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April 18 - 24, 2023

Dylan Mulvaneys Points to Anheuser-Busch
Apophis Asteroid in Less Than Six Years
Benjamites in Buttons of Florence

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

Nick Moseder has a show April 17 where he vehemently comes out against Trump for taking it soft on the makers of Bud Light beer for using a cross-dressing faggot as its figurehead, and in the middle of the show, Moseder tells his viewers he's not opposed to faggots or transgenders who choose those things. ??? In that show, Moseder is passionate for the boycotting of this beer company. ???? In this show, Moseder is blasting Republicans for sitting on the fence on this issue, and then he himself shows that he's okay with the very thing he's supposed to be upset about with the beer company. ???

By the time of his video, Anheuser-Busch stocks have fallen 30-percent since the Bud Light ad with the faggot, showing how far the reach is of conservative social media, which represents the majority of Americans, though leftists do not want this fact known.

Bud Light was pointed to by an event in Baytown, Texas, that also pointed to the Apophis asteroid. The coupling of pointers made me think that this asteroid, which I think could really be the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation, is aimed by God at end-time acceptance of Sodomites. For this section's heraldic investigation, let's begin with Heusers, since no Anheuser surname is coming up. Heusers/Howsers happen to share the German Bush/BUSCH Coat, and Anheuser-Busch owns Bud Light and BudWEISER beer.

To follow better, load Heusers now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

The pointer to the Apophis asteroid was through the Mountains in the flaming "mountain" of Kenneths/MacKenzie's because Spuds MacKenzie, the mascot for Bud Light beer, showed up at the Baytown event mentioned above, which you can see at either page here:

For a fuller explanation, see "Spuds" in my 5th update of last month (use link at top-corner of this page).

There is no Budweiser surname coming up, but I think it's a big deal that Weis'/Weisers have a good Coat reflection of the English Mountain Coat. If that's not enough, the six-pointed stars of Weis'/Weisers is in the colors of the seven-pointed star in the Crest of Buds! That heraldic set appears arranged by God because, I claim, he pointed us to Spuds MacKenzie in multiple ways, and I think we now know why in part.

Buds share the bow with Bogans, and the latter were first found in Bavaria with Weis'/Weisers, Rothes'/Rothchilds, and proto-Rothschild Bauer/BOWers. Scottish Bowers (bows) and Bows/Bough's both share five, bunched arrows with this Arms of Rothschild. The Bows are a clue here that I can go to the Rainbow surname, because the rainbow has regrettably been stolen by the deplorable faggotry activists.

This pointer gets more compelling because Pero's/Perino's, who have a near copy of the Weis/Weiser Coat, but who have comet-like stars, call their stars, "flaming stars", likely code for the Flamings / Flemings. The MacKenzie Crest jibes with the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation (a space rock said to be "like a mountain") because it's shown as a rock, the definition of an asteroid, yet the MacKenzie Crest is called, "mountain in FLAMES"!!!

Some English translations for the 2nd Trumpet use "like a mountain ABLAZE," perfect because Blaze's/Blays', who look highly related to a Kilpatrick Coat, share the Mountain martlet. I'll eventually get (later in this update) to how the Kilpatricks of Baytown were the ones with Spuds MacKenzie, but you can also see that topic in the 1st update of this month. Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick are in the photos above. Coincidence? I think not.

Scottish Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Walks/WACHs who share the garb of Blaze's/Blays' and WAKEfields, and the latter two were first found in Yorkshire with Walkers. Walks/Wachs share an "Industria" motto term with Yorkshire's Dents.

Blaze's share the Black saltire while "Daniel Blake, who is the Anheuser-Busch vice president for mainstream brands, has stepped back from his job..." He's being replaced. Blake's/Caddells share the giant fret of Cattels, only the Cattel fret incorporates a saltire in the colors of the Black and Blaze saltire. The center of the Cattel fret is the giant mascle of Faux's. first found in Essex with Apophis-pointing Mountains. It's also the fret of English Hansons, first found in Yorkshire with Blaze's and Blackys.

One can even go to the wake of a ship in this context because the 2nd Trumpet destroys one-third the ships. Below, there's a section on ship wrecks using the Wrecks/Wracks, at which time I'll show how that surname's border links to Ore's/Orrs...who share red roundels in Chief with Wake's ("ora" motto term). Wake's/WAIKs share double-red fesses with Weis-like WAIS'/Wassa's, and as the latter were proto-Washingtons (double-red fesses), might the Apophis asteroid be landing in the Atlantic ocean toward Washington DC? They say it will fly over that very region.

Note how the Wais/Wassa canton square looks related to the canton of Hicks-beloved Touts (Yorkshire with Cantons/Gantons, beside Washingtons). Cantons/GANTons, with the Washington Coat in colors reversed, share the double fesses of Sleeps. Sleeping Beauty. I find this amazing.

More. English Gants/Gaunts were first found in Kent with Dol-connectable Sea's, and the wavy fesse of Sea's is shared by Dutch Gants/Ghents whose Coat in turn is comparable to the whale-on-a-wavy-fesse of Dols, which looks like a whale on a sea.

Thus, Sleep-connectable Cantons/GANTons just took us to a sea theme, and Sleeps were even first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans while Hicks (Alan/ALLIN fesse in colors reversed) have an "ALL IN" phrase in the translation of their motto phrase, "Tout en." The "heure" motto term of Hicks takes use to Ure's/Eure's because "uro" is a MacKenzie motto term, and then there's the Ure's/ORReys too.

It's important to add that English Gants/Ghents tell that William the Conqueror married into the family of Gilbert of Gant, for this explains why French Gants have the Chief-Shield colors of English Tanners in colors reversed, for William the Conqueror was a grandson of "the tanner." It's important because English Tanners share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains while Dol is in Ille-et-Vilaine. Thus, Dutch Gants/Ghents do have the Dol fesse.

When she played Sleeping Beauty almost 50 years to the day before the arrival of Apophis, I was told to WAKE Miss Hicks, who married Mr. Kilpatrick, and so perhaps the Apophis asteroid is our wake-up call from God, for she and I then went up into the sky, in rapture, as soon as I awoke her.

I've explained how Sleeping Beauty was framed as my/a bride, and thus, in this context, she was the Bride of Christ (I'm not comparing myself with Jesus, of course). Bride-connectable Bridge's use the crab, and Apophis is returning in the constellation of Cancer the crab. French Bride's look like kin of Walks/Wachs and Close's (Yorkshire with Blaze's and WAKEfields), and Kilpatrick castle was at Closeburn (Dumfries).

The Mountain Crest jibes with the Pero Coat which itself jibes with the Bud-connectable Weisers. The best thing to do now is to repeat from the 5th update in March:

I'm repeating this because the "ad ASTRA" motto phrase of Nickers/Nicholsons is like the "as astra" of the MacKenzie's whose Crest rock is called a "mountain in flames". The 2nd Trumpet of Revelation has a mountain-like rock falling into the sea that looks like an ASTERoid, do you see? My New Testament interlinear, translating the Greek word-for-word, puts it like this: "...AS mountain a great with fire burning was cast into the sea." Most translations use "like" instead of "as," but the interlinear translation looks like it's supposed to draw us to the "AS astra" of flaming-mountain MacKenzie's.

The Tongue's/Tongs almost have the English Mountain Coat, and add a rock in Crest to assure that MacKenzie's were related to Mountains. The Tongue/Tong motto is, "Steady," and Steadys have bear heads in the color of the giant bear of English BEERs. German Weis'/Weisers are also Wise's, and English Wise's were first found in Devon with Beers and Hazels/HESSELs; the latter's leaf design is shown for French Heuser-like Housers/Hauss' and German Huls'. The Beer Crest even shares the raven with Roths'/Rothchilds and Rock-branch Rooks (both first found in Worcestershire), and these Rooks, until recently, were said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Weiser-connectable Peare's, and with English Housers/House's who share the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots (Devon with Hazels).

Both the Beer and Rook raven stands on a gold GARB, but Rooks are super because they share the Hesse/HESSEL/Huss/Hesser sun while Heusers/Howsers/HAUSers have a Coat with a good reflection of the Hesse/Hessel/Huss/Hesser Coat. The latter's Crest is a sun-version of the Weis/Weiser and Wies/Wieser Crest, all using wings, and while Wings are also Winks, English Winklers have the English Houser/House/Howse cross in colors reversed who in turn nearly have the Coat of Hussers! That looks like a definite pointer to Anheuser-Busch!

German Winklers share the gold-on-blue border of Justine's to show linkage to Wings/Winks, yet this border is used by MacKenzie's too who are even in full Winkler colors and format.

Rock liners are from Roquefeuil in Aude province, and, can we believe it: English Wise's have an "aude" motto term. Aude province is in Languedoc with the first-known Rocks/Roque's, rook-using Rockets, and French Mountains! Hit after hit.

Hussers have an earlier "Henry Hoese" of Oxfordshire than the House's have in Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire is also where Bee's were first found suspect in the "Be BOLDE, be WYSE" motto of Gallops. The lion in the Gallop Crest holds a curved arrow that could be called "bowed." The Bud bow is in the colors of the GoodBOLT/GoodBOLD/GoodBOW bow, and both surnames add the arrow. The latter surname was first found in Essex with Mountains. English Bolts/Bolds happen to have both the black eagle head of Scottish Bride's, and the black griffin of Brights. The triple Macey/Mace stars are shared in the same positioning with French RainBOWs, Brights and French Bride's (Savoy with Wise-beloved Aude's).

Garbs/Garbers/Garps (Austria with Hesse's/Huss'/Hessers) have a gold-garb version of the Weis/Weiser, Wies/Wiser and Hesse/Huss/Hesser Crests. English Wise's look like they use a mace in Crest while the three Macey/Mace stars are almost in the Garb/Garber Coat (share Wies/Wieser star).

Scottish Bride's are actually excellent for being in the colors and format of English Bush's/BUSCHS! I have seen, and even recorded in an old hard drive I no longer have access to, the English Bush/Busch Coat with a red fesse but retaining their black boars. To prove that Bride's and Bush's were closely related, the Bride-like Birds/Burds (Cheshire with Brights) have a all-red-version of the all-black Scottish Bride Coat, and the Birds/Burds add gold fleur-de-lys on their red fesse which is also on the fesse of Bush's whether they use the fesse in red or black. Birds/Burds share an eagle head (different color) with Scottish Bride's.

Heraldry even has a bird bolt feature (an arrow) that may be in use with German Bolts. I've got it recorded that Netts/Natbys (Lancashire with Bolts, Boltons and Riggs) and Riggs use the "bird bolt."

Therefore, it seems correct to have gone to Bride / Bright liners while investigating whether there are God-arranged pointers to Anheuser-BUSCH. I stepped to the GoodBOLT from the Bud bow, and then stepped to Bride's and Brights with the Bolts, and we can even add that there is a Good-like goat head in the Bush/Busch Crest.

Once we arrive to Bright liners, we must go to the "crabs" of Bridge's (Somerset with Bow-related and Rothschild-branch Roets), for the Apophis asteroid is going to become visible (April 2029) in the constellation of CANCER the crab. As I've said, the Chance's/CHAUNCEURs were first found in Essex with Mountains, as if God arranged to point to this asteroid...but not because it's going to fly by the earth without incident. French Chance's (Savoy with Bride's) share the Hesse/Huss/Hesser sun, and so I think that gets us back to Heusers/Howsers/Hausers.

Next, we go to English Rainbows to show how they point to the Apophis asteroid. First, they are listed with RAMberts/RamBAUDs/RainBALDs. French Bauds use a giant RAM, and Rams were first found in Essex with Rains/Raines' and Mountains and Chaunceurs! Ya see, an Apophis rock spit from God's mouth on the deplorables who stole His rainbow. Plus, the Rainbows share the checkered Shield of Warrens, and these checks are shared on a bend by both Wearings/Warings and POPE's/POPPs/Pape's. APOPhis!

The RamBERT variation is interesting where Italian Berts share the griffin of Jewish Hessers.

French Rainbows/RamBOWS/RamBERTs/ReimBERTs were first found in Brittany with Rennes. French Mountains were first found in Languedoc with RENNES-le-Chateau (Aude province). Rennes is near Dol, and while the Dol Alans were in Shropshire, that's where Hope's were first found who show a rainbow in Crest. The Hope rainbow happens to be above an earth split/broken right down the Atlantic ocean, and they say that Apophis will fly over the Atlantic ocean, but I say it should strike that ocean because it's coming closer to earth than the 20,000 miles they now announce / predict.

The Hope's are excellent, not just because they are in the colors and format of the Bride's who share the triple Rainbow stars, but because Hope's were first found beside Brights who likewise share those three stars.

The best way to numb the soul is to follow trans-faggot news. I shun it, don't read it. The headlines are enough. It's clouds-without-rain news, it will leave you like the desert, like sister cities burnt to a sulfuric crisp. In order for whole companies to support this demonism, company owners had to be secretly self-conditioned into accepting it. This didn't happen overnight. It was part of an anti-Christian movement that came out of the closet in the 1960s, though it existed under the radar in decades before that. They all knew who they were because they all spoke the anti-Christ language. Their favorite speech is vulgarity and abortion. This is their cult flag. They aspire to be the nation, and the united nations. They attacked the political framework, to own it, and they aspired to own the nations. They glory in the inglorious, and wish to enforce it upon us that we might become sick.

Therefore, stay away from such news, because it's intended to make you feel sick. Budweiser was trying to make us feel sick.

Dylan Mulvaney

Budweiser's troubles started when it used Dylan MulVANEy, an apparent faggot who dresses as a woman. The Apophis asteroid, if it's the 2nd Trumpet, will arrive as God's answer to 666-based persecution of Christians. Violent end-time Sodomy and 666-persecution goes hand-in-hand. Vaney-like Vaners/Vanier's probably have the giant English Jarret lion because these Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans listed with a Vaner-like Vaughns. It's possible, maybe even probable, that the 666 system will be vaccine-based.

