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June 28 - July 4, 2022

Og of Bashan Returning in Spirit?
Jovan Pulitzer's Report

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture


I think it's probably a good idea that we all start talking to people about the apophis comet of 2029, because the "wisemen" of this evil age are admitting that it will pass less than 20,000 miles from earth, less than one earth diameter. The wicked may have decided to lie to the world i.e. it's been tracked to be much closer to earth to keep people from preparing extra foods on account of it. The wicked would not want people to do that because it looks too much like an end-time event, and they will fight against God to the bitter end.

It doesn't matter whether or not apophis is the asteroid of Revelation's 2nd Trumpet. What matters is that it could be. What matters is that this is the closest thing in Christian history to the fulfillment of the 2nd Trumpet, and it could therefore be the fulfillment. That's what matters. It means that Christians should take seriously the possibility that 2029 will be deepish into the last seven years of this history. It means that we should all prepare foods NOW so that we are able to fight the mark of the beast starting in about 2025/26, if it happens to come that early. That's partly why I've decided to start gardening this year on top of dehydrating foods for my family.

In the grand scheme of the solar system, a distance of 20,000 miles from earth gravity is not far at all, and the asteroid could be "sucked" toward the ground by that gravity. Keep in mind that modern wisemen, fools all of them, have the size of the solar system about seven times too large. I showed irrefutable evidence, many updates ago, and using NASA eclipse data, that the sun is only 16-18 million miles away. That's about 5.5 times less distance than the wicked ones claim, meaning that when they calculate the asteroid to sweep by 20,000 miles away, it could be much closer...if their calculating its path is made wrong by their wrong size of the solar system.

Look at it this way. The asteroid orbits the sun as does the earth, and it orbits nearly at the same orbit as earth orbit. The wisemen have only seen this comet three times, and so they are not very familiar with its orbital path. At its Wikipedia article: "Apophis was discovered on June 19, 2004... On December 21, 2004, Apophis passed 0.0964 AU (14.42 million km; 8.96 million mi) from Earth." You understand that, if they have the solar system 5.5 times too large, their 14.42 million miles becomes more like 2.6 million...and their 20,000 miles for 2029 becomes more like 3,600 miles.

Don't you think that church pastors everywhere should be talking about this asteroid? This is not some wacky planet-x conspiracy theory. This is on the astronomer's table, and he's looking at it closely.

The enemies of God, if they've been told by astronomers that this asteroid is going to hit, might seek to destroy mankind, which is what we seem to be witnessing as we speak. The anti-Christs seem bent on destroying us all, and taking our money and properties in the meantime. Perhaps they want as few people on earth in April of 2029 as possible, so that the few can better survive an asteroid strike. Fewer people = less mayhem, less lawless competition for food and other needs. Perhaps this explains what we are seeing from globalists at this time. They have a rabid agenda set to be finalized by 2030, just months after Apophis is slated to pass by.

If this is the end, do you realize how happy and excited Jesus must be, having waited so long? Is God fun? Is this the right discussion to ask such a question? Yes, God likes to give us fun, ask any child, ask the animals. Fun is a God-given gift. But globalists want us to forget how to have fun. They want us miserable, divided. God will bring fun back to earth, and we will laugh and rejoice over the stupids who want destruction at this time. Lovers of death shall not win this universe, shudder to even think it. Surely, Jesus wants to make bright the lives of those who endure the stupids to the end. Surely, eternal life begins with shouts of celebration, ear-to-ear smiles, everything that globalists do not want Christians to start enjoying, as the final years become apparent to us. So, they will trouble us to keep us from rejoicing. That's because they are stupid. They still have the opportunity to get on the right side, the winner side, but they are just plain too stupid, like unreasoning animals. God has told us that we need to endure them for a short time, yet 3.5 years is not a blink of the eye. We need plenty of food for it, or we won't be able to laugh much. May God give us laughter and song in the final years. Be wise, be blessed, prepare for others too. Those you help will love you.

The orbital "year" of apophis is about 324 days, near the orbital period of the earth, meaning that, if it orbits the sun in the same direction as the earth orbits, this rock is not going to whiz past the planet very fast. It's in solar orbit at a speed near the speed of the earth. However, I don't know whether it orbits in the same direction as earth.

The slower it passes by, the more earth gravity will have power over it to bring it in. The faster you roll a metal ball past a magnet, the less the magnet alters the ball's path toward the magnet. Attraction = attraction force x duration of maximum attraction. So, if earth orbit is 5.5 times smaller than the stupid liars (perfect choice of phrase) claim for it, then the asteroid is traveling 5.5 times slower than they think it is. They have the size of the earth correctly pegged, but the asteroid will be about 5.5 times slower as it comes by than they think it will. See any problem with this? I don't, because if it hits the planet in 2029, it's God's will, and that means THE GREAT TIME is almost here.

We're not talking a small-bit slower, but a whopping 5.5 times. I think I now understand that it was God who put me up to discovering the truer solar distance. God acts in us without our knowing it. The smaller solar system is a necessary ingredient to the message I'm posing here on apophis: take it seriously, don't trust the goofs. The asteroid will not only pass by 5.5 times slower, but it will pass 5.5 times closer to earth. See any problem here? I don't, because it looks even more, now, like CELEBRATION TIME.

Ahh, I've found the updates having the solar-distance proof. It begins in the 3rd update in December, 2021, but that update and the next have me floundering until the the 5th of December, when I find a way to deliver the goods. I've never before been so sure that I've got the proof of the true size of the solar system. I would never say that lightly.

When a steel ball is 5.5 times closer to a magnet, it is attracted with many times more force. When a steel ball is twice as close to a magnet, it is attracted with four times the force. But if the steel ball were itself a magnet attracting the magnet, then the force doubled to eight times the attraction per a cut in half of the distance. So, when we cut the distance by four times, the attraction force will be 8 x 8 = 64 times. But when we cut the distance by 5.5 times, we are WAAAY up there, more than 100 times the attraction force. What's NASA got to say about this? How will this change the asteroid's trajectory, as compared to how NASA portrays it?

I totally understand. You are not going to accept my figure for the size of the solar system because you choose to believe that, chances are, I went wrong somewhere in my math or in my reasoning. Fine. But even so, this asteroid needs to be entertained as the end-time mountain that falls into the sea. By "entertained," I don't mean we get to have fun talking about it. I don't mean we should treat it like an interesting piece of science. I mean that we should keep our eyes on world events, as sick as they are, as sick as they make us feel, so that we decide rightly whether we should start preparing foods, and a tribulation retreat, well before 2029.

Astronomers know how to do math. They can be math wizards, but if they have one number wrong in the pages and pages of formulas, the end result is wrong, sorry. It was all a waste of time, and so it will go with these fools because they submitted themselves to the wrong numbers of evolutionists, the full-throttle stupids who invented a cosmic reality of their own, like a pet monster, driven by hatred for God. I'm being very kind to call them "stupid." They are far worse.

The following has an asteroid direction of east to west at nighttime, suggesting that the orbit is in the opposite direction as compared to earth's orbit:

During its 2029 flyby, Apophis will first become visible to the naked eye in the night sky over the southern hemisphere and will look like a speck of light moving from east to west over Australia. It will be mid-morning on the U.S. East Coast when Apophis is above Australia [that's late evening, before midnight, Australia time].

Apophis will then cross above the Indian Ocean, and continuing west, it will cross the equator over Africa.

At its closest approach to Earth, just before 6 p.m. EDT, April 13, 2029, Apophis will be over the Atlantic Ocean. It will move so fast that it will cross the Atlantic in just an hour. By 7 p.m. EDT, the asteroid will have crossed over the United States.

As it passes by Earth, it will get brighter and faster. At one point it will appear to travel more than the width of the full Moon within a minute and it will get as bright as the stars in the Little Dipper.

Apophis is named for the demon serpent who personified evil and chaos in ancient Egyptian mythology.

What happens to those specific times of day and night if the asteroid is 5.5 times slower in space (not the same as speed across the sky) than they claim for it to be? Perhaps this asteroid will prove to the world that the goofs have got the speed of the asteroid, and therefore the size of the solar system, pegged wrong.

They have the asteroid moving opposite the direction of the earth's spin upon its axis. The planetary spin will make the asteroid look like its moving faster (across the sky) than it is. It takes the planetary spin about five hours to travel a distance equal to the width of the Atlantic, and so if the asteroid is traveling that span in one hour, it's moving across the sky four times faster than earth. In their picture, the asteroid crosses 4/5ths the Atlantic in one hour, during which time the earth spins toward the asteroid 1/5th the width of the Atlantic, making it appear that the asteroid has crossed 5/5ths the sea in an hour.

But what if the asteroid is moving in space 5.5 times slower than they plot it? In that case, rather then crossing 4/5th the sea in an hour, it crosses 4/5 / 5.5 = about 1/7th the sea in one hour. The earth spins about 1/5th the sea per hour, suggest that the asteroid will appear to cross the Atlantic in about three hours now. That is, after the east coast of the United States spins 3/5th the distance of this ocean toward Africa, the asteroid, starting directly above the west coast of Africa, will be above the east coast of the U.S. after these three hours (i.e. three times slower than appearing to cross the sea in one hour). In other words, if I'm correct about the asteroid moving 5.5 times slower in space, then it will appear to move across the sky three times slower than they now calculate.

However, their velocity claims don't look right because they have the asteroid going from above Australia to above the eastern coast of the U.S. between "mid-morning" and after 6 pm, which is more eight hours or more, a lot slower than traversing the Atlantic in one hour. It looks like the goofs are goofing. The distance from Australia to the equatorial coast of Atlantic Africa is about the same as the distance from the latter to the east coast of the United States. How, therefore, can it take eight hours or more for the asteroid to do half this full path, and then one hour to do the second half?

The asteroid's Wikipedia page has its velocity at 68,744 miles per hour (30.73 kps). Go ahead, draw a small circle on a piece of paper and call it the earth. Put a dot for the asteroid 2.5 circle diameters (20,000 miles) away from the earth circle. Now make another dot 68,744 miles away from the asteroid dot, which is a span equal to 8.6 earth diameters away from the asteroid dot. The two dots are horizontal on the page, not as though the asteroid's path is orbiting the earth. Finally, draw one line from the core of the earth to one dot, and a second line from the core of the earth to the second dot. The distance from where the first line crosses the earth's surface, to the place where the second line crosses the earth's surface, is about 1/5th the whole way around the earth. This is very rough because I have done a very rough drawing, no rulers. As the earth's circumference is 25,000 miles, the distance between the two lines is about 5,000 miles. Ignoring the earth spin, this means: when the asteroid is directly above the African coast, the asteroid will, one hour later, be above a spot on the earth about 5,000 miles to the west (according to their picture, not mine).

The earth's spin makes the asteroid appear to be traversing more that 5,000 miles in one hour because the spin is itself about 1,000 miles per hour. Therefore, the asteroid would appear to be crossing 6,000 miles of earth surface per hour. The quote above has the asteroid going from the equator at the Atlantic coast of Africa to the east coast of the United States, a distance of some 6,000 miles (quick eyeball calculation on my part), in about an hour, and so the drawing above checks out with their claims on how fast the asteroid moves across the sky. If, when the asteroid arrives, it doesn't cross the sky nearly this fast, then you can know why: they have the size of the solar system too large.

Do another drawing like the one above, only this time have the asteroid dot just 3,600 miles from earth, which is where I predict it will be. That distance is less than half an earth diameter. As this asteroid will travel 5.5 times slower than their claim of 68,740, put the second dot 12,500 miles from the first dot. The two dots are horizontal on the page. Now draw a line from earth core to the first dot, and a second line from earth core to the second dot. This time, the distance between the two lines, where they cross earth's surface, are about half the distance we saw in the drawing above. My rough-calculation conclusion is that the asteroid will appear to be moving 2,500 + 1,000 = 3,500 mph across the earth surface, not their 6,000 mph.

