent leg with Hicks-related Leaks, and which is suspect in the Tenet motto. I did mention that I was disgusted in this aspect of her life, but that's because I don't want myself to be viewed as supportive of first-Person prophecies, in which too-many charismatics engage. Miss Hicks is generally a helpful person, and dedicated to works in Jesus, and if she still battles with her sinful side, so do we all.

Late-Week Scandal News

Mueller indicted some Russians inside the U.S. masquerading as Americans to influence the 2016 election, or perhaps to create division between the parties, which is exactly what American-Intelligence trolls do. There is no word that these people, supposedly all with one company, are under Putin's oversight. These Russians are charged with defrauding the American nation, exactly what American spies are guilty of. It's possible that these Russians represent a tit-for-tat program because Obama's administration probably disrupted Putin's election, seeking to topple him. This is cold-war animus, and it's been on both sides, but has been elevated in Obama's last years by Western globalism.

Why should we believe this issue as Mueller or Rosenstein are framing it, since this looks like a face-saver piece of news, hoping to justify the Mueller investigation? These Russians said and did nothing more inside the country than Republicans do and say to Democrats, or vice versa. A few Russians are not going to make any difference in a nationwide vote. This little tiddlywink does not justify the Rosenstein-Mueller investigation onward. CNN is framing this announcement as justification to bounce another tiddlywink forward, as though this is a victory in some way for Rosenstein. If the Mueller side was hoping to give this monstrous proportions, the Rosenstein announcement humbled the celebrations by admitting that Trump is uninvolved with these Russians. So why announce the indictment at all? In order to get to play another tiddlywink soon, for the mere political kiddies of the country whom CNN both serves and destroys.

The Washington Post, which can no longer be trusted for true news because it's always to be suspect as the CIA mouthpiece, claims: "The Internet Research Agency (IRA), a state-sponsored 'troll factory' in St. Petersburg." Just like that, the Russians indicted by Mueller (supposedly of three different but related companies) are portrayed as Putin-sponsored. But is this true? The Post doesn't offer evidence. It figures. The article even has a Washington-Post video claiming outright that Putin was behind this, but offering no evidence. Is this a wise thing for a media already licking its wounds? The video is part of the fake news that Mueller has been commissioned to advance. Don't waste your time at this article, but do it if you must:

Here's Trump's bold reactions to this story (note that he's zealous only for the corruption that touches him):

The reason that they are pushing the Mueller investigation with no end in sight is because it's being used to keep Trump from going after indictments on the Mueller side. By keeping the president in the simmering pot, with the threat of turning up the heat at any time, they think that the Republicans will go light on punishing the deep-state criminals. And maybe this is why moves toward arrests haven't been happening, or why Trump has spoken no ill word, that we know of, against Wray's belligerence. Wray's face looks like a shield by which he deflects due criticism against himself. It's called brazenness.

Trump has yet to reveal to his voters that he's asked Sessions and Wray for documents concerning corruption issues that his voters are deeply concerned with. Trump looks like an imposter. The corruption in government can remain so long as it doesn't touch him.

Putin gave every indication that he wanted Trump to succeed, but if the arrested Russians were playing for both candidates, I don't see how Putin could be involved. Until we see the sort of comments made for ourselves, it's hard to say. The Republican side should have the right to review the material by which Mueller has put together these indictments, because they are suspect as self-serving, not what he's been commissioned to expound upon.

Where is Mueller's treatment on the Russians involved in the dossier? If these Russians trying merely to muck up the minds of voters is important enough, why wouldn't the Russians behind the dossier be on Mueller's agenda? What sort of hypocrite is this Mueller animal? He now wants a face-saver? No, don't give him one. Throw pies into his face instead, and arrest him for obstruction of justice, for it is his personal responsibility to catch the crooked Russians behind the dossier crime, because it involved Russians influencing the election. This is the pie in Mueller's face. He will never be rid of it. His legacy will go down like this. He has the choice of fabricating evidence against Trump, with the risk of digging himself deeper. The dossier will never go away unless Mueller and his supporters can find a way to vindicate it with more fabricated stories. Go ahead, Mueller, make our day.

It's even possible that the CIA set up the 13 Russians under indictment in the first place, for the specific task of undermining whatever presidential candidate the Republicans would chose to go against Hillary. The CIA has the strings to work out such plots, but it would do so not using official CIA offices, but rather with undercover people often termed as "private contractors." The CIA and FBI do their dirty work with corrupt "contractors" whom, I suspect, are often Jewish.