Mulvaneys show a Mulvey variation, yet Mulveys are listed also with Reynolds/Rennauds, possibly from Brittany's Rennes. The only surname I know of sharing the "tueBOR" motto term of Mulveys/Rennauds are the Bings/Bongs/Bangs/Bengs (recalls the bowed fesse of Bongino's) who happen to share the Jarret / Vaner/Vanier lion. Bore's use the pot while English Pots, Ports and Porters were first found in the same place, beside Mulveys/Rennauds of Somerset, and Porters share the portcullis gate with Mulveys/Rennauds/RENNARDs.

New-to-me here Renners/Rainers almost have the Port Chief, and the latter's is in the colors and format of the Rainham Chief. Townsends, who were at a Rainham location, share the scallops of Fenns/Venns! It does appear that Mulveys are correctly listed with Rennauds due to being of MulVANneys.

French Porters were first found in Berry while English Berrys were first found in Devon with BEERS! It explains why Mulveys/Rennauds and English Berrys share triple fesses (different colors), for the "Nihil" motto term of English Berrys goes to the Nihill variation of Mulvaney-related Neils. The latter not only have a Coat like that of Mulvaneys, but share three estoiles (different colors) in Chief with English Ports. The "TueBOR" motto term of Mulveys/Rennauds got us to the Ports in the first place, and Berrys use, "Nihil sine laBORE." The Labore fesses are in the colors of the Berry fesses.

The triple Berry fesses are almost in use by Gaunts (Kent with Bings/Bangs), first found in Kent with the Virgins who share the MulVANey lion! That's a big one because a "virgin" is used in the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt while GAUNTlets are used by Phone's/Fane's/VANs.

The portCULLIS could reveal Port-line relationship with Cullis' who in turn use "PEAScods," perhaps code for the Peas variation of Peacocks, for the latter share "fear" in their motto with Jarrys/Garrys.

When we go to Jarrats (not "Jarret"), they have a reflection of the Irish Nagle Coat, and these Nagle's share the Fauci lozenge. Mulvaneys took us here, did they not? And Macey-related PHONE's/Fane's/VANs have a "fano" motto term while there's a Fano location near Rimini, and the latter is where Maschi's were first found who share the lion on the Jarret fesse.

German Nagle's/Neils/Nails fit perfectly into this discussion because Mulvaneys have a version of the Irish Neil/O'Nail Coat. Therefore, it seems correct that God arranged the Mulvaney character to point to the vaccine pusher, the gangster, Tony Fauci.

There's more linkage, because Fauns/PHONES'/VAUNs/VAUNCE's (Devon with Fenns/Venns/Fanns) share the eagle of Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genoa with Fauci's. And the Vaunce variation can take use to the Vance variation of Fauci-connectable Vaux's/Fanns, first found in East Lothian with the Faucets who share the giant lion of Veil-like Wells. The Veills are listed with the Vile'e in the "NE VILE" motto phrase of PHONE's/Fane's/Vans, and the Veils/Velis' were first found in Northumberland with PHOENix's/Fenwicks. Knee's/NEE's use the phoenix.

Vile's/Veills, in the motto of Macey-connectable Phone's/Fane's/Vane's, were first found in Gloucestershire with Maisys.

LOOKIE: The "phoenix" is used by TUFTS/Tuffs' while Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs') share the Jarry/Garry lion while Jarrets can be gleaned as a Jarry branch! The fox head of Jarrys/Garrys matches the red fox of Mulveys/Rennauds/RENNARds. French Rennars show a giant wolf or fox, I don't know which, but it's gold, the color of the Gaunt wolf head. But that's not all because BOSCO's use "TUFTs of grass"!!! Anheuser BUSCH! Look at how fast Mulvaneys got us to that beer company.

Veils/Velis', in the "NE velis" motto phrase of Griffins, have the eagles of English Bush's/Buschs in colors reversed, and French Jarrets/Jarrys have a boar head in the colors of the Bush/Busch boar.

Vile's/Veills (Gloucestershire with portcullis Yates') share calves (different colors) with Calfs/Caufs while Coughs/Cuffeys / Cuffs almost have the fleur-de-lys of CALVers, and the latter's fleur is in both colors of the fleur that fill the Vaner/Vanier Shield. The Calver fleur is shared by Bang-like Banks, and Bangs are the ones sharing "Tuebor" with Mulveys/Rennauds.

[Insert -- I didn't realize that "Calf" is like "Cliff" until about two days after writing here. Cliffs/Cleffs (Cheshire with Sale's, beside Cluffs/Clough's) are fully in the colors and format of English Bush's/Buschs! End insert]

WOW, Tubbs (CORNwall) almost have the Calver Coat, I've just realized! TUEBor!!! Behold the Tubb write-up: "The surname Tubb was first found in Cornwall where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of TRENgoff." Trens are listed with Trents/TRANS', and this boycott against Bud beer is to fend off TRANSgenders! I originally found the Trans surname from the Irish Walch/Walsh motto term, "TRANSfixus," and then while the Scottish Walsh's/Walchs almost have the BENJamin Coat, it's the BENGs/Bangs/Bings who took us to the "tuebor motto term at this point.

The red arrow of Irish Walsh's is shared by GoodBOWs (share Bud bow), and Arrows'/Arras' share the Tubb / Bank fleur-de-lys. BONGino's/Bongi's have a bowed / curved fesse to go with the bowed / curved bend of Botters/Botini's, first found in Florence with Bongino's/Bongi's!!! That's a beauty because the Bongino/Bongi stars are in the colors of the BUD star while English Botters are Bodins too. One can take this to "button"-using Tous'/Tosini's (Florence) because they have stars in the same colors as the Bud star, and because Botters/Bodens were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/BIDENs/Budins! Thus, we have a pointer to the Biden family along with one to Bud Light. Everyone thinks the Joe Biden now in the news is a pedophile.

Coughs/Cuffeys / Cuffs essentially share the Sale Coat while Salemans are in Vile/Veill and Bois colors and format. The Bois' are said to be a BOSCO branch, and German Bosch's share the nearly the Bush/BUSCH and Heuser Coat for a pointer again of this Mulvaney investigation to AnHEUSER-Busch, the company that hired Dylan Mulvaney. We got to this paragraph from the Van motto.

It's then amazing that English Bush's/Buschs share the Saleman and Ghent eagles while Phone's/Fane's/Vane's use gauntlets. Dutch Ghents/Gaunts share the wavy fesse of Dols. Busch-connectable French Jarrets/Jarrys are said to be "well established in the region of Dol". Ghents, Ports, and Porters were first found in Hampshire with Apophis-like Pophams/Poppins.

I can now go to the English Dole's, first because they share the fleur-de-lys of Crabs (Cambridgeshire with Dole's) for a pointer to the crab constellation, where Apophis will become visible to the eye! Plus, the Dole and Crab fleur is shared by Bush's/Buschs, Boschs and Heusers, and by Plows (Shropshire with Dol Alans and Jarrets) who in turn share the dancetty fesse of Buds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE.

Mulveys/Rennauds were first found in Somerset with the Lights and with the JEWS'/Chews perhaps in the "Jus" motto term of Mulveys/Rennauds. There is a not-bad way to link Lights/Lite's to "Bud Light", the beer that Dylan Mulvaney has posed for in the Budweiser ads. Lights/Lite's use the swan, and while Swans/Sions/SINE's once showed gauntlets, "sine" is a motto term of English Berrys, first found in Devon (beside Lights/Lite's) with Beers. Swans/Sions/Sine's were first found in Lanarkshire, near the first-known Ayers with a "lighter" motto term.

Jews/Chews use the Catherine wheel, and while Dol-connectable Whalers are listed with Wheelers, Wheels/Weals (Potter colors and format), first found in Shropshire with Stuarts, look like "Veil / Weil." At this point in the Mulvaney investigation, we are justified in taking the Dol Alans to their descent in Stewarts, for English Stewarts (Devon with WALERans, Fenns/Venns/Fanns and Fauns/Phones'/Vauns) share the Mulvaney lion.

There is a wheel in the Crest of English Bois'/Boys' who in turn share the Mulvaney lion. French Bois/Boscs were first found in Brittany with Jarrets/Jarrys. We got to the Shropshire Jarrets from Vaners/Vanier's, and the Dol Alans had moved to Shropshire, where English Jarrets and Vychans/VAUGHNs were first found; the latter even share the fleur-de-lys of Calf-connectable Coughs/Cuffeys, Cuffs, and Sale's.

Heraldry has a common "cornish chough" symbol, and while German Corners/Corne's have another black boar, English Corners/Garners share the Busch/Busch / Bosch / Heuser fleur-de-lys. Cornish's share the Corn chevron. Bude is in Cornwall, and Cornwalls share the giant lion of the Brittany Bois'/Boscs. Doesn't this appear to be Arranged heraldry for a pointer to Dylan Mulvaneys. The Dylan crescent is colors reversed from the Bois/Bosc crescent.

Busca is beside Sales-like Saluzzo, and the Dol Alans married Alice of Saluzzo, tending to assure that the Jarret boar is the Bush/Busch boar. The Dol Alans who married Saluzzo roosted at Arundel, in Sussex with the SALMON-using Hams, and with the same-colored, dolphin-using Hammers. Dolphins/DOLfins, with dolphins in the colors of the Dol WHALE, were once said to be first found in Surrey, where Salemans/Salmans were first found. Salome's/Solomons, sharing nearly the Vance/Fann/Vaux Coat, were first found in Rhineland with German Bush's/Buschs. English Vaux's/Vallibus' (WELL branch) were first found in Cumberland with Dolphins/Dolfins and Salmons.

The Whale's are listed with Well-like Whele's, and then I've just found a Veil-like Weil surname, first found in Swabia (overlaps Bavaria), and sharing two hexagrams in the same colors with wing-using Weis/WEISERs (Bavaria with Bauers). Buds almost have this hexagram. BudWEISER, there we go, all spelled out from the Dol whale. The Weil Crest has a blue wing, the color of the Bauer wings.

As Hoods/Hope's/HooperBUSCH's were first found in Bavaria too, we can take this to the "Cornish chough" of English Hoods/Hoots, but also to the Hope's/Hopers (Shropshire) with the rainbow over a cracked / broken earth in the Atlantic Ocean.

I see the "All in" phrase in the translated motto of Hicks (Alan/Allin fesse in colors reversed) as code for Alans/Allins. King Apophis was a HYKSos, and I say the Hyksos obtained a hex = six code that will be honored in the last days with 666. Wies'/Wiesers, a branch of hexagram-using Weisers, were first found in Silesia with the BroCUFFs/Prokopps sharing the sphinx (different color) with Weils. Moreover, Silesia is where Helds/Helts were first found who share the HICKson Coat.

Brocuffs were a branch of Broke's/Brocks, who not only share the Stewart motto, but it might just be that Hope's/Hopers have a "broken" earth or world. Yes, I've just found this (5th update of January, 2015): "The English translation of the Hope's [motto] is likely the primary version because it uses 'hope' and 'unBROKEN' while the Crest shows a 'broken globe.'" When I put heraldry symbols in quotation marks, it's because I've seen the official description. Note how "GLOBe" is like "Goplo," for the Goplans who named Goplo were also GOLPani

Poppys/Popleys, suspect with mythical Popiel of the Goplo mouse tower, were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, and then the black eagles of Poppys/Popleys can take us to the black eagle legs of Hicksons. Yorkshire is also where WHEELwrights (Catherine wheels) were first found, and mythical Piast the Wheelwright took over Popiel's mouse tower. Hykes'/Hacks share the quadrants of Bings/Bangs, the ones sharing "Tuebor" with Mulveys/Rennauds. So, yes, Dylan Mulvaney has pointed to the Apophis asteroid as expected.

The Hicksons have two eagle legs in saltire like the bows-in-saltire of Goodbolts. These bows are in the colors of the Bud bough, and Godbolts come up as Goplo-like Gobels. I've resolved that French Gobels share the Macey/Mace Shield due to the Mieszko's of mouse-tower descent. Italian Gobels share the camel with Pipe's (Staffordshire with Hicksons) and their Pepin/PEPY branch. Apophis was also Apepi. Thus, it appears that Miss Hicks is a pointer to the Apophis asteroid.

The "God" motto term of Poppin- / Pepin-beloved Mens' can apply to Goods via GODbolts. English Goods and Sea's were first found in Kent, where Ticks/TUCKs were once said to be first found who share the Bolt griffin. Poppins/Pophams share the stag heads of Anne's/Hanne's, first found in Tickhill (Yorkshire with Ticks/Tucks), and then Sea's with Seamans can be gleaned as kin of TUCKers.

Miss Hicks, who appeared at a HOOD in my 1979 dream, almost 50 years to the day before Apophis' return to earth, is Charlotte Kilpatrick. She is holding a trophy in the top-right photo at the page below, the page that has her husband posing with Spuds MacKenzie lower down on the page: There is some garbled text in the page below that allows you to verify that Charlotte was the "trophy girl":

The page above is dated April 9, 1987, and Apophis is returning April 13, 2029. I did not record the date of the dream in which she appeared, but do remember my conversion in March/April, 1979. I have repeated that the dream was about a week after my conversion. The barbecue win must have been a few days before Thursday, April 9, likely on the previous weekend.

I claim that God showed me, through a medallion-on-my-hood event, that the crescents of Hoods/Hoots are connectable to the crescents of Scottish Hodley-connectable, Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with the Nimo's suspect in the Cough/Cuffey motto term, "Animus." I've repeated the medallion's link to Bauds a million times since 2016, and can now add that Bauds are like "Bud." Bauds and Balds share the ship on blue with Dewits/Jewitts/Juets, and the latter have an "ANIMO" motto term.