How great a chance is there, if the asteroid is on a path to cross the sky just 3,600 miles from earth, for the asteroid to be pulled in sufficient to strike the earth, when it moves 12,500 mph, a velocity of little more than 1.5 earth diameters per hour? Imagine: the asteroid is 200,000 miles away (24 earth diameters, almost as far as the moon), on a trajectory to fly by just 3,600 miles above the earth's surface. It's going to take 16 hours to travel the 200,000 miles. Could not the earth alter the trajectory, during those 16 hours, sufficient that the asteroid crashes with the planet?

According to their claims, the asteroid will cross the sky at the outer limits of manmade satellites. How much do they weigh? How much does gravity attract one of those as compared to the apophis rock? They tell us that apophis will be 1,120 feet long. I say it'll be 5.5 times shorter, but still a chunk of rock 200 feet long and about half as wide. How much does that weigh? A hundred pounds? Weight = the pull strength of gravity. Earth is the magnet; this 200-foot rock is the steel ball-bearing being attracted. This ball-bearing poses no friction, out in space, to resist being pulled to the magnet.

If we have a magnet 2 inches wide, and roll a weeny-bitty steel ball past it (on a smooth table, almost zero friction) so that it passes the magnet at a distance of a half-magnet width (one inch), and if it's at a slow roll of just 1.5 magnet widths (three inches) per hour, do you think the magnet can pull to itself weeny-bitty ball-bearing in that scenario?

Apophis will be a speck in comparison to the size of earth, relatively much smaller than the bitty ball-bearing as compared to the magnet. It looks like a crash scenario to me. It's going to speed up as it falls, and thus it's going to hit the sea at more than 3.5 miles per second. If it hits a sea two or three miles deep, it could reach the sea floor with great impact, depending on its in-coming angle of impact. Revelation says that a third of sea creatures will die on account of this impact, though it doesn't tell us which sea. We should probably not assume that it will affect all oceans. The impact shock alone can kill local-to-the-strike creatures, and the aftermath of a solid hit to the sea floor can have multiple, fatal repercussions aside from tidal waves.

Will the Anti-Christ be from Amorites of Jerusalem?

(Load Besant link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.) The last update was seeking heraldic clues that traced surnames to Og, giant man of Bashan, also called Basanitis, now suspect with the heraldic besant, and the Besant surname. Prior to knowing that Basham was also Basanitis, I was tracing besants to the family of Julia Maesa Bassianus, and from there to the Massey-connectable Meschins of the Bessin who named Cheshire, where Meschins ruled and Masseys were first found. Long before knowing of "Basanitis," I was tracing Masseys and Miss Maesa to the Maezaei stamped on a map beside the Basante river of Bosnia (sorry, spelled it "Besante" in the last two updates). You can see the Basante river on this map:

A google search pretends that nobody has uses "Basante" in regards to Bosnia, even though Wikipedia's article, "name of Bosnia," mentions "Ad Basante". The Basante is now the Bosna river, and Wikipedia's article on that river adds: "And also by the name of Basante." I see a cover-up by google, just as it covers my excellent finds, hundreds of them, that should be valuable to historians, yet they don't like them because they go back to Israel topics, and because I have Christian topics that resist end-time global farces such as google officials. They shall not win over us.

Years ago, before stressing the Coronis-like Ceraunii shown on the Urbanus river beside the Besante, I was tracing the mythical crow of Greece to Croatians and Serbs from mount Gareb near Jerusalem, and as I've said, I plotted Gareb at or beside the hill upon which the Israeli parliament now sits. Was it intentional? Did the Rothschilds choose that hill for the state capital because they knew themselves to descend from Gareb elements? Words beginning with C / K / G can often have variations without their capitals so that they begin with a vowel instead. Therefore, "Gareb" may have been Areb-like, and then, from ARPHaxad, the grandfather of the founder of Hebrews, there was an ancient city, ARABkha: "The city was founded around 2000 BC and derived its name from the old Assyrian word 'Arabkha' which was later changed to 'Arrapha'." The short Wikipedia clip doesn't tell that the city was likely "Arrapachitis" to begin with, like "Arphaxad."

It therefore struck me that "Gareb" may have been related to Arrapha-like "Rephaim" (Rephaites), who named the Rephaite valley on the west side of walled Jerusalem. The Israeli parliament is less than two miles west of walled Jerusalem. And then it struck me that "Repha" is like "raven" while ravens are a crow species, a great reason to explain why German Rothes use a giant raven i.e. Rothschilds descend from Rephaites. I wasn't able to prove, at first, that the Greek crow traced to Croatians / Serbs, but then I began to stress the Ceraunii of Croatia, and even to wonder whether they named Croatians, which are also called, KRVati, like "CORVos," the Greek for "crow." Finally, it dawned on me that "Coronis," the mythical Greek crow, is like "Ceraunii."

The Ceraunii Illyrians became a topic because I was tracking Massey liners to the neighboring MAEZAei, and so compare that to the name of Julia MAESA Bassianus, indicating that Basanitis elements -- feasibly Rephaites -- were to her bloodline. There's plenty of related material in my last two updates on this topic, and I'm plugging away at it because it can involve the anti-Christ system under Rothschild plots.

"After the Austro-Hungarian occupation in 1878, the region of Bosnia was reorganized jointly with the neighbouring region of HERZegovina..." The Rothschild family was fast becoming a political powerhouse in that period. Mayer Bauer, the first Rothschild (died 1812), has a surname that shares blue wings with HERZogs, the latter first found in Bavaria, same as Bauers, though the latter are also said to have been first found in Austria, where Gareb-like Grape's/Grabbers/CRAVers were first found who share the bend of Herzogs. The bend-with-stars of Herzogs are in the colors of the bend-with-cinquefoils of Sarahs/Sayers while Sauers (Austria) share the giant Russell lion while "sara" is a Russell motto term.

Charles Taze Russell, a Christian-cultic Zionist, was helpful to the Rothschild-Balfour team that was working toward securing Israel for Britain. The plot succeeded, and fundamentalist Christians rejoiced even though Rothschilds were not true Christians, and had no Jesus-based designs for Israel.

Russells share three scallops in a black Chief with Grahams/Grams, the latter first found in Midlothian with Russell-like Roslin. The Graham/Gram scallops belong to their kin, the Varns, who have a bend-with-scallops in the colors of the Herzog bend-with-STARs. The Stars (Wiltshire, beside the first-known Russells) have a Stairr variation, and Stairs share the Herzog stars. Russells were first found in Dorset with the Stour river, beside the Sturs/STOWers while Stouts/STOWs almost have the OGG/Oges Chief. There is a good argument here for tracking this entire picture to Og the Rephaite because the triple Stur fesses are colors reversed from the same of Camerons who in turn share five, bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild. The Camerons and Sturs/Stowers show nothing but their triple fessewise bars while BASHANs/Barshams show nothing but triple pale bars in the colors of the Sturs/Stowers! BANGO! The Cheile's in the Cameron motto share the bend of Asters/Sturs (Manche, same as Masseys).

The scallops in the Russell Chief are the Meschin scallops too, and Meschins, prior to ruling Cheshire, were in the Bessin. Meschins in Cheshire married SKIPtons of KRVati-like CRAVEN, and Grape's/Grabbers are also CRAVNers. SKIPPers/Skypps (Essex, same as Sarah's/Sayers) use BESANTS, you see, and even share the chevron-with besants of ROWE's, first found in Norfolk with raven-using Roofs/ROVE's. Skippers/Skypps share the chevron of Tays/Teys (Yorkshire, same as Craven) who in turn have a Chief in the colors and format of the Ogg/Oges Chief! Sarah's/Sayers share the BARwick motto, which may be another reason that Bashans list Barshams. The Graham-related Varns, who are in turn in Sarah/Sayer colors and format, were first found in Ayrshire with the Bars who in turn share the BASHford eagle. As per the Bash/BAESH surname, we take it to Baez's/PELAIZ's, suspect with Place's/Plaiz's from Placentia/PIACENZa, and that place was founded in/about 218 BC by general SCIPio, who had allied with King Massena to capture Syphax.

As Massena's have a Coat like that of Massey-branch Masci's, it seems, due to the Meschin marriage to Skiptons that Skiptons descended from Scipio. I wonder what named mount SCOPus, about a mile north of walled Jerusalem and thus beside Nob. Meschins were from the Bessin, location of Caen, and the Caen/Can Crest shares the FIVE FEATHERs of Scopus-like Scope's/Scrope's. Placentia is near the Ceno river, where I trace Caens. In its motto, the Feather surname has the family of Valentinian I (brother of Valens), husband of Justine of PICENum i.e. looks related to "Piacenza."

Why is the Knob arrow looking linkable to the same of Rothschilds/Roddensteins (Bavaria, same as Knobs, Bauers and Rothes')? Nobs share the green Shield with Bauers, Bowers (five arrows), Burleys/Bourlys, and the Rothes-related Pollocks and Franks ("NOBis"). The Biss' suspect in the Frank motto share the Russell / Meschin scallops in the shape of the KilPECK sword, and while the Pek river of the Piacenza-like PICENSii (on this dark map) is beside the Margus, one can see "SCUPio" upon the Margus on the light map above while "Scopi" is on the dark map a little south of the Margus river. To this we can add that Peckers/Pickers/Packers share the cross-by-lozenges of STOWells/Stolls (Somerset, same as Stour river).

Justine of Picenum married Valentinian of Cibalae, shown on the light map near the mouth of the Besante on the Sava river. Sauers are said to be from the Sava river, and Sava's/Savage's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys / Meschins. Cibalae is suspect to Sibals, first found in Five-related Fife, which can explain the five feathers of Caens. Feathers are in CHILD colors and format, and the latter are from Childeric, Basina's Merovingian husband i.e. suspect from Amorites. Gog was an Amorite. Childs are in Club/Clobbes colors and format, making Clobbes' look like they are from "Clovis," Childeric's heir and son of Basina. German Besants/Bessens (probably the Masci / Seagar wing) use the Bessin symbol along with a club, and Clubs/Clobbes were at Farndon while Farndons (Cheshire, same as Clubs/Clobbes' and Meschin liners) use the purple color of Five-related Vivians, and Skiptons.

Massena's and Masci's share the rare sinister-rising bend with RasMUSSENs/Assmans (giant uniCORN traces to the Ceraunii). English Assmans share the Massey fleur-de-lys and probably the Carrick / Cragg dog while Herzogs share the split-Shield of Groce's/Graigs/Graggs. The viewer's right is the Shield's sinister side, and so we now go to the Garland-like Carlands, for Garlands share the Bashan/Barsham Coat exactly. Carlands (share the Keen Coat) have a bend-by-lizards rising sinister, and add a sinister-facing horse, white like the sinister-facing horse of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"), and the latter add a sinister-rising bend in the colors of the bend-by-lizards of Carlands. Bashanincidence?

The Rothchild horse is upright, and in the colors of the upright Rasmussen unicorn. Masseys use a white horse too. Horse's/Horsleys were first found in Northumberland with RODDENs/Rodhams who have a regular bend in the colors of the sinister Rothchild bend, and the Rodden/Rodham bend is in the colors of the bend-by-arrow of Rothschilds/RODDENsteins.

How important is this left-hand symbol to the Rothschilds today? I say it comes from mythical Mucius, for he had a right-hand symbol. Mucius was code for the Mussen-like Mucianus surname, and Mucius appears in a myth losing his right hand in some hot coals. I speculate that the Mucianus family then used the sinister hand as their symbol of the right-hand symbol they once used. Is this to do with the mark of the beast on the right hand? Why only the right hand? Why can't people choose which hand?

As English Assmans share a bend-with-fleur (different colors) with Rasmussens/Assmans, I assume the two surnames were branches. The Rasmussens/Assmans were first found in Ass-like Hesse, and Esse's are also Ash's/Aschs while English Assmans are also Ashmans/Osmunds/HOUSEmans, interesting because the English House's (Og-like Oxfordshire) have a cross in the colors of the Nob cross. "Non NOBis" happens to be a motto phrase, not only of Esse's/Ash's/Aschs, but of the Scottish Franks (Shropshire, same as Says) whose saltire is in the colors of the House / Nob cross!!! Beauty. I failed to use Housemans like so in the last couple of updates. The "OMNibus" motto term of Ashmans/OSMUNDs/Housemans, and the "omnia" of Orrs/Ore's, is suspect with Omans/ORmundys/OSMUNDerlys. Osmunds/Osmonds were first found in Dorset with Frank-connectable George's.

