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April 11 - 17, 2023

Czech Michels
More Evidence For the Line of Terah, Father of Abraham
Khazar "Jews" to Rangabe Byzantines

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

This video below will show you why it is wrong to send out the message of vaccine "freedom," a compromising message of choice-to-vaccinate. This message betrays fellow citizens into a nightmarish future because the basis of such a message is unclear, and can therefore be misconstrued or framed as a weak argument. When people send out merely the message of "civil rights" regarding the choice to vaccinate, our enemies will pounce, portraying us as irresponsible for failing to protect others from what they will portray as a death-blow virus.

The needed message is: I DON'T WANT TO VACCINATE BECAUSE THERE IS A CERTAIN HIGH PERCENTAGE OF VACCINE VIALS KILLING AND MAIMING MY FELLOW CITIZENS. This message cuts the message down of our enemies because we now turn the tables on them, labeling them as the heartless, those who don't care about their fellow citizens. We had best send this message out because the vaccines are coming back to us, I feel sure about that, and our enemies will be more brutish in the next battle.

We had best know and spread the facts on the true cause of sudden deaths taking place since the vaccine roll-out, and we had best ridicule all those who deny that these sudden deaths and illnesses are not due to vaccines. Least of all, we need not look weak before them. They know they are fighting merely an ideological war in the falsely propped-up name of "safety." The front lines against us know they are wrong, but will spread the lies opportunistically, in order to enjoy persecuting us, because they have long been committed to an anti-Christ world.

As you watch this video, see how the direction was going fatal toward the inability to make purchases without vaccination. This was real, it was starting, it was happening, but I say God blew their hopes to give us time to prepare our foods and other needs before the vaccine swine come back at us:

Beware bitchute trash, much of it hellish, much of it seeking to mislead Christians into apostasy using what appear to be Christian-friendly voices and faces. Wear your spiritual helmet if you peruse bitchute videos.

The Purpose in sending the 12 Apostles out into the world was not to enlist believers only, but to reveal a new lifestyle, a whole new set of thinking that is contrary to the thinking of the world at large. If we do not have this new thinking, we simply are not Christians no matter how much we claim we are. If we do not like the new thinking, we will latch onto some worldly way of thinking, and there are many to chose from. Unless we like the new thinking, we cannot become the "new man."

I can be sure I like the new thinking because I've read all the books in the Bible multiple times, some of them dozens of times, especially in the New Testament, where the new mind is made. Once I had the New-Testament message firmly implanted in me, it could grapple with the old man in me, and put him down, keep the old nature from overcoming my new thinking. The old man does not just evaporate away. We produced the old man before learning the Christian way, then we need to put him down, keep him lame and weak at best.

I've been lamenting all the deception in the world that might mislead Christians, but now I think I should rejoice in it like one rejoices in a purification system. On the one hand, I feel sorry for believers who fail the test and become apostates, but on the other hand, it's what God wants, a removal of the wrong thinkers from His Kingdom. We cannot pass this test if we don't know the new thinking. READ YOUR BIBLE and become familiar with it as if it was your own spouse. Make Jesus' words your new spouse. It will treat you well. Don't make your mental image of Jesus your spouse, but rather His words. Jesus said that salvation is from His words.

Don't use his words as a sword to fight others as much as to fight your own old man. Save yourself before fending off the evil spirits in the attitudes and words or others. Build yourself strong first. As the Bible says, let the Word of God dwell in you richly, deeply, because this is what will save you. Faith in Jesus is to become like Jesus. It is not only to believe and remain aloof from His words. He plainly stated it, that nobody will be saved unless they have His new thinking in them. If you know you have a rich desire to match up to His word, be comforted by it, and let nothing take it away. This is the entire calling of God for EVERYONE.

Don't try to be a Christian to the end of your life as though running the Christian race as only to the finish line of the body. The true Christian is the one who consciously decides that being one with Jesus is permanent, past the finish line of this body's survival. As a partner with Jesus, you've made up your mind not to steal, not to abuse others, not to over-charge others, and to be thankful to God for forgiveness of sins and the gift of life. As a partner with Jesus, you speak to God. If you want to be a warrior for God, you attack the wicked who attack your brothers and sisters with false and abusive accusations, those who pave the way toward an anti-Christ world. You cut them down with your words.

There are many people who, when they read the Bible for the first time, see wholesome thinking, safe thinking, and they realize that this is what this world needs. They become committed. Yet, the battle then rages when such a person reveals to others their latching onto to Jesus. They play mind games with you, hoping to destroy your faith. This is a natural enmity against us unleashed by many. They will ruin your happiness in Jesus if you let them. They will minimize the importance of your decision, and also minimize your whole person.

It is important that you spend time with other Christians who do not treat you that way, and the natural place to find them is in a church. Once you are strong in Jesus, you will be able to stand on your own two feet, and will not need others to support you, though you will always welcome the support and the synergism.

But we should not be with Christians only in church, as that scene has traditionally been a formality and a superficial fellowship. We need to be with each other outside of the church building. If we don't want to have Christians in our own homes, there is something wrong with our thinking. It could indicate HATRED for the people of Jesus, beware. Sound the alarm, get your thinking corrected. If we prefer the formal church service and not an outing at lunch or some other activity with Christians, to form friendships, there is something wrong, something that looks like coldness toward God's people. But if we like going to a home to share the word of God together in a non-formal, warm setting, that is a very good sign.

The problem with churches is that the pews all face in the same direction, totally wrong for a human gathering. The "service" can become like a performance. Fellowship needs a table. Fellowship is not just important, but is the entire goal of eternal life. I prefer no church service at all, but instead a home-church gathering, and some regular gatherings around food tables. I do not see why a typical church service should be treated with more sacredness than a home-church meeting, but a paid pastor would argue that it is more holy because, without it, he'll have no income from preaching.

Kari Lake

In the last update, I found compelling heraldic pointers from my golfing-dentist dream to a court case(s) of some sort. Midway through the update, I was impressed by the following quote (a Kari location is in the Irish Jarry write-up). To follow better, load Karys now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab:

As Pine's were first found in Devon with Kari (Kari Lake's court case comes to mind), Irish Karys are suspect with the lion of pine-cone Maschi's, the latter first found near Fano, that being the line of Fane's/Phone's looking like a Faun/Phones branch. The Funnys have a Coat reflection of the SEATon/SITTIN-connectable Swan/Sion Coat that once showed gauntlet gloves, the Fane/Phone symbol. I was SITTIN in the back SEAT [of the dentist's CAR, when he laughed at my shirt's buttons], and my funny Shirt is now connecting to Maschi's. Hamon de Massey was of a Dunham-Masci location in Cheshire, where Shirts/Shards were first found.

Plus, the "la fin" motto phrase of Kennedys can be partly for the Fins/Feins/Du Fins while Fane's/Phone's are Fiens too. Lafins happen to have a "Vincit" motto term while Vince's/Finch's have one of the triple Finchem fesses, and they happen to be the triple Fin/Fein fesses too.

I heard that Mark Finchem is still seeking to overturn the election that was robbed from him by Arizona fraud, after a judge tossed out his case or something to that effect. Kari Lake is still in court doing the same against Arizona fraud. Much/most of the ballot fraud was in PHOENIX, Arizona, and the Phone's are very connectable to Phoenix's/Fenwicks!!! But why should the dentist's funny scene point to these court cases? Does his car point to KARi Lake? Are the Lake's of the LAUGHERs/LOCHers?

French LAGERs first found in Burgundy with Fins/Feins, tending to clinch Laughers/Lochers with Lafins. The head in the Laugher/Locher Crest is in the design of the "fox" head in the Bellow/BALLOT Crest, and Kari Lake had worked for Fox news in Arizona! Zowie. There's a Swedish Lager Coat sharing the wavy bend of Dutch Gaunts/Ghents/Gentle's, and I suppose it's possible that Ghents were from "Kennati" too. English Gentle's were first found in Hampshire with Ghents and Buttons. German Gentle's share the lion of Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with Gaunts. Laugher-like Lagers have brought us to connection with the Phoenix/Fenwick bloodline. Kari Lake may have worked in Phoenix, Arizona!

Immediately after that quote, it took me to Court- and Court-like surnames.

I'm now going to go back to Miss Hicks taking my hands in church to pray. I'm going back to this because she came to my pew seat from the CENTER ISLE, and I recall that Isle's are in the colors and format of English Tie's. It was the only time I wore a tie to her church in roughly 100 attendances.

A pointer to Kari Lake had included the Thigh's/Thy's/TIE's, you see, from the thigh symbol of MAMie (a girlfriend of mine in my early 20s). Mame's are listed with Mens', first found in Midlothian with Sinclairs/SAINTs who share motto terms, and Sinclairs/Saints even use a "thy" motto term. Then, CENTERs are also SAINTers (Hicks colors and format) while English Saints were first found in Yorkshire with Tie's and Hicks'. I faintly recall that Thigh's/Thy's/Tie's use a giant fox (rather than a wolf), which is only partly why Mamie pointed to Kari Lake of Arizona's Fox news.

The Sands/Sandalls and Sandys are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Centers/Sainters. Sandys have a Phoenix-like "POENitet" motto term. SCHIM-related Molle's use a "phoenix" as well as a "FOENus" motto term suggesting the Funny-like Fauns/PHONES'. The Dentist's surname had pointed to SCHIMatari.

It just so happens that Schims use a "COMITE" motto term. Sinclairs/Saints share the cross of Scottish CONans while Irish Conans were first found in Tipperary with Lafins! The "COMMIT" motto term of Sinclairs/Saints can be either for the Cone-related Conte's/Comitissa's, and/or for the Comites variation of French Conte's, and it just so happens that Italian Conte's share the Lafin lion while the fesse of the Tipperary Conans is in the colors of the fesse-by-antlers of Conte's/Comitissa's. And the Tipperary Conans even share both the Isle fesse and fleur-de-lys! I find this more than interesting.

Tipperary is where Irish Kennedys were first found while Scottish Kennedys, first found in Ayrshire with CUNNinghams, are the ones with a "la fin" motto phrase for Lafins. The latter are listed with La FONTs, and this too is amazing for more reason than French Conte's being first found in Languedoc with Hugs and Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's. The Hugs are key here, who share the triple fesses and lion of Fountains, because it was my emBRACE (= a hug) with Mamie in a LAKE that first gave me hint that she pointed to Kari Lake, for the Brace/Bras Coat is like that of Lake's.

I find it amazing that Bras-like Brae's/Brays use a "FLAX breaker" while Ville's/Font de Ville's have a "flag," for Flacks/Flags were first found in Norfolk with Floats and Parsons, the latter almost having the Center/Sainter Coat. Flacks/Flags almost have the Fleet Coat, and Floats are important because they almost have the Coat of Flatts/Fletts, and after Miss Hicks prayed for me in church, I walked out to the parking lot to find a FLAT tire on my rear wheel. I had to JACK it up, and Jacks were from "Ajax," the god of the Kennedy-line Kennati priests.

Flatts/Fletts were first found in Orkney, and one Henry Sinclair of Roslin (Midlothian) became a ruler of Orkney. Roslin was granted to an earlier Henry Sinclair who had come to Scotland as the cup-bearer of queen Margaret. Maurice Drummond piloted the ship that brought them to Scotland, and German Drummonds have the Coat of SANTIS' in colors reversed.

As DeSantis' almost have the triple Hug / Fountain fesses, it caused me to wonder whether Kari Lake would run as vice-president for Ron DeSantis, though as Vice's can be linked to Dutch Tromps, who share the DeSantis eagle, it confused me, especially as Trump seems to be entertaining Miss Lake as his running mate. But that all goes to bust for Trump if he's jailed before the election. Vice's/VISE's may even have been of VisCONTI's.

Miss Hicks came from the center isle to PRAY for me. Irish Prays were first found in County DOWN with the Knee's who share the "phoenix" of Needhams. Downs/Douns, with a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, were first found in Sussex with Vice's/Vice's and Acorns, both of whom share the Knee and Needham stag heads, and Dutch Tromps have acorns. Plus, the Faun-like Funnys were likewise first found in Sussex while Fauns are also Phoenix-like Phones'! A funny thing happened on the way to the elections...Bidenites stole them.

Mamie got her thigh symbol on the same day that she and I hugged in the lake. The night before, she got a tease symbol, and it just so happens that Tease's/Thys' (probably named the Tees river in Yorkshire) share the Funny stars.

Funnys are new to me as per the laughing symbol of my dentist in the dream, and they happen to be listed with FENNels/Vennels while Phoenix's are listed with FENwicks. Funnys/Fennels/Vennels are in the colors and format of French Mars who happen to share the Fenn/Venn/Fann scallops! Mars can possibly be a pointer to MARicopa county, where Phoenix is located. If only the Mars had a "copa" motto term too.

BUT, as second best, the Culp variation of Cupe/COPE's are in the motto of the Patents/Pattens who in turn essentially share the Fenn/Venn/FANN Crest! Karen FANN, the president of the Arizona senate, turned the huge Maricopa-county audit into a TEASE, because she threw the entire effort away for some personal gain and/or due to threats against her. The whole world thought the audit was going to catch the election crooks, but Fann delivered them from legal trouble at the final hour.

Patents/Pattens have this: "Later some of the family became well established at Wainfleet in Lincolnshire." It explain why the Patent/Patten Shield is shared by WainFLEETs, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Fleets, a branch of FLATTs/Fletts. The MacDonalds (Argyllshire with Tire's) of the so-called ISLES share the eagle of Tire's, and my tire was going flat while (or about the time) Miss Hicks was praying for me. MacDonalds probably sailed the Orkneys, where Flatts/Fletts were first found.

Hicks' are said to have had a branch at SAINT Ewe, and Ewe's/Cuish's share the MacDonald / Tire eagle. The MacDonald fitchee used by Tire's happens to be in colors reversed from the Lake fitchee.

Miss Hicks came from the center isle, and Centers/Sainters, in Hicks colors and format, can be gleaned with the German Sanders/Centers because the latter share the upright and red bull of Claro's while Sinclairs/Saints had been named after "Claro." Sinclairs ruled ORKNey, and "ORGAN pipes" are used by Lets/Late's who in turn share the stars of Peare's who in turn share the triple leopard faces of Centers/Sainters and Parsons.

It's amazing that while Finchems and Fins/Feins have three of the lone Vince/FINCH fesse, the latter not only share the full motto of Irish Sanders/Sainders, but share the fesse of Tie's and Isle's, and of Sinclair-connectable Conans and Conte's/Comitissa's. The Works, in the "work" motto term of Sinclairs, have two of the Vince/Finch fesse, and if Works had only one fesse, they would be exactly in the colors and format of Tie's and Isle's.