Note "AniMUS, for Caucasian Bats at the Moschi mountains were not far from Mus at lake Van. Mus is at Tarun while Tarrs/Taras' were first found in Somerset with MARSH's/MASH's while Mars (share leopard with Mosca's) come up as "Maas," and then Nimo's are listed with NewMARSH's. Then, Marsh's/Mash's share the Chief of French Chance's, and can therefore have the lion of Maschi's and English Chance's in their Crest. "MERCY" is a motto term of Guiscards, the latter first found in the same place as Nimo's/NewMARSH's. French Chance's were first found in Touraine while Touraine's almost have the Tarr/Taras Coat, and Touraine is in Savoy, where Masseys/Mass' were first found.

Maisys/MERCYs, first found in GLOUCestershire, have the Potter Coat in colors reversed, and Potters were first found in Hampshire with the POTs (another leopard), and with Chance-branch Chace's, and then the Bat Caucasians were in or beside POTi at the GLAUCus river. Gloucestershire is also where Meschin-connectable Samsons were first found who share a patonce cross (different colors) with Chance's and Chace's. Bats could have been in nearby Alania.

The RAINbows/RAINBAUDs/ReinBalds were first found in Gloucestershire with Van-beloved Vile's/Veills. The Shield-filling checks of Mulveys/RENNAUDs are in the colors of the Baud and Bald quadrants, which are in Bud colors. Bauds are also Baads while Baats/Bats (Shropshire with Jarrets) share the black bat with the Batons/Bastons in the "baton" of Coughs'/Cuffie's (Beat/Beet fleur in colors reversed) in turn linkable to the Calfs/Caufs in the Vile/Veill Coat. The Tous' with "BUTTONs," a branch of Bute's/Butts/Boets, have the "BUST" of a "man." Nimo's use a "boast" motto term while Boasts are listed with the Bosco-related Bois'/BUSTs in turn in Saleman/Salman and Vile/VEIL colors and format. French Bois' were first found in Brittany with French Jarrets/Jarrys.

The harp or lyre of the Weil is in the colors of the harp / lyre of French Davis', first found in Brittany with the Roys whom can connect to Royal-connectable German Rolls, first found in Swabia with Weils. Therefore, the Dol whale looks like a branch of Weils and Veils/Vile's. Wiles' (Sussex), sharing the double fesses of Vannes'/Ness', even share five, bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild.

ROBIN HOOD might even be in the Crest of Bavaria's Bogans, and to this it can be added that the female in the Darlene Crest wears a "robe" while Robe's/Robbs, first found in Stirlingshire with Bud-like Bauds, share the chevron of Robins. Buds, first found in CORNwall with English Bogans, share the bow (different colors) with German Bogans!!!

The reason Darlene's are to topic is that their fitchees are colors reversed from the same of Weils. English Bogans have the Sandys in their write-up who share the fitchees of Darlene's / Darlingtons / Sands (Surrey, look like Alan kin). Darlingtons were even first found in Durham with bow-using, Roet-related Bows/Bough's (share Arms-of-Rothschild arrows). Darlene's and Darlingtons share the Shield of gold drops with Cnuts, kin of Hope's/Hopers, and we had just seen the Hoods/Hope's/HooperBUSCH's. Durhams, by the way, share the blue-tinge dolphin with Kennedys and Crafts.

As the cracked earth of Hope's/Hopers points to the Apophis asteroid, I've been looking for inclusion of an Apophis-like surname in this Mulvaney investigation. discussion. The best I can do thus far is Poppo I of Babenberg, who lived at Bavaria's Grapfeld. Babenbergs share the Coat of Waters, and there's a good chance that the water in the Mulvaney Coat is called "water," though "ocean" makes a lot of sense where Oceans/Cahans and Mulvaneys (both first found in Derry) were both Kane / McCain liners. Kane's may be sharing the Ham "salmon."

Black-boar Babens were first found in Suffolk, beside the first-known Waters, and while Babens have double fesses in the colors of the Alan fesse, Alans of Dol can be expected to the Dols having a wavy fesse in the colors of the wavy bends of Oceans/Cahans, which can explain why the Dol whale is upon the wavy fesse itself looking like an ocean. Suffolk is where Warrens were first found who share the checks of Wearings/Warings while the latter have the bend-with-checks of POPE's/POPPS/Pape's. German Pape's are listed with Babenberg-like Papenburgs. That works.

The Arms of GlaMORGAN have the Water / Babenberg Coat in colors reversed. The Mulls/Maladys/MOLEdys, who may have named Mulvaneys/MulVEYs of MOHILL, share the giant lion of Morgans and Moors, and then I trace mythical Morgan le Fay (Cornwall with Vivians/Veys and Buds) to the boot of Dutch Veys. Buds are listed with Bude's in Butt/Butt colors, and the latter's estoiles are shared by PORTs, first found in Hampshire with portcullis-using Porters. The Ports had been to topic earlier with the PORTcullis gate of Mulveys/Reynolds/Rennards whose fox can link to the fox of Fez's/FAYs.

Repeat: "[Neils] not only have a Coat like that of Mulvaneys, but share three estoiles (different colors) in Chief with English Ports. " this makes for a super pointer to Dylan Mulvaney because the lion in the Dylan Crest, which is also the Mulvaney/Mulvey lion, holds an estoile, and moreover Dylans are said to be from DRUMrany while the triple fesses of German Drummonds are colors reversed from the three of Mulveys/Rennauds. It could seem that God arranged even Dylans to point to Mulvaney together with a pointer to Mulvey- / Drummond-Sea's (Kent, same as Bings/Bangs sharing Mulvey motto term).

The Dylan lion holds a gold estoile, and there is a gold star on the shoulder of a giant and red lion of English Bois' that is in both colors of the Mulvaney lions. The Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs have a giant red lion too, in both colors of the Rand/Rance lion that itself has symbolism on and below the shoulder. The Rance river (not far from Vannes of the Celtic Veneti) is near Rennes, and this could be the line of Mulveys/Rennauds.

The Darlingtons even share "dum spiro spero" in motto with Dylans. I've seen the Darlene description with the "female figure" holding a "book", symbol of Roets who share the full motto of Bud-connectable Bows/Bough's (same place as Darlingtons). One of those motto terms is shared with Masters who are in Darlington and Hook colors and format. I've included Hooks (Devon with Darlene's) because they have a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat, and moreover the Hook fleur-de-lys are those of Meaths, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and Drummond-connectable Mars, and beside the Darlingtons while Dylans were first found at Drumrany of WestMEATH. Earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy, in Angus with the first-known Gardens/JARDens who share the Coat of French JARRETs.

The beauty here with a Hook>Hicks-Darlington link is that Darlene's and Darlingtons share a Shield of gold DROPs, and I've been half-waiting to find a Hicks link to Drope/TROPE's because she was the TROPHY girl at the event with Spuds MacKenzie. The reason that the Darlene "feMALE" can be at least part-code for Mails/Meols is that Mule's were first found in Devon with Darlene's. And Mails are said to have been at WIRRAL while the Drummonds have a "WARILY" motto term. Keep these Drummonds on the brain because German Drummonds almost have the triple Mulvey/Rennaud fesses.

Sleeping Beauty, in the 1979 dream mentioned above, pointed to Wake's who almost have the Mule Coat, and Wake's share red roundels in Chief with the Ore's/Orrs suspect in gold drops, for they are called, "or." Neil-connectable Nellys also have this red roundel, as do Shirts in the shirt-and-BUTTONs of Tous'. Mulvaneys/Mulveys have a version of the Neil/O'Nail Coat.

Stirlingshire is where Boast-loving Nimo's were first found, and Boasts are listed with Busch-line Busts/Bois' in the "bust" term of the Tous description. Stirlings can point to the Apophis asteroid, which lands in the SEA if it's the 2nd Trumpet, and Sea's (Kent with Trips) share the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds (Hamburg with Trips). What are the chances? English Hamburgs, sharing the crosslets of English Trips, have gold drops. See Drummond connection, in the last update, to AngleSEA at MONA of Wales, for ancient Emona is at Bled and Lesce.

Th date of the Sleeping Beauty dream apparently pointed both to the Spuds-MacKenzie event and to the Apophis asteroid. Drummonds named Drymen in STIRlingshire, where Bud-like Bauds were first found, which explains why Sturs share the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds where Stirlings (share "Gang" with Drummond motto) are also Sturlings. French Sturs are listed with Asters suspect in the "as astra" motto phrase of Apophis-pointing MacKenzie's (Ross-shire, near Stirling). There you have it. Don't go boating in the ocean on April 13, 2029. It might be a bad Friday the 13th.

We can add that the Stirling buckles on a bend are in colors reversed with Stops/Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire with Fridays, Hicksons, and with the Bassets who share the Scottish Drummond Coat exactly. Fridays almost have the triple Dylan crescents in both colors.

Stirlings/Sturlings share gold buckles on a bend (different color) with Drummond-connectable Leslie's, and Leslie's are from Lesce, beside Bled. The Stirling Crest even shares the Rainbow Moor head minus the beard, and Bards/Beards share the Leslie Crest while Beards/Bearts were first found in Brittany with Jarrets/Jarrys and RENNes. The Bear variation of Beards/Bearts can then connect to Beers (bear) and Berrys, both first found in Devon, and these Neil-connectable Berrys have the triple fesses of Sturs in colors reversed. I don't often see a Moor head with a beard, but there you have the reason for the Rainbow beard.

[Insert -- This is a good place to repeat from above because we are hearing that Alissa HEINERscheid of AnHEUSER / BudWEISer is the one who advanced Dylan Mulvaney: "Hussers have an earlier "Henry Hoese" of Oxfordshire than the House's/Housers have in Oxfordshire. Oxfordshire is also where Bee's were first found suspect in the "Be BOLDE, be WYSE" motto of Gallops." Oxfordshire is also where BANKers were first found while Banks share the Calver and HEINER/Heinz fleur-de-lys, and Heiners/Heinz's were first found in Saxony with Weiss'. Does that work for a pointer to Bud Light news at present?

Her immediate boss at Bud Light is Michael Goon, and Goons/Come's/Comeys happen to have a "bot" motto term while German Bots are listed with Butts/Bute's/Boets. Goons/Come's/COMBS/Comeys share the Clan Chattan motto, and Chattans with Chatans were kin of Italian Botters/Butini's (bowed bend), kin in turn of Balcons/BalCOMBs (compare with Chatan Coat). The latter were first found in Crail while Crails are listed with Apophis-pointing Crabs.

If Crails were from "Carol," it points doubly to the Apophis asteroid in that the Carolingian dynasty descended from Pepins. Crail (Fife) is near the first-known Carls of Aberdeenshire. Carls are in SCHEID colors and format, and Scheids (new to me now), looked up as per Alissa HeinerSCHEID, show nothing but three roses while Scottish Rose's have the BOSCO's in their write-up, awesome because Scheids were first found in Rhineland with Bush's/BUSCH's. Plus, German Rose's, first found in Silesia with Wies'/Wiesers (!!!), show nothing but three roses too! Plus, more roses are with Scheid-like Scheds/Sheds. This insert works super.

CAROLs were first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys while Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Sheds/Sheddens and Skits/Skeets/Skeochs. Sheds/Sheddens have griffin heads in the colors of the German CARLson griffin. Sheds/Sheddens share the fitchee of English Berts (Devon with Tuckers) and Burts (Norfolk with Sched-branch Skate's/Sheets), both in the colors and format of Scottish Kennedys, while Italian Berts/Berta's share the giant Carlson griffin too.

This insert is being added on the Monday (April 24) that news came out of Tucker Carlson's leaving Fox news, a super thing if he goes to private news with the whole truth. End insert]

There are heraldic spots, like "Spuds," but the best I can recall doing for a spot-like surname is the Spotten variation of Spauldings, who have buckles in the colors of the Leslie buckles. The Hinks (Oxfordshire with Leslie-line Lesks and Bee's) in the motto of Spottens/Spauldings (share Leslie buckles!) have a Coat like that of Ermine's/Armys (Lincolnshire with Spottens/Spauldings and Tailbois') and TailBOIS'/TailBoys, which can explain heraldic "ermine spots," plentiful in Brittany with the first-known French Bois'/Boscs. Thus, heraldic spots do look like code for Spottens. Boys/Bie's use bees. Dylan Mulvaney could very well be a demonic luster for boys.

Buttons/BIDENs share the fesse of German Butts/Bute's/BOETs, and it just so happens that Italian Boys/BOETs/BOVa's/BO's (giant bull) almost have the French RainBOW Coat. The latter, looking like French Alan kin, and therefore linkable to the Bongino/Bongi Chief, were first found in Brittany with the Beards/Bearts/Bears (giant bull) in the beard of English Rainbows (from Dol)! Smack-dab spot-on. Bongino's/Bongi's are the ones with a bowed fesse. English Rainbows share the Wearing/Waring checks while the "man" with "bust" in the the Tous/Tosini Coat is said to be "wearing a shirt with gold buttons." The three Tous/Tosini stars are arranged like the three of Bongino's/Bongi's, suggesting Benjamite liners in Pisa / Florence. (See the full Tous/Tosini description in the first update of this month.)

The Spotten/Spaulding Crest looks like a dagger, and Daggers happen to share the red bull with Beards/Bearts/Bears (Brittany), another good pointer to Spuds MacKenzie's beer. Daggers were first found in Cumberland with NATURALs/Nattrass', and while Spottens/Spauldings share the Leslie buckles, the Lesce-connectable Tous' have a "bust NATURAL."

