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June 21 - 27, 2022

Abraham's Satanic Family
His Hebrew Roots, That Is, and What They Became
Og Vey

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

In case you missed it, the following was added on Tuesday (today) to the last update:

I was led to Saracen-like Zaragoza on Spain's Ebro river. I'm unfamiliar with Zaragoza, but it's amazing because it's Arms have the Bramton lion in colors reversed. As I've said many times, Joktan, the son of Ebro-like Eber, founder of all Hebrews, is said (Genesis) to have had sons as far as SEPHAR, and the so-called SEPHARdic Jews of Spain thus seem to be JOKTANites, because OCCITANia includes northern Spain, which has the Ebro river. And now I find a Sarah-like city at the Ebro. It's at Aragon, and I do recall suggesting that the Arms of Aragon were related to Tarrs/Terre's/Terres'!!! Amazing, for Terah was Abraham's father. I'm not saying that Saracens and Zaragoza were directly descended from Sarah and Abraham. It's far more likely that Sarah was named by a Hebrew tribe (predated her) that became Saracens.

(Load Tarr link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

The Moors in heraldry were, I think, the MESHwesh (Amazons) of northern Africa, and Joktanites are said to have lived as far as Mesha. I ALMOST MISSED IT. Moor heads are from Morano, which is on the Sephar-like Sybaris river with Saracena!!!!!

By some coincidence or not, the Aragon-like Argons/Aragans (share Clint/Clent garb) show a LIZARD. Their Corrigan branch have the lizard too. Argons/Aragans share the trefoil of SITlers, first found in Seleucid-like Silesia with the Lists who share the Lise/Liss Coat! Amazing, for Lizarts were Liss kin! I've been tracing Sitlers to Seatons/Sittens, and the latter look like "Sidon" while Sidonians are said to have lived in Liss-like Laish, which is in the Golan Heights, which can explain why Golans share the Seaton and Leith/Leath crescents in Liss/Lease/Leash colors. Leiths/Leath's were first found in Midlothian with Glenny-related Mens' who were in turn at Golan-like Glenlyon (named after Lyons). Glennys (share Mens Chief-Shield colors) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Oggs/Oges' while Glenns (share Glenny martlets) share a red heart in Crest with Oggs/Oges'!!! Beauty, for king Og was from Bashan of the Golan Heights!

Glenns were first found in Peebles-shire while Peeble's/Peoples', suspect with the People variation of Mens-loving Pepins/Pepys, have a parrot while Parrots have a Coat like that of English Lease's. It appears, by the current state of political affairs, that Armageddon begins in the Golan Heights, where I think the anti-Christ enters Israel. I wonder what named the Golan Heights. Golans share the lion of Sayer-like Sauers and "sara"-using Russells.

The Golan lion is colors reversed with Gallons/Gallus'/GALLETTi's, and as the latter's is almost the Malta lion, it could be that the latter were related to Malta's Valletti. Vallans/Valletti's are highly suspect with the Sarasin (not "Saracen") surname. Glenns share MARTLets with French Charles' because these birds are code for the Pepinid line of Charles Martel, and then English Martels (Seaton colors and format), first found in Essex with Sarah's/Sayers, may be using Malta-like mallets, especially as Glenlyon is in Perthshire with the first-known, Mallet-related Rinds. MELITa is very near Saraca's of Croatian Ragusa while Sicilian Ragusa is near Malta. Mallets may be using "d'en" as code for Deans / Dene's.

The Arms of Zaragoza is the giant lion of English Deans/Dene's whose Irish-branch (load "Dene") use a lizard-like "CROCodile," and that makes Crocs / Croce's look like CORRIGan branches. Irish Dene's (share the double fesses of Martel-branch Martins) were first found in GALWay while Galves' are listed with Gallego's while the Gallego river, I've just learned, is an Ebro tributary. Scottish Deans use a giant moline and two "Vel" motto terms while Vele's have the giant Sarasin moline in colors reversed, but see also the Vallan/Valletti saltire because Valiants use a Saraca-like shark. Sharks were first found in Tyrone with the Neils/NIHILLs while both Dene surnames use "nihil" in their identical motto'!!! Beauty.

Vallans/Valletti's and Vele's are probably from Saracens of Valletti, a city on Malta (between Sicily and the Meshwesh of Africa). The "QUIEScit" motto term of Vallans/Valletti's looks like code for the Kwisa/Queis river in Silesia and LUSatia/LAUSitz. Saraca's were at Lausa (Ragusa), and it just so happens that there is a Laus location in southern Italy said to be founded by peoples of Sybaris. The motto term should likely be read as "quieSCIT" too because Sitlers (Silesia) are also SCHITners, and Skits/Skeets/Skeochs share the potent cross with Croce's.

The Dene crocoDILE is code for two bloodlines, the Crocs and the Dile's, for while Dile's/Dills share the giant lion of English Deans/Dene's, the Dillons and Deans/Dene's share the Croc and SPEER/SPIRE crescent. It just so happens that "Dum SPIRo SPERa" is the Dillon motto while Croce's use "dum spero." The last update found a mythical Saracon, daughter of Salem-like SALAMis, and here I come to the "Dum" motto term while Dume's/Dome's, first found in Rhineland with SALOME's, share the crane with Sharks.

I've talked much about two ice-cream girls back-to-back in my life. I asked both on dates while they handed me ice-cream cones at their places of work, and one was at KNOB Hill Farms while Nob is just a couple of miles from JeruSALEM. My first date with the other ice-cream girl was in a Valiant car, which is how I discovered the Valiant shark. The girl at Knob Hill Farms is Darlene, and the Darlington branch of Darlene's happens to have the motto, "CRUCE dum spiro spero." Darlingtons were first found in Durham with Cone-branch Conte's, and while Italian Conte's share the Sitler lion, Sitlers add the Ice/Ecco fleur-de-lys. ICE-cream CONE.

The Speers/Spire's share their crescents, not only with Crocs and crocodile-connectable Dillons, but with Spree's, and there happens to be a Spree river in Lusatia. The Simple's in the Spree motto were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers/Spire's and Orrs/Ore's, the latter having the Guiscard Shield in colors reversed, perfect because royal Guiscards were heavily involved with Saracens. The gold drops of Darlene's and Darlingtons are called, "or." I neglected to add in the last update that ShakeSPEARE's were first found in Cumberland with Saracens, making Sarah's/Sayers look like Saracen liners. Sarah's/Sayers were first found in Essex with Colchester while the Arms of Colchester shares the nail with the Og Crest (I assume there's a nail there).

German Walters (share lion of pine-CONE Maschi's) were first found in Silesia, and English Walters share the Sarah/SAYer / ShakeSPEARE bend while Says were first found in Shropshire. Lookie from the Croc write-up: "The surname Croc was first found in Shropshire. Robert Croc was a retainer of Walter, the first High Steward of Scotland, and probably accompanied his lord north from Shropshire. Robert held lands in Renfrewshire and Ayrshire during the late 12th century." Eschyna de Molle married both Robert Croc and Walter the first high steward, and here it's to be pointed out that Molle's were kin of Og-like Googe's, both sharing the boar of Morano-like Marone's. Walter was the son of Alan fitz FLAAD and AVELINa of Hesden, which jibes with my trace of the Dol Alans to Aulon/AVLONa in Hebrew-suspect Epirus. There is a Velino river not far south of Epirus-line Abruzzo. Flaad-like Flatts were first found in ORKNey, and Argons/Aragons are also ORGANs.

Scottish Deans were first found in Aberdeenshire with Oggs/Oges', Mellansons, and Millens/Mellents (share Sitler lion). HOGeys/Hockeys with Mellansons share the crescents of Darlene-related Cnuts while Darlene's were first found in Devon with a Seaton location, and with the Hazels/Hessels who share the Hogey/Hockey fesse-with-crescents. The giant, Biblical Og, with a bed 13 feet long, was a topic in my last update, and while his Rephaites were in Jerusalem, Hazel-like Azel (unidentified location) was not far from Jerusalem. As Hazels were a branch of Haslips/Islips with a "lodged" stag, it's got me wondering whether Oggs/Oges' were of the Loge's/Loges' / DeLoges', for Lodge's (Suffolk, same as Crauns/Crane's) are listed with English Loge's.

Mellansons use a "bundle of rods" while Rods (Devon), apparent kin of Mellans, share the green trefoil of Danish Cnuts and Sharks. King Cnut was a Dane, and the Dane surname, feasibly from Dan = Laish, was first found in Sussex (beside the Laish-like Lise's/Liss') with Deans/Dene's and Dans. Deans/Dene's have a version of the English LEASE Coat!!! I think this is new to me right here. Laish was also Dan!!! Lease's ("TENEbris") were first found in Northumberland with the Serdi-suspect Swords, and the Serdi (upper Hebros) were beside Lissae. Dans have green trefoils too, but in both colors of the same of lizard-using Corrigans. Is that cool or what? Mellans were first found in Ile-de-France with French Lise's/Lys'. Corrigans came to topic with Aragon-like Argons/Aragans while Aragon (shares Dean/Dene / Dile/Dill lion) came to topic with ZARAgoza.

As per ZaraGOZa, it just so happens that Corrigan-like Craigie's, who share the Hogie/Hockey / Mellanson / Hazel / Cnut crescents, have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Goz's. Marjory Carrick's son is said to be Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, which can explain why Goz's can have the Moray stars, yet the Moray Coat is that also of Handells, first found in Silesia. I'm of no opinion as to whether Corrigans were a Craigie / Carrick branch, but the latter were a branch of Craggs, first found in Yorkshire with Cracks/Cricks who in turn look like kin of Croc-like Crooch's/Crutch's, a branch of Croce's. The latter probably share the same bird that's in the Crest of English Walters, suspect from Walter Stewart, buddy of Robert Crock. Cracks/Cricks share the pale bar of Eschyna-like Eskins/Erskins (Renfrewshire, same as her husband's line).

English Walters were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Stouts/Stows who almost have the Ogg/Oges Chief, and the fitchees of Stouts/Stows are gold, as are the same-style Crack/Crick fitchees. The Stout vikings (see raven write-up) had the raven banner.

Let's go back to the crocodile-connectable Dillons, first found in WestMEATH. Irish Harts (probably BRIAN kin) were first found in MEATH while Meats/Meads may have been from "Medan," son of Abraham and Keturah, for Irish Harts have the BRAMton (Abraham was also ABRAM) lion in colors reversed, and it's in the colors of the Dile/Dill lion. The Dillon lion is the Bramton lion in half its colors. Last update: "While Irish Harts were first found in Meath, Irish Logans (same heart with nails) were first found in Westmeath while Meaths were first found in Yorkshire with OGdens, with the Tie's, and with Tays/Teys/Toys whose Coat looks related to the Oges/Ogg Coat." The Logan nails got important because Oggs/Oges' have what looks like a nail in a heart, the LOGan symbol too.

As the Neils/Nihills/O'NAILs (suspect in the motto of crocodile Dene's) were first found in TYrone, might Tyrone's/Tyrells have been a Tay/Tey branch? Can we find Og liners by going down this trail? The last update showed how Tays/Teys were kin round-about of Tiss'/Teese's and Tudys/Totta's, and Totts happen to have a swan in the colors of the swan head of German Logens/Lokens/Lochs. Scottish Logans were first found in Ayrshire, near the first-known, Logen-like Ogens, though the latter are listed with Aikens. Still, the latter use the OAK tree for a possible trace to "Og." Ogens/Aikens were first found in Lanarkshire with Hart-like Hardys (ancestry of DOUGlas'), and with Swans/Sions who not only use the same swan, but throw in a red heart, the color of the Ogg/Oges, Lanark, and Logan heart.

Scottish Locks/LICKs even come up as L'Ocks. I've been tracing the Lick variation to lake LYCHnis, the lake of ancient GOG, now named, Sevan, like "swan." JEREVan, at lake Sevan, is what I trace to "GAREB" (I say it's less than two miles from Jerusalem, and out toward Hebron), but then JERevan elements look like they renamed Salem to "JERusalem." The Caucasian Iberi were at/ near Jerevan, and Spain is called Iberia. Was there a Hebrew family in Caucasia that was favored by God, that was part of the Abraham-line make-up? Did God snatch a family from Gog in order to destroy end-time Gog forever?

Locks/Licks/L'Ocks have their swan on water, probably because Bouchier's use "water bougets" while Bouchiere's share the Lock/Lick/L'Ock saltire. I told (last update) why mount Gareb may be where the Knesset now sits, and from that I went to the KNESS/MacNESS surname...who share a "non" motto term of Locks/Licks/L'Ocks. Ness' share the double fesses of crocodile Dene's. Italian Savona's use ravens, suspect as code for the line of Og's Rephaites. Savona is in Lick-like Liguria, and LEICesters share the Logen/Loken/Loch swan head. Sions/Swans use the swan while Sion is also Sitten, suspect from the SITHONes whom I see in mythical STHENelus, king of Liguria, and father of the swan king, Cygnus. Arthurian myth had a swan knight, LOHENgrin, like the Lohan variation of Logans.