So, what does the event with Miss Hicks praying for me mean? Another pointer to the election-fraud battle that to this point has been a long tease? Or is God going to surprise us? How can a flat tire suggest a win rather than another bust?

As I've said many times: after Miss Hick stopped praying, she walked back to the center isle, and there she turned toward me, and did a half curtsy, almost like she was thinking, "what am I doing?" before stopping the full dip. It was funny. Nobody ever CURTsied toward me before, and I didn't do anything to deserve it but say, "I'll pray for you too," as she left. It looks like a pointer to a COURT.

There is a Curtsy surname, but if it has clues as to what sort of court case we might look forward to, maybe we can first go to the early Lake's of Shropshire, after they were first found on OXfordshire. After the Lake family of Shropshire, we read: "'The Lakes of Devonshire may take their name from a hamlet near Okehampton...'" Hawise of Dol married Robert D'Avranches of Okehampton, and there is an Oakhampton/OXENham surname, in Hicks colors and format, first found in Devon with Dol-line Stewarts. And the Dol fesse is shared by Curtsy's. Oxford was anciently OXENford. Oxfords are also Oxenfords.

Repeat: The "Tout en" motto phrase of Hicks (Alan/ALLIN fesse in colors reversed) is translated "ALL IN." It means that Hicks look very related to Oakhamptons/Oxenhams.

The mother of Robert D'Avranches was of Meulles, and here we can go to the Mule's, first found in Devon with Okehampton. The mule of Capote's/Capone's can get us to Italian Capone's/Capua's, first found in Campania with the Aquila's whose giant eagle is in the colors of the Curtsy eagle heads.

Next, I can take us to Lake's starting with the "Tout en" motto phrase of Hicks, Tottens have a motto term suggesting we follow to Segurs, first found in Limousin with Sinclair-branch Clairs. Segurs share the Tute/Tuit quadrants, and the latter are connectable to Tattons (Cheshire with Malls and Bessins) who in turn share the TOUT/Tute crescent. The Mall-related Eure's suspect in the "heure" motto term of Hicks' have the Tute/Tuit quadrants in half their colors, and the Eure Coat is a near replica of the Bee Coat and while Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's. The latter are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the bee-using Bessins. Bee's share the green dragon in Crest with the Mall-related Stockports.

Czech Michels

The following addition to the last update was immediately after talk on the "or" (gold) drops that suggest code for Ore's/Orrs, but as the addition got so long, it was made its own section, presented here with yet further additions. There was material in the last update on Kennedys and Schimatari.

Lookie: Drops/Trope's use black drops called "poix = tar", and Tanagra is at SchimaTARi, a term suspect with the SHECHEMites (from Shechem) of Israel in combination with a Tar-like entity. Here's from Flavius Josephus a Jewish historian: "In Josephus they [Kenites of Israel] appear as KENETides, and in Ant, IV, vii, 3 he calls them 'the race of the Shechemites." This has got to be why Irish Kennedys use the SCIMITAR.

The Kennedys, we may assume, knew centuries ago where they descended, from all the way to Greece.

ZOWIE!!! The new-to-me Crafts have six pale bars in the colors of the ten Tarr pale bars, and while Crafts share the blue-tingle dolphin in Crest with Scottish Kennedys (Carrick kin), I've been tracing Tarrs to whatever in the real world mythical Taras represented, who's in the Arms of Taranto as a dolphin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! That Arms is almost the Coffee/COFFER Crest, and Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset with Tarrs, and with the Carrick-like Courcys almost having the Tarrant Coat minus the chevron that is the Arms of Carrick!

It appears to mean that the namers of SchimaTARi were of the namers of Taranto, which makes more sense where southern Italy was once called, Greater Greece. Taranto was founded by Spartans, and Sparta was right beside Schimatari.

Crafts were loaded when accidentally misspelling "Michael" as "Michel" when I wrote above, "English Michaels who share the scallops of Joke's/Yoke's, first found in Kent too." Joke's almost have the Jack Coat, and thus Jacks do in FACT trace to Ajax, god of the Kennati!!! ZIKERS! maybe it wasn't an accident to find the Czech Michels after all. I will an investigation on them below because I see in them good traces to ancient Israelites, and so it's not surprising if Crafts have pointed already to Israel's Shechem.

The first Hebrew tribe may have been from Joke-like Joktan, first son of Eber, namer of Hebrews. In Genesis, Joktan's sons are said to have lived between Sparta-like SEPHAR and Mesha, and Michaels can be gleaned as Meschin kin. One of Joktan's sons, HADORAM, must have named the SEPHARvite god, ADRAMmolech. "Adram" looks like "Drum(mond)", and I trace the matriarch of Drummonds to a woman in Podebrady, in Bohemia i.e. in Czechoslovakia!

Joktan's brother, Peleg, is suspect with his tribe to mythical PHLEGyas, father of Coronis the Greek crow, and I trace the latter to the Ceraunii mountains in Apiru-like Epirus. Hebrews of the Euphrates theater were, "Apiru." I trace "APHRODITe to "Euphrates," and she was made born (by a myth writer who had reason for it) on Cyprus, and that's where the Ajax cult was, with mythical Salamis of CYPRus. The latter term thus looks like it's from the CHABUR/Habur tributary of the Euphrates.

"Salamis" looks like "Salem," the name of proto-Jerusalem, and thus we can suspect the Amorites of Salem to Salamis because Amorites had a capital, Mari, on the Euphrates. And here we can take things to Scottish Mars, who ruled at KilDRUMMY. Amazingly, the Scottish Mar Coat is the one of Abram-like Bramtons in colors reversed! Abram, who lived on the Euphrates, was descended from Eber, and Abraham's father was TERAH!!!! Could it be?

Could peoples of Shechem have been so united with Hebrews from Terah that they named Schimatari way over in Greece? Schimatari is in Boeotia, where mythical Cadmus landed whose brother was Cilix, code for Cilicia i.e. location of the Ajax cult of Kennati. Cadmus' Phoenician ancestor was made, Poseidon, and the latter was made the father of Taras in Taranto.

There is a Terrah/Terras/DERR surname while Scute's, who use "deer," have a tower in colors reversed from the Murena tower, and there was one Terentia MURENA whom I trace Tarants to, who named Tarrant-RUSHton. DEERings are said to descend from MORINIS'. Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's while there is a crane in the Scute Crest. Suffolk is where Mallets were first found who use "deer." Heraldic cranes often come with rocks in their feet, but the Scute crane has a rose in its beak instead. Spanish Daro's, who share the double-headed eagle of Czech Michels, are listed with Ros', and while Dere's/Res' use lances, one Lance surname has a giant rose. Therefore, the "Durch" motto term of Michels can be for the Durcks/DIERkes'. The latter share the Coat of Omans, whom were likewise first found in Suffolk.

Terrah's/Terras'/DERRs have rooks in SALE colors and format, and it just so happens that Sale's share the bend of Salemans/SALMans whose eagles in turn are in SALMon colors, and moreover Salemans were first found in Surrey with Michaels! This recalls my yellow-mattress dream with a Michael character I know, where the dream started with a SALESMAN in a retail store. I trace Yellows (OXfordshire with ROOKs) to the IALOmita river, home of the ROXolani peoples, the line to heraldic rooks!

The wrong spelling caused the Czech Michels to come up with a "thatKRAFT" motto term, and there is a Kraft surname distinct from Crafts. Moreover, two Michael surnames were first found Surrey, where Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found. Surrey is where dolphin-using James' were first found, and the other James' (Likewise from Surrey) have the Michael / Joke/Yoke scallops in colors reversed. [Insert: James' almost have the PRAGer Coat, and Prague is the Czech capital. Pragers almost have the Gates Coat! See Gates' shortly below for their trace to Czechoslovakia.]

Surrey is also where dolphin-using Caesars were first found whose Coat reflects that one of GREYhound-using English Majors. Caesars are said to be first found at Croydon while Croys are listed with Greys. The latter share the anchor with English Majors, and Greys even have two "anchor" motto terms. I trace the killer of Jesus, ANNAS, the chief priest of Israel, to Laevi Gauls that I suspect had been pagan Levites amongst the Kenites / Shechemites, and here I can repeat that "Annas" is like the Annacker variation of Anchors. Annas and his fellow priests roosted in Jerusalem.

Plus, the English Major Coat even reflects the one of Annas'/Ennis, and the Chief-Shield colors of Caesars is shared by Enys'/Ennis'. Then, Caesars are said to have had a branch from Italian counts of Genoa, and it just so happens that the Fauci's, first found in Genoa, share the lozenges of Anchor-branch Angers. Hmm, as German Drummonds share the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's/SEAS' (salmon?), perhaps Caesars/Sesars were a Seas branch. Ahh, the Seas write-up: "Not surprisingly, the family Coat of Arms shows salmon swimming"!

While Caesars were first found in Surrey with Salmans, the Salmons have an "OpTIMa" motto term that can be partly for Time's/Timms, first found in Kennati-like Kent with Sea's/Seas'. There is good reason to trace Time's/Timms to Timna, daughter-in-law of Esau, grandson of Abram. The Salmon write-up: "The surname Salmon was first found in Cumberland and Surrey. The manor of Salmons in Caterham, county Surrey..." It suggests that CATTERs use salmon, and Abram's second wife as KETURah, whose tribe named KOTOR, where Sarah-like Saraca's lived who used a fish (of unknown species to me).

Abram's first wife was, Sarah, and there is a Sarah/Sayer surname with a bend-and-items in the colors of the bend-with-spear of SHAKEspears (!), and it just so happens that the gold Shakespeare spear is tipped at both ends, ditto for the gold spear in the Salmon Crest! I almost missed this: the giant cinquefoil of Crafts (Essex with Sarah's/Sayers) is half in the colors of the cinquefoils on the Sarah/Sayer bend!

PLUS WOW, the Trots/Trude's were just looked up because they have the six Craft pale bars in colors reversed, and because the Trot/Trude canton has a bear to go with the bear-using Barwicks who in turn share the Sarah/Sayers motto. And it turns out that Trots/Trude's were first found in Surrey with Michaels while Crafts are suspect in the Michel motto! Barwicks might have been of fish-head Barrys.

I trace Saraca's to the Sharks, and so it's interesting that Sarah-like Surreys come up as "Sark." I've now got to repeat that SHAKE's use "mole hills" while Mole's, first found in ROXburgh, share the boar head of SCHIMs/Schiens. SHAKEspears are thus traceable to SCHIMaTARi! Terah was Abram's father!

Jewish Salmons use the Moray stars as used by Douglas' of Moray, but see also the Chief of LockHARTs (Lanarkshire with Hardys) because Douglas' are said to descend from HARDys. Lockharts use the Douglas / Salmon Chief but with the Mole / Schim / Googe boars. It's an alternative "DEUM TIME" motto of Morays/Murrays (houseofnames no longer shows this Coat) that makes the trace of Time's/Timms to EDOM's Timnah. This alternative Moray Coat showed fetterLOCKs, the LOCKhart symbol too.

Time's/Timms were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins who not only use an Edom- / Deum-like term in their motto, "Dum spiro spera," motto, but share the Moray mermaid. I showed how the mermaid was from Melissena Rangabe, granddaughter of the Byzantine emperor, MICHAEL I Rangabe, and here we can add that while Melissena's mother was from royal Khazars, the latter had kings called, kagans, while Jewish Kagans are listed with Cohens who share the Moray stars likely because Khazars were on the Mures river (Transylvania).

German Cohens have a blue-version of the Hohen Coat, and the latter's is shared by Italian Salmons. This can connect to Salome's/Solomons, whom I trace to the Sadducees who birthed Salome of BOETHus, i.e. like "BOEOTia." Might there be a salmon in the Coat of Butts/Bute's/BOETs? Makes sense.

"Caesar" may have developed from "Khazar," and only afterward might the Seas' and their Seaman branch have developed. The Seaman write-up: "'In the Domesday of Surrey there is a Seman, who held lands...'" Caesars were first found in Surrey.

Salmons use "Optima" and Teague's/Teegers, first found in Galway with Kennys and Bradys, use "Optem." Bradys can be traced to "PodeBRADY," where a woman, whom I suspect was Agatha, mother of Scottish queen, Margaret, lived. The latter's husband was Malcolm III, and Malcolms are also Columns, suspect in the column of German Franks, first found in Bohemia with Podebrady. New: while Margaret was an ATHELing, it just so happens that the six pale bars of Athels (Perthshire with Drummonds) are in the colors of the three, palewise salmon of Salmons!

It matters even more now that same-colored Salemans/Salmans/SALIANs were first found in Surrey with Michaels. I see Salians from Merovingians whom I suspect named Moravia because the latter was founded in about 800 AD, just as the Carolingian Franks were defeating Merovingians in France i.e. Merovingians may have escaped to name Moravia, which is half of Czechoslovakia.

The Arms of Podebrady point out it's ""gold GATE"" as clue that Gates' were from "Agatha." As the Gates Coat looks like the Cage Coat, it can explain the unexpected Caige variation of Teague's/Teegers. The Gates-like Geddes' (Nairnshire with Caesar- / Boet-beloved Rose's) use pike heads in the colors of the fish (possible salmon) of Butts/Bute's/Boets.

Bradys share the finger pointing at the sun with Babe's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Drummond-connectable Seamans, thus making for a good trace of Bradys to Drummonds out of Podebrady. While Kagans/Cohens use a sun too, Babwells/Babels have another "gold gate" in Crest while German Babels/Babe's use a two-tailed mermaid suspect with the two-tailed lion in the Arms of Bohemia. This mermaid is suspect from royal Khazars who are suspect also in Kagans/Cohens. Bohemians were from the Boii, possibly from "Boiotia/Boeotia." The Butt/Bute/BOET Chief is also the one of Khazar-like Caesars (Surrey with Michaels), and German Michaels were first found in Bohemia who could be using a six-pointed version of the Kagan/Cohen stars.

Back to the amazing Crafts, perhaps a variation formed from Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews because Carricks were close Kennedy kin, both from Cilicia, and Carricks are from Charax Proculus, son of king LAEVillus of Cetis, and it is his name suspect from the LAEVi Gauls as the latter became, as goes my logical theory, the Galatians in the ancestry of his wife. Carrots/Carews have triple lions in the positioning of the same-colored triple chevrons of French Levi's, and Jewish Levi's have two black lions in pale while Carrots/Carews have three black lions in pale. And Laevillus-line Leavells were at Castle Cary.

The That's/Thede's suspect in the Michel motto term "thatkraft," share the black anchor with the Jaspers (Cornwall with Carrots/Carews and Enys'/Ennis') suspect in the Carrot/Carew motto, "J'espere bien." Carricks (Carrot/Carew colors) use a "bien" motto term too.

That's/Thede's may be using the Irish Casey eagle heads in Case colors because Irish Caseys are in TARANT/Tarent colors and format. Jaspers share the Tailbois Chief, and Tails/Tailors share triple lions in pale (different colors) with Carrots/Carews, the Tails/Tailers using them in colors reversed from the two of Jewish Levi's. French Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with the French Caseys showing LEAVES (though may be called something else). Also first found in Ile-de-France were Chappes', suspect with Joseph Caiaphas, who became the chief priest in Israel when marrying the daughter of Annas above.

The heraldic Chief (top of the Shield) is suspect named after a Caiaphas branch. The Chief-Shield colors of Caesars and Enys'/Ennis is shared by CAPES'. The latter have a sword in saltire with oak branches, and the sword is the same one, rising in the same direction, as the sword-in-saltire of Krafts.

The Chief-Shield color combination of Jaspers is in colors reversed form the same as Capes' and Caesars, and while the latter have a reflection of the English Major Coat, the latter shares a giant anchor under the Chief with Jaspers. Jaspers share the Capes scallops, and while the Pierro's/Pero's share the roses in the Caesar Chief, the Carrot/Carew motto term is, "j'esPERE." Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, a city co-founded by the Laevi Gauls.

As the JASper Chief shares scallops (of different colors) with Jacks and Joke's/Yoke's, one could imagine a surname from "Ajax" having a Jas-like look. Jaspers share white scallops with the Flags in their Crest, and as McLeods use flags too while Flags were first found in Norfolk with Fasts, note the "fast" motto term of McLeods. McLeods share the giant castle of German Cassels while Scottish Cassels have a near copy of the Kennedy Coat and Crest, but with a gold dolphin instead of the blue-tinge dolphin of Kennedys and Crafts.

When there is a blank Chief without symbols, it could indicate something reserved for surnames considered most-important from "Caiaphas." Rulers of Montferrat used no symbols at all but a red Chief and white Shield, and their Saluzzo branch used nothing but a blue Chief and white Shield. The del VASTo branch of Montferrats were in Saluzzo and surroundings, and the Grey/Croy motto is "Anchor FAST anchor."

The Durcks, suspect in the "Durch THATkraft" motto phrase of Czech Michels, share the Coat of Omans (Suffolk with That's/Thede's) suspect in the "OMNia" motto term of Courcys who in turn have the triple eagles of Taranto-like Tarants. This insert started with the gold drops, called "guttee d'OR," of Ore's/Orrs who happen to have another "omnia" motto term. Black drops, used by Drops/Trope's (Norfolk), are given the French name for "TAR." The Chief-Shield colors of Ore's/Orrs is shared by Annas'.

Omans were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's who share the triple chevrons of German Cassels. Taranto-connectable Irish Caseys share the chevron of Scottish Cassels and Tarants. And French Caseys are also Casa's/CASAILE's. Spanish Casa's use a CASTLE, as do German Cassels, and English Castle's, CHATan / Chattan kin, share the bee with Czech Michels. The Chatti Germanics of Hesse-Cassel must be to the Chatans / Chattans and Castle's, and I suppose also to Casey- / Caesar-like surnames. It can explain why the Crafts almost have the pale bars of the Keith Catti.

The bee is often code for Bois liners, very suspect in the TailBOIS' who share the Capes / Jasper scallops. BOIOTia is where Schimatari is located to which the scimitar of Irish Kennedys, and Annas-branch Ainsleys, trace. Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of Oakleys who likewise use the scimitar. I can't recall a scimitar that is not in a Crest. Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks, the latter first found in Yorkshire with the Keppocks who are in turn in Oakley colors and format.

I told why I think that Hicks' were Alan kin, and so let's add that while the Miss Dol married Robert D'Avranches, ruler in OKEhampton, Oakleys were first found in Shropshire with Dol Alans (Hicks fesse in colors reversed). Oaks share the oak LEAF/LEAVES with Alans and Elons. Robert's daughter (Matilda) with Miss Dol married the Tarant-connectable Courcys, the latter first found in Somerset with Oaks and Tarrs/TARAS'. Mythical Taras is in the Arms of Taranto!

By clicking Robert's link, you can see his white dolphin in Dolphin/DOLfin colors, and then note the "fin" motto term of Scottish Kennedys, able to explain "DolFIN." In colors reversed, the dolphin of Robert d'Avranches is blue, the colors of the Kennedy dolphin. Caesars have a white dolphin too, and the castle of Robert D'Avranches is the one also of German Cassels.

The Alan fesse is also with the English Dance's, first found in Yorkshire with Ajax-like Jacks. Not only is the Dance fesse the one also of Jacks, but the Jack fesse-with-scallops is in the colors and format of the Oakley fesse-with-fleur. Oaklys look like kin of Blythe's. Oakleys, in Dance colors and format, are also OKlys/OCKleys, and Jack-branch Joke's are also Jocks. Therefore, if Oakleys were Ajax-of-Kennati liners, it explains why the Oakley Crest shares a scimitar with Irish Kennedys. Oakleys have a Caiaphas-like "caveo" motto term.

The Hicks motto is translated "ALL IN good TIME," and ALLINs are listed with Alans. The Time's/Timms (Kent with Joke's/Jocks) can be suspect in the "timeo" motto term of Oakleys (share Hicks fleur). This discussion shows a fundamental Ainsley link to Hicks'. Oakleys are rather new to me (haven't mentioned them since 2016), I found them to day by doing a google search for "heraldic scimitar."

This page says that Miss Allan and a Mr. Caldwell used the scimitar, which cannot be used unless the symbol is in the family ancestry, or obtained by marriage. Caldwells are listed with Cassel-like Caddels i.e. linkable to Fin-connectable Kennedys with a scimitar. The link below says that FINlays, first found in Banffshire with Caldwells/Caddels, used the scimitar.

Irish Blake's (Cattel kin) show a Caddell variation while English Blake's share the lone pale bar of ESKINs/ERSKINs (Renfrewshire), and the latter can be traced to ESCHYNa de Molle, wife of a Dol Alan, but wife also of Robert Croc(e) (see Crooks) of Renfrewshire. This page says that ERSKINs used the SCIMitar, which can be explained where Molle's share the boar head of SCHIMs/Schiens. Blake-like Blacks, sharing the Schim/Schien Chief, were first found in Lincolnshire with CROCE's.

The page above says that Halkets, listed with Hackets/Hatchets, first found in KilKENNY, used the scimitar. Levermore's (share Joke/Jock fesse), sharing holly with Scottish Jacks (Renfrewshire, see a pattern?), show a scimitar, and thus Levermore's look like Laevillus-of-Cetis liners. The same page says that Lindons, who have the Ainsley cross in colors reversed, used the scimitar. Most scimitars at the page above are said to be held by an "embowed" arm "branDISHing" a scimitar. I always say that the Diss/DISH/Dice Coat is a gold-version Taranto Coat.

French Caseys are in Ark/Arch colors and format, and while Modane is on an Arc river, Italian Casa's/Casino's have three of the one fesse of MODENa's Casano's. The Boii, who named Bohemia, were in Modena, and the German Michaels, first found in Bohemia, have a version of the Casano Coat!!! Bohemia is half of Czechoslovakia, and the Czech Michels not only share the fesse of Casano's and German Michaels, but have the Casano hexagrams in colors reversed!

Again, the That's/Thede's suspect in the Michel motto have the Casey eagle heads in colors reversed, and were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's sharing the triple chevrons of German Cassels. It can explain why the That/Thede Coat has resemblance to the one of Scottish Cassels.

Modena's Casano's come up as "Cassandra," as do English Cassane's, first found in Hampshire with the Casino-related Changers, and with the Chance-related Chase's/Chase's. I'm adding this paragraph because the Chase/Chace lion is that also of German Michaels. English Michaels are also Mitchells while Mitch's are listed with Muschats/Montfitchets (Essex with Chance's and Crafts) who in turn share the triple fesses of Cassandra's/Cassane's.

I'll be tracing the Czech Michels to the RIMNa river, and here we can add that RIMINi is where Maschi's were first found who share the Chance Chief, which is the German Michael lion in colors reversed while English Michaels (mascles) look like Meschin kin.

The Castle bee is on what looks like a "gonfanon" BANNER, which I trace to "Panaro," a river in Modena, but as Boii were also in neighboring BONONia, Banners can apply there too with Bonners. English Bon(n)ers look related to the English Major Coat, and a gold dolphin is used by French Boners/Bone's. Dolphins were once said to be first found in Surrey with Michaels, and the latter share the scallops of German Boners. The latter have three scallops in Chief, as to TailBOIS'. However, German Boners are listed with Kneafys/Knawsie's/CRAWsie's/CRAMsie's (what a mess) while Craws use the greyhound for Greys/CROYs, and the latter share the giant lion of Marano's on the Panaro river.

Ananes Gauls, connectable to chief-priest Annas/ANANus, were at the TARo river that is near CREMona, and so the CRAMsie variation may be incorporating Cremer/Cramer liners to the fold.

I had read that Montforts own the gonFANON banner, tending to explain why Marano's on the Panaro river share the Montfort lion minus one of the two Montfort TAILs. The double-tail Montfort lion is the Arms of Bohemia, and thus Montforts look like kin of Tailbois'. FANANo is in Modena, you see, and the Arms of Fanano use what look like banners. Montfort is a location near MOTTE-Henry (see French Henry write-up), and Mota-branch Motels are said to have been in Taranto! Henry-linkable Enrico's share the fretty of Modena-like MODENs/Modeys. Motte-Henry is near Rennes, and "terrae" is a Raines motto term.

The fesse in the Arms of Fanano looks connectable to Dutch Gaunts/Ghents, not only because the Chief of English Ghents is in the colors of the Chief of Boners/Kneafys/Crawsie's, but because Belgian GONE's are also Guenets. GONfanon banner. Ghent is at the LYS river into Belgium, and the Boner/Kneafy/Crawsie write-up traces to "Cnaimhsige as the confessor of LISmore." It can explain why two Banner surnames use a giant fleur-de-LYS.

The double-tail Montfort lion can be the double-tailed STOKE lion because the STAKE/Stack lion is in the colors of the Montfort lion. Plus, Stoke county of Somerset (beside eagle-using Trents) is where Taranto-connectable Courcys were first found who's triple red eagles are in the colors of the triple eagle heads of Irish Caseys. Bunns/Bone's have red eagles too.

There is a Stoke-on-Trent location near Macclesfield (old MAKESlesfield), and I trace the latter to Maxwells/Makeswell's of Maxton. The Czech Michel bee becomes suspect with the Maxton bee because Maxwells share the double-headed eagle of Czech Michels. The Bessin-connectable Talls/Thals (Thuringia with queen Basina) use both bees (in the colors of the castle bee) and the hexagrams of Czech Michels. Queen Basina was wife of CHILDeric, and Childs have the Tarant Coat in colors reversed.

Biaini Suspects

Bessins/Beastons, who named Beeston near Macclesfield, use bees too, and the Bessin in Normandy was home to the BaioCASSES, said by some/many to be from the Boii, which works out where Meschin rulers of the Bessin married Mrs. Tall-like TailleBOIS.

The ancient BIAini of Lake Van were named such that they had an "ini" suffix, and were thus rooted in "Bia." Cadmus settled in BOIOtia, and he was from the BANias/Panias area that I think named mythical Phoenix, Cadmus' ancestor. Banias was a couple of miles from Laish, and Cadmus was given a descendant, Laius, of Boiotia. Laius married JOCasta, herself from the Sparti of Ares, thus making Jocasta look like a line from JOKtan, whose sons lived between Sephar and Mesha. There's a question as to where Mesha was; it may have been Mus at Lake Van. "Sephar" may have become Sparti-like Subartu in Assyria.

With a map open, I've just seen Beaston right beside Bunbury, and it just so happens that Bunburys share the Coat of TERRAH's/TERRAS'/Terrace's!!! The Biaini are to topic above as per Bunbury, especially as Bunns/Bone's were first found on OXfordshire with BANburys. Bunns/Bone's are suspect from Bononia of the Boii! That gets Taranto liners into Bononia.

The WATER BOUGets of BANESters and Bugs trace to the Bug river of Neuri, suspect from Nahor, Abraham's brother i.e. another son of Terah. French Banes' share the Coat of Waters (Essex with Sarah's) and Babenbergs, and the latter were established out of Bamberg while Banburys come up as "Bamburg." Babens were first found in Suffolk with Bohemia-liner Babe's.

Bunburys must have been a Taranto line into Cheshire. They with Terrah's/Terras' both use ROOKs, from the Roxolani who will be a part of the Michel discussion later.

The Vita's of TARvisium are in the Bunbury and SAFFER motto. Joktanites lived at SEPHAR. Vita's share the annulet of Severs, first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Taras'/Terres' and Trents! What a Bunbury fluke, such great timing. I had opened the map initially to see where Stoke-on-TRENT is located. Tarves' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Banners (use a banner).

The Bunbury write-up: "As a cadet of the Norman house of St. PIERRE who accompanied Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, at the Conquest, they obtained from him the manor of Bunbury." This can explain why the Sempers/St. Pierre's (share BRAMton Coat) have the Coat of Gernons in colors reversed, for Ranulph Meschin-Gernon was an earl of Chester shortly after Hugh Lupus was. The latter was styled "D'AVRANCHes," a location suspect from the VARANGians of Kiev in a Roxolani theater. "SEMPER FIDELis" is a motto of English Bon(n)ers, and in the Arms of Lviv (Ukraine with Kiev) on the BUG river!

Lookie: fidelis-like Fiddle's/Fidelows were first found in Surrey with JOKE- / Meschin-connectable Michaels and Salemans/Salmans, and the latter even have the eagle of Musca-like Musics/MUSys! JOKtanites were at Mesha, which may have been Mus! The Saleman/Salman bend-with-eagles is in the colors of the bend-with-GRIFFIN of Mazza's/MAZZO's/MAZOLa's (roses), and Julia MAESA Bassianus was a Griffin-like Agrippa on her grandparent's side while Masso's/MUSso's/MUSOLini's almost have the GRIPP/Grape/Grabber (and Rocco) Coat.

The Bunn-branch Bone's have a Bohemian-like Bohum variation. The Peers/Peirs, connectable to the St. Peers in the Semper page, have a green-Shield version of the Bone/Bohun Coat, and then the German Boons, new to me here, show only bendwise ROSES in the colors of the Peer/Peir bend. It's the bend also of Irish Mellans/Melons, first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and with the Neils/Nihills suspect in the "nihil" motto term of BunBURYs. The Mellans/Melon and Peer bends are in the colors of BURleys (Somerset with Taranto liners), and while the latter show only boar heads on a green Shield, they can be connected to the green Shield of Irish Burys because they have a boar head in Crest.

