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April 25 - 30, 2023

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If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

The following insert was added to the last update about three hours after uploading it to the Internet:

[Insert -- This is a good place to repeat from above because we are hearing that Alissa HEINERscheid of AnHEUSER / BudWEISer is the one who advanced Dylan Mulvaney: "Hussers have an earlier "Henry Hoese" of Oxfordshire than the House's/Housers have in Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire is also where Bee's were first found suspect in the "Be BOLDE, be WYSE" motto of Gallops." Oxfordshire is also where BANKers were first found while Banks share the Calver and HEINER/Heinz fleur-de-lys, and Heiners/Heinz's were first found in Saxony with Weiss'. Does that work for a pointer to Bud Light news at present?

To follow better, load Bankers now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

Her immediate boss at Bud Light is Michael Goon, and Goons/Come's/Comeys happen to have a "bot" motto term while German Bots are listed with Butts/Bute's/Boets. Goons/Come's/COMBS/Comeys share the Clan Chattan motto, and Chattans with Chatans were kin of Italian Botters/Butini's (bowed bend), kin in turn of Balcons/BalCOMBs (compare with Chatan Coat). The latter were first found in Crail while Crails are listed with Apophis-pointing Crabs.

If Crails were from "Carol," it points doubly to the Apophis asteroid in that the Carolingian dynasty descended from Pepins. Crail (Fife) is near the first-known Carls of Aberdeenshire. Carls are in SCHEID colors and format, and Scheids (new to me now), looked up as per Alissa HeinerSCHEID, show nothing but three roses while Scottish Rose's have the BOSCO's in their write-up, awesome because Scheids were first found in Rhineland with Bush's/BUSCH's. Plus, German Rose's, first found in Silesia with Wies'/Wiesers (!!!), show nothing but three roses too! Plus, more roses are with Scheid-like Scheds/Sheds. This insert works super.

CAROLs were first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys while Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Sheds/Sheddens and Skits/Skeets/Skeochs. Sheds/Sheddens have griffin heads in the colors of the German CARLson griffin. Sheds/Sheddens share the fitchee of English Berts (Devon with Tuckers) and Burts (Norfolk with Sched-branch Skate's/Sheets), both in the colors and format of Scottish Kennedys, while Italian Berts/Berta's share the giant Carlson griffin too.

This insert is being added on the Monday (April 24) that news came out of Tucker Carlson's leaving Fox news, a super thing if he goes to private news with the whole truth. End insert]

To continue this investigation, the surnames of note in that quote are Carls, Carols, Balcons/Balcombs, Bots/Butts and Berts / Burts. Carols share "bello" with Bouillons, and the latter were first found in Auvergne with BOTs/Bauds/Bauts. Auvergne's share the Chatan tower while Clan Chattan uses a "bot" motto term that means "but."

It needs to be added that the insert was in the midst of pointers to Anheuser-Busch by Bush's/Busch's, for this was the line that Lorraine, my date in my 20s, brought to topic, even when I pointed, with my finger, to the grass stain on the BUTT of her pants as she came up the stairs to her BALCONy. The Balcons/Balcolms were to topic because they have a version of the Botter/BOTini Coat (when the latter showed with a straight bend). And Balcon-beloved Bots are listed with Butts.

As said a million times, I first met, and asked Lorraine for our first date, on my 24th BIRTHday, at her BUS STOP. Bush-like Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Burts who in turn share the Bert/BIRTH Coat. Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with the Pepin-branch Pipe's both in the colors and format of Stops/Stubbs, and these surnames point to the Apophis asteroid that was woven, in the last update, in with heraldic pointers to the Sodomite theme of Bud Light beer. I've seen the English Bush/Busch Coat with a red fesse, in which case they are much in the colors and format of English Bush's/Buschs.

Her grass stain pointed to the "tufts of GRASS" of Bosco's, and the latter are super because they were first found in Fife with Balcons/Balcombs of Crail, and because Crails/Crabs (in the colors of the Bosco "pillars") share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs!!! INCREDIBLE. It begs whether the Balcons/Balcombs have the lion of Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. Thus, Lorraine's grass stain and other particulars are pointing to the Apophis asteroid.

[Insert again, sorry but this looks fitting because Tucker Carlson and Paul Ryan are in the next section. There are a lot of people who would surmise that Paul Ryan, a boss at Fox news since Trump's early years, had eroded Carlson's reputation over the years amongst co-workers, for Ryan was hired obviously to support anti-Trump Republicans. Having arrived to Crabs above, we can now ponder why one English Bridge Coat has "crabs" while the other English Bridge's (both first found in Somerset) shares the Ryan griffin heads? Crabs/Crails were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Rench's/WRENch's sharing the crosslets of Raines-branch Wrens.

Why might Reine's/Reines' use the "comet"? Why were Comyns, in Comet colors and format, first found in Norfolk with Rye's? Why were Rains/Raines' first found in Essex with Apophis-pointing Mountains, and with the Dare's (similar to Ryan Coat and Crest) suspect in the "foeDARi" motto term of Ryans? German Dare's/Derrs not only share the Comyn wheat sheaves, but the Chief-Shield color combination of Broke's/Brocks (Essex again). Why were Rainhams, sharing the triple-gold sheaves and Comyns and Dare's/Derrs, first found near Crail? Is Paul Ryan some sort of satanic character with a secret, wicked agenda for which God may be sending Apophis? War hawks will bring this world to Armageddon, by the looks of things as we speak.

As German Dare's/Derrs look like kin of Deers/Dere's in the "deer" of English Mallets, Ryans look like a branch of Rance's/Rants/Rynds (Norfolk with Comyns) because the Rance river (near Rennes) flows to St. Malo, and then "Malo" is not only a Ryan motto term, but French Mallets come up as "Malo." Thus, Ryans were also a branch of Rinds (share Mallet scallops), first found in Perthshire with Comyn-related and Sheaves-branch Shaws, and with the Dure's and Cluns (ARUNdel kin) both sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Rainhams. End insert]

English CARLsons were first found in Suffolk with the Charles' (share Child eagle for line of Childeric) whose Coat in turn looks related to the Papa's. And while Pepins were ancestral to Carolingians, Carols share the giant lion of Papps/Papa's. French Charles' (Feet / Pavia kin) use MARTLets for Charles Martel, the founder of the Carolingian dynasty. Papps/Papa's put the TAIL of the lion at its MOUTH while Italian Pavia's (Piedmont with Papps/Papa's) share the Tailbois scallop. English Carlsons share the eagle of Irish Henrys while French Henrys were at mouth-like Mott.

Lorraine's feet pointed to Laevi Gauls, co-founders of Pavia/Papia with the Marici, suspect from the Merovingian-line Marsi, and then French Mars/Maurs do share the other Pavia scallop.

Lorraine's grass stain was amazing because Crispins, first found in the PAREZ area of Lorraine province, share the pomegranate with Grass-like Grazio's (PERUSia), and this is why the Crail-like Carls were singled out, for they too have pomegranates. The Bosco three pillars are in the colors of the triple chevrons of Grace's/Grasse's, which can explain the grass on the pillars.

Pillars/Pile's share the Coat of Crispin-like Cressys, and the French Cressys were first found in Burgundy with Pilate's/Pilotte's (Bosco-pillar colors and format) while English Pilotte's (Lincolnshire with English Grasse's) are also Pillers (Not "pillar"). English Grasse's share the bend of French Crispins, Balcons/Balcombs and Botters/Botini's. English Cressys were first found in Norfolk with Luce's while Lucca's use a giant cat for Clan Chattan because Botters/Botini's were first found in Lucca.

Her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge street and Arnold crescent (Richmond Hill, Ontario). Arnolds are suspect with Arnold of Metz, and the related Itta of Metz was the wife of Pepin of Landen. That's why God made me ask her, at her bus stop, to meet me at my LAUNDRomat later that day, because Landens are also LANDERs, and because French Landrys, who came up as "Laundry" until recently, were first found in Lorraine province.

New: English Laundrys/Landrys share the rooted oak tree of English Boscs/Buskers (!!!), first found in Yorkshire with Bush's/Buschs! Zinger. I don't recall loading "Bosc" until now, and that's what was found.

I can tell that French Landrys are using a gold-Shield version of the English Bush Coat but with the martlets of Bert- / Bert-like Birds/Burds, for one of the Bird/Burd fesses looks like the Bush fesse when Bush's use their red fesse. Lorraine was given a FOOT / FEET symbol, and French Landrys share the chevrons of Foots, first found in Cheshire with Birds/Burds. The Landry chevron is also that of Foot-branch Fothes'/FETTE's, first found in KinCARDINE, beside the ProFETTs (Aberdeenshire with Carls), and near also to Crail. Cardine's (Cheshire with Foots) share the pheons of STOPs/Stubbs (Staffordshire, beside Cheshire).

She had her foot symbol at the minute she got a babe symbol, and Bushers were first found in Dorset, where Babe's were once said to be first found, while Bussys almost have the six fessewise bars of Babe's (Suffolk with "foot"-using Blonds).

Here's amazing: Babe's share the finger(s) pointing with the Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire with TUFTs/Tuffs) in the "Touch" motto term of BALCONs/Balcombs, and while I pointed with my finger to her grass stain on her BALCONy, Bosco's have "tufts of grass." Tufts/Tuffs' use the PHOENix, suspect as a pointer to whatever the Stop/Stubb pheons point to.

In the last update, I came across another phoenix (it has flames at the tail) with Seymore's/Seamore's/St. MAURs, and they were first found in Monmouthshire with the PHONE's/Fane's/Vans, thus confirming that Phoenix's/Fenwicks were a Phone branch. Phones'/Fauns/Vauns were first found in Devon with Fens'/Venns'/Fanns. The latter share the scallops of Mars/MAURS (once said to be first found in Burgundy with Pilate's), but they are the scallops also of French Blois' who are in turn in the colors and format of Phones'/Fauns/Vauns and Pilate's.

Is God Pointing to Tucker Carlson's Firing?

Over this past weekend, Tucker Carlson told an audience he's an Episcopalian Christian, but that his parent(s) had a woefully-shallow Christianity.

Unless you want to grow frayed nerve endings, I suggest you skip Dan Dick's bashy-trashy musical opening, starting at 40 seconds instead. At 3 minutes exactly, see what Robert Kennedy says about Fox news, suggesting that it removed Tucker Carlson due to attacking the vaccine companies, in which case I applaud the divorce, yet Tucker attacked more than the vaccine companies in one of last week's shows:

Tucker also had Elon Musk on his show last week, and he's toxic to leftist forces seeking to bring vaccines back. Twitter was supposed to be a fundamental part of forced vaccinations, but Musk spoiled that hugely.

Just before the 9th minute above, Dan has a clip of Tucker's show where he actually sounds as though he's harshly accusing Fox news' boss i.e. Tucker had decided he was going to fly the coop at Fox by that time. That would be his best move by far, though this should have been done two years ago, or at least when he first became willing to fire shots at vaccine companies. News people who keep their jobs for the money who could otherwise be strong voices against the vaccine killing machines are accomplices to vaccine / lockdown murder. Here's part of what he said, my sentiments exactly concerning Fox's boss:

You wonder just how filthy and dishonest our news media are. How bad are they? Ask yourself, is any news organization you know so corrupt, that it’s willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers? Anyone who would do that is Pablo Escobar corrupt and should not be trusted.

Tucker has been fired, they say by Rupert Murdoch, not many weeks after he was not allowed to continue airing the January-6 footage. We might surmise that Tucker became disenchanted with his bosses because they made him appear too cowardly and unethical all at once for failing to continue. And so, perhaps, Tucker rebelled against his bosses, told them off on the air, and got himself fired with honor. I like that picture, especially if it's accurate.

Fox news actually has the clip in an 11-minute youtube video, though Tucker makes it sound as though he's not accusing Fox but rather the other news stations. I think Tucker was intending to accuse Fox, all the way, because it's obvious to all, including the boss, that Fox has been suppressing vaccine news to protect its ad-money deal with Pfizer, for example. When Tucker does the My-Pillow analogy, he is all-the-way accusing Fox of killing people on behalf of protecting the vaccine companies. Excellent job, Tucker, our sentiments exactly:

The next night, Tucker ramped up his anti-vaccine message, having Robert Kennedy on to attack the war hawks at Fox (maybe this was the last straw for Rupert):

Bill O'Reilly said on Monday that Tucker's team was in the process, earlier in that day, of preparing the Monday-night show when word came to him to pack his bags. Somebody at Fox was either steaming mad, or the Fox boss was threatened "good" by a desperate deep state sensing that it's losing the political football due to losing the media war. The latter option is a good explanation for Fox removing two of its biggest money-guns in one week flat (Dan Bongino included).

If Fox goes under, other conservative media will take up the slack, and will do a much better job with truth. Therefore, wish for Fox to go under, because the shape it's in now is of no benefit against the deep state. Fox has become the enemy ever since Murdoch hired Paul Ryan.

It's interesting that Ryans were first found in Tipperary with CARLson-like Carols and Irish Kennedys. Robert Kennedy may have been Tucker's last guest, or perhaps he was on the Thursday show, I'm not sure. But there's some interesting heraldic connections between the Ryan griffins and the one of German Carlsons. The latter's in the in the colors and format of Pisa's, and the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed in the Coat of Ryan-like Reine's/Reines' while Reno's/Reins are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Ryans. It's all-too possible that Paul Ryan (Fox executive) has long wanted Tucker gone from Fox.

AMAZINGLY, Reines'/Reine's use a "comet" while Comets/Combs, in Comyn colors and format, were first found in Limousin with the Seconds in the Murdoch motto! ZINGER, it's a pinger. Plus, Comyns share the Coat of Avis/Avisons expected in the "Avise" motto term of Scottish Kennedys (Ayrshire with Murdochs) while Irish Kennedys were first found in the same place as Ryans. You dig? We seem to be on a hard-and-fast Ryan-Murdoch link.

As per MURdochs, French Murs, first found in GASCONy with Martels (and Martins), are thus linkable to CARLsons via Charles Martel, founder of CAROLingians, and Carols were first found in Tipperary with Ryans! It just so happens that Carols, with the giant Lafin/La Font lion in colors reversed, were first found in Tipperary with Kennedys, but also with Lafins/La FONTs expected in the "Avise LA FIN" motto of Scottish Kennedys. Hug-related FOUNTains were first found in Norfolk with Comyns, and Hugs were first found in Languedoc with Font-de-Ville's, and with Duck-liner French Allans who share the Chief of French Gas'/Garcons who appear to use a duckling.

Gascony-like Gascons use either a giant DUCK or goose, I can't tell which, but it's in Ryan colors, and also in the colors of the Charles eagle. Ducks are going to be all over this Murdoch investigation. French Gascons are amazing for almost having the Coat of Scottish DOCKs/Dogs/Doags in colors reversed!

French Gas'/Garcons were first found in Dauphine with PAYENs/Pagans, and with the Galli's who share the Gas/Garcon Chief. English Payne's, first found in Somerset with Montacute's/Montague's, share the Ryan and Gifford motto in full. The Payne lozenges are colors reversed from the Reno/Rein lozenges, and the latter's three are in the colors of the Montacute/Montague lozenges who in turn use them in the format of the Gifford lozenges. And the dolphins in the Arms of Dauphine can be in the Crest of Scottish Kennedys.

Before leaving the German Gascons, they were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs and German Drummonds while Sea's, first found in Kent with English Trips, share the triple-wavy chevrons of German Drummonds. Scottish Drummonds likewise have triple-wavy fesses, and were first found in Perthshire with the Docks/Dogs/Doags i.e. the ones with almost the French Gascon Coat. Again, Martels of Gascony are linkable to Carlsons, the latter first found in Suffolk with Seamans, what are the chances? Read on.

The Sea bars are almost in use with Seamans who in turn share a seahorse with the Tuckers who have eight of the wavy-six Seaman BARs, and while Bars will be traced to Ducks/Dockers/Duckers, the latter have five fesses in the colors of the four-and-four fessewise bars of Tuckers, is that not an amazing pointer to Tucker Carlson and Rupert Murdoch?

The amazing thing about the German Carlson griffin is that it's horizontally split in half, white and blue, and therefore comparable to the giant Hanger griffin that's horizontally split in gold and blue. Murdochs use a raven said to be "HANGing" from/on an arrow. I'll come back to Murdochs to show how coincidentally or not they can link to Tuckers. Hangers were first found Hampshire with the Drake's using a "muscas" motto term while Muscas' were first found in Pisa, lookie there.

Plus. Murdochs were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Kennedys while Irish Kennedys were first found in TIPPERary with Ryans. The helmet of Irish Kennedys is related to the PenDRAGON and Dragon/Drainer helmet, and Drake's use a WYvern dragon suspect with Wye and Wearing liners together. Wye's happen to show nothing but griffins in gold i.e. linkable to the hanger griffin. Pendragons, first found in Cornwall with TIPPERs, are highly suspect with Tipps'/Tippins in their motto.

The wyVERN dragon can be deciphered partly with Wearings/Warings (share Warren checks) because they were first found in Devon with Wears/Were's and dragon-using Ware's. The triple stars of Verne's are those of Scottish Vere's/Vere's too. Verne's use the tree while Tree's were once said to be first found in Gloucestershire, where Hanger-connectable Wye's were first found. Things are clicking, and as Wye's have a griffin head between two blue wings, I'm going to guess that the red griffin head between two blue wings, of Chance's/Chaunceurs, is the red griffin in the Ryan Crest, for Chance's/Chaunceurs were first found in Essex with Angers and Vere's/Vairs.

Warrens were of Ada of Warenne, also called, "Varenne," and while she married Henry, earl of Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire is where Cottons were first found who use "hanks of cotton." There is a Hanger-like Hank/Anke surname while Hangers are also Angers and share the "escarbuncle" with ANCHor-branch Angers (Essex).

Angers and Anchors share triple, fessewise lozenges, in different colors, with the Giffords who are said (Wear/Were write-up) to have been married to Wears/Were's. As Ryans share the Gifford motto in full, I've just checked for a WYford surname because it looks related to "Gifford," and it turns out that Wyfords were first found in Devon with Giffords, Wears/Were's, but also where Ways/Weigh's were once said to be first found whose three fish are in the colors of the three Wyford eagles. Verona's have a fish in these fish colors too while Dutch Verone's/Verrins share the raven with Murdochs. And Devon is where Tuckers were first found.

Plus, the Wyford eagles are those of Aquila's while "Aquila" is a motto term of Drake's who happen to use the wyvern dragon. Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg said that his Vere line was from Angers/Anjou. French Angers have pale bars split horizontally in the colors of the horizontally-split items of German Carlson and Pisa Coats.

Murdochs/MurDOCKs share the Crest of Barrs/Bare's/Vare's (Ayrshire with Murdocks), and these Barrs/Bare's, who were pointed to by Lorraine's BARE FEET, can trace Murdocks to Bar-le-DUC (Lorraine), which uses the pansy in its Arms to indicate that the German Ducks/DOCKers were there because the latter were first found in Westphalia with Pansys/Pantzers. These Ducks/Dockers are also Tucker-like Duckers, what are the chances? The human makers of heraldry didn't know that Tucker Carlson would be fired by Rupert Murdoch? And these Barrs/Bare's are known to use the Este eagle for a related reason, yet it's the Wyford / Aquila eagle. "Est" is a motto term of Murdoch-connectable Stuarts.