It may be the case that this very indictment story was, originally, the manufactured scheme intending to impeach Trump by claiming he won the election with Russian help. But, with the dossier going sour, and the nation about to learn more on how the deep state manufactures false realities, the Rosenstein team decided to put out the indictments without any Trump people involved. The original plot may have been to get these Russians to ask Trump team members to participate in the rallies, etc., with plots to make them appear knowingly complicit with Russians. Rosenstein specifically said that no Americans were so involved. One can see the disappointment on his face. At least, he doesn't look like he's celebrating anything. To see how the liberal media are blowing this to monstrous proportions, see the 7th minute of Hannity here:

Here's Jay Sekulow on the queer and telling email that Susan Rice sent herself AFTER the president was no longer Obama:

In this video, where Trump asks Hope Hicks to say a couple of words, he first tells that they met in real-estate (no details), and that Trump hired her for the election team because she knew nothing about politics (that part is left out). It sounds more as though Trump has the hots for her. When Hope does come up to the mic, she only says about 10 words, about ten seconds long. She is a complete unknown, and does not like mics at all. I'm like that too, and many others with me, but, perhaps, with her, it's not due to her being shy or fearful of public speaking. Perhaps she's not a Republican at heart. As the communication director for Trump, what exactly does she do? Did she ask for that particular job, or was it somehow arranged by others that she should throw / flaunt herself at that job? It's no small or trivial job where the White House has an image problem due to relentless media attacks. Why would Trump pick such a young, politically-immature woman with a great body?

Here's the short story on Hicks and her boyfriend. Did Trump urge him to quit in order to have access to the great body?

How could Rob Porter quit so quickly (less than a day) over allegations that he denies? The photo of the black eye could be a trick. Did Trump say to him, "Look, this is not good for the White House. Is there anything you can do to help the greater cause?" Like quit. It could be that Porter had moved into what Trump hoped might become his better-than-golf turf. Or, Porter and she are the enemy whose plan was to feign a relationship so that they could spend justified private time together to conspire together. Furthermore, the allegations against him may be a hoax, with him privy to it, in order the tarnish the White House again.

I saw one video where Hope places her hand on John Kelly's suit jacket from behind him. I'm not suggesting a relationship, but that she and Kelly are getting along well (or not not getting along). Kelly wants Porter to remain at his job, yet he quit. Why? Under who's pressure? Kelly is his boss, and Kellys only boss is Trump. Here's how the enemy framed the Porter scandal, and Wray looks to be part of the enemy, this coming as soon as the Nunes memo starts to make Trump's poll numbers go up:

Note how CNN is willing to take Wray's word on it, even though he has recently disclosed himself as a partner with FISA corruption. In the video, Wray didn't deny that John Kelly was notified by the FBI concerning the ex-wives' allegations, and Wray is affirming that the White House was notified on multiple occasions prior to when the allegations surfaced. It looks like a conspiracy (CNN included), and the best thing now is for Trump to see that Wray is the enemy even of the White House. Wray's not only protecting FBI criminality, but is now aiding an attack on a White House official.

If Wray is admitting that the FBI told of the wife abuse to the White House on those occasions, then John Kelly would have been the man who received these notices. Yet the White House claims that it did not discover the issue until last week. In the following CNN video, there is the claim that Porter confessed the abuse allegations to Trump's lawyer. Doesn't that appear as though Porter is involved in this conspiracy, with the crux being to make the White House look like it's covering the issue up? Does anyone still trust CNN or the FBI? It can even appear as though Kelly is part of this conspiratorial hatchling. Kelly's job would be to cover up the allegations so that it can be blamed on Trump. A secondary purpose is to rob female voters from Republicans.

If you think I'm crazy to think that this entire Porter affair is an orchestrated plot, I'd add that this is routine, normal fare from the FBI. Something like this is their standard game. This is CNN's new crusade.

Or, there was no conspiracy, and everything is as it seems, with Porter and even Trump hoping to cover up the wife abuse. However, in the photo of the black eye, the eye is the same size as the one unhit by a punch. Doesn't an eye close a little when it's black? below are some photos of black eyes, yet with the ex-wife of Porter, the eye isn't closed by any visible amount. Black eyes can occur when the upper nose is struck, in which case both eyes can remain the same size."black+eye"+photos&oq="black+eye"+photos&gs_l=psy-ab.3...9505.11186.0.11655.

There is a third option: Porter and Kelly are not involved in a conspiracy, but Wray is spilling this issue now to get some vengeance (or counter-punch) on Trump for releasing the Nunes memo. If Kelly "accidentally" or otherwise admits that Trump was notified months ago, that's when I'll believe that Kelly is involved in a conspiracy.

If it's wrong to allow a man into high positions who punched his wife, why is it fine to re-elect Bill Clinton who cheats sexually on his wife? Which hurts more, a punch to the nose, or adultery? Give me a half dozen punches any day rather than the wife I love sleeping with another man. Democrats are distorted. They hold Republicans to the highest bars, and set the bar as low as Hell for themselves. If Porter needs to be fired, ditto for Wray, who punched the law, and the American people, in the face.

Someone must be doing Trump's tweets for him. Multiple tweets are attributed to him daily, and all are political statements intended to advance his stature. "Feb 8, 2018 03:10:58 PM As long as we open our eyes to God’s grace - and open our hearts to God’s love - then America will forever be the land of the free, the home of the brave, and a light unto all nations". That's not Trump.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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