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January 11 - 17, 2022

The Simplicity of the Graff Coat Is a Stupendous Piece of Work
Gaineys-of-Function and the 666 Dice Through La Quinta Columna

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names.

The last update worked deeper into Steve Mellanson's cotton swab than ever. Because he put it into his ear, Ainsley EARhardt had worked slightly into the surnames already laid out by my miraculous NOTE event of about April 13, 1979, 50 years before the Apophis asteroid reaches to within 20,000 miles (extremely close) of the earth on April 13, 2029. Either the note event of the swab-in-ear event could have been on April 13 because the two were near to one another in time.

As King Apophis of the HYKSos was also, Apepi, and as Pepins share the Pipe Coat, I'm now going to show how Pipers come to topic starting with Joe Oullette, who prayed with me concerning Mellanson's ear blood. I reasoned that God must have had some reasons for using Joe Oullette for that cotton-SWAB event now pointing to the communist globalist pig, Klaus SCHWAB. And by the way, his mother was instrumental in causing me to look and pray to the Biblical God for my salvation, and shortly afterward, she died of a stroke. Why a stroke? Isn't that due to a blood clot in the head?

About a week after my conversion, I had the Sleeping Beauty dream that featured Miss HICKS as Sleeping Beauty, a HYKSos liner, and she with her husband pointed to the Apophis asteroid in a real event of their lives (late 1980s) through Spuds MacKenzie (see last update). Ainsley Earhardt was resolved as a second fulfillment of this same Sleeping Beauty. The dream started with a shark, and we're about to bump into Shark related Neils with the Pipers. (Load Shark link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

But before going on with that, let me quote some of the Earhardt parts from the last update, for several pieces of it were added Monday afternoon, and you may have missed it. If you feel you read it all, just skip the quote:

The cotton swab was put into his ear, and the reason for this may be as simple as ear-like Eyers/Ayers being first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts. It tends to suggest that God wants the note event linked to the swab event, but I'd suggest that God has more to the choice of using the ear. Another stark consideration is that Here's/HEARs, with an Eyer-like Heyer variation, were likewise first found in Derbyshire, and they have a "tree trunk sprouting afresh, like the "tree stump sprouted" of Italian Milans. It tends to nail the two events to one another. But there could be even more in the choice for the ear. If God wanted to point to COVID, why not a swab in the nose?

Irish Hears/Hea's/Hayes' have a "red arm cuffed silver LYing FESSEways..." The Lye's, with another cuff in Crest, though not mentioned in the Hall-of-Names description, are listed with Leghs/Leys, and the latter's cuffed arm holds a "broken spear" while Speers share the crossed spears of Here/HEAR-beloved Sprouts. The latter were first found in Derbyshire with Hears/Here's/Heyers! That works super, especially as (I almost missed this) Sprouts have HEARTs in EarHARDT/AirHART colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zinger, that's new, such a solid surprise.

Hears/Hea's/Hayes' have a green snake that could be the SFORZa / Visconti snake because "FORCe" is a Legh/Ley/Lye motto term. A snake is used also by EARhardts/AIRharts, and Eyers/Ayers are also AIRs; the latter happen to use a "booted and armed leg" to go with Leghs/Lye's, though I think the phrase is intended for Leggs, first found in Dumfries with the Annandale's who have a version of the ARMy Coat, who thus look like they are in the "armed leg" as well as the lying arm of Hears/Hayes'. Boots were first found in Berkshire with Susans, and Mellanson was married to Susan at the time.

So, did God chose the ear instead of the nose to point to Ainsley Earhardt? Why her? Ainsleys were first found in NOTTinghamshire, named by Cnut (or "Canute"), according to the Notting write-up and others. Why her? If God intends this, then we should find out why, eventually, for God does not do things in vain. It wouldn't be much of a surprise, and not necessarily a pointer to her, to find Earhardts when delving into the symbolism of Hears and such, but if Ainsleys figure into that delving, then it looks like a pointer. She resolved well in the past as a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty i.e. in the dream a month or so before the Mellanson-note event.

Nottings seems like a surname that God would want followed as per the note and as per Ainsleys. The Nottings share the pheons of Lords/lauds, and Ladys/Laudymans share gold annulets with Nottinghams, who in turn share the escutcheon (different colors) with Hear-connectable Hays. Good so far. Nottings were first found in Gloucestershire with Lady-like Letts/Late's and Holders while Holdens/HOLDINGs share the escutcheons of Hays. In the dream, I was HOLDING sleeping beauty, and she was holding me, as we went up in a rapture. I have no idea how that could relate to vaccine topics unless vaccine passes become the mark of the beast. The Biblical rapture is our salvation from the beasts's destruction of the earth. Nottinghams have a "dexter hand HOLDING a gold annulet."

More new evidence that Miss Earhardt is being pointed to is where Ainsleys love the My variation of Mea's/Meigh's twice in their motto. The latter share the boar heads of Juggs/Judds suspect in the "Jugum" motto term of Scottish Hays. The Hears/Hayes' are Hays too, and so there we have an Ainsley-surname connection (indirect) to possible Hear kin. Nottens/Naughtens, with a "hope" motto term, share the blue fitchee with My's/Mea's/Meigh's...for a Note-line connection to the Ainsley motto, for Hope's, once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts, are in their colors and format. The same colors and format are used by Notten-like Nothings having a Northern variation like the Norton of Nottens/Naughtens. Nothings/Northens have "A dragon's head EMITTing flames proper," explaining why Emitts/EMOTTs look like kin of Note's/Cnuts. Motts were at least at one Mott location at/near the Meu river, where I trace My's/Mea's/Meigh's. JUGon is near the Meu. Nothings are in the motto of Seaton-related Sutys.

The amazing thing now is that Emitts/Emotts have "Emmete de Fur" in their write-up, and while Seatons have the green Nothing/Northen dragon but "breathing FIRE, Furs are listed with Fire's, and they share the white unicorn with the Emitt/Emott and Note-Cnut Crests, which, in this ear-of-Mellanson or Mellanson-to-Earhardt picture can only mean that the giant Fur/Fire unicorn is the Schwab/Swab unicorn after all!!! It seems to mean that God is pointing to Klaus Schwab after all! And not because He likes him. Half the Emitt/Emott Shield is in the colors and near-format of Nottinghams. There's even an "Emmote KNEYT, Buckinghamshire", in the Emitt/Emott write-up, explaining why Nottings once showed roughly the Buckingham Coat.

Kneyt-like Neyts/Neats ("green dragon's wings"), sharing the trefoils of Mellanson-beloved Rods, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Emmete de Fur...which is a neat-little pointer, of the Neyt-related note in my pocket, to Klaus Schwab if indeed Mr. Fur was related to Emmote Kneyt. Emitts/Emotts were first found in Lancashire with Shake's/Shakerleys (hare) sharing the Neyt/Neat chevron, and as I trace Shake's to Shechemites in SCHIMATARi (Boeotia), isn't it amazing that Ainsleys have a scimitar!? Schims/Schiens share the boar head of Shake-beloved Mole's.

O wow, the Neyts/Neats/NEETs caused a peak at the Nettle description, who happen to have "snakes enTWINEd", the Earhardt symbol! How can that be a further coincidence? The Nettle snakes are said to be "respecting each other," same descriptive phase as Biss' have for their identical snakes, and these snakes are almost the two Visconti snakes in the Arms of Bissone, for it's obvious that the Visconti snake was called a biscione as part-code for Bissone (in the Ticino canton of Switzerland). Scheins/Shine's (not "Schien") were first found in Switzerland, and may be using the Coat of Cambridgeshire's Cake's/Cakebreads.

Steve Doocy sits with Miss Earhardt just about every weekday morning, and Duce's/Doocys are in the Schim/Schien motto with the Fortuna's who in turn link to LADY Fortune, the line from/to the CLAUSula river and thus an apparent pointer between Klaus Schwab and Fox and Friends. How could that be a partnership??? Irish Fox's/SHINnocks now look like kin of the Shine variation of Scheins as more verification that these pointers to Fox and Friends are true. AMAZINGLY, I've only now realized that the banner with Lady Fortune, all in the Klassen/Class Coat, reminded of German Banners because they virtually have the Schein/Shine Coat!!! Bingo.

German Banners, suspect as Bohemians from Boii on the Panaro river, share the vertically-split Shield of Hunters, and mythical Orion the hunter was from Tanagra at Schimatari, in Boii-like Boiotia. It was Orion who brought me to Schimatari in the first place. Boiotians are suspect at Butua, near the Clausula. Butua is beside Kotor, named after the entity which named mythical king KODRos of Athens (beside Boiotia), and it just so happens that Schims/Schiens have the Chief-Shield colors of Kotor-like Cutters.

The Hayes' suggest the Haze's/Haas' because they have a running "HARE," right down the Ayer / Air bloodline. The HAZEls share the Mellanson / Note/Cnut crescents! It looks like God arranged the Hayes with a Hear variation for multiple verifications and leads.

The Hear/Hayes Coat is nearly this Mackesy Coat, and then the Mackesys who bring up Margesons have a "Loyalite ME LIE" motto that looks like another code for Leghs/Lye's/Lie's. The motto even looks like it has the Mee variation of the Ainsley-beloved My's! This is new material; I've not known about Irish Hears/Hayes' before (except maybe in passing, but not as "Hears") in order to make these solid links to Miss Earhardt from Mellanson's ear swab.

The "Loyalite" motto term of Mackesys, suggesting the Loyola's/Lolita's, has in the past been a viable pointer to the Lolita Express (airplane) of Jeffrey Epstein, for Ainsley Earhardt (host of Fox and Friends) pointed to his crimes, though we still need to learn why more-exactly than Alan Dershowitz (Epstein's former lawyer) making regular appearances at Fox news. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and Murdochs (Ayrshire, same as Hare's) were obvious kin of Margys/Mackeys, the latter looking like a branch of Mackesys/Margesons. The latter even share the blank and gold Chief with French Mellans.

As I've said a few times, Mellanson challenged Joe Oullette and I to pray for his ear, because he would always pull blood out with the cotton swab, and so after Joe and I laid on hands to PRAY (Joe became a Christian at the same time as me roughly), Steve taunted us, saying that he's going to pull blood out, but when the swab came out, no blood, and he was surprised. The point in repeating this is that Irish Prays share the Coats/COTES Coat, and thus I think this is assuring us, from God, that Cottons were Cotes liners. I think it also assures that this cotton-swab event is from Him.

The Sprouts who were central to a solid pointer to Miss Earhardt have a pelican in Crest, and Pellicans share the HOWELL tower while OULlette's proved to be of the Owls/HOWLs. There's a pelican in the Crest of Twine's suspect in the "interTWINEd gold snakes" of Earhardts, and while Twine's use "POPPINjays," Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with Twine-like Twins/Twains. English Jeffreys were once said to be first found in Herefordshire with Twine-beloved Jays, and Scottish Jeffreys were once said to be first found in Peebles-shire while Peeble's/Peoples' share green poppinjays (I thought they were parrots, excuse me) with Twine's. The Pepins/People's love the Mens'/Mame's in their motto, as do Poppins. Nassau's/Naso's use billets, and French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with Pellicans. This paragraph looks stacked with new leads.

Joe and I prayed for Steve. I've told before that English Prays/Preters share three white wolf heads with Scarfs while a Q-shaped "scarf" is used by Trabys/Sadowski's. A cotton swab is a Q-tip. When I first saw the Earhardt Coat, the two snakes struck me as a Q. A Q-tip in Mellanson's nose would have been good for another reason, because Epstein's were first found in Hesse-Nassau while Nassau's are also Naso's (Italian word for "nose), and Hesse's share a Hessel variation with Hazels. But a Q-tip in the ear was needed for Earhardts, and so that's what we have.

The first thing done this Tuesday morning was load Oullette's, asking why them? How do Oullette's figure into the themes above, which include Apophis-like Poppins and Apepi-like Pepins. I then loaded Gemels, the second surname loaded after Oullette's, because Oullette's use "bars-gemel," which reminded me of the "movie" I watched last night (I share it in my News section below) showing a link of Bill Gates' bloodlines to PROCTOR and GAMBLE (I think it was a link to the Gamble's). Gamble's/Gamals are said to be from Gemel-like Gamalls, and, while Gamble's/Gamals share the fleur-de-lys of both Hicks' and Ainsleys, I noted right away that Ainsley Earhardt had married Mr. Proctor. The Gemels happen to use hearts for possible linkage to EarHARDTs/AirHARTs, but I couldn't see a way to link Gemels specifically to Earhardts for showing that this is what God intended through the use of Mr. Oullette's surname.

Before going to Pipers, here's a re-quote from the piece above: "The Sprouts who were central to a solid pointer to Miss Earhardt have a pelican in Crest, and Pellicans share the HOWELL tower while OULlette's proved to be of the Owls/HOWLs. There's a pelican in the Crest of Twine's suspect in the "interTWINEd gold snakes" of Earhardts, and while Twine's use 'POPPINjays,'..." Sprouts, first found in Derbyshire with the all-important Note's/Cnuts (see the reason in last update), have more hearts, and the pelican in its Crest is code for the Pellican surname, first found in Maine with Josephs and the DeMAINE's who essentially have the Gamble/Gamals Coat (just a giant fleur-de-lys). Joe Oullette was born Joseph. English Joe's/Josephs were first found in Hampshire with Poppins. Could it begin to seem as though God is verifying that Oullette kin have to do with Ainsley Earhardt?

Okay, I was sitting here looking at the Gemel Coat wondering how they could link to Earhardts, but before getting to that, let's go to the "SWAN PIERCED by an ARROW" in the Gemel Crest, for Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire with BIGGers while Begga was the daughter of Pepin of Landen, and Beggers share the PEPoli Coat. Just saying, because the CAMULodunum location in England, which looks like "Gemel" and "Gamble," is in the camel head of the Pepin and Pipe Crests. Just saying, because the Oullette-beloved Gemels have just linked to Apophis liners, and I haven't even started to tell what happened this morning before I started to write any of this. The Arrows/Arras' that you see in the Gemel Crest were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, and the two surnames share fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from one another.

Okay, so I'm looking at the Gemel Coat, wondering how it's going to get us to Ainsley Earhardt (no suspense here at all), but also wondering, why her? What's God getting at? Not yet realizing what I just read above as per the Gemel Crest, I had no other clues to go by except the first-found location of Gemels, and then it struck me that they were first found in AYRshire with Scottish Logans, and I knew that they use three nails in the colors of the three PROCTOR nails, but, in being mentally preoccupied with the Proctor nails due to a pointer to Miss Earhardt's former husband, it went right over my head that Ayrshire is also where Earhardt-connectable Ayers and Hairs/Hare's were first found. English Ayers (share Coat of Scottish Ayers) are the ear-like Eyers, first found in Derbyshire with heart-using Sprouts and the all-important Note's/Cnuts.

And, to boot, there is an Ayer location smack near Switzerland's Sion, where the Swans/Sions trace who are PIERCED in the Gemel Crest by the Pipe-connectable arrow. Ayr of Ayrshire is near Lanarkshire, where Swans'/Sions were first found, and it comes to mind only now as I write that Lanarkshire is where Heart/Hart-like Hardys were first found who have a fat cross in the colors of the fat Nail/Neil saltire! Irish Logans use "A nail PIERCING a red heart," and so this has Ainsley linkables all over it. Irish Logans come up as "Lohan," and mythical Lohengrin (Arthurian myth) was the "Swan Knight," son of Percival (Pierce-branch) the "Grail King." It just so happens that the Grail surname is listed with Neils/Neals, believe it or not.

Question? Did God arrange nails in a heart to indicate that the vaccines have sharp pieces of metal to slice up the heart? Japan reported metal fragments in vaccines, as did others, and afterward we didn't hear more about it...not a big surprise, for the goons would have had motives to remove them from distribution.

The Hocks/Hoks (Switzerland, same as Sion) expected in the "Hoc" motto term of Scottish Logans (same heart with nails) use a giant swan in the colors of the Swan/Sion swan. As I was writing the last sentence, I was eating an entire HARD-boiled EGG, I kid you not, and while Eggs can be gleaned as a branch of Ice's/Ecco's, the latter, sharing an Icke variation with Hicks', had pointed to ECOhealth of the COVID scheme. And Hocks/Hoks are also YOKE's, what a yolkincidence! I kid you not, I gulped down the egg with yolk as I was writing on the Hocks/Hoks, and HOCKeys share the Mellanson and Note/Cnut crescents! I now find it amazing that Hocks/Hoks are in Trump/Tromp/Tramp and Hahn colors and format, and the latter two were first found in Mechlenburg with Ice's/Ecco's! Astounding eggincidence. Naturally, I was removing the egg SHELL (and throwing it into the TRASH), and Shells almost have the Hicks Coat! I showed how Mellansons are from Milan's Visconti's, and Shells share blue Visconti snake! Hahns use a giant rooster, symbol of the Sardinian VISconti's, and Vice's/VISE's (Sussex, same as Acorns) share the Acorn stag head while Dutch Tromps use acorns.

Oullette-beloved Gemels look related to Hardys, and this would be a good place to add that Bush's, first found in Yorkshire with Walkers and Walker-liker Wagers, share the black boar with Hardys. Is God trying to make an Earhardt link, or a Fox-and-Friends link, to the presidential Bush's here? For, Wagers share the Gemel hearts in both colors, and the "hearts JOINed by a CHAIN" of Gemels could thus act as a pointer to Dick Cheney, who was in the administration of both Bush presidents. The first Bush made Cheney chief of the demon, the U.S. military, that conducted 9-11. Chaine's (not "Chain") are also Chenays/Chands, and the latter share the sword of JOINers

I believe that the first the Bush, George Herbert WALKER Bush was, not a son of Dorothy Walker of Prescott Bush (Nazi collaborator, banker), but born as George Herbert SCHERFF Jr., son of a Nazi, and so take this back to the Q-tip in Mellanson's ear over which Joe Oullette prayed, for the Trabys/Sadowski's have a Q-shaped and Scherff-like "scarf," and, moreover, one Walker Coat looks like a version of the Scherf/Schere Coat. Plus, the Austrian Schere's use "a snake enTWINED around a STICK" while the two, circular and "interTWINED gold snakes" of Earhardts have a Q-like look to them. The Schere snake on a STICK assures that Scherfs / Scherffs were a Scarf branch because the ASTIKas' of Lithuania married Traby of Poland (see Wikipedia's Traby horn article).

Scarfs were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, Walkers and Wagers, and these English Walkers share the annulets of Ladys/Laudymans while Sleeping Beauty was also Lady Fortune (of the Klassens/Class'). Wagers look like they are from WAGRians on the Warnow river of the Varni, and it happens to be in Mechlenburg, location of Schere-like SCHWERIN! Beauty, for it tends to assure that Wagers were related to Walkers. Recall how Beggars share the Pepoli Coat, for Popoli's (!!!) have the horizontally-split Shield of Schwerins (Mecklenburg) in colors reversed. The Pepins/Pepys list Pepoli-like "People," and Pepin of Landen was father to Begger-like Begga. Those three exclamation marks are for the motto of Bassets, who are part of what I wanted to say first-thing this morning with Pipers. I'll be there shortly.

Mecklenburg is beside Hamburg, the latter where Beggers and Trump-like Drummonds were first found, and Scottish Drummonds share the Basset Coat! Zinger, it explains why a Popoli-like motto term is with Bassets. Trump's were first found in Mecklenburg too, and Trumps are in Scarf colors, recalling how Trump the deceiver appeared on a nightly stage with Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx, the latter wearing a scarf everytime she appeared on that "stage." The three were setting up the vaccine scheme, night after night, in order to persuade Christians and Republicans to get vaccinated. Trump stroked those people constantly, giving them, in hype form, what they wanted to hear. He brought them to feverish-political heights, promising the world to them but delivering them into the deep-state's clutches. A familiar face on that stage was Stephen Hahn (FDA chief), Trump's pick for his Drug lord.

The vaccine scheme is what Miss Earhardt points to overwhelmingly. In those days in which trump was acting the vaccine snake, he said publicly that he watches, and calls, Fox and Friends every day...because he wanted to get Earhardt, obviously. And to this let's repeat that Trump is married the MELLANson-like Melania.

I apologize, for I still haven't gotten to the heraldry I set out to get to first-thing this morning. As usual, things get cluttered with heraldic links when I'm on the right track. After loading Oullette's firstly, Oullette-beloved Gemels secondly, and Logans thirdly, the next surname loaded was the Pipers due to the description of the Scottish Logan Crest: "A Scottish piper." And when loading Pipers, there was the Nail/Neil saltire. I knew already that Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets, and that Oullette's are said to have named Ouilly-le-Basset in Falaise. The Basset and Piper Crests share the white unicorn head with Note's/Cnuts, suspect recently with the giant white unicorn of Schwabs/Swabs. The Basset motto term, "POPulo," tends to point to the Apophis asteroid all-the-more. French Bassets/Besancons show nothing but billets while French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with Josephs and Gamble-connectable DeMaine's.

As Pipers share the Note/Cnut Crest while God instructed me to give the note to Mellanson, it seems that Pipers were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Millens/Milans for a related reason. The last update showed how the InSUBRES founders of Milan (Italy, home of Visconti's) were from the SYBARIS river, location of Shark-line Saraca's, as well as the location of Morano that uses Moor heads along with Morano's. The Oullette Crest happens to be a "MOORcock." Ouilly-like Willys/Williams' look like they have a rose-version of the COCKer/Cocket Coat.

We're not done, because as much as the Nails and Pipers point to Mr. Proctor because Proctors use nails, so we find that Irish Neils/O'Nails were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. And while Mr. Proctor's ex-wife was Sleeping Beauty in a dream that started with a deep-state shark in a KIDNEY-shaped swimming pool, so we find the Kidneys/Gedneys with two fish in saltire formation, in both colors of the Piper and Nail/Neil saltire! I think this is EarHARDT-amazing along with the Logan heart that's PIERCED with nails while Fish-related Pierce's use more unicorn heads. The Kidney/Gedney fish are colors reversed from the Neil/O'Nail and Arms of Saraca fish. No coincidences. God is pointing to Fox and Friends, co-hosted by Steve Doocy while German Ducks/Duckers were first found in Westphalia with same-colored Nails/Neils.

So now we go back to Oullette-beloved GEMELs, who likewise have the Pierce's in their ancestry, because Pepin- and Pipe-related CAMULodunum is now Colchester while the Arms of Colchester has a cross with NAILs, I kid you not. Plus, the Colchester surname shares the red estoiles of Neils/O'Nails, we can't get more obvious than this that God was in the swab-in-ear event to point to nasty globalist whores in the camp of Klaus Schwab. And while Logans have a "Scottish piper," there is a Scottish surname I'm not familiar with sharing the giant Klaus/Claus lion. This is BEAUTIFUL, because the waters of the CLAUSula river are connected to lake SCODra, where I trace Scotts, and we just saw the new-to-me SCOTTish surname sharing the Klaus/Claus lion. I needed that badly because some readers, I'm sure, want more evidence of a Scott-surname trace to "Scodra," and Logans to the rescue. A Bar location to the near-west of Scodra can be traced to Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with Gemels and Logans.

The Tromp acorns are shared by "clot"-like Clauds/CLAUSELs, you see, another pointer to Trump amongst this set of heraldry. Pipers share oak leaves with English Alans who in turn have one of the triple Basset fesses. The same unicorn head of Pipers and Bassets needs to be linked to the Schwab unicorn, but so far, that's not happened. Can it? Will it? How can we do this since Schwabs use nothing but a unicorn, and no motto codes? I think this is where the Klaus bloodline comes in.

KinROSS-shire is where the Scottish's were first found, right in the midst of early Drummonds in neighboring Perthshire and Stirlingshire. Stirlings (probably the Chappes Moor head) are also STURlings, and Scottish Drummonds with Bassets essentially have the Stur Coat. Sturs are a branch of Asters, a pointer to the asteroid! That's why it's important that Bassets (same place as Pipe's) link to Pipers and related lines! Beautiful. Basset-like Bissets were first found in ROSS-shire with asteroid-pointing MacKenzie's and Pattersons, and Irish Pattersons share the camel head with Pepins and Pipe's. Scottish Chappes' (Stirlingshire) use "EARs of rye".

Kinross is beside Fife, and the latter is where Kidney-connectable Geds (pike fish) were first found. Geds were proto-Geddes, a possible pointer to Bill Gates, and Geds were on the Nith river as early as the 4th century, which is the location of the castle of Patterson-branch Kilpatricks which Miss Hicks married. She was posed by God as Sleeping Beauty of the shark dream, and the shark was in a kidney-shaped pool.

There is a Poole location at the mouth area of the Stour river, the river that named Sturs and Asters. Poole is in Dorset with the first-known Beautys who share the black bull of Haydens, one of several reasons for identification of Ainsley as Sleeping Beauty. It's a phrase I called the lady of the dream because she fell asleep, and I went to kiss her awake. Her sleep symbol pointed to the SELEPitanoi Illyrians smack between Bar and lake Scodra, and Haydens use bars. Miss Earhardt with Mr. Proctor birthed a daughter, Hayden, her only child to date. The Pairs in the Hayden description (bring up the Paws/Pauers) are in the "pair of scales" of Kiss-branch Cass'/Casts. But God didn't let me kiss her after telling me to wake her up; instead I touched her knee and leg for a good pointer to Trump (see Knee's and Leggs last update for explanation). I still wonder whether she was sleeping with Trump.

It seems that God provided Haydens with a "foy" motto term to assure that they need to be included with Earhardt pointers, because two Foix surnames bring up two Foy surnames. The "three pairs of blue BARs" of the same Haydens are essentially the "barry blue" of German Ducks/Duckers. The latter show five fesses (11 bars in all as compared to 12 of Haydens), however, but called "barry" in honor of Barr liners from the Scodra area. Selepitanoi Beauty at your service. English Duckers, who share a Docker variation with Ducks/Duckers, use a "Semper" motto term while Sempers/St. PERE's share the Duce/DOOCY Coat for an excellent pointer to Fox and Friend's Steve Doocy, yet it's expected as an ultimate pointer to James LeDuc (see last update).

Plus, while Oullette's were at a Basset area, the "Per" motto term of Bassets looks like code for the St. Pere's because the latter's two lions form two fesses in the colors of the three Basset fesses. The Bramtons, first found in Norfolk with RISINGs/RISONs and both Hayden surnames, share the Semper/St. Pere and Duce/Doocy Coats, and I've explained many times why Bramtons go with the namers of Kotor, near lake Scodra but smack beside RHIZON to which Sleeping Beauty pointed when I woke her, for she was RISING into the sky at that scene. Are you not impressed? Heraldry is singing.

Friends were first found in Somerset with English Ducks sharing the Duce/Doocy lions. Fox and FRIENDs. The Friends almost have the Anne/Hanne Coat, but if I ask why the stag heads are not in both colors, I think it's to do with an Ainsley-Earhardt connection with Poppins, for the share the Anne/Hanne stag heads in both colors. Ainsleys were a branch of Anne-line Annas', you see, and Trumps/Tromps have a stag head colors reversed from the same of Hanna's, a powerful link of Mr. Trump to Miss Earhardt. WHY? As Poppins were first found in Hampshire with Aster-branch Sturs (almost the Basset / St. Pere Coat), it looks like a pointer to the Apophis asteroid, which was pointed to by the bulldog, SPUDS MacKenzie. Meanwhile, I see Trump as the bulldog that was swallowed by the shark in the kidney-shaped pool, and it just so happens that the other Haydens use "SPOTS" on their talbot dog. If you can figure out what God might be saying in these things, you are good.

[An hour or less after this update was uploaded online, I found the new-to-me Dutch Vanns use double HEARTs in flames, and while Bullys use one heart in flames, the English Phone's/Fane's/VANNs not only have a BULL's head, but it's white like the Hayden talbot, and both the talbot and bull head have "black spots"!!! Plus, the Vile's in the Phone/Fane/Vann motto are in Boast/Bois colors and format, and while the latter are said to be Bosco's, German Boschs have double fleur-de-lys (of Bush's/Busch's) joined together, a rarity, but the double hearts of Vanns are themselves joined! Zinger, a new thing to follow with Miss EarHARDT." Hall of Names has neither a description for Dutch vanns not for German Bosch. End insert]

I don't see how Trump can be related to the Apophis asteroid because, even if he's elected again in 2024, and even if he turns out to be the False Prophet with military-miracle fire from the sky, he won't be president in April of 2029...unless he calls for martial law and denies Democrats a 2028 election. I suppose it's possible under the current conditions in which Democrats stole the 2020 election from him.

Back to the Hanna's, for while they were first found in Wigton, it starts to get amazing where Wiggons, sharing a blank, gold Chief with Mellans, essentially have the Coat of Ainsley-branch Annas' (once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire). It then just so happens that Wigtons, ignoring their border, have the Coat of Gamells/Gamuls in colors reversed. Wigtons are said to be descended from a "lord of ALLERdale," and Holding-related Allers (Westphalia) share the red escutcheon with the Hays who may have been of the Hears/Hays/Hayes'.

I think I've made the case that Joe Oullette praying for Mellanson at the swab-in-ear event was there because God wanted to point to Miss Earhardt via Oullette's and their heraldic kin. I showed above why the Ouilly branch of Oullette's look like a Willy/Williams branch, and so we can add that the Haydens with the white spotted dog looks linkable to the same white dog, with ermine spots, of Welsh Williams, incredible because these Williams share the gyronny of Hoppers while Fauchys use a "grassHOPPER"! But there's more incredible because the William dog is half gold, the colors of the dog in the Crest of Tanners (MOOR heads to go with the Moorcock of Oullette's), suggesting William the Conqueror, grandson of Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise!!! Ouilly-le-Basset is in Falaise!!! Joe Oullette just pointed to Tony Fauci. And the Tanner "talbot" dog is said to have a "silver EAR"!!! It's not a different color for nothing, and should be code for Hears or Eyers.

Jeans to the End

The Annas-branch Enys/Ennis', said at Hall of Names to have a blue lion head, look like a branch of Ens/Yenns/YEANs (share James lion) in the "ENSuivant" motto term of Williams. Ens'/Yenns/YEANs and JEAN/Jane's/J'ANES' (suspect as James') share blue lions. This material is new here. As I didn't have a shirt on in the Sleeping Beauty dream, but only jeans, I reckon it's a pointer to Jeans/J'Anes. So, even this new thing is a pointer of Sleeping Beauty to Annas-branch Ainsleys. As Jeans/J'Anes' share the Pully/Pullen scallops while the latter were Poole cousins, the Ens/Yenns/Yeans (Somerset, near Poole) probably have the Poole Coat. Both JOINer surnames list JENNers while Gemels have their "hearts JOINed by a chain." The Maccabees of Israel lived eventually in GAMALa.

It was in the scene immediately before of after I saw her close-up that I saw myself walking with jeans across the beach toward her, and Beach's share the single pile of Countrys in the Ainsley motto. While Herluin de CONTEville married the mother of William the Conqueror, after "the tanner" had married her, it's probably not coincidental that English Conte's are also Country-like Counters...who are in the COUNTERchanged feature of Countrys. The "la" motto term of Williams can be for the Laws sharing the bend-with-stars of Salome's and Scottish VAUX's, the Salome's suspect from Salome Boethus, a Sadducee like Annas the chief priest who murdered Jesus, or so he thought.

We might even add here that while Fauch's (not "Fauchy") were first found in Forez, the Forez surname has a Fore variation listed while "for" is twice in the Ainsley motto along with "my," and My's/Mea's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) share the cross of the dog-using Haydens. It looks like verification after verification that I have these pointers correct.

Recall the nail-pierced heart of Logans (they were of mythical Lohengrin, son of Percival), and the pierced swan of Oullette-beloved Gemels. The PIERCE's were first found in Somerset with Leavells/Levels and PERCivals, and then Gouel de Perceval of Leavell had a son, Waleran, who married Miss Beaumont of Meulan/Mellent, and Mellents are listed with Millens/Milans. It's another Earhardt link to Mellanson's ear event, but simultaneously to Sleeping Beauty, because BEAUmonts were first found in Dorset with the BEAUtys having a full-bull version of the Waleran Coat. In the dream, God gave me a close-up of her face, and I said, "SHE's beautiful." Shee's/Shees' share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, and yet-more the Shee/Shees' Coat is nearly those of Nordic HANSons and FUGGers, and while English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's, Shee's/Shees', Nordic Hansons and Fuggers share the fleur-de-lys of French Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENs', the pointer to Tony Fauci and Francis Collins his boss until he stepped down recently.

It's remarkable work by God, apparently, that while the Hicks' share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick while Kilpatricks share the Faux/Fage/Chollens Chief, and then while I was given a CLOSE-up of Beauty's face, Close's can be traced to Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle. There's more to this to make even more compelling, including a pointer to Hanson-like Hanns' and Hahns, that won't be repeated here.

As weird as it may seem, let me show how "She's beautiful" can point to the Bush-Cheney duo. First, repeat from above:

Oullette-beloved Gemels look related to Hardys, and this would be a good place to add that Bush's, first found in Yorkshire with Walkers and Walker-liker Wagers, share the black boar with Hardys. Is God trying to make an Earhardt link, or a Fox-and-Friends link, to the presidential Bush's here? For, Wagers share the Gemel hearts in both colors, and the "hearts JOINed by a CHAIN" of Gemels could thus act as a pointer to Dick Cheney, who was in the administration of both Bush presidents. The first Bush made Cheney chief of the demon, the U.S. military, that conducted 9-11. Chaine's (not "Chain") are also Chenays/Chands, and the latter share the sword of JOINers.

Chaine's/Chenays/CHANDs were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Cups/Cope's in the "COVERED Cups" of Joiners/Jenners. I'll show you why we can treat Joiners/Jenners are Jeans liners that were on Sleeping Beauty's beach. Chains were first found in County Kerry (Munster) with Shee's/Shees', and Munster is where SHEEhans/SHEENs (Chaine/Chand colors) were first found who look like a Chain / Chaine branch, therefore. Sheehans/Sheens have a dove with an Oullette-connectable "olive branch" in its Beach-like "beak," and Beaks were first found in Dorset with Beautys (and Poole). The triple Beak fesses are in the colors of the triple gemel-fesses of Oullette's, and while the latter were at Basset, Bassets share triple, WAVY fesses (different colors) with Beaks. Oullette's were at Basset in Falaise, and Falls/Fallis' share the lion of Jean- / Jenner-like Yenns/Yeans (share Poole Coat). Why is the "blue" Yenn/Yean lion so dark?

We could even say that, as I was on the beach shirtless, I was wearing skin, for Skins/Scans/Skene's, who look like a pointer to scanning machines for purchasing by a skin code, were a Schim/Schien branch. I was on the beach with jeans alone, and Jeans share the Pully/Pullen scallops while the motto of Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire, same as Bush's, Walkers, Joiners/Jenners and Gemel-connectable Wagers) not only has the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's, but apparently has the Schire's, listed with the Schere's/Schare's/SCHERFS! Beauty, for the similar Squire's/Squeers/Square's/Squirrels, who share "ferme" with the Haydens having the Beauty bull, were first found in Worcestershire with Jeans! Zikers, that's new, and I'm not done yet. The Squire's/Square's even have a "red squirrel cracking his NUTS" for linkage to Note's/Cnuts!

The Schims/Schiens, with a Chand variation too, are suspect in the Ainsley Crest's scimitar. French Chenays/Chenu's are also Chanuts (Note/Cnut chevron in colors reversed) with an "chevron inverted" that looks connectable to the "pile" of Countrys in the Ainsley motto. French Pile's/Pilots hereby look like a branch of English Pilotte's and Pellets, both sharing the Joiner/Jenner cups, for even French Pilate's/Pilotte's, sharing the NUT pheons, were first found in Burgundy with Chenays/Chenu's/Chanuts, Jean-like Gene's/Ganays, and two Gane/Gagny surnames. The Hayden "spots" are usually called "pellets."

Pellets were first found in Sussex with Cheneys and "covered"-like Coverts/Cofferts and Courts/Coverts. Ahhh, the latter's "GrandesCUNT" motto term could be for the Cuntys/Condys/CAUNEDys (share Ens/Yenn/Yean Crest), a little like the Kaineto" surname in the Cheney write-up. But Irish Kennedys, with another scimitar, come up as Canedys, and so it seems that even Cheneys are from the Kennati priests of Cetis (where I trace Kennedys with much confidence). Cetis was also, Citis, and Cheney-like Caens/Cans have a "liCITIS" motto term. While Caens/Cans share the Cave Shield, Covert-like Caverts/Calverts (Yorkshire, same as FATE's/Feets) have a "Fatti" motto term to go with the "Fato" of Cheneys. Fate's/Feets share the Covert/Coffert martlets. Cuntys/Condys/Caunedys share the cinquefoil of Pockets/Pouchers, and the latter's is the giant cinquefoil of Bush-like Bus' in colors reversed.

(As an aside, the Kennati were priests of mythical AJAX, and as JACKsons (Jake/Jackman eagle) share the Potter cinquefoil, let me repeat from the last update, noting how PROCtors might apply: "Quadratilla Bassus, wife of LUPUS Laevillus and mother of Charax Proculus. The PROCulus-like portcullis gate belongs to Porters/PAWTERs (i.e. like "Pewter/Powter"), first found in Hampshire with same-colored, Pawter-like, and Cnut-beloved Potters." Pewters/Powters were first found in Devon with Flowers sharing the Jackson / Potter cinquefoil. Jack-branch Joke's/Yoke's were first found in Kennati-like Kent. As Kennedys were Pendragon kin, both sharing helmets with Dragons/Drainers (Kent again), note how Dews/Deweys (Devon again), in Dragon/Drainer colors and format, have both dragon heads and the Potter cinquefoils in colors reversed. Dover is in Kent, and Dovers share the Dew/Dewey cinquefoil. Dew- and ?Dover-like Dewers/Dure's have the Quid variation of Quade's in their write-up, and Quade's are from QUADRatilla, Proculus' mother. She descended from king AMYNTes of the Galatians, explaining why Dragons/Drainers were MYNETT kin.)

The note that God directed me to write was given to Mellanson from my jean pocket at his DOOR, and Doria's essentially share the giant Gene/Ganay eagle. Plus, the Gene's/Ganays share the giant eagle of Dutch Tromps, and the latter's vertically-split Shield is in colors reversed with Austrian Schere's, what are the chances? There's a black, spread eagle in the Schere Crest, the color of the Gean/Ganay / Trump eagle The German Schere's/Schire's/Schare's/SCHERFs have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Doria Shield, the one with another black, spread eagle. Isn't that sumthin'? I didn't remember until now that Austrian Schere's have "EARs of wheat."

The Joiners/Jenners/Genners are said to derive from "Waldinus INGENiator (the engineer)", but even if that translation is correct, it doesn't mean necessarily that Jenner/Genners were from that term. It looks like the Engain variation of Gaine's could have derived from "Ingeniator." If we compare the Coats of Genie's/Jennys/Gennys to Gone's/GUENETs and Gaunts, then note the GAUNTlet glove of Maceys/Mace's who are in turn in Joiner/Jenner/Genner colors and format, it appears that these surnames were of Belgium's Gaunt/Ghent. Maceys/Mace's were from Maccabees, and they lived at Gamala while it's Gemels who have hearts JOINed to a chain.

The GANay variation of Gene's looks like it points to GAIN-of-function at the bottom of the vaccine scheme, for Geans are listed with Gains/Engains. Irish Jennings even share the Corona / Coron crown. The ENgain variation looks like play on the ENS'/Yenns/Yeans (this was thanks to the motto of Hopper-connectable Williams). While the Ennis variation of Enys is in the list of variations for Ainsley-branch Annas, it's just staggering that the dancetty fesse of Geans/Gains/Engains is in the Hayden Chief! Sleeping Beauty on Jeffrey Epstein's beach!

What's this all mean, that Bushite Nazis are behind the vaccinations and related push to seize the entire globe? Or, was gain-of-function started under one or both of the Bush presidents because they are both demons in human clothing? Is this why Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Boschs share the giant Klaus/Claus lion? Didn't I show that this update's heraldic topic started with Pipers from the "Scottish piper" of Logans?

Scottish Logans use "PASSION nails piercing a man's RED heart." REDs/Reeds (Northumberland same as Lorraine's and Anchor-loving Greys/Croys/Groys) have a "Pax" motto term while English Packs share the PASley/Paisley anchor. "Passion"-like Passons/Pastons, who share the Lorraine eagle, could apply here, first found in Norfolk with same-colored Luce's of Passy / PasSEIS. Sees'/Sea's use a "salmon swimming". Luce's use "fish," and Logan-beloved Pierce's happen to share the rare, wavy chevron of Fish's. The Fish Coat happens to be the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. Paston-like Bastons/Batons share the Bat bat. Luce's were chiefs of Dice (Norfolk), and Diss'/Dice's have a gold-eagle version of the Tarent Coat while the latter is a colors-reversed version of the Passon/Paston Coat. Passe's/Pascals have the eagle of Scottish Reeds, which is colors reversed from the Passon/Paston eagle, and those Reeds share the book with the Roets, the latter descended from Croys of Groys. Luce's of Dice were governors of Falaise, where William-branch Oullette's lived, and Williams' use an "ENSuivant" motto term suspect with the Ens'/Yenns/Yeans sharing the Coat of Reed- and Roet-related Rita's and Pools (from Vespasia Polla of Rieti), the line of Pollocks who share the Heart/Hart saltire.

I just loaded Ends accidentally trying to load "Ens," and though I'm not familiar with Ends, they share the Schwab/Swab unicorn. The Pastons could be a branch of Pastors who in turn have a five-billet version of three-billet BOS'/Bush's/Boschs sharing the Klaus/Claus lion. Baston-like BOStons share the Coat of Hume's/Home's who have an "end" motto term. The Boston write-up: "Philip Baston or Boston..." This may indicate that my mis-typing "End" was not a mistake, and it can also mean that I was directed by God to the new-to-me Ens'/Yenns/Yeans in this update, who have been large for explaining my jeans on the beach as a pointer to gain-of-function. The Bostons sharing the Home/Hume Coat looks like the "passion heart" was correctly deciphered with Passon/Paston liners that clicked us over to Bat liners. Doesn't that appear Arranged since gain-of-function was using viruses in horseshoe bats?

It didn't dawn on me until now that the Logans were of the French Loge's (Burgundy) because they share a blue saltire with the Pipers in the Logan Crest. English Loge's share the Coat of Lipps, the latter a topic of the last update's section on the note that God asked me to write Mellanson. French Loge's were a branch of Loches'/DeLoge's (Burgundy), the family married by Fulk I of Anjou, with a name like "Fauci." It explains the Loge Coat shared by Gettes', first found in Anjou. Likewise first found in Anjou were the Gennes'/Jenne's, which looks like a pointer to GAIN-of-function due to the Gean variation of Gains/ENgains. Another blue saltire is with Enys'/Ennis'. Plus, this recalls the two Gane/Gagny surnames, and the Gene's/Ganays, all three first found in Burgundy.

New emails between Fauci and his Collins boss were leaked this week that show once again their conspiracy to hide the gain-of-function work through Wuhan. Moreover, there were documents released showing that Fauci together with Ecohealth devised a new policy to skirt around the illegality of doing gain-of-function work. I await to hear how James LeDuc was a part of these enterprises.

When "Farrah FAUCet" pinched Barry on his face, a few minutes before I gave Mellanson the note, I saw blood drops at his lip. That's why German Lipps came to topic with German Barre's/Barreys who share their giant lion. Farrah's happen to have horseshoes as an apparent pointer to Wuhan's horseshoe bats. But there are also the Scottish Lipps sharing brown lions with Irish Collins', and first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Chives' of Tarves. It just so happens that Scottish Lipps share the Chives motto. It just so happens that Fauch's were first found in Forez while Forez's/Fore's, suspect in the Ainsley motto, have the Travers' in their motto, and they are also Tarves-like Traves'. Coincidences?

There was blood at Barry's lip, and Bloods/Bluds share the LODGED stag under some holly with Maxwells. The latter use a "holly BUSH." The Lodge's show a "Loge" variation, and once again have the giant lion of German Lipps and Barre's/Barreys. Punch's use "barry." You have a choice: 1) to believe I made the stories up to fit heraldry; 2) to believe I'm telling the truth: 3) to ask if God is in it; 4) to ask why.

Hume's/Home's have a motto, "True to the end," like the "Trustie to the end" of Leiths who have this: "The surname Leith was first found in the county of Edinburgh at Leith, a burgh and sea-port town. 'This place, which is of considerable antiquity, formerly belonged to the abbey of Holyrood..." That was the HalyROD House built by king David I, for his mother, and I think it was in honor of her descent from a Henry of RODez, where I Trace the rods of Mellanson. David's son was Henry of Huntingdon, you see, and there were no known Henrys in his ancestry because it's not known with certainty who the mother (Agatha) of his mother was, though I trace her to Agatha of Podebrady. In other words, I think she was from a Henry of Rodez, and one Henry's father married Miss Roquefeuil of ROUSSILLON, explaining why ROSLIN, which was given by David's mother to her cup-bearer, HENRY Sinclair, is just six miles from Edinburgh, where Leiths were first found. Was Henry Sinclair her close relative? Looks like.

Roslin is not far from BathGATE in West Lothian, and Bathgate's (Gate/Gatt colors) use suns while Suns are listed with Sinclairs. Do you see an Agatha-like term in this paragraph? Baths (Somerset, beside Rods) even have the RHODes Coat in colors reversed!

The Geans/Gains/Engains were first found in Huntingdonshire with the Others/Otter of Lombardy, and Mellansons were of Milan, Lombardy's capital, home of OTTONE Visconti, and it just so happens that Ends have quadrants colors reversed from the same of OTONE's/Oltons and Sforza-like FORTs. Otone's/Oltens were first found in Cheshire with ADE-related Davids, and Henry Huntingdon married ADa. Oltons (not "Olten") use owls, and Owl-line Oullette's were at Falaise while Falls/Fallis', from Roquefeuil, were first found in Midlothian with Edinburgh and Roslin! This is super because I see Agatha of Podebrady, the proposed grandmother of king David (I don't know anyone else who makes that proposal), as mother of the Drummonds, and Scottish Drummonds share the Coat of Baston-like Bassets while Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset! Joe Oullette was very-possibly at Mellanson's party with lip event. Another owl is in the Crest of Fowlers while HENRY "the Fowler" was the son of emperor Otto I.

I now need to stop mid-stream with what else I had to say, to tell that the Leith lozenges were in the Arms of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, and it's the Scottish Randolphs, first found in Moray, who have both the black Baston and Bat bat in combination with horseshoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. This is how important my "mistake" in typing "End" was, for it took me to Leith's due to my knowing in the past that they have "end" in their motto! The motto is, "Trustie TO THE end," suspect with Tooths, kin of LETTers and Lauders who named Lauder smack at the south side of Midlothian!

The "vigiLAT" motto term of Fowlers is thus suspect with LETTs/Late's, whom I see in the "letho" motto term of Samsons (same place as Letts/Late's) who in turn share the scallops of Roslin-like Russells, the latter first found in Dorset (beside Fowlers of Wiltshire) with the George's from George of Hungary, husband of Agatha of Podebrady, and father of Maurice Drummond. Fowlers are in the colors and format of the Baskets in the "basket" of Irish Mellans. Fowlers have an OulLETTE-connectable owl while Oullette's use bars "gemel" while Gemels are the ones with hearts "JOINed" by a "CHAIN, and while Chains share the Sinclair cross, Joiners/Jenners/Genners are in Fowler colors and format too. Fowlers are also in Macey/Mace colors and format, relevant because the latter share the gauntlet (glove) with the Fane's/Vans, first found in Monmouthshire with Owl-branch Howells, and it's Monmouths who share the bars gemel of Oullette's. Why is the Monmouth lion missing a leg if not for Cheshire's Leghs/Leys?

The Monmouth Coat is almost the Maid/MAUD Coat, and the latter share three sets of bars gemel with Oullette's (same colors). Henry Fowler was married to Matilda (of RINGelheim), and her name is often substituted with "Maud." Ringels/Rangels have an upright lion in the colors of the Fowler lions, begging whether Ring / Ringer liners were from her.

The Ends even use an "aut" motto term that should be for Auto's/Otto's and/or Ottone's/Otto's. The Otone's/Oltons were a branch of Odins, kin of Bono's (Milan), all three sharing the Lipp / Barrey / Lodge/Loge lion. One of the French Gane's/Gagnys has the gyronny of FORTune's, recalling that Forts have the Otone/Olten quadrants, and it just so happens that Fortune's were first found in East Lothian (beside Edinburgh's Leith's of Halyrod) with the Seatons/Sittens sharing the crescents of End-loving Leith's. The latter share the Fire/Fur unicorn (!) while Seatons/Sittens use a dragon "BREATHhing fire"!!! INCREDIBLE, for Breaths/BRADDs/Breads', once said to be first found in Edinburghshire with Leith's, look like they are from PodeBRADy!!! I have it recorded (2nd update of January, 2011): "...the Bradds, first found in Edinburgh..." It's relevant that "AUDax" is shared between Forts and ROXburghs (Roquefeuil-of-Aude liners) because the Fort Crest is a ROCK.

It appears that I am correct with the identification of Agatha, David's grandmother, and you should be able to find an article telling that the first Drummond, Maurice, piloted the ship that brought David's mother, and Henry Sinclair, to Scotland. Some regard the ship story as a myth, but there was some truth to what may have been altered to hide Hungarian origins in Scottish nobility, for even the Scottish cross is called, "Andrew's Cross," and nobody to this day seems to know that it's from George's father. As a later Henry Sinclair came to rule Orkney, it appears that I've been correct to decipher the "ORGAN pipes" of Leith-like Letts/Late's with "ORKNey." Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets.

"The founder of the Drummond family was long believed to have been 'a Hungarian gentleman,' named MAURICE, who was said by Lord Strathallan, in his history of the family, to have piloted the vessel in which Edgar Atheling and his two sisters embarked for Hungary in 1066." That is false as stated, for there is an historical document telling that Maurice's father was in Scotland in 1055. I suggest that Maurice was on a ship with princess Margaret, not to Hungary, but from Hungary, in or after 1055, for king MacBeth, Malcolm's enemy, had been defeated by Siward of Northumberland in 1054, signalling to Margaret's family in exile that it was safe to come to Scotland. Malcolm then became king in 1057, and married Margaret. The Malcolms/Columns use "Andrew's Cross" in colors reversed, and throw in stag heads, the symbol of Hungarian ancestry. The English flag is "the flag of St. George."

I've yet to make a strong link of the End unicorn to Schwabs/Swabs, though Mellanson liners are all over End kin while Mr. Mellanson took us to Schwabs/Swabs in the first place. The "tentes" motto term of Ends goes well with the "tentamine" of Leggs, and we saw the Monmouth lion without a leg. Leghs/Leys share the Klaus/Claus lion, and were first found in Cheshire with the Maceys/Mace's who share the End star. King Andrew I of Hungary, father of George = father of Drummonds, was in exile with princess Margaret, daughter of Agatha, mother of king David, and wife of George above. They were in exile in Kiev under the protection of Varangians, and the first-known Varangian was Inger (born about 800), husband of Melissena Rangabe of Byzantium, and so it makes best sense that Inger was in Kiev or thereabouts, especially as the Varangians there were rubbing shoulders with Khazars while this same Melissena was from royal Khazars on her mother's side. The point is, Ingers come up when loading "ENDer" or "Inder."

Behold: Ingers/Enders/Inders were first found in Cornwall with Trustie-like Trysts/Trice's and their Tristan branch. The latter share the black fitchee with Leiths and Forts, and the stag head of Visconti-like Vise's/Vice's. Here's the behold part: If we load "Trusty," we get the Devon branch of Tristans! There we go, perfect evidence that the Leith motto, "Trustie to the END," is for of branch of Ingers/Enders/Inders. "Ender" is like "Anders," suggesting that Inger's line married / mated with the line of Andrew I, or even with Andrew himself. Inger's daughter was EUDokia, and the male version, Eudes, is often substituted with, "Odo." It just so happens that AUDE's/Ode's are in the "Audax" motto term of English Forts, the ones with the End and Otone/Olten quadrants in colors reversed. Hood-branch Odo's/Hode's and Hodleys were first found in Sussex with the Kiev-like Keeps in the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns.

For those familiar with my medallion-on-hood event which pointed to hard Hodleys, it recalls that the event was at FOOD BASICs, which had become suspect as a pointer to surnames such as "Basch" or "Basket," and we crossed Baskets above because they are in Joiner/Jenner / Fowler colors and format. Therefore, it seems that the line of Otto I, father of Henry Fowler, is to the Odo's, Hodleys, and Hoods. FOODs/Foots (Cheshire, same as End-connectable Otone's/Oltens) were a branch of Fothes'/Fette's (branch of giant-leg Prophets/Profetts) who not only share the stag head of Tristans (Devon, same as Hoods!), but have an Inder-like "INDustria" motto! Zinger, this is brand new right here, much needed to decipher why it was a Russian medallion.

If the Food/Foot Crest is related to the Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's, the latter connect via Hugs to Fountains (Norfolk, same as LEAVE's/Leve's) who are in turn in the colors of the Inger/Ender arrows. Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's, Hugs, Jeans/Geans', and the Laurels in the "laurel LEAVES" of Scottish Vowells/Fowleys were all first found in Languedoc, and all four share the same lion with Sforza's, in the colors also of the FOWLer lion. Thus, as Hoods were first found in Devon with English Vowells/FOWELLs, Hoods do seems to be from the line of Henry Fowler and his father. We owe this to the hood event at Food Basics, yet there's more from God in that event than meets the eye here. It's not connecting to the Sleeping Beauty dream for nothing. She and I HUGGed when I woke her. Fountains share the End star, and the "TENTes aut" motto phrase of Ends looks connectable to the "osTENTo" motto term of English Vowells/Fowells. Tintons, with "royal tents," and sharing the chevron of Vowells/Fowells, were first found in Cornwall with Tristans, Trysts and Ingers/Enders.

The patee cross of Fowlers tells me that the Fowler Coat is in the colors and format of Close's for a related reason, and Close's were the namers of Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle, explaining why I was given a close-up look of Sleeping Beauty, Mrs. Kilpatrick. It should prove to the reader that Sleeping Beauty was with a car as for the Auto/Otto bloodline. If there is a God arranging my dreams and the heraldry behind them, as well as people and their events to fit the dreams and heraldry, then you should never have been happier in your life if you've always wanted evidence of His existence but could never find any. It means you can live forever if you capture His grace. He's kind with His grace, if only you accept Him and remain at peace with Him, talk to Him, think about Him, talk about Him.

Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur-de-lys; Fowlers share the Maschi lion; and Close's have the Macey/Mace Coat plus. The Fowler patee is code for Pattys who almost have the NITT/Naught/Nutt Coat, and the latter surname was first found in Dumfries with the NITH river, location of Closeburn. It's been a long time since loading Nitts/Naughts/Nutts, and here I find their "fortunae" motto term soon after Sleeping Beauty worked out to being Lady Fortune...because the car she was with was a CLASSICK 1950's model, and because Glassicks are listed with Lady-connectable Glass' (mermaid).

I see the Reines comet in the Nith/Nutt motto, and the Raines lions in the Nitt/Nutt Shield, and Mrs. Kilpatrick is in an online directory with a Rena middle name. The Reno river is a tributary of the Setta valley (Bologna), which valley was home to Panico's who share the Kilpatrick Chief. She was hovering over the Setta-like seats of the auto when the rapture took place. As Seats have a Cetis-like Cedes variation, and as they use besants, symbol of the Bassus > Bassianus family, it jibes with her hovering LEVEL over the seats as a pointer to Leavells/levels, from Lupus Laevillus, husband of Quadratilla Bassus, king and queen of Cetis. My dream has eyes to see history, the history of God's mortal enemies, the lines to his end-time enemies who are in for a shocker. Take warning all.

Ask: why did God cause me to decide one 1994 day to seek property in Mexico clear across the United States, and then direct me to purchasing property instead in Texas 10 minutes from the Kilpatricks? WHY WHY WHY way over there? It was 15 years after the Sleeping Beauty dream. There's got to be more to this than she and I sharing bloodlines in the heraldic past. There's got to be more to it than pointing to the bloodlines of satanists of modern times, for that could have been done without trips to Texas, and without the Kilpatricks. Why them? And why change things up to Ainsley Earhardt when there are others with the Annas bloodline? Is God concerned about Fox targeting Christians and making them hypocrites? I THINK SO, yes. Fox is a fake-Christian sham. Trump is a fake-Christian sham. And I think the False Prophet will be a fake-Christian sham. BEWARE, take warning.

Beauty and I hugged while going up in a rapture while the Fowler motto is translated, "He is wise who watches." Hmmm, that doesn't look like a bad think. Fowlers were first found in Wiltshire with Laps/Labbs' (from Podebrady on the Labe river) who share the mermaid with HUGo's. This recalls that Mamie and I slept in a TENT an hour or two after she sat on my lap (before she was my girlfriend). Fowlers, and the Vowels/Fowells with the "osTENTo" motto term, are new additions right here to Mamie, and as she pointed to Mens'/Mame's, it only starts to get amazing where the latter share the Chief-Shield colors combination of Vowells/Fowells, but does get amazing where Mens'/Mame's were first found in Midlothian with End-loving Leiths! Beauty.

Another mermaid is with Masons/Massins, and they share the ALBion Coat while Masci's were first found around Alba while the Labe river is more commonly the Alba-like Elbe. If you agree with me that Banners were Bohemians, compare German Alba's to PodeBRADy-like cake's/CakeBREADs and German Banners. Alba is on the Tanaro river at Monforte while the Arms of Bohemia has the Montfort lion, and then while Maschi's share pine cones with German Tanners, note Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise, for I think a Fulbert named Fowler-like Fullers. German Alba's share the Massey/Macey fleur, and I trace Cake's to Sitric CAECH, grandfather of king MACCus. Maschi's were first found in Rimini, near Fano, and while Fane's/Vans share the gauntlet with Maceys/Mace's, Fanano is a dog's walk from Sestola.

The Alba-like Albini's were first found at SESTola, and the Cetis surname is also SETTier/SESTier while Sestola is near the Setta valley! I don't know if I've ever been here before. The Bessin-line Bassianus' who included Julia Maesa must have been in this area. Fowler-like Foleys/FOWLeys were first found in Waterford while Fountain-loving Waterfords/Waterville's (share Fowler chevron) use "water lilies" in the colors of the giant lily of Cetis'/Settiers/Sestiers. Waters/Waterville's have triple chevrons in the colors of the triple fesses of Fullers. Sestola is in Modena either on or near the Banner-line Panaro river. Panico is a location on the Reno, and the upper Setta valley is under a mile from Fontana likewise on the Reno. If you zoom out from the map below, you'll see Marano sul Panaro about 20-25 kilometers north-west of the Setta valley. Marano's share the Montfort lion. Sestola is about 35 kilometers southwest of the Setta. Why do German Albini's use Boii-like bees? Baiocasses lived in the Bessin. Meschins of the Bessin married TailleBOIS' of the Bessin.

As I've said a million times, Mamie got a tease symbol to go with her thigh symbol as a pointer to Tease's/Tyes'/Tighs (Nottinghamshire, same as MAMESfelde of Mansfields), and while Mens'/Mame's and Sinclairs share "God" in their mottoes because both were in Midlothian, it suddenly explains the spelling of "trusTIE" in the Leith motto, instead of "trusty." The TIE's, you see, listed with Thigh's/Thys (fox to go with Miss Earhardt) in the "thy" motto term of Sinclairs. Lately, including two updates ago, I told about my enlarged thyROID! HalyROID, so to speak. Irish Henrys, sharing the Quarrel eagle, were first found in TYrone! Moreover, I've just seen that the Tease/Tyes/Tigh/TYE stars are those of Vowells/Fowells too!!! Like I said, this is new ground for Mamie pointers, and they are PERFECT. German Tease's/Tess'/Techs share leaves with Scottish Vowells/Fowleys (Aberdeenshire).

Podebrady is in Bohemia. As the Arms of Bohemia shares the double-tailed Montfort lion, let's add that French Henrys are said to be from Mott-Henry in Gael-Montfort, and that the Lipp Coat is the Montfort Coat minus the second tail. Mott-Henry is said to be in Saint-Gilles while French Gilles, in Gellone and Henry colors, were first found in Languedoc with Rodez's (Gilles lion in colors reversed), a clear link of Henrys to one of the Henrys of Rodez. Plus, the Enrico's share the fretty of Mott-like Modens/Modeys. Motts are kin of Deaths/Darths in the "death" motto term of English White's who in turn share the lion of Rodez's who were first found in Languedoc with the French Domine's in the motto of English Gilles'/Jills.

French Gilles share the bend of Dol-beloved Whale's/Whele's (Alan colors) while Dol is near Saint-Gilles. Wheels were first found in Shropshire with Dol's Alans. Keeps and Lorraine's share the Whale/Whele bend, and Keeps are in the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons, the latter first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's who in turn share the Wheeler/Whaler lions. The latter surname shares the fesse of Travers-loving Forez's/Fore's while Tarvisium/Treviso is where Vito's were first found expected in the "Avito" motto term of Wheelers/Whalers.

English Gilles'/Jills were first found in Yorkshire with Rhodes' and the Gells/Jills looking connectable to variations of French Gilles' and Gellone's. The RoqueFEUILs of Languedoc use treFOILs, and there's one in the Crest of Gamells who in turn have the Gell/Jill stars in colors reversed. The Gamble's/Gamals have the Gellone fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and Tyrone is where Proctor-beloved Neils/O'Nails were, kin of Colchesters from CAMULodunum.

The CAM river that named Cambridge is near CAMulodunum, and Cams, with a Gamal-like Game variation, share the six pale bars of Podebrady-liner Babels/Babwells. Who do we think the "gold GATE" of the latter is code for? Agatha-like Gates'/Gatts share both the Rodez and Gael lion, suggesting that Agatha was from, or to, the Gates'/Gatts.

To show that the two-tailed Montfort lion is for Tailboys/TailBOIS, suggesting a tail-line merger with Boii = Bohemians, the Grove's share the Tailbois scallops and add a "black dog" in Crest often called a "talbot" (though not in this case). Grove's were looked up as per the elitist Bohemian Grove having an owl god, and Owl-line Oullette's were at Basset while Bassets share the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds. The "Ny" motto terms of Grove's suggest Ny's/Nie's/Neys (Essex, same as CAMbridge) because they nearly have the triple, black-on-white fesses shown above the "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady. While Babels/Babwells use a "gold gate" too, the Ny's/Nie's/Neys share the Coat of Babe's, kin of Beaks who in turn do have the triple fesses in the Arms of Podebrady, and Beaks even have them wavy, as do Drummonds with their triple fesses.

The Vowell / Tease star is that of Annas' of Nottinghamshire (houseofnames now treats only the Arniss variation of Annas'), and so Ainsley Earhardt is in Mamie's thigh. Why? In Greek myth, the thigh was symbol for lame Hephaestus. That is, he was MAIMed in the legs from birth. Mamie sat on my legs when she sat on my lap. She sat on my knee, and while Knee's are Nee's too, the End motto is, "NE tentes aut prefice." The Knee/Nee stag head is that also of Tristans.

The heraldic merMAID was Vere-beloved, mythical neo-Melusine, after her snake tail was turned into a fish tail. Melusine is suspect as code for Melissena Rangabe. Wikipedia's article on her grandfather, emperor Michael I of Byzantium, shows (or once showed) the Rangabe Arms, a flory cross in the colors of the Oddie saltire. It's a white flory cross, symbol also of Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with French Bauds while the MEDALlion pointed to Medals/Dougals sharing the quadrants of Scottish Bauds, Odo's and Hodleys, perfect work by God. Scottish Bauds were even first found in Stirlingshire with Ottone-connectable Chappes'/CHEAPS' while Jeepma's/Cheps are the reason that the medallion was on the hood of my Jeep. But I've never been on the Rangabe's with this medallion before, and it just so happens that the Bouillon flory is in both colors of the Taddei flory while Taddei's are the ones with triple chevrons in the colors of the triple Fountain and Hug fesses. That works, especially as my grandmother was born from a Taddei. But that's not Russian, though Varangian RUS founded Moscow, interestingly enough. yet the medallion has "SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA" stamped on it. Why?

Sleeping Beauty was with a car that was identified as an auto as per Otto liners, and it just so happens that I first saw her coming around the FENDER to the HOOD while Fenders, first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters, use an otter at the tip of a sword in the colors of the Aude/Ode and Joiner/Jenner swords! That's a huge bingo. As I said, I left my heraldic work off on the hood event one day, then went to town and found someone's Russian medallion on the hood of my Jeep when coming back to it with a cart full of groceries.

Repeat: "Ringels/RANGels have an upright lion in the colors of the Fowler lions, begging whether Ring / Ringer liners were from [Fowler's mother]." Rings/Crans almost have the Other/Otter Coat, and Rings/Ringsteads therefore look like they have a version of the otter-using Balfour Coat. As I've said a million times, Miss Hicks got a knee symbol in real life to match the knee in her Beauty dream. In real life, she got it on the RANCH road in Camp Wood, Texas. It's called the Leakey road by locals, and Leaks/Leakeys, with a bent knee in Crest and sharing the engrailed bend of Knee's/Nee's, share the RENCH and Hicks (and Ainsley) fleur-de-lys). English Rangers are also Ringers, and French Rangers have a giant cross alone looking related to the giant Gettes / Loge saltire. As the latter two surnames were of Fulk I, the first or second count of Anjou, let's add that the Drakenberg-Vere family made mythical Melusine the mother of Milo, first count of Anjou shortly prior to Fulk I. That's a very good reason for seeing mythical Melusine as code for Melissena RANGabe. But why is Sleeping Beauty suddenly looking like a Rangabe entity? Does the Oddie saltire apply to the Arms of Rangabe cross?

The Vigils expected in the Fowler motto look like Fulke/Volk kin, which recalls the dream I had with MICHAEL and his VOLKSwagen in a mall parking lot. It was at that time that I clinched this particular Michael as God's code for Michael Rangabe! It was a certainty from other clues. German Michaels, with the Fowler lions in colors reversed, were first found in Bohemia with Podebrady. It could indicate that Inger knew Miss Podebrady, mother of the Drummonds who have three of the German Michael fesse. In fact, the Michaels add the hexagrams of Hagars on their fesse, and Hagars were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds.

As I've said a million times for the 1979 dream: I saw a woman in the distance at the hood of a car in a bathing suit; it was the only car on the beach. I then started to walk toward her, when I saw myself as a spectator would, wearing only my JEANs. I've never entertained Gean liners with that beach scene, but now, Geans/Gains/ENgains (share Hayden dancette) are also ENGhams and INGems, suggesting Inger the Varangian. This is intriguing me. Was Fowler's wife, and Otto's mother, a Rangabe? Her mother was REINhild. Were Rangabe's from Reigns liners?

"Aut" is shared between Ends and Joys/Joice's (brown wolf) while Joiners/Jenners/Genners, sharing the Aude/Ode swords (both have them coming to a point), are also JOYners. This tends to prove that Ends have the Macey/Mace stars in particular because the two Joiner/Jenner swords to a point form a chevron, as do the "daggers" of Maceys/Mackays ("FORTi"). One Irish Mackay Coat, sharing crossed swords in Crest with Joiners/Jenners and German Dax's/Tax's suspect in "AuDAX," shares the black wolf head (with chains) with a Tristan Crest. Fothes'/Fette's share the Gamell stars while Gemels have the hearts JOINed with chains. Chaine's/Chenays use the same white-on-blue sword yet again, held by a white wing suspect as the Masci wing. Maschi's share the Fowler lion.

Joys/Joice's share the red and double-headed eagle of Spike's/Specks, suspect as a pointer to spike proteins, the vaccine ingredient causing severe ailments, and intended to manufacture viruses in the body. Spike's/Specks were a branch of Speccots, the latter first found in Devon with Otto-line Hoods and Vowells/FOWELLs i.e. looking like a Fowler branch. I quit for the day at the paragraph above to do some work, but late in the evening, I was back wondering whether I had missed something important as per my trip to Bradford mentioned in the last update when on the night I have Mellanson the note. The punch to Barry's lip pointed to Schwabs/Swabs, and the "fier" motto term of Bradfords flirts with that pointer too:

As I said earlier, Barry and a few of us left Mellanson's party. I didn't know where they were going, and maybe they didn't either when they left, but we ended up in a BAR in BRADford, and it just so happens that "sage" is a motto term shared between Bradfords and Spree's. This is right down the "BREATHing FIRE" of Seatons, for Breath's are listed with Bradds. Bradfords [peacock in Crest] even add "FIER" to their motto, and the Fear variation of Fiers is in the Peacock motto, is that not sumthin'? It's amazing, and new right here, for both Paw surnames use the peacock, and both Paws are also Power-like Pauers, isn't that sumthin'? I've never been here before, and as Kilpatricks use "a dexter paw" of the Pew lion, isn't that sumthin'? [Quarrels use a Pewter-like "pewit.] The quarrel Mellanson had with me was in my leaving the party (I don't blame him for being upset), and we went to Bradford, and here the Bradfords connect to the Pews, apparently, which is to say to the German Paws/Pauers/PauerBUSCH's.

Peacocks (share blue peacock head in Crest with Bradfords) even have a "not" motto term while Nots are listed with Note's/Cnuts, which makes it a FACT that it was God's idea for us to go to Bradford just before I gave Mellanson the note. I assume He wants to assure the reader that he was in the events of that night, but then there's a reason(s) He wants to do so.

I've checked what Sage's use to find that the "man" wears a "CLOSE cap," and Close's are also Claws-like Clowse's so that this can be a Klaus / Claws/Clason bloodline. To fill you in, the last update found Claws/Clasons sharing the Lipp and Barre/Barrey Coat, perfect for the punch to Barry's lip. Close's/Clowse's are in the colors and format of Snake's/Snooks (share Drummond Crest and Pew fleur-de-lys) in the snake of the Bradford Crest.

As soon as Close's were loaded just now, I was reminded that they have the Macey/Mace Shield plus, and thus it's in Joiner/Jenner colors and format. As Kilpatricks are Patchie's too while Patch's (Devon, same as Pewters/Powters) and BURNs share black hunting horns with Close's, and as Close's share the spur with Nith-like Nights, and as Close's share a green Crest with Kilpatricks (share Pew lion with "paw"), I see Close's as the namers of CloseBURN on the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle. The Sleeping Beauty dream, a couple of weeks roughly before we went to Bradford that night, had a CLOSE-up of Beauty's FACE, and she married Mr. Kilpatrick. This is unbelievable, for while Face's/Fessys were from the Fieschi, Fiscs share the Pew motto!!! It's almost the MacKenzie motto. This is brand new material, I've never made these links before to Sleeping Beauty.

The Fisc Shield is shared by ATHA's, and Agatha of Podebrady firstly married Edward ATHeling. Athels/Athets were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds. Atheling was of the House of Wessex, and the Wessex/Waistell surname shares blue doves with the English George's, from George of Hungary, Agatha's second husband (in my opinion, and at least one other person). Agatha's daughter included Cristina while Christine Peare was given a waist symbol for Waistells. Ahh: the Arms of PodeBRADY shares a "gold GATE" (like "AGATha") with Babels/Babwells, first found in Middlesex with the Fiers/Fears in the BRADford motto! BEAUTY! Plus, Gate's/Gatts share the lion of Bone's with a Bohemian-like Bohun variation, and with BEAUmonts, the latter first found in Dorset with George's, Babe's (Beak and Brady kin), and Podebrady-liner Beaks (their triple fesses above the gold gate). It was recently postulated that German Lipps were of the Laps/LABBS' (share mermaid with German Babels/Babe's), from the Labe river at Podebrady. It was barry who got punched in the lip, and German Barrys share fish heads on red with Gates-like Geddes'. The latter's Ged ancestry was on the Nith river with Closeburn, and so it could seem that Agatha was named after Ged liners, perhaps even McGee's with MacGETHE ancestry, and first found in Dumfries' with the Nith river.

Dewsburys are said to have their cross "VOIDed," and Voits, amazingly, have the "paly" Shield of Pewters/Powters in colors reversed. If the Dewsbury cross were not voided, it would be the Face/Fessy Coat. The Segni's/Segurana's (Genoa, same as Fieschi) in the Face/Fessy motto share the BARR eagle, and look like kin of Barrels. Were the Sage's part of the Segurana's or Seagars/Sagars (Devon)? It just so happens that Seconds, listed Segurs, are in the Levi motto with leopard-face Ade's/Aids. German Sage's happen to come up as "Sagar."

The sleeping bag dream featured DAVID Morley, who showed me that Davids were kin of ADe's/Aids (leopard FACES) in the Levi motto, and the Pew, Kilpatrick and David lion is that of Jewish Levi's too! Whammo. Plus, the Pew / Fisc motto includes "AD." here's the Bradford write-up: "The surname Bradford was first found in the West Riding of Yorkshire at Bradford, a borough, market-town, and parish, and the head of a union, in the wapentake of MORLEY. 'This place during the heptarchy formed part of the extensive parish of Dewsbury...'" While English Morleys (more leopard faces) were first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts, Scottish Morleys (Yorkshire) are also MAULs while I entered a MALL PARKING lot (in the dream) immediately after Morley rode away down the road. I've told this a million times, and claimed that the parking lot points to Perkins/Parkings, and they happen to use the Pew Coat exactly! Zinger. To boot, the Quarrel Crest shares the green, spread eagle with Irish Henrys.

This new thing comes in the very update in which it was shown convincingly that king David I (in the David Coats), whose son, Henry Huntingdon, married ADA of WARENNE, traces to Agatha of PodeBRADY, and here this section is off of BRADfords and BRADleys! This is too much, for Bradfields share the WARREN checks!!! TOO MUCH. That must be why the "MEN'S heads" of Sage's are said to be "WEARING black close caps". Leavell-related Walerans (share "Sic" with Pews), first found in Devon with Wearings/Warings (share Bradfield checks), were at Bradfield, and Pews were first found in Montgomeryshire, in POWys, with Kerrys while Leavells were at Castle Cary. The Powys' share the fitchees of Darlene's who in turn share the drop-Shield of Note's/Cnuts.

Ahh, Bradleys tell of a Bradley location in Wiltshire's MAIDen, and Podebrady-liner Laps/Labbs', with a merMAID (!), were first found in Wiltshire. Maidens/Maddens (share the Tracy/Trasse symbol) have a "falcon volant SEIZing a silver mallard," and SEES'/Sea's share the triple fesses of German Drummonds! Scottish Drummonds have the "Gang" motto term while Gangs/Geggs share the Bucket cinquefoil, which is why Drummonds figured into the trash can in the door-handle dream, for the trash can was at first a bucket and a barrel DRUM until it was deciphered also as a trash can via Tracys/Trasse's having two locations at Caen.

' Plus, Barry was punched on the face and lip by Sharon QUINN when we got back to Mellanson's party. Quinns have two gold snakes, as do Earhardts, and an erect sword held by a hand, similar to the Hears/Hayes Coat from the last update:

The Hear/Hayes Coat is nearly this Mackesy Coat, and then the Mackesys who bring up Margesons have a "Loyalite ME LIE" motto that looks like another code for Leghs/Lye's/Lie's. The motto even looks like it has the Mee variation of the Ainsley-beloved My's! This is new material; I've not known about Irish Hears/Hayes' before (except maybe in passing, but not as "Hears") in order to make these solid links to Miss Earhardt from Mellanson's ear swab.

The other Irish Quinns share a blank, gold Chief with Mellanson-branch Mellans and Mellanson-beloved Rods, and the Rodez lion is shared by Irish Gains'/Gainers who share the trefoils (different color) with Rods. The Gains'/Gainers were first found in Longford with both Quinn surnames. There's also a French Gains/Gainous surname first found in Ile-de-France with Mellans. It just looks like another arrangement by God to point to gain-of-function. As I've said before, though I should have stressed it, there is a function-like Funk surname listed with Jewish Finks who share the German Finks Coat, and it's also the Coat of Scottish corona-like Crone's. Doesn't it look Arranged by Somebody? German Crone's have "a crane holding a ROCK in its foot." Rockefeller drugs from the line of mythical Coronis > Asclepius the coiled-snake man. The Gains'/Gainers even have a split Shield in the colors of the Ground/Cranny Chief that itself have another crane, and the English Grounds/Grundys have nearly the Rhodes Coat, no guff.

While the other Irish Quinns share the Gilligan Coat, the actress in Gilligan's island was, Ginger, and Gingers are listed with Gangs/Geggs. This is not at all the first time that God, I claim, used Gilligan's Island. As I said, I remember only three things the night that Mamie sat on my lap, and the first one was she with Barry in the back of a pick-up truck, followed by the lap event which I had always described with "gang" when saying that she couldn't find a place to sit while the gang was around the camp fire, so she sat on my lap. You just saw the Lap link to Gang liners...but also involving BRADleys who share a red boar head with BABons while Babe's and Babels were Podebrady liners too! Ya see. Babon was son of MUMmolin, and the MOLINE of Maidens/Maddens is perhaps related to "MumMOLIN." Another moline is with Fiers (Middlesex, same as Babels/Babwells) in the Bradford motto.

Babon was the father of Grimo, and Bags share the GRIMaldi Shield! The third event that night was my sleeping with Mamie in her sleeping BAG. Babons also share the black boar head with the Gardens whom Mamie pointed to the next day when she got a thigh symbol at her garden. She got her tease symbol in the sleeping bag, and Bradys were first found in Galway with Teague's/TEEGERs while Tease's/Thys' are also Tighs while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Babons. Teague's/Teegers were a branch of Ticks/Tucks/Tocks, first found in Yorkshire with Tickhills who in turn share the "maunch" with Mansfields who named MAMESfelde in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'.

Wearing share a red dragon with Drake's. The Mens' suspect in the Sage description are in the motto of Poppins/POPhams (Hampshire, same as Drake's), while Wearings/Warings almost use the checkered bend of POPE's/Pape's. Then, German Popps/Poppens/Poppels share the annulets of Bradfields. Add to this the Pew motto that's one letter off from a MacKenzie motto (both use "ASTRa"), and we have a super pointer to the Apophis ASTERoid, especially as Hampshire is where Aster-branch Sturs were first found. But the Schwab unicorn eluded this Bradford investigation.

Repeat: "Peacocks (share blue peacock head in Crest with Bradfords) even have a "not" motto term while Nots are listed with Note's/Cnuts, which makes it a FACT that it was God's idea for us to go to Bradford just before I gave Mellanson the note. I assume He wants to assure the reader that he was in the events of that night, but then there's a reason(s) He wants to do so." The Bradford Crest has "a snake in [the peocock's] mouth and enTWINEd around its neck." Twine's are the ones with POPPENjays, and the "interTWINED gold snakes" of Earhardts can apply here with inter-like Ingers/INDERs/Enders. Snake's/Snooks share the Pew fleur-de-lys. As the Joiners/Jenners in the Gemel hearts are in Snake/Snook colors and format, it seems to be linking to EarHARDTs yet again.

BEHOLD! The poppinJAYs are partly for Jays beloved by Davers who may in turn have been a branch of the DEWSburys at Dewsbury, location of Bradfords. Daver-like Dewers/Dure's love the Quids/Quade's sharing Bradford wolf head. Quids/Quade's share chains with Gemels, and it's the latter's chains that join their hearts. It's Gemels who are in the bars gemel of Oullette's, and Joe Oullette was praying with me over Mellanson's ear. Irish Barrys/Barre's share three sets of bars gemel (different color) with Oullette's. Quids/Quade's are in the Q-shaped Traby/Sadowski "scarf,' and Mellanson's Q-tip in his ear pointed to Miss Earhardt. It was a cotton swab, and it even seems that Davers were kin of Crauns/Crane's (Suffolk, same as Davers and OWLs/Howls) who in turn were from the Ceraunii Illyrians, the pointer to the coronavirus that Klaus Schwab is exploiting. Not only are the Craun/Crane and Daver Coats similar, but Crauns/Crane's have the Popp/POPPEN annulets in colors reversed!!! Beauty. Unbelievable paragraph. The only thing missing is a way to plug the Tipps'/Tippins into this paragraph for the Q-TIP.

AHH, I have it: Tipps'/Tippins ("ARROWheads" link to Pepins/Pepys and Pipe's) share the bull head of RatCLIFFs (Lancashire, same as Tipps/Tippins), and Cliffs share the three wolf heads of Quids/Quade's!!! The Scarfs can be linked to Schere's/Scherffs, and while Austrian Schere's have "a snake entwined around a STICK," Cliffs are said to have married Stick-branch Stichs! There we go, and the Letts/Late's suspect in "OUlLETTE" have organ PIPE's while Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with ARROWs/Arras' and Bassets while Oulette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset. As said many times, Sticks are from "ASTIKas," a Lithuanian of a RADziwill family who married a Traby family. THE WOW, as per the Tipps/Tippen ARROWheads, Rats/RAIDs, first found in Nairnshire with Rose's/RAS', share a fat, black cross with Arrows having a Ras-like Arras variation, and RASmussens share the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn!!! That works, don't fix it. And by the way, both Crauns/Crane's and Tipps'/Tippins use the "GORGed" crown feature suspect with George's.

We have a super pointer to Klaus Schwab in the trip to Bradford if Close's are Klaus liners. My friends had never been to Bradford with me before; I don't know who's idea it was. All I remember was being in this horrible bar, not drinking, and they left soon after, returning to Mellanson's party in order to fulfill that morning's vision and Message. For a long time, this bar had been a strip joint, and while Yonge's were Leavell kin, it was on the corner of Yonge street, called highway 11 too, that went straight north to the city of Barrie! That's new. It was called the Village Inn, and I see online that it's still there: "It’s not a secret! The Village Inn Bradford is one of Ontario’s most popular landmark and entertainment destinations [spit, it's trash]. Its located at 2 Holland Street East on the south east corner of Highway 11 and Simcoe Street...Barrie is only 20 minutes to the north..." Barry was with us. There's a good chance that at least one of the Oullette brothers (three of them were in the gang on a fairly-regular basis), and Irish Barrys/Barre's are also Barrie's while they share the Oullette bars gemel in red. It's pointing to Joe Oullette.

German Barrys share fish heads on red with Geddes', the latter first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids and Jay-beloved Rose's/Ras'. Gattenburgs are suspect with Nights/Knights (Suffolk, same as Jay-loving Davers and Poppen-related Crauns) at the Nith river, where proto-Geddes Geds were who have a "DURat" motto suspect with Dure's/Dewers and Rats/Raids together. It's evidence that Agatha of Podebrady was of Ged stock. Dure's/Dewers were first found Perthshire with Drummonds, and with the Hagars sharing the Rad hexagram, and then English Doors, in Gates/Gatt colors and format, come up as "Dower." The latter are to be connected to Barrels who in turn share the Chief-Shield of Dure's/Dewers. Geddes' use "pike heads" while Scottish Pike's/Pickens were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs. English Pike's were first found in Devon with Berrys and Beers.

Bradfords were at Dewsbury, and DEWSburys happen to have a BRADley location in their write-up while Bradleys ("audax" again) share the DEW/Dewey and Man fesse (recalls the Sage "man's head" in Crest, and "men's heads" with "close caps").

Fox and Friends

I've found a way to use Irish Harts to get us to Fox and Friends with interesting results. The first thing I did is assume that God should have some leads in a Hart / Heart surname that relates to, or corroborates, my findings thus far. But there wasn't anything I could readily see in any of the three Hart surnames, though the fourth, the Jewish Harts, look related to Earhardts. I finally loaded Mead-like Meaths/Meathams for two reasons: Brian KilMEADE co-hosting Fox and Friends with Miss Earhardt, and because Irish Harts were first found in Meath. It's the only lead I can see from the Hart surnames, and I know that this is going to work, because I've just gone through the ropes of it. French Brians even share the Nail/Neil saltire to go with the Proctor nails in the Logan heart.

What are the chances that following Meaths gets us to the ear swab? Meaths share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, and were first found in Yorkshire with Methleys who in turn have a version of the Oullette Coat. Joe Oullette prayed for the blood in Mellanson's ear. The Methley-branch Medleys, once said to be first found in Sussex with Meads/Meats, even share two sets of the three sets of bars gemel of Oullette's. Is that not amazing already? Milan was founded a MEDIOLanum, like "Medley." Is that not more amazing already? Gemels use HEARTs, and Gamble's/Gamals share the Ainsley / Hicks fleur.

The Fire's share the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn, and while Meaths were at Howden, Howdens (motto: "Ferio, TEGo") have a GREEN dragon head "SPOUTing fire." It reminds of the "spots" on the Hayden dog. Howdens share the Gain/Engain crosslets, and the Gain/Engain dancette is in a Hayden Chief, making Howdens/Hawdens look like a Hayden branch!!! Zikers, it already looks like a pointer to Klaus Schwab and GAIN-of-function. Hayden is Ainsley's daughter with Mr. Proctor.

The Howden motto looks like code for Teague's/Teegers because a GREEN tiger is in the Medley Crest. Howden is in Yorkshire with tiger-using Dents, and Hicks. It's relevant that German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of Milan's Maurels/Maurino's, and of Tous'/Tosini's in the "tous" motto term of bleed-like Bleds. Mellanson's ear was bleeding, and I've only-now discovered that the Bled Coat is in the Arms of Gloucester, and Gloucestershire is where LETTs/Late's were first found suspect in "OulLETTE." The Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Tigers, and then while Meads/Meats use pelicans, Howells share the giant Pellican tower, which in the colors of the giant Tewkesbury castle. Pellicans were first found in Maine with Josephs. Joseph Oullette prayed for Mellanson's bleeding ear!

The TEWKESburys, who look like a branch of Teague-branch Ticks/TOUQUE's/Tocks (Yorkshire again), were first found in Gloucestershire with a Tewkesbury location, and the Tewkesburys married Arthurs of Clapton who in turn had married Meads too. The Harts are also ARTs. The Arms of Gloucester has a "semper" motto term, and while Harts/Arts have the Semper/St. Peer lion in colors reversed, Hayden-branch Howdens/Hawdens have one of the two Semper lions. Sempers/St. Peers share the Duce/Doocy Coat, and Steve Doocy is the third co-host of Fox and Friends. There we go, we're there already with Mellanson's ear. Amazing, because this includes Miss Hicks = Sleeping Beauty, which was afterward Ainsley Earhardt. The Harts/Arts brought us here already, all brand new material.

Teague's/Teegers use a "SUMmum" motto term. I was led to Texas by God, and purchased a property from Mrs. Teague ten minutes from Miss Hicks. I've said it before, I'm not making it up, Mrs. Teague was born Miss FRIEND!!! The motto in the Arms of Gloucester uses "proSUM" that seemingly jibes with the Teague/Teeger motto. It can be part-code for Pierro/Pero liners (kin of Tease's/Tyes'/TIGHs) on the Tick-like Ticino river. The full motto (Prosum semper) is translated, "EVER Forward," and while "Forward" is a Seaton motto term, the Howden/Hawden dragon is the Seaton dragon. Plus, the Arthurs of Clapton married the Hicks, and the latter's "BON HEURE" must be part-code for Eure's/EVERs, and part-code for Bono's sharing nearly the Motley Coat. Could Motleys possibly relate to Meads/Meats, Meaths, Methleys and Medleys?

The Howden Crest is essentially the GREEN dragon head of Note-like Nothings/Northens "EMITTing flames," which goes well with the "flammant" sword of Irish Harts/Arts. The Emitts are also Motley-like EMOTTs (!), and they share the white unicorn head in Crest with Note's/Cnuts. It's starting to look like Fox and Friends the motley crew. The Howell tower is colors reversed in the Coat of Scottish Naughtens/Nortons i.e. like the Nothings/Northens. There's a question on whether Howls named Howdens, then Haydens, then the Hay/Hayes variation of ear-like Hears (Irish).

The Hope's in the Naughten/Norton motto are in Note/Cnut colors and format, and once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts, Eyers/Ayers and Hears/Here's/Heyers. The latter can be linked to Herman Here's/Herrs as per the latter sharing the scythe with Friths while the Fresh's/FRITSCH's expected in the Hear/Here/Heyer description, "a black tree TRUNK SPROUTing AFRESH." Sprouts use more hearts as well as the crossed spears of Speers, and the latter share the boar heads of Roets (Somerset, same as Gordano) and Gords/GORDANs, and so see Juliana Hicks of Gordano below, the line likely to Meads/Meats. Trunks were first found in Franconia with Schwabs/Swabs, and the Franconian Rake can be code for Rake's who have a version of the Tick/Touques and STUMP Coats (a tree trunk is often a stump too).

Nothings are in the motto of Seaton-branch Sutys, and Seatons/Sittens, with a GREEN dragon "breathing fire," were first found in East Lothian with FAUCets and Vaux's. We've been on this vaccine-pointing turf recently. So, as the Howdens/Hawdens are suspect with Haydens while the Howden/Hayden Crest is virtually the Seaton Crest, we have Ainsley Earhardt tracking to this picture. Haws can be gleaned as kin of Kettle's, in turn a branch of Keiths, the latter first found in East Lothian with HADDington, and where Haldans, and branch of Hayden-like Haddens, were once said to be first found.

English Vaux's share the Arms of Meulan/Mellent, and Millens/Milans are also Mellents, first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons who describe their "bundle of rods" with "an AXE in the MIDDLE." Is that not amazing, that while I set out to see where Harts of Meath would take us, and while they got us to Mellanson's ear swab already, we now find that even Mellansons were related to a branch of Meaths (at Howden). First-off, Henrys, from Henry of RODez, were at MOTT-Henry! Secondly, the Axe river has a mouth at Seaton, and thirdly, Seaton is in Devon with a Motley branch of Middle's, the latter first found in Shropshire with Motleys of Medlicott. Here's the Motley write-up:

By the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273, some of the family were found in Devonshire [same as Venns/Fenns] where Richard de MIDDLEcote was listed as holding lands at that time. "The ancient Shropshire family of Medlicott, which took its name from a manor, flourished in the 13th century. The Medlycott family of VEN House, Milborne Port, SOMERSET, originally came from Shropshire."

Just clicking along ever forward. Note the Mellan-like Roger de MELdron, father of the MOTleys of MEDLIcott.

Ahh, almost missed this: Joe Oullette and I PRAYed for Mellanson's ear, and Irish Prays share the Coat/COTES Coat to go with Mr. MiddleCOTE above! The COTTon swab! I see the Coats/Cotes pale bars in the Keith Chief. Recall the "flamMANT" sword of Harts of Meath, for Mants/Ments/Mantabeys (Yorkshire again, same as Motley kin), likely kin of Pings/Pongs/Pagans (Yorkshire), almost have the Hank Coat while "hanks of cotton" are used by Cottons. The Hank bendy is colors reversed from the same of Pings/Pongs/Pagans, and the Motley Crest is even the Ping/Pong/Pagan Crest in other colors! More: the Mant/Ment/Mantabey Coat is shared by CRESSENTS/Crests/Crete's, and while the latter have the white Hank Chief, apparently, a giant CRESCENT is used by Motts. Beauty. Cressents were a branch of two-tailed Cressys.

Cottons (Ottone colors) were first found in Huntingdonshire with Ottone-connectable Others/OTTers, and with Henry Huntingdon whom I connect to the Mellanson rods. The Mellanson-beloved Middle's were first found in Shropshire with Motleys and the RODden river.

As the car in the Sleeping Beauty dream was an auto suspect with the line of Ottone Visconti, though the Cars/CURRs applied to that same car, note the "cura" motto term of Motleys. Cars/Currs love a family at the Serio river of Lombardy, where proto-Windsor Others/Otters were from. Cottons are in the colors and format of Irish Carrs/Kerrs, Pings/Pongs and their Pinc/Pink branch were from Pincum at the Pek river, and Peks/Pecks are in Car/Curr colors and format. Currys/Corrys share the Windsor saltire.

As Dougals come up as Medley-like Medals, note that they and their Dowell branch share the Motley lion, which is also the Fallis lion to go with Oullette's at Fallis-like Falaise. OULLETte's look like a branch of owl-using OLTens, and Otone's/Oltons share the lion of Seaton-beloved Breaths/Bradds/Breads now said to be first found in Cheshire with Otone's/Oltens but once said to be first found in Midlothian with the Fallis' sharing the same lion.

The Arms of Meulan are nearly the Funk/Fink Coat and Crone Coats, a pointer to Gain-of-FUNCtion. The Funk/Fink Coats are nearly the GRIMaldi Coat, and Greens are also Greems/Greme's, first found in Kent with Greenwich's who in turn share the Coat of Odins, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Methleys and Howdens/Hawdens. Greenwich's and Odins use the same crozier, and Italian Croce's once again share the Fallis / Breath / Otone/Olton lion while Scottish Crozier's have the gold, fat cross of Ainsleys surrounded by the Earhardt fleur-de-lys. The Scottish Crozier Coat is the Arms of Chalons-en-Champaign, home of MUMmolin (possibly in the "SumMUM" motto term of Teague's), grandfather of GRIMo (son of Babon). As this Babon line is suspect at PodeBRADy with Breaths/Bradds/Breads, it's notable that Teague's are also Caige's while Cage's, first found in Cambridge with Cake's/CakeBREADs, look like kin of Gates' i.e. from Agatha of Podebrady. Compare with MOTTons/Mittens/Muttons (Yorkshire) and Stone's. As Bohemians were found by Boii at BONonia, it probably explains why Bono's (share Motley and Otone/Olton lion) nearly have the Gates Coat too.

Cambridgeshire is where Dive's were first found who share the dancetty fesse of Gains/Engains and Haydens, and this is really amazing, for while the Rockefellers are behind much/most of the medical establishment, Falaise happens to be on an Ante tributary of the Dives river.

The Odin lion is expected as the Otone/Olton lion, and the Otone/Olton quadrants happen to be colors reversed from the same of Motleys. English Forts use the Otone/Olton quadrants while Irish Harts of Meath share "Fortis" with the same Forts ("AUDax") who in turn use a rock for Rock/Roque = Roquefeuil liners (from Aude) who include the Falaise-like Fallis' who share the other lion of Motleys. We could say that the two lions of Motleys are the "two" of Otone's/Oltons.

New: the Arms of Falaise has the Fort and Tewkesbury castle on what looks like a rock. I had found an article(s) telling that Arthurs married Hicks of Clapton, Meads, and Tewkesburys. The article below agrees:

"Julyan my rvelbeloved Wicf" is described in every Hicks pedigree as Juliana Arthur of Clapton in Gordano [at Clapton of Somerset]; and the inference certainly is that that was her maiden name, because in the earliest edition of the Hicks arms, the arms of the Arthurs of Clapton, gules, a chevron argent between three rests (or clarions) or, are impaled. In Collinson's "History of Somerset" is a long account of the very ancient family of Arthur of Clapton. And the account states that John Arthur, who was lord of the manor in the time of Henry VII., had a sister Juliana. She married Hugh (or Richard) Mead of Mead's Place in a neighbouring parish...

It seems that the Hicks-Arthur marriage then married Meads, explaining why houseofnames, after they had Meads first found in Sussex with Medleys (and Bone's), had Meads first found in Somerset. As the Coat of Milan's Bono's is nearly the Otone/Olten Coat, it's all going to Ottone Visconti. His city of Milan was founded ad MEDIOLanum by the InSUBRES' now tracing to Sybaris, the people of which founded Laus (at the bay of Laus), and then I've explained several times with Millens/Milans, with their Buchanan kin, trace to Buxentum at the bay of Laus. It's known that peoples from the Greek location of Boura were at Sybaris, and I can now capitalize on this, first where Otone's/Oltons are said to have been from Vassy (near Falaise) in the province of Vire.

The virus-like Vires'/Verona's, with a version of the Feller Coat, were first found in Ile-de-France with Rod-related Mellans, and that place is where La Falaise is found, not to be confused with Falaise in Normandy at the Dives river area. "...this is really amazing, for while the Rockefellers are behind much/most of the medical establishment, Falaise happens to be on an Ante tributary of the Dives river." As Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France, compare their Coat to Burcys, for one can trace the Boura location below, with mythical Daphne in the Ladon river, to Daphne of Phoenicia, a dog's walk from Laish, where the pagan Levite priest, Jonathan (book of Judges) was living.

Here's the write-up of Otone's/Oltons for their Owl-like OULton location: "...when Serlon de Burcy of the Canton of Vassey in Normandy, was granted lands [at Oulton]..." The Burcys/Bursys/Bourceys were once said to have been a branch of Bourgs, though that statement is no longer there. Irish Burgs/BERKs could have named Berkshire, location of Windsor castle. As Berk-like Burcys/Bursys/BOURceys were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds and Burleys/Bourleys, it appears that Mr. Burcy was from Boura, for it's near or at the source of the Ladon river. The Pfizer CEO is Mr. Bourla. Burcys/Bursys/Bourceys have fessewise bars in the colors of the one fesse of Ladons/Ladds, and they were first found beside the first-known Palins that I trace with Buchans (same place as Mellansons) to PALINurus at the bay of Laus.

Burleys/Bourleys are in the colors of Blade's who in turn speak of their BURSEblade branch. A "blade" is used by Teems (Motley colors) suspect in the "quieTEM" motto term of Motleys! Just realized while treading here: the Sybaris river splits Lucania from Calabria, and the latter is where MOTA's, as well as their MOTLey-like Motel branch, were first found!!! ZIKERS, that's new and good. I trace "CALABRia" to "KALAVRYta" near Boura and the Ladon river.

Having said that, the "cura" motto term of Motleys can now be suggested for Carians in Sybaris, for Herodotus of Caria moved there. The "Sero" and "serio" motto terms of Cars/Currs can be for the namers of SERlon de Burcy (de Vassy), and moreover the Serio river is in Lombardy with the Insubres'. The Cremers ("dorMIT") are from the namers of Crema on the Serio river, and German Cremers share the ram head (different color) with the Crest of MOTTons/MITTens. Rams, with a "vis" and "FACias" motto term possibly for the Face's/Fessys with a Vassy-like Vase variation, were first found in Essex with Motts. Mottens/Mittens are split vertically in the colors of the same of English Doors. "DORmit"! Scottish Doors have leopard FACES.

RAMundo's, sharing the Shield of Fessy-connectable Fiscs/Fisks, were first found in Cremona, near Crema. Rams are in Cotton colors and format, and while Cottons love Hanks, Hangers/Angers and Angers share the esCARbuncle with French Rays, potentially from RAYmundo's. Cottons (Huntingdonshire) can trace to Lombardy (location of Cremona) with Others/Otters.

Re-Visiting the Spider Chase

Stew Peters late this week had one of the Spanish researchers who brought the world the claim that four major vaccine companies deliberately but secretly added graphene-oxide into their vials, which is a poison to the human body. Under the suspicion that God provided the Graffs across the street from our home, I began to theorize that a spider event that occurred at her home might relate. Below is how I put it in the 4th update of November, 2021, after mention in previous updates of November the new-to-me Hane/HaneGRAAFF/GANEgreve surname that shares the Coat of HAHNs (Mecklenburg, same as Trumps), in Trump colors and format. Does that not appear Arranged by God to vilify Trump's FDA Chief, Stephen Hahn?:

Having said that, I went back to the event with Kepke, when we were 14 years of age, when we were at the Graff residence, when he chased me with a spider dangling on a strand of web (with Karen Graff, same age, my friend, watching me cower). I could not see a way to connect that event crisply to poison vaccines. The Strand surname was checked, which has probably the longest description of any heraldic surname i.e. lots of word-play clues...

The Strands have a savage "wrapped in ivy," and so Ivys were loaded, though nothing hit me aside from this in the write-up: "And another notes that 'Ivey is a name that has been represented in EGloshayle...'." And I took notice that the giant Ivy lion, in colors reversed, is red like the giant lion of EGGERtons, first found in Cheshire with Eggs/Edge's, the latter looking by its Coat to be a branch of Ice's/Ecco's (Mecklenburg, same as Hahns), the pointers to ECOhealth, Fauci's partner in vaccines crimes. The problem was, I couldn't be sure that Egg liners named Egloshayle.

Strand-beloved Savage's/Sava's have the Eagle/Hagel/Aigle Coat in colors reversed, and while EGLOshayle (and "EglosHAYLE") thus looks like it was named by the Eagle / Hagel bloodline, yet-more Savage's were first found in Cheshire with Eggs and Eggertons while Eggs have a giant eagle, how about that. But nobody here is showing a spider.

About a minute after seeing the Egloshayle term, a spider's silk was my next task, and loading Silks, there was the giant Silk lion in colors reversed from the giant Eggerton lion, and both surnames have downward-pointing pheons, though in different colors, with their lions, and that's all either Coat shows, looking like a match! So, already, it seems that God provided the spider event at the Graffs to verify graphene-OXIDE as a poison in vaccines deliberately placed within them. Although I'm not very keen on seeing Oxford elements as pointing to "oxide," yet it just so happens that Ivy's were first found in Oxfordshire.

Now that we have some compelling evidence of a set-up by God, I should repeat that Kepke-like Keeps use a "WEAVER's shuttle", perfect for a spider weaving a web.

Ivys are not the only ones first found in Oxfordshire who can work into that starter investigation. I'm going to continue it now, because I've got a few more things to say, and it's going to come to CRISPins, the English branch first found in Oxfordshire. Note how that quote starts with: "I could not see a way to connect that event CRISPly to poison vaccines." The Crispins will come about via Clots.

The same update had this important point: "Strand beloved Ivys have a "STAFF raguly," otherwise called, "raGULLY," while Staffs are listed with Staffords, and while Gullys were first found in OXFORDshire with Hurts and Ivys." The Gully are important for their "sine" motto term because Sine's are listed with Sions/SWANs while Staffs/Staffords have a swan, as do Leicesters. It's important to get to Staffs because: "His brother, Robert de Toeni, built a castle in Stafford and was the first to be surnamed Stafford." The Toeni's were in Leicestershire, where Tonys/TONE's were first found, and then the spider-like Spitzers use a "tunnel" while Tunnels are listed with Tony-like Tunno's. Do you see how important that is, as if Someone arranged it to fit the spider chase. It's as though I was to load Strands, then follow to their beloved Ivys, then follow to their beloved Staffs, then follow to their beloved Tonys, then remember that Spitzers use a tunnel. And that's how it happened.

Tunnels/Tunno's were first found in Northumberland with the Hebrons/Hepburns who have a "Keep tryst" motto, tending to assure that God used Kepke by design with the spider chase.

I then noted that Staffs share the Clot chevron, and that BLOOD clots are the chief killer by vaccines. This is where Crispins come in because they are known to have been Clare's directly while the Clare Coat is that of BLEDs in colors reversed. Bloods are also Bluds. And Bleds love the Tous' who have a Tosini variation like the Tosni of Toeni's! That's a zinger if ever we saw one. But you may be asking, how did you get to Crispins? Did you just pop them out of a vacuum? Is that allowed? Before getting to that, let's add that Bled is a location on the Sava river while Strands love the Sava's/Savage's.

Here's how to get to Crispins, first found in Oxfordshire with Gullys and Strand-beloved Ivys. And French Crispins were first found in Lorraine with Clots who in turn use one of the three Clare chevrons. I think that's a justified pull of Crispins to topic. The Gullys came from the "staff RAGully" of Ivys, and the Raggs/Raggs' are suspect with Ragusa, home of the Shark-line Saraca's, and while Sharks were first found in Tyrone with NEILs, "Nil" is a Gully motto term.

There's more to justify the entry of Crispins to topic, and more to justify the Gullys with Mr. Kepke. He has a Lawrence first name, and the Lawrence surname has a ragully cross (what are the chances?) in colors reversed with a ragully cross used in the Arms of Colchester along with three nails (what are the chances?). Neils are also O'Nails expected in the Gully motto. Colchesters share the Clot and Staff chevron, and add the estoiles of Neils/O'Nails. Lorraine- and Lawrence-like Larins, sharing "laurel" with Lorraine's, are also CLARens, and have two of the three Clare chevrons. Clare's named Crispins, first found in Lorraine. In the November update where I pulled the quotes above, "Crispin" is not even mentioned, only "crisply." Look at what was missed, a Crispin connection to Bleds and Clots to go with the spider strand of web? County Clare is where Silks were first found.

Larins use a "sailing SHIP" while Ships were first found in Oxfordshire too. Keeps use a ship but call it a "GALLey," and Galli's use roosters. French Galli's share the Chief of French Julians, and Gullys were a Julian branch. French Julians were first found in Languedoc with Cottons/Cotta's because Aurelia Cotta was the mother of Julius Caesar. Are we back to the cotton swab? Maybe as a Q-tip, because Tipps'/Tippins share gold pheons in Chief with Silks, and the giant Silk lion is the one also of Barre's/Barreys and Lipps, not-bad pointers to Klaus Schwab.

Though not in the same colors, Gullys share crossed keys with French Clermonts/Clarmons, and the latter's crossed keys look like the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire because the Clermont/Clarmon Crest is "St. Pierre." English Clarmonts/Clermonts share white dolphins with Caesars.

Crispins share the pomegranate with Grazio's, and Grazio's share the black rooster with Kopple's. The latter have the rooster in both colors of German Gallus'. A "Gallus AnonyMOUS" wrote a myth about a GOPLo mouse tower, and KOPPLe's are Goplo liners. Italian Gallus'/Galli's share the Ivy Coat, and Ivy's were first found in Oxfordshire with Gallus-like Gullys. As I've said, when the Kepke brothers played hockey in arenas, his brother was the goalie. When Kepke and I played organized hockey at age 12, Kepke was the goalie (not on my team). Gullys are Gollys too.

This brings me to what I've told many times, that Kepke and I, later joined by his brother, would get up at the crack of dawn on weekends to collect golf balls in the Rouge river flowing through three, nearly-adjacent golf courses. We were 12 years old, maybe 13. One of the courses, the best of the three, was CEDAR Brae (Steels avenue, Toronto). Cedars are listed with Cottars, first found in Oxfordshire, and Kotor is near Kopple-line KOPLik on the CLAUSula river. The Klaus'/Claus' have the Ivy / Gallus Coat in colors reversed. We would sell the balls back to the golfers near a ball washer.

Decades later, while I was heavily into heraldic investigations, and while God was giving me a string of dreams all decipherable through heraldry, I had a dream in which golf balls were popping up everywhere out from the white ground. It was a short dream, that's all there was too it. I didn't record whether the ground was sand or snow, but I don't recall it as snow, and so I choose sand, because Sands have a ragully chevron! Sands were once said to be first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's, but are now said to be first found in Surrey with Caesars.

At first, because there was no Golf surname coming up, I suggested that God wanted to point to Guelphs = Welfs. But later, I came across the Golfen variation of Gully-like Gulls! Is that not somethin'? It's as though God was preparing us for the inclusion of Gullys for the spider-chase pointer to graphene-oxide. Karen Graff's father, as said, is Simon, and Italian Simons, anyway, have the Montfort and Beaumont lion in colors reversed, and the two latter families ruled Leicester, where Tonys were first found. Ivys and Ives' could have been a branch of Eves'/Ivers, and EVESham is where sand-branch Sandys were first found. Leicester is on the Legro river that formed heraldic legs (e.g. Hose's), and three of them are in the Eves Crest.

The Sandys of Evesham are super for linking to Ives' and Gullys because the sandy and Jeffrey mottoes both seem to have the Poe's, and the Jeffreys have the six pale bars of German Julians and English Gulls (share "sine" with Gullys) in colors reversed. The Gullys share the cross of English Julians. The dancetty fesse of Sandys is colors reversed from the same of Dives', and it the latter didn't have it, it would be the Coat of French Larins.

The Gully- and Gull-beloved Sine's/Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire, and Lanarks are also Larin-like Lurnacks, and have the Lorne's in their write-up. Sine's/Sions/Swans now show falconer's gloves, but once showed gauntlet gloves, the symbol of PHONE's/Fane's/Vans. Some say that graphene-oxide is used in conjunction with cell phones to adversely affect bodies. In particular, some say that the vaccine scheme is tailored to the controversial 5G system of cell-phone communications, and so it's interesting that FIVE's/Fifys look like "Ives" because they have giant lions colors reversed from one another. The Five's share the chevron of English Falcons and the Macey stars while Maceys/Mace's (share Sine/Swan chevron) have gauntlets too.

As there seems to be no pointers to Schwabs in this section, I asked my search feature to find "first found in Swabia," and it brought up the 3rd update of September, 2021, while I was on the cotton swab:

Wow, I've just checked all my files for "first found in Swabia," and the first page checked had the MANDels/Mantels!!! Their Coat looks a little like the English MOUNTain Coat. Checking my files further, KOTTERs/Kathers were first found in Swabia too, and, in their quadrant, they even share the Schwab/Swab Coat! It seems that it was correct to ask whether Fire's in the Mandy Crest were kin of Schwabs/Swabs. Saraca's of Ragusa had earlier been in KOTOR!

What makes this more amazing is that I had just crossed the Cottars above as Cedars from Cedar Brae golf club. Cottars/Cedars use "evetts," and the Evetts (Seaton colors) share a green dragon in Crest with the FIRE-breathing dragon of Seatons/Sittens who named Sitten, otherwise called, Sion, where Sine's/Sions/Swans trace! Cedar Brae is on Steeles avenue, and Steels were a branch of Stelli's while Battistelli's share the chevron-with-stars of Five's/Fivys. Look at the timing of these finds, just after mention of Five's and Sine's/Sions. Evetts are even Ivy-like EVYotts.

Mandys have a wolf "with fire COMING from his mouth", while Comings/Comyns love the Courage's in their motto while the English Falcons above, sharing the Five/Fify chevron, have a "Vis courageux fier" motto...which proves my claim that Comings/Comyns were from Kuman in Fier county of Albania. Spanish Falcons share the checks of English Steels.

I've just remembered that Balls, first found in Cheshire with Ship-beloved Bellows and Savage's, use a "FIRE ball," and Balls are justified to topic as per golf ball collection at Cedar Brae. Ships were first found in Oxfordshire with Cottars/Cedars! That works, and the Rouge river through that golf course is hardly a river, but a stream, and the Strands not only use a "stream," but their savage has a "club." It's not a golf club, but it works, because I was collecting balls with Kepke who later chased me with a spider on a strand of web.

Although I'm impressed with the spider-event heraldry thus far, I was struggling all along with KAREN GRAFF, for she was watching the spider event, and her surname, listed with graphene-like Graffens, hasn't found its way to topic. But I have just found that Karens were of the Ceraunii, the pointers to corona viruses!

Yes, let me show you. I first noted that Mandells of Swabia share the Karen hexagrams, and that while Mandells (Masci / Massena colors in reverse) have a sinister-rising bend (sinister is owned by Massena liners), the Karen stars are bendwise in the sinister direction too, as is the bend of Massena's who likewise have the same hexagrams. The Ceraunii were beside the Maezaei, explaining why the Massena bend is the Urban bend, because Ceraunii lived on the URBANus river. So, after I just checked Karen-like Krens a few minutes ago, to find them listed with Crane's = Ceraunii liners, it dawned on me that Karens use a version of the Urban Coat! I like that very much, and the Grave-like Grav variation of Graffs/Graffens speaks to me of death by graphene-oxide. Stay away from COVID vaccines.

Massena's have a version of the Masci Coat, and they with Massena-like RasMUSSENs all have sinister-rising bends. But it's the Rasmussens who are special here for sharing the giant Schwab/Swab and Fire unicorn. Fire's were first found in Austria with Urbans.

[Insert -- Immediately after inserting the Dutch VANNs earlier in this update, I came down here to insert this. While Graffs were first found in Switzerland with German JOINers/Jenners, the latter have both the gold crescent and hexagram of Karens. This is amazing because I've told before that, when I accompanied Joe Oullette to his brother (not sure if he lived there), there was Karen Graff sitting on a living room chair as the door opened. Her shoes were kicked off at the door, not tidy next to each other, indicating she was a regular visitor there, or even a tenant with Dave. The point is, Oullette's use gemel while Gemels have "hearts JOINed by a chain.".

I've told many times of "Joe's van" dream, where Joe Oullette owned a van, though not in real life. The Dutch Vanns have hearts joined together too! Hall of Names has no description for Dutch Vanns, but the two hearts touch one another and are therefore joined. The Vann insert included the Vile's in the motto of Phone's/Fane's/Vanns, the latter first found in Oullette-connectable Monmouthshire with Howells, and Vile's are in the colors and format of Chain-like Cheneys. Monmouths share the Oullette bars gemel. I sense more to this than meets the eye. End insert]

Another clue with Karens is that Roets are from Rhodes off of Caria, and so the sleeping moon that Roets share with Karens suggests the mythical "sleeper," Endymion of Elis who loved the Carian moon goddess, sister of Helios, god of Rhodes. This could be a pointer to communistic, Rhodian globalism. Roets were from Rieti smack at mount Sabina, the home of Sabines who named the Suebi Nordics who in turn named Swabia!!! You see, we couldn't have gotten here without KAREN Graff! The Karen symbol clicked us over to Roets. And German Rhodes' were first found in Austria (not a big place) with Fire's! That's pretty good argumentation. And Fire's with Schwabs/Swabs use a uniCORN as code for Ceraunii! Beauty.

The Caria theater included Clarus, and we saw the Clare-Crispins working into the spider event. Clarus is beside Ephesus, and the latter was home to mythical Leto/Latona, and the Ladon river is beside Elis, where the eternal sleeper, ENDymion, was from. "End" happens to be a motto term of Leto-like Leiths! The Ends and Enders were even treated earlier in this update! Leto's use a CRANE!

People from Rhodes probably named the RhoDANus river (now the Rhone) because it's related to the mythical Eridanus into which Helios' son fell. And so the Redones of the Rhodanus area are expected at Rodez, and so as per the HALYrod of king David, note that "Helios" looks like code for Haly-like IALYSos, a real city on Rhodes. Myth writers had the DANaan Greeks on the Rhodes city of Lindos, and the Nordic Dane's produced Cnut while Note's/Cnuts (uniCORN) have crescents in the colors of the sleeping Roet / Karen moon. Mythical Coronis named the Ceraunii, and was therefore the root of Karens, and her son, Asclepius, had a Helios-like Helix symbol with a snake entwined around a rod...symbol of medical establishments created by the enemies of the true God.

English Rhodes' were once said to be first found in LINcolnshire, which was once named, Lindsey, and thus peoples of Lindos named Lincolnshire. Lincolns share a Ceraunii-like crown around a neck with Crauns/Crane;s, and so this has been suspect as a symbol of Ceraunii liners. German Rhodes' have a Coat like that of Shirts/Shards who in turn were Harcourt Danes. It works. German Rhodes' are in Staff colors and format, and we saw the ragully staff of Ives' come forth from the spider-dangle event. Staffs share the swan in Crest with Lindseys, from Lindos of Rhodes. Lindseys were first found in Lanarkshire with Sine's/Sions/Swans. Ives' were first found in Oxfordshire with Harcourts who in turn share the peacock with Shirts/Shards, and Peacocks love the Fire-like Fiers/Fears in their motto.

Shirts/SHARDs can be from Sardis, ancient Lydian capital near Caria. As Sea Peoples were concentrated from the Lydia-Troy region, but also from Caria, it seems that the SHARDana Sea Peoples, namers of Sardinia, were from Sardis, which makes sense where nearby Liguria was co-founded by Phocaeans at Foca, near the mouth of the Hermus river through Sardis. In fact, Ligurians were co-founded by Phocaeans at the mouth of the Rhodanus river. Rhodian globalism had a "Round Table, ancient code for Table's and Rounds, and red "roundels" are used by German Rhodes' and Shirts/Shards. Rundels/Roundels and Arundels were both related to Alans of Dol, whom in the past named Roxolani = RUS-Alans, and Alans had been at Aulon/AVLONa at the Ceraunii mountains. Alans of Dol and Arundel (moved to Shropshire) married Alice of Saluzzo (Liguria) and Saluzzo's are expected from Salyes Ligurians, and with Sales'/SALLETTs (beside Shropshire) from the Salto river through Rieti.

It just so happens that while Rhodes was related to Rus and therefore to the Rose's, a Rose is used by Avezzano's, first found in Sardinia and naming Avezzano at the upper Salto river smack of mont AVELINo (i.e. like "Avlona"). It appears that Alans were at Avezzano, explaining why they married Miss Saluzzo. Avezzano liners named Avesnes on the Helpe river, and Helps/Halfs connect well to Haafs/Have's because the latter use ducks, what French Alans and Velino-like Velens once showed, and what Velins still show.

In the Sleeping Beauty dream, the shark SWALLOWed the bulldog, and Arundels of Shropshire use swallows because Sallows (Shropshire) were of "Salop" = Shropshire i.e. Salop looks named after Saluzzo's. In that picture, one would view the shark as an Alan-of-Dol entity, but, in any case, Sharks do use a crane for linkage to Alans of the Ceraunii mountains. The Alans became the Stewarts who in turn share the checkered fesse of Lindseys. See if you can find the Saluzzo Coat in the Lindsey motto. It's there. Shirts/Shards have a "HOSTis" motto term partly for Hosts, we may assume, who have bulls, and were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's suspect, with Alans, from "Bullis." The latter is highly suspect in naming the SELEUCid king, Alexander Balas, suspect as the bloodline root of the coming anti-Christ, and SULCIS is on Sardinia at Sant'ANTIOCO, like "Antioch," the Seleucid capital in Syria. Do you see that? Saluzzo-like Sulcis and the Shirts/Shards of Sardinia from the line of Seleucids, and involving Rhodians through Rieti, home of the Revelation-17 dragon, emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian, from whom the anti-Christ is said to derive.

If God is in most of this heraldry, then why can I do almost nothing with the Graff Coat? It's just a demi-lion holding an anchor; there's no motto, and the Crest is a copy of the Shield i.e. no extra clues. There's a thousand surnames with the Graff lion, very hard to know where to link it in order to prove that Graffs point to graphene-oxide. The Anchors may be sharing the red bull with Sabine's because they named Swabia. That works, and because there may be so little to which Graffs point, this one pointer to Klaus Schwab may be God's primary pointer to reveal that Schwab's industrialist goons are feeding the human race graphene for some gigantic plot of the devil.

Repeat: "[Ephesus] was home to mythical Leto/Latona, and the Ladon river is beside Elis, where the eternal sleeper, ENDymion, was from. "End" happens to be a motto term of Leto-like Leiths!" The Leith lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Anchors (Ankara is near Caria), and Ends share the Schwab/Swab unicorn with Mandells while Manders almost have the Rhodes Coat because the Maeander river flows through Caria. So, KAREN Graff seemingly helped us to get to Schwabs along with the Graff anchor.

As I've said, her home, at the spider event, was on Union (street) in Gormley, Ontario, and Unions/Onions look like Oeneus-river livers, important because I trace UNIcorn to the Ceraunii on the Oeneus river, now the Una, the major river beside the Urbanus to which Karens pointed above. Mythical Oeneus was king of Calydon, which was political with Elis, and Oeneus named king Oenomaus at Pisa, home of Lydians and beside Elis. Lydians (known to be proto-Etruscans beside Latins) became Latins, and thus we can glean that proto-Latins named LatMUS (like "OenoMAUS"), Endymion's home in Caria, near Ephesus. Endymion was from Elis, and was given a son, Aetolus, code for Aetolia at Calydon. That's why God arranged the Graffs at Union street. I get it.

Plus, as mythical Atalantis was queen of Calydon, Aetolia was named by peoples on Attalia, the city that named ATLas, king of mythical Atlantis. The point is, Attalia is also ANTALYa, which I've long traced to Les ANDELYs, home of Toeni's! Antalya was in the land of Pisa-related Pisidians.

My bet is that Graffs/GRAVs were from mount Gareb in Jerusalem, the line I trace to KREVati = Croatians. The Una and Urbanus rivers are in Croatia, and Ceraunii on the Urbanus may even have named Croatians. KAREN GRAFF, wow.

The Elis' have crescents to go with the moon goddess of Caria, and the Cressent/Crete and Cressy surnames may be Carian. Both surnames were first found in Burgundy with the Vairs/Fers' who share the checks in the Arms of Croatia, and the related Ferrats/Fers have the Lindsey checks while Fire's/Furs have the unicorn again. Vair/Fers have a Coat much like the one of GRIMaldi's and Irish Weirs, and while Union street is in Gormley, Gormleys are also GRIMES'. My mother's Masci surname, first found at the MontFERRAT theater, is from the Maezaei on the Una river, and she's a Grimaldi by maiden name.

Elis' use a woman "HER HAIR disheveled." One Hair Coat has the HARcourt Shield, and Shirts/Shards were part of the lords of HARborough. No Harborough surname comes, but surnames ending in "borough" often end in "bury / burg" too, and so it's interesting that Harburgs share the Belly chevron because there's bells on the Harburg chevron. Bellys were a branch of Baliols and Baileys, whom I suspect with English Balls (Cheshire, same as Bellows) from "Bullis," a city between FIER county and the Ceraunii mountains. Bullis is near Fier, explaining the "FIREball" of English Balls, and it was the Shirt/Shard motto that got us to Bullis not far above, tending to provide evidence for the Sardinian background of Shards. Fire's use a uniCORN for people at the Ceraunii mountains. Mythical Leto was mother of Apollo, symbol for Apollonia beside Aulon/Avlona, i.e. near Bullis. French Balls were first found in Brittany with Alans. French Balls show only large ermine spots, and ermine is, I think, the only other heraldic FUR aside from vair, and Furs are listed with Fire's.

The Tous'/TOSINI's, who are in the Bled motto, use a man wearing a "shirt." Repeat: "It's important to get to Staffs because: '[Ralphs'] brother, Robert de Toeni, built a castle in Stafford and was the first to be surnamed Stafford.' The Toeni's were in Leicestershire, where Tonys/TONE's were first found, and then the spider-like Spitzers use a "tunnel" while Tunnels are listed with Tony-like Tunno's." Wikipedia's article of TOSNI has Ralph and Robert above as "Todeni." Staffs share the Rhodes chevron, and Staffs share the swan in Crest with Lindseys, and while both have their swan in a crown as obvious code for Ceraunii Carians, Lindseys use "ENDure." It can be read as "EnDURE" too because Dure's share the Saluzzo Coat.

Lindseys were of Lincolnshire, home of TAILbois', and while we read that Lindseys were tenants for earls of Chester, that included Ranulph le Meschin, husband of Lucy Taillebois. The latter got her surname from a previous marriage to Ives-like Ivo de Taillebois. We had found the Ivys with the savage "wrapped in ivy," and Savage's were first found in Cheshire too, sharing the Lincoln (and Ball) lion. The Shirts/Shard Crest is "A peacock's TAIL PROPER", and Propers/Robins/Roberts were first found in Cheshire with Chester, with Shirts/Shards, and Sales'/Salletts.

I kid you not, that the Graffs lived at the corner of union and Doner street, which is why I've just loaded DONERs again with the TONER variation of Tonys. I would normally claim that Doners use wolves, but now that I've got access to Hall of Names, I've learned that they are foxes, and this recalls that fox heads are used (in Tony/Toner colors) by Todeni-like TODs! The Tod border is in the colors of the Doner Chief-Shield combo, and English Tods were first found in Norfolk with the Tute's/Tuits who have the Todeni's in their write-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. I first saw Karen riding her bicycle down Doner street, and Doners just proved to be a Tony branch that links to the tunnels of spider-like Spitzers! INCREDIBLE. Tottens were first found in Middlesex with Fiers/Fears, explaining the "viVERE" motto term of Tods.

Plus, Scottish Tods, with the same Coat as English Tods, were first found in Berwickshire with the Hume's/Home's having a giant lion in the colors of the giant foxes of Doners! Hume's/Home's are the ones who share "to the END" with Leiths! It appears that I was correct to view the "to the" phrase are code for Toot-like Tooths who share the giant griffin of Ali's/Aliotto's, in the colors and format of the Leto's/Alitto's. The Ends have a giant unicorn in the same colors.

This Tod and Doner fox points to Hayden, daughter of Miss Earhardt on Fox and Friends. One Hayden Coat has the quadrants of Tattons (share Tute/Toot crescent), and the crescents of Todeni-liner Tute's/Tuits in colors reversed. The Tatton Crest greyhound is white like the Hayden Crest dog. Both Haydens were first found in Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits, you see, and the other Haydens have a dancette half in the colors of the dancettes of Todeni-like Tottens. I've learned a lot here thanks to Doner street. Although Doners are listed with Donahue's, I'll still take it.

Wow, I think God arranged this: The Tods are in the colors and format of chase-like Ches'/Cheshams, and the spider-chase event happened on Doner. He was right on the street chasing me with the spider dangling on the web. The Ports suspect in the "Oportet" motto term of Tods can be for the English Ports, first found in Hampshire (beside Webbers) with Chase's. And then Case's, who probably love Norfolk's Diss'/Dice's, were first found in Norfolk with Haydens. Plus, the Chase's share the patonse cross of Chance's (in Hayden-cross colors), and the Chance Crest not only shares the red griffin with the Tooth Crest, but there's blue wings on either side of the Chance griffin, the colors of the Here/HEAR/Heyer, Her/Here and Herzog/HARTzog wings! Those are the surnames expected in the formation of "EARhardt/Airhart." This recalls the Elis woman "HER HAIR DISheveled," for "DIStantia" is a Case motto term.

Having said that, BE AMAZED: the Diss'/Dice's named Diss in Norfolk, and while it was also called, Disce" (see Diss/Dice write-up), the Webbers have a Hart-like hurt (roundel) that they call a "blue disc"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The spider web chase just led to the Webber Crest! The Blue's, if they apply to "blue disc," even have a Gorm variation to go with Doner street in GORMley! The Diss/Dice eagle is also that of Grave's/Grieve's, like the Grav variation of Graffs. Grave's/Grieves love the My's/Mea's along with the Ainsley motto, and My's/mea's share the cross of Dutch Grave's and Haydens. We could even suggest that God provided the Grave variation to indicate death by graphene-oxide poisoning. Elis' share the Morte and Death crescents.

Webbers look like Pepin / Pipe kin while Poppo I was of GRABfeld while Mr. Graff smoked a pipe. It could seem that the Grav variation of Graffs, and Grabfeld's namers, were branches.

In this fox picture, Foca comes to mind, the ancient Phocaea, location in Lydia of proto-Ligurians. Leto is Latona to Romans, and so she was probably a Lydian entity. There was a seven-headed dragon, Lotan, in Syria, and so one can see a connection of that dragon to the seven-headed Revelation dragon, and to Seleucids of Syria. A fox is used by Thigh's/THYs', which reminds of my swollen thyROID these days (it had not bothered me so much as lately), for we are seeing a merger of proto-Rodez elements here with Phocaeans at the RHODanus river. They are suspect with the SEA Peoples, and Sea's happen to use "flanCHES"," which is how I discovered Ches' in the first place, for they are in the colors of Flints/FLANs (beside Shirts/Shards of Cheshire). In particular, Phocaeans founded Ligurians at MARSeilles, suspect with the Marsi, who lived at Avezzano.

A thyroid is in the neck, and Ceraunii liners often use a crown around a neck, but why? Dutch Necks/Neckers share the giant stag head of Ches'/Cheshams, and throw in a crown on the antler. Ches'/Cheshams share a green-on-white border with Livingstons, first found in West Lothian with Elis-branch Elias'. As Hayden is the daughter of Mr. Proctor while Proctors show nails, let's add that Malcolms/Columns, with the Neil/Nail saltire, share the Ches/Chesham stag head.

Doners have a Chief-Shield color combo of Simsons whose motto ("ALIS NUTRior") I trace to Enotrians at Laus of Sybaris, who were called OENotrians, suspect from a people group named by mythical Oeneus. "Oen" means "wine," and Mandell- / Mander-like Mandy Simson lived at the Wine Cup ranch. Simsons were first found in Buckinghamshire with same-colors Ches'. The Nail-related Sharks were at Saracena upon the Sybaris river, populated by peoples of Boura near Pisa and Elis, and the Saracen surname happens to share the crescents of Tone-like Tonbridge's.

Plus, the Ches stag head (Tony colors and format) is colors reversed from the same of Friends, the latter first found in Somerset with Webbers. I've said before that Simon Graff, Karen's father with a German accent, always came to visit my father smoking a pipe, and Pipe's, with the Webber bend-with-fleur in colors reversed (I've said this before), were first found in STAFFORDshire while Staffords were originally Toeni's = Todeni's!!! I don't think that latter point ever dawned on me before. It's perfect. It's proving that God said up the spider chase.

Leiths-like Letts/Late's use "organ pipes," and although I haven't shown that the Leith lozenges are close to the lozenges of Graff-beloved Anchors, let's assume by Mr. Graff's pipe that Leiths do apply close to the Graff anchor. A DEMI-lion is "HOLDING" this anchor, and Holders were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's and Maisys. The latter can apply because Demys are listed with LeMAIS'/DuMais's. The Maisy Crest is a dragon head looking connectable to the Graff-like griffin of Anchor-branch Angers/Hangers, for while Danish Cnuts have "pot hangers," Potters (Hampshire, same as Angers/Hangers) have the Maisy Coat in colors reversed. The Graff demi-lion has thus worked to suggest that Graffs were Griffin liners, and it leaves a question as to whether the Maisy dragon head is the one of Cutters (Dorset, beside Hampshire). The Maisy dragon head is for Dragons/Drainers, in colors reversed from, and in the format of, Maisys, and while dragon-using Drake's were first found in Hampshire too, their ancestry named the Drago river in southern Sicily, facing Malta, and near Saracen ground-zero.

To help prove that God arranged these things, the Graffs lived on Union street, and Unions/Onions use the millRIND while Rinds use a "flower pot" while Flowers share the cinquefoil of Potters! Beauty. Plus, as if God also wants to show that the spider-like Spitzers are to apply, they use a tunnel while Tunnels/TUNNo's are like the Italian Tonys who use a "flower"! It doesn't look coincidental. Potters were first found in the same place with Ports and Porters/Pawters, and we saw the "OPORTet" motto term of Tony-line Tods.

Another thing that pops up now is the Rinds sharing the scallops of Mallets (Scallops are code for Sicel namers of Sicily), whom I trace both to "Melita," an island near Saraca's of Ragusa, and to "Malta," location of Valletta. The Vallans/Valletta's are connectable to French Sarasins while Saracens share the TONbridge crescents, and Valiants use a shark likely for Saracens on Malta, Sicily and Sardinia. There were Masa Sea Peoples from Caria, and it just so happens that a major Carian city was Miletus! How did we get here? From Union street, home of Karen Graff, pointer to Carians.

Graff Roots

Julia MAESA Bassianus probably had an Agrippa mother, and I think "Griffin" is from "Agrippa." That works. Julia's father, Julius Bassianus, was a nephew of Julius Agrippa, and so it seems that Bassianus married Miss Agrippa. It recalls how Strands took us to Julian-like Gullys and Gulls. Leslie's use "Grip." French Mallets use buckles, as do Leslie's who in turn look like kin of Rinds sharing the Mallet scallops. "Militia" is a motto term of griffin-loving Ticks/TOUQUE's, and Toeni's were from the Touques-river area. The Sarah surname shares the Gripp/Grape/Grabber bend.

The POST Office was at the corner of Union and the Gormley highway. One Post Coat shares the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters, and the other two Posts are expected with the Poole lion because Poole is in Dorset, where Cutters were first found. The "evetts" of Cotters may have been "lizards" initially, and Lizarts are also Sarde's. It could indicate that Kotor's Saraca's were on Sardinia as well, which faces Laus and Saracena. The Carian Manders have a "Laus" motto term, and the Maeander passes near Miletus. Lizarts/Sarde's, first found in Provence with French Larins, are very connectable to both Liss'/Lise surnames, and consequently to Larins/Clarens.

The kids of my area in Gormley would wait at the post office PORCH for the SCHOOL BUS, which recalls that Bus' share the giant Porch/Portis cinquefoils. Schools/Schole's/SCAYLE's, possibly the namers of Scalea near Laus, share the lozengy Shield of Patents, and the latter share the PULLY/Pullen motto. Scale's share the scallops of French Larins. ESCHOL was/is a valley in Israel's Hebron, and Hebrons/Hepburns are the one's who love Keeps while Mr. Kepke CHASEd me with the spider. Chase's use the PATONCE cross, and Patents are Pattens too. As Kepke's father is Ukrainian, we could wonder whether that applies to the spider event, for TRYPillians lived in Ukraine while English Trips have a "SCALing ladder." Not more than four years after the spider event, Kepke started as a shoe salesman, and German Trips now show only shoes. Abraham had lived in Hebron, and after marriage with Saraca-like Sarah, his second wife, Keturah, was of a tribe that named Kotor, home of Saraca's. Apparently, the tribe that named Sarah became Saracens.

Evett-like Eves'/Ivers use the three legs joined that are in the Arms of Sicily. Evetts use a patee cross, code for Patti in the Messina part of Sicily (explains why Ceraunii-related Massina's/Messina's have the patee too). Sicels named mythical Scylla at Messina, and this area was named by Greeks at Messene, location of Methoni, a real place that was mythicized as Methoni, daughter of mythical king Oeneus of Calydon. Atlantis was just a fable, code for Godless Greco-Tyrian pirates toward the west, especially the Amazonian Numidians and barbarians at the Atlas mountains. They are largely Pisidians who settled between Naples and Laus.

I still have no clue whose lion Graffs use. Is God hiding this for last?

If Sybaris was named from Sephar, home of Joktanite tribes, not how "oxide" is like "OCCITANia, which place was probably named after Joktanites, for as Joktan was Eber's son, it explains the Ebro river in southern Occitania. Graphene-oxide goes with mythical Coronis, daughter of PHLEGyas, and Peleg was Joktan's brother. Abraham with Keturah had a son with a Joktan-like spelling, and so it's got me wondering with Graffs/Graffens/GRAVs can apply, for mount Gareb was near Hebron. Sephar-like Saffers have the line of Julius Avitus in their motto, and he was husband to Julia Maesa Bassianus mentioned earlier, likely an Agrippa on her mother's side. Savers share the Vito annulet. Julia's sister, Domna, married Saffer-like Severus, you see, a Roman emperor in the 2nd century AD.

Julius Bassianus was a high priest of an El-Gabal / Heliogabal cult in Emesa, Syria, and Herods loved that theater. So it appears that Bassianus married a Herod-Agrippa liner. "Emesa" is like "Mesha," and Genesis says that Joktan's sons lived between Mesha and Sephar. One of those sons, Hadoram, obviously named ADRAMmolech, god of SEPHARvites (they are in a book of Kings). The MESHwesh Amazons of Africa, part of the Sea Peoples (BC times), were very likely the bloodroot of king Massena.

Saffers use more UNIcorns, right down Karen's alley, a good reason to trace "Maesa" (and "Emesa"?) to the Maezaei on the Una/Oeneus river, tributary of the Saver-like Sava. Karen Graff lived at the corner of UNION street and Doner, and Unions/Onions are also Anions while chief priest, Ananus, killer of Jesus, had a father, Seth, from Syria, and Seths are listed with Sava-like Shaws. Doners use an Asclepios-rod-like "SERPent," possibly for Serbs at the Ceraunii theater. SERVitium was near the mouth of the Una on the Sava. Sarah's have variations like the Sava-river Sauers.

The Gripp/Grape surnames listed with Gareb-like Grabbens share the bend of ShakeSPEARE's, and Speers are like "Sephar." The Speyer variation of Speers probably relates to the Spey river, location of Rothes, where Leslie's ("Grip") were earls. Grabbene-oxide, so to speak, for oxide-like Joktan bore sons who lived on the edge of Sephar, and Shake's are from the namers of Israel's Shechem. Shechemites named Schimatari in Greece, and Ananus was also "Annas" while Annas-branch Ainsleys have a scimitar. Schimatari is in Boeotia, where myth had the birth of Sephar-like Sparti from the Ares cult. It appears that Sparta was named by a dark Hebrew people, without the Light of God.

Shake's share the chevron of GABLE's, and El-GABAL looks related to Gabuleum on the Drin river of the Caiaphas-like Cavii Illyrians. Ananus' daughter married Joseph Caiaphas.

Speers share the Spree crescents, and the Spree river in Lusatia is in the land of Sorbs, the proto-Serbs. Croatians named Craven, and Skiptons of Craven with Lacys and Spanish Luz's share purple lions, suggesting, possibly, Lusatians. Spartans had a LACEdaemonian branch. Lacys were in Yorkshire with Craven. SKIPtons, because they married Meschins, are suspect from the family of general SCIPio, when he joined king Massena of the Numidians in an attack on SYPHax, acting king of Carthage in Hannibal's absence. His name looks a lot like "Caiaphas." If "Syphax" is changed to, Cyphax, it looks like the Kipax variation of Keppochs (GARBs, or Shaw-related sheaves) and when I first saw Syphax's image on one of his coins, he looked like Mr. Kepke. Here's what I said in the 3rd update of September, 2021:

When I first saw the image of Syphax on a coin, he looked like Mr. Kepke in his early 20s. Note how "Syphax" is a soft-c version of "KEPKE," for Keppochs share the garb of English Barbers [said as per Berbers of Numidia]. Recall the expectation that towers are for Tuaregs [branch of Berbers], for Syphax-like Spice's/Spicers use towers.

Specks/Spike's have a double-headed eagle, symbol of Rome, over eight bars (four-and-four) that are almost the four fesses of Cavetts, the latter from [or of] the Cevetta river at Ceva....

Someone writes: two of the Sea Peoples’ ships warriors are depicted wearing the horned helmet generally associated with the SHERDen...

...the original name of the island of Sardinia was in fact Ichnussa; and the description in the Great Karnak Inscription of the Sherden as being circumcised...

...ancient authors trace the original homeland of the Tyrsenians [Etruscans] to Lydia, so the Sherden are also likely to originate from western Anatolia, where we find the Lydian capital named Sardis, and related names such as Mount Sardena and the Sardanion plain.

The 600 "Danites" (may have been largely Hyksos joining some Dan-tribe faction) in Judges could apply here to explain circumcision, for horned helmets were dug up in Denmark. Shirts/Shards are from Harcourt Dane's who furnished Beaumonts who in turn share the Graff lion. I've seen the Sherden as SharDAN. Someone writes:

Some of the most common depictions of Vikings show large warriors wearing helmets affixed with horns. But new research finds that the famed helmets discovered in Viksø, Denmark, 80 years ago actually date to about 900 B.C.E., nearly 2,000 years before the Vikings.

“For many years in popular culture, people associated the Viksø helmets with the Vikings,” Helle Vandkilde, an archaeologist at Aarhus University in Denmark, tells Live Science’s Tom Metcalfe. “But actually, it's nonsense. The horned theme is from the Bronze Age and is traceable back to the ancient Near East.”

Okay, maybe Danes didn't wear them, but that doesn't mean they didn't descend from those who did. Proto-Danes through Sardis makes sense, and such a people could be called, Sard-Dan, perhaps from the Serdi of Serdica (upper Hebros river at RHODope mountains). Dan was a city of mount HERMon, and Sardis is on the HERMus river. This line named mythical Hermes, whom the Greeks birthed in Arcadia, between the Spartans and the PENEUS rivers. Dan was a couple of miles from PANIAS, where there was a Pan cult, and Hermes was made father of Pan. The Danaan, a major Greek people, were nearby at Argos. Sardinians may have worn horns on helmets as their symbol for Cronus.

I've just checked Dans and then Danier's/Daniels to see the latter's Crest sharing the unicorn head in the Note/Cnut Crest while Cnut was Danish. I then saw that Danier's/Daniels were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's, reminding me of a leather Coat I purchased from Danier LEATHER, in Kingston (Ontario), for Leathers are listed with Griffin-loving Letters / Lauders. Danier's/Daniels, who share "nec" with Rutherfords, look related to German Neckers, and Rutherfords share a goose on a rock with Letters and/or Lauders. Kings and Kingstons have lions in the colors of a Griffin griffin. Leto's son, Apollo, was "Abello" too, and Abila / Abilene was an ancient area north of mount Hermon. So, if Leto / Latona was created by writers to depict a Lydian people, Apollo goes with the Hermus river.

I HAVE FOUND IT. I AM SURE THAT GOD BROUGHT THIS TO MIND. I had shut the computer down, and had taken a seat on the couch, and thanking God for the things above that have come from the spider event, I let it be known that not knowing whose lion the Graff lion is has been a perplexing problem. It was just seconds later, as I started to consider things again on the Graff Coat, that La QUINTa Columna came to mind, for that's the Spanish group that disseminated the graphene-oxide story in the first place. Some people, including myself, have been skeptical of their report because nobody else seems to be finding the same. Plus, it all sounds over-the-top when they add 5G communications with the body's vaccine products.

As soon as La QUINTa Columna came to mind, I recalled that the Sforza lion holds a QUINCE, and after that I realized that Quince's/Quincys, who built the castle of vaccine-pointing Faucets, have gold-on-red mascles, which are hollow lozenges, in the colors of the Anchor lozenges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? The Graff lion holds an anchor, and the same-colored Sforza lion holds a quince, and it's just so perfect for pointing to La Quinta Columna, but I'm not yet done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY, this is God's set-up, He's been watching the human demons from before they were born. From centuries ago, He set up the heraldry of the Graffs to point to La Quinta Columna.

Baron Massy, a Grimaldi of Monaco, married Miss QUINTANa. The Quintana's use three dice, which recalls that the Diss'/Dice's are in the "BLUE DISC" of the Webber Crest, right-down the spider-event alley. I had said that Blue's list the Gorms, and that the spider event was in Gormley, and that Gormleys are Grimaldi-like Grimes' too. I said that, yes I did, and the three Quintana dice are all 6's spelling 666!!! It could seem that God is warning that vaccines will bring on the prophesied 666, the sort of thing that La Quinta Columna speculates on too. This is all amazing. PRAISE JESUS even so, even if this spells our persecution.

I'm not done. Quince's/Quincys, who remind of Sharon Quinn pointing to Farrah Faucett, were first found in Northamptonshire with the Ladys/Laudymans having an annulet version of the Anchor Coat. They are identical Coats aside from the three items in their Chiefs, though those items are in the same colors. It's additional evidence that the Graff anchor links to the Sforza quince. And the quince is a FLOWER while Italian Tonys, possibly of the Spitzer Tunnels/Tunno's, use a "flower." Flowers share the Maisy cinquefoil, and the demi-lion of Graffs thus looks like code for the Demys/LeMais'/DuMais'.

Sharon Quinn is expected to point to Sharrons sharing the PenderGRASS Coat. The Dumais-like Dumas' (besants, symbol of the line of Julia Maesa Bassianus) have a Le Mas location in their write-up, said to be found somewhere at or near the mouth of the Rhone (where Phocaeans founded Ligurians). There is a Lamas surname sharing the lambs in the Arms of Grasse and Monaco! Grasse is near Le Mas. Lamb's horns were made the symbol of the second beast of Revelation 13, the demonic pusher of the 666.

Once we are convinced that God is behind this warning not to receive vaccines if only to avoid graphene-oxide, we can understand that it's not likely a coincidence that Hane's/HaneGRAAFFs/Ganegreve's share the Hahn rooster. It appears that God arranged a further pointer of the Graff family to Stephen Hahn, director of the Food and Drug Administration. He was in charge of whether COVID "vaccines" would be distributed at all, and he with Trump pushed the vaccines at warp speed = reckless demons. They are not vaccines at all, and we have yet to hear the main players apologize for deceiving the public on "efficacy." There is no efficacy, yet they promised sure-fire numbers in the range of 95-percent successful. DECEIVERS.

The GANEgreve variation tends to assure that I was correct in pointing to Gains and similar surnames for pointing out gain-of-function, but now that Grimaldi's seem to be a part of the graphene-oxide picture, we can add that Funks/Finks and Crone's almost have the Grimaldi Shield, and almost the Vaux/VOXE Coat too while "vox" is a motto term of Irish Nagle's who happen to share the lozenges of Anchor-branch Angers!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that's not all, for German Neils/Nails/Nagle's share the saltire of Malcolms/COLUMNs in what must be a pointer to La Quinta COLUMNa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG-BIG-BIG, for Ainsley Earhardt's husband took us to Nails.

La Quinta Columna means "The Fifth Column," and so as this organization ties vaccines to 5G phone transmissions, it recalls the FIFY variation of Five's. Just saying. There may be more to this than meets the eye now. Ah, for example, Five's/Fifys share the Malcolm/COLUMN stars! Plus, the Petits in the Malcolm/Column motto share a giant, red lion with Five's/Fifys and Fife's. Petits were first found in Kent with Petts who in turn share the Quince mascles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprise, I had no idea I'd come to this when starting this paragraph! The "Ardens" motto of Petts even goes with the "ardua" of Malcolms/Columns. PLUS WOW, the PFIFers use a huge anchor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's clinched: God was intending for me to find this via Karen Graff, a pointer to the founders of graphene-oxide in vaccines.

Ganegreve's could have been of the Grave's/Grieve's who, I repeat, share the Diss/Dice eagle, and we saw that God probably arranged Karen Graff to get us to the Dice-loving Quintana's. It's one of the most-amazing things I've ever seen from Him in heraldic arrangements. For the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford that includes a "Deise" motto term while Diss'/Dice's are also Deise's. Trump's Casino's and dice go together.

But all celebrations aside, it appears that millions have been maimed already, and if true that the "vaccines" are reducing immune responses / capabilities, then healthy people are going to become severely sick as soon as a bug enters their blood. And I think Fauci and company will try to get those bugs into people by design. I assume that God called me for this special work because the Farrah-Faucet vision, and the Mellanson-note event, and the Sleeping Beauty dream, were in the first few weeks after my conversion to Jesus. But if this is a correct summary, then what you are reading must get to certain people of His choosing. Soon, I'm going to start seeing where these writings are going. At the moment, I have no idea where. I take no email to know who's reading, and to protect readers from dirtbag spies tasked with making listings marked out for possible persecution.

Mellansons were from Ottone Visconti, and Visconti titles went to Sforza's. The Graffs were related to Sforza's, and I didn't know it until I sat on the couch an hour ago. It was the first time I sat on the couch in many months. The Tints, from the Atintanes at the Ceraunii mountains, and at Bullis, use a "COUCHant" lion. Is this why the Graff lion came alive a minute or two after sitting on the couch? Bullis' share red roundels with Shirts/Shards. I've kept a theory in which the SFORza's were of the Saffer bloodline. "Suffer" is a motto term of Haldans, once said to be first found in East Lothian with Sforza-connectable Faucets. As Haddens were a Haldan branch, Haddington in East Lothian looks related, and Haddingtons happen to share the Hayden cross. As the other Haydens use a "foy" motto term while two Foy surnames list "Foix," the naming of Fauxside castle, built by Saer de Quincy, may show that Faucets were of Foix stock.

Foix is a French province beside Roquefeuil and COMMINGes, and Comings/Comyns, from Fier county near Bullis of Epirus, were first found in Norfolk with Haydens. Comminges is where HeROD ANTIPAS was banished, and ANTIBES is about 20 miles from Grasse, and 30 from Monaco. The founder of Seleucids, Seleucus I, named his son, ANTIochus, and from this royal line, that was associated with Thesprotians of Epirus, came king Balas. The father of the Herods was ANTIpater, and I trace him with very good reasons to king Antipater of Macedon, suspect in naming Antipatria up the Apsus river from Fier county. Miss EarHARDT looks like a HEROD liner on her father's side.

Fox-using Doners remind that my Nissan pick-up was originally owned by Kent Doner (owner of a Nissan dealer), and Nissans are from queen Nysa of the Pontus, mother of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, and this latter woman, says a Wikipedia article, was descended from king Cassander, son of king Antipater of Macedon above!!! No guff at all. Herod Archelaus, brother of Heron Antipas, married Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia. Doners came to topic with Karen Graff, because her house was on a Doner street, and Graffs are suspect from Herod Agrippa!!! Incredible.

It wasn't until writing the last instance of "HAYDen" above that I remembered Sardis' alternative name, HAYD! That's either an incredible coincidence, or Haydens were from Sardis. It can explain why I had no shirt on when approaching Sleeping Beauty, who was Miss Earhardt, mother of Hayden. Again, Hayden's father is Mr. Proctor, and while Proctor's use nails, Neils/O'Nails were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. Her Herod-suspect surname was pointed to by the EAR SWAB, and while Sharks were at Kotor, Kotters (virtually new to me) share the Schaw/Swab unicorn. That's amazing. How might Saraca's have been Herods? German Neils/Nails are also Nagle's, the namers of Oneglia, about 50 miles from Monaco. The other Nagle's even share the lozenges of English Angers (like "Anchor") who in turn have a blue-lozenge version of the Anchor Coat. Graphene-investigating La Quinta Columna was pointed to by the Graff lion holding an anchor, and Miss Quintana married baron Massy-Grimaldi of Monaco.

I'm very sure that this baron-Massy family was from the Dublin branch when the actress, GRACE Kelly, married prince Grimaldi of Monaco, and so note that while Grasse is just outside the border of Provence, Grace's/Grasse's were first found in Provence with Crispin-connectable Larins, and with Larin-connectable Lizarts/SARDE's. Crispins were Grazio kin. Grimaldi's had married the Danish line of Rollo, his daughter, Crispina. Rollo the dice. Kelly's were first found near Dublin and Deise. Hmm, the three die / dice of Quintana's, all SIXES, might actually be code for the Sichs/SYKES of Sykes-Dyke, for they share "fountains" with Waterfords while Deise is at Waterford, while "Dyke" is like "Dice." Note how Sichs evoke sickness while die evokes death. Sich-like Shicks are listed with Shake's. Shake the dice.

What can we now make of the Kellys sharing the GAINey/Gaine/Keveney Coat which moreover shares the Monaco lion??? Gain of function, right? YES, because Funks/Finks almost have the Grimaldi Coat! Whammo, that's new! It's a wowser. Plus, my walking on the BEACH in jeans alone is now a viable pointer to Geans/Gains/Engains, and I now can decipher it because Mr. Grimaldi married Crispina while Crispins were at BEC abbey, and then Beach's/BECHs have a Shield almost that of Grimaldi's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONE. It's done. The simple beach scene has been deciphered! Beach's/Bech use "vair fur," and Vairs likewise almost have the Grimaldi Coat. In fact, Vairs have the FISC Coat, and the FIESCHi were politically partnered with Grimaldi's in Genoa! For example, we can find this: "Dominating the city, the Fieschi and Grimaldi allied themselves with the French prince Charles of Anjou, under whose protection they placed Genoa."

Here's from Wikipedia's Fieschi Family article: "The Fieschi were a noble merchant family from Genoa, Italy, from whom descend the Fieschi RavaSCHIERi Princes of Belmonte. " Belmonts are listed with Beaumonts, and so see this, for example: "The first Trinity Church was founded by Roger de Beaumont in the late 11th century; at the time, it was a collegiate church served by English monks from Saint Frideswide’s in Oxford. Transferred in 1142 to the powerful Abbey of BEC-Hellouin..." That's the Bec abbey! Beaumonts/Bellmonts were first found in Dorset with Beautys, and the latter have a full-bull version of the Waleran Coat while Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan, and it just so happens that the checkered Shield that is the full Arms of Meulan is almost the lozengy Shield of Finks/Funks! Plus, the English Vaux's use the checkered Shield of Meulan while Scottish Vaux' come up as Vance's and Fanns, which can explain why Wikipedia has Fieschi descended from counts of LaVAGNa.

The Sleeping Beauty dream started with a Shard-like shark and a Bullis-like bulldog, and she was at first Miss Hicks, symbol of Hyksos. The Sea Peoples invaded Egypt not many generations after the Hyksos were forced out of Egypt in the reign of king Apophis/Apepi. I therefore reasoned that the Sea peoples were led by Hyksos liners seeking their old domain back. If correct that there was a Sardis merger with proto-Danes to Sardinia, location of Seleucid Sulcis, then, perhaps, Sardis was named after there had been a Sar-Dan merger, and perhaps the Sar portion of the merger was the proto-Sharks, the proto-Saracens that is, whoever they were, but note also "SarDIS." Might there have been a Diss-like entity amongst proto-Dane's. SAER de Quincy looks interesting.

What's Eliot Spitzer in This For?

Mythical Helenus of Epirus looks like the Alans of Aulon (in Epirus), and he was from mythical Helen of Sparta, wife of MeneLAUS, code for Sparta's Las/Laas location on the MANi peninsula, and so as Helen became Helen of Troy when prince Paris of Troy abducted her, it seems that a line of Abraham and Keturah to mythical Priam, Paris' father, made vassals out of some Joktanites / Hebrews from Sephar...if Spartans were from Sephar. Priam was made the father of Helenus of Epirus, exposing an Alan merger with the non-Israeli line of Abraham.

It then appears that Spartans from Las named Laus, founded by peoples in Sybaris, and later these Sepharvite / Spartan suspects became Insubres, founders of Medea-like Mediolanum. Mythical Medea, daughter of king Aeetes of Colchis, was the line from Abraham and Keturah likely through their son Medan. The Ares dragon protected the golden fleece that was owned by Aeetes, and that's the same dragon that was given teeth called, Sparti. Medea became queen of Corinth, and she flew Helios' chariot, but pulled by dragons i.e. implying the Sparti, to Athens (beside Sparta), home of king KODRos, father of Medan-like Medon, and thus Kodros was code for a people group that named Keturah.

On this old and incorrect map of Caucasia, one can make out "Tyndaris" smack where Aeetes ruled, and then mythical Tyndareus was the husband of Leto-like Leda, mother of Helen of Sparta and Troy. On the south side of the Glaucus river having Tyndaris, are the Lazi, stamped as "Luzi" (I think), and this was obviously related to Las of Sparta. On the south side of the Lazi is Rhodopolis, which can explain why Medea was using Helios' chariot, or why Helios was made the god of Rhodes. Note SARApana (named partly after Pan?) on the south side of the GLAUCUS, opposite from Tyndaris, which may have been the tribe that named Abraham's first wife. Mythical Glaucus loved Scylla, and that's the Sicels living amongst SARAcens. The Arms of Sicily even has a Gorgon head while Gorgons probably become the Georgians. The Hebrew-like Iberi (on the map) lived in/beside Colchis along with Alans of Alania. Colchis became Georgia, suspect with Gorgons, who lived at Parion/Parium, where Abraham traces. As Hermes was related to the king of Colchis, while Pan was Hermes' son, "Sarapana" looks like a part-Pan term, and thus connectable to the Panias Phoenicians.

Wikipedia: "Tyndareus was the son of Oebalus (or Perieres) and GORGOphone (or BATeia)". Perfect, for Caucasian Bats lived with the Lazi and named Batumi to their south. Batia was made the mother of Trojans with the Mysian location of Dardania as the father.

This map shows Gog. It also shows PHANagoria in the land of the Sindi. To find this place, look opposite the straight from Crimea, stamped "Tauricus" on the map. I have good reason to trace Mr. Kepke to Kepoi (not on the map), a dog's walk from Phanagoria. The Sindi are suspect with the Sintians on Lemnos (off the coast from Troy but also off the coast from the Hebros river).

Another son (can't recall his name) of Kodros was made a founder of Ephesus (has only minimal truth, we assume), where mythical PANdareus ruled, named after the son of Hermes, we can glean. Pandareus birthed queen Aedon of Boiotia, beside Athens, where Cadmus of Phoenicia, location of a Pan cult at Panias, killed the Ares dragon. Ares' daughter, Harmonia, was of the Hermes cult of Armenians. EPHESUS, near the Maeander river of "laus"-using Manders, looks like it named "HEPHAEStus," god of Lemnos, where Jason and the Argonauts stopped before sailing on and giving the golden fleece to Aeetes. This Jason became king of Corinth, where Aeetes was from before ruling Colchis, and at least one myth says that Aeetes left rulership in Corinth to a house of Hermes. There's a question as to whether the myth writer named the ship, the Argo, as per Danaan of Argos, for another myth had the Argo ship sail up the Danube.

Corinth was of Coronis the crow, whose son had the one-snake Asclepius rod akin to the two-snake rod of Hermes. Coronis was made to mate with Apollo, which apparently had a serious following at Apollonia, beside Aulon/Avlona. Medea was a witch, and Arthurian myth has nine witches on mythical AVALON, the line from Aulon/AVLONa. hence, we detect that the crow line was on Avalon, and as I identify it as Bute, note that Bute was previously ROTHESay, for German Rothes' use the raven, a crow. Nine was the symbol of the mythical Muses, led by Apollo, and they were Mysians known to be living at Parium/Parion (on the Helen-like HELLESpont), in Mysia, the entity that named Priam and Paris. Priam's son, HECTor, was play on the witch, HECATE, the goddess of Medea.

So, as Mediolanum became ruled by Sforza-related Visconti's while the Graff/Grav lion is the Sforza lion. Graffs/Grave's are suspect from Garebites near Abraham's home of Hebron, and Hebrons love the Keeps. Hebrons use "Keep TRYST" while "Trustie" is used by Leto-like Leiths. Apollo son of Leto loved the crow, the symbol of coronavirus as far as we are concerned with Kepke dangling a spider at the Graff residence. Years ago, I believed that peoples from Gareb were given "corvos," the Greek crow, as symbol, and traced off-shoots from "Gareb" to Croatians (KRVati) and "Serb" before knowing that the Ceraunii lived in Croatia and Serbia i.e. looks like I was correct. The Graff/Grav anchor is for Anchors/ANNACKers, and Abraham knew ANAK of Hebron, who named the Anaki. That's why God used Kepke at the Graff residence!!! We can plainly see that God can set up events as pointers to several things at once. This is telling us that Angers and Anjou were from the Anaki.

Rothes is a location of the Spey river, suspect with Speyers/Speers, who look like "Sephar." Speers share the Spree crescents, and the Spree river in LUSatia can indicate that Spartans from Las migrated there, not likely directly.

BEHOLD! As Kepoi was in the land of the Sindi, suspect with Sintians on LEMNos, by what coincidence are English LEMONs in Keppoch colors and format!!! INCREDIBLE.

OH WOW, the LEMOvices GAULs lived beside the Sintian-like Santones GAULs, and this recalls the dream in which GOLF balls were popping out of the SAND everywhere, and later I found Golfins listed with two Gull surnames i.e. like "Gaul"!!! I get it. French Gauls (Anjou!) share the lion of French Lemons, the latter first found in Brittany with Dolphin/Dolfin-related Dol, and then English Lemons use dolphins! Golly. English Lemons are in the format of, and half in the colors, of Sands, the latter now said to be first found in Surrey, where Dolphins/Dolphins (Dol colors) were once said to be first found. The two James surnames, both first found in Surrey, have a dolphin in one Coat, and the lion of French Lemons in the other! French Lemons use a "globe," suspect with the Glopeani namers of Goplo, and Kopple's with GALLus' share the same rooster. Koplik is near Kotor.

By the way, the Lemon globe is the "orb" of Metz's, and while Pepin of Landen married Miss Metz, the first ruler of the mythical Goplo tower was Popiel.

I just showed how the line of Keturah went to KODRos, the line to KOTOR, and as I said, Kepke and I collected golf balls at CEDAR Brae golf course, and Cedars are listed with COTTERs!!! My life has been a history book with God as author. Might the Brays/Brae's have been Abram liners?

God was apparently hinting, through that dream, that Kepke descended through Sintians of Lemnos, and here we are. I don't ever recall realizing that Kepoi was in the land of the Sindi, but happened to load the old Caucasia map today to see it. This is the place to add that Graff-beloved Anchors/Annackers share the red bull head with German Sanders, suggesting an Anaki connection with Sindi > Sintians.

Keppoch-related Lemons are said to have been at BLYTHing (Suffolk), and I've even mentioned in the past that Keppochs are essentially with a form of the Blyth Coat. The latter shares the Clint/Clent garbs as a pointer to president Bill Blythe-Clinton, and the Clent Hills are in Worcestershire, where Clinton-related Hillarys and Sand-branch Sandys were first found. Kepke is Lawrence by first name, and Lawrence's/LAURENCE's (Lancashire, where Sands were once said to be first found) were at RedMAINE while Maine is where Blyth-like Billets/Billiards were first found, a branch of Billiards/HILLARds (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs). OH wow, the spider-like Spitzers use "hills" (with a tunnel), and Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys!!!

BEHOLD! I'm now wondering whether the spider event is pointing to Clintons, for Hillary Rodham Clinton was a senator for New York, where ELIOT LAURENCE SPITZER was governor at one time. As I've said several times, the Elliots (not sure of the spelling) lived directly across the street from our place, and the father of the home was a real-estate agent. Eliot Spitzer is said to have been a "real estate developer," and isn't that what Trump was doing in New York??? The Graffs lived two or three properties over from the Elliots. It's where Kepke was dangling the spider, you see. God can point to several things with one event.

But what do Mr. Spitzer and the Clintons got to do with La Quinta Columna or graphene-oxide? The Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's were not only first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/Roddens (and same-colored Hebrons), but Rotens share the Tunnel/Tunno hexagram. It's a spider hit on Hillary.

I remember when I developed a fear of spiders at about age six, when seeing a spider for the first time, it seems, and bending over to inspect it. It was a wolf spider on it's typical web with cave entrance, and because it moved so lightning quick back into its hole, the thing shocked me. I was terrified, but didn't want them on my body is all. Kepke learned that. Spider fear is ARACHnophobia, and Rachs/Reach's with a Rock-like Rioch variation were first found in Inverness-shire with rock-using and Ceraunii-suspect Grands, the latter showing only crowns, same as Corons and Corona's. Grands can be in the motto of Courts/Coverts, first found in Sussex with Keeps.

Lookie. Racks are listed with Rake's, recalling the Franconian Rake, because Schwabs/Swabs were first found in Franconia...with TRUNKs. The elephant of Elliots has a TRUNK. Racks/Rake's have an "HONEStum" motto term while Hones' happen to share double "blue wavy bars" with Elliots! That's amazing, and the only thing making sense there is a pointer to Eliot Laurence Spitzer. My ARACHnophobia just pointed to him, along with Lawrence Kepke's spider chase. Chase-Manhattan bankers in New York? Between German and Irish Sanders there's an elephant head and the Trunk bull head in colors reversed.

DOUG, the son of the Elliots across the street from me, who was my age, became a POLICE officer, and Policks are listed with Pollocks who share the English / Scottish Frank Coat(s). As Pollocks of Rothes were proto-Rothschilds, it makes sense that these Franks were from Franconia, the namers of Frankfurt, home of the first Rothschild. I lived on JAY street (Toronto) when that wolf spider made me afraid of spiders, and Frank, directly across the street from us and one house over, was a friend of my age. Jays share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"), and the latter share the trunk hexagrams. The Jay bend, minus the roses, is the bend of Jewish Pollocks.

Pollocks built Rothes castle in Moray, where DOUGlas' were first found, and I assume that Dog Elliot was born, Douglas. Moray is where BELLys were first found who share the eight-pointed DUC/LeDuc star. English Franks sharing the Polick/Pollock saltire have a "A hawk's CLOSE, BELLed in gold," and CLOSEburn, near Castle DOUGLAS, is in Dumfries with the first-known Bells. This police officer's surname worked into the spider pointer to La Quinta Columna, and German Franks show a giant "COLUMN" and "an arm in armor" while Armors/LaMORs have the Moray stars too. Baileys (Northumberland, same as Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's) not only share the Moray stars, but the brown boar head of Innis', first found in Moray and using the Moray Coat in colors reversed. Pollocks use a brown boar too.

I've been waiting to tell you that Innis' come up as "One," like the Hone/Hones surname sharing double, wavy fesses with Elliots. It could appear that Elliots were indeed from Helias Pollock.

So what do we think the Eliotts contribute to the spider event? The Pollock write-up says that Helias was a brother of Peter Pollock (builder of Rothes castle), and so, perhaps, Elliots and Elias' (share Elis Coat) were branches. In fact, the Scottish Elliots with the "baton" also have a "cutLASS" sword, evoking the LACEdaemonians of Sparta, suspect with Las, near Elis. The baton can go back to the Bat Caucasians in the area of the Lazi Caucasians, and moreover the Scottish Randolphs, first found in Moray too, share the Bath cross and a bat too, as well as horseSHOEs that can be part code for Shoe's having a Knight that's connectable with the Nith river, location of Closeburn. Castle Douglas is five miles or less from the Nith.

Lass' are listed with Irish Lacys/Lace's having a lion with "claws," and in the Crest is an "eagle rising," and while Risings/Risons have nearly the Pollock / Frank Coat, this looks like a Lacy trace to something at Rhizon, for it's near the CLAUSula river. The CUTlass might just be for a branch of Cutters, and Kotor is a New-York spit into the wind from Rhizon. The Claws' are listed with Clasons, and Klassens/Class' were Glass liners. The similarity between "Cut" and "Cnut" is interesting where Cnuts have a drop-filled Shield while Drops/Trope's (drop-filled Shield) can be from Tropoje, knot far from the source of the Clausula.

Doner's/Donahue's, by the way, have an "eagle rising," for the record.

I have 100 mentions of Koplik on the Clausula river, but google brings up not one of them when I search " Koplik clausula. " Google is criminal for hiding my writings, my work, and that of millions of others. It is completely horrendous of people to do these things to others, worthy of long jail time. I can't even find one article for the Clausula river now. I had read that it goes through Koplik. This map shows it in a U-shape flowing into lake Scodra:

I remember Frank (across Jay street) frying a grassHOPper, the Fauchy symbol, with a magnifying GLASS. Was that an ominous sign for Fauchi? Are the police coming for him? Pollocks were at GLASgow, suspect as a Glass-Gow merger, and Gows/McGoo's, in Pollock colors, were first found in Inverness with the Rachs/Reach's who came up as per ARACHnophobia. So, while the spider event pointed hard to La Quinta thanks to the Graff Coat, so does my spider-scare event at Jay street. And German Franks have the column.

One of the things we friends did most at Franks place was HOPscotch, and Hobs use "hawks" while the English Franks sharing the Pollock saltire have a "hawk's CLOSE". I say that Hope's/Hopers were kin of Note's/Cnuts/KNOTs (goes good with laces on shoes), and English Lacys/Lace's have a purple "fret-KNOT" to go with the purple lion of Irish Lacys/Lace's, and the purple "staves" of Hawks. The only event I can recall with Frank's older brother (John) is where he showed us the big spider flat on the inside of his shoe after he stepped into it. Franks took us to Closeburn, and his brother's shoe goes to the Shoe knight, traceable via English Knights (share spur with Close's) to the NITH river, location of Closeburn. Elliots were first found in Liddesdale while Liddle's of Liddesdale have another spur.

AHHHH, I get it. Spider-like Spitzer's use "hills," and Hills have an "Avancez" motto while "J'vance" is used by English Bertrams (Northumberland, same as Tunnels/Tunno's) while Spitzers put a tunnel into a hill while Tunnels/Tunno's share the vertically-split Shield colors and German Bertrams! And "J'vance" is suspect with Jays as well as the Vance variation of Fauci-connectable Vaux's. In fact, let me show again how this works: while English Faux's are said to be Vaux's, French Faux's/Fage's/Chollen's were first found in Perigord with grasshopper-using Fauchys! That's it. Frank fried a grasshopper one day after he and I were catching grasshoppers in the back yard. We were about seven years old.

I've told of the night when I threw a party for the young people at Knob hill Farms. After dark, we found ourselves at the above-ground POOL of the Elliots because they put it right at the road (Doner) without a fence, distant from their house. Poole is in Dorset with the Russells said to derive from William BERTRAM, no guff. This could persuade me that Elliots do point to Eliot Spitzer, and that Elliots were from Helias Pollock because Pools (Dorset, beside Elliot-connectable Hone's) and Pollocks, together with Pullys/Pullens, were from Vespasia Polla of Sabina. The Russell Coat looks related to the one of Pully-related Sabine's. Then, the Collins expected in the Chollens variation of French Faux's look like they have a version of the Elliot bend-with-baton, and Collins use the Pully/Pullen martlets. This is now an Elliot-family pointer to FRANCis Collins, Tony Fauchi's boss until some weeks ago. Fauci loves Hillary Rodham Clinton, I wonder why, for no one in their right mind would love her, but rather they would use her to make fast-illegal money, for she's a gangstress.

The father of the Pollocks was FulBERT, and as Pollocks use "AUDacter," FULbert could have been named after RoqueFEUIL in Aude province. It's in ROUSSILLON, where the BERTram > Russell line is expected. Russells share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners, and thus FULBERT "the tanner" of Rockefeller-line Falaise makes sense here. Falls'/Fallis' (share Pool lion) were first found in Midlothian with Russell-like Roslin. Pollocks of Rothes married Leslie's who thus became earls of Rothes, and Leslie's share buckles with Roslins.

The Volkswagen Dream

I'd like to go back to a dream I had, starting with a Michael I know. I saw him standing beside his white Volkswagen beetle, though he doesn't drive one in real life. I know it was parked in the parking lot of a mall because I entered the mall. As I said several times, I put a BUCKET into the back seat of his Volkswagen, and French Buckets happen to share the cinquefoils of Gangs in the Drummond motto! I then needed to take a leak and entered the mall to find the washroom, when I saw a sign with a broken arrow telling where the washrooms were. By "broken arrow," I mean that it was first one way straight ahead, then turn 90 degrees down a hall, and it just so happens that Brecons share the Coat of English Buckets (Basset colors). Arrows were first found in Staffordshire with Drummond-related Bassets. Michael Rangabe was married to Prokopia, and Prokopps are listed with broken-like Brocuffs who share the Chief-Shield colors of Broke's/Brocks.

Although I usually call the mall washroom a bathroom, I've just switched it to "washroom" for what could be the first time, which is why I've just checked for a Washer find three red piles to a point, the Brecon and Bucket symbol too!!! Amazing. Washers (share Drummond Crest), listed with Guiscards/Wisharts, come up also as Wishers, suspect as Visconti's.

I've never read the Guiscard write-up well enough to have known, until now, this thing: "The family are of ancient date in Forfarshire, and are descended from Robert, a natural son of David, Earl of Huntingdon, who having gone on a crusade to the Holy Land, was called Guishart, on account of the slaughter he made of the Saracens." Who's Guishart? The Sicilian Guiscard brothers predate him by a century. It appears that some Guiscard from king Robert Guiscard was a grandson of Henry Huntingdon and Ada of Warenne, and great-grandson of king David I. There we have the reason for the sharing of the Drummond and Guiscard Crest of king David was from the mother of Drummonds.

I'd like to record here that David of Huntingdon married Maud, daughter of Hugh de KEVelioc (a Meschin), whose Arms appear when the computer mouse is over his name, and those Arms are the Cue/KEW Coat. David's mother was Miss Montfort, and Montforts have the symbol of Bohemia. She was "Bertrade de Montfort, a cousin of King Henry II of England." This Henry II was a son of King David I's sister. Here's from Wikipedia's Agatha article: "The earliest-surviving source, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, along with [others]...describe Agatha as a kinswoman of 'Emperor Henry', the latter explicitly making her daughter of his brother (filia germani imperatoris Henrici). It is not clear whether the 'Henry' mentioned was Henry II or Henry III..." There's lots of Henrys in this picture. Emperor Henry II was the grandson of Henry the Fowler.

I now recall that the very end of the sleeping-bag dream, which started by pointing to the murder of supreme-court judge, Antonin Scalia, was Miss Peare on a stage with me, where I was pulling both her HIPS and her WAIST toward me (dream ended before we made contact = tease), and Washer-like Wessels/Waistells of Wasdale were kin of George's from George, Agatha's husband. The Hips' share the sphinx with Brocuffs. Peare's are expected as a branch of Pero's/Perino's (Scalia pale bar in colors reversed) who have a pale-bar version of the Weis/Weiser Coat. Tease's/Tess'/Tecks were from the Ticino/Tessin river, where Pierro's/Pero's (share Tease/Tyes fesse) were first found, explaining the pull-hips tease scene.

The stage with Peare was in a mall, and I had walked through the mall parking lot to get there, which now seems to be related to Michael's VolksWAGEN in a mall parking lot. The lone pale bar of WAGNers is colors reversed from the same of Pero's/Perino's, the latter first found in Piedmont with Masci's who share the fleur-de-lys of the same Wagners, and moreover Masci's share the white wing with both Wisher-like Weis'/Weisers and Wies'/Wiesers. Between the Wies/Wieser wings is the Macey/Mace star, we may assume. Michael is related to my mother who's a Masci on her mother's side, and a BAG-related Grimaldi on her father's, and the pull-hips scene was in a dream starting with a sleeping BAG that was the very item pointing to Scalia's killing by Poindexter's friends. Scalia's show only a ladder in pale in the colors of the Wagner pale bar. The question is: why is a mall and its parking lot common to both dreams?

The bags share a lozengy Shield (different colors) with English Gilles'/Jills, and the latter's "TE Domine" motto phrase can go to Domino's, first found in Piedmont with SAVIGliano, the line of Savage's (share Pile/PILOT lion) who use PRO te," looking like code for Pero's and the Tee's/Tea's listed with Tease's/Tyes'. English Pile's share the Peare leopard face. Pelosi's/PILATTi's, first found in Savigliano, use a white bull that could possibly be related with the white bull head of Albins/AUBINs, for they named Aubin near Rodez. Albini's use the Roquefeuil-line trefoil, and it's the Rod trefoil too. Albins/Aubins share the fitchee of My's/Mea's (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tyes'), of the namers of the Meu river, location of Mott-Henry and Saint-Gilles,

The Wies/Wiser branch of Weis'/Weisers, with the Poindexter star in colors reversed, were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/Prokopps. Scalia was murdered on the ranch of Mr. Poindexter. When I dated Miss Peare briefly, I was selling SHOES, and Shoe's share the Poindexter star. The Poindexters share the Fist/FAUST fist, and Fasts are in the motto of Hungarian Leslie's who came to Scotland with Maurice drummond, proposed grandson of the Agatha under discussion.

German Wisers (Westphalia) could have the lion of Scottish Nights because English Nights/KNIGHTs share the triple pale bars of GATTENburgs (new to me), and then Gattens (new to me) happen to share the Shoe star while Shoe's have a "KNIGHt issuing from the KNEES". This is all new, and Gattens were first found in Kent with English Trips while German Trips (Hamburg, same as Drummonds!!!) show only shoes!!! Gattens must be from "AGATha," of vice-versa! Wise'/Wiesers (not "Wiser") share the Gemel / Wager heart, and the fesse of Dols, the latter first found in Mecklenburg (beside Hamburg) with Gattenburgs.

The Shoe and Gatten stars are blue, and the lone Shoe star is also that of Mercers suspect in the "Mercy" motto term of Washers/Wishers/Guiscards. The latter were first found in Stirlingshire with the Nemo's in turn in the motto of Poindexters who likewise have the lone Shoe star. The horizontally-split Poindexter Shield is in colors reversed with Austrian Wisers. Judge Scalia was murdered on the ranch of John B. Poindexter, and English Trips use "SCALing ladders" as code for their relationship with ladder-using Scalia's.

I've got to say, that Barry, when he got punched by this out-of-control woman in an anti-Christian act, was a real man about it. He didn't say a word. He just sat there, taking it, not mouthing off at her. Barry was a muscular guy in his mid 20s. I really admired him for sticking up for me. But when I spoke to him about Jesus, later, he wasn't willing to give up his life's plans for Him. People have misconceptions about Jesus. Usually, people think of Him as an irrelevant man of yestercentury. I was wanting to tell them that Jesus made Himself known to me, and that this changes everything. There is nobody like Him if He still lives, and He's wonderful, marvelous, far above our humanity. People don't know what they're doing to reject / ignore Him.

When he said that we ought to "hate" our family members, otherwise we are not worthy of Him, He first of all didn't mean despicable hatred, and secondly I feel sure he meant family members who reject us unless we reject Him. In other words, when my parents were prepared to take me to a psychologist to get me deprogrammed (ha-ha), once I told them I was a Christian, I rejected them, so to speak. I paid them no heed at all, and became terribly upset with them. I was not prepared to quit on Jesus for their sakes. In this context, Jesus means we should ignore / disregard and even disrespect parents who would have us disown Him, because, if we do disown Him from such pressures, we clearly are not worthy of Him, for He is far better than our parents or siblings.

As you can glean, I had a love for Jesus, meaning an appreciation for Him, and for the idea that He or the Holy Spirit would take up residency in my life so undeserving. I don't view Him as a spy over me, but as a coach, a protector, a father, a brother, and more than we can know. This is the way to be a Christian, not from afar, but with God with us. If Jesus is only someone of the distant past to you, that's nothing. You have nothing. You've got to find Jesus and the Father in your inner room. I was prepared to tell friends ((I knew them all) at Mellanson's party that, that finding Jesus is finding a treasure, but circumstances cut me off from talking to them.

All of us were headed nowhere, but with Jesus, there is a bright future, though not bright as the world regards it. I want the bright future of God, the Family Man. People who party regularly form a family of sorts, but with commitments to having far more fun than Christians do when they meet, yet there's a terrible price to pay for rejecting God, and, besides, the fun becomes cheap, especially when everyone gets competitively lusty. Jesus' preoccupation was to glorify God, for that was His "fun." Fight for the kingdom, and enjoy it. Rah-rah for the Kingdom that endures forever, it means everything. Get with the program, for there is no other program. It's been a dismal life for us while watching this world go to satan, but the time is coming when we can lift up our heads again, from slumber. Rah-rah time is coming, I hope, before I'm too old to rah-rah.

Here's a 30-second video showing how to "acquire" the Holy Spirit:

I asked three times, with passion, and I received the Holy Spirit. I could feel the presence, like peace and filling-up of my soul, a thing I had never experienced before. I was half in shock, half rejoicing. It was new; I liked it. I wanted it to be stronger, but it waned. It my my spiritual "birth," I assumed. I wanted to know all about the Bible, and as I read carefully over the coming year, especially, the Presence came upon me many times. He liked my wanting to know God. God was happy with me for this change. My parents were horrified. Jesus said he came to turn family members against one another, not as the devil does, but by saving some of them.


Here's a video showing how the same deceivers who moved the cattle lock-step into vaccination troughs are going to give false promises of a vastly better world via graphene-oxide and 5G:

Back to the garden, people, enjoying company, human company, entertaining guests, enjoying people...leave technology and super-machine industry for the pagan cattle. They can't brainwash you if you know they're trying. They can't fool you if you know they lie. The cattle trust the social engineers because they are partners in ignorance, and for a piece of hay the cattle will walk willingly to the slaughter house. When they tried the vaccines on animals to find that they died as a result, they discovered that the vaccines were a success, and thus they are now giving these vaccines to a small percentage of the population as practice on how to do it "better."

John Solomon headline: "Federal agency announces creation of list of employees who object to vaccine on religious grounds". No more need be said to show that Bidenites, in preparation for a mark-of-the-beast-like system, are making a persecution list aimed at Christians:

I fear that people seeking to fix America and other countries will not be watching, not caring, whether it is the very end. That's why Jesus said, WATCH.

Wow, a very good post-trib video, though it would have been better if it were slower, talking slower, giving viewer time to soak it in:

I don't know why post-tribbers online seem afraid to suggest that we'll need to store things we need to endure the mark. What's the use in convincing believers that the rapture is after the tribulation if we don't urge them to store needs while keeping watch?

Here's a guy in 2015 with amazing insight:

Late in the last update, I added Earhardt-related information that pointed to Fox and Friends again, this time with Klaus Schwab via the cotton swab in Mellanson's EAR, which pointed in new ways to Ainsley EARhardt again (one of the Fox-and-Friend's hosts). So, I did what I've not done in several weeks, loaded a Fox-and-Friend's show for 6am on Monday morning, to find their story on the sudden death of Bob Sagit. Earhardt praised this filthy, demonic man because she cares more for her job than she does the values of Jesus. She constantly suppresses Jesus in order to compromise with Fox needs = $$$, and that's just one big fat hypocrite whose driving her soul to the ground in a terrible crash. It's horrible, somebody go save her.

So, my point is, this segment of Fox and Friends did not ask whether he died of a vaccine complication. He went to bed fine, and didn't wake up, as David Knight will inform us here:

Here's Sagit telling with his own mouth that "I just got my booster, I don't know what that's worth":

I feel sure that Brian Kilmeade (of Fox and Friends) would have liked to discuss on the air whether Sagit died of a vaccine poisoning, but the Fox bosses won't allow this. These hypocrites claim that putting fear in people against vaccines is going to kill people when the stark reality is that vaccines kill people. And they kill people on-the-spot weeks after injection, yet I have not heard from any medical establishment what the causes usually are for such sudden drop-dead events. It's not enough to tell us that heart attacks are occurring rampantly. We want to know how the vaccines cause them. Why should a blood clot get stuck in the heart as opposed to a leg or arm? Why are athletes perfectly able to play a sport, and then they fall dead, or almost dead, on the field without prior signs of slowing down first? Don't we expect clots to get stuck in small arteries before they plug the heart valves? I don't think the sudden deaths are from clots. Partially, perhaps, but something else could be stopping the heart.

Here's a concerning saga from David Knight on globalist take-over of farmland for their own purposes. Might they risk a buy-up of substantial land for solar-panels farms, only to sell-off cheaply once the solar-power industry doesn't materialize as they dictate? Might Christians get cheap country tracts in time for the skin code?

Save the seeds from your store-bought produce starting even now if they are able to last six years, because Monsanto is trying to rob people of viable seeds in store-bought produce everywhere. This should be illegal, but unfortunately the lawless -- or should I say those who make untraditional / ridiculous rules and laws for their own sakes -- rule most of the Western world.

The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, the chief salesman for the company, has come out to say that the first two shots of the vaccine, per person, were ineffective at protecting people from getting the virus. But to coax the viewer into taking the booster, he claims that it will give protection against hospitalization. This is the liberal lie everywhere, that the vaccines prevent the most-crucial illnesses. Then Bourla says that Pfizer now has a new vaccine coming out in March, and, of course, he's going to praise it, make it respectable, promising, to coax suckers to bite his hook. Note that the Bourla-like Burley/Bourley surname is in the colors of Fisers/Visser Coat. Here's the Bourla mouthpiece himself, and related material that's looking like a turning of the tide in liberal media, the only question being: why confess COVID sins now when the goon-goal is to go for the jugular at this time?

The media people speaking with straight face are still lying with the numbers, admitted guilt, but still not admitting the entire truth. For example, the woman in the video who admitted that 75 percent of hospitalizations registered as COVID deaths had 4 or more life-threatening illnesses. Why admit this HUGE thing now. But why not tell the entire truth? How many of the remaining 25-percent had one, two or three life-threatening diseases? It's easy to guess the correct answer: most of them. That's called deception, and it's on a criminal level, a manipulation of the masses for personal gain, a grand conspiracy. Here's that woman saying it lickety-fast, the same woman who told the world not long ago that vaccines keep you from getting an infection:

Is there some honesty this week because vaccine mandates have reached the U.S. supreme court this week? Or are they admitting guilt to facilitate violence, that they hope to see soon, from anti-vaxxers? The female liberal of the top court said very recently that more than 100,000 children have been hospitalized for "serious condition" COVID-related ailments, but both liberal and conservative media are banging her up for that disinformation. But what if the top court had inside information, and it's the truth, due to vaccine complications, though, or COVID infections? I could believe that.

Globalists have made such a stink of themselves, and it ain't over yet, that we Christians could not have dreamed to destroy their reputation so well with all the earthly forces and assets we possess. Way to go goons, keep it up.

The push for vaccinations remains, especially from the CDC, a blotch on its record because, by now, the cat's out of the bag. Keep-on goons, inflicting your own reputations, it's what Christians need, stooges who look like stooges because their angel masks fell off. Keep saying "booster booster booster" because nobody wants it but the devil's sons who'll go to their deaths fighting Christians. Liberalism has been exactly that fight for them since the 1950s-60s. What a waste of human energy. What a horror story.

I offer this "movie" with some reluctance because the owners are non-Christians, but there's not much foul language. However, when you get to the foul-mouthed "comedian" at the end, the type of demonic soul I loath with all my soul, pause the video and watch no more, for there's nothing left for Christian value. I agree with much in this video, and find logic in some things I can't confirm, but I find some things not sitting right with me. There's value in this movie for giving some good sense of what has been going on in this generation from world-controlling billionaires. The movie also has the problem, when you think about it, of using some comedy while having mass-murder as the theme, not an appropriate mix, making the viewer wonder if the producers are taking this seriously.

Here's how blatantly ignorant liberal media people are. They argue that people who have taken Ivermectin have died of COVID, but then ignore the CDC which long ago admitted that 94-percent of people dying with COVID died of other causes instead. PLUS, the CDC had admitted that COVID testing is unreliable while many others point out that its wildly unreliable and willfully intended to procure false-positive results. Therefore, a media personality who does not add those two FACTs to his public statements / fact-checking is a reckless ignoramus. Sure, some people who too Ivermectin as a last resort died, but the media people have no idea whether they died of COVID, versus with COVID, versus being falsely tested with COVID in the first place. When the dust settles, these people will suffer the backlash of disrespect or resentment from viewers. But as they are facilitating the deaths of people by tarnishing the known cures, they deserve worse than resentment.

Watch this (you have no choice) and learn what satan looks like (it's not loading for me at this time):

Way to go, Stew, angel. The message is that the unvaccinated enter hospitals at their own great risk, or, if you go because you need to take the risk, make sure you can get out of bed, and run out the back door fast when their not watching, if they plan to drug you to sleep in what could become your "mercy killing." Hospitals are now legalized prisons for anyone with a virus or virus-like symptom. If video abnove won't load for you, see this:

Here's the scumbug, the biggest and BEST scumbug you ever did see, absolutely the best, Donald Trump (take a bow, Mr. Ego), praising Donald Rumsfelde, the one who covered 9-11 with Dick Cheney. Rumsfelde, Bush's Defence Chief = Pentagon chief, knew no plane landed at the Pentagon. The plane Cheney speaks on, in this video, was Flight 93 that likewise didn't land. There was no plane where this plane was said to land (Pennsylvania); it was all faked, and Trump the wicked psycho knows it (pity the Christians who love him):

I didn't know this under-aged sex scandal where trudeau paid the girl off not to talk. Pedophiles and faggots in high political places everywhere, they get each other elected, by the looks of it:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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