At this point, we tell that Wyfords were first found in Gloucestershire with Lite-like Letts/LATs, whose "organ pipes" take us to Pipe's, first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Doocys, Docks/Dox's, and with the Arrows upon which the Murdock raven hangs. Then, to make another Ryan-MurDOCK link, we go to the Letters and LAUDERs ("RepulluLAT" motto term), highly suspect from the Carolingian region, in Lorraine, of LOTHARingia. The Ryan griffin heads are in the colors of the giant Letter and Lauder griffin, and while the ORGAN pipes are suspect with a family in ORKNey, that's where LinkLETTERs were first found who not only use ducks, but share checks (different colors) on a fesse with Murdochs. That's wild, and LETmans/Lethams were first found in Berwickshire with Lauders. Linkletters share the ship with Duck-line Stewarts

We can add that the Ticks/TUCKs, once said to be first found in Kent with Tucker-related Sea's, have three griffin heads in the format of the three Ryan griffin heads.

The Pullys suspect in the "RePULLulat" motto term of Lauders (and Larrys/Lawrie's) were first found in Yorkshire with the Pauls, begging whether this picture can point to Paul Ryan. Pauls have a "REPublica" motto term than can be for the same Repps suspect with "REPullulat."

Pulls are listed with Pools while there is a Mr. Pullen born in a Poole location in the Pully write-up. There is a Poole location in Dorset with the first-known Palins/PAULeys. In neighboring Somerset is where English Paulins were first found, yet there is a French Paulin/PAULA surname (share Galli rooster) which recalls Paula Bongino, wife of Dan Bongino who left (or was fired from) Fox news just days before Tucker was fired.

The "Nulla" motto term Pullys can be for the Nulls who have part of the Coat of Neils/O'Nails, the latter first found in Tyrone with the Carlson-connectable Henrys. It just so happens that Pauls, first found in Yorkshire with Galli-like Gale's (share Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire), are in the colors and format of Irish Nagle's with a "nightinGALE" in Crest. And German Nagle's (Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers/Duckers) are listed with Neils/Nails!!! It tends to prove that Pauls were a Pully branch.

Gale's are the ones with a "semina" motto term while Seamans/Semans look absolutely like Tucker kin! Can we believe it? Paul Ryan probably gave Tucker a bad name for years.

We can now go back to the triple griffins of Wye's because they are in the format of the triple griffin heads of Ryans. Reines'/Reine's have a "comet" while Comets are in Wye colors and format. Wye's have FIVE feathers in their Crest, and Feathers/Fathers were first found in Sussex with MACKesys/MARGesons while MARGys/MACKEYs were not only first found in Ayrshire with MURdochs, but share their ravens hanging on an arrow.

The Repps suspect in "Repullulat" of the Ryan-connectable Lauders have FIVE white feathers, the Irish Clare symbol, between two wings, and while French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Comets, Wye's likewise have two wings with their gold feathers. Repps were first found in Norfolk with the Feather-like Faiths who in turn share the brown tree stump with Lauders. Feather-like Feeters are listed with Clarens/Larins using two of the three chevrons of English Clare's (Suffolk with Irish Clare's).

Faiths share the saltire of Huntingdon-connectable Hunters/Hunts, and as I've said several times, I once walked a 32-foot Lauder-like ladder on my shoulder from the house of VERNE Archibald (where I was living), then past the apartment of Lorraine my previous date, and finally to Hunt street, at my new apartment there.

Repps share triple-black chevrons with French Levi's who in turn have the Seconds in their motto. Plus, Levi's (Ile-de-France with VERONa's) also have the Ade's/Aids (Berwickshire with Lauders) in their motto who are not only suspect from Ada of VARENNE, but are in the colors and format of Rodhams who likewise have a brown tree stump.

Spanish MURs, by the way, use the arrow too, while French Murs almost have the Warren Coat. MURena's probably have their tower in the Arrow/Arras Crest because Terentia Murena married Cilnius MAECENas whose Cilnius family was in Arezzo/Arettium, like "Arras" and "Artois." Arras is the Artois capital. Spanish Murs/Muriels/Murats look related to the Murena Coat.

The Feathers are beloved by the Lights/Lite's in the "lighter" motto term of Ayers, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Murdochs. The Feathers have the Valens/Valance's in their motto who happen to have the five fesses of German Ducks/Dockers/Duckers in colors reversed. And so here we repeat that while Wye's love the Feathers, WYfords look like they formed "Giffords" who in turn share the Ryan motto and Payne motto. Payne's were first found in Somerset with Lights/Lite's and English Ducks, and also with Terent-connectable Courcys and Trents/Trans'.

But we're not done with Feathers because they have a "Valens et Volens" motto while Volens'/Velens were first found in Westphalia with German Ducks/DOCKers/Duckers, but also with the duck-using Velins, and the Volens'/Velens, which once showed the ducks of French Alans, now show the MARTLets of French Alans, and while the Dol Alans became Stewarts, Murdochs share the checkered fesse of Scottish Stewarts (all colors identical). Checks in these colors were used by the Arms of Massa-Carrara, a region at Pisa, and we saw the Reines'/Reine's with the Pisa Coat in colors reversed.

Stewarts were named when king David I made the Dol Alans the High Stewards of Scotland, and the son of this David, Henry, was earl of Huntingdon, husband of Ada of Warenne/Varenne. French Henrys (Brittany with Dol) share the Alan / Volens/Velen martlets, and these Henrys were first found at Motte-Henry near Ryan- / Reines-like Rennes. You dig? We are staring another Ryan-Murdoch link in the face. Rains/Raines' were first found in Essex with Brocks sharing the motto of Murdock-connectable Stewarts, and with the Angers connectable to the hanging Murdoch raven.

And while English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire, French Cottons/Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with French Alans. You dig? Not fully yet. Not fully until I tell you that Irish Henrys share the eagle of English Carlsons, what are the chances?

English CARLsons were even first found in Suffolk with Warenne-line Warrens, and with English CHARLES', and with the Chickens who share the chevron of English Carlsons...and with English Clare's too, a big deal where Irish Clare's share five feathers (different color) in Crest with Wye's. It's an even bigger deal where French Clairs were first found in Limousin with the Seconds/Segurs are expected in the "secundo" motto term of Murdochs. And while the Anger lozenges are those of Fauci's, the latter were first found in Genova with the SEGURana's who share the Wyford / Aquila / Barr eagle.

The three Volens/Velen martlets happen to be the three martlets colors reversed in the Coat of Feather-like Feets/Fate's, and Feeters are listed with Clarens/Larins using two of the three chevrons of Clare's. The latter's are even in the colors of the MARTLets of French Charles', from Charles MARTEL, founder of CAROLingians. Repeat: "It just so happens that Carols, with the giant Lafin/La Font lion in colors reversed, were first found in Tipperary with Ryans, with Kennedys, and with Lafins/La Fonts expected in the "La fin" motto phrase of Scottish Kennedys."

Let's return to the Irish Henrys sharing the Carlson eagle, for these Henrys were first found in Tyrone with the Hagans sharing the quadrants of Ruperts and Jewish Arens/Aarons. Ruperts share the red rose with German Arens. Jewish Arens/Aarons use clouds while McLeods/Clouds share the flag with Hagans. This paragraph can point to Rupert Murdoch because French Rose's were first found in Limousin with the Seconds/SEGURs (Genova with Face-branch Fauci's) in the Murdock motto. Hagans were first found in Tyrone with Sharks and Neils, and while the sleeping Beauty dream opened with a shark in a kidney-shaped pool, Kidneys/Gedneys (saltire linkable to Nagle's/Neils) share the Hagan fish. Kidneys/GEDneys are linkable to the Arms-of-Saraca fish via the same-colored Ged fish, and the latter share "pikes" with the Geddes', the latter first found in Nairnshire with Scottish Rose's. Thus, God apparently used the Hagans to prove that He arranged the shark in a kidney-shaped swimming pool. What other clues could Hagans hold?

The three roses of French Rose's are colors reversed from the three roses of the other French Clairs, first found in Brittany with same-colored Alans. German Arens share the eagle of German SEAGARs, and of the Snake's/Snooks in the Crest of English Seagars (have the Segurana moline in colors reversed).

Segurana's share the eagle of French Perins (Lorraine with Murdock-connectable Bar-le-Duc) while English Perrins (leopard FACES) use the "fur" cone, and here I might suggest that while Rupert Murdoch fired Tucker Carlson, Furs are listed with Fire's. A pine TREE is used by Constants/Constance's in the "Constant and true" motto of Scottish Rose's, and True's are listed with Tree's.

Don Lemon: Disgusting News Faggot

I have amazing evidence here that the firing theme is a part of this heraldic set, for while Don Lemon of CNN got fired on the same day that Carlson got fired, Lemons/Limons were first found in Suffolk with Clare's while the Limousin location of the first-known Clairs was named by the LEMOvices, very tracable with the neighboring SANTones to the Sintians of Lemon-like Lemnos! The Clair-line Sinclairs are also SAINTs/SUNs, and Santones named a Sainte location! A giant SUN is used by Fetters while Feeters are listed with Clarens! Lorraine's feet symbol had connected the foot-on-sun of Blonds (Suffolk!) to the sun of Babe's (Suffolk).

The god of Lemnos, Hephaestus, was a ruler of the Kabeiri cult wherein operated the Galli priests of Cybele. Galli were cross-dressing faggots. Cybele and Galli operated in the land of PAPHLagonians, and PEPOLi's share the checks of Galleys (Yorkshire with Gale's). Hephaestus' wife, Aphrodite, became the Roman Venus suspect as code for Veneti from the Paphlagonian Heneti. As Hephaestus' sister was Hebe, and as Aphrodite represented Hebrews, one can trace Hebrews,, likely the Hyksos from Lake Van especially, to the Veneti.

Pepoli's were first found at Bologna (Veneti backyard) with the Reno river while Reno's have the Lime lozenges on colors reversed. Gale-related Nagle's use the "nightinGALE" while English Knights/Nights were first found in Suffolk with Lemons/Limons. The Knight/Night pale bars are colors reversed from the one pale-bar-by-lozenges of Lime's.

The Reno lozenges are shared with MontaCUTE's (beside Cutters), and Cutts/Cute's share the white greyhound with English Galleys. Montacute's were first found in Somerset with Cybele-like. As Cabyle in Thrace was near the Sub Radice location, it tends to explain why the Cable/Cabel Coat is nearly the one of Radice's/Radix's (Udine, Veneti theater). Cabels share a Shield of fretty (different color) with Caens (Dorset with CUTTers) while the Caeni were near the mouth of the Tonzus river upon which was Cabyle. Were the Caeni from king Khyan?

It dawned on me only a day or two ago that the paTONCE cross could be part-code for Tonzus-river liners, and here it can be added that the English Winders, almost with the Radice/Radix Shield, share the full motto of Patents/Pattens, first found in Essex with the Chance's having patonce crosses. Winders look like they were of the Wends, also called Vandals, said by at least one historian to have named a Venethi location in Europe's north. The Veneti Celts of Brittany named Vannes, and it just so happens that Fane's/Vans share the white bull head of Winders.

I trace Cutters to "Kotor," and I trace the latter to whatever in the real world mythical king KODRos of ATHENs depicted. Kodros had a fish symbol, as do Saraca's out of Kotor. Kodros' son, Medon, is like "Medan," son of Abraham and KETURah. Mythical Attis/Attys was play on king Aeetes, father of MEDia the witch of Colchis who flew her dragon-pulled chariot to Athens. Another son of Kodros (can't recall his name) was made a founder of Hephaestus-like Ephesus (Amazonian city).

Athens is in ATTICa while ATTIS/Attys was the husband of Cybele. Athys'/Atha's, sharing the Coat of Fish-like and Face-branch Fiscs (Norfolk with Bramtons), have a "duci" motto term while Duce's share the Coat of Abram-like Bramtons. Attys/Aids, in the Levi motto, have leopard FACES. English Ducks were first found in Somerset with MontaCUTE's. Beside Athens is Schimatari, and while Schims use a "duce" motto term, Irish Athys' were first found in Galway with Kennys.

Just found BRAMhall, a location near the Shakerley location of Shake's/Shicks. Recently, I mentioned Hamon de Massey of Bagley, and here we can add that Bagleys have the Stockport Coat in colors reversed while Bramham is in Stockport "was given to Hamon de Massey,..." (Wikipedia's Bramhall article). This BramHALL link to Masseys can explain the Bramton (and Hall) dog head, likely called a "talbot" for Talbots (Shropshire with Meschins and Bagleys). Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with TAILboys.

The Christs (look like Papa kin) suspect in the Bramhall motto makes the giant Bramhall lion look like the one of Papps/Papa's, especially as the latter put the lion's tail almost in the lion's mouth. Perhaps it's intended to be at the lip for Lipps and/or Liptons/Luptons. The latter's Coat looks connectable to the one of Poppins/Pophams, both of which share the Chief-Shield colors of BRAMleys (Yorkshire with Popleys). Pope's/Pape's/Popps and GUINE's/Gunns were both once said to be first found in Caithness, and "SanGUINE" is a BramHALL motto term. German Pape's/Papenburgs, suspect from Poppo of Babenberg, have the Hall dog heads in colors reversed, and in the colors of the wolf heads of Liptons/Luptons.

Bramhall was also Bromele, and Bramtons are also Bromtons. Brome's/Brooms use "SPRIGs of broom" while Spriggs use "rose" leaves to go with the roses of Bramleys (Yorkshire with Sandals/Sindells). The latter come with stems while Stems/Steins were first found in Norfolk with Bramtons/Bromtons. French Rose's were first found in Limousin of the Lemovices from Lemnos. Sandals/Sindells share the cross of English Winklers/Windlers, the latter first found in the hundred of Macclesfield with Bramhall. That looks like the Sintian line to Santones Gauls (probably from the Galli queers). German Winklers look (by their Coat) like close kin of Khazar-suspect Cahns/Kehns.

The line of Abraham and Keturah to Athens and Ephesus must have been in Lemnos, suspect there with the Sintians to the Santones, both in the theater of Pictones. It can explain why Pictons (Flintshire, near Bramhall) share the Bramhall lion. The Drops behind the Picton lion were first found in Norfolk with Bramtons, and the Picton drops are gold, as are the drops of Darlene's who in turn share the Sand fitchee. Sands/Sandalls (Bramton colors) were first found in Surrey, where Lemon-beloved Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found.

Lime's have: "Hence, conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Lymm by Baron Robert de VENables from Edward of FitzTezzo..." The Venables', who look like Meschins by the write-up, are said to have been VENATors too. That looks Veneti-like, and so I also loaded Venables to find them first found in Cheshire with Lime's, and with the Dons whose double fesses the Venables' share. DON Lemon!

The "VenaBULIS" motto term of Venables' tends to explain the Fane/Van bull head, and moreover the Bullis'/Bulliards share red roundels with Cheshire's Shirts ("HosTIS"), and the latter are in the "shirt" of Tous'/Tosini's with a Tonzus-like Tonso variation! Things are clicking. HOSTs use the Bull/Bule bull head, we may assume.

Bullis'/Billiards (beside Bulls/Bule's) share the stars of English TEASE's, and we just saw Mr. Tezzo with Mr. Venables. English Balls/BALDERs, with a "dignitaTIS virTUS" motto phrase possibly for Shirt-connectable Tiss'/Teese's, and Tous', have a "Ballis" surname in their write-up, and while Baldwin I was the first Templar king of Jerusalem, he was the son of Eustace II of Boulogne while the Arms of Boulogne share the Bullis/Bulliard roundels.

Just think of it: Hyksos Hebrews successfully invading Jerusalem in 1099 (First Crusade) while slaughtering Jews along the way across Europe. They were led by Godfrey de Bouillon, son of Eustace II of Boulogne. Will the anti-Christ be a Hyksos element? Hooks share the Masci fleur. Hookers have vair fur, and Furs are listed with Fire's. Hooks share the Shield of Leicesters who in turn share the swan with Hochs/YOKE's/HochARTs. The latter place an item between antlers, as do Eustace's, Stacys and Staggs/Stage's. The Arms of Boulogne adds a swan to its red roundels. Swans are listed with Sions, and Godfrey de Bouillon had a Priory of Sion.

Hochart-like Hokers (not "Hooker") even share the lion of MASONs/Massins (Kent with Joke's/YOKE's) and Freie's while it's generally thought that Crusaders became international banksters and secret-society FreeMasons. Hokers are in the colors and format of Time's/Timms (Kent with Masons/Massins and Veneti-suspect Venus'). The Hoker Shield and Crest looks related to English Cnuts because the split-Freie lion in the Hoker Crest is in the colors of the split-griffin of Hangers in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts.

Venus'/Venns' share the brown stag with the stag head in the Don Crest. Nissans, with another brown stag head, have the double Don fesses in colors reversed. The Venus/Venns write-up tells that the Hastings became Venus', and then Hastings share the giant maunch (different color) to TickHILL while Anne's/HANNE's were first found in Tickhill (Hills use a Venus-like "Avances" motto term). Then, from the giant Venus/Venns stag we take it to Staggs/Stage's (Devon with Fenns/Venns) because they share the blue stag head with HANNA's. That works. Fenns/Venns highlight the ANTLers, suspect as code for Les ANDELys, home of Hasting-related Tonys.

Balls/Balders use a "fireball," and Don Lemon was fired. Dons share the double fesses of Venables' who were apparently related to Bullis'! Dons even add arrows while Arrows are listed with Arras' while Arras (ARTOIS capital) is near Boulogne. Dons had owned a Duddon location owned also by Bruens, and Irish Bruens/Breens were first found in Kilkenny with Brown/BRUN-connectable Kennys. We read that Duddon also passed to Ardens while Ardons are listed with Artois'. Duddon is said to be located in Tarvin, and Tarvins/Tarves' have the split-Shield colors of Kennys in colors reversed. Tarvisium is Italian-Veneti way, meaning that Venables / Venators look like Veneti liners in Cheshire.

I'm guessing that Cheshire's Dods named DudDON. As Dods were at Edge of the Eggs, I'm guessing that Venators/Vennors/Fennors share the Eggerton lion around what looks like bottony crosses either for Bottons/Buttons/Bidens or, more likely, for Botons/BOUGHTOns...because Duddon of Arden and Tarvin is in Great Boughton. Dods have a Coat like the one of Omans (Suffolk with Ardons) suspect in the "OMNia" motto term of Dons. We are making hits by the bits.

Botons/Boughtons share the crescent of Baud-connectable Hoods/Hoots, and Scottish Bauds share the ship with Balds (Cheshire's Bouillon-beloved Bellows/Ballots are loved by Ships), and we did see fireball Balls/Balders. Baldwins were first found in neighboring Shropshire with Baut-like Bats, and the two share saltires! In this context, the Coat of ARDENs looks related to the Coat of Butts/Bute's/Boets, a branch of the namers of the BAUTica/BALTea river of the ARDUINici, quite apparently. French Bauds/Bauts were likely Bouillon kin.

I don't agree with the Lemon/Limon write-up when it traces to "Liefman." I see no evidence given for that idea, and one should provide evidence when making such a hard-and-fast statement. Lemons/Limons were "first found in Suffolk at Wenhaston, a parish, in the union and hundred of Blything." It explains why Lemons/Limons are in Blythe colors and format.