If NATTRass' were of Naders/Nadlers/Nede's/Nedele's, note that their star is on the lion of Brittany's Bois'/Boscs while Needle's/Needlers were first found in Shropshire with the Crab-connectable Plows who in turn share the dancetty-fesse of Buds. Needle's/Needlers happen to share the Fetter/Fett Coat while Lights/Lite's use feathers. Bud Light. Irish Pettys (bees) have a compass "NEEDLE" and were first found in Warwickshire with the Plow-related Curtis'/COURTis' (share Bud dancetty-fesse) while Nations/Nathans use compasses and the fesse of Cords/McCOURTs, the latter first found in Ayrshire with the Ayers having a "Lighter" motto term.

English Pettys (Warwickshire too) share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild while the first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan. These quadrants are also of the Fasts in the "Grip fast" motto of Leslie's, earls of Rothes. Irish Pettys have a Coat looking related to the Leslie Coat.

Hinks have a Coat like the one of Jardins, first found in Angus with the Gardens/Jardens sharing the Coat of the Brittany Jarrets/Jarrys. Hinks look like a branch of Ince's / Inch's/Hinch's who named Inch in Cheshire, where Spottens/Spauldings were first found. Ince's were at a BOUGHton location in Cheshire, and Buds/Bude's use the bow. Inch's (share red roundels with Shirts and Mule's) were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds whose motto in turn looks like code for Wirral in Cheshire, home of Mails/Meols.


I am sure that the white dog in a Hayden Crest is said to use "spots," and the other Haydens share the Beauty bull because the spot-using Haydens share the quadrants of Hats/Hades' (Dorset with Beautys), and to top this off, the Hayden quadrants can be gleaned as those of Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk with both Hayden surnames) while the Yorkshire Tute's/Touts are in the Hicks motto. That's quite a package for pointing to Sleeping Beauty as she herself can point to the Apophis asteroid, especially if the Haydens do use Spuds-like "spots" in their description.

The Hats/Hades' trace to the Hatti on the Halys river, and at the top of that river is lake Tatta while Tattons share the Tute/Tout crescents. The Tattons not only share the Hat/Hades and Hayden quadrants, and not only share a white greyhound in Crest with the spotted dog of Haydens, but the other Tatton crescent is the one of Dylans.

The Apophis-like Paphlagonians were at mouth of the Halys river, and there is a Halys surname with boar heads in the colors of the Goff boars, which I mention because the TrenGOFF location of Tubbs is the one that pointed shortly above to transgenders, and the Galli priests of Cybele are said by some writers to have been cross dressers. Cybele (probably named as per a Cabelees people group) was paired in myth with the Hatti. There is a Cabyle location (suspect with the naming of Cybele) on a TONZus river (Thrace) while button-using Tous'/Tosini's are also TONSO's, and then Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire with CAPLans) share the chapeau owned by Cabyle-like Capelli's.

Paphlagonians could have named Papia, more-commonly known as Pavia, because it was co-founded by Laevi Gauls suspect in the make-up of Galatians when the Gauls named it (around 250 BC) smack at the upper Halys river. The Marici were also co-founders, and they may have been from whatever mythical Marsyas was named after in neighboring Phrygia.

Paphlagonia included SINope, where the Cimmerians stationed themselves when conquering king Rusa of Lake VAN. History had a "Paphlagonian Heneti" peoples while myth writers made Heneti the proto-VENeti, suspect as mythical Venus, the Roman Aphrodite, wife of the mythical metal smith. Metal work was large at the Paphlagonian theater with the HALYbes. Aphrodite was portrayed as an adulteress with Ares, the Roman Mars, and it makes much sense that Marsyas was from Amorites of Mari, as could be HIGHLY expected of mythical Mars.

So, Mulvaneys can trace to Lake Van, and then through the Heneti > Veneti, and the latter is where Merovingians traced themselves who look like they had named Maruvium of the Marsi. The Merovingians came to be ruled by Paphlagonian-connectable Pepins, and an Este location, beloved of the Pepins/Pepys, is at the PADOVa area of the Veneti, suspect with the BATAVi Franks who lived beside the Salian Franks who made up the first Merovingians.

This picture works because Marsi were in Abruzzo while Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found in Padova too, and while the old Abruzzo capital was Aphrodite-like Aprutium, the current capital is L'Aquila while Aquila's share the Italian Este Coat. English Este's (in the Pepin/Pepy motto) were first found in Essex with CAMULodunum, and thus the Pepin/Pepy camel must be code for that place because Pepins/Pepys share the horse heads of English Este's.

This discussion is excellent where "Mens" is in both the Pepins/Pepy and POPham/Poppin motto. The latter even add "MANSit." The Men's/Mame write-up: "One branch of the family remained in England to eventually become the Dukes of Rutland with the surname of Manners..." It just so happens that MANESS'/Manners share the double fesses of English Bays who were in turn first found in Colchester, which was anciently Camulodunum. PERFECT.

German Mans/Manners can get us to the Scottish Mans/MANTs i.e. like "Manto," and the Mans/Mants are linkable via the Dragons/Drainers to Mynetts who were in turn from king Amyntes of Galatia. Mynetts were first found in Kent with PERTs/Petts while Perta was at the shore of lake Tatta (Galatia). The Pert/Pett bulRUSHes can be traced well through the Bull annulets to the annulets of Rusa-like Rush's.

Roxolani Rus were at Wallachia, and Scottish Walch's/Walsh's (ROXburghshire) share the Benjamin annulets. Rush's were first found beside the first-known Benjamins of Norfolk.

As Hyksos were said to be Asians while Asia was at the Armenia theater and therefore at and around MUS of Lake Van, I trace the family of the Hyksos king, Khyan, to Mus because it was his daughter, I claim with good explanation, who named the Biblical Moses (this explanation requires that Egyptologists do not have their dating correct for Egyptian dynasties). The Mulvaneys are said to be from the Khyan-like Cahans/Kane's.

Note the "AS astra" motto term of Apophis-pointing MacKenzie's, suspect from the Asia-like Assi surname because it's connectable to the Justine's who in turn share the MacKenzie border. Justine's were related to Wings/Winks, explaining why wings are used by Justs, and "just" is a motto term of Peacocks, first found in Essex, location of MacKenzie-beloved Mountains and Camulodunum.

Justs were first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tess, from the Tessin river through Pavia. This makes the Justs appear to be using the Tiss/Teese chevron in colors reversed. Justine of PICENum married an emperor out of VINKovci, and the so-called "PIKE heads" of Piccots are, I assume, on the Just chevron, for they are arrow heads in the design of the Piccot pike heads. Scottish Pike's/PICKENs share the pierced stars of Salmon-like Salome's, and Merovingians are linkable to Salemans/Salians, first found in Surrey with the Machets suspect in the "Macte" motto term of Fiscs, beautiful because the latter have almost all four motto terms of MacKenzie's, include "ad astra."

Machets share the fleur-de-lys of Hyksos-line Hicks, but also with the English, Marici-like Marks, first found in Essex with Camulodunum. Machets share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys while Ainsleys were first found in Basford while Basfords share the Este / Aquila eagle. Likewise first found in Basford were the goat-using Bunnys, and mythical Marsyas was a goat. Marsyas elements are expected on the Tessin river with Marici, and Basford is in Nottinghamshire, the latter being where Tease's/Thys' were first found.

German Gobels almost have the Trout Coat, and both may have three salmon, which fish they lay out in a triangle shape, which evokes the triangle in the Fisc Crest which comes with a gold ESToile. Fiscs were first found in Norfolk ("Macte virTUTE sic itur ad astra") with lake-Tatta-line Tute's/Tuits, but also with camel-head Crows.

Trouts were first found in Westmorland with Machet-like Machels, and the only reason the latter are to topic is that Machets were first found in Surrey with Michaels, yet it's also where Biss' were first found who are in the colors and format of Machels (share white greyhound with Tattons). The double Biss snakes are probably the double Visconti snakes in the Arms of BISSone, and this location is in the Ticino canton of Switzerland, which named the Ticino = Tessin river through Pavia.

The Crafts, who came to topic in the last update with the motto of Czech Michels, were likewise first found in Essex with Camulodunum. The blue-tinge dolphin is shared between Cilicia-line Kennedys and Crafts, and I aim to tell again why Hyksos were in Cilicia. The latter was depicted by mythical Cilix, brother of CadMUS, code likely for the Cadusii of Mus.

I had resolved that surnames having SIX pale bars, as do Crafts, Landens/Landers, Langleys, Langfords and Longfords, were Pepin-of-Landen lines. Landons/LANGdons have bear heads in the colors of the Beer bear, and the Berry fesses are in the colors of the Craft / Langford pale bars. Longs, with nearly a Pepin/Pepy motto term, and looking like Vaner/Vanier kin (evokes Paphlagonian > VENeti), were first found in Wiltshire with True's/Tree's/TROWS who in turn look like they are of the TROWtback variation of Trouts, and it just so happens that bear-using Trots/Trude's have six pale bars of Langfords.

Trouts are said to have been at "Trowtbeck in the parish of Windermere", and while Windlers share the WINKler Coat, German Winders share red wings in Crest with Justs, first found in Switzerland with the Ticino Canton.

English Winders share nearly the WHITE bull head of Phone's/Fane's/VANE's, only Winders apply ermine SPOTs while the Phone's/Fane's/Vans apply the same spots as do the WHITE dog of Tuit-related Haydens, and I'm very sure that the latter's spots are called, "spots." Isn't this a pointer to Spuds MacKenzie? The other Haydens almost have the dancetty-fesse of Tottens suspect in the "Tout en" phrase of Hicks', and Miss Hicks (birth name) was the trophy girl at the Spuds event.

The Drops/TROPE's (Norfolk with asteroid-pointing Fiscs, and with both Hayden surnames) have a white and passant lion to go with the white and passant Hayden dog, and then the other Haydens have an upright white lion with a paw on the Beauty bull. Ainsleys share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, and Ainsley Earhardt is the mother of HAYDEN Proctor. Proctors use Mulvaney-connectable NAILS! So far as I can gather, Ainsley Earhardt, as the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, has pointed some Fox news people to Jeffrey Epstein's island. One way in which I knew I was on that island, in the Sleeping Beauty dream, was my standing in blue OCEAN WATERs at the island shore, mentioned here because Oceans are listed with Cahans'/Kane's.

Two Kane surnames may have salmon, which could connect to German Gobels if they too have salmon, keeping in mind here that Gobels are traceable to the mouse tower of Mieszko Piasts, suspect from the MOSca's/MUScas' of Italian PISA. Mythical Daphne was placed into the Ladon river at Grecian Pisa.

Mamie, who pointed hard to the Mens'/Mame's, had both a tease and a thigh symbol, and while Tease's/Thys named the Tessin river through Pavia (i.e. where we expect a Pepin / Poppin branch), mythical Hephaestus, husband of Aphrodite, had a thigh symbol which also gave him a lame symbol. His thigh symbol can be gleaned in the myth where he mated with Athena, and as Athens is in ATTICa, we can even trace that place to mythical Attys/Attis, sun God of Phrygia, and symbol for the Hatti on the Halys river, thus making Hephaestus, the metal smith, look like he was of the Halybes (the latter named iron).

Miss Hicks was the trophy girl of BAYtown, and we saw English Bays of Camulodunum. Bash / Base / Bass / Basford / Bassus elements can apply with the Bays variation of English Bays. French Bays share the triple crescents of Labels/La Bells, and bells are used by English Porters while French Porters were first found in Berry = Avaricum. It's important that English, Pepin-connectable Bays were first found at CAMULodunum, for Labels/La Bells were first found in Gascony with French Pepins and Martels. Charles Martel, the founder of the Carolingian dynasty that toppled the Merovingian Franks, was a Pepin, explaining why Martels and French Pepins were both first found in Gascony.

French Bays are in the colors and near-format of German Gobels while Italian Gobels have a giant camel. To make this connection stronger, mythical Daphne was the sister of Manto, and while Italian Gobels were first found at MANTova, French Bays were first found at Dauphine (shares dolphin with Dolphins). The Hyksos historian, MANETHo, looks like he was descended exactly from whatever a myth writer was alluding to in "Manto." Manto and Daphne were made granddaughter of EVERES, the mythical "shepherd seer," which may explain why Manetho called the Hyksos "shepherd kings," for Hyksos had ruled at Everes-like Avaris. The Eure's/EVERs (share Vere/Vair quadrants and Weir/Vere boar) can apply to mythical Everes because "heure" is a Hicks motto term.

Dauphine is where rooster-using Galli's and Galleys were first found, suspect with Galatians. English Galleys (Yorkshire with Poppys/POPLeys Wheelwrights) share the Pepoli checks, and mythical Popiel was the first ruler of the Goplo mouse tower.

We can take "Avaris" to ancient Avaricum in France, now Berry, and this can get us to Berrys and Beers, where we want to go with a Mulvaney picture that points also to the Apophis asteroid. Again, king Apophis/Apepi of the Hyksos can trace to Paphlagonians, and thus to the Heneti that named VENeti. MulVANey. Avaris was on the delta of the Neil-like Nile river, and Mulvaneys have a version of the Neil/O'Nail Coat!

The beauty here is that the red-on-gold estoiles of Neils/O'Neils are shared by Colchesters while the Arms of Colchester use nails, and Colchester was once Camulodunum. Plus, to my great surprise, which I didn't find until after writing the last sentence, the Colchester Crest (estoile) is identical with the Dylan Crest! Dylan Mulvaney!

Wikipedia says/said that Hyksos were "Heka KHASEWET" in Egypt, suspect by me with KIZZUWATna in Cilicia. Lupus Laevillus, king of Cilicia, and suspect from the Laevi of Papia, had "VARus" for one on his names. He married a Galatian line, the Bassus', perhaps named after Phasis because it was on the Glaucus river along with Hattusa-like Kutaisi, and the latter was ruled by mythical Aeetes, who looks like play on Attys, the latter being code for the Hatti who named Hattusa on the Halys river of Galatia.

Bassus-like BAStards (read as BasTARD), first found in Devon with TARDs/Darts and Darlene's, use a "POTIor" motto term that can be read as "potiOR" because Dart-branch Darlene's were Ore/Orr kin. For more links to Darlene's / Darts, see "Darret" in an insert done this week placed into the first update of this month. Dere's/Darrs/Derrets/Darrets use acorns, and Acorns were first found in Sussex with Packs to go with the "Pax" motto term of Bastards.

I trace Tards/Darts/Dards for good reasons to Dardanians, who had been a major part of Trojan make-up, allies to Phrygians and Attys-related Lydians. Myth writers made mythical Dardanus the husband of mythical BATia, suspect from the Bat Caucasians at Poti. It works because the river at Poti is also at Kutaisi.

Attys (father of Lydia) was made the son and husband (note the pedophilia / incest symbol) of Cybele, the "great mother" goddess of Phrygia, and king Brogitarus of Galatia, ancestor to the Bassus', was the chief priest of Cybele. "Hattusa" looks like "CADusii," and I see the CADUSii Armenians behind the caduceus symbol of Hermes, which symbol he gave to TIRESias, son of Evers above, and father of Daphne and Manto i.e. we're back to the Hyksos of Avaris. Daphne was a location at mount HERMon, near KADISH and TYRE/TYRUS, we get it: the Hyksos removed to Tyre and settled at Daphne.

CADDYs have a Chief in the colors and format of the Keiths/Mascals, and the latter were of a Catti tribe. Keiths/Mascals were first found in Hatti-like Haddington with a BASS isle. English Bas' (DARLINgton crosslet in colors reversed) trace to Mr. Bas of Bass Isle, and the other English Bass' were first found in Haddingtonshire. BASingstoke (Hampshire) is where Poppins/Pophams were first found who look (by their Coat) related to Keiths/Mascals. Basing(stoke)s (Hampshire, beside Mascals) are in the colors and format of English Constantine's who in turn not only share the Pepin/Pepy fleur-de-lys, but have the six fleur-de-lys of Mascals in colors reversed.

Poppys/Popleys, first found in Yorkshire with the SALtons sharing the Basingstoke eagles, are in Bessin colors and format. Merovingians were partly Salian Franks, and Salemans/Salians have those eagles in colors reversed. Basina was the first queen of Merovingians. Basins/Bazine's look like they have pine cones, the Maschi/MASKALy / TANNER symbol, because French Constance's have a "pine" tree. Why might French Pepins share the crescents of Kenite-like Kenns (Devon with Constantine's and Pine's)? Mussels/Muscels, who named Musselburgh beside Haddington, were first found in Lincolnshire with the Tankerville's of TANERdevilla. English Pine's are interesting for their pineAPPLE's, for Apple's and Appleby's share the martlets of Mountains, the pointer to Popham-like Apophis.

It's interesting that the German Gobels derive the surname in "a maker or dealer of 'goblets' or 'tankards..'drinking VESSEL.'" Often, writers in heraldry like to use hidden codes if they see opportunities, and "tankard" looks like one, for the Tancred / Tankerville line which I trace to Cadmus-connectable Tanagra. Tancreds were first found in Yorkshire with Wheelwrights, and the latter are in code in Goplo myth.

Vassals/Fassel use a large cup which they may have called a "vessel." The Vassal/Fassel Chief is the one of French Chance's, first found in Savoy while the Savoys share the Face/Fessy/VASE Coat. English Chance's/CHAUNCEUR's, the ones pointing with Mountains to the Apophis asteroid, were first found in Essex once again with Camulodunum, and it's where VASS'/Faux's (share "rege" with Vassels/Fassels) were first found, excellent because Fauci's were a Face/Vase branch.

Fauci's (Genova with Grimaldi's) were first found in Liguria with the Statielli Ligures (near Genova), and "state" is a translated Vassal/Fassel motto term. Statels (Popoli colors) were first found in Naples with POPOLi's, and mythical Popiel was at the Gobel-line mouse tower. Though not in the same colors, State's share the lozenge with Fauci's, and the State lozenges are in the colors of the Grimaldi lozengy. Vassals/Fassels use "for" twice in their translated motto, and Fore's/Forez's can apply where Fauch's were first found in Forez.

The translated Vassal/Fassel motto looks very related to the Ainsley motto, suspect with both Offens and Always' (Suffolk with Owls), both sharing the lions of OULlette's / Aulneys/Oulnays, yet they are also the Cressy lion, but see also the lion head of Capone's/Capua's of Naples. French Cressys were first found in Burgundy with Aulneys/Oulnays and Cressents (Jewish Levi lion?) while the latter share the Ment/Mants/MANTaby Coat! PINGer, it's the Manto-line Hyksos! English Cressys were first found in Norfolk with camel-head Crows, and Italian Gobels, with a giant camel, were first found in Mantova.

English Cressys (Norfolk with Grimaldi-related Bags) apply two tails to their black lion, as do Wells (early in Norfolk, and then Vile's/Veills were first found in Gloucestershire with Vassels/Fassels. Wells share the FAUCet lion.

Repeat: "Wikipedia says/said that Hyksos were "Heka KHASEWET" in Egypt, suspect by me with KIZZUWATna in Cilicia. Lupus Laevillus, king of Cilicia, and suspect from the Laevi of Papia, had "VARus" for one on his names." His mother was Vibia of the Varus family, and I have been suggesting for years that Vibia is to the CUSHion-using Bibo surname sharing the red rooster with KISS'/Cush's, but I have not been stressing -- might not even have realized until recently -- that "Kiss" is like "KIZZUwatna." "KHASEwet" can explain the Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's," first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs. The Apophis asteroid is returning in Cancer the Crab, and while we see no general reason to link a Cancer-like surname to Crabs, Chaunceurs share the patonce cross of Cass-like CHASE's, what are the chances!?

As Vere's were first found in Essex with Camulodunum, I wondered whether Varus' were proto-Vere's. To my surprise, Vare's and Vares' are listed with Barrs/Bare's (Ayrshire with Varns) who in turn share the giant Este eagle while English Este's were first found in Essex too. It just so happens that Vare's/Barrs/Bare's share white stars on a fesse (different colors) with Scottish Vere's/Weirs, and the latter use a "nihil VERIUS" motto phrase while Nihills are listed with Neils/O'Nails, suspect with Hyksos on the Nile Delta.

Thus, Gaius Julius Lupus Titus Vibius Varus Laevillus, son of Vibia Lupus (born Varus/Varia), daughter of Vibius Varus, king of Cetis near Kizzuwatna, looks like he's descended from Avaris! Lookie there. Tarnation has come to this discussion. Egyptian red necks on the flight path, ruin everywhere, bang-up satanism the staple in their chariot wagons. Annihilation predicted.

The Hicksons have two eagle legs in saltire like the bows-in-saltire of Goodbolts. These bows are in the colors of the Bud bough, and Godbolts come up as Goplo-like Gobels. I've resolved that French Gobels share the Macey/Mace Shield due to the Mieszko's of mouse-tower descent. Italian Gobels share the camel with Pipe's (Staffordshire with Hicksons) and their Pepin/PEPY branch. Apophis was also Apepi. Thus, it appears that Miss Hicks is a pointer to the Apophis asteroid.

Ship Wrecks

One day, wondering whether God might use the Wreck surname to point to Apophis, I checked for them and found them listed with Wrack/Wreke's and showing only a border, but in the colors of the MacKenzie border, and first found in Essex with MacKenzie-beloved Mountains. It was interesting, but very-possibly a coincidence, not set up by God.

There is a KENZa-of-AURES reason that the "uro" motto term of MacKenzie's should be for the Aures-branch Ure's/ORREYs while Wrecks/Wracks use a ORLE border, and then Orells share red roundels with Ore's/Orrs and Orleans'. Aurs/Aures' share the Crest of Scottish Barrs/Bare's, first found in Ayrshire with Ure's/Orreys.

Orleans was paired politically with Billow-like Blois, and I aim to go to Billows with this topic of ship wrecks. An Oar surname would be dandy under this topic, but one is not coming up. The English Belows use a "chalice" while Chalice's/CHALES' have the Orleans' fesse in colors reversed. Plus, both Kyle's (Ayrshire with Ure's/Orreys) and CALE's/Cahills show an anchor, a ship theme, and moreover Cale's/Cahills have a whale on a sea. I'm sure I recall the Cale/Cahill description saying that the whale is "blowing" water. Chalice's/Chales' have a chalice pouring water.

English Blois'/BLEYS' (Call/Calles colors and format) were first found in Suffolk with Caler-like Clare's who in turn have the triple chevrons of Bleds/BLEYs in colors reversed, and then Bly's share the giant Kale/Cahl/Caler griffin. The latter is the split-color griffin of Anchor-branch Hangers (compare Anchors to Angers), first found in Hampshire, beside Calls/Calles'. The latter share the trumpet with Lancashire's Livers/Levers.

Lancashire is where Orells and Rick-connectable Riggs were first found. When we add the Ricks to Wrecks, we find in their write-up: "Rixon is a village near STURminster Newton in Dorset." It just so happens that the neighboring Sturs/STYRE's were a branch of ASTERs/Sturs, the ones expected in the MacKenzie motto phrase, "AS astra," that points to the ASTERoid. I'll show momentarily how this heraldic set points to Justine of Picenum, kin of the Ass'/Assi's in my strong opinion.

But first, I want to go from the Styre's to the "steer" of German Bachs/Backs, not only because English Backs were first found in Somerset with Ricks and their Tint kin, but because German Backs/Bachs once showed a gold calf. No sooner did I suggest a couple of times that this calf looks like it was intended by the family as the golden calf of the Exodus; houseofnames changed it to an adult bull, calling it a "steer." I was saying that Bachs were from "APACHnas," a Hyksos king that someone identified as king Khyan by another name.

I had reason to believe that Khyan was the Exodus pharaoh, and thus assumed that his pantheon of gods included the bull cult of Baal by which the rebellious Israelites sought to appease this pharaoh when deciding to go back to Egypt. I assumed that this pharaoh used a calf for the Baal cult. I assumed that this pharaoh's daughter was the one who named Moses, and, years later, I discovered that the Moses/Moy surname uses a so-called "CALVary" symbol. There is a Calvary surname.

As per the Cauf variation of the Calfs, this reminds me that Miss Hicks, when she moved away from my area of Texas, moved to KAUFman county. Coincidence? There's a Kaufman/Caufman surname, as well as a Jewish Kaufman Coat using the HEXagrams in the Arms of KaufBEUREN. The latter is just 30 miles from AUGSburg, where Backs/Bachs were first found (in Swabia)! English Augs'/Auge's share the Calver (not "Calvary") Crest (!!!), which is the black Moor head found alone in the Coat of German Beurens!!! Lookie there, for Miss Hicks moved to Forney in Kaufman county, and Forneys almost have the CALVer Coat in colors explaining why Backs/Bachs used the calf. The Augs'/Auge's even have the Hicks Coat in different colors!

[Insert April 26 -- Now why would God have me go to Texas to attend her church just to point to Hyksos who worshiped a gold calf? There's got to be more to this. Jewish Kaufmans share the Otter/Other crescent while the Baal-like BalFOURs ("FORward" motto term) have an otter head at the TIP of their chevron, as Calvers have a fleur-de-lys at the TIP of their same-colored chevron. The two chevrons are colors reversed from the Forney/FOURnier chevron, and the TIPPS'/Tippins are suspect in the motto of Pendragons who not only share the Forney chevron, but add fleur-de-lys to it so as to jibe with the Calver chevron.

And here's the kicker: Balfours were first found in Fife along with the BALcons/BalCOME's/BalCOMBs of Crail!!! Wow, for Crails are listed with Apophis-pointing Crabs.

[Insert May 5 -- Kaufman county is beside Rockwell county, and English Rochelle's/Rockwells have a near-copy of the Balfour Coat. Amazingly, French Rochelle's/Rockons (Limousin) have a bend-with-stars in the colors of the bend-with-roses of Balcons/Balcombs. This is just incredible. Back to the April-26 insert.]

Pendragons were first found in Cornwall with sleeve-and-cuff Tippers, and the Cornish chough obviously has some Cornwall elements behind it. The Pendragon chevron has the Cough/Cuffey and Cuff fleur in colors reversed.

The Kaufman crescent is colors reversed from the same of SEATons (and Bell-branch Bellamys) while Steers use a "cede" motto term suspect with the Cetis-like Cedes variation of SEATs. Seatons share a "Forward" motto term with Balfours, and as Cetis had the Kennati priests, let's add that the Kaufman crescent is shared by Kenns (Devon with a Seaton location, beside Cornwall). Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Bats who share the black bat with Cuff-beloved Batons (Cornwall).

The Otters/Others are said to be from Lombards, and Como's, first found in Lombardy with the city of Como, have a sleeve with CUFF, as do Saluzzo-connectable Cuffs. Cough's/Cuffs happen to share the "baton" in Crest with Balfours (on the Ore river), another signal that Balfours were related round-about to Calfs/Caufs. The Balfour Coat, minus its otter head, is the Coat of French's (Devon) who in turn share the green dolphin in Crest with COFFeys/Coffers, possibly of the Cuffey variation of Coughs.

The Coffey/Coffer Crest is a different-color version of mythical TARAS in the Arms of Taranto, and I trace the line of Terentia Murena to the tower in the Arrow/Arras Crest, and so let's add that Como's use an arrow with their cuffed sleeve. Heraldic sleeves can be code for the Saluvii Ligures, which Wikipedia equates with Salyes Ligures, and Sales' essentially have the Cough/Cough / Cuff Coat except that the latter use the dancetty pattern. The brother of Terentia Murena conquered the Salassi of Aosta, not far from Como.

Taras/Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Coffey-colored Coffers/Coffare's who in turn share gold crescents with Otters/Others, Kaufmans, and Utters/Otterburns. The black drops (called "tar" drops) covering the Shields of Utters/Otterburns and Drops/TROPE's can connect both to Taras'/Tarrs and Miss Hicks as the TROPHy girl at the Spuds-MacKenzie event.

As Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks first appeared in the dream coming past her fender to the hood, and while Hoods/Hoots (Devon again) share the white anchor with Kaufmans, Fenders (Windsor branch), first found in Huntingdonshire with proto-Windsor Others/Otters, have an otter head. Hoods/Hoots are the ones with a "Cornish CHOUGH."

The double bends of Como's are blue, as are the double bends of Oilys/Oilleys suspect with the estOILES of Comers/Combers and English Butts/Bute's. The latter's Coat is in the colors and format of Italian Maurels/Maurs who in turn have a Murena-like Maurino variation, first found in the Lombardy capital, not far from Como, and it was Como's with the arrow that connects to Terentia Murena. Butts/Bute's are to topic because Balcons/Balcombs have been resolved with Italian Botters/Botini's. And the Bitar variation of Butters can be in the "dominaBITUR" motto term of Comers/Combers. English Botters/Bodens were first found in Hampshire with Flys suspect in the "BUTTERflies" of Tulls/Tullia's. Tullia of Lyon was the daughter of Gallia, and Gallia's were first found in Milan with Maurels/Maurs.

And Bots/Butts/Bute's/Boets are in the Comey motto, important because the Sadducees in Jesus' time were of a house of BOETHus while the Anchors/ANNACKers, in the giant anchor of German Kaufmans, are suspect from ANNAS, the chief priest of Israel who had Jesus condemned with false witnesses. Italian Boets/Boys share the giant Back/Bach bull that was once showing as a gold calf! See where we are?

And as the Backs/Backs call it a "steer," it's not surprising that we are going to the Sturs/Styre's right now, nor is it surprising that we are on a topic thanks to Miss Hyksos-like Hicks.

The double bends of Como's come with a dancetty pattern, and COMers/COMBers, with a dancette of their own for a pointer to Italian Dance's (Piedmont with Domino's and Saluzzo), have an "ASTRis" motto term while their dancetty fesse is in the colors of the three STUR/Styre fesses. Thus, even with Comers/Combers, we are back to the asteroid-like Asters/Sturs, first found in TOURlaville, excellent where Comets/Come's/Combs share the Tower tower, half in the colors of the giant tower of French Tours, and the latter were conspicuously first found in Languedoc with Forneys, amazing because Domino's, suspect in the "dominabitur" motto term of Comers/Combers, have a giant tower in the black color of the same in the Higgin/HICKen Crest, yet both the Higgins/Hickens and Hickensons/Higginsons also share the white tower with French Tours. Higgins/Hickens and Hickensons/Higginsons were both first found in SLIGo, and Sleigh's use the owl, how perfect for the next paragraph.

English Tours/Thors (Devon again) share the red tower with the Crest of Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire with Hicksons/Hixons) who in turn share the Calver fleur-de-lys. Plus, the Tours/Thors have the HOWELL Coat in colors reversed while Calvarys use owls likely for Owls/HOWLs. As was re-mentioned in the last update, Miss Hicks had pointed to Lovey Howell (Gilligan's Island), wife of Thurston Howell, years before I knew that Thurstons were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls.

"AstRIS" of the Comers/Combers can trace via Rice's / Rise's to Rize on the Black sea, in the theater of the Asians / Hayasa-Azzi suspect with Hyksos, for the latter had been Asians, they say, when entering Egypt. MacKenzie's use an "AS astra sic iTUR" phrase looking partly for Tour / Turin elements, and it just so happens that Turins are in Other/Otter colors and format while Turin is in Piedmont.

Domine's/Dunhams (Norfolk with Rye's/Rise's and Risings/Risons), who can be in the "dominabitur" motto term of Comers/Combers, have more dancetty so as to trace to Domino's of Piedmont. Hamon de Masci ruled as a Dunham location that became Dunham Masci, and Masci's were first found in Piedmont too.

In the last scene with Sleeping Beauty, we were RISING into the SKY, and Rize is at the foothills, roughly, of the Moschi mountains. Maschi's were first found in RIMINi, and Rimmons/Crimmons (lion in Maschi-lion colors) were first found on SKYE. Rimini is near Fano, and Fane's ("fano" motto term), first found in Monmouthshire with Howells, have a "vile" motto term while Vile's/Veills use the calf...making me think that Hyksos were of Meshech/Mushki elements at the Moschi mountains. End insert]

The Calver fleur is even shared by Sauts/Sauters while Hicks are said to be from "Hikke de Sauteby." The Sauts/Sauters (hexagrams) happen to have a black-Shield reflection of the Hicks Coat. Sauts/Sauters share the black fleur with Calvers. No human who formed the heraldry of surnames under discussion knew Miss Hicks would move to Kaufman.

English Sauts/SALTs were first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons, and the latter's eagle legs are in the colors of the eagle in the Arms of Kaufbeuren. German Saltz's even show a bird leg donning a black wing, likely of an eagle. The Sale's/SALLETTs, sharing nearly the Cough / Cuff Coat, are from the Salto river of Sabina, and the Sabines of that place named Swabia, location of Kaufbeuren and Augsburg. It appears that Hyksos named Augsburg, as if God is intent on proving, through heraldic links, that pharaoh Apachnas was to the Backs/Bachs of Augsburg.

The Sale's/Sallets are also SAILs, and as they were first found in Cheshire with Ship-beloved Bellows/Billows, it tends to speak for itself. SALTire's/Salters (once said to be first found in Shropshire with Bellamys) not only use billets for connection to Bellows/Billows, but share hurts (blue roundels) with Eggers/Eggs, and red roundels with Bullis'.

Shropshire is where SAYs/Seys' and Legh-connectable LEIGHTONs/Leytons (share Say/Seys quadrants) were first found, along with Thens/Tine's who in turn have TEN bars to go with the TEN billets of Saltire's/Salters, and then Saltons (Yorkshire with Hicks) have a "TENeo" motto term as well as eagles in the colors of the Hickson eagle legs. The Demere's suspect in the Salton (and Buckley) motto have the giant ship of Mere's/Maurs (Cheshire with Sails/Sale's/Salletts). Hicks' are said to have had a branch at Low Leighton, in Essex with the first-known Saltire's/Salters, Sarah's/SAYers (share Salton bend), and Warleys (share Eggerton lion). Dutch Seys share the Coat of Salt-like Slate's (Derbyshire with Calvers).

Saltons were first found in Warley (Yorkshire), and Warleys share the Sauer lion while Sauers were at the Sava river that begins near Salzburg (Austria with Bils'). Bils' (black eagle) share the SAWyer checks while Sava-like Shaws are also Saws beloved in the saw of Hamiltons sharing the Billet and Bellow/Billow cinquefoil. French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with the Pellicans in the Salton Crest, and in the Chief of English Bills.

The Sauer write-up led me to believe that the Sava/Sau river started in Austria, but that may not be the case, I'm just learning now. But close. The Sava DOLinka starts a few miles short of the Austrian border, and flows through Bled, that place suspect with Bleda the Hun, of the house of DULo. It joins the main Sava river near Bled / Lesce. The Sava Dolinka is at least near the ancient Carni peoples while Carns almost have the giant pelican-on-nest of DeVAUDs while Pully is in Vaud canton (Switzerland with Landens/Landers) while Pullys/Pullings have the pelican too, as do the Stewarts from the DOL Alans.

Landens/Landers are also Lands, and Kilpatrick-branch Patricks (Norfolk with Hake's) were at La Lande. Then, Landsberg is between Augsburg and KaufBEUREN, and Landsbergs were first found in Westphalia with Beurens, Hovers/Hoffers, and with the Wells/Wellers almost having the giant pelican-on-nest of Carns and DeVauds (same design for all three, but with varied colors). As Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) was hovering LEVEL on her BACK.

The pelican-with-nest is with her young, as some describe it, and Scottish Youngs share the Coat of Level-branch Leavells. English Wells apply two tails on their lion while Carns were first found in Glamorganshire with tail-branch Tillers. Levels were first found in Somerset with Ricks, and with Bath and Wells, two locations near Wrack-like Wraxall of, I think, the Ricks.

German Eggers/Eggs use hurts while Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire with Augs'/Auge's. Ice's/Ecco's were first found in Mecklenburg with German Belows whose eagle in turn is in the colors of the black one in the Arms of Kaufbeuren. Hicks' come up as "Icky," as do Egg-branch Ice's/Ecco's, and so the Agg variation of Augs'/Auge's tends to trace Egg/Edge liners to the namers of Augsburg.

Hooks/Hoke's, with a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat, share the fesse of French Auge's/Augets in the motto of English Charles' while French Charles'/Charlotte's jibe with Miss Hicks' first name, Charlotte. English Charles', first found in Suffolk with BACons and Calvary-beloved Owls/Howls, have a Coat looking related to Ice's/Ecco's and Eggs/Edge's. Hooks are in the colors of Hagar-branch Hoge's (hexagram).

Moreover, the "spes" motto term of Backs/Baghs is suspect with the Space variation of Speccots while Aggers/Augers/Eagers/Etches' (Yorkshire), in Back/Bagh colors and format, use a "SPECTemur" motto term. We seem to be discovering Hyksos liners in non-Hick-like names such as "Agg" and "Egg."

"Spes" is a motto term also of Hope's/Hopers (Shropshire with Moses'/Moys) too, the ones who have the broken world at the Atlantic ocean. I think that's amazing. Hope's/Hopers almost have the Coat of English Sauts/SALTs, and as the latter have a broken chevron, it fits. Broke's/Brocks were even first found in Essex with Wrecks/Wracks. Hoper-like Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire Cuffs who almost have the SAIL/Sale/SALLET Coat.

[Insert -- It slipped my mind until the 25th that Hope's share the besants of Skippers/Skypps (Essex with Mountains, Wrecks and BROKE's/Brocks) while Skipper on Gilligan's Island was the ship captain for a ship wrecked up onto a deserted island. This can explain my story, told several times, when Miss Hicks showed up to church with such a look that she reminded me of Lovey Howell, the millionaire's wife on Gilligan's Island. It seems to me that God arranged that day to reflect this Hope-Skipper link. I get it: to point to Apophis. I hope I'm not wrong about this.

If Hope's use a broken "world," it could be code for Worrils and their Wirral branch. Wirrals have gold items that are the gold, so-called "chalice" of English Belows (Yorkshire with SKIPtons and Worrils!!), and this jibes with the Billow variation of Ship-beloved Bellows (!), the latter first found in Cheshire with Wirral! Beauty. There's water out the Below chalice, and Waters were first found in Essex with Skippers/Skypps too.

Good evidence that Hope's do use a "world" for Worrils (share Ash chevron) is in the Worril write-up: "At one time, KNOTTY-Ash House in Lancashire was the property of the Worrall family." Hope's, who named Hope in Derbyshire, were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/KNOTs, and the two surnames are in the same colors and format. Keep these Knots in mind. Ash is said to be a Derbyshire location in the Sleigh write-up, and this location transferred from the Sleigh's to Chethams while Chethams were first found in Lancashire with Knotty-Ash.

By the way, Sleigh's are also SLY's while sharing the white lion in Crest with SILLYs/Sullys who in turn share the triple chevrons of Waters and Muschats, both first found in Essex with Sleigh's/Slys...and Skippers/Skypps.

Gilligans share the winged Quinn/Guinn horse while a giant ship on water is used by Guine's/Gunns. The latter's Chief is shared by Cantons/Gantons, first found in Yorkshire with Gill (Gilligan colors). I claim that God gave me a morning vision of Sharon Quinn, a week or two after the Sleeping Beauty dream, and this vision was on/near Friday 13, 1979, exactly 50 years from Friday 13, 2029, the scheduled date of Apophis' crossing over the Atlantic ocean.

As I said, after I saw the vision of this woman, I heard an audible voice, God, tell me to write on paper that there would be a disagreement at the home of Steve Mellanson that very night. Decades later, I found that Note's share the Mellanson crescents, and so I figured that God asked me to write that message as a pointer to Note's, which works perfectly here because Note's are listed with Cnuts/Knots! Here's from my 4th update in March, 2021:

At roughly the first of April, I had the Sleeping-Beauty dream...The dream above could have been on April 13, I'll just never know. Or, as April 13, 1979, was a Friday, that could have been the day of my note, for there was a party that night at Steve's, and we partied on weekends, Friday and/or Saturday nights. The asteroid, they say, is due on Friday 13th, 2029, 50 years after Friday 13th, 1979.

In that update, I identified the woman in the morning vision secondly as Farrah Fawcett, and this proved to be correct, yet that evening in Mellanson's home, the woman in the vision turned out to be Sharon Quinn. The woman in the vision reminded me of Farrah Fawcett, however, which turned out to be a pointer to Tony Fauci and his bat viruses, via the horseshoe-using Farrah's and Fauci-connectable Faucets/Fawcetts.

Here's the Farrah write-up: "The surname Farrah was first found in the West Riding of Yorkshire at WORTLEY." Did Worrils, first found in Yorkshire too, name WORTLey? Could the Hope "world" be code for a variation of "Wortleys? The Farrah bend-with-horseshoes is in the colors of the bend-with-frets of Space's/Speccots (compare with Wortley Coat) suspect in the "spes" motto term of Hope's.

As per Knotty-Ash of the Worrils, English Ash's/Esse's ("omniBUS") were first found in Devon with Billow-branch Billets (share Bus cinquefoil), and with Hazels/HESSELs while Hesse's/Hessels can apply to German Ash's because the latter have the triple chevrons of Eppsteins in colors reversed, who were in turn first found in Hesse.

As this insert comes between talk of Egg liners, it's interesting that Wortley-like Worsleys are in the Eggerton write-up. Wortley-like Worthys are said to be from Uist, which reminds that Egg-connectable Hicks/Ickys (Yorkshire with Wortley) tell of their branch in St. Ewe while Ewe's/Cuish's, likewise said to be from Uist, share the giant eagle of Worthys. Hyksos were Hebrews, and Uist is in the Hebrides. Hicksons share the eagle leg with the Worthy Crest, only Hicksons use it in black, the color of the giant Worth eagle. Worths were first found in West Budleigh, near Bude of the Buds (Cornwall with St. Ewe). Worths share the giant and double-headed eagle with German Belows while English Belows were first found in Yorkshire. End insert]

The thing about Newtons is the "EASTERn prince" in their Crest. And Eggs/Edge's were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Newtons and Eggertons. The Apophis asteroid is coming days after pagans eat their Easter eggs. Easters are listed with Asters/Sturs.

We now need to see a pointer to ship wrecks because the write-up of Royals, sharing the Easter/Aster/Stur bend, have connection to Egg liners that includes the Bagh-like Bagleys: "An early East Cheshire roll has the following entry: 'Sir Nicholas de Eton ... concedes to Sir William de Baggylegh, knt. ... one hamlet... in the vill of Echeles, which is called Ruyhul ... which Richard de Ruyhul held ... c. 1318.'" Echeles'/Etchels/Eggells/Edgells, with the cinquefoils of Ship-beloved Bellows/BILLOWs in colors reversed, were first found in Essex with Wrecks/Wracks.

Kaufmans/Caufmans share the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots who in turn use a "Cornish CHOUGH" with their anchor. Axe-using, Cough-branch Cuffs were first found in Wiltshire, near Sturminster Newton, but also near Wraxall of Somerset, which must be the "Wrexhall" location that the first-known Tints are said to have occupied.

There is a nearby Wraxall in Dorset too, and thus it's near Sturminster Newton, but also where the first-known, bull-using Beautys were first found. I trace the Tints to the Atintanes at BULLis, and the Bullis/BULLIARD surname was first found in Dorset too. French Billiards/Billets connect via English Billets to Billow-branch Bellows ("PECTore"), and the latter will take us, via a small step to Picots, to the Foys in the motto of Beauty-beloved Haydens.

FOX-using Bellows/Billows (of CALLOUville) are also Bello's while English Belows use a "chalice" traceable to Pas-de-Calais, home of the father of Godfrey de Bouillon. Bouillons (Auvergne with Foys/FOIX's) have a "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase not in honor of Jesus, but code for the Christ's while Crystals (Yorkshire with Belows) have the calvary symbol of Moses'/Moys in colors reversed.

The "MENS conscia RECTi" motto of Crystals looks like code for Wreck-like Ricketts/Reckitts and/or Recketts/Reichs who look related to the Christ Coat. "Mens" is a motto term also of Pepins/PEPys and POPhams, right down the Apophis-shipwreck theme.

Miss Hicks moved to Forney, and Forneys were first found in Languedoc with French Mountains who in turn have bulls half in the colors of the Back/Back steer, and moreover the Mountain bulls are in the colors of the bull heads of Bulls/Bule's, first found in Somerset with Backs, and with the Tints who have a good reflection of the Rick Coat, explaining the "WREXhall" location of Tints. Tintons use "royal tents" while Royal share the Aster/Stur bend. Royals (Cheshire with Ricks) have a cross type that is almost the Rick fitchee in colors reversed, and the Royal-cross style is shared by Moses'/Moys.

It just so happens that Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed while Bank Newton is in Craven, where the Shipton-like Skiptons lived, and SHIPs/Shiptons are the ones who have "bellows" while Bellows (Cheshire) are also Billows. The sea billows will role if Apophis strikes the sea, and SHIP WRECKs will happen. The Wrecks/Wracks/Wreke's took us here. Plus, Banks, first found in Yorkshire with Hyksos-suspect Hicks', share the CALVer fleur-de-lys.

To put this another way, Calvarys, first found in Morley, must have been a branch of Calvers due to Banks and Calvers sharing the same fleur, for Calvers were first found in Derbyshire with English Morleys while Scottish Morleys/MAULs ("RIGore") were first found in Yorkshire with Banks while MalBANCs are in the write-up of Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire with Newtons). With Sturminster Newton at the Stour river while Sturs are also Styre's (Hampshire with POPhams), this paragraph explains why the Bach/Back steer was once showing as a CALF.

The Stur/Styre Coat is also the one of Scottish Drummonds while German Drummonds happen to share the triple-wavy bends of Sea's. And the Stirlings/STURlings share the Calver Moor head. The gold drops of PICTons can play to this where the Cnuts/Knots, in the "fret knot" of the Shipton-connectable Lacys/Lace's, were first found in Derbyshire with Calvers. Picots are also Pigots while Piggs/Picg's share the purple lion of Skiptons and Irish Lacys/Lace's while English Lacys/Lace's share the Coat of English Foys suspect in the "foys" motto term of Picots.

Calvarys use owls while Owls/HOWLs were first found in Suffolk with Hicks-connectable Crauns/Crane's while the Atintanes were at the CERAUNii mountains. The Cravens have a Craun-like term in their write-up. Tints use the uniCORN while Tintons (share Calver chevron) were first found in CORNwall. Tintons are said to have been in Monmouthshire, where HOWELLs were first found. German Belows share the Jeepma/Jappa/CHEP Coat, and CHEPstow of Monmouthshire is where Tintons are said to have been.

Chepmans/Chapmans can be using the giant crescent of Irish Foys who in turn share the "eel" with Ships/Shiptons, another pointer to sea billows, and Elys even have a Coat linkable to the Cravens and Ricks. The Picots suspect in the Bellow/Billow motto use a "Foys" motto term while two French Foys are listed with Foix's suspect in the "fox" head of Bellows/Billows. Chipmans (Somerset with Tints and Ricks) have a Coat looking linkable to the Royal Coat. The Tintinhull location in Somerset looks related to Tints and Ricks.

Tennet-like Tenants use both a "sail" and a "mast." As Tennets are listed with Denets, the possibility is that Dents and Donuts (Yorkshire) descended from Atintanes. Dents were first found in Yorkshire with Masts/Masters, though the latter were once said to be first found in Kent with Seaman-branch Sea's. Seymore's/Seamore's (phoenix) were first found in Monmouthshire with early Tintons.

The SeeMAUR variation suggests marital contact with Morinis' who share the Seymore/Seamore fleur. Morinis' are in the write-up of Deerings, first found in Kent with Sea's/Sees'. The latter share the wavy fesse of Dols, and the latter's French Alans look related to the Coat of Italian Maurs/Maurels/Maurino's, especially as French Maurels were first found in Brittany. The "labi" motto term of French Maurels looks like code for the Labe-river family, and it's a river in Bohemia while Morinis' were first found in Modena, a city of the proto-Bohemian Boii.

Modena is also where Morano's were first found sharing the Moor head with German Maurs/More's/Moors (Austria with Saltz's) who in turn share the Augs/Auge and Calver Crest. What's more, a giant ship is with the Maurs/Mere's, first found in Cheshire with Ship-beloved Bellows/Billows and Sails/Sale's/Sallets. And we saw the Sea's with the Deerings above who in turn almost have the gold-on-red stag heads of Poppins/Pophams.

The Picot write-up plays very well here along with the Bellows/Billows who loved them: "The surname Piccot was first found in Cheshire and Cambridgeshire where Picot of Cambridge (c.1022-1090), born in Saye, Normandy,..." English Says/Seys' could have been a branch of bull-line Sea's'/Sees', and Seymore's/Seamore's have a "foy" motto term to go with the "foys" of Picots. German Seys' are listed with Saltz- / Seat-like Sitz's/Seetz's/Seiz's/Seis', and it just so happens that the Back-beloved Steers have a "cede" motto term suspect with Seats/Cedes'/Seeds. The latter were first found in Lancashire with the Ratcliffs sharing the Say/Seys bull head.

Denets and Donuts (Norfolk with Drops/Trope's) share a Shield of drops on a black Shield with Pictons/Picktons, and the latter were first found in Flintshire (beside Cheshire), beside the Welsh BACHs/Baghs and BATHers (Bath is in Somerset near Wraxall). Bathers are thus suspect with the white wolf head in the Picot Crest. Picots (Cheshire with Bellows/Billows and Balls) are suspect as a branch of whatever the "pectore" motto term of Bellows/Billows represents. Picots share giant ermines with French Balls and Balas', and the "fireball" of English Balls can be a pointer to the Apophis asteroid steaking through the air.

I've shown how the Picks/Pix's (Kent with Roots) are linkable to the Roet-branch Roots, and the Wraxall location in Somerset is beside Gordano while Roets (Somerset) share the Gord/Gordan boar head. As Roots share the BAGley Coat, the Bachs/BAGHs look to apply because English Backs were first found in Somerset. German Baghs are listed with Beggs/Beghs while Scottish Beggs are highly traceable to Begga, daughter of Pepin of LANDEN. Is this God's clue that Apophis is LANDING?

The Touts in the Picot and Hicks motto are also in the motto of English Bellows (Yorkshire with Touts and Hicks), and thus it seems assured that "pectore" is at least related to Picots.

Compare Hyksos king "APACHNas to "PICENUM" or "Picenze" at L'Aquila, for the latter can be of the giant eagle of English Backs. Or compare with the Packens/Pagans (Yorkshire with Mants/Ments). Wrecks/Wracks use only a border while Borders were first found in Somerset with Backs. The Wreck/Wrack border is in the colors of the Justine and MacKenzie border, and thus this heraldic set is from Justine of Picenum. The triple bends of Packens/Pagans are in colors reversed from the same of MANTs/Ments, suspect from the Manto-branch Hyksos, explaining why Manets share the Coat of English Backs.

Packers/Pickers/Peckers were first found in Berkshire with English Sheaves'/Shaws while Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila. Scottish / Irish Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Justine's. Justs share the arrows head that Picots call "pike heads".

Khyan-like Keens happen to use the CALVary symbol, evidence that we are on the bloodline of Khyan and Apachnas, explaining once again why Backs/Bachs showed a calf. Keens use a "Felis" motto term while Felise is the patron saint of Picenze. Kane- and OCEAN-connectable Keens share the base of Keons/McCains and Neils/O'Nails while the latter share the estoiles of Prests in the Picot motto. They are also the estoiles of Chipmans while Chips/Chippers were first found in Worcestershire with the Valentin-beloved Square's/Squirrels suspect in the square in the Arms of PIACENza. Justine of Picenum married Valentinian I.

The squirrel-using Valentins were first found at Picenze-like Vicenza, about a dozen miles from SCHIO, wherefore let's repeat from above: "The "MENS conSCIA RECTi" motto of Crystals looks like code for Wreck-like Ricketts/Reckitts and/or Recketts/Reichs who look related to the Christ Coat. "Mens" is a motto term also of Pepins/PEPys and POPhams, right down the Apophis-shipwreck theme." The Christ Coat looks related to the one of Decks/Daggers sharing the red squirrel with Squirrels/Square's.

The beauty here is that Crystal-connectable Moses'/Moys were first found in Shropshire with VICENza-like Vychans/Vaughns who are in turn in the write-up of Mustans/Musins (Yorkshire with Crystals and Morleys/Mauls). Mustan-connectable Moses'/Moys have the calvary symbol of Crystals in colors reversed, and along with Moses'/Moys, Shropshire is where one of the English Rigg surnames was first found while the other Riggs share the Rick fesse while Calvarys were first found in Morley of Yorkshire, tending to explain the "RIGore" motto term of Morleys/Mauls, and thus tending to prove that Ricks do not almost have the Craven Coat by a coincidence.

Vicenze is about 25 miles from Verona, where the first-known Italian Belli's were first found while German Belli's use the "beacon" while Beacons are listed with English Bacons while French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Bellows/Billows. In the opposite direction, Vicenza is about 30 miles from Treviso, where the Vita's were first found who are in the Bellow/Billow motto. With BACons in this picture, we can also go to the Saffers sharing "Vita" in their motto, for they share the vaired fesse of Bachs/Baghs who in turn share the Bullis/Bulliard stars.


David Knight this Monday said that Dennis Prager thinks pornography for men is good as long as it's used as a substitute for adultery. This is the second thing I've heard from him to reveal that he's a Christian mutation. Quite the opposite is true, that pornography is the stepping stone to adultery. Porn inflames the man, implants an addiction that desires a real woman. Prager is going the way of the worldly goof. A mutation is a goof-up. Somebody who goes wrong becomes harmful to the Body.

Beware the Christianity of white supremacists, for they are mutations just for having White pride. They lament Black pride, and then start to push White pride. Achem. That's "racism." If you love your own "race" just because of it's skin color, that's a sin. There is only one race. Blacks got darker skin, generation after generation, due to small genetic changes from living in equatorial regions. Whites got less black skin, generation after generation, from living in Arctic regions. The Black was White at one time, ask his palms and the bottom of his feet.

It's been a long time since a video broke up on me, freezing regularly, but this can be expected in the video below, titled, "BREAKING NEWS: I'm calling for an investigation into the Trudeau Foundation." If you are in Canada, see if this video gives you trouble too, because I think the trudeau government has the power to ask youtube to screw-up videos watched in Canada in order to hide trudeau's election-machine corruption, and alliance with the Chinese government, from the voters:

Other youtube videos were not breaking up. In fact, the one below played normally simultaneous that the one above continued to break up on youtube's lowest feed quality, as if the feed on the video above is terribly slow on-purpose.

I hope trudeau is in the deep trouble he deserves to be in. trudeau and China stole the last election for the purpose of forcing canadians to receive the COVID vaccine by the fist of a majority government. trudeau tried, but failed, to win a majority government. Since then, hoping to succeed wildly with his communist plots, he's been suffering calamity after calamity, but until he's treated as he wished to treat the common people, I will not be happy. he desired and plotted to detain and rob people who rejected the vaccine as unsafe, and therefore he deserves to be jailed for that alone. However, guilty of mass-murder with the vaccines through which he profited both financially and politically, he deserves capital punishment without pity.

trudeau wants to be the Bill Clinton of Canada. Here's trudeau getting caught recently acting the criminal that he inherently is, and note how his own paid supporters try to hide truth from the people, including his spiritually-ill spy system:

When it rains, it pours (start this at 35 seconds):

When it pours, it thunders:

Everyone on trudeau's team is going spiritually rotten. "Rot" sounds like "rat" because rats eat rot. Ditto for trudeau's spies, those who keep secret watch on his political enemies. trudeau is working hard right now to punish anyone who speaks out in a public forum against his agendas. May his own spies betray him. In the meantime, Canada is having a party on Trudeau's red face:

I'd like to take us to Isaiah 53 and 54 to show Jewish Christians happily settling ghost cities after Armageddon. Reading Isaiah from front to back, one can spot that he dwells largely on the end times, and also on the period after the destruction of the world. And then, deep in, Isaiah comes to the following for which there was nobody in all the Old Testament who fulfilled it. And nobody amongst the Biblical prophets coming after Isaiah (he being seven centuries before Jesus) repeated what Isaiah says here nor even tried to shed light upon what it means:

He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.

...Of the travail of his soul, he will see; he will be satisfied. For many [people] shall My righteous servant justify by his knowledge, and he will bear their sins. Therefore, I will incorporate him with the great, because he poured out his soul to death. He bore the sin of many and made intercession for transgressors.

It wasn't for nothing that He died for Israel's sins. There are two main fruits in this text: 1) His Resurrection to become powerful, after Armageddon, on behalf of a New Israel in which He delights; 2) to coach the righteous into a new way of living acceptable to God. Paul says the righteous will be justified by faith in Jesus, but Isaiah here gets more specific when saying they will be justified by His knowledge. "Justified" means to be made straight, to be fixed. It does not mean to be proven correct after being accused of evil. It means to be taken out of evil, and to be corrected.

It takes correct knowledge to save someone from incorrect knowledge. God is allowing incorrect knowledge to damn the unrighteous, but is intent on making a contrast when Jesus comes with correct knowledge.

I quoted there to Isaiah 53:12, and so now we go to 54:3 on the topic of Israel's restoration, which some White supremacists despise: "And [Israel's] seed will possess the nations, and will dwell in the ruined cities." It sounds like a really bad blessing. Is this the best that God can do, give His repentant bride ruined cities to live in right after the honeymoon? But the backdrop is Armageddon, the full-scale Judgment of God on the persecutors, the tyrants, the greedy. They will be subdued, blown away, and the ruins will be given to the meek to rebuild. There will be delight in reinvigoration, a springing or soaring from weakness to jubilance. The globalists will weaken them, but God will give them the serenity of dawn that shall never pass again to fearful night.

Everytime I ask google for "amazing polly," it brings up a page saying, "It looks like there arenít many great results for this search." But if I scroll down google's page, her home page is there, suggesting it was not showing up at one time. She's a spark; she sees and describes the wickedness, it's not a wonder that google doesn't like her. This week, she has a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing definition of evil:

A simple and accurate definition of evil is to act selfishly in any one of a million ways that renders others impoverished. The bully, to be number one, will shame others, slander others, set fear in others, to lower them, to numb them, to ruin their esteem, destroy their spirit in human interaction... or destroy their human interaction altogether as the social-distancers of late desire. Hitler was a psychotic bully, and talked like one.

The one who sees the bully in action, but manages his/her thoughts in such a way as to tolerate or even support his mean deeds, is an evil person. When Jesus comes along and rebukes the bully, the evil people call Jesus the bully. The bully tries to justify his abuse of others, and the evil people can't see through to his true, SELFISH motives. The bully tries to hide his selfish motives, and puts on a righteous face. The anti-Christ will come in the name of stamping out evil, and both Israel and Christians will be his evil.

If you've been watching Trump's treatment of DeSantis, you're seeing a bully in action, trying to stomp on DeSantis to knock him down, take the wind out of his sails, because Trump needs to be number one. And all of his supporters are managing their words in order to make them come out right-sounding to justify supporting him. Some are tolerating him in spite of his wickedness, others are in wild support. Toleration denies evil the chain it deserves. Christians are not permitted to cheer a two-faced, wicked man just because he promises good financial times again. That's like taking candy from the devil that is no candy at all. We need to cling to higher ethics, to stay on a safer road.

Jesus is our scapegoat, the Old Testament made it clear. I see no justice in someone else paying for my sins, but this was a deal that Jesus made with God, and God accepted it. Jesus agreed by his own will, God did not force Him, to pay for your sinfulness as long as you then reconcile yourself to God due to the absolute-loving Act that has moved your heart. And this Act becomes all the more meaningful to you when it saves you from a horrible outcome had you not become a part of this deal, this covenant. Jesus will greatly rejoice when he sees the fruit of his Sacrifice, the Resurrection of friends as numerous as the stars in the universe. The pain of His death will be buried forever in the past, and the deep lamentations of God will end, to be replaced by His great joy. Can anyone imagine a world where God is in great joy at all times? I would like to see it, to be a part of it.

If you read on Israel's restoration after Isaiah 53, you will see a New God, so to speak, where the whole world is adorned with graciousness from Him. No more will His hand be closed; for he will become the gifter. All flesh is adorned with His Spirit, and the clouds in the radiant blue sky, so to speak, will become fluffy. All fear evaporates, the fascist corporate goons will become the tail; the wearied and box-in "consumers," as they call us, will become the head. Trump supports the corporate goons, and loves the devil's trade, but Jesus is for the prosperity of the lowly that Trump only feigns being for.

Financial prosperity becomes a lure in a death-trap in the darkness. Billionaires die alone in the darkness, and are not raised to life. It's because almost nobody loves billionaires that billionaires are now desirous of persecuting us, raising prices. They are now able to fix prices high together due to the monopolization that they have been working out against us for decades. Venture capitalists and those hoping to become billionaires are the only ones who esteem billionaires.

What people need is the prosperity of healthy / vibrant living conditions. If the rich ceased to horde the available pool of money, there would be sufficient money for everyone else to produce admirable living conditions. Trump gave the tax breaks to corporations, when he "fixed" the economy, instead of to the poor. And his supporters manage their words in evil to make this move by Trump sound like a God-send.

The reason An0maly repeats himself so much is that he loves digging into Trump voters over and over again. If you get three or four minutes into this show, you will have seen the meat-and-potatoes and need no more, otherwise it will be like listening to a broken record for a half-hour, but he says what needs to be said where most others don't. Trouble is, he's following in Bongino's footsteps using crude language not permitted by the Apostles for Christian speech:

On Tucker Carlson this week, Elon Musk said that the dangers of skinchips in the brain and body can be resolved by allowing governments to regulate this science. In other words, Musk is either moronically naive as to the dangers of government controls in these days, but, if that's not true, and it's probably not, than Musk is a fake, not concerned about humanity as he claims he is, but is a wide-mouthed, money-gobbling monster hoping to rule the universe with his money pot, and in the meantime seeking eternal life by defeating death through science. Only the devil would like best to achieve such a thing, and then murder people once they've swallowed the eternal-life pill. What might that feel like?

Twitter has become Musk's spy machine, his control machine. Duh, he's going to use Twitter to advance his own interests, to dim or stamp out those opposed to his interests. And he blatantly showed in the past that his Twitter will be in a special bed with satanic Jews at the ADL.

On the same show, Musk claimed that google's goal, at least under Larry Page, is an "artificial-intelligence god," which for me sounds like the talking "image of the beast." Think about this: Musk and others think they are at the cusp of introducing eternal human life, meaning they need to plot the wholesale reduction of world population, or at least get rid of new births, for not everyone can live forever on the same planet with news births on-going.

The promise of eternal life at the cusp of the First Resurrection of Christians makes sense where it comes as a false promise from the False Prophet and Anti-Christ.

Musk says he wants to colonize Mars as perhaps his way of producing a false hope in response to the immediate problem of eternal-life humanity. Musk's SpaceX must be in bed with NASA, and, with his claim of wanting to send men to Mars, he's defending the false idea that NASA landed men on the moon. Musk may be seeking his own supreme AI god.

These guys must have $$$ on the brain, for can anyone put a price on the chip or pill that achieves eternal life? Look at what the population-control vaccinators did to pregnant women:

With pro-Trumpers portraying DeSantis as a RINO's puppet, the irony is that while the Trump family is asking Republicans cease boycotting Bud Light, DeSantis has been unafraid to criticize it, and even says that he won't drink a Bud Light again.

There is something very wrong with Fox news settling out of court with Dominion for almost 800-million dollars. That is a staggering / surprising amount to hand over before trial when you consider that a news organization usually gets away with what victims consider damaging slander. I have not seen what the damaging slander is purported to be. The short video, from the creator of 2000 Mules, can't present any reason for Fox to give in so easily, aside from embarrassment i.e. trying to avoid more loss of viewership on the election-fraud issue.

Therefore, I'm going to propose a conspiracy theory. Dominion calls a Fox boss and demands it not cover stories about Dominion fraud. Fox responds by saying we're trying our best, but some reporters can't help but cover some of it. Dominion then proposes the feigning of a law suit. We'll sue you, then we'll feign a huge settlement in a couple of years, and in the meantime you can explain to the viewers why you can't allow Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity to talk about Dominion fraud, i.e. for fear of losing this huge case. Fox agrees.

Dan Bongino reports this week what could sound like his being fired from his Fox show. He says that his Fox show was the number-one news show over all other media, and so Fox was forced to lose this money by ousting him, if indeed it did oust him. It's possible that he quit on some ethical grounds when the bosses forbade him to talk about certain things. Those two options, having identical motivation from Fox, seem to be the best for explaining this thing.

The story this week about a leftist news media admitting in cloud seeding to spur rainfall could be a ruse. People are not overly opposed to cloud seeding, but if what they are doing with chem-trails is far worse, then I can understand why they would want to 'admit" cloud seeding, to hide what they are truly doing. Same applies to Bill gates when he says he wants to air drop particles to combat the greenhouse effect: he could be using a ruse to hide what the globalists are truly dropping.

Their problem is, chem-trails are sprayed done on clear-blue skies when there's no hope of spurring rainfall. I can see spurring rainfall in heavy clouds that need just a small volume of precipitating matter to start form raindrops, but on clear days, no such potential situation exists.

A piece of good news is where climate-changers have shot themselves in the foot by promising electrical black-outs on a rolling basis. This sends the message that there's insufficient power for electric cars on a reliable basis, and thus all the stupids who believe in climate change, who are the ones most apt to buying electric cars, will think twice to buying one. Good job STUPIDS, knock yourselves out. All your supporters will think you're trying to waste their money on a gamble and a snow-job, and thus you stupids are looking more STUPID than we could make you look, all on your lonesome. What are you going to do when your supporters realize that sea level is not really going up? What does it feel like to have all the world's stupids on your side?

Want to see more stupid? The goof-balls think everyone's going to come running for brainchips like the new crave. This is as stupid as some joik like Trump saying he wants to land men on Mars within like the next decade or something. People would prefer a gallon of Javex bleach in their veins to cleanse COVID viruses rather than a regimen of brainchips. Only stupids advertise brainchips as cool. Nobody wants to hook their brains up to the Internet, STUPIDS, but the stupids too stupid to see the dangers.

All the supporters of the globalists are the leftist STUPIDS, something to celebrate. The more that globalists cater to stupids, the more stupid the globalists become; be happy you're not one of them, be very happy, count your blessings. The good news today and every coming day is: you are not one of them, the confused, the wrong-thinkers, the dubious, the wreckers. Fear not, fret not, with challenging patience to the end, thankful we have The Way Out from their fate, the sting of death.

I can hardly believe that Texas is mandating the return of the display of the Ten Commandments in school rooms, and the anti-Christs feel sick about this. We will now learn more of who in social media, and in the comments sections, are wholeheartedly / actively against Jesus even in Republican camps. The vile, the sewer mouths, will now be out in force, over this Texas move, to slander Christians and blaspheme Jesus, such a sickening situation. If Jesus condemned the religious leaders who dared not speak as anti-Christ Republicans speak, how terrible will Armageddon be when we add to this mix the ever-clamoring leftists?

My position is that non-Christian children and families ought to make way for Christians in the West in spite of their not being Christians. My position is that all the West needs to cater to Christians while asking others to tolerate school prayer and the display of the Ten Commandments, especially as the alternative has always been the enforcement into schools of an anti-Christian religion that has failed society big-time. This is God's second-highest position, and we are not permitted by God to take any other position. His first position is that all non-Christians become Christians.

God does not permit us to be American about this, to play fair with non-Christians by allowing them to strip government agencies of all-things Christian by default of their citizenship. If Christians want to be Americans first, Christians second, God is watching and writing it down. As canadians chose to be secular first, ashamed to mention God in public, woe to them when it's time for God to respond. I am ashamed of canadians. I am not one of them. I do not want to die with them; I want to live forever under the rule of Jesus. How should we interpret the "rule" of Jesus, harsh or delightful?


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