Ogens/Aikens share roosters with Crows (camel head) while Gareb-like Crappers are also CROWpers. I was tracing the Greek crow (Coronis) to Gareb years before finding Crappers, years before knowing that "Repha" looks like "raven." A raven is a crow. I was insisting that this crow went to Serbs and Croatians because the latter are also KRVati, and thus they both look like variations of "Gareb." I now find that Crappers/Crowpers have a Coat like that of Oggs/Oges'. The Greek crow is the line to the Ceraunii, which are in heraldic code with crowns shared by French MARTELs, explaining the MARTLets of Crappers/Crowpers. Ceraunii must have been the founders of Croatians. Charles Martel descended from Pepins and Merovingians, the latter founded by Childeric, which can explain while Childs are in Crow colors and format. Don't MARTels and their Martin branch look like Marsi-of-Abruzzo liners, from the MARITsa = Hebros river?

Minus the Gorgon head, the Arms of Sicily are essentially identical to the Arms of the Isle of Man, and the latter use the raven. Gorgons are expected from Georgia, near lake Sevan, the lake of Gog. Wikipedia: "The raven banner was also a standard used by the Norse Jarls of ORKNEY. According to the Orkneyinga Saga, it was made for Sigurd the Stout [a ruler of Orkney] by his mother..." I read that the raven vikings of Orkney / SHETland (uses a raven) invaded Rothesay too, and as German Rothes have a raven, it stands to reason that Rothesay was named by the Rothes'. The Pigeons in the Crapper/Crowper Coat are in the colors and format of English Rothes'. Even if Sigurd the Stout was mythical, the codework stands where someone attached a raven symbol to a Stout entity. Arthurian myth is largely code for surnames / individuals.

As a surname, the "marte" motto term of Scottish Deans is listed with French Martins, first found in Gascony with Martels. As Scottish Deans share the patee cross of Mose's/Moss', their single sword must be the same-colored one of French Mochs. Scottish Mochs (Burgundy, where French MARs were once said to be first found) almost have the Washington Coat, and the latter shares the double fesses of English Martins. The Crest of Scottish Mochs has a scimitar for a trace to BOEOTians, and then we read of a Dean location of the BOYDs in Ayrshire. English Boyds were first found in Shropshire with Moses'/Moesens (not the Mose's/Moss'), and with the KilPECKs/KilPICKs almost having the Coat of French Mochs. The PEK river is in Moesia, named by the Googe-connectable Meshech.

The Dean write-up has a 1946 quote: "There is or was a place named Den in the perish of Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, and Dean in the parish of KilMARnock, Ayrshire, was an ancient seat of the Boyds, Earls of Kilmarnock." Kildrummy was the seat of Mar, and these Mars were kin of Erskins who come up as "Eskin," suspect with Eschyna de Molle (married a Dol Alan), which works because the Scottish Mochs with SCIMitar share the Chief of SCHIMs/Schiens (Aberdeenshire, same as D at Kildrummy) who in turn share the boar head of Molle's and MARone's (in the colors and format of French Mars).

Schims/Schiens share "fortuna" with English Bayers (share single Googe rose) whom I looked up as per the BYARD/Byart variations of Boyds. BARDS/Beards (Lanarkshire, same as Mochs) share the boar of Turins (Aberdeenshire), and the Domino's suspect in the Bard/Beard motto were first found in Piedmont with Turin and neighboring MontFERRAT. Boyds share the checks of Ferrat-branch Vairs/Fers (Burgundy, same as Mochs suspect with the KilPICK Coat). Barts (man with BEARD) share the border of Justine's, from Justine of PICENum, suspect from the Picensii at the Pek river. I see the line of Justine in the mottoes of Sibal(d)s (share giant moline of Deans) and Sire's (Burgundy, same as Mochs). PIACENza is where Italian Deans were first found who share the crescents of English Deans. Justine's were related to Wings/Winks in the wings of the other Irish Dene's.

The Googe's (ROXburghshire, same as Molle's) have the Molle / Schim / Marone boar head as a full boar, and it just so happens that the ROXolani Rus-Alans had lived in the Den-like DNieper river, which flows at Kiev and to its south. I think it was Wikipedia's BUDini article that had them south of Kiev. Thus, the Boyds, known to be related to the Dol Alans, look like Budini, especially as Boyds are said to be from "blond" (not correct) while Herodotus said that Budini were blond. This picture explains why Scottish Mochs share the Button/BUDIN and Bute/Butt/Boet fesse.

Budens (share Googe ROSE) are suspect with the Dol fesse, and Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with the Geddes' having fish heads in the colors of the Bute/Butt/Boet fish. Geddes share the escutcheon of TANKERville's, and Schimatari is at TANAGRa. The PICensii were in Mose-like Moesia, and Geds (share PIKES with Geddes') were first found in Fife with the Sibal(d)s. I claim that God showed me that Kidneys/GEDneys share the Neil/NAIL saltire for connection to Saraca-line Sharks (same place as Neils/O/Nails and BOOT-using Hagens).

I read that TRYPillia was south of Kiev, and here we can point out the German Trips (once showed BOOTs) were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds to go with the Den location at KilDRUMMy. Googe's have an "AUDaces" motto term while Aude's share the Moch / Dean sword. Aude's were first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's (English Dean Chief in colors reversed) who once showed the three Trip boots exactly (neither Coat showed anything else). With a potential Dean trace to the Dnieper, it should be noted that the TANais (now the Don) is nearby, for Turin is near the Tanaro river while Boeotian Schimatari is at Tanagra while Tankerville's namer TANERdevilla. German Tans/Tanners and Massey-line Maschi's use "pine cones," which goes well with the "CONfido" motto term of Boyds. CUNeo is at the Tanaro river in the general area of the first-known Masci's. This picture goes back to Meshech (Mushki), a chief tribe of Googe-like Gog at the Moschi mountains beside lake Sevan.

Now that it seems certain that English Deans/Dene's are sharing the Lease Shield due to their mutual histories in Laish, note how Lease's look descended from Suns/Sinclairs and Clare's, for mythical MOPSus was at Clarus, but as he was also in Pamphylia, I see his "Muksus" version as code for MOKissos...because MOPPs/Moberleys, sharing the double fesses of crocodile Dene's, look related to both Moch surnames, and even more related to Washingtons and proto-Washington Wassa's while Washingtons (RAVEN) share the Moch / Schim Chiefs. We read: "Moberly was held by Bigot de Loges..." Loges' and Locks/DeLoge's were first found in Brittany with Mochs, and Lodge's/Loge's were first found in Suffolk with Clare's and Buckle's.

The Locks/DeLoge's share the cinquefoils of Gows/McGoo's, first found in InverNESS-shire with Rothes-connectable Wreaths/Craiths. Washingtons share the double Ness fesses. The Isle of Man shares the raven with Washingtons, and the family of king Maccus, ruling on Man, are to the wreath-using Mackays.

The Washington raven appears to be in flight because Flights/Flatts were first found in Orkney with the raven vikings, and with Henry SINCLAIR of Roslin. Roslins use buckles while Buckle's were a Buckley branch while Rothes is near Buckie while Moberley is in Bucklow (Cheshire, same as Buckleys). Buckle's use "wreaths" while Wreaths/Craiths (share Buck lion) almost have the Washington Coat. English Rothes' are also Wraths. Wreaths are also MacRays while French Rays use an "escarBUNCLE" while Buncle's show buckles. The Bucks (share "fortitudine" with Wreaths/Craiths) share the antlers of Cone's and Conte's, the latter first found in Durham with a Washington location. Conans, first found in Kincardineshire with Boyd beloved Fido's/Fothes' and NAPIERs, share the Sinclair cross. The Fido's are in the Boyd motto, "CONfido," and while Budini lived with/near Roxolani of the Dnieper, Roxolani were also on the NAPARis. Fothes' were beloved of Mr. Cumyn, earl of Buchan, and Buchans (SUN) have the Rothes lions heads in colors reversed. I trace Buchans to Buxentum at the LAUS bay.

Flights/Flatts are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Buckle's and Buckleys, and to this we add that Flights/Flatts are connectable to Floats, Fleets and Flags/Flacks while flag-using McLeods/CLOUDs, suspect in the Lease cloud, share the Buckley bull head and the castle of French Martins and German Cassels (share Clare Coat). We can even take this picture to Bleds (Clare Coat in colors reversed) because Bled is beside Lesce while Leslie's (earls of Rothes) use buckles.

Again, Laus was founded by peoples in Sephar-like Sybaris, and so let's go back to Sephar because it was in Assyria, likely an alternative name for Subartu. Assyria was the location of ARRAPHa, looking like the possible origin of the Rephaites whom I trace to the raven / crow. Buchans were first found in Aberdeenshire with Oggs/Oges, and king Og was a Rephaite. The "fortiTUDine" motto term of Bucks can suggest the Tudys/Totta's whom I'm now linking to Tays/Toys (Yorkshire, same as OGdens) who in turn have a Coat like that of Oggs/Oges'.

We came to the Buchans via Alexander Mr. Cumyn, ear of Buchan, in the Fido/Fothes write-up, and Comyns/Commings (Norfolk, same as Crows and Bucks) use Gareb-like GARBs. Gareb is suspect at the Knesset (who named the Knesset, and why?), and Kness' were kin of Nons (Ayrshire, same as Fido-loving Boyds of Dean). The "InduSTRIA" motto of Fido's/Fothes (and Rothes-connectable Dents) can be part-code for Istria liners, suspect from the Ister = DANube river, and ultimately from Ishtar, who had an eight-pointed star for her symbol, shared by Rothschilds/Roddensteins. This Arms of Rothschild has an "Industria" motto term. King Og was at ASHTARot.

I'm still trying to fathom how the Biblical Sarah may have been named by a tribe related to Rephaites. Arrapha was also Arrapachitis, named very apparently with the Biblical Arphaxad, son of Shem, son of Noah. Arphaxad was Eber's grandfather, and Eber was father to Joktan, whose sons in turn lived at and off of Sephar. Og's Bashan was also "BASANITis," and the old Basante river (Bosnia) is beside the Urbanus river of the crown-depicted Ceraunii, the line from the mythical crow, Coronis, daughter of Peleg-like Phlegyas. Peleg was Joktan's brother!!! Amazing. Plus, the Sephar-like Saffers use UNIcorn heads that I trace to the Una river, beside the Urbanus river of the corn-like Ceraunii!!! The Saffers love the Vita's, from Julius Avitus, husband of Julia MAESa Bassianus, perfect because the MAEZaei are shown on the Oeneus river, now the Una!!! The Bassianus' were from Bashan, I can see it clearly now.

Julius Bassianus, Julia Maesa's father, was commissioned to Dalmatia by emperor Caracalla, husband of Domna Bassianus, Julia Maesa's sister. It just so happens that Sarah-like Saraca's were in Dalmatia's Ragusa/Laus! There is even a Laus/Lauer surname showing grapes while Julius Agrippa was likely the brother of Julius Bassianus' mother. Agrippa-like Grape's/Gripps (share Sarah/Sayer bend!!!) are listed with Gareb-like Grabbers!!!!! The Una, Urbanus and Basante rivers are all Sava tributaries while Sayer-like Sauers (Austria, same as Grape's/Gripps/Grabbers) are said to be from the Sau = Sava river. Russells, sharing the Sauer Coat, use two "sara" motto terms. Vita's share the SEVER annulet, and so it seems that the Sava was named by Saffers, or vice-versa, and ultimately tracks to Sephar's Hebrews. Caracalla was the son of SEVERus.

The English Silvers are in Saffer colors and format, and as Saffers were first found in Devon with Esse's/Ash's/Aschs and Hazels/HESSELs, so we find that Hesse is where German Silvers were first found while Hesse's are likewise Hessels. The lions of English Silvers can thus be the Bramton lions in colors reversed. IN FACT, WOW, Silvio's are in the colors and format of Peleg-like Place's/Plaiz's (Norfolk, same as Bramtons) who in turn share both the Silver and Brampton (and Brian) lion!!! The write-up mentions an early "Ralph de Playz," and Ralphs with Roofs/Rolphs/Rove's (both use ravens) were of Norfolk too. The lion in the Roof/Rolph/Rove Crest holds a bridge while Bridge's love CRABs.

The Place's/Plaiz's may have been a branch of Pelaiz's/BAEZ's while Bashan-like Bash's/Baesh's can apply. The latter share the cross of Moses'/Moesians while Le Mose is in Placentia. Ahh, the Silver / Place/Plaiz lion is that also of Base's/Baise's who in turn have the full Bramton Coat in colors reversed.

The dog in the Brampton Crest is likely the talbot dog, code for Tailbois', first found in Lincolnshire with Base's/Baise's, Golans, and Tankerville's. The latter are assumed from Orion's cult in Tanagra, and hunting horns, code for Orion's line, are the only symbols of Base's/BASSENs (Austria, same as Sauers, Grape's/Gripps/Grabbers, and crown-using BESANTs/Bessens!), in Jewish Levi colors and format. Jewish Levi's show only two lions in pale, same as Base's/Bassans and Bramptons, and Levi's are suspect from Jonathan the pagan Levite, priest of the 600 Danites, at Laish of the Golan Heights. The Budini, by the way, were neighbors of Golan-like Geloni. The Laish-suspect Lease's share the Chief-Shield colors of Roofs/Rolphs/Rove's. English Besants share the Massey quadrants.

English Bays are also Base-like Bays' while French Bays (Boy/Bie colors and format) share the crescent of German Silvers. French Bays were first found in Dauphine while Daphne was a giant's spit from Laish. Boy's/Bie's (share bees with BESSINs/Beasts) were first found in BERWICKshire while Berwick-branch Barwicks share the Sarah/Sayer motto.

There is a staggering amount of heraldry tracing back through the Bassianus bloodline, and now I know, am pretty sure, that it goes to Bashan at the Golan Heights with mount SION. The Israelites killed Og, the Amorite king, along with king SIHON, the Amorite king.

Mesha and Sephar

As Joktanites were at Mesha, I've got some "evidence" now that it was what is now Mus at Lake Van, where I trace the household of the Hyksos king, Khyan. An online Jewish source gives Mesha and Sephar in Arabia, but that makes no sense to me. I go on Arrapachitis, known to have been in Assyria, and therefore expect the family of Joktan to have been at least near Assyria, and Assyria's Subartu seems like an apt term to fit "Sephar." Arrapachitis is at modern Kirkuk. "Genesis 10:30, ESV: The territory in which they lived extended from Mesha in the direction of Sephar to the hill country of the east." We are looking for Sephar in a hill / mountain country east of a Mesha location.

I've just looked on my atlas assuming that Mesha is at Lake Van, because I owned a SAFARi VAN. That's my starting evidence, as silly as it seems, but there's more, which I'll get to, fun and games. I looked east of Van and saw Salem-like SALMas in the hills of Azerbaijan. My atlas has Salman at "Azarbaijan-e GHARBi," though I don't know what "Gharbi" refers to. Wikipedia's Salmas article says that the city went by that name as far back as the 3rd century, which is the time of emperor Septimius SEVERus, husband of the daughter of Julius Bassianus. The latter was the high priest of El-Gabal in Mesha-like Emesa. Coincidence?

Now look at Wikipedia's article:

In another contribution by Britannica, on an animated political map of Sassanid Empire at the time of SHAPUR I's reign (240270 AD), Salmas is markedly acknowledged as one of the renown and apparently important cities of the empire with the same original name as now. There is a speculation that the nickname of the city, SHAPUR, might be derived from the name of this king (of kings) of Persia.

I am so impressed by this, because it was found about two minutes after setting out to find SEPHAR at the Salmas theater, and bango, we find that this city was also SHAPUR. Lake Van is about 120 miles due west of Salmas.

Okay, so I owned a Safari van, and so I started to wonder how God may have created an event in my life to point it to Lake Van, and whether that pointer has evidence that Mus was Mesha. And the first thing coming to mind is my new tenant, Helen. I recall sitting on the three stairs talking to her. These stairs started in my kitchen and went down to a LANDING upon which she was standing at the time, and I asked if she'd like to come with me to pick out the color of the van I was going to purchase. It was December, and the dealer was giving away its last few Safari vans at a discount of about $7,000 (I needed a van for my business). There were two colors to chose from, a terrible green, and a TURQuoise. There was only one turquoise van, and that's the one I choose because I didn't like the green. Lake Van is in TURKey. Coincidence?

This Helen is the reason that I began to stress the Tenant surname years ago, which has a "vela" motto term to go with the "vel" of TURKs/TORKs. The Vela's happen to use "TORCHes," you see. Plus, the Vela's have a giant lozenge in the colors of the Brix/BREST lozenges, and Helen, a couple of weeks or less after I asked her if she'd come help choose the color of the van, got a BREAST symbol on the same LANDING, a pointer to Pepin of LANDEN because Helens have the three Pepin horse heads in colors reversed. Helens are said to have been at "Hillion, near Saint-BRIEUC, was the birthplace of HERVE d'Helion..." This area is near BREST (Brittany), and while Brix's/Brests are from Brixia/Brescia, the latter's Arms has the lion of Brieuc-like Bruce's (Brieux is also "Brieuc").

I was in the lawn-PARTY business at the time, and needed the largest SUV possible, and so the Safari was best for this. I delivered pink flamingos and such for when people wanted to surprise their friends on their big birthdays, usually 40th and 50ths. I'd set the flamingos up on LAWNs before dawn. Lawns/Lane's are a branch of Lane's/Lano's (giant BESANT!!!), first found in Brescia, explaining why Launay is near Brest! Incredible, but I did not start this paragraph for making a link to Brest. I started it because Flamingo's/Flamings, who share the PARTY checks, go with the rock in flames of Turks/Torks. Plus, there are flames from the Seaton/SITTEN dragon, and I was SITTING on the stairs at the time. Sittens are suspect from Sidonians of Laish.

Both Lawn surnames share the lion of SAFFER-related Silvers, and the three Saffer unicorn heads could be connectable closely to the three Helen horseheads, for Saffers were first found in Devon with Alan-line English Stewarts.

As per Herve of Helion, it just so happens that Herve's are listed with Gareb-connectable Harveys, and the French Herve's/Harveys are in the colors and format of German Turks. The latter were first found in Silesia, land of Sorbs, and the Serbs were near the Bassianus-like Basante river. In fact, I expect that ancient SERVitium, on the Sava river not far up from the mouth of the Basante, named the Serbs. Further up the Sava from Servitium were the BREUCi, and Helens were first found near Saint/Brieuc. Helen is telling a neat-little package that's pointing to the Knesset. Helen was likely the Alans of Brittany, and ancient Alan Huns, said to be a tribe of Sarah-like Sarmatians, could be expected at Lake Van.

If Harveys were from Harbiye = Daphne of Syria, it can track back to Daphne at PANias (Golan heights along with Bashan/Basanitis). Panias is, I think, at most three miles from Laish, and it just so happens that Turks/Torks were first found in Dumfries with Laish-suspect LISE's/Lease's. Helen turned down my offer to go pick the TURQuoise color. I wouldn't have let her pick the green one, anyway; I was just trying to get her closer to me at the time. It wasn't until some days later that she decided to come up to have TEA with me, which started our relationship. Tea's/Teas' are listed with Tease's/Tyes', and then the Tiss'/Teese's were first found in Hampshire with English Lise's/Liss, and so it's now Helen-important that the latter almost have the Lizart/SARDE Coat, for you will see a king of Lake Van below with a Sarde-like name. What are the chances?

I've told this tea story a few times before, I'm not making it up. The Tea/Tease/Tyes stars are those also of Amori's, first found on SARDinia with Avezzano's. The latter's Avesnes branch married Dampierre's of Champagne, and that's where French Herve's/Harveys were first found. Helens took us to Herve. Avezzano is beside mont AVELINo, and the Helen-related Alans were from Aulon/AVLONa in Hebrew-line Epirus. The Ros-Alans became the ROXolani, and they are to the heraldic rock that we see in the Coat of Turks/Torks.

The Tenants had led us to Turks/Torks, and the Vela's in the Tenant motto have torches said to be at "the corners." Corners are listed with Karen-like Garners, and Karens were first found in Silesia with German Turks (share the Karen crescent). Karens have a Coat like that of URBANs, and so "Karen" must have been from the CERAUNii at the Urbanus river, between Servitium and the Basante river. Coronis' father, PHLEGyas, is suspect with Peleg, Joktan's brother. Cronus was the father of Zeus, and the Zeus taurus was connected by writers to Europa. Her brother was in Boeotia, where I trace the hunting horn shared by Turks/Torks.

Ahh, Corners/Garners share the acorn with ACKERs, and Harbiye is at AQRA!!! Ackers are in SALEM/Saleman colors and format, and mount Acra was at JeruSALEM. GARBs are used by Comyns/Commings (dagger) while Daggers were a branch of Acre's/Ackers (Cumberland, same as Daggers/Dackers)! Beauty. Sale's/SAILs, in Helion colors and format, have the ACRE fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. Tenants have a "sail" in Crest. The write-up of English Harveys thinks that "Herueide CASTER" may have been a Harvey liner, and Acorns are also Acasters! Mythical CASTOR of SPARTa was the brother of mythical HELEN "of Troy"!!!! Giant. Castor and Helen were born of swan EGGs, and if these Spartans were proto-English speakers, the eggs may have depicted the Og line to Ogyges. The Ares dragon is thought by come to have been Ogyges, and the Aras river passes close to Swan-like Sevan.

Castor's twin brother was Pollux, and Pollocks share the saltire of English Franks's who in turn have a "NOBis" motto term while Nobs are in the colors of the saltire of Scottish Franks (same motto term).

Acorns are also AlCORNs, and they share the stag head of Knesset-like Knees'. Sephar-like Saffers use uniCORN heads. Ahhh, I now see why I was sitting on the stairs when talking to Helen, for the Stars/Stairrs share the chevron of Irish Kerns while German Karens are Kerns too! The Crest of Irish Kerns even shares a black lion with the Helen Crest. Saffers were first found in Devon with an Axe river, and Shepards/SHEPHARDs, like "Sephardic," have axes in Saffer-unicorn colors.

As I've been saying recently, the Tudys/Totta's (same place as Tiss'/Teese's) almost have the Tiss/Teese Coat, and the Tudy/Totta chevron is that also of Teas-like Tays'/Teys' who in turn share the Tudy/Totta chevron while the Tays/Teys Chief is a version of the Ogg/Oges Chief, perfect because Og's Bashan is near Panias and Laish. PAYENs/Pagans, first found in Daphne-like Dauphine, are in the colors and format of German Turks, and while mythical Daphne was placed in myth into the Ladon river, Ladons/Ladds were first found in Somerset with PAYNE's/Paine's. Payens/Pagans are also Paions, and the Paioni peoples were neat the satyr-like Satrae Thracians. This is amazing because I was sitting on the SATRAE-like STAIRs when asking her to pick the color of the Van!!! Panias was the Phoenician city of mythical Pan, a SATYR!!! Beauty.

The Satrae are on the map above between the Nestus and Strymon rivers, and the latter's mouth is near SITHONia (not shown), suspect with the ancestry of sitting-like Sittens.

I've speculated that "Pan" was from "Van" because Panias was also "Banias" while Lake Van has a Biaini people. Ancient Lake Van also had a Nahor-like Nairi people. Panias, thanks to the name of Pan's father, is connectable to the Hermus river of Lydia, land of king GUGu. In Ezekiel 38, the prophet links ROSH with GOG and MESHech. The latter is what Hebrews called these peoples, but as Assyrians called them, MUSHki, Mus at Lake Van may have been MESHa alternatively when named by Hebrews. Here's Wikipedia's article on Rusa of Lake Van: "Rusa I (ruled: 735714 BC) was a King of Urartu. He succeeded his father, king SARDduri II. His name is sometimes transliterated as Rusas or RUSHa. He was known to Assyrians as URSA..." It looks like Ezekiel's Rosh, but note that Sarduri-like SARDis is on the Hermus river, and then let's add that mythical Hermes (father of Pan) was code for Armenians while Lake Van is in Armenia. The Armenians of Phoenicia were called, CadMUS.

"Ursa" is perfect for this discussion because the bear constellation was named after Arcadia, from mythical Arca. Hermes was made born (by the Greeks) in Arcadia, and it happens to have been on the northern border of Sephar-like Sparta! Beauty. Cadmus killed the dragon of Ares, thought to be mythical OGYGES (king Gugu was also Gyges), and the writer then says that this dragon's teeth became men called, "Sparti." Thus, Ares, father of HARMONIA, wife of Cadmus, and named from the Aras river (ARMENIA) not from Lake Van, was connected to Hebrews in Sephar, we can safely conjecture. Cadmus' sister, EURopa, can be written, EVRopa = EBRopa, identifying her from Eber, father of Hebrews. And then it just so happens that Mus is at the Taran part of Van, which could have named the Tyrrhenians, kin of Lydians, but also Tyre, land of Cadmus and Europa. And then there was Terah, father of Nahor and Abraham.

The Big Dipper is actually just part of a bigger constellation called Ursa Major, or the Great Bear. In Greek mythology, the god Zeus had fallen in love with the maiden Callisto, and got her pregnant. When the child was born, as revenge, Zeus' wife Hera turned Callisto into a bear. Callisto wandered the forest for years in bear form, until a chance meeting with her son, Arcas, who raised his spear to strike at the bear. Zeus stepped in and sent them up to the heavens -- Callisto as the Great Bear and Arcas as Bootes the Herdsman (or Ursa Minor -- the Little Bear -- depending on the story!).

There's other silly material from ancient myth that connects the Big Dipper to Arca of Arcadia. Silly as myth is, there's reason for the terms uses. Myth writers were alluding to real-world entities with the creation of their mythical names, and the plots that involved these names had special / specific reasons behind them.

I've discussed the heraldry involved with a CHOCOlate treat left on Helen's door KNOB by her previous boyfriend (after she left him for me). I'm now wondering whether God set that event up to point to Nob. I've told that "chocoLATE" looks like a pointer to Letts/LATE's, suspect from the LATovici smack beside the Breuci suspect at Saint-Brieuc. Helens are said to have named Helion near Saint-Brieuc. That works, especially if the Latovici named the Latins, who were from Ladon elements, and Lydians on the Sardis.

I've told, when on the Letts/Late's, that I wrote Helen a LETTer before she warmed up to me, and left it on the three stairs that I was sitting on. A week or two later, she left a Christmas CARD in my milkbox, saying, "I LOVE you" (no she didn't). Love's/Luffs, kin of MUScats and MUSchats, can be gleaned as kin of Checks/CHICKs (both early in OXfordshire), and Chocks are Chicks too. The CHOColate. Luffkins (Shropshire, same as Alans) are in Stair (not "Stairr") colors and format, and the milkbox is accessible from in the house, located directly above (inches away from) the same three stairs. Luffkins, by sharing the Tien/Thames and Peare chevron-with-stars, can be deemed a branch of Love's/Luffs because the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens/Thames' and Peare's, both of whom share the Lett/Late stars, can you believe it? Pero's/Perino's use "flaming stars", and while Flamingo's list Flamings, Stars are also STAIRRs. I've talked much about Miss Peare and I RUSHing up the stairs for our first kiss! Kiss/Cush's are a branch of Cass'/CASTs. Castor was Helen's brother.

On my first kiss with Helen, I remarked, "you have THIN lips." She didn't like it, and said, "you too." Thins are listed with Tine's/Botville's, first found in Shropshire with Helen-like Alans. German Lipps were first found in Westphalia with Alan-related Velens. Amazingly, I see Tine's (who are also Tyne's) in the motto of Tooths who probably share the LETTER griffin because Letters were first found near two Tyne rivers. It's amazing because Helen gave me a Christmas card, and the Card Crest has a "LETTER" -- with stamp showing -- with a giant griffin in the colors of the giant Leto crane, code for Ceraunii. Stamps even have the RUSH Coat on a black Shield while we saw king Rusa as "Rusha." The Card lion is that also of Breuci-connectable Bruce's. Stamps use three courant horses in the colors of the three Pepin / Este horse heads, believe it or not, for these horse heads are perfectly linkable to the same of Helens.

Castors/Costors were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's while Leda was the mother of Castor and Helen. I didn't realize until now that Castors/Costers are in Stair colors and format, and this goes well with the Satrae trace to Arcadia, beside Sparta, but also near the Ladon river.

There is a Helion surname (shares Salem/Saleman bend) using Panias-connectable pheons in sales colors and format. Pheons in the same colors are used by Stops/STUBBs, from Stobi of the Paionians. The Stops/Stubbs were Pipe kin, and Pipe's share the Pepin/Pepy Coat, and Helen was on the stair landing, the location of the exterior door upon which the chocolate treat was left.

If I'm correct in claiming that the Hyksos king, Khyan, was the Exodus pharaoh whose daughter named Moses in honor of his/her roots at Mus of Lake Van, then the next king, because he wasn't Khyan's son, may have been related to him. I chose Khyan as the exodus pharaoh because his son did not follow him on the throne, and this can be explained where his firstborn son was killed by God's 10th plague. So, it can be assumed that the throne went to his nearest kin instead, and it just so happens that the next king was Apophis/Apepi! That's why there were three events on Helen's landing, I assume, partly to point to these Hyksos kings from Lake Van. Alans lived at the Tanais river, and Tanis was in the Nile delta where Hyksos were confined. The Hyksos empire fell under Apophis.

The Alans Huns of Alania were in the AVAR theater, and the Hyksos capital was Avaris! Beauty. Plus, I have mentioned at least once when my friend, DON Frey, picked me up at my place, and just as his car was pulling away from the house, Helen came out from her door, at the landing, in Don's full view. And he saw her. The Tanais is now the Don river. I get it, and Freys show only horses, an Ares-line symbol to the Helen horses, we may assume.

The reason I highlighted "CHOColate" above is per Sithonia being on CHALCidice. I was SITTING on the stairs when asking her to come pick my van color, and then CHALK(er)s (Kent, same as Chaucers and Stairs) were a branch of Chock-like Chaucers. Chalk(er)s use the swan while Sions/Swans can be traced to Sion, also called, Sitten. Chocks/Chicks, in the colors of Italian Este's, were first found in Essex with English Este's who not only share the three Pipe / Pepin/Pepy horse heads (colors reversed from the three horse heads of Helens), but the Este crest once showed a black horse head, the color of the Helen horse heads. The Letts/Late's, can we believe it, use "organ pipes." Lizard-using Organs/Aragans are suspect with the raven vikings on Orkney. The Chock/Chick Coat is almost the one of Harbiye-like Harberts/Herberts while French Herberts share the stars of French Harveys/Herve's. English Harveys/Herve's share the martlets of Mountains (Essex).

This is a good place to add that while Kenneths/MacKenzie's have the flaming mountain as a pointer to the Apophis asteroid, their "uro" motto term might just be in honor of Ur of Chaldea, birthplace of Abraham. Ure's/Hurrys/Orreys share the red lion with Bramtons, and while the other Ure's are listed with Eure's, "heure" is a motto term of Hyksos-like Hicks'. The first two words of the Hicks motto are translated, "All in," code for Allens/Alans, I think, because they have the Hicks fesse in colors reversed. The "bon" motto term of Hicks is, I've resolved, code for the Italian Bons/Bono's who almost have the Harbert/Herbert Coat. "Bonne CAUSE" is a motto phrase of Tine's/Thins/Botville's (Shropshire, same as Allens/Alans) while "causa" is a motto term of Justine's who in turn share the Kenneth/MacKenzie border.

The three lions of Chocks/Chicks are those also of James', first found in Surrey with Stubb-connectable Helions, and while Helens were at Helion, Stubbs (Pipe and Pepin colors and format) were Pipe kin. Lizarts are Sarde's too, and the Chalk(er) Coat looks related to English Damorys/Amori's while Italian Amori's were first found in Sardinia.

The three, white Frey / Freeze/Phreeze horses are courant (all four legs off the ground), same as the three white ones of Stamps and Rush's. Freys were first found in Wiltshire with Stars/Stairrs. If there's a mystery to be cracked here in relation to Helen's stairs, I don't yet see it. The Phrygians had a Star-like satyr called, Marsyas, and northern Lebanon (Phoenicia) had a Massyas/Marsyas area beside Mesha-like Emesa. The latter had a priesthood, suspect from something in Bashan, who could somehow have been connected to Phreeze-like Pharisees.

Freeze's and Freys look like they may have been from Phrygians to Frisians while incorporating mythical Frigg, wife of Odin. The latter was given a raven symbol. Phrygians worshiped mythical Attis/Atys, father of Lydians, and so we go now to Gyges/Gugu, king of Lydia, for Gage's/Gauge's (like the Gouch's/Googe's) share a red saltire with Hermus-like Ermine's/Armine's. As I've said many times, Mr. Gouch inspected my sewer system, and Sewers/Suters/SHUTERs happen to have fitchees in the colors of the Ogg/Oges fitchees. The SHUTE's almost have the Sword Coat while Serdica is near Ares-like Arsus off the Hebros / MARitsa river (Ares was likened unto Mars). The BIStones of crow-line Cyrene worshiped Ares as a sword, and the Bessi were smack beside Serdica.

Moreover, Ermine-like Hermans/Armans were first found in Provence with Lizards/SARDE's while the Hermus river was through Sardis. Hermans/Armens share the triple fesses of Love's/Luffs ...which recalls my dream at the Luff residence (my old friends). When I saw he and his wife exposing their tongues shaped as green snakes, I got up to leave the home but entered a walk-in FREEZER instead, by mistake. Mr. Luff was Ray, and Rays have courant stags in the colors and format of the courant horses of Freeze's/Phreese's. The waving snake-tongues had pointed with the name (Valery) of Ray's wife to Huckabys because they use snakes as Asclepius rods...and it just so happens that Coronis was mother to Asclepius. Valerys use a "wave," and the moving snake-tongues were forming a wave shape (up-and-down S-wave shape).

I think I get this. The horses track back to the Thracian Horseman, Ares, father of HARMONia, wife of CadMUS, and we just saw Hermans/Armans sharing the Love/Luff Shield. Guges-like Ogyges was deemed by others to be the Ares dragon killed by Cadmus, and so this picture is expected to touch upon king Gyges.

The Herman/Armen Coat is exactly that of a HERBert Coat, and Harbiye was also Daphne while mythical Daphne was in the Lydia-suspect Ladon river of Pisa. Mythical Pelops, king of Lydia, married Amazons of Pisa, and this goes excellently with the Mus location at Van because Pelops married the daughter of OenoMAUS. Amazons had been Meshech in the Pontus / Cappadocia in their past, according to Herodotus, and then became the Mysians, we can conjecture, because Amazons were all over Mysia, and I've read that Mysians were also Moesians, which checks out because, in Moesia, there is a Moschius river shown on this dark map as a tributary of the Margus. Amazingly, while Love's/Luffs were kin of MUSCHats and MUSCats, i.e. like "Moschius," Love's/Luffs share all of the Herman/Arman Coat.

Plus, the father of Gyges was Dascylus, and "Dascylus, a king who ruled over Mysia or Mariandyne. He is presumably the eponym of the coastal city of Dascylaeum or Dascylium (but see below). The wife of Dascylus was AntheMOEISIA, daughter of the river god Lycus, and he was the father of sons named Lycus, Priolas, and Otreus. Dascylus' own father was the infamous TANTALUS." The latter, with a cannibal symbol, same as Cronus, was a Lydian ruler, and father of Pelops above. Tantalus' Wikipedia article: "Tantalus was a Greek mythological figure, most famous for his punishment in Tartarus. He was also called Atys." There you go, Tantalus was an aspect of Attis, the Phrygian sun god, father of Lydians (it means that the writer viewed Lydians as Phrygians mainly).

When historians writing on mythical characters use "eponym," it's because they are stupid donkeys. What they mean to say is that mythical Dascylus named a Dascylus location, which is jackass backward. If the mythical character does not exist, the writer obviously invented him to symbolize the location. "Dascylus" is like a Tusculus location in the land of Lydia-line Latins, and its near the TUSCany border while myth writers made the Lydian character, TYRRhenus, the founder of Tuscany. It could therefore seem that Dascylus was the city of proto-ETRUScans, and so we may trace the Og > Ogyges > Gyges entity to that Roman theater. While even Romans were traced by a myth writer to Trojans, Tyrr-like Troy was also Etrus-like TROS.

Italian Pisa happens to be in Tuscany, and moreover the Moschius-like Mosca's were first found in Pisa. Therefore, one can trace the Attis > Tantalus > Pelops line, stacked with Amazons, we may safely assume, through Grecian Pisa to Tuscan Pisa, and these two places were named by Pisidians...who live at and around ATTALia, which named mythical ATLas (chief son of Pisidia-like Poseidon), king of Atlantis, explaining why mythical Atalanta was queen of Calydon at AETOLia. And while OENeus was a mythical king of Calydon, it explains OENomaus, Pelops' father-in-law, and buddy of Hermes, and thus we can track this picture back to mount Hermon in Phoenicia, where Poseidon was made the ancestor of Cadmus.

From Oenomaus, we go to his daughter, Methoni, symbol of Medon-like Methoni/Modon (a real city), which may have been the Keturah > Medan line to Kodros and Medon of Athens. Note how TYRRhenus of the Lydia-Etruscan line looks like "Tyre," and even like "Terah," grandfather of Medan. We saw Trojans above in the Tyrrhenus picture, and it just so happens that I trace Medan to mythical Medea of Colchis, who, after she married Jason, flew her witchy chariot to Athens. Medea's father was made Aeetes, and thus he can be connected to the Tantalus-Atys Lydians. Before meeting Medea, Jason stopped off at Lemnos to mate with Amazons there. Lemnos was the island of HEPHAEStus, who appears named after Ephesus, explaining why Hephaestus was paired in a myth with Athena to produce an Athenian dynasty. Kodros had another son, Androklos, who was made the founder of Ephesus, an Amazon-founded city. Lemnos was off the coast from Troy, the latter being in Mysia.

Medea worshiped HECATe, and the latter must have been related to HECTor, king of Troy and brother of Paris, sons of Abram-like Priam. Paris abducted Helen of Sephar-suspect Sparta, and thus she's called Helen of Troy.

Klos Call

At this point I've got to repeat that the walk-in freezer in the Luff dream doubled as a walk-in coat CLOSEt because it was just a small, empty ROOM beside the front door. ROOMs/Rims/Rums were first found in Dumfries with CLOSEburn, and so AndroKLOS, brother of Medon, is catching my attention. The "PLACit" motto term of Rooms/Rims/Rums is for Placentia elements, and Place's/Plais' happen to share the red BRAMton lion, both in the passant position like the red lion of Rooms/Rims/Rums. The Roomes', we read, "became friends and allies of the great Clan Johnston", and it just so happens that Scottish Johnstons (Dumfries) have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat while Kilpatricks had their castle at CLOSEburn.

The "PUNGit" motto term of Rooms/Rims/Rums can be for the Pung variation of Pings/Pongs/Pagans, especially as French Payens/Pagans use "spur rowells" while Scottish Johnstons, sharing the saltire of Spurr-branch Supers, show a spur in Crest. Rowells/ROTHwells/Rodwells (BESANTs) share the double chevrons of Esse's/Ash's (Devon, same as Supers and Spurrs). Rowells/Rothwells share the green trefoil with Rows (besants) who in turn share the red stag head in Crest with Rowells/Rothwells/RODwells. This green trefoil was owned by Rocks and RODs. The latter were first found in Devon with Bashans (besants can trace to Og's Bashan) who in turn have a Coat like that of Terah-like Tarrs/Terre's/Terres', and it just so happens that Rock-related rooks are used by German Terras'/Terrahs'/Derrah's. Rooks (OXfordshire) use a RAVEN on a GARB. Do the math: Og + Rephaites = Rockefellers...suspect from Rosh in the land of GOG.

Rods and Rocks were the Rockefeller line married to Rodez, in Languedoc, where Cotta's/COTARds were first found, and the Kotor-like Cotters (OXfordshire) just came to mind with their lizards. While Scottish Terras' (ROXburghshire, a line from Roquefeuil, kin of Rods) share the Scott Coat, Scotts are (I say) from lake Scodra, near the SARACa's of Abraham-connectable Kotor. SHARKs happen to have a green trefoil too, along with a Ceraunii- / crow-line cranes. Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys while French Henrys -- whom I've been tracing to Henry of Rodez, a son of the Roquefeuil-Rodez marriage -- share the BASH martlets! Zinger. We might even understand, now, why Bashans are also BARshams, for Scottish Bars share the Bashford eagle. It's the Este eagle (Bars of Brunswick were Este liners), and while I see the Este eagle close to the Child eagle, Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's.

The Bashans/Barshams have three of the two pale bars of Trots/Trude's, whom I trace to the Trotus tributary of the Hagar-like Agarus (now Siret) river. It's close to the RIMna river to which I trace Benjamites of Rimmon. It's a good bet that Rooms/Rims were from the Rimna. Benjamins (Norfolk) can be traced with WALCH's to Wallachia, location of the Rimna, and then WALKs (garbs), looking linkable to Close's, were first found in Dumfries with Rooms/Rims. It was a WALK-in freezer / closet room!!!

I almost missed it: Scottish Walkers share the triple pale bars that are fully the Bashan/Barsham Coat!!! That must be a main reason as to why it was a walk-in closet. I trace "Lady Fortune" of Klassens/Class' to the Clausula river, now suspect from AndroKLOS for reasons, and it just so happens that English Walkers share the Lady/LAUDyman annulets. The Lords/LAUDs are in the GLASgow motto along with the lady-like Letts/Late's (Gloucestershire, same as green-dragon White's). There's a reason or two as to why the pierced hexagrams of Scottish Walkers are those of Payens/Pagans, for we just saw Pagans in the Room/Rim motto when on the topic of Johnstons and Kilpatricks, and Scottish Walkers look like they have a version of the Irish Kilpatrick/SHEERA Coat while German Walkers look like kin of SHERE-branch Schere's/SCHERfs.

Payen-connectable Pane's/PANICo's were from Pincum (DANube river) near the Paioni, and Dan was smack beside Panias, the territory of Og, generally, anyway. The Pings/Pagans we saw off of the Room/Rim motto were first found in Yorkshire with PINCs/Pinks who in turn have the formee-fitchee of Oggs/Oges' in half its colors. That's interesting. The pale-bar-by-lozenges of Pincs/Pinks is in the colors of the Moses/Moesen pale bar, and Pincum is in Moesia.

Austrian SCHERE's use a green snake coiled around a "stick," essentially being an Asclepius rod. I trace Sticks to ASTAKOS at the ACHELous river of Calydon, and Echels/ASCHERE's can be in the "Echel" motto term of Irish White's, in case the walk-in room was white for pointing to White's in this way. White-connectable Weights/Waits share the striped hunting horn in this Arms of Traby while Traby married ASTIKAS'. One of the English White Coats look related to the Silvers and Saffers/SAVARYs, and the latter love the White-like Vita's; the latter were first found in TARVISium, and Austrian Schere's look like TARVES kin. French Savarys/Savards (Bashan-suspect besants) are in the colors and format of Pans/Payens/Pagans, suspect from Panias in the Golan Heights along with Bashan. Pane's/Panico's (share Kilpatrick Chief) were from Pincum at the Pek river of the PICENsii. What do snake-tongues have to do with Bashan elements?

The Rooms/Rims are said to have been seated at GRETNa, and Greats/Greetans share the gold Justine border while Justine of PICENum (GRATian's daughter-in-law) was near the RIMINi location of the first-known Maschi's who in turn share a lone lion (different colors) in Chief with Rooms/Rims. The write-up has a Greet location in TENbury, Shropshire, and I've been wondering why there are TEN billets in the Coat of Salters (once said to be first found in Shropshire). Salters/Saltire's share the rooster (different color) in Crest with Greats/Greetans (saltire). Ten-like Tine's/Thens/Botville's (ten bars), with almost the "causa" motto term of Justine's, were first found in Shropshire. Greats/Greetans share the saltire of Nails/Neils, first found in Westphalia with Valentinian-like Velins and Velens, and Gratian was father to Valentinian I. The Salters/Saltire's must be from the Salto river because it has a mont Velino.

The reason for my thinking (during the dream) that the white-empty room was a walk-in freezer is to serve as evidence that the dream was from God, for unless the heraldry clicks, I don't present a dream as being from Him. Freeze's are in Ray colors and format, and yet the freezer was likely part of the codework for more than serving proof of God's handiwork.

Freezer-like Frasers share the Coat of Kims, the latter first found on Bute (ROTHESay) with GLASS', and mythical "Butes, an Athenian prince as the son of King PANdion I and the naiad Zeuxippe. He was a priest of Poseidon and Athena..." Androklos was the son of an Athenian king, Kodros, and Kotor is smack beside BUTua! Bingo. It's all near the Clausula river to which I trace Klassens/Class' and Glass' above, along with Glasgows. "Pandion" looks like the myth writer's play on mythical Pandareus of Ephesus, father of a BOEOTian queen. It's probably boar-relevant that Pandareus' father, Merops, was from Kos while boar-depicted Edom had a Kos owl cult. Asclepius was named after the "ascaluphus = owl."

I claim that Merops was named as per proto-Merovingians, and while one of the first Merovingian kings was Clovis, Close's are also CLOVSE's. Clovis was born, CHLODevech, and acorn-using Clauds are also Clausula-like Clausels. Acorn-using Ackers/Acasters (like "Acra" of Jerusalem) are in SALIAN/Salem colors and format, and Merovingians descended from Salian Franks who lived at the mouth of the Rhine with the BATAVi. The latter must be from "BEDEWe," an alternative name of Merovi-like Merowe in Sudan, which must have been the ancient Ethiopia because myth had another mythical king Merops of Ethiopia (just connect him to Merops of Kos). Thus, I concluded that Merovingians were from Amorite-suspect Merowe/Bedewe.

Myth had a king Cepheus of Ethiopia, and he was suspect as per two Cephissus river of Athens and neighboring Boeotia, all smack in the land of Ogyges. Og's Rephaites were in JeruSALEM with Amorites. Cepheus was the father of ANDROmeda, like ANDROklos of Athens. AndroMEDA, play on queen Medea of Colchis and thus on Medan, Androklos' brother, became a Gorgophonic Spartan entity highly suspect with the "Sparti" of the Ogyges dragon in Boeotia. There was a sea serpent in Andromeda myth, and as at least one writer placed her at Joppa, I suspect that this sea serpent was an allusion to seven-headed Lotan. "In Greek mythology Cephisus was a river-god of Attica in southern Greece. There were two rivers named Cephisus in Attica..."

I had read that Kodros had both a fish and a boar symbol, but didn't know those symbols were passed onto his son: "The legendary founder of Ephesus was AndroKLOS, son of king Kodros of Athens. Before departing for Ionia, Androklos received an oracle from Apollo at Delphi: it said that he should establish his city 'where a fish will show (the way) and a boar will lead (the way).' On landing on the coast, the colonists caught fish and began to cook them, but one fish leaped out of the pan, scattering coals and setting the underbrush aflame, out of which a boar ran; Androklos chased and killed it, and where it fell he established the city." The Arms of Saraca uses a fish, and Saraca's were at KODRos-like Kotor, near the CLAUSula river to which I've long been tracing the Klassen/Class surname that uses "Lady Fortune." The quote above continues immediately with this (I don't remember reading this before):

The FORTUNE of Ephesus (Greek TYCHE) was basically a personification of the city itself. Every city had such a goddess..."Fortuna Ephesia," on coin

I've been tracing the Clausula river to CLOSE's (Yorkshire, same as Ticks/Tucks/Touque's), and we just saw "AndroKLOS" ("Andro" is a common Greek prefix meaning "man"). Plus, Ephesus is near Miletus, and "Militia" is a motto term of TICKs/Tucks/Touque's! I don't remember reading that the goddess of Ephesus was Tyche. The Tick family obviously knew its origins in the Miletus / Ephesus theater. Tickhills have the Tony maunch in colors reversed, and Tonys were from Les ANDELYs, at the TOUQUES river. I trace "Andelys" to "Antalya," otherwise known as Attalia, the city of Atlas, and thus of mythical Atalanta, queen of Calydon who shot the so-called Calydonian boar. This boar ravaged Calydon, but belonged to Artemis, the goddess of Ephesus! Bingo. Kodros' and Androklos' boar symbol was the boar of Artemis. I say that Close's are using the Shield of Amazon-liner Maceys/Mace's. As Maceys/Mackays use a dagger while ACRE's were a Dagger/Dacker branch, note MeleAGER, husband of Atalanta, and killer of the Calydonian boar.

The article continues: "...the 'Tyche of Ephesus' is again explicitly identified, this time in Greek; and instead of the rudder, she holds a small image of Artemis, the city's patron goddess."

The beauty is that Close's share the striped hunting horn of the Weights/Waits in the so-called "weights" of the Dexter Crest, and Dexters (Leicestershire, same as Tonys) share the Tyrone/Tyrell Coat while Saraca-line Sharks were first found in Tyrone. Tony-like Tonbridge's share the crescents of Saracens, the latter first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Acre's/Ackers. Dagger-using Kilpatricks were of CLOSEburn can be linked to Patricks because the latter were first found in Norfolk with dagger-using Comyns/Commings. Irish Kilpatricks use a "DEXTER paw" on the head of a green dragon, and a green dragon head is in the Crest of Weights/White's. Suddenly, Ephesians / Athenians can be traced to Closeburn in Edom-like Dumfries. The ancient symbol of Edom was a black boar, and while Lotan was the brother-in-law of Esau's son, Lothians share the striped, Close / Weight/Wait hunting horn.

Earlier in this update, it started to appear as though White's were Bashan liners. The other English White's have a Coat like that of Silvers and Saffers/SAVARys, and SEVERus Bassus, some say, was the brother of Julia TYCHE, both of them from Akmonia in Phrygia. Severus Bassus was the grandfather of QUADRatilla Bassus, and while the Galatian family of Julia Tyche was at least near Perta on lake Tatta, "parta" is a motto term of Scottish White's (share eagle of English Wights) who in turn use QUATRefoils and, probably, a version of the Levin Coat. The Laevi Gauls were probably part of the founding of Galatians in Phrygia. The Levin Coat is similar to the Ogg/Oges Coat.

Saffers/Savarys share the unicorn on red with Akmonia-like Assmans/RasMUSsens (Hesse, same as German Silvers), and Mus of Lake Van may have been Mesha of the Joktanites while Saffers/Savarys, and Severus Bassus, may have been from Sephar of the Joktanites. "RASmussen" looks like it's for Ras'/Rose's i.e. from Rusa. While Stamps have a black-Shield version of the Rusa-like Rush Coat, Stomps/Stumps have a colors-reversed version of the Tick/Tuck/Touque Coat. The Agrippa-suspect griffin in the Tick/Tuck/Touque Crest holds an erect sword, symbol of Rusa-trackable Ares, father of Eros, and "hross" means "horse." The Freys (horses) with a green-Shield version of the Rush Coat were first found in Wiltshire with English Assmans/ASHmans/ASCHmans, and then Ash's/Asch's, with an Hesse-like Esse variation, were first found in Devon with Saffers/Savarys.

The Cimmerians who conquered Rusa (8th century BC) parked their military butts at Sinope, in seaside Phrygia and Galatia, prior to the arrival of the Gauls who formed Galatians. Sinope is near Sestus, like the Sestiez variation of the Cetis surname, first found in Provence with Lizarts/Sarde's, and here it gets interesting where Ashman-like Cashmans/Kissane's use what looks like a lizard, yet it can also be the Dene "crocodile" because those Dene's (GALway) share the full Cashman/Kissane motto. I happen to trace Kiss'/Cush's to the mother of Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis! That one snuck up on me. Kissane's are suspect with the Pattersons/Cassane's which involved the line of king Cassander to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, near between Cetis and Sinope. Scottish Pattersons were first found in ROSS-shire (from Varangian Rus) with the Kenneths/MacKenzie's suspect with the Kennati priests of Cetis. This explains why Asmans/Ashmans/Aschmans share the Carrick dog. The Rose's who list Ras' were first found near Ross-shire.

Aha, mythical Sinope was made the daughter of ASopus! "Pus" is a suffix so that the root is "As," as in "Asman." I suspect the Asi/Assi = Asians who I say named Aeson, Jason and HephAEStus (official husband of copper-connectable Aphrodite), metal-making entities who forged war weapons (Ares probably got his war-god status that way). There is a Sinope location in Leicestershire. Argos, between Sparta and Athens, was honored in Jason's ship, and ARGOb was the center of Og's kingdom in Bashan. Argos was the city of the Danaan, suspect from Laish, the latter near mount Sion, that being a term like "SINope." King SIHON was beside Bashan.

From the last update: "Abraham's full brother, Haran, may have become mythical Uranus, whom I trace to mythical "Orion" at Boeotia's Tanagra. Lookie at what I've just found: "SchimaTARi is a town and a former municipality in Boeotia, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality TANAGRA...It is situated in the wide valley of the river ASOPUS..."!!! WOW, we just saw mythical Asopus above as Salamis' father!" Earlier in this update, Sephar got strongly suspect with Salamis-like Salmas.

This is incredible because I've merely stumbled here following the crumbs. From the last update, where I stumbled on the ancient origins of Saracens, I think: ""Salamis was a nymph in Greek mythology, the daughter of the river god ASopus and METope, daughter of the Ladon, another river god. She was carried away by Poseidon to the island which was named after her...In some accounts, she [Salamis] became the mother of SARACon by Zeus"!!!" Asopus and Metope were made the parents also of Sinope! Zikers. Near Sinope, in the Pontus, was the origin of the sea monster, Ceto, a Cetis-like term. "Sinope's mother was Metope, daughter of the river-god Ladon. In one account, she was called the daughter of Ares..." The island of Salamis is near Athens.

Making sense, another Metope was the "consort of the river god Sangarius", that being a Phrygian river i.e. connectable to Sinope of Phrygia. I've read that Attis of Phrygia named Attica at Athens, home of AndroKLOS whom we met above, and Close's share the Bright and Bride Shield while Bride's were first found in Savoy with BRIGantium (now called Bramton-connectable Briancon) while Phrygians were also called, Briges/Brigians. Androklos was the son of Kodros, from Keturah, wife of Bramton-like Abram, and then the Claus'/Klaus' may have the Bramton lion. Klaus Schwab fits into this dragon picture because Schwabs share the giant Rasmussen/Assman unicorn. Brights share the griffin of Scotts, the latter being from lake Scodra, into which the CLAUSula river drains. Scottish myth traces Scottish peoples back to Miletus, which can explain why Ticks/Tucks/Touque's ("MILITia") share the black griffin with Scotts, and why Ticks/Tucks/Touque's were once said to be first found in Kent with Scotts.

Ahh, Schwabs/Swabs are no doubt from Swabia elements, named after Sabina elements, and the latter included VesPASia of the Biblical-dragon line, whom I think was named after Pasi's/Pace's, which recalls that Ephesus was also, Apasa. Vespasia's surname, Polla, was shared by Julia Polla, a direct relative of Julia Tyche, and the cornucopia goddess of Ephesus was Tyche. The Sabines had the Ops/Opis cornucopia cult, and then a cornucopia is used by Orrs/Ore's, first found in Renfrewshire with Pasi-line Paisleys/Pasleys, Pasi-related Speers (kin of Rieti-line Roets), and Polla-line Pollocks. The three Orr/Ore piles are colors reversed from the same of Saracen-involved Guiscards.

The Naro/Neretva river (near Saraca's of Ragusa) of the mythical Nereids (fish-depicted people that can explain Androklos' / Kodros' fish symbol) can be connected to the Nera river near Rieti, because: "Opis, one of the Nereids."

The Greek origins of Carricks may be in Salamis mythology because there is evidence that Carricks trace to the naming of Charax Proculus, son of Quadratilla Bassus. We start with: "In Greek mythology, Cychreus was the son of Poseidon and Salamis, daughter of the river god Asopus. By the nymph Stilbe, Cychreus became the father of CHARIClo, Chiron's wife. One of [Cychreus'] daughters, Glauce, married Telamon who later inherited Cychreus' kingdom after his wife died." Then, "In Greek mythology, Telamon...sailed alongside Jason as one of his Argonauts, and was present at the hunt for the Calydonian Boar. In the Iliad, he was the father of Greek heroes Ajax the Great and Teucer by different mothers." Ajax was the God of Cetis.

Coronis was a Lapith, which people group named Lapithos on northern Cyprus (faces Cetis), an origin of the Ajax family of peoples. I see "Lapith" alluded to in the myth code, "AscLEPIUS." "Lapith" looks like "Eliphas,' the name of Esau's son, and Asclepius is traceable to Edom's Kos cult.

Jason's father, Aeson, looks like "Aias = Ajax," and Jason retrieved the golden fleece on the Glauce-like Glaucus river where you see "Tyndaris" under "COLCHIS" on this map. Mythical Tyndareus was a Spartan, meaning he can be entertained as a line of Joktanites. The source of the Glaucus is shown at Iberia, and Spanish Iberia has the SEPHARdic Jews.

Tyndareus' wife, Leda, was given a swan symbol suspect with lake Sevan. Leda-like Letts/Late's were first found in Glauce-like Gloucestershire. Leda's husband, MENElaus, was code for Las/LAAS at Sparta's Mani peninsula, and Saraca's were at LAUS. Salamis' daughter was Saracon. Letts/Late's are expected in the Samson motto, and the Samson scallops are traceable to the Sicels of Sicily, home of Saracens who had a Samsam ruler. Sicels had been given a Scylla-monster symbol, and in another myth, Glaucus loves Scylla. There's a modern Scalea just off the bay of Laus.

The Schole's/Scayle, looking like "Eschol" in Hebron, share the Patent/Patten Shield while a patonce cross is shared (different colors) between Samsons and Nobs. Nob was between Salem and the Benjamites, and the Benni lived at the Arda tributary of the Hebros while king ARDAshir was father to king Shapur I, whose name is like the Shapur naming of Sephar-suspect SALMas. The river god of the Arda river was ARDESkos, and mount Sion was alternatively, Ardos. There is an Ardes surname in the colors and format of Bashan-trackable Bessins/Beasts!

I've told why Skala on Patmos is suspect with the naming of ASCLepius, son of Coronis. Chora on Patmos looks like Gore's/Core's (Kent, same as Trips) because they share the crosslets of Trips who in turn have a "SCALing ladder." It could appear that Patents/Pattens and Schole's/Scayle's were from PATmos.

I'm now going to the Kick surname as per Salamis' son, CYCHreus, for I'm reading that he was a dragon, same as Ladon, Salamis' grandfather. As Cychreus was father to Glauce, should we be seeing the Coronis crow at the Glaucus river? It's the location of Tyndaris, and Tyndareus' wife was made to mate with the Zeus swan. Zeus' father was Cronus. That works, especially is Spartans were from Joktanites, for Coronis' father looks like a Peleg liner. Ixion, Coronis' brother, was in a myth (with Nephele) as a Zeus pretender...for a reason. "Ixion" is much like "Iason = Jason." Nephele was part of golden-fleece myth. Nephele's first husband remarried the Cadmus Phoenicians, who were made descended from Poseidon, Cronus' son. Thus, the Pelegite crow was in Phoenicia in some form, and "IXION" makes it look like it was at Sion, the satan-holy top of mount Hermon. Why are Swans listed with Sions?

As Cychreus was a son of Poseidon, we return to the latter's Phoenician roots because Daphne, another daughter of Ladon, was a Phoenician location near mount Sion, and thus I think we need to see JeruSALEM elements in the Salamis of this picture. MANETHO was a Hyksos historian, and mythical MANTO was Daphne's sister by another father: Tyre-like Tiresias. The latter was made the son of Everes ("shepherd seer"), code for the Hyksos capital, Avaris. This traces Hyksos ("shepherd kings") to Daphne and Panias at mount HERMon, especially as Hermes' so-called caduceus (code for Cadusii Armenians) was given to Tiresias. Poseidon's grandson, "CADmus," was part-code for Cadusii, and part-code for the Mus that I see in the family of Hyksos kings. When Cadmus and his wife, Hermon-like HARMONia, left Greece to found the Illyrians, they were turned into two snakes, the symbol of the caduceus rod, similar to one-snake Asclepios rod. When Apollo was made to mate with Coronis, I think it was the myth writers allusions to Apollonia, a real place beside the Ceraunii mountains. Mount Hermon has also been called, ARMON.

Cadmus settled Boeotia, where there was a Kabeiri cult named after the (C)habur tributary of the EUPHRATes, explaining why Hephaestus, husband of APHRODite, was the leader of the Kabeiri. It seems certain (in my mind) that Aphrodite's birthplace, Cyprus, was named after Chabur elements.

The CYCHreus-like Kicks share the blue bend with Oilys, the latter first found in Og-like Oxfordshire. Ajax was the son of OILeus. The Kicks apply the HOGie/Hockey crescents upon their bend, and while the Hogie/Hockey Crest is the demi-black griffin of English Scotts, Scottish Scotts have two of the three Kick crescents upon a blue bend too. Scotts bring us back to lake Scodra, where we can expect AndroKLOS elements from Athens, land of the Ogyges dragon that Cadmus slew that produced the Sparti suspect with Joktanite Hebrews. This same dragon, though called by the myth writer, the dragon of Ares, popped up in someone else's myth protecting the golden fleece that Jason went to steal. The golden fleece was that of Hermes' ram.

Oilys show nothing but two blue bends, colors reversed from the nothing-shown but three bends of CRESSENTs/Crete's to explain the Kick CRESCENTs. The reason I've gone to Kicks is that a recent dream (months ago) had me kicking repeatedly at a hovering crow that insisted on perching upon my stove burner (it was hovering in flight a foot above the burner, trying to land). Why was I kicking at it? Og of the raven-suspect Rephaites is now a topic, and, wow, I've just loaded Stove's/STEVENsons (share BURN chevron) to find their Chief in the colors and format of the Ogg/Oges Chief!!! WOW. Plus, as I've said many times, STEVEN Mellanson asked me to be his fellow HOCKEY coach, and that's how I discovered that Hockeys, now coming up as HOGie's, share the Mellanson crescents. Mellansons (axe) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Oggs/Oges'/OGIE's!

Ah, I accepted his offer to be his assistant COACH, and new: COCHs/Coech's/Cochers have the three Urban hexagrams on a fesse, all in the colors and format of the fesse-with-crescents of Hogie's/Hockeys, and the crow-line Ceraunii were on the URBANus river!!! Surprise, Mr. Mellanson was made to coordinate with the crow-on-burner event, especially as Assis'/Ass' (a "fasces," with axe head), looked up as per "ASSIStant coach," were first found in raven-depicted Shetland! I think this is amazing. AZIZus was a founder of the El-Gabal cult in Emesa, in case it applies here.

Kicks are in the colors and format of Leslie's, earls of Rothes, and German Rothes' have a big-fat raven. Leslie's look like kin of Case's, first found in Norfolk with Crows and Cass-beloved Fountains. Scottish Caseys have a crow's head. Irish Caseys have a GARB. French Caseys (Crow colors) were first found in Ile-de-France with Mellanson-branch Mellans (besants), and with Verona's while ravens are used by Verone's. French Caseys are in Lily colors and format while the Swans/Sions, first found in Lanarkshire with Scottish Caseys, are in the Lily Crest. Irish Caseys share the chevron of Kennedy-related CASSels while Cetis'/Settiers use the lily, and then German Cassels (CLARE kin) share a giant and white castle with Spanish Case's. HESSE-Cassel is perfect here, not only because the first Rothschild did his banking with a rich family in Hesse-Cassel, but because Hesse's (look like Sun/SinCLAIR kin) share a Hessel variation with the Hazels (Devon, same as Esse's) who in turn share the Kick / Hogie/Hockey / Mellanson crescents.

In another event involving Mellanson, there was his COTTON SWAB in his ear while Schwabs are also Swabs, and yet in another event he pointed to the Note's/Cnuts sharing the Mellanson / Hogie/Hockey crescents. French Cottons (look like kin of Cocks) are also Kotor-like Cotards, and English Cottons use "HANKs of cotton" while Hanks almost have the Cressent/Crete Coat. Hank-like Hangs (share axe with Mellansons) look like FITCH kin, both sharing gold leopard FACES with Note's/Cnuts (probably from Danes), and FITCHees are in the Ogg/Oges' Chief. The Assis/Ass fasces is linkable to Face's/Fessys. The Fitch Crest looks related to Fenders, first found in Huntingdonshire with Cottons, and with the Others/Otters from Lombardy, where the capital is Milan, origin of Mellansons.

Danish Cnuts use "pot HANGers" because Hangers/Angers were first found in Hampshire with Pots and Potters. Pots share the Mellanson fesse, in colors reversed from the fesse of French Pots who in turn share the Nob Crest. Oh wow, the French Pot Coat is a colors-reversed match with the AUGE/Auger/DAUGER Coat while English Auge's (OXfordshire, same as Oilys) whose Coat looks related to DAGGER-branch Acre's/Ackers!!! Zikers, there's a lot there to chew over here, especially as Burns and Bernice's were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Acre's/Ackers.

On or about April 13, 1979, 50 years before the Apophis asteroid is scheduled to become visible in the Cancer constellation, God said to me in an "audible" voice to write a NOTE concerning Mellanson and I on that night, and I did hand him the note, which is how I found that Note's/Cnuts share the Mellanson crescents. Cancer is the crab, and Gareb-like Crabs share the Burn fleur-de-lys.

Stove's/Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with Greys/CROYs while the Crow write-up suggests a Croy variation may have applied to that family. Plus, Stove's/Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with the RODDENs/Rodhams sharing the bend of the other English Stevensons (likewise in Northumberland), and this fesse is by an arrow in the Rothschild/RODDENstein Coat. It looks like the arrow of KNOBS/Knobels (Bavaria, same as Rothes'). CYCHreus was father to Glauce, and Gloucestershire is where Stevens were first found along with the Letts/Late's who have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-arrows of Knobs/Knobels. Nobs, looking linkable to Pollock-linkable Franks, were first found in Norfolk with Crows and Case's.

The crow-using Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans and Hardys; the latter, in the Douglas write-up, are said to be ancestral to DOUGlas' (Moray) who in turn share the Stove/Stevenson Chief and the Sion/Swan heart. Both Chiefs use the Moray stars, and Rothes, in Moray, had a castle built by Pollocks whose Jewish branch shares the bend of the other English Stevensons. Pollocks married Leslie, and while Leslie's thus came to own Rothes castle, Leslie's look (by their Coat) like Kick and Case kin. Lanarks share the cinquefoil of Dogs/Doags (Crow colors and format) and Bus' (Norfolk, same as Crows). Dogs/Doags, in LILY colors, share the sword of Swords (Northumberland again) suspect from the Serdi near LILLae. The Serdi were beside mount DUNAX (shown on the map above), and DUNCans share the Dog/Doag cinquefoil too. The Hebros river has its source smack at the Dunax peak(s) of the Rhodope mountains.

AHH, I now recall: in myth, Hebros and KIKon were made brothers, sons of Rhodope. "RHODOPE was an Oreiad- and Naiad-nymph of Kikonia (Ciconia) in Thrake (north of Greece). She was a daughter of the river-god Hebros and wife of the Kikonian king Haimos (Haemus)." The Serdi are stamped at the Haemus mountains. For various reasons, I trace Cicones to the swan king, CYGnus, which I've seen as CYCNnus too. With my kicking of the crow linking hard to Rothes liners, here we are in a RHODope picture. It's making sense. Rephaite liners must have been in that region.

Google has become absolutely pathetic for doing research. Entering " myth kikon and Hebros ", I almost get nothing but unrelated topics even though "Kikon" and "Hebros" are together in hundreds of articles. Google programs things to hide information on purpose, the purpose of ruining this world's peoples. Google is a mortal enemy of the common people. GOOGle is at war with us, and will pay the price of a giant's death.

Auge's/Augers/DAUGers/AUGETs were first found in Provence with Cetis'/Settiers, and the Provence surname even shares the Stove/Stevenson and DOUGlas Chiefs, all in the colors and format of the Ogg/Oges Chief. That all does look trackable to pre-Israelite Jerusalem. The white-on-blue border is shared between Cetis'/Settiers and Kick-like Chicks/Chocks, in case they apply, and they happen to share the DOUGal lion. "Auget" is a motto term of English Charles' who in turn look related to Eggs and Ice's/Ecco's! This could indicate that Og was a line to Eggs and Ice's/Ecco's; the latter share an Icke variation with Kick-like Hicks.

The Hogie/Hockey and Urban crescents are gold items on a blue fesse, and it just so happens that a gold water bouget on a blue fesse is used by Burn-branch Bernice's. Plus, Cookseys have a bend-with-items in the colors of the Kick bend-with-items. Plus, Crows were first found in Norfolk with Cockers. Cochs/Couch's share the bear with Bernicians (- Sarah-related Barwicks, and Berwicks), and Burns were Bernicians. The dream has Intelligent Design behind it. Cocks share the Bag Shield while the Bag Chief looks related to Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags and Crows) while Geggs/Giggs share the Cooksey cinquefoils.

Ahh, new: someone in the Burn write-up traces this surname to "TAYnuilt or Burnhouse", explaining why the Stove/Stevensons Coat, minus the Burn-connectable fleur-de-lys, is essentially the Tay/Tey Coat. Thus, the dream proves to be from God because Stove's look like Burn kin. God always adds such evidence in my dreams, otherwise I don't stress the dreams. It takes years to get to the bottom of these dreams, and this one is now looking like it points to Og.

Plus, wow, just realized: the Burners use the rare colors of gold and green for their quadrants, and I recall this color combination for the JEBB quadrants, and Jerusalem with the Rephaite valley was home to JEBusites!!! You can't believe it. These quadrants are in Herod/Harald colors, and both the latter and Jebbs share the hawk's lure, perfect because Hawks use "pilgrim's STAVE's" while Stave's are listed with stove's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CANNOT BELIEVE THIS...unless you believe that God gave the dream. Pilgrims (Norfolk, same as Crows!) use "staves" too. Burns are a branch of Bernice's, suspect from Berenice Agrippa i.e. a Herod, and Bernicia is where Hobs/Habs were first found who use "hawks." This paragraph argues strongly for Kicks to be from Jerusalem elements. "CYCHREUS or CENCHREUS (Kuchreus), a son of Poseidon and Salamis, became king of the island of Salamis, which was called after him Cychreia..."

[I didn't know until days after writing here that the Hob/Hab hawk is identical to the one in the Patton Crest, and Pattons happen to share the Kick crescent! Pattons were first found in Shropshire with Alans, from Aulon/Avlona at the Ceraunii mountains. Raven-connectable English Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire. I see the Hobs in the "OBstantia" motto term of Ardiaei-like Arthurs because both surnames were first found in Berwickshire, and this recalls king Ardashir, father of Shapur. Arthurs use the "rest," and ORESTia was at the mouth of the Arda river on the Hebros. Hebrews, called anciently, Apiru and Abiru, were at the Shapur-like (C)Habur river, not far from Salmas/Shapur. "ObSTANTia" is like the "DiSTANTIA" of Crow-connectable Case's.]

Cychreus had a Claus-like daughter, Glauce, mother of the Ajax line, and CARRICK-related Kennedys were from the Kennati priests of Ajax. Cychreus' daughter, CHARIClo, married the centaur, Chiro, and the brother of the Coronis crow was made father of the centaurs. This can explain why I was kicking at the crow.

The Eggs with similarity to the Ice/Ecco Coat are also Edge's, and I think the Eggs therefore named the Adige river flowing by lake Garda toward Este, the area to which Merovingians traced themselves, explaining why the Childs and Este's share the white, spread eagle. The Childs share the eagle of Auget-loving Charles', not surprisingly, but this is the Egg/Edge eagle too which is on a Shield like the Shield of German GARDners. While Ice's/Ecco's were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps, we note that Val Trompia is on the opposite side of lake Garda from the Adige river. Then, DUTCH Tromps, sharing the black eagle with Ice's/Ecco's, use acorns, what are the chances? How close was mount Acra to the Rephaite valley? The Adige goes through Verona, and DUTCH Verone's/Varenne's show only ravens in Tromp-eagle colors.

Never trust a Wikipedia article on Biblical topics, for the anti-Christ pigs (= control freaks) insist on controlling even those issues at Wikipedia. Wikipedia's writers suggest that the Rephaite valley was named by LEGENDARY giants. Why suggest that at all except to create doubt in the Bible's claims? It's what anti-Christ knuckleheads live for. "The Valley of Rephaim is a valley descending southwest from Jerusalem to Nahal SOREk below..." I think this can explain why I could only see my legs as I was kicking the crow. I was not looking at the kicking as a by-stander, but from my own eyes, looking down along my body but seeing only my legs going up and down trying to keep the crow from landing on the stove burner.

Leggs happen to have an Audet-like "Gaudet" motto term, and Gaudets happen to have a Coat reflecting that of Kicks. The "TENTamine" motto term of Leggs cam be for the "ROYal tents of Tintons, whom I trace to the Atintanes on the Hose-like Aous river smack beside the Ceraunii mountains! Perfect. The Scottish Roys ("TENDis") even share the lion of Chicks/Chocks, in Legg colors and format, and thus it seems that God arranged these things to indicate that Chicks were Kick liners, in which case Kicks may have been from the Shechemite line to SHICks/Shake's. The Checks/Cheeks/CHICKs (OXfordshire) have the same-type fitchee cross (different color) as Oggs/Oges'. The Mine's/Menne's possibly in "TentaMINE" share the six pale bars of Liss'/Lise's. Legro's were first found in Burgundy with Primo's while Prime's have a giant leg.

The SOAR river is also the LEGro river, and heraldry uses legs to depict this river. The SOREk valley at the land of Rephaites must apply to the Soar, if I now understand this kick-crow dream correctly. Leggs share the Trump/Tromp Coat, almost, you see. Sore's/Soars share the Legro lion. I've just found the new-to-me Hoge's because leg-using Hose's were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar / Legro river. The "Dat" motto term of Hoggs is shared by Hoge's, and the latter happen to be listed with HogGARDs! They even share the Urban hexagram for a trace to the crow-line Ceraunii! Beauty. The Hoge/Hoggard Crest looks like a winged horse, symbol also (different design and colors) of the Burn-branch Bernice's. However, Wings/Winks (Hagle kin) were first found in Perthshire with Hoggard-like Hagar(d)s who happen to have the giant Hoge/Hoggard hexagram in half its colors. Thus, we have a choice on whether to trace to Biblical Hagar versus Og. Both? Hagar(d)s, in the colors and format of Italian Este's, use a "ModESTE" motto term.

We can assume that Hagar lived in Hebron with Abraham, and the Rephaite valley, going down at the southwest of Jerusalem goes down also to Hebron. Wings/Winks are linkable to PICenum, and therefore to Pike's who share the Ice/Ecco trefoils. The Hagar(d) hexagram is shared by Jeepma's/Jappa's/Jabeeks/JABACHs, and thus far I've resolved them to be from Jabesh-Gilead (in Gilead), beside Bashan. "Joshua 12:2: Sihon king of the Amorites, who lived in Heshbon, and ruled from Aroer, which is on the edge of the valley of the Arnon, and the middle of the valley, and half GILEAD, even to the river JABBOK, the border of the children of Ammon..." Jeepma's might just be using the Tromp eagle.

The Hoge/Hoggard hexagram is gold, and there's a gold hexagram in the Hoges/Hodge Crest. "Hodge" has an Adige look to it, and there is a Hadge surname listed with Edge-like Hegge's/Hedge's (Hoges/Hodge, Hagar(d), Hague and Egg/Egger colors) who in turn share the Leicester swan head (both in Crests). It's pretty amazing that the Hegge/Hedge Coat is essentially that of Readys in the "ready" motto term of Burns. And Readys were first found in Angus with GARDens/Jardens who share the black boar head with Hoggs. Reads were first found in Northumberland with Hebrons (horse head), Horse's, Hoge's/HogGARDs (horse), and Stove's/Stave's/Stevensons. I think I'm convinced: I was kicking the crow on the stove because Rephaite and/or Coronis liners were in Leicestershire. Coronis' brother, father of centaurs, was Sion-like Ixion, and mount Acra, it is thought, is adjacent to mount Zion (south end of Jerusalem).

Hoge's/Hoggards are also HogGARTHs while Garths/Garts (share Quarre/Carr / Carrot/Carew lion) look like kin of Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews. Not only is "Gart" like "Carrot," but Carricks use a "Garde bien" motto while "bien" is shared by Carrots/Carews. Carots/Carows (not "Carrot") use Bashan-suspect Besants.

King ANTIOCHus IV, the Seleucid invader of Jerusalem, reportedly built an Acra fort over-looking the Jerusalem temple. I don't know whether Seleucids named it such, or whether there was an Acra entity in Jerusalem to begin with. Aqra and Harbiye are in Syria i.e. not far from Antioch. If I'm correct in pegging Trumps as a DRUMmond branch, note ADRAMmolech, a SEPHARvite god that I say was named after HADORAM, son of Joktan in or near SEPHAR. The latter location is now suspect with Salem-like SALMas, and crow-line Ixion was the son of PHLEGyas while Peleg was the brother of Joktan. Another black boar is used by Ebers.

The article quoted from above that implies a king Shapur I for the renaming of Salmas to "Shapur" may be incorrect. It could be that the king was named after the location, and that Shapur had been anciently Sephar, reverting to a similar name after having been renamed, Salmas. In the king's article at Wikipedia: "'Shapur' was a popular name in Sasanian Iran, being used by three Sasanian monarchs and other notables of the Sasanian era and its later must initially have been a title, which became -- at least in the late 2nd century AD -- a personal name...Shapur is transliterated in other languages...New Persian Sapur, Sahpur, SAHFUR." Shapur's father was ARDAshir, looking Urartian / Armenian.

It stands to reason that when God told Abraham of his being the father of many nations, without explanation, they would be from his wife, Keturah, rather than offshoots of Israel.

Bashan Elements in Lothian?

Repeat: "The three, white Frey / Freeze/Phreeze horses are courant (all four legs off the ground), same as the three white ones of Stamps and Rush's. Freys were first found in Wiltshire with Stars/Stairrs. If there's a mystery to be cracked here in relation to Helen's stairs, I don't yet see it. The Phrygians had a Star-like satyr called, Marsyas, and northern Lebanon (Phoenicia) had a Massyas/Marsyas area beside Mesha-like Emesa. The latter had a priesthood, suspect from something in Bashan, who could somehow have been connected to Phreeze-like Pharisees." Freeze's/Phreeze's were first found in Essex with Este's, and the Freys are in Nob colors, in case it applies. King David of Israel, the first to conquer the non-Israelites of Jerusalem, set up a priesthood in Nob, and perhaps Pharisees descended from them.

Nobs have a blue eagle head, and the Este / Essex eagle would be blue in colors reversed. The Este / Essex eagle is that also of BASHfords, in case they were Bashan liners, for these eagles are in Ogg/Oges colors. NOBels were first found in East Lothian with a Bass island, and the Scottish Bass', first found in East Lothian's Haddingtonshire with Keiths/MASCALs, share the escutcheon of Mascals, which happens to be in colors reversed from the escutcheon of Sadducee-like Saddocks (Sussex, same as Mascals). To top it off, Freeze-like Frasers/FRAYssers, with a priest-like "prest" motto term, are said to have held some lands of Keiths (share the Fraser stag head). Reminder: Bashan is in the Golan heights with SIDONian Laish, and Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian too, with Laish-like Leiths/Leaths (share Seaton/Sitten crescents).

Sadducees had the house of Boethus to which queen Salome belonged. The Scottish Bass Coat is in colors reversed with NATTs/Nathans (Rhineland, same as Salome's). Salome's share the bend-with-stars of Scottish Vaux's, first found in East Lothian. Vaux's were a branch of Faux's, the latter first found in Essex with Freys and Este's. It just so happens that while "NATi" is a motto term, along with "NOBis," of English Franks (Nob colors), English Nathans/Nations, sharing a red heart in Crest with Oggs/Oges', were first found in Nottinghamshire with Basford while Bashfords/Basfords are the ones sharing the eagle of Italian Este's. Basford is where AINSleys (scimitar, traces to Boethus-like Boeotians) were first found whom I see from Israel's high priest, Annas, whose father was in Syria...location of Emesa's priesthood.

If Freys / Phreeze's had been Phrygians, then HADDingtons (might share Ainsley cross) look like they are from the Hatti, depicted by Attis, the Phrygian sun god. Heads/Hede's (Norfolk, same as Haydens) essentially share the English Este Coat, and Bashfords -- Nottinghamshire, where WATER-bouget Bugs were once said to be first found -- share the eagle of Italian Este's. Bugs are now said to be first found in Wiltshire, beside the Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats. German Bugs share ravens with the Ainsley-beloved My's who in turn have the Haddington cross in colors reversed.

It's probably relevant that Seths are listed with Scottish Shaws (share dagger with GARB-using Comyns/Commings) because garbs are also sheaves while English Shaws are Sheaves' too. Italian Sheaves' were first found in L'Aquila, and Aquila's happen to share the Bashford eagle too.

Repeat: "The three, white Frey / Freeze horses are COURANT (all four legs off the ground), same as the three white ones of Stamps and Rush's." Lookie: Rush's were first found in Suffolk with CRAUNs/Crane's, like the Corren/COURAN surname (WATERford), and king Rusa was feasibly in charge of the domain around nearby Haran, which was also CHARAN (near the Hebrew river, the Habur). Rusa ruled at Mus, and Suffolk is where MUScats and Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found; neighboring Essex is where Muschats and their WATER/Waterville kin were first found while Waterfords are listed with Waterville's too. Again, the Habur was a tributary of the EUPHRATES, which named APHRODite, special mate of horse-depicted Ares, the parents of EROS, we get it. Suddenly, I'm wondering whether "Cronus / Coronis / Ceraunii" were from "Charan," a new idea. Correns/Courans share eSCUTcheons (different colors) with SCUTE's who in turn have a ROSE in the mouth/beak of a CRANE. Between the two Scute escutcheons is a gold tower, symbol also of Mus-like Mose's/Moss' (Lancashire, same as Scute's).

The Crauns/Crans with a Charan-like Cran variation have a "hind" in Crest (much like the Scute "deer"), symbol also in the Seth/Shaw Crest. Hinds share the lozenges of Brix's/Brests, in colors reversed from the lozenges of Bricks and Whelans, and the latter two have gold stags in Crest to match the gold Craun hind. Surprise, Whelans were first found in Waterford with Correns/Courans. My bet is that Whelans were a branch of Alan-related Velins / Velens, and to this we note that the WHALE-using Dols share the Hind fesse. It just so happens that Velin-like Aulon/Avlona is at the Ceraunii mountains! That wasn't expected when starting this new-idea paragraph.

AHHHHHHHHH, it recalls my girlfriend at 20 years of age, whom I've talked much about, KAREN Whelan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karens, suspect with "Ceraunii," look like "Charan"!!! She lived on Henry CORson Place with Mr. Kepke, and he was in an event at KAREN Graff's place. Graffs/Gravs look like Gareb liners. Kepke was with me when I last saw Miss Whelan. His father is UKRAINian.

[Insert: I neglected German Roets, who share the sleeping moon with Karens. German Roets were first found in Thuringia with bee-using Thals (share Urban and Karen hexaghram) and with the father of queen BASINa, the line of bee-using Bessins, and Bessens/Besants! Ceraunii, on the URBANus, were beside the Besante river. End insert]

Corrys/Currys (Waterford, same as Corrins/Courans) have the saltire of Gage's/Gauch's ("COURage") in colors reversed while the latter have the Kerry Shield. Scottish Corrys were first found in Dumfries with Corsons/Carsons (SCIMitar) who in turn share the Brix/Brest / Hind lozenges in the colors and format of the Chief of Oggs/Oges' (Aberdeenshire, same as Googe-connectable SCHIMs). The Courage's/Courays (Essex, same as Waters/Waterville's) are in the motto also of Comyns/Commings (GARBs).

It's interesting here that while some garbs are called, "wheat sheaves," Wheat/WHATE's (Norfolk, some as Comyns/Commings), who use garbs / sheaves, are like "Water." Plus, Scottish Watts (share Coat of Vatts/WATTERS') were once said to be first found in Worcestershire with English Watts, Og-suspect Eggs, and with the Lilys in the "water lilies" of Waterfords/Waterville's. Scottish Watts are now said to be first found in Carnegie, near Dundee, and Dundee's use a giant lily. Dundee is where FELLs were first found who share the Brick / Whelan/FAILin lozenges. The besant of English Watts suggests that Wheats, Watts, and Waters were from something out of Bashan/Basanitis to Quadratilla Bassus, to the Bassianus', and then to Quade's/Wade's, Weights/Waits (almost have the Base/Bassen hunting horns), etc.

The Henrys, which we can pick up from Henry Corson Place (in Markham), share the Alan, Velen, and BASH martlet!!! Markhams were first found in Nottinghamshire with BASHfords, and with raven-using My's in the motto of Ainsleys of Basford (Nottinghamshire). The Place's/Plaiz's were recently suspect with the BRAMton lion. Again, the Corson/Carson Chief is in the colors and format of the Ogg/Oges Chief. It has me wondering why Kepke's street is figuring in so well, and so, perhaps, the Cimmerians of the Ukraine, who conquered Rusa at Van, may have joined with nearby C(Haran) elements before setting up king Gugu/Gyges in Lydia. I had read that there was a Gug-Cimmerian people group.

Bashans/Basshams/Boshams were first found in Norfolk. Ahh, the Bashan/Bassham/Bosham Coat is in the Chief of Keiths/Mascals, the latter first found in Haddingtonshire with Scottish Bass'. The Keith Chief is in the colors and format of the English Watt Chief, with BESANT. That looks like a great reason to see Bashan/Basanitis liners in Lotan-like Lothian. Perta, at the theater of the Haddington-traceable Hatti, may have named Perts/Petts whose "Ardens" motto can be for Ardos at the Golan Heights. The Bitters suspect in the Pert/Pett "bittern" look like kin of Rundels (Kent, same as Perts/Petts and PETITs), and Rundels/Roundels are of the Alan marriage to Alice of Saluzzo, which warrants repeating that the Saluzzo Coat is almost the Ogg/Oges Coat. Perts/Petts have ""A bittern settling in the REED," and Scottish reeds, sharing the Malcolm stag head, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Oggs/Oges'. Bitters look like NELLy kin while the Nail/Neil saltire is shared by Malcolms who in turn use an "ARDia PETIT" motto phrase. Nails/Neils go with Velins and Velens to mont Velino near Rieti, where Reeds trace.

Quadratilla Bassus was wife to Lupus Laevillus, the line to Leavells, and Waleran de Leavell is to Waleran(d)s/Walronds, first found in Devon with Walerand-like Wellands who in turn have a Coat looking connectable to the Ainsley Coat. Wellands share the scallops of Ajax-suspect Jacks and Seth/Shaw-beloved Daggers (branch of Acre's/Ackers). Ajax was at Cetis with Quadratilla Bassus, suspect to Watts, and German Daggers/Decks share the red squirrel of Square's/Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with Watts. Acre's/Ackers share the fleur of Jeune-branch June's, and Yonge's, kin of Leavells, love the Jeune's in their motto. Ackers/Acasters (Salem colors and format) have a "liberte" motto term while Libers/Liebs (share Leavell fesse) use OAK branches to go with the oak LEAVES of Ackers/Acasters (share dove in Crest with Leave's/Leve's). The Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with Dagger-loving Comyns/Commings. Oak leaves are used by Akemans while Jakemans/Jackmans can be expected from "Ajax" for the reason of the particulars in this paragraph. The oak tree of Akemans might therefore just be the Watt / Vatt/Watters tree.


I woke up earlier this month and found "My Pictures" open. It wasn't me who opened it. I then went to "Properties" to see when it was opened, but the "last used" feature is no longer showing. It tells us when any program was last used. That way, if someone opens it who's not supposed to be on the computer, we will at least have the date. On a Microsoft page made for asking questions, someone writes:

A VERY useful function that used to be on the add or remove programs page (now Apps & features) was the "last used date" information. In this age of self loading software, it was nice to see something you didn't recognize, notice that you hadn't used it for years, and get rid of it. It was very useful for determining the utility of programs eating up space and cycles on your computer.

It's gone.

How do we get it back?

Microsoft is ruining many things, and I think it's by design. In this case, I suggest it's to allow deep-state / globalist / fascist spies to open things in our computers without us knowing. The response to this question by microsoft looks like a rabbit trail to nowhere, for it didn't help me at all. I've had this same sort of bogus "fix" several times, where something's not operable / existing any longer, and the Microsoft's by-pass method of getting it to work is bogus, an attempt to make the company appear sympathetic when in fact it's traitorous on behalf of the control freaks. That's my take.

Here's some "big" small fruit from 2000 Mules:

This Jane Ruby video is disgusting, but perhaps it needs to be seen. She says that a second embalmer has taken pictures of the same sort of strands shown by the first embalmer. The mystery is why there have only been two embalmers willing to expose the strands, and months apart from one another. It seems unreal. This second embalmer reportedly claims that about half his deceased people have these strands in their bloodstreams, but how can this be true? Wouldn't the entire world of embalmers have screamed, over a year ago, if this were true? It's not ringing true to me:

Depressing state of American affairs from a Christian standpoint:

About 45 minutes into the video above, we learn that a large insurance company reported about three times as many death benefits during the vaccination period of 2021 as compared to 2020. It's clear: vaccinations murdered many people, most of whom were the godless and anti-Christian, for these types played the COVID / vaccine fools, and are still playing such fools. The anti-Christian powers killed their own kind off because they are at war with Western people as a whole. Make no mistake about it, we are in a war, with the snake, up to this point, acting the dancing clown, trying to act like it's in love with people, trying to two-step it's way carefully to fascist power while enchanting the public. The snake finally feels that it has infiltrated sufficient institutions to go for all-out take-over. But God has a plan, to allow them to do as they please confident of success and unobstructed, when He removes all restraints, so that it becomes evident that, rather than loving the people, they commit openly to diabolical deeds.

Christian persecution may be keyed already with a false-flag event from the supreme court. It seems very strange to me that this court has suddenly decided to strike down Roe v Wade. It looks like a staged plot to me to give "justification" for anti-Christian backlash.

The greatest guilt for the nation's woes to this point is to the supreme court justices who sided with the liberals in denying election fraud to come before them. They cowered and did not remove Biden, by force, for fear of backlash. They had the power in their hands to remove Biden. The justices were perhaps thinking that the nation would riot if they took up election fraud, but were they so stupid as to think all would go well if the Demowacho party were allowed to rule unobstructed by courts? YES, they apparently were. Has Kavanaugh been directed to vote against Roe v Wade in order that Demowachs can begin escalation of societal breakdown to the point of fabrication of a civil war. I fully expect them to foment a civil war in order to step in with martial law. Perhaps much of the fearsome news this year is nothing but fearsome news, not reality, to foment a justification for a hot war.

Here's Moseder on Catholic churches actively involved in supporting election fraud on behalf of the anti-Christ party:

Here's one hour plus of Polly. She has a very bright mind, and talent for explaining between the lines as she fishes for the truth concerning corrupt actors:

I like this Christian's message:

The battle rages, on obedience to God, within our souls. The worse the condition in society around us, the more defiled we tend to become, the harder it is to keep Faith. "Defile" is an amazing word, like when someone files off the good parts a little at a time until ill health is the result. To become defiled is to lose purity. "Purity" is an amazing word, meaning "healthy," or being the way we were made to be. Defilement is to become sick. The world around you has become spiritually sick with raw defilement pushed by the sickos who do not see their sick conditions.

God made woman to be a symbol of purity; God made man to be a symbol of humility. God has done such amazing things in our sight, yet He is not boastful nor arrogant. He knows enough to know to be humble about His powers. He has what he has, he is what he is, what is there to brag about? When He told Israel through the prophets that he's amazing, Almighty, he was just trying to get it through their thick skulls because they preferred wood and metal "gods," just like the defiled pagans all around her. Rather than purity, she chose harlotry. We work best when we work as we were Designed to work, but if we keep the crude as our friends, they will file us down to a spiritual death.

Abortion has defiled the United States, making it sicker than Sodom:

If, after you've spent time with the crude, you realize the errors of their ways, then the Word of God seems pleasant, attractive, delightful, helpful, meaningful, rehabilitating, priceless. That's what happened to me. So I soaked in the teachings of the Bible, and they are with me, in my heart, for the rest of this earthly life. I've understood good versus evil, and can use the teachings to make better decisions in any life situation. Jesus told the apostles, My word has made you clean. But the evolutionist pigs gave the world people who magnify abortion as a "right," as if they have no understanding of the butchering of human life in the living state. It's the mother herself who calls for the butcher's knife. How can such mindless, insensitive, and deplorable women be anything but a disaster to the human family? A Godless people are on a crash course.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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