As Limousin is near Le Mans while Lemons are also Lemans', it explains their relationship to Billet-like Blythe's, for French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine i.e. the Le-Mans theater. The Mens'/Mame's were first found in Midlothian with Leiths/Lethe's while English Lethams were first found in Berwickshire with Blythe's. Scottish Lethams/Leydons (Letter colors) were first found in Aberdeenshire with MANs, both having similar Coats. Ryans have griffin heads in the colors of the Letter griffin.

I'm writing here on Wednesday, the day after introducing Lemons/Limons. On this day, I ventured to check for a Neo surname to see if it would connect with Con liners, because Paul Ryan is called a Neo-Con. Neo's/Noe's/Noits, sharing the Cnut/Note and Chanut chevron, have this: "The surname Neo was first found in Maine...The family were well established in the region of Le Mans..." Plus, Neo's/Noe's/Noits share the stars of Jewish Cohens/Kagans while German Cohens are also Cons. How about that. Are Neo-Cons sponsored by Khazar Hebrews?

Khazar-like Caesars (dolphin), in Ryan colors and format, were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Lemons/Lemans' (dolphins) and Clare's/Clairs, and then while Sinclairs (Midlothian with Mens'/Mame's) are also Suns, Cohens/Kagans use the sun. Caesars are now said to be first found in Surrey, where Dolphins were once said to be first found.

Perhaps the Dons (Cheshire with Lime's) can increase the chances that God is pointing to Tucker Carlson's firing via an incidental pointer to Don Lemon, for Dons (Cheshire, beside Dol Alans) have two fesses in the colors of the Dol fesse, and Dolfins/DOLfins are in Dol colors while Lemons use dolphins. The "dona" motto term of Dons can get us to the Donna's/Dance's because English Dance's are in the colors and format of Lemons while also sharing the Alan fesse. The lion heads of the English Dance's are in the colors of the Alan martlets, yet that lion head is also the Murdoch and Barr Crest.

The Crest of English Dance's (share Butt/Bute/Boet / Button/Biden fesse), still shown by English Butts/Bute's (ESToiles), was once showing for the Crest of Barr-related Italian Este's. Buds/Bude's use the bow while Dons were first found at Great BOUGHton. The arrows of Dons take us to the Murena tower in the Arrow/Arras Crest, and the Murena tower is colors reversed with the one of the Spanish Pose's/Posada's suspect in the motto of English Butts/Bute's. The Pose/Posada Coat looks related to the Spanish Mur Coat (more arrows). French Posse's/Poussins use suns for linkage to Clare / Santones elements. Butts/Bute's use "PosSUNT" and "posse."

I've added the following insert into the last update which you may have missed:

[Insert April 26 -- Now why would God have me go to Texas to attend her church just to point to Hyksos who worshiped a gold calf? There's got to be more to this. Jewish Kaufmans share the Otter/Other crescent while the Baal-like BalFOUR ("FORward" motto term) have an otter head at the TIP of their chevron, as Calvers have a fleur-de-lys at the TIP of their same-colored chevron. The two chevrons are colors reversed from the Forney/FOURnier chevron, and the TIPPS'/Tippins are suspect in the motto of Pendragons who not only share the Forney chevron, but add fleur-de-lys to it so as to jibe with the Calver chevron.

And here's the kicker: Balfours were first found in Fife along with the BALcons/BalCOME's/BalCOMBs of Crail!!! Wow, for Crails are listed with Apophis-pointing Crabs.

Pendragons were first found in Cornwall with sleeve-and-cuff Tippers, and the Cornish chough obviously has some Cornwall elements behind it. The Pendragon chevron has the Cough/Cuffey and Cuff fleur in colors reversed.

The Kaufman crescent is colors reversed from the same of SEATons (and Bell-branch Bellamys) while Steers use a "cede" motto term suspect with the Cetis-like Cedes variation of SEATs. Seatons share a "Forward" motto term with Balfours, and as Cetis had the Kennati priests, let's add that the Kaufman crescent is shared by Kenns (Devon with a Seaton location, beside Cornwall). Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Bats who share the black bat with Cuff-beloved Batons (Cornwall).

The Otters/Others are said to be from Lombards, and Como's, first found in Lombardy with the city of Como, have a sleeve with CUFF, as do Saluzzo-connectable Cuffs. Cough's/Cuffs happen to share the "baton" in Crest with Balfours (on the Ore river), another signal that Balfours were related round-about to Calfs/Caufs. The Balfour Coat, minus its otter head, is the Coat of French's (Devon) who in turn share the green dolphin in Crest with COFFeys/Coffers, possibly of the Cuffey variation of Coughs.

The Coffey/Coffer Crest is a different-color version of mythical TARAS in the Arms of Taranto, and I trace the line of Terentia Murena to the tower in the Arrow/Arras Crest, and so let's add that Como's use an arrow with their cuffed sleeve. Heraldic sleeves can be code for the Saluvii Ligures, which Wikipedia equates with Salyes Ligures, and Sales' essentially have the Cough/Cough / Cuff Coat except that the latter use the dancetty pattern. The brother of Terentia Murena conquered the Salassi of Aosta, not far from Como.

Taras/Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Coffey-colored Coffers/Coffare's who in turn share gold crescents with Otters/Others, Kaufmans, and Utters/Otterburns. The black drops (called "tar" drops) covering the Shields of Utters/Otterburns and Drops/TROPE's can connect both to Taras'/Tarrs and Miss Hicks as the TROPHy girl at the Spuds-MacKenzie event.

As Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks first appeared in the dream coming past her fender to the hood, and while Hoods/Hoots (Devon again) share the white anchor with Kaufmans, Fenders (Windsor branch), first found in Huntingdonshire with proto-Windsor Others/Otters, have an otter head. Hoods/Hoots are the ones with a "Cornish CHOUGH."

The double bends of Como's are blue, as are the double bends of Oilys/Oilleys suspect with the estOILES of Comers/Combers and English Butts/Bute's. The latter's Coat is in the colors and format of Italian Maurels/Maurs who in turn have a Murena-like Maurino variation, first found in the Lombardy capital, not far from Como, and it was Como's with the arrow that connects to Terentia Murena. Butts/Bute's are to topic because Balcons/Balcombs have been resolved with Italian Botters/Botini's. And the Bitar variation of can be in the "dominaBITUR" motto term of Comers/Combers. English Botters/Bodens were first found in Hampshire with Flys suspect in the "BUTTERflies" of Tulls/Tullia's. Tullia of Lyon was the daughter of Gallia, and Gallia's were first found in Milan with Maurels/Maurs.

Hyksos From Asia

Bots/Butts/Bute's/Boets are in the Comey motto, important because the Sadducees in Jesus' time were of a house of BOETHus while the Anchors/ANNACKers, in the giant anchor of German Kaufmans, are suspect from ANNAS, the chief priest of Israel who had Jesus condemned with false witnesses. Italian Boets/Boys share the giant Back/Bach bull that was once showing as a gold calf! See where we are?

Cat liners are from Botters/Botini's, and a cat is used by Khyan-suspect Keens/Kenys/Cahans (motto translated with: "A stroked cat is gentle").

And as the Backs/Backs call it a "steer," it's not surprising that we are going to the Sturs/Styre's right now, nor is it surprising that we are on a topic thanks to Miss Hyksos-like Hicks. Bachs got suspect from the Hyksos king, APACHnas, and anchors alone are showing for English Packs while French Packs have a bull. Polish Packs look linkable to Masseys. At least one historian/writer thought that Apachnas was another name for Khyan.

The double bends of Como's come with a dancetty pattern, and COMers/COMBers, with a dancette of their own for a pointer to Italian Dance's (Piedmont with Domino's and Saluzzo), have an "ASTRis" motto term while their dancetty fesse is in the colors of the three STUR/Styre fesses. Thus, even with Comers/Combers, we are back to the asteroid-like Asters/Sturs, first found in TOURlaville, excellent where Comets/Come's/Combs share the Tower tower, half in the colors of the giant tower of French Tours, and the latter were conspicuously first found in Languedoc with Forneys, amazing because Domino's, suspect in the "dominabitur" motto term of Comers/Combers, have a giant tower in the black color of the same in the Higgin/HICKen Crest, yet both the Higgins/Hickens and Hickensons/Higginsons also share the white tower with French Tours. Higgins/Hickens and Hickensons/Higginsons were both first found in SLIGo, and Sleigh's use the owl, how perfect for the next paragraph. Sligo is also where Keen-branch Keons/McCains were first found, one of the first surnames, if not the first, that looked to me to be from Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan.

English Tours/Thors (Devon again) share the red tower with the Crest of Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire with Hicksons/Hixons) who in turn share the Calver fleur-de-lys. Plus, the Tours/Thors have the HOWELL Coat in colors reversed while Calvarys use owls likely for Owls/HOWLs. As was re-mentioned in the last update, Miss Hicks had pointed to Lovey Howell (Gilligan's Island), wife of Thurston Howell, years before I knew that Thurstons were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls.

"AstRIS" of the Comers/Combers can trace via Rice's / Rise's to Rize on the Black sea, in the theater of the Asians / Hayasa-Azzi suspect with Hyksos, for the latter had been Asians, they say, when entering Egypt. MacKenzie's use an "AS astra sic iTUR" phrase looking partly for Tour / Turin elements, and it just so happens that Turins are in Other/Otter colors and format while Turin is in Piedmont.

The fact that Rick-connectable Riggs share the passant dog with Reesors/Rees' (share Rice Coat) tells me that Rize elements named Rijeka at ISTRia, and Asters/Sturs are also ISTERs, wherefore "AstRIS" is appropriate. Risings/Risons have the cross in the Arms of Pula/Pola in colors reversed, and Pula/Pola is on Istria. Butters/Bitars (suspect in the Comer/Comber motto) have a "DiRIGet" motto term, and the Rigg dog is also the one of Comerfords/Comforts.

See major Rijeka links two updates ago. I traced Ros-Alans, or Roxolani, to Rijeka's rock, and king Rusa was near Rize, which can explain why Rush's are also Rish's (share Rigg / Rick fesse), or why Rosco's are also Risco's. King Rusa was defeated by Cimmerians, and the latter became the Cimbri, according to reports, which can easily form surnames such as the Cambers/Comers/Combers (the ones with the "astris" motto term). Some say Cimmerians were the Cimri of Wales, and that's where Rice's and Reesors/Rees' were first found.

Cimmerians were living in proto-Ukraine before invading Rusa's domain, and so the Ukrainian Mina's could be in the "doMINAbitur" motto term of Cambers/Comers/Combers. I connect Lviv of Ukraine to Five's and Fife's, and Fife is where Butters/Bitars were first found.

Domine's/Dunhams (Norfolk with Rye's/Rise's and Risings/Risons), who can be in the "dominabitur" motto term of Comers/Combers, have more dancetty so as to trace to Domino's of Piedmont. Hamon de Masci ruled as a Dunham location that became Dunham Masci, and Masci's were first found in Piedmont too.

In the last scene with Sleeping Beauty, we were RISING into the SKY, and Rize is at the foothills, roughly, of the Moschi mountains. Maschi's were first found in RIMINi, and Rimmons/Crimmons (lion in Maschi-lion colors) were first found on SKYE. Rimini is near Fano, and Fane's ("fano" motto term), first found in Monmouthshire with Howells, have a "vile" motto term while Vile's/Veills use the calf...making me think that Hyksos were of Meshech/Mushki elements at the Moschi mountains. End insert]

Tuckers/Tokers may have been from whatever mythical Teucer represents, the co-founder of Trojans, for while Teucer's daughter, BATia, married Dardanus, the Dardanians had a king MONunius II whose daughter married an ARDiaei king, and ARDahan was at the Moschi mountain theater along with Caucasian Bats. Ardiaei were at Rize-like Rhizon, you see, and MOONs were once said to be first found in Devon with Tuckers, Pine's and DARDs/Darts. Pinnes was an Ardiaei king, and Maschi's have "PINE cones," as do German Tanners suspect from the Tanaro river of Piedmont. It's making Ducks, Duckers and all their branches suspect from whatever "Teucer" represented, whom I see as myth code for Togarmites / Tocharians by a similar name.

Irish Troys share the Wye griffins.

I'd like to repeat from the insert to make some new links: "As Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks first appeared in the dream coming past her fender to the hood, and while Hoods/Hoots (Devon again) share the white anchor with Kaufmans, Fenders (Windsor branch), first found in Huntingdonshire with proto-Windsor Others/Otters, have an otter head. Hoods/Hoots are the ones with a "Cornish CHOUGH."" Firstly, English Cuffs have nearly the cuffed sleeve in the Crest of Tippers, the latter first found in Cornwall with mythical GORlois and the Pendragons. The Cornish chough of Hoods/Hoots holds a white anchor, the symbol held by the cuffed sleeve in the Tipper Crest. The new thing is that Tippers share the cuffed sleeve exactly of Dennys ("mea") who in turn have a version of the Windsor Coat ("me").

I can now prove better that Lombard-and-Windsor based Others/Otters were linked in Lombardy to Ottone Visconti, for Ottone's/Odi's share the long and solid chevron of French Chappes' while Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with the Dennys i.e. almost having the Windsor Coat. Likewise first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's suspect in the "Animus" motto term of Cough's/Cuffs.

I've seen the description of Scottish Chappes, "ears of wheat," and this is what Dennys/DEANneys have in their Crest in a different design. Sadducee-like Saddocks use "ears of rye," and Rye's/Rise's were once said to be first found in Sussex with Saddocks and DEANs. Rye's/Rise's are now said to be first found in Norfolk with Wheats.

To explain the creation of "GORlois," whose wife mated with mythical UTHER Pendragon, Gore's share the Windsor and Gain crosslets while Gains were first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters and otter-using Fenders/Venders. UTTERs are listed with otter-using Otterburns. The myth writers were secretly deceiving their readers with bloodline lust.

The Windsor and Denny Coat look related to the Corry/Curry Coat, tending to explain why Gore's are also Core's. Irish Currys/Corrys have an "AUDaux" motto term while Aude's/ODE's are in Ottone/Odi colors. Both Curry/Corry Coats have roosters, the Visconti-of-Sardinia symbol, in their Crests.

As both Galli surnames have roosters, Visconti's are suspect from Sardinia's Gallura, which overlooks the island of Corsica, where Curry-like Courcy's may have been from, and thus this can reveal proto-Currys/Corrys from some family in Corsica. French Galli's share the Chief of French Julians who in turn share the Windsor / Curry/Corry saltire. Cours'/Courts were first found in Brittany with Alans, and French Alans likewise share the French Galli Chief. Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with VISconti-connectable Vise's.

The Vise cross between antlers is in the Eustace Crest, and "Cur" is a Eustace motto term. Eustace II was earl of Boulogne, in Artois, while the Arms of Boulogne share red roundels with Shirts/SHARDs (Cheshire with English Kerricks/Kerrichs), Sardinia suspects. Rundels/Roundels share the English Alan Coat. "GorLOIS" can be gleaned as part-code for Lois' because they were first found in Artois while Gorlois' wife was made father of king Arthur. Lois' use a giant and white ostrich, and there is an ostRICH in the Crest of Courcy-like Scottish Corricks/Carricks/KerRICHs. Gorlois was a mythical ruler in Cornwall, where Carrots/Carews were first found who share a "bien" motto term with Corricks/Carricks/Carrich's.

However, I trace Carricks to Charax Proculus of Cetis, not to "Corsica," though I have no clue as to what "Charax" was named after. Corricks/Carricks probably use talbot dogs, and talbots have this: "In Normandy, their place of origin, the [Talbot] name was originally listed as D'Eu, a baronial name." We then go to Carots/Carons/Charoux's, using besants that I trace to Quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis/CITIS. They named Cairon in Caen, and Caens (share fretty of a different color with Carots/Carons/Charoux's) have a "liCITIS" motto term. We read: "Cairon is located 15 kilometers southeast of Ryes", and thus it appears that Rize elements from the Moschi mountains were in the Caen theater along with the Meschin rulers of that area. There are two white wings, in the colors of the Caen feather, in the Crest of Dutch Ryes'.

There are probably ostrich feathers in the Caen Crest, and they are white like the Corrick/Carrick ostrich. Cairon is "in the canton of Creully", and Cruels are said to have included "Robert de Cruel, who held from Count Eu." It tends to explain why Eu-involved Talbots were first found in Shropshire with the Alans of Dol, for the Cruel write-up traces to "Cheruel upon the Cousnon", and this COUESNon river is at Dol. I now know why half the COUSIN Coat is the Arms of Carrick.

Plus, English Dole's (Cambridgeshire with Crails/Crabs) share the triple fleur-de-lys of Crabs with a Cruel-like Crail variation. Apparently, Crails had also been Cruels. The Cruels of "Pays de Dol" were near Rennes, and Carots/Cairns share the besants of Rainhams, the latter first found near Crail. The write-up of Clare-connectable Cruels tells that their Cheruel location on the Cousnon was also called, Cazel, tending to reveal why the triple chevrons of English Clare's are shared by German Cassels, and then Scottish Cassels share much the Coat, and motto too, of Carrick-related Kennedys, they being from the Kennati of Cetis suspect earlier from Israel's Kenites whom Moses married when he escaped his Hyksos master.

Hyksos-trackable Caens have a "PeriMUS liCITIS" motto, and I claim the Hyksos named MOSES because they were from Mus of Lake Van. Fane's/Vans have Kennati-like GAUNTlets, and I'll soon show how Ghent / Gaunt liners were from the Ardiaei suspect in the ancestry of Quadratilla Bassus of CITIS. God wants to point the Sleeping Beauty dream to the ancient Hyksos, but why for, unless He has some remaining plagues to befall end-time Hyksos? What will these Hyksos be guilty of if not persecution of God's people?

In order to find the identity of Exodus pharaoh, one needs to find a king without an heir, for God killed the first-born son of the Exodus pharaoh. In the movie, Ten Commandments, that son was a mere boy. King Khyan's son, Yanassi, did not proceed to the throne after him. Why not?

Cruels and Clarens ("CREAG" motto term) have two of the triple chevrons of English Clare's, first found in Suffolk with the Irish Clairs who in turn share the five feathers of the Caen Crest. The Khyan-like Kayns/Kane's share the red eagle of Cousin-like Cussons, English Constance's, and of Eu-like Ewe's/Cuish's.

The above tends to reveal Eu as a branch via Ewe's of Kiss'/Cush's whose red rooster allows us to connect with the red rooster on a "CUSHion" of Bibo's, still suspect by me from Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus, husband of Quadratilla Bassus of Cetis. This location is in Cilicia with Kiss-like KIZZuwatna, and Hyksos were also called, "KHASEWET, and so it seems that Hyksos king Khyan is to Kayns/Kane's and Caens. The Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's, like "KHASewet," were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crails/Crabs.

It seems more certain that we are on the Khyan-line Hyksos here because I saw a CLOSE-up of Sleeping Beauty's face to prove yet in another way that she was fulfilled by Miss Hicks / Mrs. Kilpatrick, for "cushion"-using Kilpatricks had a castle at CLOSEburn. After seeing her close-up, I said, "she's beautiful," and so I approached her at her CAR, and Cars/Currs probably share the Arms of Carrick with Cousins. Again, Hicks were at St. Ewe.

And while standing at her car, she was hovering LEVEL on her BACK above the SEATs, when God told me to wake her. I immediately thought to KISS her awake, you see, because Sleeping Beauty came to my mind at that time. Therefore, the Bach/BACK bull, which was a calf to convince me that Bachs are from the Hyksos king, Apachnas, must be also the black bull of Beautys and Level-related Walerans. She was hovering over the car seats, and the Cetis-like Cedes variation of Seats is suspect in the "cede" motto term of Steers, and I have seen the official Bach/Back description, where the bull is said to be a "steer."

Beautys/Bowds were first found in Dorset with Caens, and beside English Backs of Somerset, location also of the Hicks of Clapton (beside trumpet-using Calls) who married Juliana Arthur from the Ardiaei, and as Miss Hicks was RISING with me, a Meshech liner, after being on her back, I trace the Ardiaei of Rhizon to Ardahan (feasible Ararat by another name) of the Moschi mountains. The Hicks-Arthur marriage shared heraldic "clarions," thought to be trumpets, and Trumps/Tramps may have descended from TRABzon, smack at the Rize theater.

Keens/Kenys/Cahans translate their motto with "gentle," and Gentius was the Ardiaei king who married the daughter of MONunius II. As was said, MOONs (Dorset with Beautys) were once said to be first found in Devon, and that's where Kenns were first found, another Khyan-liner suspect. It's also where Monks/MOYNE's were first found who are in Child colors and format. French Moyne's/Moine's (Moon colors and format) share the triple roses of English GENTLE's/Gentrys.

Oceans/Cahans, who were in the Sleeping Beauty dream, almost have the Coat of PLATTERs, and so see Gentius' brother: "'Genthius, king of Illyria...Having killed his brother PLATOR, who was about to marry the daughter of Monunius, he married the girl himself…' (Polybius, XXIX)" Platters were first found in Suffolk with PLAINs/Platters who in turn are in Palin colors and format while Palins (Dorset with Moons and Caens) share the giant lion of OWENs, shared by Keen-branch Keons/McCains/OWENs! That's new material.

Suffolk is where Caesars were first found who almost have the English Gentle/Gentry Coat. It just so happens that Dutch Gentle's/GENTES' are listed with Gaunts/Ghents having a wavy fesse in the colors of the wavy bends Oceans/Cahans which Platters basically have in colors reversed. English Ghents were first found in Hampshire with Gentle's/GENTrys, and so it seems that the Ardiaei line of Gentius named Ghent/Gaunt, at the LYS river from Artois.

Dutch Gunters/Guntens/Genthers even share the triple fleur-de-LYS of Hicks'. Other Gunters use GAUNTlets, and Gunters are expected in the Garden/Jarden motto because their Jarret branch in Brittany jibes with the English Jarrets of Shropshire who in turn share the lion in the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt. I'm having a tough time finding that Arms when it shows a virgin with the lion, but suffice to say here that Virgins share the giant lion of English Stewarts (Devon with Kenns) who had previously been Hicks-connectable Alans.

English Gaunts and Virgins were first found in Kent with Snake's/snooks suspect in the winged snake of French Gentle's. Gentius married, Etuta, suspect to the Tute's/Touts in the Hicks motto, and while Etuta was the daughter of MONUNius II, Monans/Moonans have the double, combattant lions of Keon-related Neils/O'Nails.

Plus, Higgins/Hickens (Sligo with Keons/McCains), said to be related to the O'Neils, share the black tower with Moens/Moions/MUNDs, the latter first found in Kent with Munds/Munts and Mynetts/Minute's, making king Amyntes look like a Monunius liner, especially as his son was ARTEMiDOROS, suspect from the Arduinici-marriage to Doria's (GENova, suspect from Gentius). Further down the Ligurian coast from Genova is Monk-like Monaco, and Monks are Moions too. Artemidoros was an ancestor of the Bassus' of Cetis.

Artems/Aitons, sharing the roses of English Gentle's/Gentrys, were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs and Aiton-like Aids/Ade's in the Levi motto. The Aid/Ade bend is also the Rye/Rise bend, and Sadducee-like Saddocks use "ears of rye." These roses are used also by Jays (Herefordshire with English DOORs) in the blue jay of the Daver Crest. Arthurs use FIVE keys on the 5-like organ "REST", and Rison-branch RESTons share the Scottish DOOR leopard faces because Ardiaei were at Rhizon with Daorsi. The latter were also called, Daversi, and Davers are in Arthur colors and format.

Rye's/Rise's and Risings/Risons were first found in Norfolk with them-thar Platters who took me by surprise in this update, yet these Platters were also first found in Suffolk with Davers and Plains/Platters. The latter share the fleur-de-lys of Coughs / Cuffs, which is mentioned because I've just seen that Davers share the KAUFman hexagrams. Five's/Fifys and Fife's were branches, and the Balcons/Balcombs of Fife have the Jay bend-with-roses, we may assume because Scottish Doors were first found in Fife too. As Crail is in Fife, note how Scottish Doors look related to the Crail/Crab Shield and Crest.

While English Dole's can be gleaned as Crail/Crab kin, note how German Dole's share the grape vine with German Platters/Plate's. Minus the leopard faces of English Plate's, they are in Crail/Crab colors and format.

Quadratilla's father, a Bassus, married a Maccabee line from Alexander Maccabee-Herod. This Alexander name is highly suspect by me from Alexander Balas because he had formed a strong pact with Jonathan Maccabee (about 165 BC), one of the FIVE sons of the HasMONean. See anything suspicious there? It appears that Ardiaei left Illyria to become grafted into the Galatian line of Amyntes, and in this Ardiaei line was the blood of MONunius II. It just so happens that Monunius I of the Dardanians predated the Hasmoneans of Israel (required in order to be ancestral to them), and then HASmonean elements are suspect behind the namers of Has (modern location in Albania) that is near the Dardanian theater.

A Severus character, son or grandson of Artemidoros, was in Hasmon-like Akmonia. This Severus may have married a Bassus because his son was a Mr. Bassus.

Has is on the northern-most part of the Black Drin river of the Caiaphas-like Cavii Illyrians. See anything suspicious? A little east of Has, at the Dardanian theater's White Drin river, there is a Decani region, and Decans (Norfolk) with Deacons have a lion-version of the Artem/Aitons Coat. Deacons were first found in Suffolk with them-thar Platters / Plains/Platters. And ArchDEACONs share triple-black chevrons with French Levi's. See anything suspicious? German Platters use a grape vine while Jewish Levi's became LeVine's, and while Grape's/Gripps are suspect from Julius Agrippa, uncle of Julius Bassianus.

MONS is near Ghent, and while Mons is the capital of Hainaut, the counts of Hainaut used the triple chevrons of Levi's in both colors. See anything suspicious? Mons' are listed with Mund-like Mounds, and this recalls the Mund variation of Moens/Moions which took us to Amyntes in the first place. The latter's besants suggest the Bassianus line, yet the Moen/Moion Chief is the Treby Chief too while the Ananes Gauls were at the Trebia river. Trebys and Treble's were first found in Devon with DARDs, PINE's, and where Moons were once said to be first found.

German Weis'/Wise's were first found in Bavaria with HAAS'. Devon is also where English Wise's (mace) were first found who have the ArchDEACON Coat in colors reversed, recalling Decani in the Dardanian theater, on the White DRIN which we can trace to the Dragons/DRAINers, first found in Kent with Mynetts and having their helmets in colors reversed. Drains/Drayne's were Black kin, and Blacks (Lincolnshire with Restons) can be traced, via the Nero/Neretti relationship to Blackys, to the Naro/Neretva river of the Ardiaei and Daorsi.

The Drain/Drayne lion may be tan as code for the Tans/Tanners using pine cones. Tans/Tanners were first found in Franconia with Trunks who in turn share the two Weis/Wise and Pero/Perino hexagrams. The latter surname was first found on/near the Tanaro river. English Wise's have a "SaPERE" motto term that appears to apply to Pero liners.

Ardiaei were also called Vardaei, and this explains why Vardys are said to have been barons of La Ferte. I've seen Ferte-Mace called, La Ferte, and Ferte-Mace is on the upper Orne river that flows to Caen. Hamon de Masci was a baron, and he was from Ferte-Mace.

The Vardy Crest shows a crowned boy, clever because the Ardiaei king, Pinnes, suspect in the Maschi pine cones, was a boy king. However, FIVE boy's heads are used feasible as code for Tailboys/Tailbois', by this Masculine Coat, and Meschins list Masculine's. Maschi's list similar terms. Italian Boys/Boets share the Bach/Back bull. The coat above has a flory-mascle in the colors used for it by Snake-branch Seneca's/Seneschals.

Meschins ruled the Bessin, location of Caen. The Bessin was related to French queen, Basina, though her father was from Thuringia, where Talbot-like Talls were first found who share bees with Bessins (Cheshire with the first Meschins). The first Meschin ruler of Cheshire married Talbot-like Taillebois, and Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Talbots, the family that ruled Eu.

Basina married Childeric, the line to Childs, and, as I've said many times, Miss Hicks moved to Forney into a home previously owned by a Mr. Childs. Childeric's son and heir was CLOVIS, and there's a white ostrich in the Clovis/Clovell Crest. It seems to indicate that Childeric's Merovingians were from the Hyksos and through Carricks. Khyan-like Keens/Kenys/Cahans ("FeLIS" and lizards) share the estoiles of Irish Carrs who in turn have a "Clavo" motto term suspect with Clovis. The Clovis/Clovell surname happens to use NAILs while Keen liners can be shown to be kin of O'Nails. I was given a close-up of Sleeping beauty at her CAR, and Close's list CLOVSe's ("FIDeLIS") who share the Carr ("FIDa Clavo") chevron.

I trace Merovingians to two mythical Merops, one of Ethiopia in the theater of ancient Merowe, and the other in Cousin-connectable Kos off of Caria. We saw the Caria-like Carots/Cairons at the COUSNon river. Kos' are also KOSINski's. Merowe has also been called, BEDEWE, and Childeric descended from Salian Franks living amongst or beside BATAVI. The Bat Caucasians at the Moschi mountains come to mind, and the Bat surname was first found in Shropshire with Meschins. The fleur-de-lys of France is shared by Masci's.

There was a Masa Sea Peoples in Caria, and Masci's show variations such as "MasCARELLO," reminding that Carols are like "Crail." The palm tree of Carello's (look related to Taras'/Tarrs), first found in Sicily with Masci-related Messina, suggests that they were at Palma di Montechiaro, a Sicilian location related to Chiaramonte (Sicily), a location in turn of Mosca's. However, Mosca's were first found at Pisa, at Massa-Carrara, we get it. See "Sea Peoples" in the first update of this month for more on that, for they are suspect from the Hyksos seeking to regain their Egyptian empire back.

Merowe looks like it could have been named by the Amurru, the Amorites. Then, "Ryholt notes that the name, Khyan, generally has been 'interpreted as Amorite Hayanu which the Egyptian form represents perfectly, and this is in all likelihood the correct interpretation.'" One can imagine Amorites of Hebron becoming the Hyksos kings upon toppling the powers of Jacob's descendants when they were right next to the Egyptian throne as per Jacob's son, Joseph. Abraham lived in Hebron, and this Joseph was his great-grandson.

Abraham remarried with KETURah after SARAH died, and she traces very convincingly to the namers of Kotor, home of the SARAca's. This Arms of Saraca shares the fish at the BASE of the Keon/McCain and Keen/Keny/Cahan/Cain Coats. The latter Coat shares a "CALVary" symbol (different colors) with Moses', the latter first found in Shropshire with Talbots, and the dog head of Abram-like Bramtons could be a "talbot." Kotor-like Cutters were first found in Dorset with Caens.

Thus, king Khyan may have descended from the family of Keturah so that Abraham's line(s) through her (see genesis 25) becomes the line to the end-time arch enemies of God, whom He'll destroy on behalf of Abraham's line to Israel. Saraca-line Sharks, who were in the Sleeping Beauty dream, were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails who in turn have a black-lion version of the Keon/McCain Coat.

Paul Smith's Canoe

One-of-a-kind Polly mentions several social-media names that she doesn't trust, amongst which are named I almost-never watch. You can't cite more than one time, at least in the last two or three years, that I've offered a news video from Scott Adams, Joe Rogan, David Rubin, Charlie Kirk, Steven Crowder, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, all names she mentions including VivaFrei whom I stopped watching after he had some pro-666 character on. I just don't click their videos, making up my mind to get news elsewhere. And I can add many other names to that. I try to safeguard readers, and these people, for various reasons, seem not-right to me, the type that would take Christians off-track in various ways. Sometimes, I do compromise for lack of any other place to share news I think needs sharing.

Polly's video this week stresses Rumble's backers. Peter Thiel, Polly's topic whom I investigated heraldically at the time (started 3rd update of this past March), was a co-founder of PayPal. Polly linked Thiel to things-Epstein at that time.

An interesting thing is where I lived at the corner of Rumble and Libby throughout the two or three weeks in which I was seeing Lorraine. Decades after living at Rumble and Libby, I discovered that Rumble's share the BUS cinquefoil. After meeting her at her BUS stop, I discovered her to be in a Christian cult, that of the JW's, and so perhaps we are to beware professing Christians in social media where their purpose is to take Christians away from the real Jesus, to some Jesus-absent or Jesus-obscuring "Christian nationalism." Dan Bongino, who owns stake in Rumble, seems intent on being that sort of news commentator.

As I see a baton in the Libby Crest, there must also be a "rectANGLE" in the Libby Crest because Angle's/Angels use the baton too, though it's now shaped as a CANE and, if I recall correctly, is called a "bastion." Both Batons surnames are listed with Bastons, and entering "Cane" brings up the Ocean surname, which was part of my being at Jeffrey Epstein's island in the Sleeping Beauty dream.

Oceans/Cains are said to have been Cathains in Ireland, and this works where the Oceans/Cane's share the Chatan, Chattan, Botter/Botini and Balcon/Balcomb bend. Chattans have an "omniBUS" motto term tending to assure this as the correct interpretation. Lorraine had pointed to Botters/Botini's and BALCONs/Balcombs at her pant-stain event on her BALCONy. The Lorraine lion has been resolved as the Asty lion, and Asti is where Bruno's are said to have had a branch, though they were first found in Florence with Botters/Botini's. Her pant stain was on her BUTT, and Buttons/Bidens/Bodins along with Butts/Bute's/Boets happen to share the Jewish Lieb/Lieber fesse. Libby-like Leibs, first found in BRUNswick, perfect, have the Second quadrants in colors reversed, and as Seconds are in the Levi motto, Leibs and Liebs/Liebers look like Levi liners.

It's perfect because her grass stain pointed to Barrs of Bar-le-Duc, and though I can no longer find it using google, I saw the Bars of Bar-le-Duc shared the Bar-le-Duc fish with Bars of Brunswick which I saw as "Baar." It therefore seems that God set me up at Libby to point to Levi too. She was a Russellite, and Russells (Dorset with Caens) were Rus liners trackable to the Roxolani at the Bus-like Buzau river. Yet Roxolani were also on the Dnieper river exactly where the BUDINi were, and this is in Ukraine, where the Biden family, listed with BUDINs, is committing crimes with the American-government's money-printing machine.

Her BARE feet on the PAVEment of YONGE street had pointed to PAVIa's LAEVI Gauls because Scottish Yonge's share the triple piles of Scottish Leavells, and moreover these Leavells share the fesse of Leibs/Leibers, Butts, and even Cane-like Caens (!) with a "liCITIS" motto term that has got to be for Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis. Scottish Yonge's were once said to be first found in ROXburghshire with Scottish Leavells. English Yonge's have the triple roses of French Rose's in colors reversed, and the latter were first found in Limousin with Seconds and Clairs while Irish Clairs share the Caen Chief with ostRICH feathers while Rich's/Richess' were from Lorraine. The triple chevrons of English Clare's/Clairs are in the colors of the three-and-three BARs of English Leavells/Levels.

The "PERimus" motto term of Caens goes to Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia and sharing the roses, and nearly the Coat, of German Butts/Bute's/Boets, what are the chances?

About a week or two after the pant-stain event, which was on our last night together, I walked right by Lorraine at her subway/bus STATION by fat chance in Toronto, a city of two million people. What are the chances? The Stations are listed with State's, perhaps in the "praeSTAT" motto term of Scottish Yonge's. The Statielli Ligures were not far from Pavia. Scottish Yonge's share the annulets of Scottish WALCH's/Walsh's (Roxburghshire), who can be traced well to WALLACHia, which included the Buzau river.

These Walch's/Walsh's have a "numine" motto term while Newmans/Numans (Dorset, beside Leavells/Levels)) have an "amor" motto term while Amore's almost have the Leavell/Level Coat. Amore's (Oxfordshire with Peare's, Luffs/Love's and cat-using Poussins/Pussys) can be gleaned as kin of Luffs/LOVE's while Leavells are also Lovells. The triple fesses of Luffs/Love's are colors reversed from the same of Poussins/Pussys and Spanish Cano's while triple, fessewise canoes are used by Cahns, the latter being like the Cahan variation of the Oceans who share the bend of Chatans / Chattans/Cato's (Roxburghshire). I'm not assuming that the cat of Poussins means necessarily that the surname started off as "Pussy," because anyone could have developed a Pussy variation, to begin with, to jibe with their cat symbol. A cat is used by Cahans/Keens.

Just as I was going downtown with the Oullette's, I stepped off a bus, and there was Lorraine the first in line to get on this bus going north in the opposite direction to her home in RICHmond Hill. Richmonds share BARs GEMEL with Joe Oullette, and the Richmonds, said to be from "Alan le ROUX," have their bars in the colors of the Leavell/Level bars. The Alans of Dol were ancestral to the children of king Bruce II, and Libbys, first found in Yorkshire with Bruce's and Richmonds, share the Bruce lion.

Gemels show a chain, and Chains/SHAIN's'/Cheyne's / Chaine's/Chene's can be Caen / Cane kin. Sinclairs/SAINts/SUNs essentially share the Chain/Shain Coat. Here we can see a Chattan-Cane relationship because Chatti were at Hesse-Cassel while Hesse's have a giant sun. However, this makes it appear as though Cains were from "Saint" and therefore the Sintians of Lemnos, not from tribes from "Khyan."

By the way, when I show name / syllable similarities with capitals, it doesn't necessarily mean I'm confirming surname links. It's just for suggestive show in case there might be a relationship to it.

Though I don't know what either of them call it, Kane's and Catters/Cathers share fish. Catters/Cathers are in Smith, Vychan/Vaughn and Fish colors and format while I've seen the English Smith description, a "fish" with "heron." God showed me that Paul Smith (old friend), who lived in the city of Vaughn when I knew him, points to Hephaestus, the god of Lemnos, the mythical metal smith.

The amazing thing now is that I've told readers a few times that Paul built his own CANOE (from a kit), and that he destroyed it when it flew off the top of his Jeep while driving on a highway. Paul was an avid fisherman. Jewish Cahns use the Hesse sun while German Kahns/Kehns use canoes in Hesse colors! Incredible. German Kahns/KEHNs share the border of Wing-related Justine's while a giant wing is with Chaine's/Chene's. Kenns were first found in Devon with ESSE's/Ash's.

The Fish share the tiger head of Dents who are in turn in Sale colors and format while Salemans/Salmans/Salians are in Cheney colors and format. This suggests a round-about Chain-Kane relationship. Dents, in the "pruDENTia" motto term of Cheneys (Buckinghamshire), were first found at Sedbergh, suspect from the Sedans/Siddens, the latter first found in Durham with English Smiths. Sedan-like Sidneys (Kennati-like Kent) have a "fata" motto term, and Leavell-related Yonge's (Buckingham lion?), first found in Durham with Sedans/Siddens, have another "prudentia" motto term.

Smothers/Smithers share the eagle of English Carlsons, first found in Suffolk with Sinclair-line Clare's and Tigers. The Smothers/Smither eagle is also of Irish Henrys, first found in Tyrone with Cain-related Neils/O'Nails.

I didn't know until coming to Tigers just now that German Teegers, essentially in Hesse colors and format, were first found in Schleswig-Holstein with canoe-using Cahns/Kehns! The Smiths took us to Fish and Paul's canoe, Fish took us to Dents, and Dents to Tigers. Holsteins/Holsters may have the quadrants of Seconds/Segurs (Lemnos-connectable Limousin with Clairs), and the Holstein/Holster lion holds a bow while Bows/Bough's were first found in Durham with Smiths.

Schleswig-Holstein is at the south end of Denmark, and Danish king Cnut was a Kennedy-connectable Conte liner while Conte's were first found in Durham with Smiths. The Kahn canoes just took us to king Canute, making the latter look like he was from Khazars somehow. The Danites of Laish come forcibly to mind because they made Jonathan, a pagan Levite priest, their own priest. Why do we think that Irish Kennedys use a SCIMITAR?

Cnut was the son of Danish king FORKbeard, and Cassel-related Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with Forker-loving Cunninghams whose "SHAKEfork" traces with molehill Shake's, Mole's and Schims/Schiens/CHANds to Schimatari. Salmons even share the double-tipped spear of SHAKEspears. Salmons were first found in Surrey with Salemans and Lamberts while the latter look related to the Sweet/Sweit Coat because Swietoslawa was Cnut's Polish mother.

Forkers (Ayrshire with Cunninghams) share the lion of Anvils/Hanville's/HANDville's suspect in the "anvil" of Scottish Smiths (heron and fish). Hand-using Forkers have a red griffin head in Crest, and while the Arms of Pomerania has the red griffin, Hahns were first found beside Pomerania who share double wings (different color) in Crest with Anvils/Hanville's.

English Hanns/Hands (share red hand with Forkers and Touch's) were first found in Cheshire with the English Touch's in the Clan Chattan motto, and then the Glove's (Perthshire with Wings/Winks), likewise in the Clan Chattan motto, are in Catters/Cather and Smith colors and format. The Smith-beloved Anvils/HANDville's have Cheshire's Ranulph-le-Meschin on their write-up. Moreover, Masci-branch Massena's have patee crosses, as do Anvils/Handville's. Masci's were related to Masseys from Ferte-Mace at the ORNE river theater, where the Smith herons trace.

Canoe-using Kahns/Kehns share the border of Wing-related Justine's. Catters/Cathers and Kents were first found in Berkshire, and while Berkshire's share the Audley fret, Touch's/Tuffs of Cheshire are said to have been "Lords of Audley, the Earls of CASTLEhaven" (before they first appeared in Aberdeenshire). A castle is used by German Cassels (share Clare Coat) from the Chatti people. German Castle's (Bavaria with Weis'/Wise's and Cassels) share the quadrants of Clare-connectable Seconds and Berkshire's.

Touch's/Tuffs are wrongly said to be first found in Aberdeenshire, but nonetheless that's where CROMbys were first found who are in colors reversed from Touch's/Tuffs, and both share a red Crest. The Touch-branch Tufts/Tafts/Tuffs' (Cheshire) and Mole's have a red "phoenix" in Crest which is almost the red eagle of the Cromby Crest. Molehill-using Shake's/Shicks are in Touch/Tuff colors, and the latter share two fingers pointing (different color) with Sun-loving Babe's, the latter first found in Suffolk with the CHICKens sharing the Shake/Shick chevron.

Cat-using Croms were once said to be first found in Berkshire with Windsors, but are now said to be first found in Herefordshire with the Jays sharing the bend-with-roses of Chatans. Jays are in the Crest of Davers, first found in Suffolk with Candys/Canty's/Gantys who in turn could be using the Windsor saltire.

The Touch-connectable AUDleys share the Weis/WISE Crest (almost the HESSE/HESSEL Crest), and Esse's/Ash's were first found in Devon with Hazels/HESSELs, and with English Wise's whose triple chevrons in turn are colors reversed from the two chevrons of Esse's/Ash's. Devon is where a Poole location of the Pullens (Yorkshire with Pauls) sits, and Poole's love the AUDE-connectable Pollets/PAULets. Another Poole location is in Dorset, where Palins/Pauleys were first found who share the Anvil/Hanville lion.

I always link Justine's of PICenum to Ash-like Ass'/Assi's, and Esse's/Ash's (Devon with Hand-connectable Pike's) share the double chevrons of Ashfords/Asseford while Scottish Smiths are said to have been at an Ashford location. Ashfords/Assefords are essentially in the colors and format of English Smiths, and the Ashford/Asseford key is probably the one of Scottish Cassels who in turn have fitchees colors reversed from the Smith fitchees.

The last time I saw Lorraine, who had an ass / butt and feet symbol, was when she walked two or three feet past Paul Smith and I as we sat at a restaurant table (in Vaughn) at a HAMburger restaurant. I was engaged to be married at that time to one from the Burger bloodline. That doesn't look coincidental. Dutch Bergers share the triple Clare / Cassel chevrons. German Bergers/Burgers almost have the same Coat, but look like they share the Stur/Styre Coat because the latter were first found in Hampshire with English Bergers/Burghs.

Forkers have an "amis" motto term while English Amis' (from ORNE province) have the Candida's/Candi's (like "Chand") in their motto who in turn share the Buckin Coat, which is almost the Coat of JEEPma's/Jappa's to go with Paul's Jeep-and-canoe event. Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire. the "bull's scalp" (owned by Bullets) of Cheneys has HORNs. Bullets were first found in Huntingdonshire while Huntingdons have HUNTING HORNs, code for Orion, the mythical hunter of Boeotia. Smiths have Horn-related Herons in their Crest.

The Anvil/Hanville lion can also be the one of Paul-connectable Palins/Pauleys, kin of Plains/Platters who have a giant fitchee in colors reversed from the one of English Smiths. Bow-branch Boughie's share the stag head of Vice's/Vise's and Acorns, both first found in Sussex with English Castle's and "salmon"-using Hams, a branch of Hammers, and while Paul Smith became a licensed carpenter (swings a hammer), Carpenters share the crosslets of Pauls. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with Pullens/Pullys whose bend-with-scallops are in the colors of the Chatan (and Balcon/Balcomb) bend-with-roses.

The Carpenter Crest shares a world in Crest with Cnut-related and rainBOW-using Hope's while the latter share the besants of BUCKING(hams). The Bucking(ham)s look related to the Coat of Sassys who in turn were related (share Saracen head) with cat-using and Cathain-like Cetins/CATTANs.

The Herons in the Smith Crest that holds a fish were a branch of HORNs/Orne's from mythical Orion at BOEOTia's Schimatari, and KENites are suspect there who are connectable to the pagan Levi liners that formed the Sadducee house of BOETHus. There is a new-to-me-now Swiss Chein/Chien surname (like "Schien") that happens to share the fesse of Rundells ("PROsiti"), Pierro's/PERO's of Pavia, Butts/Bute's/BOETs, Buttons/Bidens!!! It just so happens that there are "horns" in the Button/Biden/Bodin Crest! The Pavia-related Feets/Fate's are in the "fato" motto term of Cheneys, and Fetters share the Hesse Coat.

The Perich variation of Pierro's/Pero's and Pero's/Perino's is suspect in the "perch" of Botters/Bodens (Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Budins), and "PRObitas" is a salmon motto term. Perche's share the double chevrons of Clarens while Clairs were first found in Limousin with the Levi-beloved Seconds. Salome of Boethus is suspect with Salemans/Salmans/Salians (Cheney colors and format), and they are in the colors of Salmons while some of the unknown (by me) fish species amongst Kane liners may include "salmon" as code for her Sadducee line.

Cheins just got suspect from Kenites, who were old enough to have named king Khyan. Cheneys (Cnut / Canute connectable) were first found in BUCKINghamshire, a potential line from "APACHNas." English Packs were first found in Sussex with Saddocks and salmon-using Hams while MacAbbe's share the Ham salmon. MacABEE's were first found on Arran, a place related to Airaines, where Orions/Irons/KENirons were first found. Is that not very telling of Kenites at Schimatari, home of mythical Orion? ABBEville is near Airaines.

German Teegers add plate roundels to their giant star, and Platters and Ocean-connectable Plains/Platters were first found in Suffolk with Tigers. Oceans are the ones with Cathains in their write-up.

Irish Teague's/Teegers were a branch of Ticks/Tucks, once said to be first found in Kent with Rundels/ROUNDELs who in turn almost have the Chein/Chien Coat. Anne's/Hanne's, like the Smith-beloved Anvils/Hanville's (Kent), were first found in Tickhill (Yorkshire with Ticks/Tucks), explaining why the English Smith Coat looks related to the Tick/Tuck and Teague/Teegers Coats. Scottish Smiths share the solid chevron of Teague's/Teegers.

Teague's/Teegers even share the brown wolf head in Crest with Gaunts/Gants, first found in Kent with Anvils/Hanville's and Leavell-connectable Canters/Ganters. Ganton-related Washingtons, first found in Durham with English Smiths (look like Tick/Tuck kin), share the Schim/Schien Chief. The latter's Mole kin were connected above to Chattan-liner Touch's, and Ticks/Tucks are Tooks/Toke's too. Mole's were first found in Roxburghshire with Chattans/Cato's.

Shake's/Shicks could have used moles only, but their molehills suggest connection to Hills, first found in Worcestershire with the Pattys suspect in the patee crosses filling the Anvil/Hanville Shield. English Smiths have the patee-fitchee in colors reversed. Were Anvils from Annas, Israel's chief priest, whom I suspect from pagan Levites through Schimatari? Why might Pattys share the escutcheon of Sadducee-like Saddocks? The "Avances" motto term of Hills must be for the Vance variation of Scottish Vaux's because the latter almost have the Salome Coat.

The Caige/Kaig variations of Teague's/Teegers may indicate the Kagan variation of Kahns/Kehns, especially as Paul Smith lost his canoe. The Cage's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Annas'.

It looks like another Saturday song-line miracle. "I'll Fly Away" was a chorus singing from the song of that same name while I was loading Walthams and wondering whether their WHATham variation applied to what God said to me in the Sleeping Beauty dream, "WHAT are you waiting for...go wake her." As soon as I woke her, we both flew into the sky. This song is sung by Joey Feek, who had cancer, when she sang it, to which she succumbed in death.

Walthams, in the colors and format of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns and English Smiths, were loaded because Smith-beloved Anvils/Hanville's (Kent with Deaths/Darths) were first found at Hanville of Waltham. Walthams/Whathams even have estoiles in the colors of the MORTE/Mott estoile while Morte's/Motts share the DEATH/Darth crescent. Whats/Whadcocks are in the colors and format of estoile-using Stars. It appears that God is pointing here, via JOEy Feek, to the resurrection of Christians!

Joe's/Josephs even have a "WLAD" motto term, and Vlads almost have the Coat of Feek- / VYCHan- / Wise-like Vicks/Fecks (share Weis/Wise hexagram). Feeks/Figgs even share the Coat of Foggs, the latter first found in Kent with Hanville in Waltham. Feeks/Figgs were even first found in Cambridgeshire with Annas'.

Fix's/Ficks/Vicka's/Fecks share the fleur-de-lys of Flys, the latter first found in Hampshire with Joe's/Josephs and related to both them and French Josephs. Hampshire is also where Poppins/Pophams were first found who share the ANNE/HANNE stag heads. The brown stag head in the Poppin/Popham Crest can be of the brown stag of Annabels/HONEYballs (share double Washington fesses) because Honeys and Hone's/Hones' (Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams) are connectable by the wavy fesses of Hone's/Hones' to the same-colored, wavy fesse of Fix's/Ficks/Vicka's/Fecks! That's new (I don't remember linking Poppins to Annabels before, but this is the perfect place to do so). The neighboring Backs (Somerset with Weeks/Wichs) have the Fix/Ficks/Vicka's eagle.

I was just wondering whether Weeks/Wichs were in MORTon colors and format for a related reason, and to the very split-second as that question arose, "weak" was sung over my speakers in the song, "You Are My ALL in ALL." The ALLs/Aults show nothing but a white and wavy pale bar, almost as do English Vicks/Vecks!!! Can we believe it?

As it turns out with more investigation, Wadge's/Wichs/Wage's (Cornwall with Wassa's/WACE's) have "wedges" while Wedge's/Weggs (Somerset with Weeks/Wichs and Cocks) almost have the Feek/Figg Coat! The Wedge's/Weggs only lack the stars of Ficks/Feeks, but the Wadge's/Wichs/wage's have them.

Joey Feek died of cancer. While English Walters are Watter' too, English Waters and cancer-like Chance's/Chaunceurs were first found in Essex with WHATs/WhadCOCKs (!), Morte's/Motts, and with the PeaCOCKs in the Waltham/Whatham Crest. Whats/Whadcocks have the Shake/Shick chevron in colors reversed.

Wadge's/Wichs are in WAIT colors and format. There's lots of codework in, "What are you WAITing for, it's you she loves, go wake her." But I won't go back into all that in this update. I should propose, for the first time, that, "it's YOU she loves," means that the Bride of Christ will come to love His heraldic / prophetic work through me. I'm hoping. Note how "you" is like the Ewe's/Cuish's suspect with the Cush variation of Kiss', for as soon as God said that, I thought to kiss her awake. St. Ewe of the Hicks' is Cornwall with Wadge's/Wichs.

However, as I was leaning over to kiss her, my hand BRUSHEd / TOUCHed her knee (as I've said a million times), and she awoke at that time, before the kiss. Knee's are very cool now, a mystery until now, I think, because they share the Vise/VICE stag head!!! ZOWIE, I don't think this heraldic set has ever been realized before. Kiss'/Cush's (share Wadge/Wich chevron) were even first found in Leicestershire with Walthams/WHAThams!!! ZOWWWIEEE!

And the Cass'/Cash's who essentially have the Kiss/Cush Coat were first found in Cambridgeshire with Feeks/Figgs/Fecks! It's coming together here. Plus, the Cass/Cash Crest is a "pair of scales" while Pairs are listed with Paws/Pauers sharing the peacock with the Walthams/Whathams. The Waits are listed with Weights while Dexters have scales in Crest too that they name simply, "weights". Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/Finch's in Feek/Figg/Feck / Fogg / Wedge/Wegg colors and format.

While Miss Hicks fulfilled Sleeping Beauty, Hicks's have a gold-version Hook Coat while Dutch Walters show only hooks. Hooks share the Leicester Coat while Walthams/Whathams were first found in Leicestershire with the Perkins who share the Hooker (and Levi) lions, but also the fleur-de-lys of English Smiths.

The 3rd horse of Revelation, which is the 3rd Seal, carries a pair of scales for a food-rationing plague against our enemies. I've strongly suggested that Miss Hicks points to the 2nd Trumpet because it's the Apophis asteroid. Therefore, I've now got to repeat that the 6th Seal, due to being a post-tribulation plague, proves the entire volume of prophecy writers wrong when they use this chronology: all the seven Seals befall the earth first followed by all the seven Trumpets followed by all the seven Bowls. WRONG, clearly wrong, what is the matter with everyone? Pre-tribbers are the problem, but even post-tribbers have fallen for this error.

As the 6th Seal is after Israel's tribulation period, as Matthew 24:29-31 plainly reveals, then there's no time for all the Trumpets to follow the 7th Seal. The 5th Trumpet alone is said to pain 666ers for five months before the 6th Trumpet sets up the backdrop to Armageddon. Therefore, the 5th Trumpet is unleashed before the end of Israel's tribulation.

One way to rectify the error of the prophecy writers is to see the plagues sequenced in this way: 1S 1T 1b, 2S 2T 2B, 3S...5S 5T 5B, 6S...

Look at how close the asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet is to the black horse of food rationing in the 3rd Seal. Plus, note how well the 5th Bowl marks the end of the tribulation of Israel because that plague has the kingdom of the anti-Christ darkened. His 42 months of rule comes to and end at the 5th Bowl, and the very next plague is the post-trib 6th Seal, PERFECT.

Many nations will suffer a temporary food shortage when the asteroid demolishes many ships, for many foods cross oceans.

I'm now going to propose that the Apophis asteroid will strike the Atlantic so as to affect the Gulf of Mexico at Galveston. This idea comes from my OMEN in April of 1994, about a hour before passing the home in Baytown of Miss Hicks as I drove the interstate #10 headed for Galveston. Apophis is crossing the Atlantic in April of 2029. I'm proposing this idea because OMANs are in Feek/Figg / Fogg / Wedge/Wegg colors and format. But also because I was headed to Galveston for the specific purpose of seeing the ocean there, and when I finally got there, it had just turned dark. The waves looked ominous in my headlights. A few hours later, I was mugged, omen fulfilled.

Note "OMEN / Oman," for the Mens' are in the motto of Apophis-like Poppins/Pophams, "Mens pristina MANsit." Mens' are said to have been at GLENlyon, and both Glenns and Glennys (share Mens' Chief-Shield colors) share the Oman martlets.

Some could propose that pharaoh Apophis was a relative of Khyan because the latter's first-born son did not ascend the throne, but rather, some say, Apophis ascended after Khyan.

Khyan-Line Suspects

Back to Joe Oullette at the subway station with me when crossing paths with Lorraine. Her babe symbol of two or three weeks earlier was when Mike Oullette (Joe's brother) first saw her, and he said, "what a babe." I turned around and happened to spot Lorraine's very BEAUTiful feet i.e. on the pavement of Yonge street, and this is how I assume God gave her those symbols (because they tell the appropriate story through heraldry). Babe's (Suffolk) were once said to be first found in Dorset with Leavell-connectable Beautys and Caens, but also with the BEAKs who share the gold leopard face of Caens.

The Caens ("PERimus") have their leopard face in the colors of the same of Peare's and Rumble's, and Babe's put their gold leopard face in a canton square, as do Rumble's in the colors of the Caen / Peare leopard face. As I've said many times, I quasi-dated Christine Peare as little as a month before meeting Lorraine.

I dated Lorraine while living at Libby and Rumble, and Babe's were first found in Suffolk with Bruce-branch Brush's who in turn have a "FuiMUS" motto term to go with the "PeriMUS" of Caens. Libbys can be gleaned with the Bruce lion. Bruce's are known to use the ANNANdale Coat on a gold Shield, and Rumble-connectable Rums/Rims have a "PLACit" motto term for elements at Placentia, home of ANANES Gauls suspect with the naming of ANANus, the same chief priest who was also Annas. Annas' were first found in Cambridgeshire with RUMillys.

[This week, some new revelations about Jeffrey Epstein's associates came out from the Wall Street Journal. One of the two major characters in this exposure is Kathryn REUMMLer, a Clintonite and Obama stooge. Although no such surname comes up at houseofnames, her surname looks like a Rumley / Rumble variation, in case my relationship with Lorraine points to Reummler. The Rumilly/Rumley Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Clinton Coat.

Here's a Daily Beast, 2020 headline: "What Was a Clinton White House Lawyer [Reummler] Doing at Epstein’s Arraignment?" Google is trying to hide this Reummler story of this week.]