Then, English Burys, sharing the BONNie Coat, were first found in Devon with Rock-related Rods in the "bundle of rods" of MELLANsons. French Mellans/Melons share the BLANK, gold Chief of Rods, and Blanks are connectable to BIANco's, like "BIAINi." English Blanks share the Bus Coat while Buz was a son of Nahor. Bus' were first found in Norfolk with BRAMtons.

Bonnie's are also Bonnets, and then Scottish Buntings/Bontings use HANDs alone. I couldn't at first see a Bonnet / Bunting connection, but in the nick of time, before abandoning the quest, I decided to load Hands (Cheshire with Bessins/Beestons) to see if they have anything in the write-up that links to Bonnets via Bessins/Beestons, for Bunbury is on the outskirts of Beeston. There is a Handsworth location of Staffordshire in the Hand write-up, and Stoke-on-Trent is in Staffordshire.

I then got down to where the write-up claims Honde Cottrell of Cheshire as the first-known Hand, and "Cottrel" is not only like the Cedars/Cotters, first found in Oxfordshire with Bunbury- / Terras-related Rooks, but Cottrels happen to be in Bessin/Beeston colors and format! Oh goodie. Plus, Cottrels were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Terres' and Tarant-connectable Courcys. The Hand Coat looks related to the Pike Coat while the vertically-split Pike Shield is shared by neighboring Trents.

I've just seen for the first time that houseofnames has changed the first-found location of Rooks to Worcestershire with rook-using Rocks, and all mention of Oxfordshire has been obliterated. This is why I keep a heraldry-changes pages, to assure any reader that I'm not making things up that houseofnames changes or obliterates.

Cottrells are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Lake's, first found in Oxfordshire. The Cotta's/COTTARds were first found in Languedoc with ROCKets (giant rook), Roque's/Rocks, Roquefeuil, and Banes', excellent.

Solid heraldic connections make embarrassments out of family historians who derive related surnames, with high-browed linguistic acrobatics, to DIFFERENT dictionary terms. And ten different historians will derive the same name in ten different dictionary terms.

Many things in houseofnames write-up are probably from old writings that houseofnames purchased when purchasing rights to sell the Coats of Arms. For a daft example of a derivation, here's one for Bunburys: "The village dates back to the Domesday Book of 1086 where it was first listed as Boleberie and literally meant 'stronghold of a man called Buna,' from the Old English personal name + 'burh.'" I've almost never seen any derivation so ridiculous.

Isn't it clear that Boleberie was not named after the Bunn bloodline, and that Bunns came to Boleberie to rename it? Why would one do linguistic acrobatics to embarrass oneself hoping to explain "Bole" versus "Bun"? Lucy of Bolingbrook makes sense with Boleberie. Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset with Cottrells. Bolings share the white Bonnie/Bonnet martlet, and Bonnie's/Bonnets share the bend-with-fleur of Masci's while Meschins married Lucy of Bolingbroke. Mascals, first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns, have the Boling escutcheon in colors reversed, and the Boling Coat is essentially that of Saddocks/Sedgewicks, first found in Sussex too.

Bolings were first found in Lancashire with ROCHdale, and the Arms of Rochdale have eight martlets around its border, as do Bolings and Saddocks/Sedgewick. Lancashire is also where Saddock-branch Chaddocks / Chadwicks were from. Lucy Bolingbroke married Mr. TailleBOIS before she married le Meschin, another reason to see Mesha at Mus i.e. home of Biaini.

As Cottrells look like a Cottar branch, it seemed that the black dog in the Cottrell Crest could be the different-colored dog heads of Amore's and Damorys/Amori's, both first found in Oxfordshire with Cottars. I wasn't going to mention the Cottrell dog head until thinking to try for a Bunner surname, and there in the Bunner/Bonner Crest was the white dog head of Amore's. This is welcome because Scottish Terras' (Moray) have a motto, "Amore"! Taranto elements are thus suspect through the Amori's of Sardinia. Tarant-connectable Courcys could have been from Corsica, a seaman's spit into the north wind from Sardinia. The Sea and Seaman Coats look related to the Amore / Damory/Amori Coats, and Norths are suspect from the Neuri.

AMORites were at MARI, and Marsh's, first found in Somerset with Taras' and Trents, come up as Mesha-like "Mash." Marsh's/Mash's share the Chief of French Chance's while English Chance's share the North lion / Denardo/Nordi. French Chance's were first found in Touraine while Touraine's have ten bendy bars in the colors of the ten pale bars of Tarrs'/Taras'! What are the chances? As Chance's can be gleaned as Case kin while the Marsh/Mash and Chance Chief is the sun of Kagans/Cohens, might Chase's have been from "KHAZar."

The CHAUNCEUR variation of Chance's looks Khazar-ish. Touraine-like Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Turin-connectable Tarves', and the latter's split Shield is that also of KASSARs/Gassers! Scottish Gass' have the Con/Cohen and Hohen checks! I trace "ABERDEEN" to "KABARDINo," named by Khazars of the Kabar branch! Kabars made up three out of ten tribes who formed the initial Hungarians, and the Hungarian Leslie's, kin of English Case's (!), were first found in Aberdeenshire.

I've just found the new-to-me Chasers sharing the Coat of Chalker-branch Chaucers, and Chalkers share the Coat of Choke's (share stork with CHICHesters) which in turn looks related to the Coats of Amore's / Damorys. But compare also with the Coats of Love's/Luffs and Checks/Chicks because it makes Chaucers, Chalkers and Chace's look descended from Shechemites of the Shake/SHICK kind. Checkers share the Con/Cohen Coat. The Khazar kagans had been priestly "Jews," who may in fact have been Hebrews of some stripes. "Cohen" is the Hebrew word for "priest."

Recall the Seats/Seeds/CEDES' in the scene with the dentist STEERing his car, and how it pointed to CETIS' Kennati priests. The "Tu ne cede" motto phrase of Steers is shared by Amore's who in turn almost have the Coat of Somerset's Leavells (compare with Amore Coat). The Bunner/Bonner quadrants are in the colors of the vertically-split Steer Shield. The passant Steer lions are colors reversed from the passant Levi lions.

Ainsleys love the Always in their motto who were first found in Suffolk with CHICKens (share Shake/Shick chevron), and with the Tune's/Towns possibly in "TU NE cede ME" motto of Steers. The Mee's are also the My's (Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys) likewise in the Ainsley motto, yet they are in the Wishart/Guiscard motto too. The Always' are in the colors and near-format of Tune's/Towns. They were both first found in Suffolk with English Clare's who's location in TUNbridge saw their marriage to the early Meschins of the Bessin.

Bunners/Bonners have a "Semper" motto term, and so let's repeat from shortly above from the Bunbury write-up: ""As a cadet of the Norman house of St. PIERRE who accompanied Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, at the Conquest, they obtained from him the manor of Bunbury." This can explain why the Sempers/St. Pierre's have the Coat of Gernons in colors reversed..."

The Bunner/Bonner motto, "Semper fidelis," means "ALWAYS FAITHful," and that's an obvious code because Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia while English Pavia's share the Feet/FATE Coat. Italian Pavia's share the Tailbois scallop. The Always', suspect with the Aulnay/Oulnay and Oullette lion, has a gold-crown lion in the colors of the gold-crowned Levi lion, and these Levi's have a different-colors version of the Semper/St. Peere Coat.

OULlette's, said to be from Rockefeller-line Falaise, were resolved with Owls/Howells, first found in Suffolk with Always'. Howells share the Pellican tower, and Bunners/Bonners use the pelican.

The Ainsleys thus look to be from the line of chief-priest Annas, killer of Jesus on Passover, and it further appears that he was a Levite liner by blood from pagan Levites who developed into the Laevi of Pavia. It's Saturday as I write this insert, the day before Easter, and two days after Passover. The Pascals share the Levi lion in its PASsant position, but they also share the Tarant eagle. French Pascals have the Mea variation of Mee's/My's in their motto.

Both Pascal surnames share the lamb with Lamberts, the latter first found in Surrey with Boii-connectable Michaels, and with the Steers having the Pascal lion in colors case you thought the lambs were added because of respect for Jesus. NO, but because of Mieszko Lambert. Mieszko was a Piast, and their Piast Arms has the Pascal eagle in colors reversed.

I trace Gates' to Bohemia's Podebrady, and the Newgate's named Newdegate (Surrey) of the Steers. "Newgate" look connectable to the "shin BONES" of NEWtons. The Eagle/Hegel surname (Lincolnshire with TailBOIS') is in the colors and format of BONEville's. The German Hagels (eagle) look connectable to the Arms of Kyburg, a location beside ZURICH, and the Surreys are Surrichs too. Bohners were first found in Bavaria, near Zurich, and some think Boii named Bavarians too. The Bunners/Bonners have a "FIDELis" motto term while Fiddle's/Fidelows were first found in Surrey.

Bohemia is in Czechoslovakia, and as Czech Michels will bring us to Ukraine, let's add that Ukraine's Lviv has a motto, "Semper fidelis." As I see Lviv elements to FIVE's/Fifys, it can explain why Michels have five hexagrams. The Five/Fify stars are even in the colors of the Michel stars!

The Five/Fify chevron-with-stars is shared by BATTIstelli's, and as Batti's/Botto's share eight-pointed stars (different colors) with Stelli's, it suggests that Batti's/Botto's named Battistelli's, and with this we can trace to the Budini and TRYPillians of Kiev, who are both definitely to the BOOTs that German Trips/Treffs once showed. The Nissans, first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs, look like they have the Kraft bend. Note that Bude's use the bow, and then compare with "BOHemia." Or, BOGENs and Bows/BOUGH's use the bow, and then compare with "BOHEMia."

Warsaw in neighboring Poland is suspect by me with the namers of Warwick, and Warwickshire is where Peers/Peirs were first found. Warwicks share the triple lions of James', first found in Surrey. Warsaw is the MASSovia capital, and while Tree's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire, French Masseys/Mass' use a "tree without LEAVES." Douglas' of Moray share the Moray stars, and have a motto linkable to the James'. The Douglas-related Selkirks have the Douglas chief but with the Boneville stars.

Mieszko I (beside Ukraine) named his son, Boleslaw, after Boleslaw of Bohemia, and Bonner-like Bohners essentially share the two quadrants of mouse-using MISL's. Mieszko's mythical ancestry was in a mouse tower, ruled by mythical Piast the Wheelwright, and ruled later by mythical SiemoMYSL. The Bunner/Bonner Chief is a near-copy of the Bill Chief, and Bills Somerset (again) trace by their pelicans to Billets/Billiards (Maine with Pellicans) who in turn almost have the French Lambert Coat. They both use the Moray stars, and while Moray was also called, Moravia, European Moravia is the other half of Czechoslovakia.

Japodes Near the Boii

Just by looking at the several items in the Czech Michel Coat, I can see that it likely has the two-headed Jeepma/Jappa eagle in particular because the latter has the same hexagram as the German Michaels/Michels. In other words, Czech Michels reveal that German Michael have the Jeepma/Jappa eagle, and to this we need to add that the hexagram under discussion is colors reversed from the one on the modern Israeli flag, but also the Hagar hexagram for a trace to the Agarus river, now the Siret.

The Boii of Pannonia were not far from the Japodes to whom I trace the Jeepma's/Jappa's. The Boii are important to this section because they named Bohemia in Czechoslovakia with the Michels. I've been maintaining for years that the black, double-headed eagles of Maxwells traces to the black, double-headed eagle in the Arms of Rijeka, that being a location in the Japodes theater. On behalf of that trace, we now have the bee in the Crest of Czech Michels, for while Maxwells were first found at Maxton, Maxtons use the same bee as is showing in the Michel Crest.

I'm now going to propose that these Michaels trace to Micah in the book of Judges, who had a pagan Levite priest, Jonathan, whom the 600 Danites stole from him. The eagle in the Arms of Rijeka is upon a ROCK, suggesting that Roxolani had named that place, for Maxton is in ROXburghshire. I wish I had the description of the Rijeka Arms to know whether it's pouring water out of a "JUG," for I could then trace it to the Judd/Jugg surname suspect with Judge's. The 600 Danites are in the book of Judge's with the 600 Benjamites of RIMMON, and I trace the latter to the RIMNa river, the waters of which eventually pour into the Agarus/Siret river near the modern Buzau tributary of the Siret.

The Rimna / Buzau is at WALLACHia, explaining why Benjamins and Walchs/Walsh's (Roxburghshire) nearly have the same Coat, but the reason for repeating this is that Irish Walchs/Walsh's (Kennedy colors and format in case Kenites / Kennati apply to Wallachia), have a "TRANSfixus" motto term while Trans' are listed with Trents (Somerset, where Craven-related Ricks were once said to be first found). One can follow the arrow of Irish Walch's/Walsh's to Arrows/Arras' because the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Benjamin-connectable Banks. The latter were first found in Croatia-line Craven. Arrows/Arras' share the red tower with Murena's, tending to suggest a line from the Roman, Terentia Murena.

By the way, Terentia's brother was a Roman general who defeated the Salassi at the lake-Geneva frontier, who may have named Saluzzo, for as the Dol Alans married Saluzzo, note that the wavy Dol fesse is colors reversed from the same of Fix's suspect in "TransFIXus." Wallachians were in Switzerland. The Walch/Walsh arrow is piercing a swan, and the "sed" motto term shared between Walchs'/WALSH's and Sedans/Siddens traces this swan to Sion/Sitten of WALLIS canton, not far from the Salassi.

Salassi were defeated at AOSta, and while king Alexander Balas was a Salassi-like Seleucid, note that while his surname is suspect from Bullis of Epirus, it's at the AOUS river. Plus, Bullis' share the red roundels of Shirts/Shards, which are also in the Arms of BOULogne (in Artois with Arrows/Arras'), and there is an "HOStis" motto term with Shirts/SHARDs. SARDinia has a Seleucid location at Sulcis. Thus, Seleucids appear to be a line even to Salyes / Salluvii Ligures. Hosts/Osts and Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset with Trents/Trans'! That works.

As Salluvii-like Sullivans were first found in the same place as Irish Kennedys, we can now bring this back to Kennati of Cetis, for the ancestry of Cetis queen, Quadratilla Bassus, was from Seleucid elements. Her mother (Iotapa queen of Cetis) was the granddaughter of King Antiochus IV of Commagene, a Seleucid.

One red roundel is with the Ore's/Orrs whose CORNucopia can trace to the CERAUNii mountains near Bullis. Ore's/Orrs are tracable by their motto to mythical Orion of Boiotia, who shared a urine symbol with mythical URANus, father of Ceraunii-like Cronus. As the latter's son was depicted as a bull with horns, note that Orion traces to Horns/Orne's, and then compare "CRONus" to "corn," a word that meant "horn," for example in the uniCORN.

The last update showed how my dentist connected Seleucids to the imperials of Rieti on the SALTo river, which flows next to the TURANO, suggesting the DURANCE river of the Salyes Ligures, and thus the Sallett variation of Sale's/Sales' can track the surname to the Salto. Yet the fleur-de-lys of Sale's/Sales' can track to the Lys river of Aosta, which flows into the Bautica which itself flows near Turano-like Turin. In this picture, Seleucids named the Salto somehow, and Terentia's ancestry perhaps in Tarun at Lake Van could have named the Turano. Touraine is not far from this Lys river, and Touraine's look very related to Tarrs/Taras'.

Lake Van was home to the Biaini while Bennys and Binnys/Bennings share the Sale/Sales bend while the latter share the fleur-de-lys of German Banners/Benners! King Rusa ruled at Lake Van, and while Rus liners use the horse, so do Bennys and Binnys/Bennings. The latter's "DOLoQUE" motto term can be partly for Cue's/Kews, linkable to Kiev-like Kevens. The CIMMERians who conquered king Rusa came there from their home in the Kiev area. SIMMERs were first found in ROXburghshire. As Mus at Lake Van is suspect as the Biblical Mesha, it's notable that Simmers look related to the Meschin Coat.

One can then go to the SIMsons because they are in Roser/Roger colors and format, thus making Simson liners look descended from the Cimmerians of Lake Van. French Rogers were first found in Savoy with Touraine, making Rogers look like RoxoLANI = Rus-Alans. Rogels (share Alan martlets) are listed with ROSkalls, and were first found in CUMBERland, a term suspect by historians with ancient forms of "Cimmerian." The Rogel/Roskall crescent is shared by Scottish Bauds, from the Bautica river under discussion, and easily from Kiev's Budini before that.

The Baud and Bald ship can take us to the "bellows" FANS, i.e. possible code for Lake Van liners, in the Ship Coat. Bellows/Ballots were first found in Cheshire with the Balas-connectable Balls and Bullis-connectable Shirts/Shards (compare French Balls to Balas'). I trace Bald-branch Bauds and Bauts well to Baldwin I, king of Jerusalem, son of Eustace II count of BOULogne. The latter's Arms has the Bullis / Shirt/Shard roundels, and may be throwing in the Walch/Walsh swan.

As I trace Salyes to Sale's/Sales', this discussion jibes with what was said above when first crossing the Morinis' of Deerings: "Terrah's/Terras'/DERRs have rooks in SALE colors and format, and it just so happens that Sale's share the bend of Salemans/SALMans whose eagles in turn are in SALMon colors,..." It seems to be making a Terentia-Murena link to the Salyes Ligures, and then note how the sale-connectable Helms (Surrey with Salemans/Salmans) share pheons with Sale's and Irish Walch's/Walsh's.

Although Wikipedia puts a branch of Roxolani at the Ialomita river a little south of the Buzau, I saw a map with them stamped centrally upon the Buzau.

Let's repeat from above: "The Mee's are also the My's (Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys) likewise in the Ainsley motto, yet they are in the Wishart/Guiscard motto too." The WISharts/Guiscard have a "my deSIRE" motto phrase, and the Sire's are also Sirets. German Weis'/Wise's happen to share the gold-on-blue hexagram of Czech Michels, and the dentist brought Wisharts/Guiscards to topic whose suspect in pointing to the 600 Danites of Sidonian LAISH, wherefore note that Lys'/LISE's were first found in Ile-de-France with LEVI's and Caiaphas-like Chappes' while Scottish Chappes/CHEAPs were first found in Stirlingshire with Wisharts/Guiscards, and moreover the Jeepma's/Jappa's come up as CHEP, what a "fluker."

For new readers, Caiaphas was the high priest of Israel who insisted that Jesus be murdered. Caiaphas had become the high priest when he married the daughter of the former high priest, Annas. Although I cannot locate it exactly, I had found an ANGUStus location not far north of the Rimna river, probably on the Trotus, and so note that the Angus surname shares the Annas star while AINSleys share "my" with Wisharts/Guiscards. What are the chances that My's should share the Judd/Jugg boar head???

We can assume that the Arms of Rijeka were formed by British speakers, and so it can indeed have a JUG. Rijeka is also called Reka, and I've seen "Rika" too. It's in Croatia, and Croatians called themselves, KRVati. CRAVens have the RICK Coat in colors reversed, and thus these British surnames trace to Rijeka's Croatians along with Maxwells and Roxburghs. The Benjamin-like Banks named Bank Newton in Craven, what a "fluke."

Riggs look like a branch of the Rish variation of Rush's because both Riggs and Rush's (horses) are in the same colors and format, and both share the Rick fesse. As Riggs use white dogs while their fesse is in the colors of the fessewise bars of Amore's, who in turn have a white dog head (feasible the BRAMton dog head), one might get the impression that Abraham-connectable Amorites were at Rijeka. Amori's share the star of Anaki-connectable ANNas'. The other English Riggs use ANNulets. Bramtons were first found in Norfolk with Nahor-connectable Bus', and the latter's cinquefoil is colors reversed with the Rosco's/Risco's who in turn share the Rigg, Rush/Rish and Rick fesse. Maxwells of Rijeka elements have a "RiveRESCO" motto suggesting a Rosco/Risco branch.

The Rick write-up: "Rixon is a village near Sturminster Newton in Dorset." Historians will say, "what a fluke," because the historians before them had another derivation in the Ricks, not from Croatia, and these thinkers trust their teachers because they've allowed themselves to be brainwashed by them. The whole world of education is a brainwashing machine in these last days, take your kids out of public schools. Teach them yourself, mothers, you can do a faaaar better job.

Keep your children under your own wings. Your children don't need school education to get on well in adult life. You don't want your kids to have like-mindedness with the school-educated kids because it creates a bond with them, and those are the very kids who will be wayward from God as young adults. Don't destroy your own children.

Actons and Ricks share the fesse that is the Arms of Austria, expected where the Sava river above Lesce originates in Austria. Ricks are now said to be first found (no longer in Somerset with Newton-beloved Shins) in Cheshire with Maceys/Mace's. The Cravens have the Actons (Cheshire) in their motto, and the Acton fesse is shared by Ricks. Maxwells and Maxtons were from king Maccus, a Macey/Mace liner, and while Irish Judge's/Juge's share the Meschin scallops, Meschins married Skiptons in Craven.

Actually, English Maxwells/Makeswells were first found in Yorkshire, and they are the ones with the double-headed eagle. Scottish Maxwells of Roxburghshire only show their saltire.

Maxwells have a Maxwell-Ros branch sharing the water bouget with Scottish Rose's, and Roxolani had been on the DAN-like DNieper river at Kiev, thus looking responsible for the invasion of Kiev, much later, by the Varangian RUS. Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Rats/RAIDs, and Rads/RadeMACHERs, have three of the Hagar / Jeepma/Jappa/CHEP hexagram. Chappes'/Cheaps were first found beside the Perthshire location of the first-known Hagars.

I didn't consciously know until now that there's a German MACH/MACHULE surname sharing the Rad/Radamacher Coat (plus a sleeping moon)! Machs/Machule's share the hexagram of German Michaels! English Michaels were first found in Surrey while the Sure's in the "MAKE sure" motto phrase of Maxwell-related Kilpatricks (!) were first found at MICKLEover. Mickle's were first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Maxwells, at Liddesdale to be exact, of the Liddle's who share the spur with Mickle's. Scottish Michaels have a "supero" motto term while Supers were first found in Devon with Spurrs, assuring that Mickle's were a Michael branch. Little's are said to have had a branch near the first-known Kilpatricks at CLOSEburn, and Close's have the spur too.

Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur. Scottish Machs/Macks/MAKES' look like they have a Macey-star version of the Masci bend-with-fleur, and so let's add that Maschi's were first found in Rimmon- / Rimna-like Rimini.

Maschi's use "pine CONES", and "CONabor" is a Hagar motto term. Machs/Macks/Make's have eight of the six pale bars of Trots/Trude's (surrey with Michaels), and while the Trotus river is a an Agarus tributary, Hagars share the hexagram of German Michaels. The latter's lion is the Masci lion in colors reversed, not surprising because English Michaels can be gleaned with Meschins. What's more, the Crafts suspect in the Michel motto have the six Trot/Trude pale bars in colors reversed.

German Michaels share the Chase lion, and Case's were a Leslie branch. Czech Michels share the fesse of Cassano's/Cassandra's whose hexagrams are colors reversed from those of Czech Michels. The latter share the Urban hexagrams, and Urbans (Austria with the upper Sava) are definitely from the Urbanus tributary of the Sava. Spanish Urbans share the border of Sire-beloved Justine's. Hagars share the hexagram of German Michaels, and the "MODESta" motto term of Hagars can get us to Boii in Modena, where Casano's/Cassandra's were first found. Cassane's/Cassandra's were first found in Hampshire with Chase's.

The eight pale bars of Machs/Macks/Make's are in the colors of the ten of Tarrs', and Rijeka is at ancient TARSatica. The BORE's (Rose/Roser colors and format) possibly in the "conaBOR" motto term of Hagars (near Scottish Rose's), use pots in the colors of the red Lesk (and Rose) BOAR head, and thus the Rijeka water container could have doubled as a pot. This paragraph is evidence that Lesks were from Lesce near Rijeka. The Leslie bend-with-items are in the colors and format of the Masci and Mach/Make bend-with-items.

Another red boar head is in the Crest of Bradleys, and they share an "audax" motto term with Roxburghs, which can explain the red boar head in the Rose Coat. Bradleys could be from Podebrady of BOHEMia, and the latter could have named Bug-branch Bogens, especially as English Bugs share water bougets (different colors) with Rose's (Bug / Bogen colors) while German Rose's/Rosers can be a branch of Welsh Rosers/ROGERs whose Chief in turn is in the colors and format of the Bogden/Bugdon Chief; both share green Chiefs with ROCKERs/Rocks (new to me here). Rosers/Rogers were first found in Herefordshire with Trevors/TREFors while Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg with German Bugs! This paragraph has a lot of new territory for me. English Rogers love the Nos' in their motto, who are listed with Nessans (double fesses), and then Nissans were first found in Hamburg too.

As Nissans have hexagrams on their double-blue fesses in the colors of the blue-fesse-with-hexagrams of Czech Michels, the Nissan bend thus becomes suspect with the bend of Krafts (Bavaria with Bogens) suspect in the Michel motto.

The German Belows share the double-headed Jeepma/Jappa eagle, and then as English Belows have water pouring from a "chalice", the Arms of Rijeka could be related to Chalice's / Calls'/Calles'. This paragraph along with the following on the Rangabe's of Byzantium makes it appear that Byzantines were at the Rijeka eagle, for the two-headed Roman eagle was a symbol of Rome and Byzantium together.

I've claimed that Michaels are from emperor Michael I Rangabe, and while his wife was Prokopia, Prokopps/Brocuffs were first found in Silesia (partly in Czechoslovakia) with German Machs (!), who are in the colors of the Arms of Rangabe. Schlesens, named after Silesia, have a Coat much like the one of English Michaels, and while Wies'/Wiesers were first found in Silesia too, Weis'/Wise's share the hexagrams of Czech Michels.

Schlesens (roses) were first found in Silesia with German Rose's. While Schlesens use leopard faces, it's interesting that German leopards were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/DOCKers and WRANGs/Wrangle's, for EuDOKia was the daughter of Melissena RANGabe. Swiss Leopolds share the lion of Wrangs/Wrangle's. Italian Leopolds (green dragon goes well with mythical Melusine) were first found in FLOREnce while the Arms of Michael Rangabe (see his Wikipedia page) is a giant flory cross.

A Ranger branch was in Pas-de-CALAIS. Calls'/Calles' were first found in Wiltshire with mermaid-using Laps/LABES', and the Labe river flows in Bohemia, where German Michaels were first found, and possibly also the Czech Michels. Rangabe's granddaughter, Melissena Rangabe, is suspect to the mythical mermaid because I see it as mythical Melusine. The latter started with a dragon/snake tail and then got a fish tail, and the mermaid usually comes with a mirror. Her mirror is code for MIRE's/Mireux's, who use a "myrtle TREE," and while Tree's (Wiltshire with mermaid-using Laps/Labbs') are also True's, so we find a "true" motto term with Scottish Rose's to go with the Rose's of Silesia.

New: Nicholas de Vere von DRAKENberg claimed Melusine for his Vere's family's ancestry in Anjou (that's not new), and while Drake's share the giant and red wyvern dragon with German Dragons/DragoMIRoffs, the latter were first found in Silesia! The Brocuffs/Prokopps (Silesia) who started the Rangabe topic use a "sphinx" while Spinks share the SNAKE eagle! It appears correct to trace Melissena Rangabe to mythical Melusine.

[Days after writing here, the Rungers/Rungs (share English Lance Coat) were found, and they too were first found in Silesia. They look like Button/Biden and Lance kin, and lances are used by Ranks (Ayrshire) who in turn share the boar heads of Judds/Juggs suspect in the Raines motto, probably code for Judicael of Rennes. The Rank boar heads are shared by Scottish McGee's who in turn share the swords-to-a-point of Ricketts/Reckitts (scimitar) suspect in the "recte" motto term of Ranks. The Rosers/Rose's (Silesia) share the triple Rickett/Reckitt roses. Swiss Recketts/Reich's/Rike's show only roses, and a giant rose is with French Lance's. End insert]

There is a green snake looking at itself in a mirror in the Coat of Sire's/Sirets, first found in Burgundy with snake-using Save's, and the Sava is/was also the Save river. Lesce is on the Sava near the first-known Austrian Schere's and German Schere's (Austria), and while one Schere Coat has a snake, the other Schere's share the split Shield of Wilkins who in turn have green wyvern. The Lesks share the boar head of Scottish Rose's.

Wilkins were first found in Glamorganshire with the Lewis' using their green wyvern as a head only, the symbol of Italian Leopolds. The latter were first found in Florence with Bruno's while English Bruns were first found in Middlesex with Vere-branch Fears/Fiers, and with the FELTmans who share the leopard faces of Schlesens. Bruns share the RANGE/Ranger Coat! English Rangers were first found in Essex with Raines' (share Ring / Michael chevron) who have a Wranger-like Warenger Rain in their write-up. Essex is also where Rainbow-connectable Rams were first found, and then there are the Rainhams/Rangholms/Wranglers. The latter love Supers in their motto along with Scottish Michaels. It appears that Rangabe's were of Raines elements.

Nicholas de Vere, a prince of witchcraft as he styled himself, placed Melusine on Avalon, and that's where the chief witch of Arthurian myth was located, Morgan le Fay, and the GlaMORGAN location above was anciently, Morgannwg.

There's a good chance that Morgan le Fay was part-code for French Fez's/Fays (fox), suspect from Fez in Morgan-like Morocco, but first found in Florence-connectable Auvergne with Foix's/Foys, and with the Bouillons who in turn share a giant and white flory cross with the Arms of Rangabe. The Felts use the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed while we saw Feltmans with the Schlesen leopard faces. The father of Godfrey de Bouillon ruled in Pas-de-Calais, where a Rangeard branch of Range's/Rangers are said to have been.

Thus, Dragons in Glamorganshire were Rangabe liners, apparently, and somehow connected to Vere elements in Anjou. Nicholas de Vere invented a mythical MILO de Vere, count of Anjou, as Melusine's son, but that looks like code for the Mile's (Hampshire with Drake's) sharing the border of dragon-using Ware's (Devon with Were's/Wears and Warings/Wearings).

Another green wyvern is in the Crest of Stockports whose "FIDELis" motto term can be for Fiddle's/Fidelows, first found in Surrey with Michaels.

The 600 Benjamites of Rimmon are said to have married 400 wives from JABESH, and I can trace the latter entity to the Japodes, and thus to the Jeepma's/Jappa's. The blue wing in the Czech Michel Crest lends us a further trace to Jeepma/Jappa elements because Irish Leslie's have a part-blue wing, and Leslie's (Laish liners per-chance?) can be traced to LESCe, right beside a Bled location while Bloods/Bluds share the brown and lodged stag of Maxwells.

Bled and Lesce are to the near-north of the Japodes, and moreover the Wings/Winks and their Justine kin were first found in Perthshire with the Hagars who share the Jeepma/Jappa hexagram. Wings/Winks are from VINKovci, between the Sava river and the DANube.

The "moi" motto term of Irish Leslie's is translated "me," and Mee's are listed with My's i.e. the ones sharing the Judd/Jugg boar heads. In colors reversed, they are red boar heads, and a giant red one is used by Lesce-like Lesks in both colors of the same of Scottish Rose's, the ones who are in the Arms of Maxwell-Ros.

There's no evidence at the image above that it's the Arms of Maxwell-Ros, but trust me. Thus, this traces Leslie's well to Lesce, and in the meantime tends to show that the jug-like water container held by the Rijeka eagle may have named Juggs from what was otherwise the Judah-like Judds. The Rijeka water container can also be play on the Nahorite-connectable water bouget. The jug can also double or triple heraldically as a vase because the Face/Vase/Fessy surname shares the Mee/My cross while Mee's/My's share the Judd/Jugg boar head.

The Judd/Jugg cockaTRICE takes us to the Kiev-connectable motto of rose-using Hebrons (Judd/Jugg colors), "Keep TRYST," and the Anaki of Hebron (may have been a part of Judah) knew Abraham, whose concubine was Hagar. It seems that, as Benjamites (right beside Judah) of later times ended up at the AGARus river, the tribe having named Hagar named the Agarus. The Rus to whom the Roxolani belonged use a horse, as for example Rush's and Roxburghs and also Hebrons with Keips...and the Czech Michels have a horse under their hexagrams in half the colors of the Hagar hexagram.

The Horse's/Horsleys (Northumberland with Hebrons and Maness'/Manners) have gyronny pattern in Roser/Roger colors, and there's a horse in the latter's Crest. The Simpsons have one Coat in Roser/Roger colors and format, and a second Coat looking related to Trevors/TREFors (Herefordshire with Rosers/Rogers) while Travis'/Travers are in the motto of Fore's/Forez's, the latter first found in Savoy with French Rogers (roses), and with Masseys/Mass' once showing the triple boots that Kiev-liner Trips/TREFFs once showed. The Maezaei were at Rijeka at least as the proto-Maxwells. To put it another way, as Mackays, Maxtons and Maxwells were Maccus liners, Rijeka elements could have gone to king Maccus, son of king Harald, and so note that Herods/Haralds have a fesse in the colors of the Fore/FOREZ fesse, for "MANu FORTi" is a Mackay motto.

Dutch Mackays/Macks/Mache's (crowns likely for Ceraunii), with the Massey/Macey / Man/Manner quadrants, probably have the Massey/Macey horse. The reason this horse can be the red Keip horse is that MacDonalds (Argyllshire with Herods/Haralds), sharing the eagle of Macey-connectable Ferte's, had a Keppoch branch. Scottish Macks, looking related to both Masci's and Maceys, almost have the 10 Tarr/Taras pale bars.

The reason, likely, that the Rijeka eagle is black and two-headed is that Japodes obviously named mythical Jupiter, the chief Roman god. Rome came to use a black, two-headed eagle. There is a ROMULa location to the south of the COLAPis river of the Japodes, which you can see on the map (top-right) I presented above if you still have it open. Myth made Romulus the founder of Rome, code quite obviously for this Romula entity and/or its namers.

Romulus was given a brother, REMUS, and the latter may have been named by a Mus line to Rimna elements, such as Maschi's of Rimini. Meschins married Rumillys/Romillys of Craven. It's obvious to me that when mythical Mars was made the father of Romulus and Remus, the Marsi of Abruzzo / Sabina were in view, two areas near Rome. Scottish Mars were first found in Yorkshire's West Riding with Craven. Pullys (Yorkshire), sharing the Sabine scallop, look like Romney kin. Pullys are the ones with a "culpa" motto term traceable to the Colapis/Kupa river, location of Romula.

French Mars were once said to be first found in Burgundy with the Save's whose bend-with-snakes is in the colors of the bend-with-scallops of Pullys. The latter's motto traces to the Colapis, a Sava tributary. Save's have Sabine-like variations such as "Saibe."

Romans were founded by Latins, and Latovici are shown between the Colapis and Lesce. The latter is at EMONa on the map, and Mons' (green mound) are listed with the Mounds in the green mound under the Roser/Roger horse. Mounds could have been from "MUNDzuk," father of BLEda and Attila the Hun. The Roser/Roger Chief may have "SHEAVES" rather than "garbs." There's ways to show that the Attila Huns were ancestral to Khazars by Hun presence in Alania's Terek region.

Bleda's family was from the house of Dol-like Dulo, tending to explain why English Mounds/Munds/Mynds were first found in Shropshire. The reason that Mounds/Munds/Mynds are in Kennedy colors and format may be from the triple-Levi chevrons used by the counts of HAINaut, for Mons is the Hainaut capital. That is, Kennati may have married the line of Lupus Laevillus, husband of Miss Bassus, a descendant in turn of Mynd-like Amyntes. It may entertain a trace to "Mundzuk" to "Amyntes." Munds/Munts were first found in Kent with Mynetts.

Manets and Mountain-connectable Moneys were first found in Savoy. "Manet" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, which recalls Mr. Bocci Balls, as I call him, because I can't remember his name with certainty. He took me (age 11) to his bocci-ball game in a city, and as L'Aquila is the only city near his village of Picenze, I assume we were there. After he was taking so long to finish the game, I asked him several times, "can we go now?" And everytime he'd respond with, "in a MINUTE, in a MINUTE." I was therefore floored to find that Bocci's are listed with BROCATo's, for BROGITarus was father of Amyntes, and Minute's are listed with Mynetts.

Plus, Bocci's/Brocato's happen to use ears of wheat to go with sheaves of wheat that are likely code for Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila. Bocci's/Brocato's were first found in Genoa with Grimaldi's and Fieschi while Fiscs share the checkered Shield of English Moneys while French Moneys can be gleaned as a Manet branch. My mother took me as a child to Picenze for a whole summer, and while I was put into the home of Miss Masci, wife of Mr. Bocci Ball, my mother stayed at her mother's home who was born Miss Masci but married Mr. Grimaldi. It would at times appear be more crazy of me to say that God did not prepare events in my life, to jibe with heraldry, than to say He did. He said, "un(o) minuto," and the Una river was home to Maezaei. Coincidence?

Bocci variations suggest a branch of Bouchier's sharing the four water bougets of Maxwell-Ros...which brings us back to Rijeka elements. Bouchiere's (not "Bouchier") share the black saltire with Maxwells. French Buckets/Bocards (share holly with Maxwells) have the cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs and Bags (Norfolk with Gangs/Geggs) in colors reversed, and Bags share the Grimaldi Shield while the related Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with Mounds/Munds/Mynds. Gangs/Geggs have their Coat looking related to Leslie's because, I figure, Leslie's were Hungarians along with the Drummonds who use a "Gang" motto term. The Bouchier checks are shared by Louvier's, and Mons (Belgium) is beside La Louviere while Emona is beside Lesce.

The Drummond patriarch was George of Hungary, and there is a Belgian George surname. German George's have an Athel look about them, and Athels (Perthshire with Drummonds) show only three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the triple chevrons used by the counts of Hainaut. English George's share the black demi-dog in Crest of Bouchier's.

While Bouchier's came to topic with Mr. Bocci Ball, it's interesting that German George's share the red dragon with Drake's and German Dragons while "Aquila" is a Drake motto term. English Dragons, in the Crest of Manet-like Mans/Mants (Aberdeenshire with Leslie's), were first found in Kent with Minute's/Mynetts, and the two use helmets colors reversed from one another. "Un minuto, un minuto," Bocci Ball said to me, likely in L'Aquila.

The single pale bar in one of the wings in the German George Crest is almost the whole Coat of German AULTs who in turn share the gold lion between the two wings in the George Crest. And Hainauts are also HainAULTs. In colors reversed, the Hainaut lion is gold. Wings/Winks, sharing the lone pile of English Hagels, were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds and JUSTine's, and then the German Hagels, with another gold lion, essentially share the double bends of German George's. I included the Justine's because Mr. Bocci Ball may have said, "in JUST a minute," or, "giusto un minuto." Justine's are from PICENum, the likely namer of Bocci Ball's Picenze.

Hagels and Eagle's/Hegels are from the ACHELous river of Calydon, where mythical Oeneus was king, and the Una river of the Maezaei was the Oeneus. Coincidence? Oeneus' kingdom was close to Pisa's Amazons, and Musca's/Moschelli's/Moschetta's/Moschini's were first found in Italian Pisa, beside the Massai's of Lucca. We are now at Massa-Carrara, suspect with Carricks, and giusto-like Gusts essentially have the Arms of Carrick. Bocci ball is lawn bowling, and Bowlings share the Coat of Mascal-connectable Saddocks.

The Bocci-like Box's can be gleaned with the Books in the Roet motto because Box's and Roet-connectable Caplans share the griffin of Jews/Chews (Roet wheels), the latter first found in Somerset (beside Box's) with Roets, Trents and Courcys. The Book-loving Scottish Reeds share the Tarant / Courcy eagle. Did the Chews form a Jew variation because the line was from Terah? I trace Roets and Reeds to Rieti, and I think it makes sense that priests of Jerusalem abandoned Israel in 70 AD by paying the imperials of Rieti to give them new lives in Italy or other parts of the Roman empire.

Khazars had been familiar with the neighboring Rus of Kiev, and Chew-like Kews can be gleaned as a branch of Kiev-like Kevens (share Maxwell motto). I see Maxwells naming Macclesfield, and Kews look related to this Arms of Macclesfield. It's possible that Chews had been of the Chep variation of Jeepma's/Jappa's, even as I see Keeps from "Kiev."

Back to Pullys, from their write-up: " of the earliest record of the name was Robert Pullen (died 1146)...He is generally thought to have been born in Poole, Devonshire..." There's a Poole in Dorset with the Ricks of Rixon at Sturminster Newton, and while Bank Newton is in Craven, Ricks have the Craven Coat in colors reversed. The Prince's in the Newton Crest were first found in Yorkshire with Bruce's, making the Prince saltire look like the one of Annandale's as used by Bruce's. The Breuci are on the map at the mouth of the Colapis.

ANNANdale was home to Rums/Rome's. The "PLACit" motto term of Rums/Rome's gives away their trace to Placentia, home of the ANANes Gauls. The pineapples of Prince's are shared by English Pine's while "pine cones" are using by Maschi's of Rimini. See any pattern here? The Newton Crest is an "EASTERn prince", and Easters/Sturs (Manche with Masseys) connect to STURminster Newton. But that's not all, for while Rijeka and TARSatica are at northern ISTRia, Easters are also Isters. The Newton-beloved Shins (Somerset with TARRS') share triple-red fesses with Sturs.

As Taranto was founded by Spartans while Sparta was beside Attica, note "TarsATICA."

The Colapis-like Culps are listed with Cups/Cope's, which needs repeating here because Leslie's and Cups/Cope's were both first found in Aberdeenshire, and the Colapis is also the Kupa. Lesks were first found in Berkshire with Boots, and with the Modens/Modeys/MODES' suspect in the "MODESte" motto term of Hagars (in the colors and format of Italian Este's). "ModESTE" looks like code also for the Este's, the English branch using the horse head and first found in Essex with WATERs to go with the pouring water in the Arms of Rijeka.

Ahhh, Essex is also where Moden-connectable Motts/MOTTINs were first found said to be from Cotes-du-Nord, where JUGon is a location! Waters share the Coat of Muschats/MontFITCHets and Fitch's, and the latter are the ones sharing the leopard FACE of English Judge's/Juge's!

I have found two descriptions for the Arms of Rijeka, though the first is not an official quote (caps mine below, for you to memorize momentarily):

After the Napoleonic Wars the city of Rijeka was returned to Habsburg control and was granted right to fly the red-white-red triband on the city standard defaced with the city arms granted by king Leopold I on 6 June 1659 depicting in gules a double eagle ensigned with an IMPERIAL CROWN FACing sinister STANDing on a ROCK in a SEA holding with its sinister CLAW a VASE pouring WATER. The oval shield had a ribbon beneath inscribed “Indeficienter” (non-deficient, inexhaustible).

The IMPERIAL CROWN FACing jibes with the vase as per Face's/Vase's/Fessys, a branch of Fieschi at Genova, and where the checkered Shield of Fiscs is also the Arms of Croatia. The Fieschi-branch Fauci's share the lozenge of Nagle's, the namers of Oneglia, now IMPERIA. Irish Murrays', sharing the Moray Coat, use a motto, "Imperio," and Ross-shire was related to Moray elements. I see crowns as code often for the Ceraunii at/near the Sava river.

A "uVAS" motto term is with THORNs who have a fesse colors reversed from the Rick, Rigg, Rish and Risco fesse, and that tends to trace Thorns to Rijeka elements. Vase's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with the SPINks and Ladys/Laudymans, and Riggs share the latter's annulets while "SPINis uvas" is a Thorn motto phrase. Spinis'/Spinelli's/Spina's are in Lady/Laudyman colors.

Thorns were first found in Somerset with LADDs/Ladons and Saffer-branch Severs who in turn share the annulets of Colle's (similar to the LADy/Laudyman Coat) suspect in the "collequinus" motto term of Thorns. And the "aut" motto term of Saffers looks like "HAUTville." While HAWThorns were shown (last update) to be Hauteville's, yet there may be a Rijeka-reason that they developed into HawTHORNs (share Risco cinquefoil).

To the best of my ability to remember, Risco's use HORNS in Crest, which can explain "HawtHORNs" because Hauteville's birthed Tancred, and the latter were a TANKERville branch i.e. from TANAGRa of Horn-line Orion? The latter was the mythical hunter, and hunting horns are used by THURStons (possible Heron / Horn heron in Crest), first found in Suffolk with an early Thorn branch. The Horns happen to show an ATHORN variation.

The Kenneths/MacKenzie's (ROSS-shire) show a rock but call it a "mountain," and the motto of the other Scottish Kenneths/MacKenzie's, sharing the Justine border, have three terms, and almost a fourth, of the Fisc motto. The rock-using Kenneths/MacKenzie's use a "LUCeo" motto term while Luce's, using Justine-connectable pike FISH, were first found in Norfolk with Fiscs.

The "sea" jibes with the Arms page above showing that the Arms of Rijeka were given Hungarian colors, and then while Drummonds descended from king Andrew I of Hungary, Sea's share the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds. I trace the earliest Scottish Drummonds (Perthshire) to the Ross clan. Mars of KilDRUMMY can apply the Scottish Mars to this picture, suspect with "Maurice," the first Drummond, because the Scottish Mars have lions in the colors of the Ross lions. French Mars share the scallops of Andrew-like Swedish Anders, and with Irish Pattersons/Cassane's while Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire with the Kenneths/MacKenzie's showing a rock.

Maurice's were a Morris branch, but also of the Mericks (almost the wavy Drummond fesse). The Merick Crest shares the seaHORSE in Crest with Sea-branch Seamans. Mericks were first found in AngleSEA, also called MONA by the locals, evoking Emona on the Sava at Lesce. Indeed, Leslie's came to Scotland originally with the Drummonds, both Hungarians. The Angle's (HORSE in Crest) have the Nagle LOZENGES (suspect from Losinj near Rijeka) in colors reversed, and Nagle's have a Mr. Angulo. The Merick fesse is colors reversed from the fesse-by-lozenges of Angle's, thus making "Anglesea" look like an Angle merger with Sea's.

Wowie. The Arms of Anglesea shares the Maurice lion, and the Arms is placed on fessewise, wavy bars in the colors of the same of Seamans, and in the colors of the wavy fesses of Sea's and Drummonds! This is a new discovery for me. How did Drummonds get to northern Wales?

The triple Angle lozenges are in the Sire/Siret Chief, and the "Spes" motto term of Sire's/Sirets is suspect with the Space variation of Speccots, wherefore note that the description of the Rijeka Arms below replaces "sea" with "space". Speccots were first found in Devon with Sea- / Seaman-related Tuckers (more seahorses), and Tucks/Ticks were once said to be first found in Kent, where Sea's are still said to be first found. The four wavy bars of Tuckers are colors reversed in the Arms of Anglesea. Tucks/Ticks are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Mars.

Speccots (Devon with SPICE's) were a branch of Specks/SPIKE's, the latter having a red, double-headed eagle. Tuckers share black drops with Drops/Trope's who in turn share the Scottish Mar lion, and Troops were first found in Banffshire near the first-known Drummonds. The Marys, first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's, were likely of Mary Drummond, and they have the Ross Coat (only lions) in colors reversed.

The Ross lion is the upright one of CLAWS, and we saw the claw of the Rijeka eagle holding the vase. The Claws/Clasen write-up: "As far as the surname is concerned, the first record of the name appears in Middlesex..." The Stands, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Scottish Mars, are now said to be first found in Middlesex, and the Rijeka eagle is STANDing on a rock.

The same page has a quoted description altogether different, without the rock but with a "cliff," and without "vase" or "sea", and now with an "amphora" POT:

The coat of arms is described in the aforementioned Decision as "In an oval shield gules a double-headed eagle sable both heads looking to sinister with raised wings beaked and membered or and langued gules standing with its dexter on a CLIFF and its sinister holding an amphora PROPER from which is pouring water filling the space around the cliff". This is a stylization of the coat of arms granted on 6 June 1659 by the Croatian King and Austrian Emperor Leopold I.

For all I know, this is merely an English translation from the Croatian / German language. What I can say is that while Cliffs are Cleeve's too, Cleevers (Norfolk with Croatia-connectable Fiscs) share the key in Crest with Propers/Robins/Roberts, the latter first found in Cheshire with Cliffs/Cleeve's. The Sava starts in Austria, where Schere's were first found using a "stick," and Cliffs/Cleeve's are said to have married Stiche's. Moreover, Cleevers are in Meschin colors and format, and they married Skiptons of Croatia-line Craven.

German SCHERFs/Schere's are now said to be first found in Austria, and while stick-related Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped "SCARF," the three wolf heads of Quade's are those also of Cliffs/Cleeve's. Scarfs (Yorkshire with Craven) have three wolf heads in the colors of the personal wolf head of Cheshire's Hugh Lupus.

Leonardo Da Vinci's MONA LISA can indicate his knowledge that Vinci's descended from Emona at Lesce on the SAVA. "VINCit" is a motto term of Sheaves'/SHAWS, first found in Berkshire with Lesks. King Childeric, a MEROVingian related to the Marsi of Maruvium (Abruzzo), and while Maruvium is at the northern end of the Salto river, Sallets/Sale's share the bend of Salemans/SALIANs (Surrey with Michaels) while Merovingians descended partly from Salian Franks.

CHILDeric is to the Child surname, first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's, and I'll bet this explains some of why the Da-Vinci-Code trash is attributed to Merovingians. Merovingians claimed to be from a mythical "Quinotaur" bull, and Vince's/Finch's share the motto of bull-head Bullocks (Roxburghshire) in turn in Child colors and format. Mythical terms constitute a giant people-tracking system, if historians care to use it as such.

To the best of my recollection, Bullocks use FIVE "Lochaber axes," and "QUINotaur" means "five bulls." LockerBEE's have a reflection of the Child Coat, and Childeric's tomb had gold bees. Lockerbee's named Lockerbie in Dumfries. While Five's are Fifys, Laughers/LOCHERs were first found in Fife with the SIBALs suspect in the "sibi" motto term of VINCE's and Bullocks. CIBALae of emperor Valentinian, who lived a century before Childeric, became VINKovci.

The Five's/Fife's and Fife's can be linked to Vivians/Veys, and Vevey is near a Pully location on the north shore of lake Geneva. The two locations are in Switzerland's Vaud canton, and DeVAUDs share the pelican with Pullys.

FreieMason Origins

The Bellows/Ballots (share Bus cinquefoil) were not only first found in Cheshire with Meschin liners, but share triple cinquefoils (different colors) in Chief with Bags (Norfolk with Bus').

Several years ago, someone wrote in to say that Bellamys were related to "Massy," and I've just found out how-so from this page: "Hamo de Mascy is thought to have been the illegitimate, or 'natural' son of William de La Ferte, viscount of the powerful Belleme (Bellamy) family of Normandy." The point is well taken that William was of the Bellamys, explaining why Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Meschins and Baguleys/Bagleys.

I've added the Bagulys because Wikipedia's article on Hamon has this: "There are several different ways of spelling the name, including 'de Masci', 'de Mace'...Later the name Baguley was adopted by the family as it was the site of their main property..." I can now explain better why the only scene with the SLEEPing BAG, in my oft-mentioned sleeping-bag dream, was my PICKing it up. My mother with a Masci-born mother was born in PICenze, and I trace that entity to Pike's / Pickens. Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Bagleys.

God was pointing the sleeping-bag scene to my mother's home village, and thus He must be telling me that I descend from this Hamon character. But who cares? Not me.

I've already told that this sleeping bag, picked up in the woods, was a pointer to Picks/Pix's (Kent with Roots and Hamons) because they share the Wood tree and the Wood fitchees, and moreover this tree has roots and is therefore used by the Roots who share the Bagley Coat. It gets more amazing, not only because it's taken me years to decipher the scene, but because my mother's maiden name is, Grimaldi, and Grimaldi's share the Shield of Bags. Proof-positive that God is the author of the dream.

But if the dream is for the reader, not just me, why point to Picenze? What was there? Bags even have an "est" motto term while Este's share the Aquila eagle while Picenze is on the outskirt of L'Aquila. The patron saint of Picenze was/is Felice, suspect in the "infelici" motto term of Stockports. Stockports were at BEETham while German Stocks use the beatle while Beetle's were first found in BERKshire with L'Aquila-liner Sheaves'/Shaws. Beethams, with the Masci fleur in colors reversed, are in Sheaves/Chiava's colors.

From the write-up of Malls: "...Robert of Stockport was a Norman noble, son of Robert Fitz-Waltheof, Lord of Etchells, who was a tenant of the Baron of Dunham Massey." Stockports have the Bagley / Root Coat in colors reversed, meaning Stockports share the lozenge of Fauci's, first found in Genova with Grimaldi's. Stockports share the green wyvern with Welsh Lewis, first found in Glamorganshire with Welsh Louis' while French Louis'/Loys (suspect in the Berk/Burgh motto) almost have the Bagley / Root Coat.

I've claimed that the "Spes" motto term, one of which is in the Bag motto, is code for the Space variation of Speccots, and the latter happen to use FRETs. FERTE-Mace.

I'm now seeing family trees making Hamon de Masci a son of Muriel de Conteville, daughter of Herluin de Conteville, and the latter's other daughter, Emma, was the grandmother of Ranulf le Meschin. It makes sense, but Wiki's tree doesn't include Muriel as Herluin's daughter. The amazing thing now is that while I've seen the Arms of MontFERRAT's rulers being a blank white Shield under a blank red Chief, that's exactly what we see at the page below for Muriel de Conteville, thus proving that Ferte-Mace of the Masci's / Masseys was named after Montferrat, i.e. in Piedmont with the first-known Masci's.

The Arms of Muriel de Conteville add a dancette border between the Chief and Shield, which must be for Italian Dance's, first found in Piedmont. Muriel's mother is said to be Herleva of Falaise, the mother of the Conqueror. Herleva's father was Fulbert "the tanner," and I've maintained that he was named after the Tanaro river but that the Normans didn't want people to know that the Conqueror descended from Italians. The Tanaro flows through Montferrat. To hide this, the Normans said that Fulbert was a tanner. German Tanners share the pine cone with Maschi's.

The Conqueror looks like a Massey, and this line, I claim, along with Freie's (share Mason/Massin lion), named "FREEmason," and then disguised it by saying that Freemasons were named by traveling bricklayers (stone masons). Freie's are also Freys while Pharisee-like Phreeze's are listed with English Freys'.

I picked up the sleeping bag in the woods, and Woods use the savage with club while Savage's and Clubs were both first found in Cheshire. It seems more-certain now that Savage's named SAVIGliano, in Piedmont with the first-known Masci's. Woodleys share owls with Owls/Howls, and Owl-suspect OUllette's were first found in Falaise (Normandy). Meschins married Clare's (Suffolk with Owls/Howls), and Claro-line Sinclairs were first found in Midlothian with Falaise-like Falls'/Fallis'. The Roslin location of Sinclairs was a freemasonic bastion, and they built a highly-decorated, satanic Rosslyn Chapel there, which had nothing to do with Jesus.

Heraldry can be traced to the Normans, but I suspect it started with the Italians who engaged the Rollo-viking line. Rollo's daughter, Crispina, married Mr. Grimaldus of Monaco. On the page above with William of Ferte-Mace, note the Crespon term: "William married Miss < > de Conteville, {stepmother of Hamon}, daughter of Herluin de Conteville, Viscount of Conteville, Count of CRESPON and Harlette [or Herleva] de Falaise..." Hamon de Massey was made a baron (by Hugh Lupus], and Baron Massy is now a title in the family of the current prince of Monaco, Mr. Grimaldi.

Roslins use buckles while Buckle's (Suffolk with Owls/Howls) and Buckleys (Cheshire) are in the colors and format of owl-using Woodlys. Buckleys are roughly in the format of English Burghs, and the Conteville's above descended from John de Burgo. As the latter was to the Irish BERKs/Burghs, it begs the question on whether "Buckley" had formed from Burkleys/Berkleys/Breckleys (share patee crosses of Masci-branch Massena's).

Birch's share the Masci fleur, Berkells/Birchells (almost the Rimmon/Crimmon Coat) were first found in Cheshire with Brights and Maceys/Mace's. The Hamon motto is suspect with Rimmons/Crimmons, and Maschi's were first found in Rimini. Rims are Rums too, and while Meschins married Rumillys of Skipton, the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Bridge-beloved Crabs sharing the fleur-de-lys of Berkells/Birchells and their Dole kin. Maceys can be gleaned as kin of Bridge-like Brights and Bride's.

English Burghs/BUROUGH's may have named Yarborough's/Yearbys partly because the latter may be using wreaths, the Burgh/Borough symbol. YARborough's/YEARbys have been resolved with king Yaroslav of the Kiev VARANGians, and they are suspect to "AVRANChes." Yaroslav's father was VLADimir, and Vlads can be in the "wlad" motto term of English Josephs, first found in Hampshire with Burghs/Borough's. The latter's "Animo" motto term gets us to Nimo's, first found in Stirlingshire with YEARs.

Wreath's are like the Wrath variation of English Rothes', once said to be first found in Shropshire with the Alans of Dol whose vassal was FULBERT, father of Pollocks at Rothes'. He has the same first name as Fulbert "the tanner" of Falaise, and the two men are one generation apart. The parents of Fulbert of Pollock are unknown, and so he may have been a son of Fulbert of Falaise, or perhaps his sibling, especially as Falls'/Fallis' share the Pool lion. Pollocks had been a sept of Mackay-branch Maxwells, and Mackays use the "wreath" too. I trace "FULbert" to Fullers, and I see the latter's "futura" motto term as code for Futters/Fottys/Fodys (one of the Fuller fesses) who in turn use a "MASTiff" dog head upon their fesse, and it happens to be a white dog head, same as in the Crest of Luff-connectable Amore's (Oxfordshire with Luffs and Pollock-like Plocks). Luffs happen to share the triple Fuller fesses. Futters share the blue dove with George's, first found in Dorset with Pools.

Fullers mention an early VOLLer branch in Oxfordshire, where Julians were first found who share the black crosslet of VOLLeys/VELIS'/FAILs, a possible Falaise branch. This is good evidence that Fulbert of Falaise is to Fullers. "Velis" is in the motto of Griffins in the Mast/Master griffin heads. The red formee-fitchee in the Volley/Velis/Fail Crest is also in the Luff Crest, and so Volleys do look like a Voller-of-Fuller branch.

The "domine" motto term of Volleys/Fails can be for the Domino's, first found in Piedmont with the Tanaro river. The latter flows at least near SAVIGliano while Savage's (Cheshire with Futter-connectable Foots/Foods) share a "te" motto term with Volleys/Fails, and Tee's/Tease's, with the Futter stars in colors reversed, probably named the Tees Yorkshire, where Fullers were first found. Tee's/Tease's (share Annas star) were first found in neighboring Nottinghamshire with a branch of Masts/Masters.

Savage's even share the lion of OulLETTE's, first found in Falaise! Letters have a giant griffin, and LETs/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire with Stiffs! The Futter maSTIFF. Let's/Late's share the stars of Tiens/Thames' and Peare's, both first found in Oxfordshire with Vollers. The Chief of Vowels/Voules'/Fouls looks related to the Futter / Angus Chief, and even more related to Cantons/Gantons, first found in Yorkshire with Fullers. Oxfordshire is where Oullie's were first found who look related to Ouilly-le-Basset in Falaise. "Ouilly" may have been formed to reflect "William," for William the conqueror was the grandson of Fulbert of Falaise.

It's explaining why Vowell-like Falds/Fawles'/Fauls share the fleur-de-lys of AINSleys (Nottinghamshire) and the stag heads of Tease-connectable Anne's/Hanne's of Tickhill. Tickhill is a place at the Nottinghamshire-Yorkshire border. German Tees'/Tease's are also Tecks, and Masts/Masters were once said to be first found in Kent with Ticks/Tooks (both have griffin heads). Falds/Fawles'/Fauls (share Hicks fleur-de-lys) were first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons, and with the Bassets who named Ouilly-le-Basset of the Oullette's i.e. in Falaise.

Tickhill is about 15 miles from Rotherham. It doesn't look coincidental that -- while Rothschilds descended from Peter Pollock at Rothes all the way to the first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer -- Rotherhams share the green Shield with Pollocks, Bauers, Bowers and Bourleys. Between Rotherham and Tickhill is BRAMley, and Bramleys share the Chief-Shield colors (owned by Montferrats) of Poppins who in turn share the Anne/Hanne stag heads and love the Mens' having nothing but the Chief-Shield of Montferrat's rulers. Mens' were first found in Midlothian with Falls'/Fallis'. As the latter almost have the Feller Coat, Fulbert with Fullers look like Rockefeller liners.

As Maltby is between Tickhill and BRAMley, note that while Maltbys share the Blythe garbs, Tickhills have: "...ROGER DE BULLY who held estates in Nottingham and Yorkshire, and he built a castle at Tickhill, four miles to the northwest of the Honour of Blyth in Nottingham." Dadsley is at Tickhill while Dade's, first found in Norfolk with BRAMtons, share the same garbs. Meanwhile, Daddys have the Pollock saltire. Dads/Dods have a gold garb too. Pollocks were at Paisley while Paisleys share the roses of Jumps (Yorkshire) who in turn have Roger de Bully in their write-up.

Bullys are super here because they have mascles in the colors of the similar lozenges of bull-using Annackers!

The "cautus" motto term of Dads/Dods must be for the Cautes variation of Cotta's because they have the fretty Shield of Truswells in colors reversed while Truswell is where a Mast/Master branch lived.

In colors reversed, the Futter/Fotty/Fody mastiff dog head is red, the color of the dog head in the Crest of Abram-like Bramtons. The Biblical Abram lived in Hebron with the Anaki, and the latter are suspect to the Paisley-beloved Annackers, and thus possibly to Annas'; the latter were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Truswell of the Mosters. The Annackers are in the Coat of English Majors/Magors who in turn look related to the Annas Coat.

The Truswell write-up: "'Milo de Brai, father of Hugh Trussel, married c. 1070, Litheuil, Viscountess of TROYES;...'" It can explain why the Irish Troy griffins are in the colors of the Mast/Master/Moster griffin heads. German Troys look related to the rooster of Hann-branch Hahns (Mecklenburg with Troys and Trumps), but also to the Trump stag head which happens to be in the Coat of Jumps (Yorkshire with Masts/Masters/Mosters). "Fretty" is like the Freda variation of Guiffre's who share the giant unicorn of German Troys. Trumpets are used by Calles', first found in Wiltshire with the Box's sharing the Troy griffin and Mast/Master/Moster griffin heads.

The Fuller's triple fesses are also of the neighboring Pasleys (BERKshire) while Pollocks started out at Paisley (Renfrewshire with Speers/Speyers) before building Rothes castle on the SPEY river. The "maSTIFF" looks partly for Griffin-loving Masts/Master, and partly for Stiffs using crosses spears, as do Spears/SPEYers and Paisley-branch Pasi's/Pascels in different colors. Masts/Masters share a motto term of Roets who in turn share the Speer/Speyer boar heads. Masts/Masters share the griffin heads of Roet-connectable and Joseph-related Caplans.

The Stiff Chief has estoiles in the color of the Mott/Mottin estoile, and Mott-Henry is a location in Vilaine province along with Dol while Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners. The Plunkets, said to be from Vilaine, are in the write-up of Pollock-like Plocks who in turn share the martlet of French Josephs.

Ignoring the symbols of Stephen-like Stiffs (Gloucestershire with Stephens) and the Cornwall-branch TRIStans, they have the same Shield, both using a solid and white chevron, as do English Stephens. Stephensons were first found in Northumberland with the Hebrons having the TRYSTs (Cornwall with Tristans) in their motto. And the Masts/Masters have: "The surname Mast was first found in Yorkshire where 'Robert "de Mosters" was a tenant of Earl Alan's in Yorkshire 1086, and also held TRUSwell in Nottinghamshire, part of the great Richmond Fee.'" I think this proves that the Futter/Fotty/Fody mastiff was part-code for Masts/Masters. Masseys / Maceys were first found in Cheshire with Foots.

Stephensons were first found in Northumberland with Annacker-loving Greys in the greyhound of Annacker-loving Majors/Magors (possibly in the "mago" motto term of English Josephs).

The Annas star is in the colors of the two in the Chief of Annas-like Angus', colors reversed from the two stars in the Chief of Futters, and the latter were first found in Angus near the Foot/Food-branch Fothes'/Fette's/Fittes'. The latter were first found in KinCARDINEshire while Cardine's, sharing the pheon of the Devon-branch Tristans, were first found in Cheshire with Foots/Foods (Cheshire with Birds/BURDs). Devon is where Berts were first found who may have named "Fulbert." Bramtons were first found in Norfolk with Burts sharing the Bert Coat.

The hunting horns of Berts and Burts take us back to mythical Orion at TANAGRa, and TANKERville's were at TANERdevilla.

Container Gardening

With summer weather this past week, I decided to start my seedlings. It's taken so much of my time that I haven't been able to pay careful attention to grammar, and so please excuse any spastic things that my brain is doing to the script.

For an update on my severe shingles illness, that began in the first week of February, and lasted for about two months: the nerves in my hip area are still not back to normal, and seem not to be improving much. I am weak in the back, and walk slower. I can't carry heavy loads without strain, but I'm going forward in hopes of being able to finish my garden work in the fall. I need the sunshine. I miss the south-Texas "winters."

I'm forced to do container gardening due to nematodes infesting my natural soils. I tried last year to kill them by heating soils on the ground, but it did only half a job. This year, I'm turning the heat up on the soils by running them through my oven, crazy. If you are going to do container gardening, and especially if you have nematodes, you might want to read / record my experiences of last year:

The U.S. government hasn't been inclined on allowing people to store foods, and shows a pattern of interest toward seizing food stockpiles if deemed appropriate. With anti-Christs in power, what do we suppose their definition of "deemed appropriate" is? What justifies the stealing of someone else's foods when their building a stockpile didn't detract in any noticeable way from the general food supply?

My thinking is this: God's pretty smart. I don't think He would allow an entire country, or the globe generally, to suffer a harsh food shortage at the time the Church needs to do battle with the 666 system. Therefore, if there will not be an emergency at that time, we should be able to use our stored foods without them being seized. Wishful thinking? I think it's God's wish. We should be able to apply to any court in those days to sue the state / federal government that seizes foods unrighteously, and if the courts side with the first amongst us to take them to court, then the government will need to lay off of the rest of us.

It is unrighteous of a government to say: you can only have 30 days of food stockpiled. Rather, people should be able to stockpile as much as they desire providing it's not a drag on others, especially as stockpiling for tomorrow will relieve future buyers if tomorrow there happens to be a food shortage. Tell the judge that stockpiling in good times is a safety measure against a future food emergency, and that the government has been negligent for not encouraging the stockpiling of foods in good times. How could the judge argue against that? Give humanity an insurance policy: stockpile today!

What we may be seeing now is faked news / phantom events / real-but-staged events to create the appearances of a food shortage so that, in due time, the anti-Christ powers might either try to seize what we have, or prohibit us from stockpiling further. I think this is a logical expectation from our enemies. This is why I say that we all should start drying foods now, yesterday, before they cry out food shortage. Don't let the stockpile go to waste, meaning that you cannot be a drag on the food supply so long as you eat it eventually. Whether you buy next year's food next year, or this year, it's all the same so long as you don't throw it out.

A federal government is not going to have funds to go door-to-door in the countrysides to check who's been prepping, who's not been. But county / regional governments might try. Keep a stash in case they do come to your place, and let them find food only in the pantry. Or, if you have your own garden, they would be committing a crime to take your own-grown food not purchased from "their" food suppliers. Use cash to buy foods for storing. Go to your bank as a routine, and take out lots of cash, stop using your debit card. Where possible, abandon your trackable phone; give the government as little data about yourself as possible. It is time for treachery from the powers.


The world needs many videos like the one below (1.5 million views in five days) until the world attacks the greenhouse-effect buffoons until they are too ashamed to have dinner with other people at the table:

There is no greenhouse effect. CO2 makes up .04-percent = 1 in 2,500 parts of air. As the man said, if the amount of CO2 now in the air is cut in half, much plant life would die. In that case, assuming that .03-percent CO2 is perfect and normal, and if mankind has therefore added even as much as .01-percent over the last 100 years, that's 1 in 10,000 parts air. Do you think such an itty-weenie-bitty addition could cause a disastrous greenhouse effect, not allowing as much heat to escape into space, as normally would, due to the extra traffic/congestion caused from 1 extra bitty-particle per 10,000 particles????

The buffoons are stealing our tax dollars to turn us into cattle based on false science that itself creates a false emergency, meaning that they worse than buffoons. If only we could be entertained by them, but the lunatics mean to kill us slowly through a manipulated mass-murder program using our own money to do it. Read the comments at the video to see how normal people feel. There isn't anyone supporting "climate change" with such a video.

True to expectations, the new House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, did not deliver, as promised, on spilling forth the January-6 documents, but merely feigned it. And now, there's a story this week, "GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy pledges his full-scale support for Biden's war policies in Ukraine, says 'we' must win there." This comes after he briefly changed his position to anti-war-funding to garner support from anti-RINO Republican voters.

Seymour Hersh is wrong: "On Wednesday, Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a report on Substack that alleged the CIA was aware of widespread corruption in Ukraine and the embezzlement of US aid." The truth is, the CIA has always been at the forefront of acting the tax-payer thief in monies going abroad. There may be one honest CIA person who's now snitching on the military brass, but that doesn't absolve the CIA. The article goes on to suggest that Ukraine and Russia may have come to a deal, and what might you suppose that deal could be?

The report said the Ukrainian government has been using US taxpayer money to purchase diesel from Russia to fuel its military. Hersh said Zelensky "has been buying the fuel from Russia, the country with which it, and Washington, are at war, and the Ukrainian president and many in his entourage have been skimming untold millions from the American dollars earmarked for diesel fuel payments."

I suggest the deal has been: in return for Ukraine buying gas from Russia, Russia must feign war with Ukraine so that the U.S. military can pay for the gas. And this deal could have been birthed in the first place by the U.S. military, in which case Zelensky owns Biden and the military together, especially if Biden is skimming off his millions too. Off-shore military money can also be used to "buy" politicians by giving them a piece of the monies, and in this way, Bidenites come to own politicians (by threat of blackmail), begging the question of how many Republican war hawks and RINOs were birthed in this way.

This skim-money explains why anyone who dares oppose the war is framed as a traitor to the United States: "'Burns [Biden's CIA director] is not the problem,' the [snitch] said. 'The problem is Biden and his principal lieutenants -- Blinken and Sullivan and their court of worshipers -- who see those who criticize Zelensky as being pro-Putin."

Below is a good sermon that takes into account globalist buffoons. This video is placed last in this update so that, after reading the poisonous news, you might bounce away with some proper perspective on life. Bounce, Christian, bounce, don't lie back, enjoy life with active legs, for the buffoons want to dishearten us, to make us useless, to lie down as though we have no power. They throw smoke into our faces to confuse us, but we know their game who are watching them. Painfully we watch their works, proud to birth misery:

I found the video above as an offering from Amazing Polly. I didn't know she was a Christian. Maybe she's not, maybe she's thinking about it, I dunno. In her videos, she doesn't mention Jesus (much, anyway), or share vivid Biblical ideas, but maybe she's drawing near.

I cannot understand why people with good money are not suing governments for basing the entire COVID scheme on false-testing COVID tests. There have got to be 100s of 1000s of people with good money who were abused financially by these tests, and court cases exposing the raw manipulation of COVID tests can expose the entire COVID cabal as frauds. This page has this snippet:

Based upon those test results, government has implement lockdowns, masking mandates and vaccine requirements. If the tests don’t work – and the government has always known that the results were unreliable (for both false positives and false negatives as stated in Arnott’s letter) then it follows that their announcements and mandates were based on fraud, at least as far as it applied to those who had already had a positive test. Read the letter for yourself. Is this enough for criminal charges to be brought against the public servants who pushed daily propaganda about ‘rising cases’...


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture