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January 4 - 10, 2022

Klaus Schwab Was Indeed in the Cotton Swab
Ya Hear, Miss Earhardt
Everything's Popping, Just Rolling Along
The Real Physics of Comet Tails, and the True Nature of Gravity

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names.

I'm going to re-visit a vision I was given on or near April 13, 1979, exactly 50 years before April 13, 2029, the day that the Apophis asteroid is scheduled to arrive to earth. This vision was as little as a couple of weeks after I had a Sleeping-Beauty dream, or the Lady-Fortune dream mentioned in my last update.

I'm going to show how the vision links to the Shark line on the Sybaris river, because the Sleeping-Beauty dream opened with a shark that pointed to deep-state gangsterism in politics, and even to Trump's associations with Jeffrey Epstein. Trump was the British bulldog (why British?) in the mouth of the shark, and that bulldog, along with Miss Hicks = Sleeping Beauty, pointed hard as the rock of an asteroid to Apophis. Why should Trump and Apophis go together? Perhaps it's just a coincidence. King Apophis/Apepi was a HYKSos, like "Hicks."

If what I'm about to say causes you to want to read more on this dream and vision, see "Mellanson" in my 1st update of last month.

After waking one April morning, I saw a snap-vision of a blond women who had some head/brain trauma. I didn't think anything of it, but that night there was a blond who fulfilled the vision, and she pointed to Tony Fauci, reasons given at the link above. I don't remember how long it was after seeing this vision that I heard a "loud" (not faint) voice. It could have been as little as a minute later. I had become a new Christian just weeks before. The voice told me to write on paper that I was to have a quarrel with Steve Mellanson THAT NIGHT, or perhaps that there was going to be a quarrel at Mellanson's not necessarily between he and me, this I can't remember for sure. But, no mistake, it was for that night.

I got out of bed, wrote the note, and although I wasn't told what to do with it, I instinctively knew to put it into my pant pocket so that it would be with me that night. Apparently, if God wanted a note written, he wanted me to share it with someone. I don't remember what I did that day. The first thing I remember was being at Mellanson's party when Barry and about three others decided to leave, and I went with them. We then returned from Bradford an hour or two later to the party, I was sitting at the dining-room table (it was the kitchen table too) beside Sharon Quinn, a blond, and after sensing the Spirit of God filling the room, I felt the impulse to tell my party gang that I had become a Christian, though I can't remember the words I used. Sharon promptly checked me, revealing settled, anti-Christian sentiments, telling me not to be a "fool."

Barry, sitting on the living-room floor, piped up and said to the effect, let him believe what he wants. So Sharon (no one knew she could be like this) got up and punched / slapped him in the face, and I saw blood drops from his lip. She then ran down to her brother's apartment door, down the hall on the same floor, fell to the floor just outside her brother's door, and started to scream, losing her mind. Without repeating the rest of that event, I handed Mellanson the note about five minutes later after he complained to me about leaving his party.

I took the NOTE out of my POCKet, and handed it to him at his door as I arrived back from the scream-scene. It could seem that the scream-scene and the note I was told to write are to be connected. Decades later, I learned that the Note/Cnut surname shares the crescents of Mellansons, and I'm going to show why I think the Pocket/Poucher surname is verification that God is pointing with this event to Ottone Visconti of MILAN, where Mellansons (Aberdeenshire, same Millens/Milans) trace. (Load Note/Cnut link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

The reason that I'm repeating this story is that, last night, I heard that Milan had formed trade ties with Wuhan, explaining why Italy got pounded with the virus. The note with the vision pointed exactly to the COVID scheme out of Wuhan. I'm pretty sure that I heard about the trade ties from Dr. MALONE (like "Mellanson) during his interview with Joe Rogan (I don't like the latter, stay away). Here's from a 2020 article: "The newly opened freight-train link between Wuhan, China, and Milan, Italy will add a valuable new option to boost bilateral trade, analysts said. According to data from TRA Consulting, the new link, launched last month, adds to an already fast-growing network of train links between China and Europe...Even before plans for the Wuhan-Milan link were drawn up, the economic ties between China and Italy were strong. In 2019, Italy signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). That year China was again one of Italy's top trading partners." It could seem

The last update showed why the Balfour-connectable Others/OTTers, the root of royal Windsors, were from OTTOne Visconti, and while Turin is near Milan, and while Others/Otters are in Turin colors and format, Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Millens/Milans and Mellansons. I neglected to mention, in the last update, that while mythical Uther Pendragon was named partly after Otter / Utter liners to the Windsors, Pendragons and Turins share a helmet in Crest. The Arms of Rothschild describe two of their helmets as being TURNed.

You're not going to believe this happened. If you do believe it, then you trust me. After writing the above, I went to the bathroom, and, looking out the window, I saw crows at my garbage bag out at the road. So I walked out, and there were two crows, with garbage strewn all over the area. There were two blue cans of beer. I then saw footsteps in the snow walking along my property, and I followed them over a 150-foot distance, and thought that it was probably the tenant waiting at the road to get picked up by a friend a couple of days ago. Although houseofnames has no page for the surname of the tenant, it begins with "Lars," and there is not only a Lars surname sharing a giant bull head (different color) with Auto's//OTTO's, but there is a Lara surname with GREEN "serpent heads" in "cauldrons."

The Sleeping Beauty dream, with an auto, taught me that Auto's/Otto's were related to Ottone's/Otto's, and this is right down the Mellanson topic as per Ottone Visconti of Milan using green snakes for his symbol!!!! I wouldn't have know about the Lara/Larras surname had I not rented a room on my own floor for a couple of months to get through a winter financially. He is Mr. Lara (from Mexico), and he moved in when the tenant upstairs was freshly moved in, the same tenant under discussion that's pointing to Otto's. I now know why there were footSTEPs in the snow, because the Stepp/Steptoe surname is likely a branch of Stephens! I'm pretty sure that Steve Mellanson was born, Stephen! FOOTsteps can even play to the Fothes'/Fette's who share the Foot chevron, for Fothes'/Fette's were first found beside Aberdeenshire, the latter being where Millens/Milans and Mellansons were first found! CRAAAZY. And you may know by now that the two crows at the garbage bag are a symbol of Rothschilds, descended from Rothes castle in Moray.

Fact: the original Visconti snake (now blue) was green. Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy, had/has the Visconti snake shaped out on his lawn as part of a garden feature. You can see it here along with the snake upon a giant sun that's likely the Arms of Sierre (Switzerland). Wikipedia's Biscione article shows the green Visconti / Sforza snake at the bottom as part of the Arms of SANOK, and in the Chief of those Arms is the eagle of Childs/Chills, I reckon, because it explains the Moor CHILD in the mouth of this snake. The Snake/Snook surname can be gleaned now with the Sforza lion due to the following in the Snake/Snook write-up: "The name was pronounced 'SENNOCKE' at the time and this pronunciation is still used at times in various places." We now know that a Visconti / Sforza marriage with Snake's/Snooks are the reason for the Visconti / Sforza snake.

The Moor in the snake's mouth is going to be a mind-blower because it's going to connect Visconti's to the SHARK bloodline at SARACena. Wait for it.

The Snake/Snook link to the Arms of Sanoc is new to me right now; I don't recall making that link before, as I don't recall reading the entire Biscione article since first emphasizing the Snake's/Snooks a year or two ago. The Child/chill eagle has been gleaned as the Piast eagle, from the Polish Piasts, and to this I'll add that the Polish Trabys/Sadowski's are said to have been at a Sanoc-like location: "First found in Lemberg (Lwow,) a province of Poland...The main cities are those of Lemberg, Prezymysl, Drohobycz, Rzeszow, Jaraslow, Sambor and SANOCK."

It just so happens that while MIESZKO I of Poland was a Piast, the Mieske's/Mesechs share the giant, black bull head with Auto's/Otto's. Lars', who come up as Larsens too, put their bull head on a black Shield, but the other three Larsen surnames have it on a blue Shield. Swietoslawa, daughter of Mieszko I, married a Dane king, Forkbeard. Danish Larsens use "buffalo horns" to go with the "buffalo head" of German Pohls/Pohlands, and the latter's giant buffalo head is in both colors of the Mieske/Mesech bull head. Larrys/Laurie's have a motto, "RePULLulat," and they use a giant cup while Cups/Cope's/Culps (Aberdeenshire) are in the Pully/Pullen motto.

What are the chances that the Lars/Larsens became a topic today with the crows-at-trash event while Swietoslawa was the mother of king Cnut? The note in my pocket pointed to his bloodline. Sweets are in the colors and near-format of Lamberts and Childs/Chills.

On half of the Mieske/Mesech Coat must be the armored arm of Feits because they are like the Fette variation of Fothes', and, besides, Feets share the Pavia Coat while Pavia is near Milan too. Fothes'/Fette's (share "Industria with the motto in the Arms of Rothschild) were first found in Kincardine with PEARtree's/Patria's, and Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found in Pavia, perfect. The ProFETTs/Prophets, suspect as a pointer to the False Prophet, leader of the 666, use a giant leg as likely code for the Trump-connectable Leggs. This Arms of Traby looks like it has a 666 in the three strings of the horns.

By the way, I'm not done telling the story of the crow-at-trash event, and after that I've yet got to get to the original purpose of re-visiting Mr. Mellanson's party, but then let's repeat here that Partys share the checks of Pavia-like Pavers, as well as the checks in the Arms of Milan-like Meulan, as well as the checks of English Vaux's while Scottish VAUX's were first found in East Lothian with FAUCets/Fawcetts, and with the Fortune's who probably explain the "fortuna" motto term of Turins. Meulan was also, Mellent, and Mellents are listed with Millens/Milans...who by the way share the giant Faucet/Fawcett lion, yet it's also the giant lion of Italian Conti's/Conte's suspect in "Visconti." The Cone's who share the antlers of English Conte's, look like they are in-code with the bisCIONE snake of Visconti's. Note "BerlusCONI."

The auto in the Sleeping Beauty dream was also a car, and Cars/Kerrs happen to have a "serio" motto term while the Serio river is in Lombardy with Milan. The Cars/Kerrs share "sed" with Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens, the latter first found in Durham with English Conte's. SEDbergh is where Dents were first found who share "Industria" with Fothes'/Fette's (Balfour chevron?) and the Arms of crow-liner Rothschilds. The Car/Kerr motto is, "Sero sed serio," and while Sierre is beside Sitten of Switzerland, Seatons/Sittens use a double-TRESSURE border as part-code for Tresure's/TRASHers!!! Can we believe it? The crows at my trash this morning! I'll show why it's important that it was a trash BAG. Turins use "AuDENTes" in their motto.

I have just realized that Visconti's are connectable to Faucets/Fawcetts; this is a mind-blower, is it not? God is proving, in this morning's crow-at-trash event, that He was behind the 1979 dream and vision with Farrah Fawcett. Before getting to the Visconti-Faucet link, I'd like to repeat my belief that Snake's/Snooks were a branch of Seneca's/SENESchals. SENS'/Senns, sharing the Mellanson crescent, were first found in Switzerland with Sierre. Spanish Sans'/SANCHez's share the SNAKe/Snook eagle. The giant sun in the Arms of Sierre is colors reversed from the giant sun of Spanish Solana's/Sole's, first found in Catalonia with green-snake Lara's. That explains it! Ahh, the Sole's/SOLNEYs, first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts, and beloved of the Hague motto, have been suspect with the Saunier's/SAULNier's, first found in Perigord with Fauci-connectable Faux's/Fage's/CHAULNes'. There's a mouthful.

Seneca's/Seneschals latter have the same Coat, in a different color, as the nine mascles (diamonds) you see in the Arms of Montblazon (link below) shown at the Biscione page. The page address for the Arms of Montblazon has the Rouens/ROHANs in it who use those nine mascles in the same colors.

King Rollo ruled at Rouen, and his daughter married Mr. Grimaldi of Monaco. GRIMaldi's share the Coat of Bags, the latter first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs who in turn use "pilgrim's staves!!!!!!!!!! The Stave/Stove surname is listed with Stevensons/STEPHENsons. Steve Mellanson! I recalls my last dream, this past November, in which a crow was on my stove burner, and it just so happens that Crows, in Child/Chill colors and format, were first found in Norfolk too. Burners were first found in Surrey with Lamberts who are in turn in the colors and format of Crows.

The Stevens/Stephens have a solid chevron in the colors of the solid chevron of Ottone's/Otto's, you see, showing that God carefully planned the heraldry to go with the morning vision in 1979. But there's more to clinch this claim, let me show you.

Stevens/Stephens use falcons, and French Falcons/FalCONTE's share the crescent of French Conte's, first found in Languedoc with Falcons/Falconte's and Aude province. Turins use "AUDentes" in their motto. Aude's, in Ottone/Otto colors, are also Ode's, you see, and the latter have three swords in the pattern of the three piles of Guiscards/WISharts. The latter can be gleaned with "VISconti" because Guiscards/Wisharts were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes' while French Chappes' share the tall, solid chevron of Ottone's/Otto's. This was part of my original topic, and so I'm going to start mixing some of my original plans and whatever pertains from the crow-at-trash event.

Italian Milans were first found in Sicily, where the royal Guiscards ruled after conquering the Shark-like Saracens. Two Saracen rulers had betrayed the Saracens to join the Guiscards in the war, and one of the rulers, Samsam, can be traced well to the Samson surname (scallops as code for Sicilians), first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens/Stephens.

I had planned to repeat that French Mellans, who share a blank, gold Chief with Rods (share Shark trefoil), were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes'. I had planned to say that Falcons/Falconte's and Conte's (and Valois'/Valais") have crescents on blue, as do Mellansons, and the latter add "rods" for the marriage of Miss Roquefeuil to Hugh IV of RODez. Roquefeuil is in Aude province, in the ROUSSILLON part of Languedoc, and RUSSELLs share the Samson scallops. The Russell motto is almost that of Falcon-like Fulke's, first found in Norfolk with Bags and Pilgrims, and the latter love the Stave variation of Stevensons while the other Stevensons have a green version of the Coat of Aude-like Ade's/Aids, a new thing for me. The "sera" motto term of Fulke's looks Serio-river connectable.

Aids are in the motto of Levi's, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Mellans! The Stevensons who almost have the Ade/Aid Coat share the bend of RODhams/Roddens, the latter first found in NorthUMBERland with both Stevensons surnames!!!!!! HUGE, for UMBRia is where Ottone's/Otto's and Grazio's were first found, tending to nail Umberland to ruling-class Italians from Umbria. In fact, Ottone's/Otto's and Grazio's were first found in the same city of Umbria, at PERUSia, and while French Crispins, first found in PEREZ, share the pomegranate with Grazio's, CRISPINa was the daughter of Rollo and Poppa of VALOIS who married Mr. Grimaldi of Monaco. Malone's even us an "ad" motto term.

The Grimaldi-Crispina marriage is in an online quote, but I came across it yesterday too in the write-up of Labes'/Bes'/Bez's (share Sforza / Snake/Snook / Monaco lion). I'll show later how this surname cropped up. The write-up: ""This great Norman house was divided into two branches, that gave their name to Bec-Crespin and Bec-en Caux, and claimed to descend from Duke Rollo's daughter Crispina, the wife of Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco. Other authorities derive them from Amfrid the Dane, whose son Turstin GOZ is given as the common ancestor of the house of Avranches, Earls of Chester, and the Barons of Bec-Crespin, hereditary Constables of Normandy, and Castellans of Tillieres."

Labes'/Bes'/Bez's were suspect by me from Bezprym, son of Mieszko II Lambert of Piast Poland. It works because Mieszko Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine, and while Lorraine's share the Child/Chill = Piast eagle (in the Arms of Sanoc), French Crispins were first found in Lorraine. Compare the Mesech variation of Mieszko-like Mieske's with "Meschin," for Hugh D'Avranches, earl of Chester and son of Richard Goz, was the uncle of a future earl of Chester, Ranulph le Meschin, a Masci liner. My mother is a Masci on her mother's side, and a Grimaldi on her father's side, and when she stayed in Italy for a couple of month's, she stayed in the home of her mother (Mrs. Grimaldi), where Mauro, a kid about the same age as me (I was 11), was living. Mauro was the son of Maria, and so she may have been my mother's sister; it didn't dawn on me until now (I didn't spend time with Mauro because I lived elsewhere).

Amazingly, Italian Maria's were first found in Genoa, major home of Grimaldi's, and Spanish Maria's share the fleur-de-lys of Maurels/Morels and Masci's. Marys were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs. Monaco's might just be using the Maurel/Mauro fesse. In fact, I now see that the "MONstrat" motto term of Labes'/Bez's is for Monaco elements because the two surnames share the same lion. I'll tell later why "monstrat" is a Duck liner.

To check the Mellanson description to verify that they use "rods," or to verify the symbols of any surname I share, write the surname in the box here:

Back to those nine mascles in the Arms of Montblazon (new to me), for seven of them (in the same colors) are used by Quince's/Quincy's, and, as I've said many times before, the Sforza lion is said to be holding a "quince." The seven Quincy mascles are in the pattern of the seven Mellan besants. I've told before, while on the Mellanson link to Visconti's, that Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet/Fawcett write-up as builder of the FAUXside castle. But what can be added now is the rarish, checkered bend in the Arms of Montblazon, for it's nearly the one of FAUGHns and Faucets/Fawcetts!!! INCREDIBLE. That's important to nail Steve Mellanson with the Faucets, and there we have it! Mellansons are from Milan, home of Sforza-related Visconti's, and the morning vision with Farrah Fawcett came minutes before the God-directed note to Steve Mellanson!

Back now to the crow-at-trash event. After going to pick up the last piece of trash that was blown by the wind several feet from the bag, I noticed footsteps in the snow. I followed them for quite some time, and eventually came to a boot print in some ice. It was hardened ice, and I burned the tread design in my memory because I wanted to see if they were made by my tenant's BOOTs. It checked out, and the point is that English BUTE's/Butts have a version of the Mellanson and Maurel/Mauro Coat!!! Can we believe this? Do you trust me?

Maurels/Mauro's/MAURICs (share Dol / Drummond fesse) were first found in Milan, and the tenant's surname is likely a branch of the Lars' who almost have the Auto/Otto Coat. Lars-like Lairs/Laires' (Dol) were first found in Brittany with French Maurels/Morels who in turn share the Tromp acorns. The "labi" motto term of French Maurels got me to checking out the Labes' above.

But there's more, because Maurels/Mauro's are also Maurino's, and Morano's use Moor heads to explain the Moor child in the Visconti snake. There is a Morano location on the SYBARis river with Shark-line SARACena, and while Sarasins were first found in Brittany too, and while Sarasins share the moline cross of Vallans, and while a shark is used by Vallan-like Valiants, the nasty, pathetic InSUBRES founded Milan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Insubres were thus from Sybaris, a place settled by Greeks from Boura, whom I trace to BURLeys/BOURleys, like "BERLusconi."

Boura was not far from CORINth, and then across the waters from Corinth was Phocis, home of Coronis the crow (this is not Coronis the Lapith): "Coronis, daughter of King Coronaeus of Phocis who fled from Poseidon and was changed into a crow by Athena." Other myth writers gave Coronis other identifications, probably because the same people group had other homes. Compare "Sybaris" to the Biblical Sephar, said to be home to the sons of Joktan, son of Eber, founder of Hebrews, for Coronis the Lapith was a daughter of PHLEGyas who looks like he was named after a tribe from Peleg, Joktan's brother! Zinger, Boura appears named after "Eber"-ites = Hebrews! WOW! Not Israelites, but nasty / war-monger Hebrews. Another Coronis-the-crow line was mythical Cyrene, code for Cyrene, home of MESHwesh, and Joktan's sons are said to have lived between MESHa and Sephar! ZINGER-RINGER. Follow the dots to the Ares-related Sparti, the myth code for Sephar-like Sparta, for Ares was worshiped by Bistones of Cyrene.

As per "BerlusCONI," Conys have a pansy in Crest. Pansy/Pantzers are in Burley/Bourley colors and format as if perhaps God is trying to get Berlusconi into His heraldic pointers in connection to the Mellanson note. I've shown many times how the Pansys/Pantzers (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Duckers), in the pansies in the Arms of Bar-le-DUC of Lorraine, point to James LeDUC of the Galveston National Lab that helped to set up the Wuhan lab. My original reason for coming back to Mr. Mellanson this week was to show his pointer to Mr. LeDuc, but here I find a pointer also in "Berlusconi." That's suspicious. Duc-like Duke's have "chaplets" in Duc/LeDuc colors, and in the colors of the similar annulets of Ottone's/Otto's. The CHAPlets were first found in Lorraine, and Ducs/LeDucs are said to have moved to Ile-de-France, where Ottone-related CHAPPES' were first found.

So, now we know why there was a shark at the start of the dream as little as a couple of weeks before the note to Mellanson. I've already told that Faughns were first found in Longford with Quinns, and God chose Sharon Quinn (attractive blond) to fulfill the role of Farrah Faucet of the vision. Here's from the 1st update of December: "I asked KATRina Hanson for our first date while she handed me an ICE-cream CONE, and dated her in a Valiant car while Valiants have a shark..." I've told many times that it was the family car of the Quinns, and now I know why the shark is in this God-directed picture. But actually, I don't know fully, for when God does things like this, we probably won't ever know everything behind the clues / pointers. This Saracena connection to Milan and Visconti's barely scratches the surface, but we might ask whether Silvio Berlusconi was the first to start strong ties with China, and what came of it afterward.

Note the ice-CREAM, for a Crema location is on the Serio river of Lombardy mentioned above. Note the ice-cream CONE that can go with the Visconti "bisCIONE" (it's what they call their snake). I've told before that English Hansons share the mascle of English FAUX's, a branch of Vaux's and thus a branch of Faucets and Faughns, and I've told before that German Hansons probably use the green Visconti snake because the same Hansons share the Sforza lion and the lozengy Shield of Scottish Lombards. Is that not wild? I was only 16 when dating Miss Hanson, and it was in Gormley while Gormleys/GRIME'S' can be gleaned as a branch of GRIMaldi-like Grime's/Grimms, is that not incredible under the present direction of my writings?

I've told before that French Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' point to Francis COLLINS, head of the NIH, and Tony Fauci's boss until recently. Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', with almost the CREMer Coat, were first found in Perigord with Fauchys, and the latter's GRASShopper thus looks connectable to Crispin-related GRAZio's. Nordic Hansons share the FUGGer Coat. The Ecco variation of Ice's (Mecklenburg, same as Hann-branch HAHNs and Trumps/Tromps) is a pointer to ECOhealth, Fauci's partner in crime in funding Wuhan's bioweapon technology, and STEPHEN HAHN of the FDA was Trump's drug lord during the Trump-Fauci partnership to foist vaccines upon the world. God has been pointing to this crime since I was 16. Why? It should be obvious by now.

Peoples of Sybaris founded nearby Laus, and Pully is a location in Switzerland's LAUSanne theater. Repeat: "Larrys/Laurie's have a motto, 'RePULLulat, and they use a giant cup while Cups/Cope's/Culps (Aberdeenshire) are in the Pully/Pullen motto." Why is there a pulley painted at the feet of the Guiscard brothers. Whose fretty lattice or lozengy is on one of the brothers?

I am now about to get to the part of the crow-in-trash event that will make you a non-believer in me because it's just too hard to believe that I'm telling the truth. After following the steps in the snow, I went back to the house. When I came to my computer to continue the work from where I had left off, the bulldog part of the topic came to mind. I don't think I had even sat down when the question arose as to whether the blue cans of beer in the trash might have been Bud Light, for the Apophis comet was pointed to when I found Miss Hicks' husband standing with Spuds MacKenzie, in a photo, and he's the bulldog mascot for Bud Light beer. Buds/Bude, in Bute/Butt colors, have a seven-pointed star in the colors of the eight-pointed star of Milan's Maurels/Mauro's, and the latter have symbols in the colors and format of the Bute/Butt estoiles. So I walked back to the new trash bag into which I had put the old trash bag, as well as the trash that was removed from it by animals, and fiddled around with a hand until finding a blue beer can. Bud Light! It was Bud Light, what are the chances?

Do you believe me? 'Cause if you do, you must be carried by God. I kid you not, it happened just that way. My tenant drinks Bud Light, and her first name is, STEPHANie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The footSTEPs she made with her snow boots. She had been WALKing through my bush, and the Stepps/StepTOWs share the German Bush/Busch Coat, almost the German Bosch Coat, and the Trains share the giant lion of Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. The Milan-Wuhan link is as per trains. The BOStons have the TOW-Touch Coat in colors reversed.

Mellanson always had a beer in his hand when I went over, and English Beers share the upright bear with Ottons/Oats' (Cornwall, beside Beers and Berrys), perfect where Mellansons are from Ottone Visconti. I've said this before, that English Beers are said to have named Beer-Ferris while English Ferris' share horseshoes on a bend (different colors ) with Farrah's...and Irish Ferris'/Fergus', believe it or not, with the Mellanson fesse, share the eight-pointed star of Maurels/Mauro's, as well as the Sforza lion! To boot, the Ferris horseshoes are in the colors and format of the Other/Otter Coat! Thus, Mellanson's beer drinking pointed him smack to where his surname derives. From the 4th update of last October: "Mr. Mellanson always had a BEER in his hand..."

There were three events at Mellanson's place, after the Note-pointing one at his party, that I've used for heraldic pointers. The one with COTTON SWAB in his ear, as little as a couple of months later, was recently a topic again, as a potential pointer to Klaus SCHWAB, the communist / tyrannical globalist swine seeking to unite large corporations in a global conflict against anti-globalist, normal people. He was an heraldic topic in the 2nd update of last month. COTTONs (Huntingdonshire, same as Others/Otters) are in OTTONE colors and near-format. Can you believe that the cotton-swab story is true, not made-up to fit the heraldry?

The cotton swab was put into his ear, and the reason for this may be as simple as ear-like Eyers/Ayers being first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts. It tends to suggest that God wants the note event linked to the swab event, but I'd suggest that God has more to the choice of using the ear. Another stark consideration is that Here's/HEARs, with an Eyer-like Heyer variation, were likewise first found in Derbyshire, and they have a "tree trunk sprouting afresh, like the "tree stump sprouted" of Italian Milans. It tends to nail the two events to one another. But there could be even more in the choice for the ear. If God wanted to point to COVID, why not a swab in the nose?

Irish Hears/Hea's/Hayes' have a "red arm cuffed silver LYing FESSEways..." The Lye's, with another cuff in Crest, though not mentioned in the Hall-of-Names description, are listed with Leghs/Leys, and the latter's cuffed arm holds a "broken spear" while Speers share the crossed spears of Here/HEAR-beloved Sprouts. The latter were first found in Derbyshire with Hears/Here's/Heyers! That works super, especially as (I almost missed this) Sprouts have HEARTs in EarHARDT/AirHART colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zinger, that's new, such a solid surprise.

Hears/Hea's/Hayes' have a green snake that could be the SFORZa / Visconti snake because "FORCe" is a Legh/Ley/Lye motto term. A snake is used also by EARhardts/AIRharts, and Eyers/Ayers are also AIRs; the latter happen to use a "booted and armed leg" to go with Leghs/Lye's, though I think the phrase is intended for Leggs, first found in Dumfries with the Annandale's who have a version of the ARMy Coat, who thus look like they are in the "armed leg" as well as the lying arm of Hears/Hayes'. Boots were first found in Berkshire with Susans, and Mellanson was married to Susan at the time.

So, did God chose the ear instead of the nose to point to Ainsley Earhardt? Why her? Ainsleys were first found in NOTTinghamshire, named by Cnut (or "Canute"), according to the Notting write-up and others. Why her? If God intends this, then we should find out why, eventually, for God does not do things in vain. It wouldn't be much of a surprise, and not necessarily a pointer to her, to find Earhardts when delving into the symbolism of Hears and such, but if Ainsleys figure into that delving, then it looks like a pointer. She resolved well in the past as a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty i.e. in the dream a month or so before the Mellanson-note event.

Nottings seems like a surname that God would want followed as per the note and as per Ainsleys. The Nottings share the pheons of Lords/lauds, and Ladys/Laudymans share gold annulets with Nottinghams, who in turn share the escutcheon (different colors) with Hear-connectable Hays. Good so far. Nottings were first found in Gloucestershire with Lady-like Letts/Late's and Holders while Holdens/HOLDINGs share the escutcheons of Hays. In the dream, I was HOLDING sleeping beauty, and she was holding me, as we went up in a rapture. I have no idea how that could relate to vaccine topics unless vaccine passes become the mark of the beast. The Biblical rapture is our salvation from the beasts's destruction of the earth. Nottinghams have a "dexter hand HOLDING a gold annulet."

More new evidence that Miss Earhardt is being pointed to is where Ainsleys love the My variation of Mea's/Meigh's twice in their motto. The latter share the boar heads of Juggs/Judds suspect in the "Jugum" motto term of Scottish Hays. The Hears/Hayes' are Hays too, and so there we have an Ainsley-surname connection (indirect) to possible Hear kin. Nottens/Naughtens, with a "hope" motto term, share the blue fitchee with My's/Mea's/Meigh's...for a Note-line connection to the Ainsley motto, for Hope's, once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts, are in their colors and format. The same colors and format are used by Notten-like Nothings having a Northern variation like the Norton of Nottens/Naughtens. Nothings/Northens have "A dragon's head EMITTing flames proper," explaining why Emitts/EMOTTs look like kin of Note's/Cnuts. Motts were at least at one Mott location at/near the Meu river, where I trace My's/Mea's/Meigh's. JUGon is near the Meu. Nothings are in the motto of Seaton-related Sutys.

The amazing thing now is that Emitts/Emotts have "Emmete de Fur" in their write-up, and while Seatons have the green Nothing/Northen dragon but "breathing FIRE, Furs are listed with Fire's, and they share the white unicorn with the Emitt/Emott and Note-Cnut Crests, which, in this ear-of-Mellanson Mellanson-to-Earhardt picture, can only mean that the giant Fur/Fire unicorn is the Schwab/Swab unicorn after all!!! It seems to mean that God is pointing to Klaus Schwab after all! And not because He likes him. Half the Emitt/Emott Shield is in the colors and near-format of Nottinghams. There's even an "Emmote KNEYT, Buckinghamshire", in the Emitt/Emott write-up, explaining why Nottings once showed roughly the Buckingham Coat.

Kneyt-like Neyts/Neats ("green dragon's wings"), sharing the trefoils of Mellanson-beloved Rods, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Emmete de Fur...which is a neat-little pointer, of the Neyt-related note in my pocket, to Klaus Schwab if indeed Mr. Fur was related to Emmote Kneyt. Emitts/Emotts were first found in Lancashire with Shake's/Shakerleys (hare) sharing the Neyt/Neat chevron, and as I trace Shake's to Shechemites in SCHIMATARi (Boeotia), isn't it amazing that Ainsleys have a scimitar!? Schims/Schiens share the boar head of Shake-beloved Mole's.

O wow, the Neyts/Neats/NEETs caused a peak at the Nettle description, who happen to have "snakes enTWINEd", the Earhardt symbol! How can that be a further coincidence? The Nettle snakes are said to be "respecting each other," same descriptive phase as Biss' have for their identical snakes, and these snakes are almost the two Visconti snakes in the Arms of Bissone, for it's obvious that the Visconti snake was called a biscione as part-code for Bissone (in the Ticino canton of Switzerland). Scheins/Shine's (not "Schien") were first found in Switzerland, and may be using the Coat of Cambridgeshire's Cake's/Cakebreads.

Steve Doocy sits with Miss Earhardt just about every weekday morning, and Duce's/Doocys are in the Schim/Schien motto with the Fortuna's who in turn link to LADY Fortune, the line from/to the CLAUSula river and thus an apparent pointer between Klaus Schwab and Fox and Friends. How could that be a partnership??? Irish Fox's/SHINnocks now look like kin of the Shine variation of Scheins as more verification that these pointers to Fox and Friends are true. AMAZINGLY, I've only now realized that the banner with Lady Fortune, all in the Klassen/Class Coat, reminded of German Banners because they virtually have the Schein/Shine Coat!!! Bingo.

German Banners, suspect as Bohemians from Boii on the Panaro river, share the vertically-split Shield of Hunters, and mythical Orion the hunter was from Tanagra at Schimatari, in Boii-like Boiotia. It was Orion who brought me to Schimatari in the first place. Boiotians are suspect at Butua, near the Clausula. Butua is beside Kotor, named after the entity which named mythical king KODRos of Athens (beside Boiotia), and it just so happens that Schims/Schiens have the Chief-Shield colors of Kotor-like Cutters.

The Hayes' suggest the Haze's/Haas' because they have a running "HARE," right down the Ayer / Air bloodline. The HAZEls share the Mellanson / Note/Cnut crescents! It looks like God arranged the Hayes with a Hear variation for multiple verifications and leads.

The Hear/Hayes Coat is nearly this Mackesy Coat, and then the Mackesys who bring up Margesons have a "Loyalite ME LIE" motto that looks like another code for Leghs/Lye's/Lie's. The motto even looks like it has the Mee variation of the Ainsley-beloved My's! This is new material; I've not known about Irish Hears/Hayes' before (except maybe in passing, but not as "Hears") in order to make these solid links to Miss Earhardt from Mellanson's ear swab.

The "Loyalite" motto term of Mackesys, suggesting the Loyola's/Lolita's, has in the past been a viable pointer to the Lolita Express (airplane) of Jeffrey Epstein, for Ainsley Earhardt (host of Fox and Friends) pointed to his crimes, though we still need to learn why more-exactly than Alan Dershowitz (Epstein's former lawyer) making regular appearances at Fox news. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and Murdochs (Ayrshire, same as Hare's) were obvious kin of Margys/Mackeys, the latter looking like a branch of Mackesys/Margesons. The latter even share the blank and gold Chief with French Mellans.

As I've said a few times, Mellanson challenged Joe Oullette and I to pray for his ear, because he would always pull blood out with the cotton swab, and so after Joe and I laid on hands to PRAY (Joe became a Christian at the same time as me roughly), Steve taunted us, saying that he's going to pull blood out, but when the swab came out, no blood, and he was surprised. The point in repeating this is that Irish Prays share the Coats/COTES Coat, and thus I think this is assuring us, from God, that Cottons were Cotes liners. I think it also assures that this cotton-swab event is from Him.

The Sprouts who were central to a solid pointer to Miss Earhardt have a pelican in Crest, and Pellicans share the HOWELL tower while OULlette's proved to be of the Owls/HOWLs. There's a pelican in the Crest of Twine's suspect in the "interTWINEd gold snakes" of Earhardts, and while Twine's use "POPPINjays," Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with Twine-like Twins/Twains. English Jeffreys were once said to be first found in Herefordshire with Twine-beloved Jays, and Scottish Jeffreys were once said to be first found in Peebles-shire while Peeble's/Peoples' share green poppinjays (I thought they were parrots, excuse me) with Twine's. The Pepins/People's love the Mens'/Mame's in their motto, as do Poppins. Nassau's/Naso's use billets, and French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with Pellicans. This paragraph looks stacked with new leads.

Joe and I prayed for Steve. I've told before that English Prays/Preters share three white wolf heads with Scarfs while a Q-shaped "scarf" is used by Trabys/Sadowski's. A cotton swab is a Q-tip. When I first saw the Earhardt Coat, the two snakes struck me as a Q. A Q-tip in Mellanson's nose would have been good for another reason, because Epstein's were first found in Hesse-Nassau while Nassau's are also Naso's (Italian word for "nose), and Hesse's share a Hessel variation with Hazels. But a Q-tip in the ear was needed for Earhardts, and so that's what we have.

Mellanson's wife is/was Susan, and Susans (Berkshire, same as Windsor castle, beside COTTARs) is suspect with Susa, the Cottian capital near Turin (Others/Otters are in Turin colors and format). French Cottons/Cottards are listed with Cotta's, the surname of the mother of Julius Caesar, explaining why Cottons/Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with French Julians who share the Windsor saltire, and then Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys were first found in Oxfordshire with Cottars.

Prays/Praters share the "pegasus" with Quinns in a different color, and, when I arrived to where Sharon Quinn was screaming, I got down on one knee and looked up to utter, "Jesus," in a concerned prayer, at which second she stopped screaming. Irish Prays were first found in County Down with Knee's, and the Knee's share the Vise/Vice and Acorn stag head while Dutch Tromps use acorns, and while Trumps/Tromps have a stag head in the colors of the full stag of Downs/Douns, the latter first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's and Acorns. It looks like a pointer to Trump.

As said, I'm not lying, she fell outside the door, and I entered the DOOR when I went DOWN on a knee (inside the apartment), and this should explain why DORia's share the Tromp eagle. As soon as she stopped screaming, I said to others who had come with me, "get her some WATER and put her on the couch," and they put her on the couch, but I didn't stay to see whether they gave her water. Nevertheless, Waters/Waterville', who share the Epstein Coat, thus look like a branch of Waterfords/Waterville's, and the Trump stag head is in the Arms of Waterford County. The same Arms looks like it has the tall, solid Chappes chevron.

Scottish Chappes', linkable to Ottone's/Otto's, use "EARs of wheat," and Sadducee-like Saddocks "use "ears of rye" while Rye's share the Stevenson / RODham / Ade bend. Ear-like Eyers/Airs were first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts, and as the latter are in Maurel/Mauro and Maurel/Morel colors, it's a little interesting that the latter share the white unicorn in Crest with Note's/Cnuts, the color of the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn. The Schwabs/Swabs have a demi-unicorn in Crest, same as Bute-connectable Maurels/Morels, recalling the "booted leg" of Eyers/Airs. The "HANKs of cotton" of English Cottons then suggest that God is pointing to HANGers, because Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers," the Rods trefoil, and Fulke-related flags.

Oh wow. I haven't had access in recent years to a website that has Coat descriptions, and so I may have missed the description of the English Cotton Crest. Just gawk at this: "A falcon proper with a gold BELL on the LEG, the dexter CLAW on a bell with gold buckle" (verify at link below). The CLAWS'/Clasons, like the Klaus/Claus surname (!!!), share the giant Lipp lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Quinn punched Barry on the LIP at his party!!! That's incredible.

I've just checks my files for "claw" to find a lion's claw used by Crabs, the pointer to the Apophis asteroid. I also found the recent: "I DID NOT think of the CLAWS'/Clasons/Claysons in the last update, and they share the Bare/Barre/Berre / etc. Coat!!! This was found an hour after this update was uploaded upon reading the Carnagy description. CARNagys are in the colors of German Klees' while English Claws are also Klees'." The Carni people group named a region at Bled. I remember going over this. Barre-like Barry was BLEEDing at the lip!!! Bled is at the upper Sava, right beside Lesce, where I trace buckle-using Leslie's, and we just saw a claw on a buckle with Cottons!!!

Claws/Clasons were first found in Leicestershire with the Beaumonts and Simon de Montfort, and so Claws'/Clasons with Lipps share the Montfort / Beaumont lion, and while both of those latter surnames can be gleaned as Bohemian, Podebrady is on the Labe river while Lipps can be of the Bohemian-line Laps/Labbs'. The latter share the mermaid with Clausula-liner Glass'/Glassicks, and it just so happens that Glasgow-beloved Lords/Lauds (expected as kin of Klassen-beloved Ladys/Laudymans) share the pheons of the Carnagy-like Carneys.

Bleds use a "tous" motto term while Tous'/Tosini's share the eight-pointed Ferris/Fergus and Maurel/Mauro stars, almost the Duc/LeDuc stars. Tous'/Tosini's have a man wearing a shirt with buttons while Buttons are listed with Bidens. One Mathie surname (possibly the Fortune gyronny) uses Faucet-like "Fac et" motto phrase, relevant here because the other Ferris' have a version of the Farrah Coat, and the other Mathie's/Matthews share the Bled Coat.

I've checked by files for "claw" and did not find the Cotton Crest described. It's brand new here, and I'm happy about that so that you'll better believe I'm not making these stories up. I declare, the cotton swab is a pointer to Klaus Schwab. Here's what more was found (3rd update in July): "Huckabee Crest: "A falcon holding in the DEXTER CLAW a ROD of Aesculapius all proper." Is that not wild? The mythical owl was an "ascalaphus"!!! And Asclepius was Coronis' son. Cottons use a falcon too with a dexter claw! Mike Huckabee is a shameless Trump-supporting Christian. Hucks, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, use owls as well as the two Dexter chevrons.

AH WOW. It's been a long time since I've mentioned my belief that "Coronis" was named after the city of CHORA on Patmos, the island upon which Revelation was written. I came to that conclusion partly because she was a Lapith, and the Lipps might just apply. I figured that "AscLEPius" was named as word-play on "Lapith," but that the "ASCLepius" was also part-code for Skala, another city on Patmos. Owl-using Hicks use their three owls in the colors and format of the CHORley bottles while Bottle's/Budells show nothing by crowns, often code for the line of Coronis. That looks like Chora to me. Charlie's/Chorleys were a branch of Charleys sharing the German Lipp Coat!!! Charlie, the manfriend of Sharon Quinn, was at the party when she punched Barry.

Patmos is out to sea from the mouth of the MAEANDer river, and another Coronis: "Coronis, a MAENAD who was raped by Butes of Thrace." (Wikipedia's Coronis article). Another mythical Butes of Athens was beside Boeotia. Repeat: "Coronis, daughter of King Coronaeus of Phocis who fled from Poseidon and was changed into a crow by Athena." Boeotia is where CadMUS slew the Ares dragon, and when the dragon's teeth became living men, a play on seeds, the myth writer named them, Sparti, suspect as Sepharvites to Sparta (near Athens).

I haven't known about the Biblical city of Sepharvaim (of the Sepharvites) until now. It may have been the city of Sippara on the Euphrates in Babylon. The Euphrates named Aphrodite, lover of Ares. The latter was made father of Phlegyas, grandson of HalMUS...possibly the Armenians of Mus in merger with a Halys-river family at Cadusii-like Hattusa, the Hatti capital. I've read that mythical Attis, symbol of the Hatti, named Attica in Athens, explaining why Hephaestus, Aphrodite's husband, and brother of Hebe, mated with Athena. Phlegyas was father to Coronis, mother of Asclepius. I see "Hephaestus" as play on "Ephesus" and "aes" = metal, and Ephesus was near the Maeander river...of Maeonians depicted by mythical Manes, father of Attis.

Asclepius is perfect for the vaccine scheme, not only because he was the medicine doctor, but the son of the mythical crow, CORONis. The crows at my trash bag must somehow be a pointer to this vaccine scheme. Isn't it true that part of Schwab's "great reset" is the trashing of cities by paid liberal stooges? I have no idea how this lunatic thinks that the new world chaos is going to bring new world order. LUNATIC. Ahh, I've just loaded Trashers to Hall of Names to find that they have a stag head "aDORned with red blood drops"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is huge because the red blood drops at Barry's lip pointed to the Lipps sharing the Claws/Clason Coat!

MORE! The Wandels/Vandals, first found in SWABia, have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of the Ferns in the "fern branches" on either side of the Trasher stag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trashers were once said to be first found in Somerset with Clapton, and Claptons share the split Wandel/Vandal Shield. I did not know anything in this paragraph when suggesting above that the trash can could suggest VANDALism on the streets. I'm impressed. The guy in the Wandel/Vandal Coat even carries a club on his shoulder.

Wandels/Vandals even share the lion head of Duce-related English Ducks while Lipps were first found in Westphalia with German Ducks/Duckers. English Ducks were first found in Somerset, where Trashers were once said to be first found. James LeDUC is suspect as part of the COVID monster unleased from Wuhan. English Ducks have lion heads in the colors of the Duce/Doucy lions (colors reversed from the Pret/Pretty lion), and the latter surname was first found in Staffordshire with the Preter-like Prets/Prettys (in the Moray motto) who share the stars of English Ducks. Bell-like Bellys (Moray) share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star! It got a Schwab connection to James LeDuc all over it.

Don't miss the Bells and Leggs together in the Cotton Crest, both first found in Dumfries. When Mamie sat on my lap after being in the back of a truck with Barry, I was living at the apartment of Paul Oullette. She was sitting on my LEGs, and Leggs almost have the Trump stag head. Trump is doing Klaus Schwab a great favor at this time by promoting the vaccines for his voter base. Some of you may know why the "TENTamine" motto term of Leggs applies to the night she sat on my lap. The OULlette's are OWL liners, and Moloch is a modern owl god of the Bohemian Grove.

Derbyshire is also where Sprouts (look like Speer branch) were first found, whom I assume are in the "tree trunk sprouting" of Italian Milans. Sprouts are in Note/Cnut colors. Mr. Mellanson is French, and although I don't know how the Rollo Danes were related to the Cnut Danes, my bet is that Mellansons had hooked up with the Rollo Danes when they got a portion of France, for they were to the west side of Ile-de-France, itself beside/near La Falaise, the latter suspect with Feller-branch Falls'/Fallis', kin of Rods.

Inasmuch as Seatons/Sittens (Tresure/Trasher kin) link to the crow-at-trash event, it's interesting further that they use "A dragon spouting FIRE", for the Fire Coat is almost the Schwab Coat. The Seaton/Sitten crescents are colors reversed from the same of Others/Otters, and the latter are said to be from lords of Lombardy. The "forward" motto term of Seatons/Sittens is shared by otter-using Balfours. The Bellamys who share the Seaton/Sitten Crescents are in Mellanson colors and near-format. Therefore, the "SPOUTing" term in the Seaton/Sitten description, a lot like "SPUDS MacKenzie," can be for the Spotten variation of Spoltons/Spauldings, suspect from Guy of Spoleto in UMBRia i.e. where Ottone's/Otto's were first found. Guy is said by his Wikipedia article to have died at the Taro river.

[For a much-better interpretation of this trash-can dream, and new insights on MacKenzie's, see the 4th update in February, 2024.]

Ahh, Guy's mother was SICo of Benevento, and she looks like she named the fountain-using Sichs/Sykes' (CUMBERland) because they are said to have been related to Tattons while Taddei's (Florence) have three chevrons in rare colors, but in the colors of the three Fountain fesses! I hope I can remember this because I don't think I've known before who the Taddei chevrons belong to.

The Spotten/Spolton buckles are used by Leslie's (earls of Rothes), first found in Aberdeenshire with Millens/Milans, Mellansons, and Train-like Turins. Trains were first found in NorthUMBERland. I started this entire section due to train links between Milan and Wuhan. The Train lion is in the colors of the lion heads of English Ducks (Somerset, same as green-dragon Tresure's/Trashers), and Duce's/Doocys have lions in the same colors. Can this appear to be a pointer to James LeDuc? His doings in Wuhan are being kept hush by big media. Ducs/LeDuc's have eight-pointed stars on blue, as do Mellanson-connectable Maurels/Mauro's. The Bellamy-like Bellys, first found in Moray with Rothes, share: 1) the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs; 2) the roses of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'; 3) the Moor heads of Morano's from Sybaris. It looks sharky-trashy. The Duc/LeDuc Coat is essentially the Moray Coat, thus clinching Morays/Murrays as a branch of Maurels/Mauro's. I once took a train right across canada (never again) to see a friend, Mr. Bell, and Bells share the Bellamy / Mellanson fesse. The Marano's (not "Morano") share the Lip Coat, and Sharon Quinn punched Barry on the lip.

Irish Murrays share the Moray Coat and add a motto, "Imperio." Imperia is close to Monaco.

The Duke's (chaplets in the colors of the similar annulets of Ottone's/Otto's) are said to have been at OTTERton of Devon, and thus they can trace to the Lombardy-based Others/Otters. The Utters/Otterburns, first found in Aude-connectable Roxburghshire, use otter heads and share the Mellanson crescent. Roxburghs use an "Audax" motto term because they are from Roquefeuil of Aude.

What's in a Busted Door Handle?

[Long Insert Not Intended -- Sorry to interrupt the flow of discussion, but THIS IS AMAZING ON TOP OF AMAZING. After getting to the near-end of the next section, I got around to loading Farrah's (horseshoes to go with horseshoe bats at Wuhan), noting that they are in the colors and format of Irish Rings (probably kin of Others/Otters) using a "roll of paper" in Crest. I did write the note on paper, but the point here is that English Rolls share the dancetty fesse of Quarrels, suggesting that God intended to say, "write down that you're going to have a quarrel with Steve / at Steve's tonight."

It's therefore amazing that the green, spread eagle in the Quarrel Crest is shared by Irish Henrys, first found in Tyrone with Sharks. The treFOIL of Sharks is for RoqueFEUIL liners, who married Hugh IV of Rodez, father of HENRY of RODez, the line to trefoil-using Rods beloved of Mellansons! I have shown how the Brittany Henrys trace to the Henrys of Rodez. Rodez is near Aubin while Albins/Aubins (Devon, same as Rods) were at Barnstaple while Barnstaple's (Devon) not only share the Shark / Rod trefoils, but have a near-copy of a Stevenson/Stephenson Coat! Now I know that God intended a quarrel with or at Steve's place as a pointer to Quarrels. The latter share the dancetty fesse of Shark-like Carricks. The same trefoils are used by Italian Albini's, said to have lived in Modena, where Morano's were first found i.e. from Morano, beside Shark-like Saracena! Bingo.

Recall the Here's/HEARs/Hayes' with an ear-like variation, for Irish Hears/Hea's/Hayes' have a "red arm CUFFED..." The Hears pointed to Miss Earhardt, and she points to the vaccine scheme pandered by the Fox boss. The Ring hand holding the roll of paper is said to be cuffed, and then while English Cuffs (dancetty bend) share the axe with Mellansons, Irish Cuffs (same dancetty bend) have a "man embowed holding a red BATON." The Battins/Badens, first found in Somerset with Baths, look like a branch of Batons/Bastons who show nothing but black bats (!), the symbol of Bath-like Bats. There's a black bat in the Crest of Scottish Randolphs, and as these Randolphs share the Bath cross, the bat is a symbol of Baths too. On the Randolph cross there are horseshoes!!! I kid thee not. This is why God set up the quarrel! It's pointing to the horseshoe bats of Wuhan! No mistake. Scottish Randolphs were first found in Moray, and Duc's/LeDuc's have the Moray Coat, essentially. Ainsley Earhardt's fellow co-host is Steve DOOCY, having a surname listed with Duce's.

I'm not familiar with the fact that Pews (share Fisc motto with "AD") share the Perkin/Parking Coat. Pews may be in the so-called "pewit" birds of Quarrels. Baths are said to be from Ade-like "Atha," though I doubt it, and Atha's, with a "DUCi" motto term, share the Fisc Shield. Ade's/Aids are in the motto of French Levi's while Jewish Levi's, with the Ducy Coat in different colors, share the Pew / Perkin/Parking lion. Thus, the pewit of Quarrels are pointing to the LeDuc bloodline. Pewit-like Pewters were first found in Devon.

In the door-handle dream, I instinctively knew that it was missing a "barrel"-shaped part, and as it turned our, barrels were first found in Herefordshire with Doors/Dorrs. One can get the suspicion that elements in Bar-le-Duc were to the Barrels, though I don't think I've shown evidence for that, not that stuck to my mind, anyway. I expect Barrels to add something meaningful to the pointers to the poison vaccines.

AHHH, I GET IT NOW. As I've said many times, the dream started with my riding a SHOPping cart down a paved road. The next scene was at my Jeep parked on the road, and I was complaining to the previous owner of the Jeep that the door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part. I usually use "complaining," but it was a QUARREL because Shops use a dancetty fesse in the colors of the same of Quarrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTY WORK, O Lord. Shop variations are linkable to Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Barrs) via the Shere's, and Carricks share the dog (different colors) with Barrels. The Shop seahorse indicates linkage to Seas' / Seamans and therefore to Ducker-related Tuckers (Devon).

The similarity between the Farrah and Ring Coats can now get us to the cotton swab that Mellanson put into his ear, for as Rings use the roll of paper, so German Rolls were first found in Swabia. Coincidence, or is God trying to convey something? German Rolls share the Falls/Fallis lion, and so keep watch for Falls'/Fallis to come back to topic below, because they share the Feller trefoils while Fells have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed. The Falls'/Fallis' come to topic with the BREATHing of FIRE of the Seaton dragon, and Fire's, who are in the door-handle dream, as you will see, share the Schwab/Swab unicorn.

One theory I had about the broken door handle is that it represents the inability of people to get into store doors without a vaccine pass. The Jeep was parked, and Perkins/PARKINGs / Pews share the PASS/Passe/Pascal lion. The Roll-like Rollo's happen to use a "passe" motto term. There's going to be quarrels and fist fights when grocery stores won't let unvaccinated people enter the door. Italian Milans have a sprouting tree trunk, and Sprouts share the crossed spears of Speers, the latter kin of Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels, and then Speer-branch Sprees love the Simple's (Renfrewshire, same as Speers and PASleys) probably in the "Simplex" motto of Perkins/Parkings. ZIKERS, by some fat chance, the Spree's are said to have been in Powder, and Powters are listed with Pewters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTY! It means that the Quarrel pewit is for both the Pews and the Pewters! I don't know whether that has to do with store passes, but I'll take it.

It just so happens that Powters/Pewters were first found in Devon with Powder-like Powers, whom I always link to the Coat of Palins (DORset) who in turn have a lion in the colors of the Pew / Perkin/Parking lion. Actually, I now see that Powters/Pewters have been changed to first found in Cornwall with Spree's. I trace Palins to PALINurus with Millen-related BUCHANans, and with Buchans (lion heads in Palin-lion colors) because BUXENtum is beside Palinurus, and Buchan happens to be in Aberdeenshire, where Millens/Milans and Mellansons were first found.

Palinurus and Buxentum are/were at the Bay of Laus while Manders use a "Laus" motto term and a "PLOVER." Lookie: "The northern lapwing (Vanellus vanellus), also known as the peewit or pewit, tuit or tew-it, green PLOVER....,"! Beauty. Laus was founded by peoples in Sybaris, the Shark-line entity to Mellanson liners! We are on it. Millens/Milans share three stars (different color) in Chief with the Palin Chief. Manders, kin of Rhodes, were from the Maeander river of Caria, near Perga and the island of Rhodes. The Maeander is near Ephesus, a worship center of Artemis over which Plancia Magna of Perga was a chief priestess (as was her mother). The Magna-like Maghans are also Manns and Mathie's/Manns ("FAC ET SPERa"). Compare "Spree" (name of a Lusatian river) to "SYBARis."

As I said earlier, Barry and a few of us left Mellanson's party. I didn't know where they were going, and maybe they didn't either when they left, but we ended up in a BAR in BRADford, and it just so happens that "sage" is a motto term shared between Bradfords and Spree's. This is right down the "BREATHing FIRE" of Seatons, for Breath's are listed with Bradds. Bradfords (share Quade wolf head) even add "FIER" to their motto, and the Fear variation of Fiers is in the Peacock motto, is that not sumthin'? It's amazing, and new right here, for both Paw surnames use the peacock, and both Paws are also Power-like Pauers, isn't that sumthin'? I've never been here before, and as Kilpatricks use "a dexter paw" of the Pew lion, isn't that sumthin'? The quarrel Mellanson had with me was in my leaving the party (I don't blame him for being upset), and we went to Bradford, and here the Bradfords connect to the Pews, apparently, which is to say to the German Paws/Pauers/PauerBUSCH's. [See next update for more on Bradfords.]

The Kilpatrick dagger verifies that Patricks were from AntiPATRia on the Apsus river to Fier county. The dagger is code for the DEXARoi people at Antipatria, and the dagger is used by Comine's (Norfolk, same as Patricks and Bus'), from Kuman in Fier county. I claim with good evidence that Antipatria elements named Antipater, father of the first royal Herod, the father in turn of the Herod who married Glaphyra ArcheLAUS, wife of Alexander Maccabee above, ancestor of Plancia Magna and Quadratilla Bassus. a PATEE cross is used by Glaph-like Claptons, and Clapton is at PORTIShead. Pockets/Pouchers were kin of PORTIS'/Porchers and Bush-like Bus'.

As Swabia was named by the SEMNones-associated Suebi Nordics, who were from the SAMNite-associated Sabines at mount Sabina, the German Rolls are suspect with the lion of Rita's and Pools/Pole's. Rita's were from "Rieti" at Sabina. Swabia was possibly the domain partly of Poppo I Babenberg (ruler in Franconia), and so it's interesting that Popps, connectable to Bulls/Bule's, use a red bull head, the color of the Sabine bull. Sabine's are from Flavius Sabinus, the Biblical dragon line. Sabine's share the Pully/Pullen scallop because Flavius Sabinus was married to Vespasia Polla, which explains why Jewish Pollocks have a Coat like that of German Wanders/Wunders/Winders (look like kin of Jewish Glass') while English Wanders/Winders (Pollock colors) share the Pully/Pullen motto. Scottish Pollocks share the shot-through boar with English Bole's, and Bullocks have the Popp bull head in colors reversed.

English Wanders/Winders, first found in Cumberland with red-bull Daggers, could have the Bull/Bule bull head because the latter were first found in Somerset with Saffins/Savens (compare with English Bole's) who once came up as "Sabina." Poole and the Pools were down the Stour river from Somerset border. The Sabines are "Safini" to Italians. Saffins/Savens share the Valois/Valais crescent, while Bole's share the Rollo Crest, suggesting Poppa of Valois, wife of Rollo. Meters look like Stur kin, and the Stour river of Sturs flows from the Clapton theater. Clapton is at PORTIS head, and the Portis/Porcher Crest has the triple Stur fesses. Meats/Medes are online having married Arthurs of Clapton?

Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL over the car seats when I was looking into the car DOOR, and while Levels are listed with Leavells, Beautys (DORset, view as DorSEAT) essentially have the Waleran Coat. Bus' share the ermined cinquefoil of Hamiltons, and Miss Hicks, Sleeping Beauty, married Hamilton Kilpatrick, which had to do with the Spuds MacKenzie bulldog that pointed to the Apophis comet. Kilpatricks were a branch of Pattersons, the latter first found in Ross-shire with MacKenzie's ("dexter hand" in Crest) who share "Sic" with Pews; both Pews and MacKenzie's have an asteroid-like "aster" motto term, you see. In the Crest of the other MacKenzie's is "A mountain in flames," and the Revelation asteroid is said to be "AS a mountain." Translations use "like a mountain," but my interlinear uses "as" to translate the Greek word, and MacKenzie's use "AS astra" instead of the "ad astra" of Pews.

MacKenzie's share the border of Justine's (in the "just" motto term of Peacocks?), kin of Ass'/Assi's who in turn us a "fasces" while Fiscs share the full motto of Pews, "Sic itur ad astra," like the "Sic itur as astra" of MacKenzie's. The ADE/Aid bend is colors reversed from the Aster bend. The meteor-like Meters share the Pew fleur-de-lys, and have two of the three Stur fesses while Asters are a branch of Sturs. Is that a compelling set of heraldry? It smells like Pepe le Pew. As Pews were kin of Perkins, note that Perkens (with the second 'e') are in Light/Lite colors and format while both surname use feathers, for Bud Light points to Apophis. The Light/Lite swan design and colors is shared by Italian Alba's while German Alba's share the Pew / Meter fleur-de-lys.

Plus, bull-head Popps share the annulets of Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as Stur river) who in turn have bull heads in the colors of the full bulls of French Mountains. The latter are in the MacKenzie Crest, right? Somerset is where Meter-like Meats/Mede's were once said to be first found, and as we just saw Pullys/Pullens linking to Bulls/Bule's, by what coincidence do Pullys/Pullens share the pelican with Meats/Meads while both use the same martlets?

The Peacocks were almost not loaded at this time, but when doing so, there was a "not" motto term ("Be just and fear not"). The Nots are listed with Note's/Cnuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There you have the best evidence yet that God was behind the morning vision and the directive to write the note for Mellanson!

Danish Pauers are listed with Bauers while German Bauers were direct proto-Rothschilds, bankers, important because Sharon Quinn was dating Charlie at Mellanson's party, and he was a loan officer at a bank. While Charlie's are listed with Chorleys, it's in the colors and format of the Paw/Pauer/PauerBUSCH Coat. English Charleys (same Coat as Greys), not "Charlie," use the Montfort lion, and were first found in Leicestershire, where Perkins/Parkings were first found, and where Simon de Montfort ruled from his family marriage to Beaumonts of Mellanson-line Meulan! Incredible outcome. Chorleys are said to be first found at Chorley, and Charleys have: "The surname Charley was first found in Leicestershire at Charley or Chorley..." CHARleys look like Leavells at CARY castle, and Perkin-related Pews were first found in Montgomeryshire with KERRys.

Buchans have a "sun SHINing on a sunFLOWER" while Flowers, in the colors of the Palin Chief, were first found in Devon with Powers. The neighboring SHINs are also China-like Chine's/Chings, and Irish Shine's/Shiners are perfect here for this door-handle discussion because they are a branch of Fox's/Shinnocks while Jewish Simons use a fox while Italian Simons/Desimone's share the giant Shine/Shiner / Fox/Shinnock lion!!!!! Huge, for the door handle and its vehicle had belonged to Mr. Desimone. Flowers happen to share the cinquefoil of Potters (Hampshire, same as Hangers), and Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers" while Mellanson's quarrel-note at his DOOR pointed to English Cnuts. I took the note out of my pocket, and Pockets share a giant cinquefoil (different colors) with Flowers.

This is bang-on because Millens/Milans are also MELLENTs while Simons/Desimone's have the Montfort lion in colors reversed, and thus this looks like the line of Simon de Montfort of Leicester, where Perkins/Parkings were first found. He was merged maritally with the line of the Beaumonts of Meulan/Mellent and Leicester, and Miss Beaumont of Meulan married Mr. Waleran de Leavell, from Lupus Laevillus, and Perkins/Parkings even share the Levi lion. The Palin Chief is in the colors and format of the Levin Chief, and Powers were first found in Devon with Walerans. Beaumonts were first found in Door-like Dorset with Palins, and Dorsets use another sun. Dorsets were first found in Wiltshire with Laps, and the pewit is a LAPwing bird. Go figure. Compare "plover" with "Flower."

As the Axe river into Devon starts near Dorset and Wiltshire, note that while Mellansons use an "axe in the MIDDLE" of the Rods, Rods were first found in Devon. Dorsets share the Mellanson crescent, and Middle's share the giant Palin lion! I plowed the driveway today (Thursday) for the second time this year, with the Jeep, and plover-like Plows were first found in Shropshire with Middle's. The RAGully pattern of Middle's could be for Ragusa liners. The "Quod" motto term of Plows can be for the Quoid variation of Quade's (wolf heads), from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of LUPUS Laevillus and mother of Charax Proculus. The Proculus-like portcullis gate belongs to Porters/PAWTERs (i.e. like "Pewter/Powter"), first found in Hampshire with same-colored, Pawter-like, and Cnut-beloved Potters. The Cnut-pointing note was in my pocket, and Pockets/Pouchers were kin of PORTis'/Porchers.

Pews married Perkins/Parkings, from Plancia Magna (her husband was related to Mr. Simplex in the Perkin/Parking motto), in my opinion, and she descended from Alexander Maccabee, roughly the great-grandfather of Quadratilla Bassus. Quade's share the wolf head of BRADfords, and Walerans were at BRADfield. Lookie at the Waleran write-up: "The surname Waleran was first found in Devon where the name is believed to be descended from Waleran [de Leavell], the great Baron of ESSEX, Count of Meulan in Normandy. The family was first found at Bradfield..." Essex is where Peacocks were first found, and while Paws use the peacock, Pews share "Sic" with Pews! It's important to nail this.

Lookie: the Roll-beloved Papers use "carNATIONs," and Nations are listed with Nathans who use "two black BARRULets between three blue comPASSes"!!! INCREDIBLE. Plus, a compass and vaccine shots have the needle in common! The roll of paper has just led to this resolution for the barrel-shaped part. Nathans are Rothschild kin, and as the Knights/Nights / Nights/Naughts / Nitts/Naughts are connectable to Nathans, note that the English Knights/Nights share the three pale bars of French Role's (not "Roll"). God said that there will be a quarrel toNIGHT!

I can now even glean (for the first time, I think) why God used a DOOR handle for a JEEP, because the Ardiaei who married Doria's lived at Ivrea on the BAUTica river passing Turin, and Turins share "fortuna" with Rollo's while Doria's use a giant eagle in the colors of the giant eagle of JEEPma's/CHEPs (and Dutch Tromps). Chappes'/CHEAPs were first found in Stirlingshire with BAUDs from the Bautica river, and that's beside the first-known Rollo's! Zinger, we have it. I was riding the shopping cart (from the side, like one rides a skateboard) down a paved road on a hill, and so I was ROLLIN'...on wheels, and while Roets own the Catherine wheel, the Roet boar heads are colors reversed from the same of Rollo's. The door handle was pointing to Rollo's line all this time without my knowing.

Plus, if the "par" motto term of Rollo's is for Parrs, they're the ones sharing the double fesses of the particular Wrights who share the Door leopard FACES! The Grimaldi-related Fieschi (see Wikipedia) lived at Genoa, where Doria's were first found, and Fieschi were a branch of FACE's/Fesse's. The Jeep was parked on the ROAD, and the Pews suspect in the Quarrel "pewits" share the motto of Fieschi-line Fiscs! It's working super. The Fessys/Face's love the Segni's/Segurana's in their motto, who were first found in Genoa, and they share the Barr eagle to go with the barrel-shaped door part. In fact, wow, the Barrels are in Segni/Segurana colors and near-format! Deciphered. We are now on the Crispina-Grimaldi line, and Bags share the Grimaldi Shield! Beauty.

I showed why the trash can of this dream was a barrel DRUM as a pointer to Drummonds, for the container I was holding was bucket-shaped, a little larger than a five-gallon bucket, but smaller than a full-blown barrel. Same shape, however, so that Barrels and Buckets can both apply. The Gangs in the Drummond motto share the cinquefoil of Buckets. The door handle was broken, and Brecons (Drummond colors) share the Coat of English Buckets; the latter have almost the Guiscard Coat while the Guiscard Crest is the Scottish Drummond Crest. There was a plastic trash can at the crow-at-trash event. I picked up the trash, put it into a new bag, put the bag on the trash bags already inside the trash can, and finally pressed the lid on the new bag (didn't quite close the can, though). The Bags (Norfolk, same as Gangs/Geggs), I kid you not, have the Gang/Gegg cinquefoils in colors reversed. The crow-at-trash event just linked to the trash can in the dream, proving that is was a trash can!

The Papers and Peppers are suspect from the line of king Apophis/Apepi. This now goes to the Apophis asteroid because the door-handle dream had fire, as you will see below, the symbol of Seatons. The Fridays, first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's who in turn share the Pepin/Pepy Coat, show nothing but the Seaton crescents, and I've just looked up Fridays because the gang never had parties as large, on week-nights, as when we were at Mellanson's the night of the morning vision. As I said, this party was very close to, or on, April 13, 1979, and Apophis is returning with FIRE on Friday the 13th, 2029, 50 years later. So, perhaps the party was on Friday night (50/50 chance), and perhaps God arranged the Fridays to link to Seatons to indicate that Apophis relates to the on-fire trash can (though it didn't land in water).

The trash container caught flames, and Flemings share the double-tressure border with Seatons. The Flame's even share the besants of Paper-connectable English Rolls! The Tracys/Trasse's use a falcon SEIZing a mallard (DUCK!), and the SEES' are listed with Sea's while the asteroid of Revelation's 2nd Trumpet lands in the sea! Friday-like Friths use a "scythe," and Scythes' (not "Scythe") are listed with Side's, a branch of Seatons / Sutys who probably named FauxSIDE castle of Faucets. It just so happens that Friths share the scythe with Peppers. Sutys were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's and Drummonds, and the Have's/Haafs in the Suty motto use ducks.

Checking the April surname, it has a pine tree while English Pine's (pineAPPLEs could indicate that Aprils had been Apple's) are in Pepper colors and format. Coincidence? French Pine's have crescents colors reversed from the giant one of German Silvers, and English Silvers/Silversteins have a good reflection of the Pepper Coat. Plus, French Pines share the FRAYser/Freser cinquefoils while Friday variation make them look like a branch of Freys / Frays / Free's. One of the English WHITE Coats has a near-copy of the Silver/Silverstein and Pepper Coats, and while Saffers are in Silver/Silverstein colors and format while substituting their lions with unicorns, the latter happen to be colors reversed from the giant unicorn of WITs. I've had my eye on Wits ever since finding the "peWIT" of Quarrels! Does that work? Yes, because Peppers were first found in Leicestershire with the Perkins/Parkings who share the entire Pew Coat! Is God pointing to LARRY Silverstein of the 9-11 crimes? I've said before that the Glorys/Lowrys suspect in the Saffer motto were a branch of Larrys/Lowrys.

While Rings have the roll of paper, Ringers not only share the gold unicorn head with Saffers, but have the three Pew fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. UNIcorns are code for the Ceraunii on the Una river, which explains why Pine's and Peppers are in Union/Onion/Anion colors and format. King Rollo was a Dane as was king Cnut, but unfortunately the unicorns above are not white like the one of Note's/Cnut's, otherwise the quarrel-with-note event would fit. But one thing I've just realized is that pewit-like PEWTers (Devon, same as English Pine's) share the spread eagle of Scottish White's who in turn have a "parta" motto term that can go with the missing part of the door handle. This Friday-April discussion is really not bad as a potential pointer to the asteroid.

Oh wow, Cnut's father was Forkbeard, and the Forkers/Farkers (Ayrshire, same as Ayers) have a version of the Pew / Perkin/Parking Coat. Ayers (love Sola's of Derbyshire) almost share the quatrefoils of the Scottish White's in turn having the Pewter eagle! The pewit-using Quarrels must have been from these Danes, which recalls that while Katrina Hanson, the first ice-cream girl, is Danish, Darlene Ray was the second ice-cream girl, and Darlene's look like Note/Cnut kin. English Ayers/Eyers were first found in Derbyshire with the Here's/Heyers who in turn share blue wings with the scythes-using German Here's/Herrs. And, to boot, Wit-like Withers have a hare in Crest while Hare's/Hairs, a branch of Harcourt Dane's, were first found in Ayrshire too.

Almost missed it: Rollo's share the Paper chevron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ROLL of PAPER at your service. Rollo ruled at More, and Bellys, with the Rollo chevron, were first found in Moray. Crispina was the daughter of Poppa, a perfect name to lend itself to the Apophis asteroid, and the Grimaldi-related Bags might be from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen. I've just remembered that Rollo's home at More in Norway is not far from Norway's RINGERike, and it's the Irish Rings who have the roll of paper. From Wikipedia's Rollo article: "However, Ketill was a common name in Norse societies, as were names like Gurim and GRIM."

Don't forget, Bud Light was God's purpose in that trash, to point to the Apophis asteroid, I DO BELIEVE. Hope I'm not wrong, but you need to keep that possibility in mind. Recketts/Reich's/Rike's even look like kin of Apepi-like Papa's.

OH WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIE. The Popps/Bopps/Bopf's/Poppers/Poppens/Poppels (Westphalia), with the Bull/Bule annulets and the TRUNK bull head in colors reversed, share the vertically-split Shield of Austrian Turins, and the "elephant TRUNKs" of German Turins, which can explain why Scottish Turins and the neighboring Rollo's share boar heads (different colors). Trunks were first found in Franconia with Schwabs/Swabs. By some miracle, I tried loading Cottons to see if this Rollo picture can connect to Mellanson's cotton swab, and it turned out that Cottons share "fortuna" with Turins while Rollo's use "La FORTUNE passe par TOUT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elephant-like Oliphants (Perthshire, same as Rollo's) use another "tout" motto term. Rollo ruled More, and Morays use a "Tout" motto term too.

That is incredible and tends to assure that the cotton swab is a pointer to the Schwabs. Mythical Popiel, like the Poppel variation of the Poppa-of-Valois bloodline, was the first ruler of the Goplo mouse tower, before being conquered by the Mieszko Piasts. The myth writer must have been eluding to the line of Rollo, and the point here is the "Goplo" is related to KOPLik of the CLAUSula river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is, it is, a pointer to Klaus Schwab. The vision fir FARRAH Fawcett took us to Rings by way of Farrahs, and Rings have the Rollo-related roll of paper.

COTTON's, in OTTONE colors and near-format, were first found in Huntingdonshire with Lombardy-line Others/OTTers, and Mellanson belongs to this line. Ottone's have the Popp Bull/Bule annulets in half their colors, and to this I should add the Popps look related to the giant bull head of Auto's/Otto's! We are on it. See Ottons/Oats' too. Popps sharing the giant bull head in red with Larsens and Lars', the latter coming to topic at the crow-at-trash event.

I recall that the Quarrels were otherwise known as Drengot Normans in Italy, and in particular in Campania. As I've said many times, the previous owner of my Jeep is Mr. Desimone, from Benevento in Campania! I totally get it. Note that the Hauteville's below produced the Guiscards, thought to be descended from Rollo:

The Drengots were a Norman family of mercenaries, one of the first to head to the Mezzogiorno of Italy to fight in the service of the Lombards. They became the most prominent family after the Hautevilles.

The family came from Carreaux [like "Carrick"], near Avesnes-en-BRAY, east of Rouen. From QUARRELis or Quadrellis, the Latin for Carreaux, the family gets its alternate name of "de Quarrel.

...By far the most significant event in the familial history of the Drengot clan was the conquest of the principality of Capua in 1058"

The Carricks are from Charax Proculus, son of Lupus Laevillus of Cetis who married the ancestry of Plancia Magna of Perga. The Perkins/Parkins and Pews share the Levi lion that itself has a gold crown, as does the same-colored lion head of Italian Capone's/CAPUA's (Campania, i.e. near Benevento), thus tending to clinch the Pews with the Quarrel "pewit" (could be part-code for Wits / White's). I claim that Perkins/Parkins were from Plancia Magna, the line of Cabbage-loving Plants/Planque's, and Cabbage's (Northamptonshire, same as BRAYs and Face's/Fessys), with one of the three Levi chevrons, have the Levi / Pass/Pascal / Perkin/Parking / Pew lion in colors reversed. We just read that Quarrels were from Avesnes on the Bray river, and Avesnes was named after Avezzano's (Sardinia, same as rooster-using Visconti's). That's the line to Avis'/Avisons in the motto of Carrick-related Kennedys, and Carricks are the ones sharing the dancetty fesse of Quarrels. A noble of Avesnes on the Helpe river married a noble in Champagne, explaining why Champagne's and Avezzano's share the potent pattern on a bend, and then Champagne was also called, Campania. The "HOSTum" motto term of Simons/Desimone's can be of the "Hostis" of Shirts/SHARDS, a Harcourt-Danish line suspect with "SARDinia."

The last I saw Mr. Desimone, I had gutted and replaced his BATHroom in return for his Jeep and $1,000. The Baths, sharing the Face/Fessy cross, have lions in colors reversed from the same of Simons/Desimone's.

AHHH AMAZING: Carricks and Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with the Barrs who share the giant eagle of Aquila's. "The surname Aquila was first found in the 11th century at Benevento..."!!! Can you believe it? I was quarreling about the missing BARRel-shaped part with Mr. Desimone of Benevento! Avezzano is not far from L'Aquila. The latter is the Abruzzo capital, and Abruzzo's/ABREU's named EVREUX at Eure, and Dreux in Eure is where Drake-like Dreux's (Drake colors and format) were from who share the giant Dreng/Drink lion. It appears that Drengots had been Drake / Dragon liners. Dreux's are said to have married Salisburys who in turn can be gleaned as Evreux / Abruzzo/Abreu liners. Salisbury are expected with Sales'/SALLETTs from the Salto river, location of Avezzano.

The Drengot article: "From [Capua] they joined with MELUS of BARi, the leader of the Lombard rebels in Apulia." Bari is directly across the Adriatic sea from Bar at lake Scodra, and so it's interesting that while Melus-like Meles' have swans in Bar- / Aquila-eagle colors, the Italian Capote's/Capone's use a giant mule head while Mule's/Mules' (share red roundels with Shirts/Shards) were first found in Devon with Meles'. Then, the Mails/Meolis' happen to share the Capone/Capua lion head! That's all new to me. I trace the Saracen leader, Samsam, to Samsons (Gloucestershire, same as Letts/Late's) whose "letho" motto term looks like code for Letts/Late's, and then the Leto's happen to have a "crane DRINKing". The crown on the Capone/Capua / Levi lion is possibly code for the Ceraunii Illyrians, the line depicted by cranes.

Repeat: "To boot, the Ferris horseshoes are in the colors and format of the Other/Otter Coat! Thus, Mellanson's beer DRINKING pointed him smack to where his surname derives." That sentence was directly related to the Cotton-Ottone relationship now expected as a pointer to Schwab.

Drengot-like Drengs/Drinks probably use the Levi lion in red because they are said to have been granted land by Gospatricks while Kilpatricks share the Levi / etc. lion. The Italian Simon/DESIMONE lion is in both colors of the Dreng/Drink lion. Kilpatricks (dragon) share the saltire of Patricks, the latter first found in Norfolk with Quarrels, and moreover Patricks are said to be from La Lande near the Tracys of the Caen area. That's the trash can.

Ahh, Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with the Rims/Rums/Room, and while the trash can in the door-handle dream caught fire around the RIM, ZOWZERS, the Rims/Rums/Room share the Dreng/Drink lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. RUMillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with English Capone's. The Rowens are Rome's too, and so it seems that elements at Rouen, near Avesnes on the Bray, married Rums / Rumillys. End long insert]

Ahh, I've linked the Tresure's/Trashers in the past to a trash CAN in my door-HANDLE dream, and that needed the Tracys/Trasse's from two locations near Caen because Caens are also CANs. Tracys use a "falcon SEIZing a mallard", and Mallards/MELLards/Milwoods Derbyshire, same as Note's/Cnuts) share red crescents with Trasher-loving Seatons/Sittens. Handle's and Handells share the Moray Coat, and the Douglas' of Moray have three Moray stars in their Chief, as do Stave's/Stephensons. Stephen Mellanson. The Handle / Handell Coat is essentially the Duc/LeDuc Coat, you see. The giant Train lion is that also of Strike's/Strakers in the motto of Hawks who in turn use purple "pilgrim STAVE's."

The "seizing" term of Tracys/Trasse's look like code for Sees'/Sea's (share wavy Drummond bars), for they can be gleaned as a branch of Seamans who in turn share the bars and sea horse of Tuckers (Devon, same as Tracys/Trasse's) who in turn almost have the five fesses of Ducks/Duckers. It appears that God set up the trash event today as a pointer to LeDuc liners via Trash-like Tracys/Trasse's. The blue Sees/Sea fish is that also of Kidneys/Gedneys, who were pointed to by the kidney-shaped pool in the 1979 Sleeping Beauty dream, the swimming pool that had the shark swallowing Trump. The two Kidney/Gedney fish form the saltire of German Nails/Neils (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Duckers) while Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Irish Neils/O'Nails (they have the Sees/Sea / Kidney/Gedney fish in colors reversed). Farrah Fawcett had a relationship with a Mr. O'NEAL. The German Nails/Neils are also Nagle's, of the namers of Oneglia, now Imperia above!

Does STEPHEN Mellanson point to James LeDuc too on top of Faucets? The Stephen/Steven falcon, in colors reversed, is the blue one (same design) in the Crest of English Ducks (Somerset, beside a Seaton location in Devon) who in turn share the stars of Scottish Vaux's. The latter were first found in East Lothian with Faucets, and Otterton of Devon is where Duke's were first found whose chaplets are connectable to the swans of Chaplets. The Swans are listed with Sions, and Switzerland's Sion is also, Sitten, that being a Seaton variation. That's why Sedans/Siddens use a "sino" motto term, and some of you may know that "Sino" refers to China. Check it out online, it's true. Did God arrange that motto term with Sedans? Why them? The Shins/Chine's/Chings were first found in Somerset with Ducks? James LeDuc help set up the Wuhan lab, a carefully guarded secret in all media, but it is online, or was last time I checked.

I didn't know until now that Sedans use "bear's paws" in Crest. They look like perched birds.

I put God's note into my POCKet, but why? The Ottone/Otto Coat is almost the one of German PUCKs, and as Mr. Mellanson points to everything-COVID, it's interesting that English Pucks show hands while hands are also Hans', linkable to Hahns, Hanns, Hansons, and the Hanna's having the Trump stag head in colors reversed, as if God wants to connect Donald Trump to Stephen Hahn, not because they're good men. It was my PANT pocket, and Pansys/PANTers (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Duckers/Dockers) were loved by Bar-le-DUC. French Crispins were first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc, and English Crispins share the eight BARs of Porchers/Portis' who in turn share the giant cinquefoil, in colors reversed, of Pockets/Pouchers.

I've mentioned the white pants of Lorraine, by girlfriend in my 20s, because it was her pants that pointed to Pansys/Pantzers to begin with, and I've said a million times that I asked her for our first date at her BUS STOP. The Bus' (Norfolk, same as Porchers/Portis') share the giant and ermined Porcher/Portis cinquefoil, and while STOPs/Stubbs can be gleaned as Stirling/STURling kin, Sturs (Hampshire, same as PORTers) share the three fesses in the Porcher/PORTis. They are also the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds (named Drymen in Stirlingshire), who descended from MAURICE Drummond, making the fesse of Maurels/Mauro's/MARICs suspect as the fesse of German Drummonds, suspect as a branch of same-colored Trumps.

This link of the Mellanson note to Mr. LeDuc is why I re-visited this topic, but it's obvious that God moved me to do this today, for my trash was out at the street since last night, and that trash proved to me that God wanted to connect the crow-at-trash event to the Mellanson note. This is actually a miraculous thing, I should be in awe.

Repeat: "Monaco's might just be using the Maurel/Mauro fesse. In fact, I now see that the "MONstrat" motto term of Labes'/Bez's is for Monaco elements because the two surnames share the same lion. I'll tell later why "monstrat" is a Duck liner." I've known from before starting this section that Ducks/Duckers share the five fesses, in colors reversed from the three of German Drummonds, are used by STRATTens (falcon in Crest). The latter, looked up as per the "monSTRAT" motto term, even share the red escutcheon of Allers, first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers. Allers use an "umbra" motto term, looking like they were from rulers in Umbria. The "Gloria" motto term of Allers can be for Glorys/Lowrys, who share the giant cup of Lorraine-connectable LARRys/Laurie's/Lowrys, first found in Dumfries with the Leggs who almost have the Trump stag head. Leggs have a "TENTamine" motto term, while "tento" is a motto term of Strattens.

The Stratten-like Straights/Streets (Devon, same as Duck/Ducker-branch Tuckers and Duke's) use Catherine wheels in the colors and format of the Pocket hands, and Catherine wheels are used also by Wheelwrights, whom were in code with mythical Piast the Wheelwright, ancestry of Mieszko I, grandfather of king Cnut. Amazing, no? Amazing yes. As I've said, shortly after the cotton-swab event with Mellanson, I became his assistant coach for a pee-wee hockey team. As Hockeys share the Mellanson / Note/Cnut crescents, I take this to be God's evidence that Pucks are to be in the picture with Pockets.

Remember, Sharon QUINN fell at the DOOR to her brother's apartment after she went nuts over my becoming a Christian. She actually, in all sincerity, was concerned about me. She thought I was going to go crazy or something. I didn't know she cared so much about me. She even said, "I love you," after we got her on the couch. As soon as I left her after she said that, I met Mellanson at his DOOR. I was just outside the door when he confronted me about leaving his party; he wasn't happy. So I took the note out and handed it to him, which God asked me to WRITE that morning. Steve said, "you didn't write that this morning, you just wrote that now." I didn't argue with him. But I think he knew it was impossible because I had no idea he would be upset with me about leaving his party.

The point is, English Wrights, first found in Sussex with hand-using Pucks/Puckle's, share the leopard faces of Scottish Doors, and Irish Doors with Dorals share the giant Sforza lion that itself holds a Quinn-like quince. After seeing Sharon Quinn in the morning vision, so to speak, I was told the WRIGHT the note. The English Wrights have two fesses colors reversed from the two of Morinis', the latter first found in Modena with Marano's and Morano's. The Baskets (Sforza lion?) in the basket in the Crest of Irish Mellans/Melons have the leopard faces in half the colors.

Throughout the writing on this topic on my first day (Wednesday), I had not loaded Schwabs/Swabs, and when I did load them, I was reminded that they were first found in Franconia. It was a shocker, for the symbol of Franconia is the Franconian RAKE (likely code for the line of Richeza of Lorraine to the Rich's, Ricks and Rake's), and so that's why the garbage this morning was strewn all over the shoulder, causing me to go back to the house to get a RAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Astounding! I have never needed a rake before to clean up a garbage mess at the road! It reminds that Parrs, sharing the double-Wright fesses, use "A woman's head and SHOULDERS..."

Earlier in this update, it was posited that the trash was a symbol of globalist plots to trash cities in order to frighten the people into succumbing to the "new world order," but I now have an additional idea as per the BUSTed door handle, for the Franconian Rake looks like the Bust Coat, and the Bust Crest has another woman. Ground zero for the Rothschild bankers was in Frankfurt, and the Nimo's, with the Boasts/Busts in their motto, share the red saltire with German Franks (Bohemia) who in turn share the roses of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"). Rothschilds descend from Pollocks, builders of Rothes castle, explaining why English Franks share the Pollock Coat while Jewish Pollocks share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds.

I've read that Pollocks descend from king Clovis, son of CHILDeric. The trash was on the shoulder of the road, and Roads, sharing the CHILD/Chill / Lorraine / Piast eagle, are likely a branch of Mellanson-beloved Rods. The Childs/Chills have the Terent Coat in colors reversed, and Terentia MURENA is suspect to the Morinis', Maurels/Maurino's (one of the two Morinis fesses), etc.

Rake's look like kin of Hamons (probably in the motto of Scottish Scotts), first found in Kent with RICKets/RACKets and GARDs, and with the English Scotts (almost the Street Coat!) using Catherine wheels (owned by Catherine Roet, looking like a Road liner). English Scotts share the black griffin in Crest with Rake's, and Rich's/Richess' use a "Garde" motto term. Rokeby is in RICHmondshire, and Rake's are in Rokeby colors and format. Rake's use a version of the Tick/Tuck/Tock Coat, and the latter were first found in Yorkshire with Rhodes, the location also of Richmondshire. It's got the Roxolani Rus to Roquefeuil all over it. Ticks/Tucks/Tocks, linkable to Duck/Docker-related Tuckers, were once said to be first found in Kent with Scotts and Hamons, and the line of Hamon de Masci was in the Meschins, I believe, who married Skiptons in Craven (Yorkshire) while Ricks have the Craven Coat in colors reversed. The Axton location of the Actons in the Craven motto is in Kent. Trash-like TARSatica was at Croatia's Rijeka/Reka, which I've seen also as "Rika." That works.

BY THE WAY, Cravens are from Croatia, home of Maezaei, and the Bistue area of the Maezaei was suspect with "Piast" due to the Maezaei look of "Mieszko." The Bistons share the Bessin Coat, almost. Bistons were a BC people group of Cyrene (north Africa), land of the Meshwesh/Mazyes, otherwise known as African Amazons, and Piast-like Pisa (in Greece) was home to Amazons. The Ceraunii, beside the Maezaei, look like they were of the namers of Cyrene. The mythical crow, Coronis the Lapith, was loved by Apollo, and "Cyrene, in Greek mythology, a nymph, daughter of Hypseus (king of the LAPITHs)...Apollo, who was watching, fell in love with her and carried her off from Mount Pelion, in Thessaly, to Libya. There he founded the city of Cyrene and made her its queen. The story is told by the 5th-century-BC [about the time of Bistones in Cyrene] lyric poet Pindar (Pythian Ode 9). Cyrene was the mother by Apollo of Aristaeus and Idmon the seer and by ARES of Diomedes of Thrace" (Britannica). The Bistones worshiped Ares as an erect sword, which you can see in the Biston Crest.

Ring the Bell Dingle-Ling

That rake was needed absolutely at the road, at the end of my DRIVEway, for Drive's/Drave's (Hampshire, same as Rich's/Richess') have quadrants in colors reversed from the same of shoulder-like Schultz's! Rickets/Rackets ("decens") even look like they love the Decans/Deakins/Dockings in their motto, for the Decan/Deakin/DOCKing Coat is most of the Rhodes Coat. Docks/Dogs/Doags (Rosco/Risco cinquefoils in colors reversed) are in Child/Chill colors and format. Mellansons share the crescents of Scottish Scotts who in turn use one Terras Coat while the other Terras' (Rickson colors and format) use Rockefeller-line rooks, and while Tarrs are also Terres' (Somerset, same as Ricks), the Rickets/Rackets use a scimiTAR. I understand this now, for I trace the Trash-CAN line of Caens/Cans to the Ceno tributary of the TARo river! Tracys/Trasse's have a couple of locations near the Bessin, original home of Meschins. The Sees'/Sea's suspect in the "seizing" term in the Tracy description were first found in Kent too, and the Sees'/Sea's with Seamans are the link to Tuckers.

Having said all of that, wow, look at the product of it all: Ricksons were first found in Lancashire with Riggs who are in turn in the colors and format of Rish's/Rush's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Trashers who in turn have fitchees colors reversed from the same of Ricks (Somerset, where Trashers were once said to be first found). Repeat: "Trash-like TARSatica was at Croatia's Rijeka/Reka, which I've seen also as "Rika." That works." That's just so amazing since the Rake's came to topic with the trash can, and that's how Ricks-etc. came about. Likewise first found in Suffolk were the Deacons sharing the Coat of Decans/Deakins/Dockings (both use an axe for the Axe rivers of Somerset) in the motto of scimiTAR-using Rickets/Reckitts'/Rackets.

Scotts are from Lake SCODra at the Clausula river of proto-Mieszko's. I'll show below another way in which the CLAUSula river can be a pointer to KLAUS Schwab and Trump together. The Clausula is near TROPoje, and there is a Decan-like Decani area (on the White Drin) near Tropoje. In the door-handle dream, I DROPped the trash can from a height (of about a step ladder), and Drops are listed with TROPE's. I think Decani was in the land of Dardanians, the line to Darts/Dards who share the Rick / Rush/Rish / Rosco/Risco / Rigg fesse, and the other English Riggs have a black rooster in Crest, the color of the giant rooster of Kopple's, suspect from "Koplik" on the Clausula river. I trace the Klassens/Class' to "Clausula," but I now have had evidence in that while they use "Lady Fortune," Ladys/Laudymans share the annulets of black-rooster Riggs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bingo, I need that...if I can only remember it the next time it's needed. There's a lot just said in getting Rigg elements down to the Clausula area, and I won't remember it all. Lady Fortune worked out to be SLEEPing Beauty, and Sleeps are from the SELEPitanoi at the Scodra theater, at Bar to be precise. Why is the Kopple rooster the one of Hahn-branch Hanns? Why are Hands/Hanns in Rook colors and format? The globalist rookers, riggers, and racketeers are working overtime to steal the universe from Jesus. They descend from viking pirates, and are still pirates to this day. They make war to seize the properties of others, scattering them, killing them, and raping. They loved the crow symbol. I'm so happy about Armageddon, for if it did not take place, the human race would become enslaved to the money printers, the money swine, the dirt of all creation.

Riggs use the "birdBOLT" while Bolts share the black griffin with Rake's. The "cano" motto term of black-rooster Riggs along with the dogs ("talbots") of the other English Riggs indicates the House of Canossa, for its uses a dog in the same colors, and thus Canossa looks like a trash-CAN line! Beauty. My rake goes with the trash can, and Canossa is only about 25 miles from the TARo river! The TRASH CAN indeed! AMAZING OUTCOME. The Caens/Cans are from the Ceno tributary of the Taro, and the Parma river is between the Taro and Canossa, which could indicate that the "PERIMus" motto term of Caens/Cans is for Parma-river liners. If the "LICitis" motto term of Caens/cans is for Lice's/Lees'/Alee's, they're in Rake colors and format, and both use black Crests. Plus, the Lice/Lees/Alee motto has "FORTitudine," possibly for Fortuna's, for they share the Arms of Canossa.

Spanish Cano's/Canos' show only three fesses, in the colors of the fesse that is the Arms of Austria, or the fesse of all those Rake-suspect surnames above, including Rosco's/Risco's who have the cinquefoil of DOGs/Doags/Docks (Cano / Canossa colors) in colors reversed. Fortuna's use a "dog." French Massons/Masons/Maisons, whom I'm not very familiar with, were just found seeking Massa-like surname from Massa-Carrara, and they share the roses of Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys while English Pasleys have the Cano Coat in colors reversed. English Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Boots, and while there were boot prints in the snow at the trash-can event, French Masseys/Masse's once showed boots! The House of Canossa was out of the Massa-Carrara area, and there had been a Masa / Maso Sea peoples in CARia. On the Sea Peoples: "Alaksandus where he lists them as Karkisa, Masa, LUKKA..." ( Lucca is smack beside Massa-Carrara. Was Karkisa a proto-Carrick entity?

I don't think I've known until now that Scottish Mathie's (scimiTAR!) come up as "Masson." Massa-Carrara was related to the Mathie-like Mattis', and Mathie's/Massons and English Masons/Massins both use a "spero" motto term while Pasleys/Paisleys were related to Speers. It looks like Cano's/Canos' do indeed belong to the House of Canosa. Rollo's use "fortune" and "passe" while Pasleys were of the spear-using Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels.

The "VIVo cano" motto phrase of Riggs is for dog-using Carricks, for "vivo" is shared by Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks and QUARters), and thus we are not only back to the Quarrel line, but I didn't get it until now that Craigie's share the Mellanson crescents. The "HonESTE" motto term of Craigie's (look like Otton/Oats / Ottone/Otto kin) indicates that Barrs use the Italian Este Coat. Carricks are said to be from Craigs, and they not only have another "vivo" motto term, but were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons. The "LAUDimus" motto term of Quarters can explain why they're in Kopple colors, for Lady Fortune of the Clausula-line Klassens is part-code for the Fortuna's who have the upright dog in the Arms of Canossa! I like surprises like that, let me have some fun. Hope you're having some. No guff, the Riggs with the black rooster share the Lady/LAUDyman annulets. NO GUFF AT ALL.

I suggest that Ringerike in Norway with Rollo's More theater was a Rigg branch. Rollo's use "fortune." Mattis-like Mathie's are suspect with the Fortune gyronny, and with the Quarter / Faucet lion. To the near-south of the Clausula were the Cavii Illyrians, on the Mathis river (now the Mat), and the Cavii were therefore the line to Chives' because the latter share the moline of Mathis'. The latter were first found in Burgundy with the Quarre's/Care's who in turn have lions looking like the Levi lions, but in both colors of the Quarter lion. I suspect Joseph Caiaphas from Cavii liners somehow, as-yet to be explained adequately. If Ringers (Suffolk, same as Rish's/Rush's) had been Riggs and therefore Ricks, the Rize line to Rhizon makes sense, for Rhizon is near the Clausula.

This can go to the trash entity, not only because Ringers were first found in Suffolk with Trashers, but because Ricks are from Rijeka at TARSatica, and thus the expectation is that Rhizon liners named Rijeka, for Rice's are even in Rake colors and format. I had the rake out at the trash site. The Caens/CANs even share the fretty Shield of Cave's!!! The latter were first found in Lancashire with both Rigg surnames. Fretty is suspect from Ferte-Mace, home of Masseys. The "vide" motto term of Cave's must be of the "vita" of Saffers (share Ringer unicorn head), from Julius AVITus, husband of Julia MAESA Bassianus, the line to the Bessin, location of Caen and the Meschins. I read that Bellamys (Shropshire, same as Meschins and Meschin-related Talbots) married Massys of Ferte-Mace, which can explain the Ringer bell.

Repeat: "The latter share the mermaid with Clausula-liner Glass'/Glassicks, and it just so happens that Glasgow-beloved Lords/Lauds (expected as kin of Klassen-beloved Ladys/Laudymans) share the pheons of the Carnagy-like Carneys." The Carni were to the near-north of Rijeka. The Carni were on the cusp of southern Austria, and Austria is where a branch of Babenbergs ruled, said to descend from Poppo I of Franconia. It's remarkable that my rake can now point to Poppo partly because the Arms of Austria, used by the Austrian Babenbergs, is just a fesse in the colors of the Rick / Rush/Rish / Rosco/Risco / Rigg fesse, and partly because "Babenberg was a noble dynasty of Austrian margraves and dukes. Originally from Bamberg in the Duchy of Franconia..." It tends to nail Poppa of Valois to Poppo of Babenberg, especially if Ringerike is of the Rick/etc. bloodline.

Why did the trash at the rake event have the Bud Light beer cans? That seems to me to be a pointer to the Apophis asteroid, and so note that we just crosses Apophis-like Poppo liners. BABENbergs are suspect from Babon, brother of BODEgisel, sons of Berthe, and who as the Berta's/Berts are in the colors and format of French Bode's/Bauds, the Buds/Bude's can apply to Bodegisel's line. The brothers were sons of Mummolin, mayor of the palace just before Pepin of Landen held that job, and king Apophis was Apepi too. This is working. Babon's son was Grimo!!! The Grimaldi's share the Bag Shield, and the trash I was raking up was from a bag! So, yes, the event seems to be pointing also to the asteroid.

GrimSTEADs apply well not only because they are in rake colors and format, and not only because they were first found in Yorkshire with the Ticks/Tucks/Tocks almost having the Rake Coat, but because Steads have a form of the Barwick / Berwick Coats while queen Bebba (about the time of Pepin of Landen) of Bernicia was of proto-Berwickshire. Her people were called Bebbanburgs, and she was at Bamburgh castle (Bernicia) while Poppo's Babenbergs were later at Bamberg, Germany. Steads, Berwicks and Barwicks share the bear with Beers!!! Bud Light beer! Poppo is thus a symbol of Apophis, I gather. His line must have been to the Taro river, I reckon, and the Caen, very interesting because I read that Apophis ruled Egypt immediately after Caen-like Khyan! I don't see how Lights/Lite's apply in this particular picture, however, unless they were a Litt / Little / Liddle branch, for as Litts and Liddle's (both in Light/Lite colors) share the fleur-de-lys of Palms/PARMs, is it coincidental that the Parma river is beside the Taro and Ceno?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I see, for I took the LID off the trash can, put the new bag (with beer cans in it) on the trash bags in the trash can, and then pressed the lid upon the new bag as far down as it would go! Can we believe this? PLUS WOW, the Lights/Lite's share the swan )same design) of Italian Alba's while German Alba's have the Litt Coat in colors reversed!!! If that's not enough, Liddle's share the fitchee of English Berts to go with Berta's/Berts above, from Berthe, mother of Babon, son in turn of Bag-related Grimo! EXCELLENT! We couldn't have arrived here without the new-to-me GrimSTEADs. They have two of the vaired Bach/BAGH fesses! I trace German Bachs/Backs to the Hyksos king, APACHnas, for good reason. Bachs/Backs use a "steer" while Steers have the Cedes variation of Seats, I gather, and Seats are like the Seatz variations of German Seys'/SEIS, potentially in the "seizing" term that Tracys/Trasse's use to describe their Crest. The crows were seizing my trash.

The Bach/Bagh stars are colors reversed from the giant star of GRIIMs/GriisBACHs (!) with a Gisel-like Grisel variation connectable to the namers of BodeGISEL. I suggest that Liddle's (beside/near Stevensons) have the Stevenson bend due to the staves of PilGRIMs. And, Stevensons/Stave's have three stars in Chief in the colors of the two in Chief of Gisels/Gris'.

The two crows were picking at the old trash bag, and Crows (Norfolk, same as Pilgrims), in Light colors and format, may have been the Croys/Groys (Roet ancestry) listed with Greys (Northumberland, same as Stevensons and Stave's) who in turn could explain "Gris." The Stevensons have a version of the Barnstaple Coat (share Albini trefoils) while Alba-like Albins/Aubins were at Barnstaple. When I fetched the last piece of trash out of the bag, I saw footSTEPs in the snow, and Stepps/Steptoe's could be a Stephen branch.

As German Alba's were first found in Alsace, at Lorraine, and while Lorraine's share the CHILL/CHILD eagle, see here that Bodegisel was the underling of Chill/Child-line kings: "Bodegisel (also spelled Bodygisil, died 585 or 588) was a Frankish duke (dux). He was the son of Mummolin, duke of Soissons, and served the kings Chilperic I and Childebert II." Chills/Childs are in Crow and Light/Lite colors and format, and WOW JUST REALIZED this works because Chills/Childs are said to have been at WanSTEAD while Wansteads/Weiners have a reflection of the Litt and Alba Coats!!!

I didn't know until writing to this point that the Arms of Ringerike has the Rigg annulet! Surprise. Repeat: "I've just remembered that Rollo's home at More in Norway is not far from Norway's RINGERike, and it's the Irish Rings who have the ROLL of paper. From Wikipedia's Rollo article: 'However, KETILL was a common name in Norse societies, as were names like Gurim and GRIM.'" The Kettle's ("MALum" probably for Malahule liners), a branch of Keiths, were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's, and happen to share the cinquefoils on a fesse of Rosco's/Risco's. The latter's fesse is used by English Lums/Limbs (Rush/Rish colors and format) expected in the "maLUM" motto term of Kettle's, and the Lums/Limbs (Rigg colors and format) were first found in Lancashire with Riggs. Beauty. In fact, Scottish Lums/Lambs (share lamb with PASSE's/Pascals) even have a fesse-with-items like that of Rosco's/Risco's.

The Kettle cinquefoils are colors reversed from the one of Bus' and Lums/Lambs, and Bush's share the black boar with Rollo's. Rollo's use a "passe" motto term, and while English Bole's essentially share the Rollo Crest (black boar), German Bole's have comPASSes, and perhaps the Quarter lion because Quarters may have the Ladys/Laudymans in their motto who share the annulet of Ringerike. The CARNations of Rollo-related Papers love the Nations/Nathans, I assume, who likewise have compasses, and Carnys are the ones sharing the Lord/LAUD pheons! I get it. Ahh, the COMPasses are for Dutch Camps too, for they share the eagle head of Lums/Limbs while English Camps are Comps too. German Camps have the same fesse again, much like the Arms of Austria. Campanio's share the bell with Ringers. Spanish Campo's might have the tower of Trunks (Franconia). Compo's share the Sinclair cross, and "COMPOsitum" is a motto term of Laws possibly in the "La" motto term of Rollo's. I suspect Rollo- / Drengot-line mergers with Italy's Campania.

The Roslin location of the too-rich Sinclairs (pirate suspects) was beside/amongst the Keith domains. Roslin is suspect with Russell / Rosso liners from Languedoc who have the Ross lion in colors reversed. Ross-shire once had the capital of Dingwall of the Dingle bloodline that shares the border of MacKenzie's (Ross-shire, same as Dingle's). Dingle's use a "FLEECE," and FELICE is the patron saint of Picenze, the little village with cobble-stones streets where my mother was born and raised. She's a Masci and a Grimaldi, right down Rollo's alley. Italian Felix's/Felice's have the same stars as Morays, and Rollo's were first found in Perthshire (near Moray) with Justine's; the latter not only share the border of Dingle's and MacKenzie's, but were from Justine of PICENum, like "Picenze." How about that. German Dingle's share the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits while the English Tute's are also the Touts in the Rollo motto. It looks like Moray elements named More of Norway, where Rollo squatted himself as a chieftain before launching out in pirate business in France.

If Apophis is landing, do you think it's aimed at the end-times pirates, since it lands in the sea? I don't mean two-bit pirates, but the big corporations carrying cargo far over-priced, as though the owners of the cargo were in a race to get richer to their last breath, too stupid to regard the will of God in being generous with wealth...once they pass a certain threshold of financial stability. Revelation 18:23 says that the merchants of Babylon the Great were the world's greatest men, and yet God's humbling them in one hour flat, stripping them of all. All that work for nothing, boys, take your lumps and come lie down at my feet, for the humble and poor will be raised up, for God will take pleasure in this.

English Vitals/Vidals/Vele's, suspect as kin of Vallans (from Malta) and Sarasins (from Sicily), have two of the Ringerike annulet, but call them "rings," we get it. Spanish Vitals/Vidals' share the Carrick / Cragg dog.

Back to the Carricks sharing the fesse of their Pew-connectable Quarrel branch. English Quarre's use a "CHAMELeon," and the Craigie Coat is much like the one of Goz's and German CAMELs. Richard Goz birthed a daughter who married Ranulph Meschin of BRIQUESsart, and Brix's/Brests share the lozenge of German Camels. Bricks, with the Brix/Brest lozenges in colors reversed, share the Massey and RINGER fleur de lys, no guff. My mother (green eyes) must have been from Danish vikings. This Ranulph de Briquessart descended from Malahule of More (Rollo's uncle) to indicate that Goz's use the Moray Coat plus. Rollo's share "TOUT" with Oliphants, and while the latter are suspect from the Elaphiti islands off of the Ragusa of Saraca's, that was the domain of queen TEUTa of the Ardiaei. The Touts/Tute's look related to the "esculapius" of Quarters. The latter (Carrick colors) were not necessarily Carrick liners in their ancestry. Ardiaei were also "Vardaei," and Vardys (share Fier/Fear moline) were barons of La Ferte, which can explain the Arduinici at Ivrea, near MontFERRAT. Between the two is the Chivasso of the Chives' (Piedmont, same as Masci's).

Recall the Quarrel connection to Irish Rings, for English Rings (probably Balfour kin), first found in Norfolk with Quarrels, have the Meschin scallops in colors reversed. "The surname Ring was first found in Norfolk where conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Ringstead, held by Norman noble Roger de Evreux...Roger was the son of Comte de Evreux, who was the son of Richard 1, Duke of Normandy." That's the line of Rollo, from Abruzzo elements to Evreux. I read that the Eburovices (Joktanites or Pelegites?) of Evreux were at Brescia/Brixia, where Ranulph Meschin de Briqquessart is expected from. BriquesSART is suspect with the Shard variation of Shirts (Cheshire, same as Meschin earls), who can be gleaned as Harcourt Danes.

The House of Canossa was out of Lucca at Massa-CARRara while French Quarre's/Care's can be gleaned as a Carrick branch because the Quarre/Care lion is that also of Carrots/Carews (Cornwall, same as VIVians) who in turn share "bien" in their motto with Carricks. Quarre's/Care's (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's) use a version of the Massi/Mattis Coat, and both have the checks in the Arms of Massa-Carrara. The Trash-line Tracys/Trasse's use a mallard while Mallards/Milwards share the MATHIS moline. Carrara's use a wheel as potential sign that they were Roet kin.

The trash was at the road. Roads have their eagle "displayed on its SIDE," and Side's (Seaton / Suty branch) likely named FauxSIDE castle (same place as Seatons). Streets were first found in Devon with Seaton, and as Seaton is at the mouth of the Axe river, let's quote part of the Mellanson description: "...a HAND holding upRIGHT a bundle of rods with an AXE in the middle." Rights are listed with Wrights, and Wheelwrights share the Street Catherine wheels in both colors! Zikers, it was Piast Mieszko II who married Richeza of Lorraine, suspect with the Rake's. I took the rake to the STREET!

Seatons were first found in East Lothian with Fortune's, and Klaus-like Klassens/Class's use "Lady Fortune"! I get it. She holds a banner, and Banners are from the PANARo river, location of Marano in Modena! BEAUTY. Marano's, in Schwab/Swab colors and format, share the MontFORT and Lipp lion. Sharon PUNCHed BARRy on the lip, and Bar, the location of proto-Barrs / Barrys, is to the near-west of lake Scodra. German Barrys are in Street / Puck colors and format. Puck-like Punch's use "barry," almost the Coat of English Crispins, and French Crispins were first found in Lorraine with BAR-le-Duc.

I don't remember, but if God had said, "wright DOWN..." then it's interesting that Downs/Douns, first found in Sussex with Wrights and HAND-using Pucks/Puckle's, have a giant stag in the colors of the giant stag head of Trumps/Tromps, the latter first found in Mecklenburg with the Hann-branch Hahns while Hands are likewise Hanns! That's incredible, and the Hahns have a giant rooster in the colors of the giant Trump/Tromp stag head. That's incredible.

WOW NEW: Trump has called himself the "FATHER of the vaccines," because the vaccine goons allowed him to take credit for the vaccines if he made them lawful under his term. IDIOT. The Fathers/Feathers, in Street / Child / Crow / Lambert colors and format, are in the Pohl/Pohlman and Pole/Pohl feathers. The Father/Feather motto, "Valens et volans," is for Valens'/Valence's who have the five fesses of Ducks/Duckers (Westphalia, same as the related Velins and Volans'/Velens), and of the Strattens/Straitons who look related to the Straight/Strait variations of Streets! Amazing, as though God is linking that traitor-of-a-president to my raking up of the crow-caused trash. Everything in this paragraph is of the Pansys/Pantzers.

I only wore jean pants, and so it's very interesting that French Jeans (Languedoc, same as Labes'/Bez's) have a version of the Labes'/Bez' Coat! Zikers, that's the surname with a "monSTRAT" motto term. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Strattens were first found in Wiltshire with Laps/LABBS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The latter are from the Labe/Elbe river through Podebrady, origin of Drummonds. Podebrady is in Bohemia, and the two-tailed lion of Bohemia is from the Montfort / Marano lion (from Boii in Marano) shared by Lap-like Lipps!

This recalls Mamie, when she sat on my LAP a few hours after she was with the same Barry. The only thing I remember after she sat on my lap was she and I sleeping in the tent! Strattens use a "tento" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is brand new right here.

I didn't realize until now that Lipps were first found in Westphalia, and as that's where Stratten-related Allers were first found, lets add that when she sat on my lap, she sat on my legs too because Leggs have a "TENTamine" motto term, and almost have the Trump Coat!!! Do you see what God is pointing to? The filthy father of the vaccines.

Okay, so French Jeans and Labes'/Bez's essentially have the same Coat. Instead of the star of Labes'/Bez's, the Jeans substitute with a BELL, and Bells were first found in Dumfries with Leggs. The Labes'/Bez star is the Moray star too, and BELLys, with the eight-pointed star of Duc's/LeDucs (version of Moray Coat), were first found in Moray! I always say that English Jeans were a branch of James' (Surrey, same as Lamberts). JAMES LeDuc!!! English Doors use Bez-like bees! I took the note out of my pants pocket at Mellanson's door. I don't remember one time thinking about that note until Steve confronted me. I had forgotten it was there. It goes with the Doors/Dorrs (almost the Gates Coat)...which reminds, wow, that German Dorrs ("AD majoRUM dei GLORiam") share the hands of Pucks/Puckle's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Ahhhh, RUMs/RIMs were in the DOOR-handle dream!!! Rums/Rims were first found in Dumfries with Glory-branch Larrys/Laurie's (share laurel with Lorraine's).

This is a good place to put the Wandels, first found in SWABia, who are in the motto of the HANDells (not "Handle") who in turn have the Moray Coat i.e. a near-copy of the Duc/LeDuc Coat! You see, it's as though God is saying that Schwab is behind the Fauci scheme. But of course, for Schwab has said or implied that his "great reset" is to be accomplished via the vaccine scheme. As God gave me/us the DOOR-handle dream, with trash can, as a pointer to Handells, we might do well to note the bee that's common between Doors/Dorrs and Bessins/BEASTons, for I suspect that the Meschins of the Bessin will furnish the False Prophet. Wandels came up big earlier in this update with the Ferns (in the Trasher Crest) who share the Duck lion head.

Ahh, as I said, I dropped the trash can in the door-handle dream from a height, and after it landed on a sandy MOUND upon its open rim, it caught flames all around the rim. There is a "green MOUND"" in the Wandel Coat! If the flames are to be regarded as fire, then Fire's can be in the scene because they essentially have the Schwab/Swab Coat! I get it. In fact, as I said many times, I JUMPed down yelling "fire!", and then started to smother the flames with the sand. The dream ended there. Jumps share the Trump stag head. They also share the Belly stars while Bellys have the LeDuc star. The Rims/Rums are thereby highly suspect in the "majoRUM" motto term of German Dorrs, is that not amazing or what? Is God trying to give Christians peace about the world situation, or a dire warning? The Mounds share the LEGH/Lee and Train lion.

There is no Sharon surname coming up, but there is a Sharron surname sharing the Coat of PENDERgrass', which makes me suspect that God named Sharon to point to such things and Penders, Panters/Panthers and/or Pansys/Pantzers. Penders, with one of the triple chevrons of Grace's/Grasse's (Provence, near Grasse), share the lion head Bradds/BREATHs, suspect from PodeBRADY, origin of Drummonds whose triple fesses are in the colors of the triple chevrons of Grace's/Grasse's. Neither Coat shows anything else, suggesting kinship. French Lamberts use two of the Grace/Grasse chevrons while the Arms of Grasse share the lamb with English Lamberts. It seems that there was a Pender merger with a "nobility" in Grasse (heraldry is generally from nobility to within a couple of generations).

Bradds/Breaths, once said to be first found in Midlothian, beside the first-known Seatons who use a dragon BREATHing fire. The Falls/Fallis' (Feller branch) were first found in Midlothian, and they have a full lion in the colors of the Bradd/Breath lion heads. Sharon Quinn FELL down at the door! I get it. I ran to see her when she started to scream, and I saw her laying outside the door, still screaming. The Fells have the Duc/LeDuc Coat in colors reversed (!!!), which drags the Rockefellers into this vaccine-scheme picture, no surprise at all. Sharon was acting as the Faucet bloodline that night, the pointer to Fauci. Tony Fauci (da gangster boss) funded the lab of James LeDuc. We could even say that she dropped to the floor because Note's/Cnuts use drops all over their Shield, and TROPoje is near the source of the Clausula river so that her dropping can be a pointer to Klaus Schwab.

Dragons/Drainers (branch of Pender-like Pendragons/PENDRays) are in Wheel colors and format, in case Wheelwrights were a Wheel-Wright merger. In fact, Wheels were first found in Shropshire with the Bellamys sharing the crescents of Dragon-loving Seatons, and with the proto-Stewart Alans while Stewarts share the checkered fesse of Scottish Wrights. English Stewarts were first found in Devon with Seaton.

The Pendray-like PenderGRASS' can be suspect with Grass' / Grasse's and Grace's, like the Grazio's who share the black rooster with German Hanns, branch of Hahns. The Hann rooster is in both colors of the Kopple rooster, and Kopple's were of "GOPLo," the origin of Piast the WheelWRIGHT, do you see? After I saw Sharon Quinn in the morning vision as Farrah Fawcett, I was told to WRIGHT. English Pendergrass' (share the Nail/Neil/Nagle / Kidney/Gedney saltire), sharing the SHARK trefoils so as to connect well with Sharon Quinn, use what's often called a SARACen's head, yet call it a "man's head" probably because Mans (dragon), who look like PEN kin, are in Dragon/Drainer and Wheel colors and format. I probably wrote the note with a PEN! That snuck up on me. Pens were first found in Buckinghamshire with the Simsoms whom I trace to Laus and Sybaris, land of Milan-connectable SARACena. One Simson Coat shares the Millen/Milan and Faucet lion. Oh wow, I kid you not, that Simms (East Lothian, same as Dragon-loving Seatons) have a "hand holding a pen" in Crest!!! That snuck up on me too!

I dated MANdy Simson, and Mandy-like Mynetts (Kent, same as Mynetts and Munds) have the Dragon/Drainer helmets in colors reversed. I didn't plan to be here when starting the paragraph above. Munds have another man's head often called a Saracen's head, and this time it's a "savage's head COUPED dripping blood..."" Pendergrass' use a "man's head COUPed," and Coopers/Coupers share the blue saltire with those Pendergrass'. Grasse is a location near Oneglia.

I trace Kopple's to KOPLik on the CLAUSula river because it's beside Dober while Mieszko I married DOBRawa. The Clausel variation of Clauds can apply to "Clausula," and it just so happens that Clauds/Clausels share the Tromp and Maurel/Morel acorn. The Acorns (Sussex again, same as VISconti-like Vise's/Vice's) share the VISE/Vice stag head. Claus'/Klaus' share the Train lion, in case it applies, and the black-on-gold border of China-pointing Sedans/Siddens. This section was started when I heard of the train commonality between Milan and China's Wuhan. Did God arrange the Klaus surname to have the Train lion?

The Acorn Crest has the crowned heart of Douglas' (share Stave/Stevenson Chief), first found in Maurel-connectable Moray, the entity with an "Imperio" motto term to go with Nagle's sharing the Pendergrass saltire. Mythical Pendragon fathered king Arthur, and Arthurs are from Arduinici, who married Door-like Doria's in Oneglia. The Ardiaei and Daorsi Illyrians lived on all sides of Ragusa, home of SARACA's, but the latter also lived at Kotor, near the Clausula. Cutters, first found in DORset, use dragons.

I would be negligent if failing to add the following here after repeating this: "I've told before that French Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' point to Francis COLLINS, head of the NIH, and Tony Fauci's boss until recently. Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', with almost the CREMer Coat, were first found in Perigord with Fauchys, and the latter's GRASShopper thus looks connectable to Crispin-related GRAZio's." This is part of the batch of surnames pointed to be God using two ice-CREAM events in my teens. The Cremer Crest has a red rooster on a green mound, like the red rooster of Bibo's on a green "CUSHion." The Kiss'/CUSH's have another red rooster in Crest, and the Kiss/Cush Shield has the Coat of CUSTs suspect in the "CUSTodet" motto term of Cremers. It just so happens that the Bibo's tell of being kin of Hahns.

Former Israeli prime minister, Benjamin NETANyahu (Nathan branch?) has a BIBI nickname. My bet is that the vaccine scam was heavily guided by Israelis under Netanyahu. There is a Bibi surname listed with Bebingens ("bull's horns"), first found in Baden, home of Mieszko-related Veringers (share the red Casimir antler), the latter being kin of Zahringers (blue antler) who in turn used the buffalo, the Pohl/Pohland / Larsen symbol too. Some think the Jeffrey Epstein is an Israeli-spy asset.

As I've said, the "fountains" of Kiss'/Cush's and Custs, suspect with the Coat of Trump-like Drummonds, are shared by Waterfords/Waterville's while the Trump stag head is in the Arms of Waterford County. The Waters/Waterville's share the Epstein Coat. This is a good place to show this video stressing Trump links to Jeffrey Epstein:

Here's a media story from Vox on that child-rape accusation against Trump:

I can't say either way, but Trump's not been an angel, we know that much.

If you're looking for some conservative media that has a solution for what's happening, I don't think there will be a solution until God returns. All we can do is act right for as long as we're allowed to act without facing too much danger. Is is right to be dismayed. It is right to act upset. It is right to rejoice in Jesus. It is right to reject the spiritual pollution. Keep on, that's the Way. Believe in Jesus, that's the number-one job, to keep the faith because the lawless ones are sowing fear and confusion to topple our faith.

I hadn't yet loaded Farrah's when writing here to find their connection to Rings, the ones with the "ROLL of paper." As was said, the German Rolls were first found in Swabia, and they not only share the Pender chevron but have a full lion in the colors of the Pender lion heads. Thus, Sharon Quinn's Farrah-Fawcett role is pointing to the Rolls of Swabia too. How might these elements apply to Klaus Schwab? I showed in the long insert above how Papers are Rothschild-connectable, yet Papers and Peppers are suspect with the line of king Apophis/Apepi. Peppers share the scythe with Friday-like Friths.

Fridays share the crescents of Nimo's/Newmarsh's, but I can't see how the latter can play to the Apophis asteroid. They love the Boasts, who are fairly central in the next section.

Trump fighting for the vaccines, not long ago, like he's all-behind Fauci, talking like he knows what he's talking about when he does not:

Here's Trump with the masonic spirit promising a broad / all-encompassing tracking system. The same who built the wall that can keep Mexicans out, or Americans in. The same liberal who came out publicly in support of 5G. The same ego who created Space Force. In this video, he's advocating a high-tech "BIOmetric" spy system as a U.S-visa (U.S.-entry) system as though it's to protect America from bad foreigners, but Bush created the Patriot Act as though it was to protect Americans from bad foreigners. Question: how does Trump want a device in the body of foreigners in order that they might enter the United States? Nobody entering the United States is going to want such a device. Might we glean that this technology was being enhanced with zeal by Trump because it's intended for Americans? Are you, patriot, going to be the butter in his hands?


I don't recall using "busted" to depict the door handle, but it leads to the right-colored unicorn for a pointer to Schwab. I usually call it "broken" noting that Brokens use trefoils, a Rockefeller symbol. I had looked up "Booster" as per vaccine booster, but no surname came up. However, the Boasts/Busts are also Boosts. Therefore, I have a few things to say, starting with the "per pale inDENTed" Shield of the German Busts with woman in Crest, and Franconian-Rake-like Shield. Dents share "Industria" and "Concordia" with the Arms of Rothschild, and the Dent Coat is in the colors and format of the Sales/Sallett Coat while Saluzzo is beside Busca. Busts/Boosts, in the colors and format of Salemans/Salians, are said to be Bosco's. Busts/Boasts have the Sedan/Sidden cinquefoils, we can now gather, because they were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with SEDbergh of the Dents, and with Bush's/Buschs. SEDans/Siddens ("sed") even have a black border, as do Parrs with the woman and shoulders. We have a story to find.

I usually trace "woman" to VIMINacium near PINCum because Pinks/Pincs and applicable Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Pagans were first found in Yorkshire with "woman"-using Elis'. WIMs/Weems' use a "pense" motto term while Pense's were at PINCon; that's new and welcome. As I know the Jumps well because they have the Trump stag head, I recall without looking that they were at WOMBwell, and so Wombwells/Womwells were loaded in case the heraldic WOMan is part-code for them, and part-code for Mans. It works because Mans were Dragon kin while PENdragons were from the Pense-like PENEStae people (beside the Paionians that look to be of the Paion variation of French Pagans). The Mans even have the fesse-with-roundels in colors reversed from the same of PENCE's/Penns!!! The Bust woman just pointed to Mike Pence, Trump's pick for his traitorous vice-president! Mans, with a "Per" motto term, were first found in Aberdeenshire, beside the Peartree's.

The interesting thing now is that the Brokens share the trefoil of lynx-using Lynch's (Paion/Pagan colors and format) with a version of the Feller Coat, and a lynx is used also by PENES'/Pennys. The broken / busted door handle can perhaps be a pointer to Obama's Loretta Lynch (is she part of the Biden team now?). She was suspect as the co-owner, with Obama, of a billiard hall in my dream that pointed to Page's, the French branch being first found in Dauphine with Paions/Pagans. The Lynch Coat is with Verona's, first found in Ile-de-France with LePage's sharing the Coat of French Page's. How about that.

English Page's were first found in Devon with the Pense's/Pincons in turn sharing the eagle of Barrel-like Barrs, and bozo Trump probably chose Bill Barr to be his attorney general because shadow-government figures (in the Bush camp?) demanded/asked it of him. Loretta Lynch was Obama's attorney general, taking over from Eric Holder, and Holders, first found in Gloucestershire with Sessions, share the Sessions griffin, incredible because Bill Barr the do-nothing was chosen after two years of do-nothing by Jeff Sessions as Trump's first pick for attorney general!!! Wow. The combattant feature is shared between Sessions, Masters and Mans, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with leg-using Prophets/Profetts.

The Sessions can be gleaned with a version of the Master Coat, and Masters, now said to be first found in Yorkshire, were once said to be first found in Kent with PERTs/Petts, with Session-like Sees'/Sea's, and with the Bests who are in turn in the Sessions motto (along with Hope's). The Bests are most-excellent here because they not only have a "legiBUS" motto term, but share the Bust/Boast/Boost cinquefoils for a pointer to Bush liners whom wishy-washy Trump supported half the time. "LEGibus" looks like part-code for Trump-connectable Leggs because they were first found in Dumfries with the Bullys sharing the PERT/Pett mascles, and the latter even use BULrushes, and so we can see the Rush's/Rish's in that term who are connectable to Rake's. German Busts almost have the Franconian rake. Trump picked trash for his government top-spots. The Perts/Petts even have a "...stork beaked and LEGGed red on a MOUNT with bulrushes..." Incredible, like having inside information on what God wants to emphasize to us, not that Trump's a good guy, but a low-down schemer on account of these pointers to Sessions and Barr.

BEHOLD. As there was a Barrel-shaped PART missing from the door handle, the Pert-like "parta" motto term of Masters is now perfect for describing the missing-in-action attitude of both Sessions and Barr! BEAUTIFUL ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Give God praise. It took me this long to decipher the door-handle scene, and the key all along is, I think, the Sessions surname...which I've generally not brought to topic.

The Pert/Petts "mount" is green, and Mounds/Mounts have the LEGH/LEY (and Bois/Bush/Bosch) lion on a green mound, suggesting that Leggs had been Leghs. Immediately after the door-handle scene, I DROPped a trash can on a white MOUND, I kid you not, I've said this many times. It was a circular mound of sand, and that's where it caught fire around the rim. Rims/Rums were first found in Dumfries with Leggs. Drops/TROPE's are in the "WATER drops" upon the Man dragon, and TROPoje is near the DRIN river of the Dragon-related Penestae (Dragons are Drin-like Drainers too).

Mounts/Mounds were first found in Peebles, and Peeble's/Peoples' use a Pert-like parrot while Parrots use pears. English Mounds/Munds/Minds (Shropshire, same as Sees-like Says/Seys' and LEIGHons/LEYtons, and beside Leghs/Leys) have a bee-version of the Pek Coat, relevant because Pincum is on a Pek river. Bee's share the quadrants of German Mans, and colors reversed from the quadrants of LEIGHtons/LEYtons (share black dragon with Mans), and of the quadrants of the latter's Say/Seys kin. The Bee's share the Sales/Sallett Coat, and Saluzzo was a LIGurian area while Leghs/Leys (Cheshire, same as Sales'/Salletts) are also Lighs. As Saluzzo is beside Busca, the Legh/Ley lion looks like the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion. Shropshire was home to Dol Alans, and Dols (Trump connectable) have one of the three Sees/Sea fesses. It was the trash-line Tracys who use "SEIZing," and they were first found in Devon with SEATons, and with the Flowers in the "flowers" of German Seys'/SEIS'/SEATz's. Suddenly, Sea's and Seals (Devon) look like they developed from Seatons.

I trace the savage of the German Mans to SAVIGliano, where Pelosi's were first found who use columns while Malcolms/Columns, sharing "ardua" with English Mans, love the PETITs in their motto, first found in Kent with Perts/PETTs. Thus, Nancy Pelosi, a whore of a political liar and schemer, is perhaps in this set of heraldic pointers.

Jeff Sessions was probably born, Jeffrey, and JEFFERsons were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels! Although Jeffreys no longer have a first-found location, I have it recorded: "Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Jeffreys"! Bingo, and my omen approaching my mugging in Galveston (by a Black man), a pointer to James LeDuc, is in the Crest of Scottish Jeffreys! The latter were once said to be first found in Peebles-shire, but are now said to be first found in Aberdeenshire with the Mans whose fesse-with-items is in the colors and format of the fesse-with-items of Scottish Jeffreys. Aberdeenshire is also where Five's/Fifys were first found who share the lion of Fife's and Wims/Weems (first found in Fife), and so if Mike Pense is Intended to be in the Wim/Weem motto, it looks like we can lump him into this busted picture.

The Jay bend with roses is the same of Jewish Rothschilds who in turn have an upright horse in the colors of the upright Schwab unicorn. The Sees'/Sea's can be linked to German Ducks/Duckers and Tuckers, the latter first found in Devon with Wim/Weems-beloved Pense's/Pincons. AND WOW, the full motto is "JE pense," suggesting the Jays! The same phrase is with Eskins/Erskins, who named Eschyna de Molle, and globalists cannot set up their globalism if not for using political moles EVERYWHERE. They steal out tax dollars to pay for moles EVERYWHERE. The globo-lunatics are wholly dependant upon spying and manipulation-by-spying, what king of utopia can these goons offer? World in chaos.

The Wombwells/Womwells, with the same bend as Jays and Rothchilds, have unicorn heads in the colors of the giant Schwab unicorn, and so I'm starting to feel that the busted door handle is as per a Trump-Schwab relationship where Trump is nothing but a master of deception, but this Trump-Schwab link is just a theory as concerns this heraldic "logic" until some harder evidence comes in. Jumps with the Trump stag head were at Wombwell.

With the missing part thus deciphered as do-nothing attorney generals under Trump, who paved the way for lawlessness by globalist demons, it begs whether I should cease seeking a different meaning, such as a door-entry mark-of-the-beast system. But God can use pictures to point at multiple things, can He not?

While writing here, my tenant came down and said that there's no hot water. The pipes froze last night (I think it reached 25 C below zero) at the water tank. But upon checking things in my bathroom, I noticed that the shower FAUCET was leaking. I took out the valve and replaced it (same valve), checking things, but it did not fix the problem, inexplicable, and so I'm wondering whether God is bringing Faucets to topic in the midst of this part of the discussion. The Showers are listed with Sewards, like "Sewer," and these surnames are from Siward of Northumberland along with the Swords/SWARTs, the latter like "SCHWARTZ, the birth surname of George Soros, the demon who likes to divide and destroy nations for power-grubbing. The Sewers/SUTERs were pointed to in my Obama dream because Obama was (in a previous marriage of his mother) Barry SOETORo. Apparently, this leaky faucet could be a Message telling that Soros and company are behind Fauci. Leaks have another leg, indicating that they were Legh / Legg liners at one time.

It so happens that the faucet was dripping large DROPS of water, and "water drops" are used by English Mans. Recall the Mounts/Mounds and Mounds/Munds/Minds, for I dated MANdy Deeter (met her in the middle of a road as she drove off from the shoulder), and Deeters, with a "dog rampant on a green MOUNT" in Trump colors, were first found in Pomerania with Trumps. The Stable's suspect in the motto of English Mans share gold acorns with Dutch Tromps. We recall that the overwhelming symbol of the Trump administration was the White-House LEAKs. It seems that God has heraldically connected Mans with MANdy Deeter. She was born Miss Simpsons, and Simpsons have an "Alis" motto term while the first-known Elis is said to have been a Mr. Alis, ancestor of Ellis'. There's a round-about link of the Elis "woman" to the Parr "woman's head and SHOULDers", for Shouldhams use "oRATE" while Elis' share the Rate/Raider Coat.

The Obama dream's page was the cue ball lying flat on the billiard table when I went to take a shot, but I turned it into a PAPER plane so that it could be shot, and I rifled it into a corner pocket while missing the red ball I was aiming for. It's called a sewer shot. Sewers (Angus, beside Peartree's/Patria's), share the Peartree/Patria fitchee, and as the latter share the Jump / Trump stag head, it's interesting that the dream took place in the first week of February, 2017, two weeks after Trump took office.

Back to the "inDENTed" Shield of German Busts having a WOMan in Crest now linking to the Wombwell location of Jumps, who were first found in West Yorkshire with the Sedbergh of Dents, and with the Elias-branch Elis' who use a "A naked woman her hair diSHEVELed" (the "naked" code always causes me problems). Woman-using Parrs call their fesses "bars," and Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Her-connectable Hairs. Hers were kin of the HERmits in the Crest of Sedbergh-like Sheds/Sheddens (Ayrshire). Hermits (helmets in Helm helmet colors) look like Hers who married Helms.

I happened to have looked up Ellis' of Kiddal with google, for they are in the Elis write-up, the ones from Mr. Alis, and here's what a google result was showing: "The Ancestry of the Ellis family of Kiddal Hall in the Parish of BARwick-in-ELMET in the West Riding of the County of York." That looks like Helm-related Helmets! Bingo, it means that the Elis description is indeed code for Her and Hair liners. I don't know anyone in the world who's claimed that motto terms are code for ancestry, but this is a staple of my heraldic work.

Alis'/Alice's use the muzzled bear head, as do Barwicks, confirming that Elis' of Barwick had been Alis'/Alice's...probably from Alice Meschin-Skipton of Yorkshire. The Alis/Alice Coat can be gleaned as kin of Alpins, and while king Kenneth is said to have been son of king Alpin, Kenneths/MacKenzie's share the border of both Hers and Hermits. Alpin was a Pict, and Justine of PICenum, the line to the gold-on-blue border in this paragraph, was probably from the Picensii on the Pek river near VIMINacium. Bingo. Barwicks use a "green mountain" to go with the Kenneth/MacKenzie mountain.

The Trump stag head is shared by PEARtree's/Patria's, first found in Kincardine with the Fothes'/Fette's sharing "industria" with the Dent motto, and the Bust Shield is described as, "per PALE indented" while Pale's/Palys, sharing the Bos/Bush/Bosco lion, were first found in Yorkshire as well (along with Pullys/Pullens and Pauls). It's not hard to see why "PER pale" is used.

Fothes/Fette's share the white stag head with Peartree's/Patria's, but on a different-colored background, suggesting that the Trump stag head is with Fothes/Fette's, suspect as a branch of neighboring Prophets/ProFETTS, where the latter are named "Pro" due to Pierro/PERo/Petri liners that named Peartree's/Patria's. It's right down the Bust alley, and then The Busts/Boasts/Boosts were from Busca in Piedmont, where Pero's/Perino's and Pelosi's were first found. Making sense. Trump had a quasi-partnership with Bushites seeking to appease them, we may reckon, and get them on-side with him. No go. Prophets/Profetts have a giant human leg while Leggs, with almost the giant Trump stag head, were first found in Dumfries with Patria-like Kilpatricks, and with the Bullys in the Jump write-up: "The Anglo-Saxon name Jump comes from when the family resided in the hamlet of Jump, which is in the parish of Wombwell in Yorkshire. The parish of Wombwell was the property of Roger de Bully and Walter d'Aincourt at the time [1086] of the Domesday Book..." I say Trump is the Bully-like bulldog swallowed by the deep state.

Again, Bullys share the lozenges of Perts/Petts/Petts because the latter use BULrushes, and Rush's/Rish's happen to have three horses in the colors of the Skull horse HEADs. The "DEMI-woman" of Busts can be partly for Demys/Dumais' sharing the chevron of Bully-like Bellys who share the Jump roses and point to James LeDuc. Why do you think I came to Skulls? Wombwells/Womwells, suspect with the Bust woman, have nearly the Skull Coat, the only difference being is horse heads versus unicorn heads for Womwells. More white unicorns are with the Heads/Heeds to go with the Parr woman's "head and SHOULDers." I think this is key because Klaus' share the black border with Parrs, and the Schwab Coat is the Womwell unicorn. Aside from the Klaus border, the Klaus Coat is the WIM/Weems Coat (= the Fife / Five lion). I think that makes a good, though round-about, pointer to Klaus Schwab, begging whether Mike Pence is in the "pense" motto term of Wims/Weems' as God's hint that Pence is part of the industrial Schwab globalists. There is a SHOULDham/Shoultz surname first found in Norfolk with Heads/Heeds.

SHOULDhams go great with the SHOVELs/Shoulers expected with the woman's diSHEVELed hair of Elis'. Shovels/SHOULers, sharing the Schuller fleur-de-lys, are even in the colors of SKULLs, making Skulls and Shovels appear as branches, and the boxed-up thing here is that Skulls (version of Bone Coat) were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels.

The Comet Holds the Secret to Atomic Physics

Ever since I realized, as a new Christian, that evolutionists were cursed liars who controlled physics and astronomy, I delved into various areas of those sciences to find where they were lying to prop up their theory of evolution. I was rich in finds, and then I also discovered the realities that they abandoned about a century ago, in combination with adopting some Einteinian quackery such as the photon. I am what the world would call a nutbar for the positions I hold, such as the find from the last update that the sun is at most, 19 million miles away. I put it in print because I feel correct.

This week, because I need a break from heraldic discussions, I'm going to start with the physics of a comet tail. The last three weeks of putting together the solar-distance package (it's recommended you get primed starting in the 3rd update of last month) played well to the Apophis asteroid arriving to earth in the spring of 2029, because a solar system five times or more smaller than the one claimed by evolutionists means that we don't need to be as terrified of a hit from this rock.

Impact force from a falling object is purely accelerating velocity x mass, and Apophis has been sized by astronomers in accordance with the size they think the solar system is. They think the asteroid is much further away than the reality, thus making them believe it's bigger than the reality, and moreover, as it's covering more space per unit time, in their duped minds, they also have it traveling much faster than is the reality. So, whatever they say about its impact force, go waaaaay lower. Plus, impact force can be spread out to lessen the damage, especially if it comes in on an angle above the ocean. The force gets spread out by water cushioning, far less destructive at the point of contact than hitting solid rock.

I don't know what Jesus-related value there can be in explaining the cause of a comet tail, especially as an asteroid is not a comet. An asteroid remains essentially the same distance from the sun at all times, in orbit, but a comet's orbit is a mystery. A comet is a rock -- not an ice ball -- that falls to the sun from an enormous distance, and so it's got a lot of acceleration. It is so mind-boggling to me that people on this earth take the evolutionist swine at his word when he says that comets are made of ice / snow. I'm stunned at how gullible people are. What are the chances that there are going to be ice balls in space, and that every comet that comes to the sun happens to be an ice ball? Are we crazy? Are we that dull? There's no water in the solar system to produce this ice unless evolutionists have invented it, as they are now inventing it on Mars.

Where are the rock comets? How possibly can it be that all comets are made of frozen water? Do we imagine exploding ice planets to form the comets? Never mind, as there is no proof one way or the other for the existence of ice in space. Astronomers have now seen the surfaces of comets, and they are rock. Instead of admitting error, they are doubling down like numbskulls, saying that the ice is just under a thin, outer rock layer. UTTER EVIL STUPIDS!

I'll tell you why they continue to push this fraud upon the human race, because the truth destroys their big-bang theory. I explained, in the 3rd update of last month, how a negative gravity force destroys the big-bang premise in that the goons need atoms to attract one another to form stars, and then they need stars to attract one another to form galaxies. But if stars repel one another, which is the obvious reality, then the quacks cannot appeal to a big-bang theory to produce our galaxy. Evolutionists have taken every precaution to form the body of their cosmological physics so that it best suits the big-bang. You should realize that this is what they did naturally, and so when their teachings trickle down to students in schools, they are literally brainwashed into rotten science that supports the big-bang. That's what physics has all been about at the basement level, where secrets are kept.

Erroneous gravity was invented by Newton as a force emanating from every atom, but it became completely unnecessary with the discovery of the electron, which wasn't yesterday. They knew that electrons are charged particles attracted by cores of atoms. They knew that electrons attract positive charges with the same force as gravity attracts atoms. That is, the pull of gravity on an object, including a comet, is exactly like the force of a magnet on a piece of steel, and they do accept the reality that the electrons in a magnet are what produce the attraction or repulsion forces. What's that? Say again. Electrons can attract atoms, and atoms can attract electrons. In that case, why don't we try to figure out how electrons in planets and stars can be the gravity force?

The goons did try to figure it out, guaranteed, in their secret basements, and when they realized that it was death to the big bang, they retained Newtonian gravity. That's what happened, guaranteed. It was so centrally-important to them that atoms should attract atoms innately that they did away with the caloric view of heat (19th century), and invented a fraudulent kinetic theory of heat, which they embrace and uphold to this day.

They know that wherever there is heat, there are electrons, but they rejected the obvious, that heat is an electron "gas." "Caloric" was an hypothesized heat material. Scientists believed that heat was a material that invaded all materials, or escaped all materials; they just didn't know what material it was, as the electron had not yet been discovered. But when the electron was discovered, and when evolutionist stooges realized that caloric was free electrons, they swept the idea under the dirty basement carpet never to see the light of day. They retained their kinetic theory of heat because it required all atoms to have special attraction to all atoms, and this is what the big-bang needed.

Without the kinetic theory of heat, gases destroy the big-bang because it's obvious to any thinking person that gas atoms all repel one another. How can a star or a galaxy form if all lone atoms repel one another? Electrons free in space all repel one another, and this is how they invade all materials, by repelling one another into the atomic spaces of all materials. Electrons form a "gas" because they repel one another, just as atoms do when they are separated. If gas atoms attracted one another, they could not be a gas, but would become a liquid. That's the reality.

But the wicked magicians invented this idea that atoms are all moving fast, in liquids and in solids too, and that gas atoms are moving fastest of all so as to keep from bonding in spite of their attracting one another. That's the kinetic theory of heat, and it's only when atoms slow down that their attraction force can get the upper hand to begin liquid formation. Yikes, but what keeps gas atoms going fast-fast all night long? The balloon is still a balloon the next morning, and the next day, and forever so long as the air doesn't escape it.

Alas, only a non-scientist would argue that atoms are colliding constantly, and only a jackass would argue that atoms are all colliding to this day due to the "fuel" of big-bang locomotion billions of years ago. Only a criminal type would teach this to our children. Only a fool would argue that particles undergoing constant collisions retain their total velocities, big-bang or no big-bang. All things colliding slow down, even Indian-rubber balls. There's a reason that all colliding objects slow down; it's the law. But evolutionist quacks are law-breakers in more ways than one, and they create laws for themselves that aid their end-game of keeping Jesus out of society's mind. That's what evolutionists are, activist enemies of Jesus.

Law: lone atoms are gas atoms that repel. Law: atoms must be forced into contact in order to get them to bond into liquid form. Law; atoms must be forced apart in order to get them to repel one another away again. But free electrons never bond, and electrons captured around atomic cores (they are not orbiting) are forced to come close to one another (in spite of their inter-repulsion) by the positive boss at the core of the atom. There's a good chance that atoms all repel because their outer sides are electrons...i.e. the negative charge of one atom is closest to the negative charge of another, while there is more distance between the positive core of one atom and the outer electrons of another. The closer charges are, the stronger they are by the inverse-square law.

Electrons captured by atoms do not constitute heat unless released by atoms. Heat is the invasion of a material by free electrons, but, of course, electrons cannot invade a material if they remain captured by a protonic core.

Stars are an enormous source of free electrons. Our sun is pumping them out continually as heat. Stars therefore repel one another, death to the big-bang theory. Stars are shooting electrons at one another, and thus stars move away from one another. How could the universe form all alone, without a God to engineer systems, when atoms screeching away from the big-bang explosion repel one another so that stars cannot form, and, even if they could form, stars refuse to come together as a galaxy because they too inter-repel?

Our sun attracts the planets because the negative charge of planets is minor and interior (in the hot core). Gravity attracts all atoms, and planets are more atomic than they are free electrons in the magma. There is a net attraction between the sun and the planets, and between planets and their moons. No moon can exist if a planet has no heat source acting as gravity. Heat and gravity are one. Surprised? Too simplistic for you? The moon doesn't require a heat source, but a planet does. Apophis has no heat source, yet it orbits the sun because the sun's heat attracts it. It's not the heat that forms the gravity force. It's the negative charge of the heat that defines gravity.

The evolutionists took gladly to the kinetic theory of heat as it arose, then owned it. They argued that, if heat were a substance like a gas, then all heated objects should weigh more, yet that was not the case under experimental observations. Case closed. Nice try, goofers, jaded by your own law which you made for yourselves, saying that all materials are attracted by gravity. We could forgive science for this oversight in days before the electron was understood, but once the old boys realized that electrons repel electrons, then it had to dawn on those pioneers that some things might not be attracted by gravity, and, if not, then some things might not have any weight, for weight is defined as the pull of gravity on atoms. Of course this dawned on them, but they relegated it to the underside of the basement rug to the mold of history.

As gravity is sourced in electrons, then Polly, it means that gravity repels electrons, meaning electrons have no weight. Stunning realization: there are anti-gravity particles after all. Everywhere. Heat is anti-gravity, and heat is everywhere. I've known this since about 1992; I was driving through Kansas when it dawned on me. I was headed for the Grand Canyon to form my own opinions on geological formations. It was a hot September day with pure-blue skies, and it dawned on me that heat rises because it's repelled by gravity. Eureka. It explains EVERYTHING, and makes fools of evolutionists. It's the Everything Connection. Atoms are formed because gravity particles, electrons, attract protons. The energy of the electron is EVERYTHING in the material universe.

Okay, so now you know that electrons invade materials, or flow out of them, without changing their weight. You don't need to pump electrons into materials to get them in; you need only surround something with more heat than is inside of it. The electrons inter-repel themselves into the material because the higher density of electrons on the outside are closer to one another, and repulsion force is stronger when the electrons are closer together. Temperature is defined as the specific density of electrons. If they are more dense in a material than on the outside, they push one another out; they flow out as caloric, folks, that old-time caloric, beautiful.

Now that you know that electrons can flow through the atomic spaces of materials, including rock, why don't you take a stab at the reason for the comet tail? Which way does the comet tail point? Away from the sun, that's right. It's obvious why comet tail forms, isn't it? The sun is repelling electrons off the comet-rock atoms, and through the atomic pores of the comet-rock atoms, and into space with fragments of rock. The fragments are pushed away from the comet by the electron wind. The fragments glow brighter as they near the sun, for continually-more electrons are being literally blown off by the negative charge in the sun, stronger as the comet gets closer. "Blown off" means that electrons are blown away from the comet body. It forms a real wind of electron "gas".

When electrons are highly dense, they make light. The light of a flame is from electrons issuing from atoms. All light is defined as electrons issuing from atoms, no fantasial photons needed. Light is a wave through the electron aether existing throughout the solar system, because electrons are ever-flowing from the sun. Einstein and others did away with the aether because they argued stupidly that they could find no evidence of the aether's mass, by which they meant, weight. BUT STUPIDS, if gravity repels electrons, they have no weight. If Einstein couldn't even gather that much, how can we call him a genius?

Einstein deeply studied electrons issuing from atoms, but failed to tell the reality that light is a wave formed by the electron "bullets" issuing from atoms. Instead, he invented photon particles to act as light that fly like arrows from A to B. No-no, Mr. Einstein, you studied too hard and became brain-dead. One light wave is one photo-electron shooting outward from an atom, whether it permanently escapes the atom or not, and it then bumps electrons in the electron aether longitudinally forward, right under your nose, so that a light wave is formed through the aether from A to B. How could this not have dawned on the "genius"? But of course it did, for all his colleagues and fellow mystery-peepers knew what a light wave was to that point in time: a wave through an invisible aether. Your opportunistic task, Mr. Einstein, was to explain the aether using electrons, and you goofed. Did you fail because evolutionists were influencing you? Looks like.

If you take a rock 20 million miles from the sun, and move it suddenly to 10 million miles away, solar gravity will blow electrons off of atoms only until the protonic pull on the electrons is equal to the force of gravity seeking to remove them. It's a no-brainer. Gravity does not continually blow electrons off, but has a limit, unless the object is continually nearing the gravity source. And that's the comet. It's falling into the gravity field of the sun, ever stronger with decreasing distance. It's not a snowball, STUPID.

Do I have a problem explaining why objects get heavier as they approach gravity? It's a known fact. The closer to gravity, the stronger the pull, the heavier the thing pulled. Well, if gravity blows electrons off of an atom the closer the atom gets to the gravity source, should the pull on the atom become stronger or weaker? It depends on what gravity pulls. It's pulling the protonic core, and repelling the atom's outer electrons. The pull is weight, and the repulsion on the electrons is anti-weight, or push. When there are less electrons on the atom, gravity has a stronger pull than push. The model works.

It's probably true that gravity causes captured electrons to concentrate as far from the gravity source as the gravity can push them without removing them off the atom, suggesting that atoms have more captured electrons on their tops than on their bottoms. Electrons do not orbit atoms, are you crazy? That's witchcraft. It's self-slaughter of the mind. Science nerds become ninnies because they believe these sorts of things, and act as champions for specializing in the most complicated surrealism. Ask Einstein and his space clock, DOPE. Keep it simple, keep it straight, don't warp the air space in your mind, Mr. Einstein, or you'll get electric hair in your old age.

They say that when a speedy photon strikes an orbiting electron, it bumps the latter into a higher, more energetic orbit. But, STUPID, a collision could just as well slow the electron down (reduce its energy) if there's a frontal collision with it. STUPID. Higher orbits require slower orbits, not more-energetic. If the moon is knocked to a higher orbit at a faster speed, it will orbit away in an ever-increasing spiral and never come back. The goons are breaking the law again with this fantasial photon-electron relationship.

Plus, with photons bombarding orbiting electrons constantly, the tendency is to knock them out of orbit irreparably, STUPID. It's not easy to get a thing into orbit again, STUPID. The object needs to be moving at just the right speed and just the right angle, STUPID, to keep a perfect orbit. And the orbit can never be zillions of orbits per second, STUPID, as evolutionists claim for orbiting electrons. They are completely wacko, and have treated the people as their fools.

There are no photons, and if one leaves a substance alone in the dark, the captured electrons go to rest, of course. The law dictates this. I am correct as correct can be because I follow the law. I don't try to make "science" fit big-bang needs. Electrons don't move at all until light waves come in and jiggle them. Electrons at the surface of atoms are hovering above one another because the repel one another while pulled in as close as possible to the protonic core. The most-outer electrons are held to the proton's positive field by exactly the force of gravity trying to blow them away. The gaps between outer captured electrons allow atoms to "bite" one another and bond. But atoms need to be forced together before they grab a bite on one another.

The comet tail proves that gravity is a negative charge blowing electrons into space. Free electrons in the atomic spaces cause the rock to expand, and rock atoms / particles at the rock surface are disconnected from the surface as electrons scream through the spaces and spew into outer space. It's exactly like the erosive effects of heat through boiling water that sends water molecules into the space above the pot. It's electron erosion.

The electrons carry the rock atoms / particles into space with them, otherwise no tail could form. Bright light (not reflected light) is the emission of electrons from atoms, but if there are no atoms in the tail, neither will light shine from the tail. If the tail is made of electrons alone, they cannot produce light, but are then part of the aether. Once out of atoms, electrons are part of the aether, a sea of electrons filling the universe, wherever there are stars. You not only don't need to be Einstein to get a grip of these realities, you must not be Einstein or you will become a dope.

Einstein studied the effects of different types of light falling on the atoms of metals, and he got a prize for his work even though the dope got it wrong. He found evidence of electrons jumping outward from atoms in their "excited" state, and he recorded what happens to light after it strikes the metals, but he did not want to know that the striking outward of electrons was the real "photon." He didn't want to know it because he murdered the aether. He denied the law and was thus no physicist, but an inventor of falsehoods. It was afterward necessary for others in his wake to decide how the photon arrow, or bullet, interacts with atom-captured electrons, and this is where they all went jackass-crazy with orbiting electrons.

An object such as a planet or moon orbiting through the aether is slowed when going into the aether wind (it's exactly the solar wind), but it's then pushed faster with the aether wind at its back in the other half of the orbit, and thus moons and planets do not lose energy, per orbit, in their moving through the aether. If I recall correctly, it was Einstein who argued that planets would slow down if they had to move through an aether, and this may have been his chief reason for murdering it. But he of all people should have known that the aether was made of electrons from the sun. It wasn't until the 1950's that NASA, they say, discovered these "solar wind" electrons. Einstein probably viewed the aether as a stationary grid not issuing from stars. But he should have known better, because he was studying electron emissions from atoms(called the photoelectric effect), and what better place is there for freeing electrons but the hot-explosive solar interior, but also in the solar atmosphere? Free-electrons galore, they then fill the earth's atmosphere, and get in all around Einstein's nose. They were right under his nose, folks, but he was too busy snorting the dope of evolutionists to see them.

It's completely necessary for gravity to repel electrons from our atmosphere, for they are constantly coming in from the sun-side of the earth. If as many as come in there don't leave back into space at the night-time side of the earth, the earth would become hotter with each passing day. And so the dopes would rather find a way to "prove" that solar electrons do not enter the earth atmosphere, because this is the death of their big-bang if someone like me should point out the reason, and then get heard. If true that electrons have weight, as they claim, then all solar electrons entering our atmosphere would become trapped in our atmosphere, and we all know this cannot be the case, or there would be a continual build-up of these material particles.

But entrapment in the atmosphere is exactly why their kinetic theory of heat cannot be true, for as they define heat as the motion of atoms, they also define heat transfer as the collision of atoms. But as there are no atoms above the atmosphere, atmospheric atoms cannot lose heat to outer space. And so the daily heat energy from the sun will become entrapped in the atmosphere, but as we know that heat build-up is not taking place in the air, the kinetic theory is dead in the waters.

Heat moves through a vacuum, but the goons want you to think it should not. Heat has no problem moving through a vacuum because heat transfer is the motion of free electrons. You can heat the vacuum space in a sealed jar JUST FINE AND DANDY from the outside because electrons go through the container wall. The science nerds on social media fail to point this out properly because they make their social-media money dishing out establishment lies (as well as the truths).

Once a truthful understanding of the comet is procured, one can develop a truthful view of the atom. The video below is excellent for helping one to see how I view the atoms. It was in 1995 that I realized the true look of the atom, though I suspect there's more to it than this. The atoms is a positive core (not multi-protonic = ridiculously impossible) that we can view as one proton, each atom species having a different proton in ways that I cannot know. Different sizes make sense, different shapes make sense, and differences of other kinds are all-too possible with God.

ONE proton per atom. It's positive charge attracts electrons to its surface. It's surface is covered with one layer of electrons to begin with. The inter-repelling electrons on that surface will me spaced out by a distance determined by how strong the protonic force is per particular atom. If the force is strong enough, the electrons will be TOUCHING one another while covering the protonic surface. If the force is not strong enough, the electrons will not be touching. The weaker the protonic force, the more distance between electrons on that first layer. The second layer will be similar except that there will be some negative charge coming at them from below, from the electrons on the first layer. The third layer will get two layers from below repelling them outwards, etc.

The first few or many layers may have electrons all touching if the proton is strong enough to bring them into contact in spite of their inter-repulsion. This is not complicated. The further out the electron layer, the more it's repelled outward until there will be the first layer of all not to be in contact with the layer beneath it, and that means that the electrons will literally hover over the layer beneath it. The further out the layer from the protonic surface, the greater the distance between hovering electrons.

The last layer is defined easily as one receiving equal levels of positive versus negative charge. That point arrives naturally; it's not some fantastic achievement. No further electrons can be added atop the outer electrons if the outgoing protonic charge there equals the negative charge going out. The atoms will be fully loaded. The outer electrons will be barely hanging on, easily dislodged from the atom. You can rub them off with your finger, which produces frictional heat. The freed electrons enter your skin = heat. The electrons closest to the proton are held on the tightest. This is not complicated. The electron cloud, or atmosphere, that surrounds the proton has electrons suspended in space just as air atoms are suspended in the space of our earth's atmosphere (they are not speeding and colliding about endlessly as evolutionist dopes wish for us to perceive them). The earth is a negatively-charged "protonic core," we could say. The 2013 video below, which I found only in 2021, shows an "electron" magnet hovering over a "protonic core" magnet:

Pause the video at 23 seconds. You will see six small magnets that are to be viewed as electrons hovering over a protonic core. The magnets are not hovering because they need to be kept in a plastic ring to keep them from contacting the core, but that ring causes them to act exactly as hovering electrons do while hovering above a protonic core.

Pause again at 1:18. The man has a system devised in which there is both a positive and a negative charge going out from the plastic ring in combination with a central magnet. When he then brings a free magnet toward the plastic ring a few seconds later, he's devised a rudimentary atomic-core situation exactly as I've explained it in the past. This is how an atom is built. However, you need to view the plastic ring's electrons" as lower-level ones, not the outer layer than cannot attract other electrons. The free magnet could just as well have been one of the small magnets, and so view the free magnet as just another electron coming into the vicinity of the protonic core.

There are two things that determine the LEVEL of attractive or repulsive force between objects: 1) the innate force level (how strong or weak it is) of the object issuing the force, and; 2) the distance between objects. The core magnet has more force level going outward in all directions than does the six small magnets combined, causing the core magnet to attract the free magnet from a distance. This is to be regarded as net-positive charge going out in all directions.

But as the free magnet is brought closer to the ring, the 2) factor above is played more heavily by the small magnets because they are nearer to the free magnet than is the core magnet. The point arrives, with nearing of the free magnet, when the outgoing negative charge from the six magnets EQUALs the outgoing positive charge, at which point the free magnet is trapped (captured), neither being attracted closer nor repelled away. If the man was to force the free magnet so that it touched the plastic ring, the small magnets would repel it away until it's locked at the balance point again. SIMPLE, folks, this is your true atom.

One could re-devise the situation above with hundreds of small magnets all trapped in a "hovering" situation above the core. They would hover further and further away from one another the greater their distance from the core. It's predictable because the forces at play -- just two of them, folks, how easier can it get -- are so easy to understand. What you see in this video is how an electron comes to behave in the atom: it becomes frozen STILL in its trapped spot, and will not move until an outside force, such as light waves, or the strike of a hammer, causes it to move. I don't know why the man says he doesn't understand the physics behind the effect even after he says that the free magnet is trapped in equilibrium. Duh, I don't know whether this yellow banana is yellow, it's too tricky for me to comprehend.

As I put it, hovering electrons are in "contact" with the proton by their mutual magnetic fields. Air atoms are in "contact" with one another by their mutual repulsion forces, and so they are a single unit from ground to atmospheric ceiling, trapped upon their central earth. Isn't it a testament to the self-inflicted stupidity of evolutionists that the simple magnetic situation in the video was patented only as late as 2012?

The entire head of a comet -- sides and backside included -- flares up into a fireball torch. It's not just the front of the comet that gets hot, as we would expect if its melting ice facing the sun. The size of the comet head becomes HUGE as compared to the comet rock, and that cannot be melting ice, don't let these comatose fools fool you. "The size of a comet changes depending on how close it is to the sun. As a comet gets closer to the sun, the ices on the surface of its nucleus vaporize and form a cloud called a coma around the nucleus that can expand out to 50,000 miles (80,000 km)." These people are brain-dead disguised as scientists. A little sunlight on the sun-side of the comet rock is NOT going to form water clouds thousands of miles in diameter all around the rock. THEY ARE DEMONIC NUTCRACKERS. They know this cannot be true. The truth is: violent, screaming electrons pushing outward explosively from the entire surface of the rock. Gravity force goes through the entire rock, not just deep into its core, but right across to the atoms on the dark side of the rock. The weakly-held outer electrons on rock atoms are freed by the repulsion force in the sun.

There is the fireball surrounding the rock, and then outward from the fireball there are rock pieces and atoms issuing electrons to form light that the goofballs view as a "gas" reflecting sunlight. The glow around the comet head reaches also a distance toward the sun, nut just away from the sun. How can a gas go toward the sun further than the comet head has reached unless something is propelling it toward the sun? Melting ice can't do that, but magnetic force can. Yet they think the steam is reaching tens of thousands of miles in front of the comet head??? You can be a comet expert today only if you turn off your brain and enter lalaland.

Some comet tails have clearly-observable striations that at first look like there is an electromagnetic effect in the tail. On the other hand, the striations could indicate distinct volcanic emissions from different sites, each major volcano spewing its own recognizable tail. The interior electrons will naturally take paths of least resistance to the surface, and so, yes, volcanic spewing can occur. For all we can know, comets may become fully molten eventually. If paths through the rock, like rivers of magma, were made in previous circlings of the sun, then the comet would retain those paths in hardened form until it returns.

Heat Particles Versus Gravity

Electrons of all atoms are foisted off continually, without ceasing, until the comet is far enough from the sun again for the atoms to re-load with aether electrons. The rock has plenty of time to reload fully before it returns to the sun. Law: every falling object develops an electron "tail" (exhaust emission). Atoms always tend to the fully-loaded condition, defined theoretically (doesn't happen in reality unless there's no gravity force present) when the perimeter of the atom is net-neutral, with as much outgoing positive force present from the proton as negative force goes out from the entirety of the electron atmosphere. However, logic dictates that gravity won't allow that net-neutral situation to take place because gravity blows some outer electrons off of the atom...which, I think, tends to argue for atoms being net-positive toward each other, which can predict that all atoms inter-repel under a net-positive force toward one another.

On the other hand, and this is a difficulty I'm not sure I've resolved, heat particles, which are free electrons, invade all atoms wherever there is heat, and so these free electrons pile-on to the outer parts of atoms, replenishing at least some of the electrons that gravity blows away. The question then becomes whether heat piles-on sufficient electrons to overcome the net-positive condition caused by gravity, in which case the atoms could surpass the net-neutral condition and become net-negative toward one another...where they yet repel one another. They will never attract one another, that's a figment of the evolutionist's idiotic imagination (he should know far better).

The other question I find difficult to resolve is whether atoms can be net-negative toward one another and yet be attracted by gravity. It doesn't seem correct that net-negative atoms should be attracted by a negatively-charged gravity source. On the other hand, there's a question as to whether or not invading heat particles become integral parts of the atom so as to contribute to its repulsion toward gravity. Heat particles surround every atom in the sky and in the earth. Heat particles constitute a solar sea of particles that nobody can evade, and to-boot some heat particles stream from the earth's hot core. But are they distinct from atoms when surrounding them?

CONSTANTLY, gravity repels heat particles upward so that they STREAM past air atoms. Heat particles do not tend toward the at-rest condition as they surround all atoms. Do they contribute to the atom's negative charge as they stream past atoms and simultaneously crush inward upon the atom's outer electrons? Heat particles crush inward on an atom because they inter-repel and thus seek to push one another away (in all directions), and consequently they push against all atoms, for heat particles are in "contact" at a distance from the atom's captured electrons.

Heat particles crush in from all sides upon an atom and may therefore form a "surface tension" upon the outer layer of the atom. There are captured electrons pushing one another outward, and heat particles pushing one another inward. What do you think the result will be? I feel sure that heat particles push the outermost layer of the atom inward, but then if heat particles thus become layers of the atoms captured electrons, then it's not correct to call the former the outermost layer. Heat particles become the outermost layer, we could say, but only if they are under some attraction force from the proton. A captured electron is defined as being under the pull of the proton, regardless how small a pull. If heat particles are not under that pull, they are free electrons, and thus go upward due to gravity forcing them that way. The question is, how much do heat particles contribute to the negativity of the atom? For one: more negativity with added temperature (= higher heat-particle density).

I think that certain UFOs can resolve the question of whether atoms in our normal environment are net-positive or net-negative. If some military agency has craft that can turn 90 degrees or more on a dime in the sky, then it argues for the scenario in which heat particles at normal atmospheric temperatures have NOT replenished the outer portions of atoms blown off by gravity. That makes atoms net-positive. With additional temperature increase therefore, atoms could become less net-positive until a point where they are almost neutral toward gravity i.e. almost weightless. It doesn't matter how heavy a material is per volume of material, the bottom line is that atoms no longer attracted by gravity have zero weight. If science has found a material that can be made extremely hot, without liquefying, to the point where it weighs almost nothing, then it can explain how a craft can turn more than 90 degrees instantly while in fast flight. We would expect such a hot craft to glow, and therefore to be unmanned.

However, the problem with this theory is that I'm not reading that hot materials get lighter. And that's why it's possible that all atoms are instead net-negative due to the crushing impact of heat particles at normal temperatures. The reverse is now true: decreasing temperatures cause atoms to go toward weightlessness. It can partially explain, perhaps, why helium liquid climbs the walls of its container at near-absolute-zero temperature.

Someone asks: "Why does the same object weigh more when it is hot than when it is cold?" Some crackpot answers: "The reason why hot objects are heavier is because E=mc2." There's no such thing as E = mc2. That was Einstein's crack-pot idea. Energy is not proportional to the mass-weight of an object, and it especially has zero to do with the speed of the photons squared (which is what c2 refers to). Einstein and his followers are NUTS, complete dogs of science. Energy is based on the repulsion of electrons. Destroy a proton, and the captured electrons come flying out explosively. ENERGY released. It's that simple, no stretching of your imagination. The amount of energy that's released is not based proportionately on the mass of electrons per atom, but on how tightly they are held to the proton times the number of electrons. Nuclear Energy = strength of proton x number of captured electrons. The closer together the proton has the electrons pulled in, the more explosively they can be released in "nuclear" chain reactions. There are no neutrons; they were invented to solve a problem by those who had developed a false atomic model.

Nuclear physicists have no idea what they are doing to get energy out of uranium. They've found a way to do it, but they don't know what's happening at the atomic level when it comes out. Their entire atomic model is false, the whole thing. None of it is correct aside from having a protonic core and outer electrons. In my estimation, I think they are peppering uranium atoms with fast particles so as to slowly destroy the uranium protons, and thus when some of their positive force is destroyed, some electrons find escape. That's pure energy. It's just heat, nothing fancy, just plain heat. Heat moves things, like turbines, because it's made of electrons spreading each other out.

They think the uranium atom is the largest elemental atom, and that the hydrogen atoms is the smallest. They have it backwards. Their mistake was in weighing atoms wrongly. Hydrogen atoms do not have the greatest power of lift because they are the smallest and the lightest, but because all atoms weigh the same while hydrogen is the largest of all atoms. Yes, all atoms weigh the same, it's obvious where all objects fall to gravity at the same speed / acceleration. There can be no explanation for such a thing except that all atoms weigh the same, and my atomic model explains why: all atoms at the same distance from gravity have the same net-positive force because gravity arranges it.

\ When atoms are brought closer to gravity, gravity arranges to blow more electrons away, making the atom more net-positive, and thus the extra attraction between gravity and the atom = higher weight. ALL ATOMS WEIGH THE SAME at the same distance from gravity, you heard it here first because no one has the guts to say so. But I who despise evolutionists have more than the guts. I want the liars, the destroyers of our generation, destroyed.

All atoms at the same distance from gravity are in the same gravity "wind." That's why they all weigh the same. The wind level at any particular distance determines what outer layer of electrons remains on the atom, regardless of what type of atom. The outer layer on every atom must be held on to the proton by an attraction force equal to, or more, than the repulsion force of the gravity wind trying to knock the layer off the atom. If, therefore, the outer layer of every atom is held on by an identical force level to the proton, equal to the gravity force, then every atom has the same attraction force toward gravity, and thus every atom weighs the same.

If you thought I had pointed out the craziest idea of the nutbars above, maybe not yet. These wicked men teach that air atoms are all flying around at hundreds of miles per hour, colliding with one another, and ever changing direction. Question for the nutbars: how much weight does an atom transfer to the ground if its flying off the ground (rather than repelling other air atoms)? Answer to the nutbars: ZERO weight. Yet it's known that a column of air one inch square, from ground to atmospheric ceiling, weighs about 14 pounds. How do atoms transfer their weights to the ground? Answer from a normal person: they are in "contact" through their repulsion forces. One atoms sits on another, transferring its weight to the one below through the invisible magnetic "rod" that connects them. Hail normal man, make a mockery of the liars, no mercy on the willfully blind, the deceivers, the killers of the Creator.

In other words, the fact that air transfers weight is alone able to destroy the kinetic theory of atoms, and if atoms are not racing about in kineticism, then neither is heat defined as racing atoms. If they try to argue that atoms transfer their weights by the power of their collisions because some atoms are colliding with the ground at all times, or with a weight scale on the ground, NO GOOD. Doesn't work, because a gallon of air weighs the same when liquefied, and no one's going to argue that liquid weight is defined as the collision force of liquid atoms upon the weight scale.

They can't, out the one side of their mouths, argue that air atoms have weight due to the pull of gravity, and then argue that gas atoms transfer weight to earth from some other factor that is equal to the pull of gravity upon them. They define gas pressure as the collision force of gas atoms against the ground, against the container walls in which a gas is confined, and against their fat noses. If this were true, then gas weight should be: pull of gravity x gas pressure. But it's not. Gas weight is only gravity pull, no collision forces involved.

They say that temperature increase is due to faster collisions of gas atoms, yet that's their definition of gas pressure too, yet one can double the gas pressure while barely raising its temperature. DOESN't WORK. Why don't they admit this? Whenever they encounter a problem, they make up an over-your-head "solution," such as, "it's part of E = mc2, in the realm of the unfathomable. Trust us, because we're the big brains."

Air atoms would push one another into space if not for gravity denying it. Ignoring the effect of air currents on air atoms, the distance between air atoms (on a windless day or in a jar) is determined by: when the repulsion force between atoms is equal to the pull of gravity upon them. Can you grasp that? Gravity cannot pull an atom down if the repulsion between it and a lower atom is stronger than gravity. The best gravity can do is pull air atoms down until their inter-repulsion equals the gravity force. As gravity gets weaker with progressive height in the sky, that's partially why air atoms are further apart with progressive height in the sky. The other reason is that electrons are bumping air atoms higher.

Once you have the correct atomic model, things fall into place. Gravity repel heat particles into out space. As they rise up, they circle air atoms in their way because air atoms are held down as best as gravity can manage. Air atoms are in the way of the upward flow of heat, and when clouds form, heat has a harder time getting through the water atoms (molecules) too. The upward flow of heat particles tends to give atoms lift, which is why the atmosphere expands by day (has a higher ceiling), and contracts by night.

Did you ever ask how water molecules can rise to the heights of cloud formation, and why they don't go any higher on windless days? What transports ocean waters to cloud levels? Why do hydrogen atoms get far more lift than water molecules? The kinetic theory has no explanation as to why hydrogen atoms rise the highest and with the greatest force. Buoyancy has NOTHING TO DO with lone atoms, don't let the liars fool you. A lone hydrogen atom is not a balloon. Buoyancy does work on a balloon, but in the kinetic theory, a lone hydrogen atom is bombarded from all sides equally by air atoms. That picture gives no explanation as to why every one of a zillion H atoms goes straight up through the air.

An H atoms weighs the same as an air atom, folks, get this settled into your mind. The only explanation for rising H atoms is that they are larger than air atoms, and thus they get more lift from rising heat particles. There are more heat particles "bombarding" (pushing) on the underside of an H atom than on an O or N atom. It's that simple. Uranium atoms are so small, they get very little lift at all. Evaporation of liquids involves heat-particle lift. It's simple mechanics. It push-push easy to understand. Heat pushes, atoms go up. The lift of an atoms ceases when the pull of gravity upon it equals the upward lift force, wow, so easy to figure even you can do this. No mind-warping "science" is involved.

Water molecules weigh nine times more than H atoms and nine times more than O atoms because a water molecule consists of 8 O atoms and 1 H atom. I'm giving you the secrets of physics. A volume of oxygen gas weighs 16 times more than an equal volume of hydrogen gas, which reveals that there are 16 times as many O atoms in a volume than H atoms. Therefore, as two volumes of H react with one volume of O to produce water, the latter is not H2O as the goofballs define it, but HO8. They define it as H2O because they see the same number of atoms in all volumes of all gases (when they are at the same temperature and pressure). By what cosmic coincidence should all gases have the same number of atoms? And if it's true, where's the logic? They have NO LOGIC to offer. That's because they're wrong.

So, as two volumes of H react with one of O, they view it as two H atoms per one O atom merging, and therefore they call a water molecule an H2O. Do you see what they do with all the names of all their molecules. And when they go into lengthy discussions on these molecules that don't exist as they see them, they only make worse fools of themselves. The key is this: all atoms fall to gravity at the same acceleration because all atoms weigh the same, and therefore a gas that weighs 16 times more than another gas has 16 times as many atoms.

So, as a water molecule is an HO8, it has nine atoms, and thus weighs nine times more than an H atom, and nine times more than an O atom. Physicists have confirmed that water weighs nine times more than hydrogen. case closed. Rising heat particles lift water molecules to a height in which the pull of gravity upon them equals the lift force of the electron "wind." The tendency is for this wind to push atom into atom at that height, and thus form droplets. Once something forces gas atoms to make contact, they bite into each other and bond. Can you figure out how that happens? Easy, one proton attracts the electrons of the other atom, and vice versa. The only ways to pull them apart, once they've merged, is: 1) by heat-particle lift getting between them, and for that, temperatures approaching boiling point are needed; 2) magnetic forces in what they call "chemical reactions."

So, in the air at the same temperature, an H atom is going to get a lot higher / faster / more-forceful lift than a water molecule weighing nine times more. But it's not going to be nine times the lift because there's more to the specific power of lift than atomic weights. The size of the water molecule plays a role in lift force, as well as its shape. An atom that's a vertical sausage is not going to get lift force that a flat-saucer shaped atom will. View the rising heat particles as a breeze, for it is in very fact a breeze. Even a kid can understand this science, but not the nutbars, because they are self-inflicted with blindness. It's not as though they've poked themselves in the eyes with sticks, it's that they've cut off their entire heads. They are flesh walking around without brains to think. All they do is repeat what they've learned / read from others.

Metals weigh a lot because they are made of small atoms, and where all atoms weigh the same, a piece of steel one inch cubed will weigh more than a piece of plastic one inch cubed because the plastic atoms are much larger. In my estimation, a small atom has a weak proton. It's the protonic weakness that makes the atomic circumference small. A weak proton amounts to fewer layers of captured electrons. They are easier to release, but they have fewer electrons to "farm." So, the reason that uranium lends itself to nuclear power is, I gather, because the projectiles they shoot at it can get past the thin layer of electrons into the proton, chewing away at it and releasing electrons. If too many electrons are released too fast, an explosive chain reaction sets in because the electrons fly out and become projectiles themselves. To keep this from taking place, they keep the uranium cool, which by definition is to remove some free electrons from the environment in which they are "operating" upon the proton. They are not "splitting" the atom, but chewing away at it.

I don't doubt that astronomers have "correctly" figured the speed of the Apophis asteroid, at about 216,000 miles per hour, as it circles the earth in an orbit nearly like the earth orbit, but that's correct in as much as the sun is 93 million miles away. If it's only 17 million miles off (see my last update for compelling evidence for that number), then Apophis' orbit is 5.5 times shorter, and therefore brings the velocity down to about 39,500 mph. As for Apophis' size: "Most asteroids are such small objects that astronomers cannot obtain a large enough image to make a direct measurement. Instead, the astronomers estimate the size of the asteroid by its range and brightness. Unfortunately, the brightness of an asteroid depends on it surface composition, which is usually unknown when the asteroid is little more than a point of light when first seen from Earth. Astronomers are then forced to give a wide range of possible diameters to account for their surface composition uncertainty.". As for Apophis' size, they apparently do not know.


This short video on what David Rockefeller said would have been better had it offered proof that Rockefeller said it, with some voice comparisons, for example, for his statements on camera. But, having said that, it could be from him:

If big media isn't saying that people are rushing to get their booster shot, it's probably because they're not. I wouldn't know whether they're saying it because I never watch it, not even Fox prime time these days. The Christian in the video below would have been 10 times more credible had he mentioned which hospital he's referring to. Having said that, he could be a real and truthful Christian, in which case the vaccinated are in for life-threatening trauma. The people this Christian is referring to could be those who got the third, "booster" shot:

Woe. Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology now in the "vaccines," says that his newly-announced drug concoction, co-founded by the DoD = U.S. military, is ready to go public. Pfizer has come out with a drug to help combat COVID, and would you take that? If not, do not touch Malone's drug, just stay away from everything because the U.S. military is a demon, the likely perpetrator of the COVID scheme to begin with. STAY AWAY. The DoD (Department of Defence) making money on treatment of virus-related illnesses is a bad omen because the DoD is expected behind the creation of perpetual viral infections for various causes that the shadow government is expected to have, and the chief cause is always $$$. The DoD was behind the Remdesivir drug claimed to be killing people in hospitals with kidney failures.

If you would like to see hospital records for Ontario at this time, where the vaccinated there amount to 2.5 times as many as unvaccinated, jump to the start of the 7th minute, otherwise you'll be watching trudeau's demon-spirit lie to you, saying that the unvaccinated are causing all the medical / hospital problems:

In the video, Fauci admits that children are written down in hospitals as COVID patients even if they are not there due to COVID. Fauci is admitting this now because he anticipates a lot of children entering hospitals due to vaccine poisoning, and he wants the public to think, no worries, there's no problem.

Big media are saying that violent unrest in Kazakhstan over the weekend of January 8 is due to anything but measures against the unvaccinated. The government is supported by Putin, who's sending military in to "stabilize" things. "The White House said it would be watching for any violations of human rights..." What a farce, Bidenites, human-rights violators of their own people, talking like they're angels. As the Bidenites oppose Russia coming in, it could reveal that the protestors have globalist backing.

Big media verified that the Kazakhstani president's home was set ablaze mid-week. By Saturday night, I was hearing on social media that the president and prime minister fled the country with some of their supporters following suit, after the government ordered his gun-handlers to shoot to kill protestors. I'm also hearing that protestors are arresting police and military people trying to flee the country. I haven't verified whether this is disinformation. Here's where I'm getting this information, I have no idea who this is:

In a situation like that, the people don't need guns; clubs and hammers will do due to their sheer numbers...unless the other half of the population comes out doing the same in support of the government. This is the risk a people take when they strike out in violence against the vaccine goons. Some nations are more vigorous in spirit than others. canada is asleep as it walks, no worries about a civil war. canadians think that if they get angry they need anger-management class, which is just a punishment, like when the teacher tells a kid to sit facing a corner...which my grade-three teacher did to me, probably because she was a feminist. If you haven't caught on, feminist teachers stroke the egos of the girl students, and scold or talk rude or down-to the boys to make them feel dumb, bad, and the opposite of pumped-up. canada has become a nanny state with the men leading the way. That is, the men have become the women, less vigorous than women, not only because women have become more vigorous, but because men have laid down.

A fine example of the type of canadian I'm talking about is a gruff man with big muscles developed at the gym who, when he sees you not wearing a mask, takes a flip and loses his politeness, respect for others, or his mind. He just can't handle himself right because he's become a ninny at heart. He's the populist "transgender" these days. I've been verbally attacked by two such men, so I know what I'm saying, as well as by men who come to the rescue of the mask-up-or-leave women who've pounced on me with the iron-tone voice. Love gone cold, malice is all they have left. Yes, malicious is the correct word for the mask goons. Be normal, keep the ability to love by not replacing it with perpetual hate. Rebuke / rebut, but don't hate...for long, anyway.

Protests with women and colorful signs are not serious protests, folks. The government isn't afraid of that type of stand. Officials pop open the champagne when they see it, declaring victory already, mocking the people as cowards. That's why they brainwash the people to be peaceful, so that they can create nanny-state with everyone afraid to go outside lest they get hurt. canadians have become the most-brainwashed nannies in the world. trudeau mocked us this week, saying that we unvaccinated hold-outs are bitter. He hasn't seen bitter. He's talking like that in hopes of reigning in any anger in the people. He's saying, "don't be bad, don't be angry." And canadians say, "uh, oh ya, let's not be bitter and angry, we're better than that. Let's make colorful signs and protest with smiles on our faces, show the world what wonderful people we are..." as they kill some of our kids, and brainwash the rest. Way to go, slumber-cozy canada. Cozy doesn't rhyme with dozy for nothing. Stay at home where it's good and safe, canada, and when you step outside, bring your padded security blanket in case you fall down and get a scrape to your knee. We wouldn't want to upset granny.

Pastors have apparently succumbed to the half who want to wear masks so that strife might be evaded. There's nothing like a backfire as when doing the wrong thing to avoid strife. The people should have said no to masks, for now look at the results thus far: on the brink of dangerous civil strife. Willing and coerced mask-ups gave Western governments the ticket to take things to mandatory vaccinations. Pastors, you ain't seen strife yet, thanks to your decisions not to resist masks. You merely kicked the can down the road. Crime minister trudge knows it's not politically expedient to use food shortages broadly to coerce vaccinations, because they affect even his supporters, and so it's going to be vaccine passes into grocery stores to punish only the unvaccinated. By all accounts, this is where the elected are taking things, and for fear of being told to sit in the corner as punishment, pastors are on their best behavior not to offend the "teacher." Kicking the can down the road means it's going to be back at your feet in a minute.

Here's a video of Saturday night showing Kazakhstani military being arrested without a fight. The speaker in the video, not necessarily from the White-supremacist owner of the video channel, seems to think that the protestors are the enemy, like when the Orange Revolution took over Ukraine. But he admits he doesn't know for sure who they are:

Do you think the video above (sounds like an Alex Jones employee) incites treason and civil wars in the West? It absolutely does. But if the people try to bring down a government with shear numbers, they had best be committed broadly, not in small pockets where they can be quickly defeated. Leave the woman at home, or EVERYONE, including granny and you and me, will suffer the repercussions. When a sport is played with men and women together, the men tend to play more relaxed, because a sport makes a player either more vigorous or less depending on how the rest of the players are invigorated. Sometimes, it takes just one fired-up player whizzing things up for one or two plays to make the team zealous for the rest of the game. The opposite is going to happen with women on a "battlefield." Face reality, feminists.

Sometimes, one pocket of fighting resistance turns into another pocket, and two turn into four until the whole country hears of it and does ditto. That's when governments are in trouble, after they've pushed too far and filled the people with a spirit of vengeance. That's why you had best store a year's worth of food for you or your family. Get off the cell phones and computers, and dry foods at night. Western governments are prepared to push further, and they DO NOT want people to live a normal-happy life with a colorful backyard umbrella and chairs filled with friends having a good time. They do not want people to be happy raising a lovely Christian family in sunny peacefulness. They want us devil-like opposed to Jesus, and industrialized robots happily feeding on dog biscuits, but as this results in a civil-war situation, figure that there will be shortages in much of what you need if pockets of people break out in violence. We've had plenty of time to see it coming, and you would not want to depend on canadians to come save you, even though they vote "conservative," because canadian conservatives are in the main liberated-from-God slops. It's what this generation has celebrated, what trudeau and the people behind biden champion.

You can't tell the difference between one slop and another except that both are a mess. A mess cannot help another mess. If a mess lifts a finger to help a mess, it becomes a bigger mess. The blind will lead the blind into a ditch filled with prior messes. That's precisely the job that trudeau and biden have taken upon their shoulders. Slops listen to slops because they don't know the voice of Jesus. Slops don't know they are messes because they find affiliations with slops, and so they think that slops are all there is that matters. They conform to fit in, and some compete to become the biggest slops, because they don't consider themselves to be messes. They have no idea how low they are because they have never come to the mountain of God. Slops are flat on the ground. They are from below, and do not know that below is low. Even if they were talking face-to-face with the Truth, they would ask, "what is truth?"

In July of 2021, more than a year after they unleashed the COVID scheme, the CDC came out with a confession on PCR tests, the crux of their scheme. There would have been no mandates or lock-downs permissible had it not been for PCR propaganda. But on that date, you can see what the CDC wrote at the first minute of the video below: "Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCOV were available for CDC use [not because there were shipping problems] at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of 2019-nCOV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro TRANSCRIBED [???] full length RNA of known mimic clinical specimens." "Assays" refers to testing methods on reliability of the PCR test, and "transcribed" means artificially made by a 'writer." The mad scientists could write-out a lot of different RNA bitties to "mimic" what somebody in the Fauci circle claims to be COVID-19. Who are we medical illiterates to speak out against such "high" jargon as used in that CDC paper? Who wrote the paper, and what was the motive?

In other words, in my own words to clarify: "testing methods DESIGNED for COVID detection were tested with similar on-the-shelf stocks of laboratory-created virus-like bitties familiar to medical scientists and of KNOWN TITER..." What could go wrong with mass testing for COVID when in fact they were testing to identify something else altogether, and they had the choice, from upon their shelf, on what to test for so that they could make it fit their fear-mongering schemes? In the end, after everyone was masked-up so that the scheme could progress to the vaccination stages, the masters decided to do away with the PCR test because they knew it would find all the vaccinated people testing positive for COVID. Yikes, a backfire into their faces, but the slops and the slobs amongst the political, medical and media leaders are still not in rebellion against Fauci.

The "known titer" means, I think, that the test conductors knew the rate or past-record at which the substance tested positive, and yet I'm reading this: "A titer is a laboratory test that measures the presence and amount of antibodies in blood. A titer may be used to prove immunity to disease. A blood sample is taken and tested. If the test is positive (above a particular known value) the individual has immunity." That's confusing, for when they say that a PCR test-result has a positive reading, it means the individual is in jeopardy. The quote above claims that a positive test means the individual is safe. ??? No matter, PCR amounted to a trick on the people, and it wasn't the only criminal trick used to push the fear-factor. Here's the video:

In Australia, the government is paying off the vaccine-injured. Instead of the vaccine companies, the people are forced to pay. Outrageous heist, outrageous support for the killers. Guilty accomplices. A reward for everything, evil for evil, and good for good. Do the good, tell people about the globalist take-over of nations now in full swing. Unelected foreigners seeking to rule countries unlawfully with the help of propped-up but low-down elected, human pollution. Slop = pollution of the heart to the point that people will become convinced that Christians are the dangerous problem of life going forward. Slop is a flat and hardened pancake with eyes on the underside that cannot see the heights of God. They can't even see that the universe was Created let alone that Jesus is the only true "religion." Once we are convinced of a Creator big enough to create all that we see, the only viable option for true religion is Jesus. All prophecy surrounding the apostolic supporters of Jesus is in fruition today, and it's not by coincidence that there are prolific records of their writings with us to this day.

Tell me if the following, from Wikipedia's Viral Replication article, sits well with you: "For viruses with negative stranded RNA, or DNA, viruses are produced by transcription then translation. The mRNA is used to instruct the host cell [in your body] to make virus components [yikes]. The virus takes advantage [sounds like a winner] of the existing cell structures [in you the gambler] to replicate itself." That just sounds exactly like what I don't want in my body. Anyone who understands this statement yet gets the "vaccine" is a fool, more so now two years into the scheme than ever, for the scheme is amply exposed by now. But the flat pancakes of the earth are so at war with us in their hearts that this has become their way forward to pain us to their delight. Opportunity knocks for them in this scheme. They see it now: take away their foods, and force them to take the thing they despise. And they will wish to make it appear like the mark of the beast to us so that we will be more horrified, to their delight.

They would think that a purposely-devised purchasing system having similarity with the mark of the beast is just a game or trick being played on us by their like-minded ones in high places, when in fact it's fulfilled prophecy.

Before you get to the third minute of this next video, you will hear a most-shocking thing on batch numbers that incriminates vaccines distributors and/or manufacturers. The speaker says that the middle letter of batch numbers, as the letter is higher from 'A' for the 21A group, represent less-lethal vaccines, and, if this is true, then it appears deliberate:

It's a little confusing because there are sub-batches all with the same middle letter that have diverse numbers of adverse effects, though he uses average numbers to make his case. This is what he writes on his video page:

Moderna batches belong to two main groups - 20A or 21A - the 20A group is much more toxic. Infact all of the batches producing more than 1780 adverse reaction reports - all of those batches have batch codes ending in 20A. Most of the batches producing fewer than 1780 ADRs end in 21A.

Within the 20A group there are 4 subgroups J, K, L, M
Within the 21A group there are 6 subgroups A, B, C, D, E, F

In both cases it is found that as the alphabet ascends, then the toxicity decreases in steps.

What this means is - the number of adverse reactions is not random or accidental. Rather it varies with the toxicity of the batch - and different toxic levels have been assigned to different letters of the alphabet -

J & K both very toxic
L more toxic than M
M more toxic than A
A more toxic than B
B more toxic than C
C more toxic than D
D, E, F all about the same toxicity

It looks like acceptable science to me. My understanding is that this man himself went through all the VAERS adverse-reaction data to produce everything you see. The numbers per batch and sub-batch are his own. I think that's a remarkable feat worthy of great reward. I think it shows dedication to the cause of exposing the killers. Pray this isn't just another hoax by some fool.

Here's some comments on this same man's work, where's he's part of the discussion:

Jane Ruby on Stew Peters shares the website,, where we can see these batches in their official capacity. When one clicks "Bad Batches of the Month" on that page, another page pops up promising the bad batch numbers, but when I click on one of the links for those batch numbers, instead of showing them to me, it brings up my download system, meaning that this website wants to download something into my computer in return for seeing the bad batches. Are you kidding me? Don't download anything. Here's the Moderna page showing the adverse events and deaths for batch numbers ending in 20A and 21A:

Stew Peters always says he's out of time? Does he have a job to report to? Isn't this his full-time job? Isn't this topic worthy of another hour of his time??? Are his shows "just a job"?

Here's a must-hear Stew Peters segment because I don't think churches are spreading this:

Good one nurse:

We need to pass this type of news around because the big media won't. Stew Peters has a story here featuring a Christian activist:

Hateful persecution against Christian activists has arrived. Every sacrificial act like this exposes the evil, and the nature of our enemies, it's not a waste. "Love your enemies" means do not respond in like kind so that people will note the evil-in-weakness of your enemies and the integral strength in you. Love your enemy does not mean you cannot point out their evil, with your tongue, as they hand it to you, but know when to hold the tongue as the danger level increases. By pointing out their evil as they dish it out to you, others will see their evil amplified. Expose evil police officers in front of police officers, and call out even for the police chief so that, if he deserves a tongue lashing...I'd be the first to give it to assure he doesn't sleep well that night. That's my personality, it may not be yours.

This video shows that a vaccine "mandate" in Australia is not a law, and so the restaurant owner is telling the police to leave, and he wins with the backing of many customers, a sweet picture because the police are stubborn mules. The police feel like coming back with a warrant to close the shop permanently. They are targeting the resistance:

A mandate can become law when sufficient people accept and honor the mandate. Some people think that a mandate is a law, and the politicians who make the mandates want you to think it's law. We need a people-paid police department to deal with the government-paid police department. But wait, the government-paid police are paid by the people.

I saw a video claiming that a doctor diagnosed a patient with coronavirus 229E, which turns out to be the common cold. The doctor didn't tell the patient that it was the cold, but rather said it was a mild coronavirus. So this may explain a wide-spread trick throughout this "pandemic" to blame COVID for all manner of cases that are nothing-burgers.

This doctor implies having an inside scoop on the nature and diabolical purposes of COVID vaccines to remove all white-blood production in the body. She sounds serious and authentic but doesn't tell where she got her information. I had to load this video four or five times, then leave it for a while, to get it to play:

I didn't know this under-aged sex scandal where trudeau paid the girl off not to talk. Pedophiles and faggots in high political places everywhere, they get each other elected, by the looks of it:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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