News for 3rd week of December, 2015

Some might not take Putin's word on his accusation against the Turks for supporting ISIS, but people would have no reason to doubt a Kurd saying the same. After the article points out that Turks are resisting / attacking Kurds (near the Turk border) simply due to the Kurdish victories over ISIS units, we find:
Asked to comment on the Russian campaign of airstrikes against jihadist positions in Syria, Kocer [YPG People's Protection Units commander ] emphasized that "thanks to Russia's actions, Daesh and the other terrorist organizations which seek to destroy Syria have been dealt a very serious blow, and they continue to bear heavy losses."

Meanwhile, Turkey, according to the commander, is providing the terrorists with tremendous support. "Daesh jihadists freely cross the border into Syria from Iraq and from Turkish territory. During clashes with the terrorists, we have repeatedly taken prisoners turning out to be Turkish citizens. Turkey is providing Daesh with large-scale support. It is in Turkey that the jihadists undergo training, and get treatment after they've been injured. A large number of Daesh's new recruits are from Turkey. Erdogan's government supports Daesh with money, weapons, and intelligence." is smashing IS but Turkey attacks us: Syrian Kurdish commander

That's got to be what's going on. The accusations against Turkey have been repeated for several months. Reuters has an article speaking clearly on Turkish jets attacking PKK Kurds and killing some 69 of therm. The United States suddenly got it's socks pulled up, and is said to be arming the Syrian Kurds, not to let Russia gain a foothold, if possible. And I'm also reading that the U.S. is working on building a Syrian airbase. It proves that the Unties States has, up until the Russian advent, been sleeping with its socks off. It's the same story on this end, that the U.S. has been supporting ISIS, making a mere show of things, at times, to pretend that its trying hard to get ISIS reduced. It's Obama's latest sin. That's all he knows to do.

So now what? The U.S. can no longer pretend with Russia in the thick of things? Does it spell the end of ISIS? Who moves into the ISIS vacuum if that happens? Who takes over in the Iraqi parts now "governed" by ISIS? Iraq, or the Kurds? Or the Kurds and Russia together? Or the Kurds and the U.S. together? I suppose that whatever country shows the best performance against ISIS will have the world and Kurd support to go in and keep ISIS at bay, once it's reduced to a pussy cat. Not that I'm predicting a pussy cat.

Can this be true:

A news base in the Iraqi northern region of Kurdistan has reported that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the U.S. are to establish a Sunni state in the north of Iraq and Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani is due to lead the state. will lead a new Sunni state in the region: media

The article gives a few details, and may be a leak of what's going on under the table. The idea here would be for the United States to win the itching Sunni ears, to turn the Sunni against Russia, and perhaps to never deliver on the Sunni state as part of the scheme to begin with. The way things are falling at present, there is no chance for Russia to gain the Sunni, unless the bulk of them are in trust of Putin to weed out the bad Sunni only. There should be many Sunni who would like to see ISIS removed from their dictatorship. Yes, the Unites States opposes the Assad dictatorship, and supports the ISIS one. The article adds little more but says: "The new Sunni state would include the provinces of Erbil, Dohuk, Mosul and al-Anbar and Barzani would lead the state." It's hard to believe the time is ripe now to talk about it while the U.S. has allowed ISIS to become stronger in the past year.

If there is truth to the U.S. veering toward the Sunni, the Kurds will feel offended, especially if it's true that Mosul is being eyed as part of a Sunni state. The prediction under such a U.S. move at this time is the Kurds announcing how wonderful the Russians have been.

The United States is guilty. There is no question. The West first seeks to cover for ISIS by "explaining" how it became so powerful, by capturing oil wells, and then does little to bomb the wells, not even the roads or driveways into the refineries. You can't expect me to be retarded. The Obama loyalist can give any excuse possible as to why the wells are not being made instantly inoperable, but no reason can be justified. And if the U.S. military reports an attack on an oil field, to make it look like they are doing their job, the event can be fixed to do the least damage on the ground while reported with inflation as a big and important strike. We should not be naive.

The way to prove that the U.S. has being its job is to see ISIS reduced in financial capability to an expected point. They can hit oil field after oil field week after week, even day after day. I can't see why not. Who's going to work at the oil fields if a few bombs are dropped on the property every week? ISIS has no sky power; the U.S. is free to fly over to spy and map, and Russia would have nothing to complain about, if the U.S. were sincerely aiming at ISIS' oil installations. You can bet that the West is seeking any method possible at this time for getting Russia to agree on not bombing the oil wells, for Putin just came out to indicate he's gunning for them. If oil prices start to climb significantly again, we might figure that the U.S. had to sacrifice low oil prices to keep Russians from bombing the wells. All of us common people should hope that the Russians refuse the deal.

The job can be done morally, leaving a good taste in everyone's mouth, by getting the refinery workers the message not to go to work, or bombs will start falling on the buildings instead of all around it. Some wells need to be left in operation for the local oil needs.

The situation is that the West wants a pro-West Syria, which of course is better than a pro-Iran Syria, but this method of replacing Assad is stirring polarization around two and three super-powers. Plus, the hypocrisy and the lies of the West, pretending to oppose ISIS, and all for the purpose of achieving oil gain, tells us right off that its better for the harmless Assad to be in power than having a Western puppet fan the fires of hatred from the anti-West Arabs. I am, as of 9-11, just as anti-U.S.-government as the Arabs, but my solution is not terror and war. The war against Assad is not about Israel's better protection, anyway. One can easily come to that conclusion more now than ever, with Obama in charge.

Israel is receiving 80 percent of its oil needs from northern Iraq; this was in the news, not in a conspiracy webpage. The opposition of Israel against Assad is clearly in harmony with the West, and the game is to win a pro-West Syrian leader who will allow Iraqi oil through Syria, because Turkey does not like Israel whatsoever, and therefore poses a sooner-or-later threat. Kurd oil now goes to the sea via Turkey. Asking why Israel is buying so much of its oil from northern Iraq (not necessarily from the Kurds alone), when in the past it wasn't, the answer is, probably, cheaper oil. The invasion of ISIS to the borders of Kurdistan, but not into it, allowed the Kurds to start pumping cheap oil. That is a fact.

Chuck Hagel, Obama's previous defense chief, has come out to criticize Obama for not aggressively ousting Assad with force after the chemical-weapons scandal crossed Obama's red line. But Hagel isn't telling the whole story, because the event became an around-the-world scandal, appearing faked in order to go in and take Assad out. At the time. Putin was riding higher in popular opinion, and was not about to sit idly by while this fake-job intruded into his symbol. Syria has become his symbol that Obama will not repeat Egypt and Libya in Russia's back yard. A strong Western hand at that time, with insufficient evidence that Assad's people were responsible for the chemical attack, could have made the West look very bad, and Putin look very good. The West, realizing that part of the problem was Putin's good image in much of the world, soon-after conducted a concerted effort to tarnish his reputation. I'm unsure of whether or not it accomplished much, except that it gave Putin the vivid understanding that playing footsies with the West is no longer an option. If the West continues to be disgusted with Putin, it's like Obama swatting a gnat (nuclear deal with Iran), and swallowing a camel.

That is, while Obama started out by lecturing the George-Bush "hard-liners" on why the U.S. should be friendly with all, including Russia and Iran, in order to find progress to better world conditions, he got a mediocre deal signed with merely Iran while, simultaneously, he bashed and wrecked the re-start button with the major actor, Russia. Is the world safer now with animosities being tossed at a nuclear power, which Iran is not?

Probably, the scheme was to go in and take Syria out, on behalf of the oil world, from the George-Bush years. It can explain why Bush planted the seeds of "evil axis," which included Assad. While Assad was a key need for Iran's task of taking Israel out, yet, as compared to the Sunni radicals, he's a pussy cat. I cannot understand Israel's opposition to Assad aside from Israel's oil deals in Iraq. I do not believe that Israel wants to take Assad out because he represents a threat to Israel. It was clear that Assad was in no position to make war with Israel when the Gaza war presented itself. That's called a pussy cat. Leave it alone; leave it there, or the replacement might be a greater threat.

I haven't covered the California shooting much at all. I thought I'd wait to read what others say, in case there were suspicious things and doubters. I thought that the following sounded reliable:

Why do people say the story of the California shooting doesn't add up?

Eyewitness Sally Abdelmageed told CNN: "[it was] three men, dressed in all black, military attire with vests on holding assault rifles... I couldn't see a face, he had a black hat on and uh, from my view all I could see was a black hat and long sleeve shirt… black cargo pants with zippers on the sides, big puffy pockets, he had a huge assault rifle and extra ammo… I just saw three dressed exactly the same…. their skin tone looked white. They looked like they were athletic build. They appeared to be tall."

Yet four hours later, the police shot: two Pakistanis, one a 90 pound woman with a young baby, California residents in a rented black SUV with Utah plates, the military style assault rifles purchased by an unknown person. Farook attended the same holiday party last year. Since then, his coworkers threw a baby shower for him that included a registry.

His brother, who lived nearby, was in the Navy and earned two medals for his service in "The Global War on Terrorism." His brother said the couple wasn't radical.

At the party this time, Farook was sitting at a table chatting with a co-worker before "disappearing" -- with his coat still on his chair. They now say there was no argument.

When shot in the mysterious SUV, his tiny wife was wearing fitted shorts above her knees and no head covering. Family says she was always fully covered when she went out.

They are portrayed as Bonnie and Clyde with a young baby. They had a fully stocked fridge with cooked food in Tupperware and pictures of their baby all over the house. Arranged flowers on tables and freshly watered house plants. Baby was left with her grandmother for Tashfeen to make a doctor appointment. They had both been sick, assuming it was a stomach flu, but she needed a doctor.

That's why, at this point, it doesn't make sense. A young mom left her baby to go kill the same people who hosted her baby shower. She allegedly made a FB post pledging allegiance to ISIS on an alias page, then removed it -- at 11 am. The shooting started at 11 am.

CNN states, "Malik made the post on an account with a different name, one U.S. official said. The officials did not explain how they knew Malik was behind the message."

Who were the victims? They weren't all white Christians or Jews like one would imagine terrorists would target. Just like the Paris attacks, they were very diverse. The NY Times writes, "He [shared] a cubicle with a friend, Isaac Amianos, a 60-year-old father of three from Eritrea... the two of them spoke Arabic together (Farook learning from Amianos)... The health inspectors came from all over the world... Nwadike was from Nigeria. Others hailed from Vietnam, Iran, Mexico and Colombia... Bullets struck Amianos, Thalasinos and others at Farook's table. (People he was just speaking with.) A Muslim woman he prayed with was killed." Another Muslim was shot multiple times.

Why would a traditional Pakistani Muslim American target these people, his friends, teachers, elders, fellow Muslims? In California of all places, with all of its other potential targets?

About the "argument" with a co-worker: "Two weeks earlier, [Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew who made anti-Islam FB posts] and Farook argued over whether Islam was a violent religion. Recounting the conversation to a friend, Thalasinos said that Farook insisted his God was peaceful... Thalasinos liked discussing such topics. There was no indication that their interaction was anything out of the ordinary."

The shooters left before police arrived. Police and media then said they were searching for 3 white males. Then police shot these two, who fit no stated description, around 3 pm, after receiving a tip. The story changed from 3 male shooters to a married couple.

In the car chase, officers fired 380 rounds, and the suspects shot 76 rifle rounds, many from the back of the SUV. By the end, 2 officers had minor injuries, apparently not worth mentioning.

The ammo, pipe bombs, etc., were found in their townhouse's garage. The garage was in a building separate from their home. A few minor items in the house. And a manhole in their closet ceiling.

And no one who knew them, including their many siblings and mother who lived with them and Navy brother who lived close by, saw anything strange. Neighbor said they were happy. Smiled at her. Farook would leave the garage door open as he worked on his car. Last saw them hanging out on their patio on Sunday with their daughter, enjoying their family.

Journalists entered their house, within 48 hrs, to rummage through their belongings. An unprecedented event. Any more evidence for or against this deceased couple, now unusable.

Another comment:

As the scene was unfolding, they had an entire neighborhood on lockdown after "the SUV" where the two were allegedly gunned down.

It was all over the news, live - literally hundreds of law enforcement scouring the entire neighborhood for a "third shooter" for hours. They had analysts come on explaining what a dire situation it was to have a third gunman on the loose in a neighborhood of people. They were worried about another hostage situation occurring in someone's house and concerned about not finding him before sundown. Anchors on CNN and MSNBC were commenting on how it was "eerily similar to Watertown", in which the Boston Bomber suspects fled through Massachusetts and the authorities lined the streets like an invasion looking for him all day and night. It was the same thing here - but it just... stopped with no mention.

Then just nothing. The next day, it's just these two killed at the SUV and nothing was ever mentioned about the whole affair.

The last comment sounds reliable and very strange indeed. It makes one think that the American government either killed an innocent couple in 1st degree, as well gunning down the people at the scene of the crime, or faked their deaths. It had the markings of an unreal event from the start, with a "fabulous" storyline that might be developed to a high degree of by a string of meetings to decide how best to perform the hoax for achieving the intended goal.

The first comment above sounds rational, level-headed, not leaping at all. Good points put forward. Take this sentence: "His brother, who lived nearby, was in the Navy and earned two medals for his service in 'The Global War on Terrorism.' His brother said the couple wasn't radical." It suggests strongly that the brother was not part of the hoax, and that the "perpetrator" was truly killed along with his wife. I can't tell you how greatly this troubles me. Why is it that these faked events always come with obvious contradictions? Are the demons simultaneously seeking to turn American on American by creating a controversy when performing a ghastly murder scene? Probably not in this case, anyway.

I'm going to take the position that what I'm reading above is wholly correct. Again: "When shot in the mysterious SUV, his tiny wife was wearing fitted shorts above her knees and no head covering. Family says she was always fully covered when she went out." Clearly, the mother was not involved with the government plot. Why would the government plotters plan to accuse radical Muslims, then dress her in shorts? Perhaps they didn't dress her. Perhaps, after watching their daily movements, and reading their computer screen for a while, they planned to abduct the two that day, at a certain time, certain place, and that's just what she had on at the time. Perhaps they drugged the couple, then brought them to a location in the "rented" vehicle for the news-media set-up.

"She allegedly made a FB post pledging allegiance to ISIS on an alias page, then removed it -- at 11 am. The shooting started at 11 am." It's clear, the government wants to create an ISIS monster within the country, as was predictable all year long.

"The shooters left before police arrived. Police and media then said they were searching for 3 white males. Then police shot these two, who fit no stated description, around 3 pm, after receiving a tip." How could the plotters botch things up like this? How could they decide beforehand to announce in the news that the three killers all wore black, then produce a woman in shorts as one of only two killers? There are only two explanations: 1) the government planned to create this and other inconsistencies for some mysterious psychological effect on the nation; 2) the police who reported the three in black were local officers not involved in the plot. Those officers and other witnesses of the three in black need to be silenced because they know without doubt that the government conducted this event. The more that they know it, the more that they will remain silent, unless they wish to suffer the consequences. And as they can plainly see, the government is murderous. Therefore, the government thinks it can get away with such things if the witnesses are made afraid, or, should they speak out, are portrayed as lunatics.

The damage to the government has been done. People are not wholly morons. They can be fooled once, twice, but not forever. They have witnessed a string of events pointing to inside jobs, and with each passing one, new conspiracy believers are formed. What end-result will this have? Probably nothing, aside from God's Judgment. The great thing is, the plotters can't get away free.

If any media reported the three men in black, then I would say that these media were not part of the conspiracy to begin with, but that they chose to become accomplices afterward by remaining hush concerning the double, conflicting accounts. One of these times, an event like this will blow completely out of control for the FBI. The people will then look back and say, the conspiracy nuts were right. But things have already blown out of control, yet the people are depending on the media as the honest broker. But the more the media knows that the government / FBI / military is the guilty party, the less the media can mention it on the air. Events like this require that the government can watch all correspondence, as it happens, in the aftermaths of the killings, and, naturally, they will want to watch the things said by media people in their private emails to one another and friends. If the world is comfortable with a government like this, then, I say, do nothing to resist it.

Here is how it happens. People read the points set out by those who see the inconsistencies, and, on the opposite side, they read media after media telling the reality as claimed by the FBI. The person digesting both claims discovers that not one of the grand media are coming out to support the ideas of those who speak so logically, so compellingly, on the damning inconsistencies. What's such a person to think, at first? Well, at first, they would probably think that, surely, if media people knew that something so wicked as a mass-murder of Americans were conducted by the American government, the media would instantly make light of it. And that's the sorry part. The learned principles of previous dictators are being used on the media at this time. It's the iron fist, the death blow, to anyone who makes light of such a government operation. Go ahead, try it, speak out, and see what comes of your media business, if you live to tell it.

How much longer can the government stooges continue to operate in this way? Until they are over-confident, sloppy, tired, and helpless to combat the many accusations. When the general population starts to discuss these things at the table, the winds will turn against the few but powerful, and they won't try it again, at least not for a generation or so, if needed. Right now, the pending need is to enter the Middle East militarily. That seems obvious enough. And so one can say that Russia is responsible for the calling-up, at this particular time, of this latest tragedy.

Just as Canada was seeking to send military hardware to Syria, there were two terror acts. But the prime minister who sent the hardware (jet fighters, I think it was) is no longer, and the new prime minister (a liberal fire cracker) has instantly recalled that equipment, refusing to allow Canada to continue in the war in such a capacity. It means that, so long as the world rulers don't twist his arm to change his mind, there should not be any terror act in Canada for the duration of his term, unless it comes from some other body trying to force his hand. The new prime minister is a son of the previous prime minister Trudeau; the latter was a humanist and even a leader of the Humanists; he contributed the supreme judges that made abortion legal in Canada, after which Canada went without any law at all. Great shame. My Trudeau has probably suffered the aborting of his soul from life, and perhaps even now lives a living death somewhere, awaiting his "Trial" before a Supreme-Court Justice. And that's how life works. You never need to feel as though the demons of our world will go unpunished. It won't be long for them, because they are usually over 50 to begin with when they achieve high-level political power. Twenty to thirty years is a very short time, if they think they are enjoying freedom after their dirty deeds. The Surprise Judgment is coming.

News for 4th Week of December

Putin has been moving successfully to find a welcome brotherhood with two Kurdish groups outside of Iraq, and the article below reveals why Russia has been so slow to find strong relations with Kurds, until this past month:

...Since Turkey downed a Russian Su-24 fighter jet...Moscow has set about punishing Ankara politically and economically. Now, in its goal to antagonize Ankara further, Moscow is exerting its considerable influence on a particularly sensitive spot for Turkey: the Kurds.

On [December 24], Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will be welcoming Selahattin Demirtas, the leader of the Peoples' Democracy Party, Turkey's most important Kurdish political party. According to Demirtas...the Peoples' Democracy Party will establish an office in Moscow...

...Moscow's desire to increase its presence in the Middle East is fundamentally at odds with Turkey's desire to do the same. Russia knows that by supporting the Kurds, it weakens Ankara. To this end, Russia insisted last week that the Democratic Union Party -- Syrian Kurds associated with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) -- must have a seat at the negotiating table along with other Syrian opposition groups. In October, Russia invited the Syrian Kurdish group to open an office in Moscow, emphasizing a desire to coordinate with the Democratic Union Party and the Syrian government to target the Islamic State.

Russia has only recently come out in support of the Democratic Union Party's militia -- known as the People's Protection Units -- in its fight against the Islamic State and against rebels holding territory around the town of Azaz. Yet the Syrian Kurdish group was quick to deny this, wary of open support from Moscow. This makes sense considering the importance of U.S. support channeled through the Syrian Democratic Forces. The Russians have indeed launched deep interdiction strikes against the Islamic State in northern Aleppo, but have avoided the People's Protection Units' lines so far. Russian jets could also be targeting rebel logistics routes running from Turkey. Still, the Democratic Union Party's participation in negotiations could eventually lead to Kurdish autonomy in northern Syria, which could then become a fertile bastion of Kurdish activity from which the PKK could organize strikes. This would be a terrible outcome for Turkey, and Russia knows it.

The way I'm reading this is: Putin wants to take the Syrian Kurds from any convenient hold the United States has on them. It almost sounds as though Putin might be trying to get the Syrian Kurds their own piece of Syria. This is faster-paced, deliberated action, unlike the past, from Russia. Russia is even saying things that can't make Assad feel very good, such as the Syrian Kurds must be at the negotiating table in ironing out the future Syria. The idea here is to check the West, I assume, which hopes only to install a pro-West government. Neither Russian nor the U.S. could come too close to the Kurds, in the past, if they wanted to hold best relations with Turkey.

The article continues:

On Tuesday, Demirtas announced that the southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey has embraced the idea of autonomy in the face of what he called Ankara's dictatorship...

Now, with the Kurds increasingly benefiting from Russian patronage, Turkey must face certain realities. A stronger Kurdish political constituency in Turkey could push the Kurdish autonomy agenda, while a Kurdish-controlled northern Syria has the potential to support the PKK in its attacks across the border in Turkey." a pro-Kurdish Russia infuriates Turkey

The new Russian agenda, now that Turkey seems to have been thrown under the bus, is to get both the Syrian and Turkish Kurds (share the Turkey-Syria border) to join in a bid for increased autonomy, or a fantasy thereof, but it makes one wonder what plans are involved for having part of Kurd fossil fuels, or what plans are involved for getting the best Russian hand for the Iraqi Kurds holding the oil. There is a loud silence in that not a word was spoken (in the article) regarding the Iraqi Kurds and their sentiments on all of this. Just as this curve ball comes across the plate, we hear that "Baghdad is seeking to arm PKK: KDP deputy." It seems that, as Russia befriends any group not being supported much in the past by the West or Baghdad, suddenly the latter two increase support. The Unites States has claimed that the PKK is a terrorist organization, and so what seems to be happening now is that the United States paid Baghdad to support the PKK, probably to keep the group from needing Russia as much. But this seems a useless / potentially-explosive move because Russia can offer more than Baghdad can. The current poker game has the effect of significantly increasing weapons in the fighting zones, and is nothing short of escalation toward a world war. The KDP, by the way, opposes the arming of PKK by Baghdad.

One of the best reasons, in the present scenario, for pegging Russia as the provider of the anti-Christ, is where the latter is said, in Revelation 17, to hate and destroy the harlot after first partnering with it. For a few years, it looked as though Russia could befriend Europe for the initial partnership, but I don't have the sense that what little had developed was the fulfillment of Revelation's partnership. If I'm correct about that, I need to watch for where that partnership is in he future. It may not arrive until after the fulfillment of Daniel 21:21-25. The latter seems potentially imminent at this time. It has to do with the entry of the anti-Christ into the end-time Seleucid domain. In ancient times, Seleucids started at Babylon, 20 miles from Baghdad, and worked their way into conquering Syria.

After a long silence from Baghdad on its planned invasion of Mosul, nothing happened. We heard of that plan last fall, more than a year ago, Nothing materialized. Why not? But this week, the Iraqi's are attacking ISIS in Ramadi with full American news coverage by the big media. It's as though this is being painted as an American-cheered battle. I've just read that there are merely 300 ISIS fighters in the city. It's being made a big deal, however. Is this Iraq spurt intended to bounce into Mosul? Not so far as I'm hearing. What if Iraq is comfortable with ISIS in Mosul because it tends to keep the Kurds from obtaining it? Might not the Kurds side with a Russian offer to go into Mosul? The way for this situation seems smoothly paved at this time, aside from Iraq being opposed. Can Russia find its excuse to ignore Baghdad and go into Mosul anyway?

If a Russian anti-Christ creates a headquarters in Mosul, how can that fulfill Isaiah 13, where he's to be ruined partially by the end-time Medes? Who could they be if not the Kurds? If the anti-Christ is a Russian, Isaiah 13 thereby seems to predict that he will side with the Sunni. In other words, with a Russian anti-Christ in view, I don't see the prophetic picture developed yet. Some changes can occur in the next few years as the players re-decide whom their partners in war should become. If the Kurds of Iraq reject Russia, might the Russians seek an avenue to the Sunni, stealing them from a partnership with the U.S.?

If I take the view of a Western anti-Christ with headquarters in Mosul / Nineveh (see Nahum 1:11), how could he fulfill the ruin Europe after a partnership with it? Certainly, a US-EU partnership has been the vivid reality since the Germans and French forgave the Amero-British coalition for its invasion of Iraq. Can the United States provide the anti-Christ and then turn its back on Europe when Europeans begin to oppose his Middle-East agenda? Yes, that can happen, if he does things that counter their set values, and yet prophecy seems to imply that the nations under the anti-Christ's umbrella will honor him, not oppose him. On the other hand, the anti-Christ betrayal of Europe can be very late in the final seven years.

The material in the 2nd Iraq Update of this month gave the impression that the Revelation harlot was, in particular, of the Pierleoni Jews of Rome, or some vein within the Vatican, perhaps the dark-pope Jesuits or something of that mysterious nature...not found in news media, and generally unknown. Or, perhaps, the harlot is no longer a fundamental Vatican organ, but evolved into none other than the socialist Illuminati (Cecil Rhodes, etc.) that secretly founded Communist Russia. If that's correct, I'd expect it to operate largely through the British, and the doped (carefully fixed) Masonic tools of the United States. If Hillary Clinton is elected, it could be important that Bill is a Rhodes Scholar i.e. given to Cecil-Rhodes globalism, whatever shape that may have evolved into today. And so I need to add, to my potential forecasts, this picture wherein the neo-Illuminati (or call it what you will) forms a pact with Russia for the sly taking of the Middle East, bringing the world on-side with their scheme where the partnership tends to eliminate the Armageddon-like scenario of the Cold War. Revelation 13 says that the world will honor the superiority of the beast, thinking that nothing can make war with it successfully. I don't think this can be said where the U.S. and Russia both remain strong militarily while Russia and China are tagged together against the West.

But Pravda, an Russian media that always minimizes the value of the United States, sometimes with charges that I myself would bring up, seems to be gunning for Donald Trump. First of all, Hillary became a symbol of a betrayal of the "reset button," and, probably, Putin wouldn't want sincere relations with her. I have not been following Trump's "promises" for getting himself elected, but did note that he's for an American-Russian understanding on ISIS. Probably, the bigger question is, what happens after Putin, when his six years are over?