The Coat of German Cants/Canters looks related to the Libby rectangle, and the six bars of English Canters are essentially the ones of Leavells/Levels.

Aha. The Terrets in the motto of English Canters are listed with Terents/Tarents, suspect with mythical TARAS in the Arms of Taranto, and it just so happens that Taras'/Tarrs, with pale bars in the colors of the Leavell/Level and Canter bars, were first found in Somerset with Amore-connectable Leavells/Levels. The red roundels of English Canters (Oxfordshire with Amore's and Damorys/Amori's) are shared by Shirts/SHARDs, and Italian Amori's were first found in SARDinia. Scottish Terras' happen to have a motto, "Amore." A red roundel is a Terret-like "torteau."

The Ananes Gauls at Placentia were on the TARO river! The Libbys with the Bruce lion can easily have been Laevi liners to Leavells.

Aha! Canter-like Centers/Sainters share the Caen leopard faces! Caens share a Clair Crest, and Sinclairs/Saints can apply. Centers/Sanders, sharing the Chief-Shield colors of French Gants, share the bull head of Hottens who in turn have a "tort" motto term.

As the CANTER roundels are so-called COUNTERchanged in colors, it's interesting that Conte's/Counters were first found in Durham with Washingtons having the Canton/Ganton Coat in colors reversed. Countrys, first found in Kent with Ganter-like Gaunts, use counterchanged colors too.

English Gaunts/Gants have three-and-three fessewise bars in the colors of the three fessewise canoes of Cahns/Kahns, a possible branch of cat-using Cahans/Keens. Amore's were first found in Moray, and Moray is suspect with the Mures river of the Khazars at Biharia, and so we find the Moray stars with Jewish Cahans/Cahns/Cohens/KAGANs. Khazar kings were Hebrew "kagans," and the trick is to discover what sort of Hebrews they were.

Cantons/Gantons were first found in Yorkshire with PAVers, Tute's/Touts, Dents and Richmonds, and the double bars-GEMEL of the latter are in use, though in Washington-fesse colors, with Wassa's who in turn share the canton square of Touts/Tute's. Washingtons were first found in Durham with early Scottish Yonge's ("pruDENTia"). Pavers share the triple lozenges of Fells, and Fellers have a version of the Falls/FALLIS Coat while Oullette's named Ouilly in Falaise.

English Falds/Fauls', with RED ARROWS, share the Gamal/Gamble fleur-de-lys. Gemels share the swan pierced by a red arrow with Irish Walchs'/Walsh's (share Gemel chevron), and Roxolani, whom I see as ancestors of RockeFELLERs, were at Wallachia. The first Mr. Gamal in the Gamal/Gamble write-up, ignoring first names, is said to be from Lincolnshire, where leg-using Leaks/Leakeys were first found who share the lone Gamal/Gamble fleur-de-lys. GAMBino's use the leg because a gamb is a leg. Powys' use a bear's "gamb" in the colors of the Gambino leg. Lakeys/Leckeys, suspect with the leg-using Prime's (Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys) in their motto, are in Gemel colors and near format.

Gemel-loving OULlette's were at Falaise, and an OWL is in the Prime Crest. That's new. Primo's were first found in Burgundy with the Aulnays/OULneys on the Oullette write-up! That new.

It seems that Fells and even Falaise were named by whatever named RoqueFEUIL. The "PRAESTo" motto term of Scottish Falds/Fauls (LEAVES) looks very linkable to the "praestat" motto term of Walsh- / Roxolani-connectable Yonge's. There's more leaves with German Felds/Felders, and English Fields/Felds have the Derby Coat in colors reversed while Galatian king, Amyntes, conquered Derbe (Anatolia). The line of Amyntes is to Ment-like terms, apparently explaining the "Mente MANuque" motto phrase of English Falds/Fauls'. Scottish Mans are also Mants.

Rockefeller corruption could very well be leading the so-called "woke community," a satanic cult with destructive conspiracies on the brain, and so let's add that Apophis-pointable Poppins/Pophams share the Fald/Fauls stag heads while the Mens' in the Poppin/Popham motto were first found in Midlothian with Falls'/Fallis'. The latter share the lion of Pools, first found in Dorset. Pools love the Pollets in their motto who in turn have the Aude Coat on a black Shield, and while "Audax" is a Roxburgh motto term, Roquefeuil is in Aude province.

I'm not inclinded to seeing all Cain-like surnames derived in "Cathain / Chattan." It could be that the Khyan-line Hyksos were joined to the line of Keturah, and that the heraldic cat traces to her lines out of Kotor. Cutters, for example, were first found in Dorset with Caens, and the latter are in the Ocean/Cain write-up. Catters/Cathers and Kane's use fish, the Arms-of-Saraca symbol. Catters/Cathers were first found in Berkshire with English Pasleys who in turn have the Cano Coat in colors reversed.

The Kane Coat is identical with the one of "salmon"-using Hams, first found in Sussex with Pasley-branch Packs and Ham-colored Hammers. One can see how a Maccabee-of-Israel line could have developed a Hammer surname from the idea that "Maccabee" is like the Hebrew word for "hammer." MacAbee's happen to use "salmon" in the colors of the Ham Salmon. They are in the colors of the Visser/Fiser fish, and Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex too.

Salmon-like Salome's are suspect from Salome of BOETHus, a Maccabee, and while Butts/Boets have a Coat like that or Pierro's/Pero's/PERICHs, and while a "PERCH" is used by English Botters/Bodins, the Salome bend-with-stars is shared by Scottish Vaux's/ValliBUS' while English Vaux's/Vallibus' share the checks of Pavers. Not only Lorraine's BARE FEET on the PAVEment of YONGE street point to Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia where Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat, but also where Perins (not "Perrin") were first found in Lorraine while Perrins, first found in Northumberland with Scottish Yonge's, have an "ImPAVIde" motto term. This really floors me because, though I knew for years that Babe's and Beaks had been kin, I didn't know of the Perins until recently, who have a BEAKless eagle in the colors of the BARE/Barr eagle! Incredible.

The beakless heraldic eagle is even called an "allerion," code for Allers, first found in Westphalia with the Pansys/PANTzers and Ducks/Duckers to which her pant stain pointed. Repeat from above: "...Bar-le-DUC (Lorraine), which uses the pansy in its Arms to indicate that the German Ducks/DOCKERs were there..." The reason I know that the allerion is code for Allers is that the latter share the red escutcheon with Holdens/Holdings who have "allerions".

Holdens/Holdens were first found in Lancashire with Holder-branch Holds/Holts, and the latter use a squirrel for connection to German Daggers while English Daggers were first found in Cumberland with DOCKERs and English Vaux's/Vallibus' (see Salome Boethus-Maccabee behind the latter). Vaux's/Vallibus' share the Arms of Meulan, and Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan.

Holds/Holts have a Coat like the one of Stouts/Stows whose triple fesses are in the colors of the triple, fessewise canoes of Cahns/Kahns, and so its interesting that the latter were first found in SCHLESwig-HOLstein. Were Holds/Holts from there? SCHLESingers, sharing the Babe and Beak leopard face are thus amazing because Cahn-like Caens (Dorset with Beaumonts and Beaks) have white ostrich feathers to go with the white ostRICH of Beaks! Weiss', first found in Silesia and Liebs/Liebers, were Kepke/Kopke kin while the latter, first found in Saxony with Aller-like Hallers and Winklers, share the Cahn/Kahn and Winkler border. Hallans (Yorkshire with Lieb-like Libbys and Bruce's) share the Libby and Bruce lion.

Dutch Hallers/Halls share the triple chevrons of English Clare's, first found in Suffolk with Babe's and the Irish Clare's sharing the Caen feathers. Dutch Hallers/Halls share the now-illegal silver-on-gold with German Hallers.

Kepke's always point to Ukraine's capital, and to Trypillians and Budini there. Kepke's are suspect in pointing to Ukraine corruption, which involves John Kerry in cahoots with the Biden family to some degree. Mr. Kerry was born with the Jewish Kahn surname! Jewish Kahns are listed with Cohens/Kagans, highly suspect from Khazars, and Caesars share the Schlesinger roses.

As per the RECTangle suspect in the Libby Crest, Reckitts/Ricketts happen to be in Rumble colors and format, what are the chances? The human creators of heraldry, centuries ago, didn't know I'd be living at Rumble and Libby in Rickett-like RICHmond Hill. Rich's/Richess' are said to have had a location in Lorraine.

Reckitts/Ricketts are even in Leven colors and format, and I've said a million times that, when Lorraine agreed at her bus stop to see me, God arranged through my mouth that we could meet me at my laundromat on the corner of LEVENdale and Yonge streets. English Yonge's/Youngs share the triple roses of Recketts/Ricketts. And that's where she met me. Decades later, I discovered that French Landrys were first found in Lorraine, and until recently, these Landrys came up as "Laundry."

Levens were first found in Shropshire with Bats who in turn share black bats with English Batons/Bastons, and Bats share the saltire of Supers in the Angle/Angel motto. There is even similarity between the Coat of French Louis'/Loys, first found in Lorraine, and the Angle/Angel Coat. The Angle/Angel lozenge is shared by Fauci's, first found in Genova with the Segurana's who in turn share the eagle of Perins, first found in Lorraine. French Faux's/Fage's were first found in Perigord with Fauchys, and Fagots/Fage's share the Leven chevron on the Chief-Shield combination of Faux's/Fage's.

Fagots/Fage's, which I'm not very familiar with, were first found in Clermont of Auvergne, where Tullia of Lyon married, and Lyons share the green lion with Lorraine's while the latter's is colors reversed from the same of Morgans who named mythical Morgan le FAY, half sister of king ARTHUR i.e. related to Arduinici of the Bautica river who had a branch at Fauci-connectable Oneglia. Lorraine had a feet symbol, and the Faithfuls in the Vaux motto are also Faiths i.e. like the Fate variation of Pavia-related Feets. The Fez's/Fays (fox), first found in Auvergne with Foix's/Foys, are also Faits.

However, I see no hard-and-fast Leven-Fagot link, though Scottish Vaux's have nearly the Coat of Salome's. On the other hand, Faux's/Fage's have nearly the Irish Cremer Coat, and Crema is at the Serio river while English Cars have a "serio" motto term while the Leven chevron-with-stars is colors reversed from the same of English Cars. Plus, German Cremer have a giant ram's head while Bauds/Bauts have a giant ram, and were first found in Auvergne with Fagots/Fage's. That can work to make a Leven-Fagot link. Cremers have the Traynors (five feathers) in their write-up who are in the colors and near format of Rams.

Sands, once said to be first found in Lancashire, where Cars were first found, have a good reflection of the Leven Coat, and then Irish Sanders share elephant heads (different colors) with Levens. Irish Sanders even use plates while Plate's, in Ram and Irish Carr colors and format, were first found in Lancashire too. Between the two plates, Sanders have a BROKEn sword while Broke's/Brooks were first found in Essex with Rams. And German Sanders were first found in Rhineland with Salome's. The Car sun can be for the Sander-connectable Suns/Saints.

English Landrys/Laundrys mention "Ricardus de la LAVENdaria," and Levens come up when asking for a Laven surname. If French Landrys had red symbols, they would be much in the colors and format of Levens/Lavens / Rumble's / Reckitts/Ricketts. And so why might God be pointing to Rumble videos through Lorraine the Jehovah's Witness? Another name for Jehovah's Witnesses has been "Russellites," and Russells were first found in Dorset with CAENs; the latter share the leopard face of Rumble's. Libbys took us to the cane-like bastion of Angle's.

The "PERimus" motto term of Caens reveals that they share the Peare leopard face, and while Peare's were kin of Tiens/Thames', they both were first found in Oxfordshire with Tennis' (same leopard face) while Reckitts come up as "Racket." Oxfordshire is also where Poussins were first found who share the Coat of Spanish Cane's.

Levens have elephant heads while Thiels have elephant trunks. The Elaphiti islands are smack beside Ragusa, also called Laus(s), and "laus" is a Rumble motto term. The Saraca's at Ragusa must have named Saracena near Laus of southern Italy, and these Saraca's are of the Sharks, first found in Tyrone with the Neils/O'Nails while German Nagle/Neils/Nails get us to Irish Nagle's who can be gleaned as kin of Angels/Angels, Angers, Anchors and Fauci's. It can explain the leopard FACE of Rumble's.

The CANE-showing Angle/Angel lozenges are those of Roots and Bagleys (Shropshire) too, and while Roots share the rooted tree of Laundrys and Woods, Bagleys have a Bagley Wood Berkshire, where English Pasleys were first found who have the Spanish CANE Coat in colors reversed. Scottish Pasleys use the anchor. Roots were first found in Kent with Reckitts/Ricketts (suspect in the Libby rectANGLE) who in turn share a "veRUM" motto term with Root-like Roets. Rumble's are also RUMbolds and other such variations, and thus possibly of the Rums/Rims.

Plus, Meschins married the RUMilly-Skiptons of Craven, and Ricks have the Craven Coat in colors reversed. Cravens (fesse colors reversed from Acton fesse) have the Actons in their motto, as could Rumble's in their "actio" motto term, and the Axton location of Actons is in Kent with the first-known Reckitts/Ricketts.

Batty Gog and Rocky Rosh

Bats looked very much like a branch of Butts/Butts/BOETs and Bauts/Bauds (Auvergne) earlier in this update, from the Bautica river, and while I trace Boets to Salome Boethus, the Faithfuls in the motto of Salome-connectable Vaux's share the Bat saltire. That's a really big deal for connecting Salome's to Boets, and the Levens are very welcome to this set.

To show a trace of the Bautica's namers to Caucasian Bats, the latter lived at least beside Rize, and Rice-branch Reesors/Reasons have a brown fox head to go with the brown wolf in the Bat Crest. A brown wolf head is used by Teague's/Teegers whom I trace to king TIGRanes VI, king of Armenia i.e. smack at the Caucasian Bat theater. The Tulls/Tolle's, from Tullia of Auvergne, share the "pyramid" with BATTistelli's, and while Batti's/Botto's share eight-pointed stars (different colors) with Stelli's, the latter share the eight-pointed star of German Teegers! Beauty. Tulls/Tullia's (BUTTERflies) share the pale bar of German Steels.

Plus, Reesors/Reasons happen to share the vaired patee cross with English Ferrands, named as per Clermont-Ferrand (where Tullia married) Auvergne, where Bauts/Bauds were first found! That's new, because I didn't know that Bats were conclusively Bautica liners until this update. The snout in the Reesor/Reason Crest is short, like a fox's, and in a 2017 update, I told that Reesors/Reasons have a fox head; although I didn't put the term in quotation marks for assurance, I'm now sure it's a fox. This works with Auvergne's Foix's/Foys.

In that 2017 update, I happened to be talking about the brown wolf head of Spence's where I mentioned the Reesor Crest, and so I've just loaded the wolf-using Spence's to see their motto, "Patior UT POTior"!!! Poti is smack at the Bat Caucasians! Uts was a son of the Biblical Nahor along with Bus-like Buz, and the Neuri had a wolf symbol. Plus, while Neuri lived on the Bug river at Lviv, and while I trace Lviv elements to Five's/Fifys and Fife's, wolf-head Spence's were first found in Fife! It's looks like it's not nutty after all to trace Abraham's brother to the Neuri.

Rize was in the Pontus, ruled by king Pharnaces and his queen, Nysa. I trace her to Nice's/Ness' who happen to share the double fesses of wolf-head Spence's. There is also a Niss surname sharing the Quint chevron and the Jeune fleur-de-lys for a trace to Quintus Caepio, grandfather of a Junia Caepionis. While English Jeune's (Yonge motto) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Caepionis-like Capone's and Chapmans, with Pontus-suspect Ponders/Ponters (Pont branch), and with Teague-connectable Julians, French Jeune's were not only first found in Auvergne, but share the Chief-Shield colors of Caiaphas-like Capes'/Capets.

Ponders, sharing the black boar head with Pontus-tracing Spence's (a big deal), are in the Chapman motto, and Spence's have two of the one Ponder/Ponter / Pont/Pond fesse. The "PATIor" motto term of Spence's can go to Pattys/Pati's to explain the patee cross of Ponters/Ponders and Ponts/Ponds. The Reesors/Reasons have a patee cross too, and this tends to nail them and their Rice kin with Rize at the Pontus.

I have mentioned Patty Rice many times, a high-school mate who lived in the village of Gormley with me. I wonder how she can help with this picture. As Gormleys are also Grimes' and a branch of English Grime's/Grimms, note that German Grimms look like they have the quadrants of Seconds/Segurs in the "second" motto term of Levi's!!! Plus, these quadrants have nothing but the same lion used by Reesors/Reasons! Wow. English Grime's/Grimms even have the Feet/Fate fesse-with-martlets three times, and Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat while Laevi co-founded Pavia!!! Patty Rice at our service, suggesting that Laevi Gauls were somehow at Rize / Pontus. Her boyfriend was Danny Snow, otherwise I know little else of Patty Rice. Snows were first found in Worcestershire with Pattys/Pati's!

The Pont-like Points were first found in Berkshire while Berkshire's, looking related to the Second/Segur and Grimm Coats, share the Shield of Spencers! Bingo.

Points have so-called piles (as do Yonge's and Leavells) with patee crosses at their tips, and French Pile's are also Pilots, as are Pilate's, and then PONTius Pilate is suspect from Pontus elements!!! Ignoring the red parts of the Pense/Pincon gyronny, Pense's/Pincons, in the "Pense" motto term of Points, are in Snow colors and format, and even share the Perin / Segurana eagle. Perrins were first found in Northumberland with Grime's/Grimms, and of course Perino's are traceable to Pavia's Pero's.

I've told how / why the first king Herod is expected from Nysa of Cappadocia to his father, and his mother is known from the house of Herod- / Artois-like Aretas of Edom. Herods/Haralds share the HAWK's LURE with Crest of Irish Gards who in turn have a brown wolf to go with the brown wolf heads of Spencers and Teague's/Teegers. The Hawks use "PILgrim's staves", symbol also of PilGRIMs! What are the chances?

The justification for entering Gards above, to this picture, is where English Gards share the green martlet with the Grime/Grimm Crest. Prepare for a shock, I've just recalled another green martlet with Denvers/DANvers, and they share the gold dragon with DANNY's/Dance's!!! You can't believe it.

English Gards were first found in Kent with Dragons/Drainers. Italian Dance's (Wiltshire, beside Drake's and Buttons/Bidens) share the Pero/Perino pale bar! English Dance's share the Alan fesse while Snows share the Dol fesse while Snowden was a Shropshire location.

It seems that Pilgrims were a Pile-Grimm merger, especially as Pile's (Northumberland with Perrins) share the leopard face of Peare's and PARsons, the latter first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims. I trace PARRs and FurNESS' (share borders) to PHARNaces, king of the Pontus, husband of Ness-line Nysa!

Lure's have a good reflection of the SNOWdon Coat. Read that as "SnowDON" because Dons have the double-Parr fesses in colors reversed. Snowdons are compliments of Danny Snow at our service with Patty Rice, for Rize is at the Pontus!

To set up the following on my patent, let's add that Scottish Patents/Patients/Putins were first found in Dumfries with KilPATRicks, the latter tracing excellently to Antipatria, a location beside Macedon's king Antipater. He was the father of king Cassander, and Wikipedia tells that Cassander was ancestral to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, which is how I feel that king Herod I was descended from that line because this Herod's father changed his name to, Antipater.

Note that Herod-like Hardware's/HeartWARE's share the chevron of Pendragons (beside dragon-using Ware's), who were from the Penestae people smack beside Antipatria. Ware's (Devon with Fens'/Venns) have the scallops of fence-like Fens'/Venns in half their colors, and this PATENTed product I'm about to mention was a fence POST. Fens'/Venns share a green griffin in Crest with Patents/Pattens, what are the chances? Patents/Pattens were first found in Essex with Chase-branch Chance's, and Chase's (Hampshire with Posts) share the Ware lion. Having said that, Hardware's are to topic because I took my patented product to the head buyer of Home Hardware, and while I was in the office space waiting for the appointment, the buyer called me in to say my wife just called to say she was in labor with my first son. I had to leave right away to go be with her.

Interesting here is where Tullia of Lyon was ancestral to Mummolin, for the latter married Berthe. My wife was giving BIRTH, and Birth-branch Burts were first found in Norfolk with PILgrims. I was at HOME Hardware, and Home's have the Lyon Coat in colors reversed.

I've mentioned my "PILLAR-POST" product several times for which I received a patent with Ms. PARSONs as my PATENT agent. We just saw the Parsons sharing the leopard face of English Pile's. Pillars happen to be listed with French Pile's/Pilots, what are the chances? I spent much time and money testing the marketability of this product, all wasted, and so why would God use it just to point us to Pontius Pilate, Herods, and other Pontus elements? English Posts (Hampshire, beside Dorset) share the giant lion of Pollet-loving Pools, and the latter were first found in Dorset with the Palins/Pauleys sharing the giant Pillar/Pile/Pilot lion.

I built the first of three machines to produce the proto-type in Holland Landing, and Hollands, first found in Essex with Patents/Pattens, share the giant lion of English and German Posts, yet it's also the DANNY/Dance lion. Patents/Pattens share the Pully motto, and Pullys have a Poole location in DEVON in their write-up while Devon is where FENS'/Venns were first found who are the closest thing to "fence" that I can find. Fens'/Venns share a green Crest with Dannys/Dance's. Danny Snow, the one who's pointing with Patty Rice to the Pontus.

A "fence" around a TREE is used by Baumgartners/PomGARTs/PomGARDENs, and it just so happens that Gardens/Jardens share the black boar head with Ponts and Ponters!, Home's love True's/Tree's in their motto, and the latter were first found in Wiltshire with gold-dragon Dannys/Dance's! English Gards are the ones sharing the Danver/Denver martlet, and Danvers/Denvers share the gold dragon in Crest with Ware's. Home HardWARE!

English Gard, first found in Kent with Hardware-connectable Hards/Harders, have griffins in colors reversed from the griffin heads of English Gardners, which recalls the Gardner brothers, my close highschool mates, who moved to Gormley i.e. where PATTY Rice and I lived. English Gardners share the PATEE cross (different color) with Ponters / Ponts. I've only just remembered that Rice's (Hardware format and colors reversed) have a "hardi" motto term!

I've told of the time when Patty and I were waiting for the SCHOOl BUS, sitting with our backs to the double-glass DOORs of the school (this bus came very late, after most students were gone). I don't know if I've ever told, as per this event, that Restons, a branch of RISons, share the leopard faces of Scottish Doors! Risons were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs. BUS', and Rye's/RISE's! I get it. God caused her to sit with me at those doors, especially as Schools/Schole's, first found in Yorkshire with Pullys, share the VAIRed Shield of Patents/Pattens (share Pully motto)! Incredible.

Rye's/Rise's share the Coat of French Vers/Fers's (Burgundy with VAIRs/Fers') having a Pharisee-like Phares variation. Let's not forget the vaired patee of Rice-branch Reesors (Lincolnshire with Restons). Rhizon is beside Kotor, the line of Abraham and Keturah, and so why might the Reesor/Reason lion be colors reversed from the Bramton/Brompton lion?

Norfolk is where Risings/Risons and BRAMtons/Bromptons were first found while Restons mention a Riston location in the Brompton area of Shropshire. I didn't know until loading Restons again that they are in Snow colors and format, both sharing the Dol and Swale fesse. Tree-using Sallows, a branch of SWALLows, were first found in Shropshire too. Sallows look like kin of Italian Belli's, first found in Verona at the lake GARDa area of the Veneti. Verona's were first found in Auvergne with Bat-connectable Bauts/Bauds, and Bats were first found in Shropshire with Sallows.

Babwells/Babels, with a "gold gate," are now said to be first found in Sussex with swallow-using Arundels. The Dine's (once said to be first found in Sussex), suspect in the Arundel motto, share the patee cross of English Gardners. Sussex is where Bone's/BOHUMs were first found too, who can be gleaned from Boii of BONonia (Bologna). BAUMgartners/PomGardens use the fence with Home-connectable tree, and while Baums are suspect as Bohemians, the Arms of Bohemia is the double-tailed Hard lion! Home HARDware. Proto-Bohemia Boii were in Bologna, where Guido's were first found suspect in the "guide" motto term of French Baums (dancetty bend). The Arms of Bohemia have a "gold gate" to go with the gold fence of Baumgartners. Bologna is on/beside the land of Veneti, and so expect the Fens'/Venns to be Veneti liners in Bohemia.

English Gardners were first found in Oxfordshire with Hart-like Horts/Hurts, and with the Peare's sharing the Parson leopard faces. Ms. Parson was my patent agent, and Patents share the motto of Pullys who in turn have the Snowdon scallops, colors reversed from the same of German Gardners. Gardens/Jardens were first found in Angus with the Jardins who in turn have the TailBOIS scallop, and German Gardners happen to have the TAILbois scallop too. The double-tailed lion of Bohemia can thus be discovered as code for Tailbois (Lincolnshire with Restons and swallow-using Swallows). German Gardners look like German CAPlan kin.

English Pile's were first found near the first-known Conte's/Counters, and Country's, in the motto of Annas-line Ainsleys, have a pile in Pile-pile colors. Annas was Caiaphas' father-in-law. English Butts/Bute's, Este kin, share the Crest of French Baums, and "esto" is a Swale motto term.

By some coincidence or not, there was a third queen Nysa, granddaughter of Nysa of Cappadocia, this time queen of Biden-like Bithynia. It just so happens that Ponts/Ponds were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, and the two share fesses so that Ponts can be connected also to Butts/Bute's/Boets. Tigranes VI of Armenia is said to have married a Jew of Galatia, and thus I see the ancestry of Joseph Caiaphas in this royal mess, especially from Quintus Caepio and the Cappadocian elements of Nysa.

It just so happens that Nysa of the Pontus was mother to queen Nysa of neighboring CAPPadocia. Plus, as I see the Laevi Gauls in Galatia, beside the Pontus and beside Cappadocia, Levens (and Fagots/Fage's) share the Niss chevron.

It would be interesting to know where the Hebrew-line Hyksos had some bedrock in the Pontus-Cappadocia-Cilicia area at the time of Jesus. The Hebrew-line Eure's/URE's suspect in the motto of Ainsley-connectable Hicks were first found in Dumbartonshire, beside the first-known Ore's/Orrs who almost share "bon" with the Hicks motto, and near the first-known Ure's/Orreys suspect in the "uro" motto term of Kennati-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's. Ure's/Orreys were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys, and so we should probably expect Hyksos amongst the Salamis-connectable Kennati of Cilicia, priests of Ajax.

Mythical Salamis, that is, related to Ajax, suspect from ancient Salem = Jerusalem. Place your bets on whether Salome Boethus was named after the Salamis location on Cyprus, for Herod's Edomite mother was, Cypros. Hebrew-line Aphrodite was made born at Paphos of Cyprus, looking like "Apophis." Cyprus was named after copper mining, and Coppers/Coopers were first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns.

Let's not forget Rye-like Ryans, first found in Tipperary with Kennedys, for Ryans may have been Rize / Rosh liners, and rulers of the Pontus had wormed their way into Cilicia. Ryans may have been of the Rice-related Raisons/REINSfords. I trace the Ryan GRIFFins to Herod AGRIPPa.

The Boet-connectable English Butts/Bute's have the black horse head once in the English Este Crest. Este is near Ferrara, and the latter location was "Forum Allieni" in 70 AD. I proposed that the Pharisees, escaping Israel's war in around 69/70 AD, settled Forum Allieni so that it was renamed into a Pharisee-like term. I proposed that the priests of Israel paid emperor Vespasian off in order to escape death and hardship, with part of the deal being their resettlement in Italy. This explains why Flavius Josephus, whom the Israeli priests made a military general in Galilee, murdered his own army and went over to Vespasian's side as a traitor, even taking on the latter's Flavius name. Josephus claimed to be from the priestly class.

The three estoiles in the Butt/Bute Chief are in the colors of the three WHEAT sheaves in the Chief of English Josephs. This surname traces excellently to Flavius Josephus. Flavians trace to Flags/Flecks and Fulke's, both first found in Norfolk with Wheats/Whate's who in turn share three gold wheat sheaves in Chief with Josephs. The dancetty-fesse of Wheats/Whate's is even in the colors of the double chevrons of the same Josephs.

Lookie: English Caplans, first found in Hampshire with Josephs and Flys of Flavian-line Flagi, have three griffin heads in Chief in the colors and format of the three items in the Chiefs of Butts/Bute's and Josephs, and French Chaplains share double-gold chevron with English Josephs while Flys have the martlet of French Josephs in colors reversed. Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's look like the line of Caiaphas. None of that is new, but I need to stress that Caplan-like Capelli's, who own the "CHAPeau" used by Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire again), were first found in Ferrara. It's the line of the Boethus Sadducees to the Joseph surnames.

The giant Ferrara lion is in the colors of the giant bull of Boys/BOETs, and the latter's is the "steer" of Bachs/Backs while Sturs/Styre's were first found in Hampshire too. Follow the Steer motto to the Mee's/My's in the motto of Annas-line Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire with Mee's/Mys).

The Ferrara Coat is that also of Sforza's, first found in Rome with the Rieti-line Rita's who have the giant Sforza lion in half its colors. In Rome, there developed the Jewish PierLEONI, expected to use lions as code, and they had hooked up with Godfrey III, ruler of Lorraine, and father-in-law of Eustace II of Boulogne, the father in turn of the leaders of the first Crusade to hunt treasure at the Jerusalem temple.

A thousand years earlier, Vespasian's son burned the Jerusalem temple, and we can imagine all the priests lamenting who knew of treasures buried in or under the temple. I assume they passed this information down to their sons until the Pierleoni saw an opportunity, with the help of the vatican, to invade Jerusalem to seek and reclaim the treasures.

About 165 years before the temple was burned, Quintus Caepio the Elder, a Roman general, had found an enormous stash of gold and silver bars in Toulouse. He stole it for himself (with help), and so if he was the ancestor of Joseph Caiaphas, it speaks for itself that the latter may have been given some of that treasure. Best place to hide gold? For a chief priest of the temple? You decide.

TOULouse can be to the Tools/Tooles, first found in Kildare with Eustace's. Tools/Tooles' share the lion of Tulls/Tolle's, and the latter is the line of Tullia of Lyon, same as the Tulls/Tullia's using the BUTTerFLY. You dig? It's the Butt-line to Josephs and Rieti-line Flys. It's the line of Flavius Josephus. And Wheats/Whate's were first found in Norfolk with the Drops/Trope's who share the Tool lion in their Chief with Tulls/Tolle's.

Toulouse is near Roquefeuil and Rennes-le-Chateau. The latter has been rife with secret-treasure stories, and it just so happens that gold billets (in Wheat/Whate colors), which are gold bars, is the symbol in the Arms of Roquefeuil. How did the Rockefellers become the richest American family? What are the chances that by-pure-chance the French Billets were first found in Maine with French Josephs? The line of Flavius Josephus was at the upper crust of Toulouse, wasn't it? And that's where William of Gellone, of "holy-grail" lore, was the count. How did the Grail surname ("VINCere") come to be listed with the Neils/Neals having a big-fat rock in Crest?

William of Gellone was also known as William of Orange after he defeated Arabs at Orange in about 800 AD. Why at Orange? What treasure was he after? Or, what treasure were the Arabs after? Centuries earlier, in 105 BC, five years before the birth of Julius Caesar, Quintus Caepio was attacked at Orange by Boiorix, a Cimri king. It seems feasible that Boiorix was after the treasure Caepio seized the previous year, in Toulouse.

Why do BOIORix-like Boyers share the blue vair of Quints? Did the warring parties strike a marital deal? The "passe" motto term of English Boyers must be for the Passe's/Pascals (share Levi lions) because they were first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found. Rollo's use a "passe PAR" phrase.

Rollo's and Lyons were first found in Perthshire, where some say that Pontius Pilate's father (Roman ambassador to the Picts) mated with a Pict to birth Pontius Pilate. Celts/Colts, first found in PERTHshire, have the Pilate pheon in colors reversed. Mont Pilate (not far from Orange) has a PERDrix peak. The Celt/Colt pheon is between antlers, a feature used by Eustace's, Stacys, and Staggs.

Why were French Boyers first found in Languedoc with Toulouse? Why do French Boyers share a bull on blue with Boys/BOETs??? Sadducees? Why is the Boyer bull essentially the one of Boso's. As some say William of Gellone was the son of Guerin of Provence, by what coincidence was Boso of Provence a Carolingian, as was William of Gellone? Provence is near Orange.

The Carolingian dynasty was replaced by the house of Capet, indicating that the line of Caiaphas may have infiltrated the Carolingian throne room for centuries.

The Boso bull is upright and part red, and the upright, red bull is used by Charo's/Claro's in the "charo" motto term of English Josephs. Charo's/Claro's were first found in Ferrara, you don't say. English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Carolingian-liner Charles' and Carlsons.

When Hugh de Payens had spent many years that the Jerusalem temple (built by Herod) as per the first crusade, he came west to visit Henry Sinclair of Roslin, a Claro. Hello? Where did the Sinclairs get the money to build their fancy and satanic Rosslyn Chapel? Sinclairs are also Saints, and Sanders share the upright and red bull with Charo's/Claro's. Lizarts, with almost the Liss/Lise Coat, were first found in Provence, and Sandersons share the six pale bars of Liss'/Lise's (Hampshire with Josephs). French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with CHAPPES' and Levi's. Capes' list Capets. f

Boso of Provence was the son of a ruler of Lotharingia (Lorraine), and later, the family of Eustace II, which put up the first king of Templar Jerusalem, would rule Lower Lorraine. Does anyone see conspiratorial potential here for clown rulers to act upon? Richeza of Lotharingia is to the Rich/Richess surname (BOTTONy crosses), first found in Hampshire with Josephs and Boet-connectable Bottons/Buttons/Bidens, and this is repeated here because "richesse" is a motto term of the English Boyers.

The Cimri of Boiorix are thought to be Cimmerians, and Orange was, at the time of the Caepio battle, ARAUSio, looking like the line of King Rusa, who became a vassal of the Cimmerians in about 720 BC. I see Rusa as part of Ezekiel's Rosh, and the question is: how Hyksos was it? The Cimri of Wales were where Rice's and Rees' were first found, and the Cimmerians who conquered Rusa nestled on the Black-sea coast at Sinope while Rize was on that coast too, between Rusa and Sinope. Raus'/Rau's/Rows use roses while Scottish Rose's were at Nairnshire while Nairi lived at Lake Van prior to when Rusa ruled there.

Nairs share the red lion with Russo's and Russells, and have a mermaid in Crest suspect from Melissena RANGabe, indicating that ORANGe may have been renamed by the Byzantine Rangabe's, part Khazars on her mother's side.

The next update will investigate her heraldry as I can find it best to see if I can resolve some new Khazar lines. I started a little this week, and was troubled when finding the Irene surname listed with Orions/Irons, because I trace that surname to Horns/Orne's while the Orange surname has a giant hunting horn. Irene was the mother of Melissena Rangabe, and I've read that Irene was from Khazars. The trouble is, I've been tracing Orions to mythical Orion, and now they might be instead from Irene. I want to pursue this heraldry.

Khazars under Menumorut of the Mures river are suspect at Moray, and the Moray Crest has the mermaid too. MURiel Pollock was at Moray, and eastern Poland is at the Bug river of the Nairi-like Neuri. Cohens/Cahns/KAGANs share the Moray stars. Note below the people group with an Apachnas-like name who may have become the namers of Picenze:

"The Gesta Hungarorum mentions that [Taksony's] mother was a daughter of Menmarot, the local military leader in the region of Bihar (Romanian: Biharea) at the time of the Hungarian settlement occupation (Honfoglalás). Taksony married a PECHENeg or Bulgar woman."

Melissena Rangabe was also styled, Melissena MARTinakia, making her look like her surname named MenMAROT about a generation after her lifetime.

Why do you think Herod Antipas decided to live at Comminges, directly across the Garonne river from Toulouse? Not because he liked to fish. COMMINGes looks like it formed the Comyns/Commings (Norfolk with Wheats/Whate's), perfect because they share the wheat sheaves of Josephs.

It can't be a coincidence that while Orange engaged Nassau to form the house of Orange-Nassau, that Dutch Nassau's/NASO's share gold billets with the Arms of Roquefeuil. The families who obtained Caepio's gold bars advertised it in their Arms. Gold and silver bars are called, bullion, and the Bouillons may be using two silver bullion bars as a cross. Six silver billets are used by Etienne's (Lorraine) in both colors of the Billets/Billiards, and St. Etienne is at mont Pilat. Do we think that Caiaphas bribed Pontius Pilate, with Caepio's silver bars, in order to convince him to hand Jesus over? Were BILLETs named after "PILATE"?

"Naso" means "nose," and William of Gellone was given a short-nose symbol, because these goofballs who rule the earth like to play games with bloodline symbolism rather than assisting the peasants under their filthy feet.

Italian Naso's are in the colors and format of English Cottons while French Cottons/COTTA's were first found in Languedoc with Toulouse, Roquefeuil, Rennes-le-Chateau, and French Julians suspect from Julius Caesar, for the mother of this fool with blood-soaked feet was Aurelia COTTA. As a young man, Julius Caesar started an adulterous relationship with Servilia Caepionis, the granddaughter of general Quintus Caepio. It wasn't her beautiful eyes that lured him. What treasure was Caesar seeking, do you think? I'd say he sought, and got a piece of, the Caepio treasure that allowed him to become a Roman dictator.

Someone suggested that William of Gellone was a Jew, and possibly he was, from the Pharisees who I think named Ferrara, for the giant Ferrara lion is shared by the billet-using Nassau's, and Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with Josephus-line Josephs. The Sforza's who share that lion have it holding a flower which they call a "quince", code for Quince's whom I have resolved as a Quint branch. Quintus Caepio.

Quince's use SEVEN mascles, and Gellone is regarded as a ruler of SEPTimania (part of Languedoc). The Quince Coat looks related to the Seneca/Seneschal Coat (nine mascles), and I see the latter surname as a branch of Sans'/SANGuez's, which easily makes for a "holy BLOOD" symbol if a ruling goofball wants one.

Gellone's are listed with Gillings, first found in Yorkshire with Billet-branch Billiards/Hilliards, Gills...and with a Gilling location where Rookbys were first found, surprise. The Gellone's/Gillings have three fleur in colors reversed from the same of Hicks (Yorkshire), and then Rock-related Rods were first found in Devon with Hicks-branch Hooks. Hyksos Hebrews at Roquefeuil?