The House Crest has an anchor on water, and Waters (Essex, same as Sarah's/SAYers) have the Coat of German Ash's/Aschs in colors reversed. Israeli Franks use GRAPES. It strikes me here that the demi-gold lion in the Ash/Asch Crest is the one of Graffs/GRAVs because the latter's holds an anchor. Ash's/Aschs were first found in Swabia with German Grams, and we saw Scottish Grahams/Grams connectable to Sarah's/Sayers and Grape's/Grabbers/Cravners. The latter were first found in Austria with the Fire's/Furs who share the giant Swab/Schwab unicorn. German Grams share three feathers in Crest (different colors) with this Arms of Rothschild.

Assmans/Osmunds were first found beside Osmunds/Osmonds, and the latter were first found in Dorset with Kotor-like Cutters. Osmunds/Osmonds use a dancette that I trace to king Donnus of the royal Cottians who I connect to Pero's/Perino's, and Cutter-like Cotters (OXfordshire) have lizards they call, "evetts." The Evett-like Ebbetts/Abbots (Oxfordshire with their PEAR kin) share the pears of Parrots, and I trace the Scotts (share "Amo" with Parrots) to lake Scodra, near Kotor and BUTua. This makes Ebbetts/Abbots (white unicorn) suspect from Butua liners.

Evetts (share dragon of a different color with Cutters) have a central BESANT, as well as a patee cross that incorporates the same flory cross as Carlisle's who in turn have the raven-using Tate's in their motto. Tate's (Rox-connectable roses) share the pale bar of ROXburghs, and Rooks (Oxfordshire again) use a raven on a Gareb-like garb. Scotts share the Scottish Terras Coat while German Terras'/Terrah's share rooks with Rooks and Rocks. Tate-like Tattons were Massy kin, and can be gleaned by the Tute/Toot crescent to be sharing the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits, the latter first found in Norfolk with Bashans/Barshams, Crows, raven-using Roofs/Rove's, and Rows. Bashans/Barshams use PALE bars while Crows share the camel head with Pale's/Palys.

I've just loaded the Besants (share Massey quadrants) as "Bassant," and lo: French Bassants share the vertically-split Shield of German Grams. As French Bassants have a CROWNed snake, they trace with crown-using CRAUNs/Crane's (Suffolk, same as Tate's) to the CERAUNii crow i.e. beside the Basante river! In this case, the Bassant snake could be a "SERPent" as code for a Serbia line. German Bessens/Besants use a large crown. Crauns/Crane's (Evett patee in colors reversed) share the three annulets of Rush's/Rish's (Suffolk, same as Crauns/Crane's), and here we can add that while Rush's/Rish's share the Rosco/Risco, Rigg and Rick fesse, Ricks have the Coat of Craun-like Cravens in colors reversed.

The Amantini shown at the Besante river look like a line to Mantins/Mantons, listed with Mansons, because they have a "Meae MENOR" motto phrase while Mea's/Meigh's (share MANDY cross!) use ravens. This opens up a host of possible Besante-river liners such as Mens' and Manners, and it just so happens that German Manners share the Besant/Bassant quadrants!!! Amazing. Men's were first found in Midlothian with Grahams/Grams, and we just saw German Grams sharing the Shield of French Bassants. German Manners (share Roof/Rove lion) even use the savage while Savage's are Sava's while Amantini are stamped on the Sava river too. Manners were first found in Styria, and the Sturs are also Styre's, possibly from Croatia's Istria location, for French Sturs/Asters are also Isters.

The My variation of Mea's/Meigh's (Nottinghamshire, same as Basford) is in the motto of Ainsleys, the latter first found in Basford. Basfords are also BASHfords, suggesting Bashan elements from the Besante river! It's a zinger-ringer. The so-called "fitchee-FORMEE" cross of Oggs/Oges', might just be code for the "for my" motto phrases, two of them, in the Ainsley motto. "A cross pattee (or cross patty, also known as a cross formee/forMY..." My's/Mea's are also Mee's. The Bash cross is in the style used by Moses', both in the same colors, and the Moses' happen to have the so-called "calvary" symbol of Mantins/Mantons/Mansons in colors reversed.

There is a Calvary surname using owls, and Owls/Howells were first found in Suffolk with Tigers while Ditts/Diots, showing stripeless tigers, can be from the Ditiones shown (light map) on the Besante river. Suffolk is beside the first-known Munds of Kent who share the peacock with English Manners/Maness'. The Ditt/Diot tiger seems to be from the Diem variation of Dittmayers, for "diem" is a motto term of Teague's/TEEGERs. I showed how MAYER Bauer was related to the blue wings of Herzogs, and the latter have the horizontally-split Shield of Diems/DittMAYERs in colors reversed. I see AINSleys as an Annas branch while Mayers/Majors look related to Annas'.

Ditiones-like Dittons can link to Oggs/Oges' via Tays/Teys. Dittons (look like Acker kin) are in the colors and format of Sale's/SALLETTs while "SALDae" is shown as a location of the Amantini and Ditiones. Ahh, SALTs/Sauts were first found in Staffordshire with Ditts/Diots! Ahh, Saltz's share the black eagle leg with HICKsons, first found in Staffordshire too, and then Hicks are said to be of "Hikke de SAUTby"!!! Beauty, for explaining the Saut variation of Salts. If German Sauters/Suters had a red Shield, they would be virtually in Hicks colors and format. Staffordshire is beside the Alans of Shropshire, and I see Hicks with the Alan fesse in colors reversed for a related reason.

Ahhhhhhhhh, the Eure's/Ivers suspect in the "heure" motto term of Hicks share the Besant/Bassant, Massey and Manner quadrants! Plus, while the DRINus is beside the Besante river (both are Sava tributaries), the DRINks/Drings share the lion of Dreux's/Drews, from Dreux in EURE. The same lion was once showing for Ditton-like Datons, first found in Yorkshire with Cravens while Crevenia is shown on the dark map upon a tributary of the Drilon, now the DRIN river (not far from the Drinus). I trace Drin liners to Dragons/DRAINers, who are in the colors and format of dragon-using Scottish Manns (Aberdeenshire, same as Oggs/Oges'), and then the German Manners are Manns too. Plus, with Manners now tracing to the Amantini, we can add that the Dragons/Drainers (Kent, same as MYNETTs) have the helmets of Mynetts in colors reversed who were first found in Kent with Manner-connectable Munds/Munts. Minds/Munds share bees with Bessins/Beestons.

Scottish Manns and Minds/Munts use drops while Drops/trope's can be traced to Tropoje, near HAS at the northern-most part of the Drin river. HAZelwoods have the same head as Munds/Munts, and Has is near Crevenia while Cravens love the Actons who in turn had an Axton location in Kent. Hazels (look like HOGie/Hockey kin), once said to be first found in Cheshire with Actons/Axtons, were first found in Devon with Has-like Esse's/Ash's, and with the Axe river.

Kent is where Lots were first found who share the double-headed eagle of ROXburghshire's Maxwells. I trace this eagle to the double-headed eagle on a ROCK in the Arms of Rijeka/Rika (Croatia), and thus I see the Cravens from Rijeka elements because the RICks have the Craven Coat in colors reversed. The Riggs share the dog with Lots, and while the latter's is a brown dog head, a giant and brown dog, in the colors of the giant stag of Venus' (Kent, same as Lots) is used by Ogg-like Goggle's/Gogels/Gegels (Bavaria). Ogel/Hoggels are in the colors and near-format of Cravens, and in the colors and format of Keppochs; the latter two were first found in Yorkshire, beside the Blythe's who in turn, ignoring their crescents, share the Ogel/Hoggel Coat exactly.

I say Keppochs, along with Keeps, are from Kiev, and while that was home to Budini, the Buttons/Bidens/Budins share the Ogel/Hoggel fesse. Maria of Kiev (married Casimir) traces through Baden's Veringers (= Varangians of Kiev) to Keeps without doubt. The Arms of Baden is the Keep, Lorraine and Casimir bend, and Maria's husband was the son of Rijeka-like Richeza of LOTHARingia (Lorraine), explaining why Blyth is a location / barony in LAUDERdale. Casimirs use a bend-by-antler, and its a red antler, the color of the antler of the house of Veringer, but there is a red stag head, with red antlers, in the Blythe Crest.

Veringer-related Zahringers used the antler in blue, and: "The original arms of the Zahringer dynasty was a red eagle on gold...from the beginning of the 13th century the red bend is used as the arms of Baden. The meaning or origin of this bend is not known." It's the Lorraine bend, from the line of Mieszko II Lambert, explaining why the webpage having the quote above shows the Arms of Baden (Massey/Maceys colors) as a sinister-rising bend i.e. symbol of the Masci / Massena / Rasmussen line. This makes the Zahringer eagle suspect with the Ferte eagle because Ferte's are expected in naming Ferte-Mace, home of Masseys/Maceys.

Ferte-like Ferrats/Fers use the Cohen Shield, and the related Shield of Vairs/Fers' is the one of Cohen-like Hohens, making Hohens suspect as a Hebrew line along with Cohens. It's known that the Zahringer eagle passed to Hohenzollerns or Hohenstaufens (I can't recall which). This explains why Maschi's, beside Fano, use "pine CONES", and why FANE's/Vans share the gauntlet with Maceys/Mace's. Cons are listed with Cohens, and Cone's with Conte's and Hamons (named Hamon de Masci) use the antler. I assume that Masci liners named Mieszko, not vice-versa. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with MontFERRAT.

The Arms of Hohenstaufen, by the way, is a match with the Carrot/Carew Coat, which share's the lion of French Quarre's/Carre's, and thus it explains why the checkered Cohen/Con (and Massi/Mattis) Shield is used by Quarre's/Carre's. English Quarre's/QUARIERs share the sun with Jewish Cohens/Kagans who in turn share the stars of French Lamberts, and Carriers share the white lamb with English Lamberts. The Pascals, sharing the Levi lion to go with Leavells of Castle Cary, use both the Carrier and Lambert lamb as well as a spread eagle colors reversed form the same in the Arms of Piast. Carricks share the black talbot dog with the Zollern Crest, and Zollerns share the quadrants in an Arms of Hohenzollerns.

Mieszko Lambert was a Piast (suspect from Mosca's of Pisa), and son of BOLEslaw while English Bole's happen to put the Googe boar heads in their cups. Googe's were kin of Pollock-related Molle's, both first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Leavells. Pollocks/POLKs almost have the Bole Crest while Boleslaw's son-in-law was SviatoPOLK I, king of Kiev. Carrick-branch Groce's/Greggs (Baden, same as Veringers and Zahringers) share the horizontally-split Shield of German Bole's. The latter's comPASSes can be part-code for the Pass(e) variation of Pascals, perfect because Rollo's, with a "passe" motto term, share the black boar in Crest with English Bole's, and the Hoggel-like Hoggs have black boars too. It could start to seem that Og had a line to Mieszko's.

The Cups/COPE's in the Bole cups were first found in Aberdeenshire with Oggs/Oges', and the Hoggs have a "gloria" motto term while Lowrys/Glorys have a giant cup. Pascal-like Pasi's/Pascels were Speer kin. Hoggs use a "Dat" motto term while Date's/Dade's share the Clent/Clint Coat (share Blyth garbs), appropriate here where Blythe's are looking Og-connectable, for Bill Clinton was born with a Blythe surname. Daddys share the Pollock saltire. The Vires' in the Hogg motto are listed with Verona's while Verone's use Og-connectable ravens. Date's/Dade's were first found in Norfolk with lamb-using Rows and raven-using Rove's/Roofs/Rolfe's. King Rollo was also, Rolf, and may have been a Varangian.

The COPElands share the double fesses of Neisse-like Ness', and Ogels/Hoggels have one of those fesses, as do Crays/Wreaths expected in the crayfish in the Arms of Spree-Neisse. Cray-like Grays (Cray/Wreath lion in colors reversed) are in the "gre" motto term of Ogels/Hoggels because both surnames were first found in Northumberland...along with the Hebrons who in turn use a "Keep" motto term. Keeps were Casimir kin.

This recalls that I kissed KEPke's girl, Miss Walsh, on the cheek. Cheeks/Chicks share the three Ogel/Hoggel crescents, and Kiss' have the Coat of Casimir-like Cass'. The Preens/Prins expectable in the Ogel/Hoggel motto might just have been a branch of Pringle's/Prindle's who in turn are the colors and format of Scottish Walsh's, both first found in Roxburghshire. Kiss' trace to Lupus Laevillus, father of the Carrick bloodline.

Carrots/Carews and Quarre's were a branch of Carricks, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Pike's/Pickens while English Pike's look related to Mieszko-like Meissens. and then a mouse is used by Meisels/Misls who are in mythical SiemoMYSL of the mouse tower. Piasts were traced by a myth writer to a mythical mouse tower in GOPLo (Poland), which I connect to KOPLik, and because the latter is beside Dober, I see DOBRawa, Mieszko Lambert's grandmother, from Dober elements. It explains why English Dobers have the Meissen Coat in different colors. Mieszko Lambert was the son of Boleslaw I: "In the summer of 1018, in one of his expeditions, Boleslaw I captured Kiev...[Boleslaw] consolidated Polish lands and conquered territories outside the borders of modern-day Poland, including Slovakia, Moravia, Red Ruthenia, MEISSEN, Lusatia, and Bohemia." Jewish Pollocks share the DOBERman and Meisel/Misl bend, but as Pollocks were proto-Rothschilds, we can add that the same bend, in sinister form, is used by Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") with three roses upon it, identical to the Jay bend-with-roses, and then there is a "jay" in the Coat of Poitvins who are in turn in the colors and format of Carriers. It tends to explain why Danish Cnuts use Poit-like "pot hangers", for Cnut was the grandson of Mieszko I, father of Boleslaw. The Hanger/Angers (Hampshire, same as Potters) probably have the griffin of Austrian DOBERs, and it's known that the Mieszko family of Pomerania was connected to the Griffin family there. Dobermans were first found in Pomerania.

Ahh, Rollo-like Rolls share the dancetty-fesse of Carricks, and on the Roll fesse are BESANTs. Piasts were styled, Wheelwrights (Catherine-Roet wheels), and the latter were first found in Yorkshire with the Rolls, making the Roll lion look like the Meisel/Misl lion. Kingston is in Yorkshire, and Kings with Kingstons share the Meisel/Misl lion too.

In colors reversed, the Rollo-Shield boar heads are those of Speers (same place as Pollocks/Polks) who in turn share the Ogel/HOGGel and Spree crescents. Ogels/Hoggels share the Coat of Blythe's, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Roet-related Books and Roet-related Gords/Gordans. The latter share the Roet and Speer boar heads. Books share the stag head of book-using Scottish Reeds (same place as Cups/Cope's) while English Reeds were first found in Northumberland with Ogels/Hoggels and Rodhams. Reeds, Roets and Pollocks were Rieti liners along with Sabine's and Pullys (the latter love the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's), and the latter two share the red scallop with the Preens/Prynn who were just looked up as per the "Prenez" motto term of Ogels/Hoggels. Preens/Prynns look like they share the HOGie/Hockey and Paul/PALLES fesse, for while the latter, first found in Yorkshire with Pullys, are in the Pully motto, the Paul/Palles fesse-with-items are in the colors of the Hogie/Hockey fesse-with-items.

German Rolls probably have the lion if Rieti-line Rita's because the Sabines who named Sabina at Rieti named Swabia (partly in Veringer territory), where German Rolls were first found, and where Hohenzollerns had their estates.

Rieti is on the Salto river, and the Flavians of Rieti might just have produced "Fleming" from a Flavium-like term such as the Flaum surname. Flaums/Plumers share the Roten and REITman hexagram. In the write-up of Irish Flemings, of Castle Slane, we find that they were also at SALTash in Cornwall, and Salts were first found in Staffordshire with the Duce's in the Slane motto. The Slane's share the martlets of Fly's of Flavian. The Slane Crest shares the Leslie griffin head while Leslie's married Pollocks, the latter from Vespasia Polla, mother of imperial Flavians of Rieti. The red bull of Sabines might just be the red OX of Oxford, code for Og liners.

"Prenez" of the Ogels/Hoggels might be play on "Spree-Neisse. The Spree river in Lusatia (= Mieszko country) named Spree-Neisse, and the Arms of Spree-Neisse has an antler in the colors of the Casimir and BIBERstein antler. German Beavers are listed with Bibers, and their diagonally-split Shield is shared by Ogg-like Eggs with an Ogur- / Ugric-like Egger variation. That diagonally-split Shield looks related to the Arms of ZURICH (near Hohenstaufen estates), and while English Lamberts were first found in Surrey, Surreys (look Hohen-ish) have a SURRICH variation. Casimir was son of Mieszko Lambert the Piast. The bottom half of the English Egg Coat is the Piast eagle. As Jewish Cohens are Kagans too, suspect with Hun kagans, it's interesting that the Hun/Hungate talbot can be the Surrey/Surrich talbot in colors reversed. Hun-line Hungarians had been the Magyars allied to the neighboring Khazars who in turn had Kagans (royal title). At first, Khazars and Varangians go along, but then Varangians conquered the Khazars. Zollerns use a talbot head.

The fesse of Preens/Prins (suspect in Ogle/Hoggel motto) is colors reversed from the same of French Augers/Augets (linkable to English Charles' and thereby to Eggs) while English Augers/Eagars share the Hugg lion. Huggers (same place as Ogels/Hoggels) look like a Hagar(d) branch.

The Arms of Oxford adds a beaver to its ox. The Oxford surname has the triple fesses of Stouts/Stows, and the latter's Chief is the Ogg/Oges Chief in half it's colors. Octons/Oxtons have same-colored, fessewise bars. The red Stute/Stote heart might therefore be in the Ogg/Oges Crest. English Beavers (Yorkshire, same as Stute's/Stote's and Rolls) share the empty fesse of Preens/Prins i.e. suspect in the Ogel/Hoggel motto, in colors reversed from the Stout/Stow fesses. I trace Stouts to the raven-depicted vikings with Stout surname, and to Stuttgart at the Veringer theater. I trace the Athelings to Athels (Perthshire, same as Rollo's) who almost have the triple pale bars of Stute's/Stote's (both in Roll colors), and one royal Atheling was in exile in Kiev about a century after the life of Rollo.

Rollo made a treaty with France named after Sinclairs, and Henry Sinclair must have been in exile with the Atheling above, for Henry Sinclair returned with the Atheling's daughter, queen Margaret, and was her cup-bearer, receiving ROSlin as his territory. I say that queen Margaret was a daughter of an Agatha of Podebrady, mother of all Drummonds, which can explain why Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's. Margaret became queen when she married Malcolm III, and while German Franks were first found in Bohemia with Podebrady, they use a column while Malcolms/COLUMNs share the saltire of Nails/Neils to go with the nail (I assume it's a nail) in the Ogg/Oges heart. Og was from BASHan, and Bassets share the Scottish Drummond Coat.

Even Britannica says that On-OGurs, from the Ogurs, named Hungary. The first Drummond was the son of George, son of king Andrew I of Hungary, known to have been in exile in Kiev with Margaret's father. I say this father married Agatha of Podebrady to produce Margaret's birth, but then Agatha remarried George above to produce Maurice Drummond, the first Drummond. Hungarians descend from Magyars, a term like Magog(ar), and an Og tribe is suspect in naming Gog of Magog. The "fortune" motto term of Rollo's goes great with the German Hungar Coat (GREYhound), because it's almost the Fortuna/Fortune Coat. Scottish Fortune's almost have the OGden Coat. Hogers/Hogens use arrows, the symbol of On-Ogur, and Irish Hogens (look like kin of Yonge's) were first found in Tipperary with Lafins/La Fins/ La FONTs while Hungarians were of the FINNO-Ugrics. FOUNTains were kin of Huggs, the latter first found in Languedoc with FONT-de-Ville's.

Plus, the Czech and German Hungar Coats combined both look related to Greys suspect in the "gre" motto term of Ogels/Hoggels (same place as Greys). German Hungars share the upright greyhound of German Huns/Hundts (Swabia, same as Rolls), and English Huns/Hungate's share the Fortuna dog, we may assume. Hungarians descended from Hun-Ogurs, we could say.

Attila (headquarters in Hungary) must have been an Og liner. His brother, Bleda, looks like "Bled," a location near Hungary and right beside Lesce, and I see Lesce with the proto-Leslie's, Hungarians. Leslie's came to Scotland with queen Margaret and her cup-bearer, Henry SinCLAIR, and Clare's/Clairs have the Bled Coat in colors reversed. Og vey, French Clairs have besants.

I keep repeating that Tays/Teys have a Chief in the colors and format of the Ogg/Oges Chief. Tays/Teys were first found in Yorkshire with Stute's/Stote's who in turn have a blue martlet in Crest, which is the color of the Tay/Tey martlets in colors reversed. The three Stute/Stote roundels, in colors reversed, are the three of English Rolls. The Tay/Tey chevron (blue, same as Rollo chevron) is colors reversed from the same of German Rolls while English Rolls were first found in Yorkshire with Tays/Teys. The Tay river is near the first-known Rollo's, and the latter's Crest can be the black boar of Bush's/Buschs (Yorkshire), from Busca, beside Saluzzo, tending to explain why the Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with the Cluns and Dure's both sharing the Saluzzo Coat, for Tays/Teys and Ogg/Oges' use that Shield-plus.

The Rolls / Role's may have named Royals, and so I'll add that Scottish Roys, beloved along with Carrick kin in the Lawn/LANE motto, and first found in red-heart LANarkshire with Dolphinstoun, share the lion of German Rolls. Lanarkshire is where black-boar and heart-line Hardys were first found along with a Biggar location that's in the motto of the Arms of Shetland (raven). English Rolls share the dancetty-fesse of Carricks. The Stote's are said to have been in Dolphinstoun of Lanarkshire, and Dolphins/DOLfins, in Dol colors, are expected from the Alans of Dol (Brittany, same as French Roys), who moved to Shropshire, location of Clun.

Might we guess that God wanted Og's people destroyed because they were as evil as vikings? End-time globalists are vikings, control freaks like William the Conqueror, who sent out spies to record the personal belongings of all people in England.

Re-Visiting Joe's Van

Jovan Pulitzer has come out with a mid-stream report on election fraud. At about seven minutes, he tells that 38-percent of all mail-in ballots, in Maricopa county, Arizona, were fraudulently made on behalf of Biden, and 33-percent fraudulently made on behalf of Trump. If true, then the tricks of the Democrat fraudsters seems to include the making of a certain kind of ballot that, in order not to get caught manufacturing them, were made for Trump too (hopes to remove suspicions). Yet the slightly-greater number of these types of ballets went to Biden. A little fraud this way, a little that way, and a little this way, and a little more that way -- not all done in the same way -- hopes to avoid detection by auditors:

In the 8th minute, Pulitzer claims that almost 92-percent of all (not mail-in only) "predetermined ballots," those manufactured by fraudsters, went to Biden. He says that there were a total of almost 407,000 predetermined ballots, meaning that Biden got 92-percent of them, or about 375,000. That alone makes Trump the winner of Arizona. The great thing about Pulitzer's attitude in the video: it doesn't sound as though Karen Fann will be happy about him now. Liz Harris, late in the video, tells that even the Republican-led senate, chaired by Karen Fann, rejected and bad-mouthed Pulitzer at first as a "fraud," but thanks to the pressure applied to the Fann club, by Miss Harris' people, Pulitzer was put onto the audit team as an extra. At first, Jovan seemed to be copping out of doing the proper public announcements on fraud, but at this time he has come through with a bumper crop, and horn of plenty.

This video was encouraging, including the law suit by Mark Finchem and Kerri Lake against the election whore-house. As people learn that the rulers of Arizona don't even want to see Pulitzer's evidence, they will more-likely realize that brute fraud and false information in MANY respects have been active for a long time. It took a long time to cultivate election whore houses, and the mystery is how the Republican party could allow Democrats to build such houses without stepping in to monitor situations closely. The country has been ruined, given to outside forces, through election fraud, and the biggest aim of the globalists is to steal treasury money. It's obvious they are in the process of doing so to date, bigger than ever, and yet some Republicans are assisting this heist.

The only way to fix the nation speedily is to purge the military of globalist forces by installing anti-globalist directors in all military institutions, and then to call for martial law, on behalf of the nationalists, once the globalists begin to create disturbances against the purge. The martial law is used to purge deeper, and to protect nationalists who actively fight along with the purge in all sectors of politics, education, and the judiciary. Fool Trump failed the nation deliberately, because he installed the enemy at the helm of the military, Intelligence, and the Justice department.

The reason that correcting election fraud is to important is because it's difficult to install anti-globalists is any department required for purging, unless the Congress is majorly on-side the effort. Election fraud gets globalist intruders into Congress, but also in all other government levels. It's the lower levels that protect election whore houses. This is why the U.S. supreme court has acted the traitor, because the first step in correcting globalist snakery is to cleanse the election houses of fraud. The first step is to remove election machines, go back to hand-counting. It's that simple. Once this is done, as well as to deny methods of fraudulent-ballot production, nationalists will get power back at all necessary levels to purge the rest of the house. Leftists are a fringe party, and wiping out election fraud will prove it. Election fraud creates the illusion that the enemy is larger in numbers than it truly is.

I had a dream a couple of years ago. The heraldry is such that this dream appears to be from God. The dream began with Joseph and Dianne Oullette, a married couple I knew well 40 years ago, in a black VAN that they did not own in real life. Everyone called him, Joe, and so I begin by speculating that "Joe's van" is a pointer to JOVAN Pulitzer. The heraldry can point in this direction too, starting with the Lawn surname, for, in the dream, Joe asked me to get him a container, and I then walked across the road, then up along a path to a house, where I saw a square container on the LAWN.

I therefore want to look at both Lawn surnames to see if God is pointing to them for the reason of verifying that Pulitzer is His topic. The Irish Lawns can be gleaned with a version of the LORRAINE Coat, and here we add that Lorraine's share the Irish Moore lion while Oullette's have a "moorcock" in Crest. It's important to arrive to Lorraine's because, one day, Joe and Dianne Oullette invited me to see a friend in the big city of Toronto, location of Dominion Voting's original head office. When we got to the subway station, by taking a bus to the FINCH bus / subway station (the subway begins there), I got off the bus, and there was LORRAINE looking at me, the first in line to get onto this bus. She had been my date as little as two weeks earlier, but we split up at that time. I now see this FINCH-station event as a pointer to Mark Finchem, which we saw seated in the video above with Jovan's presentation.

Therefore, as it was Joe and Dianne Oullette who got me to be a part of the Finch event, it adds reason for seeing the Joe's-van dream as a pointer to Jovan. But there's more, and it's from the "Garde" motto term of English Lawns (share lion of Irish Lawns). Long before the dream, I had been saying that the English Gard Coat is a version of the Pully/Pullen Coat, and it just so happens that the latter surname comes up as "PULIT." Jovan PULITzer. Plus, French JOSEPHs share the martlet of Pullys/Pulits. JOSEPH Oullette. Therefore, it seems that when I saw a square box in the lawn, it was God's doing to get me to load Lawns in order to bring you what I've just said. And this box thus looks like a ballot box because French Billets were first found in Maine with French Josephs while English Billets share the Bellow/BALLOT Coat, both Coats sharing the BUS cinquefoil.

English Gards share laurel in their Crest with Lorraine's. But there's more, because Gards, Box's and Bumps all use griffins, and the Griffin surname (has the Gard griffin in colors reversed) share a "Ne vile" motto phrase with Vans. Joe's van. The Vans come up as "Phone," and this appears arranged by God because Jovan was tasked with election fraud in PHOENix, Arizona, and there is a Phone-like Phoenix surname listed with FENwicks, and this goes well with Van/Phone variations such as "Fane/Fien," especially as Karen Fann was the lording-it boss of the audit in which Jovan came to be involved. Plus, Fien-like Feins/Finns share the triple fesses if FINchems (Norfolk, same as Bus'), I kid you not. The Vince's/Finch's have one of those three, black-on-white fesses.

The astounding thing is, Oullette's have three black-on-white fesses too!!! The Oullette's have their fesses as so-called, bars gemel. I'll explain the super significance of these bars below.

New, as per the Pullys/Pulits having a "Nulla" motto term: Nulls/Nultys, suspect with the MONmouth lion, share the brown stag with Venus'/VENES' while Vans/Phone's (Monmouthshire) are also VANES'. Good one. Still new: the red Null/Nulty lion is on a green mound, as is the red one of MONS/Mounds. The latter's lion is in both colors of the LEGH/Ley lion, tending to explain why the Monmouth lion is missing a leg.

The Box Crest has a griffin holding a ball in flames, which the Balls/BALDs call a "fireball." Balls (Cheshire, same as Billets/Ballots) thus look like they got a Bald variation from Ballads/Ballards, for the latter share the giant griffin of the other Irish Griffins, and the Ballad/Ballard Coat, if it had a red Shield, would also be the Letter / Lauder Coat.

The "Ne" motto term of Griffins and Vans/Phone's is excellent here because there is a phoenix in the NEE/Knee Crest, just as there is in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest. Both eagles have flames at their tails.

The Bumps were included above because Joe shoveled snow from the van's rear bumper, and put it into the box that I returned to him from the lawn. The best I can decipher Bumps, to this point, is to show more reason that the dream was Arranged, for Bumps, sharing the giant griffin of LETTers, were first found in Gloucestershire with LETTs/Late's suspect in the "RepulluLAT" motto of Lauders (share Letter Coat). Note "RePULLulat," a possible allusion to Pullys/Pulits. The same motto is used by Lawrie's who in turn share the brown tree stump of Letters. Lawrie's happen to share laurel with Lorraine's, and moreover Lauders have been resolved with "LOTHARingia," an alternative name of Lorraine, France.

It just so happens that while I BUMPed into Lorraine at the Finch SUBway station, Letters use a "SUB UMBRa" motto phrase, excellent because UMBERs/Humbers share the triple fesses of Finchems! There's a white griffin head in the Umber/Humber Crest, the color of the Letter, Lauder and Bump griffin. A white griffin head is in the Crest of Poole's while Pullys/Pulits have a Mr. Poole in their write-up. Poole-beloved Pollets have a black-Shield version of the AUDET/Aude Coat i.e. like "audit." Arizona had a massive audit to which Pulitzer contributed. The gold spread eagle in the Pollet Crest is with flames in the Crest of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, and the latter were first found in Northumberland with the Swords/SWARTs in the Pollet / Audet swords. George SCHWARTZ became George SOROS, and Sors/Soars were first found in Dorset with Poole, Poole's and George's. See anything suspicious, like a stupid delinquent who spends all his extra cash destroying societies?

Why did I need to cross the ROAD to get the square box? Why wasn't the lawn and box on the same side of the road as Joe's van was parked (at the curb)? The Box's (Wiltshire, beside Road-like Roets) are suspect with the Books in the "book" of Roets, you see, and it just so happens that Books were first found in Berwickshire with Letters, LAUDERs and Blythe's. The latter's write-up: "Blyth was an old barony in the lordship of Lauderdale some time ago." Then, while the box was officially a "container" in the dream, Contans/Constance's, with a different-colors version of the Lett/Late Chief, have this: "Walter Coutances (de Constantiis), (d. 1207), was 'Bishop of Lincoln and Archbishop of Rouen...[he] is styled chaplain of Blythe.'"

It gets more amazing where the CLENT Hills were in Worcestershire with Hillarys and SQUARE's, for the box I picked up was square. Clents/Clints share the Blythe and Reed garbs, and Reeds (brown Crest) were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams. The brown tree stump of the Letter Crest is shared by the RODham Crest, and while we saw the Billets above pointing to Ballots, French Billets are Billiards too while the related English Billiards (Yorkshire, same as Pullys/Pulits) are also Hillary-like Hillards. Billet-like Blythe is the surname of Bill Clinton's biological father, and Clintons share the six fitchees of Hillarys. It seems that God arranged the dream, and the heraldry, to point to a root of 2020 election fraud, the Clinton crime ring. For anyone in the world who doesn't know, Bill Blythe-Clinton married Hillary Rodham.

The pointer to the Letters and Letts by way of the van's bumper is important also for explaining why there was a man sitting on a LAWN chair at the house when I picked up the box. He didn't need to be on a lawn chair, and so I expect that this is additional Confirmation that Lawns are absolutely required for to begin deciphering this dream's pointers. I suspect that the chair means something, but I don't think I've deciphered it very satisfactorily. The point here is that the man in the chair had big-round eyes, like one wearing big-round glasses, and Joe Oullette himself wore big-round sunglasses in summer. The point is that OWLs have big-round eyes, and so this dream taught me that OULlette's were a merger of Owls/HOWLs with Letts. Yes, for the Oullette's share the bars gemel of Monmouths while both HOWELLs and Vans/Phone's were first found in Monmouthshire, beside Gloucestershire's first-known Letts/Late's.

Owls/Howls use owls in the colors of the Joseph martlet, and, by the way, while Josephs and Billets/Billiards (almost have the Coat of Billiards/Hillards) were first found in Maine with DeMaine's, the latter share the giant fleur-de-lys of gemel-like Gamble's/Gamals. I think it's amazing that Pellicans, first found in Maine, are in the Pully/Pulit Crest. Pellicans have a giant form of the Howell tower, and Howells show nothing else. The Monmouth lion is missing a leg, perhaps as code for Leggs who almost have the Trump Coat. We expect Trumps to become visible since election fraud was against him. The Patria's in the Philip/Filip and Palman/Pelhams mottoes share the Trump stag head.

Nick Moseder this week introduced election fraud from an GAMALiel organization that apparently trained Obama in societal control.

Gemels use the swan, and I saw the giant swan that French Josephs once showed (instead of the martlet). It was black-on-gold, the colors of the Chaplet swans, and CHAPLets were first found in Lorraine while English Josephs (Hampshire, same as Caplans) can be gleaned as kin of CHAPLains and CAPLans. The latter are super not only because they are in Box colors and format, or because they were first found beside Books and Roets, but they are essentially in Roet colors and format too. Thus, Box's look like a Book branch. In fact, while Bute's share the Port Chief, Glass' were first found in Buteshire while Books use an "hourGLASS." Having said all that, I find it necessary to add concerning the "chapeau" of Bidens, first found in Hampshire with Caplans too, for the chapeau is owned by Caplan-like Capelli's. Thus, the Joseph swan has brought us to a Biden symbol, as could be expected in this dream, and more particularly to JOE Biden, the one for whom the cheating was shamelessly conducted.

The Tooths who share the giant Letter / Bump griffin are amazing here because they have a "palman" motto term while Palmans/Pelhams have a motto, "VINCit amore patria," like the "Ducit amor patriae" motto of Phillips'/Filips. Palmans/Pelhams were first found in Hertfordshire with Shovels and VINCE's/FINCH's! Bingo, more Verification. But why Tooths? What's a tooth got to do with election fraud?

Palmans/Pelhams almost have the Coat of Reed-like Readys in turn in the motto of Lorraine- / Lawrie-connectable Lawrence's. The latter were first found at LONSdale while Lone's are listed with Lawns. Lune's/Lyons (probably the Lorraine lion) are good here because they have the Coat of Hume's/Home's (Berwickshire again) in colors reversed while the "True" motto term of Home's/Hume's can point to GREGG Phillips of TRUE the Vote. Pulitzer says he's working closely with True the Vote (star player in 2000 Mules).

I find it amazing that the horizontally-split Shields of Groce's/GREGGs, Engels/Engelbrechts/EngelBERTs and Lawns are all in the same colors while Catherine Engelbrecht founded and runs True the Vote. English Lawns use so called "lions of ENGLand" i.e. England's, who almost have the triple Lawn lions, are an Engel-like surname. Englands (compare with Carrick-branch Carrots) were first found in Yorkshire with English Craggs, and the latter share the dog of Lawn-related Carricks because Carricks were also Craigs and Craigie's.

AHHH, I now remember that the Hume/Home motto, "True TO THE end," is suspect with "TOOTH"!!! Lett-like Leiths use "Trustie TO THE end"!!! It's more verification that this is the right track. Readys use the motto, "Ready AYE ready," and Mr. Owl EYES (!) was SITTING on a chair while Leiths share the SITTEN crescent! I get it. It might not be his chair that's important, but rather the sitting in order to better assure that Letters and Letts/Late's apply to the dream. Stress: the Tooth-beloved Palmans/Pelhams virtually have the Ready Coat, all connectable to Sion/Sitten. Sion is also Sitten, and Palmans/Pelhams share the Sion/Swan swan. To boot, the Sion/Swan lion is the Box lion. Sions/Swans once showed gauntlets (gloves), the Van/Phone symbol, and the Roys in the Lawn motto were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans. The man was sitten on the lawn near to the box, and the Roy lion is in the colors of the Sion/Swan and Box lion.

I suppose it's possible that Mr. Owl Eyes, as I call the man on the chair near the box, was a symbol of Pulitzer's deep scrutinization of the Arizona ballots. He surely has done mountains of work (not all of it necessarily out of pure charity). Owls can see snakes in the dark of night.

The Sittens were a Side/Scythes branch, and FRAUDs/Friths use a "scythe." Frauds/Friths, first found at CHAPEL-En-La-Frith, and sharing nearly the Chief of CHAPLain-related Joe's/Josephs, were first found in Derbyshire with the Knee-related Needhams, both having the Phoenix in Crest, the symbol also in the Tuft/Tuffs Crest while Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire, same as Tufts/Tuffs') have the Hume/Home Coat in colors reversed. The man sitten on the lawn chair looks like he's got something to do with fraud in Phoenix. The sun in the Fraud/Frith Crest can be code for the Sun variation of Sinclairs, first found in Midlothian with Leiths, and beside the first-known, Leith-related Sittens.

Liz HARRIS was at Pulitzer's event in the video above. Harris' use HEDGEhogs, and Hedge's essentially have the Ready / Palman Coat. The hedge Crest is a PORCupine, feasibly part-code for the Porch's, for Porcia's share the black boar with Hoggs. Plus, Porci's (not "Porcia"), AMAZINGLY, essentially have the Irish Lawn Coat in colors reversed! Liz Harris' team went door-to-door asking election-related questions, and as such they were under many PORCHes. I had read that Porch-related Bassets used the porcupine. Mr. Owl Eyes was sitting next (really close, as in a couple of feet) to a front porch, and I think the Portis variation of Porch's named Portishead, at the GORDANo area of Somerset. The Roets happen to share the boar head of GORDANs, and the latter happen to have been first found in Berwickshire with Box-like, Roet-beloved Books. Is that not amazing Confirmation? I had to cross the road to get to Mr. Owl Eyes, and I then walked along a snow-CLEARED path to the box. Clears are a branch of Clare's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls.

The Porch's/Portis' (Norfolk, same as Bus') are justified to topic because they share the giant and ermined Bus cinquefoil. Moreover, they share the eight bars of English Crispins while French Crispins were first found in Lorraine. French Crispins share the pomegranate with grass-like Grazio's, and Mr. Owl Eyes was sitting down on his grass, beside the porch (with front door). Grazio's were first found in Umber-like Umbria, and Umbers/Humbers are the ones sharing the triple fesses of Finchems and Oullette's. But there's more because the Porch/Portis Crest has been resolved with the triple fesses of Bassets (share "Pro rege" with Porch's/Portis') while Oullette's are said to have named Ouilly-le-Basset. If that's not enough, French Bassets (Billet/Billiard colors) show nothing but Ballot-connectable billets. The Bellow/Ballot cinquefoil is in the colors of the Porch/Portis cinquefoil, and so that square container that Joe asked me to fetch for him is sure looking like a ballot box.

The Portis variation can be from the Ports, first found in Hampshire with Joe's/Josephs and Caplans. The Port and Caplans have Chiefs in the colors and format of the Joe/Joseph Chiefs.

When I brought the box back to Joe, it was on his rear bumper, with the back door open, and he shoveled snow into the box, yet I immediately FLIPPed the box upside-down to dump the snow, and took the container back to the house from the spot where I got it. The Phillips'/FILIPs share the lion in the Oullette Chief, and moreover flipped votes is a thing done by Dominion Voting machines. Dominion Voting has/had a head office in Toronto's CHINAtown, specifically at 215 SPADina avenue, and Spade's look like they use shovels, tending to partially explain why Joe shoveled snow.

What I've not been able to decipher is the snow. That is, the Snow surname doesn't do anything, that I can see, for this discussion. I came to feel that the snow in the box was Jovan's freeze put upon his work, for much time has passed since he first saw all the fraud, and for some time he seemed to be kissing-up to Karen Fann and her corruptocrat attorney general. In the video above, Jovan rightly smears that attorney general as a negligent two-face / imposter / accomplice to crimes.

The following is amazing, and still glorious (on God's part) to me though not new. The Oullette write-up has their Aulnay branch, and Aulnays/OULnays share the Oullette lion in giant form. Aulnays/Oulneys were first found in Burgundy with the Van-branch Feins/Finns, and with the Cressys who not only share the giant Aulnay/Oulnay / Polle/Pole / Phillips/Filip lion, and not only share the red border with Feins/Finns, but they put a gold crown upon their lion, as do Phillips/Filips and Polle's/Pole's! I flipped the box over. It's got Intelligent Design all over it.

Polle's/Pole's (not "Poole") are also Powell-like Poels, and they share the same lion. Powells (green griffin) have the Fenns/Venns (green griffin head) in their motto i.e. probably a Phoenix / Phone/Van branch.

Burgundy is also where Poulos'/POULE's/POULETs were first found, and here we land on rotten bedrock because Dominion Voting was founded by Mr. Poulos.

English Cressys (same lion as French Cressys, but with two tails), first found in Norfolk with Porch's/Portis', share the Crest of VOTERs/Gauthie's who in turn share the Pully/Pulit / Joseph martlet. If I DUMPed the snow when flipping the box, it's interesting that billet-using Dumpers/Dummers were first found in Hampshire with same-colored Josephs. Joe didn't ask me to get a box, but a "CONTAINer," and here we can add that French Contans/Constance's were first found in Languedoc with Voters/Gauthie's.

The Macey/Mace Coat (shares the Van/Phone gauntlet) named FERTE-Mace, the Frauds/Friths might apply because they may be sharing the pine tree with Contans/Constance's while English Constance's share the giant Ferte eagle.

I'm also stuck (in the mud) on the meaning of my dumping the snow out of the flipped box, unless it means simply that Jovan will have a change of heart from freezing his information, like when it's put on a shelf for a time, then taken down and used. The Phillips/Filips seem correctly pegged with the flipped box because they have a "DUCit" motto term while a chief fraudster in the Arizona election has been Doug DUCey, the Arizona governor. Duce's/Duceys (share the Basset-like Base/Baise Coat) were first found in Staffordshire with same-colored Bassets. The Duce/Ducey Coat is a different-colors version of the Jewish Levi Coat, the latter using gold-crowned lions in the colors of the gold-crowned Phillips/Filip lion. That makes sense.

Perhaps the flipping of the box over to dump the snow means that Doug Ducey will do something on this issue, perhaps ruin Jovan's presentation in the video above. But if God wants to point to Ducey's handling of the box, why use me to flip it over? Ducey (Republican RINO) in under enormous pressure to do the right things on election fraud. Has he been forced by the politics to become a good guy? Duce-like Dogs/Doags/DOCKs share the Porch/Portis / Bellow/Ballot / Bus cinquefoil, and then English Docks/Doxeys were first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Duceys. On my last night with Lorraine as my girl, her GRASS stain pointed to German Ducks/Dockers, and the Sempers in the motto of English Dockers have the Duce/Ducey Coat in colors reversed. I wouldn't be saying any of this had I not flipped the box over.

It was a square container, and the Square's share the squirrel (different color) with Holds while "Hold firm" is the Square motto translated. The Valentins use the squirrel too while Velin-related Ducks/Dockers/Duckens have the five Valence fesses in colors reversed. German Valence's/Velens (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Dockers and Holden-related Allers) share the martlets of Bash's/Baesh's while Base's/Baise's share the Duce/Ducey Coat. English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers while German Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel of Square's and Dyke's. Dickers (ravens, goes with Bash liners) are also Deckers.

Ahh, Dutch Dickensons use BESANTs for an additional pointer to Og of Bashan, and the martlets of the same Dickensons are shared by Tays/Teys who in turn have a Coat like that of Oggs/Oges'! Back to the fraud topic: it just so happens that English Dickensons/Dickesons, sharing the Box lion in Shield and the Dock/Doxey lion in Crest, have a Coat a little like the Snow Coat. The snow was shovelled into the box, but what do Dicken liners have to do with it? The Snows have the Dick/Dyck fesse in colors reversed, and Dicks/Dycks happen to share a red stag head with Box-like Books, and with the book-using Reeds (Aberdeenshire, same as Oggs/Oges'). This is new territory for me as goes the Joe's-van dream. It might lead to a breakthrough.

Ahh, Dickens (Staffordshire, same as Duce's/Duceys and Docks/Doxeys) have the cross type once shown by Lett-connectable Samsons whose Crest essentially has the Crest of English Dickensons. And lo: English Dickensons were first found in Lancashire's Leyland with Huttons while Jovan Pulitzer's likes to use his middle name, Hutton! So, what am I to say, that God had me flip the box so that I would go to the Filips "DUCit" motto term and, after some dickering around, I'd arrive to a Dickenson / Snow connection to Pulitzer? It sounds like a stretch. But, Snows were first found in Rutland, which I assume is the Rutland at Leicester, where Tonys ruled who were from Les ANDELys, a place suspect with ANTELopes, the Snow symbol.

Portis-like Ports (beside Portishead) have a Chief in the colors and format of the Roet Chief while Roets show the boar head of Gordans while Portishead is at Gordano. Thus, the Ports might somehow apply to Mr. Owl Eyes at the porch. The point in bringing Ports to topic is that they have a Coat like that of Tays/Teys who in turn look related to Pullys/Pulits. Tays'/Teys' have a Chief in Ogg/Oges colors and format, and while the Tays/Teys Chief shares three martlets (different colors) with the Pully/Pulit Chief), Oggs/Oges' were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Culps suspect in the "culpa" motto term of Pullys/Pulits. The Culps are listed with Cope's/Cups, and MariCOPA county is where the Arizona audit under discussion took place. Jovan Pulitzer has many patents, and Patents/Pattens share the full Pully/Pulit motto. Phoenix is in Maricopa, and the Phoenix/Fenwick surname shares three white martlets in Chief with the Tays/Teys'. The Cops, with a version of the Culp/Cope/Cup Coat, and both sharing the Teys/Teys and Tudy chevron, were first found in Hampshire with Tudys and Ports (and English Porters).

Ports share the Bute Chief, both using ESToiles while the Bute horse head was once showing in the Crest of English Este's while Italian Este's share the BASHford eagle. Therefore, it looks Bashan-relative that Ports (Hampshire, same as Basings) were lords of Basing of BasingSTOKE. Bute is near KinTYRE, and Tyre's come up as ATTERs while ATRebates were living in Hampshire where the first-known, Teys-like Tiss'/Teese's were first found along with the Tudys; both show just a chevron in different colors, and the Tudy chevron is used by Tays/Teys. The latter are said to have had a Tudy-like "Teutonicus or Tyes" variation, and Pullys/Pulits look related to Tays'/Teys'; both first found in Yorkshire to boot, along with Palle's/Palles'/Pauls expected in the Pully/Pulit motto.

The Palle's/Palles'/PAULs share "Pro rege" with BASSets and Phillips'/Filips. The latter share the giant lion of Palins/PAULeys and Oullette-branch Aulnays/Oulneys, and it's Oullette's who were at Fallis-like Falaise. The Fallis'/Falls share the Poole lion while Poole is in Dorset with the first-known Palins/Pauleys. Pullys/Pulits have a Mr. Poole in their write-up. Poole's (Dorset) love the Pollets (Somerset, same as English Paulins) in their motto who in turn look like kin of audit-like Audets/AUDE's. Oullette's are thus giving the impression of election fraud by Rockefellers, for Fallis'/Falls have a version of the Feller/FellTRAGER Coat while Tragers can be gleaned as Rocco kin. Fallis'/Falls' are suspect from RoqueFEUIL elements in Aude province.

I'll repeat here that, while I was dating Lorraine, I lived on a Rumble avenue, but was soon kicked out of the home by the landlady because I was in her POOL without permission. Annette, the sister of Mrs. Oullette, was with me in that pool that one day. I didn't live there more than about a month, but I was still there when Joe Oullette invited me to see a friend in Toronto. Amazingly, the next place I lived at was the apartment of PAUL Oullette! Pollets are also PAUlets! Thus, an event in my life in relation to Lorraine is pointing again to Pully/Pulit elements.

As I've said, I first met Lorraine, and dated her, on my birthday, which happens to be this week. The Births are listed with English Berts (Devon, same as the Poole location in the Pully/Pulit motto) while Italian Berts/Berta's have a giant, WHITE griffin, the color of the Poole griffin head. I met her at her BUS STOP while Bus' were first found in Norfolk, where Builders/BILDers (pointer to secretive, globalist plotters?) were once said to be first found who essentially share the English Bert Coat, and the latter were first found in Devon with BILD-like Billets who in turn share the Bus / Bellow/BALLOT cinquefoil. It seems that God went to pains to point Lorraine to Arizona election fraud.

It happened at her bus STOP on my BIRTHday. Stops/Stubbs share the spread eagle in Crest with Pollets/Paulets, and the Phoenix's/Fenwicks can have this same gold eagle. PALINs/Pauleys can be gleaned (by their Coats) as kin of PLAINs/Platters who in turn share the Chief of DANTe's/Durants, they taken from the "CeDANT" motto term of Stops/Stubbs. Italian Dants share the tower of Auvergne's who in turn share the lys background of Poole's. There's no surprises in all of that, but we now go to Birth-connectable Berts/Berta's sharing the griffin of German Camels in the camel head of Pipe's, the latter being in the colors and format of Stops/Stubbs. The latter two were first found in Staffordshire with the Bassets while OulLETTE's (share Palin/Pauley lion), with Camel-like bars-gemel, were at Ouilly-le-Basset, and moreover the LETTS/Late's use "organ PIPE's". The giant Bert/Berta griffin is white, as is the giant one of Letters. The bus stop just pointed to Oullette's, and Joe Oullette was the star of Joe's-van dream. English Camels were first found in Somerset with Pollets/Paulets, but also with Ducks, a branch of Duce's/Duceys (Staffordshire again), and with Bert-like Brets who share the Duce/Ducey lion. Doug Ducey, likely a Bushite governor of Arizona.

Bus-like Bush's/Buschs can be traced here to Busca, beside SALUZZO, because Dante's/DURANTs share the SALES fleur-de-lys while SALYES Ligures were on the DURANCE river. Bill Barr, the corrupt protector of election fraud, had been the attorney general of the first president Bush. Salesmans/Salems share the Bush/Busch eagle, and are in Cheney colors and format. Cheneys have the martlets of Pullys/Pulits (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/Buschs) in colors reversed.

Italian Paulins were first found in GENOVA with Segni's/Segurana's who in turn share the eagle of Barrs, Italian Este's, and Perins. This is important because Perins were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Pansys/PANTzers, first found in Westphalia with the Ducks, explaining why BAR-le-DUC in Lorraine uses the pansy. Italian Paulins are in the colors and format of Este-related Bute's/BUTTs, and her grass stain was at her butt. Butua (now Budva) is smack beside Arizona-like Rhizon. Perins use a BEAKless eagle called an "allerion" as code for Allers, first found in Westphalia.

Plus, Beaks, kin of Babe's, share the triple fesses of Finchems, Fiens/Finns and Oullette's. It's perfect with the Finch bus station. Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Beaks and Poole's, and, as I've said a million times, years before Arizona election fraud in 2020: Lorraine got a babe symbol when Joe Oullette's brother blurted, "what a babe," when he first saw Lorraine. He was right beside me when he said it, and Babe's have three-and-three fessewise bars in the colors of the three fessewise bars-gemel of Oullette's. Beak-like Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/FINCH's. See anything that looks like Intelligent Design here?

There is a Pully location, beside VEVay, on lake GENEVA. Genova's list Geneva's, and we just saw Butt-connectable Paulins of Geneva leading us to beakless-eagle Perins. PERO's/Perino's are likely in the "Pro" motto term of Phillips/Filips, and Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with the Domino's suspect in the Dominion-like motto term of Coomers. I'll show below how Coomers link to Lorraine's balcony, for Eric Coomer is/was a Dominion Voting official.

The point in going to Vevey is for the Vivians/VEYs (Cornwall, same as the birth of Morgan le Fay), for Dutch Veys show a BOOT, I kid you not. VIVians share the chevron of FIVE's/Fifys who in turn share the Fife lion. Sibals of Fife happen to share the moline of Segni's/Segurana's. Plus, the important Balcons of Fife are in the colors and format of the Pully/Pulit bend-with-scallops. Balcons put the roses of Pully-beloved Culps/Cope's/Cups upon their bend. Vivians were first found in Cornwall with Pendragons while mythical Pendragon committed adultery with the mother of Morgan le Fay. Vevey and Pully, along with Morges below, are in Vaud province while DeVauds use a giant pelican, the symbol in the Pully/Pulit Crest.

BALCONs came to topic with my last night with Lorraine because her grass stain was seen by me on her BALCONy. She made me leave the balcony when I pointed to it (ended the relationship). The next time I saw her, by a freak chance, was as little as a week later at the Finch bus station, when I was with the Oullette couple. The latter event pointed to election fraud in Arizona, but I don't recall ever realizing that Pullys/Pulits look like Balcon kin. This is getting interesting. She was on a walk alone with the husband of her friend, and she was alone on her balcony when I arrived to it about 10 or 11 pm, and thus the grass stain on her butt looks like a symbol of cheating, which is what election fraud is.

Lorraine turned out to be a Russellite (a JW), and Russells were first found in Dorset with Poole and Palins/Pauleys, and moreover the Russell Coat is a version of the Palin/Pauley Coat. The Russell Crest shares the white goat with the Crest of Bus-like Bush's, first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pulits and Palles'/Pauls. Amazingly, while I claim that the first George Bush (George Herbert WALKER Bush) was not a Bush at all, but the son of George Herbert SCHERFF, a Nazi, the Pully/Pulit motto has "PalleSCERE" while Sherfs are listed with German Schere's who show a reflection of the German Walker Coat. Lorraine was out for a WALK on Church street, likely, for she lived on Church, and Church's are in Bush colors and format. She may have been behind a bush when getting her grass stain, for it's not likely they she and he would get on the grass in plain site by the neighborhood. Election cheating by the Bush crime ring? What could make more sense?

Reminder: Irish Lawns look like Lorraine kin by their Coat comparisons.

Her grass stain was on her pants, and Pansys/PANTers share the dove with the Balcon Crest. She pointed to Velins and Velens (Westphalia, same as Pansys/Panters) with her PANTs stain, and so let's add that the Lorraine lion is colors reversed from the MORGan and Comey/MacCOMB lion while Balcons are listed with BalCOMBs while Combers list Coomers (DOMINAbitur") while Eric Coomer is/was a high official for DOMINion Voting. Morgans are suspect with Morges, a location near Pully and Vevey. Mythical Morgan le Fay was placed by myth writers on Velin-like Avalon...which I claim is the island of Bute. Her grass stain was on her BUTT, you see, and while English Grasse's (Poole / Fallis lion?) share the Balcon and BOTTers/Bottini bends, the Balcon Coat is much like the Botter/BOTTINi Coat (the latter once showed a straight bend, now curved). This is a perfect pointer to election fraud because English Botters/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with BOTTONs/BIDENs/Budins.

Basings (Hampshire, beside Hagels) have six eagles in the pattern of the six lions of Eagle's/Hegels for a trace to the Achelous river of Calydon. This area has an ASTAKos location traceable to STICKs and Stocks and thus to BasingSTOKE. Stocks/Stoke's (roughly the Stack/Stake lion) have the two-tailed lion of Cressys in colors reversed, and while the giant Cressy and Aulnay/OULnay lions are those of Palins/Pauleys, the Cressys and Aulnays/Oulneys were both first found in Burgundy with French Paulins/Paula's and Poulos'/Poule's/Poulets; the latter use "STICKs" (!). Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle while Kyle's use "candleSTICKs."

A "stick" is used by Austrian Schere's while "palleSCERE" is a Pully/Pulit motto term. The Astakos-like Astikas' were in Lithuania with a Perkunas cult that I trace to Perkins/Parkings, and therefore to Plancia Magna of Perga, and "magna" is a motto term of English Walkers who in turn share the annulets of CANDLE's/Kentwells.

The Basing Coat is in the colors and format of English Constantine's, and it just so happens that French CONTANs/Constance's, suspect with the CONTAINer that Joe asked me to get, come up as "Constantine." The Rose's in the Balcon Coat use a motto, "CONSTANT and TRUE," a potential pointer to True the Vote. The Balcon motto loves the Speers/Spire's who share the boar heads of Box-connectable Roets. Basings were first found beside Roets and Box's while Roets use the tree while True's are also Tree's.

I've just added the following insert to the last update: "Insert: I neglected German Roets, who share the sleeping moon with Karens. German Roets were first found in Thuringia with bee-using Thals (share Urban / Karen hexagram) and with the father of queen BASINa, the line of bee-using Bessins, and Bessens/Besants! Ceraunii, on the URBANus, were beside the Besante river. End insert" The underlying point is that Og's Bashan had also been "Basanitis." Can the name of traitorous Karen Fann contribute to this? Fanns, though they look like they should be listed with Vans/Fane's/Phone's, are listed with Scottish Vaux's/Vance's who share the bend-with-stars of Saleman-like Salome's, and Salemans are also Salems/SALIANs while Og's Rephaites had been in Salem, and while Merovingians had descended from Salian Franks, Basina married the first Merovingian king, lover of bees. I say Merovingians were named from a tribe of Amorites, and they did live in Salem too.

Update on Garden

For anyone having plenty of tall weeds on acreage: it makes soil in a year or two when piled up. Earlier this year, I took some of this soil, with plenty of partially-rotted vegetation, and spread two inches of it on some chipboard-plywood on the ground, then covered it with clear poly-plastic sheets, tucking the latter in tight under the plywood to keep as much solar heat in as possible. BUT, the temperatures in May and June did not get high enough, long enough, per day, to kill all the weed seeds, though the seeds that survived seemed to become stunted because they did not grow fast or at all after sprouting. The temperature peaked at about 125F, but needs 140 for two or three hours. Part of the problem is the cold ground where I live, which is why I used plywood, to warm the base up a bit. However, the temperatures I did achieve probably killed nematodes, which my property has. Nematodes attack root systems. Anywhere in the United States will probably achieve the 140F long enough by this method.

This heat-treated soil was put into a wheelbarrow, and I then put a couple of shovels of sand on top, and a couple of handfulls of wood ashes, and mixed it in with my hands. Ahh, the feel of making your own soil in your bare, dirty hands. Data online suggests about a couple of cubic inches of ashes per plant, but only if your soil's ph is acidic to begin with, or unless you want alkaline ph. All the plants I'm growing this year want ph on the acidic side, but ashes have got to be good for nutrients. II have gone through most of the wood ashes produced in the wood stove last winter, but I'm not yet done planting. So, in a trib situation where you heat only with wood, keep your ashes dry all winter. Don't toss them outdoors only to get rained on, because rain drains away some of the ash's goodies.

I was so happy to plant 20-30 one-gallon containers of spinach, because I want to dry it and toss it into my soups. But half the plants or more developed yellow spots on the outer, lowest leaves, the pick-to-eat leaves, the largest ones. The spots, which grow in size in irregular shapes, only attacked those outer leaves. Thinking that there might be something living in the weed-soil as the cause of the problem, a couple of infected spinach plants were removed from their containers, and planted in natural soil. After the plants remained free of spots for over a week thereafter, I transplanted more infected plants in the same soil, and I'm waiting to see whether the spots are eradicated by this other soil. In other words, if you get the same problem with any plant, it's possibly something active in the soil made from weeds.

However, no other plant growing in the weed-soil has shown an infection problem, and they are all growing well (I added fertilizer when filling the containers with the soil). However, the midday sun is directly overhead at this time of year, and so the sun is not beating down on the south sides of the containers, as it will in August and September. Will the soil get too hot for some of these plants?

The weed-soil is very light, not solid, and so the roots grow easily through it. Sand in the soil is what will make you a winner in the garden. It allows roots to spread easier.

The weed-soil is growing kale, lettuce, carrots, beets, three tomato varieties, broccoli, snow peas, green beans, bell peppers, butternut squash, cauliflower, and cabbage. The cauliflower is having trouble growing in size, but I don't know much about this plant, maybe it's a slow starter. It calls for high acid soil with a ph above and below 5.4, and so maybe I've got too much ash in its soil. The bell peppers, needing the same level of ph as cauliflower, are not growing much at all after achieving eight inches in height, maybe they need warmer weather, maybe they need no wood ash. Next year, I'll make some ashless soil for such plants.

So far, only a very-few leaves are being eaten by garden pests, but the grasshoppers are only now becoming adults, and I have a cricket infestation that starts in late summer. I might lose most of the garden to one or both of these creatures, we shall see.

I'm experimenting to see how little soil I can get away with because it takes work to heat treat it. The kale and spinach are doing fine in one-gallon containers, and, so far, even in half-gallon containers. In my area, it's more cost-effective to buy a one-gallon bottle of distilled water, and to use that container for the garden, than to buy a one-gallon container at the garden store. I drilled the bottom sides of the water bottles with two or three holes (should probably have six). Garden-shop containers are angled so that one can pop out the entire root system and transplant, whereas this cannot be done with the water bottles (they have straight-up sides and ribs too). I could easily kill plants in the water bottles for not having enough drain holes. So far, the plants are not wilting due to over-wet soil in the water bottles, but I think maybe it was not a good choice to use the water bottles just to save a dollar per container.

On the other hand, one-gallon bottles are deeper than a one-gallon garden container, and for some reason I may not yet know, deeper can be better than shallower for some plants. For example, a deeper container allows the bottom half to stay moist so that when the top half gets dry, water will soak up toward the top. That's a good situation if the bottom is not too wet too long per watering cycle, or continually too wet. The shallow container may force you to keep the bottom halves too wet most of the time because shallow containers dry out faster. It's something to think about when you get growing your own plants in containers. When plants get large, they can dry out a saturated bottom half quickly from the plant's natural draw of water, and so we need to be careful not to keep the bottom half too wet while the plants are young. When they are large, just dump water into the container more mindlessly, once per week, and be done with it. When plants are small, water about twice per week carefully in small amounts, less water if the plants look thriving. As leaves wilt a little, it should usually be a sign that water is needed. Build a doctor-patient relationship with each plant.

If you drink bottled water, and have the room to store empty containers, DO IT just in case you need them. I cut many in half (drywall knife) to get half-gallon containers; by turning the top half upside-down, we can use them as half-gallon containers by digging a small hole (three inches deep) in the ground and sticking the bottle spouts into the ground. Keep lids on loosely if you have nematodes (more common than you may know). This article says that it's helpful, to avoid nematode problems, by planting in a grassy area i.e. grass alone, no other plants. But much better yet: heat-treat the soil, and plant in containers.

I've wondered whether nematodes can get into the containers from holes on the bottom of the containers. That's why I drilled holes in my water bottles a half inch up from the bottom, on their sides. Just in case. I do not want to heat-treat each year. I want to do it only once, meaning that I'll be careful not to contaminate the soil in containers with natural / unheated soil. A four gallon container at the garden store costs me $4 this year for the thin-walled plastic, and $8 for the thicker plastic. I bought the thinner (not sure if it's wisest). One butternut squash can be $4 in my area. A tomato plant can produce 20 tomatoes that costs $10 in my area. A cauliflower head could be almost $4, and so the containers will pay for themselves in the first year of use.

I also have six or more 4-gallon water bottles. I cut the tops off easily with a utility knife. They are growing plants just fine to date. Some stores sell water in these larger containers, others only in the one-gallon size. The containers are free if you want to drink the water. I drink distilled only partially because natural ground water is not all bad as some lead you to believe. The "gunk" that's left over after water is boiled off includes metallic nutrients. Someone needs to produce water bottles that insert into one another after the tops are cut off, for drastically reducing the storage space needed for storing a couple of hundred bottles. I store mine on the garage rafters, a perfect place for them. Don't have garage rafters? Build a tool house / work station at the garden, and have rafters in there.

I've yet to dehydrate any garden produce. I'll update on that as I get to it. There is no pest infestation, yet, and the rabbits that were around here every year have vanished in the last couple of years. Out a window, I'm sure I heard a moose sounding very unhappy, twice in the span of about an hour, and I think it touched the electric fence. After moaning the first time, it must have hung around to try it the second time. I haven't seen deer here for years, which explains why I don't hear coyotes or wolves much anymore, only from a long distance once or twice a year as they pass through. When I first moved here, they were temporarily hunkering down very close to the house, and were whipping up constant party noises almost nightly.

If my 20-odd spinach planted last month works out, I've got in mind to plant 50 of them in the fall in order to get a store of spinach for more than a year. This is a good idea: have a couple of years of stored spinach, and then, additionally, grow 25 plants per year per person. Dried spinach takes little storage space, and it dries fast. It will make vitamin powder or vitamin flakes, your choice, or both. My fenced-in garden was estimated to be just 1/16th of an acre when measuring by eye, and so in this garden start-up this year I can see that one acre per person, even a half-acre, is more than enough to produce all the food one needs in a self-survival situation. How can globalists complain about people producing their own food, on their own properties, simultaneous with crying the hysterical and unjustified blues about insufficient farmland in the world to feed the world? Ease a globalist's fake fears: grow your own BIG garden today.

Starting spinach and kale were easy. Barring any pest problems, my goal roughly in coming years will be about 25 plants of each per year (per person), to feed off of them as they grow, and to dehydrate the remainder when the plants are about to die. That will give me 52 weeks of green-leaf vitamins, one plant per week. Plus, I love beets, and one can eat beet leaves, did you know? I'm reading they go well in salads. So, why not dehydrate beet leaves too, in the July / August sun, and store your solar-produced "green energy" today?

Instead of planting spinach, kale and beets in one-gallon containers, why not build a ten-foot trough out of 1x10 rough-pine lumber, one of the cheapest woods on the market (comes 7/8" thick, rough-sawn). Fill the troughs with waterproof poly-plastic to keep the wood from rotting. To minimize soil volume, if you are treating it, I'd say that the troughs need be only three inches across for all three vegetables. Beet plants can be four inches apart, spinach / kale about 10 inches apart.

Nail three upright wood posts (as high as your peas / beans grow) to the north side of this 10-foot-long trough, nailing a post at each end and one in the middle. Nail one 10-foot long "beam" to the tops of the three posts (posts and beam need be one-inch square at most). Then tie some string to the beam at intervals of six inches, letting the string dangle to containers of peas that you will sit down on the north side of the trough, which keeps the sun off the containers, and thus doesn't overheat the soil. So, you are growing peas or beans on the north side of your spinach-kale-beat troughs. PURE RENEWABLE GREEN ENERGY.

I have one mature blueberry plant (about a decade old), but something eats the berries every year before I get to most of them. I need a net, or ten more plants. This year, I should prune some branches to make more plants because they take three years to become anything at all. Acidic soils are good for berry growing. I grew a couple of store-bought strawberry plants here; I will do so in the future I'm wondering what would happen to the many wild-raspberry plants (they are a weed here) if I fertilize and water a couple. Will they get big raspberries? Most of these wild plants produce no berries, or, they produce them too small sporadically.

Electric fence is a pain if you want to keep rabbits and similar-sized animals out because the lowest wire is best about three inches off the ground, making it necessary to often remove the vegetation underneath it. You need to put something under the wire, and mulch is not a good option because animals can dig through it easily. What I did, because I have dead trees nearby, is to chainsaw rotting trees down the middle, and lay them on the ground, under the wire, flat-side down. Ideally, the trunks should be 12 inches wide so that you get six inches on either side of the fence wire. Once they are down, the wire needs to be raised to about three inches above these trunks. I did this to about 2/3rds the fence this past week, and it looks not bad; it looks gardeny. The part-rotten wood will last about five years before needing replacement.

I'm thinking to order some ten cubic yards of wood chips and lay them down next to these half-logs, and also to cover much of the garden with three or four inches of chips in hopes of getting the grass to stop interfering with the garden. My entire garden is a lawn, and this grass is going to grow tall. I've got the plant containers arranged in rows so that I can fit the lawn mower between them, but ideally, I'd like a wood-chip rug to work on, no grass. However, I'm not familiar with having such a rug, whether the chips stay put, or move out of the way, with every step of a shoe. I'd like it to be solid to walk on, but chips come in different sizes, and garden stores may not have size options.

I've got oodles of rotting branches laid in piles in the forest from years of cutting firewood. I was planning on buying a wood chipper to make my own chips, but these machines, if you want a dependable one, are about $1,000 plus gas. I can order 10 cubic yards for $360 plus tax. A compromise may be possible. Instead of chipping my rotting branches, I can drag them over to the garden, break them up a little if need be, and lay them on the ground a couple of inches deep. Finally, I lay down the $360 of chips over the branches. The problem with this option is that the piles of rotting branches remain in the forest, and I'd rather not have them there. I'll probably need to get the chipper, and then sell it once I'm done. I might lose $300, but then just view it as a rental cost. If you get forested land, you may have this option to make gardening more pleasing, but then I repeat: if there are no weeds in the garden, insects will always land on your plants.


"Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas signaled his willingness on Monday to undo a 1964 ruling that makes it difficult to sue media outlets for libel." That's my kind a guy. When judges like he rule, the nation can become healthy again, and force the wicked to go back underground, to stay silent for fear of being out of step. Instead, the wicked want Christians to fear being out of step, backward. Never be ashamed of the principles and agenda of Jesus. They are PURE HEALTH to humanity. He didn't only provide a way for the willing to evade the sting of death, but He's the Wonderful Counselor who will lead the world to sanity.

Ukraine and/or the West fired a missile at a mall, blaming it on Russia. I find it too hard to believe that Russia would do something like this:

This short message may mean that the vaccine goons will be out of luck this winter, and they will need a lot of luck now short of using their iron fist, which is their self-inflicted suicide. It's past time for class-action law suits against the vaccine companies and the governments:

Some say that Robert Malone, because he works for the military, is a fake anti-COVID speaker, or "controlled opposition," but this is of course a shallow argument if taken alone. Here's Malone speaking to Texas, a good video to have if ever you are in court fighting mandatory vaccinations:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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