A third scenario is where the anti-Christ is neither Russian nor Western, but Muslim and home-grown in the Middle East. In this picture, I would link him in a partnership with the harlot -- the Western globalists -- even while hating it. That scenario is already formed before our eyes as Obama says he wants to support the Sunni. Such support, if it is to become a strong weld, will naturally involve the making of Mosul into a Sunni-controlled region, for this is what the Sunni wish for. And that would get the ire of the Kurds...which situation can later fulfill Isaiah 13 as would be expected. Yes, for as the Kurds want Mosul as their own, one could predict an eventual invasion of Mosul by the Kurds to remove the anti-Christ's tentacles therein, especially if he's a Sunni. This scenario, however, could predict a skincode in the Middle East alone, not globally, but I'm not getting off my guard because I find it impossible to realize, at this time, whether or not it will be global.

I regret that I haven't the wisdom nor Word to guide anyone on whether the time has arrived for preparing a tribulation retreat. I don't say that most city people should retreat just yet because the final time could be 20 or more years yet. For people who wish to retire or work in the country, this might be a good plan for you, starting now. Every person's circumstances are different, and so this needs to be your decision not affected by any advise I may have. There may come a day when I begin to claim that the time has come for everyone, but God help me if I'm wrong.

In the third scenario, with a Sunni-Western partnership against the Kurds, the latter might be supported by Russia, for even the Medes of Daniel 7 are depicted by a bear. In this picture, the Chinese would be expected to be against the West too. It is a compelling scenario because the Sunni Arabs are in fact beheading people already as their very symbol of war. Where the anti-Christ destroys the harlot in the end, one would need to envision, not an attack on all of Europe, but on its Middle-Eastern forces alone. I can definitely see something like that from the Sunni, first using the West to gain Mosul and other provinces, then ousting the West from their dominion.

On the other hand, the prophetic fiddler cries a different tune, one in which Gog must be the anti-Christ. How can Arabs fit the Gog / Magog shoe? But the third scenario can be tweaked with a Sunni-Western partnership having a Western anti-Christ in Mosul, and that is simply the second scenario but with a Gog-Rus bloodliner.

One can predict that a Western-Sunni alliance, portrayed by the United States as being opposed to ISIS, can easily get an American headquarters in Mosul, if the Americans assist in the invasion of Mosul, a thing they might do in order to keep the Russians from doing so. And the aggressive behavior of Putin at this time may rush that situation.

The first Communist president, with a Lenin surname, may have been a LEOnard/Lenin liner, and therefore linkable to PierLEOni, an early member of which had a Leo name. I was confident that Pierleoni (named after Peter) were a line from Peter Pollock, but his line was resolved to the first Rothschild, who installed his eldest son in London banking. From that point, the "Lord Rothschilds" of Britain have been silent partners with, and probably silent chiefs of, British politics. The more-remarkable feature of the Pierleoni was their link to the family of Godfrey de Bouillon, which I discovered earlier this month. While de-Bouillon's family set up the first rulers of Templar Jerusalem, Rothschilds have been the architects of modern Zionism. While the first Templar grand master was Hugh de Payens, one Leo surname uses the same fesse as the Payne's. As Templars have been resolved as a line from the chief priest(s) of Israel whom killed Jesus, that's why I can now entertain the Revelation harlot as the priestly line through the Templars and Pierleoni to Rothschild globalism.

German Leo's aren't using Zionist / hexagram stars for nothing. They have a quartered Shield half in the colors of the Petty Shield, and the latter's has been resolved with the Shield in this Arms of Rothschild. The diagonal bar of German Leo's rises in the sinister (left) direction (viewer's right is the Shield's left), and the Rothchild (no 's') surname uses two sinister features, with the horse facing sinister too.

I've only just looked at the Prettys (Peres colors) now to find that they share the Benedict lion, important where the Pierleoni are from Leo Benedict. Both surnames even share the gold-on-red star, and Benedicts were first found in the same place (Warwickshire) as Pettys. The star held high by the lion paws in the Pretty Crest is an image of the Catholic eucharist wafer held high by a priest before "Communion."

Heraldic descriptions have been overwhelmingly discovered, by me (and others who won't admit it), to be code for related surnames, and so here's the Petty-Crest description: "A silver elephant's head, ears and TUSKS, red." Donald Tusk is now the EU president. The ears aren't emphasized for nothing; they're code for Eyers/Ayers/Hoyers, first found in the same place (Derbyshire) as Here's/Heyers that share blue wings with Bauers, that being the known surname of the first Rothschild.

The wings aren't there for nothing; they're code for Wings/Winks using a Shield of billets, which are precious-metal bars...shared by Steels and Stolts while the latest NATO Chief is Jens STOLTenberg. Note how the Steel Chief is a good reflection of the Bauer Chief while the Steel Coat may be using the German-Leo lion. The previous NATO chief had a Rasmussen surname (Hesse), which uses a sinister feature. The Rasmussen unicorn is in the white-on-red colors of the sinister Rothchild horse. I can't think of a better definition for the Revelation harlot than a Rothschild-EU globalism linked to the seven hills of Rome where it was linked also to the Vatican hill. I won't call the latter the eighth hill of Rome because it gives the impression of a papal anti-Christ; I do not think that a pope will become such.

The sinister-hand symbol of the ancient Mucia / Mucianus bloodline was actually a right-hand symbol too, for in the myth, he lost his left hand. Compare "Mucianus" to "RasMUSSEN." Google black-listed two Iraq updates (2nd and 3rd of this past October) where I discussed this Mucianus line along with the mention of Mr. Rasmussen. This is what I had found on the Mucianus kin of Licinii: "The family-names of the Licinii are Calvus (with the agnomina Esquilinus and Stolo)... The Stoll/Stowel surname was looked up, finding it traceable to Kupa and Cuppae elements suspect with Caiaphas, but for the discussion here, I'd like to go to the Stoltenbergs, who can be rooted in "Stol."

The Stoltenberg Coat (black eagle) uses quarters in half the colors of the quarters in the Arms of Rothschild (black eagle), and is not showing what's in its description page: "On a blue shield a red heart pierced by an arrow." Not only is the piercing symbol used by Rothschild-based Pollocks, but a red heart is pierced also by the Logens/Lennans (AYRshire), suspect as a branch of Lennons/Lenins. That description is there to this day. And the PIERce's/Peirs (same place as Percivals) are suspect with the naming of PIERleoni. The Percival bear, and the look of the surname, may reveal that this line is from Medo-Persians. Steels are said to be from a Bigot de Loges.

Moreover, German Steels, sharing a single arrow with Rothschilds/Rothsteins, are listed with Stahlins/Stahlbergs. These Stahlins use a griffin in the top half of the Coat in the colors of the lion at the top of the Italian Leo Coat. Belgian Stalins/Stahlins share lozenges with Steels. Joseph Stalin followed, as Communist chief, after Vladimir Lenin. "The Russian-language version of [Stalin's] birth name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili," that surname looking like the heart-using Douglas' (version of the Bauer Chief?), and yet while it also looks like a Dougal variation; the latter happen to share a white-on-blue lion with Leo's above.

The Logen/Lennan Coat: "Gold with three passion nails piercing a man's red heart." The man can be code for the Mens' whom use an "I zal" motto phrase suspect with Islips that share the lodged stag with Lennons/Lenins. The Pepins (white horse) have a "Mens" motto term and meanwhile share black fleur on a bend with Rasmussens (white horse). "Passion" can be code for Passons that share the Coat of Pepin-related Chills/Childs (RothCHILD's?) while Chile's are listed with Cassel- and Hesse/Hus-like Chissells/Chussells (three chisels in Crest, suspect with the three ostrich feathers in the Arms of Rothschild). Lately, I've been entertaining the origin of "Rothschild," not in Schild = shield, but in the Childeric line to Childs.

The STOWel variation of Steels can suggest the Stows/Stouts (share three fesse bars with Stows/Stouts), whom I see from the Stout vikings of Shetland, whom, I've read, conquered Rothesay (Scotland). It tends to prove true where German Rothes/Rothchilds (Bavaria, same place as Bauers) use the raven, symbol of the Stout vikings. The Sturs list "STOWer," and while I trace Sturs to the Demonte-Stura river, the Demonte's should be using the Rasmussen unicorn. As Alan-important Saluzzo is near the Stura, it's notable that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Douglas' is that of Saluzzo's.

Assuming that Putin is not behaving as the Western globalists desire, they might be trying to get him ousted for a Russian leader that will be a nice, little tool, easily stroked into submission. I had traced the potent bloodline of the Crusaders to lozengy Patents, but then Putents are listed with Puttins. Putins/Padyns (same place as Aeneas-suspect Annandale) share flames with Douglas'.

Stalin was followed by president KHRUSHchec, what looks like a Creusa-liner Russian. Mythical Creusa (and Aeneas) was at Agrigento (Sicily), where I trace the Coat of lozenge-using Anchors/Annackers. The latter's lozenges are in the colors of the Benedict stars, themselves colors reversed from the Cruss/Creuse stars. The latter use the same chevron as Caepio- / Caiaphas-suspect Quint while Quints share the black lion paw with Bedfords while Cruss'/Cruse's were first found in Bedfordshire. See the Anchor / Patent lozenges with Beatle's/BEDwells, noting the white towers with flames in their Crest, a symbol of Putins/Padyns. Creuse's use the same lion as Dougals as well as another lion paw.

Percivals use a "cruce" motto term, and white-on-red patee crosses, almost the gold-on-white patee cross of Bennetts. English Bonnets (look line Bone liners) were first found in Bedfordshire, making Bennetts suspect with Bone's as well as the Schole-like Skulls.

The Creuse lion is used by Odins, very traceable to rulers of Oettingen (Bavaria) that's are online showing a dog with an emphasized red ear. Google has removed this design from the first page in a search for "Oettingen," which, for years, would bring up the page for Oettingen-Oettingen, where the dog-and-ear is found. Someone reading my mentions of this dog-and-ear would naturally search "Oettingen" (because I rarely mention that it's in the Arms of Oettingen-Oettingen), and therefore not find it any longer. It probably wasn't an issue for the globalists until I linked the red ear to the red elephant ear of Pettys while linking Pettys to the Arms of Rothschild that itself use "elephant trunks" very linkable to the Trunks and Thors (more hearts). Oettingen-Oettingen is not even on the second, third or fourth Google-search page, a disservice to Oettingen-Oettingen, wouldn't you say? Who is trying to cover what?

Trunks are using quarters in half the colors of the Petty / Rothschild quarters, and gold Zionist stars (suspect with the Weis stars) in both colors of the Bauer pentagram stars. As Patents use the Schole Coat, it doesn't look coincidental that Scholefields/Scofields (same place as Benedict-branch Bennetts) share the white-on-red bull head of Trunks (and Pollock-suspect Bullocks).

"Like other Bolsheviks, [Stalin] became commonly known by one of his revolutionary noms de guerre, of which 'Stalin' was only the last. Stalin' is based on the Russian word, stal, meaning 'steel],..." The heraldry tends to suggest that there was more to his Stalin surname than just a name of war.

The tentative conclusion is that Rothschild globalism can not only trace to the formation of communist Russia, but to the Pierleoni Jews. If proven and made known without question to the world that Rothschilds founded Communism, it would tend to spoil the Rothschild quest for supremacy.

The day after asking whether Ramadi's invasion by Iraqi will spring over to Mosul, this came out:

Iraq’s armed forces will move to retake the major northern city of Mosul from Islamic State (IS) once they capture the western city of Ramadi, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on [December 25].

Capturing Mosul would deprive the militant group of its biggest population center in both Iraq and Syria, effectively abolishing the state structure of IS in Iraq, depriving it of a major source of funding and dealing a blow to its influence, EKurd reported [so why has this taken so long if it means so much?].

...Army commanders said on Wednesday that the battle for Ramadi would take several days. to liberate Mosul will launch after Ramadi secured: Iraqi PM

The same day:

A spokesman of the Iraqi Prime Minister office has stated that Baghdad and Washington have agreed that U.S. special troops can enter into Iraq for conducting military operations.

Saad al-Hadithi told AIN News agency that U.S. would never bring his forces into Iraq but would support Iraqi troops in attacking against the IS militants and to support Iraqi air force in controlling Iraq-Syria borders.

He added that Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi has reached consensus with Iraqi high-ranking military officials over cooperation with the anti-IS coalition.

It is worth mentioning that anti-IS coalition's Spokesman, Steve Waran, has stated that U.S. Special Forces will arrive in Iraq to conduct special secret operations., anti-IS coalition agree US troops can enter Iraq

This news is everywhere. It seems clear to me that the Americans are at the root of this thrust, finally giving Baghdad the green light so long as Americans can be involved. The Iraqi's are not quite portraying the situation like that, of course. And so I think I have this situation correctly interpreted as one to stop Russian inroads into the Mosul theater. But Russia can still argue that it's willing to help fight ISIS in Mosul, though this offer may not come for some time, after it appears that the "anti-IS coalition" is not succeeding. There mere message to Putin that the Americans and Iraqi's are gearing up for a Mosul operation can have the effect of stopping him frozen. This is the same effort where, not many days ago, the Iraqi's told Russia not to interfere within the Iraqi borders. It must have been a big let-down for Putin, who was about to show what a real effort against ISIS looks like.

There may never be much of a Mosul operation, I predict, if the Americans have their way. But circumstances beyond the control of the Americans may force that attack into a raging war. The Americans and Iraqi's should need to give Putin a proper excuse as to why Russians should not be included in a Mosul operation, but, fortunately for the Americans, they have the Ukraine factor by which to tarnish Putin and thus tell him, frankly, stay away bad guy. On the other hand, the Americans are still trying to negotiate the fate of Assad with the Russians during this period in which Putin's money bag for war is being lightened.

Nothing was happening at Ramadi until now, and the U.S. is indeed supplying the weaponry:

A key component of Daesh's [= Isis] victory in May was the use of dozens of massive suicide car bombs to blitz government positions but, more than six months on, the security forces came prepared.

"They've tried [over-statement?] but they've had less success for several reasons," said Colonel Steve Warren, spokesman for the US-led coalition that has been carrying out daily air strikes.

..."The Iraqis have been equipped with AT4 shoulder-fired anti-armour rockets, so the coalition has trained them on how to deploy these weapons, provided them with 5,000 of them and the Iraqis have used them to great effect," Warren said

After six months, the Iraqi's were talking as though it would take three days to re-take the city. Doesn't that sound as though there was no prior effort, really? Didn't the United States have 5,000 shoulder rockets six months ago? Wouldn't it have been better to attack before the enemy dug in and got acquainted with the methods of keeping the city? Why was the U.S. so slow, until now. And this claim that it will take three days only probably arises from the over-confidence that the Americans gave them by suddenly turning on a green light. As this battle has already begun, it explains why the three-day prediction is getting longer. Reality is setting in, and, probably, the Americans are doing all they can to stall the victory. I've always felt that the Iraqi leadership is blockheaded for trusting the O-mericans in their land.

Donald Trump, at this stage, which isn't necessarily what he would do as president, when all his advisors seek to move him in certain ways, says that the U.S. should fight Isis in Iraq while Russia can do so in Syria. But Trumps speaks like an idiot: "'I say this, I didn't want to go there [Iraq] in the first place. Now, we take the oil. We should have kept the oil. Now, we go in, we knock the hell out of them {ISIS, I assume]. Take the oil, we thereby take their wealth.'" Imagine what an idiot he'll look like, in the eyes of Iraqi's. The very thing I speak against, America going into Iraq for the oil, this dope amplifies to his fan club and political enemies alike, during an election bid. I'm afraid that he can only make stupids in his wake. Careful Christians; listen to Jesus, not Trump.

After Trump took on an indifferent attitude toward Ukraine, he "corrected" himself, no doubt thanks to his advisors, and came out praising and bolstering Ukraine, which tends to assure that he's a train waiting to crash into Putin. However, what he's saying now, the things he thinks will get him elected, may not be what he does in practice as president. I have the sense that he will get along well with Putin, if he had his way. But Republicans generally do not like or trust Putin, and can work to give him a hard-line attitude. Jeb Bush is a bigger train wreck waiting to happen, for he's promising a no-fly zone in Syria, just as though he hasn't the sense enough to realize what it amounts to: "But Rand Paul attacked those two contenders on the no-fly zone, saying that it would eventually lead to war in the region. "When you have a no-fly zone over Iraq, realize that what you are saying is we're going to shoot own Russian should be ready to send your sons and daughters to war.'" Well said. There is a slim chance that Putin might abide by the no-fly-zone demand, but what if he doesn't? Does the next American president allow Putin to snub his nose at American world laws? The best option by far: America get out of Syria, you're not doing God any favors by trying to change the world your way, because your way has become the worst dragon of all.

Wall Street Journal reported this past week that the Americans attempted a coup on Assad as early as 2011, even before Qaddafi was taken out.

So long as Russia allows Christianity its freedom, and ceases to brainwash its people with atheism, it's no longer the Soviet dragon it once was. However, Russia keeps bad partners such as Syria, Iran, Hamas, China, and others...who don't like the West. On the other hand, I don't like the West either. Anti-West nations don't like the globalist intrusions of the West, the very thing America accused the Soviets of. The West that intruded into Israel, before 1948, was not a Christian group, but satanic. The West does not choose Christian groups for replacing the anti-West leaders it seeks to remove from power. The West is therefore seeking to build a globalism based on its own form of atheism. How can Christians support the West any longer? In Western democracy, the majority is created and conditioned by the satanists, and even when they are not the majority, they are made to appear, by the Godless press, as though they were. Democracy in the West is an illusion. When the satanic globalists feel they are losing power due to Christians in opposition to them, they will feign loving the Bible to get Christians off their backs. They feign the same love with Muslims, or whomever they are seeking to conquer by intrusion.

There is not a big boss at the top of the Masonic pyramid controlling everything in the West or within globalism. No one can control everything all the time. Disagreements will arise and cause division. The elite seeking globalism are not confessing that task because the world is far from global oneness. The bosses at the apex of the pyramid would look awfully stupid to say that globalism is a serious endeavor at this time. And that's the only reason that we don't hear much of a globalist agenda from those seeking it, but don't think it's not there. It is. Ask Armageddon what the outcome will be.

If Russia can be secured as a Western puppet, globalists might try to pass a global oneness theme upon the masses. Without Russia as an ally, Iran, Syria and other anti-West Muslims will become more the paper monsters than they already are at this time. But they are paper monsters with oil, and this is the oil that greases the wheels of Armageddon. The high increase of oil prices in the recent past gave Putin a taste of what Russia would be able to accomplish in a short time, if only oil could hold at $125 per barrel. Putin wants that situation back again, but the West refuses to give it back. We should be rejoicing at the low oil prices now, except that the oil companies are keeping their pump prices high anyway. And the way the Western governments make big money on oil is to tax gasoline heavily. The higher the price of oil, the more the Western governments rake in, the more that the globalist purse will get. They are not your friends at all, these governments, but your very enemies who keep you alive only because they need your taxes.

A government that feeds off of the people's flesh, rather than feeding the people what they want, is not a government like the one run by Jesus. The liberal governors from the Rothchilian monsters are not going to see the merit in Christianity for global oneness. Alas, the Vatican spoiled the good image of Jesus for centuries by setting a table up with the satanic governments of the Roman empire, and they even called the alliance a holy thing. Are Protestant Christians going to do the same with the American government at this time? Are Protestant Christians going to support the Rothschilians in their Middle-East wars? What did the Rothschilians do in Israel to make it a county seeking Jesus Oneness? Nothing. Brutes now surround Israel on every side, just as though God has been returning nothing for nothing in protection of Rothschilian Israel. Mean bulls are arisen and active in the war, promising the end of Rothschilian Israel, and even some Western Rothschilians seem to have taken a dislike for current Israel.

Why is the Revelation harlot called, Babylon? God could have chosen a different term to indicate the Roman empire secretly. Will the Rothschilian West come to control Iraq? Is that part of the meaning of her name? I've pointed out many times that, while I identified the harlot as Ishtar of ancient Babylon, I later learned that the Rothschilds/Rothsteins use the eight-pointed star, which was anciently Ishtar's symbol. I have traced Rothschilds, Pollocks and Pettys to Pietas Julia (also called Pola/Pula) in Ishtar-like Istria, for Pola uses a cross in the colors of the Pollock saltire.

Will the current invasion of Mosul by the West and Iraq together come to fulfill Daniel 11:21-23, where the anti-Christ enters the end-time Seleucid domain with diplomacy, not by military invasion? An American headquarters at Mosul would give the West an advantage in its Syrian war, and with determination, the Americans can topple Syria by that route. But the Rothschilian harlot would pay the price, for the more it becomes involved, the more its Muslim enemies will grow bullish, the more that global oneness experiences a living death. Yet, by the sounds of it in Revelation 13, some form of oneness will be achieved around the anti-Christ. If we assume that this oneness is centered in the Middle East, how can we explain it? Are we to envision a Sunni oneness with Shi'ites?

Let's move to the future wherein Mosul is re-taken for Iraq, with the Americans hailed as the core reason for the victory. Then what? How will the Americans take Syria apart from some partnership with Putin? The Americans have seen the need for this partnership, yet, under Obama, the possibility looks dim. The O-mericans are apparently going to deal with Putin's weaknesses by making him abandon Assad for some alternative resolution. Let's assume that the Russians, together with the next American president, conduct a change in Syria that is part of a West-Russian deal. Both sides are happy. Then what? Well, the Muslims will buck to have the Americans leave. If that happens, the Russians will have the advantage in gaining the foothold in Mosul, especially if Russia performs well, in the eyes of the world, in the Syria deal. In other words, a Russia-harlot alliance will create a new Model East, with the Russian anti-Christ in Mosul, and the American False Prophet involved in a globalist push for oneness in the name of the Russian figurehead for the Model-East resolution. Frankly, I am not leaning on such as scenario during the time of the next U.S. president, but, hopefully, things will surprise me.

Donald Trump seems unpredictable, for if anyone ever spoke the things he thinks are best for getting elected, it's him. In other words, he's not being honest, and he seems rash. At one time, it looked dim for him, but, suddenly, he's in the driver's seat. My guess on what his Middle-East agenda looks like is a deal struck up with Putin to share the oil goodies with him.

What happens to the ISIS-type Arabs in the coming Model East? Will they be happily a part of the next Syria, laying down their guns too? If so, who will invade Israel with the anti-Christ? Is Trump the sort of person that would stand idly by in the invasion of Israel? Is Trump any sort of "Christian" so that he can fulfill the role of False Prophet? Does Trump's speech remind us of a lamb? Everytime he appears in the news with a photo, his mouth has the shape of an upset 'O'. He fashions himself as one who will get things done, and frankly I believe him, but what will he get done, that is the question, and how rash will he be? How much will Congress oppose or support his rash endeavors? Will he need to take on the aura of a Christian in order to get things done in the Middle East? Here is Trump with his O-shaoed mouth, in a page entitled,

Donald Trump Has an URGENT MESSAGE for Christians -- Every American Should See This!"

"One of the things I learned this weekend being in Iowa, I met with a lot of national security experts and everything else, that if you're a Christian living in Syria you can't come into this country. Yet, if you are a Muslim living in Syria, who are not under attack, they can come in.

But we have Christians being beheaded all over the world by ISIS. In Syria and in Iraq, in particular, those Christians can't come into this country.

You say what you want but this is really something. That's a lack of respect for us. If you're a Muslim, you can come into the country very easy. If you're from Europe and you're a Muslim, you can come in. But if you are from Europe and you're a Christian you can't come in...meaning it's almost impossible."

As David Brody of Christian Broadcasting Network and The Daily Signal noted, "Trump's ability to cut through the clutter and paint the world in 'absolutes' attracts quite a few evangelical voters." Brody added, "Remember, evangelicals hold true to their 'biblical absolutes,' so to see a person like Trump let it rip and tell it like it is becomes a somewhat endearing quality to some evangelicals. Trump takes hits for his boldness, and evangelicals take hits from society for their biblical boldness, too.

Don't be deceived. This is an attempt to portray Trump as an evangelical's dream for the future. It's an attempt to bag the Christian voters by playing on their fears of another Democrat-liberal government. The page above has a comments section:

I'm very disgusted with the "Christians" who are commenting about how great Donald Trump is. I need to say up front, I am not a Christian. At one time I identified as an evangelical christian. I took my faith very seriously. I've since fallen away from that faith; however, I still hold Jesus to be a great moral inspiration. My disgust comes from the fact that nothing about this guy's character comes off as christian, and yet Christians apparently love him...This is a man, who when asked "what is your favorite bible verse?", after proclaiming that the bible is his favorite book, can't even seem to answer that simple question. Instead he says "that's personal, I don't like answering that question."

...He talks about a lot of things that make sense, but this idea that he is a Christian, a representative of Christ, and that his favorite book is the Bible, to me is a joke.

These updates probably lost many Christian readers for speaking out against Bush and Republican-president wanna-bees. I am concerned about such Christians. I am not saying that it's necessarily wrong in God's eyes to cast a vote for a Republican if the agenda is to defeat an anti-Christian liberal, but to become passionate for the candidate with efforts to falsely tout him as a Christian, in order to get other Christians on board the political wagon, is dead-wrong.

Another comment: "Has anyone noticed that Obama has "ignored" Donald Trump and has not, to my knowledge, made any negative comments re Donald?? Does anyone else besides me find that unusual?" Assuming that this is true, the reason could be that Obama knows Trump to be the choice of Obama's globalist circle, to carry on their Middle-Eastern agenda. The American globalists could have made a verbal deal with Trump: you promise to fulfill our Middle-Eastern needs, and we will get you elected...we'll even get speakers and writers pretending to be Christians to get Christians to vote for you.

It has become a syndrome in America when Christians follow the pagan news to keep tabs on their "Christian" candidates, thus succumbing to fantasy, and living a daily fantasy, hoping for an heroic bunch of Republicans to change America back to non-liberal values. It was once my hope too, but I didn't succumb to the point of making it a drawn-out fantasy. I saw the true colors of the Republican schemers. The social / societal / cultural war will be won when Jesus slams down his Iron Rod upon the backs of liberals. That should be your hope by which you boast proudly. The Love of God is to destroy because destroyers are in our midst. The spiritual sickness in our world has twisted His Love into Wrath, and the Wound-Up will unwind with a fury upon those who twisted His "Soul." You know what I'm talking about. Our Silent Partner has an Investment in those He loves, and so be sure to be seen by His All-Seeing Eye lest He mistaken you for part of the liabilities. The Masonic founders of America, lovers of money and big-business, are merely playing God to this day, even disguising themselves as God's servants and making America's money part of God's plan (they think), but there is a True Cap on the pyramid, and no one in His government will dare disagree with the agenda, once the Glory falls down upon the shaken and ruined planet. It is not the Christians, I hope, who will lament for the fall of the harlot's financial empire.

In late September, Trump met with evangelical and Pentecostal leaders including televangelists Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, pastor David Jeremiah, broadcaster Jan Crouch, Paula White, Messianic Rabbi Kirt Schneider and pastor Darrell Scott. According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, the meeting with about 40 pastors and the candidate lasted more than two hours and ended with a laying on of hands -- a Pentecostal practice of physically touching a person being prayed for. CBN reported the prayers were for "the Lord to give the GOP presidential frontrunner wisdom, stability and knowledge necessary to pursue this endeavor."

The article says that Trump's paternal grandmother's maiden name was 'Christ.'" It's interesting that Christmans use a large swan in the colors of the large stag of Trumps. Trump's mother has a McLeod surname, and that, too, along with Trumps and Christmans, uses a single, white-on-blue symbol. "Mary Anne MACLEOD was born on 10 May 1912 in Isle of Lewis, Scotland," where McLeods were first found. Trumps family tree below shows that Trumps of Kallstadt, Germany, married the Kober surname, and then Sobers are a major topic of this week's Iraq Update, tracing to Sub Radice of Thrace.

Unbelievably, while the Rats'/Raits (engrailed Sinclair cross) are being traced to Sub RADice too, there is an Anna Marie RATHon (wife of Christian Christ) in Trump's ancestry shortly before the Kobers. I suspect now that I happened upon the Sub-Radice topic for this reason. I would not have known the Sobers or Sobeks had it not been for a long-time reader and emailer. It is possible that such readers are placed in my email life for the reasons of their particular surnames, that I might familiarize myself with them for good reasons. Kobers are listed with Coburgs, and share the eight-pointed star with Rothschilds/Rothsteins!

Kallstadt is near Worms, and not far from the Neckar river, WEISbaden, and Frankfurt, the Rothschild theater generally...that I link to the raven vikings of Scotland. The Arms of Kallstadt uses an eagle in the colors of the Trump stag, the colors also of the Este eagle. Este's are thought by me to be from Istria (near Este), same as Rothschild-Pollock ancestry.

There is a Maples surname that Donald Trump married, which was a surname suspect with the maple symbol of the satanic May Pole holiday (suspect in naming "maple" tree) of May 1, the day that the Bavarian Illuminati was founded, and the day that Obama played the trick on the world when he claimed to kill Osama bin-Laden. The Bavarian Illuminati was founded by a WEIShaupt surname suspect with Weisbaden i.e. not far from the Trumps of Kallstadt. It doesn't prove a link, but it's interesting in light of all front-runners in the Republican party being suspect as Rothschild tools.

Maple's use three motto terms of the Chives', and the latter are expected as a fundamental part of Illuminatists because they trace to the killer of Jesus. By what coincidence do Maple's use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Tarves' while Chives' are said to have had a branch in Tarves? That location is not far from where Rollo's were first found who use a stag as clan badge, the Trump symbol. Maple's ("VirTUTE") should be using the boar of Rollo's ("tout").

Aha! Kobers/Coburgs use a split Shield (diagonally) in the colors of the split Shields of Tarves' and Maple's. It start to appear that some Masonic activity was happening in Trump's ancestry. Now that Sobers can reveal that Kobers are their kin, Cobers/Covers are interesting for being in Sobek and Sober colors. Cobers/Covers share a battle axe in Crest with Tarves'. Plus, Cobers/Covers share a white-on-red bend with Rodhams. One might add Coverts to this mix. It's hard to say whether Irish Raths were of the Rathon line in Trump's ancestry, but they do use a battle axe and stag. The battle axe has been tracing to the Axe river of Somerset, where Badens/Battins were first found that trace to Germany's Baden, near Kallstadt.

The Bidens/Buttons (beside Battins/Badens, in the same place as KAPLans) can trace for two heraldic reasons to the Bavarian Bonnets, and Bonnets are suspect with the Bennetts = Pierleoni. One of the two reasons is the sharing of the CHAPLeau cap, owned by the Capelli's who suddenly evoke Cabyle, a location to the near east of Sub Radice! The Bidens/Buttons are suspect in the shirt and buttons mentioned for the write-up of Tous'/Tosini's/TONSO's! That is excellent because Cabyle is on the TONZUS river, absolutely no guff!!! This has just clinched a trace to Kaplans to Cabyle! See right of map:

The 4th update of this month has the first-ever suggestion that the Tonso's might be from the Tonzus, and this comes mere weeks after the Tosni's were discovered as my blind spot, or the missing link of Templarism.

I didn't know that German Raths use the same fesse as Cobers/Coburgs and Rodhams until after writing it. But the Rath bend is in the sinister direction, a feature of the Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') with the same bend!!! Suddenly, even Rothschilds can trace to the namers of Sub Radice (also spelled, Subradice). Rothchilds are probably using a version of the Weis Coat. With RothCHILDs (share roses with Christs) now suspect with the Childs (familiar colors), it should be added that Childs share the white spread eagle with Este's. Childeric's wife, Basina, was from Thuringia, where Kobers/Coburgs were first found. As the latter were just identified with sharing the Tarves Shield, note that THURINgia-suspect Turin is beside Chives-like Chivasso. This area of Italy was home to Rozala of Ivrea, suspect for a few weeks (until now) with the Rose's and Russells.

Tarves is near Rothes, where Peter Pollock had his castle, and where Rothschilds therefore derive. Rothes is beside the Rose's who trace with their Bosco kin to Busca (beside Saluzzo), while Saluzzo's are the ones who married Chives-suspect Ceva. The six Tarves fitchee crosses are used in the same black color, and the same configuration, as the ones in the Clinton Coat (and Hillary Coat), which itself uses the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's (and perhaps the Bauer Chief modified). This line traced to the marriage of the FitzAlans of Arundel to Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luisa of Ceva, and the latter had become heavily suspect with the Lois surname that, once again, shares a single symbol (ostrich) in the white-on-blue colors of the Trump stag, etc. See my RAT TRAP story in the 4th update of this month (December 2015) as to why ostrich-liner and 666-suspect Trabys apply to the topic at hand. "Trump" might actually be a Traby alternative.

The McLeods from Trump's mother were from Tong (Ross part of Lewis), and Tongs ("birds") are very interesting for using the Rockefeller rock, sharing gold bendlets with Cobers/Covers, and sharing gold footless martlets with Coverts (Germanic origins), the latter first found in the same place (Sussex) as Arundel ("swallows"). Tongs look like they should link to Romneys and Pullens/Pulleys (footless martlets), the latter traceable to Pola on Istria, and using a motto term decipherable with Colps/Culps/Cope's/CUPs.

Much of the above makes Trump a candidate for filling the suit of the False Prophet, if I'm correct in pegging that Biblical character as a 666-toting American president. As I now think that the Revelation harlot holds a CUP/grail in her hand as symbol for the enGRAILed bloodline of the Rus vikings and their Arthurian partners, let's mention first-off that the Arthurs alternatively call their "rest" symbol a "clarion" TRUMPet, and then Trump's were first found in Mecklenburg and Pomerania, the ROSTock theater, where I tentatively trace the REST as well as the gold Sinclair ROOSTer. Below is from the 3rd update in November that started to focus on the Lower/Louer link to cup liners. As Cups are listed with Cope's (share roses with Christ's), note that the Copelands, whom I claim to be false teachers, were part of the meeting with Trump:

Let's go to the Lover/Lower description: "A silver shield with two black bendlets, the LOWER one engrailed." One might be bound to miss that one. This description was found after I linked Lowers/Louers to grail-using Lowrys, and as that should explain the use of "enGRAILed," all engrailed features should become suspect with Lowry / Lower / Louviers liners [Louviers were Tosni's now tracing to the Tonzus]. Sinclairs, who are in the Lower-Crest rooster, use an engrailed cross. The Lower rooster is "standing" (same code as in the Arthur motto) on "a Trumpet, all proper," and Propers [lion in the colors of the same of German-Jewish Lowers] use an ostrich with KEY in its beak, code for the Lower-related Scottish Kays/Keys. The latter are said to have been of the Arthurian Arundel Table, as I now call it. The Stands use two fesse bars in the colors of the Lower / Key bendlets.

Needless to say if you've been reading recent updates, the Arthurian round table became a symbol of the modern globalists whom are expected to be behind Trump, especially if he continues to lead until elected. Lowers use roses mainly, a Rus symbol, the main-Coat symbol also of Christ's, the latter suspect with a Creusa-branch Rus peoples, the same that put the red rose centrally upon the Rosicrucian cross. For a fuller explanation of these surnames, see the November update. Everything that comes shortly before and after that update has been important for forming some of my latest understandings on the shape of Rosicrucian formation in Templar times.

There is a little extra heraldry to add as concerns the Roth- / Rod-like Roets, for they are apparent kin of Masters, both using the same motto term, and Masters use the griffin heads of Roet-suspect Kaplans. Both latter surnames share three gold symbols on a blue Chief with Bauers. Scottish Masters can be using the McLeod castle in gold, for Duncan Smith and Henrietta MacSWANE produced the Smith line to a marriage with the McLeods, and Swane's/Sweeneys, who share a black-and-gold boar with Scottish Masters, can become suspect with Catherine Roet, for she married SWINford (black boar heads). Masters/Innes' use the same-type cross as, and in colors reversed from, the Arms of Pola.

Stick with me here, for Scottish Masters are said to derive in the Innes', and they became suspect with the INSubres while the latter became suspect with the SUBRadice version of "Sub Radice." The Insubres founded Milan, where WEIS-suspect VISconti's ruled that originally used a green snake, the symbol of the Innis' (not "Innes") which, in their Crest, is wrapped around a white castle, the color of the McLeod castle. The Innis' were first found in Moray, where Peter Pollock was commissioned to build his Rothes castle. The Innis' share the "vi" motto term with Chives' (and boar-head, Tarves-related Maple's), and the Zionist stars / hexagrams of Innes' are in both colors of the same that has flown for decades as the flag of modern Israel. The flag of modern Jerusalem uses a gold wall, seen also in the Arms of Kallstadt.

Catherine Roet's sister married a Mr. Chaucer, and then Chaucers (same place as Masters) use that white-on-red bend seen in the Coats of Roet-like Rodhams/Rodans, Rothchilds, and Raths. The Chalkers, first found in the same place (Kent) as Chaucers, use a swan suspect with the Swane liners, I assume. Swane's share the battle axe in the hand of an armored arm with Cobers/Covers, the latter yet another surname using the white-on-red bend, and of course suspect with the Kobers (InSUBRes suspects, right?) in Trump's ancestry. The battle axe is code for the Axe river of Somerset, where Roets were first found, but German Roets were first found in Thuringia i.e. where Kobers/Coburgs were first found, fancy that. Sopers/Supers were first found in neighboring Devon, and they share a black, engrailed saltire with Rats/Raiths.

It's interesting that while the Jerusalem flag puts an upright blue-on-gold lion in its Arms, what I would identify as the blue Caepio-line lion, those are the colors of the lion of Massins/Masons, first found in the same place as Masters.

If you have been able to digest all of that, it looks like the Trumps had some family bloodlust taking place with those they married. I can't prove such a thing, but the heraldic reasons for implying it are there. Moreover, it is to be expected that the first Rothschilds had some close kin that they stuck with in relationships, into the 20th century, and one of those families, apparently, may have been something related to the Trumps. The lizard of the Swane's is used by Organs/Horigans (Orne/Horn colors) and Corrigans (battle axes), and the Horns/Orne's are likely of the Traby horns. But there are reasons to view "TRUMp" as a branch of the Traby kin of DRUMmonds, whom are like the "DARMstedt," very near Kallstadt. And German Drummonds, in the colors of the Trumps, were first found in Hamburg (same as Trips), beside the Mecklenburg location of the first-known Trumps.

Moreover, as king Andrew I of Hungary was the father of the Drummonds, while Hungarians traced themselves to a mythical stag, can't the Trump stag apply? I trace "Drummond" to "THERModon," a river that went down to the TRABzon theater. I reasoned that "THERMODON" was an m-version "TRABZON," but compare also with the TARPODizus river (beside an old Astica area) in Thrace, where Trabys and their Astikas-Radziwill kin are being traced in this month's Iraq updates.

This identification of Trumps with Drummonds can explain the Ross area around Tong, for I trace the Ross clan, of Ross-shire (Moray) to king Andrew and the Drummonds, namely to the Varangian RUS of Kiev, whom Andrew I married. You can read about an Andrew at the root of the Ross clan online, and then the Scottish Andrews can be gleaned with the Pollock saltire. What follows shocked me, and seems akin to the trace of Pollocks to Croatia's Istria. For this part of the discussion, it should be added that Coverts were suspect with the fesse of Croatian-based CRAVens, for Croats are called, KRVati. This link of Coverts to Croatians can go to the Kobers in Trump's ancestry, but one can also link this picture to the Fessys/Face's with the leopard face's of Coverts, for the Fessys/Face's share the cross of Macclesfields while the black fitchee cross was at the Davenports of the Macclesfield area. I'll show you soon why the Fessy / Macclesfield cross is important here for a Trump trace to the Middle-East Baathists, but don't lose sight of the black fitchee.

I have a new find just at the right place for helping to convince the reader of the Rothschild - Pollock trace to Istria. It came with the sighting of SANDALja in Wikipedia's article on the Istria country, location of Pola. The Sandals (Suffolk) were looked up to find them using a green cross in the style of the cross in the Arms of Pola, which, in colors reversed, becomes green. Although houseofnames shows the Pollock saltire in gold-on-green, it's green-on-gold at Wikipedia's Clan-Pollock article. Therefore, Pollocks (share green Shield with Bauers and Bowers) can trace to the Sandal/Sendal/Sindel cross. Note that the two colors of the Istria flag are those also of the Bauer Coat.

I've known for a long time that Rothschilds/RothSTEINs share the Ishtar star with Dutch Steins, and that English Steins share the gold leopard face with Coverts. But I don't recall loading the page for Istria county, which, I now see, uses the goat, symbol of German Steins. This topic reminded me of Donald Trump's third wife, Melanija Knavs / Knauss, because she is said to be from Slovenia, what became part of Croatia. Cravens share SIX fitchees with Clintons and Hillarys, and the latter use them in black, in the same formation as the six black ones of Tarves', first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Leslie's, who were from Hungarians arriving to Scotland with the first Drummond, Maurice. But if Maurice was the first Drummond, after what were they named?

The point was that there is a Knauss Coat, and it happens to use two rams, in the colors of the Stein goat, and both rams are up a "green tree" (suspect with stag-using Greens) that is the only symbol in the Coat of Pasins/Pace's/Pasi's, the latter looked up just minutes prior to seeing the Knauss Coat because of the Pazin location of Istria county! This is a huge find for reasons that follow this paragraph. The Knauss description: "A red shield with a green tree RISING from a hillock of the same color, supported by two silver rams with gold horns" There is a Rize location at the Trabzon theater, and the English Rye/Rise surname uses that familiar white-on-red bend yet again. German Rise's use another tree, as well as "pilgrim's stave's" while Stave's are a branch of Stevensons that have an alternative Coat using that same white-on-red bend yet again. English Rye's/Rise's (same place as Saddocks) are beloved of the "ears of rye" symbol of Saddocks, suspect with a Soducena location near Rize, and in the ancient land of Gog.

Pasins/Pace's/Pasi's DO NOT come up when searching "Pasi," but I have been very familiar with the Pasi's/Pace's that do come up, who, incidentally, show a Pasini variation, and share a blue Shield with the Arms of Pazin. To set up what I'm about to say, it's necessary to repeat that Pasi's trace excellently to Paisley, in Renfrew, where the Pollocks and Speers were first found, and Speers (boar heads in the colors of the same of Maple's from Trump's second wife) happen to share crossed spears with Pasi's/Pace's. These very families had come to mind when viewing the Scottish Sandals a few minutes earlier. I kid thee not.

Yes, Scottish Sandals/Sandilands use a "Spero MeliORA" as a motto, and by now I know that "ora" can be code for Orrs, first found in Renfrewshire. It was notable that these Sandals use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Clintons / Stave's. I could not make out what the object was above the crown in the Sandal Chief, and it turned out to be a thistle, a Paisley symbol! Sandals, said to be a Douglas sept, were granted lands in Peebles-shire, where Bowers were first found that use the five bunched arrows that are a mainline Arms of Rothschild. This now tends to clinch a Pollock / Rothschild link to elements from Sandalja of Istria county. The SANDowski variation of Trabys/Sadowski's is coming to mind, and the Douglas Chief has just become suspect with the Bauer Chief. In fact, the Douglas Chief with stars is that also of the Stave's/Stevensons/STEENsons (founders of Steins?) while the other Stevensons, first found together in the same place with Rodhams, share the Rodham bend, in colors reversed from the Stein bend.

I didn't know while writing this section that the Sandal motto above is that also of Rats/Raids. The other Sandals can then be suspect with the colors of the Radice/Radi checks. The latter surname was first found near Istria.

Here is the Sandal description: "A shield divided quarterly: 1st and 4th, silver with a thistle emerging from a crown on a blue chief; 2nd and 3rd, silver with a blue bendlet." Any animal or object coming up from a crown has of-late become resolved as code for the Crauns (crown around a stag's neck suspect with Coronis liners at raven-suspect Stuttgart, on the NECKar river) and the Ceraunii Illyrians of proto-Croatia. The Cravens are said to be from a Ceraunii-like term, and thus I expect Croatians to originate in the Ceraunii (just change the 'u' to a 'v' to get "KRV(ati)"), whom I have traced to mythical Coronis (sometimes symbolized with a coronet = crown) at Patmos, where John wrote the Revelation and also penned the 666 prophecy.

The thistle is shared by Alpins, and while king Alpin of the Picts is in Scottish history as the father of the Scots, I had traced the founding of the Scots to two things: king Andrew of Hungary, and the line of Guido Guerra, likely of the Guidi/Guido's, first found in Bologna, where the Pasi's/Pace's were first found, and where the Pasins/Pace's/Pasi's are said to have been too. This is why the Guido Coat is suspect with the Coat of Speer-related Sprees. Before knowing of the Guido-Guerra trace to the Melusine Vere's that claim descent from king Alpin, and before claiming that mythical Melusine (code) was a Spree-Speer line fundamentally, I realized that the Scottish flag, a white-on-blue saltire, was named "Andrew's Cross" in secret honor of king Andrew. That saltire seems to be in play in the white-on-blue crossed spears of Pasi's/Pace's, and so let's re-mention that while Pollocks trace to the Pazin theater (Pola theater), and while Pollocks lived in the Paisley theater, Scottish Andrews appear to be using the Pollock saltire.

This picture becomes more dragonic, Biblically, when we go to Pasi-suspect VesPASIan, son of Vespasia POLLA. According to Revelation 17, Vespasian's son, Domitian, the 6th head of Revelation 17, was the Roman emperor when John was in Patmos receiving / writing Revelation.

I had linked the Guidi to the Panico's/Panetta's, who share a tree upon a red Shield with the Knauss'. The latter were first found in the Stuttgart area of Germany, and may be of the Nassau's of Germany. The earliest version, "Knus," could indicate the Cnut Danes. "Waiblingen was the property of the Salian kings, from whom the Hohenstaufen dukes and kings inherited it. It is assumed that the Italian name of the Hohenstaufen party, Ghibelline, is derived from 'Waiblingen'." It's where Knauss' were first found.

It was very interesting to read that Trump's wife with a Knauss surname did something for the Aflack commercial (I don't recall the details, and didn't read much). I wasn't going to say anything about Mr. Aflaq, the co-founder of the original Baathist Party, until it was recalled that the Baths/Atha's were traced to the Adda river, itself discovered not many weeks ago when learning that it was said to be the western boundary of the Insubres. I was very impressed with the trace to Baths/Atha's to the Adda, which had to do with Ada of Varenne/Warenne, whose family ruled in Suffolk, where English Sandals were first found that use the same type cross as Baths/Atha's, Aflacks, and Bitars/Buttars (Mr. Bitar was the other co-founder of the Baathists). The latter two surnames are suspect with the Sinclair cross, but as Conans use the Sinclair cross, note that Cone's and Sinclair-related Conte's share antlers in the colors of the same in the Arms of Waiblingen (this Arms could be using the Tanner Shield).

The Bitars/Buttars (cross in the colors of the Soper saltire) might just be a branch of Bidens/Buttons now linking hard to Cabyle / Tonzus liners, and for this possibility, it should be reminded that Obama put Joseph Biden in charge if Iraq's affairs, and that Josephs were first found in the same place as Bidens and Cabyle-based Kaplans. If I'm correct in pegging the Roet Chief with the Kaplan Chief, "Roet" can trace to the Rad elements at Sub Radice.

Before going on with Baathist theories, it should be mentioned that Flags are listed with Aflack-like Flacks, and that McLeods -- i.e. the surname of Donald Trump's mother -- use flags. To prove that Flags/Flacks are important to heraldry, Samsons honor them in both their motto and their scallops.

Ada of Warenne was traced to the Aid surname before finding the Adda. Soon-after finding the Bath/Atha trace to the Adda, it was realized that the Bath/Atha Coat is a version of the Coat of Artems/AITons, first found in the same place as AIDs. Plus, these Coats are a version of the Deacon and Decan Coats, the Deacons first found in Suffolk i.e. where Ada's family ruled, and Deacons / Decans had been found as per a Decani area at Kosovo (beside Croatia). The prediction had been that the neo-Seleucids of the end times would be the Baathists. Whether or not that proves to be true has yet to be seen, but the Baathists of Iraq are Sunni, and likely to be courted by president Trump.

To help prove that Sandals trace to Sandalja entity of Istria, Irish Sanders share the elephant head with Pettys...which tends to prove also that Pettys are from Pietas Julia, another name for Pola. The Sanders are said to have been fighting for Strongbow Clare, and, in fact, English Sanders are using the red and upright bull of Claro's/Charo's, as well as showing variations like the Saint variation of Claro-liner Sinclairs. I've been over this many times and won't be-labor here the trace of Saints, Sainte and Santones, along with the Lemovices namers of Limousin (where French Clairs were first found), to the SINTians of Lemnos. That should explain the SINDle variation of Sandals. This is now another first: the discovery of Lemnos elements through Istria.

As Thermodon was home to the early Amazons, and while a Myrina-branch Amazon population was in Lemnos, by what coincidence do Spanish Marina's share three wavy fesse bars with German Drummonds, in colors reversed?? Or, as Trabys trace to Trabzon's Amazons, by what coincidence do Sintian-related Clairs share five, white ostrich feathers with the 666-suspect Arms of Traby? Both Irish and English Clairs were first found in the same place as Sandals, revealing that the gold spread eagle in the Sandle Crest is the one in the Irish-Clair Coat. It's nearly the Este eagle. Let's not forget the Sinclair rooster upon a trumpet in the Lover/Leaver Crest, or the clarion trumpet of Arthurs (and Hicks').

Obama has become suspect in using the Sunni to his advantage, but I accuse him of using the terrorist Sunni. It just so happens that while Obama's ancestry has a Randolph surname, which uses the same Coat as the Dunhams who birthed Obama's mother, the Scottish Randolphs use the Bath cross as well as a BAT. I've come to think that there was some Rothschilian thing to the formation of the Baathists for the purposes of getting footholds in the Middle East. And maybe the Baathists (include Assad of Syria) just wouldn't behave "correctly," explaining the Bush invasion of Saddam, a Baathist. Although the Western media didn't focus upon it, perhaps intentionally, Middle-East media spoke of the Baathists as the true conquerors of Mosul.

The 4th update of this links Thracian Astica to Aetolian Astakos, and so I can remind that TAFFEYs use lattice while they are suspect with TAPHians of Aetolia. The Taffey lattice is colors reversed from the same of Caens...for yet another reason to link the Caeni to Sub-Radice liners. Taffeys, using what can be the Sinclair / Bitar / Aflack cross, not to mention the Rat/Raid cross, definitely share the Fessy/Face and Mea/Meigh cross in particular i.e. the Bath/Atha cross. The Atha variation became suspect with the HADDingtons, who use the Bath/ATHA cross in colors reversed, as well as with the Keith-like Heths/Heaths (share the gold rooster of trumpet-using Lovens/Leavers) having the motto, "Espere mieux," apparently in honor of a Mea/Meigh line. For example, the LeMIEUX's (Mix colors) might apply, and they use as giant unicorn in the colors of the giant Trump stag and the giant boar head of Molle's, perhaps relevant because Lemieux's are shown with Lemuel/Moule variations. English Meux's/Muse's/Meaux's look linkable to the Coat of Keiths, of Haddington.

Recalling the "Spero" term of SANDals, and assuming that "ESPERE mieux" relates, what about the Limeux location of the Lemieux's, for it looks like it can be from "Limousin," expected to be related to the neighboring SANTones. While that works, let's assume it's coincidental i.e. the Limeiux's are not named after Limousin elements, but after some Meux/Muse entity. By what coincidence do RasMUSSENs share a giant white unicorn with Lemieux's. It could appear that a Meuse-river liner took on the x-version of the name, and developed variations. Indeed, for the Little Meuse, called the Moselle, traces to the Musselburgh location at Haddington. And it explains why the Metz's (nine besants as code for the nine mythical Muse's), from a Metz location on the Moselle, share the gold patee cross with the Meux/Muse Chief.

Muse's were Mysians, as were Trojans, who had an ancient horse symbol that can be understood as the white unicorn under discussion. Trojans were co-founded by mythical TEUCER, suspect with the TOGARmah entity that will, in the end times, unite with the Meshech, the Rus, and Gog. The Teucer-like Tokers use white sea horses on wavy bars in colors reversed from the same of Thermodon- and Trump-suspect Drummonds. The Gooch's/Googe's and Goffs/Goughs (RADnorshire) share the white-on-blue boar with Molle's, and as "gog" meant "sky / blue," note that these surnames, along with Trumps, use white on blue, what I consider Gog colors. The Tokers, with an axe in Crest, were first found beside the Axe river, in Somerset, where both the Badens/Battins and Baths/Atha's were first found, and Teucer's daughter, the mother of Trojans, was given the name, by myth writers, of BATia. Badens trace to Baden of Germany, near to where the Trumps in Donald Trump's ancestry originate. Waiblingen, where the surname of Trump's third wife was first found, is in Baden of Germany. Tokers even use drops as code for Drops/Trope's.

The Meshech were Mysians and therefore the Muse's that had their start as the Thermodon-area Amazons. Later, these Amazons had their homes in Mysia and neighboring Lydia. Meshech got their start at the Moschian mountains smack beside Trabzon and a Pyxites river that I trace to Pictones, in the Santones / Limousin theater. The Lemieux's were first found in PICardy.

While these things are pointing to an end-time Gog-Meshech bloodline in the West, yet one cannot any longer, according to my extensive findings, ignore the line of Joseph Caiaphas as part of this very thing. As yet another example, the Tokers, first found in the same place (Devon) as Chives', are sharing blue-and-white fesse bars with Cavetts, the latter having variations much like Chives variations. And Chives', by their moline cross, can link to Molle / Moule liners. The "cat" in the Chives Crest is a reddish leopard used by Mosca's (Moschian liners if ever we saw one), and we see this leopard's arm holding an axe in the Toker Crest as evidence that Tokers were linked to Chives'. See this leopard also in the Rhodes Crest for a trace to Round-Table Cecil Rhodes.

As there is a Cevetta river at Ceva, it behooves me to link the giant Trump stag to the giant and same-colored ostrich of Lois', the latter now tracing to Luisa of Ceva, the line to the Arundel Table (as I now call it) Illuminati. Luisa was used in the Arthurian code, GorLOIS, pseudo-father of king Arthur in Somerset's Tintagel location. That latter place was identified with Tints and Gale's together because both use blue unicorns, easily created by a colors-reversed version of the Lemieux/Moule unicorn. The Demonte unicorn is in half the colors, and in the colors of the lions of French Demonte's that show evidence of being a branch of Mountains, Maschi's and Messeys.

The Demonte-Stura valley applies here, not only because it is near Saluzzo, where Luisa's husband (Thomas of Saluzzo) was from, but because a Stur river has a source in Somerset. The Clapton location in Somerset is where an Arthur family married a Hicks family where both used the clarion trumpet (this is online in more than one place). The Clapton patee can therefore become suspect with the Meux/Muse patee. It may not be coincidental that Sturs and Mix's/Micks/Miska's/Miseks share three fesse bars.

I didn't intend on engaging heraldic investigation in this news piece, nor did I intend to seek a link of Donald Trump to 666 liners, Gog, Caiaphas, or Rothschild fat cats. All-in-all. it's very interesting, and cause to watch how president Trump develops his Middle-East agenda.

Hillary may argue that Trump doesn't have the monopoly on pro-Christianity. Hillary attracted (not necessarily intentional) middle-America when she ran against Obama, and therefore took a little shine to traditional peoples. It probably didn't quite result in her wearing an apron, but it may indicate that she will try to gather the same chicks under her wings as she plies her best against the swelled Trump tide. You can know that most Democrats are complete losers by the fact that they are willing to chose Hillary as their front-runner. This Democrat humanity needs to be severely punished and finally clamped down in an insane asylum, for it ruins the American society in every way it can. Although they have seen Clinton's scandalous life's choices, which is part of her natural nature, not to be confused with the faked nature she has for public audiences, yet they want her to be the next American president. Is this the best they have? The liberals are a disgusting lot, feigning humanitarianism where the real motive is political gain, and then projecting their own sins, which they know well, onto their political enemies. The liberals are the ones who taught the country the use of dirty, accusative politics, forcing Republicans to become brash against them.

Trump reminds me of a brash, American Zhirinovsky, bold and insulting, sexually-driven, perhaps even off-the-cuff maniacal in his politics. He would get along well with Zhirinovsky, who, when he decrees a bad agenda, seems frightfully capable of carrying it out rather than admitting error. Against Hillary, Trump used the Yiddish word, schlonged, which is a disgusting term for a Christian to use. Although I think that Christian politicians need to be more outspoken and aggressive against their satanic opponents, they should never have such words in their vocabulary. Schlonged means to be whipped by a penis, something that belongs in the vocabulary of organized criminals.

More fretty was found after reading that the Stihl chainsaw company originated in Waiblingen. It was a question as to whether Stihls are Steel / Stalin liners. No Stihl surname came up, but a Stale/Stile surname (same fretty colors as Tute-related Thwaits) is said to descend from a Reginald of Stighel, almost "Stihl." Look again at the Stolls/Stole's, using a cross out of lozenges in the colors of the Bath/Atha cross, and first found in the same place as Baths/Atha's, and then ask whether Stoltenberg of NATO applies to the families that set up the Baathists, if indeed they were set up by Western globalists. AMAZINGLY, and I almost missed it, German Stolls use a black anchor (color of the Waiblingen antler) leaned in the sinister direction, same as the Arms of Rems-Murr, that being the area of Germany where Waiblingen is located!!! Both the latter's and the Stoll anchor are black-on-gold! Let's repeat that Conans, using the Sinclair / Aflack / Bitar cross, are likely kin of antler-using Cone's. Black-antler Conte's/Comitissa's can be gleaned in the Sinclair motto term, "Commit."

It now truly does appear that Stolls link to the Waiblingen Stihls. But can they link also to Miss Knauss? The Knauss' use a "green tree," which should be code for Greens and Tree's/True's, and so we might want to ask why Greens use the stag? Can it have to do with the Stagg/Staig and/or STIGHel/Stile surname? The Green stag is half in the colors of the Trump stag, and Greens were first found in the same place (Kent ) as Greenwich and Cone's, no guff. Greens and Greenwich's were traced tentatively to "Crema," near the mouth of a Serio river upon the Adda river! The Serio had been traced to Zerrs/ZEHRers (axe, links to the axe of Badens/Battins), Sere's and Sears, all suspect with ZAHRingers, the rulers of Baden that used three blue antlers! The Zahringers not only gave their antlers to several Baden entities, including Waiblingen, but they founded Berne, near Zurich, the latter being where Stolls were first found, and Berne being where Steigers/Staigs were first found, and the latter use an upright goat in the colors of the upright rams of Knauss'! It can make the colors of Green's suspect with Nassau's.

The Still surname, in case it means anything, is linkable to the English Lower Coat. Stills are sharing black ermine with Shaws, and the SITHECH ancestry of the latter became linkable to the STICKs and Astikas'. As Stills can be a branch of Traby- and Stick-colored Stighels/Stile's, note the latter's STICKel variation. In this way, the Trumps, suspect with Trabys in other ways, can be using the stag in honor of the lines under discussion, all fairly linkable to Stoltenbergs. The Adda river flows to the Placentia area, where the mouth of the Trebbia is located. The Staggs/Staigs look like a cross between the Hanna's and Hands, all three using stags, with the latter two suspect with the Ananes Gauls at Placentia. Earlier this month, I claimed that the heraldic stag should trace to the Thracian coast on the Black sea, location roughly of Astica.

Sinclairs and the Revelation=Letters Surprise

But there was an ancient Astacus location near Nicaea, and not far from Astica. Nicaea can be the origin of Nassau's where Ness' are, like Nassau's, Dutch, and then one Ness surname shows a Nice variation. The Nicaea location is being viewed tentatively with the Nicolaitans of Revelation 2. They are mentioned as Jesus' enemies in both the letter to the church at Ephesus, and to the church at Pergamum (not Perga). Some believe that NicoLAITans are named in part after laity / clergy, but I'm not so sure. What about the McLEODs/Lutts for a Laitan entity? Is it remotely possible that the McLeods carried the Nicolaitan Christ-occult to Miss. McLeod, mother of Donald Trump?

? There is a Laitan surname (share the Say Shield and thus link to dragon-using Seatons of Say) listed with Latons/Leightons, and using quadrants in colors reversed from the Vere quadrants, and a black wyvern dragon...which reminds that NICHOLas de Vere von Drakenberg claimed that satanism / witchcraft was the original religion of Jesus. Did Drakenberg witchcraft go back to NICOLaitans? De Vere traced his Vere's to Mitanni, whom I identified with the Washingtons and Ness'/Nice's years before the question at hand on whether Nice's/Ness' were from Nicaea's namers. De Vere traced himself to the Anunnaki, and one theory for his knowing this was as per the Annacker variation of Anchors, who must surely trace to Ancore, the alternative name of Nicaea.

It just so happens that there are two Lutt surnames (Petty quadrants), one listed with McLeods, and the other sharing the upright, gold-on-blue lion of Nassau's. It's not a coincidence that Fasts use the Lutt quarters too, for "Hold fast" is the McLeod motto. There you have an easy way to link McLeods to the quadrants of the Rothschild Arms.

It is very surprising to find Lutts first found in Worcestershire, for the Sinclair motto is, "Commit THY WORK to God," though do understand that many mottoes seem to honor Jesus when in fact they can be proven as mere code for kin. In this case, the Works/Werks (same place as Vere's) are suspect with WORCestershire's namers. Works/Werks even share double fesse bars with Washingtons and Ness'/Nice's, but in the colors of the same of Flags/Flacks i.e. kin-suspects of Aflacks using the same cross as Sinclairs.

The "thy" motto term of Sinclairs came to mind while I was just reading the fourth letter of Revelation 2, the one to THYatira (between Ephesus and Mysia). Hmm. The letter to Thyatira warns not to engage the "deep things of satan." By the looks of the Lutt write-up, they could have named mythical Lott of Lothian, where Sinclairs and Seatons lived, and the location also of Meuse-suspect Musselburgh. Mussels use a version of the Meschin Coat, which itself shares the Flag/Fleck scallops, and moreover the Ladds/Ladons (same place as Baths/Atha's) are using a colors-reversed version, nearly, of the Meschin Coat. Sinclairs have been traced, years ago (not now for the convenience of making the Nicolaitan link) to Clarus, beside Ephesus, and then the first letter of Revelation, addressing Ephesus, warns of the Nicolaitans. I think we have something here. Note, too, that while Adons/Edins, suspect with EDINburgh (six miles from Lothian's Roslin, home of Sinclairs), share black scallops with Ladds/Ladons, Adens/Audyns (same place as Clare's and Deacons) use the same cross as Aitons, Haddingtons and Deacons.

Compare the Audyns with the Authinlyk variation of Aflacks, for Audyns use the Bath/Atha cross in colors reversed. Plus, Aflacks use an emBATTLEd border feature, code for Battle's, first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as AITONs. By some coincidence or not, Aflacks are traced to their earliest-known member, NICHOLAS of Haghenlek, or Achithlege. If it's tough to see how "ACHITHlege" became "Aflack," I suggest a merger with same-colored Flacks, as the AchenFLECK variation suggests. Scottish Achens/Aikens can apply, not just because they were first found beside the Ayrshire location of the first Aflacks, but because Achens share the rooster with Sinclairs.

The other Achens/Aachens share the white-on-black crescent with Alexanders, suspect from the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, whose line is expected at the end-time anti-Christ. With this in mind, let's read: The city [of Thyatira] was known as 'Pelopia,' but it was named Thyatira by king Seleucus I Nicator in 290 BC." The Seleucids, founded by the king above, took Syria, where Baathists arose. Jonathans/Jonas', suspect with Jonathan Maccabee, the one who succumbed to a political alliance with Alexander Balas, use the rooster in the black color of the Achen/Aiken rooster, and moreover Achens/Aikens are suspect with same-colored Akmans at the namers of HASMON-like Akmonia. Jonathan Maccabee was a HASMONean. Akmonia is also suspect with the Asmans and Assmans/Rasmussens i.e. a line to the last NATO ruler.

You're going to be amazed now. There is yet more in the trace of Sinclairs to the Anatolian cities found in Revelation. The Cone / Conte ANTLers have been traced to ANTALya, right beside Perga, and Antalya became suspect (for excellent reasons) with the naming of mythical Tantalus, Pelops' father, and so we can assume a proto-Conte trace from Antalya to Pelopia=Thyatira. By what coincidence does the Sinclair motto use both a "thy" and a "commit" term while antler-using Conte's list a COMITissa variation? The Sinclairs, though no one mentions it much, were the Rollo vikings to William the Conqueror, and the latter's mother married Herluin de Burgo de CONTEville, and we just saw a good reason for tracing Burgo's to "Perga." But then some Burgs/Bergs list "Borge," like the Worge variation of Works who are likewise in the Sinclair motto. You can't argue with a triple whammy like that. It looks like Sinclairs trace themselves to something at Pelopia=Thyatira. Spanish Borgia's even share the red bull with Claro's/Charo's.

I could also briefly mention the trace of the Work-Crest lion through the same of oft-mentioned Raines' and Newmans in their trace to the island of Arran, where MacAbee's and Blue's were first found, the latter using the rooster design of Jonathans.

Next, let's go to the Balaam/Balan surname (Balance colors), using yet another rooster, and important where the first few letters of Revelation repeat the warning not to engage sexual immorality and eating foods sacrificed to idols. But in the third letter to Pergamum, we learn that there was a neo-Balaam cult teaching these practices. The Revelation letter mentions that this Balaam cult taught BALAK to rebel against the God of Israel. Compare "Balak" with "Balas." And the Balaam Coat even shares the white estoile with Motts, suspect with "Modi'in," the Israelite city of Hasmoneans (and, yes, of Jonathan Maccabee). It looks like Balas elements may have been in Pergamum. Balaams were first found in the same place as Clare's, no guff.

Here's on the seven letters of Revelation, as described by a writer at Wikipedia; there is a map of the locations, all in the Lydia / Clarus theater. Nicaea (not shown) is not far off at the top-right of the map:

See how close Patmos is to Clarus at Ephesus, for the Sinclairs became suspect with the raven vikings that trace to the Coronis cult at Chora of Patmos. No one else will trace Coronis, the mythical crow, to Chora, but I have with confidence and with escalating evidence. Years separated my claim that Gareb traced to the Greek crow at the naming of Croatians / Serbs and my realization this past year that Croatians derived from the Coronis-like Ceraunii (center-left of map below). It was a slam-dunk for other reasons, and Gareb liners were even suspect at the naming of Harbiye, which later became Antioch, the Syrian capital of king Seleucus I. Wikipedia traces Seleucid ancestry to an undefined association with the Thesprotians of Epirus, and then there is a Ceraunii mountain system shown in Epirus (lower-left) on this map:

Next, note the so-called pellets in the Balaam fesse, for Pellets and Pilotte's share the grail, and are expected to be kin of white-pheon Pilate's. Then, a giant white pheon, in the colors of Balaams, is used by Nicolaitan-like Nichols, who happen to have a raven in the Crest. If you click over to German Nichols, more pellets. The arm holding a pellet in the German-Nichol Crest is much like the arm holding a black fireball in the Crest of Balas-like Balls/Balders, first found in the same place as English Nichols. Are Nichols in the black-and-white colors of the Illuminati for a reason?

There is a Balas surname with ANTELope in Crest, sharing estoiles with Balaams, and sharing large ermine spots with French Balls/Ballons. I suppose these surnames can be from Baal lovers rather than a neo-Balaam cult in western Anatolia, but the latter idea is intriguing for the totality of its unexpectedness. Whoever would have thought that surnames could develop from the Balaam term in the letter to the Pergamum church? And yet, there are some compelling reasons above to make that theory walk. The ability of the Ball liners to link to the Nichols is remarkable, but Nichols just finished tracing (last few updates) to pope Nicholas II in the time of the Pierleoni Jews of Rome (from Leo de Benedict), suspect with the Revelation harlot. The Coat of German Nicholas' can even link by their Coat to Leo's and Benedicts. One can easily glean that the Balaam cult at Pergamum consisted of Jewish "Christians."

What about PALMs and PALMers, the latter being kin of Flacks? Can they trace to "Balaam." We saw that Nichols use a raven, and so do Nicholas' that throw in a fesse-with-symbols in colors reversed to the Balaam fesse-with-symbols. I am convinced that these ravens indicate Rephaites at mount Gareb and through Harbiye to Harveys (Bellamy fesse), Garbs, and Garveys (Perche chevrons), to Perche's and therefore to Balaam-like Bellamys of Perche. That is incredible. I never would have guessed that Bellamys were from the Balaam cult of Anatolia. It can indicate that mythical Bellerophon was an Israelite and/or Garebite entity in Anatolia that evolved into, or from, a Balaam-loving cult. One of Bellerophon's grandsons was made, SARPedon, a Gareb entity in my opinion, but necessarily out of Tyre and into Crete first.

Now that Bidens/Buttons have been traced to Cabyle, what about the Botters/Budins, first found in the same place as Bidens/Buttons, and using an eagle on a so-called PERCH? Can this be clue that the Balaam cult should be sought at Pergamum??? INDEED, for Balaam is in Pergamum's letter! Zowie, a shock. It looks like Perche, Percivals, Pierce's, and related others (Pierleoni too?) trace to the namers of Pergamum. If the Illuminati is from this Balaam cult, then Percivals causes it to touch upon the Arthurian holy grail, which it called, Percival, the Grail King. "Biden" might just indicate Bithynia, a possible branch of Thyni.

Myth writers had a way of extending the world-relevance of an old myth character by putting his name into a different setting. "The second Sarpedon, king of Lycia, a descendant of [Sarpedon of Crete], was a son of Zeus and Laodamia, daughter of Bellerophon." That's easy enough, since Sarpedon of Crete conquered western Anatolia. But what was the LAODamia code for? Laodicea? The McLEODs? "A third SarpEDON was a Thracian son of PosEIDON, eponym of a [real] city Sarpedonia, and brother to Poltys, King of Aenus." That puts the Minoans at the mouth of the Hebros with Anatolians suspect with the namers of Aenus. And the namers of the latter are expected at the Oeneus river of Croatia.

Recall that McLeods use a "fast" motto term for the Fasts using the Petty / Lutt quarters, for the Paeti Thracians were not far up the Hebros from Aenus. I am not familiar with mythical kings of Aenus, something I should explore. Bellamys had merged with Ferte-Mace, a thing I learned from a Mr. Massey writing into me. That's why I can trace them to Bellerophon, for Masseys/Maceys use his Pegasus. The Samsons, who share the Flack / Meschin scallops, use a "Pejus" motto term that can be for some Pegasus liner, and Samsons also use "letho" that can trace to Leto at and around Clarus. Leto was a wolf line and so it's notable that Thy's/Thighs use nothing but a large red wolf. Repeat: "The Heims/Heimes'/Haims share red wolves, and they are now suspect from the Haemus theater." Cabyle is at the Haemus mountains.

As Samson's "Danites" evolved into Hercules' Danaans, by what coincidence was Hercules featured in the myth with Poltys and Sarpedon? Hercules was a human-sacrifice cult in Tyre, where the Sarpedon liners originated. Sarpedon's brother, RHADAmanthes, can trace better, now, to ancient Rhaedestus, on the map to the near-east of Aenus, and on the south of the Caeni. On the dark map, the Samae are where the Caeni are. This appearance of the Danaans at Aenus is extra evidence that Aeneus (with a 'u'), the mythical code for that city, was from "Jonathan,' the rebellious, pagan Levite priest of Laish's Danites. The numbering of these Danites at 600, in the book of Judges, may have been as code for HYKsos > hex, for Samson's myth was given 30 pieces of clothing, 300 foxes, and 3,000 men of Judah. One Simon surname uses a fox, suggesting that these Simons were at least linked to Samsons liners, and the Jewish Fox's use a fox in Crest but the same red wolf of Thy's in the Coat. The islands of Samos and Samothrace were off the coast of that Asian area of the seven Revelation churches.

As the upright red lion of Tyne's/Thynns (stag, tracing to Astica) is in both colors of the upright wolf of Thy's, perhaps Thyatira was named partly after the naming of Thyni on the Black-sea coast beside the Samae and Astica. Another upright red lion is used by Italian Simons, first found on Sicily, where the Saracen rulers, Samsam and Timnah ruled that made a war pact with the Guiscards. Italian Simons were first found in TRAPani/Drepanum, evoking not only the DROPS on the Sam/Sammes lion, but the Tarpodizus area beside the Samae. The Drops/Trope's, using a Shield filled with drops, should therefore be considered as a line from Trapani/Drepanum.

As SarpEDON and Poltys of Aenus were made sons of PosEIDON, I should add that the Samson cross was once identical with the EATON cross, though both were changed for some reason. The cross looked like two double-headed axes, and that was the symbol of Cretans. The expectation is that the namers of PosEIDON were intending the Edones to the west of Aenus. That is, Poseidon was a Pos-like entity merged with Edones, though it appears that Pisidians were named after he got his name. Just because I view the Samson story in Judges as non-Inspired text from corrupt Levites does not mean that I consider all of Scripture as unreliable. It does make me ask more questions, however, and I think that's a good thing in the long run.

In Greek mythology, Poltys is a mythical king and eponym of the Thracian city of Poltyobria (or Poltymbria; also called Aenus), featured in Apollodorus's account of the story of the hero Heracles. Poltys and his brother Sarpedon are given as sons of the sea-god Poseidon. Poltys hosted Heracles when the hero came to Aenus; although Poltys welcomed Heracles, Sarpedon did not, and was slain by Heracles on the beach.

The Pollets are said to claim ancestry in Hercules of Tournon, or a D'Aunou surname (Danaans?) of the Normans. That looks like "Aenos." Pollets use an "Aymes" motto term like the Amisos version of the city of Samsum on the Pontus. Pollets, in the colors of the French Simons, use swords in the colors of the Samson scallops, and their Pawlett variation makes them look like a branch of Pawleys/Palins (beside Pollets) who use an upright lion in colors reversed from the same of French Simons, and in the black color of the same of Sams/Sammes'. Pollets (Somerset) are in the colors of the Somerset Pierce's. Heraldic lions have always been suspect from the Hercules lion, which I gather is in the Samson myth too. The Hercules lion, they say, was mythical SANDon, which reminds of Sandalja at Pollet-like Pola. As the latter was on Este-suspect Istria, note the "CESTE" motto term of French Simons. English Sandals are in the colors of one Sim(p)son Coat. The Sandals suspect with Paisleys share the gold spread eagle with the Pollet Crest.

It looks like lines from mythical Poltys goes to Pollocks too, making Poltys suspect from Pollux/Polydeuces (son of "letho"-like Leda), and that may lead back to Peleg, one of the first Hebrew tribes. The Pollet swords are identical in number, color and positioning with those of Aude's (Pilate colors), and while Aude's (from Audeville of Savoy, it says) are suspect with the "Audacter" motto term of Pollocks, I recall finding an Audeville location near Paris (couldn't find one in Savoy) beside a thistle-using location (can't recall the name). The Paisleys and Sandals use the thistle. There is a good chance that this all goes to the pellets of Nichols and Balaams (Pollet colors), and therefore to Pilote's, making PONTius Pilate suspect from Samsun on the Pontus. The other motto term of Pollets looks like the "LoyaLITE" of Mackesys/Margesons (Pollet colors). I am definitely keeping the Nicolaitans in mind in this Poltys discussion.

Pollux's twin brother, CASTOR, is like "ASHTOReth,' a goddess that plagued Israelites, probably the same as Ishtar, meaning that Castor can be of the namers of Istria. The Pollock motto term, "STRenue," was suspect with some ISTRia line, for example, the Sturs, for the Stur river flows down from where Palins/Pawleys were first found, to Poole, and Poole's share an upright white lion with French Simons that themselves use "C'ESTE."

"StreNUE" (used also by Eugene's/Ewens that I trace to Euganeo, smack beside Este) was identified further with Newtons, and the latter use SHIN bones that can link to the variations of Irish Fox's/Sionnachs. See also the SeanaCHAIN (suspect with Chaine's/Chenays) version of the Shins/Shannons that use the same bend as fox-using Fes'. Foix's/Foys use more pellets, and English Shins/Chynne's (obviously of the Kemmis'/Kenys'), who not only share three red fesse bars with Sturs, look linkable to the Khyan / Caeni Hyksos, were first found in the same place as Pollets.

This ancient trace of Hercules to Aenus is new to me and very meaningful. I'll need to let it digest. It's fully expected that all sorts of non-Israeli Hebrews should have parked their butts at Aenus, at the end of the Hebros river.

As Shins are also "Chine," Shine's were looked up to find their Germanic variations looking like Skins/Skene's, and the latter too use three white swords, in the colors of the Sword swords. I'll assume for the time being that these were Khyan-Hyksos liners. As I traced "Khyan" to "Ixion," who married the cloud, note the cloud in the Skin/Skene Crest. Ixion was traced further to Kikons long before I knew of Aenus, at the east side of the Kikons. Ixion's wife, Nephele, was traced to the naming of NEFERtiti, who descended from Yuya at Egypt's Kemmis/Chemmis location. Yuya was a royal horse trainer, and Ixion with Nephele were given the horse symbol, as was Castor. Skins/Skene's use wolf heads in colors reversed to the Thy/Thigh wolf.

Pollets were first found in the same place, and are in the colors of, the stag- and 'antler-using Parkers. The other English Parkers use a motto term that is perhaps code for Flags/Flacks. The antler thus traces PARKers well to PERGa elements, and so it should be noted that while I trace Pollocks to Plocks/Pluknetts, the latter are said to be from Plunkett, while Plunkets, from Plancia Magna (Herod-Maccabee liner of the 1st century) of Perga, are in Parker / Pollet colors. That should explain why a Fulco character (like the Polk variation of Pollocks) is in the Pollet write-up, for Plancia Magna married a Tertullus entity, while the Anjou Fulks are said to have ancestry in a Tertullus.

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