I've shown how Hicks can be Alan/Allin kin, and can show how "Tolle" is the makings of "Dol." Tullia of Lyon (predated Gellone by centuries) may have been named after Toulouse elements, for her marriage near Herod Antipas of the Toulouse theater can be explained where Lyon was the realm of Herod Archelaus. The Arc river of Savoy is suspect from his name, which he had obtained when he married Glaphyra Archelaus, she being of a Cappadocian religious cult from the Pharisee-like Persians (Farsi).

Gellone's were first found in Yorkshire with Fareborns/Fairborns, Fermans and Firmins, while the neighboring Fare's/Fairs are also PHARES'. Phreeze's/Freys' were first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found, but are now said to be first found in Cumberland, where Fare's/Fairs/Phares' were first found. Firmins (anchors) share the Farmer lion heads, and Pharme's/Farme's/Fairholms, first found in Midlothian with Rosslyn Chapel, have the giant Fare/Fair/Phares anchor in colors reversed. Farms thus look like potential Pharisee liners.

Do you think the Sinclairs named it a "Chapel" as code for Chaplains / Caplans / Capelli's, or even Chapelle's or Chapells? Chapelle's were first found at Forez, and a map low-down on this page shows Forez (beside Lyon) covering St. Etienne and therefore placing Mont Pilat in Forez. The Lyons write-up mentions a Lyon location in Foret, which can identify the green lion in the Chapell Crest as the Lyon lion. The Arms of Forez is a dolphin, and Dol-connectable Dolphins were first found in Cumberland with Quints expected from CAEPio's.

Tullia of Lyon was ancestral to the Merovingian ruler, Mummolin of Chalons-en-Champagne. He married Berth, and Berts/Births with Burts share the Coat of Billet-like Bilders. Italian Berts/Berta's were first found in Ferrara, you don't say. Berts/Births share the fitchees of Billings, and while Bills' were first found in Somerset with Baths (and Bert-like Brits/Brets), Billings and Blinkens share the Bath cross.

Bills' were first found in Somerset with the Rothschild-branch Roets, and the Bills Coat can be shown related to the Roet Coat. Roets named Rothes, the proto-Rothschild location where Leslie's (share BARD Crest) were earls, and while Leslie's were founded by Bartholomew, German BARTs/Barths share the Cahn/Kehn border, important not only because some suggest, as I do, that Rothschilds were from Jewish Khazars, but because Rothes is at Moray while Cohens/Cahns/Kagans share the Moray stars.

Leslie's were first found in ABERDEENshire, suspect from the country, KABARDINO, land of the Kabar-branch Khazars. Often, Hungrians Khazars are called, Kabars. There's evidence that Khazars descended from the Attila Huns, kin of the Alans who named Dol, and Tullia of Lyon was ancestral to MUNDeric, like "MUNDzuk," Attila's father. Munderic was father to Mummolin, Berthe's husband. Attila's brother was Bleda, and Bleds, beside Lesce of the Leslie's, have the Coat of English Clare's, first found in Suffolk with Khazar-like Caesars, in colors reversed. Leslie's love Buckle's, first found in Suffolk.

"MumMOLIN" is suspect to the Moline's, and the latter share the goat heads of English Barths/Batholomews, suggesting very strongly that Bartholomew Leslie (Leslie founder) was named from the line of Berthe! In the Barth write-up: "'Bartholomew (d. 1184), was Bishop of EXETER and a native of Brittany.'" Exeter is in Devon with the first-known Moline's and English Stewarts.

A gold moline is used on a purple Shield by an Athenian line of Byzantine emperors, the so-called Sarantapechos family, which included empress Irene near the time of Melissena Rangabe. Melissena is not given as this Irene's daughter at this Irene's Wikipedia article. Athens is right beside Boeotia, home of Orion, and so it is very possible that Irene was named after whatever Orion depicted in that area of Greece. There is even a white moline with fretty upon it in the Irene/Iron Crest.

Hector/Ector-like Exters/Exeters (Devon with Kenns) are not only in the colors and format of CASSel-related Scottish Kennedys, but share the scimitar with Irish Kennedys. Cassels share the Irish Casey chevron while Leslie's were kin of Case's, suggesting now that Case liners may have been from Khazars. French Cassers were first found in Gascony with Murats! MenuMURAT! Gascony is super because Martins were first found there, suspect now with the surname of Melissena Martinakia. It was this find that made me decide to investigate her line more in the next update.

Buckle-branch Buckleys (Cheshire with Meschins and Hottens) share the Hotten bull head while Hottens share the triple fesses of French Cassers who in turn share the Meschin scallops. The "temere" motto term of Buckleys is suspect with DeMere's (share Mere ship) because they were said to be first found in Cheshire (with Mere's) until recently, and are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Buckle's. French DeMere's are listed with Marits/Merets/Merre's/Merics, suspect with the naming of Maurice, the first Drummond.

German Cohens almost have the Hohen Coat, and Hohens share the checks of German Bilders. The latter were first found in Hamburg with Hungarian Drummonds, who were likely related to the Leslie's (Hungarians). Hungarians were part-Khazars. "Bild is also connected to several place names in the Holstein region," and that's where Cahns/Kehns were first found, near Hamburg.

Oh wow, Kaisers not only have BILLETs, but the Blinken crown! It's the COVERED-crown style shown for Morays' Douglas', and a Miss COVERT told me that her father claimed descent from a kaiser Koffert in Germany. I couldn't find who he was (rulers often use throne names, not their birth names). Douglas' descend from Hardys, explaining why LockHARTs have a form of the Douglas Coat, with heart included, and the beauty here is that Lockharts and Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire with Biharia-like Biggars! Menumorut of the Moray-like Mures river (Transylvania) was a Khazar ruler at Biharia!!!

Tollers/Tolls (Mecklenburg with Dols and grape-using Teeters) look like kin of German Dole's (GRAPEvine). It's asteroid-interesting that Tollers/Tolls share the Pepoli checks while the Apophis asteroid was pointed to by Dole-related Crabs/Crails. Crail-like Crawls/Craulls were first found in Oxfordshire, where Rooks (almost the Rookby Coat) were said to be first found until very recent. Crawls/Craulls even share the camel head in Crest with Pepins/Pepys and Pipe's; the latter were first found in Staffordshire with Tulls/Tolle's and HICKsons.

I've seen the Rook raven called a "rook", but we now have reason to suggest it's a "crow" because Crawls/Craulls were a branch of Crows (camel head), The Crawl write-up has a Crowle Worcestershire, where Rooks are now said to be first found, along with Rocks. Crows were first found in Norfolk with Cousins while Cruels/Crylls/Crows (Alan colors) are said to be on the COUSNon river at Dol. Alans are said to have had a branch at Mileham of Norfolk. Dol is near Mott(e) locations of Morts, begging whether the latter were from whatever named "MenuMORUT."

Gills (Yorkshire with Tracks/Tricks/Triggs) use a "nostra" motto term while English Rogers, now suspect as a Rookby branch, use a "Nos NOSTRAque" phrase. When read as "nosTRAQUE," it recalls that Tracks/TRICKs/Triggs and Drigs use Darts in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil. Tracks and Drigs both share the SUN in Crest with rooks, and raven-using Raisons/RAINESfords, suspect with naming RENNES-le-Chateau, share the cross of Sinclairs/SUNs (Midlothian with Feller-branch Falls'/Fallis'). French Poussins/Posse's, apparently related to something in Rennes-le-Chateau (see explanation below), show nothing but suns. Rennes-le-Chateau is in Aude province with Roquefeuil.

Darts were first found in Devon with Trick-like Tristans while the neighboring Tristans (Cornwall with TRICE's/Trysts) have stag heads in the colors of the English Roger stags. The Quinns who share the winged Gilligan horse have the Chief-Shield colors of Tracks/Triggs and Drigs. Merovingians had a mythical QUINotaur to which some of them traced themselves.

English Billets share the Bello/Bellow Coat, and while Eustace was father of Godfrey de Bouillon, Bouillon's, first found in Auvergne with Tullia of Lyon, have a "bello" motto term. Tools/Tooles' even have a brown boar in Crest to go with the brown boar head shared between Baileys (share Moray stars) and their Innis kin at Moray. French Billets have the Innus hexagrams in colors reversed, and while French Billets are Billiards too, English Billiards/Hillards have the Moray / Bailey stars too. Moray is where Terras' were first found, and German Terras' share rooks with Roquefeuil-line Rooks, the latter first found in Worcestershire with rook-using Rocks.

As Rooks have a raven on a gold wheat sheaf to go with the Joseph / Wheat wheat sheaves, let's go to the raven in the Crest of Raisons, for Reesors/Reasons/Raysons/RASONs were a branch of raven-using Rice's. The Raisons are listed with Raynsfords/Rainesfords/Reinsfords, which begs whether all Rain-like names, such as "Rennes," developed from Reason liners. More gold wheat sheaves are with Rainhams. Rookby are in Reesor/Rees and Rice colors and format, but also in the colors and format of English Rogers, who can apply to the Rugby location of Rookbys.

Concerning the Magdalene church in Rennes-le-Chateau, there is a blue-apples riddle that includes "Poussin," conspicuous where "Possunt" and "posse" are motto terms of Butts/Bute's. The latter are in the colors of French Poussins/Posse's, first found in Maine with French Josephs, the line of Flavius Josephus. Once again, his line looks related to Boethus.

Da-Vinci-code trash from the Freemasons has been connected to Rennes-le-Chateau, but this was all devised as per the Vince and Vincent surnames by goofballs who like to play bloodline games. I highlighted the "vincere" motto term above of Grails/Neils/Neals, but we can also go to French Vincents (Languedoc with Rennes-le-Chateau) because the Arms of Rennes-le-CHATeau is nothing but a gold-on-blue border, colors reversed from the border of French Vincents. English Vincents look like kin of CAT-using Croms, and Chateau could have been named by Clan Chattan liners because they were related to Botters/Botini's.

I've seen a Cromby branch with bottony crosses for linkage to Buttons/Budins, but as i can't re-find it, I'll just tell that the Chief-Shield colors of Crombys are reversed from the same of Miles'. Then, the Vincent border is in use with Mile's (Butt/Bute colors), were first found in Hampshire with Butt-connectable Josephs. Then, Italian Boys/Boets were first found in Reggio-EMILia (a dozen miles from Modena of the Boii), begging whether Emilia elements named Mile's and Miles'.

Reggio-Emilia is about 40 miles from BOLOGna, and BOLGers/Bulgers (trefoils, Rockefeller symbol) share the white bull head with Bollocks, the latter in Child colors and format for linkage to Merovingians. Bollocks were not only first found in Roxburghshire i.e. of Roquefeuils, but share the motto of Vince's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Childs. Though I know little about it because I don't care to know, heretical Da-Vinci-code lore is wrapped around Merovingians. The Bollock / Vince motto includes "Nil" for potential linkage to Grails/Neils. Merovingians from Abruzzo's Maruvium can be traced to Scottish Mars, who have two of the Tool/Tooles lions.

By the way, for those who know how I gave MAMie her tease symbol because she had a thigh symbol the next day, let me repeat that this traced her to the MAMESfelde location of Mansfields (Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Thys'), especially as Mens'/Mame's look to apply to Mansfields. I'm repeating this because I've just seen, in the write-up of Rookbys (Manfield colors and format), that Manfields married Rokeby. In the same write-up: "Rokeby, a parish, in the union of TEESdale, wapentake of Gilling-West." Too much, and proving I'm not crazy for making such crazy claims concerning my events with Mamie. Tees'/Tiss' were first found in Hampshire.


There's a NASA-crunching video out that is NOT by a flat-earther, can we believe it? The best clip in this video is, by far, the baby in the jumper. The scariest part of this video is the Trump devil stumping for NASA money, a theft on the American people, when most of the country knows by now that NASA has been faking all sorts of space events:

There is something terribly sick with the government bent on lying to the people, and keeping an angelic face. This is truly a psychotic game it's playing, not so much against us, but against itself. It's not destroying us so much as itself, for even if we believe the lies in staged events, it doesn't do much damage, usually, to us, but for the liars who thus treat humanity in general with disdain, it's, according to Jesus, spiritual murder, and there is a price to pay for it: eternal insanity. Nobody can be in Hell and not become insane there, because the reality will be too much to bear. Best thing, be truthful, be kind to humanity, and have disdain only for the liars and God haters.

If you were put in charge of protecting vaccine companies, and their pushers, from social-media onslaught, you would probably pay people to start social-media outlets with fake anti-vaxxers to make news on anything but vaccines. They would fake being highly opposed to vaccines, but then never push vaccine news afterward, except to repeat something already out there, once a month or less. Some on Fox news are exactly like that. Can you think of others? Are you subscribed to a conservative / Christian who hardly gives vaccine news the steady heat it deserves? I fear forced vaccinations are going to be back in a couple of years, maybe three. That's not much time to store a long supply of foods for a married couple, or for a family, or for grown / married children who refuse to store at your urgings.

This year, I'm striving for 100 spinach plants and 100 kale plants, but even then I'm going to eat half of it over the next year. That many plants do not take much room. One dries them a little at a time as the leaves grow. I'm drying broccoli / cauliflower / cabbage leaves too because, rather than starving, I like the thought much better of having them on hand. Dried, they will last a decade easily.

Even the courts in the most-liberal cities have decided that it was wrong for governments to fire workers for not vaccinating, very good precedent:

In this short video below, Fauci is, I think, admitting to 1.1 million deaths because he knows it's as much as ten times more due to vaccine-caused deaths that were blamed on other causes, but he wants to hide them all, and in the meantime wants to blame the COVID virus for them:

In the meantime, Fox news wants viewers to think that the stupid things Biden does are amongst the top stories EVERY DAY. That's called hiding the in-coming globalist plots by deflecting to other concerns.

Desire not a near-perfect world at this time, because you will not get it, and you will only become depressed hoping for it in vain. Make up your mind to be content with a roof, food, and good health. Don't take for granted the gift of God, when He gave Jesus over to suffering so that you can have inner peace, hope that will not disappoint, and a universe of good values providing a healthy conscience that opens the door for celebration. Do you like up? Globalists are seeking to steal our joy, don't let them, because the only thing that matters is your ability to celebrate your eternal life. Jesus' advice was: rejoice when you are slandered / persecuted from My Name's sake. He didn't die just to save you from death, but to make you happy too. Don't ignore this or forget it.

This is a huge gift, not to be ignored: He suffered for you, and you get the Comforter from Him, is that not a SUPER DEAL? Be grateful, stop seeking financial comforts. If you can't afford your mortgage, get a smaller, cheaper house, don't get depressed about going "downhill." I happen to have a roomy house, but it's only 1,200 square feet. It's huge. I don't need more. It's not a source of happiness; it doesn't talk to me, it's a dead thing. How could an additional 1,200 square feet make me happier unless I were a shallow ignoramus? How could a bedroom or kitchen twice as large make me happier? King Charles has a castle, and yet when we see him on the news, does he look happy to you? He's a trouble-making stinker whose got deep-seated mental problems.

Your life is within you. God trapped you in your body, and so you need peace and comfort in your jail of flesh. Find peace and comfort at work. This world is an incubator. You are in an egg shell, trapped, and we should be chirping to get out...except that this soul we have comes with a fear of death. You will not see the Light of Life until you pass through the birth canal at your death...if Jesus awards you with it. The reason Jesus chose to die is because he had great understanding. He died willingly to spare billions of people suffering, but also to allow them to taste jubilance and the Essence of God.

We are not yet born, meaning there is much to hope for, much to look forward to. We have no idea what the world looks like outside of this incubator, but we possess the understanding that there cannot be an end to space. We cannot understand how there can be no end to space, but we do know there cannot be eternally-spreading concrete at the end of space. Therefore, the mystery or reality outside of our grasp is: God is too much. If I, for anything in this world, want to squander away Life in God-Is-Too-Much, I am one sorry stupid. Beyond created materials, there is an eternally-spread God. One should think there's got to be SOMETHING to enjoy for people never having been there as yet. Jesus said BLESSED are those who make it.

You should prepare for the mark of the beast. We need to take opportunities to talk to Christian brethren about this, perhaps challenging them prove from the Bible that they will NOT be going through the "tribulation period." Ask them: are you not afraid in the least of starving to death to avoid the mark of the beast? What if you succumb to it due to the pain of starving, or the pain of watching your kids starve? What if you convince yourself it's not the mark of the beast, but only looks like it? What if you convince yourself that it's a false-alarm mark of the beast to keep from starving?

Ask them: do you not know that the Bible does not speak of two comings of Jesus in the end times? It is false to teach that Jesus comes once to rapture the Church, and a second time years later for Armageddon. The Bible teaches that He comes only at Armageddon, and it is then that he raptures and resurrects the Church. That's when we all hatch together and fly the coop.

Therefore, prepare foods to endure the 1260 days of Revelation 12, and stop listening to pre-tribulationist fools who tell you that the woman of Revelation 12 is Israel, not the Church. I'll be releasing a page soon with many preparation videos for you to peruse.

Perhaps the only reason that cash is still with us is because the political gangsters need it to launder money. However, the mark of the beast can still arrive with cash in the system because the mark of the beast can be a door passport. No passport, no entry into stores and work places...but, I think, in order for this to come to pass, the goons need another pandemic.
If you know the Biden-corruption details of the following story, then you may know what a shock it is for someone in the American congress to bring it up so forthrightly as is done here. In another great shock, this news video actually has the decency to put the date of the video on public display, which other news organizations will not because they make less money (get less views) that way. The bad news is, the Ukrainian did not answer the question, but instead gave a self-honoring response (whitewash) as is typical of guilty parties:

Here's Tucker showing his belief that 9-11 was an inside job, and he even admits why he ridiculed 9-11 truthers while working for Fox news i.e. afraid of the backlash:

Here's Bongino on REUMmler in the video below. Keep in mind that while I see Mrs. Kilpatrick on Epstein's island, when she is Sleeping Beauty, that Rums/RIMs, suspect from the Rimna river of Bongino-like Benjamites, were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. While Reummler-like Rumleys have a reflection of the Clinton Coat, and while Sleeping Beauty was with a car, and while Cars share the Nairn motto, Nairns share the Rodham Crest.

Nairns may have a giant chaplet because there is a "chaplet" around the NECK of the Hicks buck head. "Nec" is a Rodham motto term, and German Neckers had pointed to Epstein's reported hanging in prison along with the noose-like Nuse's/NEWES (share Necker pale bend). It just so happens that Newes'/Nuces', first found in Cambridgeshire with Rumillys/Rumleys, use "chaplets." Plus, the Rumilly-Skiptons were in Yorkshire, where Hicks' were first found. Skipton is in Craven with the Bank-Newton location of Benjamin-like Banks (Benjamin colors). The Newton "shin bones" jibes with the "bon" motto term of Hicks'.

Newtons have an "eastern PRINCE" while "Prenez" is a Winstanley motto term. Banks (Yorkshire with Prince's/Prinse's) are said to have had a branch in Winstanley (Lancashire with Cars), and WinSTANLEYs were at Wigan while Wigans, with the Car stars in colors reversed, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys and Annas'. Wigans not only share the Crest of Scottish Johnsons who were obvious kin of Kilpatricks, but have a Coat version of the Ainsley-related Annas' while Ainsleys share the Hicks fleur-de-lys.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture