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April 4 - 10, 2023

My Dentist Laughing at Me is Pointing to Kari Lake's Court Challenges
He's Made the Seleucid-Roman Connection of Daniel Prophecy
Czech Michels (moved to next update)
The Week's News: Last Section

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Big Sorry. The index page (link above) where readers may access these updates has, for three months straight, had the wrong codes, since the first update of January. Anyone clicking the links since then has been loading the updates for 2022 instead of 2023. For example, where an update should have had the HTML code of, update23Mar4.htm, it instead had, update22Mar4.htm. There's just one digit difference, but the latter code will load the 4th update of March, 2022. In neglecting to change the 22 to a 23 in the first update of January, I absent-mindedly copied and pasted codes, week-after-week, with the 22 built-in. I am so sorry, a disaster on my part. It's all fixed now. If at any time an update won't load, check to see if you can spot anything wrong in the address line of your browser by comparing it to the address of a previous update.

And when it rains, it pours. I was so happy to fix things, I somehow managed to forget to add the link to this update on the Index page until April 16th! I hang my head in shame.

In the last update, I found heraldry jibing with a video that Polly put out. Her video convinced me that the popular Jordan Peterson is insidiously / deceptively attempting to get political conservatives on-board a globalist program at ARC. She showed that he's lying when he takes credit for co-founding ARC. What could he be up to, and who's he working for?

Using heraldic linkage as I do, when I become convinced that God has set it up for me to decipher a certain thing, my touch-bra event at the home of my friend, Jerry Peterson, pointed to Jordan Peterson in the last update, whereas the event has previously pointed to Peter Peterson, former chief of the globalist troll, Council on Foreign Relations.

In fact, when originally seeking why the touch-bra event happened at the Peterson residence, I entertained Jordan Peterson, but declined because I couldn't see why God would use "Jerry" instead of "Jordan." There is no Jerry surname coming up at, but as I reached out to TOUCH a bra hanging on a laundry line, at age nine, I thought it was AMAZING that the Touch/Tuff Coat is also the JARRY/Hare/Garry Coat.

(To follow better, load Jarrys now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

To help assure that the Touch/Tuff lion is closely related to the same of Jarrys/Garrys, the latter have the Fears in their motto, and the Were's/Wears share the crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs', first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs. It's heraldic linkage like that which begins to convince me that God has arranged the heraldry for me to jump in a decipher it, or at least to find all the links I can to prove that He's arranged them.

This week, Polly, whose investigations I often find intriguing, came out with a young lady whom she suspects as a globalist-recruiting fraud posing as a conservative of sorts. This sort of thing is what I'm concerned with: globalists seeking ways to lure even Christians into the 666-set, or the atheistic techno-utopia that's being promised to the world as an alternative to the Kingdom of Jesus. After about 38 minutes, she tells that she happened to bump into the sister of Jordan Peterson by chance by investigating the young lady.

That is, rather than investigating the young lady AFTER finding that she took a job with the husband of Jordan Peterson's sister, Polly seems to be saying that she first started to investigate the lady, and only after finding her with Mr. Keller did she discover that he was Jordan Peterson's brother-in-law.

As was said in my last update, I was standing over a rabbit cage when I reached out to touch the bra. The rabbit was heraldic-important, and so I was more than a little shocked to find that Mr. Keller married BONNIE Peterson! As I delved deeper into the pertinent heraldry, it clicked well enough for me to begin this investigation.

Why did I use an exclamation mark above? For Bonnie-like Bunnys, can we believe it? Last week, I linked the bra event to Jordan, not knowing he even had a sister, and this week she turns out to be almost "Bunny." The Bunny surname is in Rabbit colors and format, and Bunnys were first found in Basford while Basfords happen to use the Aquila eagle. Why is this relevant?

I had suspected, and then pretty-much confirmed, that Keele's and Cheile's were from the namers of L'Aquila. For example, the Arms of L'Aquila uses a black eagle, and KELLers have black eagle heads. Bra-like Brays/Brae's, who named Bray in Abruzzo-line Evreux, have black eagle legs to go with the Cheile leg. L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital. SOOO, Bonnie married Mr. Keller, and Bunnys took us straight away to the Aquila eagle by being first found in Basford.

The bend-with-fleur of Bonnie's is even shared by Staple's who in turn share the motto of English Peters. Isn't that a big deal right out of the gate? Yes, especially if there's a way to link Peters to Petersons. What are the chances that Stable's/Staplers (not "Staple") have all the Coat of Jordan-like Jardins? Can this count as an act of God, or did He make a spelling mistake? Why pit the Stable's/Staplers with Jardins and not the Jordans?

Note that the Stable/Stapler stars are those of Annas', for the latter's Ainsley branch was first found in Basford!!! What are the chances by a mere fluke? I don't know a third surname first found in Basford. I can see what God ought to be doing here because the Stable/Stapler and Jardin Coats are borrowing the ANNAN(dale) Coat, and the chief priest of Israel, ANANus, who was also, Annas, condemned Jesus to death in his midnight kangaroo court.

We can even use the gold acorns of Stable'/Staplers because Dutch Tromps use gold acorns, and then Val Trompia is beside Brescia/Brixia, the line to Bruce's of Annandale. The ANANES Gauls were nearby at Piacenza/Placentia. PLUS, Val Trompia is beside lake Garda, and Jardins were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens.

Although I can't recall the details. I'm sure that Roet ancestry was at Estaples (Picardy), and Roets were a branch of Rothes' who named Rothes (Scotland), where Peter Pollock built a castle. German Rothes' share the raven with one Peter surname, and it happens to be the Peters sharing the Staple motto, wherefore these Peters were a line from Peter Pollock.

Their shared "rien" motto term can for the Rhine river, or Rhineland, where Rothschilds originated, and it can also be for Rains/Raines' because they have lions in the colors of the Rothes and Peterson lion heads. The "leges" motto term of Rains/Raines takes us to the Leggs/Legges' because they almost have the German Tromp/Trump Coat...begging whether Jordan Peterson is in with a Trump-hashing globalist plot to confuse and deceive conservatives.

These Petersons have black eagles to go with the Kellers. The Reines' (not "Raines") use a "comet" in the style of the Pero/Perino hexagrams, and Swedish Petersons share these hexagrams. The gold lion of Swedish Petersons matches a gold lion head of Peters.

As I've said two million too-many times, my mother, born in Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila, is a Masci on her mother's side. Therefore, one can glean the possibility that when I touched the bra, God was suggesting that Masci's were in Bra, a location in Cuneo of Piedmont, for Masci's, sharing the bend-with-fleur of Bonnie's (bamm!), were first found in Piedmont. "Cuneo" is suspect with the rabbit-using Conys and Conns.

Plus, while PERo's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont too, one Jordan surname shares the Swedish Peterson lion, and Jordans have a "PERcussa" motto term while Swedish Petersons share the Pero/Perino hexagram. BAMM, another hit, but there's more because from "perCUSSa" because I can link Cuss' to Cuish's and Cussons, and the latter two happen to share the eagle of BUNNs/Bone's, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's! That looks like a massive torpedo on Bonny Peterson, especially as Bunns/Bone's share the lion of Swedish Petersons.

Scottish Kellers/Keelers, first found in Angus with Jardins, use heraldic "plates," as do Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's, Cheile's, and Ranulph le Meschin's wife. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Garden-branch Jarrets, and the latter's giant lion is in the colors of the lion heads of Scottish Petersons.

Keele's could have the Mott crescent in colors reversed because "Immota" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila. The same Arms has a "manet" motto term while Manets, who happen to share the Peterson eagle in giant form, were first found in Savoy with an Arc river! Jordan Peterson is pushing an ARC organization. To understand the Manet link to the Arc river, Manets were important in elite L'Aquila, and the Mott liners suspect there can take us to a Modane location on the Arc because Modens/Modeys, first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's, are like the Mottin variation of Motts.

The ESToile of Motts/Mottins is excellent because they were first found in Essex with English Este's while Italian Este's share the Aquila eagle. Aquila's are in the colors and format of Hagars who in turn have a "ModESTE" motto term that should be read as MODESte too, because Modes' are listed with Modens/Modeys.

Motts/Mottins were even kin of TEASEls. The young lady Polly was emphasizing is Riva TEZ, and the Tease surnames trace to the Tessin river at Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's/PETRi's were first found. If they were related to Peters, it underscores the importance of Pero's/Perino's sharing the Peterson hexagrams.

Tysons/Tessons have the Touch/Tuff / Jarry/Hare/Garry lion in colors reversed. That looks like a bigger deal when known that the Tessin is the TICino too while Ticks are Touch-like Tooks/Toke's too. I know exactly why God would want to point the bra event to Pavia, seeing that we already crossed the chief priest of Israel, i.e. for the Laevi Gauls who co-founded Pavia with the Marici. suspect from the Marsi of Abruzzo. I have become sure that Annas was a Levite by blood via the Laevi Gauls migrating to Galatia for starters.

Per-chance, the white roses of Riva-like Reve's might be the ones of Italian Mota's. The latter were a branch of Motels (Calabria with Mota's) who in turn have an armored ARM in their horse's MOUTH, and MOTTs/Mottins are said to have named Mott in Cotes-du-Nord, now Cotes-d'ARMOR. Armors use armored arms. French Henrys were at Motte-Henry near Raines-line Rennes, and while this is not far from Mott in Cotes-du-Nord, French Henrys have the Pavia martlets in colors reversed. Enrico's share the Moden/Modey fretty.

Armys/Armine's (Lincolnshire with Keele's and Cheile's) share the Chief-saltire combination of Annandale's, Jardins and Stable's/Staplers. Riva's are also Riba's, and Rabe's/Rave's and Ravens share the raven for connection to Peter Pollock. Rabe's can be in the "SpeRABo" motto term of Annandale's, and while "SPERabo" can be code also for Speers/SPEYers, Rothes of Peter Pollock is on the SPEY river.

Armors were once said to be first found in Berwickshire with Hume's/Home's, the latter sharing the Tyson/Tesson lion. The Hume/Home motto, TRUE to the END," looks like code for the True's/Tree's, once said to be first found in Warwickshire with Peers/Peirs who in turn have a colors-reversed version of the ENDys/Hendy Coat. Berwickshire is where Arthurs/ARCHibure's were first found, but it's of no relevance until Archibure's and/or Bure's can connect to somebody high-level at ARC.

German Tease's/Tes'/Techs, with the Jardin saltire in colors reversed, were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton, where the Tessin/Ticino river has its sources. Pavia was co-founded by Laevi Gauls, explaining the leaves of Tease's/Tes'/Techs. Arks/ARCH's/Archie's were first found in Berkshire with Modens/Modeys, and with the Windsors in turn sharing the Tease/Tess/Tech saltire. The Windsor saltire is shared also by French Julians who in turn share the Motel Chief. There's an absolute chance that the royal Windsors are in-the-know about ARC's programs.

Ahh-ha-ha-haa, happy happy: Mota-branch Motels share the gold-on-blue armored arm of English Chambre's!!! ZINGER! Chambre is a location on the Arc river! Who could ask for more proof that Motts/Mottins were Modane liners? The Brae-like Brace's/Bras' use armored arms while Brae's/Brays use black eagle legs for possible connection to L'Aquila elements along with Mota's.

Ahh-haha-haa, happy happy again: Scottish Chambers/CHALMERs, first found in Denbighshire with English Chambre's, connects us to Camerons with a "cheile" motto term!!! Cheile's came to topic only as per Mr. Keller, who made Bonnie Peterson into Bonnie Keller. Cheile-branch Keele's have the Mott/Mottin crescent in colors reversed.

Online: "There is no registered clan tartan for Chalmers, however, as they are considered a sept of Clan Cameron of Erracht,..." Camerons may thus have been Arc-river liners. Former prime minister David Cameron (UK) comes to mind. What's he doing these days?

Plus, Scottish Chambers/Chalmers have a Coat looking linkable to both MUSCATs/Musks and their Ely kin, and this could get us to my knock-on-window event with Diane MUSCHATov, for while I knocked on her bedroom window (topic of last update), a bedroom in Italian is a "camera," and in French is a "chambre." Camera's are listed with Camerons. The CAM river named Cambridge, and Cambridgeshire is where Muscats/Musks of Ely were first found. It appears that Arc-river liners could have been on the Cam river.

Oh wow, from the Cameron write-up: "The surname Cameron was first found in Angus...among the hills which surrounded LOCHY, ARKaig, and ELY." AMAZING! I didn't know that when writing the above. Arc-river liners at Chambre must have named Arkaig. Lochys (look like Biggar kin) share the pelican in Crest with Arthurs/ARCHibure's! Biggars were first found in Lanarkshire with LOCKharts. Lochys were at neighboring GLASgow while Glass' (share Biggar stars) were first found in BUTEshire with Kims who are in turn a branch of McKinneys, the latter first found in Peebles-shire with Lochys and BURE's/Bowers!!! The latter share five, bunched arrows with the Camerons, and with the Arms of Rothschild!

McKinneys share a "Je" motto term with ArchiBALD-connectable Baldwins from the Bautica/Baltea river (Piedmont) of the Arduinici whom I am absolutely certain are to the Arthurs/ARCHiBURE's (near the first-known Archibalds). The Kim and McKinney cinquefoils are shared by Cariss' suspect in the motto of Campbells, and the latter have this: "Researchers suggest a joint progenitor of both the Campbells and the MacArthurs. The MacArthurs were the ancient senior sept of the Campbells."

Verne Archibald, an old landlord of mine, lived on Church street, and Licks/Lucks/Luke's share the black Church greyhound heads while Locks are Licks too. Licks/Locks have swans on water to go with the water bougets of Lochys (Peebles-shire with Licks/Locks) who in turn share the pelican in Crest with Licks/Lucks/Luke's and Arthurs/Archibure's (Berwickshire with Licks/Lucks/Luke's). Biggars (beside Peebles-shire) are in the motto of the Arms of Shetland, and the Assi's expected in the Lick/Lock motto were first found in Shetland. Biggars were first found in Lanarkshire with the Swans/SINE's in the "sine" motto term of Scottish Petersons who in turn use a swan. German Lochs have a swan head...though I don't know whether Locks have ARC significance.

As Ely's have the Lys/Lisse fleur in colors reversed, Ely's may have been named from Lys', especially from the Lys river in Savoy. The Lys river in northern France is in Artois, and Arthurs got an Archibure variation in some way i.e. possibly from Lys-river elements on the Arc. I trace Artois elements to Arduinici on the Bautica river, and the Lys river of Savoy is a Bautica tributary. Elys' are listed with Elis' sharing the Mott/Mottin crescent, and Lys' are also Lise's.

Both Chamberlain surnames use the donkey, and Duncan-branch Donkeys have a ship while Ships/Shiptons use "bellows" while Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs and the elite Meschins) share the Donkey cinquefoils. Mies'/Mieske's/Mesechs use the armored arm too. Duncans, from king Duncan, father of king Malcolm III, married the very Meschin family that had married Shipton-like Skiptons. Modens/Modeys use fretty, and Skipton-related Lacys/Lace's use a "FRET-knot".

Malcolms are also Columns while Pelosi's, using columns, were first found beside Bra. Pelosi's were first found in SAVIGliano, and Savage's (Cheshire) happen to have the EAGLE Coat in colors reversed. Eagle's were first found in Lincolnshire with L'Aquila-suspect Keele's and Cheile's, do you see? Eagle's/Hegels and German Hagels (black eagle) look like L'Aquila liners.

An Ely-like eel is used by Ships/Shiptons, first found in Oxfordshire with DuLYS', and with Lochy- and Lace-like Lake's/Lache's who have a reflection of the Lochy Coat. Scottish Bauds share the SHIP of Balds (Peebles-shire with Lochys!), and thus ArchiBALDs can make a Lys-river connection to the Arc...keeping in mind that the Lys'/Lise fleur is that also of Piedmont-connectable English Masseys while French Masseys were first found in Savoy with the Arc.

I'm going to make general links to the Arc river because Polly might come out with more on ARC material for me to follow up. It would be good if I already have the links ready.

The Arc river is immediately over the Cottian alps from Susa, and Susans were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's. The BAUTica river, called also the BALTea, traces to French Bauds/Bauts because they were first found in AuVERGNE with Bouillons while Godfrey-de-Bouillon was a son of count Eustace II of Artois, and a brother of king BALDwin of Jerusalem. I'll bet that if we turn over the Artois rock, we shall find the line from Israel's chief priests.

Bouillons use a "bello" motto term, and Italian Belli's were first found in Verne-like Verona while Scottish Bellys were first found in Moray while Morays share the Verne stars. I met Verne Archibald when he contracted Rick LEGGE and I to build his back deck, and Legge's were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Lise's.

Italian Riva's share the crescent of Archibalds/ARCHIE's, though I wish I could make a stronger link between the two. Arks/Arch's are Archie's too. Reve's use roses, code for the Roxolani Rus who named Roxburghshire, where Archibalds/Archie's (Roxburgh colors) were first found. The Arc river is in Savoy with the first-known Aude's, and the "Audax" motto term of Roxburghs (horse head in Motel-horse colors) assures that they were related to Roquefeuil in Aude province. The Motel horse has wings, and Wings/Winks were kin of Greats (Northumberland with Horse's and Tessons) who share the Roxburgh saltire. It's also the saltire of German Nagle's who named Oneglia, where Arduinici of the Bautica river married Doria's.

Half the Doria eagle is that of Savoy's Manets, and as the latter are in the "ImMOTA Manet" motto in the Arms of L'Aquila, it stands to expectations that Manets were at least related to the Mott-related namers of Modane on the Arc river. The MANET eagle is that also of Scottish Petersons, first found in Aberdeenshire with Ments/Mans while English Ments are MANTs too. To find solid proof of an elite Peterson family on the Arc would be the best.

Wings/Winks and Greats were from the husband of Justine of Picenum, and that takes us to Picenze above, seven miles from L'Aquila with the "ImMOTA" motto term.

English Tease's/Thys' had a location at Port ENYS, and sharing the stars of Ainsley-branch Annas'/ENNIS', Tease's/Thys' were first found in Nottinghamshire with the first-known Bunnys and Ainsleys, the latter two both first found in Basford. Basfords and Essex's have the eagles of Tessels/Teasels in colors reversed. Her name is RIVA Tez, and Spanish Riva's/Riba's share the moline cross of Fiers/Fears, first found in Middlesex with Essex's. The Spanish Riva's/Riba's and Fiers/Fears almost have the Petro flory cross.

Tessels/Teasels were first found in Essex with the Christmas' in turn having a red-Shield version of the Cony Coat, both using white rabbits. Isn't it therefore amazing that Christmas' share the Laundry/Landry martlets? [Later this week, French Landrys stopped coming up as "Laundry"). How did the makers of heraldry know I'd be standing on a laundry deck over a cage holding a white rabbit(s)? As Christmas' share the Pierro/Pero fesse, they look linkable to Christs and Decks/Daggers while the latter share the red squirrel with Squirrels/Square's, and the latter's "Tiens" motto term must be for Tiens'. Bunns/Bonns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and with the latter's Tiens and Tennis kin.

Jerry's Father

Jerry's father was a Polish Jew, FRED, and so the Fritzman variation of Dutch Fredricks (not "Frederick") can apply here, not only because the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Fredricks are shared by Bonnie-connectable Staple's, but because German Fritz's have the Coat of Italian Pavia's (Piedmont) in colors reversed, both sharing the scallops of Stable-connectable Tailbois', first found in Lincolnshire again, this time with English Fredericks and Custs/CUSS' looking like a match for the "PerCUSSa" motto term of two Jordan surnames.

"PerCUSSa" can be for the Cuss variation of Kiss', first found in Leicestershire with the Parkings/Perkins sharing the Fredrick fleur and perhaps the Fredrick lion. The latter's is upright with a gold crown, and the Jewish Levi lion, passant like the Parking/Perkin lion, has a gold crown too, as does the same-colored lion head of Capone's/Capua's, the latter first found in Campania with Aquila's. English Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Kiss-branch Cass'/Casts.

The "SimpLEX" motto term of Parkings/Perkins goes well with the Legro river in Leicester, as well as the leg of Lakey-connectable Leaks/Leakeys (Lincolnshire), and with the "Simplicitas" motto term of English Fredericks. The Legro is also the Soar, and I entertain the Soars/SORS' (Dorset with George's) as a pointer to George Soros, very suspect in funding, or at least seeking to infiltrate / manipulate, ARC. Soros is in Polly' video, I'll tell you about it as I get there.

The Cheile LEG can be code, as other heraldic legs often are, for a family at the Legro river. Leicestershire is where English Bass' were first found while Bunnys were in Basford, and Bonnie's too are said to have been partly first found in Leicestershire. Bra-like Brays/Brae's are in Rabbit / Bunny colors and format, and even have black eagle LEGs to go with the black eagle heads of Kellers, a very good reason to point the touch-bra event to Bonnie Keller and Jordan Peterson.

Leicesters (Cheshire with Masci liners), with a swan to go with the Peterson / Peter swan, happen to share the Bonnie / Masci / Staple fleur too, can we believe it? I'm seeing George Soros wrapped up in this. Soars/Sors' even share the quadrants of Leightons/Leytons while the neighboring Leghs/Leys (Cheshire) look like Legro liners.

The Arc river in Savoy has a MODANe location while Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Archs' and SHEAVES'/Shaws (Bunny / Rabbit colors and format), recalling the Eagle-related Savage's who have a Shaw-like Sava variation. Dutch FREDricks above share the Savage/Sava lion, which can bring Fred Peterson to Savigliano i.e. right next to Bra. The Sheaves'/Shaws have a "PATItur" motto term while Pattys/Pati's have four lions (same as the Eagle/Hegel lions) at all four corners, and they are in the colors of the Peterson lion heads in all four corners! BINGO!

Might the Petits in the Malcolm/Column motto likewise be a Peterson branch? If so, and with Malcolms tracing to Savigliano, it gets Petersons smack beside Bra.

The Chamberlain-beloved and Malcolm-connectable Donkeys and Duncans have a "pati" motto term. Doesn't this bring the Peterson-branch Patty/Pati's to Chambre on the Arc with Chamberlains? Looks like. Can this donkey be a pointer to the donkey symbol of Democrats in general, those over which Nancy Pelosi has "ruled" whom she has demanded covert corruption from? The cross of Nancys (Lorraine) is the Peterson cross in colors reversed.

Modens/Modeys use FRETTY, and so perhaps FRED Peterson points to Bra elements at Modane via this method. It would be super to get just one solid Bra element to the Arc river. Braswells have the Coat of Dexters/DECKsters (LEICESTERshire) in colors reversed, and I was on a laundry deck at the touch-bra event.

Just remembered: the Chiava-like Cave's share fretty on blue with Modens/Modeys. German Fritz's have the Coat of Italian Pavia's, the latter first found in Piedmont with Chivasso of the Chiava bloodline. Chiava's are listed with Italian Sheaves', and while they use keys, "qui" is a motto term of the Berkshire Sheaves'/Shaws while Keys were first found in Yorkshire with PAVers, with DENTs, and with the Feets/Fate's sharing the Coat of English Pavia's. Feets/Fate's, Tie's/DYE's, and Pavia's share the fesse of French Jordans/DANETs while English Danets/Donuts share the Coat of Dent-connectable Denets ("PER DEI proviDENTiam"). Tie's/Dye's share the fesse of Irish Jordans ("PERcussa"). There's a lot to chew over here.

It may be relevant to this paragraph that Tie's are also Ties' because Tiss'/Teese's can be in the "alTISSimus" motto term of French Chambre's, first found in Savoy with a Chambre on the Arc! This can get Pavia elements to the Arc, and we saw Pero's/Perino's sharing the hexagrams of Swedish Petersons. It reminds me of one of the few Swedish surnames I know, the Gusts (haven't mentioned them in years), who show nothing but a chevron, ditto with Tiss'/Teese's, BOTH IN THE SAME COLORS! [Later, Swedish Lagers were first found sharing the wavy Dol / Gaunt/Ghent fesse.]

Tiss/Teese's were first found in Hampshire with Ghents while Arks/Arch's are in the colors and format of SICKLE's, the latter first found in Ghent. Masci-branch Massena's named Messina in SICILy, and as Massena's/Messina's use a PATEE cross, I trace that type cross to PATTI in Messina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't we just link Patty's/Pati's to the Peterson Coat? YES.

Masseys are also Maceys while Maceys/Mackays have GAUNTlets while Mackays share the "dagger" with Scottish Shaws. I witnessed the Swans/Sions using gauntlets until houseofnames changed then to falconer's gloves. The same Petersons use the swan!

It's the Chambre's/Chambers who have the Tiss' in their motto, and Masseys/Maceys have the fleur-de-lys of Scottish Chambers in colors reversed. The "te" motto term of Savage's/Sava's can be for the Tee's/Tease's who in turn have a not-bad reflection of the Pierro/Pero/Petri Coat.

The Tee/Tease chevron is shared by the Shropshire Alans, and Fulbert, father of Peter Pollock, was a vassal of these very Alans. Shropshire is where Slow-like Sallows were first found, from Cuneo's Saluzzo whom the Shropshire Alans married, and the Slows are in the colors and format of Scottish Petersons! The Slows put the Mott/Mottin crescents at the four corners!!! It was the FitzAlans of Arundel who married Alice of Saluzzo, explaining the SWALLOWS of Arundels. Rundels share the Alan Coat, both using LEAVES! The Pavia Laevi here.

Massena's, RasMUSSEns and Masci's all use a sinister-rising bend, rare in heraldry, and I can show from mythical Mucius that the Mucianus bloodline owns it because he lost his dexter hand and had to do with the sinister hand alone. The Massena bend-with-hexagrams is not only in the colors of the Masci and BONNIE bend-with-fleur (!), but the Massena hexagrams are those also of Swedish Petersons!!!!! A Masci liner reached out to touch the bra!

Messina in Sicily was named after Messenia (Greece), location of Modane-like Modon, more commonly known as Methoni. Can we believe it? While mythical Oeneus was made the father of mythical Methoni, MAEAZAEi Illyrians were on the Oeneus tributary of the SAVA. Mythical Oeneus was king of Calydon at the ACHELous river, and I trace Sava-related Eagle's/HEGELs there, can you believe it?

Sickle's were initially looked up (moments ago) because Fred-like Frauds/Friths show either a sickle or a scythe. Fritters/Fritts share the Pavia Coat and add a gold border while Borders were first found in Somerset, where English Pavia's were once said to be first found. It doesn't necessarily make a close Sickle link to Arks/Arch's, but it's flirting with one.

Masseys/Maceys named FERTE-Mace, which makes it appear that God arranged for FRED Peterson's laundry line in order to get us to the Arc river, for Modens/Modeys use FRETTy. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with MontFERRAT. The Guiffre's/FREDA's share a giant unicorn on blue with Italian Demonte's, and Demonte named the Stura-Demonte river through Cuneo.

French Demonte's (Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's and French Pilate's/Pilotte's) have the Jewish Levi Coat but with the Maschi lion. English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with English Pilotte's while Pelosi's are also Pilati's. The Pellets sharing the Coat of English Pilotte's were first found in Sussex with the Bone's/Bohuns having a version of the Bunn/Bone Coat. Bonnie's/Bony look like Masci kin.

Virginia Guiffre has openly accused Alan Dershowitz and prince ANDREW of forcing her to do sex acts when she was with Jeffrey Epstein. Hesse is where Epsteins were first found, and I read that the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel named Caithness, where Andrews were first found.

The bra on the laundry line belonged to a young tenant that I thought was attractive, which is why I wanted to touch her bar (in fun, I had no idea yet what sex was, still living in days of innocence at the time). She may have been a teen. Dershowitz has been VERY VOCAL in seeking to protect Trump since his arrest, and perhaps he's worried that something about Trump's relationship with Epstein will spill out in court to condemn him (Dershowitz).

Epstein's island is in the VIRGIN islands, wherefore note VIRGINia Guiffre. While the Arms of Ghent has a virgin with the same lion as have Petersons / Pattys/Pati's / Eagle's Virgins share the lion of Petit, both first found in Kent with Gaunts and Pitt-branch Petts, and Petits are in the Malcolm/Column motto. The latter's Column variation brought us to beside Bra via Eagle-related Savage's, and Malcolms/Columns were first found in Argyllshire with Campbells while one Chamberlain surname shows a CHAMBELLan variation. Scottish Chambers could thus have the lion of Petits in the Malcolm/Column motto. The lion is colors reversed from the one of column-using Malta's i.e. beside Sicily. Ahh, king David, son of Malcolm III, could thus be in the "funDAVIT" motto term of French Chambers!

Chamberlains use the donkey, and Donkeys almost have the Duncan Coat while king Duncan was father to king Malcolm. So, king Malcolm's bloodline is shaping up into the shape of an arc while tracing to a donkey's ride from Bra. Malcolm's son, David, traces well to the Cheshire Davids.

Scottish Chambers are also Champers, and English Champers/Chalmers share the Pape/POPE/POPP checks. German Pape's/PAPENburgs almost share the Coat of one of the English Campions. BABENBERGs/BabenBERGERs, descended from POPPO I, share the Epstein Coat, which is nearly one of the two Dutch Berger Coats. The latter share the triple-red chevrons of German Cassels, and while Cassel is at Hesse, Hesse-NASSAU is where Epsteins were first found. As Dutch Nassau's/NASO's have a Shield filled with billets in the colors of the fleur-de-lys filling the Shield of French Chambers, the "nos" motto term of the latter can possibly apply to Naso liners.

The other English Campions were first found in Bedfordshire with Bonnie's/Bonys, but I can see no heraldic links between the two. However, Beetle's, once said to be first found in BEDfordshire with the Bedwells sharing their Coat, are now said to be first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's. Bedwells are still said to be first found in Bedfordshire.

The trick now is to find a Bonnie-of-Bedford line in elite Berkshire circles such as the line of prince Andrew and king Charles. Andrews share a "FORTuna" motto term with Bedfords, and, believe it or not, I've seen the Beetle / Bedwell description, with a "FORT" in Crest.

"ForTUNA" can be code also for Tune's/Towns, first found in Suffolk with Charles' and Rabbits. The latter are in Bunny (and Sheaves/Shaw) colors and format, and Bunnys are not only in Bedford colors, but both surnames share a black Crest. French Charles' share the Pavia martlets, and while Feets/Fate's of Yorkshire share the English Pavia Coat, Beads/Beedle's, sharing the Jardin scallops, were first found in Yorkshire. Beads/Beadle's are now important because they are in Ark/Arch colors while Beetle's were first found in Berkshire. "Beat" is a motto term of English Fredericks.

The Bedfordshire Campions have "Pro" and "patria" motto terms. English Chamberlains ("PROdesse" motto term) look like kin of Tass'/Tache's, and PEERless'/PATRIA's use a "tache" motto term. Chamberlains are said to have been kin of Tankerville's (Tack branch) who in turn have a Tanerdevilla location looking linkable to the Tanaro river of Piedmont flowing through Cuneo and to Bra's environs. A Chamberlain variation makes them look like a Chambell/Campbell branch, and the latter, in Levi colors, have "livi" buried in their motto.

I trace Tankerville's to mythical ORION at Tanagra (Greece), which can explain (thanks to Chamberlains) why ORNE's/Horns are in Ark/Arch and Dutch Sickel colors and format. Jewish Sickels, who don't come up as "Sickle," share the lozenges of Packers/Pickers/Peckers, first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's. Ferte-Mace is at the Orne river that flows down to Moden-linkable Caen (perfect), land of Taillebois' and Meschins. Tailbois' were first found in Lincolnshire with Tankerville's. Thus, we can expect Tanagra elements lumped in with the namers of the Tessin/Ticino river. This is a lot like Tack-Tick-Tow, for Tows are listed with Touch's while Ticks are also Tooks/Toke's.

Bedford is near Buckingham palace and Windsor castle in Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire is where Peterson-connectable Slows were first found. Slows have got to be from Saluzzo, and it's known that Saluzzo's rulers were from the house of MontFERRAT. Thus, FRED PETERSON. In the Slow Crest, a gold unicorn, the color of the Demonte unicorn i.e. from Demonte in Cuneo, a unicorn's ride from MontFerrato.

Ferrats are listed with Fers while Fears are in the Jarry/Garry/HARE motto. The Riva-like Rivers, first found in Buckinghamshire with Slows, share the double fesses of Scottish HARE's. Can that work as a pointer to Riva Tez in conjunction with the touch-bra event pointing to Jarrys? Riva's/Reba's, first found in LEON, share the Fear moline, and while Leons share the giant French Peterson lion, Leon-like Lyons share the giant Jarry / Touch lion!

There's a Vire river near Caen to likely go with the "VIREscit" motto term of Bernetts, for the latter use the hunting HORN. I had looked up Bernetts as per the middle name (Bernt) of Jordan Peterson. The "SimpLICITas" motto term of English Fredericks (Lincolnshire with Tankerville's) looks linkable to the "PERimus LICITiS" motto of Caens (share PEARE leopard faces). "SimpliciTAS" can therefore have the PEERless-beloved Tass'/Tache's, and "liciTIS" can therefore have the Tiss'/Teese's (beside Caens). As Cetis was also "Citis," note "liCITIS," for this is one way of several for tracing LAEVIllus of Cetis to the Laevi Gauls. LICE's/Lees' have leopard faces colors reversed from the same of Perino-like Perrins ("ImPAVIdun") who in turn have "fur cones."

"Simplicitate" is a motto term of Berkshire-like Brich's/Berch's who in turn share the Coat of English Lannoys, and the latter were first found in Bedfordshire with the Bonnie's! All three share the same fleur-de-lys. The Lannoy Crest is likely for Knights and Plume's, both first found in Suffolk with Rabbits. Rabe's share the raven with Peters and Rothes'.

The Sichs/Sykes' share "qui" with Berkshire's Sheaves'/Shaws in turn in Bunny and Rabbit colors and format. By now you know that Shaws can trace to Savigliano i.e. to Cuneo = Cony-rabbit elements. Sichs/Sykes' almost have the Cuss / Kiss / Cass Coat. Kiss'/Cuss' were first found in Leicestershire with English Chamberlains. We are still on Ark-river elements here. The Pools/Pollys (likely Polish to go with Fred Peterson), naming Poole beside Hampshire, share the Chambre/Chamber Shield, no coincidence because the Pollets in the Pool/Polly motto almost have the Coat of Aude's, first found in Savoy with Chambre's. The Sykes-like Scythe's are listed with Sheets/Skate's, and SHETland is where Assi's were first found suspect in the "assiduus" motto term of Sichs/Sykes'.

We suddenly seem to be on a pointer to AMAZing Polly, as she calls her channels, owner of the video under discussion. MAZE's even share the blue-on-white eagles of Tessels/TEASEls!!! And wow, the latter not only share the Mott/MOTTIN crescents, but were first found in Essex with Tesse's/Teasels and Brocks (share "Virescit" with Bernetts.) Motts/Mottins are said to have named a Mott location in Cotes-de-Nord, beside Tanner-connectable Vilaine. Tanaro-like Tanners share the Moor head with Morano's, the latter first found in MODENa. The Henrys mention their Motte-Henry location (Vilaine), excellent because Enrico's share the Moden/Modey fretty. That's why Motts are Mottins too, I assume.

Chamberlains were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar river (another name for the Legro), explaining why the Soros-like Soars/Sors (Dorset with George's and Pools/Pollys) share the Legro lion. This makes a possible Arc-river connection to George Soros in case he's behind ARC. From the last update: "This same Paul Marshall founded Marshall Wace (money bags) with $50M, and at the end of the video Polly shows paperwork to prove that George Soros gave $25M of that 50."

Ms. Stroud (in the last update) is the CEO of LEGatum, and she's also a spokesperson for ARC, and then Paul Marshall above was a co-founder of Legatum. Thus, as the Soar river is also the LEGro, it does appear possible that the heraldry was Arranged to point to Mr. Soros, the demon. As the Gates lion is colors reversed from the Legro lion, might LeGATum be named partially after Bill Gates? The Gates Coat is much like the Cage Coat, and the rabbit(s) I stood over at the touch-bra event was in a cage.

Read as LegaTUM, for the Tume's/Tombs, in the colors of the Berkshire Susans, can trace to the RIParia river, location of Susa, directly over the Alps from the Arc river. The Tume's/Tombs put "R.I.P. on their tombstones, wherefore "Legatum" just traced to the Berkshire Arks/Arch's. Coincidence?

The Berkshire surname, by the way, used the FRET, and the Berkshire Shield is that of Spencers (Leicestershire), the surname of Lady Diana, former wife of now-king Charles (brother of prince ANDREW). While she was murdered in a tunnel, it recalls the "forTUNA" motto term of Andrews (and Bedfords), for Tuna's are listed with Tunnels. Towns/Tune's (Suffolk with rabbits) are in rabbit colors and format, and Tonys of Leicestershire are also Tone's. "Royal intrigue" could be an understatement.

For what it's worth, the Cage saltire is also the one of Italian Riva's while Reve's were first found in Leicestershire with Ravens, and with the Legro river while River-branch Revere's, sharing the Legro lion, are said to be ancestral to VERNons. Rive's/Rivereau's, with variations like those of Italian Riva's, use a giant wyVERN dragon in the colors of the giant Revere lion. Revere's are said to be from a Crail-like location in Caen, and Dole-related Crails/Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cage's. The Wye's suspect in "WYvern" look like Holder kin in case the cabal of Eric Holder is behind Riva Tez.

Vernons use a "goddess" in Crest while Godes' have their Gaudet branch in the motto of Leggs! The Godes/Gaudet Coat (hunting horns) looks slightly related to Basfords. Bunnys of Basford use goats while Goats/Gothams (Nottinghamshire with Bunnys) share the bend of Vernon-connectable VARNs. Vernons were granted lands in Cheshire by Hugh d'AVRANches, and Leghs/Lee's were first found in Cheshire.

OHH WOW! I had forgotten all through this section that Strouds have the Coat of rabbit-using Rabbits, in Bunny colors and format!!!!! There's no mention of Bonnie's in the last update because I didn't know of Bonnie Peterson until Polly's video now under discussion. Ms. Stroud is in Polly's previous video on Jordan Peterson!

The Valence's with the five fesses of Stroud-like Struttons in colors reversed were first found in Kent with Bonnie-connectable Staple's. Struttons probably share the escutcheon of Allers, the latter first found in Westphalia with German Ducks/Dockers. English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Burns/Bernes' and Bernice's, branches of Bernetts using "VIREScit." Strouds have a "VIRESco" motto term.

Strouds were first found in Somerset with English Ducks while German Ducks/Dockers share the five fesses of Struttons/STRAITons (Wiltshire, beside Somerset). Straits/Streets (Devon with Revere's) are in Ark/Arch colors and format. AND ZIKERS, Struthers, with almost the Moden/Modey fretty (!), share the Caen fretty (!) along with the Tessel/Teasel / Maze eagles! Modane is on the Arc, and Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's! Struthers may have the Polish / Spanish Petz's/Pitters/Pazzi's in their motto. Pitts and Petits connect to the Malcolm/Column motto.

The "Resurgere" motto term of Struttons looks like the "resurgo" of two Jordan surnames, the ones with "Percussa." Struttons look like kin of Cave-like Cavetts/Chavo's. Cave's share the Caen fretty.

The tree of French Masseys/Mass' (Savoy with Modane) is in the colors of Modens/Modeys, and the latter were first found in Berkshire with Boots who use boots. I've said many times that Masseys/Mass' once showed boots! It's yet another Massey-Arc link. Meschins were kin of Sheaves'/Shaws, first found in Berkshire. The Massey/Mass CRESCENTs are in Ark/Arch colors, and are white crescents as is the Mott/Mottin crescent.

The CARISS' buried in the motto of Chamberlain-connectable Champbells can apply to this paragraph. The CRESSENT and French Cressy/CRECY surnames were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's, and the latter almost have the CRUCE Coat while CRECKs/Creeks almost have the Crux Coat while Croce's (Lincolnshire with Meschin kin) have the Massey/Macey quadrants as well as the "dum spero" motto phrase of Masons/Massins (Kent with Crux's/Crucks). Croce's also have a "Cruce" motto term, and were first found in Lincolnshire with the Blacks using "crux." Blacks have been resolved, through the Blacky-Nero connection, from the Naro/NERETva river, and Cressents share the Neret Coat.

I say that NarBONNE's/Denardo's/Nordi's and Norths (Sussex with Bunn-branch Bone's/Bohuns) apply to Neretva elements. Narbonne is in Aude province, and so, though not wanting to beat a dead donkey, let's repeat that Aude's were first found in Savoy with the Arc.

Back to the Tanerdevilla location of Chamberlain-related Tankerville's. And we can go also to Bra near the Tanaro river at Alan-line Langhe. English Tanners were first found in Devon with English Stewarts (share Brock lion) sharing "Virescit" with Brocks. English Tanners likely have the Vilain and Levin/Levine Shield, and German Tans/Tanners share "pine cones" with Demonte-connectable Maschi's. The Demonte-Stura river of through Cuneo goes into the Tanaro. Until now, I've neglected the Stura-like Sturs where they have the Coat of Chamber-branch Camerons in colors reversed!

Levens (not "Levin") are colors reversed from, and in the format of, Tache-connectable Chamberlains. Levens, with elephant TRUNKs, were first found in Shropshire with Dol Alans of Vilaine, and Trunks (share Pero's/Perino hexagrams) were first found in FRANConia with Tans/Tanners and Swabs/Schwabs. The latter share the giant unicorn of Furs/Fire's suspect in the "fur cones" of Perrins. Italian Franca's/Franks were first found in Piedmont with the Tanaro, and while Bra is beside Monforte, Montforts (named Montfort in Vilaine at MOTTE-Henry) share the Arms of Bohemia while both German Franks were first found in Bohemia. One of the German Franks has a column, symbol also of Pelosi's, first found beside Bra! The other German Franks have the Tess/Tease/Teck saltire in colors reversed.

Malta's share the column, and Malcolms/Columns link to Duncans / Donkeys with a "pati" motto term, traceable to SICILy's Patti. The Sickle-like Sichs/Sykes were first found in Cumberland with the Burns/Bernes' and their Bernice branch, both sharing black hunting horn with Bernetts. Jordan Peterson's middle name is Bernt, a surname like that probably exists from the Bernetts who share the Brock / Stewart motto in full, including "VireSCIT," applicable here because Scythe's/Skate's share the Skit/Skeet Coat.

Wikipedia says that Peterson's Bernt name comes from an Norwegian ancestor, and then while the Norwegian Fredericks and Dutch Fredricks have a lion looking connectable to the Jewish Levi lion, the latter are also Levine's while French Levine's (Brittany) share the grape vine with the Bernett Crest.

One way to explain the Levine variation of Jewish Levi's is by way of Vine's/Veins, connecting them to Fiens/Fane's/Vans/Veynes' because the latter have GAUNTlets while Ghent is also Gaunt. It's a city at the Lys river, and Lys'/LISSE's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Levi's.

It's important to mention another Lys river, tributary of the Bautica river, because CHIVASSo is on the Bautica while Chives' can be traced to the Cave-like Cavii Illyrians at LISSus. Thus, Chiava liners in L'Aquila were likely at this Lys tributary of Savoy. Masci-line Masseys/Maceys share the fleur-de-lys of Lys'/Lisse's, and English Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with Tiss/Teese's while Laevi Gauls lived on the Tessin river. Chappes, Lys', and Levi's were first found in the same place. Massys are in the Tatton write-up as marital partners, and Sicks/Sykes' have the Tatton entity too, serving evidence that Sichs/Sykes' were from the Sicel namers of Sicily.

Jerry and Fred Peterson lived on Maple LEAF drive (Toronto), and while Crapps/Crappers are also CROWpers, Crows and Leaf's/LEVE's/Leave's were both first found in Norfolk. The English Fredericks may be using white doves in their Chief instead of the white "pigeons" in the Crapper/Crowper Chief, and there is a white dove in the Leaf/Leve/Leave Crest carrying a LEAF, and ditto for the Frederick Crest!!

Perchance, and we might expect it, Maple Leaf drive is Intended to point to Mapple's/Maybe's (stripeless tiger) who look like kin of Bonnie-like Bono's/BONETTi's. Bonnie's are Bonnets too.

Plus, if "VIREScit" (of Bernetts) can be code partly for the Verne-like Vires'/VERONa's, they were first found in Ile-de-France with the French Levi's. VERNE ARCHibald. Verne's were first found near the Arc river at Forez. English Levins/Levine's are in the colors and format of the Crapps/Crappers, and while the latter have three pigeons in Chief, almost the Chief of English Fredericks, the latter's Chief is in the colors and format of the Verne Chief, and while Verne's share the Moray stars, French Levine's are said to have been first at Haute Morays.

I can't find where in Brittany Haute Morays is, but as the Dol Alans had Fulbert "the Saxon" as a vassal, who was father to Peter Pollock of Rothes castle in Moray, Haute Morays may have been in Vilaine with the Dol Alans, where Plunketts were first found who can be gleaned in the write-up of Pollock-like Plocks, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Crow-branch Crawls/Crowells. It just so happens that the English Rothes' share the lion head of Scottish Petersons because the latter were from Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle from an edict from the king. Pollocks can be linked to Pools i.e. who share the Chambre and AuVERGNE Shield! VERNE ARCHibald is indeed pointing to Jordan Peterson's ARC organization, and he will point to the touch-bra event when finally I get to Lorraine my date.

Dol Alans became the Stewarts i.e. sharing a "Virescit" motto term with Bernetts. Dol Alans lived in Shropshire before becoming Stewarts, which is where Hunters/Hunts were first found in the hunting horns of Bernetts. The Horns (herons) and Herons are in Ark/Arch/Archie colors and format, and Herons were first found in Berwick-upon-Tweed while Berwickshire is where Bernetts were first found. Tweeds / Tweets named Tweedale in Peebles, where BALDs were first found, and ArchiBALDs/Archie's were first found nearby.

It's then interesting that English Levins/Levine's have white footless martlets only on their Shield, the color of the footless martlet in the Bonnie Crest. Without the martlets, the Levin/Levine Coat is that of Vilains. Bonnie Peterson married Mr. Keller. Vilaine is where Plunketts were first found who share the Coat of KILLens while Kills/Keele's were first found in Lincolnshire with English Fredericks. The Plunkett and Killen Coats are much like the Holly Coat, and vine-using Bernetts have holly in their Chief.

The rare thing about the footless martlet in the Crapp/Crapper Crest is that it's got legs and feet tacked on, and Feets/Fate's share the English Pavia Coat while Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia. English Pavia's were once said to be first found in Somerset with Leavells.

While Bonnie's/Bonys are Bonnets too, French Bonnets/Boneys share the chevron of French Pigeons. Aside from their plates, German Bonnets (looking like Biden kin to go with Hunters) are in the colors and format of French Jordans/Danets (Brittany) who in turn can be gleaned with a Coat version of the Pierro's/Pero's/PETRI's (Pavia) because the latter share the Alan fesse. Reminder: Pero's/Perino's share the hexagrams of Swedish Petersons.

Bidens/Buttons/BUDINs were first found in Hampshire with Ticino-suspect Tiss'/Teese's, and with Botters/BODINs who in turn have their eagle on a "PERCH," looking like code for the Perich variation of Pero's/Perino's and Pierro's/Pero's. The Petrovich variation of Pierro's/Pero's doesn't sound Italian, perhaps Polish. Fred Peterson was a Polish Jew.

Caiaphas-like Caps/Capes' share the Chief-Shield colors of Peare-connectable Parrots, and French Levine's have a "caPAC" motto term than can perhaps be for the English Packs, first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns. There is a Polish Pack surname with a giant fleur in the colors of the Lys fleur.

Meschins are in Cony colors and format to help prove that Conys were Masci-related Cuneo liners, and Ranulph le Meschin married Mrs. Taillebois of Lincolnshire while Jordan-like Jardins nearly have the Tailbois Coat. French Jardins were first found in Brittany with the Jarrets/JARRYs who share the Coat of Gardens/Jardens, the latter first found in Angus with Jardins. JARRYs/Hare's/Garrys share the Coat of Touch's/Tuffs, the latter first found in Cheshire with Ranulph le Meschin, and with Masseys and Maceys. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with English Jarrets. Thus, the TOUCH-bra event can point to JORDAN Peterson by route of this paragraph alone.

Scottish Petersons use black eagles for a possible trace to L'Aquila elements, especially as English Peters were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's and Cheile's. Again, Kellers have (three) black eagle heads, and they are in the colors and format of the three Laundry/Landry martlets. Scottish Petersons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Keller-like Sellers (cups), with Cup/Cope-connectable Reeds, and with the rabbit-using Conns who share the Cony Coat. Spanish Petro's have a Coat like that of English Reeds because Peters and Petersons are from Flavius Petro of Rieti, the dragon line of Revelation 13 and 17.

Lorraine at the Laundromat

Lorraine my date had a GRASS-stain symbol, and Grazi's, first found in PERUSia, share the "pomegranate" with French Crispins, first found in Parez of Lorraine. Some of the variations of Spanish Petro's are like this Parez area, and while my first date with Lorraine had us meeting at a LAUNDRomat, French Laundrys/Landrys were first found in Lorraine. The bra was hanging on a laundry line at the Peterson residence 15 years before I met Lorraine.

I've told it before, that I had to reach for the bra like one reaches for the last quarter-inch, in order to touch it, I had to use the out-stretched index finder, but I don't recall ever looking up the Reach's/Rioch's. They don't show a Coat, but do have a page, and so I might assume that the reach-for-bra event was code for the Rech variation of Rich's/Richess' because they are said to have named a Riche location in Lorraine, home of Richeza, mother of a Polish line of Mieszko's.

Was Fred Peterson from Richeza's line? Why was Fred's wife, Maria?! The question just dawned on me, for Lorraine's (share Piast eagle) are from Maria of Kiev!!!! ZIKERS. Richeza's son, Casimir of Poland (a Piast liner), married princess Maria of Kiev! The Rioch variation of Reach's can be from the Roxolani because they were on the Dnieper river from Kiev. Roxolani were also on the Naparis river, and Napiers list PEERless'. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with YELLOWs while the Naparis is now the IALOmita. Peer-connectable Endys were first found in Surrey with Lamberts, and Mieszko II Lambert was Richeza's husband and father of Casimir.

We might even go back to the WYvern dragon here, especially as Lorraine lived a few properties from VERNE ARCHibald. The WYE's share the griffin of Irish Troys while Tragers/Trojens can be gleaned with Rocco's and Fells/FellTRAGERs i.e. the line of Roquefeuil > Rockefellers. Tragers/Trojens can be gleaned in the Rook write-up. Rooks share the raven with English Tragers, and with Ravens (Leicestershire with Reve's) while Rive's/Rivereau's use the wyvern. Verne liners were VARANgians of Kiev, the line to Lorraine's who share the Trager/Trojen bend.

Rooks were first found in Oxfordshire with Crow-branch Crawls/Crowells, and while the raven is a crow, crow-line Ceraunii Illyrians named Cornwall, where English Tragers named "Tregeare in {the parish of Crowan},..." Cornwall is where Rave's/Rawe's/RAWLE's were first found, perhaps a take off of "Crawl."

The Stout-surnamed Vikings had a raven banner for war, and the Stout/Stow surname has three of the two River fesses. I showed above how Rivers share the double fesses of Scottish Hare's, and both Hare Coats share the blank, gold Chief with Rock-related Rods. The English Hare's, with a red-Shield version of the Scottish Hare's, were first found in Derbyshire with the Here's/Heyers and Cnuts, and king Cnut was a grandson of Mieszko I.

As Riva's/Reva's share the Masci fleur, French Riva's/Rivals (Languedoc with French Marks) can have the Messey/Messier saltire. The latter were first found in Burgundy with French Lagers almost having the double River fesses. The Mieske/Mesech Coat looks related to the German Mark Coat while English Marks almost have the fleur-de-lys border of Riva's/Reba's. Mieske's/Mesechs were once said to be first found in Prussia, where German Marks were first found who look additionally like Dutch Tromp kin. Marks can be from the Marici co-founders of Pavia. As Meschins of the Bessin ruled in Cheshire with the first-known Bessins/BEASTs, this paragraph looks like a possible pointer to "mark of the beast."

Is Riva Tez's ARC seeking to bring Christians on-board the mark-of-the-beast system now expected to be rolling secretly (or not-so-secretly) along?

While Ricks were Lorraine kin, English Laundrys/Landrys have "Ricardus de la LAVANDARia" looking like a variation from Lauendrie's of Somerset, where Root-branch Roets were first found, apparently relevant because English Laundrys/Landrys use the tree-with-roots of Roots who in turn almost have the Coat of French Louis'/Loys, first found in Lorraine.

I can't recall checking for a Lavandar surname before, but I have mentioned many times that my laundromat, where Lorraine met me for our first outing, was at the corner of Yonge and LEVENdale! Levens are even Lavens! I've just found Lavenders, with finger rings, wherefore it seems they were related to the Rings/CRANs because they look related to part of the Lorraine Coat. Grounds/Cranne's, with a full elephant to go with the elephant heads of Levens/Lavans (!), use the crane for Ceraunii liners, and Crauns/Crane's use ring-like annulets. Grounds/Grunds were obvious kin of Roet-like Rhodes'.

Irish Lavans/Glavans share lozenges on gold with Roots who in turn share the Coat of Bagleys who were in turn first found in Shropshire with Levens/Lavens, Rudes', and with the Rodden river of Roddens/Rodhams, the latter first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's.

There are many kinds of rings that can be used for a Ring surname, but as Lavenders have a finger ring, let's add that while Lorraine had a babe symbol, Babe's have two fingers pointing, and Fingers have one finger pointing. Boyds, with a Coat like two Mark surnames, and suspect from the Budini of the Kiev area, have two fingers pointing. I pointed to the bra, and to Lorraine's pant stain which got us to Pansys/Panters in the "pansy" of the Cony Crest, held there by a white rabbit, yet another reason to link things-Lorraine to the touch-bra / point-to-bra event above the white rabbit. Cool.

Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with the Allers who named the "allerion," a beakless eagle. Is that not partly the reason for God giving Lorraine her babe symbol, to go with Beaks? If the Cony rabbit is said to be HOLDING a pansy, and it probably is, then we can add that Holdings/Holdens, who share the Aller escutcheon, have "allerions" (I saw their official description).

Holdings/Holdens were first found in Lancashire with Holds/Holts who in turn have two of the Holder fesse. The Hold/Holt Chief has one fitchee found as a triplet in the Crest of Stouts/Stows, and the latter's three fesses are in the colors of the two fesses of Holds/Holts. To put it another way, Holds/Holts share the two fesses of Rivers. In Revelation 12, the beast spews a "river" to overcome the Church when she rejects the mark of the beast.

Are operations with which Riva Tez is involved going to contribute to the building of this "river"? Revelation's is not a literal river, of course, but means something large/strong and sudden to overtake the flight of God's people into the countrysides.

Babe's (Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's) were kin of Beaks, and the beakless eagle of Perins (not "Perrin"), first found in Lorraine, is in the colors of the eagles of Pense's/Pincons (Devon with Peters) in the "Pense" motto term of Points/Pointers (two fingers pointing). Pence's/Pens were first found in Buckinghamshire with Rivers. Is Mike Pense, who owned a mainly-white rabbit, Marlon Bundo, going to be behind the river to swallow Christians?

[Insert -- It wasn't until telling below that Pense's/Pincons share the Lorraine eagle that I got around to reading the Pense/Pincon write-up to find: "Burton Pynsent House is a historic country-house in the parish of Curry RIVEL, Somerset." Rivels are listed with Riva's/Rivals!!! The two questions in the last two paragraphs were not purposely framed in order to compliment this find, for I had not yet found it. End Insert]

Online: "Marlon Bundo (2012/2013 – c. January 15, 2022), also known as Bunny of the United States (BOTUS), was a rabbit belonging to the family of Mike Pence,..." Why are Marlins also MARKlands? The dolphins of Marlons/Marleys (Cheshire with Coney kin) are in the colors of the Coney rabbits.

Why do English BUNdys/Bonds share the Coney fesse and the chevron of the neighboring Rabbits? The Biss' suspect in the "orbis" motto term of Bundys/Bondys were first found in Surrey, where Marlon-beloved Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found.

Lorraine's babe symbol was at the moment she got her feet / foot symbol, and eventually I mentioned her blond hair and therefore checked the Blonds for the first time to find a "foot" on a sun in the Crest. Babe's have a sun in their Crest too, to which the two fingers are pointing. Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Beaks, but are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Blonds...and Rabbits! I'm repeating this for the millionth time because Italian Bundys/Bondys list BLONDI's! Can we believe it? There definitely seems to be a pointer here to Mike Pence, Trump's partner in mass-deception.

I will tell again that, about 2.5 years after I was with Lorraine, I moved into the basement of a house directly beside a laundromat at the opposite end of a strip plaza from the one where Lorraine met me. I would use the other laundromat at that time. My basement apartment had a concrete LAUNDRY SINK acting as my kitchen sink, and the Sinks have the Marlon/Marley Coat on a white Shield, I kid you not. One day, I turned the corner into the kitchen to find my landlord in the very act of clubbing a rabbit to death. I heard it squealing, and the first club wasn't enough to knock it out, so he gave it some more clubs. I watched this.

Therefore, I do declare, the bra on laundry line can point to Mike Pence. He is involved at this very time to get the Republican establishment back into the White House, the establishment that feigns support for Christians but never delivers on its duties.

Ahh, Pointer-like Ponders were first found in Cambridgeshire with Sinks! It's the Pointers who have a "Pense a pointer" motto. I neglected to say above that Pense's/Pincons share the Lorraine eagle too. Pointers were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's, though I can't see an heraldic link between the two aside from Pense's/Pincons sharing the Aquila eagle.

Although I can't remember using two fingers to reach the bra, Touch's/Tuffs, sharing the green lion with Lorraine's, have two fingers pointing. Lorraine pointed in multiple ways to the Paeoni, and the Phoenix's/Fenwicks are in the "phoenix" in the Crest of Tufts/Tuffs'. Lorraine has a grass stain on her PANTs in pointing to Pansys/PANTzers, and Bosco's use "TUFTs of grass" on their "pillars."

Ahh, the Points/Pointers share "piles" (different colors) with Pile's (Northumberland with Lorraine's) who in turn share a gold leopard face in a CANTON square with Babe's! It's not surprising because Babe's use fingers pointing, but it is welcome. Cantons have the Washington Coat in colors reversed, and the Washington Chief is also the chief of Skin/Scan-branch Schims/Schiens. Pile's share triple piles (different colors) with Scottish Yonge's and Scottish LEAVells while the first laundromat was at the corner of LEVENdale avenue and Yonge street.

Houseofnames removed the Roxburghshire location of the first-known Scottish Yonge's (annulets), but they have the Leavell piles in both colors, and are now said to originate largely in Northumberland...with Lorraine's. The Scottish Yonge write-up has "Ade dictus Juvenis", and while Ade's/AIDs are in Rodden/Rodham colors and format, "Aide" is a Levi motto term. I showed how Lorraine's BARE FEET on the PAVEment of Yonge street traced to Laevi of Pavia. Bare's/Bars (share Aquila Coat with Pense/Pincon eagle) named pansy-using Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine.

The same write-up has: "Symone Yong was burgess of Elgin in 1343." Elgin is at Moray with Rothes, where Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found, and the Moray Coat is almost that of Ducs/LeDucs. Elgins use wolves, I think they are, in the colors of the Skin/Scan wolf heads. I hold Skins/Scans out as possible pointers to the mark of the beast, which I expect to be pushed by the False Prophet out of Washington.

ESCHYNa de Molle's daughter married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter of Rothes, tending to explain why ESKINs/Erskins, sharing a "pense" motto term with Points/Pointers, were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. Molle's share the boar head of Schims/Schiens, a branch of SKINS/Scans, suggesting that Eskins/ErSKINs were Skin kin. Can this paragraph point to Mike Pence too? Note how "Pense" looks like "Pansy" so that the Coney rabbit, holding a pansy, points to Pence's rabbit. But doesn't God know how to spell? Why Pense's instead of Pence's for a pointer to Mike Pence?

Lorraine pointed with her pant stain to German Ducks (same place as Pansys/Pantzers) while "duce" is a Schim/Schien motto term. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine uses the pansy. That's why her BARE feet were important.

We now deviate from topic to the ARC river again, because the "AUDaces" motto term of Molle-related Googe's/Gouge's takes us back to Aude's of Savoy. "AuDACES" secondly takes us to the Daces variation of Darcys/D'ARCYs! It tends to prove that Aude's were through the Arc river. Similar to the blue Shield of French Chambre's (Savoy with Chambre on the Arc), Daces'/D'Arcys have a wallpaper (my term) on their blue Shield. Again, the Chambre wallpaper is shared by Pollet-loving Pools/Polly while Pollets almost have the Aude Coat.

Plus, Molle's were first found in ROXburghshire with Googe's/Gouge's, and both use the same boar. Roxburghs have an "AUDax" motto term while Roquefeuil is in Aude province.

I pointed with my finger to her pants on her BALCONy, and Balcons share, but in two colors only, the bend-with-roses of Jays who could be in the "JE pense" motto of Eskins/Erskins. This could be right because I lived on Jay street during the touch-bra event. It just so happens that while Peter Pollock was the ancestor of Rothschilds, Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild") share the bend-with-roses of Jays in all three colors! Wow. And Jee's/McGee's share the Skin/Scan swords. Jays were at a Gai location while English Gays/Geys speak of the Gy's of Brechin while Brechins/Brecons (triple piles) were first found in Angus, near the first-known Balcons.

Roots were first found in Kent with Roet-connectable Staple's who in turn share all of the Coat of Bonnie's, the latter first found in Bedfordshire with Lavenders. Bonnie's were first found in Bedfordshire with the Landry-like Lannoys/Lanneys who share the Bonnie fleur-de-lys. French Lannoys share the green lion with Lorraine's. This shows the importance of Lorraine's connection to the touch-bra event, for it has pointed to Jordan and Bonnie Peterson.

As per Ricard of Lavandaria, Welsh Ricards share the motto of Shuttleworths, the latter first found in Lancashire with Gorsuch's in turn sharing the Lorraine bend-with eagles, in the two colors of the bend-with-crescents of Lavender-connectable Rings/Crans. The "uTILE" motto term of Welsh Ricards and Shuttleworths recalls the Tile's/Tillys, a branch of Tillers, the latter first found in Glamorganshire with Welsh Louis and Lewis'. French Louis' were first found in Lorraine.

Shuttleworths share the "weaver's shuttle" with the Kiev-line Keeps sharing the Lorraine bend. Keeps are beloved in the motto of Hebrons, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. German Richards (Bavaria with Weis'), with a heart-version of the Weis and Wies Crest, share the upright and black goat with Weiss', the latter first found in Saxony with upright-goat KEPke's/Kopke's. Kepke's were at least partly Ukrainian.

Weishaupts have the Weiss goat as a HEAD only, perhaps code for the Hat-branch Hatfields in the write-up of Welsh Ricards. Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk with Hat-branch Haydens, and with the English Rings/Ringsteads who have a not-bad reflection of the Hatfield Coat (it recalls the Lavender rings). One of the two Hayden Coats shares the white dog in Crest with Welsh Ricards, though the latter use the head only.

Lorraine's can be traced well to the Lorne's in the write-up of Lanarks/LURNacks, who share the BUS cinquefoil. I asked Lorraine for our first date at her BUS stop at the corner of LORNE avenue and Yonge street, Richmond Hill, Ontario (we met that evening at my laundromat). Both the Swans/Sions and ASTYs were first found in Lanarkshire, and Asti is a location smack beside Bra, but what are the chances for a further "coincidence" in the sharing of green-on-gold lions between Lorraine's and Astys??? There's yet another "coincidence" in the Jarry/Hare/Garry and Touch/Tuff lions being green too. Therefore, it appears that God arranged for Lorraine and I to meet at a laundromat in order for the event to link to the bra-on-laundry-line event.

As Bruno's are said to have been at Asti above, it's mentionable that two Peter surnames share the Bruno bend. BRUNswicks share the Coat of one BASE surname (Lincolnshire again), recalling the Bunnys of BASford. The Aquila eagles are shared by Basfords. The Ainsleys, first found in Basford too, share the fleur-de-lys of Spanish Petro's. Ainsleys have a Coat looking connectable to Flore's / Flora's, and Bruno's were first found in Florence, suspect with the so-called "flory" cross of Petro's. Ainsley-branch Annas' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Bash's while Basfords are Bashfords too.

BASSets have triple fesses colors reversed from the triple fesses of Camerons/Camera's, and the latter were resolved as a branch of Ark-liner Chambre's. The Cameron write-up had given us an ARKaig location. Laevi lived also at Novara, on the outskirts of which is the village of CAMERiano, but there is a larger Cameri location in Novara province, both locations new to me now.

I've said many times that I lived at the home of Verne ARCHibald both before and after dating Lorraine. She lived about a half-dozen properties from his place, both on Church street. It's really amazing that while she lived about two properties north of Lorne on Church, he was about four properties south of Lorne, and while Lorne's are in the Lanark/Lurnack write-up, Lanarkshire is a short spy from Peebles, where Balds were first found. ArchiBALD! Peebles is also where Licks/Locks and Lochys were first found while Licks/Lucks (share pelican with Biggars and Lochys) share the black greyhound heads of Church's.

Repeat from above: "Verne Archibald lived on Church street, and Licks/Lucks/Luke's share the black Church greyhound heads while Locks are Licks too...Biggars are in the motto of the Arms of Shetland, and the Assi's expected in the Lick/Lock motto were first found in Shetland. Biggars were first found in Lanarkshire with the Swans/SINE's in the "sine" motto term of Scottish Petersons."

Bald-branch Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Lennox's/LEVENax's, recalling that my first date with Lorraine had us meeting at the LEVENdale laundromat. As Lennox's have the Tess/TEASE/Tech saltire in colors reversed, their Levenax variation looks to be from the Laevi of the Tessin/Ticino river. The "I'll" motto term of Lennox's brings up the Alleys, first found in Worcestershire with early Reve's who in turn share the Lennox roses!!!! It looks like a definite pointer to RIVA TEZ!!!!

The "ANIMum" motto term of Reve's could be for the Nimo's, first found in Stirlingshire with Lennox's, and both using a red saltire with four items upon it. The Lennox saltire is that of PEERless', and this is excellent because the MARICi co-founded Ticinum (Pavia) with Laevi while Nimo's are NewMARCH's too! English Marks share the fleury border in both colors with Biggar-like Biggs, and the Riva's/Reba's have the same fleury border but on blue.

Balds share the Scottish Baud ship, and on my last night with Lorraine, she had the grass stain on her BUTT, on her BALCONy. I've told that Balcons (Angus with Jardins) almost have the BUTTeri/Butini Coat. The stain was on her ass, and Ass' are in the Lick/Lock motto. Here we can add that Scottish Balds have the Angus-surname Chief in colors reversed while Jardins almost have the Angus Chief. Plus, French Bauds were first found in AuVERGNE, and he is VERNE Archibald. I'm seeing Verne as a pointer to ARC (Alliance for Responsible Citizenship), what Jordan Peterson is pushing, having probably nothing to do with responsible citizenship.

Riva'/Reba's have a border of eight fleur in the colors of the border of eight crosses of English Jordans, and the latter share the giant lion of Swedish Petersons. Does that appear Arranged?

If you are not yet convinced that the touch-bra event was arranged by God to click with heraldry to click with Polly's topic in her video, surprise: Riva was chosen as Polly's topic because she is on "ARC's organizing committee" (see 2 minutes in), and Riva's org in that capacity is/was "PRAXis Digital City." It's been a long time since I've loaded German Bracks, but they just came up as "PRACKS," and lo-and-behold they not only share the Cony fesse, not only have a BROWN dog, but they have a BRACKER variation while Bra-like Brays/Brae's use a "flax BREAKER"!!!! Can we believe it? It's got Bra all over it. The Brasier surnames may have been soft-c Brack branches.

Without explanations here, the "Amor patriae" motto of English Brasiers make their quatrefoils and quadrants look like code for the line of Quadratilla Bassus to Leavells.

And one Brown/Brun Coat even shares the Bonnie fleur while the other Browns/Brun's share the Coat of Vychans/Vaughns, the latter first found in Shropshire with BALDwins, with Cony-connectable Meschins, and English Bracks/Brechs/BREAKERs!!! Can we believe it? Meschins descended from Berks/Burghs, and Brech- / Berk-like Birch's/Berch's share the Masci / Bonnie fleur-de-lys.

I stress: Bruno's had a branch at Asti and thus can be expected at Bra because two Peter surnames have the Bruno bend. The Riva/Rivel Coat even looks related to the French Brun Coat, both having a lone crescent on blue in the Shield's base, and the Brun crescent is in both colors of the lone crescent, likewise in base, of French Lagers who in turn have the double River fesses in half their colors. Repeat from above: "French Riva's/Rivals can have the Messey/Messier saltire. The latter were first found in Burgundy with French Lagers..."

Rive's/Rivelins/Rivereau's use a wyVERN dragon, and were first found in Poitou with French Bruns! SURPRISE! I didn't yet know the latter point when telling of the similarity between the Riva/Rivel and Brun Coats! Poitou-like Pots (BROWN Crest), likely Tiss/Teese kin, share the Bruno bend too...and throw in the double fesses of Rivers!!! SURPRISE.

Poitiers at Poitou might just have named the Pense-loving Points/Pointers.

What could the "girdle" of BRASwells be code for? The Girtle's share the Bright Coat, and almost the Coat of French Bride's, first found in Savoy with the Arc river. The Brights and Bride's were Macey/Mace kin, explaining why Masseys/Mass' were first found in Savoy. It was shown above how Masseys/Mass' link to the Arc river. Scottish Bride's were first found in Angus with BRECHINs/Brecons. I think we've just about broken the coincidence barrier. Bra liners are suspect with Breakers.

Browns/Bruns, by their "FLOReat" motto term, can be proven a Bruno branch, but that same term suggests descent from Rieti to the Reads / Readings / Readys (swans). Readys were first found in Angus with Brechins/Brichans, likely from Ranulph de Briquessart of the Bessin, husband of Hugh Lupus' sister above (Margaret of Ferte-Mace). Their son, Ranulph le Meschin, married Mrs. Taillebois, and the Tailbois Coat is a near match with the one of Jardins, first found in Angus. We're Brechin a lot of fluke barriers here, but, alas, I haven't made a strong Jardin-to-Jordan link even if it seems half implied.

Let's take a stab. I had noted that, while Macey-line Maxwells use a black saltire, the Arms of Maxwell-Ros has it in red, and so let's propose that this was the red Jardin / Tailbois saltire, for French Jordans, first found in Brittany with the French Jarrets sharing the Garden/Jarden Coat, use ROSES and a fesse, all in the colors of the Maxwell-Ros Coat that itself shares water bougets with the Rose's.

I have it recorded many times that the Arms of Rieti has a "Pratus" motto term for the Pratts who share a mascle of swan-using Peters. I've not known until now that Prax's and Praxs' are listed with French Preys/DuPreys/DuPRATS!!! Bingo. The latter were first found in Auvergne with Prude's/Prats who in turn share the Prack/Bracker fesse! Things couldn't get more compelling than that. Scottish Prude's/Pride's, using "lamPREYs,"

were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions and Bra- / Bruno-connectable Astys. "LAMprey" can be part-code for Lams/Lambs sharing the Lanark/Lurnack cinquefoil.

I wrote all the above on Browns forgetting that a Dryden Brown was a co-founder of Praxis. Drydens, sharing the giant lion of English Jordans and Swedish Petersons, were first found in Angus too. Drydens look like Hope kin on two counts, and the Hope globe or world is broken while Drydens were first found in Angus with Brechins. Hope's were first found in Shropshire with Dryden-branch Draytons.

The bend-with-fleur of Bonnie's is shared by Staple's who in turn share the motto of English Peters. The other English Peters, sharing the swan with Scottish Petersons, were first found in Lincolnshire with Eagle's, and Conys have this: "One of the strongholds of the [Coney] family was found in Lincolnshire..." The Peters sharing the Staple motto look like kin of Petts ("ARDens" motto), the latter first found in Kent with Staple's and Petits, and then the latter are in the "ARDua petit" motto phrase of Malcolms/COLUMNs while "columns" are used by Pelosi's, first found in SAVIGliano, a dog's walk from Bra! This was bound to happen because the SAVAGE Coat is a colors reversed version of the Eagle Coat.

Jerry Peterson's mother was Maria, an Italian. Spanish Maria's essentially share the Spanish Flora Coat, both sharing the gold fleur-de-lys of Bonnie's in both colors. Thus, this Peterson residence can be pointing yet again to Bonnie Peterson. She married Mr. Keller, a line that I trace to L'Aquila, and the latter's Arms has an "Immota" motto term while Portuguese Mota's share FIVE gold fleur-de-lys with Maria's and Flora's. The FIVE keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila, are colors reversed from the five of Maria / Flora fleur, and the latter's are in the colors of the fleur of Browns/Bruns. Again, rabbit-using Conns were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Peters while two Peter surnames share the bend of FLOREnce's Bruno's. Chiava-like Chives' were first found in Aberdeenshire too.

Berkshire's share the Coat of Duttons/Tittons, and Tittons go inside of bras. Achem, maybe I should say things like that. Maybe I should suggest Teets/Tate's instead. Duttons/Tittons (their Coat betrays their being Tattons of Massy) went on to marry PICHards and Miss Massey, daughter of Hamon III Massey. Without checking, I'll bet Pichards are from PICenze at L'Aquila's outskirts.

Duttons/Tittons are said to descend from a child of an aunt or uncle of Hugh D'Avranches Lupus, though I haven't the time now to find which uncle in particular. Hugh Lupus' grandfather was Herluin de Burgo of Conteville, and thus the Berkshire's look named after the Berks/Burghs from Herluin's Burgo line. No question at all, this is correct.

One of Hugh's uncles was William of Ferte-Mace (brother of Hugh's Conteville mother), brother in turn of Margaret (Avranches) le Meschin (see this tree). This means that the Conteville's came to rule Ferte-Mace and thus likely became the initial / official Masseys though previously they had been Burghs, yet I don't know what surname John de Burgo of Conteville was from since he adopted a Burgo location for his surname. There had to be earlier Massey liners who originally named Ferte-Mace, and Francisized Masci's of the Montferrat area make sense.

Therefore, we can expect the Arks/Arch's in Berkshire just because Massey liners connect well to the Arc river. The Windsors of Berkshire thus become suspect with a saltire version of the Savoy cross, as do Tease's/Tess'.

The Conteville's also produced baron Hamon de Massey I, born in Ferte-Mace a few years before the birth of William of Ferte-Mace above. I'd like to record here that this tree has Hamon I in marriage to Margaret de Sacie. For those who know my heraldic story on Sassy my cat, here I find Sacie's listed with Sassys. As I've said, Sassy was a kitten given to me by a lady whose BANISTER I was re-finishing, and Banisters are in the Meschin write-up, how about that.

English Banes' have a wolf head half in the colors of the white-on-blue wolf head of Hugh Lupus. French Banes' share the triple Muschat and Water chevrons while BANESters and kitten-like Kitchens share the same "WATER bougets". English Banes' look like they have a dagger, symbol of Scottish / Irish Mackays, and Beans/Bains/Vans, having a CAT in Crest, were a Mackay sept. Beans/Bains/Vans share the Clan Chattan motto, which includes "Touch," and cat-using Cetins/Cattans (Norfolk with cat-using, Kitchen-connectable Catch's and Keats) share the "Saracen head" with Sacie's/Sassys (makes the latter look like Sicily elements).

As Beans/Bains are also Vans, we take this to Fiens/Fane's/Vans (share gauntlets with Maceys/Mace's), in the colors and format of Fiens/FINIS', and this explains why I reFINISHed the lady's banister.

Oh wow. The page above clicks to Hamon II, who married Miss Beaumont, and Beaumonts share the fleury border of Riva's/Reba's, which are with the Masci fleur-de-lys. YET MORE, the Beaumonts apply the giant Jordan lion inside their border, and the same Jordans have a border of eight crosses in the colors of the eight fleur acting as the Riva / Beaumont border!!! Ka-Pow, we broke the fluke barrier mach 2.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Wants to Be President

When I heard that RF Kennedy Jr. is running to replace Biden as president, I was happy because he opposes the Trump-Fauci vaccine scheme as his first priority in life. Whether he beats Biden or not, he will get the vaccine truths out to all news-following Democrat voters, and the news organizations will need to chose whether to cover his vaccine messages truthfully for a change, or war against them to self-condemn themselves further.

As Scottish Kennedys use a "la fin" motto phrase, it reminded me of my dream where my dentist was LAUGHING at the red BUTTONs on my shirt. Buttons are listed with Bidens, and so I'm wondering whether this dream is about Kennedy seeking to topple the laughable Biden. Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with LAFINs/La Fonts and Sullivans. Jake Sullivan is Biden's National Security Advisor.

The Shirts/Shards are like the Shurton or Shurdane variation of Irish Jordans, and the ancient Sherdan Sea peoples were Sardinians. But why should Brittany-connectable Jordans, suspect from Jardens, have Shirt-like variations? The Alans of Shropshire make sense? The "RESurgo" motto term of Jordans can be for Res'/Dere's using Alan-connectable lances.

Amazingly, Buttons/Bidens share the red fesse with Alans, but the Button/Biden fesse is in both colors of the fesse of French Jordans, first found in Brittany, and these Jordans are in Shirt/Shard colors and near format. To our great shock, French Jordans/JourDENETs also show a DENT-like Denet variation! The DENTist laughed at the red buttons on my shirt! This dream is years ago, and this section was not birthed at all from the Jordan-Peterson investigation above.

Rundels/ROUNDELs share the English Alan Coat, essentially. The Res/Dere Chief is the Chief of French Alans too. Red buttons are just like the red ROUNDELs of Shirts/Shards, and I aim to show you a shirt said to have buttons in a surname of Florence having a "man." German Mans have the Massey quadrants and a SAVAGE while Savigliano is beside Bra, and Scottish Mans (Aberdeenshire near Jardins) have a "stabilis" motto term evoking the Stable's/Staplers with almost the Jardin Coat. Staple's incorporate the Bonnie Coat. Does the dentist dream somehow point to something(s) ARC?

In the 3rd update of April, 2017, there is this: "I had a dream about two months ago of golfing with my dentist. On the way home, while he was driving, with me in the back seat, he laughed at the red buttons on my shirt. I mentioned this to readers, but did not elaborate much because I didn't have much to say." This dream was introduced in the 1st update of February, the same update that introduced my dream where I was in Obama's billiard hall. Back-to-back dreams, I wonder why.

The dentist dream started with my being on the FAIRWAY with my dentist, but I can remember nothing of what happened there because it's too faint. I remember one or two scenes on the fairway, but do not remember what I was doing or seeing apart from seeing my dentist there. The Fairways, sharing the Irish Judge/Juge Coat, were first found in Warwickshire with English Judge's/Juge's, and the latter share green-on-gold leopard faces with Fitch's while Scottish Kennedys have fitchee crosses. This looks like a correct pointer because Sullivans have a boar in the colors of the Travis/Traver boar head, and the latter surname almost has the Fairway and Judge Coat.

The paragraph above seems not to be about the Kennedy-versus-Biden race unless it ends up in court i.e. with a judge. It would be nice if Kennedy took Biden's election fraud to court. The Frauds/Friths happen to share the garbs of Avis'/Avisons while the Kennedy motto is "AVISE la fin." This is more intriguing because Avisons were an Avezzano branch while Avezzano's were first found in SARDinia while Shirts are Shards too. Avezzano is not far from L'Aquila. The Amori's, first found in Sardinia, share the stars in the Stable/Stapler Chief.

Plus, a VisCONTI branch was on Sardinia while Kennedy-beloved Lafins share the giant lion of Italian Conti's/Conte's! This was not planned last night because I didn't consciously know that Avisons share the Fraud garbs until election fraud came to mind as I wrote above on Judge's. Judds/Juggs have the white boar head too (as do Travers/Travis'), and Jaggs are listed with Scottish Jacks, a Jake/Jackman branch, we may assume, excellent because I trace "Jack" to mythical Ajax, god of the KENNATI priests of Cetis!

I always emphasis the Bassus' of Cetis becoming the family of Julia MAESA BASSIANus whom I trace to the Meschins of the Bessin, and sometimes I wonder whether "AVEZZANo" is a Bassianus variation. In that picture, we note that Jack-like Judge's/Juge's share the Meschin scallops. In any case, the la-fin Kennedys are perfect for the Kennati priests of Cetis.

I almost missed it: Joke's have the English Jack Coat in a different color, and ha-ha-ha. You dig? This tends to assure that the dentist's laughter is about the Ajax like to Kennedy liners. We've seen lots of scallops thus far, which can be traced to Saracens at Sicily's mythical Scylla, at Messina, thanks to the Samsons who happen to share the Judge/Jude and Meschin scallops. There was a Saracen ruler, Samsam, who joined the Guiscards in their war against Saracens, and the Massena/Messina patee crosses trace to a Patti location at Messina. I'll show how the Dentist's surname links exactly to Guiscards, and in the meantime let's add that Sardinia is off the Sicilian coast so that, yes, it appears the dentist laughed at my shirt for a pointer to things in Sardinia.

This dream must be pointing to Jake Sullivan too, a Clintonite stooge. Jake Sullivan had been "deputy chief of staff to Secretary Hillary Clinton at the U.S. Department of State." The six fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys, in both colors of the Kennedy fitchees, are shared by Tarves', excellent because the Fairway and Judge/Juge Coat are almost the one of Travis/Travers!!! The latter even have a boar head in the colors of the Sullivan boar!

The Vidi's/Vita's of TARVISium/TREVISo can be in the "inVIDIa" motto term of Shirts/Shards because their roundels are in the colors of the similar annulet of Vidi's/Vita's. Therefore, it seems correct to include the Fairways and Judge's as per this dream.

The dentist and I were in his car, and the basic Arms of Carrick is just a red-on-white chevron, nothing more, as is the Tiss/Teese Coat, and as Shirts/Shards use that chevron too along with a "HosTIS" motto term, the dentist's car should point to Carricks because they were very close kin of Kennedys, both descended from Cetis, and Carricks descended from the Bassus' of Cetis.

The Fairways allows us to go to Fairs, first found in Cumberland with Daggers from the Dexaroi peoples on the Apsus river to Fier county, and the Kuman location in Fier county goes to the dagger-using Comyns/Comine's who not only share the Avis/Avison Coat, but who named Comines near Avison-like Avesnes. What could be the chances that Daggers share the scallops of English Jacks!?!?

To really nail the Fairways, Fiers/Fears almost have the Coat of Irish Fairs. The latter even translate their motto with "safe" while Saffers love the Vita's of TARVISium (Treviso) who in turn share the Sever annulet. Travis'/Travers not only share the Fairway Coat, almost, but "TOUT travers" is the Fore/Forez motto while Scottish Fairs have the motto, "VirTUTE TUTus." Touts are listed with Tute's. The Fore variation of Forez's is amazing because golfers yell, "fore," when they send a ball near other golfers! That heraldry definitely looks Arranged by Someone.

By the way, Avesnes is on a Helpe river while Helps/Halfs share the gold fitchee with Halpers/Halfpennys, who are HalPERINs too while Perrins share the leopard FACES of Irish McGee's while Scottish McGee's share the Jugg/Judd boar heads too. The same boar head is with Scottish Bogeys (a golf term) while, impossible but true, English Bogeys/Buckleys are in Fairways / Judge/Juge colors and format!

A bogey is one stroke more than par, and "PASSE par" is a motto phrase of Rollo's sharing the black boar with Sullivans. The Travis/Travers boar head is black in colors reversed, and Travis' were first found near the first-known Rollo's (Perthshire). Passe's are listed with Pascals, and this section started on Passover day. Was there something Jewish and Levite at Cetis, such as Lupus Laevillus, father of CHARAX Proculus? This is what CRACKed up the dentist, ha-ha-ha. You dig? Passe's/Pascals even share the lion of Jewish Levi's.

Ahh, Pasi's/Pascels (BONonia with Pane's/Panico's) share crossed spears on blue with the Speers who in turn have the Rollo boar heads in colors reversed. Pane's/Panico's share the Chief of Italian Amori's, first found in Shirt-connectable Sardinia, and the Guiscards that I suspect in Sardinia were kin of king Rollo. To add to the "par" motto term of Rollo's, the "GREEN tree" of Pane's/Panico's is said to have a "BIRD!" A birdie is one stroke under par!

For what it's worth, Birdie's are listed curiously with Partys/PARdee's/Pardoe's, and Birds/Burds (Cheshire) can be a branch of hunting-horn Berts and Burts both in Kennedy colors and format and using more fitchees. Burtons/Bertons, with a tree in Crest, were first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters who in turn share the split Shield of black-boar Sullivans. In a dream with buttons, there can easily be justified a pointer to crimes and crooked political games by Hunter Biden in cahoots with Jake Sullivan and the Clintons.

Sullys/Sillys were first found in Essex with the Passe's/Pascals, with Judge-connectable Fitch's/Fitchets, and with the Muschats/MontFICHETs who share the Sully/Silly and Boring/Borington/Barenton Coat while Burtons/Bertons are said to be from Boretons of Shropshire. BORINGs/Boringtons/Barentons were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/MUSKs, and Elon Musk owns The Boring Company.

Elon Musk has yet to show how the government perpetrators of election fraud used Twitter for the purpose. Will he do so to aid RF Kennedy? I hope so.

Lookie: fitchee-using Scottish Kennedys have one of the triple Muschat/MontFITCHet / Boring/Borington/Barenton chevrons, and Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with the fitchee-using Sheds/Sheddens whose Crest "hermit" is in the design of the Boring/Borington/Barenton Crest. Hermits and Helms share the white helmet with Irish Kennedys!

One can follow the Hermits to Herzogs and Here's, then to Harcourt-branch Hairs/Hare's, now said to be first found in Surrey, where English Helms were first found, and then we go to Hairs/Hare's, first found in Ayrshire with the Sheds/Sheddens who took us here. Hermits and German Here's share the border of Kennedy-like KENNETHs/MacKenzie's, and the dentist is Kenneth Hawthorn, which seems like giddy evidence that this dream is pointing to Kennedys.

There's a hare, in the blue color of the Here / Herzog Crests, in the Crest of Withers/Weathers, who are in Kennedy colors and format. German Here's use "scythes," and Scythe's/Skits were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys, and with the Sheds/Sheddens while English Sheds are also Scythe-like Scheds. Herzogs even share the horizontally-split Shield of Carrick-branch German Greggs/Graggs. HarCOURTs can be gleaned with Shirts/Shards if you study the latter's details.

Craigie's (Ayrshire with Kennedys and Carricks) share the crescents of Kennys who seem to have the Luce's in their motto because Kenneths/MacKenzie's use "Luceo." Kennys are split vertically in the colors of the horizontally-split Gregg/Gragg Shield. Kennys were first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers while German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of shirt-and-buttons Tous'/Tosini's.

NEW: Tous'/Tosini's Tonso variation is like the Tounsen of Townsends, and the latter happen to have a blue-Shield version of the Fairway and Judge/Juge Coat! I know of no other surname using buttons but these Tous'/Tosini's. The Tounsens/Townsends (Norfolk with Catch's and FLAGs) almost have the Coat of Cetis-like Catch's/Catchers in the "fly catcher" phrase of the translated Drake motto, and Flys of FLAGi were first found in Hampshire with Drake's.

A golf fairway has flag sticks while Flags/Flecks share the Fairway / Judge scallops. The Tonsens/TonSINGs/Tons' are amazing for having the "CANDELabra" because Candels have a near-copy of the Fair / Fier Coat!!! My shirt and buttons got us here, and then CandleSTICKs are with Kyle's (Ayrshire) while Sticks share the Singer garbs, and the Stick Coat is almost the one of Avis'/Avisons.

The Cundel/Condel variations of Candels (Yorkshire with Cuntys/Connadie's) thus look like variations of Cuntys/Connadie's, especially if the latter were a Kennedy branch. If the Cuntys/Connadie's have the Bruce lion in Crest, that clicks with Marjory Carrick, who became Mrs. Bruce after she had become Mrs. KilconQUHAR. Do we detect a Quarre family in that name? Marjory Carrick first married Adam Kilconquhar, and I read that his mother was of the Comyns surname, the one sharing the Avis/Avison Coat!

The blue wings of both Here surnames and Herzogs are shared by Bauers, the latter first found in Bavaria with Herzogs and BOGans (Bug colors). Bogans use the bow to go with the Bower arrows, and the Bowers share five, bunched arrows with the Roet-related Bows/Bough's, and with Arms of Rothschild while the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer. The Bough-like bogey is a golf theme.

The "QUAERere" motto term of Roets and Bows/Bough's can be for the Carrick-branch French Quarre's/Carre's/CARE's, and while they trace to the checkered Arms of Massa-Carrara, that place is in Florence with the Tous'/Tosini's, yet more evidence that God set up my dentist to laugh at my shirt in connection with Cetis elements, now going to Carrara and Maesa-like Massa. Right next door at Pisa were the first-known Mosca's. The Italian Fulks and Ferrands, sharing the Quarre/Carre and Arms-of-Massa-Carrara checks, were first found in Florence while English Fulke's were first found in Norfolk with the Flecks/Flags sharing the Fairway / Judge's/Juge scallops.

English Care's (Yorkshire with Dents, and with Carrick-line Craggs) are in Dent and Cary colors and format, and I was in the dentist's car. Craggs use LEAVES, and so this paragraph justifies a pointer of the dentist's car to Castle Cary of the Carys, home of LEAVELL's from Lupus Laevillus of Cetis! That is so funny...because Funny's share three red stars on a chevron with Cars/Kerrs, though the chevrons are not in the same colors.

Nonetheless, Funnys (Sussex with Mackesys/Margerisons) are in Mackay colors and format, and almost have a motto term of Mackesys/MARGERisons while Margys/Mackie's were first found in Ayrshire with Marjory/Margaret Carrick. Therefore, indeed, as per the dentist finding my buttons funny, he points to Kennedy-Carrick roots out of Cetis.

The Honours in the Funny motto essentially have the GREEN Coat, and Greens were first found in Kent with the Timms/Time's suspect in the "timeo" motto term of Honours. The latter are listed with Honans while Hone's were first found in Hampshire, beside the first-known Funnys.

[Insert -- I'll return to the dentist, but now for a deviation. Carricks share a motto term of Carrots/Carews, recalling the white rabbit at the touch-bra event. I recall Jerry Peterson (a year older than me) feeding it either carrot and/or lettuce. The lettuce was definitely there, and carrot is expected because the English Care's have the only lavender color I can recall in heraldry. The bra was on a laundry line, and Lavenders came from a Laundry/Landry write-up! I didn't load the Lettuce's/Lattice's until after writing the previous sentences, and they almost have the Car/Kerr Coat, which is almost the Arms of Carrick! What could this mean?

English Care's share the leopard faces of Perrins while Perins were first found in Lorraine with Landrys! BEAUTY!

Carricks were LANE/LAWN kin, and Irish Lawns/Lane's even share the Lorraine bend, wherefore Lane's/Lawns look like a Laundry branch. Lorraine got her grass stain on a lawn. The triple lions in pale of English Lane's/Lawns can go with the same, though in different colors, of Carrots/Carews.

The Lane/Lawn lions have got to be the Robert / Proper/Robert lion as per king Robert Bruce, son of Marjory Carrick and Robert Bruce of Annandale. This king married the Berks/Burghs that I see from John de Burgo of Comyns and Conteville, explaining why Marjory Carrick had married Adam Kilconquhar, i.e. whose mother was a Comyns. Berks/Burghs share the Ainsley cross, and while Ainsleys have the Hicks fleur-de-lys, Hicks' have a "heure" motto term while Conteville is in the Eure province. Chief priest Annas was also ANANus, and thus while his ancestry can go to Annan(dale)'s, his descent can go to AINSleys.

Ranulph le Meschin was the great-grandson of John de Burgo of Conteville, which argues for the lion of Scotland being the lion of Ranulf le Meschin, and whomever he received it from (the Leghs/Lee's/Leys?). It explains why the Comyns garbs (or wheat sheaves) were also the Arms of Cheshire. Comyns were kin of Shaws, and BERKshire is where Sheaves'/Shaws were first found. The Keys, related to both Sheaves surnames, are in the key of the Arms of Comines.

One website: "Jon, Earl of Comyn, and Baron of TONSburgh, in Normandy, being general of the king's forces and governor of his chief towns, there obtained the surname 'de Burgh,' and took his motto, 'Ung ROY, ung foy, ung loy,'... While Scottish Roys share the Role lion while Royals look like a Role branch, Funnys share the stars of French Roys, I'm rolling up cracking up.

The motto above is the motto shown for Irish Berks/Burghs, and if you go to the Wikipedia article for Elizabeth de Burgh, wife of king Robert Bruce I, and click her father's link, you get this page with the Irish Berk/Burgh cross.

If you click to Elizabeth's article at the link above, you will see a swan on her dress, and a mace extending from her hand. Maceys/Mace's make sense, and whoever drew that drawing knew it. The swan could be the ones in the Funny Coat, or perhaps of Leicesters, because they share the Masci fleur, and Tonsburgh-like Tonys/Tone's were first found in Leicestershire. Or, her swan can be for the Swans/Sions (once showed gauntlets, the Macey symbol) because they were first found in Lanarkshire with the Flemings having the double-tressure border, symbol shown (same drawing) on the back of her husband. I see the lion of Ranulph le Meschin inside that border.

Elizabeth is said to be possibly from County Down, and then the Downs have a stag in the colors of the German Young stag, making sense where the "ung" motto terms in the motto of Berks/Burghs look like code for Youngs.

English Care's use leopard faces while a leopard is used by Launays/Lawnys. A Launay location near Brest (Brittany) is due to Italian Lane's first found in Brescia/Brixia, where the Carrick-related Bruce's got their lion. As per "ung loy" in the Berk/Burgh motto, Brests/Brix's have lozenges colors reversed from the French Louis'/Loys, first found in Lorraine. German Loys/Eleys (Carrick colors) have the Care / Perrin leopard faces in half their colors.

I've loaded French Landrys as "Laundry" for months, and am sure I did so earlier in this update, or at least earlier this week, but it no longer loads as "Laundry." One day, someone at houseofnames brought up a chat box on my screen without my request, meaning that somebody there may be reading my work from time to time, to learn heraldic connections, I assume. It just seems that someone there was reading my work lately while on the Laundry surname.

If so, I have no idea why anyone there would be so ungrateful as to thwart my hard work. These pages bring houseofnames traffic, and is this the sort of thanks I get, that something so small as removing a "Laundry" variation is used to thwart my work? It is important to me that French Landrys come up as "Laundry" for updates where I used "Laundry" without "Landry." If google were not suppressing my pages, houseofnames would soon be rolling in the millions. I've got over 800 updates (each a separate webpage) filled with links to houseofnames.

I saw the rabbits fed with either carrot and/or lettuce, and while Carrots were a Carre-connectable Carrick branch, the Lettuce-like Lets/Late's are in the motto of Carrick-related Scottish Flemings. And Launays/Lawnys were first found in LONDon with Letter / Lauder-connectable Tooths! A golf course is almost all lawn. In real life, this dentist pulled two wisdom teeth, and Teets/Tate's were first found in Berwickshire with Lauders!

It's perfect because Teets/Tate's share the Annandale Coat, and Marjory Carrick married the Bruce's of Annandale. Lets/Late's have the Breeze/Brice saltire, as well as the Bruce-of-Annandale / Brush saltire in colors reversed. It appears that our deviation brought us back to the dentist. End insert]

Scottish Bogeys were first found in Fife with ha-ha LAUGHERs/Lochers, and English Bogeys/Buckleys were first found in Cheshire with Ranulph le Meschin while Fairways and Judge's/Juge's share the Meschin scallops.

At this point, I've thought to go to the COURTs/Coverts seeing that the Judge's might be in this section as per an election-fraud court battle. The "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts can be for the Conte-like Cuntys with several Kennedy-like variations such as "Connedie." Irish Kennedys love Lafins who share a Conte Coat, and Kennys have a Chief in the colors of the Cunty/Connedie Chief.

The six pale bars of Courts/Coverts are almost those in the fesse of Mine's/Means/Minks whom I've just found to come up as "Mings," checked because Irish Kennedys curiously show a Minagh variation. "Mean" is a motto term of Comyn-related Shaws, and Conteville's ruled Comyn. Scottish Flemings have a "deed shaw" motto phrase, and Deeds are listed with the Dade's who almost have the Coat of Comyns (Norfolk with Deeds/Dade's). The double-tressure Fleming border is shown on the drawing above on the back of Marjory Carrick's son. These Scottish Flemings must therefore have the Arms-of-Carrick chevron, or vice-versa.

Cuntys/Connedie's even share the double pale bars of Seats/Seeds/CEDES' suspect from CETIS with the Kennati priests of Ajax! We could use a little ajax to scrub the Dominion machines of gangster grime. We will see the Seats as I can get to them because they are in the dentist dream. Seed-like Sheds/Sheddens share the Cunty/Connedie and Hawthorn cinquefoils, and my old dentist under discussion is Mr. Hawthorn.

Back to Avison-like Avesnes on the Helpe river. In the Halper write-up, the earliest-recorded member is said to be "William Halpeni, Oxfordshire", and while CLINTons, sharing the Kennedy fitchees, were first found in Oxfordshire, Clents/Clints named the Clent Worcestershire, where Hillarys were first found who share the six Clinton fitchees in the same colors and pattern. Stephen Halper helped Hillary Clinton frame Trump as a Russian asset along with Christopher Steele, and English Steels share the Halper checks. They used the FISA court, called FISC, to frame Trump, and check-using Fiscs share a triangle (not sure what it's called officially) with Halpers/Halfpennys.

If Halperins were named by Perrins, they may have started as Halls. The latter are not only in Fairways colors and format, but come up as "Hole," and while fairways share the FLAG scallops, golf fairways have flags in holes in every green.

PUTTERs are used on greens, and Potters were first found in Hampshire with Botters/Bodins and Buttons/Bidens/Budins!!! Ports (Hampshire) share the BUTT/Bute estoiles, and the Port Chief is in the colors and format of the Chief of Josephs (Hampshire) who in turn share the Avis/Avison garbs!

But that's not all, for Hampshire is also where English Porters/Pawters (Potter colors) were first while Poitou at POITIERS is where Avezzano- / Avison-like Vezina's/Vesins were first found. Scottish Porters were first found in Ayrshire with the Kennedys using "Avise"! Lookie there. Porters are in Hole/Hall colors and format. Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle (Ayrshire again) recalling that the Sticks (Somerset, beside Hampshire), in the Kyle candlesticks, almost have the Avis/Avison Coat.

Porters share the PORTCULLIS gate, suspect as code from CHARAX PROCULUS of Cetis, with the Snipe's/Snape's who are in the colors and near-format of Clintons (Oxfordshire with Snipe's/Snape's. This Charax character is the one that joins Kennedys to Carricks. Snipe's were originally found as per the "PAIR of snips" of Meullers/Meulens, and while Pairs are listed with German Paws/Pauers, they with Dutch Paws share the peacock with the Shirt/Shard Crest. English Powers are said to be from Pois in Picardy, and Peacocks come up as "Peas" while CULLIS', suspect in "PortCULLIS," use "PEAScods". Fier-connectable Peas'/Peacocks were first found in Essex with Broke's/Brocks, a branch of Brocuffs/PROCKs. Like "PROCulus."

Cullis' even share the fesse of Power-branch Poors (Devon with Powers). Cullis' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Meulen-like Milans/Millens/Mellents and Mellansons. The latter use "rods" while Rods were first found in Devon with English Powers, who in turn look somewhat linkable to the stag of Sullivans. It's amazing that Cullis' have a "Hoc" motto term because Hochs/YOKE's (share Funny swan) can link to the Yoke variation of ha-ha Joke's!

Serious Pointer to Court

The arrival to the peacock-using Pairs/Paws with the Meuller/Meulan symbol works with Beaumonts of Meulan/Mellent descending from Humphrey de Vieilles, a Peacock-loving HarCOURT. HARborough's in the Shirt/Shard write-up explain why the Shirt/Shard Crest shares the peacock in the Harcourt Crest. The dentist's surname is Danish inasmuch as king Rollo was, and Harcourts were Danes too.

As Harcourts share the double fesses of English Hare's/Hairs (Derbyshire with Ayers/Eyers, Here's/Heyers and Cnuts/Nots), it begs whether Hare's had married a Court surname to form "Harcourt." If so, I'm asking again whether the dentist dream points to a special court case arranged my God's support.

The pale bars of Courts/Coverts are in the colors of the double fesses of Scottish Hare's/Hairs, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Ayers, Aur(es)-connectable Orreys/Ure's, and Cords/McCOURTs!!! But I'm not finished. As it was the DENTist who laughed at my shirt, and if God is pointing us to a court case, there could be something in the Dent surname to that effect...because, ah-hah, There is a "ConCORDia" motto term with Dents!

"CONcordia" can also point to Conte-branch Cone's, recalling the Conte- and Kennedy-like Cuntys/CONNedie's suspect in the COURT/Covert motto.

Plus, the court theme was first brought to topic with Fairways because they share a Judge/Juge Coat. A golf fairway is a golf COURSE, and there is a French Course/Cour surname in the colors of the French Coeurs/Le Cours/Le COURTs and Courts/Coverts! You can't believe it. Coeurs/Le Cours/Le Courts were first found in Languedoc with French Conte's, and both Coats are similar enough to go with "CONcordia."

I must have had a blind spot when originally loading Irish Judge's. I had even said that Dent branch Denets have a "proviDENTiam" motto term, but somehow missed the "proviDENTia" motto term of Irish Judge's/Juge's until re-loading them just now.

I had told that Fairways and Judge's almost have the Coat of Travis'/Travers from the motto of Fore's, and that "fore" is a golf term...when one smacks a ball down the fairway. I had said that Vita's were at TARVISium/TREVISo. Therefore, do you see anything suspicious in the "proVIDEntia" motto term of Judge's? Vido's are listed with Vita's. Okay, there's no surprise that Judge's should be related to Travis liners, including Vita's, but Someone seems to have arranged the FORE's in particular to have a "travers" motto term. Doesn't that look like Intelligent Design?

Plus, when I said above that English Judge's/Juge's (Warwickshire with Fairways) share the leopard faces of Fitch's, while Tarves' use fitchees, I had forgotten that Vita's, looking like their Coat is related to German Vits/Witte's, Vits', may have named the Fitch's/Fitts because their write-up has: "And another claims the name was from 'the Flemish, Vits; a personal name.'"

That tends to verify that we can indeed go to the Tarves', first found in Aberdeenshire, near the Fothes'/Fittes'/Fette's. The latter's Foot branch was first found in Cheshire with CLUBS, another golf term, and while the Clubs were first found at Farndon, Farndon's (Cheshire) essentially have a purple-Shield version of the Fitch/Fitt Coat. The FairWOOD variation of Fairways recalls the savage-with-club of Woods.

Might Fairways / Fare's have named Farndon? While Irish Fairways share the Flag/Fleck scallops, the latter's double fesses are in colors reversed with Farn-like Ferrons/Farrands/Farrants. Fairons are listed with English Farrands (share VAIR fur of a different color with Farndons), and Italian Ferrands share the checkered Shield of Italian, Flag-connectable Fulks and Fers/Ferrats; the latter were an obvious VAIR/Fers branch. Italian Ferrands and Fulks were both first found in Florence with the Tous' suspect in the "VirTUS" motto term of English Fairons/Farrands.

Repeat: "Kennys were first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers while German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of shirt-and-buttons Tous'/Tosini's." There's a tiger head in the Dent Crest.

What about golf balls? Cheshire is also where Clubs, Balls and Bellows/Ballots were first found, and the latter have the potential to point to a court case about ballot fraud. But is the Ballot surname justified here? English Balls use a "fireball", and Fire's come up as "Fur" while the only two heraldic furs include "vair." The other is ermine fur, and French Balls show nothing but giant ermines!

"Bellows" are used by "eel"-using Ships/Shiptons, and Skiptons (Yorkshire with Fairons/Ferrands), whom Meschins of Cheshire married, share purple with Farndons. More in particular, Meschins married Rumillys of Skipton, and then Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with ELY, and with the Chapmans who have a giant crescent in the red color of the giant Vit and Foy crescent, and these Irish Foys have another "eel." English Foys share the Coat of English Lacys (Yorkshire with Skiptons) while Irish Lacys share the purple lion with Skiptons.

Golf courses have ponds, and the Ponds essentially have the Coat of Ponders (Cambridgeshire with Chapmans) in the Chapman motto. Ponds were first found in Hampshire with Drive's, and while golf clubs include drivers, Drivers were first found in Cheshire. Be amazed, because I am, because I had looked up Farns when loading Farndons, but had nothing to say. But, now, the split Farn Shield is shared by Drivers, and Farns probably use the red-on-gold lion of Ranulf le Meschin. That's amazing.

When English Bush's use their red fesse, their Coat looks related to Ponds and Ponders, but also to BUStards who share pellets with English Lacys (Yorkshire with Bush's). Golf courses have sand traps, and Trapps/Trappers use the "bustard." Sands share the fitchees of Darlene's (Devon with BasTARDs and Darts/Tards) who in turn share the gold-on-blue drops of Cnuts/KNOTs. English Lacys have a purple "fret-knot". There is a Purple surname, showing no Coat, first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's.

The Farndon Coat is a near-copy of the PACE Coat (both have purple Shields), and Pace's were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Farndons. The Bustard-like Bastards have a "PAX potior BELLO" motto, and Shipton-beloved Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire) are Bello's too. English Belows, with a FRETTY Shield, were first found in Yorkshire with FRET-Knot Lacys. The Below fretty is shared by Twitts/Thwaite's, a branch of Irish Tuits/Tute's, and then the Touts/Tute's (Yorkshire with Belows) are in the "Tout" motto term of Belows.

After arriving to Twitts, the Tweets and Tweeds were loaded wondering if I'm to somehow go to Elon Musk's Twitter company. Muscats/Musks, with a version of the Ely Coat, were first found at eel-like Ely, and the eel is used by Bellow-beloved Shiptons while they are Ballots too. So, if Musk unveils some government-sanctioned ballot-fraud history at Twitter, who knows what it could amount to.

I then loaded Stonehouse's because Tweeds of Peebles-shire (same place as Tweets) were at a Stonehouse location. The Stonehouse Coat, which shares the Loy/EELY leopard face, is a good reflection of the Tesla-like Tessel/Teasel Coat. Elon Musk owns Tesla electric cars, and he moved many Tesla employees over to Twitter. Did the dentist own an electric car?

Battery-like Batters almost have the Tudy/TOTTy Coat, and we just saw how Tout-branch Tuits are a Twitt branch. Tudys/Tottys were first found in Hampshire with Tiss' suspect in the Shirts/Shard motto, and the Teese variation of Tiss' can take us to the Tesla-like Teasels (Essex with Muschats). How's that for pointing the dentist's laughter to Elon Musk? Elons, with the double fesses of Flags/Flacks, share "timeo" with the Honours in the Funny motto.

Plus, Tweeds almost have the TEET/Tate Coat, and my dentist pulled my TEETH. Teeters/Deeters were first found in Pomerania with German Belows! The latter's Crest is even the Stoner Crest. Teeters/Deeters have a white dog to go with the white dog head of STONEehouse's, and with the white dog of Stone's (share Craig motto). Another white dog head is with Amore's, first found in Oxfordshire with Stoners. The "PETamus" motto term of Stonehouse's can be for Pettys because they share the green parrot with Peeble's. Pettys were first found in Warwickshire with Fairways and Judge's, and Peebles-shire is where Tweets were first found while Musk's Twitter does tweets.

Amore's are important because Italian Amori's can link to my funny shirt, and they share the stars of Tee's/Tease's. The goat-head Timms/Time's suspect in the Elon motto share the Bonnie fleur while goat-head Bunnys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tee's/Tease's. Bunnys were at Basford while Basfords share the eagle of Funny-like Fauns/Phones'. The dentist was steering the car, and Steers nearly share the Amore motto. I'll come back to this for a back-flipping good time.

To link Car-like Carys to Shirts/SHARDs, the lizard of Jarrys/Garrys can be used because Lizarts list Sarde's. The Jarry/Garry write-up insists that the surname named Kari in Devon, and then became the Carys. The latter were a branch of Carts, and the neighboring Carters are in Jarry/Garry colors while having a lion in the colors of the Irish Cary lion.

I, a Masci liner, was SITTING in the back SEAT of that car with a funny shirt. My Masci mother was born and raised at the L'Aquila theater, and while Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila, the Chiava-like Clave's (Poitou) share their keys! Clavers use the key too, and the point is: the "clavo" motto term of Irish Carrs. It took me this long to realize it. In colors reversed, the Clave Coat could be the Messey/Messier Coat.

As Pine's were first found in Devon with Kari (Kari Lake's court case comes to mind), Irish Karys are suspect with the lion of pine-cone Maschi's, the latter first found near Fano, that being the line of Fane's/Phone's looking like a Faun/Phones branch. The Funnys have a Coat reflection of the SEATon/SITTIN-connectable Swan/Sion Coat that once showed gauntlet gloves, the Fane/Phone symbol. I was SITTIN in the back SEAT, and my funny Shirt is now connecting to Maschi's. Hamon de Massey was of a Dunham-Masci location in Cheshire, where Shirts/Shards were first found.

Plus, the "la fin" motto phrase of Kennedys can be partly for the Fins/Feins/Du Fins while Fane's/Phone's are Fiens too. Lafins happen to have a "Vincit" motto term while Vince's/Finch's have one of the triple Finchem fesses, and they happen to be the triple Fin/Fein fesses too.

I heard that Mark Finchem is still seeking to overturn the election that was robbed from him by Arizona fraud, after a judge tossed out his case or something to that effect. Kari Lake is still in court doing the same against Arizona fraud. Much/most of the ballot fraud was in PHOENIX, Arizona, and the Phone's are very connectable to Phoenix's/Fenwicks!!! But why should the dentist's funny scene point to these court cases? Does his car point to KARi Lake? Are the Lake's of the Laughers/LOCHers?

French Lagers first found in Burgundy with Fins/Feins, tending to clinch Laughers/Lochers with Lafins. The head in the Laugher/Locher Crest is in the design of the "fox" head in the Bellow/BALLOT Crest, and Kari Lake had worked for Fox news in Arizona! Zowie. There's a Swedish Lager Coat sharing the wavy bend of Dutch Gaunts/Ghents/Gentle's, and I suppose it's possible that Ghents were from "Kennati" too. English Gentle's were first found in Hampshire with Ghents and Buttons. German Gentle's share the lion of Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with Gaunts. Laugher-like Lagers have brought us to connection with the Phoenix/Fenwick bloodline. Kari Lake may have worked in Phoenix, Arizona!

The double fesses of French Lagers are in the colors of the double chevrons of Braswells, and "girdle" of BRASwells can be code for the Girtle's with a court-like CURTler variation. Is the dentist's car pointing to her court cases? They are a joke in the sense that two judges thus far have been laughable kangaroos. Wouldn't it be true that the people behind Biden are fighting tooth and nail to keep Ms. Lake from winning her court cases, for she would then become the Arizona governor and unveil the election corruption that took Biden to the White House, which would be one major step in delegitemizing his win.

I think one can make the case, as per PAR for the golf COURSE, that Parrs have the double fesses of French Lagers in colors reversed for a reason. The Lafins took me to Lager-like Laughers, and Lafins are in the Kennedy motto with Avis/Avisons linkable to Avesnes, and Margaret of Avesnes married Mr. DamPIERRE while "Parr" may have become "DamPierre/DamPAR" ("petra") because the latter share the giant Lafin lion. The Pierre's were first found in Languedoc with COURSE's/Cours, and with Coeurs/McCOURTs (!) who almost have the Pierre Coat! Course's/Cours almost have the Girtle/CURTler Coat! THAT IS AMAZING.

Plus, the Curtis'/COURTis' (Plow kin), in Girtle/Curtler colors, have "A farmer holding over his SHOULDER a plowSHARE" while the woman in the Parr Crest is recorded (4th update of April, 2012) like so: "The Pars/Parr Crest description: 'A woman's head and SHOULDERS, dressed in blue, WEARING a WREATH of red and silver roses.'" I kid thee not. I'll soon show the Shirt/Shard description, part of which is: " wreath of laurel around his head WEARING..." SHOULDhams look like Ore/Orr kin.

AHH, Curtis/Courtis' were first found in Warwickshire with Fairways and Judge's!!!!!! PAR for the FAIRWAY!

Kenneth-like Kents have a good reflection of the Mackesy/Margeson Coat while Margys/Mackeys were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys and Ayers. Kents share the Maschi lion too, as do the neighboring Norths, the latter first found in Sussex with the Mackesys/Margesons and Funnys. The latter use a "loyalty" motto term to go with the "loyalite" of Mackesys/Margesons, and Funnys are in Scottish Mackay colors and format. "LoyaLITE" suggests Lite's/Lights, suspect in the Ayer motto, and having swans.

Back to "CONcordia" of the Dents. Cons are listed with English, Cuneo-line Conys, and with German Cohens sharing the Ferrat/Fer Coat. MontFerrat is at the Cuneo theater. Hohens almost have the Con/Cohen Coat, but as the Fisc Shield. The beauty here is that Cords/McCourts were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Kennedys while Irish Kennedys, sharing the helmet with Pendragons (Cornwall with Tippers), were first found in Tipperary while Tipps'/Tippins, suspect in the Pendragon motto, share the triple pheons of Cords/McCourts, thus nailing the Tippins with the namers of Tipperary.

The Tipps/Tippin Chief is in the colors and format of the Chief of Kennedy-like Ghents, and while the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt has a virgin, Virgins share the red lion in both Shield and Crest with Aurs/Aures' and Orreys/Ure's (Ayrshire with Kennedys). Virgins were first found in Kennedy-like Kent with the Gaunts whose fessewise bars are in the colors of the double fesses of the AYRshire Hare's/Hairs. And Kent is where the Greens ("VirTUS") were first found whose stag has the Kenneth/MacKenzie stag head.

Kent is also where Dragons/Drainers and Minute's/Mynetts were first found, and the latter have so-called "oPEN" helmets, notable where the PENdragon helmet is open too. Dragons/Drainers, kin of Minute's/Mynetts, use helmets. OPENheimers use the sphinx while Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Penes'/Pennys, clinching the open helmet as code for Pen liners. The pen-using Scottish Michaels were first found in Surrey with Helms, as were English Michaels who share the scallops of Joke's/Yoke's, first found in Kent too.

The "laBORE" motto term of Courts/Coverts can be partly for pot-using Bore's, interesting where Borings/Boringtons (Cambridgeshire with Hounds) have what the Sheds/Sheddens (Ayrshire) call a "hermit ", for Hare-connectable Hermits have helmets in the colors of the German Helm helmet while English Helms, in Dent and Hound colors and format, have pheons on black, as do Tipps'/Tippins and Dent-beloved Cords/McCourts. Dents and Hounds share the same lozenges, and Dent-branch Donuts/Danets (see also Denets) have a greyHOUND. Does any of this reveal what sort of court case we maybe should be looking for? Or is there more than one? Lockdowns made us into hermits, and Sheddens could be a pointer to vaccine shedding.

The Stubbs prove that pheons are a symbol of the Paeoni peoples (at STOBi), suspect in naming the neighboring PENEStae peoples, the root of PenDRAGONs. PENES'/Pennys use the greyhound too.

The Hull and Hall dogs heads are even in the colors of the HOLLY dog and Holly dolphin while Jaggs/Jacks use holly, and while Scottish Kennedys share the dolphin with Tipperary-like Tippers. The Tipper Crest is almost the one of Avis'/Avisons, both sharing the anchor with Fairs, and Anchors were a branch of Hangers/Angers found in the "POT hangers" of Danish Cnuts who in turn use flags for connection to Flys of Flagi (Hampshire with Hangers/Angers). English Cnuts/Canute's have gold drops.

English Pots (same place as Buttons/Bidens), sharing the Bruno bend, use an "astuTUS" motto term that can be for Tous'/Tosini's, first found in Florence with Bruno's. Tous'/Tosino's, use a "man" wearing a "shirt with buttons". I didn't see the color of my shirt when the dentist laughed at the red buttons, but note that the Tous shirt is red.

I've just found the official description from my 1st update in November, 2015. I didn't know until now that the man wears gold buttons: "There are three gold eight point stars above the chevron, and below a man's head and bust natural with a green wreath of laurel around his head WEARING a red shirt with gold BUTTONs." I can now see what look like two gold buttons whereas I didn't spot them before.

There's plenty of code work there but suffice for now to say that while Wearings were first found in Devon with Wears and Cnut-connectable Darlene's, the Wear river is at Durham, where English Conte's and Darlingtons were first found. The latter share the red crosslet of Wears. Plus, while Darlene's share the Ore/Orr fitchees, it seems certain now that the gold buttons are used partly for the "or" = gold code. Both the Darlene's and Darlingtons use guttee-d'or. It seems that gold drops were originally code for the Ore/Orr bloodline. Ore's/Orrs share the red roundel with Shirts/Shards.

Behold: Canute-like French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, suspect in naming Conteville's, earls of Comyn/Comines, and while Comyns/Comines share the Avis/Avison Coat, Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's use a purple "flag" while Lafins, sharing the Coat of Italian Conte's, are also La FONTs!!! My dentist was (not anymore) Mr. Hawthorn, and Hawthorns were first found in Durham with English Conte's.

The Fairways and Judge's/Juge's are in the colors, and almost in the colors and format, of Potters. Putters/Pewters, at BASUStowe (Cornwall), share the Jake/Jackman eagles, excellent where Jack liners trace to Cetis, where the Bassus' were royals! Putters are a golfing item, and this dentist dream has pointed to Cetis from the beginning!

Jacksons only now came to mind, what timing, for they not only share the Potter cinquefoil, but the black griffin head of Jake's/Jackmans. Jacksons are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Fairways! The black griffin head is shared by STUMPs/Stomps, found early in Essex with the first-known Jake's/Jackmans, and as Jake Sullivan was one of Hillary Rodham Clinton's political stumpers, it's interesting that Rodhams use a tree stump. Jacksons have red drops as compared to the gold drops of Jake's/Jackmans, and Jackmans put the drops on their horse while Horse's were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams.

I was in the BACK SEAT of the dentist's CAR when he laughed at my buttons. Car's/Kerrs were first found in Lancashire with Seats/Seeds/CEDES', and I'm aiming to show again how CARRicks are from CETIS. My dentist was laughing while driving the car, and therefore he was STEERing the CAR. The Steers are in the so-called "steer" of German BACKs/Bachs, and "cede" is a motto term of Steers, what are the chances? In real life, this dentist pulled two wisdom teeth, the BACK teeth. English Backs, beside the first-known, Easter-branch Styre's/Sturs (Hampshire) and Putters, share the Jake and Putter eagle. Back-flipping good times are here again. Now we know why I wasn't in the front seat. I didn't see anyone in the front seat.

He was the driver, and Drive's/Drove's were first found in Hampshire too, along with Tiss'/Teese's, and TEE's are listed with Tease's sharing the Car/Kerr stars. A golf tee is where one DRIVES the ball! There is a Driver surname with a HEART-version of the Weis'/WISE's Crest, and this dentist's surname will bring us to WisHARTS, you wait and see.

Cars'/Kerrs share a "sed" motto term with Tippers, and with Sedans/Siddens who were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with the SEDbergh location of DENTs!!! The DENTist was laughin' at me, and Lafins were first found in TIPPERary. Sedans/Siddens have a "sino sed" motto phrase to indicate that they are a branch of SEATons/Sittens (named Sitten and Sion).

Sions are Sine's too, and while Gullys/Gollys (Oxfordshire with Harcourts) and English Gulls both have a "sine" motto term, Spanish Gulls share the double fesses of Harcourts who share the Crest of the Shirts/Shards of HARborough connections. Then, German and Dutch Gulls are GOLFins too. Gullys/Gollys (probably a Julian branch), first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, are even in Kennedy colors and format. The red color on the breast on the bird of Dutch Gulls/Golfins suggest a robin, and it just so happens that a "robin" is in the Sullivan Crest! Jake Sullivan.

I was sittin' in the back seat for the drive home, and Home's/Hume's were first found in Berwickshire with Letter-branch Lauders, both of whom share the TOOTH griffin!!!! The Palmans in the Tooth motto use Seaton-connectable swans! The Palman Crest is a peacock, as is the Shirt/SHARD Crest, and the "amore" motto term of Palmans thus traces to Amori's of SARDinia! That's where VisCONTI's lived suspect with Lafin-connectable Conti's/Conte's.

The Seatons/Sittens have the Latter crescents in colors reversed, and while I had looked up LAUGHERs/Lochers, and while I knew they had the three Latter piles in colors reversed, it wasn't until today that Latters were loaded to find them first found in Ayrshire with Lafin-related Kennedys and Carricks!!!! Lock liners must have married a Lafin liner.

The Sheers, first found in Surrey with Seats/Seeds/Cedes' (Carrick colors), happen to have the three black fitchees (color of the three Kennedy fitchees) that are at times on the Arms of Carrick, and the Sheer Crest is even a black dog, the color of the Carrick dog.

While Seaton-connectable Sions/Swans (LANARKshire) use swans, ditto for the Locks who should explain why Latter-branch Laughers are listed with Lochers. The giant swan is with Hochs/Yoke's (Switzerland with Sion) while Joke's are Yoke's too. "HOC laBORE" is a Dee motto while Bore's use pots.

Again, the head in the Laugher/Locher Crest is in the design of the "fox" head in the Bellow/BALLOT Crest, which can point to ballot fraud that is sure to spoil, to some degree, Kennedy's chances at beating Biden. Bellows/Ballots share the Coat of English Billets (Devon with Maine's), and then French Billets (Maine with Pellicans) are listed with Hillard-branch Billiards, a branch of Bills who have the pelican. The Bill Chief looks related to the Halper/Halfpenny Chief, and while the latter share the Steele checks, the Steele Chief has billets in the colors of the billet-like pale bar in the Bill Chief. Stefan Halper worked corruptly and criminally along with Chris Steele to get Hillary Clinton elected. The Steele Chief looks related to the Chief of Clintons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with the Ships/Shiptons using "bellows." This paragraph looks like election fraud by the Clinton crime ring that likely manipulates, and even bosses, Biden around. It's doubtful the Clintons will be on Kennedy's side.

Part of the Steele conspiracy was performed by Peter Strzok, a surname like a golf stroke.

I may be deviating to a wrong track, but let's see where this goes as per Robert Mueller, part of Hillary's attack dogs on Trump along with the characters in the paragraph above. Recall how Clintons connect with the Meuller Coat, then let's take it to the three molars that my dentist worked on in real life. No Molar surnames comes up, but French Molers/Mollers share the hexagram of Rodden-like Rotens, and Rodhams are listed with Roddens. German and Jewish Mollers/Muellers both have giant Catherine wheels owned by Catherine Roet, and Rotens look like "Roet." I see German Roets as kin of Karens/Kerrns, and Cars are also Kerrs.

Another giant wheel (different colors) is used by Carrick-connectable Carrara's, and the German Moller/Mueller wheel is in Carrick colors. I can't think of more to say, and so it may have led us to Car-connectable Carricks.

Steele's were first found in Cheshire with pelican-using Propers/ROBINs/Roberts sharing the Robert lion. Apart from the Robert lion, Propers/Robins/Roberts have the Button/Biden Coat, and thus this looks like a pointer to ROBERT F. Kennedy Jr's bid to take the White-House candidacy from Biden. The Sullivan Crest is a "ROBIN".

The Kennedy-connectable Tippers use a "robore" motto term that can be partly for Robs/Robe's sharing the ROBIN chevron, and Bore's use pots for linkage to the Potters we saw above sharing the Jackson cinquefoils. Potter-connectable Cnuts share the drops of Cnut-connectable Darlingtons and Darlene's, and while Darlingtons were first found in Durham with Cnut-like Conte's, Darlene's use a "robe in their Crest. French Pots were first found in Berry with French Porters while English Pots were first found in Hampshire with English Potters, Porters/Pawters and Buttons/Bidens.

Again, Scottish Porters were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys and Carricks, but more in particular, Porters were first found in Kyle of Ayrshire. The candleSTICKs of Kyle's can play here as per the flagSTICK that sits in a golf CUP. The ORReys, first found in Ayrshire, may have been a branch of Ore's/Orrs who happen to have a cornuCOPia while Cups are also Cope's. In fact, Ore's/Orrs share triple-white piles with Laugher-branch Latters, first found in Ayrshire! It's important because the dentist is Kenneth, and because Kennedys are suspect behind Laughers while Kennedy-like KENNETHs/MacKenzie's have a "NON uro" motto phrase looking like code for the Ure variation of Orreys (same place as NONs/Nevins). Sticks almost have the Coat of Avis'/Avison' in "Avise la fin" motto of Kennedys, you see.

The stick garbs are shared by SANGers/Singers who in turn share the white courant horse with the Jackson Crest. The latter's horse has red drops called guttee-de-SANG.

Orreys are also Ure's (Ayrshire with Nons/Nevins), suspect in the "NON uro" motto phrase of Kenneths/MacKenzie's, and this dentist is KENNETH Hawthorn!!! I launched a formal complaint against this dentist to a non-government watchdog (that supports dental corruption, I discovered to my chagrin) for three reasons mainly, one of which was his faking my x-rays. On eight occasions, he placed an item into my mouth, then walked out of the room pretending to turn on the x-ray machine, but later, when I asked him for the x-ray, he refused to send them to me.

Upon further requests, he sent me files, but they were blank, no photos, and when I informed him of this, he simply said, too bad, I sent your the x-RAY images i.e. he wasn't going to send them again. And he never did send them, proof-positive he's corrupt. The point is, English RAYs (Cumberland) show nothing but triple, courant stags on GREEN to suggest the Green stags.

The dentist froze my gums, and these Rays are in the colors and format of the triple-courant horses of Freeze's. They are the Sanger/Singer horse too that we saw in the Jackson Crest. Freeze's were first found in Essex with Jake's/Jackmans. French Rays share the "esCARbuncle" with Hangers/Angers in the "pot hangers" of Cnuts, and Potters share the Jackson cinquefoil. Buncle's are in the colors and format of Brooks (Essex with Jake's/Jackmans) who in turn share the Joke scallops. Lots of Ajax here.

Cnuts are Knots/Nots too, and Nuts are Knuts too, and heraldry has many squirrels "CRACKing their nuts" that is definite code for Carricks. Nuts/Knuts have a Crest like that of Weis'/Wise's and Wises'/Wiesers, but with a gold pheon, the color of the pheon of Tipper-connectable Tipps'/Tippins. Hazels, having a squirrel with a nut, share the Cnut/Knot/Not crescents.

Latter-branch Laughers/Lochers share triple piles (different color) with Wisharts/Guiscards, and Latter-like Lauders and Letters share the TOOTH griffin. My dentist, whose surname was related to Wisharts, pulled two of my WISdom teeth, and WISharts/GuisCARDs have the Ore/Orr piles in colors reversed. CARDS have a "LETTER" with Stump-like stamp upon it. Stamps look like Sanger/Singer kin. CARTs are Cary liners, and Carys are in DENT colors and format. Note "TanCRED"

My dentist has a Hawthorn surname, and Hawthorns have a Coat similar to that of Tancreds likely because HAWThorne's were Hauteville's. Tancred of Hauteville was the father of the Sicilian kings, the Guiscard brothers. Wisharts/Guiscards have three red piles to a point, as do Brechens, and Irish Judge's are said to be synonymous or related to "Brehan."

Wies'/Wiesers have a Coat similar to that of French Lagers, and the latter share the double fesses of Dons who in turn share an "omnia" motto term with Wishart-connectable Ore's/Orrs and Lafins, no small point. I've neglected the Lafin motto all the way to down here. Dons (Cheshire with Shirts/Shards and Hands) are said to have formed a relationship with Brehen-like Bruens for yet another possible connection to Wisharts/Guiscard, for German Bruens are also "Bruhne/Broenne" and similar variations. Irish Bruens (giant hand) were first found in KilKENNY with Irish Carys!

I don't know Guiscard history well (never cared to know), but they probably had some estates or regional control in SARDinia. The "BoNIS" motto term of Ore's/Orrs can be partly for Niss' who look like kin of French Lombards, the latter first found in Provence with Lizarts/SARDE's. Amori's of Sardinia share the CREMer Chief, and Cars/Kerrs (Amori stars in colors reversed) use a "serio" motto term while Crema is on the Serio river of Lombardy. The Bona's in the Ore/Orr motto were first found in the Lombardy capital while Scottish Lombards were first found in Renfrewshire with Ore's/Orrs. The latter's piles are in Amore / Damory/Amori / Nessan/Nice colors, and Nissans have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Dons and Lagers. The Nissan fesses have the hexagrams of Weis'/Wise's.

Alert. Campbells have a motto, "NE obliVISCARis," looking like possible code for Wisharts/Guiscards (the latter show no Guiscard variation, but come up when entering the term). Knee's/NEE's share the VISE stag head, and once we remove "vis" from "viscaris," "caris" remains. There is Scottish Carris surname listed with Carsons using a motto, "Ne m'oubliez," assuring that Carris' are indeed in the Campbell motto. And English Cariss'/Carris', first found in Lancashire with Cars/Kerrs, share the Car/Kerr chevron-with-stars...but on an odd blue-colored Shield. The Cariss/Carris cinquefoils are shared by Kenite-like McKinneys.

Thus, it appears that there is a Car branch in the same motto as a Wishart branch, tending to reveal Intelligent Design in the dentist dream. If correct, it tends to show that Hawthorne's were indeed Guiscard-related Hauteville's, and ZOWIE, just realized: HAUTE(ville)-like Auto's are also Otto's, as are the Ottone's suspect with Ottone VISconti, the first Visconti ruler of Milan, the Lombardy capital! I find that spectacular. I had no idea I'd be saying that when doing the paragraph above with Cars and Crema of Lombardy.

[Insert -- "Aut" is in the Gunn motto twice, and the Gunn Chief is colors reversed from the Schim/Schien Chief. The two Shields are moreover in the same colors and format. The "belLUM" motto term of Gunns can be for Lums/LUMBS, perhaps from Lombardy because Ottone VISconti ruled there while Ottone's are Otto's along with Auto's. Scottish Lombards were first found in Renfrewshire with Wishart-connectable Ore's/Orrs while Gunns share the giant Renfrew ship. It's also the Baud ship, and Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with WISharts/Guiscards. This paragraph works.

I've just found Visharts/Vischarts, first found in Stirlingshire. In their write-up: "John Wishard later called Visart was in Tulloch in 1254." Tullochs (virtually the Sand / Sandy Coat) happen to share the Ore/Orr and Darlene fitchee, which is red as is the VICKER fitchee. Darlene's (guttee d'OR) use a "female FIGURE" suspect as code for a Vicker liner, and so note the VISARt variation in the Vishart write-up. Visers are listed with Dutch Fisers. Tullocks share the red crosslet of Darlingtons, first found in Durham with VisCONTI-like Conte's.

The animal in the Tullock Crest has no antlers, indicating the possibility that Darlene's/DERlene's (Devon with DERTs/DARTs) were Deer / Derr / Dere / Deering liners. German Dere's/Darrs/DERRET/DARRETs (Saxony with WIESS') happen to show acorns while Acorns, first found in Suffolk with Vicker-like VISE's/Vice's, share the Vise/Vick stag head. German Terrah's/DEIRE's are in Helm colors and format while Tullocks use helmets. End insert]

PLUS, Cremers have the Cuss-branch Custs in their motto while Guis-like CUISTs apply who share the giant Cusson and Constance/CUSTer eagle, which are in both colors of the giant, double-headed eagle of Laugher-like Dutch Lagers. Reminder: though in different colors, Laughers/Lochore's share triple piles to a point with Wisharts/Guiscards.

The Dentist Cracked My Tooth

I can trace French Lagers to Carricks. French Lagers are listed with Legers, first found in Burgundy with LEGRo's, and yet the latter are listed with Gros' and Carrick-like Graux's. Though in a different color, the English Grose's share a passant dog with Carricks, and Groce's/Greggs/Graggs have been shown to be a Carrick branch via Bruce-connectable Lawns/Lane's. This can identify the blue Legro/Gros lion with the Bruce lion, but as the Legro/Gros lion is in both colors of the Soar lion, Carricks of this sort trace to the Soar/Legro river of Leicester...which recalls the swan on the dress of king Robert Bruce's wife.

Therefore, this is evidence that French Lagers/Legers (Burgundy with FINs) are indeed connectable to the Laughers/LOCHore's who themselves are connectable to LaFINs, for the latter were kin of Carrick-related Kennedys. LOCHs and Locks both share the swan with Leicesters, and the Lick variation of Locks looks like "LEICester." French Locks/DeLoges' and Loge's were first found in Burgundy with Lagers/Legers and Legro's/Gros'.

As was said earlier: "nuts are Knots/Nots too, and Nuts are Knuts too, and heraldry has many squirrels CRACKing their nuts that is definite code for Carricks. Nuts/Knuts have a Crest like that of Weis'/Wise's and Wises'/Wiesers, but with a gold pheon, the color of the pheon of Tipper-connectable Tipps'/Tippins. Hazels, having a squirrel with a nut, share the Cnut/Knot/Not crescents." Hazelwoods and Hazeltons share the Shake chevron, and Shake's are from Shechemites. Cnut-like Kennedys of Tipperary use the SCIMITAR, begging whether proto-Carricks were at Schimatari.

Josephus called the Kenites, "KENETides," possibly because he knew the Kennati priests to be from Kenites. The Biblical "Kenite" is rooted in "Ken," not "Kenet," but with time the Kenites could have evolved into "Kennati." Kents share the giant lion of Irish Carys, first found in KilKENNY. Now we know another reason as to why God put me into the dentist's car. Leavells from Cetis were of Somerset's, Dent-connectable Carys. God wants to reveal the origins of the Levite bloodline of Annas and/or CAIAPHas, and I showed the Chiava-related Clave's suspect in the motto of Irish Carrs.

Moses married a Kenite, and so pagan Levites likely married Kenites and their Shechemite fellows. I claim that these Levites named the Laevi Gauls from the Galli priests of Cybele, and these Galli lived where Gauls would return, centuries later, to name Galatia. Some suggest that the mythical castration symbol given to the Galli priests was a fun exaggeration of circumcision (myth writers were always having fun). I trace the SCIMITAR, one of which I just saw in the Carris/Carson Crest, to the Shechemites at Schimatari. Now we know another reason as to why God put me into the dentists's car! Compare "Carris" to "Carrick."

I had proposed a trace the sleeping moon of KARENs and Roets to the moon goddess of CARIANs, for Roets use a motto term suspect with Quarre's/Carre's. Carians had a Masa Sea peoples, and that looks like Massa-Carrara. One page I can't access now has a list of Sea Peoples: "Arzawa, Masa, Arwen, Lukka, Dardany, Carchemish, Karkisa..."

Another Sea Peoples may have become the Dents: "Denyen – another rendering would be Danuna which suggests the ancient Greek Dardanoi or Danaans. David Rohl makes a case for identifying them with the region of Cilicia in south east Anatolia and the island of Cyprus – named in Assyrian texts as Yadana – the Island of the Danana." Mythical Ajax of Cetis (Cilicia) came from Cyprus' Salamis cult! Looks like my dentist fits this part. Note that Cyprus-like Chippers list Chips, for a chip-shot is a golf shot.

Ancient Cilicia was given mythical Cilix, who was made the brother of Cadmus, and the latter followed the Zeus Taurus, Tyrians, to Boeotia, location of Schimatari. The Taurus mountains are at Cilicia, and the Old Testament makes a mother-daughter connection between Tyre and Tarsus of Cilicia. Might the Zeus / Cadmus cult have had the Kenites / Shechemites? Had they been in Dan due west of Tyre?

When the Sea Peoples failed to conquer Egypt, some settled at Dor near Tyre. I suspect that the Hyksos rulers of Egypt, after being chased out of Egypt, evolved into the core Sea Peoples, and then enlisted others to aid in re-taking Egypt. The Dane(s) surname (Sussex with Dans, Diane's/Deans and Hazeltons) shares the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

The same page has: "Sherden – usually identified with the areas around Sardis [beside Caria]...They give their name to Sardinia..." The Dentist was antagonistic against my shirt.

And this too: "Lukka – in this case we are on fairly safe ground – the Hittites identify the Lukka lands as lying upon the western Anatolian coast in the region of Lycia (Greek Lykioi) and its capital city of Xanthus." The Lukka may have come round to being the Lochore's and similar surnames. Lucca is smack beside Massa-Carrara. Masso's/Mussolini's (Carrick colors) were first found in Bologna with Carrara's. Lucks/Licks use MUSSOLINi-like mascles, and Mussels/Muscels probably apply. The Luck/Lick mascles even look related to the similar Danier/Danyei/Daniel lozenges.

As Carris' are in the Campbell motto, note that while Campbells are in Levi colors, their motto has "obLIVIscaris." It can't be coincidental. Plus, the Chamberlains, with a version of the Tankerville Coat, show a CHAMBELLan variation while Campbells come up as "Chambell." This is new to me, and is amazing, because I trace Tankerville's to Schimatari. "Obliviscar" is a motto term also of Eure's/Ure's/Evers (share Weir/Vere boar likely) sharing the Vere, Massey, Bee and Mall quadrants, all connectable to Bessins/Beasts. .

Tancreds, with a different-colors version of the English Chamberlain Coat, were a Tankerville branch, and I trace TANKERville's to "TANAGRa" (Greece), home of the mythical father of mythical Orion the hunter, the line to hunting horns, and thus a pointer to Hunter Biden, a deplorable criminal. I can't recall exactly, and am too pressed for time to check, but Schimatari is in/beside Tanagra, or vice-versa.

CARDS, suspect now in "GuisCARD, were first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters. How much election fraud on behalf of Biden's 2020 "victory" did Hunter manage? Hunter Biden is/was in cahoots with the nephew of a GANGster, Whitey Bulger, and then the Scottish Bogeys are also Bolgys while English Bogeys/Buckleys share the white-on-black bull head with Bulgers/Bolgers. The latter's Chief is like the Chief of Bags (Norfolk with GANGs/Geggs), and the Bag Chief has cinquefoils colors reversed from the same of Gangs/Geggs. Can the bogey golf theme, along with my shirt's red buttons, point to Hunter Biden, therefore?

The scimitar-using Carris'/Carsons have a "ouBLIEZ" motto term, and then the Bleds/Blez's happen to have a "Tous" motto term while it's the Tous'/Tosini's that have the red shirt with gold buttons! Look at that giant score through the Car-branch Cariss'.

Bled is a location in the land of the Caria-like Carni peoples (between Austria and Croatia), and Carnys have a Chief in the colors and format of the Carris/Carson Chief. Bled is near the Breuci peoples while the Carris/Carson Chief shares the Brix/Brest lozenges. Carricks married Breuci-like Bruce's. Carricks are in squirrels CRACKing nuts, and Nuts/Knuts share the Carny pheons. Bled-like Bloods/Bluds share the lodged stag with Hazel-branch Islips/Haslips, and Hazels have a squirrel likely cracking its nuts.

I've found this in my files (4th update of December, 2011): "The Square/Squire Coat uses a "squirrel cracking HIS nuts...'"" The reason "his" is used is because Hiss'/Hesse's share a Hessel variation with Hazels. Hazel-like Azal is a location in Israel east of Mount Olives.

I've just found CARlins sharing the Keen/Kane Coat, the latter suspect from the Hyksos king, Khyan. I had read the Keen/Kane description; it uses three lizards while Lizarts are also SARDE's! How Sea-People perfect. The CLOSEky variation of Keens/Kane's can take us to the Knight-Close relationship as per Closeburn on the Nith river, and Knightons named Worcestershire, where nutty Square's/Squirrels were first found.

The "FeLIS" motto term of Kenns/Kane's has got to be partly for the Lise's/Liss almost having the Lizart/Sarde Coat. Felix's were first found in neighboring Sussex with Squirrel-connectable Hazeltons. Just realized: the Carlin and Keen/Kane Chief share the estoiles of Irish Carrs.

While the Keen/Kane Crest looks like a leopard, the Carlin Crest is a thing houseofnames typically uses for a cat, and then the Lucca's, which I know to use a "Cat," put slight spots on it to resemble a leopard, and that has got to be the leopard of neighboring Mosca's which Chiava-like Chives' use but call a mountain "cat," and then the Irish Carrs must, after all, have the Chiava-branch Clave's in their motto. I can't recall whether Chives' call it a "cat-a-mountain," as many surnames do, or something a little different.

The flaming "mountain" of Kennati-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's has pointed hard to the Apophis asteroid coming in six years on April 13, 2029, and I'm adding this section to the update on April 11 during the manual spell-check (my spell-checker feature isn't working this week). According to one Wikipedia writer, the Hyksos king Apophis ruled immediately after Khyan. If correct to trace Khyan to Keens, was he a Kenite? Why might Kens (not "Keen") share the crescents of Otters/Others, the latter from the Lombards and therefore suspect from/to Ottone Visconti?

Repeat from earlier in this update: "We now deviate from topic to the ARC river again, because the "AUDaces" motto term of Molle-related Googe's/Gouge's takes us back to Aude's of Savoy. "AuDACES" secondly takes us to the Daces variation of Darcys/D'ARCYs. It tends to prove that Aude's were through the Arc river." The Daces'/D'Arcys not only share the McKinney / Cariss cinquefoils, but were first found in Galway with Kennys.

The MOLE and Googe boar is also the one of SCHIMs, which is how we find that SHAKE's with "mole hills" were Shechemites from Schimatari. Shake's share the Hazelton and Hazelwood chevron, in colors reversed with Irish Kerns. In the Daces/D'Arcy/Dorsey Crest is the Button/Biden "chapeau."

I've told many times of a girlfriend at my age 20, Karen Whelan, who lived on Henry CORSON Place, which is how I discovered Carsons because they are Corsons too. They have lozenges colors reversed from the Whelan lozenges because Whelans share the Coat of Brix-like Bricks (share Massey fleur). The Brecks/Breakers were first found in Shropshire with the Meschins from Mr. BRIQUESsart, but read that also as "BriquesSART, for Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire, where Briquessart's son ruled. Shropshire is also where Thens/TINE's were first found who are twice on the Carny motto.

Whelans were first found in Waterford with Corrys/Currys while Scottish Corrys have the Camp/Champ Coat built-in, in Campbell colors, and the Carris' came forth from the CampBELL motto. Bells were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Corrys, Carris'/Carsons/Corsons, and Leggs. The Arms of County Waterford use both the Legg stag head and the TROMP/Trump stag head, and while Val Trompia is at lake GARDa and near BRIXia/Brescia, the English Gardners share the triple griffin heads of Camps/Champs (Campbell colors) and Corrys.

The "SANS tache" motto of Orion-like Orreys/Ure's can take us to Tache's sharing red scallops with Tancreds and the red cinquefoil with Hawthorns, thus assuring all-the-more that my DENtist points to Schimatari. I suspect that Dents, Dance's, Denets, Danets are from the 600 Danites of Judges (!!!) who took Jonathan, the pagan Levite priest, to be their own priest by force. The fact that Fairways share a Judge Coat can help to poing the dentist to that story in the Biblical book of Judges.

In fact, the 600 Danites named their city of Dan after they brutally conquered it under the original name of Laish, a SIDONian city until then. The Dents named Dentdale in SEDberg of the Sidon-like Sedans/Siddens!!! HOW AMAZING! Laish was at mount Hermon, the summit of which was called, Sion, and the "sino" motto term of Sedans/Siddens assures that they were a branch of Seatons/Sittens whose tribe in Switzerland named Sion as Sitten!

Tacks, sharing the Irish CARR estoiles, are even said to be a Tankerville / Tancred branch. The SANS' in the Tache motto are listed with Sang-like Sanguez's/Sanchez's', i.e. suspect with red blood drops, and we saw Ore's/Orrs at the root of gold drops.

If the "or" symbol came to form a Gold surname from something similar due to merger with the Orr line, it can explain why German Golds/Golts use hunting horns i.e. would lump Orrs into the line of whatever in the real world mythical Orion represented.

"Guttee / Goute," the French for "drops," may be code for Golt-like Gutte's. German Guts/Gutte's/Goods, sharing the Stick Coat, share the garbs of English SANGers/Singers, first found in Devon with English WISE's and sharing the Stick garbs/sheaves. German Sangs/Sangers share the hexagrams of German Weis'/WISE's, the possible root of Wisharts. Nuts/Knuts have a pheon-version of the Weis/Wise and Wies Crest while Cnuts/Knots (from the DANE Rus!) have gold drops. The page below shows an addition to the Car/Kerr Coat with "guttes de sang" on a gold stag head. Goute's share the Car/Kerr stars:

King Cnut was the son of SWIEToslawa, and Sweets/Sweits have a good reflection of the Sere/Sert Coat while Cars/Kerrs have a "Sero SED serio" motto linkable to Dent-connectable Seddans/Siddens! There's a Sierre location near Sion/Sitten. The help prove that Sweets were from Swietoslawa, they look like Lambert kin on two counts, and Lamberts trace well to the Piast, Mieszko II Lambert. Sweets are essentially in Child colors and format, and Childs share the Arms-of-Piast eagle.

The Sere-like Seers/Sears share the Tancred scallop between the Car stars, and add a "fides" motto term to go with the "Fida Clavo" of Irish Carrs. Fido's/Fothes'/Fittes' share the cornucopia with Ore's/Orrs.

Wisharts/Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire with Robs/Robe's, and the latter's triple-brown stags are almost the triple-gold stags of GREENs! A golf green has the flagstick and cup. The Darlene's, sharing the gold drops of Cnuts/Knots in both colors, and moreover sharing the fitchees of cornuCOPia-using Ore's/Orrs, have a "female figure" in Crest said to have a "book" and a "robe," and then "book"-using Scottish Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's while "PAX copia" is a motto term of English Reeds. English Packs, sharing the anchor of Paisleys (Renfrewshire with Orrs/Orrs), were first found in Sussex with BONE's expected in the Ore/Orr motto. We may even add that the "or" symbol of Ore's/Ore's formed a Gold surname because it shares the Bone lion.

Another thing I complained about was Hawthorn's turning one wisdom tooth, in one direction sideways, with his grip tool, which seemed deliberate to me because the tooth snapped. He hadn't even tried PULLING it straight up, and here we can add that Pullings, sharing the scallops of Tancreds (Yorkshire with Pullings), have the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's in their motto. The Pulling motto has a "palleSCERE culpa" phrase, and Sheer-connectable Schere's use a SNAKE around a so-called "stick". Snake's/Snooks share the eagle of Sans'/SANGuez's with a Snake-like SANCHez variation, and "Sans" is a motto term of Strickers/STICKlands. This is perfect because the Stick and Stich garbs are used by SANGers/Singers.

He cracked the tooth at the gum line so that he then needed to slice into the GUM with a cutting tool to dig out the tooth below the gum, an obscenity if he did this too me deliberately. He took a longer time because he then STITCHed up the gum, charged me about $300 whereas the other wisdom tooth popped out with a pull in two second flat i.e. he makes less money that way. The point is, there is a Stitch surname listed with Stacks, though "Stitch" look more like it should be listed with Stick-branch Stichs.

Oh goodie-guttee, the Strikers caused a check for a Stitcher variation, and it's listed with Stichs.

He CRACKed the tooth when he SNAPped the tooth, and Snape's/Snipe's use the portcullis gate, which I've only theorized in the past to be code for CHARAX Proculus BASSUS, but now we have the Cracks/Cricks, first found in Yorkshire with the Craggs in turn using LEAVES and sharing the Carrick talbot, perfect because Charax Proculus was the son of Lupus LAEVillus. Tooths have a giant GRIFFin while BASSianus' married Agrippa's (when birthing Julius Bassianus, priest of the El-Gabal cult).

Mr. Hawthorn BROKE my tooth, and I had reported for years that Broke-branch Brooks (both first found in Essex with Jake's/Jackmans) share the Stick Coat, but one day about a year ago I saw that Brooks were showing scallops, not the Stick garbs. However, the Brook scallops are those of Jack-branch Joke's, such a laugh. Broke's/Brocks share the Chief-Shield color combination of Brocuffs/PROCKS (i.e. like "Proculus"), colors reversed from the same of portcullis-line Snape's/Snipe's.

The Yorkshire Jacks share the Biden fesse, by the way, for another laugh, and the Biden Crest has "horns" (no species given) while HawtHORNs may have been a Haute(ville) merger with Horns/Orne's, for Hauteville-la-Guichard is not far from the Orne river. Therefore, even the Buttons/Bidens can be Orion liners, and as Hauteville's are highly suspect with Auto's/Otto's, note that they use a giant bull i.e. with horns. The Car motto gets to the Serio river in Lombardy, and OTTOne Visconti ruled that area.

Swietoslawa above was a daughter to Mieszko I, and while Mieske's/Mesechs were first found in Prussia with Auto's/Otto's, they both have giant and black bull heads.

ZOWIE INCREDIBLE: at the sight of "Hauteville-la-GUICHard," the Googe's/Gouge's/GOUCH's came to mind, who share the Mole and Schim boar head for a trace to Schimatari with molehill-using Shake's, and Schimatari is at Tanagra, thus tending to prove that a people from Tanagra evolved into Guiscard-related Tankerville's!!!

As Kenites are suspect in Boeotia with Schimatari elements, let's go to Kennedys, first found in Ayrshire with Cunninghams and FORKers, for I've seen the description of the Cunningham Coat, a "SHAKEfork". It just so happens that Swietoslawa above married Forkbeard of Denmark, a DANE. "Fork" is a Cunningham motto term.

My Crack-of-Dawn Golf Ball Business

Back to Lupus Laevillus, as I call him, full name: Gaius Julius Lupus Titus Vibius Varus Laevillus, son of Vibia Lupus (born Varus/Varia), daughter of Vibius Varus. One can see how the Vibius surname may have been of the Vivianus', for the Carrick-branch Craigs use a "Vive ut vivas" motto while Craigie's (Ayrshire with Carricks) use "vivo." German Greggs/Graggs have the horizontally-split Lawn/lane Shield who in turn share a "Garde" motto term with Carricks.

Having carved that out, the Scottish Greggs, in Carrick colors, are super for having two of the three LEVI chevrons, suggesting that LAEVillus is to the French Levi surname, first found in Ile-de-France with the Caiaphas-like Chappes'. And Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Wisharts/Guiscards, they being of the king-Rollo family somehow. While VIVians can be gleaned as kin of both FIVE's/Fifys and Fife's, Greggs were first found in Fife.

Vivians use purple lions, and so we thus go to purple-fesse ABELL's (recalling the BELLs of portcullis-line Porters), who share boar heads (different colors) with Rollo's, and we find the Abell motto, "VIVE le ROI," connectable to the "Garde le ROY" of Lawns/Lane's. German Rolls share the lion of Scottish Roys, first found in Lane-like Lanarkshire, and English Rolls/Role's (Gregg colors) share the Carrick dancetty-fesse, and if that's not enough, French Roys were first found in Brittany with French Role's and French Rollands.

Scottish Rollands were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks likely because Rolland de Carrick was father to Gilbert de Carrick. Gilberts, with the Car/Kerr Coat in colors reversed, share the chevron that is the Arms of Carrick. The Gilbert Crest probably has the common heraldic squirrel said to be cracking a nut. In a page, "The Kennedy - de Carrick Connection," we find:

Gilbert de Carrick son of Rolland de Carrick "submits a difference between him and the nuns of North Berwick in 1285 to Robert Bruce Earl Carrick to which Gilbert de Carrick's seal is appended having the very same shield of arms which the family of CASSILLis [caps mine] carry at this day;...

The Cassills/Cassels share most of the Scottish Kennedy Coat and Crest, and it's motto in full. German Cassills/Cassels are expected from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel to the Keith Catti, and this can explain why the three pale bars in the Keith Chief are colors reversed from the three pale bars of English Rollands, which are almost the pale bars of Crafts who in turn share a dolphin of blue tinge with Scottish Kennedys.

Ahh, just remembered: Keiths have a Chief in the colors and format of Caddys!!!! A golf caddy! Caddys (Yorkshire with Bruce's and Kepke-related Keppocks) share the triple Wishart/Guiscard piles, perfect because dentist Hawthorn was of the Guiscard bloodline. I was a golf caddy for a few weeks with Kepke when we were in our early teens. We did that at CEDARbrae Golf club (Toronto), and Cedars/Cottars were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, and with the Cheeks/Chicks sharing the triple Blythe crescents. Caddys probably share the garbs of Blythe's (Keppoch colors and format), and Bill Clinton was born Bill Blythe. Blythe's were at LAUDERdale of the Lauders we saw above with the LAUGHers / Latters (both have triple piles). And Cedars/Cottars use lizards for a pointer to Shard-like Sarde's! It's as though the dentist dream connects with our golf-ball-selling business at Cedarbrae, on STEELES avenue, by the way.

Cedars/Cotters were first found in Oxfordshire with the Gull-branch Gullys/Gollys while two Gull surnames are also Golfins. Golfincidence? Kepke and his brother often preferred to be GOALIE's in hockey. Gullys/Gollys are not only in Kennedy and Cassill/Cassel colors and format, but the Gully/GOLLY Chief shares the black key with Cassills/Cassels!

I've missed it until now. Lizarts/Sarde's share the Armstrong Coat, and the latter surname has another "VirTUS" motto term that is apparently for shirt-and-buttons Tous'/Tosini's. Note that Brace's/Bras' have armored arms that can connect to whatever named Armstrongs, for Brace's/Bras' may have been a branch of Brae's/Brays in "CedarBRAE." Brace's/Bras' are actually super here because they share the Crest of Bistons, and almost the Crest of Bessins, both Coats having a colors-reversed version of the Lake Coat!!! Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with Cedars/Cottars!!! The Brace/Bras Coat is itself in the colors and near-format of the Lake Coat.

Above, the dentist's car became compellingly pointable to Kari Lake's court cases, and one of the pieces of evidence for that was where Laugher-like Lagers almost have the BRASwell chevron while the Braswell girdle can be for Girtle's with a Court-like Curtler variation. LOOKIE: Dutch Lagers/Lage's can be of the Loge's/LAUGE's and LOCKs/DesLoges', both first found in Burgundy with the Lafin-connectable Fins/Feins who share the triple Finchem fesses!!! Thus, this explains the Lochor variation of Laughers!!! Incredible.

By the way, the LokQUHOR variation is like the surname of Adam KilconQUHAR, husband of Marjorie Carrick. Irish Adams share the heart with Lockharts.

Lockers/Lockweers (Somerset, beside Drake's), are in Burton colors and format, and Drago de Bewere, under a different spelling, is in the Burton write-up. It explains why Lockers/LockWEERs use half of sword blades, because Blade's have Drago de Bewere in their write-up. But why only half of sword blade's? Perhaps for the Helps/Halfs possibly from Avison-connectable Avesnes on the Helpe river? Drago de Bewere is possibly named from Draguignan, where Lizarts/Sarde's were first found, and SARDinia is beside Sicily, location of the Drago river.

ZOWIE: Beware's, with triDENTS (!), were first found in Rhineland with Girtle's/Curtlers (Locker/Lockweer colors and near-format). The Bewere saltire-by-tridents is colors reversed from the Loge/Lauge saltire, and the latter's Coat is that also of Gettes', first found in Anjou, where Nicholas de Vere von DRAKENberg traces his Vere family. LockWEERs look like the Weer variation of Vere's. Weers/Vere's were first found in Roxburghshire with the Bullocks having "LOCHaber axes"!!!

LOCKIE: From my 1st update in January, 2011, I had it recorded: "The Bullock Crest uses 'Five Lochaber axes with gold HANDLES and silver BLADES, bound with a scarf.'" Is that not amazing? Weers/Vere's use the Moray stars while Handle's and Handels share the Moray Coat. Handle's and Handels were first found in Silesia with the Wies'/Wiesers who use a heart while heart-using LockHARTs were obvious kin of Moray's Douglas'.

The Helps/Halfs, by the way, sharing the KERRY Shield, not only use an eagle head in Crest, and not only have Aquila-like motto terms, but were first found in Lincolnshire with Aquila-like Keele's, Cheils, Eagle's/Hegels...and with Brace-like Bracebridge's. Drago-like Drake's (axe) have an "Aquila" motto term. Brace's/Bras' have pointed to KARI Lake even outside of anything said in this update.

The super key for the paragraph above is that Eagle's/Hegels have the English Savage Coat in colors reversed while French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne with William II of Dampierre married by Margaret of Avesnes on the Helpe river! Scottish Champagne's share the vaired Bracebridge Shield, and Avezzano is roughly 50 miles from L'Aquila. The Avezzano's share the potent pattern with French Champagne's because Avezzano's were of the namers of Avesnes.

Sauvage's share the LOCKhart heart, and the "Corda" motto term of Lockharts (Lanarkshire with Hardys, near the Cords/McCourts) can point to a court case along with the "Concordia" term of Dents. The "serata" motto term of Lockharts (Douglas kin) can be for the Sert variation of Sere's expected in the CAR/Kerr motto, recalling that Irish Carrs have a "clavo" motto term likely for Chiava's of L'Aquila. The dentist with car pointed to Guiscards of Hauteville-la-GUICHard, and LockHARTs share the Googe/Gouch boar. Guiscards are also WisHARTs, and share three piles to a point with Laughers/Lochers.

The quote above from the Kennedy-Carrick article goes on to say that Cassillis' used the double-tressure border, which belonged to Scottish Flemings who, aside from their border, use the Arms of Carrick, or vice-versa. The English LOGE's/Lodge's have a single-tressure border. The "deed" motto term of Flemings takes us to Deeds/Dade's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Comyns/Comine's and almost using their Coat. Deeds/Dade's share the Caddy / Blythe garbs in both colors, and Caddys share the triple piles to a point (same colors) of Wisharts/Guiscards.

Again, the Comyns share the Coat of Kennedy- and Cassel-beloved Avis'/Avisons, and we can add that Comyns are in Girtle/Curtner colors and format, for girdle-using BRASwells can take us to a Brae location in Eure, where Conteville is located that was ruled by the same Burgo family as ruled Comines near Avesnes.

Early on weekend mornings, before golfers came out to play, Kepke and I would collect golf balls from the Rouge river passing through three nearby golf courses, including Cedarbrae. We would then sell them back to golfers as they came by. I think we did it two years straight before becoming caddies at that golf course only. There's a good chance that Keith / Caddy liners were from "Cetis" along with heraldic cats.

English Gulls were first found in Kent with Dragons/Drainers. Lizarts/Sarde's were first found at DRAGuignan while Drake's were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens and Lizart-branch Liss'/Lise's, making Sarde's look like kin of Shirts/Shards just because the dentist laughed at my shirt buttons.

A few years ago, I had a dream that I've mentioned a few times, one I may not have deciphered until now. The dream was short: all I saw was golf balls popping out everywhere out of the white ground, and I assume it was sand. The balls were literally POPPING out, and so here's what I have for the Popps/Pape's/Pope's in my heraldry-changes page: "Pape's/Pope's from Caithness to Elgin in about 2022." That is, Popps/Pape's/Pope's were once said to be first found in CAITHness, which was named by the Keith / Caddy Catti!!!! It's perfect.

As the balls were popping out of the ground, it's notable the Grounds/Grundys were first found in Yorkshire with Caddys. The ground was white, and one English White surname was first found in Durham with the Wear river while Wearings share the bend-with-checks of Popps/Pape's/Pope's. As was shown, the Tous/Tosini's have a man "WEARING a red shirt with gold buttons." Therefore, the white ground may have been to verify that the balls were indeed intended to pop. Oh wow, Poppins/Pophams are even in the colors and near format of the stag-head Keiths! Zikers.

The man's head of Tous'/Tosini's is described as a "bust" while Busts are listed with Boasts in the motto of Nimo's/Newmarch's, first found in Stirlingshire with Wisharts/Guiscards, and with Chappes/CHEAPs suspect with "Kepke." German Busts were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's (surprise!) and Weiss' (double surprise)!! Chappes'/Cheaps use "SHEAVES of wheat," making them suspect with "Chiava." French Chappes' almost have the tall chevron of Ottone's while Wisharts were likely of Ottone VISconti. Cheap-cheap, a birdie.

Poppins/Pophams share the stag heads of Yorkshire's Anne's/Hanne's of TICKhill, and with Ticks/Tooks, and the line of Julia Tyche of Galatia was ancestral to Quadratilla BASSus, queen of Cetis. Bass' were first found in Haddington with Keiths, and there is a Bass Isle in those parts. Therefore, as the popping golf balls took us to the Catti, I think we're to understand that they were from "Cetis." Tickhill is in Yorkshire with the first-known Rhodes' almost having the Ground/Grund Coat. Thus, it makes sense to me that Anne's/Hanne's were from chief-priest Annas/Ananus.

Quadratilla Bassus descended also from OPgalli (Galatian) and her husband, TIGRanes VI (king of Armenia), and I see these people in the "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/TEEGERs while Tous'/Tosini's share the eight-pointed star of German Teegers.

The White's, first found in Durham, have a Coat like that of English Silvers/Silversteins while German Silvers were first found in Hesse with the Chatti! Pow-wow. Ahh, beauty: the write-up of English Silvers suggests that Sillers/Sellers were a Silver branch, and while Sillers/Sellers use cups, Kepke's/KOPke's are in the colors and format of German Silvers while Swiss Sillers/Seilers/Sailers are in Keppoch colors and format! What are the chances? English Sailers were first found in Yorkshire with their Moster/Master kin.

I showed the Silverstein variation above because LARRY Silverstein, a Jewish co-conspirator in the 9-11 inside job, has the same first name as Lawrence Kepke. Lawrence's were at REDmaine while Reds/Reeds use a "PAX COPia" motto. Scottish Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mans while the Tous'/Tosini's have a MAN with RED shirt. Mans use goats, the Kepke and Weiss (not "Weis") symbol Larrys/Lawrie's use a giant cup to go with Kopke's.

As per 9-11, eleven-like Levins are listed with Jewish Levi's whose Coat looks connectable to the Tails/Tailers (leopard), first found in Sussex with PACKS, Keeps, COPPers/Coopers (leopard and leopard faces) and Leopards (same leopard faces). There is a NINE surname listed with Nons/Nevins (Ayrshire with Vive-connectable Carricks) with a "VIVis" motto term, and sharing the crescent of German Silvers. Coincidences?

RF Kennedy is now starting to come out against 9-11 as an inside job, but his slowness in doing so shows the man is not of excellent character. He holds many sinful and harmful positions, yet he's got some positions that will challenge Bidenite leftists. He's now standing against funding for the Ukraine war, a good sign.

The Sands / Sandys can now apply to the ball-popping dream because they share the fitchees of Ore's/Orrs who in turn love Bone liners in their motto, for "Bono" is a motto term of Keith-branch Kettle's. Wears (Devon with Wearings) share the crozier (different colors) with the Odins (Yorkshire with Caddys) who in turn share the Bono lion. Kettle's were first found in Perthshire, right beside the first-known Wisharts/Guiscards, and this means that Kettle's can be close to the Hawthorn cinquefoils which they share. The dream with popping golf balls is connecting to the laughing dentist.

Why golf BALLs instead of golf tees or putters coming out of the ground? English Balls have a "FulCRUM" motto term while CAT-using Crums/Croms use QUATRefoils, suspect with QUADRatilla Bassus. Crums/Croms were once said to be first found in BERKshire with QUADRa-like Catters. It reminds of Cedars/Cottars (beside Berkshire). Berks use the Cetis-suspect cat in Crest.

Jewish Levi look like kin of Tails/Tailers who share the lion of Tilly-connectable TILLers, and so look at "QuadraTILLa" BASSus. German Base's/Baise's not only have a different-colors version of the Jewish Levi Coat, but Base's/Bassens are in the colors and format of Jewish Levi's, and then English Bass' were first found in Haddingtonshire with Keith Catti! Wham! The other English Bass' are in Kennedy / Cassill/Cassel colors and near-format! WHAM!

Back to Rolland de Carrick. French Role's share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains, suggesting that Role's were in Vilaine, and moreover French Role's, ignoring their pale bars (likely the ones of English Rollands), are in English LEVIN colors and format. It looks like a Carrick trace to Laevi Gauls. Vilaine is beside Cotes d'Armor, and the latter has a JUGon location to which I trace Judds/Juggs who in turn have a Coat like that of Abells ("Vive le ROI").

German Rolls were first found in Swabia, named by the Sabines at the Rieti theater, and the Roll lion is that also of Rieti-like Rita's. Thus, an imperial line of Sabines may have named Swabia.

One webpage gives the following variations for the Vivianus surname: "Vivian, Videan, Vidgen, Vidgeon, Vyvyan, Fiddian, Fidgeon..." The FIDElows/FIDDLE's have three wolf heads in the colors and format of the Abells with a "Vive" motto term. The Fothes'/Fitte's (near the "Vive"-using Craigs, and Greggs) and Foots share the Levi / Gregg chevron. Three wolf heads are used by LUPUS'/Welfs/Wolfs ("FIDES" motto term) in the colors of the three of Skins/Scans, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Craigs.

The only heraldic fiddle I know of is with the "GODDESS" in the VERNon Crest, and then VERONa's were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's. GODDES'/Godefroys use a giant wolf or fox, and it's in the colors of the Fiddle/Fidelow wolf heads. Vernons, said to receive land from Hugh Lupus, were first found in Cheshire with Lupus'/Welfs/Wolfs. Now I know that Spanish Lupus' have wolves looking linkable to the Carrot/Carew and Quarre/Carre lions.

Another way to trace the line of Charax Proculus to the Laevi Gauls on the Tessin river is by way of Tessels/Teasels sharing the fesse-with-crescents of Craigs. Tessels/Teasels (Essex with Motts and Varus-like Vere's) share the Mott crescent, and Motts are said to be from Cotes-du-Nord, now Cotes d'Armor i.e. location of Jugon. Both Motts and Tessels/Teasels are connectable to Este's.

There can be two story lines in this section, one possibly pointing to Robert FRANCIS Kennedy, and one definitely to the line of Laevillus. The dentist's car can thus point to Castle Cary, home of LEAVELLs. Carys, first found in Somerset with Castle Cary, are in Dent colors and format. English Francis' share three blue-on-white eagles with TESSELs/Teasels, and then while Elon Musk owns TESLa CARS, we need to keep eyes on whether Musk supports RF Kennedy over Biden, for Musk has disdain for the vaccine scheme, and the two men may have other common ground.

Other Carrick branches include the Carrots/Carews (share "bien" with Carricks), and the Quarre's/Carre's sharing the Carrot/Carew lion (in Carrick colors) that could very well be the lion of Jewish Levi's on Carrick gold. Quarre's are also Quarrys while Elon Musk's Boring Company bores rocks i.e. forms quarries. Borings/Boringtons, sharing the Coat of English WATERs and Muschats, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks, and Quarre-like Quarters/MacWATERs (Carrick colors) were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Kennedys.

Quarters/MacWaters, sharing the lion of Kennedy-beloved Lafins/La Fonts, have a "Te" motto term that can be for the Tee variation of Teasel-like Tease's, linkable to Laevi on the Tessin river. The Tessel/Teasel Coat is much in the colors and format of the Lauds/Lords expected in the "laudimus" motto term of Quarters/MacWaters. Ladys/LAUDymans are expected in "Lady fortune" of Klassens, and then GLASgows use a "Lord" motto term. It can't be a coincidence that Tiss'/Teese's show only a chevron, which is fully the Arms of Carrick.

Quarre's/Carre's even have a "QUADARTi" motto term that is likely for QUADRATilla Bassus (2nd century). I feel her line became the Bassianus', and Domna Bassianus (born 2nd century) was mother to emperor CARACalla. Quarre's/Carre's, sharing the Ferrat/Fer Shield, were first found in Burgundy with VAIRs/Fers', thus suspect from the Varus line of Vibia, Laevillus' mother.

Might BassiANUS' have been named after the line of Annas of Israel? Anne's/Hanne's were at TICKhill, and Tickhills were first found in Yorkshire with Ticks, suspect from Julia Tyche, the Galatian ancestor of the Bassus'. Caracalla Bassianus became the emperor when his father died in Yorkshire. Bassianus were AGRIPPa's on one side, and Ticks use GRIFFins. The Tick line could have named the TICino river from Ticinum, a city co-founded by the LAEVI GAULs before the life of LAEVillus. Gauls named Galatians.

Ticino-river Tee's/Tease's (same place as AINSleys) share the star of Annas'. Chief priest Annas was also ANANus, and Ananes Gauls are suspect to his name. Annans (griffin) have the Tess/Tease saltire in colors reversed.

The Cars/Kerrs use almost nothing but a chevron, and the Arms of CARRick uses only a chevron, colors reversed from the Car chevron. Cars/Kerrs add only stars to their chevron, in colors reversed from the stars of Amori's, first found in Sardinia! Amore's and Damorys/Amori's both have talbot heads to go with the Carrick talbot.

Talbot (dog) heads are shared by Hulls and HOLE's/Halls, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Tailbois'. Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois of Lincolnshire, and Fairways with Judge's share the Meschin and FLAG scallops. Flags in the HOLES of golf courses. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Talbots. The dream's props are working with heraldry.

Scottish Kennedys, first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, use the Arms of Carrick, which is often just the red-on-white chevron, though I have seen the Carrick Arms with the Kennedy fitchees too. This assures that Kennedys descended from the priests of Ajax. Jake's/Jackmans use gold drops, called, guttee d'OR, and Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with Jaggs/Jacks using "holly". Hollys have a dog, likely a talbot, in the colors of the Hole/Hall and Hull dog heads.

Plus, the Orr/Ore piles are those of Guiscards/WISharts in colors reversed, and the latter can be traced both to Sardinia with the royal Guiscards of Sicily, and to "VISconti." The other Visconti branch ruled at Milan, where Bono's were first found to be expected in the "Bonis omnia Bona" motto of Orrs/Ore's. A red roundel between the two Ore/Orr fitchees is in the color of the Shirt/Shard roundel.

Zowie, a blind spot. I've neglected to tell that Shirts/Shards are listed with SHERards/Sherrats, for this can take us to the Shere's sharing the Carrick dog and the Kennedy fitchees, tending to make a hard link of the Shirt/Shard chevron to the same-colored one that is the Arms of Carrick!

Repeat: "The Frauds/Friths happen to share the garbs of Avis'/Avisons while the Kennedy motto is 'AVISE la fin.'" The Frauds/Friths show a Sicily-like sickle, but even if they call it a scythe, Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs, kin of English Sheds/Scheds, were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds/Sheddens and Kennedys. Sheds/Sheddens share the Hawthorn cinquefoils.

Everyone should read my last update's Easter surprise of this past Sunday, when I mistakenly said it was Easter, though it's not until this Sunday. That topic was on the Apophis asteroid slated to return near Easter of 2029, which I think could very well be the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation landing in the sea.

King Apophis was a HYKSos, and "bon" is a motto term also of HICKS'. I showed how Miss Hicks, as Mrs. Kilpatrick, was involved with Spuds MacKenzie with Mr. Kilpatrick because MacKenzie's point to the Apophis asteroid in multiple ways, and the "Uro" motto term of MacKenzie's can be either for the Ure variation of EURE's/Evers, and/or the Ure variation of Bona-loving ORReys, first found in Ayrshire i.e. with Kennedys and Carricks. "Heure" is a Hicks motto term, you see.

I had traced Hyksos to KIZZuwatna of Cilicia long before I knew of Cetis in Cilicia. I always trace KISS'/CUSH's to the Kilpatrick "cushions," and to the "cushion" of Bibo's, and I always maintain that Bibo's were from Vibia (of a Vibius bloodline), mother of Lupus Laevillus. Years after suggesting that the Kilpatrick cushions were code for Cussons (and maybe Cousins), I discovered, from the Hicks write-up, that Hicks' had a branch at St. Ewe, and loading Ewe's, I found them listed with CUISH's, and sharing the giant Cusson and Constance eagle. I was floored. I'm repeating this because half the Coat of Cousins is the Arms of Carrick.

Plus, the gold drops of Jake's/Jackmans is on a black GRIFFIN head, symbol of TICKs too, and Julia Tyche of Galatia was an ancestor of QUADRAtilla Bassus, wife of Lupus Laevillus of Cetis. This webpage has Julia Tyche as wife of Julius QUADRATus. One webpage showed this Bassus family as "Bassianus," and Julius Bassianus, living shortly after Quadratilla Bassus, was the nephew of Julius Agrippa, a topic of the last update as I showed how he could descend from Herod / BERENICE Agrippa. I think that the Griffins were from "Agrippa."

It just so happens that Bassus-like Base's/Bassens share black hunting horns with Bernice's, Burns/Bernes' and Bernetts. Gripps are also Grape's, and Bernetts use grapes! The Bernett Chief uses holly, the only symbol showing for Jaggs/Jacks, first found in Renfrewshire with Ore's/Orrs, and with a Bernys location (see Burn write-up). Burns/Bernes' even have the Ever variation of Ure's/Eure's in their motto.

The Paisleys (Renfrewshire) are from the Pasi's/Pace's/PASCELs, amazing because this dentist dream came to mind April 6, PASSover / PASCAL day! It came to mind as I listened to David Knight speak on RF Kennedy Jr's. run for the presidency. That's what birthed the dentist topic of this update.

I trace Pasi's/Pascels to the naming of VesPASia Polla, and so see how some think that she was descended from the Pollio surname of Herod Agrippa. I can repeat here that Vespasia's husband was the son of Tertulla of Rieti, and that Tertullus of Perga was the husband of the Herod, Plancia Magna, while her father was from Galatia with Julia Tyche, mother of Julia Polla...making Herod Agrippa look like he descended from Julia Polla in order to get his Pollio surname. Vespasia's son, emperor Titus, was engaged to marry Berenice Agrippa, but the Romans demanded he break things up with if she, or perhaps the Herods in general, were much unliked by Romans. I trace Plancia Magna to the Plunketts who have a reflection of the Holly Coat.

My Dentist Points to the Biblical Dragon

Repeat from above: "Craigie's (Ayrshire with Kennedys and Carricks) share the crescents of Kennys who seem to have the Luce's in their motto because Kenneths/MacKenzie's use "Luceo." You might want to entertain Luce's and Luciano's from the Lukka Sea Peoples.

Kennys are split vertically in the colors of the horizontally-split Gregg/Gragg Shield." The "TeNEAT" motto term of Kennys suggests Neats, and they happen to share the Shake/Shick and Chicken chevron. Shake's/Shicks use "mole hills" while Mole's share the SCHIM boar head, such a neat-little Schimatari package, easy to understand.

Luce's use "pikes", and these trace to Picenum elements suspect in naming Piacenza at the end of the Trebia river. Annas, killer of Jesus, was also, ANANus, and Ananes Gauls lived between the Trebia and the TARO rivers. The namers of SchimaTARI thus look like they included a branch that named the Taro river.

"TENeat" of the Kennys can be code also for the Thens/Tyne's because they have TEN bars. They show a BOTville variation, and Schimatari is in BOEOTia. The "bonne" variation of Thens/Tyne's can indicate the Boii of Bononia because Boeotians were also "BOIOTians." Annas killer of Jesus was a Sadducee, which in his time had a house of BOETHus.

In myth, Cadmus the Phoenician arrived to Boeotia and slew a dragon there, but it's TEETH were resurrected. I wonder if the ancestry of my dentist knows anything about that? Oh ya, he's of the Tankerville line from Boeotia's Tanagra!!! Go ahead, check Cadmus myth and you fill find the teeth of the dragon, called, "Sparti."

This dentist took us to Kennedys with his laughing. The Shirts/SHARDs, if indeed they are from the Sardinian Sea Peoples, can trace to "Sardis," the Lydian capital at the HERMus river, for Lydians were amongst the Sea Peoples. Cadmus' wife was Harmonia, part of the Hermes cult out of Armenia and into Mount Hermon of Cadmus' Phoenicia.

Cadmus and Harmonia were turned into two snakes, and this can be figured out as the myth writer's code for Hermes' "caduceus" (had two snakes), which I claim was code for the Cadusii Armenians. CADmus must have been the myth writer's play on Cadusii at Mus of Armenia. Mus was in the land of TARUN, and while Cadmus descended from Poseidon, Taras at Taranto was Poseidon's son. The Taran surname is listed with Tarants. Did Tarun's Armenians name SchimaTARi? Mus is at Lake VAN, the line to PHONE's/Fane's/Vans, a branch of PHOENIX's/Fenwicks.

Compare "CADUSii" to "Cetis," for a I recall a very ancient Cati location in Cilicia, taken by an Assyrian king, about the time of Moses. google is so damned wicked and useless because it refuses to give me even my own pages, about 10 of them, that have the phrase, "Cati of Cilicia," when I do a search for "cati cilicia." google is so anti-educational that it has been programmed not to bring up any article with "Cati" and Cilicia" together. It's like maybe I struck a raw nerve with the anti-Christ historians who don't want the line of the Cati to be known. Anything sacred to them is damned by God.

McPhersons have the Clan-Chattan cat and motto. The page below for the Cetis-line Geddes' starts off with: "One of the Chattan line, Ewan BAN, became the ancestor of Clan MacPherson." bans look like they are from the ancient Biaini at Lake Van. Note the MusCATs and MusCHATs, for the latter share the Coat of French Banes'. The Geddes' were first found in NAIRNshire, suspect from the Nairi of Lake Van.

Why do Bans show only LEAVES, and why is the McPherson/Ferson Shield split with the split colors of Carrick-branch Groce's/Greggs/Graggs? Craggs show leaves too. Carricks are from a son of Cetis' Lupus Laevillus, or at least from that son's Charax name. The Clan-Chattan motto includes "not," and Cnuts/Nots share the Shield filled with drops of Darlene's who in turn share the McPherson/Ferson fitchee.

King Rusa was at Lake Van, and Tarants named Tarrant-RUSHton. Rus were from Ares, and he was Harmonia's father, and the owner of the dragon that Cadmus slew. Yes, the teeth of the dragon became men in Colchis to protect the golden fleece there. A gold fleece is used by Dingwalls at an old capital of ROSS-shire by that name. Dingwall share the gold Shield with blue border with Kenneths/MacKenzie's, first found in Ross-shire, and this border is also with Justine's from Picenum. Scottish Pike's/Pickens were first found in Ayrshire with Kenneth-like Kennedys.

The "FLOREat" motto term of the same Kennys strongly points to Flore's and Flora's who share the Kenny fleur-de-lys, but as Flore's also share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys, we must add that Ainsleys share the SCIMITAR with Kennedys. Again: Kenites were kin of Shechemites at SCHIMATARi.

For many years, Annas' were said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, until houseofnames decided to stress only the Arness variation, telling that it was first found in Cambridgeshire, and that happens to be where Neats were first found. That's new Shechemite material, so far as I can recall.

What are the chances, by a fluke alone, that Neats share the bull head of Annas-like Annackers/Anchors? The latter were a branch of Angers who in turn share the lozenge of Fauci's who in turn share the vertically-split Shield of the Kennys with a "TeNEAT" motto term. The Shake-branch CHICKens use cockaTRICEs, and Trice's/Trysts are in the "Keep Tryst" motto of Hebrons, and the Annacker-like Anaki were in Hebron of Israel. Just a fluke? English Chicks come up as Cock-like Chocks, and Shake's are also Shicks.

Fauci's were a distant branch of Fiscs who have the CHICHester checks in half their colors, and Chichesters (Devon with TRISTans) share the the stork in Crest with Choke's and Petts. The latter were first found in Kent with the Choke-branch Chalks and Chaucers. Choke's and Chalks have the triple fesses of Love's/Luffs in colors reversed, and the latter share the formee-fitchee of Chicks/Checks; the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs and Amore's.

If we ask what the Anchor / Neat bull traces to, we can note that the Annas star is inside three red roundels, in the Coat of BULLIS'/Bulwards/Bolhards/BULLIARDs (Wiltshire, beside Bulls/Bule's) because Shirts/Shards have three red roundels too, in the same position. The Bulls/Bule's, showing bull heads, were first found in Somerset with BILLIARD-branch Bills, and Tints. I trace the latter confidently to the Atintanes at the north-Epirus theater, smack at an ancient Bullis/Byllis location, not far from the Ceraunii mountains on the sea coast. It just so happens that the fessewise Bull/Bule annulets are colors reversed from the same of Ceraunii-like Crauns/Crane's, a big deal.

I trace the uniCORN to this Ceraunii entity, and so the Fire's/Furs in the "fireball" of English Balls can suggest that the bull cult of Baal was at Bullis. Zeus, depicted anciently as a Tyrian bull, was at Epirus' Dodona, and between Dodona and the Ceraunii mountains is a modern Thesprotia location. Wikipedia's article on the Seleucids (the prophet Daniel's proto-Anti-Christ entity) once said that Pre-royal Seleucids descended from something (not identified) in Epirus, saying only that they had been partners with the Thesprotians. One of the Seleucid kings, possibly the son of Antiochus IV (the latter invaded Jerusalem), was Alexander BALAS, you see. Therefore, Seleucids are suspect at Bullis.

German Abells (bear head, possibly from Zahringers) are said to have been in Swabia, and Swabs/Schwabs share the Fire/Fur unicorn so as to make Balls (Cheshire, beside Bell-branch Bellamys) look like a branch of German Abells. One of the Scottish Bell Coats looks like a version of the Bellow/Ballot Coat, having Chief-Shield colors in reverse from one another.

Another giant and white unicorn is with Haeks in the motto of bull-head Bolgers/Bulgers. Interestingly, the Haek Coat is essentially the one of Guiffre's/GOLFredo's/Freda's, first found in Campania with Aquila's who are in their colors and format. This recall that Avezzano liners, from Avezzano, roughly between L'Aquila and Sabina, married the Dampierre's of Campania-like Champagne, and the latter was also called, "Campania," at times. Campanio's happen to use bells. Does this paragraph trace Bullis / Ceraunii elements to Sabina? Is this why the Sabine surname has a red bull? As the Sabines of Sabina were also, Safini, is the above why Saffins were first found in Somerset with Bull's/Bule's and Saffer-related Severs/Savers? Why might Saffers use unicorn heads, do you think?

Entering "Sabina" once brought up the Saffin surname, but now brings up French Savards/Savarys. Saffers come up as Savarys too, and then English Savards bring up Salfords while bull-head RATcliff were first found in historical Salford. Why do you think Rats were first found in Nairnshire with Rus-like Rose's?

It's interesting that these Scottish Rose's share the black water bouget with BANESters, first found in Lancashire with Salford. Lake Van, ruled by king Rusa, had a BIAINI peoples, making them suspect to Banes'. French Banes' share the Water Coat that is in code with water bougets, and the Bugs, in the colors of the Rose water bougets, have water bougets too, and then the Neuri on the Bug river of Ukraine are like the ancient Nairi of Lake Van! Plus, Rats and Rose's were first found in Nairi-like Nairnshire with Cetis-like Geddes!

Herodotus said that Neuri became wolves once annually, suggesting a wolf ceremony in honor of their wolf god, likely Apollo and Artemis, which makes Neuri suspect with the Hyperboreans. English Banes'/BAINes' use a giant wolf head, and while Savards/Salfords have black wolves, the Crest of Neuri-like Norrys has a black wolf head while the Norry fesse is that of RUSH's and Rosco's. It just so happens that Norrys were first found in Aberdeenshire with BAINs/Beans/VANs!!! The latter even come up as Biaini-like Bians.

BIANco's/BianCATs/BLANCa's were first found in Van-like Venice! If Blanks were from Bianco's, then Blanks and even some White's may have been from the Biaini. German Bianco's share the White eagle. Scottish White's use QUATRefoils suspect with QUADRatilla, mother of Charax! English Blanks share the BUS Coat, and Buz was a son of Nairi-like Nahor, Abraham's brother who did not move to Israel, but remained in the Euphrates area with Amorites who had branches in Hebron such as the Anaki. Nairs were first found in Perthshire with the Glove's in the Clan-Chattan motto, and Glove's share the crescents of Craigs who in turn use an "ut" motto term likely as code for Uts/Uz, first-listed son of Nahor. Buz is the second-listed son.

Carrick liners are important because Carricks share the fesse of Bugs while Neuri were on the Bug river(s) that flows at LVIV. Craigs use a "VIVe UT VIVas" motto, and look related to the HUTTon Coat, and maybe to the Hutt/Hoot/Hood Chief too. I trace "LVIV" to Vivians (Cornwall with UTHER Pendragon) and their Fife / Five/Fify kin, and Balfours, first found in Fife, use an OTTer. Between the Buzau river of the Roxolani and the Bug river is the TROTus river, and Trots/TRUDE's are super, suddenly, because TRUDeau's have stags in the colors of the Hutton stag heads! Trots/Trude's share the bear with Otes'/Ottens (Cornwall with Vivians). trudea's were first found in Ile-de-France with Ottone-connectable Chappes', begging whether Otto's / Ottone's were from Uts, son of Nahor.

Huttons were first found at PENwortham in Preston, and Prestons almost have the Bus cinquefoil. Preston is in Leyland, and Leylands almost-exactly have the Craig Coat. While Leys are with Leghs (Cheshire with Hootens), Hutters/Hooters have a giant eagle leg, and Hootens almost have the Craig Crest. Other-branch UTTers/Otterburns (share Craigie crescent) were first found in ROXburghshire. Hoddens/Hodnetts share the Hodley / Oddey quadrants in colors reversed.

Roxburghs are of Roquefeuil in Aude province, and Aude's are also Ode's. Utters/Otterburns have black drops called, tar, which suddenly looks like code for Tarun elements. UTHER Pendragon was code for Utters, and while they share a Shield of black drops with Drops/Trope's (Norfolk with Bus'), Tropoje is not far from the Penestae peoples (DRIN river), where I trace Pendragons (Cornwall with Otes'/Ottens) and the Drainer variation of English Dragons (Kent with Odin-related Greenwich's). Oddie- and Oddey-connectable Hutts/Hoots/Hoods, sharing the gold crescent in Chief with Utters/Otterburns, use the "CORNish chough," and Hotts share the Tarant eagle.

French Blanks are in French Mar colors and format, and Amorites on the Euphrates had a Mari capital. As I see "APHRODite" from "EUPHRATes," note that Marsi lived in Abruzzo, the ancient capital of which was APRUTium. Thus, trace Euphrates-line Hebrews (Apiru/Abiru at the Euphrates / (C)Habur theater) to the naming of Epirus.

French Blanks share "Sans tache" with Peerless'/NAPIERs while Rus-like Roxolani were at a Naparis river. German Blanks were first found in Austria with German Bianco's.

Bains/Vans/Bians share the motto of Clan Chattan using "BOT," and the Lukka Sea Peoples were suspect earlier in this update at Lucca, where BOTTers/BOTINi's were first found, from the Budini of Ukraine, and then Lucca's use the cat for a trace of Chattans and Chatans (both share the Botter/Botini bend) to Lucca's cat.

I can show that the namers of Swabia were the Sabines because Swabia was named by the Suebi who lived beside SEMnones while Sabines lived with/beside SAMNites. Thus, a Sabine branch migrated to RUS territories as the Suebi.

There is a VELINO river off mont Sabina at the theater of the imperials of Rieti, and Revelation connects Daniel's anti-Christ to those very Roman emperors, very interesting because Daniel confuses us when rooting the end-time anti-Christ both in Seleucids and in the Roman emperors. The Sabine surname was definitely descended from Rieti's emperors, by whether Flavius Sabinus of Rieti, father of emperor Vespasian, was a Sabine himself I don't think we can know. He may have been named after the territory alone. Might the proto-Rats have named Rieti? The latter is also, Reate. Is this why Ratcliffs share the bull with Sabine's? Looks like. The Ratcliffe head is in the design of the red bull head of Anchors/Annackers and Shechemite-connectable Neats.

The "VELINo" near Rieti can be shown related to "AVLONa" below. The Salto river along mount Sabina, which flows into the Velino, traces to the Sallett variation of Sales' (Cheshire, beside Alans of Shropshire) highly suspect with the Alan-related Saluzzo's. The Salto has its source in Abruzzo, and it flows across Avezzano (Abruzzo) and mont Velino, and then Avezzano's, a branch of which is in the Kennedy motto, were first found in Sardinia with Seleucids. I'll show you how momentarily, but keep in mind that the dentist pointed to the Kennedy motto in such a way to point to Sardinians too i.e. the Shirts/Shards, first found in Cheshire with Salletts/Sales'.

As Saluzzo is at CUNeo, the "CONcordia" motto term of Dents can apply, for Dents are in Sales/'Sallett colors and format. Dents were first found in Yorkshire with the Bruce's (anciently "Brusi") from the ABRUSSI of Abruzzo. The Dent-like Dance's of Yorkshire, sharing the Alan fesse, can be a branch of Italian Dance's, first found in Piedmont with Saluzzo. The latter is suspect from the SALUVii/Salyes Ligures, and Sullivans were first found in Tipperary with Kennedys. Sullivans share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs (Yorkshire again), and Busca is beside Saluzzo.

The Dent lozenges are in the colors of the similar mascles of Irish PRATs, first found in Norfolk with Sabine's, and connecting excellently with a "pratus" motto term used in Arms of Rieti. A most-amazing thing now is that Prude's/Pratts share the fesse of Cords in the "ConCORDia" motto term of Dents! His laughing at my shirt buttons thus points even to this Seleucid-Rieti merger.

The Rieti imperials were Flavians, and you can see them in the write-up of Flys of Flagi as a Flavius character, and Flys were found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Budins and English Botters/Bodins. You can see the Botters/Botini's of Lucca here, which can explain why Norfolk is also where Luce's were first found. The Arms of Rieti share fish with Luce's and Luciano's, and the latter, along with Rieti-like Rita's, were first found in Rome.

Britannica: "Flavius Sabinus, who rose to hold an important command on the Danube about ad 48 and was prefect of Rome for many years under Nero." The Velino river dumps into the Nera river. And the Nero/Neriti write-up has: "The surname Nero was first found in the Tuscan city of Lucca in 1200,..." The cat is out of the bag.

It's just super that, though not in the same colors, Fly's share martlets inside black roundels with Pratts. In one roundel, Pratts use a trefoil, the symbol in different colors of Prude's/Prats. You can take the Fly fleur-de-lys to the Banks because they were first found in West Riding of Yorkshire with Dents. Dents share the tiger with Ditts (stripeless tigers, Dwight branch) suspect in the "REDit" motto term of crane-using Sharks, and Reds/Reeds are Rieti liners. The Prude's/Prats, suspect from Epirus with the Shark crane, share the green trefoil with Sharks. What do you suppose cranes trace to?

The Ceraunii mountains were on the sea shore. Pratt-like pirates sailed the seas all over Illyria and Epirus. People of the latter were Epirotes, naming pirates, right? Or maybe pirates named Epirus. Sharks are from Saracens of Sicily, surrounded by seas. Sea Peoples were pirates right? Any ship crew using ships for war can qualify as pirates. Armies and navies need to eat, and so they steal to eat, but must first do battle to take the foods. ROTTEN. RATS. RAIDERS.

Sharks share the trefoil of Neats in both colors, and while the latter are suspect in the motto of Kennys, the latter were first found in Galway with the Teague's/TEEGERs whose "diem" motto term brings up tiger-using Diems/DITTmayers (Schleswig-Holstein, same as German Teegers)...tending to mean that Tigers (show no Coat but have a page), in the Dent Crest, were a Teeger branch. I showed above why I think Teague's were from Tigranes VI, the ancestry of Quadratilla of Cetis, and Kennys thus trace well here to Kennati of Cetis.

The "TENeat" motto term of Kennys can be for the TEN fessewise bars of Thens/Tyne's (Shropshire with Alans and Bellamys) in the colors of the Prude/Prat and Cord fesses. German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of shirt-and-button Tous', the latter first found in Pisa, smack beside Lucca, more evidence that Shirts/Shards were from Sardinian Sea peoples.

Earlier, the Tous "man" traced well to Scottish Mans/Mants (dragon for Mynett-related Dragons/Drainers), but as Pisa is where Mosca's were first found along with Tous', note that German Mans/Manners have the Massey quadrants. And English Manners/Maness' share the peacock in Crest with Tous-beloved Shirts! Mynetts are from Amyntes, ancestor of Quadratilla Bassus.

The same Kennys use a "floREAT" motto term for Rieti liners, and while English Reats are listed with Reeds, Scottish Reats/Rats have an anchor to return us to the Annackers sharing the Neat bull head. RATcliff (Lancashire with Shake's and Tipps/Tippins) share the bull head (same colors and design) of Tipps'/Tippins, the latter connectable to the Tipperary location of Kennedys. The Tipps'/Tippins share the pheons of the Cords in the Dent motto. I've read a few writers who trace an Adana location of Cilicia to Greek Danaan, and it just so happens that I had purchased my Texas property from Adana Teague.

The Salto river begins in Abruzzo, the ancient capital of which was Aprutium, named after the Epirotes, the name of the peoples of Epirus, explaining "ThesPROTians." Thus, the "pratus" motto term of Rieti looks like code for Epirotes in elite Rieti, making a super Seleucid connection to the Roman dragon. It doesn't seem coincidental that English and Irish Pratts place items into their roundels, as do Bullis'/Bulliards in different colors. Belgian Pratts even share the saltire of Abruzzo-line Bruce's.

Thesprotia is smack at the Ceraunii mountains, and this entity must have coined mythical Coronis because she was paired with Apollo while there was an Apollonia location off the northern end of the Ceraunii mountains (bottom left of map). Apollo was also ABELLo, possibly his original form. Recall the Abell surname earlier in this section. Baal became Bel in Europe. Beside Apollonia is Aulon/Avlona of the proto-Alans of Brittany, and French Balls were first found in Brittany while Dol Alans were very close to Bell-branch Bellamys (Shropshire with Dol Alans). It's either got Bullis elements all over it, or even descent directly from Alexander Balas.

Bells were first found in Dumfries with Annandale, and the Dol Alans became the Stewarts who married the royal Bruce's out of Annandale. That is, Mr. Stewart married the daughter of king Robert Bruce I, a CARRick, and so note that Cars/Kerrs, in colors reversed, would have the Arms of Carrick with the Annas and Bullis/Bulliard stars upon it, white like the Billet/Billiard and Hillard/Billiard stars. The latter use the Moray stars, and Bruce's were first found in Yorkshire with Hillards/Billiards.

We can take this picture to Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, son of Marjory Carrick with her first husband, Adam Kilconquhar-Comyns...explaining why English Adams, first found in Annandale, have a version of the Annandale Coat that is almost a copy of the AINSley Coat! It's a good reason to see Annas', Annackers, and Annan(dale)s as branches, for Thomas Randolph's lozenges happen to be colors reversed from the lozenges of Anchors/Annackers, the ones with the bull head that took us to Bullis'/Bulliards in the first place.

The Moray motto has "pret," and Prets, sharing the Adam star, probably have the Robert lion as per king Robert Bruce. I suppose Prets can be Epirotes along with Pratts. The Pret lion is in the colors of the Abreu/Abruzzo lion.

The Arms of Thomas Randolph are shown at his Wikipedia article as three red-on-gold lozenges inside the Carrick-connectable DOUBLE TRESSURE BORDER. This is code for the Tresure's/Trashers and Borders (share Adam star), first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's and Tints. The Double's happen to be listed with Dubells, using bells!

French Roys, expected in the "roi" motto term of English Abells, were first found in Brittany, and TINTons of Ceraunii-line CORNwall use "ROYal tents." Roy- / Royal-connectable Role's were first found in Swabia. The triple Abell boar heads are in the colors and format of the roundels of both the Bullis'/Bulliards and Shirts/Shards. And the "Vive" motto term of English Abells (purple fesse) takes us to purple-lion Vivians/Veys (CORNwall) because Dutch Veys use a BOOT while I claim that mythical, Avlona-like Avalon was secretly the island of Bute, seized by the Stewarts as soon they climbed the Bruce throne. Morgan le FAY was the chief witch of Avalon, tending to explain the Vey boot.

The English Abells come up as "Abba," meaning "father" in Hebrew, and then the Fathers/Feathers (Somerset with Tints and Bulls/Bule's) have a motto tracing to Velin / Velens / Valance's, all linkable to "AVLONa" of the proto-Alans because Velens share the martlets of French Alans. Thus, from some Feather- / Fetter- / Feeter-like surname, someone arranged a Father surname perhaps during marital linkage to Abba liners. Fothes'/Fette's have a CORNucopia for a trace to the namers of the Ceraunii mountains.

Alans of Arundel, as soon as they married Saluzzo, married Percys who share a string of five lozenges (different colors) with Abbys. Leavell-related PERCivals (Somerset again, with Bills) share the black bear head with German Abells. The Percy write-up can indicate that they and Percivals were from Pierro's/Pero's on the TESSIN river: "It is generally thought that the Percys probably derive from Ernegis Tesson. 'The arms of these families show their common origin.' All bear a fesse with the Percys having a fesse inDENTed." As Laevi were on the Tessin, it can explain why Gouel de Percival and/or his son, Waleran, were of Leavells.

The Peer/Peir bend is colors reversed from the Ivery bend, and Gouel de Percival, who married the Lovells = Leavells, was in Yvery/Ivry of Abruzzo-line Eure. Iverys show an Ives variation while Ives'/Ivys' share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards. Red roundels, by the way, are in the Arms of BOULOGne, and Bolgers/Bulgers use the bull-head design of Annackers and Neats.

The Percival Shield and Crest are in the colors and format of Bellows/Ballots and Billets. Abbys were first found in Angus while the Angus star is that of Annas' and Bullis'/Bulliards. I'm not sure whether Angus' were Annas offshoots; perhaps Angus' were of the Angers / Annackers. The snake goddess, Angitia, of Abruzzo, might apply.

This discussion makes the Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire with Balls) linkable to the Bullis/Byllis location, for they share the Billet Coat while French Billets are Billiards too. The Bellow/Ballot and Billet cinquefoils are in the colors of the stars inside the Bullis/Bulward/Bulliard ROUNDELs, and Dol Alans were kin of both Roundels and Arundels. A good reason for Shirts/SHARDs sharing the Bullis/Bulliard roundels is that Sardinia has a Seleucus-like Sulcis location at its Sant'ANTIOCO area, and the Seleucids were named after king Seleucus, father of king ANTIOCHus.

I've just found a way to trace the "luCEAT" motto term of Kennys to Seats/Seeds/Cedes'. That is a nutshell reveals Kennys from Kennati of Cedes-like Cetis. The other Irish Kennys have a Chief in the colors of the Cunty/Connadie Chief, and the latter happen to share the double pale bars in Seats/Seeds/Cedes'! They are also the double pale bars in the Arms of Ile-et-Vilaine, location of Dol.

"LUCeat" can indicate Cetis elements at Lucca because Lucca's have a cat. Note how Adam's surname, KilconQUHAR may have been of the Carrick-branch Quarre's/Carre's or Quarters. Quarre's/Carre's share the checks of an Arms of Massa-CARRara, beside Pisa and Lucca. German Loose's are interesting for having the TRACK/Trick/Trigg lion in colors reversed in case they were related to the TRACHeitis river at Cetis.

The Massa-Carrara checks are also the ones of Shechemite-connectable Checkers (Hampshire, beside Chickens sharing the Shake/Shick chevron), and also the checks of CONs/Cohens for likely linkage to "CONcordia," for Cords were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks. Cons/Cohens almost have the Coat of Hohens while Hohenstaufens and/or HohenZOLLERNs have origins in Swabia. The Zollerns have the quadrants of Drive's/Drove's/Drave's, first found in Hampshire with Checkers and wyvern-using Drake's.

The Con/Cohen Coat is shared by Florence's Ferrands. The ARNo river flows from Florence to Pisa, and Annas' are listed with ARNess'. English ARNolds happen to share a "Vivas" motto term with Carrick-branch Craigs. Italian Arnolds/Arno's have a giant wyVERN, and they were first found in Veneto with VERONa, which suddenly gives a hint for the origins of this dragon species. Clermont-Ferrand is in Auvergne with the first-known Bouillons whose Coat in turn is the one of German Arnolds (Austria with Zollerns) in colors reversed. The Bouillon flory is shared by Taddei's, first found in Florence. Veneto is in the land of the Van-like Veneti.

The Pisa Coat is in colors reversed with "comet"-using Reines' while Comets/Come's/Combs are in Comyns colors and format. Comeys/Come's/Combs share the motto of Clan Chattan i.e. traceable to the Lucca cat.

As Comets/Come's/Combs have three of the giant Tower towers who were in turn first found in Lancashire; what are the chances by coincidence alone that Towers could link to Lancashire's Ratcliffs and/or Tipps'/Tippers? Towers are said to have passed their estates to Lofwicks, who in turn share the black-on-white bull head with Ratcliffs and Tipps/Tippers. The latter's pheons are tracable to the Paeoni, not far east from Bullis, The Lofwick saltire could be a pirate's saltire.

As Bullis elements are suspect at Sabina, and as I trace Flavius VesPASian (son of Flavius Sabinus) to the Paisleys/Pasleys, let's add that English Pasleys and Poussins (cat) can be gleaned as kin of the neighboring LUFFs/Love's while Lofwicks are also Lovicks. One of the German LOFlers have two chevrons in the colors of the three of German Ash's/Asch's, the latter first found in Sabine-line Swabia, and the Luffs/Love's were kin of Muscats/Musks while Muschats/Montfitchets have the Ash/Asch Coat in colors reversed.

Additions to this update are over. I'll have the Czech Michel section in the next update that starts off like this:

The following addition to the last update was immediately after talk on the gold Ore/Orr drops, but as the addition got so long, it was made its own section, presented here with yet further additions. There was material in the last update on Kennedys and Schimatari.

Lookie: Drops/Trope's use black drops called "poix = tar", and Tanagra is at SchimaTARi, a term suspect with the SHECHEMites (from Shechem) of Israel in combination with a Tar-like entity. Here's from Flavius Josephus a Jewish historian: "In Josephus they [Kenites of Israel] appear as KENETides, and in Ant, IV, vii, 3 he calls them 'the race of the Shechemites." This has got to be why Irish Kennedys use the SCIMITAR.


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